Experts Warn Congress: Attack On Power Grid Could Lead to “Catastrophic Civilian Casualties”

by | May 9, 2014 | Headline News | 271 comments

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    There are few things that could revert our modern day civilization back to the Stone Age. Most of them are naturally occurring events such as a massive asteroid impact, a global Tsunami, or a super volcano. But as far as man-made events go, an electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) attack on our national power grid would be so devastating that, according to a panel of experts who addressed Congressional members on Capitol Hill this week, a nuclear strike would pale in comparison.

    Such an event could originate from our sun as a powerful solar discharge or in the form of what experts call a Super EMP bomb, a device currently being tested by China, Russia and North Korea that’s capable of deploying a nuclear warhead-tipped ballistic missile several hundred miles over the continental United States. It’s a line-of-sight technology, meaning that if it’s detonated above the central U.S. the electro-magnetic burst from the detonation could reach from coast to coast, destroying electronic components and utility company transformers along the way.


    Within seconds every electronically powered device we’ve come to use in our interconnected world would be rendered useless. Cell phones, GPS systems, residential electricity lines, and even the electrical ignition systems in cars would no longer function.

    “Some would say it’s low probability, but the damage that could be caused in the event of an EMP attack, both by the sun, a solar event, or a man-made attack, would be catastrophic,” said Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX) at a hearing of the Homeland Security Committee’s Subcommittee on Cybersecurity, Infrastructure Protection, and Security Technologies.  “We talk a lot about a nuclear bomb in Manhattan, and cybersecurity threat to the power grid in the Northeast, and all of these things would actually probably pale in comparison to the devastation that an EMP attack could perpetrate on Americans.”

    As noted by The Washington Free Beacon, Congressional members are so worried about such a possibility that they are feverishly working to pass legislation that would implement new protective measures across the national power grid.

    Failure to take action now, says Representative Frant Trent (R-AZ), could lead to “catastrophic civilian casualties.”

    “Every single facet of modern human life would be crippled by such an event.”

    “It strikes at my very core when I think of the men, women, and children in cities and rural towns across America with a possibility of no access to food, water, or transportation.”

    “In a matter of weeks or months at most, a worst-case scenario could bring devastation beyond imagination.”

    “The civilian grid, in my judgment, is very vulnerable.”

    “Some of the largest transformers, the very largest ones, have an inherent resistance to all but the more intense electromagnetic pulses. But the fact is, we have enough of those mid-range transformers where a major event would be catastrophic.”

    Former Congressman Roscoe Bartlett takes the threat so seriously that he has urged Americans with the ability to do so to move out of major cities, citing the fact that electrical transformers are now built outside of the United States and require a manufacturing lead time of anywhere from 18 to 36 months. Should a cascading surge happen across the U.S. power grid all at once it would be impossible for utility companies to restore electricity services in any reasonable amount of time.

    Preparedness expert Tess Pennington of Ready Nutrition says that while government is ready to keep their essential operations online, the rest of us will be left to fend for ourselves. Many are following in the footsteps of Roscoe Bartlett in anticipation of an eventual “down-grid” scenario:

    Some have seen this problem coming for a long time and changed their entire way of life by going off-grid. They have found alternative sources such as solar, wind and diesel to power their homes and machinery. A majority of us, who have not gone off-grid, are making a concerted effort to avoid dependence on this ailing infrastructure and preparing for life without it.

    It may sound improbable, but last year at a hearing on national security, Congresswoman Yvette Clark (D-NY) laid to rest the notion that a nationwide EMP event is nothing to be concerned about.

    “The likelihood of a severe geo-magnetic event capable of crippling our electric grid is 100%,” she warned.

    Thus, according to the experts and the Congressional members who have been made aware of the threat, this is going to happen at some point in our future. The only question is whether it comes in the form of a natural disaster or a man-made attack. Either way, as highlighted by the Center for Security Policy, within one year some 9 out of 10 Americans would be dead.

    “Within a year of that attack, nine out of 10 Americans would be dead, because we can’t support a population of the present size in urban centers and the like without electricity,” said Frank Gaffney, president of the Center for Security Policy.

    There is no contingency plan to save the civilian population because emergency management personnel simply wouldn’t have the man power or supplies to provide food, water and security for 300 million Americans who will have lost access to life’s most basic necessities.

    Until the entire national power infrastructure has been shielded against the threat of an EMP attack, the only option for civilians should it strike is to bunker down and hope you’ve got the supplies to survive in an off-grid situation for an extended period of time.

    Help won’t be coming in the aftermath because the entire system will be overwhelmed.

    Prevention through hardening our grid is the only long-term solution.


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      1. Y’all just read “One Second After”

        Y’all play nice tonight. 🙂

        • Proverbs 3:5-7

          • 30 Miles above the earth is almost 160,000 feet! That is the lowest level of burst in the map. U2′s fly unclassified around 80,000-100,000 feet. So how or what is going to deliver a burst at 120 miles above the earth which is in outer space??? Please, something stinks here…

            • Respect for Congressman Bartlett. He lives off grid and walks the walk.
              Personally Ive been suspicious of an EMP for a while now. So much chatter on the subject makes you wonder why. MSM always tosses the subject matter out there before the onslaught.

              • Mac Slavo says:

                “Within seconds every electronically powered device we’ve come to use in our interconnected world would be rendered useless. Cell phones, GPS systems, residential electricity lines, and even the electrical ignition systems in cars would no longer function.”

                Q: Would that event hold true for the “electronically powered” devices of the US FedGov?

                A: I know the answer.

                Bring on the EMP!!!

                • Internet security expert: What I’ve been afraid to tell people

                  “If we understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind, it is now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without them knowing it.”

                  “In almost every act of our lives… we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons… who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires that control the public mind, who harness old social forces and contrive new ways to bind and guide the world.”
                  -Edward Bernays

                  Over time, more people learned Bernays’ skills, but they still had to be applied by individual humans.

                  “Over the last 10-15 years, however, those experts have been working for the NSA, Google, Facebook and others. They’ve been automating the Bernays system.”

                  “What these systems provide is unseen, persistent, scientific manipulation, based upon deep psychological profiles. And it will be continually revised in real time.”


                  • KY Mom

                    Great catch. It’s the truth. Don’t know why you got the down votes.

                    stormcloudsgathering has a great video on Bernays and his legacy we enjoy today (tongue-in-cheek).

                    It’s called
                    “RULE FROM THE SHADOWS:The Psychology of Power”.
                    I can’t find it on his site just now – it’s buried in there somewhere but I have a link to it here:


                    Scroll to the bottom of the page and the youtube is embedded there.

                    On a different note, I did find this on stormcloud’s home page which may be more enjoyable fare for a Friday evening:


                  • Good piece, KYMom.

                    People forget the internet came from Dept of Defense.

                  • Very true, Bernays was definitely not a friend to humanity. That said in relation to the subject article, if/when the electronic chains fail “they” will resort to the old fashion ways of control.

                • I saw a movie last night called “Colony”. This movie was about how the whole planet went into an ice age and survivors lived underground and when someone got sick and didn’t get better they had to walk away from the colony in the cold and ice. These zombie like monsters that ate people for food ended a very depressing movie. One line I will remember, hunger makes people crazy and do even crazier acts.

                  Without power people, at least in big cities are in deep trouble. Big cities are really not meant to be anything but totally dependent on outside supplies. The big city is in total need of what can be brought in. Nothing brought in, the city cannot function and becomes like this movie in which monster zombie gangs take whatever is left from anyone that cannot defend themselves. A total living hell. It doesn’t have to be an EMP either. A deadly virus that stops utility workers from maintaining the city’s infrastructure will result in the same nightmare. Something to think about if someone lives in a large city.

                  • We can assume the focus is on climate change/global warming, because this allows more opportunities for more regulations and increased control of the population. Less freedom and more control supports the agenda.

                    Selective climate alarmism of White House ignores imminent threats of EMP attack, debt collapse and Fukushima catastrophe


                  • I think it might have been in the William Forstchen book “One second after” that a statistic was mentioned that said the human condition is, with out food, about fifteen days from cannibalism. I personally don’t doubt the figure…

              • This is all crap. If a group of electrical engineers produced an assumption like this, they would all get fired. The grid and everything else is protected. They are under lightning strikes every day. The strikes are isolated and seldom go far. If an electromagnetic pulse strong enough to take down the world’s power. It would fry almost every living thing above ground with it

            • If Congress doesn’t already know this,

              then we are being led by circus clowns.

              • They know but do you think they would admit it?

                • Not only do they know it, they have guaranteed their own safety and the safety of the one’s important to them without so much as a thought for other “constituents”!

                  If you don’t believe that then have no fear, just click your heels together and say “there’s no place like home”!

                • Your comment is STUPID

                  • Well it’s not the comment.

                    Is HE that it is STUPID.

                  • Hillbilly, Who’s comment are you referring to?

              • Well, we are. But there’s no leadership, just tyranny.

              • The fact that we ARE being led by circus clowns is news to you??????

            • countries with satellite capabilities are able to launch satellites with nuclear warheads within them and detonate on schedule or as a wild card

            • ICBM, missile, satellite. It’s basically a “salted” nuke. The movie James Bond Golden eye was about a emp.

            • Didn’t, Iran and north korea launch a satelite?

              My god man, where have you been. Kevin

            • Easy Chip. You know those “Com and Weather” satellites that a lot of countries have in low orbit ? They simply send a signal to the right one, the back door opens, and out falls an EMP weapon that satellite has been carrying for years.

              At the right altitude, it detonates. POOF…..lights out.

            • Wow….where are you from?….Google ICBM

            • rockets and satellites could master this…U2 is old technology

            • One high-altitude missile with nuke warhead, from a sub in the gulf of mexico. They explode it over Kansas or Nebraska, and it’s all over. They would not even need a sub, just a cargo ship with a mobile launcher, easily hidden in freight containers.

              And no, I did not think of this myself, I read it online in a report from experts in the field. I was shocked that it could be so easy, and quite possible for one of our many enemies to pull off.

              • …and we have soooo many enemies…

            • An ICBM, Chip

            • @chip scud variant fired from a ship in the gulf of mexico…it would be done before anyone knew what was going on.

            • Satellite or missile.

            • @CHIP

              Good question, I’d like an answer to as well. Been wondering for a while now……what and how is the burst going to be delivered so high up.

              • uhhh…….nevermind 🙂

            • Chip, it has nothing to do with how high any aircraft can fly. Right now North Korea has a satellite orbiting the Earth. Go here to track. This satellite, IF it had a super EMP weapon aboard could cause issues. IMO it doesn’t. Too small and I doubt China is crazy enough to give them the technology, but you never know.

