Extreme Weather Warning: As Polar Vortex Descends on U.S. “All Hell to Break Loose”

by | Nov 13, 2014 | Aftermath, Headline News | 241 comments

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    Leading physics professor Michio Kaku, of the City University of New York, has signaled a warning concerning the polar vortex now bringing extreme cold weather to a majority of states in the U.S.

    “Superstorm Nuri packs more energy than Hurricane Sandy. It’s headed our way, and we are in the bullseye. This weekend it’s going to plow into Alaska, creating fifty foot waves. Then, by midweek, all hell breaks loose. It’s going to combine with the jetstream, pushing arctic air perhaps as low as Florida,” Michio Kaku told CBS News.

    “In the worst case scenario, it could mean a deep freeze. It means airlines canceling flights left and right. It means transportation being disrupted… we’re talking disruption that will peak between November 13 and November 15, but will ripple through the rest of November,” Kaku added, telling viewers to “get used to” polar vortexes, because “the earth is changing, and we’re going to see more violent swings.”

    Northern states are expected to experience extreme lows that could reach -30 Fahrenheit and beyond, while early bouts of extreme cold will affect nearly the entire U.S., dipping between 15 and 30 degrees below normal.

    It will bring snowstorms and heavy rains across the much of Northern United States and Canada, and heavy rains, particularly in the East.

    The Weather Channel’s Tom Niziol cautioned, “It’s early in the season, but we are poised for a pure Arctic outbreak.”


    While several credible weather watchers have linked this polar vortex to weather manipulation – which Kaku himself admits is different from last year’s – investigative reporter Shephard Ambellas has also linked it with several curiously timed events that may prove to be play into a disaster-recovery agenda:

    However, all of this may dovetail into a massive FEMA drill already set to take place on Nov. 13, in FEMA Region II, as reported by Intellihub.com.

    Furthermore the Washington Post reported, “Hackers from China breached the federal weather network recently, forcing cybersecurity teams to seal off data vital to disaster planning, aviation, shipping and scores of other crucial uses” possibly coinciding with the plan.

    Hurricane Sandy certainly proved to be a massive weather event with even bigger political and power ramifications, that included massive property damage, tens of thousands of destroyed homes and severe disruption to the power grid, gasoline fuel and natural gas for heating. FEMA is still dealing with the aftermath of destruction that affected millions and totaled $1.1 billion just in federal allocated dollars, and another $3.2 billion in National Flood Insurance Program payments, along with several hundred million in other related costs.

    There are some important ways that you can prepare your home and family for extreme winter weather, as well as possible electricity outages or gas and food shortages.

    Below are some detailed steps on how to insulate your body, particularly for any extended outdoors activity, and also to insulate your home. In particular, there are several ways to winterize your abode for even the most insane winter weather, while taking some commons sense steps to preparing for alternative energy supplies, power outages and potentially life threatening circumstances.

    Insulating the Home

    • Light some candles. Burning candles can add some much needed warmth to a small area. And if you want to make the most of heat emitted from a candle, try making a space heater from a candle. This handy device collects, retains, concentrates, and radiates dry space heat from a candle.
    • Sealing off a room or a smaller area to heat by using a folded quilt at the bottom to better insulate the room. You can also hang heavy quilts in the doorways of rooms with a heat source to block them off from the rest of the house. Ensure that you seal any drafts coming from windows in the room as well.
    • To prevent heat from escaping from the fireplace when it’s not in use purchase a Fireplace plug. It is an inflatable pillow that seals the fireplace damper, eliminating drafts, odors, and noise. The pillow is removed whenever the fireplace is used, then reinserted after.
    • Insulate your windows. Rubber weather sealant and/or window insulation film can also keep drafts at a minimum.
    • You can also use a plastic shower curtain or bubble wrap and duct tape, topped by a heavy quilt to keep the wind from whistling through your windows. This has the added benefit of keeping the windows dark if you are concerned about OPSEC (Operational Security). Another option is to purchase a draft door dodger or make your own. (The instructions for this are in the “Stats and Facts” section of this newsletter.) Layers of curtains made of heavy fabrics can also keep a room more insulated.
    • Here’s a way to convert your windows into passive solar heater. This passive solar heater is very simple and can be made with items already in your house. If you want to read more about designing and building a solar heater for your home, here is a great article on Mother Earth News.
    • Heat some rocks. If you have a place outdoors for a cooking fire, you can add large rocks to the fire. Rocks retain heat for a very long time. When you are ready to go to bed, move the rocks into a cast iron Dutch oven. VERY CAREFULLY take this into the room that you are heating. The stones will emit heat for several hours. This is an excellent way to passively heat your room when you’re sleeping. With this method, you don’t have to be concerned about the potential of a fire or carbon monoxide poisoning during the night.

    Serious preppers will already have a step forward on this, but it is not yet too late for most to check over your supplies, or shop for additional emergency items to ensure that the polar vortex, or any similar biting winter cycles, don’t leave you out in the cold.


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      1. If this weather is hitting this early in the season, we may be in for a bumpy ride. I almost wonder if my location in Florida might see some snow this year.

        • Winston. It will be neatly 80 degs here in Florida. Still in shorts tshirt a flip flops. However I still have about a Cord of Oak hard wood mostly split for backup cooking purposes, if the grid goes down. Still waiting to try out my cast iron cookware in a fire pit

          • If I put three logs in the wood stove instead of 2, it gets up to 80 degrees in the house.

            When it is below freezing on a sunny day, the solar panels put out 130 amps at 28.8 volts. The batteries top off in under 2 hours.

            Since all plumbing including the well, is 3 feet underground, nothing freezes. No plumbing in any exterior walls and the stem wall foundation is insulated with 4″ rigid foam down to the footing. In cold country you should insulate the stem wall, not the floor. The natural heat from the earth keeps the crawl space from freezing.

            Every 4 to 6 hours we go and knock the ice off the horse’s water buckets.

            Here in the Great Basin at over 6,000 feet, it can be very cold and sunny.

            • Red Leader… about the same here in the pacific northwest…. even cloudy I am making good power…. the lister diesel is set to go if not, eight cords of wood, good well, preps, fireplace with killer insert, wood stove in the back of the house and out building,… diesel Sammi ready to go…. weather what weather…

              • Man on the Inside…. Right on brother! I look at firewood as money in the bank. When it is 15 degrees out side and I step into the warm house heated by the wood stove, I always marvel at the simplicity of wood heat. No moving parts to wear out and it uses a few chunks of wood. It does not get any simpler.

                I love the Lister Diesel generator idea. Simple, efficient and lasts forever. We have a 15 KW slow speed (1800 RPM) Propane Generator that has it’s own dedicated 575 gallon tank. The house has a 1,000 and 1,150 gallon tank with a high dirt berm around them. I keep them all topped off so I figure that we always have about 5 years of propane on hand.

                We also have a wood fired sauna next to the house. It is great on cold nights.

                Like you, I have oversized our solar syatem (5,500 watts) so the batteries charge when it is overcast.

                When it is cold, windy and snowing, it is a great time to get on the Ham Radio and find out what’s going on around elsewhere around the country.

                • Out here at the foot of beautiful Mount Hood, we got a couple of inches of snow this morning. It was wet with no ice underneath. I have natural gas heat, with a propane “Mr. Heater” backup. I wish I could have a wood stove here, but I can’t.

                  I’ve got plenty of candles and oil lamps, and I’d figure out how to turn one of my propane/butane torches into heat if I had to….and before anybody starts talking shit about how unsafe that could be, I’m aware of the hazards and I’m not stupid.

                  I’ll do what I have to do, to avoid freezing or starving to death. That IS why I prep.

                • We must be getting used to living in Idaho because when you say 15 degrees we think “it’s warmed up.” Yesterday was 1 degee (-15 with wind chill) and 2-3 inches of snow. I swear my kids would chop wood all day long at 5 degrees if it wasn’t so windy.
                  Maybe we should get a windmill lol 🙂

              • Good for you man on inside. I am also in Pac. NW and have a Lister set up. I almost get upset when power doesn’t go out cause I cant wait to crank it up.

            • 3 feet is not very far. We had pipes freeze 6 feet down that didn’t thaw out till late april and a lot of towns issued warnings to keep the faucets dripping last year. This year is gonna be a doozy!!
              molon labe

              • WIprepared… I agree with you on going deep with water pipes. The recommended depth for our area is 1 1/2 feet so I doubled it. We have well over 300 sunny days a year so the ground does not freeze very deep.

                On the south facing slope where the main water line comes down from the tanks, the ground never freezes. I put the pump and tanks (four 2,600 gallon tanks) on top of a hill so we have 50 psi at the house without a pressure tank and all the issues that come with it like a seperate building that you have to heat.

                I like things simple with minimum maintenance. I keep two tanks full and turned off as backup. I have two spare pumps and two spare controllers and I can change the pump out myself with the tractor or three friends by hand.

          • I dunno… I may have to break out the pants and sweatshirts soon if it gets any colder! (It’s so cold out that I can’t even swim in my pool.)

          • 80 degrees and Chamber of Commerce weather here in Arizona, yawn. Another day is paradise. 🙂

            • that’s what im saying, finally cooling down out here

          • So, we can expect cold, wintry weather in the winter, and hot summery weather in the summer, and this is caused by man-made global warming?

        • In other news, the global warmist cult of death is trying to scare you over winter weather. You may now proceed with your regularly scheduled winter.

          • Preppers: “We got ‘dis.”

          • Under obama….. it’s proceeding as planned. The enviro-extremists, who blame EVERYTHING on man has successfully demonized sane people who are not convinced these changes have anything to do with man.

            Extreme ice ages and warming periods have occurred throughout history. In between those, there have been mini heating and cooling periods and all of them occurred prior to the combustible engine.

            I have little doubt the earth will return to one of the extremes. None of those pointy headed scientists with their self-serving computer models can tell us when.

            • Stan522: “The enviro-extremists, who blame EVERYTHING on man has successfully demonized sane people who are not convinced these changes have anything to do with man.”

              What?!! Are you kidding me? A post where Jews can’t be blamed? The weather is not the fault of the Banksters?? Or the fault of the… of the… NWO!?

              • Well actually, they probably have their hands in HAARP as well…..so maybe they can 🙂

                • NetRanger…

                  We have flurries here….you getting anything over your way?

                  They have been saying for months that we are in for another winter like last winter……no big deal. It only becomes a big deal if SHTF in the middle of a bad winter.

                  I think in years past harsh winters starting in November happened and it wasn’t out of the norm…..it’s just been a long time since we have seen it much.

                  • BJ,

                    Yep. I wouldn’t call them “flurries”. Just a bit of spitting. Had to blow the snow off my bike seat before I headed home but it had just been spitting a few flakes all day. Its balaclava and gloves with gauntlets topping off Artic Black Carhart jacket with cargos over long underwear weather today, boys! 22 when I did the 13 miles to work and 24 when I did the 13 miles back. But, at 55 (s)miles to the gallon and the launch handle ready for action at any time, its hard to give it up. If anyone has ever ridden a 400lb bike with 40hp and deep suspention, you know what I’m saying!

                    I’m starting to feel like I’m 17 again! Back then this was normal. Cool and wet started in early October and lasted well into November then, not much rain but overcast and cold. First big snow covering the ground would happend by December 10. Back then I was riding either a Honda TL125 around the 10 miles of electric fence that I maintained or I was cruising the 30 miles down to tech school on a CB360. (I got 65 MPG back then, but nobody cared. Nobody worried about fuel mileage until they started raping us in the late 90s.)

