New York Mayor: “This Was An Intentional Act”

by | Sep 17, 2016 | Headline News | 141 comments

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    UPDATE: 11:28PM Eastern

    Mayor Bill de Blasio says there is no evidence that the explosion is connected to terrorism, though the Manhattan device was similar in nature to the pipe bomb device detonated in Seaside Park, New Jersey earlier Saturday. Police say the Seaside Park device exploded inside of a garbage as runners prepared for a Marine Corp charity event.

    It has been reported that a similar device planted inside a garbage can was used in the Manhattan explosion (see below).

    UPDATE: 11:25 PM Eastern

    New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said at a press conference Saturday night that the Manhattan explosion was “an intentional act.”

    Officials say there are no known specific or credible threats to New York at this time.

    No suspect have been identified.


    An improvised explosive device reportedly hidden in a trashcan in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan injured at least 26 people Saturday evening.

    Police and other emergency services in New York City are responding to an explosion in the Chelsea neighborhood in Manhattan, officials and witnesses say. At least 26 people are known to have been injured. (Bnonews)

    The FBI has taken over the investigation following a similar blast that rocked Seaside Park, New Jersey early Saturday:

    Brad Cohen, the acting special agent in charge of the FBI’s office in Newark, declined to discuss the matter at length during a brief news conference staged Saturday evening.

    He said the FBI is working side by side with federal, state and local officials to find out who is behind the device.

    Live Streams:

    CNN Live:

    Images and Footage via DahBoo7:


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      1. It begins.

        • Lindsay “The Queer” Graham warned about this. Maybe a week or 2 ago? Can’t remember.

          Keep your preps in check. Things may unfold fast the next couple of weeks.

          • Still Living in the Cities and Crowded Burbs?
            Bye bye! You have been warned for years now. Some act on this info, and some keep fiddling and play redneck tinfoil chef.


            • wwti,while not one of them many folks cannot leave due to jobs/caring for family/unable to unload a home ect.I wish all the best those who realize the threats we can face and have to best of their ability to move/prep ect.,some folks are to a degree trapped where they are at,luckiy for me am not one them.

              • Warchild, That is true to a point, That is called Co-Dependency. However, lots of families pick up and move together, many times buying houses next to each other in a new location, which is even more convenient if you like “Group Think/ Consensus building.

                “A Family without a plan is a LEADERLESS Family.” If you are reading this, most likely you will be the Leader, cause you are curious enough to seek info and act upon it. Setting goals writing them down and make a plan from point A to Point B. Then every good decision you make, gets you to achieving your goal. Wasting time is the biggest enemy out there. Procrastinators will be more folks, that will die first in SHTF.


            • wwti,while not one of them many folks cannot leave due to jobs/caring for family/unable to unload a home ect.I wish all the best those who realize the threats we can face and have to best of their ability to move/prep ect.,some folks are to a degree trapped where they are at,luckiy for me am not one them.

              Sarge,seems though sketchy on info. the warning you got valid,though,will say unfortunately seems that warning valid for any day in U.S.

      2. Real? False flag? Regardless the dynamics of the September 26th Presidential debate has just elevated terrorism and by default lowered both economic and Hillary’s unethical history.

        • Kevin2, this has false-flag written all over it. Sounds like the beginning of what we’ve all feared.

        • False flag absolutely. Media propaganda outlets are spinning this into a big story to take the focus off Klinton’s scandals.

          • Nobama, right now they’ll do anything to distract us from the hildebeast’s health issues.

            • After watching deBlabio’s spiel to the media just now I’m absolutely 100% convinced this is was not a terrorism event. He repeated many times that the sheeple of nyc should get used to increasing highly armed police and they are there to protect them. Clearly another event designed and orchestrated by the .gov to condition the sheeple masses for the coming police state.

              • Naw bud, de blouse just physically cannot say terrorism because it goes against the left’s importation agenda

                • Since the left believes islam is a religion of “peace”;perhaps they’ll start referring to these bombings as “Peaceism”…

                  • Right, blasting everyone with their love.

      3. something seriously needs to be done about these extremist christians!!!!!!!!

        • Another Mossad finger print, False Flag like at the Boston Marathon using a pressure cooker. Until we rid our country of these parasites….. keep expecting to get hit.

