Executive Order: Federal Government To Take Control of Domestic Natural Gas Production; EPA Set To Move Within One Week

by | Apr 16, 2012 | Headline News | 241 comments

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    While Americans focused their attention on the Colombian controversy involving U.S. Secret Service agents, prostitutes and excessive drinking, President Obama quietly signed his latest Presidential Executive Order.

    The Supporting Safe and Responsible Development of Unconventional Domestic Natural Gas Resources Executive Order seeks to create what amounts to a Presidential super committee that will oversee the regulation and development of the ‘unconventional’ natural gas industry for the purpose of ensuring a long-term natural gas supply for the United States, as well as to do so in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

    Excerpts (Read the complete E.O.):

    While natural gas production is carried out by private firms, and States are the primary regulators of onshore oil and gas activities, the Federal Government has an important role to play by regulating oil and gas activities on public and Indian trust lands, encouraging greater use of natural gas in transportation, supporting research and development aimed at improving the safety of natural gas development and transportation activities, and setting sensible, cost-effective public health and environmental standards to implement Federal law and augment State safeguards.

    Because efforts to promote safe, responsible, and efficient development of unconventional domestic natural gas resources are underway at a number of executive departments and agencies (agencies), close interagency coordination is important for effective implementation of these programs and activities.  To formalize and promote ongoing interagency coordination, this order establishes a high-level, interagency working group that will facilitate coordinated Administration policy efforts to support safe and responsible unconventional domestic natural gas development.

    The target of the legislation is what many believe is the unrestricted and out-of-control drilling practices of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, a process which blasts water, sand and chemicals underground to stimulate the release of natural gas. Fracking has led to health concerns from environmentalists and others for its potential to pollute the air and contaminate drinking water. Some theories also suggest that fracturing may raise the likelihood of earthquakes in areas like the central United States, an argument that many scientists agree is plausible.

    Domestic Fracking Intensity via Gasland

    Several industry groups have applauded the President’s move to curtail the industry, with American Petroleum Institute head Jack Gerard saying his organization is “pleased that the White House recognizes the need to coordinate the efforts of the federal agencies that are reviewing, studying or proposing new regulations.”

    The President’s order establishes an “Interagency Working Group”  to be composed of deputy level or higher representatives from federal agencies that include the Defense Department, Transportation, Agriculture, Health and Human Services, Energy, Homeland Security, and the Environmental Protection Agency. The working group has been tasked with supporting the safe, responsible and efficient development of unconventional domestic natural gas resources.

    Now that the President has given the go ahead, there’s nothing holding the government back. The fracking industry stands to be impacted almost immediately, with federal agencies prepared to tear into operations nationwide in short order:

    The Obama administration is taking new steps to increase federal oversight of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, a drilling method that has helped usher in a natural-gas boom but brought with it environmental concerns.

    The Environmental Protection Agency is slated to unveil final oil-and-gas air pollution regulations next week that would cut smog-forming and toxic emissions from wells developed with fracking. Separately, the Interior Department will soon float rules for fracking on public lands.

    Source: The Hill

    But not everyone agrees with what is considered by many to be a further expansion of the federal government into industries traditionally reserved for State regulatory agencies. “We don’t need another working group, or any more bureaucracy, ” responded republican Congressman John Boehner through a spokesman.

    According to opponents of the legislation, by Presidential decree the federal government can now coordinate action through thirteen core federal agencies against any domestic natural gas production facility and according to standards determined to be appropriate not by law, but because of political agenda.

    Moreover, because a key stated purpose of the Executive Order is to ensure long-term supplies, the President’s decree gives the federal government the ability to shut down gas production operations as they see fit, potentially leading to government price fixing and centralized control of an essential natural energy resource.

    While the President’s Executive Order aims to curtail the unsafe and environmentally dangerous practices of the fracking industry, it further expands government control over our lives through more centralization of power and bureaucracy.

    Online Resources For This Article: Stan Deyo, Jeff Rense, The Hill, Politico, Wash Post, EPA

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      1. Not sure, but this could be an attempt to somehow reduce new wells and perhaps try to get the price of nat gas back up.It has tanked in the last few months because of oversupply. I also thought tribal land was not under DC corp control

        • 100% positive that Obama scored bad in a poll of environmental nut jobs and needed a boost before election time. After meeting with his bosses at the big oil companies, he decided he could gain the support of said nut jobs while at the same time lining the pockets of his bosses by taking the regulatory responsibilities from the states and putting it directly in the hands of the oil companies that control the federal regulators and are financing his run for reelection.

          Business as usual.

          • Sorry, but I would not classify as “environmental nut jobs” people who want to make sure that their water — and yours — is not contaminated with toxic chemicals.

            • Another “government control panel” formed…”the working group”

              The noose tightens.

            • Sorry, but no water has been or will be contaminated by fracking. Do some homework. Isn’t the internet already full enough of knee jerk intellectual laziness?

              • Bluechip, I certainly understand that both sides of the fracking debate have an agenda. I’ve heard both arguments and I honestly don’t know because I have not personally done the research on the water contamination claims (nor am I trained to do so). But there is a compelling argument being made about the chemicals being slammed into the ground affecting underground water supplies. The report cited here indicates that the EPA (yes, i know… very agenda driven) has found that fracking does present a risk, and anecdotal evidence from various small towns around the country in close proximity to these operations indicates that it was fracking that led to serious water contamination…

                Again, I am not trying to convict the industry here without proper research, but it does seem suspect that water goes bad when they start drilling.

                Whether the Federal government should be getting involved, especially through the enactment of an Executive Order, is a whole ‘nother issue.

              • But As long as it aerates it’s safe to drink!


                Great vid Beefcake,

            • Haha! Looks like you get a “Flamin’ Moe” with every drink of water!

            • No, they ARE nut jobs who don’t give a damm about drinking water. It’s all about the worship of their “Mother Earth God” or Gaea or whatever !a.k.a EviroNazi’s

            • here in western colorado they’ve all but shut down natural gas drilling, and i hear it’s because of fracking methods. On the local news they show people lighting their faucets on fire, and one town is supplying bottled water paid for by a drilling company. Most of the problem as I can tell from the news is not the actual drilling, but the transporting of the waste liquids. Supposedly here, it’s pumped offsite and the laying of the pipe was subbed out, the sub did shoddy work, too close to people’s wells, not deep enough,something like that.

              Lot of people here out of work without them drilling, but nobody wants to be a part of poisoning our towns either. Catch-22.

            • Nehew G: No worries. When this financial house of cards comes crashing down, the “Corpotocracy” that runs most of everything will die. Greece is all but gone, and Spain and Italy are not far behind. Once they fall, there is no stopping the crash from spreading to all nations because we all owe money to each other-it’s insane. The large corporations and the whores, sorry, politicians, who do their bidding will all disappear like a big fart in the wind. Not one of them will be found to face the retribution that is to come. So: pollution problem solved; politicl corruption solved; over-taxation solved; over regulation solved; etc. Get ready for some tough times, because over population will also be solved too. But I could be wrong and everything will be just fine as we enter a new era of peace and prosperity.

            • AZ’s water has carcinogen contamination because of it’s history of mining. While researching info on how to survive in the desert (say you don’t have a home out of the city somewhere) there was warning for contaminated water holes from rainfall washing chemicals down the mountains into natural water supplies. If you drink water near dead birds or animals you may be joining them soon.

          • Yeah lets all worry about injecting co2 thousands of feet BELOW the water table, as we endure 75 to 200 flights over our homes spraying our kids daily…Obama in prison 2012…If something bad happens to my kids,you will all be watching me on CNN excersizing my second ammendment RIGHTS….

            • You want Obama in prison but say nothing about the two men who, through lies, manipulation, greed and callous indifference, have destroyed our economy, killed thousands of our soldiers, tens of thousands of innocent civilians and decimated our childrens futures?

              What REALLY proves to me there is a conspiracy (NWO) going on is Bush and Cheney still walking around as free men.

            • Shooting Obama is not a second amendment right. However, a perfectly Lawful prosecution for High Crimes and Treason would result in Public hanging, netting the same effect.

            • The only person who has even spoken of shooting Obingo is you my friend, Mr Gods creation…That kind of talk can get you in alot of trouble..so in the future maybe try to not put ANY words in my mouth….

            • STILL all this tALK AND NO ACTION from the people OR i mean sheep TAKE action now!!!!! for your next GEN sake NOW!!!!!

            • From The North….You and I are on the exact same page..Thank God there are at least two of us…I was just ,ten min ago, telling my friend,a retired CHIP,(I usually dont associatewith dirty cops, but this guy “gets it”)

              Why would anyone stand up for themselves, when Am idol is coming on and you can still buy a 6 and watch from the couch??

              What if?? Instead of the million man march…HOW ABOUT the THIRTY MILLION MAN MARCH of AMERICAN GUNOWNERS???

              I, with you, will be sponsors, even though you know we would be signing our DEATH WARRANTS…Herein lies the dilema….Which one of us believes the country will be behind them and step up front??

              With all the schmuks and leeches in this sad country,Are there really enough of “US” to take the problem on??

              If shtf today, WHERE do most of us go??
              Who do we have in the “group”
              Whats the plan??

            • I can do most weekends…as long as the 535 are ALL in town….

          • “the Executive Order is to ensure long-term supplies, the President’s decree gives the federal government the ability to shut down gas production operations as they see fit, ..”

            I believe this is it in a nutshell..


            of everything!


            • Long term supplies?? I guess 200 years is long term…

              Energy policy…NONE (its only been three years)

              Economic recovery…NONE (fake numbers)

              Employment..NONE (fake numbers)

              Housing recovery..NONE (fake numbers)


              So far Obingo is batting 1000, looking good for re-election dont you think?

              Sad part is, the needy sheep will flock to the annointed one….I guess that free cheese is just too good to pass up??

            • I hope Obobo is brushing up on his burgerworld lingo, like “you want fries with dat” and “can I supersize that for you”…Thats IF he qualifies to work there….I doubt it….

          • Are you really that stupid? The only people in the back pocket of the oil companies are the rich texans and Bushs VP that has a huge stock in the oil companies. Right now all Obama is trying to do is to curb the approaching $5.00 a gallon gas prices approaching because of the republicans stopping all attempts to repair the current problems.

            • Let me guess….Its bush’s fault……Hank youre sad…

        • 100% positive that Obama scored bad in a poll of environmental nut jobs and needed a boost before election time. After meeting with his bosses at the big oil companies, he decided he could gain the support of said nut jobs while at the same time lining the pockets of his bosses by taking the regulatory responsibilities from the states and putting it directly in the hands of the oil companies that control the federal regulators and are financing his run for reelection.

          Business as usual.

          • “However, a perfectly Lawful prosecution for High Crimes and Treason” … Unfortunately, NOT SO: a) He (IT) cannot lawfully be President; b) never took the prescribed oath to office to be President, ergo impeachment is OUT, albeit: IMPERSONATING THE COMMANDER-IN CHIEF OF THE UNITED STATES ARMED FORCES, COMMITTING THEM TO COMBAT WITHOUT CONGRESSIONAL OR PRESIDENTIAL AUTHORITY SHOULD BE PROSECUTABLE UNDER UCMJ!!! … As for “would result in Public hanging, netting the same effect.” … REGRETTABLY; We can only do that ONCE!!!

            • Regrettably, executing the perp is not a good solution. That would make him a permanent ‘martyr’ to all the idiots of the world. I say Gitmo for a zillion years, in a cell with all his assessories and coconspirators, starting with the entire congress and SCOTUS. And at least one squealing pig.