                    The global taxing (aka global warming) and tax rate change (aka climate change) liars are taking a beating these days because its hard to tell people that global warming causes winters like this. Only a retard or a politician would even try. Besides, one minor burp from a big volcano produces 1000 times the greenhouse gas that all the SUVs on the planet produce in 10 years. Human cause global warming is for people who don’t understand physics, science, politics and the fleecing of the population of earth.

                    If we can keep the snow off the roads, I’m still running that KLR. Anybody have any handlebar mitts they want to sell?

                    Frankly, I love it. People all shivering and worried about the cold when all they need to do is invest in some thermal underwear and leather boots. Starbucks will warm you up, but for the overpriced $8 cup of coffee, you can skip it twice and buy some really shear and warm long underwear and make people think you were born in the arctic!

                    Good luck everybody! Keep your chainsaws sharp!

                    • Keep them sharp, have a back up set of chains for all of them, and of course axes, mauls, and splitters.

                      Years ago after hurricane opal, when I still lived in my beloved homeland, I made $1500 a day 4 days in a row because I had 4 chainsaws and buddies that knew how to use them.

                      Though we’ve split many a cord of wood with a mechanical press, we still keep axes and splitters as backup. I swear that -15 and snow doesn’t seem as daunting with several seasoned cords of wood on hand.

                • Mac Slavo: It’s really cold. Abnormal Freezing. Polar Vortex.

                  BJ: Blame the NWO Jew Bankster!

                  Mac: Super Solar Flare CME is coming.

                  BJ: Blame the NWO Jew Bankster!

                  Mac: SuperVolcano Yellowstone Explosion overdue.

                  BJ: Dumb azz! Blame the NWO Jew Bankster!

                  Mac: Magnetic Shift between North and South Poles.

                  BJ: Stupid azz! Blame the NWO Jew Bankster!

                  Mac: Is there anything that’s not the fault of the NWO Jew Bankster?

                  BJ: NONE! WTF?! Have you not been listening to me!? Everything bad and horrible and tragic can be traced to the NWO Jew Bankster! All your articles Mac should and must end with large blame attributed to the NWO Jew Bankster!!! Your site serves as a warning to the sheeple. Make them understand the evil, sinister, malevolent people that is the NWO Jew Bankster!! Do it, Mac the Knife!!

                  • Dear imprisoned slave,
                    First of all, you obviously missed the tone of my post that I thought the smiley face would of shown.

                    Second, I will never listen to someone who thinks there are good righteous God lovin people in todays american govt. No matter what side of the same evil coin they claim to be on.
                    And anyone still walking into a building that they call church that is actually married to the state, is a delusional Christian. Read Pagan Christianity.

                    • BJ, I saw your smiley. My comment was a smiley back to you.

                      There are some good God-lovin’ folks among all the government employees in this country.

                      Lastly, there is *no* established state church in America.

                    • Wow! You read that too? (Pagan Christianity, or were you the one that suggested it?) Changed my view so much that the other elders in my church think I’m crazy, well, until I tell them to look it up and they do and they realize they’re the ones that are deluded.

                      That was an amazing book. Not that there were many revelations. I was seeing it anyway. The smokeless, drugless, drinkless, corporate church is about as Biblical as the Sunday morning sermon! Ha! It may be an American tradition but it sure doesn’t get it roots from a Biblical perspective.

                      I’ve instituted a bit of hand raising and talkback during the sermon. Hehehe. People don’t like it what tiny bit I’ve done. Biblical Haresy! They just want to be spiritual spectators. Even though the actual sermons they listen to are a call to action, that action is not allowed until AFTER the sermon. No comments. No active dialog. The elite on the podium, raised, talking down to the common folk. Makes me chuckle. Sorry, off topic.

                    • I think I suggested it to you?

                  • Questioner:

                    Do you believe all the information out there concerning the danger the Zionists pose to the world is lies?



                    Do you believe all the links to peoples quotes: Jefferson, Henry Ford, Popes, Lindberg, Rabbi’s, etc. down through the years warning people of the danger of Zionism were just lies from “old dolts”?




                    If, having looked up Noahide laws, and the fact that a law was passed in Congress about them, do you believe they are harmless?




                    Are you just an uninformed fellow traveler?



                    • I would not answer in the way of your hypothetical, POG. That’s a misrepresentation. Hence, false.

                  • Mac: BJ but what about the pig cops. BJ: Mac you fool they are hired by the NWO Jew Banksters. Mac: Well what should we do with them. BJ: Who Mac? Mac: The Pig Cops. BJ: Kill them all, you know true law says kill them. Mac: Where does true law come from. BJ: Mac you fools will never learn. true laws come from the NWO Jew Banksters. NGIC: man I’m getting confused, now I can’t remember if Mac is a NWO Jew Bankster of if BJ is a cop. Help us out POG or Helot or Acid Etch or JQP.

                  • Somebody should blow HAARP off the map.

                    Then Cali might return to normal rainfall. I’ve always thought in the back of my mind that the prefect plan would be, if the elites can dry up California for long enough for the majority of the best growers to go under, the globalists could snatch up some of our best farmland at pennies on the dollar.

                    Think about it. By using HAARP to ruin farmers economically, THEN buy them all out and stop with the HAARP manipulations, what would the elites end up with?


                    If I had more money than conscience, it would be what I’d do. The best part of it is the plausible deniability, for all of the sheeple who refuse to believe that the weather CAN be controlled to some extent.

                    • Monsanto couldn’t deliver, so this must be “plan B”…

            • yea… uh… how does the oil in the frying pan get hotter than the pan exactly? and sane? LLLLLLAAAAAAAAAGHING

              please. just because they tried to tax it doesnt make it less real. please. for the love of love find out why venus is hotter than mercury…

          • There are 3 months “Up North”= July, August and Winter.

            • As an Alaskan, that is a TOTAL misrepresentation.



              Son of Liberty

              • As a fellow Alaskan, I must agree. A complete misrepresentation. There are three seasons in my part of AK: Ice Season, Mud Season and Bug Season.

                • Here in da UP

                  we only have 2 seasons


                  & road construction

                  • Haha! Good one, Da Yooper! I was going to post that version for the road system in AK. Off the road system, there’s not a lot of road construction 🙂 My time in the Alaska bush far exceeds my time on the road system (which can probably be measured in hours).

          • When in Danger; or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout. Arghhhh, we have had the warmest nicest fall here in Wyo that I have seen in 20 years. Only one small snow prior to this one. Grow up children. IT GETS COLD IN THE WINTER Imagine that. Sometimes we even get bad storms WOW!! If you preppers aren’t ready for a lot worse than this you aren’t ready for anything.

            • Paranoid this article brings to mind the year I moved here and a thought on Bugging Out. It was the winter of 09 and I was bringing a second load of belongings from Missourah to Wyoming and had some preps such as cases of canned goods and a couple of case of cokes. When I crossed Nebraska and spent the night, it was 7 below when I got up to continue my trip I knew I was in trouble. When I arrived home in Wyoming it was 31 below zero and all of my canned good were frozen and both cases of coke had burst. So if we ever lose power in a SHTF senario you better have a place to store those preps that ain’t going to freeze. 20 to 30 below zero is not uncommon in Wyoming and I can remember A 2week period in Missourah in the late seventies when it never got above zero. So what we have now is not really unusual. So Why The Panic. It was negative 21 when I came in from hunting last night. So get tough or join the Libs. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

            • I laugh because we’re from the south and last winter I knew we we’re home when we asked one of our daughters to take out the trash (it was -10 and windy) and my wife didn’t say anything when she went out without a jacket. True it was only for about 3 minutes, but it’s amazing what you can get used to.

              Not long ago 50 degrees would’ve called for a jacket and now my kids ask if it’s ok to wear shorts if it hits 50.

              God has blessed Idaho and the places like it.

        • it’s going to depend on the weather patterns.

          for instance, california is staying warmer and drier now because the pacific is sending warm waters that break up into the atmosphere over california and push back artic blasts currently.

          if nothing from the gulf is pushing back over florida, snow is a possibility because the artic blasts are going to be more powerful than last year. the sun’s current cycle has continued to weaken and that means the artic can let loose even bigger than last year.

          chicago isnt going to like this winter at all.

        • Besides some very normal chilly days… nothing out of the ordinary.. Looks like old Michio Kaku was wrong.. again.

      2. I wonder how we made it when this was “normal” weather back in the 50’s?

        • It was O.K. until they started test NUKES

        • It was O.K. until they started testing NUKES

        • Amen to that!!!

        • In February of 1958, my goldfish bowl froze solid in the living room where the heater was running on high. You could see the outdoors through the walls of that old house. The record for that date and location has never been broken.

          I have day by day weather records for the places where I’ve lived back to the day I was born and before that back to the 1930s. It helps me with putting exact dates to things I remember from the past that were affected by the weather, such as hurricanes, snow, extra cold, etc.

          • @archivist
            Was the earth changing way back then, back in the late 50s? I thought this was from global warming because the libs told us so.

            Sure do appreciate the thumbs going away but is there a way we can have dialog w/out all this libtard global warming bs? Tthe Kaku mumbo jumbo on global warming and how the earth is changing just feeds into progressive craptalk. Everything that is alive is changing. Thats what a dynamic system is.

            • Long wave cycles
              The earth goes through huge changes all on its own, we are like so many ants to the planet, insignificant, totally dependent at this point and can really only grab hold and enjy the ride.
              The bonehead in chief thinks we can meet some lofty greenhouse gas cuts, he must have a crystal ball or a very nefarious plan

              • Kulafarmer

                You nailed just a cycle. I have noticed that the weather people sensationalize everything now. Everything has a name. The polar vortex for example. My dad told me that snow stayed on the ground the whole winter when he was a kid. Then we started a warming cycle. Now I believe we are back to a cooling cycle.

                One warning that I do know is a real fact and possibly something all on here should consider.

                I work at a power station. The news reported in last years polar vortex we were 500 megawatts from rolling blackouts. A vice president came down and spoke to us and verified that was true. If one big unit had tripped anywhere from Virginia through the north east we would have had rolling blackouts in that area.

                Our idiot government keeps forcing coal fired stations to close. Mine converted to gas. They are building new gas fired power stations. The problem in the winter is you can only get so much gas to go through a gas line. People who use gas to heat there homes get priority on gas. There were some gas fired stations that could not run because they could not get gas at any price. More coal stations have closed since last winter. I am not sure what is going to happen if we have a long cold spell.

                THIS IS A HEADS UP TO YOU ALL.

                Idiot government. I just don’t get it.

                • I painted my house on Oct 3 this year. Normally I would be putting the snow plow on the truck. Its cold now as the temp has dropped 50 degrees in the last 10 days and it snowed once. I dont see anything unusual…. its weather. That Kaku dude is all over the internet as a “expert” on a bunch of stuff from conspiracy, fukushima, weather and eco related shit… loves the camera.

                  • Was just going to say the same thing.

                    He is an expert of EVERYTHING.

                    Cam Whore Extreme.

                    His is very animated though and has Asian credibility!

                  • Us too, but it’s kinda surprising to drop >50 degrees daily temp in a week in November for us. We didn’t mulch and winterize the new fruit trees like we should’ve, our chickens are too stupid to rapidly adjust to the mobile coops moving so far so quickly (to the barn), the sheep don’t care, but the cows really appreciate us breaking the ice on top of the troughs a few times a day.
                    Hopefully we don’t lose any of the 2 yea old fruit trees or 1 year old nanking cherry bushes.

                • Mike in VA. You know Coal Fired Plants are so destructive to our environment. There is hardly a water stream or river in our country where the fish are absent of any toxins like Arsenic, lead, mercury, and many other harmful chemicals that destroys brain development in children. That’s why pregnant women are warned about eating fish. The biggest culprit of this is coal filed plants. Also just look at the destruction that these breached levees spilling cola slurry into the water ways. It is so destructive. I know you are in VA which is dependent on these kind of coal jobs, but for the good of our country and environment King Coal is Dead for now.

