*EXTREMELY GRAPHIC* Drug Cartel Violence Is Coming To The Streets of America

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    We received an email from Looming Doom author Tom of the North regarding a U.S. Border Security Operations Center analysis of drug cartel tactics in Mexico. This particular analysis of drug cartel violence on July 16, 2010 depicts the end result of a firefight on the streets of Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. Nuevo Laredo is situated a stone’s throw from Laredo, Texas, USA, recently in the news because of a Texas ranch being reportedly seized by the Los Zetas Mexican drug cartel.

    **Extremely Graphic**

    The following link will open a PDF document providing an analysis of drug cartel tactics. It has been produced as a training tool for Ranger Reconnaissance Teams and DPS SWAT. Since these law enforcement organizations operate within the borders of the United States, we must assume that law enforcement understands the threat they face and are preparing for overflow of Mexican drug cartel violence onto U.S. soil.

    Showing this to our readers, in the hopes they will pass it along to others, will put into perspective what law enforcement and average citizens are dealing with in the Southwestern United States.

    Click to view Analysis of the Nuevo Laredo Cartel Battle, 16 July 2010

    [PDF Document; 2.3 Megabytes]

    Are you ready for this type of violence on America’s streets? In your neighborhoods? On your child’s way to school? Nowhere is safe. Just ask the nearly 30,000 Mexicans killed over the last four years from drug related violence south of our border.

    Most Americans believe that Mexican cartel activity is restricted to south of the border, but the fact of the matter is that it has crossed into the United States and will continue to do so until the Federal government executes its Constitutional power to secure our borders.

    This is no longer just a problem in Mexico, as is clear from the following incidents which have taken place on US soil:

    • On July 23, 2010 elements of the Los Zetas drug cartel seized a Laredo, Texas ranch.
    • Fully one-third of prisoners in Arizona prisons are felons from Mexico. (source: see video below)
    • Phoenix, Arizona is the kidnapping capital of America and ranked #2 in the world, second only to Mexico City, Mexico. In 2009, over 370 people were kidnapped in Phoenix; most are reportedly either illegal aliens or related to the drug trade. (source)
    • Sheriff Paul Babeu of Pinal County, Arizona, has been warned by DEA and other law enforcement agencies of credible threats indicating that he has become a drug cartel target of assassination. (source: see video below)
    • Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona, has reportedly had a $1 Million bounty placed on his head.
    • Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona, recently promoted a TV spot about the many of acres of land that have been closed and access for American citizens restricted because of drug smuggling, kidnappings and violence.
    • Arizona rancher Robert Krentz was likely killed by illegal aliens using his ranch to cross into the USA. (source)
    • On August 12, 2010 fourteen year old Shatavia Anderson was shot and killed in Harris County, Texas by an illegal alien who had been charged with two prior DUI offenses and had been deported in 2008 and 2009, only to return a third time. (source)
    • In February of 2010, two illegal aliens were arrested in Montgomery County, Maryland for the rape of an 11-year old girl. (source)

    As you can see, the problems stemming from lax border security are not limited to just Arizona or Texas. There are hundreds of stories like those above from all over the country, and they aren’t going to stop until we do something about it.

    For those living in states with low illegal immigration, this may not seem like a criminal problem, but a civil rights issue. For those in affected areas, it is a top priority, as they see the violence in the news on a daily basis. While the majority of illegal immigrants enter the United States in search of a better life with no intention of committing violent crimes, the fact is that by allowing these people across the Rio Grande illegally, we also leave the door open to violent criminals who may be escaping prosecution in their own states or are involved with drug trafficking, human smuggling, identity theft rings, and kidnapping.

    Arizona and Texas are asking other Americans for help, and it seems to be falling on deaf ears in many parts of the country.

    Professor Terry J. Lovell of the Patriot Network has an important message that should be considered by every American before they pass judgment on those working to promote border security and stop the flow of illegal immigration:

    “For the first time in the history of this country, the President of the United States has taken the side of the drug cartels against the law abiding citizens of a state.”

