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    The at-home DNA testing company, FamilyTreeDNA has admitted to giving DNA samples to the F.B.I. (Federal Bureau of Investigation.) Although the company apologized for failing to disclose the fact that they were sharing DNA with the F.B.I., customers are still rightfully angry at the privacy violations and abuse.

    As the government attempts to track and treat every single citizen as a criminal, they use “the greater good” as an excuse to force at home DNA companies to give them samples from people.  If it’s to solve a murder, it’s ok, right?  Not if you want privacy and seek to protect the privacy rights of others, it’s not.

    FamilyTreeDNA was caught in a bold lie proving they don’t care about your privacy. According to the New York Times, in the booming business of consumer DNA testing and genealogy, FamilyTreeDNA had marketed itself as a leader of consumer privacy and a fierce protector of user data, refusing, unlike some of its competitors, to sell information to third parties. But unbeknown to its users, the Houston-based firm quietly and voluntarily agreed in 2018 to open its database of more than two million records to the F.B.I. and examine DNA samples in its laboratory to identify suspects and victims of unsolved rapes and murders.

    Regardless of how the DNA was used, the idea that a private company willingly gave citizens DNA to the government was too much for most. FamilyTreeDNA confirmed that they were violating their own privacy promise on Thursday.  In a report by Buzzfeed News, where the confirmation was first noted, there was a significant backlash among FamilyTreeDNA’s loyal users who felt betrayed and this betrayal ignited yet another debate over privacy and ethical issues with investigators using genealogical sites to solve crimes.

    The company’s president, Bennett Greenspan, wrote an email to users on Sunday.  In the email, Greenspan defended the agreement with the F.B.I. but apologized for not revealing it sooner. “I am genuinely sorry for not having handled our communications with you as we should have,” Greenspan wrote, according to a copy of the email obtained by The New York Times. “We’ve received an incredible amount of support from those of you who believe this is an opportunity for honest, law-abiding citizens to help catch bad guys and bring closure to devastated families.”

    It’s also an absolute privacy violation and non-consensual one at that, especially considering FamilyTreeDNA, who vowed privacy from the getgo, isn’t even apologizing for their bald-faced lie that they are a “leader of consumer privacy and a fierce protector of user data.”

    “For the greater good”:
    the phrase that always precedes
    the greatest evil.”
    ― Jakub Bożydar Wiśniewski


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      1. The names, geographical origins, ethnicity, and physical condition of the people being tested are all self-reported.

        If you didn’t want to be found, for sincere, genealogical purposes, you could just have someone else take the test, in your name.

        The math is squishy, in terms of a probability. Someone who completely doesn’t belong there is considered unusual,unlikely, but never invalid, in my experience. You have a probability of being bald. You have a probability of being freckled. You have a probability of a certain blood type or dietary intolerance or eye color. It may not be so, in real life.

        This is just a tool or a guide. Not an all-knowing monopoly, on the truth.

        • Q: What’s the difference between a genealogist and a gynecologist?

          A: A genealogist looks up the family tree. A gynecologist looks up the family bush.

      2. Using DNA to catch rapists is good, but selling the information to organ transplant companies might precipitate ones likely sudden death.


        • Jamaicans, South and Central Americans, with 0- bloodtype, now feature heavily in the Pizzagate narrative.

      3. I’m not too sure that doctors don’t do the same except that it doesn’t get to the government by them directly. But anybody that has it done to gather family history is just a horses’ ass which btw includes some dumb-ass members of my family.

      4. New Jersey just passed a “Rain Tax” Tax bill for all who live there. The bill usually tax you by how much roof, driveway or any other hard surface area where rain can run off that you have on your property. Maryland’s Ex governor Martin O’Malley tried that BS about 9-10 years ago and he lost re-election to the current governor before it went into effect. The current governor Hogan squashed it.

      5. I got hold of an advanced copy of the State of the Collapsing Police State hell on earth of damned and doomed New Babylon America speech for tonight given by the Lolita Island PSYCHOPATH Pedophile Baal Worshipper Donald J TRUMP, and I am going to reprint it here for my friends and family at SHTF complete with what Orange Satan Trump actually means in parentheses:

        “Hello, I am Orange Satan Trump and I could give two shits about you, but I have to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside so you do not commit suicide, and so you keep paying taxes to Satanist PSYCHOPATH Pedophiles in the collapsing Police State hell on earth of damned and doomed New Babylon America, so here is fluffy fuzzy feel good words I want to say to the dumbed down toxic dump COWARD AMERICANS and their damned and doomed children they should of NEVER Had”:

        “Great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great”
        (I want to stick 5G up your ass and make sure you are all RFID Chipped)

        “Great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great”
        (I want to make sure the American Holocaust and Chemical Culling continues so you are all fat, sick, drunk, addicted, dumbed down, toxic dumps ready for 5G and RFID Chipping)

        “Great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great”
        (I want to make sure the abortion sacrifices to your Gods Baal, Molloch, and Baphomet continue on schedule so we can fill Satan’s CHILD SACRIFICE quota and damn your country to the Lake of Fire).