        • Tribal land is off base to the gov’t. Just another treaty to be broken. Remember, Obama had said he was going after the energy industry, while running for his first and hopefully last term.
          With the speed this admin is moving to socialize this nation, it makes you wonder if they aren’t to confident in Obama’s reelection. They are constantly distracting the American people and pushing for armed confrontations. Possibly to keep their power. God forbid that there is an armed confrontation, many unsuspecting and innocent people will die. I fear that this admin. will eventually call on UN troops to help quail the riots and discord.

          • ” I fear that this admin. will eventually call on UN troops to help quail the riots and discord.”

            Just so long as they wear those blue helmets.

            Also…I am much less squeemish about shooting foreigners.

        • Tribal lands? Ha, they took em once, they’ll take em again if it suits their needs.

          • I agree with the Obama administration on this one. The frackers (like Halliburton, et al) are destroying this country. All that gas being extracted is going straight over seas to China and Japan, not one drop of that gas is going to the american people. Fracking is destroying our water, our air and is causing earthquakes around the nation. We need Obama to take action to stop the corporations from continuing their horrific practices, corporations care nothing about the people and refuse to let the EPA in to determine what those chemicals ARE they are dumping into the soil. They want to go into national parks (those belong to the american people) we the people own the parks and every drop of gas coming out of there should go to the american people first.

            • Fracking is not harming the enviroment, the casing used is from China, and it is rupturing under extreme pressure of pumping drilling mud and “frack sand” into the well

            • Hey, Speak Truth, you do not speak truth. This gas is natural gas, and not a drop of it has been shipped out of the country. We do not have the facilities yet to ship it overseas. There are several corporations that are working on getting the permitting to build the facilities, and one company expects to begin shipping in 2014, but it has not started yet.
              Beyond that, this is a free country. If someone on private land wants to sell his oil, nat gas, or diamonds that he finds on his land, he owns the mineral rights to that land and can sell it wherever he wants. Getting the Obama Administration involved will not protect our resources; it will only raise the cost of utilities and destroy this incipient recovery we have been seeing. And the explosion in manufacturing (natural gas is used as a source for the production of a host of things, such as plastics, so several companies had announced plans to build manufacturing facilities in several areas that have shale gas) many pundits were predicting just flew out the window!

            • Why? The Chinese can pay for it. Until we destroy the banking fraud, we can not. I would go so far as to say that China has placed a demand on it’s debtor to buy back it’s bonds with resources, just like the Cash for Clunkers boondoggle secured tons of scrap metal for trade.

              It’s that simple.

            • @ Tim

              Now when did this become a “free” country? You think you own your mineral rights to the land you think you own?

              E.O. 10997 – “… provides for the seizure of ALL electric power, petroleum, gas, fuels and minerals, both public and private.”

            • Wrong site to agree with Obama on anything
              These rednecks will eat you alive
              The guy cant do anything right with these folks

            • @ Derp

              Give me, and my fellow “rednecks” (never thought of myself as one from that “neck” of the woods, but I don’t use suntan lotion on that region of the physionomie since the ingredients in a typical bottle are designed to cause cancer, so I guess I’m vulnerable when I’m out in a t-shirt and my hair’s in a pony tail; another story for another time), but really, name one, I repeat, NAME ONE THING THAT OBAMA HAS DONE TO HELP THIS COUNTRY.

              ONE FUCKING THING, that’s all you have to come up with. Just one. Name one. Come on, show us what you got. Show us that you’re not just a troll.

              PS Saying that the “fraud” inspired, back in 2012, a massive movement to come together in unity to to end his reign, many of which might consider him responsible for “helping” the country to finally unify, once and for all, doesn’t cut it. I’m talking, what has the freak mulatto done to bring about PEACE? End the WARS? BALANCE THE BUDGET? Unify a fragmented, dying democracy? WHAT HAS THE FUCKER DONE?

            • E American – I think you got him on that one.

            • Bull crap!

            • I agree with everything, everyone after “speak truth”, said. The O-Drama’s and their cronies are milking everything they can from this nation and it’s people. I’m sure our brothers and sisters in the UK have the same problem with their leaders.

            • It’s natural gas. Until compressed, I believe there are no “drops”.

        • Everything is under our dictators control. He is doing the same thing as Hugo and americans love it. Keep it up obama and soon all americans will be eating out of garbage cans just like Greece. But it will be just the beginning! Obama is NOT backing down from his Agenda.

          • IF there was ever JUST CAUSE for a MILITARY COUP in the history of Mankind: WE HAVE IT HERE TODAY!!!!

        • I don’t know if this has anything to do with this EO but I have brothers that live up in Wyoming right in the middle of the NG fields. They all work for gas and compression companies. I was talking to James the other night and he said there is a company up there that is “cracking” NG and getting gasoline and diesel. Apparently this process is isn’t as involved as an oil refinery is and it’s easy to do. If this is true I can see why Obumnuts wants to get in on it and control it. It will put a dent in his overall “green program.” This dude and his EOs are getting a little old.

            • It looks like I screwed the pooch on that, It looks like that link is broken. I just Googled “gas to liquid” and sure enough, it can and is happening.

            • Yes, you can make liquid fuels from gas. It is called reforming. If you live in California, all your gasoline is made that way already. The reaction is called The Fischer–Tropsch process, I used to study it quite a bit 20 years ago and built some small reactors.

          • The aggregate of those “red-blotches” on that U.S. map above, PROMISE to make the Middle East a desert wasteland again, for the next 100-years and the resident White House Caliph intends to at least reserve it for his Caliphate rule IF WE FAIL TO STOP HIM NOW!!!

          • When I was a kid we had alot of barrels of crude sitting around in the woods full of oil…the clear liguid that cooked out on top was called casing head gasoline…VERY potent…we ran old woods buggies/tractors/hoopies on it…the old cast iron engines could handle the stuff…also made a heck of a good bomb to blast woodchucks outta the ground…yep them was the days 🙂

            • REB; That “clear liquid” at the top was probably kerosene, which separated and percolated naturally to the top when the barrels absorbed heat during the day.

              Its the first product from processing crude by heating it.

        • its cause we can pressurise the casing gas and turn it into useable cost efficient gasoline…. Stand your ground!!!!!

        • Natural gas prices are currently very low precisely because WE have so much natural gas in this country.

          So much in fact that it could support OUR energy requirements for at a century or two if properly allocated.

          That natural gas should be utilized by OUR trucking industry. It would be cheaper than diesel and as an efficient substitute fuel, it would take pressure off of gasoline and fuel oil prices for the rest of US.

          I have no doubt that the PTB are expecting a major conflict in the Gulf that could last for an extended time. Long enough to put pressure upon OUR oil and gasoline supplies.

          Oil and gas markets in the US are NOT efficient because they have been hamstrung by regulations intended to benefit BIG Energy and oil use. For the longest time excess gas was just burned off.

          By reallocating OUR natural gas supplies to provide energy in the most efficient manner, that is currently contrary to the program installed by BIG Oil, energy prices can be maintained at a realistic level for consumers.

          That’s US.

        • Heya Mac… another neat (offtopic) tidbit for you.

          Priest mentioned TEOTWAWKI specifically with a neat little phrase.

          source: http://wdtprs.com/blog/2012/04/of-things-lyrid-saturnine-solar-and-teotwawki/

          choice quote:

          “One of these days, something reeeeallly bog blasted out of the Sun will strike the earth, and our lives will dramatically change.

          If you are responsible for anyone else, and if you don’t think about these things from time to time, you are nuts.”

        • This is being done to force the price of energy so high that even the joke green energy may have a chance. Time to face facts and just acknowledge that this country as a first world nation is finished. Enjoy Zimbabwe.

      2. Just one more step (or pen stroke) into the depths of despair we will reside in.

        • Diesel, you create the world in which you live. If you allow others, especially a corp, to place you into despair you will deed be in despair.

          People were happier before the corp came into power through fraud. When you escape the fraud and no longer pay any mind to the corp and what it does, it can not put you in despair.

          • Ignore the corp? That would be nice. However, in the real world in which we live today, the “corp” logistically and realistically control most (if not all) aspects of American lives and business.

            Pray tell Gods Creation, how does one “no longer pay any mind to the corp” when they are in every orifice of our lives?

            Again, realistically, much more MUST be done by We the People! Simply ignoring a problem does not make the problem go away.

            • My dear fellow Southerner*

              We’ve had this argument with GC before – numerous times, numerous places, and always with the same result: He ignores it. We love him anyway, because we’re all children of God. To that end, no good Christian should shout down a guy with a kind heart, no matter how many wires short of a full circuit that some of his theories may be.

              You are perfectly right – it’s impossible to change a system you’re actively hiding from. It’s 2x as impossible when they have managed to insinuate themselves into every literal pore on the nation’s metaphorical skin.

              Do what you can (as I do), but always prepare, and keep the back of your mind busy for the day when the charade that our government has become can no longer stand on its own two legs.

            • Oh, forgot the “*” part:

              Originally from the South, but am now infiltrating the North (mostly because the seafood is awesome up here) and quietly converting the masses to the benefits of fried food and boiled greens. 😉

          • Gods Creation; I won’t jump on the “thumbs down bandwagon” because I can see where you are coming from, I think. In other words, If you are living in misery because of living too worldly, or too attached to modern society’s “things”, then scale way back and get off of the grid and the rat race treadmill. Not many people willing to do that though. I have to admit, scaling back and getting prepared to live like it’s the 1800s again is a slow and sometimes painful process. I wish it didn’t have to be this way. But like my ole grand pappy used to say, “Boy, shit in one hand and wish in the other and see which one gets full first”. Ole Baxter, he wasn’t one for mincing words. I sure do miss him.

      3. To frac or not to frac. There may be some legitimate pollution concerns about the process, although one method or another of ‘fracturing’ underground formations has been going on for decades. Being an okie, I’m usually on the side of the petroleum industry. Not because it isn’t run by greedy manipulators(it is), but because it provides jobs for so many of us.
        But I think the president’s latest move isn’t really about environmental concerns at all. It’s just one more step toward ultimate control. And as a bonus, he gets to frac up one of the few healthy segments of our economy. Remember, he doesn’t WANT a good economy, only the illusion of one (til election time) then it’s no-holds-barred in the plan to destroy America completely. How else can he remake it in his own image?
        I think we should all tell the kenyan to go frac himself.

        • Okie ~

          The environmental issues are MASSIVE from fracking. We don’t hear about this from the mainstream media because there’s such big money in it. Toxic chemicals are shot into the earth at high pressure. These toxic chemicals then seep into the groundwaters, tainting drinking water and fishing water for hundreds of miles around, contaminating the soil where food is grown. Further, there are many studies to suggest that some of the increased earthquake activity may be the result of fracking.

          We need jobs, yes, but we also need fresh water to drink and unpoisoned food to eat.

          • I grew up in Wyoming and even in those days long ago our water tasted horrible. You could at times put a match to the faucet and ignite the gas that was excaping. Little spurts of oil would come out from time to time. There were constantly fires igniting from gas seeping up thru the ground and entering somneones basement and burning the house down. We used to have to drill a new well every few years to keep the gas at bay.
            Nothing has changed with the fracking. If anything is is better. Its just that you are getting these people who are from the city moving out to the country and complaining that things are not the way they were in the city.

            • 10 million points!