    It is short-sighted and obtuse to simply discuss the immigration debate as a civil rights and racial issue.

    The facts are clear. With open borders come unwanted criminal elements. And over time, those criminal elements will continue to spread to cities, big and small, across these United States.

    We can deal with the problem now by locking down our borders and letting those who want to enter the US apply for residency through appropriate, legal channels, or we can wait until the Southwest and the rest of America becomes a war zone like Nuevo Laredo.

    The choice is simple.


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      1. Hi Mac, long time reader have a look at this link, has a pic of one of the trucks in your link but gives a different account on what happened to it. Just thought I’d bring it to your attention http://www.vincelewis.net/20mm.html

      2. As long as we have stupid lazy americans only seeking to be entertained, and scum self serving politicians on all levels, we will allow the open borders like Europe, in a few years this country will be trashed too.  With a total breakdown of law and order soon, it will be everyone for themselves. Voting at this point is a farce as the interests of America aren’t served.

      3. legalize all drugs yesterday. prohibition doesn’t work.

        this won’t happen because drug money turns politicians into whores.  

      4. AS long as we allow THEM to do the things they do and we do nothing about it (except write letters, make phone calls, demonstrate etc)  Nothing will happen. This country was founded on individuals that got tired of being pushed around,  so  they did something about it.  Until that time comes, nothing will change and we will continue to read articles and  watch you tube videos of THEM doing things to us and us doing nothing.

      5. How can our government, our law enforcement, see this information and still be more worried about offending someone by checking their immigration status than worried about this violence occuring in our neighborhoods, near our schools and homes, disrupting our businesses and entire parts of states such as Arizona? Maybe if they were more worried about doing the job they swore they would do in office, rather than worried about getting the hispanic vote for re-election, something would get done and our citizens would be safe.  Personally, if I were a LEGAL immigrant, I would want illegal immigration stopped.  It is such a slap in the face of those who worked and did what they were supposed to to come to our country.

      6. The ever increasing violence on the U.S. southern border with Mexico will fuel the campaign by Washington DC to move forward with the National Identification Card. This is an agenda to control every facet of your life, requiring a card to buy food, receive healthcare, and earn income. This is why illegal immigration has been allowed to cripple this country. The Powers That Be will not rest until this system of complete control is in place.
        We are moving towards that ” mark of the beast ” society that many of us have read or heard about in 2000 year old scripture. How amazing it is to see a system of identification, growing with immense precision, that we were warned would come generations ago.
        We are witnessing events that will change our lives forever. If we are in transition, moving into a new realm of existence we have never seen or experienced before, can all of us expect to survive it ? I think not. For I believe those that oppose it will suffer greatly. This is a system designed to control your hopes, dreams, and ambitions. Those who comply will forgo their control of their own destiny. Those who choose not to go quietly into the night will draw their last breath in defiance, giving testimony to that which we all cherish,,,, freedom.

                                                     E  PLURIBUS  UNUM

      7. Dems will wait until after the vote.  Repubs will finger point.  VeriChip Corp. down in FL makes a chip for anybody that voted for hope/change.

      8. bye bye  usa.

      9. Scruffy:  The Rifleman’s Creed doesn’t apply to that toy.

      10. For all crimes where drugs are involved, even simple possession  AND/OR *any* crime in which *any* deadly weapon is used ; Americans needs to get tough with summary executions (instant death after found guilty.)

        America’s answer is to let tens of millions of thugs commit and get away with 1,000+ crimes each until getting caught…  lock up the thugs for a few years and set them free, they again get away with 1,000+ crimes each until getting caught again, cycle repeats, all along costing the taxpayers millions to incarcerate each thug for life, millions in property losses, even millions of innocent lives.

        Do the right thing.  Empty out the prisons, do summary executions for the thugs.

        It is the part when thugs get away with their crimes 1,000+ times before getting caught that bugs me.