              • Hi Kulafarmer, long time…
                You are right on the money.
                But, even these have a Cause.

                We even have galactic cycles causing energy shifts.
                The Source of the polar vortex is the gravito-magnetic field being affected by the GM feild of the sun, being affected by the GM field of the galaxy, as we enter into the Dark Rift, this will go on for awhile.
                As we warned three years ago, the madness of men, and Earth and Sun, and Planets, are all One.

                In my article; Something wicked this way comes…

            • It’s been changing for a long time evidently. My great-grandmother said that when she was a little girl, the family had to go about 15 miles on a mule drawn wagon in the snow to get groceries. She said the mule’s stomach was dragging the snow. This was in the 1890s in Craven County, NC.

              I like the classic photo from the 1960s when “global cooling” was starting again. It shows a man standing on snow almost up to the tops of electric poles.

              ht tp://www.photolib.noaa.gov/bigs/wea00958.jpg

              Every 30 or 40 years, at least from the late 1800s, it has been the same thing, either “global cooling” or “global warming.”

          • Prepper Tip…

            Now is a good time to check and (if needed) update your bug out bag. Add winter clothing. Kids grow fast. If you have children, check to make sure the clothing packed still fits them.

            – Are the backup clothes appropriate for the season?

            – Has the tape gotten overly sticky or unusable? Duct tape tends to get overly sticky for me and athletic tape tends to become harder to get off the roll AND harder to get to stick to anything.

            – Are bandaids, gauze, and other medical items still sealed, or has the seal failed?

            – Is your saline or eye wash still within the expiration date?

            – Is the food less than 2 years old? (Long term food storage and MREs CAN last 20-25 years, if kept in a cool dry place, but frequent heating and cooling cycles–like what food goes through in a vehicle–can degrade the nutritional value of your food to that of flavored cardboard in a few short years. It’s actually possible to death with a full stomach.) We rotate our 72 hour kit food every 6-12 months.

            – Are the medications in your kit still in good shape?
            I’ve noticed that Benadryl is the canary in the mine for us. The cover of the tablets start cracking and separating after a year or so in a vehicle and are a great visible reminder to swap out medications. This has nothing to do with expiration dates and everything to do with the medications being exposed to repeated violent fluctuations in temperature.

            – Do you need to replace anything that you’ve pilfered from your kits since the last time you’ve checked them? Do the kids “emergency clothes” still fit?

            Survive the Coming Collapse dot com

            For anyone new…
            Survive the Coming Collapse dot com

            • KY mom , in addition , if you live in a northern climate , please remove the bottles of water from your bag .
              They freeze and when your bag thaws(i keep a GHB in my truck) you will have a grand mess.
              Just personal experience.

              • hammerhead,

                Good to know. Do you just add bottled water to the GHB when you travel in the truck?

                I keep a cooler in my car and always leave some bottles of water in it. They do get rather warm in summer and have frozen in the winter. But, at least there is some water always available. I do keep rotating the bottles of water.

                • In winter i rely on a life straw filter.
                  Lots of snow to melt .
                  Tryin to keep water unfroze is just to difficult.

              • pour some water out of the plastic water bottles and then when they freeze there is room for expansion. Some ice can come in handy too.

                • I find that water bottles are extremely fragile compare to, say, Coke, Pepsi or other bottles. I find them everywhere, being thrown away. They make FANTASTIC reusable water bottles for two reasons: The plastic they are made of is much thicker and they’ll take the freezing better (especially if you do like BJ says and leave some expansion room). Also, the plastic in water bottles is of a generally lower grade. Since they only are exposed to H2O, they are chemically less stable. This makes them leach chemicals worse than Coke and Pepsi bottles. (I mean, think about it! The carbonation in those gut rotting fluids is somewhat caustic. The plastic has to be more durable!)

                  Anyways, fill them up with hot water, let them soak, then pour them out and refill with your favorite water and they’re more durable and better for you than their less stable and much more fragile cousins, the water bottle.

                  • I must be using different types of bottled water than you guys. Mine freeze fine and never break. I have nearly a case in our main vehicle, and a dozen in our 2nd truck and my work truck.

                    I typically rotate them out every 6 months or so.

                    As for keeping food in a vehicle, I stick with emergency rations like Datrex or Mainstay bars. They are designed to be stored in fluctuating temps and will last 5 or so years without degrading. Tastes like cardboard but will keep you alive in an emergency.


            • KY Mom, you are probably the best mom on earth.
              Your kids are very lucky.

            • If your aspirin smells like vinegar, it has started decomposing from acetylsalicylic acid to acetic acid.

            • Do not forget survival rifle, bows and arrows, good knife, and a lot of common scene………

            • KY Mom, it’s not easy for a normal person to starve to death in 72 hours, unless of course, you’re a gimme dat who just run out of chips and beer.

              It’s pretty unnecessary to stress over the nutritional value of something that is only intended to keep you from feeling hungry and low on energy for a couple of days, until you can get something better to eat.

              People fast all the time. They take in nothing but plain water for a day or two…if nutritional value was that much of a problem for someone who is not hypoglycemic, people who fast would be physically harmed.

              I don’t know anyone who could carry enough low-nutritional emergency food in their packs, to get to the point where they could possibly “starve to death on a full stomach”.

              I usually love your posts KY Mom, but this thing is over-sensationalized.

              • Be Carefull when Fasting..I had a Pal 30 yrs ago who fasted so much he ended up so skinny he Fell thru his own asshole and Hung himself!

        • I remember a trip to southwest Utah I took back about 15 years ago. It was right around the 1st of November and it got down to 8 degrees overnight.

          It may be cold out right now, but I don’t see this as being all that out of the ordinary.

          • I’m going to Mount Zion National Park this summer.

            • Beautiful place. If you have the opportunity to hike to the Angel’s Landing, watch your step. A hiker lost his life when we were there. Incredible view!

        • Hey Trekker, funny last article, you said the Elk begging to be shot cause it was too cold -20.

          A few yrs back on snow ski trip to Aspen/ Snowmass, it was after midnight and we were driving back in a van from partying in Aspen, heading back to Snowmass, and we came up on the road the elk were laying on the road in front of us. We had to stop, with the head lights on we piled out of the van and just took in the view. Maybe 50 in the herd. My buddy says, “I wonder why we never see the Elk during the day, I wonder where they hang out?” Without skipping a beat I replied, “Well they hang out at the “Elks Lodge” drinking all day and they are now trying to find their way home just like us.” lol Never had a bad snow ski trip ever.

          • 10 thumbs up WWTI.

        • Exactly king krazy just as then we knew who is to blame, it’s the Canadians and its called an Alberta Clipper.

          repost from elsewhere:

          This again, Prof. Coocachoo has lost his fuckin’ mind. Climate change happens 4 times a year and has for millennial. Think about it, a slight change in the angle of sunlight and the northern hemisphere temperature swings 80-100 degree. Even though we are closer to the sun. WTF this is why we are in such a shitstorm in the country, really stupid sheeple. Hell the communist are even telling you that with the healthcare architects admissions. Time to wake up quick.

      3. Well all you PEP people.

        Here is your pre season game.


        If you are not ready do not BITCH ABOUT IT ……


        • Jon Snow said Winter is coming

        • Great, (per CNBC) Traitor Obama going to try and protect 5 Million Illegals Alien Invaders from Deportation. Like WTF?

          How about we deport Obama with the rest of the 5 Million, and let the door hit him in the arse on the way out. Or via a swift Steel Tip Boot.

      4. Its cold and snowin up here in Michigan.
        So how is this so unusual ?
        More climate change hype , this bullcrap is sure ramping up lately. I call BS .

        • hammerhead
          What is so unusual is that this crap
          is happening before deer season rather
          than after Thanksgiving. We’re in for
          a long hard winter, I’m afraid.
          Me truck did three 360’s this morning.

          • 5 Cold Weather Injuries to Look Out for (And How to Treat Them)

            “You also want to avoid tight fitting clothing – especially boots. Tight clothes inhibit your blood circulation as well as the circulation of the warm air your body naturally gives off. Pay careful attention to and protect your ears, nose, fingers, and toes – these are the places that will most likely experience a cold injury.”

            “…it’s best to wear several layers – as you become more active and your body heats up, remove outer layers to prevent overheating and sweating. Also, drinking plenty of water is always key to your survival in any climate.”

            Signs, symptoms and treatment for:
            1. Chilblains
            2. Trench Foot
            3. Frost nip
            4. Frostbite
            5. Hypothermia

            Survival Life dot com

            • Morning KY!

              The admonition as to sweating is utterly central to anyone in a cold environment. Once you SWEAT, the convective transfer goes up by an order of magnitude. It IS better to pare down just a bit…to be a little cool, a opposed to being slightly warmer than you would normally be.
              Put simply, in a Cold environmemnt, without a nearby source of heat ‘Wet is DEAD’.

              • polyproplyne is my friend when firewooding. (along with the blackhawk).

                • plastic?

                  • Plastic (poly)clothing that lets the moisture vapor out and keeps you warm. it wicks. military switched to goretex…because it cost more. I use poly under, wool over. The problem with wool is that odors dont stay with it. you can wear it for a week without smelling….so when you fart, there is no linger to share with you friends. Wear green wool in ID and MT… not white… where the men are men and the sheep are raped.

              • Mr. Rodgers,

                Good morning!

                We spent a year in Norway, so I learned the importance of layering clothes to stay warm.

                The Norwegians like to hike and ski. The ones we met ALWAYS traveled with a backpack with extra wool sweaters, dry gloves, socks, etc. As the temperature rose, they would remove sweaters and later put them back on when it got cooler.

                They said wool is the only natural fiber that still provides warmth, even when wet.

                Since eating in restaurants was VERY expensive, they also usually had a loaf of bread, chunk of cheese and a thermos of coffee in their backpack. They also carried a pocket knife to slice the bread & cheese too.

                • Layering does work. Many years ago, actually during the last “global cooling” scare in the early 1970s, my father was working on a bridge in the winter and fell into the water. He managed to climb back out before the water got to his inner layer of work clothes.

                • Sounds like every cross country skier, kayaker, and old school hiker I’ve been around. I prefer wool for nearly every layer even though I’m not Norwegian. Being wet and cold isn’t a fun way to go do fun outdoor activities, so I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. Wool is always my preferred fabric. Smartwool base layer feels so much warmer than polypro and a nice thick woolen sweater will make a good parka even warmer. Polar fleece works well if you get the thicker stuff.

                  When done right, the most in-climate weather can be tolerable. My favorite cold weather garment: Seal fur/beaver skin hat. Ohh, so warm. It almost needs to be -20F with wind before I want to wear that hat or it gets too hot!

            • Thanks KY Mom, I needed a reminder about frostbite.

          • Ride her cowboy. Glad you are okay after spinning.

          • OUTWEST, I remember having snow for deer season many times , makes for better tracking.
            Sucks to work in it though..

          • It simply a return to the 50’s and 70’s winters for a bit…..we’ll have some tracking snow for the firearm season opener this weekend in Michigan !

          • Two weeks earlier than ‘normal’ is not abnormal weather.

            Colder than normal winter coming? Yes, but it’s not unusual.

            • You will be amazed by the statistic I discovered. It’s colder than normal almost half the time now. Obviously a Gov plot, Bush’s fault.