          ~WWTI… Obama begging blacks to vote for Hillary to save his dismal legacy of Hate, division, theft, pillage and expansion of the Zionists infiltration into every facet of or lives. Better Yet, “Vote for Trump and make America Great Again!!”

        • Mike Huckabee said it well in one of the debates… these folks aren’t yelling “Jesus Saves” when they kill people, so until they do, there is an element of their faith that must be addressed.

      4. From now on every time a bum sets fire to a garbage can, it will be a National emergency.

        Did I mention that Monsanto is being bought by Bayer. This $66billion dollar deal is a nightmare. The effects of Cancer causing pesticides is a much greater threat than an exploding garbage can. Keep your emotions under control. Don’t be distracted from the most dangerous merger in History since Anthony met Cleopatra.

        Be well all.


        • Monsanto is being bought by Bayer. Feed people poison and when they are half dead sell them the cure. I saw this before.

          • I think, therefore I am.

            I Am that I Am.

            __ nice name_

      5. Meh. This is a city loving the left and their new mooslime neighbors. Just time until they get their nuke attack from ‘refugee’s’.

        • plus one!

          • Im surprised you guys on the left coast havent had more problems

            • That’s because of the higher firearm ownership rate in the West compared to the liberal-minded NorthEastern states.

              • Ain’t been to Maine have ya….heheh. Liberal my a$$! That’s the state where the man made the news with:

                BLACK GUNS MATTER

                That’s liberal huh?

                • Yes I’ve visited Maine, and loved it there. I would move there if it weren’t surrounded by blue states.

                  • Nobama, don’t forget the Southeast. More guns than people down here.

                • Equorial, my black Mossberg 590A1 matters. I got it and no mofo is takin it.

      6. This is to distract from obola being the king of Isis

      7. Fùck you Obama. I blame you.

        Hey Putin , don’t nuke us. Our gov has been hijacked

        • Im cool with them nuking us

          • As long as they nuke Detroit,Compton,Harlem…….

          • then why dont you take your own ass out, and get out of the way of decent people,

            • I’ve said this before,
              They will mainly kill Democrats and that is a good
              thing for America. NB and I suffer tremendously
              under Democrat tyranny. So Charlie, back off a bit.

              • Tax and spend,,,
                Thats all they know how to do

                • Nailbanger aka Kula, you ‘hit the nail on the head’ with that one.

                • DITTO!

              • Rellik..

                Problem is you can’t get them all.

            • Wassamatter chuck, a bit sensitive?

              • sometimes, when you don’t know who you’re talkin’ to, you lose perspective…GHAFB….hey, maybe gmafb changed his name to chuck2dawgz?

          • because there’s nowhere to HIDE in amurca any more….he went to a place that was “better” for a time, but it’s being infiltrated with more kalipornians all the time…the idiots are EVERYwhere these days…there’s no escape.

      8. …and all CNN can talk about is Obama running his mouth about Trump

        • CNN- Clinton Communist Network.


        • There’s actually an article on Yahoo mocking Trump because he called it a bomb and not an explosion.
          Seriously? A bomb or an explosion, 29 folks harmed – I don’t care if he calls it a bomb or an explosion…

          • Yet Hillary started her remarks referring to it as a “bombing.”

            • Not only did she say it first, but CNN edited her remarks to ensure that her later attack on Trump got their help.

      9. Dude that literally could be anything. It may surprise you but kids can do shit like that. All you need is a box of fireworks, an exacto knife, a length of pipe with end caps, and enough of an attention span to stick to a task for greater than 15 minutes. This is not particularly hard when every kid’s museum shows you cutaway views of how old Spanish Galleon cannons worked.

      10. This is what I have been afraid of.
        Everyone… get ready… A storm is coming…

        • From what I read elsewhere, THAT “bomb” was powerful enough to badly distort the commercial dumpster that it was in. My guess, now THEY know how much more powerful THEY will need to make the next one…

      11. …Because government, or their proxies who’s actions they know about in advance, intended it? They can then use it as their excuse for all manner of mandatory compliance by the terrified public with their orders, OR ELSE!

        • Anonymous:

          Exactly. That’s it in a nutshell. Masters at manipulating the masses.

          That’s us.