              Out here in California we’ve got all kinds of nasty stuff, has nothing to do with drilling or anything like that, it’s just in the water, soil, etc. Serpentine is one thing that comes to mind, there are streams around here that are full of mercury thanks to those romantic old gold miners of the 1800s but the stuff was in the ground first for them to dig up. There’s a mineral, I can’t for the life of me remember the name, but there are patches of ground where the plants are different because that mineral’s there and only certain things can grow.

          • I completely agree, but it’s the states job to regulate this not obummer’s

            “the nine most dangerous words in the english language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” Ronald Reagan

            • Jason, Spot on. The real problem (well at least one of them) is the over reach of the current administration. This union was based on the idea that each state has the right to control what lies within its borders and stays within its borders. The Obama administration continually erodes the sovereignty promised in the constitution to individual states with these executive orders and forced legislation. I don’t believe that any change in November will cure our ills. We will just trade one problem for another. The constitution is no more then a list of suggestions and less law to these men, these PTB. Peace

          • Hold on folks….

            Let’s not go off the wacky-wagon cliff.

            I was in this particular field about 3 years ago, and have good friends who are still in it. Daisy, when you say, “Toxic chemicals are shot into the earth…”, please explain WHAT chemicals you are talking about. Name the chemical names please. I know, for fact, that the only “chemical” that USED TO BE USED in the fracking of wells was CO2. CO2 is NOT a toxic chemical unless you are inside a sealed room when it is pumped in. Of course, pure O2 can also be very dangerous if pumped into a sealed room as well. CO2 is a natural chemical, that is needed for life on earth to be sustained.

            Now, let me explain in short, if I may. CO2 WAS used, (its use in fracking was ‘outlawed’ by the gov’t as well as other powers about 2 years or so ago), to frack wells. I drove the tanker trucks that actually carried the CO2 to the oil and gas fields. Since CO2 is a natural gas that … now get this… is not only produced when you and I (and every other living creature) breathes out, it is actually produced in the earth! We drilled in the earth and, just like oil or gas, tapped into huge pockets of CO2. The misconception is that when CO2 was used to frack, that we were putting “toxic chemicals” into the earth, and thereby affecting the earths stability. In fact, that is so very untrue! We simply pumped the CO2 OUT OF THE EARTH, and then in the fracking procedure, put the CO2 BACK IN THE EARTH in a much smaller quantity (and will LESS pressure that the earth itself stored the CO2) when fracking the wells.

            It’s a lie of gigantic proportion!!! The only thing that TPTB eliminated by ‘outlawing’ CO2 use in fracking, was…. JOBS (or better known as that “3 letter word”)!!

            Look folks, God is in control of His earth. No matter what has ever been done by ‘nature’ or by mankind, God puts all things back in order according to His purposes and plans. Either we believe that WE are in control and therefore are the all ‘powerful beings’, or that God is! There is truly no comparison.

            BTW, the fracking today is done with SAND and WATER. Tell me folks… what’s toxic about those items? The only thing that “fracking” does is… as the name dictates… FRACTURES the already drilled hole to allow the oil or gas to more freely flow into the drilled hole (well) thereby REDUCING the pressure of the earth particularly around each well.

            Before listening to the wackos and supposed ‘experts’… do your due diligence and seek the facts…..

            • Amen brother, I work for a company that produces “frack sand”

            • The DiHydrogen monoxide that is injected in to almost every well is listed as a highly hazardous chemical. It will disolve almost anything and if you breathe it in it will kill you. It is one of the most regulated chemicals in existance. It should be outlawed.


            • Mac,

              Very well stated. I appreciate your response. I also tremendously appreciate your candor and honesty!!!

              If I may, let me ask you a question (and anyone else for that matter of course). Even though the video you referenced is interesting, to say the least, could it be that something (or Someone — read God) could be causing the anomalies? Is it at least feasible?

              As a follow up question…
              If after reading my statement to Daisy above, would you say that maybe what I presented was not only logical, but indeed factual, at least from a first-handed view point from one who has actually been-there-and-done-that?

            • Joe…

              Please, tell me that you are not a prime example of what I have been saying all along? And that is… DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE you state something as fact!!! Why? Because it will help you, and others, not look foolish and lacking of knowledge!!

              QUESTION: Do you know what the chemical you listed is??? That chemical is: DiHydrogen monoxide

              ANSWER AND FACT: It’s OXYGEN!!!!

              And you say it should be outlawed? Really? C’mon man!

              Di (2 molecules) of Hydrogen and MONO (1 molecule) of oxide EQUALS >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> O2 (Oxygen)!!

              Oy vey!

            • I spoke too quickly… DiHydrogen monoxide is …..


              I admit, I should have remembered my Periodic Table a little better… oops!

              OK… Di (2 molecules) of Hydrogen = H2
              then… Oxide is (1 molecule) of Oxygen.
              Therefore, the CORRECT answer is>>>>>>> WATER (H20)

              There… sorry about my lack of putting 2+1 together! LOL!

              Anyway… the main point here is… DiHydrogen monoxide is a bar joke! Simply look it up and you will see WHO is spouting this ‘chemical’ as harmful, and you will also see how one very bright and intuitive student got a petition together and had those unknowing boobs sign this petition to OUTLAW DiHydrogen monoxide. Then, he poses the query to them. “Do you know what it is that you just wanted outlawed?” Of course, that answer almost always was…”No, but it’s gotta be bad”. And then he revealed that they just petitioned the outlawing of ……. WATER!!!!


              Anyway… research, research, research! STOP taking what anyone states as “facts”.

            • Southern Boy ~ The list of chemicals you requested:

              Hydrochloric acid
              Muriatic acid
              Potassium Chloride
              Ammonium bisulphate
              Ammonium Chloride

              There are more if I really need to continue. Please check the MSDS for the effects of these chemicals on humans. Like you said – perform due diligence and seek the facts.

              These chemicals are used for various reasons – to kill bacteria in the newly fractured earth, to break up emulsions, to increase viscosity.

              And anyone trusting the EPA to make decisions not guided by the almighty dollar is seriously misled. This is the same agency that says they don’t need to monitor for radiation from Fukushima more often than every 3 months. This is the agency that has covered up crimes for Monsanto for years. They are NOT on the side of the people.

              I’m not saying that Barack Obama needs to be the one in charge of fracking. I’m simply saying it is a dangerous practice and one that threatens to contaminate our food and water.

            • Haha I was listening to NPR the other day and you’d never believe what they use a ton of in fracking – guar gum. Basically, we eat it very day, is a sort of thickening/smoothing agent used in foods. Well, apparently it makes fracking sand behave better.

            • My question…How many cracks can the earth tolerate before being affected??

            • Southern Boy.
              It was a Joke. 😀
              It is the same sort of missleading BS that we get from the GOV.
              If you had looked at the website you would have realized the joke. 😀

            • Great Daisy. Thanks!

              Now, would you so kind, so that inquiring minds can do their due diligence, list the website(s) that contained these chemicals, AND referenced them in the use of “fracking”?

              I will wait to respond more after those are supplied.

              Thanks! 😀

            • Oh… BTW, while we wait for Daisy to list the site(s), here’s something to read and educate ourselves on:

              “Groundwater Protection: Priority Number One

              Oil and natural gas producers have stringent requirements for how wells must be completed. The genesis of these requirements is water safety.

              Casing is the first line of defense used to protect freshwater aquifers.”

              MORE AT:


              On this last one in particular, pay very close attention to (and research) the amount that has to be use of each of the “chemicals” to be harmful to humans and other life.

              Folks… let us have common sense reign here… not hysteria! Hysteria is exactly one of the problems why we’re in the mess we’re in today! NO ONE seems to use their God-given noggin anymore!! For instance, do you know know the amount of “chemicals” you come into contact with on a daily basis? Are we all turning into “Monk” and gonna start carrying a sterile apparatus along with us?!?!?

              All of this… no matter if you’re FOR or AGAINST fracking (all dependent upon your political leanings, your ideology, who you listen to, and your possible agenda), boils down to ONE THING. And that is:
              Are WE in control of every aspect of this earth and the life upon it? Or, have we devolved so deeply as a people of faith, that we can’t even fathom the reality any longer that God is truly in control? That we are to ONLY be good stewards of His creation, and use our heads and the technologies that He allows us to find and implement on an almost daily basis, and do the best we can do in the days in which we live today? Or are we so far gone, that these things don’t even matter any more?

              God help us if it’s the latter…..

            • Thanks Daisy, you saved me the trouble of looking all these chemicals up from the water tests I had done on my springs when they started fracking around me. Those are just some of the chemicals the water testing companies look for when they are checking for pollution from fracking.

              Along with all the chemicals they also use, and ruin, a tremendous amount of water in the fracking process.

              I am pro development in an environmentally sound way. I covered my ass to the tune of 1500$, 700 for each spring just in case. That way I could prove my water was good before they fracked with none of the fracking chemicals in it.

            • Southern Boy…Well at least some of his post is right. If you breathe it in it WILL kill you and it is one of the most regulated compounds on the planet. I suppose water will dissolve most things, too.

            • Very good JRS…. very good! LOL!!! B)

            • Joe,

              I’m sorry. I did drop by the site. And I read the specific comment on Dihydrogen Oxide which says,
              “Dihydrogen Monoxide (DHMO) is a colorless and odorless chemical compound, also referred to by some as Dihydrogen Oxide, Hydrogen Hydroxide, Hydronium Hydroxide, or simply Hydric acid. Its basis is the highly reactive hydroxyl radical, a species shown to mutate DNA, denature proteins, disrupt cell membranes, and chemically alter critical neurotransmitters. The atomic components of DHMO are found in a number of caustic, explosive and poisonous compounds such as Sulfuric Acid, Nitroglycerine and Ethyl Alcohol.”

              And… therefore, I thought it to be an actual site, which it is… but I didn’t see the joke. Again… sorry!

              It does, however, prove my point too. It’s an impressive site, that seems to be truthful… unless you READ EVERYTHING!

              Thanks Joe… appreciate the levity!

            • Very funny Joe, I do have enough chemistry background to recognize water (H2O) by its chemically accurate designation. Excellent joke as evidenced by the thumbs. Congrats.

          • IIRC, the fracking liquids are injected at depths way below the groundwater/aquifers. Even the EPA concluded the fracking was NOT contaminating water supplies. So, now we have earthquakes being blamed on fracking.
            Search:”UT study finds no direct link between fracking and groundwater contamination”. If I include the URL link, it will take hours to have this post clear moderation.

            The “many studies” on the tiny swarms of Midwestern earthquakes could very easily be orchestrated PR by compliant government agencies. The detection of these quakes could be the result of more sensitive equipment and we really do not know if they have occurred in the past, and simply not been detected. There was no real damage that I recall, either.

            Do you have reputable links (with no hysteria-mongering or enviro ties) to substantiate *poisoned foods* grown in the US? I have read a lot of these types of articles/*studies* and they do not stand up to being analyzed with skepticism. Often, they are simply aimed at slamming GMO row crops (corn and soybeans), which is part of the *don’t eat meat* campaign. In my farming community, organic gardeners have actually burned GMO hybrid row crops that feed animals and blamed hybrid 5 dent corn pollen for contaminating their tomatoes. That would be impossible. Over and over again, GMO hybrids have been found to NOT be dangerous to humans or animals. Even Europe had to give up banning them. Search “Europe lifts ban on GM feed”. Some of these articles go back to 2004.