              • Para, then I guess it’s warmer than usual almost the other half of the time. Good grief, last year we had a foot of snow in Sept. (And That Was Bush’s Fault) and now were half way through Nov. and they act like winter is coming early. Trekker Out

        • These early season cold blasts have happened before and folks made jokes about “global warming’ and the lies Al Gore-ged, was spewing. So what happened?

          They changed the old name to “climate change” to throw the sheeple (dumbass liberals) off the paradigm of TPTB.

          There have always been cycles of hot and cold.
          That won’t change until the planet changes back, with a blanket of water around it.

          • Hey Sixpack, last article, I would like to know more about the windows Program Mgr features or Admin. What features to turn off and leave on. Is there a list? hmmmm..

            • All that white snow is going to drive many ghetto dwellers insane with their anti whiteness eh.

              Picture Sharpton wakeing up and when he looks out doors sees 2 ft of pure whiteness EVERYWHERES!

              • cold weather has hit my area 2 weeks earlier than normal this year. I’m already in thermals and insulated boots. Boots with Thinsulate insulation are a MUST HAVE item in winter. Your feet will be warm and dry with Thinsulate.

                • Brave, Thinsulate is for warmth, Goretex is to keep your feet dry. I wear uninsulated boots all winter but they do have Goretex and my feet rarely get cold, but I wear good wool socks which I think is the most important part. Trekker Out.

            • All you need to do in windows is press ctrl+alt+del once, at the same time. The task mgr window will come up. I use the “processes” tab to see everything running on my computer in detail, but you might find the “applications” tab more useful. I catch malware all the time like this.

              You can find detailed assistance at

              which is a forum for combating viruses, malware and other computer problems. I still have an account there to assist people with their computer issues, but I haven’t had time to volunteer there in months. They also have useful software to help you purge your computer demons, and secure your computer.

              I also volunteer at ht_tp://fixya.com, Which is a more hardware-oriented web site for fixing broken devices.

              Either site will answer your questions, make useful suggestions or even walk you through fixes one step at a time. It’s all people helping people and it is absolutely free.

              You should try one or both of those sites. We know what we’re doing there. I can’t hold a real job anymore, but through those sites, I can still contribute to something I love to do.


              • Malware bytes has always worked real well for me.

                • That is some nice software, but don’t you have to pay for it?

                  • Nope, I have been using a free version since 07 or 08

      5. In the sixties and seventies it was global cooling, then the ninties and two thousands global warming. Now we are coming back around the backside of a normal hundred year cycle of warming and cooling and tptb are calling it climate change. All for the sake of convincing people to pay carbon tax and we humans are killing the planet. Like George carlin said, the earth will shake us off like fleas if she doesn’t want us here.

        • Everybody complains about the weather but nobody does anything about it. Been saying for months to get a back up wood stove heating source and a few extra cords of wood put back. Just wait when the grid crashes and all utilities are cut iff for months. WhoWuddaThunkIt?

          • Eventually, the EPA will enforce Federal,State, and Local laws that govern the use of wood heating and cooking systems. It is now being instituted into new and used systems through Realtors in some areas.

            It will be another gov intrusion into private lives and freedpms whereby there will be prohibitive costs and fines. It is backed by the Electric and Gas Corporations so as to force people to use their products.

            A cleaner energy source? Go figure.

            • It’s actually illegal in my area for the gas company to install a gas space heater in a house if that will be the only source of heat.

              • Out here, it’s illegal to install an uncertified wood stove, the pre-1975ish models, unless you do it yourself. Insurance companies will screw you over if you claim damages from a chimney fire if you have an uncertified stove or insert.

                Most of Puget Sound lives under an Air Quality regime, where wood stoves and fireplaces are banned from use on certain days. Of course, that’s when it’s clear and cold.

                The environazis would love to totally ban wood heat up here, but it’s not going to happen.

                • How can the gov ban heating your house with a wood stove?? Thats just plain stupid. Same in CA. There are some laws that should not be obeyed.

                  • They are not laws. They call them “law” but that is because they are abbreviating “color of law”. Morally you can ignore them. Practically, sometimes you have to pay their fine. Then, just go back to do what you did before. Thats the way the mob works. They really don’t give a shit what you do, they just want your money regardless of wether its the Russian Mob, the Italian Mob, the Chicongo Mob, Your States Mob or the Washington DC Mob.

        • I remember reading one of the UN reports that said greenhouse gas emissions needed to be cut to “zero” in just a few years. How do you do that, unless you kill all the people and animals?

          • The UN has totally morphed itself into an entity that is fully removed from its original purpose. It has become completely noncredible and is now nothing more, nothing less, than a dangerous instrument for international communism.

            Not to worry though. Those who matter in keeping us safe are well aware of the UN’s anti-freedom agendas.

            The UN currently is just a pimple on a fanny that won’t go away easily. But as long as we keep on doing what we did at the mid term elections, we have no worries.

            Complacency is our only worry.

            Now, those elected need to effect the switch back to the conservative society that is America. And they need to make it snappy. If not, they could just find themselves on the business end of a recall election.

            • Ha Ha Ha, young Anonymous thinks that the republicans are different than the democrats. After all, the UN has grown to strength under only democrat administrations……NOT.

              Congratulations on your new job as a “K” street P.R. firm intern. You political speak very well.

              • Well, Spider, if what you say is true, why are you setting on your fat butt typing and not quartering the heads of the traitors and dropping them like sacks of feed?

                I think YOU are the instigator. I think YOU, and many like you are the ones who foment an environment of discontent surrounded by hopelessness.

                What you say is true to a certain degree. Politicians are politicians. But, like not all cops are constitution violators (no, really! A few are not!), not all politicians are liars and socialist demons.

                I don’t think that electing Republicans will cause the rainbows to come out and be complete with skittle pooping unicorns, but, give them a chance. At least the people have made their voices heard. We will give them a chance. Our patience grows very thin.

                • Cellar Spider is not all wrong, when Anonymous says the UN has morphed into something other than what it was intended to be, that is somewhat naive, it was always intended to be a One World Government and it is maturing into that roll. And the Republicans are just as much duplicitous as the Democrats. But it does amaze me how the American people on the whole, not only condone but seem to have a favorable opinion of the UN, which has always been Anti-American while being primarly bankrolled by the American tax-payer. How did we get where we’re at when both parties are looking out for us,LOL. Trekker Out. Live Free Or Die!

                • I that’s the first post in 4 years that I have to seriously disagree with you on. But hey, one in four years ain’t bad.

          • Or poke a hole in the atmosphere!

          • cut the emissions? How will the Carnival Cruise lines operate? How will those EBT cards fund them then?

            Maybe Obola and Mooch can lead by example. They can quit taking so many AF1 trips.
            But I aint holdin my breath.

      6. Another snow storm like Janurary 2011 would be fun. Atlanta shut down for 3 days….

        • Snow Plow
          A blonde driving a car became lost in a snowstorm.
          She didn’t panic however, because she remembered what her dad had once told her. “If you ever get stuck in a snowstorm, just wait for a snow plow to come by and follow it.”
          Sure enough, pretty soon a snow plow came by, and she started to follow it.
          She followed the plow for about forty-five minutes.
          Finally the driver of the truck got out and asked her what she was doing.
          And she explained that her dad had told her if she ever got stuck in a snow storm, to follow a plow.
          The driver nodded and said, “Well, I’m done with the Wal-Mart parking lot, do you want to follow me over to Best Buy now?”

      7. I gotta say that this Kaku guy is a publicity hound who’s just cashing in on what long range forecasters have been saying for months. None of this article is new news.

        Prep tips always appreciated, however.

        Sun-facing Windows: Take a $12 sheet of 1″ foil-faced foam and cut a panel that fits fairly snugly in the window. Make the vertical dimension about 2″ short of full height. Paint the colored side flat black. In winter this side faces out. Set in window so there’s a 1″ gap top and bottom, and about 1″ away from the glass. On sunny days the black paint will absorb heat, warming the adjacent. Warm air will rise out the top while cooler air comes in at bottom. At night block the lower gap to stop cold air from reversing the cycle. In summer I turn the silver foil to the outside, to prevent unwanted heat from entering.

      8. It’s just the flava of the week(s) folks

        Let’s see what’s coming to get us.!!!

        First it was Mr ISIS for 2 weeks


        Mr Ebola for 2 weeks.


        Mr Vortex for 2 weeks.

        How easily we’re all manipulated in controlled media frenzies..

        Enjoy the day

        Prepare accordingly


        • One day the predictions will be correct and you’ll be very worried indeed because you didn’t prep……..

          Make a start now!

      9. “Superstorm Nuri”

        The Weather Channel is naming snow storms like hurricanes now. I guess it’s supposed to help their ratings.

      10. Gee thanks for the warning….like we have never had cold weather before. I don’t know how I have survived so long without these warnings. How do I manage to survive working outdoors in sub-zero temps every winter? To be safe I will stay home from work and fiddle-fuck around with my phone all day like everyone else. Ok….sarcasm over…time to leave for work…sure hope I make it.

        • I can tell you the real agenda for these weather warnings: since the 1970s, Canada and the US have seen unprecedented increases in their populations of people from equatorial countries. Many, despite living in North America for five years or more, still bitch about winter coming as if it is a freak event, rather than just the normal weather for NA. The weather channel loves this stuff because it can go into hyperdrive and get fluffy blondes out there with the wind whipping through their hair and talking about ‘OMG!! Snowmageddon!!!!!”.

          If you have a set of nuts, a brain and experience of real winter, you will be just fine.

          • Yea, Frank.

            It makes me sick when they get all giddy and hyperventilate over the first early snow. The local news stations in the south east are the worst. They have hundreds of thousands of “remotes” to look at….guess what…SNOW. Snow on the grass. Snow on the trees, and can you believe it…Snow on the Fucking roads.

            How did it get there? Can it be slick? Let’s pick some up and see if the crystalized water might be “greasier” than it was last year? Yep it’s cold and yep it’s slick, and we brought it to you fucking idiots first!!

            Give me a friggin’ break and give me reruns of Andy and Barney, or Clint Eastwood westerns and get the fuck off my TV with that stupid “it’s snow, it’s snow, it’s snow, shit.

            • Weather Channel, like the rest of the broadcast and cable channels is jumping the shark daily trying to keep their numbers from tanking like MSLSD and CNN.

              How many people do you know that check Intellicast.com, Wunderground.com, or even the NOAA weather site (www.forecast.weather.gov), to see what’s coming, thereby getting their info immediately when they ask for it, instead of waiting through half an hour of ads to get 1/10 the info that any website can provide.

              Honestly, the only person I know that still turns to TV for weather is 70 years old and internet-impaired. (Her mind just doesn’t work that way. Never did.) Lately she’s even stopped looking at TV, and just calls me to have me check Wunderground. They have an automated reporting station just a mile from her house, and can give a forecast for her exact location, +/- 3 or 4 miles.

          • 40 yrs ago we had normal cold snowy winters in Mich every year. I had no other vehicle to drive to my mostly outdoors job then, other than my 1959 Panhead Harley with ONLY Kick-Start!….Coldest i recall riding it was 2 degrees below zero on very high wind days. As long as roads were DRY I went rideing even after work for normal day to day activities of chasing chicks and partying etc.

            Only main draw back besides cold was you had to keep re starting the bike within no more than one hour or so elsewise the 60 WT oil would get so thick you can hardly kick the motor over to start it…But when well tuned, it started usually First kick!…Once warmed up. When ice cold in morning to start it it usually took 4 full kicks to cycle the engine and get gas to carb etc then 5th kick got it started…Most times!

            I cannot think of any other thing I ever did that was colder than to ride a harley bike in Jan or Feb in detroit mich in sub zero temps and going 40-50 MPH! Brrrr!

