Expansion of World War III or Just Your Everyday Western Military Action?

by | Mar 20, 2011 | Headline News | 64 comments

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    One must wonder what exactly the motivation is behind the “no-fly zone” above Libya. The Arab League, which was an early supporter of the zone, is now publicly criticizing actions by Europe and the United States. The League thought a no-fly zone meant the West would be patrolling the skies so that Gaddafi could not indiscriminately bomb his own people, not that Europe, the US and other coalition partners would be dropping depleted uranium on the population of Libya. A small issue of semantics, it seems.

    Why exactly the US is engaged in this military action at all is an important question to answer – one that will likely be veiled in confusion, secrecy and silence, much like why the US invaded Iraq, which was reportedly to stop Saddam Hussein from using weapons of mass destruction which he never possessed and/or to free the people of Iraq from the tyrannical reign of a dictator.

    Speaking of dictators, up until a couple months ago, all was well in the middle east. With the exception of Iran, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, and Bahrain were all allies, or at the very least we maintained a peaceful relationship. Not a peep was spoken for decades about the tyranny and dictatorships in those countries. They were friends, important partners in the middle east. From one day to the next, literally, the leaders of said countries were branded dictators.

    While Gaddafi is now under attack by Western powers for threatening to eliminate all those who oppose him without mercy, inquiring minds are asking why the same didn’t hold true for Bahrain, whose leadership obviously has the same idea, where government forces have been ordered to fire on all protesters, peaceful or not:

    What is the motivation for going into Libya? The possibilities really are endless. Are we there to secure the oil supplies for Europe? Are we really protecting Libya’s innocents from the reign of a dictatorial madman who has outlived his welcome? Do Western powers need to redirect the attention of the populace from a collapsing global economy to a new enemy and not themselves? Is this just another step in the expansion of a global war the will engulf the world over the coming decade?

    Whatever the case, it is clear that something just isn’t adding up. As RT rightly pointed out in the following report, “the international community is very selective when it comes to protecting civilians. In Libya they protect them, in dozens of other places they turn a blind eye.”

    As we forecast in an earlier commentary when President Obama first took office, it was only a matter of time before our wars in the middle east expanded. Up until a democrat President took office, war was a Republican agenda, and democrats across the country opposed action in the middle east, while republicans were in support. Now that President Obama has launched an attack, it will be interesting to see what arguments the left puts forth – will they support it, or will they reject it like that did with President Bush?

    Our forecast is that democrats will, for the most part, support the military action, as it will be sold to the public as saving the innocent children of Libya (and whatever other countries need a dictatorial cleansing). The Republicans will likely reject this round of war as unconstitutional because Congress did not explicitly approve it, something Republicans did not have an issue with when the US entered Iraq.

    In the end, both democrats and republicans will be more or less in support of military action in the middle east in one form or another. The West suggests that military action in Libya will be temporary, but as Nigel Farage so eloquently pointed out recently, the problem is not getting into a war, it’s getting out of one. Considering that reports out of Libya indicate that Gaddafi is arming his populace with millions of weapons, it’s looking more and more like a ground engagement may ensue in short order. To paraphrase Gaddafi, there will be no mercy, especially when UN/NATO/EU/US tanks and troops roll in to town. Be assured that those civilians we’re there to protect at the onset of Operation Odyssey Dawn will quickly transform into enemies.

    Video of Western no-fly-zone activities:

    We’ve already spent trillions of dollars in Iraq and Afghanistan in the last decade. What’s a few trillion more in Libya and the rest of the middle east? The Chinese are happy to lend.

    So long as the Chinese keep buying up our worthless paper, Western powers that include Europe and the US will continue to expand militarily, regardless of the constitutionality of such expansion.


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      1. Something wicked this way cometh,,,,,
        Releasing the emergency oil reserves in the U.S. will only keep prices down for so long. A spike in oil prices could be the SHTF scenario that moves this economic downturn to the next level. ( Search,,,,collapse part 1 disclosetv,,,,,).
        Gear Up & Good Luck

      2. Gaddafi is not a nice guy, but isn’t it interesting that Obama gets pissed off when someone doesn’t roll over like the other puppets and stands in the way of his “new world order”?  Obama is a dangerous man and guilty of high crimes and misdeameanors IMHO…

      3. The timing of all of this is highly suspect, as is the publicized motive.


          The never-debunked Protocols of Zion laid out the plan for Jewish domination.