      12. And lets all celebrate the 110,000 Syrian “refugees” our government intends to bring to the United States within the next year.
        I say our government and not Obama, because our Senators,
        Congressmen, and the rest of our “leaders”, including
        city and state politicians, continue to support this invasion by Third World savages.
        Our government is deliberately engineering the fall of Western Civilization.

      13. If it isn’t Terrorism WHAT THE HELL IS IT? Late 4th of July fireworks?
        Obullshit will blame Trump supporters and the 2ND Amendment.


        • Not to say it isn’t terrorism, but the possibility exists that it was improperly disposed of industrial chemical waste that mixed with something else in the dumpster to cause the explosion. Then again, the existence of a second device a few blocks away sort of points to this being terrorism, possibly with the intention that the second device would be triggered after the first. This would mean that the first device was intended more to start a panic than cause mass casualties with the second device being the one intended to actually do the killing of a much larger mass of people. Thankfully it didn’t go off. However, I will refrain from passing judgement until all the facts are in.

        • That may be truer than many realize. What explosive material was used to make these bombs? Safe bet it was smokeless gunpowder just like all of us use for reloading ammo. Smart money will be put into more of the reloading powders we use. True, smokeless powder is a propellant, and not an explosive, but when touched off inside of any metal container–like a pipe, or pressure cooker–will build sufficient pressure to blow apart the container, scattering shrapnel everywhere. At some point, powder and primers are going to be restricted, and IF terrorists are using it to build bombs, then one can hardly call such restriction unreasonable. The problem is that people like us aren’t the problem, yet people like us will be the ones most affected by such restrictions.

        • The talking heads on CNN are saying that they need to develop a profile for the people who would engage in such acts.
          “Develop a profile”, seriously?
          How about the shooter, stabber (9 people stabbed at a Minnesota mall), the person who runs over a group of people with a truck, car, or taxi, is MUSLIM.

          • I would say there is a 70-80% chance it was a Muslim, but that there are other disgruntled people out there who also may have done it. There are plenty of disaffected people in this society who may be angry or bored enough to try such a thing, and who get the idea from news reports of other terrorist incidents. There is also still the off chance that it was something that happened due to negligence in disposing of chemicals or old fireworks too, and that it was not related to the other bomb that was found a few blocks away.

            • Well, it was a Muslim, it was a bomb, and all the incidents are related.

              Try not to let possibilities get in the way of probabilities.

              • I never said it wasn’t. In fact, I said it most likely was a Muslim seeing as how that religion is responsible for most of the terrorism and misery in this world. I tend not to like simple answers though and so I try to figure out all possible angles until I get all the facts.

      14. Remember the other day I told I received INFO.

        Sgt. Dale says:
        Comment ID: 3610245

        September 15, 2016 at 9:55 pm

        Off Topic.
        Got info from the feds the other day telling us to watch the big Venues for an attack.

        So Please folks if you go to one be very careful.


        • We don’t have those kinds of problems out here in the swamp boonie land. Birds are chirping, turkeys coming in to say hi.. Neighbors waving hello.

          Get out of the Cities, and stay away from crowds. duh…

          Some act on this intel, while some fiddle with tinfoil.


          • WTF, Live in quite little neighborhood in the country,most are good hard working people,some a little snobby,more $ than sense!Don’t think he likes me much,when he’s in from offshore he mows his yard every day,drives me nuts!You can hear the trucks over on the state HW driving by ( harvest season)
            Don’t talk about my Saints hat lined with tinfoil,got rid of the head aches,lol Think they were trying to learn how to catch white perch!
            We have a couple turkeys but they don’t have feathers!
            Maniac — out

            • Yeah, get to know your neighbors, been helping one neighbor on the other side of the lake, who’s truck broke down, a head is warped so his engine is all torn a part in his garage. Makes for great conversation while beer drinking. Got invited over for his mommas Lasagna tonight, my Fav. Another neighbor runs a shop and getting the head checked for him. Well all agree we are 911 out here, and we don’t call 911 for help in our business. This is why I think living in the country with like minded people is an asset more than the city. I don’t mind helping people, I might need a ride some day. What, I’m going to call UBER? lmfao..

              ~WWTI… Perch, use Good ol’ Wiggler Worms. Grow those in your Rabbit Poop and veggie scraps.