          • Oh dear, I have a brain and experience living in a cold climate but I was not blessed at birth with a set of nuts. Is there an Amazon affiliate link I can click to buy a set?

        • Drivers up north. Did you prep your vehicle for winter like a few sand bags tire chains, blankets kettle for melting snow for drinking water, camp stove, lighters and matches, some split fire wood, extra coat, hats gloves, boots, wool socks, pillow, warm sleeping bag, Mre’s, a fire arm, road flares, empty gas can and siphon hose, flashlight with new batteries jumper cables, air pump, back pack, candles, whistle, ham radio CB radio Weather radio. And make sure you put winter air in your tires. Ha!

          • Nope, preped my bedroom, got an extra blanket and when I woke up and it was-14, so I rolled back over and said XXXxit.

      11. -2 this morning, but I chose to live in the frozen north, so what’s the big deal? Cold weather definitely keeps the riff raff out.

        We have ways to heat the house without electricity, a generator and fuel, groceries, and an AWD vehicle. Bring it.

        I’d rather enjoy the beauty of this snow than to be back in a border state worrying about what government protected ethnic group, or white meth head, was going to break into my house.

        The cold is my best security system.

        • Obtuseangler: wow you just reminded me of a phone call I got yesterday…Seems an old pal I know since I was 18 yrs old or so, over 40+ yrs now, never listened when I and several other guys begged him to Move out of Detroit…

          The old pal guy always would tell us all how hes never been predjudiced, always is nice to blacks in detroit etc etc….THEN!! Just about 2 months ago I was told yesterday on phone by a mutual pal that detroit “nice to blacks” guy was up as usual around 5 am one morn, heard funny noises outside his house.

          When he opened the front door to check sounds he spotted TWO big Negroe dudes attempting to steal stuff from his caddy car he just got 6 mo ago used by still nice and costly car…Soon as he opened his front house door BOTH blacks began fireing handguns widly at my Pal!

          He had his handgun in hand, so he too returned fire!…ALL three’s guns ran dry at same time and two blacks acted as if they both were running away from scene. So my Pal closed door, went to back room for another gun, returned and re opened door a bit to see if black guys were gone yet?…NOPE!..The bastards both went back to Their car they came in to Re load and grab several more magazines full of ammo each!

          Then both blacks again fired guns into his front door area barely missing my Pals head, bullets striking an inch away against alum screen door!

          He again slammed door shut and hit the floor behind brick outer wall of liv rom and door area…By time it was all done which took just a couple minits total, when my Pal finally was sure they both left he checked dammages and his entire car was riddeled as was entire house and door front of house area…Holes everywheres! Yet None of the three got hit…Lucky lucky eh…

          Then he phones cops at 911, cops confiscated his fired gun and took his CCW Lic and kept both a whole month untill investigation was done and ruled an OK self defense shootout…I bet if my Pal, a white guy did kill either or both black thiefs and shooters we’d now be seeing 24/7 MSM tv coverages of how some detroit white skin head militia seperatists racist guy shot two negroes who were simply downtrodden victims of the system created by whitey honkys…

          oh and my Pal Finally took my and other advice…Bought a better house in rural area kinda…All white area anyways and in the sticks compared to detroit…

          Now Pal don’t still call them Blacks or african americans!

          He now preferes the usual name for such ghetto banger types!…Took over 40 yrs but at least Now hes convinced to finally MOVE away! Far away!.

          • Your friend needs some range time. Four rounds should have disposed of that threat, unless he was shooting a .25ACP.

            • Your mention of a .25ACP brings a little story to mind. You say about the .25ACP, but, I have a little .25ACP. Bought it years ago at a yard sale for $25. Its a “BOA”. Cheapest little thing you ever saw. When I started carrying full time, I would carry it or stash it as a backup. Only ever ran a few rounds through it. I figure it would always fire on the first shot, and, most times all you have to do is show it.

              One day at a gun show I found a guy selling a bunch of “used” ammo. Odds and ends that he, at his pawn shop, would pull out of guns and dump in a tub. He was selling the stuff for 20c a round. I bought a whole bunch of it. So, this one day I decided to run some of that crappy old ammo through this stupid little yard sale gun that could only be described as “cheapass” junk, right?

              I was printing 4″ groups at 60ft. The fixed sites were right on the money. I ran about 35 rounds through the thing. Fast, slow, etc. Not a single jam or misfire. Flat Out Amazing!

              A .25ACP will do in a pinch. I much prefer 16 rounds of 9mm hollow points. You know the brand: NetRanger Atomic Hollow Points. Guaranteed to detonate on impact. Oh, that brand is only available in my area.


      12. It is called winter dumb f#cks: I remember as a raw recruit in the early 80s going on the parade ground in late October and it was a foot of snow and minus 25 Celsius. Then everything got real cushy and we had two decades of slacker weather. And now, as the Russians warned, we are heading back into a global cooling cycle that will probably last decades. The planet’s weather cycles have always changed, either with us here or with just dinosaurs. Don’t flatter yourself that, when you passed wind this morning, the methane helped tip the planet into crisis.

        • Exactly!

          I am almost 60 and remember much colder and snowy winters than during the past 40 or so years. In the previous forty or so years before I was born, my grandparents endured change just the same, and spoke of it.

          They remembered a time when folks crossed a major river in our Appalachian Foothills county whereby the the whole thing was frozen solid. That was before the bridges were built because there was no damn built up river, and it flooded every few years; taking bridges and buildings built too close, down towards the ocean.

          Grandpa remembered a time around 1920 when sawmillers skidded whole loads, with mule powered sleds, loaded with crossties across the river because the ice was so thick.

          Now it took a lot of subfreezing temps to freeze a fast flowing 60 ft wide, 12 feet deep river that hard.

          If time permits, it could cycle back around and do it again in the near future, and no amount of global warming shit can change that in our lifetimes. So forgive me if I ain’t buying anything TPTB and the libtards are selling. I’ll keep cutting and splitting wood, as i have since i was big enough to hold a bowsaw.
          Until I can no longer get gasoline, i ‘will’, use a chainsaw and woodsplitter though.

          Nothing like Pinto beans slow cooking on top of a woodstove in a cast iron pot. just bought another 25 lb. bag of stoneground cornmeal from the, water wheel powered, Mill down the road for $13.06, including tax.
          What a deal. Going to the old man’s garden and picking off a mess of late turnip/mustard/kale greens before the deep freeze gets them and cook on the stove beside the pintos tomorrow evening.

          eatin’ good, in the neighborhood. Bring on the cold and the rutting bucks cause the blackpowder muzzlestuffer is loaded and ready. Wifey is ready and waitin’ to make buckets of venison jerky. Some sweet and sour (pineapple) flavored, and some Teriyaki too.

      13. Get a grip. It’s just cold weather.

      14. I may have to light the heater tomorrow. It’s supposed to get all the way down to 28 tomorrow night and Saturday night.

        • 28 ?
          I think that will be my high temp today LOL.

          • The cold here in eastern NC is not dangerous, just inconvenient. I could survive with no heat at all, but I couldn’t type because my fingers get stiff when it gets below 50 inside.

            Remember, if your pipes aren’t insulated well, turn on your faucets to a slow drip to keep the water moving. If it’s going to get really cold, turn off the water supply, open all the inside faucets, and then turn on an outside faucet to drain the pipes. If you do this, don’t forget to turn off your water heater.

      15. Smart people live where the weather is reasonable. Being orig from Wisconsin many times I questioned Why T f@ck am I living up here in Tundra country. I’ve Seen Minus -80 below zero temps suffered frost bite on an ear. And why I moved to FL 20+ yrs ago. Now I would never live north of any frost line of lattitude. My electric power bill drops to about $65 a month from Nov to May. Works for me.

        • Why are some yankees referred to as “damn Yankees”?

          Cause they are like hemorrhoids, they go south and never go back up. lol, lol, lol!

        • I’m orig from Wisconsin myself. My bitch isn’t the amount of snow or how low the temp drops. It is the duration. If you have the right clothes then it does not matter how cold it gets, you can deal with it. For those living in FL, you can have the place, along with the heat, humidity, the hot climate diseases, the pita animals and pests that live there, and all the stupid people who look like the types that Wal-Mart would reject. This cold climate makes me appreciate the hot weather days. I’ll stay here in Tundra land dispite being a pain in the ass.

      16. I guess every thing else is just perfect and all is left to combine the winter weather and up coming black friday then truly we can call it the final SHTF event.

      17. Winter Heat: Calcium chloride, found at or can be ordered from hardware stores and can be used to make a flameless heat source by exothermic reaction for DIY hand warmers or other applications. Fill a ziploc bag with the pellets but not too much, then put a smaller snack ziploc bag filled with water inside. Use duct tape or other heavy duty tape on both to prevent leaking. To do it correctly, the inner bag must be able to burst with a squeeze but not the outer bag.

        • Is that how those handwarmers work? I never thought about it. Thanks!

      18. off topic , but on the 11th there were a fair amount of thumbs down!! ??? Now no thumbs at all ??

        • Spam Mac shut odd thumbs till its fixed

      19. Just checking in for my daily dose of fear porn……Maybe its me, but I do seem to remember cold temps and snow in the north east 30 to 40 years ago growing up in N.Y. Am I missing something or what?!

      20. Ho hum…just another winter. What!….did we forget last winter already?

        • yup, I mean wtf, is everything now a “all hell breaks loose” event??? Seems this same person is always finding the same thing day after day with everything.

          btw also in VA 🙂

      21. Great. Sigh.

      22. What Americans are pampered. I live in Siberia, Yakutia more precisely, it is the center of Cold in Eurasia. Oymyakon -72°C, and we live here. -44°C is the normal temperature from November to February. December and January -52°C it is cold: -) … at -30°C at -40°C is considered to be warm: -) … kids eat ice cream, go to school and kindergartens, go to the cinema on 3D movies : -) … Americans must already accustomed to low temperatures and not to make a hysterical worldwide “Oh My Darling!, how cold WE ALL DIE!”, people can live and be happy and at low temperatures. :-)… Scenes from the Hollywood movie “The Day After Tomorrow”, it’s just a children’s party kindergartens in Russia every day of winter:-)

        “ALASKA! FRESH START!”(c) Homer Simpson… New Day in United States of Alaska’s… 🙂

        • Right on Adrian P
          people have become such weenies
          I have been thinking about relocating to a much colder climate than I am now living in and everyone says WHY?
          its miserable there they say of where I want to go,
          personally I like the cold, am always overheated so when I lived in a cold climate I was in heaven,

          • Ride north on the Wall… (с) Game of Thrones… 🙂 Alaska or Canada? Greenland? Iceland? Sweden? Norway? or Russia?
            Or DUE SOUTH coldest Antarctida? Yea? 🙂

      23. Who died and made Kaku king? Why is he always babbling about weather etc.? Can’t they interview someone else for a change?

        • Symbiotic relationship there – Kaku craves media attention, and the media needs guys like him to spice up their otherwise worthless offerings.

      24. Pretty soon, everyone is going to forget this was one of the warmest falls in a decade or more. Nature tends to even things out, so it isn’t too surprising we’re getting hit by this blast of really cold weather.

        • Maybe where you are. At my BOL on the Ohio River we had a morning where I had to scrape my windshield in late August. Was burning a fire at night by mid September, 4 olr 5 nights out of ten. I hope my wood supply holds out!

      25. whats with this polar vortex horseshit, it going to be down in the 20s for two or three nights, hell its normal for this time of year.

      26. WINTER IS COMING! (c) Stark… Game of Thrones… 🙂

      27. oh no, the climate is changing.. um yeah from fall to winter

        up in these parts that happens every year ,, just like clock work

        got yer wood cut split and stacked?