            It has reached the point where we (with reason) do not believe anything coming from the government or the media and yet, strangely, when the most fearsome reports are released, we do not always question their ultimate sources. This is a win-win for those desiring control.

            Be alert: many groups, especially those formerly affiliated with Al Gore and Hillary (Environmental Working Group), make it their business to generate fear among the populace. They do not want us to have affordable anything, from energy to fertilizer, synthetics and medicinal ingredients (from natural gas) to meat and if you trace back the scare stories, they originate with very progressive sources. Even some conservative/libertarian sources can be gulled by these *reports*.

            • Absolutely BlueH2O!!!

              You are spot on!!

              And Mac, with all due respect… it seems that you too may have been “convinced” (or at least your comment above depicts that you are) that these ‘stories’ are true! The Libertarian in you may be steering your reporting here a bit. Again, I say this with all respect, for I truly DO RESPECT you and your overall reporting!! So, for those who are the nay-Sayers and bashers… lay off!

              Also, we should heed what BlueH20 has said. You would think that, at least those of us who are TRUE PREPPERS WITH NO POLITICAL AGENDA to be had or fowarded, we would absolutely know better than to “trust” ANYTHING in print, on the net, in the MSM or even in the “new” media until we do our homework. Could it be that we too have become lazy? Could it be that we make excuses that we’re too busy and therefore ‘trust’ other sites and sources too easily?

              We must be diligent and ready to question with boldness ALL reports UNTIL we are satisfied that ALL FACTS have been accurately used and referenced!!

              Seriously my friends (and even some foes), STOP the fear-mongering and scaremongering and let’s get back to using a little common sense, intelligence and God-given logic!

              • I definitely see your point here, and I wouldn’t say I am necessarily convinced, but may be leaning toward the notion that there is something to this fracking and pollution (and earthquake) issue.

                This was a difficult article to put together simply because I don’t know enough about the scientific data behind this, and honestly, have no idea which source to trust. Beefcakes video (above or below, not sure) is pretty solid evidence (and I have seen other examples) that Fracking MAY leave a very negative environmental impact… At the same time, I am not very comfortable with the President essentially giving an order to take over this industry.

                I am, at this point, not completely satisfied with all the facts coming from either side of the argument.

            • You just have to be sure of “who” is running the study. Yes, many groups work to “generate fear”, but how many times over the past few decades have we been told, “Everythings ok…Nothing to see here” only to find the opposite was true.

              And… They DO want things affordable…cuz it helps keep us fat and happy and QUIET.

            • “So, now we have earthquakes being blamed on fracking.”

              I’m a computer guy but I do volunteer work with the chief geologist of a midwest state and write seismic monitoring software for the state.

              We have deep injection wells used for disposal of toxic wastes. These have been in use for many, many years. They cause no problems with drinking water etc.. However, that area has experienced a cluster of earthquakes (most way too small to be felt, like 2.0 level quakes.)

              It is his opinion that the liquid being injected is also serving an a lubricant between plates. His thoughts are that we are simply compressing the time frame in which the quakes happen. Not creating something that wouldn’t have happened anyway. He said to me. Would you rather have a series of 2.0s over the next 20 years or one big 7.0 once every few hundred? The implication is that, they are geologically “interesting” but pose no risk. They actually might reduce the risk of a larger one later since they dissipate energy before it build up enough to produce something larger.

              I’m not a geologist by any stretch, and the conversation is off the record, since the “state” has an official position..

            • It would appear that the earthquakes are increasing ALL OVER THE WORLD. BUT noone else is using the fracking. AND astronomers tell us that earthquakes are increasing on the other planets in our system. Tell me how our little fracking caused THAT if you can. :-0

          • God save the lil queen!

          • What kind of toxic chemicals?

            • @ Joe: … who seems to think Dihydrogen Monoxide is a major detrimental factor in the “fracking” process!

              Some of the well-known uses of Dihydrogen Monoxide are:
              • as an industrial solvent and coolant,
              • in nuclear power plants,
              • by the U.S. Navy in the propulsion systems of some older vessels,
              • by elite athletes to improve performance,
              • in the production of Styrofoam,
              • in biological and chemical weapons manufacture,
              • in the development of genetically engineering crops and animals,
              • as a spray-on fire suppressant and retardant,
              • in so-called “family planning” or “reproductive health” clinics,
              • as a major ingredient in many home-brewed bombs,
              • as a byproduct of hydrocarbon combustion in furnaces and air conditioning compressor operation,
              • in cult rituals,
              • by the Church of Scientology on their members and their members’ families (although surprisingly, many members recently have contacted DHMO.org to vehemently deny such use),
              • by both the KKK and the NAACP during rallies and marches,
              • by members of Congress who are under investigation for financial corruption and inappropriate IM behavior,
              • by kids who play Beyblades,
              • by the clientele at a number of bath houses in New York City and San Francisco,
              • historically, in Hitler’s death camps in Nazi Germany, and in prisons in Turkey, Serbia, Croatia, Libya, Iraq and Iran,
              • in World War II prison camps in Japan, and in prisons in China, for various forms of torture,
              • during many recent religious and ethnic wars in the Middle East,
              • by many terrorist organizations including al Qaeda,
              • in community swimming pools to maintain chemical balance,
              • in day care centers, purportedly for sanitary purposes,
              • by software engineers, including those producing DICOM software and other DICOM software tools,
              • by popular computer science professors,
              • by the semi-divine King Bhumibol of Thailand and his many devoted young working girls in Bangkok,
              • by the British Chiropractic Association and the purveyors of the bogus treatments that the BCA promotes,
              • by commodities giant Trafigura in their well-publicized and widely-known toxic-waste dumping activities in Ivory Coast,
              • in animal research laboratories, and
              • in pesticide production and distribution.

              Perhaps I missed it, but DO YOU see “Fracking” in there anywhere?!? … I do see a couple-a-things Joe MAY be involved in to know about DHMO!?!?

          • Daisy,
            You do not have a clue what your talking about. It is impossible for any liquids to seep into the ground water from fracking. If you were explained how the whole process is done, you would have to agree there is no way for it to get into the water table. This is just a scare tactic that eviro people have put out there to get people on their side, which is usually a false story, and so is this one. This is a very secure process, and it has been for years longer than you’ve been alive. The film of tap water burning has nothing to do with fracking, because natural gas has been seeping to the surface for thousands of years, especially in areas where coal seams are present and close to the surface.

          • Heya Daisy… if you think natural gas is evil on the environment, you should see what goes into making a solar cell: Hydrochloric Acid and other toxic chemicals, massive kWh of electricity (for the crystal furnaces), and the newest thin-film stuff uses some extremely poisonous chemicals (Cadmium, Tellurium, Arsenic, etc). Those chemicals do not simply go away.

            Long story short? generating energy is like generating sausage: Everyone loves the end product, but nobody wants to know what goes in it, let alone how it’s made.

        • Hmmm, Lets see. I’m standing on a thin sheet of safe and sturdy concrete (earth’s crust) and I decide to start “fracturing” it from underneath the surface. Later, as I notice cracks beginning to form on my little slice of heaven, I begin to wonder just how much this little old earth can stand before she starts to fight back.

          • And that is the question I had above for Southern Boy–because your welfare and financial existence is affected, namely your jobs, I am quite suspicious of the facts given.

            • Hey JayJay…

              I guess you didn’t read my comment very well at all, did you? If you had, you would see that I WAS in that field about 3 years ago. Did I say ANYWHERE IN ANY COMMENT that I am in this, or any related field, any longer? NO!

              So, you’re “gotcha” comment has absolutely NO merit. A lot like some other comments here that are only parroting the scaremonger sites and are relying upon their agendas instead of using their own intellect and COMMON SENSE!!!!

              Good try… 😉

            • Southern Boy ~

              I find it very interesting that you request that I cite sources for my information when your “source” is that you worked in the industry a few years ago.

              I’ve provided you with the chemicals that you asked for. I could provide you with half a dozen sources that all back up what I’ve stated, just like you could give me another 6 to back up what you have to say. We both know that for every study there is an equal and opposite re-study. 😉

              In reality, the opinion one reaches is based on nothing more than which sources bear the most credibility to the reader.

              If I felt like you were really trying to learn or have a reasonable conversation I’d be happy to provide you with links until your eyes crossed. I don’t feel like that is your goal, however, especially given your response to JayJay, so I’ll just suggest you look for the information yourself.

            • Daisy,

              What exactly are you talking about? It sounds to me like the ramblings of a Liberal who is losing a debate!

              I DID NOT source just my job (of 3 years or so ago by the way). IF you took the time to look above, and actually READ ALL my comments, you would have seen the reference to fracfocus.org

              But no… all YOU want to do is act like someone that is holier-than-thou. I take offense to your comment. And for you to say my comment to JayJay was out of line, is simply bunk! He claims my welfare and financial existence is why I stated the TRUTH!!! How dare you Daisy!!! You are a very pompous, self-opinionated, and narrow-minded individual, who honestly sounds more and more like a liberal with an agenda to follow than one who is willing to see the TRUTH from someone who actually might KNOW what they’re talking about!!!

              Am I mad? YES!!! If you don’t have the common decency to even debate my points… then simply keep quiet instead of trying to create a presence for yourself that tries to make yourself look knowledgeable!!!

              This is my last post on this subject since it seems that there are EXTREMELY too many here who simply what to see their ridiculousness in print, and NOT try to see the TRUTH!

          • The US Geological Survey has released a report suggesting that there is indeed a link in the recent spate of earthquakes and fracking.


            • Wait… let me get this straight.

              On one hand you tell us we shouldn’t listen to the EPA, and I quote…
              “And anyone trusting the EPA to make decisions not guided by the almighty dollar is seriously misled. This is the same agency that says they don’t need to monitor for radiation from Fukushima more often than every 3 months. This is the agency that has covered up crimes for Monsanto for years. They are NOT on the side of the people.”

              … but then you post another government agency like the USGS, and then want us to listen to them? DO I have this about right?

              Please… tell us which it is? Listen to the governmental agencies… or don’t listen to them?

              I’m soooooo confused! lOL!!! 😉

      4. The glut of natural gas really messes up the energy SHORTAGE business. Global warming has been discredited as an excuse to start a new feudal Dark Age.

        This will play one of two ways. Either fracking will be severely curtailed through arbitrary regulation or a new era of prosperity will dawn. There should be realistic controls in place, since carcinogens are involved.

        Unless he is breaking free of his shackles, my bet is the President will lead us into a new Dark Age.

        • So Stan, evidently the internet exists “on-the-other-side”. I’m not sure as to whether that represents a concept of HEAVEN or HELL. Perhaps you could help me out “from your perspective”. LOL.

      5. I read the whole EO. It is simply an order establishing a working group to coordinate policy. It’s what comes out of that working group, the coordinated policy, that we should be most concerned about. This EO at least gives us a working group topic for FOIA requests. 🙂

        • @Forgiven:

          EOs only apply to Federal agencies under Executive control. The administration can only make policy regarding Federal lands. Good luck to them trying to get control of any income-producing stream on Indian lands. The Native Americans are savvy folks and will use their sovereignty status to make sure they can do as they wish.

          “Unconventional” is a term of art that refers to shale extraction. The media is quick to spin it as “unproven” or “untested”, when it has been in use for a long time with no problems. I have read that the techniques are constantly being improved and so are the ingredients of the injected liquids.