           American blood will spill in order to destroy all the Muslim nations under one pretext or another.

           “Terrorists” will be found in every Muslim country, and bombed into oblivion.

           Forgot to ask: How many Israelis have died in Iraq and Afganistan?  Zero you say?  Hmmm.

           Wasn’t Obama elected to get the troops out of Iraq?  Guess he found out once he got elected that he is nothing more than a Jewish puppet like all his predecessors since Andrew Jackson.


           Just kidding; mad cause I just spent $165 on gasoline today (And it will cost much more tomorrow:)

      6. I hope when the sheeple in America want to stop the tyrant gubment here, that the rest of the world will fly in and bomb for them and not at them.

      7. War’s big business. The Military Industrial Complex rolls on as planned. Nothing accidental about this, or any other incursion. Libys’a just another in a long list of those we always planned to attack. Just look at how the Petraeus was recently caught joking about invading them. Yet supposedly, before any such plans were drawn up.
        The Elite have set the agenda. Obama is simply looking to maintain the relationship with Ghaddafi, while appeasing the masses. His money still rests in our banks, and he could unleash all the details of the Pan Am bombing if he so chose.
        It’s a balancing act, becoming all the more transparent as days go on.
        As Bill Hicks once said, “Relax. It’s all just a ride”.
        Agreed. Hold tight, but enjoy the ride.

      8. Comments…..I suspect with Japan and their shortages of food and fuel, that the great consumers that Americans are, are in for a rude awakening. Rationing of goods – like sugar, coffee, flour and rice.  Stuff that you and I take for granted every day.  My mother still has some of her WWII rationing coupons.  We all will be getting them as well – for the good of everyone.  We all must “pitch” in and do our fair share of sharing.  I see bartering soon–and I suspect there’s some hoarding going on here – I for one.

      9. Obama really didn’t want to go to war, but the three women (Hillary, etc) kept nagging and nagging him and he gave in to get them to stop.  I hope they provided an exit plan.

      10. I topped off the truck today with $200 but it’s only paper.  Planted some garden.  1800 EST will be interesting this evening.  I know what’s going on for me, think two levels further.

      11. Are we expecting company?  Any of you boys seen an aircraft carrier up here?  You know you’re smarter than you look!  Them TLAM’s were getting old anyway.  I have to do something & I still can’t believe it.  Tell me about the mig some other time……  You did forget the wine & I’m feeling f&*ked.  You can’t handle the truth!

      12. I remember a bumper sticker from the Viet Nam war.

        “War is good business. Invest your son.”

        War will never end under mans rule. But, I am afraid we may run out of sons.

        Itsn’t funny we still kill each other with base metals.
        lead,copper and brass.

        To all the young ones.
        Viet Nam was not a movie.

        This all applies to the wars today. That was my point. 

      13. This is now our 3rd war front.  How many more can we stand.   And this is the winner of the Peace prize?  

        Remember these chilling 3 words because they will forever haunt the USA:   BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA

      14. Will gold/silver go down or up this week?  Are you on the train with a ticket?  I’m enjoying the ride & I don’t ride the wave.  Have not lost any troys.  Go USS Florida.

      15. Those are our ‘good-buddies’ there in Bahrain where the police are doing ‘drive-bys’ on their own citizens! And just why do you suppose that our ‘beloved-leader’ isn’t speaking out against this type of activity?

        War is alwaya a rich man’s fun-n-games activity that is fought by a poor man’s sons, and now his daughters also.