      28. Where I live on the west coast of Florida the weather has cooled a little, not expecting below low forties when the big so called polar vortex reaches here in about four days. I think the weather is cooling overall, global warming is false. Here the tv weather forcasts are all over the place, each channel varying by many degrees. They can’t even agree what their predictions of the weather will be, one calling their forcast “certified”. On the missing thumbs option, what a breath of fresh air, free speech is just that, offensive or not. Thank you for that improvement. I enjoy all opinions, even those I disagree with. One can state their disagreement. I noticed that thumb option is gone on past articles also. I have never given a thumb one way or the other, not because I may of liked to, but because I could’nt.

      29. Congrats on getting rid of the thumb thingies. I am a little miffed though, I had just gotten my first red ones. I saw it as a rite of passage, as though I had finally arrived or something. Still don’t know what the big deal is but I write that up to my ignorance of web things.
        While I’m at it I may as well weigh in on climate change. The cycles of weather and climate are eternal with the ‘only’ constant being change. I studied environmental science in collage. It was my major until I ran into the ‘environmentalist’ and discovered that the operative word was/is ‘mentalist’.
        Extreme weather? It is now 20 deg and snowing here. How is that extreme in Mn?
        I could go on but I have begun to ramble. (old age?)
        Cant wait till I am no longer ‘moderated’. I don’t know if any of my posts are ever read, I hope so. However I must say this, I do not think inside the box, I do not buy in to the Hegelian Dialectic as intensely as some on this site. That being said, I do however agree with many of the posts found here. So much so that I begin my day with this site and look forward to future articles and discussions. Mac, perhaps you should add a forum to this site. I like feedback and dissenting opinions and open dialog.
        Just a thought.

        • The big deal was that someone hijacked the system and was killing the conversation,
          in a normal batch of exchanges on here there are a few red thumbs, but for the most part people are giving eachother the thumbs up,,
          I was ridiculous so Mac shut it down,
          is always the case, one or two bad apples always spoil it for the bunch,,

          • I’m noticing that a couple of the most virulent (and prolific) neo-Nazi posters have disappeared. Maybe their IP addresses were the source of the red-thumb spamming?

            If so, THANK YOU Mac!

            • Woould you speaking of the ones who question some of your posts that contain disinformation?

              And just for the posters here….I am as much a neo-Nazi as Old Coach is Tarzans chimp buddy….But just maybe?

            • Don’t worry crusty old coach..I haven’t gone anywhere ….

      30. I cant believe it! No moderation, YEEHAW! Another ‘rite of passage’.

      31. When I was little, my school marm told me that we were due for the next ice age. She was right about that 2+2 stuff, so I trusted her. After last winter in the midwest, I know she was right.

        • There was an author who wrote a book, well researched, about 25 years ago, on how the U.S. would, in about 25 years, starting seeing snow still on the ground in the far northern states in July, thereby eliminating the usefulness of farmland in those areas.

          Looking increasingly like he was accurate.

      32. Here is a fear porn fix for everyone. In Buffalo NY when a person dies, the cops come to his/her house and picks up the registered guns for protection. read it on freerepublic.com I wonder if this is true. I would think it would piss off a few people that would of inherited the guns.

        • Dave,
          Thats life in a commy/socialist state,,, they are trying to pass that here, will definitely be one of the straws that sends me to your neck of the woods,,,
          my significant other doesnt get it,, she says why would you want to walk away from everything you have just because of a few stupid guns,,,
          is making me really take stock of my life,
          man Ill miss the warm weather and her, oh well, in less than 2 years my business is doomed unless I want to deal with more government interference, in the near future my business may be doomed anyway when the county council passes their fix for the newly approved GMO initiative,
          the new governor has been one of the main supporters of a lot of the bad legislation pushed by our legislature, things are not looking good and I am not getting any younger so moving is looking better and better, am going to get pricing to ship my tool boxes and stuff to a friends place in CO and looking into selling my trucks, if it all falls together I will be on the contiinent some time next year, and will ship my jeep and drive across a few states on a walkabout to just see what I can see, unless everything falls apart before then,

          • There was a movie on netflix called GMO. I have a vage idea of what you are up against.

            • Vague

            • I dont grow anything GE
              But the county fix involves a ton of documentation and interference for ALL commercial growers, and i dont meet the requirements for the setbacks to adjoining property,
              I will starve before i give another fucking inch to the government. These turds on the side of the moratorium and the local government are a buncha BS bandits, hundreds will lose their jobs and livelihoods,
              Gives a whole new meaning to the NOMFI

          • Kula, also have to consider if the world grid goes down you got enough food on the island to feed everybody long term? How much of the Islands food is imported?

        • dave in Idaho,

          I did some searching was surprised to find this is happening in Buffalo, NY.

          Here is the link, if anyone wants more information.

          “Buffalo, New York police are now visiting the homes of those recently departed in search of firearms as part of a new plan to help keep tabs on local guns.

          The move, put into effect by Police Commissioner Daniel Derenda, is described as an effort to stop firearms, specifically handguns, from winding up back in circulation and off the books.

          “We recently started a program where we’re cross referencing all the pistol permit holders with the death records, and we’re sending people out to collect the guns whenever possible so that they don’t end up in the wrong hands,”

          City code forbids disposing of a firearm unless it is to a gunsmith or licensed firearms dealer or as part of a testamentary bequest such as directed by a will.

          The BPD has long been involved in efforts to take guns out of circulation through a variety of means. This summer, a long-running gun buyback program netted some 840 firearms in its latest installment. It was the second-highest number recovered on record by the agency.”
          Guns dot com

          Local or state law?
          Is Buffalo the only city in the state that is currently enforcing the law?

          From a comment on a forum…
          “New York State has a pistol permit system that requires pistol owners to register each pistol by make, model, serial number, barrel length, action style and caliber.

          If you die, or arrested for a felony, or domestic, unless the guns are coregistered on another pistol permit the law will come and get the pistols. It’s not just Buffalo, it’s New York State.

          New York State pistol permit holders need to know this and be prepared.”

          Gunbroker dot com

        • I’m actually not too much opposed to that, so long as they return them to the rightful heirs. Many old folks live alone, or with just one other person also elderly, and have one or more guns for protection. There’s a large contingent of “urbanites” in these old Rust Belt cities that would watch the obituaries to line up their home-invasion/burglary targets.

          Around me, there are lots of estate auctions that include the deceased’s hunting guns. Almost every auction advert has a statement that the guns will not be at the auction site until day of auction. I went to one a couple of years ago in hopes of buying some collectable rifles, only to find that the entire collection had been stolen the night before.

          OTOH if these Buffaloo coppers are flat-out confiscating and not returning, I’d say sue ’em down to their skivvies.

          • Old Coach…Just how many do you think will be returned to the kin? How about none because there wasnt a legal transfer…or some other lame thieving excuse.

            • A bequest is a legal transfer. Under federal law it can even go across state lines without an FFL.

              But my normalcy bias is showing. Where I live, the local law is the sheriff, whom I know and would trust to handle such a policy wisely. City cops, not so much.

            • Followed this up at the CCRKBA site. They are waiting 15 days to confiscate, which negates the value I had imagined. I should have known……

      33. How can these people predict climare change is coming?


        (Welcome to their world.)

      34. ALl they have done is renamed what we used to call a Canadian cold front and call it a polar vortex. The same thing has been happening for eons and will happen eons from now also. Somebody just wants to make a buck off of it.

        • Growing up near Boston I remember it called the “Montreal Express”.

      35. The famed, late Dr. Michael Crichton on the ignorant, anti-science BIG GREEN MONEY scamsters:

        “I want to …talk about … the rise of what has been called consensus science. I regard consensus science as an extremely pernicious development that ought to be stopped cold in its tracks. Historically, the claim of consensus has been the first refuge of scoundrels; it is a way to avoid debate by claiming that the matter is already settled. … Let’s be clear: the work of science has nothing whatever to do with consensus. Consensus is the business of politics. Science, on the contrary, requires only one investigator who happens to be right, which means that he or she has results that are verifiable by reference to the real world. In science consensus is irrelevant. What is relevant is reproducible results…There is no such thing as consensus science. If it’s consensus, it isn’t science. If it’s science, it isn’t consensus… Consensus is invoked only in situations where the science is not solid enough. Nobody says the consensus of scientists agrees that E = mc². Nobody says the consensus is that the sun is 93 million miles away. It would never occur to anyone to speak that way.”

        Incidentally, the consensus argument was also used by Adolf Hitler against Einstein. Below is a screen dump of One Hundred Authors against Einstein, from http://www.ekkehard-friebe.de/Hundert-Autoren.pdf/ Of course, Einstein simply noted, why 100? Only one would be needed, if his data were correct. (“If I were wrong, then one would have been enough.” – Albert Einstein’s response to the 1931 pamphlet “100 authors against Einstein,” commissioned by the Nazi Party as a contradiction to the Relativity Theory) And of course Einstein pro-actively passed on his results to Eddington, so they could be verified – compare this to the ClimateGate scam, where faked “research” was shown to be intentionally hidden.

        Even leaving aside Thomas Kuhn’s The Structure of Scientific Revolution for a moment, Paul Davies, in the introduction to a book on Feynman and his work in Six Easy Pieces: Essentials of Physics, notes similarly that “There is a popular misconception that science is an impersonal, dispassionate, and thoroughly objective enterprise. Whereas most other human activities are dominated by fashions, fads and personalities, science is supposed to be constrained by agreed rules of procedure and rigorous tests. It is the results that count, not the people who produce them. This is, of course, manifest nonsense. Science is a people driven activity like all human endeavour, and just as subject to fashion and whim. In this case, fashion is set not so much by choice of subject matter, but the way scientists think about the world.” And, unfortunately, there is one way to think about the world – the politically correct way. Otherwise you figuratively or literally starve, shunned and alone, under the modern day climatic Robespierres. Just ask well-regarded climatologists Patrick Michaels in Virginia, David Legates in Delaware, George Taylor in Oregon or Dr. David Stooksbury of Georgia – all politically ousted for their politically “inconvenient” views on warming.

        Another more recent example of the failure of the consensus argument might be Nobel Prize winner Daniel Shechtman, who was originally accused of “quasi-science” for discovering quasicrystals. His discovery in 1982 cost him his reputation and job – he was eventually asked to leave his research group for “bringing disgrace” to its members (as he told Ha’aretz), while Linus Pauling stated “Danny Shechtman is talking nonsense. There is no such thing as quasicrystals, only quasi-scientists.” Of course, much later he was vindicated and won the Nobel Prize.

      36. Real scientists vs. Al Gore: (Now that the trolls are gone, I can go back to my regular name)

        “Since I am no longer affiliated with any organization nor receiving any funding, I can speak quite frankly….As a scientist I remain skeptical.” – Atmospheric Scientist Dr. Joanne Simpson, the first woman in the world to receive a PhD in meteorology and formerly of NASA who has authored more than 190 studies and has been called “among the most preeminent scientists of the last 100 years.”

        “Inevitably in climate science, when data conflicts with models, a small coterie of scientists can be counted upon to modify the data…That the data should always need correcting to agree with models is totally implausible and indicative of a certain corruption within the climate science community.” Dr. Richard Lindzen, MIT

        Warming fears are the “worst scientific scandal in the history…When people come to know what the truth is, they will feel deceived by science and scientists.” – UN IPCC Japanese Scientist Dr. Kiminori Itoh, an award-winning PhD environmental physical chemist.

        “The IPCC has actually become a closed circuit; it doesn’t listen to others. It doesn’t have open minds… I am really amazed that the Nobel Peace Prize has been given on scientifically incorrect conclusions by people who are not geologists,” – Indian geologist Dr. Arun D. Ahluwalia at Punjab University and a board member of the UN-supported International Year of the Planet.