        As bad as the drunk driver that gets away with driving drunk 1,000+ times, gets caught in a horrific accident that he  kills an entire family on the road, and cries ‘feel sorry for me I’m the victim’, mercy, WHY ME.

      11. I believe a “black swan” moment is the inevitable collapse of Mexico’s govt and economy. The drug cartels have corrupted the local and provincial police down there.There are even rumors of corruption in the Mexican military. This just enrages me that we are fighting wars in Iraq,Afghanistan,next could be Iran. But our borders are wide open. Hey neo cons if you want fiscal responsibility close every military base around the world.Bring those troops to the border to be heavily armed and to those drug cartels. Second legalize drugs ,tax it heavily,and regulate it heavily.

        Mexico’s economy is expected to grow by about 5% this year. That sounds good, except that Mexico’s economy shrank 6.5% last year. So, the country’s GDP would still be lagging. It’s hard to get foreign investment in new factories when drug cartels are running rampant.
        And Mexico is still feeling the pain from sovereign debt downgrades last year from two credit ratings agencies, leaving Mexico only one notch above the lowest investment grade (Mexico’s declining oil output was a key factor in the downgrades). The debt downgrades make it harder for Mexico to borrow money. And bloodthirsty cartels running wild and shooting up the place won’t help bondholder confidence, either.
        For me, the big risk here is a potential collapse of the Mexican government. If the drug gangs are able to set themselves up as viable shadow governments, then the U.S. may be forced to intervene militarily.
        When the recession gets worse and we plunge into a depression Mexico could suddenly collapse into chaos. Then the drug cartels will start to bring their violence over here.But at the same time cities across the nation are soon to make draconian budget cuts on police and other services. Soon  police departments will out gunned and outnumbered. I have a cousin who lives in Phoenix he tells me in the public high schools black gangs and Mexican gangs are going at it with each other. I believe it is time for the governors of the south west states to have a  call for arms of all gun owners,able bodied to protect the border if the feds cannot do it.
        When things economically get bad the southwest will be turned into a war zone in two -three years. When the states go bankrupt like California,New Mexico,Texas etc in the future crime will escalate into highs never seen before. You may think this is fear mongering but if you put two and two together chaos is coming.This is the worst possible time for states going bankrupt while the drug war is one its infancy in the south. Arm up and get ready because there will be shootouts on a daily basis. Practice you second amendment rights.

      12. Amen, ready.
        Currently, voting is dead and not the answer.

      13.   @  scruffy
        Good eye. The burgundy SUV with fist size holes punched into it is the exact same picture shown in the PDF. Makes you wonder who is telling the truth and who is creating propaganda. The multiple impacts suggest it may have been fired upon by a military presense rather than a bolt action team weapon, a presense described in both links.

      14. Nothing a AK-47 can’t take care of.  Bring on the Mexican cockroaches.  

      15. scruffy,

        As background, I received the .pdf from a cousin in AZ, who got it from someone else, and so on - so no, we can’t verify its legitimacy. That said, the maroon Suburban shown in the .pdf and on Vince Lewis’ site that you linked are one and the same. While the .pdf shows the Suburban in a collage of other vehicles it does not specify how the vehicle came to be damaged, therefore there is no “different account as to what happened to it”.  Vince Lewis attributes it’s damage to the vehicle  ” driving 3 miles behind a ‘ live fire ‘ training ground in Utah, USA by off duty Air Force personnel when it was accidentally hit several times by stray rounds fired from an F-16 Fighter Jet. Luckily no-one got seriously hurt ! ”