      16. @ Anonymous: I’m right there with ya. I cannot IMAGINE how the markets will digest this when world markets open at 6 EST.
        Add another interesting element to this mess. I just learned this morning that each bomb dropped/created requires upwards of 30lbs. of silver! Each! For the contacts and circuitry. JP Morgan is having a tough time delivering even a few thousand ounces this month as the clock ticks toward the delivery deadline at month’s end. They are still on the hook for 4.5 million more ounces to be delivered by the 31st.
        So, silver price impact aside, what will THIS mean to the perpetuation of war and destruction? They NEED that silver, and now it’s almost gone. Will this be the impetus for our government to aggressively seek your silver, all under the ‘national security’ umbrella?
        Not trying to turn this into another metals conversation, but all of your silver, that’s not in their hands, will limit their ability to proceed. How will an administration like this react to such a thing? This may get really…interesting, really frickin’ quickly.

      17. Sorry Mac but you keep setting me up for these and I can’t resist:

        There’s a wonderful term Mac used. It’s between the 2nd and 3rd videos. …”whatever other countries need a dictatorial cleansing.” Hadn’t heard that before but it’s GREAT! Don’t you think Dictatorial Cleansing would be a fantastic name for a rock band? Or a porno movie?

      18. U.S. FRN down to 75.57.   Not a good sign….

      19. Pretty tame so far, all things considered. Oil up 2 bucks, metals up just a bit, and the dollar pretty steady. The real picture will flesh out once the Nikkei begins trading in a bit. And then again once the NY markets open! Tomorrow will make us all sea sick if we don’t step away from the carnage. I’m going to enjoy a bit of nature, friends and family, while we still live in our little bubble of normalcy for just a bit longer.

      20. Comments….. Come on people, We MUST help the wonderful prodemocracy people of libya free themselves from a goverment that doesn’t listen to them, bailes out the bankers instead of their citizens. Hell, there are people in libya’s imperial senate, that have been serving 20-30 years, stealing from the libyan people. Do you know that if the libyan people dont pay their taxes the house can be taken from them! WE CANT LET THAT GO ON IN LIBYA ANYMORE! Our leaders are very courageous leaders, leading our troops in another well thought out every day military excercise we have begun to expect from our fine leaders. HILLARY FOR PRESIDENT, HILLARY FOR PRESIDENT, HILLARY FOR PRESIDENT come people sing with me HILLARY FOR PRESIDENT, 

      21. @Kevin: Please tell me you’re being awfully sarcastic in terms of the Hilary comment. Please tell me. In the pyramid of the elite, The Clintons and Bushes each rank just below the capstone, and above Soros. That’s right, each of those families ranks higher than our president. This is why I am as confident as can be, that Hilary was asked to ‘let it go’, be Sec of State, and that she would get hers later. There’s a payoff in this for her.
        @BJ: I saw that same piece, but it was linked straight to the FBI site.  He made a bit of a mistake in using the traditional terms of currency like ‘Dollar’, along with all the rest that suggested he was trying to substitute the dollar, rather than a unit of barter. Should have more careful than that. But they’re looking to give him 15 years, and look at the level of theft in the gov now!
        But the real capper for me in the article I saw, was the righteous indignation of ‘the bureau’. They demanded that this is a crime that can be considered  ‘economic terrorism’ and that his acts constituted ‘a threat to the strength and legitimacy of USD!’
        Have you ever heard of anything so damn silly? The small guy is the threat to the dollar, but not Benny and Timmy? They are truly threatened by anything that may rival their sacred paper. Make no mistake about that. But in the end, the people are gonna win this one. Too bad the guy who was doing the coining will have to watch the celebration from between bars.

      22. Comments…..  dennis, if you notice, the $ sign on the computer only has 1 line through it, The dollar sign for the usa is US with a line through each letter. and as for sarcsm, Ill let you determan that for yourself!

      23. Hmmm….. RT News, in other words, Russian Television News. Now that’s a trustworthy source of reliable information!

      24. Kevin, I’m just sayin’…be wary of that woman. She’s but 6 degrees from Satan himself. Don’t be in a hurry to trade the lousiness we have now, for the evil that waits in the wings.
        AZ, it’s not what you think. Though it has some Russian link to it, it allows some of the best and brightest to get their points across without censorship. It’s not like watching Russia’s Nightly (State) News or anything. You’ll hear guys like Gerald Celente and Max Keiser for example, let loose without fear of stateside repercussions. And for as long as I’ve followed those two, they are about as far from propagandists as you may find.
        The simple fact that RT isn’t touting the phony economic recovery should be the first hint.
        Hope that helps. If not, well, then you always have state-run, trusted, US-based MSNBC, CBS, and ABC. I’ll take RT anytime for the truth.