              With all of that said, China and especially Russia could deliver an ICBM or Satellite nuclear weapon to take out the U.S. grid. The problem with that is, the U.S. Government knows or suspects who has this capability and it’s a short list. The EMP wouldn’t take out hardened ICBMS and certainly not our submarines that are deployed. Our counter strike capability will still be intact. The other factor with conventional nuclear weapons, is that in order to do country wide damage they need to be large. Very large. To do a thorough job of taking out the whole North American grid, would be to detonate TWO 5 Megaton weapons at about 250 miles above approximately over Louisville KY and Denver CO. N Korea, Iran does NOT have the ability to build this yield of weapon, much less deliver it properly. A Hiroshima sized weapon would NOT take out the grid regardless of how high up it was detonated. There would be EMP and would effect some things, but not a whole lot. You need many millions of electron volts to overload a significant portion of the grid. I would have to go get my old books on this to calculate what would be needed. The math is complex and I have forgotten how to do it. (I used to do StrikeWarns during the Cold War) The bottom line is this is technically more difficult than you would think. I’m not Abigail Wiki fan, but they do have a decent article on it.

              What is more concerning is a Carrington Event, or even more likely, hackers or physical attacks on the grid infrastructure or a combination of both. This could involve non government players and harder to blame on someone. This would delay a U.S. Military Response and cause confusion.

            • The Earth’s Exosphere is 400 miles “thick” and starts at 400 miles and continues to about 800 miles above the Earth. An EMP weapon detonated with a directed blast into the Exosphere would wipe out a large portion of the Earth’s surface. If the North American continent was under the blast area it would certainly cover every inch of it and most likely parts of Russia as well as Central America.

            • Misinformation possibly.

            • What it the DPRK launches a “commendations” satellite, except that instead of communications it contains one of their washing machine sized nukes? What if it is set to orbit the northern hemisphere and during one of its orbits it is over the central CONUS? And what if that nuke is triggered while it is over CONUS?

              • Unless it was a Super EMP, then damage would be minimal. Blackouts and some damage certainly, but NOT the whole Grid. That weapon can’t be more than 15Kt or so. Now if you sit and watch it’s orbit, it passes over NY City once in a while, then set it off during the week when NYSE is online, that may be a different story, at least with or financial system.

            • Ballistic missile. Duuuh.

          • Euh… a rocket ?
            Duh !

          • (Proverbs 3:5-7 NIV) Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; {6} in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight. {7} Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the LORD and shun evil.

            That’s all true but what’s your point here?

            • Barn Cat, thanks for fleshing out those verses. Once you have prepped and prepared and done everything within your means, abilities and knowledge we need to turn it over to The Lord and leave it there. There is no point in fretting, despairing, or getting discouraged.

              I know personally that there is not much I can do if an EMP occurs whether it is man made or it comes from the sun or from somewhere else. It is a truly frightening and worrisome prospect. There are many things I can do to prepare for the apocalypse but perhaps the most important one is going to be my relationship with The Lord. There is much to meditate on in the verses I quoted. They are truly words for the wise.

              • I didn’t mean to go Anonymous.

        • I hope it does happen so I dont have to hear anymore BS about how stupid the Great solders and sailors of this country are. You would be singing a diffrent song if those people werent there. You candyass armchair rambos would have to do your own fighting. The solders and sailors are not the enemy the bankers and chuckelheads in DC are lets not forget that!

          • It would be a refreshing change to do “our own” fighting, considering the fighting that has been done so far, was for the globalist banksters interests…

          • As a retired “Sailor” I tend to agree with your comment…mostly. However, times have changed and those in the service now are young, dumb and full of ObaMao Kool Aid. I know about 70% of our service men and women will blindly follow orders and kill Americans if ordered to do so. Sad, but it is reality. My son is a Lt. Cdr in the Navy and has about 23 years in. He sees it every day and the people in our military today are NOT going to help us when the SHTF.

        • “One Second After” is a good book….but I must recommend “Lights Out” as a possible “how to” novel. Read both. 🙂 And, might I suggest “Innocence” by Dean Koontz for a different but connected perspective….
          “But with one exception, all things pass from this world and time erases not just memories but entire civilizations, reducing everyone and every monument to dust. The only thing that survives is love, for it is an energy as enduring as light, which travels outward from its’ source toward the ever-expanding boundaries of the universe, the very energy of which all things were conceived and with which all things will be sustained in a world beyond this world of time and dust and forgetting”
          Dean Koontz from “Innocence”

          • The Chinese have outgrown their habitat. Ours is available since we no longer seem to care to defend it. They also make the transformers and other items to get the grid back up. What is stopping them? Obama? Laugh line of the century.

        • I read it, hillbilly. Well-written book! And Dr. Forstchen is a friend of Newt Gingrich’s and they’ve even co-written books together, I think. They’ve both tried to get Americans to wake up to the threat of an EMP.

        • We that have prepared better have enough ammo. We will need it.

          • LOL! True…true. And don’t forget lots and lots of magazines!

        • In relation to this article posted by Mac, what is everyone’s opinion of the four part series done by Dave Hodges from The Common Sense Show on China?

        • Excellent read! I read it a year or so ago and it is a book everyone should read. Another excellent read is “Lights Out”. That book is also about an EMP attack and how a community comes together to survive. Very well written book. Also, “Grid Down, Reality Bites” is excellent.

        • I don’t think the question is “IF” we will be hit by an Electrom Magnetic Pulse
          (EMP) that will destroy the “Grid” and end society as we know it…it is a
          question of “by whom”. Will it be North Korea, Iran, the New World Order, the
          Sun or will it be by our own government?
          These idiots in Washington DC have made so many monetary commitments to so many
          beggars, welfare queens, Banks and major corporations, illegal aliens, the elderly,
          foreign aid, the military not to mention the interest and principle on $17 trillion
          dollars that we borrowed…too many and too much to count or even begin to pay.
          So how do a bunch of liars that “gave away the farm” hit the reset button?
          How do you begin to kill off 280 million people? The answer is…EMP!!!
          All they have to do is “TURN OFF THE LIGHTS” and we will do it to
          Sure the Feds have purchased 2.4 billion rounds of hollow points but they KNOW they would
          lose to a well armed American public. By cutting off the power (and by doing so, the FOOD
          SUPPLY)…we would kill each other over a crust of bread.
          With the American people out of the way, they could pay off the Chinese with vast
          tracts of land like the California Central Valley or the farmland of the Midwest. Use
          the Colorado River watershed or the beaches of Southern California as collateral and
          borrow their way to utopia.
          The only thing standing in their way …is us!
          If you are not YET a “PREPPER” then you are a fool of historical
          Learn to make your own bread, secure a safe water supply, learn to grow a garden,
          stockpile your food now instead of eating out every night. Make yourself as independent
          of society as possible.
          And more than anything, get right with the Lord while you still can!
          Our time is short and the job is massive but your chances of surviving what is coming
          is directly proportional to what you do RIGHT NOW!!!

          Prepare now or you will righteously deserve the horrors that will be visited upon

        • @hillbilly RE: “One Second After”…

          It’s called “One Second After” by William Forstchen. I’ve read it…Only thing I got to say is, if you live in Florida…you are toast. GET OUT NOW!

          • Screw up…It’s “One Second Later”

      2. Trust me, if we get hit by an EMP I can almost guarantee the rest of the world will start setting off EMP’s

        • weird last night around 3 am power went out in my county and didnt come back on until recently it was odd coming on here then seeing that, people are so ignorant as all the warning are here and all the proof yet no one sees it.

          • Those who will parish first, will be those in hostile Northern climates, especially if it is in, the dead of winter, and you have not prepared with multiple backup systems to heat your shelter. The Land in the south like Florida here will instantly become popular and I may trade it for a few Gold Bars. Those in Big Cities will be fighting it out for any food scraps still on the store shelves. Armed security will be a popular business, as we play road warrior. Just look today as some folks begin to riot in just a few hours when their EBT Cards decline. The greatest threat in the first 90 days will be hungry desperate zombies.

            • “Those who will parish first, will be those in hostile Northern climates…”

              I agree. Everyone head for Florida.

              • It’s getting too crowded in the mountains of Montana.
                Heh Heh

                • I agree! Montana is BAD… please form a line and exit to the south…. 🙂

                • No doubt, ya’ll got a bunch of Russian troops living there.

              • We have your garden type of mosquito.
                Then the Asian Tiger that is aggressive and the bite hurts.

                Now a new one that is the size of a quarter. That’s Right!
                The size of a quarter. Highly aggressive and the bite is like a hard pinch.

                Plenty of snakes and other nasty things.

              • Sorry, everyone from South of the Border is already headed for Miami. If you don’t believe me, just visit.

            • I live in the north in one of the Great Lakes states. I hope the collapse or an EMP attack hits in the fall or winter. Most people would be dead by spring. That would make spring planting a lot safer for those who prepared.

              • That sounds cold (no pun intended) but I agree. Also, if it’s going to happen, I wish it would hurry up and get it over with while I’m still young enough to take care of myself and our family. We made it through this last hideous winter just fine, except I really need a cow. Other than dairy, we’re fine. However, I just remembered that Ohio doesn’t allow anyone to drink raw milk and the non-violent Amish have been attacked for doing so. I was raised on raw milk and am still doing well.

                • I don’t want it to happen. It would just be better if it happened then.

            • WWT…Not according to Forstchen’s book. When the electricity goes down there’s no more A/C. Plus, the heat in FL is accommodative to the rise of plague and disease. In “One Second Later”, the military shows up in the North Carolina town where the novel takes place a year after the EMP’s are launched by the North Koreans. The townspeople ask about relatives in FL to which the commander responds…it’s gone. Everybody’s dead. In fact here on SHTF, it’s been noted that the population density, crime, and diversity factors are so bad, that there will be a mass population exodus to Georgia, Albama, and Louisiana in the event of a major cataclysmic event which will imperial that entire region. Fortunately, there’s no incubation environment for plague up here in Maine. Just keep plenty of wood chopped for heat, know where the local spring is, keep the food storage stocked, and the AR-15 drummed up. Within 6 weeks hundreds of thousands will be dead.

        • My thoughts too. The world will be blanketed by EMP’s so all of us are on an even playing field. But…what about all the countries that don’t really use electricity? Like Peru, most of Africa, much of South America and even Central America? Those folks won’t have to change their lives much and will survive while we fight over every scrap of food until about 10% or less are left.

      3. Sadly, despite numerous warnings, the majority of the population has done nothing to prepare.

        • FEMA will be there for them when they need them most


          • Yea, right but only after your in the camp.