        A truly amazing tale. In either case, I think we can all be certain that the Shit is definitely Hitting the Fan in Mexico and the violence IS spilling over into the U.S.   Furthermore, the crime scene photos IMV tend to downplay the level of violence vs what’s being reported – we’ve seen reports of rocket launchers, grenades and heavier caliber firearms such as 50 cal. (BTW, those 20mm on Lewis’ site are SUH –WEET!). The .pdf is showing a few dead guys w/tac vests, makes a few observations, draws a few simple conclusions and basically saysg to the reader – presumably Law Enforcement personnel –  “Hey, Be Careful!  These are not your average Street Gang types!”  So I don’t get the sense at all that the .pdf is a put-up or ‘propaganda’. Given what we know, I think it’s most likely that the individual who put the .pdf together used the Suburban as filler in making a broader point, regardless of how the Suburban came to find itself in that state.
        Does that cast doubt on the .pdf’s authenticity? Yes.  And on Vince Lewis’ tale of the Suburban as well. Does it matter in either case? Not to me other than I would never knowingly pass along a fabrication as fact or further some person’s or persons’ unknown propaganda objectives. So take it with a grain of salt like we must most stuff on the Web!

        In closing, I note that the Suburban appears to have been struck 6 times. If so, that would equal two clips of 3 rounds of 20mm ammo (if that’s what struck the vehicle), as described on the Lewis site. I imagine an F16 delivers projectiles in higher densities. Also, that seems a pretty tight grouping for an F16 inadvertently striking a moving vehicle from 3 miles out but certainly that could be a result of the aforementioned higher densities.

        Anyways, that was pretty amazing of you to spot. Well done!


          – TOTN

      16. You DO realize that these Mexican drug cartels are being funded by American customers working around nonsensical American drug laws?

        The War On Drugs CAUSED this situation.

      17. As a follow-up, I see this .pdf is now being widely diseminated on the web. Furthermore, public media reports of the Nuevo Laredo gun battle are consistent with the .pdf:

        “….the border city of Nuevo Laredo was practically paralyzed by late-night gunbattles in which gangs forced citizens from their cars and used the vehicles to block streets. The sound of gunfire alarmed Texans on the U.S. side of the Rio Grande. The Nuevo Laredo city government posted messages on its Facebook page warning citizens to stay indoors as shooting erupted at several intersections in the city across from Laredo, Texas. Frightened people on the U.S. side of the border called emergency dispatchers after hearing the gunfire, Laredo police spokesman Joe Baeza said Thursday. But he said there was no spillover violence. “We were getting reports from people who live on the river’s edge that they could hear gunfire and explosions from the Mexico side,” Baeza said. “

      18. I agree with Tomofthenorth. I don’t think that picture detracts from the seriousness of the situation. We know that is a real man’s brains on the road. There was a serious firefight, long enough for them to fumble around in an attempt to refill their magazines. It wasn’t a 5 minute affair, it lasted a very long time, far longer than most soda drinking, NFL watching Americans can handle. And that SUV is riddled with bullet holes. The pictures are very consistent with the exception of that red SUV with massive holes.

        We must now also assume they are using .50 calibre rifles in a supporting role in an ambush. I know i would.

        In addition, they got 40mm M204 rounds. These guys are kitted out like a standard infantry squad. Soon you’ll see RPKs and M249s as standard issue to their squads.

        Marc Faber is right.

        The one thing I DO know is that the cartel war spilling into USA is not by chance. The drug Cartels are run by the bankers. The bankers control the Government whom then controls the military whom then controls the poppy fields in Afghanistan. Goldman Sachs also controls the drug cartels believe it or not. They initiated this to break down US’s sovereignty. The CFR have strategized using border incursions to tear down your security and identity.

      19. @ TOTN wasn’t trying to detract from the legitamicy of the .pdf and I believe that something is happening there. Very glad that I’m some 8500 miles away from that trouble, and the only thing south is Antartica, I read this site most days and am preparing for what is to come. Just wanted to point out a slight discrepancy, sure the auther might have used it as filler, happens quite often. I have seen the other reports on this fire fight aswell so I’m sure it happened. Just happened that I had seen this pic, I thought I’d throw it in for what seem like some swiched on people to make thier own assesment. Do I know. No, am I any where near it. No, am I happy to have my distace. Hell yes

      20. the CFR contols the USA…


      21. It’s a shame that our brilliant leaders cannot comprehend that by legalizing all drugs,we would end the high prices for it and the insane profits involved in its trade.
        Think about it,if marijuana were legal,its price would plummet to that of a bag of weeds….pennies.
        What gang will kill,kidnap or terrorize to sell bags of weeds that go for .25 cents?
        Same with cocaine.
        It’s safe to assume that few are currently abstaining from using drugs due to their illegality,so it is unlikely that many more would partake in them.