      25. Comments….. what really happened says something bad has happened with rhe reactors in japan magor spike in rad levels tp 2650

        Max….let this get posted!!! 
        “the international community is very selective when it comes to protecting civilians. In Libya they protect them, in dozens of other places they turn a blind eye.”

        Farrakhan to Obama…WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE??

      27. You people don’t get it, Obama didn’t want this, he was dragged kicking and screaming into attacking Libya.
        Our owners in israel are demanding this of him.

      28. Farrakhan, h
        e is very protective of Obama, and Obama attended his “One Million Man March.” Protest. Rev. Wright and Farrakhan both said “he (Obama) was selected before he was even elected.”  This tells you much more about how the  U.S. voting system really works or doesn’t work.  And we all know it doesn’t work.

      29. Comments…..we interupt your regularly scheduled program with important news!!!!! oil production in libya has ceased,gas prices will continue to rise until further notice.we now return to your regularly program, thank you for being a good citizen.

      30. @ sanityjones….I agree, I think it plays off of Celente’s notion of expanding war to finance the “Dream” I agree with other posters that this could easily spell the start of the end. It seems that after following Celente and Schiff among others, a lot of what is going on now was predicted by them over the last two years. Get extra food, water some gear and silver and sit back knowing you will be better off than most.

      31. Farrakhan, he is very protective of Obama, and Obama attended his “One Million Man March Protest.”

        Rev. Wright and Farrakhan, both said “he (Obama) was selected before he was even elected.”  This tells you much more about how the  U.S. voting system really works or doesn’t work.  And we all know it doesn’t work.

        That’s why the last election you saw how Democrats won the Senate, and Republicans only won the lower house (which means nothing, because everything must be sent to the Senate. )

        The Senate can veto everything the lower house or Republicans send to them.  And if it passes the Senate house, Obama (the president) can still veto it.  

        We can see even those Republicans won the lower house, that would stop Dems from proposing new bills through Congress.  But Dems said “so what, it didn’t mean a thing.  Dems can make laws through your local government agencies – It’s called “ADMINISTRATIVE LAW.”

        Dems even said not to bother to send any proposed bills to them because it’s a waste of their time, because they will just veto them.  Therefore the Republican candidates have no power to keep their promises to the voters.

      32. Comments….. Jane, At one time I would also bash this great nations electorial procces. Mushroom has converted me. You see all those evil rumors from the islamic nuts about voter fraud are utter nonesense, the voting muchines are programed by the most honest of people. There is no reason to keep a hard copy of voteing records, due to the fact  that our electronic voting machines are 100% reliable, and the results are emailed to a central location, We all know the internet is 100% secure. Our leaders are wise,sane,honest, and med free. Our new house will be like ALL before them, they will keep every campaign promise they make! 

      33. There’s a certain cold,cruel logic at work in the Libyan “struggle”.I suspect the following:It’s ALL about the OIL.Mr.O has Finally shown that he’s a true-blue/red REPOCRAT(just a better wordsmith than most.)Nothing’s changing is the only change in town.Now we have new weird happenings like the following: Attempts to Replace Confetti Currency Federal Reserve Notes with Precious Metals Are, ‘A Unique Form of Domestic Terrorism’ (find this at Blacklisted News,make sure you read the whole story) are a sign just how desperate the Feddies are getting these days.I’ll bet real soon they’ll declare all Silver and Gold holdings “illegal” by U.S. citizens like the 1929-30’s Depression,And they KNOW who’s buying and holding the stuff.You think professional thieves know where to look?Just wait for these folks!Given what’s now been happening on a State-level,I feel we have about 5 years before a almost total collapse of our Democracy.The REAL question now is what “Government” have the UBER 5% Rich decided to replace the current system with?It appears to me that a revised,updated version of Fascist Oligarchy(remember that fun-lovin’ guy Hitler?) is what’s THEY will try to foist on us “For our very own good and well being”.
        Best to All and Stay Warm.