            • Sure, but that red, white, and blue FEMA bus ride is FREE, like everything else in O’Bummer’s America.

              (IE The food, the phones, the grass for your cows, and of course Ukraine!!!) 🙂

              • @the durango kidd

                Does that “FREE, like everything else,” include “free money” printed from nothing… à la Central Banking?

                No??? That’s what I thought!

                • YNWW: The FREE MONEY printed from nothing is for the Member Banks. Do you own a bank?

                  No bucks for you!!! 🙂

                  • You can shove all that useless paper where the sun don’t shine.

                No charge, thanks to white law.

            • confederate.

              You don’t go to the camps and your ass is mine.
              You’ll have to do what I tell you to do and serve the people I say you have to serve. There is nothing anyone or you can do.

              You’re tough, there is always someone tougher.

              You’re nothing but a POS.


              • I’m sooooo scared. Please don’t hurt me Mr. Big Mouth.

          • Hey Mac; Sure seems to me an easy way for the elite to get what they want. Population down to 500,000 while they hit their shelters until most of us is terminated,but i don’t think they realize that going Fukushima will still cause so much radiation when they come out there will be nothing left! So I’m guessing they probably going to live underground forever!!

            • It’s 500 million not 500 thousand. Fukushima is a problem but it doesn’t threaten life on earth.

              • Fukishima may not be a problem, but there are dozens of reactors around THIS country with pools of spent fuel that require electric pumps to keep cooling water on them. They have diesel backup generators until the fuel runs out, then we have dozens of Fukishima’s going off here at home.

                If the lack of power doesn’t kill you, the radiation from those fuel rods probably will.

                • A meltdown due to nuclear reactors from an EMP would be disasterous to populations nearby, and I chose the best location to live to be self sufficient, all reactors are far, far away, no tornados, no hurricanes, no missle site targets,a sparse population far away from cities and large towns, a forever fuelwood supply along with fish, water, nature’s food, and wild game everywhere, and a nice garden spot.I also live far away and north from the projected ash fallout from Yellowstone. My great grandma raised 4 children without a father and without electricity on her own near me, and so can anyone who is wise and prepared.

                  You can wonder what will happen all you want when an EMP burst knocks out all power grids, but preparing to live without it and in the safest location is your best survival.

                  • Hey Woogie, I am your next door neighbor.

                • A meltdown due to nuclear reactors from an EMP would be disasterous to populations nearby, and I chose the best location to live to be self sufficient, isolated, and safe from most natural and man made disasters.

                  You can wonder what will happen all you want when an EMP burst knocks out all power grids, but preparing to live without it and in the safest location is your best survival.

          • I hope people are watching the footage from ukraine. the ‘russian separatists’ searching cars, busting in doors,—quite honestly i was surprised to see the footage on fox last night. Of course the sheeple will never think it could happen here.

          • Mac,

            Even after pointing out the problems the unprepared faced in recent disasters like Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and on the east coast by Superstorm Sandy, there are those who are still in denial.

            Despite recent examples, many people still believe that FEMA will be there when they need them.

            The U.S. is so dependent on an aging grid system, that could be taken down by an EMP.

            Everyone should read the book, One Second After. It made me realize just how FRAGILE the whole grid system is.

            • Ky Mom, I read “One Second After” back in Oct. 2012. Very plausible scenario. Emotionally it was a hard read. The saddest part was when the guy’s daughter with Type 2 diabetes died. I dropped the book in the floor and cried for 30 minutes. I had trouble picking it back up and finishing but I managed it. This book is NOT for the faint of heart.

              • P u s s y

            • Loved “One Second After” and bought over a dozen copies to give to family and friends. KY Mom, you’ve done so much to educate people but you can’t force them to grow a brain.

              • you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t ,make him THINK!

          • Does FEMA translate to “Failing Everyone – Massive Arrests”?


          • There’s a knock at your door. Through the blinds you see a FEMA truck and think to yourself it’s about time they came to help. You answer the door. They ask if you have food stored. You have months worth but OPSEC tells you it’s best to keep that information to yourself, so you tell them no. They haul you away in a truck on the grounds that your failure to plan makes you a potential menace to society.

            Do-over: Upon reading this post, you think that maybe you SHOULD admit you are well prepared to avoid giving the illusion you are a menace to society. So now they haul you away in a truck on the grounds that you are a hoarder, and YOU (and those like you) are the reason the store shelves are now empty.

            Third option: You don’t answer the door so they force their way in on the grounds that you must be doing something illegal. What other possible explanation is there for your lack of cooperation?

            Houston, we have a problem.

        • Articles like these just crack me up.
          Experts tell Congress? What the hell do they give a shit? Same with the senate, the “president” and the little butt buddies that follow him around.
          They, ALL of them ONLY respond to mass pressure. They respond to big $ donors.
          As a matter of fact, I’ll bet they would be tickled shitless if the grid was taken down.
          What was that Rohm Emanuel said, ” never let a crises go to waste”. This would be a whopper! These assholes would have a job for life.
          Our entire government couldn’t give a rats ass about us in general. All it cares about is itself surviving, we are seen as expendable assets.
          They’ll do something about it, your butt!

        • Well… are right. What can we do? I’ve talked to my neighbors and my kids until I’m blue in the face and they just don’t get it and see no reason to do any of this “crazy prepping stuff!”.

          So…let the cards fall where they may when the SHTF.

      4. My sentiments on the MSM…
        Hear the song as you read the lyrics
        1992 – “Automatic For The People”

        These bastards stole their power from the victims of the Us v. Them years,
        Wrecking all things virtuous and true
        The undermining social democratic downhill slide into abysmal
        Lost lamb off the precipice into the trickle down runoff pool
        They hypnotised the summer, 1979
        Marched into the capital brooding duplicitous, wicked and able, media-ready,
        Heartless, and labeled. Super US citizen, super achiever,
        Mega ultra power doesn’t relax.
        Defense, defense, defense, defense. Yeah, yeah, yeah
        Yeah, yeah, yeah, ignoreland. Yeah, yeah, yeah, ignoreland
        Yeah, yeah, yeah

        The information nation took their clues from all the sound-bite gluttons
        1980, 84, 88, 92 too, too
        How to be what you can be, junk, damn junk in your energy
        How to walk in dignity with throw up on your shoes
        They amplified the autumn, 1979
        Calculate the capital, offer the public my skinny ass
        TV tells a million lies. The paper’s terrified to report
        Anything that isn’t handed on a presidential spoon,
        I’m just profoundly frustrated by all this. So, fuck you, man (fuck ’em)
        Yeah, yeah, yeah, ignoreland. Yeah, yeah, yeah, ignoreland
        If they wasn’t there we would have created them. Maybe, it’s true,
        But I’m resentful all the same. Someone’s got to take the blame
        I know that this is vitriol. No solution, spleen venting,
        But I feel better having screamed. Don’t you?
        They desecrate the winter, 1979
        Capital collateral. Brooding duplicitous, wicked and able, media-ready,
        Heartless, and labeled. Super US citizen, super achiever,
        Mega ultra power doesn’t relax.
        Defense, defense, defense, defense. Yeah, yeah, yeah
        Yeah, yeah, yeah, ignoreland. Yeah, yeah, yeah, ignoreland
        Yeah, yeah, yeah, ignoreland. Yeah, yeah, yeah
        I did not do the revolution
        Thank you

      5. My solar power array seems like a smarter and smarter investment every day.

        • George
          The PV control system and wire runs need to be protected from EMP. The solar panels themselves are more robust but still need special special grounding and surge protection.

          • New O;Your right but just like the book “One Second After” the hoards will come for whatever they can find! The problem with being off grid will be hiding in plane sight for that first year!! if your very lucky you may make it but their are worse things than dying!!

            • Thinker,

              David Crawford’s book “Light’s Out” is also very good and highly recommended for the likely scenarios that will play out.

              The story-line is how a suburban community in San Antonio, Texas pulls together to make it through the initial mayhem and die-off.

              • New Ordnance, I have a copy of “Lights Out”. very plausible scenario.

            • Actually, hiding in plain view could be quite easy, depending on your locale and your physical appearance….I am of the opinion, however, that eventually everyone will HAVE to leave and relocate elsewhere….hopefully where others who share their spirit are…far better to prep for a few months and have to leave than prep for many years and have to leave….nothing can replace knowledge….and fighting a “losing battle” by trying to hold on to what you have will not help in “winning the War”… flexible, be aware, be ready to go “somewhere” if the need arises….and, believe me, there WILL be a “somewhere” to go….

          • George,

            Alternative Energy systems are one of the best investments you can make. It’s best to find a local expert to assist in the design and installation. Standard electricians usually are not experienced in the subtleties of EMP protection.

            I am largely retired from the alternative energy, blast and radiation shelter businesses and devote most of my time to Painted Mountain Corn Seed.

            However, I am in the process of uploading crucial documents to the tool-shed at our website that will help people build their own shelters and independent life support systems –
            hope to get them up this weekend.

            Topics addressed will include off-grid water systems and
            pre-engineered Swiss Standards for home shelters.


            • George
              My comment is stuck in moderation. This is a re-post without the live link:

              Alternative Energy systems are one of the best investments you can make. It’s best to find a local expert to assist in the design and installation. Standard electricians usually are not experienced in the subtleties of EMP protection.

              I am largely retired from the alternative energy, blast and radiation shelter businesses and devote most of my time to Painted Mountain Corn Seed.

              However, I am in the process of uploading crucial documents to the tool-shed at our website that will help people build their own shelters and independent life support systems –
              hope to get them up this weekend.

              Topics addressed will include off-grid water systems and
              pre-engineered Swiss Standards for home shelters.


              • Thank you, I didn’t know that links are modderated, which I sent one, listen, everyone, I know I can’t worth sh*t.

                But put up with it…. Kevin

                • missed the word spell. I need to prof read more. I think I got these all right?

              • New O. You know that people had better be, where ever their going to be, if this scenario ever takes place. Especially those who are used to a 70 degree comfort zone.They had better be climatized to the altitude not only for the oxygen levels but for the temperature extremes.Not only that, most don’t have the endurance to walk 5 miles let alone 25 trying to weed your way thru the rest of the zombies! Maybe that why i have picked the Mountains for the place “to be” for my bol. There will be very few who will actually make it here.

              • Would like to know if has paid Mac for advertising within his site?

                • Feisty
                  Nope – haven’t paid Mac for advertising. I wish I could afford it. This is a break-even proposition at best.The business was designed to self-destruct after the Project reached a critical mass of growers. I am on a soap box for Painted Mounted Corn because it can be a life-line for people going forward.

