“Experts” Demand Submission To Restrictions For 3 More Months

by | Mar 2, 2021 | Headline News | 17 comments

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    The “experts” say humans don’t have the right to live freely and not be slaves to the government. They say that the rulers should avoid “lifting” COVID restrictions for several more months even though cases have plunged and their precious vaccines are being injected into anyone who will take it.

    These rulers and their mainstream media propagandists have effectively built a prison around the minds of far too many people. “We should not ease up, allow indoor dining, big groups … getting rid of mask mandates. We have to hold on for another two or three months in this condition,” said Dr. Zeke Emanuel, who was a health adviser for the Obama White House and was a member of the Biden Transition Covid-19 Advisory Board. “We’re still having on average 2,000 deaths a day. We cannot become inured to that.”

    Heaven forbid we “allow” people to live free from force and coercion and slavery. Is this enough to wake up the masses? It seems like this gets easier to see by the day and yet people still willingly bow to their masters without thinking.

    A concerning trend has already begun. That trend is the mainstream media’s panic and fear-mongering push to keep everyone content in and under the control of their rulers.

    While the number of Covid-19 cases saw a weeks-long steep decline, the most recent seven-day average of new cases shows an increase of just over 2% compared to the prior seven days, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said Monday. About the same increase was reported in the most recent seven-day average of deaths, she added. “With these new statistics I am really worried about reports that more states are rolling back the exact public health measures we have recommended to protect people from Covid-19,” Walensky said. –CNN

    They will not stop until we say “that’s enough.” We were born free. It’s our birthright. No one makes a rightful master and no one makes a rightful slave. We all need to start seeing through this propaganda and realize this is not about our safety or our health. They don’t give a damn and they never have. This is about control and their expansion of it.

    The message is clear: remain ignorant, remain in fear, remain indoctrinated, and remain in servitude to your master.


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      1. Darn, they either added some more goal posts or they have moved the damn things again. As far as getting the vaccine, my son and daughter in law both work in health care and they worked on me to get the shot, and another thing that comes to mind, will I have to prove that I’ve got the shots in order to travel on airliners, trains. Just wondering.

        • Don’t worry alfie, you will need to get a new shot every other month against this or that other variant.

        • Hey Alfie, no need to worry. You will be dead soon. Did you look at all the articles re.mRNA and SARS done on lab animals years ago? They all died when exposed to the virus later. CANT FIX STUPID ,

          • Why would you make such a comment?
            Chances are,YOU have family members that have also taken the vaccine; don’t lie..
            Do you tell them every time you see them that they are going to be dead soon because they were stupid enough to take the vaccine?
            Probably not,because you are a totally different person in the REAL world, but a Rambo on the Internet.

          • I will be waiting for some people near me to drop dead soon since they got both shot series. I tried to tell the jerks it was experimental and to take the vit. and min. suggested by Dr Mercola, and writers on Lew Rockwell blog,etc. Restaurants can go busted, prices went up in Jan, sometimes they close abruptly to “disinfect” leaving a sign on door temp. closed for cleaning, also mask wearing inside except when served. I will do take outs only when the mood strikes. Several have gone out business recent.

      2. The narrative is falling apart and that is wonderful.Heard that the governor of Texas announced the ending of the mask mandate beginning on March 10th.Businesses may suggest masks be worn but people can refuse without any fear of jail.Businesses will also be able to open at
        100 ℅ capacity if they so choose.People need to keep pushing back against this nonsensical bullshit.I think most rational people have known for some time that this is just about control.We need this to end as soon as possible.As the saying goes
        Enough is Enough!!!!!

        • I live in Texas and I stopped wearing a mask a couple weeks ago. I never wore it correctly anyway, so why wear it at all.

      3. “While the “cases” continue to drop like a rock off a cliff,
        rest assured that we will do
        everything in our power to
        continue scaring the sheep with our 24/7 fear mongering
        on the “raging pandemic” that never was.
        MSM and “Experts”

      4. “Seattle woman 90, walks 6
        miles through snow for covid vaccine” This was a story on that pillar of news excellence
        known as ABC news, so of
        course -it must be true?

      5. “These rulers and their mainstream media propagandists have effectively built a prison around the minds of far too many people.”

        Well said, and the yellow star freedom bracelet is now on roll out.

      6. Recently read that governor of Mississippi has lifted mask mandates.Mask wearing will be only a recommendation.
        Restrictions on businesses
        also being lifted and they can operate at 100% capacity. Let’s just hope that more states follow suit.

      7. A corrupt or twisted governor with medical emergency powers is a death sentence for the people of that state. You really gotta wonder about about the integrity of our governors now. Most of them should have seen the hoax nature of covid many months ago.

        • @Anonymous – You are
          100℅ correct!!!!

      8. The demands will never stop, until the citizens stop them.

      9. You have the freedom to say no and NOT comply. Duhhh…..

      10. I’m not concerned about traveling on airplanes or cruise ships, these modes of transportation are essentially defunct now (for the peasants) so no need to worry about getting your death shots to obtain travel papers. We will soon see, the fuel supplies cut off to the masses. Our lords and masters have decided the recoverable oil reserves are depleted far enough, and the consumption rate needs to be curtailed by let’s say 99.07% in the next 18 months. It would not be wise to simply cut off the supply without first eliminating a significant portion of the consumptors. Life as we know it depends upon oil. In the early years of oil production, the EI/ER ratio (energy invested/energy return) was in some instances 1/100, or, 1 barrel of oil was used to obtain 100 additional bbl (42 gallons). Today, that ratio is at best 1/7, and in the case of the US “fracking miracle” (a mirage perpetrated by the PTB to maintain a temporary illusion of energy independence) the ei/er ratio is less than break even. How do we know this? Follow the money… Not a single frack operation has broke even on the fiscal side. The world population went from a steady one billion in the mid 1800’s, to today’s number in the blink of an eye due solely to petroleum. Population will decline even faster when the remaining supply is hoarded by the .03%. That moment has arrived peasants. GOODBEYE! Additionally, the human race undertook such insane folly as to construct such machines as nuclear power plants, which require inhuman diligence in maintaining integrity, are not by any means immune to natural (or other) disaster, and are now a part of the land scape. Know what time it is boys and girls? Kiss your asses GOODBEYE. In the meantime however, all of you good cowardly infantile slave peasant deplorable SOS, put your GD face diaper over your suck holes and get your shots. I’m with the gubbmint – I’m here to help…

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