        “Great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great”
        (I want to make sure your children are sent to die in foreign lands for oil, opium, and because Satanist PSYCHOPATH Pedophiles love war and more HUMAN SACRIFICING by way of war).

        “Thank you again to all drunken pharmakia junky dumbed down toxic dump COWARD AMERICANS and your child sacrifices you provide the criminal treasonous Satanist PSYCHOPATH Pedophile controlled United States CORPORATION Government from the bowels of hell in Washington DC, and may your God Satan make sure all of you and your doomed children get to the Lake of Fire”

        No need to watch the speech tonight now, you can go back to getting drunk and watching mindless entertainment COWARD AMERICA!!!!

        • Ron, you have one serious sense of humor there. You should show more of this side of yourself. This would be hilarious if it wasn’t pretty much the toxic dump truth.

        • You forgot to salute uncle scam and all his stooges.
          Here let me help…

          (‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
          …..\…………… _.·´

        • Ron- you Sir are a dumb ass.

      6. I turn 68 years old this week. Having been an All Conference athlete in High School, working in a Medical Profession and earning an R.N., B.A., and M.A. in theology, while accumulating a good deal of wealth, I would like to pass on a few bits of wisdom to any younger Preppers on this site.

        “God is real, Jesus is His son, and watch out fur dem hogs!”.

        Happy Burp day to me!

        • Sem,

          Happy Birthday and well done. I was also taught that Jesus is The Son of God, but I would be amiss if I, having discovered that this is a miss translation. “THEY will ‘say’ that He is the Son of God…” And indeed they do. But Jesus is God in a flesh body. “He who sees Me sees The Father.” Jesus is The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. There is but One God, Jesus, Yehuda, Yahweh is He.

          Happy Day.


          • Thank you for your kind words. Yes Jesus is fully God and fully man, however if there is but on person within the Trinity, who was Jesus praying to in the garden the night before the Cross?

            • 1st year seminary questions about the ELOHIM, huh?

      7. The FBI actually caught a criminal, not because he gave his DNA to a testing agency, but because numerous family members had done so. That allowed them to match up some DNA left at a crime scene, and then evidence placed him at the crime scene.

        This is foolish it is for people to submit their DNA as it can affect extended family all over the country. And how long will it be before agents plant evidence, just to get suspects off the street?

        The surest revenge would be to intentionally leave stolen DNA at a crime scene just to frame someone.

      8. ht tps://www.vox.com/2018/4/27/17290288/golden-state-killer-joseph-james-deangelo-dna-profile-match

        When you give an ancestry DNA sample, it can end up harming everyone in your extended family!

          • Of course. That is exactly what North Korea does when they discover a Christian, they will put them plus their immediate family plus extended family in a prison labor camp.

            This passage has been called the “Great Apostasy” as a future period in which many will lose their faith and betray their own family members, while there also will be widespread Christian persecution.

            We now have four orfive states willing to not just use abortion, but full term abortion ie infanticide.

            We are in the End Times and now we just wait to see who is the actual Antichrist. My guess, due to widespread Christian persecution, is it will Muslims under the 12th Imam/Mahdi.

      9. I wonder if the foolish people who trusted this company have grounds for a lawsuit?

        • I’m sure the lawyers would say something to the effect:

          What harm has it cost you, and what do you hope to recover from this?

          In other words, even if you do win, you only win on moral grounds.

      10. You’d have to be nuts to pay to have your DNA evaluated by one of these companies.
        I was in the military( Vietnam era) and am presently enrolled in the VA medical system, and receive my medical care from them, so I’m certain the federal government knows all about me, my identity, my medical info, and my mental state. I also know the government is so incompetent that they can’t figure out what 2+2 equals.
        Private companies that have be be smart to survive are a much more dangerous place to put your personal data. If there is a way to make money they will take advantage of it.

        • Not only was privacy violated, but DNA samples are supposed to be destroyed due to privacy abuse. Were they even destroyed???

          On top of which a set of twins were curious and had five different DNA ancestry tests and got five different results.

          • ht tps://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/dna-ancestry-kits-twins-marketplace-1.4980976
            A fool and his money are soon parted.

            In one very amusing case, a African Amercan woman was all excited to finally discover what tribe she belonged to, but then found out her parents were not who she thought and she was mostly of European ancestry!!!

            There is a funny video of this.

          • h5u_jTzwbL0
            Excited African American tests DNA and finds out she is not really African.

            • The woman in the police report was an African American. So, it must not have been her.

      11. I imagine it does happen, but I can’t remember ever reading about a company that wasn’t itself under investigation telling the authorities such as the FBI, NO. I’m sure these “requests” have an implied message of how difficult and expensive it could be if they or their infamous sister agency the IRS decided to scrutinize the company’s and its officers affairs.

        “Vee have vays to make you talk”.

      12. I assume that someone under the color of authority could obtain dna, by force.

        I would steer casual people away from this, for a completely different reason.