                  Hopefully,we are almost at a critical mass where the project can be self-sustaining and growers can form local networks to buy, sell, trade and barter in their own areas.

                  This will probably be my last year with the seed. I have other things to do with the time I have left.

                  Sorry if this is tiresome. I would much rather be in the mountains but it is worth it for every person that can be reached before the sand in the hour-glass runs out.

                  • It’s not tiresome! Am I still able to buy seed from you? If so, will contact the business. I’ve been growing all kinds of “Indian Corn” from heirloom seed companies and have about decided to settle on popcorn. However, I’d like to give your seed a shot in our nasty Ohio clay. Don’t know how I’ve missed you, but I did. Good luck in the mountains. You’ll get there!

                  • Vicky

                    Thank you Vicky.
                    Yes. Painted Mountain Corn Seed is still available at

                    We will be happy to advise you on growing it in Ohio.

                  • Can I stop by and pick some up on my way out there next week?

          • Agreed. The weak point in a solar power system is the charge controller and inverter. The panels stand a decent shot at survival, but the control components are filled with electronics that would likely fry. I keep a complete extra sets in cardboard lined 55gal metal drums.

        • But is your Solar powered “Power Controller” EMP protected? Sorry my friend that would fry in the process with everything else. You need to buy a back up and put the back up in a Faraday cage, with the rest of your back up electronics, radios, etc. I highly suggest everyone buy a few short wave radios and a good antenna and protect them in a Faraday Cage container trash can.

          • Do you have a link to plans on how to build one?

            • Look up “Faraday Cage” on Youtube. A simple $15 metal trash can with a tight lid, from Home Depot, line it with cardboard, and cover up any holes or seams with aluminum foil. The stuff all your electronics into the can and you are good.

              • WWTI, I use packing bubbles as lining in my Faraday cage trash can. For a huge selection of SW radios, google “shortwave radios” and you’ll be surprised how many sources turn up. My favorite source is They have a huge selection of portable and tabletop radios and prices do vary. Don’t forget to have LOTS of batteries for that radio, especially for the digital models. And make sure that radio has single-sideband [SSB] capability to listen in on amateur and military communications. Shortwave will most likely be the only source for information in a post-grid down scenario.

          • Who
            Mac’s article is somewhat sensationalized. If you know the science, a single EMP burst will not fry everything in the U.S.

            The defense measures have been known for over 40 years by the countries with nuclear weapons and also by the Swiss.

            It would be nice to have all the bank records disappear in a flash but unfortunately the Swiss have kept their electronic bank records in Faraday cages since about 1970 and TPTB may have followed their example.

            Clever, those Swiss.
            They also know a thing or two about protecting their population from blast, radiation, and EMP.

            • I’ve worked in Datacenters for Fortune 500 Corps and Gov. I have yet to see a Faraday cage in any of them. Right now I oversee 8 different datacenters with several Bn$ worth of hardware. None have Faraday cages. DoD and Pentagon MIGHT in a few of their DC’s, however, since they literally don’t even have an idea how many CoLo (Co-Location means you put your hardware in someone else’s datacenter and pay them to provide basics like power, cooling, UPS etc.)sites they have equipment in, or for that matter how many DC’s they have themselves….NAH! The state of IT at the local, state and federal level is ABYSMAL. It’ll fry like Col. Sanders.

              • CWinOR
                That is truly heart-warming news.
                Make mine “extra-crispy” please.

              • I worked as a carpenter on a tilt-up a decade or so ago. At the time, I thought it was pretty weird, putting steel mesh inside the panels.Each panel was connected by electricians to the others. This was in addition to the rebar you expect to find in concrete. I wonder if maybe those structures that house sensitive electronics, ARE faraday cages.

                I don’t know what the structure ended up being, I just know it was strange. It wasn’t the first tilt-up I’d ever worked on. Just the only one built like that.

        • With all the wars, corruption and genocide going on in the world, I almost welcome a total reset of the entire world and civilization. Only the Preppers, Concealed Carry Permit Holders and the Meek shall inherit the world. lol, The rest will parish into dust, but not after an all out 90 day battle for last man standing. But just think, No more cell phones ringing, no more morons texting, no more traffic, or pollution, or factories spewing out crap from smoke stacks, no more diner time phone call solicitations, or bill collectors, or mail or credit card bills, and just let the Repo Man come and take your useless car sitting in the driveway, as it instantly become worthless other than a steel shelter from rain and wind. No more planes writing chem trail grafitti in the sky, or droned spying on you, or the NSA reading your emails, or loud traffic, or trains or IRS Taxes. Just be prepared for the NUKE Power plants after they burn through their 30 day supply of diesel fuel to keep the spent rods cool, they will begin melt down and just stay up wind from these disasters. Prepare no with a year of food, hundred of packets of Heirloom seeds, and Plenty of Bullets and ammo, because if you survive the first 90 days, your chances of survival for a few more years increases dramatically. Just have on hand plenty of shovels to bury the dead. stock up on Fish antibiotics, cause there will be a lot of diseases out there the first year, and simple infections could be a killer. Stay home, stay hidden and stay alert, for intruders. Then we revert back to the early 1800’s and begin again. Stock up now on hand tools to plant your garden and to raise livestock. And learn skills like trapping, and snaring for food, and booby traps for the thieves.

          • But Who Wudda you will lose you 13th level magic user on you gameboy! How will you survive?

          • Make sure you have all your permits. That is a permit to breathe, a permit to drink water, a permit to buy a-wipe, a permit to self defense, a permit to dig a hole to plant your spuds and a permit to buy a fan that’s needed to blow the S off your concealed carry permit. All permits need to be free of S and readable for the shit police.
            Have a nice day, s-permit owners.

        • All that stuff could make you a target after it hits the fan. That’s one reason why I have no interest in solar power. I live at about 44º North so sunlight doesn’t help that much.

          • Yeah, I know what you mean. Our house was built for passive solar gain, but the sun doesn’t shine much in Ohio in winter.

        • True but you have to protect if from a CME or an EMP. As it is it will be destroyed by an EMP or CME.

      6. Wonder how we will go down– ebola spreading uncontrollably, the grid demolished, nuclear bombs, climate chaos, dollar collapse and zombieland or a mixture of the above… guess time will tell.

        • The economy continues to unravel…

          The “Economic Recovery” Continues: Businesses Are Being Destroyed Faster Than They Are Being Created
          “Traditionally, small businesses have been the primary engine of job growth in this nation, so the fact that study after study has found that small business creation is being crippled in the United States is a really bad sign for our economic future.”

          “The American economy is less entrepreneurial now than at any point in the last three decades.
          …during the most recent three years of the study — 2009, 2010 and 2011 — businesses were collapsing faster than they were being formed, a first.”

          “retail stores are closing at the fastest pace that we have seen since the collapse of Lehman Brothers, 20 percent of all families do not have a single member that is employed and 49 million Americans are dealing with food insecurity.”

          The Decline Of Small Business And The Middle Class
          “It is not coincidental that the middle class and small business are both in decline. Entrepreneurial enterprise and small business have long been stepping stones to middle class incomes and generational wealth, i.e. wealth that is passed down to future generations rather than consumed. As the headwinds to entrepreneurial enterprise and small business rise, the pathway to middle class prosperity narrows.”

          “sobering evidence that small enterprise is in structural decline…”

          Obama’s War on the Middle Class
          “…One of the hallmarks of all socialist countries is the is the absence of an independent middle class. From the Bolshevik experiment in Russia to socialist Venezuela today, it is necessary for communist leaders to eliminate that class of citizens who are not dependent on government for their welfare.

          Political theorists from Aristotle to Locke understood that a truly INDEPENDENT AND PROSPEROUS MIDDLE CLASS WAS ESSENTIAL TO THE COLLECTIVE WELL-BEING OF ANY SOCIETY. The middle class has always, in every society, been characterized by qualities of social restraint and economic realism — a shrewd and skeptical conservatism that serves to restrain the grandiose plans of utopian revolutionaries and embittered reactionaries alike.”

          “It is an ominous sign that the political left, with the loyal support of more than a third of our population, is intent on its destruction.”

        • Dollar collapse is a 100% certainty but we can’t be sure what will hit us first.

      7. Who’s to say TPTB don’t let one go after they finish getting their ducks in a row.

      8. 30 Miles above the earth is almost 160,000 feet! That is the lowest level of burst in the map. U2’s fly unclassified around 80,000-100,000 feet. So how or what is going to deliver a burst at 120 miles above the earth which is in outer space??? Please, something stinks here…

        • Missiles or satellites.

        • There are lots of ways to get an EMP device to altitudes of 400 to 800 miles (Exosphere) above the Earth. Have you ever heard of the X37B? Look it up. Most people have no idea about it. It can stay unmanned in space for over a year. I think the longest time in space was over 400 days. It can easily house or carry a EMP device and be in space just waiting for the right time. Also, North Korea has a “satellite” in space that passes over the U.S. several times a day. It’s been up there for well over a year now. Wonder what it is carrying? It can easily house a small 5 megaton warhead which can easily wipe out most of the planet with an EMP.

      9. With all the corruption and wars and genocide, I almost welcome a total Reset of the entire world, reduced back to the lowest denominator. Stick and stones, and dammit I got my sling shot and pellet rifle ready. Just think, no cell phones ringing, no more dinner time phone solicitations, no more pollution from factories, cars, or airplanes writing grafitti across the sky. Birds and nature will return, and all the unprepared morons will die and the rest of us can take their stuff,land, horses, pigs, etc. No more taxes or tax bills in the mail, or credit card bills, and just let the REPO man take your dead car, because it doesn’t run anyway. Politicians will be stuck in town required to listen to the people instead of jet setting off to DC to hide. Let it rip.. Just be prepared for the Nuke Power plants that only have 30 days of diesel fuel to power back up generators, then the melt down starts and radiation spews across the land. What a wonderful world we would have again. Clean and green.. Be Prepared, Be strong, stock up on lots of Ammo, and shovels to bury the dead. Cause there is no turning back now. lol

        • I’ve been saying the same thing for years. I look forward to a RESET of the world. Bring it on!

      10. I could live with nine out of every ten Americans expiring. Most if them are so hopelessly enmeshed in the present system they would fight to preserve it and could not live without it. We shouldn’t fear a cleansing of the gene pool.

        • Moon Is A Harsh Mistress, long time no hear from. 9 out of 10 Americans will die, period, if/when we are hit by an EMP, and that will be within a 6-month time frame.

        • So it wouldn’t bother you if 290 million Americans died? Really? What kind of person thinks that way???