        “Creating an ideology pegged to carbon dioxide is a dangerous nonsense…The present alarm on climate change is an instrument of social control, a pretext for major businesses and political battle. It became an ideology, which is concerning.” – Environmental Scientist Professor Delgado Domingos of Portugal, the founder of the Numerical Weather Forecast group, has more than 150 published articles.

        “The models and forecasts of the UN IPCC “are incorrect because they only are based on mathematical models and presented results at scenarios that do not include, for example, solar activity.” – Victor Manuel Velasco Herrera, a researcher at the Institute of Geophysics of the National Autonomous University of Mexico

        “It is a blatant lie put forth in the media that makes it seem there is only a fringe of scientists who don’t buy into anthropogenic global warming.” – U.S Government Atmospheric Scientist Stanley B. Goldenberg of the Hurricane Research Division of NOAA.

        “Even doubling or tripling the amount of carbon dioxide will virtually have little impact, as water vapour and water condensed on particles as clouds dominate the worldwide scene and always will.” – . Geoffrey G. Duffy, a professor in the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering of the University of Auckland, NZ.

        “After reading [UN IPCC chairman] Pachauri’s asinine comment [comparing skeptics to] Flat Earthers, it’s hard to remain quiet.” – Climate statistician Dr. William M. Briggs, who specializes in the statistics of forecast evaluation, serves on the American Meteorological Society’s Probability and Statistics Committee and is an Associate Editor of Monthly Weather Review.
        “For how many years must the planet cool before we begin to understand that the planet is not warming? For how many years must cooling go on?” – Geologist Dr. David Gee the chairman of the science committee of the 2008 International Geological Congress who has authored 130 plus peer reviewed papers, and is currently at Uppsala University in Sweden.

        “Gore prompted me to start delving into the science again and I quickly found myself solidly in the skeptic camp…Climate models can at best be useful for explaining climate changes after the fact.” – Meteorologist Hajo Smit of Holland, who reversed his belief in man-made warming to become a skeptic, is a former member of the Dutch UN IPCC committee.

        “Many [scientists] are now searching for a way to back out quietly (from promoting warming fears), without having their professional careers ruined.” – Atmospheric physicist James A. Peden, formerly of the Space Research and Coordination Center in Pittsburgh.

        “Creating an ideology pegged to carbon dioxide is a dangerous nonsense…The present alarm on climate change is an instrument of social control, a pretext for major businesses and political battle. It became an ideology, which is concerning.” – Environmental Scientist Professor Delgado Domingos of Portugal, the founder of the Numerical Weather Forecast group, has more than 150 published articles.

        “CO2 emissions make absolutely no difference one way or another….Every scientist knows this, but it doesn’t pay to say so…Global warming, as a political vehicle, keeps Europeans in the driver’s seat and developing nations walking barefoot.” – Dr. Takeda Kunihiko, vice-chancellor of the Institute of Science and Technology Research at Chubu University in Japan.

        “The [global warming] scaremongering has its justification in the fact that it is something that generates funds.” – Award-winning Paleontologist Dr. Eduardo Tonni, of the Committee for Scientific Research in Buenos Aires and head of the Paleontology Department at the University of La Plata.

        “Climate is not responding to greenhouse gases in the way we thought it might. If increasing carbon dioxide is in fact increasing climate change, its impact is smaller than natural variation.”Prof Christopher de Freitas, of the University of Auckland, NZ said there was no evidence to suggest carbon dioxide was the major driver of climate change) (In 2003, Dr. de Freitas, who edits the journal Climate Research, had published a peer-reviewed article saying the recent warming is not unusual, relative to previous historical climate changes in the past 1,000 years. As you might suspect, Dr. de Freitas had to withstand multiple demands he be fired from his editorial job, as well as his university position.

        “I appreciate the opportunity to add my name to those who disagree that global warming is man made,” John Theon wrote to the Minority Office at the Environment and Public Works Committee on January 15, 2009. “I was, in effect, Hansen’s supervisor because I had to justify his funding, allocate his resources, and evaluate his results,” Theon is former Chief of the Climate Processes Research Program at NASA

        “Over the years, the IPCC has changed from a scientific institution that tries to be policy relevant to a political institution that pretends to be scientific. I regret that. There are already more than enough climate activists, while there are too few solid and neutral bodies that make down-to-earth and well-founded statements about climate change and climate policy.” Economist Richard Tol, in a prepared statement for the Dutch parliament examining climate-related controversies
        Interestingly, even IPCC uber-warmer Ken Trenberth has stated “It’s very clear we do not have a climate observing system… This may be a shock to many people who assume that we do know adequately what’s going on with the climate, but we don’t.”

        Professor Emeritus Friedrich Karl Ewert a geologist from Paderborn University noted the “evaluation of long-term temperature readings . . . disprove that we have man-made global warming,” and presented the results of his analysis at a CFACT meeting in 2011 that of over 1,100 temperature curves from around the world, concluding, “the final result is that in 74% of all stations of the world we had no warming.” While the UN has often been told there will be terrible consequences if the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere remains at or increases from the current 390 parts per million (ppm), Dr. Ewert pointed out that “in the geological past, we had the greatest glaciation of the earth (the glacier went down to 35 degrees north) when we have carbon dioxide content of the atmosphere of 1400 [ppm]. That means it was several times higher than today.” In other words, the historical evidence proves CO2 does not control earth’s climate. Dr. Ewert summarizes “It is necessary to conclude that the particular effect of manmade carbon dioxide production is not recognizable, in other words, does not exist.”

      37. Or, just go to YouTube and search for the Founder of the Weather Channel, John Coleman+global warming. He specifically calls AGW a “scam.” As does Dr. Richard Lindzen, prof of atmospheric science at MIT (in contrast, Al Gore dropped out of grad school in a non-science area):

        Dr. Richard Lindzen of MIT, professor of atmospheric science has stated “Al Gore is wrong. There is no consensus on global warming.” and the frantic alarmism all over the media has, in Dr. Lindzen’s own words, “nothing to do with science.”

        Meanwhile, Colorado State University meteorology professor emeritus William Gray says about global warming: “It’s a big scam.” Frederick Seitz Past President of the National Academy of Sciences sponsored a petition against the whole global warming façade, which over 19,000 scientist signed this petition… as opposed to the 600 the U.N. could scrounge up, and some of these 600 have since reconsidered their past agreement, such as Nobel Prize winning physicist Ivar Glaever who stated in an update to the U.S. Senate Minority report for 2007 that “Global warming has become a new religion” and “I am a skeptic,”.Japanese scientist Kiniori Itoh, another former IPCC member who has called Gorian warming a “scientific scandal,” while noting that people “will feel deceived by science and scientists” when they learn the truth. For a complete list of signees to the OISM petition – which includes a simply staggering number of Ph.Ds go to the .oism (dot) org/pproject/ site, where they are arranged in alphabetical order. Meanwhile a similar petition www (dot) petitionproject – as of Aug., 2008 (last time I looked) – had 31,072 scientist signatures, including 9,021 with Ph.Ds disagreeing with anthropogenic global warming.

        Lindzen also noted “Scientists who dissent from the alarmism have seen their grant funds disappear, their work derided, and themselves libeled as industry stooges, scientific hacks or worse. Consequently, lies about climate change gain credence even when they fly in the face of the science that supposedly is their basis.”

      38. All Hell did not break loose. Another hysterical bitch headline.

        • The way disenter scientists are treated for speaking out truth is akin to how others keep being labled as antisemites and haters/nazis when they too speak truth in defiance of the worlds biggest Taboo issue.

          Some famous guys quote says truth always goes thru Three stages..#1 all truth at first is ridiculed, and laughed at etc….When That fails to silence truth tellers, then #2 occures…Truth is violently fought against in vicious ways and smearing of truth tellers.

          Then finally it reaches level Three…#3…Truth is recognized by most all folks and they act as if they knew it all along!

          Think back just several years to before most whiteys woke up to constant played al sharpton race card attacks daily…All a sudden now it seems barely anybody white listens to sharpton, and jesse jacksons been hideing out in some mud & excretement built hut back in his village dwellings….I rekon Most whites has finally reached level Three on that race card play issue eh…Cant wait for that other card shoe to drop!

          Soon most folks will go back to how it used to be when zero fear of that huge Taboo even existed and folks freely spoke of such issues…I recall that as a small kid of 10 yrs old or so before all this PC crap and Taboo words became the norm….it too has seen its day in the sun and soon is going to pass away same as blacks race card which has Lost its MOJO!

          Future folks will ask “What the hell was an antisemite anyways” Loss of Mojo has that effect.

          And a Los of major Mojo equals a huge Loss of the Doughjo $$$ it brings its card players!

          “No Tickee NO laundry!” changes to “NO Mojo NO DoughJo!”

          • I do not consider neo-Nazis the same at AGW skeptics. Politics and science are different, and you are making a category mistake. Moreover, there IS no consensus, not even close; science uses hypothesis testing. This is not possible for the neo-Nazis here. Worse, while certain points from the neo-Nazis on this site are correct (no one has it 100% wrong all the time, even Obungler, tho he comes close), there has still been ZERO intellectual honesty from the neo-Nazis here in addressing even basic questions I have posed. **BASIC* Oh well… quod erat demononstrandum, eh?

            • Well put, Test. Not that it’ll make any difference to their faith. (Faith = absolute belief without proof.)

        • @Satori – Your article about Ferguson & St Louis Co Residents to stock up on Food and water prior to the Grand Jury announcement. This guy on that article got 400+ Green Thumbs-

          Mister Natural • 9 hours ago
          I guess that negroes are now officially classified as a NATURAL DISASTER
          423 ^

          The Colored people in St Petersburg, FL are also talking about Rioting if the verdict doesn’t go their way. Expect this Boogy-Man Looters to go Nationwide.

          • Tonite at about 2 am, I stuck my head out the back door to check for snow or cold temps…I was able to faintly detect a distinct tribal sound permeating the air, even this far North of FLA and so far east of furguson rioters.

            It took a moment to decipher the sound…but finally I did and it is no doubt the distinct sounds of African Tribal Warlord BONGOS!!!!! I am going to re-check outdoors sounds at around 5 am to determine if I hear the usual Ogah Boooogah Booo’s which usualy acompany tribal war Bongos..

            They commin to Yer town to loot it up, shoot it up and burn it all down!

            TV shopper channels across the nation now have huge Sales! on all types warrior jungle face paint!

            Savages are bingeing and creating vast shortages of tribal zulu war face paint!…Sharp Sticks are still in good supply……Spear-Chucker brand face paint seems to be their best seller so far!

      39. Obama Set To Infuriate Republicans, Give 5 Million Illegal Immigrants “Executive Amnesty”, Work Permits

        “The “compromise” refrain from last week’s devastating, for the democrats, midterm election result lasted about one week.

        Because according to the NYT, here comes Obama with a package of executive actions which will assure Congress full of furious Republicans, which will result in a broad overhaul of the nation’s immigration enforcement system but more importantly,…

        will result in up to five million (potential democrat voter) illegal immigrants “from the threat of deportation and provide many of them with work permits, according to administration officials who have direct knowledge of the plan.”


        • Seig heil, Obama!

        • 5 million in Ca alone.