        My guess is that since the DEA makes great paychecks,perks and pensions while drugs are illegal that there will be no changes to these stupid laws at all.

      22. I can confirm the authenticity of the story of the maroon SUV as I am an F-16 pilot in the USAF.  The maroon SUV was struck by a burst of 20mm HEI from an F-16 while performing a night strafe run.  The range targets are illuminated at night(not enough for visual identification)and the pilot lost situational awareness and mistakenly identified the SUV for his strafe target.  There were two USAF TACP (Tactical Air Control Party) in the SUV and neither were seriously injured.  The pilot was stripped of his qualifications and was required to re-enter a training program to re-earn his qualifications.  This all took place at the UTTR (Utah Test and Training Range) west of Salt Lake City Utah and the F-16 was from Hill AFB in Salt Lake City Utah

      23. Think about it, if you owned a business, would you seek a person that uses drugs and hire them?  Would you want to hire a baby sitter for your child that does drugs?  Would you want somebody in the military to do drugs?  How about somebody that works at the city water utility that does drugs.  Somebody that builds your airplane.  How about just driving down the road with your family, that’s dangerous enough.  Or maybe somebody at the drive through for your cheese burger.  Time to grow in wisdom or better yet just move to Turkey or Amsterdam.  One’s legal, the other, your friend or family has to bring food to prison or other wise you don’t eat unless you turn tricks.  Multiple wrongs don’t make a right.  Be brilliant & get some reality.

      24. Take a look at http://www.blogdelnarco.com for a more in depth view of Mexican gangs.  The photos are much more graphic than the pdf linked here.  Some posts just report on an incident others will show photos of the incident.  It will also give you an idea of the drug culture. 

      25. Tom,do you think that drug laws are keeping baby sitters from doing drugs right now?
        Drugs in the military are already illegal and their are “wizz quizzes” to ascertain sobriety (I was in the Marines).
        You have way too much faith in our ridiculous system of banning that which cannot be banned.
        Legalize it,get rid of the violence associated with it,then you’re left with the same exact knuckleheads that are doing now anyway.
        This doesn not mean that you can drive under the influence,it will be just like alcohol when it comes to impairment laws.
        Anyone that believes that our drug laws are effective and worth the loss of liberties needs to be presribed some drugs.

      26. You talk like you use to be a marine.  Dave’s not here man.  Go look in the mirror.  You’ve lost the faith.  Do you use drugs?

      27. Check out this link for a new and effective resolution to the mexican gang problem!!!!!!


        further helpful hints regarding contact with the po-leece can be found on this link!!!!!!


      28. Comments…..For those uninformed folks that think the .223 is a non-lethal round, you’d better think again. Same for the .9mil; its call in LE circles as well as the Military ROUNDS DOWN RANGE equal HITS ON TARGET !! A serious look at the pics in this pdf CLEARLY show the lethality of these rounds.
        Personaly I carry a .45 duty, .9mil backup a M-4 .223 rides in the seat beside me a .12gu in the rack and a .308 GunWorks Tactical comes along as well; folks you all need to understand the “war on Drugs” isand has been a running joke amoung LE!! We all know it’s about money and power; we (LE) recieve HUGE amounts of money, support, aid and even equipment to “enhance” our fight!! LOLOLOL, HAHA the joke’s on the taxpaying American, because if you REALLY pay close attention most if not all of the money and “Grin and Giggle” tools NEVER seem to used in the so-called fight against drugs!!! They do seem to make for really good photo ops thought.  More later


      1. Texas Teen Kidnapped by Gang, Smuggled Into Mexico - [...] Time to Deploy the National Guard to the Border In Force, otherwise, the streets of American will soon look…

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