        • SGT. Dale

          Thanks for the heads up.

          • Here comes the Full Assault on the 1st Amendment Free Speech. Facebook teams up with Israel.

            btw/ anybody still using Facebook?? Sorry about your Luck.

            Israel, Facebook to set up joint anti-incitement teams
            ht tp://

            These will be the teams that go on social media, then over write “Facts” with Israeli propaganda.

            So Facebook Users, how do you now like Israel having all your info you posted on FB including your IP addy??



            • FB & Israel – Ministers meet with senior officials from the social media site to find ways to remove content Israel deems leads to terror.

              Basically anything Anti-Israel will be removed, basically deemed terror in their opinion. Those people really know how to suffer don’t they, with fragile egos.

              ~WWTI.. Then the US just hands over another $35 Billion in more WELFARE to Israel, over 10 years. More rape and pillage of the US Tax payer. I want a refund. I did not approve that. It ain’t your money to give away to Terrorists.

              • WWTI, no surprise there about members of the tribe teaming up for censorship. It’s a j*w specialty.

            • What’s facebook?

      15. Better get ready hell coming to breakfast. You want one lump or two with your your new laws.

        • Nutria, it doesn’t matter what they pass. It will be null and void. I’m not following any damn censorship, period.

      16. I was two blocks away 21 stories up staying in the
        Four Points Chelsea and heard the explosion right about 8:30
        It shook the building. After going down to the street and checking things out
        I saw people running panicked up the street many of them seemed to think it was a
        Bomb or gas leak. Not really wanting to wander the streets I went back to my room and turned on the news …and to my amazement some dumbass reporter was saying maybe it was a cheery bomb or a firecracker.. WTF?

        • That Chelsea explosion wasn’t a joke. That dumpster was shattered. Get ready

      17. probably another gov psyop false flag

      18. when your leaders let the fing terrorist and extremist in the country what do you expect, soon america will look like europe, thank your leaders, keep voting for them, americans are now nothing more than complacent victims

      19. Do other Americans care about this event with their Two Minute Attention Span. Didn’t happen in their backyard, so why should they care.
        So they blew up a trash bin. A commercial, heavy metal constructed trash bin not a regular trash can. Why? To see how powerful the charge was they created.

        More to come I’m sure.

        • Anon,actually,a dumpster with right charge unfortunately a great source of very dangerous shrapnel.

          • WD

            I agree. Now they know they need more “umph” in the charge.

          • You can pre-load your dumpster with hard objects, too, then you’ve got some extra shrapnel.

            • If you like your dumpster you can keep your dumpster.

      20. de Blasio said it was an “intentional act” How does he know? Perhaps it was unintentional. After all, not having intent worked for Hillary!

      21. Love how deblasio figured out already that pipe bombs in Jersey and nyc bomb not connected,hell,this is a daily occurrence….,oh,and knife attack at mall in MN.,attacker screaming about allah while doing it,nope,no connections at all!

        • Yep, but just wait for Trump to call it a bomb, and he’s jumping to conclusions.

          Just how dumb does the left think we are, anyway?

      22. No connection ????? – yet Hellery mentions all THREE together …. if they aren’t connected in any way – shape – or form …. why not also mention the probable 6-7-8 blacks that other blacks gunned down in Chicago overnite? … that’s violence also

      23. Idiots on fox and officials were trying to say it’s explosive building materials what a crock trying to downplay it then they found the pressure cooker. Look the same person is gotta be doing it or a group. They didn’t target people blowing up a dumpster who crowds around a dumpster. This is psychological to scare the shit out of people to keep them from going out and spending$. Designed to attack the corporate profits. I’m not saying this is a good way to get people to stop spending $ but it works and corporations should be cut off from profits. the gov and corporations do not want people scared to death of going shopping this is a nail in the economic coffin. The whole system is built on consumer spending this is a threat to the corporatocracy. They don’t have to scare me I’m not spending any $. I’ve withdrawn my $ from society. I haven’t eaten out in a year I don’t buy anything I don’t need. Don’t go to movies or shows. Just stay home. Never like this economy of cheap consumer junk. Products are shit made just for sale not to last. This goes for everything.