        • CONDOR NEWS SERVICE USA: Pissed off repubs are really going to show that whitehouse resident chimp This time around! Repubs concerned of huge losses of 100 million also very Pissed off white voters have a Plan now to compensate for their do zero, nothing at All to counter dem kommie actions during the ENTIRE 6 yrs repubs with GW had total control of usa first time in over 63 years! When last holding all the Cards in us house and senate…

          Inside anonymous sources told Condor’s Main Top Reporter Guy, aka “Them Guys”…..That This time around sneeky pissed off repubs are going to POUNCE against Chimpyboys amnestys for 3rd world scum mestizo invaders and infiltraitors, by….A Unanimouse House & Senate combined vote to Give an Extra $250 Billion us dollars To their master rulers located in telaviv Israel!

          Reporter Them Guys’ inside secret anonymous sources said…”it is just the beginning mr.them guys! as repubs say they have a bigger overall plan to continue providing Israel with that huge amount every year for two more years, and if as repubs expect they can entice at least THREE more usa negroe voters to vote repubs, added to the already existing Two Black votes repubs always can count upon…All hell is going to break loose, as well as Banksters Vaults at FED res, when after repubs win whitehouse back again, and also maintain control of both houses congress two years from now…

          Sourced info says…Repubs Then will be so much better positioned they plan to go ALL Out and just sign Over all forms Cash, Gold, Silver, LAND/Property, and anything Else repubs can find, including the Entire Land Mass we call the USA! to Give it ALL Away To Telaviv Bosses and master controlers of Israel state!…Them Guys’ inside secret Israel sourced infos declare…”Holy Molly! and Holy HOAXES! Telaviv leadership must asap begin to Nuke the hell out of 500 Million More innocent folks dotted all over the Mid east landscape in order to make room for the entire usa population of over 300 million, soon to be enslaved….While former usa citizenerys begin to Plow, Cook, Clean, Toil and Sweat profusly hard to please their new masters in Israel proper, sources told Them Guys reporter at large, that the Israeli Mossad agency will be seen on ships passing by in the ocean from those many hundreds of millions of deported former usa citizens headed on similar transport ships to israel”….Seems israli mossad also has Big Plans for scarfing up vast usa resources that have been purously forced to Remain within the ground, mines, hill’s etc of america by fellow jewish dem and repub Sayanam type elected fed officials who also carry Dual citizenships for when they too must exit stage Leftist Pronto fast, before ragtag bands of well hidden usa Militia whiteys armmed to the proverbial Teeth begin to go on a nationwide massive Huntdown!…Situation developing more later sources say..

          Repub Leaderships say, “this is really going to show the chimpboy and his kommie dem party fellow travelers eh!”

          New first time elected repubs are eagerly waiting in Long Lines for their brand New Dual-Citizenship papers and documents so they too can go reside in Israel with the other longer serving Repubs.

          Themguys says…Remain Tuned in folks! Further Update’s are certain to follow soon!

          Condor Day:4 Newswire service, online Web factor dept.

          As Always folks..Our New’s service Motto is…

          “Americans..You Have Been…HOLOHOAXED!!”

          ps: Return in 4 days for: Update’s on exactly How America has secretly been yiddified-blackified-mexified-kommified-and overall Screwed Royally…By America’s best’est Friends and Allies of the Mid East regions of the World!

          USA! USA! GO REPUBS! Atta Boy Repubs Lets show that chimp eh!

        • It will be 30 million once it’s all said and done.

          And they still won’t stop coming across the border.

        • Like WTF is Obama’s Mental Problem?? Hang the domestic terrorists. Now if you or I got caught smuggling in illegals we would be doing time in prison.

          I’d give the 15+ Million Illegals Amnesty also. Here how I would put it. You get 48 Hours Amnesty to Get the Fuck out of the country then you will be shot on sight. Ready Go!!! So Run for the Boarder Muchacho’s

      40. Wait a minute. Warm on the West Coast? It was in the 20’s last night, up north in the Pacific NW, west of the Cascades. That’s not exactly warm for these parts in mid November…although, not necessarily that unusual.

        POLAR VORTEX…when did those PC Scientists, those beating on the Global Warming…wooops, the “Climate Changes” drums, come up with their latest “state of the weather” term?

        Combination of geo-engineering (it’s not nice to try and fool Mother Nature) and the selfish human collectives, out of touch with the Laws of Nature, of a local, regional, global landscape, certainly has a direct influence of weather patterns.

      41. It seems so calmer and product here without the “green” and “red”. Let’s keep it that way.

        • I’m suggesting Mac just uses a “this post helped me” icon, with only a thumbs up. That way people can indicate posts that they found useful so others can no, while at the same time eliminating the trolls. Thus, if you write a crummy post – like this one! – and it gets one positive rating, while, e.g., yours, EA, gets 30, then people at least can focus on the good ones as they can the posts. Just a thought.

      42. WD-40 inside car doors. Rain and 10-20° not fun when in a hurry and doors are stuck.

        • We use silicone spray up here. It last a couple of months if you clean the rubber door seal and jamb first.

      43. BTW, the recent cold snap came long after a warm month of high temps in the northern states called Indian Summer,… winter is long over due. I laugh when people talk about “climate change” as though it is something never happened before because of some false report of man made co2’s.

        It has happened for millions of years, it’s called “weather”. However, we should all be prepared for extremes because it has it’s cycles repeating now and then.

        I Like it up here because it keeps the RIFF-RAFF away. No golden hoards coming from the south, zombies are all frozen in place, and all I have is the wilderness speaking volumes of white beauty while I and my dogs sit by the fire.

      44. 1) leaving a drip in your faucets is NOT gonna prevent water freezing. Trust me–my dad learned the hard way.
        Leave a steady stream–would you want to deal with broken pipes or an increased water bill?
        Think about it–you leave a drip and everyone on your street leaves a drip–eventually you have no drip.
        2) Got any old terry cloth towels?? Cut two squares about 10″ X 10″. Stitch and fill with rice. I heat mine in the microwave for 4 minutes(careful, it is hot). A great sheet/blanket/bed warmer or lap warmer under the fleece when watching tv.

        • Just don’t fall asleep with it on your lap under the blanket like i did, and then wake up to realize it was lying on your pecker while you were sleeping.

          I had burn blisters on ole rootus for weeks.

          • Too much information.

      45. Think like PREPPERS, top off your energy supplies just in case someone decides to mess with the energy grid during this cold snap It would be well timed …..not only could we not get our ATMs to work or get our gas….we would freeze to death in the process.

        • who’s this WE shit. Gas/diesel is always topped and the wood is always stacked. Stupid ass horses demanded their blankets this morning…could been lower than -10 with the wind chill. Next, they will want a orchard pot.

      46. Global Warming FTW.

      47. St. Louis area schools and townships are warning residents to stock up on water, food and medicine before the Mike Brown court decision.

        “Local officials fear a violent response to the St. Louis County Court’s decision.

        Over three dozen businesses were vandalized and looted during the Ferguson rioting in August.”

        The Gateway Pundit

      48. I’m starting my Global Cooling Foundation, soon.

        I’ll probably need to pay Al Gore and his peers to tell people how serious the global cooling problem is, and how important it is to send money to my foundation, and to back some sort of financial scam modeled on the carbon-credit trading scam (the details can be worked out later by the professional fraudsters on Wall Street), which my foundation will run – and skim a percentage from every trade for literally doing nothing.

        There is no do-nothing option in tackling global cooling.

      49. Having lived in Edmonton, Alberta, for many winters, and then Ottawa, ON. (2nd coldest capital in the world, after Ulan Bator, Mongolia; slightly colder than Moscow – with Edmonton being MUCH colder than Ottawa, perhaps the coldest large city in the world)for many, many more years, it is great fun to see you southerners discuss temperatures! I won’t even begin to tell you temps I have been in, as you wouldn’t believe me… however, I will say that -40 is the same in C or F. And what Canadians allows as being “a mite nippy out.”

        • The lowest temperature recorded in Yakutsk was −64.4°C (−83.9°F) and the highest was +38.4°C (101.1°F). Yakutsk is the biggest city built on continuous permafrost, and most houses there are built on concrete piles. Yakutsk has a distinct inland location, being almost 1000 kilometres from the Pacific Ocean, which coupled with the high latitude means exposure to severe winters and also lack of temperature moderation, which sees July temperatures soar to an above-normal average for this parallel, with the July average being comparable to summer temperatures in Paris, Moscow, London, Sydney, Cape Town and on average warmer than the Los Angeles coastline.

          On February 6, 1933, a temperature of −67.7°C (−90°F) was recorded at Oymyakon’s weather station. This is, along with the same reading at Verkhoyansk, the lowest recorded temperature for any permanently inhabited location on Earth. It is also the lowest temperature recorded in the Northern Hemisphere.[8] Only Antarctica has recorded lower official temperatures, recorded was -89.2°C (-128.6°F) in at the Russian research station in Vostok, Antarctica, on July 21, 1983.


          Moscow is not the whole of Russia. Russia is the largest country in the world in 11 time zones. The lowest ever recorded temperature was −42.2°C (−44.0°F) in January 1940. Siberians believe Moscow southernmost city. :-). The lowest overall temperature ever recorded in Edmonton (Canada) was −49.4°C (−56.9°F), on January 19 and 21, 1886. This temperature is normal for Yakutsk (Russia) daily winter day :-)…

          Extreme temperatures in the Ulan-Bator (Mongolia)−49°C (−56°F) ~ 1936 year.

          • Thanks for the info. Excellent. So, as I thought, Edmonton has beaten Moscow – one nite it was -47C in the city when I lived there, so I assume it was a degree or two colder outside the city where I was – however, sounds like it didn’t break the record, per what you posted.

            Yes, Yakutsk is definitely colder – however, I wouldn’t classify it as a big city. The “Greater Edmonton” area is just under a million. So, counting smaller cities, Yakutsk definitely wins! Or is that “loses!”

            Nice post. Thanks

      50. Has everyone forgotten how the weather was when we were kids or even when our grandparents were kids? I think its high time to store up some tampons to plug those Vajayjay’s. The pussification of people is working well…and while I’m on the subject of work, that’s how our ancestors not very long ago survived the winter(because that’s all it is)without much insulation.

      51. Dang nab it…I still have potatoes and carrots in the ground. I was putting off gettin put up so they had less time to spoil….got the woodpile moved by the house…I guess hunker down lite the lamp and break open a jar of home brew (Apple jack)….Stay thirsty my friends!!!

        • I’m curious, just how do you make that apple jack?

      52. And a good old Faulkner book!

      53. Cats and dogs living together….MASS HYSTERIA!!!!!

      54. Hey! Come on guys! The government has to have some excuse for the bad _________.

        They used “The Weather” as an excuse for a myriad of poor economic indicators.

        “Oh, no, its not our policies that tax and regulate the shit out of you! No! No! Its that bad weather. Thats why people aren’t buying ______.”

      55. Woo! Hoo! Heat wave tomorrow! Sunny and 32 predicted.

      56. One important thing you can do to prep for a disaster or emergency is to have a solar power backup system. You don’t need a big system that costs $40K to be prepared. There are smaller and much more affordable solar generators that will allow you to even run your fridge during a blackout.


      57. Really Mac? This is one of the BIGGEST BS “stories” you’ve posted… My God man, I come here for end of the world type news, now weather!

      58. Polar Vortex. We use to call these cold snaps. I like that term better. It’s more friendly.

      59. my siberian kitty is all prepped up , she was growing in her winter coat in september

      60. Up here in new york all the yupie liberals love their pellet stoves. During hurricane sandy you couldnt even find and extention cord. I actually had a neighbor leave his house because the inside of his house went down to 40 degrees,and he had a full tank of fuel! At least he went out an bought a generator after me telling him if your to cheap to Prepare dont come to my house asking for help.My other neighbor said they were also freezing and she also said asked what are we doing to keep warm, i said keep warm! I have the windows open.seee the smoke from my chimney?

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