      34. Our very insecure electronic voting system has been discussed before the election, ask Mac for this specific article.  Everybody complained about how insecure the voting system insecure was and how  easily it could be hacked. 

        Also Obama, Hillary and Dems are telling us that their systems are vulnerable and are constantly hacked by the Chinese.  But when it comes to the voting system, you said it’s very safe.  

        Then why did the government just pass a bill regarding the modification of our internet system? Controlling or hacking, which is it? or both?

      35. I TALK TO “JESUS” da jew, and “GAWD” every day when I’m taking a dump! And Jesus da jew told me to tell all you bible thumping morons that your gonna die soon from cancer , from being deliberately poisoned by the NWO FALSE FLAG COREXIT plans of the GULF of Mexico and The Jap FUCKUOBAMA Nuke Plants!!!
        Take a look around “Deciples of Gawd!
        If there is a gawd and a real jesus da jew, they sure as hell fcked up earth, worse than a bunch of tequila swilling mexicans moving into the neighborhood!
        JUST REMEMBER this folks of the bible… WTSHTF for real… every asshole with a 12 gauge is gonna be walking the streets looking for food booze and drugs and other things… hint hint… just research katrina and the super dome! LA riots!
        Your local cops are gonna be home protecting their own families!
        So my question is this for you all…
        Who’s gonna protect you???
        A dead jew named jesus and some childs imaginary friend named casper da GAWD!???
        or a Remington 12 Gauge SG and a Remington 700 Rifle??
        I’LL BE GRABBING FOR MY 12 GAUGE SHOT GUN, not my bible!
        “click-clack!” scarious sound in the world at 2am in the morning!
        So just keep thumping your bibles… your life expectancy will be 2 weeks when the real SHTF and it is coming… your government is preparing for it!
        Maybe you should too!
        and to all you gov assholes reading this… FU !!!

        largest crime syndicate in the world is – organized religion!

      36. Time to bring in puff the magic dragon.

      37. To AZ Ready – RT stands for “Russia Today” :) 
        And yes, I agree, good source of info.
        For those who don’t know – it’s a 24-hour news channel in English.

      38. @tekroanin…I believe in God and Jesus, I have a Bible and a 12 gauge…when you’re in the neighborhood looking for your handout, drugs or booze, drop on by — It will be my pleasure to introduce you personally to each one.

        GMAFB – the idiots on this site are beginning to make it worthless…

      39. To all of you who think that Obama is getting nuttier every day, consider this:  Who of us wouldn’t, considering he is constantly nagged by the hating Michelle, her meddling mama, and the Shrill One herself, Hillary!  I would have blown my own head off by now!  Obama is tough!

      40. Comments…..  Jane,. I used to KNOW how corrupt the system is, all those rumors of vote fraud are untrue, and no evidencs that any has ever taken place. A federaly funded investigation and  a federal judge has come to that conclusion.  mushroom has converted me!  EXAMPLE 1- Just because the federal reserve act says ANY member bank that goes bankrupt LOOSES its charter and is out of the federal reserve system, has NOTHING to do with the bail outs!  WAKE UP PEOPLE! The bailouts are for MAINSTREET, our gracious leaders are concerned about our well being, and the wellbeing of the children! EXAMPLE 2- Our constitution clearly says that our coinage is gold and silver, RELOC metals from times past, we are modern, we have ipods, and we are educated in the best schools in the world, anybody with eyes can see whats going on. EXAMPLE 3- our constitution is out dated, written by people who DID NOT attend federaly funded schools. Home schooling is bad FOX NEWS TOLD ME SO!   

      41. Sory to bother you guys. I just saw it on the google earth.
        Crete is 259 miles away from Lybia.
        If the psycho has indeed skud missiles, do you know whether they have the power to strike us?
        If so, we must pack our things and flee to Athens.