        • Explosive building materials? What, sheets of Semtex in the stack of Drywall? ABS glue mistakenly used on PVC conduit becomes a binary explosive? A 20-round box of concrete powder nails?

      24. I know I live in the south but is the rest of the country really stupid enough to believe this shit!!No don’t answer that !!Damn were in trouble!It’s going to get bloody.Hey someone had the balls to burn that mosque in Fl,of course hate crime!What about justified hate crime!
        Wish I knew how to send a picture,buddy in Mich.sent a picture of sign in front of mosque in Dearborn,stating Americans would be killed,nothing we could do about it!He was up there for a shutdown,tripped him out
        Keep doing what you can,gonna get interesting!
        Maniac –out

        • Lots of these false flag attacks are set up, so the LEO’s can get more funding to lavish themselves, to think they are needed. When you take the Profit out of the equation, these attacks will stop. I bet there are a few security firms waiting in the wings to fill the ally way voids with cameras or something they can sell to the Cities for Big Bucks. btw/ The Cameras set up for the 2008 RNC Convention in Tampa Florida, are still set up all over down town Tampa area. That’s why they keep rotating the cities for the conventions. About $50 Million per convention is spent on Big Brother. Lots of profit in Terror.

          ~WWTI… I find that disgusting.

      25. We needed this incident (Gaz bottle going pop) so no one would be talking about the USA sending in four fighter jets yesterday to provide ISIS with close air suport in Syria where sixty members of the Syrian army got blow to bit for fighting ISIS.

        Bill Clinton has just been accused of rape too so what better time for a false flag do we have

        Time to deal with those that did 9/11 people because this is getting silly.

      26. I suggest to save taxpayer dollars the combine bill cosby,s and bill Clintons rape trials. there both named bill and both niggers and both guilty.

        • That sounds almost reasonable.

        • Wow that’s compelling. So the Clinton Foundation Solicited the World for money for relieve when the earthquake happened in Haiti, and after Tens of Millions in donations across the world came in, the Clinton Foundation only gave Haiti 2% of the total donations they collected, and kept the rest for themselves. F-N Thieves… Every American needs to watch that video.



        • Boyo:

          Not off topic. Very important indeed. All roads lead to Rome (and today’s Rome is Wasington D.C.), the Clintons, and Isrehell.

          Many reasons to start a terrorist distraction to tie the hands of the news to one story, terrorism, which they imported specifically for that purpose.

          The President of Haiti coming out and exposing the Clinton Foundation, of trying to bribe him, offering to “make you the richest man in Haiti”, of importing drugs into the United States from Haiti, of sending drug money to Washington D.C. in, of all things, corn flakes boxes.

          __ thank you
          This is News.!!

        • Hmmmmmmm.

      27. Looks and feels like a test for something bigger.

        • Yep, just waiting for a car or truck bomb in some place like a concert venue or Times Square. All they need is a larger quantity of explosives, a larger container, and a big crowd.

          • Smokey,

            10% of all Muslims are radicalized according every credible western intelligence agency. There are 3 billion Muslims in the world, that equals 300 million crazed Islamic radicals in the world. I’m quite surprised its taken them this long to start blowing stuff up on American soil. No one can claim ignorance for not seeing this coming.

            • Just in the US there are between 3 and 6 million Muslims. So, allowing for a radical ratio of just 2% means 60,000 to 120,000 potential problems.

              Given 2 bomb attacks in two days, knife and cleaver attacks over the same two days, and a probable 2 ambush attacks on police in the same two days, it’s a given that either this is a coordinated set of ‘single cell’ attacks or we have an even bigger problem with ‘lone wolf’ radicalization then we thought.

              Up here, a couple of years ago, the FBI got one radical from his social postings. Undercover agent gave him 400 pounds of Play-Doh with a cellphone taped to it, the Muslim put it in his van and went to the River Festival concert venue in Portland to detonate his car bomb in the middle of a crowd of thousands. He dialed the number to detonate the Play-Doh several times before the FBI nabbed him. He said he wanted to ‘kill thousands’.

              It’s going to happen for real, and probably soon.

              • I agree. It’s just a matter time.

                • YH, FYI, there’s only a billion+ muslims on the planet… I almost sprayed beer on my phone when I read what you had posted…

                  • Yeah, 1.2 billion Muslims is so much more manageable than 3 billion !