          • A coldly logical one. When most of the population is carried on the backs of the few who are capable of rational thought, the best thing that can happen for us as a species is removing the crutches that allow this condition to continue. An analogy is the role that an overabundance of food plays in the animal kingdom, by allowing the population to balloon to unsustainable numbers, and even marginally healthy or fit animals to pass on their defective genes. A removal of the surplus forces a die-off, weeding out those unfit animals and allowing the strongest, most resourceful to survive and improve the overall fitness of the species.

            • Sounds like cold, elitist bullshit to me…same song, same ending.

            • Using logic is the only way to post what you did. I agree with you.

        • I agree. People suck. Well 90% of ’em anyway. Won’t miss them at all.

      11. Have alternatives to electric appliances,have food that doesn’t need refrigeration,candles,propane gas….you know the others!

      12. If you’re not prepping, you’re inepting. Storable foods, water, water purification items, medical supplies, camping equipment, extra clothing, underwear, socks, boots, guns, ammo, gun cleaning supplies, tools, etc. These are things that help to guarsntee your survival in any adverse situation. For only $20, I bought a metal garbage can from Home Depot and lined it with packing bubbles and VOILA, instant Faraday cage to protect my electronics. Most likely the internet will be down so that leaves shortwave radio as an alternative means of getting information from anywhere. I use a Grundig G3 with external antenna running out to a tree in my backyard and it has single-sideband [SSB] capability which is a MUST HAVE feature on any shortwave. I have LED lanterns and flashlights, plus a SHITLOADF of spare batteries for all of my electronics. I plan on getting a solar charger; haven’t been looking at those yet. My prepping is continuing.

        • Go ahead, prep. all you want. I can go to your place and take anything I want.

          There’s nothing you can do.

          Just two guys can take you easy.

          I love these punks playing though. Nothing but pieces of shit, comes the time.


          • You are an idiot. You need too get back to your xbox and finish your insane imaginings there. Most on this site will be around long after you are only a stain in a survivor’s yard. If you make it that far in, little child.

          • @UFC

            Too bad you don’t know where any of us live.

            • UFC is a legend in his own mind. You know what UFC stands for don’t you? Ok, I’ll tell you; U Fucking Cunt.
              He/she/it is one of those individuals who thinks he’s going to take your stuff once it hit’s the fan. Good luck with that cunt. I apologize to any females I may have offended.

          • you have no idea who you just said that to…LOL.

          • Really! My husband, myself, two teen age boys, one teen age girl, three boys in their 20s, their spouses and our neighbors???? Say goodbye to everyone you know before you try it.

          • I thought you were in jail. How did you get out? Aren’t you the prepper on Doomsday Preppers that was a convicted felon for child molestation? You sound exactly like him saying he and his boys will come and take whatever they want and there is nothing that can be done to stop them.

            LOL! My 30-06 with armor piercing rounds will stop you…so will my .50 BMG. Bring it on.

      13. We’ve had 5 reported solar flares so far in May.

        • I sure wish JOG was still around.


        • Not to mention all the Earthquakes all over the world. Something is ramping up!

      14. TPTB will work diligently to ensure an event like this happens when they want it to. I find solace in knowing they don’t control the Sun.

        • I’d find more solace knowing they were worm food…

      15. Off the subject… but is there a safe place on the east cost after a SHTF situation? (I don’t mean the coast exactly– but the eastern United States area). Was thinking of moving to mountain areas down south, but people from Atlanta, Georgia will all be streaming in to the mountains after collapse. In Pennsylvania, there are a lot of nuclear plants, which I don’t want to be around. I prefer mountains and northern regions, but not too cold. Vermont might be good but too far away. Really hard to find a good location over here! ;(

        • go very rural moutainous western Virginia or North Carolina. Get your property now, and get to know your neighbors. I have property in Va. a “gated” –read that as a no access road to the public– ‘development’ folks(10 of us) sold with small mountain cabins in mind. All but a couple are down-home country folk. the nearest neighbor 1 mile away. nearest gas station 25′ on country roads, nearest town 35′ away. Nobody’s gonna get here without plenty of gas or in VERY good shape. in SHTF i’m sure a couple of folks won’t show (couldn’t hack it out of the land).

          There is 60 acres nearby (10 mile ride by road) on the same very large creek. web search virginia mountain land. prices are down, down, down. remember, something can look close on the map, but zoom in and look at the quality (gravel, dirt, paved) of the roads, then take the satellite look and look at the density of homes in the area.

          • That sounds wonderful! I’ve been to extreme western Virginia and thought it was lovely, but we’re going to try to make it through in NW, rural, Ohio. Not as safe or comfortable, but paid for. I feel sorry for the Amish who are going to be attacked first. We’re roughly 60 miles away from any large cities, no matter which direction. Of course, we have Davis-Besse, our glow-in-the-dark nuclear power plant and if it’s winter, we’re toast immediately. Being anywhere on either coast would be awful, but your choice sounds perfect.

        • I believe a lot of people – preppers included, have this romantic notion that WTSHTF they are going to head for the hills and live off the land. Most of those will probably not last a week before exposure, disease, and hunger do them in. Going camping or hiking for a day or two during the summer is not remotely similiar to living off the land in the middle of winter during a snowstorm or downpour. I spent a fair amount of time in he field during my Army service and have done several week-long hikes in the Sierras above 8000 ft, but even those experiences are no substitute for actually living off the land wih no chance of support or resupply. Think you could hack it? How about with a whiny wife and kids in tow? While carrying several rifles and your 1000’s of rounds of ammo? Bet those will be among the first items to be ditched when the going gets tough. Start a fire to stay warm/cook, and attract attention for miles around. The land would be denuded of game within a week and then what?

          Most of us would do better to try to stay in place in our homes for as long as possible off of what food we managed to hide in our pantries; maybe dig a hole for a latrine in the backyard. Aquiring water will be a full time job for most of us, and once people start dying of hygiene-related diseases it will get even harder. But once you make it through the initial die-off and the unfit/unprepared are weeded out, there will be all kinds of resources available for scavenging.

          • im in the northeastern corridor. If society starts to degrade and I have time to get out before martial law, we’re packing up, walking away and headed down. We have a large ‘shed’ and we rough it a few weeks each year. we know how to garden and farm, and I would hope that if someone wanted a bug-out location, they would set themselves up to survive there.

            If it is a sudden shtf wtih abrupt martial law, we’re stuck bugging in…fortunately I have an urban homestead….minus a milk goat 🙁

          • Long time no see “Moon”.

            • Ha! Didn’t think anyone would notice. I got sick of the trolls and holier-than-thou’s; needed a break for a while. Been spending most of my online time over at The Burning Platform until last week when the NSA sympathizers took it down for a week with denial of service attacks. Realize my brutal logic and cynical humor might be too much for many here, but maybe it will get a few to think and reevaluate.

              • The “landscape” here has changed somewhat. More articles, more readership, and much more commentary. I am a leftover from the days of NinaO, Gunsmith, Mushroom, yental, you, and a handful of others.

                Of course, Daisy as well. Now a budding author with her own blog. I rather respected/enjoyed your “brutal logic and cynical humor”. I am far from prolific as a “commentator”, but look forward to some future input from one of the “old crew”.

                The Japanese currency will “yen” to be “talLER” in the coming economic catastrophe. ;)! I crack myself up sometimes.

          • Moon
            …romantic notion that WTSHTF they are going to head for the hills and live off the land. Most of those will probably not last a week…

            ABSOLUTELY TRUE!
            Even when deeply experienced,the maximun time out is about 10 days without re-supply if you have to carry everything in your ruck.

            Mountain Rescue is busy winter and summer getting clueless yuppies out of the mountains. Many of course, disappear without a trace.

            • …uh, is that a banjo I hear in the background…?

        • Anon

          States west of the Mississippi are at greater risk because of greater population densities.

          Joel Skousen recommends the Cumberland Plateau as one of the best places if you have to stay in the East.

          Definitely stay away from New England and East coast megapoloy.

          • I’d prefer to stay out of anywhere they have “public transportation”, shopping malls or penthouse suites.

        • Go to Ohio straight east from the Beaver Valley power station northwest of Pittsburgh. Winds seldom go straight east.

          If I was going to relocate, I don’t think you can do better than NW Wisconsin or northern Minnesota. There are thousands of small, deep glacial lakes and the population density is low.

        • You’re pretty much describing Oregon. Mountains, but not too cold. Plenty of water. Almost no nuclear fallout. I wouldn’t risk anywhere east of the Mississippi due to nuclear fallout.

        • The Smoky Mountains should be safe. No nukes there that I know of.

      16. Emp, my true nightmare scenario. (Closely followed by ebola or flu mutation)
        waking up to a world without electricity or gadgets.

        But then I love my history, and loath most of what modern society has brought us. So maybe going back 200 yrs or so in the past could be quite nice? 5

        Not that I want 90% of the population to die, in a matter of days or weeks from stupidity while they sit at home waiting to be rescued.

        Greetings from sunny Wales.

      17. It is apparent, that for “some unknown reason”, our useless Congress and Senate keep rejecting legislation that would indeed protect the entire Nation’s power grid from an EMP attack. The cost to do so is estimated at 2 billion dollars. Hell, the Congress and Senate waste that much every month in their useless staff salaries.
        So, as usual, we are left to try and make basic preps ourselves for the inevitable attack. I don’t necessarily believe that the NORKS have the actual capability to deliver a nuclear warhead accurately enough to cause one, but the PutinSoviets and the ChiComs certainly can. Would like to see a LOT more information on actual home faraday cage construction details. Thanks.

      18. A Massive EMP will pretty much End Modern Financial Debt Slavery, on a National level. Like who is going to collect any debts? They will be Deadman walking coming into Any Town USA. What you have in your possession today will instantly become yours free and clear. It will take the NWO Banksters years, to ramp up a Effective Army to collect bank debt payments. I think a Good EMP will be a great equalized reducing everyone back to the same level of the lowest denominator. Stick and stones and muscle. The fragile Bansters in their Mansions will perish, as their yard crews abandon the property as it turns into blight.

        • Well, we can only hope so. Unfortunately, we’ve busted our butts getting everything paid for and have the “title” to prove it, except for tax bills in the future. Am sure someone will try to take it, anyway, but that will be easier tried than done. We’re still working on skills and I would never try anything so asinine as “living off the land”. Agree that the idea is highly “romantic”, but totally implausible. Even poison ivy can kill without Prednisone, or other steroids,
          not to mention the pain, itching and probably infection. Mother Nature is not your friend.

          • “Mother Nature is not your friend”

            She can be, if you give her the proper respect she demands.

        • Exactly right!