      6. this is a power grab under the guise of protecting the environment . this is another unconstitutional E.O.
        remember agenda 21 ?

        the states are to control their own backyards , not the federal government.

        watch the price of natural gas increase dramatically over the next few months.

        • Canada now calls the originator of Ovomit Care the “first post American president”

          • you mean mitt romney?

            • Romney is not and probably will not be president. Your boyfriend Obama is the one being referenced.

      7. Nobody seems to have noticed the larger news story of the day. Hostess, the maker of TWINKIES is facing a possible strike! No Ho Ho’s, no Ding Dongs. And no Twinkies! Say it isn’t so!
        Hostess workers are unionized. I think it’s the International Brotherhood of Artery Clogging Dessert Bakers(IBACDB), but I’m not sure. Anyway, they plan to go on strike if Hostess doesn’t pony up $100 mil a year to their retirement fund. Hostess says they can’t afford it and will file for bankruptcy if the union won’t budge. It seems to be an impasse.
        We may soon see a genuine Twinkie shortage all across America. This could get ugly. Imagine the long lines of gaunt faced people, hoping to get even a morsel of creme-filled goodness to sustain them and bring hope for one more day. And what of the extortion-level prices Twinkies will fetch on the black market? Not to mention the bland, and potentially contaminated, counterfeits that’ll pop up everywhere. Who know’s WHAT that white stuff in the middle really is? These back-alley baked goods could actually be life threatening. But folks will be desperate.
        And think of the little school children. Imagine the cafeteria food fights which will erupt when NOBODY has anything to trade for your peanut butter & jelly sandwich? Just picture the carnage of flying peas and mashed potatoes. It’ll be like a vegetable-based WAR ZONE!
        Not to mention the massive economic damage to the other unions who support the manufacture of those golden goodies, but have no part in this fight. They’re the innocent victims, too. The North American Creamy White Stuff Manufacturers Association, as well as the Brotherhood of Plastic Snack-Wrapper Makers have both sent representatives to Hostess and the IBACDB to implore them to reach a settlement. We can only hope that they will.

        On a personal note: being a hard-core prepper, I have established a multi year supply of Twinkies for just such an emergency. And, of course, I’ll be generous in helping my less prepared neighbors. We’re all in this together. Also, as many of you know, Twinkies are excellent for long term food storage. They have an incredible shelf life. The newer packages are marked with a ‘use by’ date based on the Mayan calender. (12,00 yr minimum)

        • next thing you know our government will be bailing them out too..its a repeat of what they did to the auto companies..next will be a cream filled czar

        • Too funny! This brightened my day. 🙂

          Thank you SmokinOkie!


          • D A HICK – That is excellent. 100% Right On. 🙂

        • Thanks for the heads up Oakie! I will hit Wally’s tonight and stock up.

        • Last I heard, the white stuff in Twinkies is whipped lard and sugar. Oreos use the same thing without the whipping. Only I think they might now use vegetable shortening instead of lard. I know it was lard back in the 1970s.

        • OMG this is most definatly to do with the white house, this is Michelle Obamas doing, We will now have an EO to eat carrots after Hostess goes bankrupt NO bail out for them. see how they work bail out the auto, banks etc but NO Ho Hos for you, unless of course you are in the Secret service than you can have all the Ho Hos ya want.. go figure 🙂

      8. Somebody mentioned that I spelled ‘FRACK’ without the K in an earlier post. That’s true, I did. It’s just an old habit. When I worked (briefly) in the oilfield many years ago, that’s how everyone spelled it. And, even though I never worked directly in the frac(k)ing process, I did learn the vernacular. I know about working evening tower, tripping out of the hole, subs, bits and reamers. And fishing with somethng other than a zebco reel. You pick up the language. So please understand, it was intentionally spelled that way in the comment.
        Besides, 30 years ago, ‘K’s were expensive. Not everybody could afford them. Often, we had to make do with ‘C’s instead. Like my Granny used to say, “Those ‘K’s don’t grow on trees, use them sparingly.” In fact, we were so poor, I never saw a real K till I was in my teens. So as children, we scinned our nees, busted our nucles, and told noc-noc joces. And rode our scate boards and bices. That’s just the way it was. But most people were just as poor, so we didn’t feel too bad about it.
        Now, of course, the Federal Reserve prints ‘K’s by the billions. They make them out of thin air. And everybody has plenty of ‘K’s. They throw ’em around like konfetti. They live as if the kredit kard bills will never have to be paid. But some of us remember a leaner time in our history. You had to pay as you go. Kredit was for the wealthy. For us, cash was cing.

        • smocin, you just ain’t right. BTW, the secret service says they’re still plenty of ho-hos’ in Columbia and they’re still plenty of ding dongs in DC.

          • LMFAO!

        • As one commedian said, “I fell asleep at my computer with my finger on the “K”. When I woke up, I had pages and pages of “K’s”, maybe a quadrillion of them. I had used up so many “K’s” the KKK had to go to “L”.

        • Ok Smocie ( Sorry I could not afford the K)I am starting to wonder if you are my father he has the EXACT same sense of humor, makes me laugh soooo hard, you are the best thanx for always makin me smile, I had a REAllY bad day and needed to laugh(would ya believe I actually slipped on a banana peal) I thought that was just something funny on Bugs Bunny but now I know it is true and not so funny when you almost fall in a public place and my old knee hurts from almost wipin out (Funny though when I think of how in GODS name I must have loocced

        • Okie…I hear ya bother!….I too grew up in a time so poor we couldt affort the paper printed on two sides,but thank God over the years things did get a bit better..now I was taught to share and to give to those who dont have as much and ..well I hope youll accept these as a token of appreciation and blessing (kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkKKK) I apoligize that most of them are lower case “k”s but I just dont have very many of the Big “K”s..seeings how the do cost alot more even in this day and age( I even checked under the couch cushions but only found one dusty litle and it was so pitiful and dirty I couldnt feel right about giving that one to anyone “k”)but Im hoping that these extrees will help you in future literary endevors,and of course feel free to pass a few along if’n you meet up with some less fortunate brother or sister…thanks for the laughs Okie! 🙂

          • Thankks REB!

      9. This is just another expansion of Federal control. The seven agencies involved will announce, through channels, that these additional responsibilities require more people. Thus, more people feeding at the public trough. The potential exists for Obama to force energy developers to seriously consider his plan for making energy from pond scum. On the flip side, I do wish that the States would take more responsible action toward fracking. Private water wells have been ruined and the developers fighting against making the wrongs, right. But, with federal intervention, I do not see any good coming from this. Obama’s agenda for bring us down, just took a giant step forward.

      10. one word: control… this liar/fraud-in-chief and his administration is all about control of everything by the socialists in this country… his day is coming – Nov 2012

        • Clark, very interesting. The weather here in northern Michigan has been very strange too. Somethings happening, that’s for sure. Thanks for posting this.

      11. All hail the King! Yet ANOTHER executive order signed
        into law by “THE ONE”. As the Anointed one looks down
        his nose, past his purple lips, at the plebes. It’s
        good to be KING!

        It’s also nice to be able to post without having to sign
        up or login to some account. Each week, another one of
        my favorite old websites gets an ‘administrator’ to censor
        the site, or requires the divulging of sensitive personal
        info (e-mail, etc, etc). Thanks Mac, for keeping it simple.
        I will NOT log in to any website to comment, just to be
        Angry White Dude: used to be good site, now?
        Amren: Same as above.
        Douchinger? SOME decent material, but would never
        comment on his nazi-comment section. His way or Highway.

        You see, all the good ‘ol websites are now afraid of
        being shut down by the Fed. Everyone knows we’re all
        being monitored by DHS as potential terrorists, so it’s
        a RARE day now when someone actually says what he
        REALLY thinks. Everything must be filtered first thru
        the Politically Correct Way of Speaking. Forget about
        free speech. Gone. Basically, .dotgov has succeeded
        in taking over the internet, ’cause, we can all READ
        the sites but can’t make any REAL comments, and the
        bloggers must be oh-so careful about what they say or
        write about, for fear of having the (golden) hordes
        descend upon them, rioting and shouting ‘RAYCISS’.
        Goodbye America, I guess I was ‘lucky’ enough to have
        lived during your absolute golden years. Now, as I
        enter MY golden years, I can now worry about how I will
        eat, where I will live (RV?) , as I watch the world
        population double in the next 38 years.
        There HAS to be a climax to all this. It’s either
        going to be a virus, (H5N1?) that will take out 90% of
        the soon-to-be 16 billion people, or Fukushima radiation
        will totally poison the air and water for the next
        100,000 years, or maybe the Sun or China or Russia will
        let loose an EMP , or the Earth’s ability to produce
        enough food will exhaust itself (ref: see poor fish
        and other sea creatures living in cesspool of plastic
        and oil and chemicals who are dying now mysteriously by
        the thousands) or, Dog only knows.
        But it’s coming, to a town near you, soon….and
        OMG, when the 4 horses unleash their little surprises
        simultaneously upon mankind, no amount of prepping
        will alleviate the suffering and misery about to come.

        • Point on about Market Ticker….but a good read. ZH comment section is great. I don’t think they censor either.

          • No, I have followed ZH since (2008?): You’re right, TD
            didn’t use to censor, but has started, at least for sure
            in the last month or so. (Trav 777, Robotrader have
            been shanghied, plus I think several others). Granted,
            their contributions were ‘limited’, but, censored, none-

            • Same thing with MISH: Love him or leave him.
              (only comments that agree with his angle are accepted).
              BTW: I have NEVER commented on ANY of those sites, these
              are simply my observations.

        • Thanks Parallel, we try to keep it as open as possible.

          I do intend on adding user accounts soon that will grant registered users access to more features and such, but I fully intend on allowing Anonymous posting as has been the norm here for the last few years.

      12. by eederential decree, i now declare the american government null and void.good bye!

        • I’ve already done that…they still have a few things holding us but the tyranny that they wield is stretching tight…soon it will break and we who have tried to help one another and not take from one another…will be free and clear in the sunshine.

          However, we will have to walk thru the dark to get to it.

          “don’t go down without one helluva fight.”

      13. These clowns are trying to take over everything! And no one does a thing!……………FIGURES!

      14. Just what this country needs, more unelected officials regulating something the federal government shouldn’t be involved in. I agree that there are definately environmental concerns from the fracking process that should be addressed, but that could be done by undoing the change in the regs that Dick Cheney made in 2005 to allow fracking in the first place. Adding more government and regulation is just more tax dollars down the drain. The more I watch this government operate the more I keep thinking about the book “Atlas Shrugged”

        • Speaking of that smug-ass c*** su***r, Cheny; The more Fox News shows his face the less I watch. I have already started DVR-ing, just so I can fast forward thru their endless commercials, especially the “gold peddlers”. I could do without their (fox’s) patting of backs, towards the heathern crowd of commies known as the Bush’s,Clinton’s and Cheny’s. “Don’t”, get me started!

          • @ Dont tread, I just read in a recent post you from NC whereabouts? I am near New Hanover county you do not have to give details just wondering.

            • We are in the NW Mtn. area kinda near Boone. Have a few friends from Brunswick and used to make a lot of trucking runs in and around Wilmington in the mid 90’s. Was having a slow day for getting a backhaul one time and had always heard about Wrightsville Beach, and wanted to see it. Here I go, draggin my 53 footer across the bridge, only to find out the beach is not that big and had an ordeal getting turned around and back out. The looks I got! Anyway, it is nice down there.