      42. This was war was started to create a distraction to what is really happening in Japan.

      43. So, let me get this straight. We host state dinners for China (one of the biggest human rights violators in the world) and we bomb Libya for Qaddafi making a statement about “no mercy” for his citizens who rebel? What’s the difference between these 2 countries? Let’s see: China owns a huge chunk of our debt and Libya owns very little of it, China is a large country with a powerful military and Libya basically has paper airplanes and slingshots, China has no oil and Libya has a substantial amount, and lastly China isn’t full of Muslims while Libya is. Let’s see what Ron Paul has to say about this: http://www.schaefreport.com/2011/03/20/schaefs-video-of-the-week-leave-libya-alone-ron-paul/

      44. Uhhh, I think the jury is in on the vote rigging. Literally. If you haven’t seen this already, it’s the most damning piece of evidence EVER that the 2000, 2004, and likely elections beyond, have been rigged. Here is the testimony of the man who was responsible for creating the program. He even demonstrates how it works, by simply clicking two ‘hidden buttons’ on a computer screen, once the program has been written. This automatically ‘flips’ the elections results to a 51% to 49% win, toward whichever party you chose. Results sound familiar?
        Remember the hanging chads? Just a distraction, while they ‘flipped’ the result during the confusion. And how about the recent Harry Reid scandal when the power went off in Nevada last November? Once it came on, he was suddenly in the lead, whereas he was losing badly beforehand. Seems likely this was again in play.
        But rather, here is the You Tube description of the testimony below, followed by the videos. One video is a more condensed version, while the other is lengthier (separate) testimony. Watch this, and you’ll never wonder again if the elections have been (and maybe still are) rigged.
        From You Tube:

        “Mr. Curtis,” said the questioner at the U.S. House Judiciary Committee proceedings, “are there programs that can be used to secretly fix elections?”

        And so begins the story of Clint Curtis – computer programmer, Floridian, Republican – who was asked by the company he worked for to create a vote-rigging software prototype that he assumed would be used to try and “catch” would-be fraudsters. It was a standard “opposition research” assignment – or so he was told. The truth, of course, was something completely different and weaves into a tangled web the 2000 Presidential Election debacle, a now-sitting U.S. Congressman, and the number one threat to our national security – electronic voting.

        Clip from UNCOUNTED: The New Math of American Elections, a documentary by Emmy award-winning director David Earnhardt. UNCOUNTED shows how the election fraud that changed the outcome of the 2004 election led to even greater fraud in 2006 – and now looms as an unbridled threat to the 2008 election.

      45. And regarding Farrakhan, I’ve never been a fan of the man. But I have to say, he’s right on the money on this one. Obama was very much selected before he was elected. So true.
        For those that won’t open their eyes and their ears to all the evidence that supports the fact that the elites get what the elites want. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be elite, would they? Our vote means absolutely nothing. Fight that if you will. It’s time to resort to other ideas in the playbook to retrieve our freedoms.

      46. Comments….. dennis, I was in the state of CO during elections, The media called his worship the winner with 8% of votes in.  Boxer was called the winner in california, when she was behind 50,000 votes! 
        I believe the republic fell in 1913, fed reserve act, and popular vote for senators, instead of state reps picking them, and the income tax started that year.

      47. Kevin, I can’t disagree with anything you just said. Rigged to the core. And that Harry Reid thing was just an abomination. Right at the height of things, power goes out because someone apparently ‘struck a pole’ in town. Exit polls showed him getting his ass whooped. Up comes the power right at the end, and he pulls out a miraculous photo finish!
        When will people stop giving a pass to those stealing these elections the way they do? They’d rather go on believing the lie, as it’s the devil the know, anyway. Thank God those on this site and others are always prepared enough with a heavy dose of critical thinking and awareness. Can’t imagine how the rest of the population is going to deal with reality when it begins to overrun this country.

      48. Comments…..I just scraped about 15 minutes worth of thought provoking BS, At least in my mind!!! You know how you it goes, For me!!! I read all the posts, put my  thoughts into words,place them  in the comment box, then, reread them,and decide not to post that trivial nonsense.

      49. Hmmm…I hope that all those who believe that Draft is necessary will prove it by sending THEIR children (boys AND girls) first to the combat zone, (not to non-risky places just to fake it) to show a good example. It’s easy to invent unnecessary wars when it’s not YOUR children losing limbs or dying so young…for what, really???