      19. Got Sandbags?

        • Yep bought 75 OD Green Sand Bags last year for .39 cents each at CampingSurvival. Going up in price, now .44 cent ea. lol

          • WWTI

            Mine are already filled with sand. If you have them stored out in the weather be sure to keep them dry and out of the sun’s UV.
            I will move them by wheel barrel or truck. Made some rose beds encased by cinderblocks and cap stone. Bed is made of 4 in deep crushed stone. Looks nice but has secondary usage. Patio was made of pave stone. Lots of material to stack. Hidden in plain site.

          • Check discount clothing stores for pants. Zip ties and pants legs will work fine as sandbags for less than $1.50 each.

          • Menards Home Improvement store chain (based out of WI and mostly Upper Midwest stores) is now carrying poly mesh sand bags for 29 cents each …. approx 14″ X 26″ …. double stitch bottom seam ….

            • Good to know….there is a Menards about a mile from me.

      20. As for the sun, it is not a matter of if, but when. If a EMP went off today I would be fine, and would thrive. Not so much of anyone, or everyone else that I know.

      21. every once in a great while
        a government official actually says something smart

        “Any community that fails to prepare, with the expectation that the federal government will come to the rescue, will be tragically wrong.” Michael Leavitt, HHS Secretary.

        it don’t get no clearer than that

      22. Just to echo an earlier poster:

        – Go to Home Depot to buy a Galvanized Steel trash can

        – They sell them in different sizes and very inexpensively

        – Line the sides and the bottom and underneath the lid with cardboard

        – Next, put all your electronics in it, then put the lid on it firmly.

        So what you want to do is buy a backup of most everything (your most critical electronic gear) to put in there.

        For example, do you own a high-end flashlight? Then put a spare in there. A spare emergency radio. A spare set of walkie talkies. And so forth, and so on.

        We may not get an EMP.

        But IF we do, we will have protected some basic items that will be very convenient to have in a society hit by an EMP weapon.

        No, a Galvanized Steel trash can with cardboard lining won’t put food on the table, but anything you can do to weaken the GovernmentZilla (“GovZilla”) machine, or slow it down, is a damn good start. Very rarely does anything happen by accident.

        One last thing: if we DO get hit with an EMP, do NOT take all the goodies out of that can at once. A second EMP may be on its way within a day to 4 weeks or more.

        Why? Because we are dealing with people who want to reduce the world’s 7.5 billion population to just 500 million, but God the Father won’t let them get as far as that. By the way, the evildoers won’t find any EMPs in Hell, just continuous flames of fire, unless they repent now and turn away from following their Darth Vader (satan).

        In the meantime, however, think like a Chess player: anticipate their moves, and Prep in such ways as to Protect your Queen and King, meaning, your family and friends, from both death, capture, or anything else that’s evil.

        May God bless and protect the good people– readers and posters– at this site and their family and friends.

        – the Lone Ranger

        “Violence is that which violates, force is that which protects.” – the Rev. Edward J. Brady, S.J.

        “The best wars ever fought ever won were those not even begun.” – Sun Tzu in The Art of War

        “There is not enough darkness to put out the light of one small candle.” – Motto of the Christophers

        • Most definitely do not take the items out of the trash can for a few weeks. In fact, mine will sit in the trash can until I need them to survive.

        • Would you be willing to suggest which emergency radio to get, and where to get it? We don’t have that yet as it just, somehow, sank to the bottom of the list and I know we need one. Thanks!

          • Vicky,
            If you can swing it, get your Technician class Ham license and then your General class. The latter allows you to transmit on HF bands (so you can “DX”, talk and listen over great distances). Then get something like an IC-7100 transceiver, if you can afford it. MSRP is about $1,600, but you can get one for about $1,200.


            The books I used are “Technician Class” and “General Class” by Gordon West. They have the entire question pool in them, verbatim, and you could brute-force memorize your way through, if you care to do so.

            • Thank you. We can get one after a few months. My husband already knows a little about HAM radios from the Navy, and it would be easier for him to do the memory work. I’ll give it a shot, as well. Thanks for the response!

              • If you are good at memorization, you can even work toward and test for the Extra exam…it took me 6 months, but I finally made it! (That was 5 years after getting General) . The sky is the limit, transmission wise, with an Extra….

            • I would think that if an EMP takes out the power grid, a HAM license is about the last thing I’d be worried about. I’d study and learn the books, but as for paying for permission to operate a HAM radio, I don’t think so.

              • sixpack,
                You only have to pay about 15 bucks to take the test, which is administered by volunteers. While you would have much more to worry about than radio should there be a crippling EMP in the US, you can’t transmit NOW, today, without an FCC license. You need practice. You could be an Electrical Engineer and still not know how to DX, nor could you do so legally even if you knew how. Get the practice you need today so that you can communicate tomorrow using means that relatively few people will have mastered.

        • In order to seal the can you will need to tape the lid all the way around with a metal backed tape. Best bet is to put one trash can inside another and seal them both with metal backed tape.

      23. I wonder if a high altitude attack over middle America would still fry all the electronic items on both coasts. Or if they would need more than one EMP strike to accomplish that.

        It does make you want to get a bicycle and keep it in the trunk of your car just in case you’re 100 miles from home when an EMP goes off. You could include a sleeping bag and a few days worth of food and water.

        I’d never get home on foot from that distance but I can bike ride 10 miles an hour. I’d get home in a day or two.

        • If I was in their shoes and had only one shot, it would be at that little 10 mile square on the east coast.

        • Good thoughts! I have looked at the fold up bicycle for getting home. When I travel I always have a “Bug Home” bag along with my PMR-16, vest and several loaded magazines. For food in my bug home bag I usually carry the “Compleat” meals. They are very inexpensive, fully cooked and will store for several years. Wally World here sells them for $1.55. My longest distance from home is about 600 miles so walking would take a LONG time but biking shouldn’t be more than a couple of weeks. The biggest problem is I would be up against incredible odds of getting home due to all the ransacking and looting, killing etc…going on .

      24. Time magazine covered the hearing, but did 2 things to downplay the seriousness of an EMP – they called solar flares “sun farts” (as did Dr. Frankel in testimony, regrettably), and they left out the part about 9/10 Americans dying in the aftermath.

        NYT and the rest of the MSM didn’t cover it at all… sad but not surprising.

      25. all this talk of EMP makes me want to watch the tv series
        Jericho again

        not a perfect program by far
        but it does give you a little taste of how things might be
        when the lights go out for good

        or how about LAST LIGHT by Alex Scarrow

      26. So many of these EMP articles focus on a burst over the center of the US. It seems to me that it would be more likely that such an attack would be centered over either the East or West coast or maybe a coordinated attack on several places at one time. I just suspect any group going to the trouble to do one of these would want to be certain of hitting large population centers and they would thus focus the majority of the effect over a major city.

      27. Can’t vouch 100% effective, but an oven or microwave plugged in and grounded will work fine as a faraday in a pinch. Steel gun safe may work as well.

        Your thoughts?

        • Mylar bag works for my cell phone. Findmyiphone can’t ping the gps and calls don’t get through.

        • just total BS …. some idiot that has no real understanding of EMP came up with the stupid microwave solution …. the two electronic wave emissions have no comparison what-so-ever ….

          some gun safes could be ok …. not all … there has to be absolute enclosure …. don’t buy into “cover the cracks with tin foil tape” …. just more stupid BS …. tin foil won’t even stop the weakest EMP pulse

        • Microwave ovens work well. Gun safes…not so well. Too many “holes” to be covered.

      28. B.I. said months ago that russia would not give up Crimera, or the Ukraine.

        Watch this video. It is most interesting. Kevin

        • WOW, look at all of those people and officials. We can’t even run a damn foot race in this country, without some terrorist killing people in the crowd.

          The last time I can remember seeing an American president get right down in the middle of the people like that, was John F. Kennedy.

      29. If people think that not using the power grid is going to be enough they are sadly mistaken. The only thing that will protect electronics is a FULL faradays cage. Solar panels are not robust. They will be fried like everything else that has a micro-chip in it. Without sealing that garbage can with metal tape the electronics inside will most likely be fried. EMP works different than electricity. EMP will build up on the outside of a metal container and ALL of it will go through a small hole like a laser. Cars build before 1973 have the best chance of survival. An old Ford 8N tractor with spare electronics is a really good idea. A generator in a metal box like a job box with any penetrations covered with metal tape should be safe. if it has fuel in it get some fuel extender and once in a while take it out and run it.
        you can make a faradays cage out of aluminum foil and bubble wrap by wrapping the electronic device in aluminum foil then bubble wrap then another layer of aluminum foil.

      30. Every 6 months or so this topic is trotted out for discussion. I’ve always been amazed at how much dis-information is out there about it. I’ve grown too weary to type several thousand words so here is a resource I’ve located that is technically astute and addresses all the issues. But be warned, it’s long and technical. Only read this if you truly want to understand the topic.

        h t tp://

      31. In my opinion, and EMP Strike could precede a submarine missile
        launch and a ICBM Land launch.

        In the 1970’s, David Wilkerson had a vision of a missile strike
        against The USA involving Submarine and and based missile launches from the waters off all three of our coastlines.

        What was so strange at the time, he reported that some of the missiles that were launched against us, had the ability to evade our anti-missile missiles. The Russians now have that ability and have had for a period.

        Secondly, he mentioned the slow response to the strike and many
        have assumed that the slow response was from a Cyber Attack on our defense systems. An EMP? Could be.

        I do know that in the 1980’s, The US Military worked very hard
        to harden military hardware to with stand such a strike.
        But nothing is perfect.

        Well, never hurts to have a back up generator and for those
        who can’t. You can never have too many batteries, of all types.

      32. And this is why I’ve spent so much time on refining my “primitive” skill sets rather than buy all sorts of technological goodies.

      33. The equilibrium population goal is 500,000. We desperately need a mass die-off to save the Earth and to eliminate the stupid, the old, and the non-Caucasian races. We cannot continue with an infinite-growth economic model.


        According to the documentary, the innovating architect says that even today the greatest challenge to building an Earthship is convincing the local building inspectors to grant a “build permit”.


      34. Many are forgetting that a higher altitude EMP burst just covers a wider area, you can still have a focused ‘narrow cone’ EMP attack from low altitude. This would affect specific areas vs a widespread countrywide attack.

        It would behoove people to have backup power systems on hand (as New Ordnance states). I recently had my own ‘power down’ exercise recently and it caught me off guard. My deep cell batteries were not trickle charged (float charge) and they were not at 100% capacity when I needed them. Oops! They still performed, but not at the level I wanted. Was only without power for about 14 hrs, but that’s enough to get your attention.