        • Cant stand “chini’ but what change to the regs to “ALLOW” fracking do you refer?…asking because where Im from theyve been “fracking” for over a hundred years…maybe the wildcatters in my neck of the woods didnt know they were forbidden to frack..or maybe te method was changed…just askin…

      15. This is a working group, not an industry takeover. Due to the POTENTIAL for contaminating underground aquifers that ignore state borders, this may be one of the few Federal interventions that could be justified.

        I’m not sold on the dangers of fracking, but they are dangerous enough to be studied.

        There are enough problems without inventing one.

        Keep prepping. Two weeks minimum. You don’t have to be a ‘prepper’ to be smart enough to have a couple extra rolls of TP, and food for your kids if the grocery store is gone. Tornadoes happen.

      16. Politicians get paid extra for every committee they are on. Even more if they’re the head of the committee. Strange but true.

      17. You people still think we live in a free country?

      18. We’re going to need some more secret service men…

      19. From the study that I read, the source of contamination from fracking is due to poor handling and spills on the surface and not the actually chemicals in the ground. This stuff is being pumped several thousand feet below the water table and would have a hard finding its way back up.

      20. Hiya…hope you are all well.

        I have a question…as usual. Tracking has been suspended in the NW of the UK..Lancashire to be precise, due to safety concerns over eart tremors being felt inthe area that the operation was going on in. I have found references to this and many sources regardit as normal. What I can’t find is any references as to whether this could lead to small earthquakes, as opposed to minor local rumblings and could that in turn lead to large quakes in earthquake prone areas.

        Wondered if any of you in, or ex in the business have any ideas.


        Take care

        • http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/science-news/9206898/Fracking-drilling-method-to-be-extended-despite-causing-Blackpool-earthquakes.html

          Fracking has been given the green light in various parts of the UK despite causing tiny earthquakes here


          It’s worrying me as I saw a map of the areas affected on the breakfast news – basically it takes yet more food producing land out of production in a country that is woefully dependant on imports already.

          Also Camerloon and his cronies are just too incompetent to be allowed anywhere near any project that requires common sense or critical thinking to avoid environmental damage.

          This little island is running out of space fast and we’d be better off retaining our coal deposits, and growing some food to feed our ever expanding population as when shtf, American rice and Kenyan beans might not be so easily available. As a nation the rationing of WW11 has taught us nothing.

          Instead of blindly jumping on the petro-band wagon we could turn our attention to wave power – we are a small island! The technology exists – it’s political will power to develop it that is lacking. Tesla has been ignored for too long.

          The UK doesn’t have the vast open wilderness of the US, so we need to look at local solutions to energy not just blindly jump on the corp NWO bandwaggon.(we still have 200 years of coal reserves).

          Our Island status means prepping for UK folks is both more urgent and more difficult as land prices are at a premium, & it’s too small to escape the Golden Hoard.

          • The UK fracking locations are pretty close to Sellafied and our nuke plants.

            Intentional exinction of the human race – no species this dumb deserves to survive.

            Remember how we got a big wake up call in Fukushima as to how stupid building a nuke plant on a fault line is?

            Well in the UK we go one better –

            Bring the fault line to the nuke plant.

      21. F****** iPad. FRACKING not tracking grrrrrr

        • Really?..? ? Going to blame the iPad? 😉

          • Doug

            Why would a woman ever blame herself if there is a lump of equipment near by that she can blame it on ?

            You will get to know me Doug…it is always the iPads fault LOL

            Take care

      22. obummer is gobbling up america one agency at a time…

        • Yes, but Michelle is doing push-ups with Ellen DeGenerate so everything must be okey-dokey…right?

      23. Look they dont have the right to come on peoples property who own that property the government dont own us. Much like gun control its a load of bullsh1t to try and force us to doing what they want. Do you honestly think that people that break the law and dont care will still have guns after they are gone yes because they dont care about laws leaving us unprotected. This natural gas stuff has made managing home life for lower class americans easier. It keeps the bills low and because of that we can focus our lives on us not paying the rest of the world for what we need. Im not gonna let the government yet again increase my bills just so they can have more money in their pockets

      24. All these little take over things and bills, laws etc.. are the biuld up to wait for the next big bad event then put them all into play for our SECURITY! PATRIOT ACT SUPERSIZE

      25. Let them take everything. They will take everything. Except of two things:

        Your soul and the final freedom.

        Screw them.

        We celebrated the Christian Orthodox Easter. May our Lord brings us courage and strength.

        Be safe all.

        • Manos

          How are you my friend? Glad to hear from you again.

          Hoping you and your family are well.

          Keep the faith


        • Yea baby..Lent’s over. Now you can use up your lard for all them sweet treats.

        • Manos so very gald to hear from you asked Mac last night if he heard from ya was getting worried about you. Pray all is well with you and family keep safe and I will keep praying

      26. Just another law or bill to put up for awhile untill the next big bad event then its gonna be the SUPERSIZE me PATRIOT ACT! Fracking, Mystery booms,weird stuff in the sky,wars,Chem-trails, GMO’S ,TSA, Crazy prower hungry politicians AAAARRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

      27. EPA was recently dealt a major setback on fracking. See here WSJ April 1, 1012

        EPA Backpedals on Fracking Contamination
        Texas Water-Pollution Suit Dropped; Third Recent Setback on Drilling for Agency.

        The Environmental Protection Agency has dropped its claim that an energy company contaminated drinking water in Texas, the third time in recent months that the agency has backtracked on high-profile local allegations linking natural-gas drilling and water pollution.

        On Friday, the agency told a federal judge it withdrew an administrative order that alleged Range Resources Corp. had polluted water wells in a rural Texas county west of Fort Worth. Under an agreement filed in U.S. court in Dallas, the EPA will also drop the lawsuit it filed in January 2011 against Range, and Range will end its appeal of the administrative order.

        *Admin Edit*: Continue reading at: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052702303404704577313741463447670.html

        Write to Daniel Gilbert at daniel.gilbert @wsj.com and Russell Gold at [email protected]

      28. I am admittedly a lurker, but love this site and was soooo worried about Manos. Happy to hear from him again. God bless, Granny C

      29. if the government is involved it either is fucked up..or will be soon enough.

        maybe at this point “all is fine”..than again maybe not..you do know how well they lie.

        also another way to look at this..poison the shit out of well water and ground water..than we are trapped into drinking the Fed coolaide complete with floride and what ever else they want to put in the “safe water”.

        would you rather drink water from mother nature or from the government?..well if they ruin the well water..you wont have a choice..and they know it

        • the waters will turn to wormwood. a loose ukraine translation of wormwood is chernobyl

          • Most people don’t get the significance of this. I’ve posted on the Chernobyl-Wormwood connection before, and nobody commented on it. Seems we have a dull generation of people.

      30. An executive order is a royal decree. They were meant to streamline / de bottleneck existing regulations. Now executive orders modify previous executive orders or tread where there was no regulation thus creating law while by-passing the increasingly insignificant and impotent Congress and Senate.

      31. Do you see the control that the federal government has, especially over the energy industry? Can you imagine just how quickly when there is an oil shortage for whatever reason, they will ration off or cut off all oil and gasoline and other fuel to the public? That strategic oil reserve is NOT for John and Jane Q. Public to be able to get around. This oil reserve in a national emergency will go to the military and ONLY what the government deems important like utility trucks, transportation of goods, etc.

        How does this relate to the above article? It shows how easy it is through a series of executive orders we all could fall into chaos. There are no real checks and balances to executive orders either. The true meaning of an executive order is to elevate the ANY president up to the level of dictator to whatever they see fit “for the betterment of the country”. Executive orders were designed for by-passing the long debate and red tape of government during truly horrible times like an actual invasion of the country. To make decisions quickly enough to save the country, all by himself or herself.

        Executive orders have their place, like what to do that demands split second decisions on whether or not to push the buttons and launch the ICBM’s and end civilization. Executive orders, like what seems like so much in government, is being abused to get away with what others in the checks and balances of the other branches of the government might not like and try to stop. Executive orders allows a president to not be held accountable, the immunity to do what they want to with the excuse that it was for national security.

        Keep getting ready and stockpiling to the best of your ability, it is getting closer to; election day, to the war in the Middle East, to tremendous Earth changes as recent earthquakes show, and general worldwide problems.

      32. Four years of this idiot is just too much. Congress is totally irrelevant.

        We don’t want any stinking dictators!

        • Well we got one Mr. Blutarsky, hang on for round two

      33. y’all had better be in line and itching to vote come november- even if ya gotta walk to the polls. we elect people to make decisions for us and we do not bow to a king or salute to a dictator.

        • Amen and Amen to Mr.B and caryn…. If the dumbass liberals can’t see thru the “thin, and I mean very thin” smokescreen this idiot Kenyan and his Kronies have been doing to take away all our freedoms and rights, then they will just have a rude awakening someday soon. I have just made a new requirement for “anyone” wanting or,needing food after SHTF and they come around my neck of the woods. First question, Did you vote in the last election? Second question, Who did you vote for prez? If they say O-Dumber; “Flee before me,for I have this beast and fowling piece loaded with five ounces of rock salt and your ass makes for a fine target right now. No soup for you!”

        • Oh, caryn, caryn, caryn…you didn’t read the fine print on the bottom of the electronic voting machines, did ya??
          Shhhh…they’re compromised.
          And, shhh, again. I read Spain was in charge of the electronic tallying this fall.

      34. are these the same people that tried to sell us on global warming/cooling/climate change? I seem to remember way back in the 1970’s that these same weak minded EnviroNazi’s predicted that by the mid 1980’s the world was going to have another Ice Age. Sorry. Not going to buy it!

      35. @ manos,
        Be safe and – a little fun for you.

        We would be proud to supply some natural gas to the EPA for testin’ and they don’t have to deal with any frackin’. Just let me eat up on some cabbage, sauerkraut and pinto beans and I’ll be jarrin’ some sure fired flamers. We figured it’s the least we could do for all the shit they’ve served us!

        The other jarred gas is a combination we figured would not be acceptable by the EPA, NDAA and DHS was beans and onions, because in combination, they produce Tear Gas.

        Y’all Beware! Just stink, GSA blows over 800 grand and a manager claims the 5th. What a country!

      36. I don’t believe you have to worry about the “sites” being taken down. Two words: “content analysis”. What better way to keep tabs on the unwashed masses?

      37. Along these fracking lines, the Keystone State recently passed a statute that requires a company to release the chemicals they use to a doctor if he is treating a patient for a suspected “fracking” ailment. However, the doctor has to sign a confidentiality agreement to get the list of chemicals. It says he cannot disclose the list to the patient.Don’t know if this is to head off potential lawsuits or just to protect proprietary chemical formulas.The corp legislature also stripped out 2 million dollars in research money to study effects of fracking on groundwater before they passed the bill.This was modeled on the Colorado statute already passed.

        • I always look at my medical records..especially right after the nurse leaves the room..wink wink..nod nod

      38. manos,
        Be safe and – a little fun for you.

        We would be proud to supply some natural gas to the EPA for testin’ and they don’t have to deal with any frackin’. Just let me eat up on some cabbage, sauerkraut and pinto beans and I’ll be jarrin’ some sure fired flamers. We figured it’s the least we could do for all the shit they’ve served us!

        The other jarred gas is a combination we figured would not be acceptable by the EPA, NDAA and DHS was beans and onions, because in combination, they produce Tear Gas.

        Y’all Beware! Just stink, GSA blows over 800 grand and a manager claims the 5th. What a country!