                    The number is off, but the math is good. 10% of 1.2 billion is 120 million. Quite a lot to deal with, potentially. Even if that’s off by an order of magnitude it’s still 1.2 million crazies with oil money and unlimited arsenals.

                  • It’s possible I read that number as a future extrapolation of the current Islamic growth rate. I stand corrected.

                    • When you’re at a number that’s a billion or more, it’s already so large any changes will not degrade your entirely valid point.

                      I said above we could be looking here in the US at 60,000 to 120,000 crazies with a 2% radicalization rate. Let’s take that down to just 0.1%, we’re still left with 3,000 to 6,000 wacko Muslims. At this weekend’s rate, just 2 Muslims were responsible for 37 casualties. We could be looking at over 100,000 Americans killed or wounded in these ‘little’ attacks, especially if they change from knives and cleavers to guns, bombs, and vehicles.

            • we just yesterday had a woman speak to our group that grew up in cairo, egypt for her first 40 years or so(since she was six). she was raped so many times, and beaten so many times, she lost count LONG ago. don’t make the mistake other whites make that they don’t ALL want U.S. dead. their koran demands it. they really DO want to own the world, and they are making GREAT inroads in the last 7 years…obammy has facilitated this with his rhetoric and “anti-raciss”’s so bad now that they are weeks, even DAYS away from demanding sharia law. that’s how they take over, they get their people dressed nice and clean into offices, …(there’s a LOT of them in our gubmint now, thanks to o’bomba) and eventually have enough power to have a voice. they want our heads on sticks, people, make no mistake about it…it aint 20% “radicalized”….their religion TELLS them we must die….there’s NO good muslim, in my book….well, maybe when they are overseas, in their OWN country. y’all need to wake up. if you are christian in egypt, you can’t sue(well,…WIN) against a muslim.

              • BCOD

                Bring in the 750,000 Muslims and they will build their Mosque’s. They will infiltrate local government and education, communities and install sharia law. They will marry your daughters and breed the rest of us out of existence. We will in some cases provide for the financing of such things. They will draw from the black community for converts and soon after the peaceful Mosque’s will radicalize. Our laws and government intervention has castrated us from defending or warning others as we are labeled Islamophobes and that we are the ones to be under surveillance.

                Don’t come crying to me when shit happens in your part of the world.

                • Part of the beauty of having a Republic, a Constitution and a Bill of Rights is that these documents are based on “Big Boy Rules”. Being American assumes that we can think for ourselves in the event we become the minority in our own country, and the majority becomes self destructive and suicidal.

                  I am politically incorrect. The older I get the less PC I become. Let the insecure, self deprecating, bed wetting progressives let in all the depraved savages who are rejected by the rest of the world.

                  I’m a survivor, and I will be here to help pick up the pieces when it all falls apart.

                  • when you “become the minority”, it’s TOO LATE!…the time to stop these simpletons is NOW….you BETTER start educating those around you…and BTW, not ALL muslims are tree dwelling dumbshits….the SMART ones are leading their people “to the promised land”….they are getting into politics…being placed in positions of authority…like……o’bey-me.

                    • i’m ALREADY crying!

                    • Doom, unfortunately being in the majority or minority is purely a function of which side of the equation you’re on. Patriotism has no bearing on how the people evolve politically.

                      It’s all about conditioning and indoctrination. Those who can resist indoctrination prepare accordingly. Those who cannot resist become useless tools. I think the Founders knew this and designed our system of governance around the eventuality that Americans would eventually lose their way and their identity.

                      Yes, based on existing evidence, I believe it is too late to herd the majority of Americans away from the approaching abyss. I prefer to conserve my limited resources for the approaching collapse rather than trying to catch a falling knife by wasting time trying to win people over to my side of the argument. Someone has to be left to pick up the pieces when (not if) the system collapses.

      28. An intentional act, who would have thought that. I was just thinking that they were probably left there by accident. Everyone knows how forgetful those peace loving terrorist are.

        • Abdullah al-Bronx (Terrorist No. 1) : “By all the camels of the desert, I know I left that pressure cooker bomb around here somewhere! Now just which dumpster could it be in?”