        • We lost power twice during this awful winter and it was educational. We had heat, but not enough light. I can cook on our wood stove, but my eyesight is dimming with age and it was difficult to see what I was doing. The first night we had pancakes. I’ve had the recipe memorized for decades so I didn’t have to look it up, but it was so dark that even pouring beige batter into a cast iron skillet was hard for me to see. I’m still working, so use the crock pot almost every day, and I found that cooking a pot roast in a cast iron pot, on the coolest part of the stove, needs someone there to watch it. After getting home (not easy), it was way too done, although not charred, so I need either a bigger roast or a bigger pan on a trivet to leave it on the stove all day. Also, trying to figure out which of the canned goods are beans, which are corn and which are carrots is hard to do by candlelight. (Really)I highly recommend Alladin Lamps which put out quite a bit of light and heat by lantern standards. They are quite expensive but worth it. Of course, you will always need oil for them and eventually, that will run out or become too stinky to use. I bought hundreds of Menorah candles on sale after the holidays, but I can’t see much by candle light. The good thing was that it was so cold, nothing was lost and I could use the entire store room as a refrigerator. For fun, I drove to work which took hours and might not be an option in the future, and read during what little daylight was left after getting back home. The rest of the night was spent cooking dinner, doing the dishes with well water pumped into a bucket then heated on the stove, and taking a bath, ditto process. Living without electricity takes a LOT of time. My husband chopped wood with an ax and stacked it, shoveled the sidewalk and part of the drive, then came in for dinner, pumped water for me and went to bed. (Hot water bottles in a cold bed on the second floor are a great comfort, by the way.) I was thrilled to see those electric lights come back on and turned on TV to listen to details about our “record-breaking” blizzard, which, according to the real elders, was normal back in the 1940s and 1950s. It was a useful experience and I strongly advise the practice.

      35. I’m moving to Maine screw it.

      36. Man, I don’t know what Standing Orders are for such an attack – but I’d be willing to bet all the nuke subs at sea, if they had an idea that someone EMPed us – it would be Weapons Free!

        Those sub commanders would empty all their ordnance and payload on all targets of opportunity and we wouldn’t be crying and dying alone.

        • Well, with Obozo in charge I doubt anything would happen. I think the sub’s commanding officers would watch, wait and listen to find more Intel. Once that happens they can do whatever they want since they are independent operators. I’m speaking from experience here. I spent 21 years of my life in nuclear submarines.

      37. I guess that people do not see or understand what I see and believe will transpire…You prep, that’s great….but what next? What do most people REALLY think is going to happen? Domino effect regarding banking? Power grabbing by one country to another? WHAT are people “prepping” for?? Really. Individually. Or in groups. WHAT do YOU think this is all about and what do you see as an outcome? Do you feel safe and comforted within your home with all you have spent on food and water and weapons? Or is that merely a false sense of security? I guess I see everything from a far different perspective from most….I feel safe knowing that I will go where I am LED and I will be of help to those who are in need…whilst fighting the ultimate battle….there is peace in understanding what is to come….and strength as well…
        Don’t believe the bs spouted by anyone….be true to Yourself and your beliefs and those of this Republic…
        When the Time Comes….STAND

        • FOB.

          “You believe what you wanna believe, cause you don’t have to be like a refugee”.

          Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

          There are too many things that could go wrong so common sense tells you to prepare.

          Do I think that something evil comes our way? You bet your Bippie!

          • Tom Petty…cool reference…Yes, something wicked this way comes….and I am prepared, in more ways than one, or two, etc…


            • And “you bet your sweet bippy” comes from Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In. Look THAT up in your Funk and Wagnall’s!

              • Don’t have to look it up….sigh…saw it all as it was “happening”….lol

        • Good question. I’m the main prepper in our family although my husband is on board and we, together, think the first thing to happen will be economic collapse. Don’t know when, but know it is going to happen. We’ve prepped for that by paying everything off, for what that’s worth, seriously, and stocking up.

          The second most likely event, in our opinion, is EMP, which we’ve tried to plan for by living “off-grid” as much as possible. (See post above). We have enough supplies for us for a long, long, time, but dividing it among family and a few, very favored, neighbors is a different thing. We might have 4-6 months for twelve people, and that’s not much. I am assuming they will have nothing at all to contribute, no matter how much we’ve warned, AND warned, AND warned.

          My biggest worry is that we will have at least two babies to care for, and I’m sorry, but modern mothers have no clue. I bought five dozen cloth diapers plus pins and plastic pants which are all in storage. I’m going to enjoy watching them hang out wet diapers in freezing weather. Pay-backs, which probably make me a not-so-nice person. They all feed nasty smelling formula and those instant meals for toddlers. I still have the recipe for my kids Carnation Evaporated Milk formula and have two cases of evap. milk stored. They don’t last long, so have had some expense replenishing them. Same with Karo syrup. Our well water is potable, but the girls have no idea how to make formula, how to boil the water and boil the bottles and nipples, then get it all combined. I bought a dozen glass bottles and nipples while I think they use little plastic liners and some kind of bottle shaped container into which they pour some kind of foul-smelling powder, tap water and shake. Taking care of a baby when I had mine was hard, and it’s really easy now. It will be a huge shock for them. (Ha-ha, tee-hee, Ho, ho)I also have years of ingredients for home-made borax soap, and the recipe, which interests none of them right now. That makes me sound so awful, but everything is so damn instant anymore and I can’t think this is a good thing.

          We have several thousand different fish antibiotics and quarts of silver. Expiration dates are mostly in 2017, so if this thing happens, I hope it’s soon, and get it over with, and get back to “normal”.

          The third thing we see is some kind of plague and if it’s Ebola, etc., all bets are off. The fourth most likely is nuclear war and that’s final. Government insanity falls in the middle of these and who knows what will happen in that case. Yes, if it’s the first two things I listed, I think we, as in family and friends, will make it, although maybe with some losses. I fear the property tax man as much as anything. We have shelter, fuel (as in lots of woods) and quite a bit of food, plus I know how to garden without chemicals and know how to process it. My husband can do almost anything very well, and I hope we live long enough to protect the kids one more time.

          FOB, we’re probably roughly the same age and I’m interested in knowing what YOU think!

          • Hi Vicky…I believe the hardest part of understanding what MIGHT happen is NOT KNOWING what WILL happen….we can all prepare for immediate disasters, and should, but I, myself, do not have years worth of foodstuffs….I did for quite some time, but realized that having what is familiar would be a good thing the long run it would prevent me from depending upon myself and what Nature can provide me…I think it is far more important to KNOW what to do in the long run following a shtf event, than it is to merely survive initially…..what do you do if you cannot grow anything if nuclear devices are utilized? What do you do to provide clean water? WHAT do you do?? Everyone has a similar, but different scenario to address….where you live is a huge factor….how you live is another…can you survive with a string and a match? I cannot answer for anyone other than myself, I know I will survive as long as I need to because I was raised by those who just did it…. and thankfully, we ALL have talents and skills which will be beneficial to Everyone! But please, Vicky, NO Karo syrup!! I remember that recipe, but babies do not need high fructose corn syrup…they put that in the recipe initially because of the sweetness would get babies to drink it…remember, those were the days when they did not want Mothers to breast feed their babies….one of the problems in this society today is that we have one generation of dr. spock babies raising yet another generation of dr. spock babies….
            Sorry to have gotten up on a soapbox Vicky….I wish only the best for you and your family….and have Faith…

            • We wish health, safety, and happiness for you, too, FOB, and best of luck.

          • I believe in future, those babies that aren’t breastfed will probably die( and wet-nursing will come back in, too). I’m thinking contaminated water( unless you have filters) radioactivity( which would affect bf anyway, but the immunities the baby gets would help save it, possibly, and the lack of formula…kudos to you for thinking of prepping for homemade formula….I have the Better Homes and Gardens Baby book from 1955, which is what my mother used to raise me, and it has info for both breast and bottle in it…prep away, people, we don’t have much time left…

      38. Bring it on!

      39. NO shit sherlock…..SHTF will hit soon…in 4 weeks the sheep will die off….thats 90% of the populace in the U.S sad to say

      40. Just a thought………How about we all focus on things we can control like being a good spouse, father, mother, loving and spending time with our children and being a good example to them, managing our finances, etc. There are dozens of things like these that we have control over and if done properly will pay off many times over.
        Some preparation similar to that of hurricane preparedness is great but to be consumed with thoughts of things that might or could happen is non productive.

      41. Flashback to the 60’s and 70’s…
        You guys are hard to please….

        These Hollywood Squares Q&As have been around the globe a couple of times.
        This is about the third time I’ve read them but I still laugh every time.
        There is some very clever wit in here. read all of them and I promise you
        will laugh out loud!

        Q. Do female frogs croak?
        A. Paul Lynde: If you hold their little heads under water long enough.

        Q. If you’re going to make a parachute jump, at least how high should you
        A. Charley Weaver: Three days of steady drinking should do it.

        Q. True or False, a pea can last as long as 5,000 years.
        A. George Gobel: Boy, it sure seems that way sometimes.

        Q. You’ve been having trouble going to sleep. Are you probably a man or a
        A. Don Knotts: That’s what’s been keeping me awake.

        Q. According to Cosmo, if you meet a stranger at a party and you think that
        he is attractive, is it okay to come out and ask him if he’s married?
        A. Rose Marie: No, wait until morning.

        Q. Which of your five senses tends to diminish as you get older?
        A. Charley Weaver: My sense of decency.

        Q. In Hawaiian, does it take more than three words to say “I Love You”?
        A. Vincent Price: No, you can say it with a pineapple and a twenty.

        Q. As you grow older, do you tend to gesture more or less with your hands
        while talking?
        A. Rose Marie: You ask me one more growing old question Peter,and I’ll
        give you a gesture you’ll never forget.

        Q. Paul, why do Hell’s Angels wear leather?
        A. Paul Lynde: Because chiffon wrinkles too easily.

        Q. Charley, you’ve just decided to grow strawberries. Are you going to get
        any during the first year?
        A. Charley Weaver: Of course not, I’m too busy growing strawberries.

        Q. In bowling, what’s a perfect score?
        A. Rose Marie: Ralph, the pin boy.

        Q. It is considered in bad taste to discuss two subjects at nudist camps.
        One is politics, what is the other?
        A. Paul Lynde: Tape measures.

        Q. During a tornado, are you safer in the bedroom or in the closet?
        A. Rose Marie: Unfortunately Peter, I’m always safe in the bedroom

        Q. Can boys join the Campfire Girls?
        A. Marty Allen: Only after lights out.

        Q. When you pat a dog on its head he will wag his tail. What will a goose
        A. Paul Lynde: Make him bark?

        Q If you were pregnant for two years, what would you give birth to?
        A Paul Lynde: Whatever it is, it would never be afraid of the dark.