        • Dumb, you are really stupid dude

      39. Mac the new system picked up on my typo Y’all Beware!!

        Thanks for all your efforts.

        Y’all Beware!

      40. I ran into Frick and Frack the other day. They were bitchin about their water tastin like somethin done crawled up and died in it. I asked, “Did you check it out”? well, duh, no. I says,” Quit fracking around and get up to the spring box and see.” Frick came back about an hour later and said everything looked OK. He didn’t know, what the frick to do. I said, “boys, it sounds like all those new houses that got built on the mountain top up there over the past few years have finally filled up their septic tanks. You know shit flows downhill.” They kinda looked at each other dumb-founded; kinda like the two brothers on the TV show “Swamp People”. I said, “Boys, I am gonna tell you, just like I tell my Prepper friends; clean, safe drinking water should be priority “number One”. If you have any doubts about it’s safety, distill it! At the very least filter it thru coffee filters and boil it. If there is anything from the household chemicals gettin down to your spring(well/aquifer) then you best stop running shine for a while and make a few runs of your neighbor’s cesspool that’s gettin funneled into your spring box”. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them two take off so fast.

      41. This executive order is just another step in the nationalization of resources and manufacturing. Expect further orders to come. It’s about another layer of marxist control.

        It is unlikely they actually care how contaminated your drinking water is. When in doubt, they can always just raise the aceptable limits of arsenic again. Only this time, add acteptable levels of acid, and caustic…

        As for the environmental damage, unless you’ve seen it up close, it easy to disregard, but very real.

      42. There is a lot of debate and interest in the Fayetteville Shale in Arkansas. Rural townships like Greenbrier, et al have been experiencing an increased number of earthquakes over the past eighteen months. Many of the locals believe fracking is the cause of the recent activity.

        In May of 2011, the Department of Emergency Management for TN, KY, MO, AR, MS, LA conducted a week long joint disaster preparedness exercise with an earthquake scenario. A significant event at the New Madrid fault could detour the Mississippi River into MO, AR, TN, MS, LA.


      44. It does not matter what “laws” these a$$ clowns come up with, if the are NOT constitutional they are NOT laws!!! POUND SAND FEDS!!

      45. It must be a slow DOOM week because that executive order is fucking old……george bush had that executive order under a national emergency . You guys are such assholes

      46. Oh, I forgot. HEY facebook page, you are a punk A$$ BITCH!!

      47. The net is WASTED, I just searched the bill of rights and JET BLUE’s customer rights came up. SOPA IS HERE!!! WAKE UP SHEOPLE!

        • worked fine for me

        • worked fine for me..what search engine are you using?

          • Even the most ignorant of the ignorant are starting to “see” the changes in the internet. If you can not see, ou are blind!!

      48. I guess there are alot of HOA members down in vegas, commiting suicide by shooting themselves in the head 3-4 times. What a f^cked up country we have!!

        • how would you have found that if the search function of the internet were screwed as you say?

          • @vrf- The “ignorant of the ignorant” comment was directed a glenn beck(I was forced to listen to an hour of his radio show yesterday) even that idiot is seeing the changes. I realize that many smart people do not see these changes that are taking place, these changes are subtle, and search results are becoming generic, and subjects/gubmint bs I could find/read about in the past I can no longer find. SOPA by the corp started the sunday(a couple of days) after it was “defeated”. Soon, only government approved web sites/articles will be shown in search results. I am VERY disturbed more people have not noticed these changes. The good side of this is that google can be “fooled” so to speak.

      49. As if we could trust the EPA..hahahahahahahahhaahahhaahhahahahhahahah..thats a good one

        • If search engines are working fine for you, you are BLIND and a moron!

          • Ummm…ok?

            hey , im just saying what i see over here..I looked up the same shit you did and got what I asked for..so that makes me a BLIND moron?..fine..yer a fuckin douche nozzle

            • OUCH!!! Yeah, I deserved that. That comment was out of line. Sorry brother, to much wiskey last night.

        • This is dedinitely one of the best videos explaining a major part of the human behavior problem we are now experiencing in the world, especially in the US. It’s the chemical laden,mind altering substances that are in everything we eat,breathe, and touch. There is another part to this equation of why we see such a disturbing downward trend in human behaviour. This goes much deeper, and is biblical in it’s understanding. It will get worse and worse. It was foretold and laid out as part of the unfolding of the end times. It took me years and years to see and understand all this but it makes perfect sense, based on God’s plan. I can’t get into it here and now, but if it’s the will of God that I share, then it will be shared. If anyone hasn’t checked out the Flouride Insanity/Sheeple Attack, vid.; please do so.

      50. what I have noticed is, that I have posted a few links to some interesting developments, and they showed up here, for a short time…than poof..gone.
        now thats disturbing

        you need to learn how to have a conversation with out name calling..I didnt piss in your corn flakes pal

      51. Had an interesting experience yesterday.

        Walked into a Starbucks and ran into a good friend of mine. I know for a fact that this guy voted for Obama in the last election. As we were talking, another man and his college age daughter walked in. They were also acquaintances of my friend. While we stood and chatted, the topic of current events popped up and then the conversation just took off from there.

        It became apparent pretty quickly that we were of divergent political backgrounds. BUT……what was amazing was the consensus we had regarding the intrusiveness of government. The guy who I just met had an in-depth knowledge of the Bilderbergers…Illuminati…et.al.

        People are starting to wake up.

        • right..

          and when we wake up ..it’s a nightmare
          still surrounded by zombies


          • Zombies? Just look around you. Everywhere I go, I see
            nothing BUT zombies. Most people around you have the
            education level of maybe a fifth grader. It’s all they
            could do to simply make it through grades 1-12. Then,
            it’s sex, drugs and rock and roll. Most people haven’t
            picked up a book since junior high school. Old people,
            people in their 30s and 40s, have simply stopped learning.

            They ‘think’ they’re oh, so smart, ’cause they live in
            ‘Merka’ and are ‘Curstians’ (so their simple exposure to
            the culture is enough education for them).

            The dope-smokin’, functionally-illiterate zombies are
            everywhere you look. It is, to me, FRIGHTENING! Truly!

            I’m at the point where I don’t even want to leave my
            compound anymore. I’ll just run into another low-
            vibrational idiot.

            • Just a note, along these lines (idiots): yesterday, in
              my never-ending quest for truth, my studies led me to a
              verse in the book of Mormon: ETHER, chapter 7, verse 5:
              “And when he had gathered up an army he came up UNTO THE
              LAND OF MORON…..

              Get it? The land of MORON! Hmmmm, “MORMON”, the Angel
              “MORONI”……’ol Joseph Smith figured out how to fool
              the zombies. He was well aware of the intellectual
              caliber of the ‘people’.

              Now, If only I could invent MY own religion…….

        • In the Uk it looks like it’s coming down to “wanna keep the nanny state Mama” & “live and let live cos we are adults”.

          or pro-authoritarian v anti- authoritarian, Big government v limited government.

          As all 3 major parties are pro-authoritarian, that leaves a significant section of the population with noone representing their pro-liberty stance in parliament. I suspect the situation is similar in the US.

        • Walt

          I think a lot of the waking up has to with the Power Elite not hiding their intentions as much as they once did. I see them being far more overt today. The Sec of Defense stating that the Administration will consult foreign governments and get their approval and bypass Congress and Senate is an example of overt verses the former covert use of power. It’s getting to a point that Ray Charles can see what is going on.

          The Power Elite have reached a point in obtaining so much control that they care far less about hiding in the shadows. At one time getting exposed was a great concern and they moved much more slowly; they’re in overdrive now.

      52. I can’t imagine some of the productive states telling the feds to screw off. If nothing else this will hit the courts in about, oh, 10 days.

        Marxism is a bitch.

      53. Talking about executive orders, I think of martial law right now from some sort of geophysical catastrophe ready to break loose. It would be easy to declare martial law if the San Andreas and another fault snapped like the cascadia fault and or the New Madrid fault. Look at all the earthquakes since that 8.6, the largest strike slip earthquake ever recorded:

        8.2 aftershock Sumatra
        6.5 first recorded as 7.0 central Mexico same day
        5.9 off coast of Oregon same day
        6.2 foreshock northern Mexico
        6.9 main shock northern Mexico next day
        6.2 Drake passage, southern Argentina, Saturday
        6.5 Vanuatu, Saturday
        6.5 Off the coast of Chile just a few minutes ago

        On top of this many different locations with 4.5-5.8.

        Only one another aftershock of 6.2 after the 8.2 aftershock, this is strange also. Check out the list: http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/recenteqsww/Quakes/quakes_all.php

        After the mega 9 earthquakes you did not have this type of activity because with this one being horizontal it caused a type of increased plate collision around the Pacific and Indian Ocean. The two recent earthquakes, only 4.9, on the Mid-Indian Ridge show tension building in the Indian Ocean region also.

        More to come. There really has to be much concern over this. There could have been a similar strike slip of this size hundreds or thousands of years ago before man could judge the size, but I cannot find any recorded history of a side to side earthquake being this large, not even close. That is news and very few are reporting it because it didn’t kill anyone or cause much problems.

        Look at the world we live, a massive precussor to something that could cause earthquakes of unbelivable destruction and almost no one is saying anything. Look at what John Seach at Volcano News says though: http://www.volcanolive.com/news.html Earthquakes of this magnitude have the potential to affect volcanoes within 700 km, about 440 miles away like supervolcano Toba. http://www.volcanolive.com/toba.html

        Toba is kind of an interesting volcano that actually blew about 74000 years and was thought to almost make the human species extinct. It was thought to have left about 10000-50000 humans and why there is what is called a bottleneck of DNA that all humans share the same ancestors. This is a theory, but Toba blowing up 74000 years ago is not.

        Everyone playing mind games watching the secret service scandal and the Trayvon saga, and what just happened could literally trigger something that could destroy human civilization. It might not cause Toba to go off, but it is sure as hell causing many earthquakes all over the place, with more to come.

        Where is CNN, Fox News, any networks discussing true hard core science of something like this? What has happened to people wanting to learn and think? Thank goodness for sites like this and others that still show us what the news has failed miserably to put on.

        • Another two earthquakes: New Guinea 6.8 this morning and South Sandwich Islands 6.2 about 30 minutes ago.

          The freaking planet is coming apart. I have never personally seen so many earthquakes like this in this short time. Martial law all right if the San Andreas and others come apart. End of civilization if it ignites one of those supervolcanoes and or more. This is serious. MORE COMING, WATCH OUT!

      54. God damnit!!!

        .. why it is that I have to come to these fringe websites to get the REAL news anymore?

        • why?

          because all the other media is the fringe news for the animal farm..

          welcome to the frontier!

          we are few..

          but think for ourselves..


        • Fringe? That sounds so JNapish…..

          Call it “Leading Edge”. Sharp as a well-honed knife, ready for action.

      55. Fracking isn’t as safe as people want to believe it is. I’m all for domestic energy production but evidence is already stacked up against the “safety” of fracking.

        While water, yes, is the predominant fluid component used in the fracking process, many chemicals are also used in the fracking process and they are usually added into the water. A number of these chemicals, while in a small proportion to the ‘harmless’ liquids like water, are actually carcinogenic (ie Benzene). Studies that evaluated the fracking process between 2005-2009 have found benzene, toluene, zylene, ethylbenzene) and each of those are toxic chemicals regulated under the Safe Water Drinking Act and a pollutant regulated under the Clean Air Act. (And while most of us here are not fans of an oppressive government, we all realize the personal benefits of having safe water and air, do we not?)