          Rashid al-Brooklyn (Terrorist No. 2) : “I know how to find it, let me dial the number on the cellphone inside the pressure cooker, we’ll hear that.”

          Abdullah al-Bronx : “That will work, but let’s not stand near any dumpsters, OK? It may work.”

          • Smokey, ROTFLMAO! Damn good one!

      29. What I find amazing is the pattern of Democratic politicians whenever an election is near. Both the Governor and Mayor of New York denied and or minimized these terrorist attacks. Next they’ll say it was due to a YouTube video. Sound familiar?

        • Serenabit, no surprises there. I can hear them now standing up for these muslim trash and lecturing us about ‘profiling’, etc. F#$% the politicians! They don’t have a leg to stand on.

      30. Do you know how to make cheese from milk. No google it. It’s fun and easy. It will save you the price of dinner and a movie.

        Have you ever made butter from milk. Just fill a jar one third full and shake.

        If you let your mind focus where others would have you put your attention, you are no longer self determined. You are controlled. You are programmed. You become a thought slave.

        Decide where you want to put your attention. ?☺️?

        ___ I will listen to Bach while bread bakes in the oven.

      31. Expect more bombings tonight. It will all accelerate now

      32. Once again, photos of “victims” in ambulance, ZERO drops of blood anywhere.

        It looks as if they hired some bums off the street, a little Bryl Cream, a quick wipe down and then some cash after the staged event.

        • Definitely staged.

      33. Clearly a false flag. Think about it: pressure-cooker IED in a dumpster, another one along a road race course. Where have we seen this before? Then there’s the damage: only 29 injured, and they’ve all been released from the hospitals.

        Look at all the stuff that does not add up. It would seem to me that, if all you’re going to get for damage is 29 injuries and no fatalities, you’ve just wasted your time building a bomb and putting it in a dumpster. A dumpster is a shrapnel-producing container if you construct the bomb correctly for the purpose of doing maximum damage. It should have been blown to bits, and the injury/fatality numbers higher, if the guy who put this thing in there was really intent on putting a big number on the board.

        There are only two logical conclusions you can come to: either you have a terrorist who totally and completely sucks at what he’s doing, or you have a rather obvious and half-baked false flag. The question then becomes: will the American people once again prove that the overwhelming majority of them have the functioning intellectual capacity of a goldfish and allow themselves to be suckered by a truly lame flase flag?

        • “The question then becomes: will the American people once again prove that the overwhelming majority of them have the functioning intellectual capacity of a goldfish?”

          americans will ALWAYS do the right thing, but only after exhausting ALL OTHER possibilities…my fave-rut quote from marge thatcher….i seriously DOUBT we ever recover from our stupor long enough to stamp out these muslims…it will be like shootin’ fish in a cracker-barrel for them when they REALLY get goin’…..and WE let them, nay, ENCOURAGED them, all the way….poor simpleton amuricuns.

          • We are dealing with people who live under a nutty theocracy that every time there is a new group that comes to power, during the coup they put all the intellectuals in their society to death. After 1400 years of this, and a lot of incest, their gene pool is getting pretty polluted and produces a lot of low IQ and crazy people.

      34. A political establishment response to deceive Americans.

        Will the FBI claim that there are is no evidence linking this to Southwest Asia or North Africa? In other words will they employ the “Hillary” not guilty approach.


      35. You wonder just how much more fucked up can it get.

        Much more I tell ya.

      36. “Intentional Act”… like a bomb just assembled itself and hid in a dumpster waiting for that pesky cat…
        The problem isn’t the terrorist idiots.. its the moron american sheeple who are so trusting in what the govt says..
        As to the terrorist isis morons see the video on the previous article.. got a blast out of that selfie… only dangerous in groups or on soft targets… they cant handle a stand up fight against kurdish women.. soon it’ll be open season on idiots and then all hell breaks loose.. hope allah has a surplus of virgin goats..

        • Just read where the bomb was not in the dumpster, but under it. It blew the dumpster across the street. The shrapnel was BB’s or ball bearings in the bomb itself.

          They’re thinking it was a form of homemade tannerite, combine two compounds and you’ve got it. Flip phone and Christmas Tree lights as voltage and line.