        Q. According to Ann Landers, is their anything wrong with getting into the
        habit of kissing a lot of people?
        A. Charley Weaver: It got me out of the army.

        Q. While visiting China, your tour guide starts shouting “Poo!Poo! Poo!”
        What does this mean?
        A. George Gobel: Cattle crossing.

        Q. It is the most abused and neglected part of your body, what is it?
        A. Paul Lynde: Mine may be abused but it certainly isn’t neglected.

        Q. Back in the old days, when Great Grandpa put horseradish on his head,
        what was he trying to do?
        A. George Gobel: Get it in his mouth.

        Q. Who stays pregnant for a longer period of time, your wife or your
        A. Paul Lynde: Who told you about my elephant?

        Q. When a couple have a baby, who is responsible for its sex?
        A. Charley Weaver: I’ll lend him the car, the rest is up to him

        Q. Jackie Gleason recently revealed that he firmly believes in
        them and has actually seen them on at least two occasions. What are
        A. Charley Weaver: His feet

        Q. According to Ann Landers, what are two things you should never do in bed?
        A. Paul Lynde: Point and Laugh

        • eppe,
          As Hoagy Carmichael says, “This exploded in me almost more music than I could consume”

        • Of gosh! Those brought back so many memories! Thanks for sharing! : D

          • What’s scary is that I can remember some of those.

      42. Let the darkness rage on,despite all the light
        The powers that be are just strutting their might
        While controllers descend there’s is nothing to fright
        These ugly cursed creatures work in the night

        Keep your energy strong, your spirit intact
        Their nefarious code’s even now being hacked
        Our weakness is strength,for they know what may
        Befall their dark plans as Awakenings play

        Yet storm clouds arrive,with terrible woe
        Some trapped where they are,with friend or with foe
        Yet the voice within calls us,deep down inside
        The reason we’re here,and its not just to hide

        We’re here here for a purpose,a meaning indeed
        We’re here not to fulfill their sick motives of greed
        Our mission is Truth and Awareness,its true
        For true hearts are stronger than all that can do

        So be strong,and take heed,tho there’s trouble indeed
        No doubt fabricated to make innocents bleed
        But there is no need to fear or wonder what nears
        All is unfolding as the Universe steers

        Were fully in charge,though it may not seem so
        Know all dynamics work for truth,ebb and flow
        Our knowledge is stedfast ,secured in the Truth
        That we’re spirits transcending,living Sayers of Sooth!

        +++ Zen Gardner

      43. A lot of ignorance here about how EMP works, on both ‘sides’ of the issue.

        The burst of energy released is picked up by anything that can function as an antenna. Basically any length of metal wire or conductive material attached to ground or any completed circuit. The energy released overloads the circuit in question with “extra” energy until a point of failure somewhere in the circuit fries, ruining the device.

        So now, a little education. First – the power has to be created and delivered. An EMP blast of the magnitude shown on that map would take a bomb of such size that frankly, EMP would be the least of our worries. Non-nuclear methods of creating a blast of RFE that strong would take an inductor series the size of an office building. But let’s assume that rather than one big one, the stack does what the map says without killing everyone outright.

        Our power grid is susceptible because as infrastructure close to the source shuts down, it will shunt power to the next line, causing a cascading effect as those systems overload. This is what caused the great NYC blackout decades ago. This is also where ignorance causes both needless panic, and useless responses.

        First – utilities learned from the blackout, and systems work differently now, able to dump power to ground instead of shunting it, keeping the damage localized. So a nationwide instant blackout is unlikely without multiple coordinated attacks.

        Secondly – these attacks will destroy anything in their effective radius capable of “receiving” their “signal” – so your wind turbines and solar panels are toast. Generator are a better bet, as the ignition system in a non-computer controlled IC motor cab handle a LOT of current without damage. Older cars not dependent on computers to run will also most likely survive.

        The issue won’t be the infrastructure as much as the individual devices. Anything that uses low-voltage, low-current systems will be toast. Anything with “delicate” electronics or microprocessors goes up in smoke.

        You want to protect yourself and your goodies, you need Faraday shielding, and lots of it.

        And the northern places won’t die out in winter; wood burning and other methods of making heat will work just fine, lol.

        Hope this helped. Knowledge is your best defense.

      44. It wouldn’t take an expensive EMP weapon. About 50 trained marksmen that know what they are doing, and have the backing could take down our grid system.

        you can look up all of the inter ties on google earth.

        If I know this then I’m sure the bad guys do too.

        You want to know what’s even more vulnerable ? Our pipeline system.

        The storage tanks in Cushing OK hold 1/4 of the nations daily oil supply and it is all guarded by a chain-link fence.

      45. Thanks for your input….so sorry that you are wrong in many areas….KNOWLEDGE is INDEED our best defense….

      46. There will be civilian casualties. That’s what they get for not preparing .
        Learn how to fight first. Then you can post comments.
        Do not post comment if you are wimpy. Don’t be a computer warrior. Be a man first.
        Is there anyone want to say anything about my black hole?.
        Identify and I will meet you anywhere.
        Lets see what you can do.


        • Save your strength for the battle to come….no benefit by engaging any but the enemy…and those you may challenge here and now, may well be those you call friend in the future here and now…

        • UFC’s are the wimpy pussies, there will be now time for real men to be rollin’ on the floor wrestling,when the shtf. Only time for survival.

      47. If there saying, it more than likely is going down.

      48. An EMP incident of any kind, that knocks the US off kilter, will only be an opening SHTF gambit …. you can expect conflicts across the world to almost instantly ignite … without the heavy US military hammer ready to swing countries will take advantage of the vacuum … going to make Putin’s rush on the Ukraine look like a company softball game …

        you need to be ready for a possible nuk war with rad fallout, bio attacks and even the possibility of a foreign invasion in parts of the US …

      49. MERS now widespread human to human transmission?

        Like it or not Mecca is an international travel hub that rivals Heathrow or JFK with ease. It’s a fact of life that it’s more likely to be middle-class people with disposable incomes that become international disease vectors. This means we in the West should be aware of what the symptoms of MERS are.

        If by now you don’t have a general outline quarantine, hygiene and sanitation plan as part of your preps you may be dooming yourself to failure. This is an area all preppers can address and imho does not depend upon personal income, so much as common sense.

        Whether the situation be grid down, war, natural disaster or economic collapse the first enemy combatant you’ll encounter is unlikely to be holding a gun. Instead it’ll be the relentless march of cholera, typhoid, tetanus, flu or a myriad of known and unknown viruses and bacterium that will finish many of us off.

        If you are new to prepping start by gathering a useful first aid kit, and plenty of hygiene supplies. For hygiene don’t get carried away – soap, hibiscrub, toothpaste and some milton tablets (for sterilization and water purification) are enough to get you started. have 3 different ways to purify water – remember you’ll need far more than you think if illness strikes, regardless of how much you have stored.

        Think about whether you have a way to launder clothes and laundry with no power. Having tried laundering by hand, I can vouch for the fact that an old fashioned mangle is an incredibly useful piece of equipment if you come across one in an old outhouse or thrift sale.

        Once you have addressed the critical items of self and clothing start to think about how you will maintain your home’s cleanliness. Do you have an old fashioned broom and pan,or do you rely on a hoover & handvac? What about a mop and bucket to replace your modern electric steam cleaner?

        As an experiment turn off the power in your home for a week and see how you actually live without it. Get the kids involved and write down in a notebook every job you find you cannot do without power, or that you find so time consuming it is out of all proportion to the benefit of the task. At the end of the week prioritising your shopping list for supplies should become self-evident.

        You may also find it helpful to draw up an old school cleaning rota as jobs that once took 10 minutes can take half a day once the modern appliances that allowed women to leave the home and join the outside workforce are taken out of the equation. If the power goes out, having a prepared routine to get the family focused on straight away will help to avoid the panic and mental mayhem that brings chaos and risk to your group. You may be able to remain calm, but can the children, teens and Great Aunt Mabel? Do not underestimate the power of panic to get you killed.

        If you have animals then a housework kit like this may be useful
        I’m sure you can find the items cheaper elsewhere, but I found household brushes that can themselves be properly cleaned and that use static to pick up cat/animal hairs very useful to have when we did our own trials.

        This is not as glamorous a part of prepping as talking about guns & ammo etc, but if you neglect it because it seems boring, it WILL bite you in the ass at some point in the future. For most of us our aim is not to get involve in endless gun battles but simply to ensure our families survive through to the other side hale, whole and hearty.

      50. Satan you stay the fuck in hell where you belong.

      51. Evil spirits are flying around everywhere. A few are flying around your head and you don’t even know it.

        • Obal,
          There is a cruel water spirit named “Chum Jaw” flying around your head. He was an elemental who acquired autonomy in 2003 and is still trying to extract psychic energy from vulnerable souls.

          A perfectly conical hat made of aluminium can help protect you. You should also utter the power phrase “Oon Yellimon” while pointing your dagger at your lingam.

          93, y’all.

      52. A baby born during that time will bring very bad luck. You wan’t to get rid of it.

      53. Congress responded with “…that’s ok, we don’t like those people anyway.”

      54. Four words — Faraday Cage and Spares

      55. Hello all.
        A suggestion for the home: an alcohol still. Fuel, light with bunson burners, cleaner, antiseptic, pain reliever , barter item.
        Also, cats to protect against rodent infestations. Natures mouse trap!

      56. I didn’t read all the entire comments, but I’m pretty sure that they can do this without detonating a nuke.

        research what was on that plane that they “can’t” find and the employees from that company and the technology on that

      57. I think most on this site are prepared well for an EMP or some other catastrophe. What I’ve been thinking of is “WHO” will survive after a year or two? Think about it: The civilized world (assuming every nation is hit by a CME or EMP’s) will go down in flames because we all rely too much on electricity. The non civilized world will go on as it always has for the most part. So, most of Africa, Central and South America will go on and the rest of the world will die off.

      58. Has anyone seen or heard from .02 lately?

        I haven’t seen him post in a while??

        build your own power generation capacity,
        produce your own power, and use the power you make.
        It’s a simple and cheap fix for any home owner, and by doing so you WILL NEVER be put in the dark by a CME, EMP or a Terrorist Attack. See how at:

      60. I’ve heard they want to microchip all of us. An EMP attack would render everyone de-microchiped.

      61. This is one thing I’m really ready for!!!
        Keep Prepping!

      62. You only need heat not electricity to survive…

      63. Notice Halifax and Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, are completely off the map of destruction.

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