        Unless you’re like Rain Man. Can you play complicated music, by ear, or sketch the whole city? You have to experiment with the statistics, independently, or the results are very vague.

        There are free math tools. You can intuit algo patterns and test them. You are a citizen scientist and mathematician. Yes, you.

        But, that’s heterodox.

        • I thought about writing a short story where a guy wants to get even. So he breaks in and takes hair from a hairbrush. Then commits a crime and leaves evidence and DNA from the stolen hairs.

          If done when the framedperson had no alibi, you would send that person to jail, and it would be the perfect crime.

      13. Silicon Valley notoriously bent over and gave up private information from subscribers to federal law enforcement and others (who could be anyone) and without warrants! All because they have cushy relationships with the federal government due to contracts.

        Only when this was discovered did they start using warrants.

        There is no more privacy. Every business will do exact same thing.

        See INFRAGARD which was designed to fulfill this illegal suveillance.

        • ht tps://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/InfraGard
          They don’t even hide this fact.

          And public and private universities have the exact same deal and anything a student does can be reported to INFRAGARD located on campus as a liason, and that person forwards details to fusions centers at HomeSec.

          They are spying on college kids and probably your if you are a prepper, Christian, a veteran, white, an NRA supporter, etc.

          • Not only is that going on, but for 12+ years, the FBI has had a chaplain program in which your priest/pastor was chosen as they fit a profile which told them they would be ideal to help persuade your congregation to comply in cases of national emergency.

            Some shepherd. He is a FBI paid informant who is apt to lead the congregation straight into a FEMA CAMP because of twisting the Bible and bending to civil authority.

            Is there anyone who thinks that the American Revolution would have happened with such a program???

      14. Every white person should watch that video because this woman’s ancestors have only been black for four generations. And she is angry and hurt as she was proud of being black.

        In other words, she’s a racist who on her materal side most almost all white going back in history, and she hates that.

        There’s lots of that kind of minority “racism” going around.

      15. At least he’s off the Bible quotes for now. Lol. His Meds must have stabilized

        • No comments from the peanut gallery.

          Just for you, I will double the Bible quotes.

          • Please do ???

            • Remember that angry beaver asked for it…when no doubts the beaver will become whiney beaver.

      16. Why would anyone give their DNA to find out their bloodlines. Who fuckin cares.

        • Actually there is great potential opportunity there. It can open up a college admission, maybe even Medical School. It might qualify one for a scholarship or a job in the quota world. When sufficient opportunity is on the line even those that detest such things justify taking it with the idea, “Why not, they’re getting it”. What was scorned in 1960 is likely coveted in 2019.

      17. right. if you EVER did anything wrong involving DNA….or ever DO anything in the future involving DNA…..you WILL be caught…..and that killer cop got caught because his RELATIVE had done HER DNA…..just more proof that you NEVER give up your DNA. there’s no escape. oh, and what’s to stop someone from PLANTING your DNA in a crime?

      18. National data base with your DNA? Very Orwellian. The ability to set you up for any crime due to the access via the database. Taken a step further, and you may be cloned.

      19. Optimists felt that if a large enough “pool” of DNA were known, that it would help with the science of genomics. In pharmacology, medical researchers found clues why some people due to their DNA code got less benefit from certain pharmaceutical drugs.

        So the goal was to get everyone tested, and then through extensive patient history, then “match” DNA profiles with drugs to get the most benefit for the patient.

        This would save money with safer outcomes, reduce side effects and interactions.

        And hopefully reveal a propensity for future illness like diabetes type 1. Otherwise far later during the teen years and typically under a workload, that is when a young patient with diabetes is discovered.

        NOPE. These unscrupulous ancestry DNA companies sold the data (that they promised would be anonymous and destroyed) and identified these donors!

        By all means they should be sued but the genie is out of the bottle.

      20. Thanks. That French experiment was unknown to me.

        There were some computer hackers working on a virus that would attack firmware and through nontraditional means actually transmit outside of the computer by a variety of techniques.

        • ht tps://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2013/10/meet-badbios-the-mysterious-mac-and-pc-malware-that-jumps-airgaps/

          • Allegedly like stuxnet, it’s supposedly a NSA tool rootkit.

            Lots of IT people laughed about, then nervously encountered evidence, then took it seriously in 2017, and who knows?

            The danger is something like that could be the basis for AI getting out of a lab and infecting lots of new computers.

      21. htt ps://www.twincities.com/2019/02/14/minneapolis-stabbing-1993-dna-cold-case-murder-jerry-westrom/

        Using DNA that was given to companies who assured the public that it would be private and destroyed, it then wasused by law enforcement to provide a match that was similar to his kin. And then all they had to do was wait around and grab some DNA he discarded, to definitively prove he was at the crime scene.

        People are so naive.

        • There probably has been a thousand people inside my home. If a crime happened here, just because someone was present and their DNA proved they were inside, is not proof they did anything wrong.

          Jurors are dazzled yet DNA only indicates presence, not motive nor ciminality.

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