      37. New York Mayor: “This Was An Intentional Act”

        That idiot is a master of the obvious isn’t he.
        Then they rush to proclaim “there is no link to international terrorism”. Well, it sure ain’t the Girl Scouts twinkle toes.

        While I sure hate to see innocent folks get hurt, it begs the question. Are they really innocent if they habitually vote stupidly?

        • Stuart

          “While I sure hate to see innocent folks get hurt, it begs the question. Are they really innocent if they habitually vote stupidly?”


          Good point. Maybe Crazy. Voting for the same idiots, again and again, expecting different results

        • Good question. How innocent were the German people after they put Hitler in power?

          When you consistently vote for the people who willfully fail to protect you, who’s fault is it when you get hurt?

          I think a lot of folks are going to be re-thinking their political outlook in the next few weeks.

        • @stuart

          the globalsit agenda is to bring them here and let them run wild

          the politiicians in DC want to destabilizae the USA like the globalsists have been doing in france and england

      38. I was driving home from seeing the kids and kept hearing about the bombing news in the radio.

        I also passed three Tesla electric cars, I asked the wife what kind of idiots keep using the self drive function after three fatal accidents in like six months. She said boys and their toys.

        It occurred to me we don’t even need suicide bombers with self driving cars like the Tesla. All the religion of peace needs to do is follow someone home that has a self driving car. Murder the family and take the car. Override any safety’s that require a person to sit in the driver seat, or detect a door opening, add tint to the windows as needed, so no one knows the driver is missing. Pack the car with explosives, set a destination and pop out when it stops for a stop sign.

        • Don’t give ’em any ideas!

          We need to install an explosives sniffer to the ignition switch, so the car won’t run.

          Or, just link the sniffer up to the GPS guidance and steer the car to any nearby mosque.

          • A car that sniffs the occupants for explosives? Sounds like it will always refuse to drive you home from the range or to a hospital if you get shot! Ouch.

      39. Plan:

        Never undervalue the power of an idea. I don’t think it is a good idea to lay out a plan like that. If some idiot does it you’ll wonder if he got the idea from you. Which would bother you. Good idea. Maybe a right wing extremist will use it against a real target if there is war. But it’s more likely that the government would find your post and use it to convict some poor fella here at the SHTF.

        Scary funny. ??


        • We all know this is going to happen sooner or later, we also know this site is monitored. This is my way of saying the twits at DHS, better be talking to car makers now to make this as difficult as possible. They need to plan for a poor mans cruise missile now, instead of after it happens.

          I want LE to be prepping for this now, that is why I posted it.

          • Let me add, it’s better we start the conversation when there were a just few dozen self driving cars in the hole country.

            The government has yet to regulate this industry. They need to think about this now, rather than after a half million cars are on the road.

            So no, if someone does this, I won’t feel bad, more likely I’ll be writing a lot of “I told you so” posts.

            I’m not responsible for stupid.

      40. americans are getting exactly what they voted for now sit down and stfu

        • Sorry, bro, but I NEVER voted for Brokeback Obama.

      41. So this person had successfully launched a good size dumpster over 200 feet into the air and managed to land it in the middle of the road without hitting another vehicle.

        Sounds like the Muslim’s have entered the Space Race.

      42. OK, no this is getting crazy.
        Apparently the pressure cooker bomb failed to explode because it was originally planted in a suitcase. A couple guys saw the suitcase and opened it and upon seeing the bomb dumped it out and left with the suitcase. During the rough handling a wire came lose disabling the bomb?

        What is it now “See something, steal something” ROTFLMAO!

        Then again in NJ the last bombs discovered were found by some guys that spotted a nice knapsack in a trash can and they were going to grap it and take it home? When they saw what looked like a bomb inside, they dropped it and walked away.

        If you see something, steal it! LOL!

      43. Yesterday was such a bonus round for terrorists and potential terrorists.

        In Miami, Fla. three guys were out on their penthouse balcony watching people down on the street walk by.

        Problem was they were using an AR style weapon with a scope to do it. The scope had some kind of camera attachment or function, and they were clicking pictures of people in the crosshairs.

        They have been arrested essentially for brandishing a weapon? The pictures they took will provide police with an accurate count of how many times they repeated this crime. All three men have Middle Eastern names.

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