        The fracking process uses a number of radioactive isotopes, too, as tracers that enable tracking the fractures in the fracking process (ie Iodines, Antimonies, Krypton).

        And using so much water in the fracking process, there is a substantial amount of waste water. Like all processes that produce waste, where does it go or where is it stored?

        In summary, there are hundreds of hazardous chemicals involved in the fracking process. This is not the oversimplified process that many would like people to believe. The 2011 US House of Reps investigative report on the chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing shows that most of the 750 compounds in hydraulic fracturing products are known or possible human carcinogens, regulated under the Safe Drinking Water Act, or listed as hazardous air pollutants. (Source: http://democrats.energycommerce.house.gov/sites/default/files/documents/Hydraulic%20Fracturing%20Report%204.18.11.pdf)

        Reading through that House report will enlighten some of the readers who are not aware of the dangers and chemical exposures with the fracking process. Read it and then ask yourself if you’d like your well water to be contaminated.

        Wiki also has a fairly thorough entry on hydraulic fracking here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydraulic_fracturing

        Like Mac, I detest the strong-arm of Exec Orders but our groundwater is a vital source of life for all of us. Once it is seriously contaminated, the S has hit the F. Why would we encourage our own demise? We have enough S to worry about already.

      56. It is tax day today. GOD BLESS- Sherry Jackson, Erwin Schiff, Joe Banister,Joe Louis and hundreds of other (tax)freedom fighters. Sherry and Erwin are locked up in prison and are american patriots. Banister thankfully won in court, and continues the fight. Joe Louis is an american hero. Please research these people and the tax system in place now, it is a fruad!! F^CK jesse jackson AND the IRS!!! Sherry is a REAL american, jesse jackson is an A$$HOLE!!

      57. There is natural gas under damn near all of us. Find your local water well driller and ask him about how they tend to put on relief valves on their well heads in order to release the build up of nat gas. Flaming H20 is not necessarily due to fracking.

      58. I’m sure that many of us see a pattern to our Commander and Thief’s “madness”. If we are right, this country is in for some very serious trouble in his second ter

      59. Huh?

      60. Off topic…

        Armed government raids target open-range pig farmers in MI

        The regulations used to identify these dangerous “invasive” species include wrong hair and coat color, wrong tail and ear structure and…

        “Other characteristics not currently known to the MDNR that are identified by the scientific community.”

        That last one is very open ended. In other words, whatever they say it is…

        (April 17th) http://americanvisionnews.com/2943/hog-wild-govt-armed-raids-target-open-range-pig-farmers-in-mi


      61. Fracking isn’t as safe as people want to believe it is. I’m all for domestic energy production but evidence is already stacked up against the “safety” of fracking.

        While water, yes, is the predominant fluid component used in the fracking process, many chemicals are also used in the fracking process and they are usually added into the water. A number of these chemicals, while in a small proportion to the ‘harmless’ liquids like water, are actually carcinogenic (ie Benzene). Studies that evaluated the fracking process between 2005-2009 have found benzene, toluene, zylene, ethylbenzene) and each of those are toxic chemicals regulated under the Safe Water Drinking Act and a pollutant regulated under the Clean Air Act. (And while most of us here are not fans of an oppressive government, we all realize the personal benefits of having safe water and air, do we not?)

        The fracking process uses a number of radioactive isotopes, too, as tracers that enable tracking the fractures in the fracking process (ie Iodines, Antimonies, Krypton).

        And using so much water in the fracking process, there is a substantial amount of waste water. Like all processes that produce waste, where does it go or where is it stored?

        In summary, there are hundreds of hazardous chemicals involved in the fracking process. This is not the oversimplified process that many would like people to believe. The 2011 US House of Reps investigative report on the chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing shows that most of the 750 compounds in hydraulic fracturing products are known or possible human carcinogens, regulated under the Safe Drinking Water Act, or listed as hazardous air pollutants.

        Reading through that House report will enlighten some of the readers who are not aware of the dangers and chemical exposures with the fracking process. Read it and then ask yourself if you’d like your well water to be contaminated.

        Wiki also has a fairly thorough entry on hydraulic fracking but if I post the link, the comment won’t appear.

        Like Mac, I detest the strong-arm of Exec Orders but our groundwater is a vital source of life for all of us. Once it is seriously contaminated, the S has hit the F. Why would we encourage our own demise? We have enough S to worry about already.

      62. Record Number of Americans Renounce Citizenship

        on Drudge Report

      63. Zoltanne

        No doubt the products used in fracking have hazards. Common gasoline has significant carcinogenic chemicals within it. It’s all a question of degree and management. I grew up around the worst contaminates from turn of the century chemical plants and refineries. It’s a risk / reward situation. Environmental damage was done that would be off the charts by todays standards. The human toll was far less then one would anticipate. I worked around asbestos too and with very rare exception only smokers were significantly effected. Plumbers have a higher incidence of cancer due to handling lead and copper.

        Oh granted there are some nasty of nasty chemicals out there such as hexavalent chromium once used to limit corrosion in cooling water.

        Fracking needs to be regulated but zero risk equals zero reward. That natural gas is one of the few remaining economic life savers for the US.

      64. According to The Black Book of Communism, Marxism has killed over 100 million+ people in the past 100 years.

        We have a President endorsed by both The American Communist Party and Pravda, who has surrounded himself with Marxist Radicals, Black Muslims, and The Muslim Brotherhood.

        Under his control The Fed is stealing America’s wealth and sending it to Unions and other Communist organizations.

        He is setting the table for a second term to destroy our capitalist system, and who knows what else.

        So why should give a frac- about anything other than the danger we are going to face within the next 7-8 months?

      65. Is this the new way to nationalize the means of natural gas production to squeeze corporations into bigger political contributions?

      66. Producers have been ripping off their royalty holders for years by no.t paying FMV as per their contracts. You can’t sue them because most Gas Attorneys are retained by them and the ones that would cant afford to (takes millions), so the corruption in this industry is widespread. I guess now at least we know it’s heading for even more corruption, taxation and … Who can fight the Government? What a shit hole country we live in anymore. Every industry, business etc are corrupt good book says, when everything is based on money (baal) the end is near… if not right at the door.

      67. From the conspiracy theory side of the house….the natural gas and shale oil fields are poised to be the golden goose that gets the US out of its huge debt problem. That goes against Obama’s objective of ruining our country, so now he’s going to bind the industry up with fed controls so they can’t extract and sell the petroleum products.

      68. What legislation? An “Executive Order” is in no way legislation. Rather, it requires supporting legislation for its validity..

      69. Wow, flaming tap water. Kinda gives new meaning to the term “hot tub”! X-p

      70. Of course we have been lied to in the Documentary about Fracking. Even the people who were interviewed did not know what the hell they were talking about.
        There have been over 800,000 natural gas wells fracked in this country since it fracking was started.

      71. Another RATXUTIVE Order from the head filthy stinking RAT. God rot his motherxxxxing soul, AMEN.

      72. Good Job, whoever wrote this article. You must be a Limbaugh disciple – the other self-serving prophet of hate.

        The hatred of this president is unparalleled. @Derp demands to know what Obama has done for this country. Derp, what did Bush do for it? Many of you can’t see the forest for the trees.

        Obama or Clinton winning the election was exactly what the reps wanted. They knew McCain or any of the other republican candidates didn’t have a chance at that time, because the negative direction the country had taken under their watch and the resulting political atmosphere.

        They shat in a bucket and left to it their successors to turn that shit into gold, while they were still shitting in the bucket by delaying legislative actions (because Obama naively wanted to reach out to them), supporting and establishing extreme right groups whose aim it was to keep Obama constantly on the defensive with their attacks, like the “birthers” and the “tea party”. And you all fell for it, because you don’t like the color of his skin and were/are ready to believe the worst about him.

        Have all of you forgotten about the housing and banking crisis, high unemployment, an economy in the shit hole, before Obama’s presidency began and most importantly the unnecessary Iraq war and the company (btw headed by the former vp) that profited the most from it, Haliburton?

        Where’s the outrage about Haliburton having been caught cheating the government out of hundreds of millions, but still being allowed to continue serving as the chief military contractor? Where?!? These people stole our tax dollars!!! What – NO HATE?!?

        It’s insidious to think that Obama is trying to be some sort of dictator, when the maximum amount of terms that can be served by any president is TWO, even if 100% of the citizenry wanted otherwise.

        And every dickhead knows that even his successor can over-turn any law / executive order enacted by him.

        When will you people get your heads out of your asses and understand what’s really happening? All smoke and mirrors – devision and distraction keeps us looking in the wrong direction, while they serve their own interest.

        The Reps knew that neither Obama nor Clinton would be able turn that shit into gold in such a short time period. They also knew that any measures taken to improve the economy would be drastic ones that might at first seem painful and be unpopular. And the most important thing they knew is how quickly we would all forget who shat in the bucket from the onset, because we are like children: we only care about what’s good for us personally. Fuck the other guy – his problem is his problem, right?!?

        And with this rant I’m not really faulting the reps for our problems. Our problems start with us – you and me. By exercising our so-called freedom without benefit of thought and care for one another, we made the economies of China and India strong. We Americans, who love talking about our greatness, but refusing to invest in our own nation. We wanted cheap shit that we now have to pay for dearly.

        Do you really believe that Obama is responsible for the gas prices and loss of jobs??? It was our greed that sent away our jobs to these countries and now it’s their lust for a lifestyle like ours that’s driving their demand for the same resources we’ve taken for granted.


        If Obama is guilty of anything, it’s trying to unite and save a people who would rather drown, because the hand reaching out to it is black.

        The oil companies are out of control. Prices are high, because they want their subsidies that Obama is trying to end. Raising the prices gives the impression that his energy policies are at fault. Why should companies get billions of dollars in subsidies, when the make billions of dollars in PROFIT?!?!?

        Who will reign in their madness, if not the people we elect to look out for interest?!?

        Are you all really that blind with hatred to not see this?

      73. I did not read the two-hundred-some comments. Perhaps this has already been suggested. Will someone, preferably through court proceedings, remind the president of the need to read the first sentence of the first section of the first article of the Constitution. My guess is that he simply does not give a damn.

      74. The really pathetic part about this Executive Order is that SEVERAL MAJOR INDUSTRY PARTICIPANTS WERE BACKING THIS! If that doesn’t scare you, then you don’t realize how insidious the scam is. This is either high-level corporatism or industrial suicide.

      75. To my fellow truthers! Recently I talked to an acquaintance about the possibility of a world unification. His response was the typical, ” That’s crazy, people been saying that for years, and nothing has happened!! ” So I changed the context of the discussion to this, if there is no plan to try to unite the world, then where as a human race are we headed? Do we hope to keep the globe as is? Continual strife between nations? For the world to enter into a global peace the ones who wish not to would have to give up there ideals of what the world should look like in favor if this collective peace. If they choose not to, then force would be required to secure this peace. Now here is the million dollar question. By what authority, moral or legislative, does one human have over another to force a way of thinking? If I choose not to be part of that system simply by not participating in it, why is it so important that I conform? To globalist there way is called human advancement, to the opposition it’s called control. By what authority are globalist correct. By what authority are the opposition correct? The answer is by what god you serve. Belief in globalism without God, is belief that man controls his destiny. Belief in a global society with with Christ at the head is a belief that man destiny is God. What do you think?

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