      50. Just your everyday military action with poly-morticians trying to start WWIII.

      51. Nothing to see here folks, there is a D by the president’s name, so any military action he takes is holy and just!!


        Dennis…I’ve suspected this for the last few elections, but naively given the ‘benefit of the doubt’, voted any way…
        I will not be voting in 2012…and only voted in 2008 as a last resort  effort..the game was rigged and WE ALL KNOW IT !!!
        Changing the vote is as easy folks as changing your ring tone on your cell now.
        We’re becoming a joke to other countries.

      53. Mac, as far as I know, there is no depleted uranium used in cruise missiles…it is used in the M1 Abrams sabot rounds (and probably other smaller anti armor rounds)  used to penetrate enemy tanks and vehicles………cruise missiles are used to take out big targets and typically use HE (high explosive, TNT equivalents) to destroy structures.

      54. someone commented that obama is  a wordsmith.  He is not a wordsmith,  he is a cadence master. He “preaches” in that mesmerizing siren song style most attributable to the TV evangelists who con millions of dollars out of people.  Without his teleprompter giving him the substance, , his delivery (and his ability to cold stone lie without conscience), which are his only skills, are useless.

      55. 110 Tomahawks at $3.75M apiece.  $0.4B or so?

      56. Thanks Geoff-I was wondering when somebody would start to add up the cost of our “contribution” in Libya. 110 Tomahawks at 3.75 mil each. About 400 million so far. It sure costs a lot to kill people these days. Do you think we’ll get 4 mil barrels of free oil to offset the cost? Naaahh..probably not.

      57. Jane mentioned yesterday that Obama was in Farrakhan’s million man march. I think barry was marcher # 174. And 288. And 409…they had to count each person about a thousand times till they got their “million”
        Now concerning the actual topic of Mac’s article: I’m wondering if all the uprisings in moslem/oil rich countries is tied together. Wouldn’t it be a great coincidence if radical muslims took over much of the worlds oil supply? Then the guys who are even more radical than the ones we’ve been dealing with can squeeze the supply to A: try to crash western economies and thereby forment their islamic revolution in those nations (their view anyway, we’re already doing a good job of self-inflicted crashing) or B: jack the price to about $500 a barrel and use all the money to buy weapons (from the west of course). I think what they’d like to do is B first then A.
        Now if you’re a good little marxist who believes the US needs a social/economic collapse to finish the job of cummunizing amerika then the mideast uprising works for you too. Skyrocketing prices and collapse would mean that most americans would gladly accept ANY form of gov that promised a return to peace and prosperity. Heck, most will be demanding centralized control of everything when the sky is falling. Of course the commies can’t deliver prosperity but they’ll promise it and most will eagerly buy it.
        Then comes the REAL reason for WW3. The few NWO biggies who actually control things use all this for their benefit. Oil price goes sky high but it’s not just the new uber-radical rulers in the middle east who get a big chunk of the money. The NWO gets a hefty share too. Meanwhile the US is operating under their full control and what’s left of freedom anywhere in the west is in it’s death spasms. All the players in this game get what they want. Of course eventually the NWO will have to replace our amerikan dictator with another one and they’ll remove a few Moslems who don’t understand who’s really in charge. But for us it’s still “goodbye freedom.” Might take a couple of generations before we rise again…..Then again, this whole theory could just be my new medications kicking in. Who knows?



           “Pride precedeth the fall.”

      59. Comments….. Jane, I cant believe3 we agree about our voting machines, we said the exact same thing,    have a nice day acorn lady

      60. They aren’t that expensive Okie.  Those were the ones that we wanted to test to see if they still work.  They do!

      61. Can you imagine the expense of pulling those old TLAM’s out and properly disposing of them (EPA & all)?  Their leader is doing us a favor!  I’ll bet the warranty already ran out on them.  O’Bombma is making more jobs.

      62. Can you just imagine #1 tell the kernal:  kernal, you got to get your people under control before this gets out of hand.  You’ve already used 3 get out of jail cards and this just doesn’t look good for your neighbors.  We’ve had this little talk before & you know your sliding on me.  You let the Chinese in to drill new wells.  You know you can’t eat that oil and you’ve been given milions to bank roll every week and now your letting the bad guys from Iran in to fight your own people.  Listen up now, DUCK, incoming!  There’s a new sheriff in town.

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