Exclusive Clip: American Blackout: “There’s Someone At The Fence… They Want Food”

by | Oct 25, 2013 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 657 comments

This Sunday night the National Geographic Channel will be airing the premier of their new full length post-collapse feature film.

Gridlock… Fires… Looting… Panic… All unfolding in real-time.

If a cyber attack took down the national power grid, would you be ready?

Imagine 10 days of a catastrophic blackout across the United States. No cell phone service, no ATM withdrawals, no working street lights, no available gasoline … no escape.

Fact: It could happen.

On Sunday, October 27, at 9 p.m. ET/PT, the lights will go out.

American Blackout, National Geographic Channel’s two-hour, edge-of-your-seat movie event imagines the story of a national power failure in the United States caused by a cyberattack — told in real time, over 10 days, by those who kept filming on cameras and phones. You’ll learn what it means to be absolutely powerless.

Gritty, visceral and totally immersive, see what it might take to survive from day one, and who would be left standing when the lights come back on.

Check out the following exclusive clip made available by NatGeo for the SHTFplan.com community and see what a collapse will look like from a first person perspective.

What would you do?

Dad… There’s Someone At The Fence… They Want Food…

(Clip Delivered By The Daily Sheeple)

The lights go out this Sunday, October 27, at 9 p.m. ET/PT
on the National Geographic Channel.


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    1. BigB

      That clip looks like this is going to be pretty good. Setting up the DVR for that one.


      • Sid

        People seem to instinctively know who are well
        prepared, opsec or not.

        It would be best to stop them at the “fence”
        and never be vulnerable to their demands.

        Heartless maybe, practical absolutely.

        • Paranoid

          Anyone that would go up to the fence is an idiot. 3-4 shots from the woods, ALL their stuff is gone and so are they. Put up two fences one inside the other and a sign that says: Anyone crossing the first fence will be shot.

          • Be informed

            You know what we are witnessing? The rapid decay of society, much like the later stages of advance cancer. People know on a deep level that not only is SHTF, but this world is in very deep trouble. It could just be a coincidence in regards to the increase of earthquakes, volcanoes, the Sun’s activity, but this is not the case with the human civilization. You see some maniac 14 year old kid use a box cutter to slice up a very nice 24 year old teacher, You see the vicous wanton killing of children going crazy. Not just in the U.S. but all over the world. You see a total lack on unity and support for your country. Most don’t support the Constitution anymore, would rather be politically correct and be good little sheep to their masters. I could go on and on and on with what we see now that we have not as children or even recently.

            This is what is so surprising, that not more are preparing for what is coming. I mean really, what does it take to put away for what your family needs? Even to forget about the mega disasters, just to see the failure and personal SHTF of someone having a catastrophic event in the family, or losing good employment. How freaken hard is it to not put away just because your family may need it. Whom wants to get old stale food at a food bank? Whom wants to worry about having nothing in the house should the power go out all over the city or regionally? Whom wants the insecurity of not having jack and wishing you had, even with a bad illness such as the flu that bed rids all the family? Whom wants to go out to shop for anything with a bad case of diarhea when what you need could have been within arm’s reach? Evidentally 99% of the population.

            This shows just how totally brain dead and totally mentally and physically lazy people are not to have what you need because life can turn for the worst in a hurry, has for millions of people. You just don’t hear about it because no one wants to listen to other people’s misery. That could be you is something that the worthless MSM doesn’t like to cover because it makes BO’s government look exactly like it is, totally inept to do anything about when your ass is in the grinder. Again, it happens all the fricken time to millions, make that tens of millions as the food stamps have reached almost 50 million.

            There is also something that shows the lack of people wanting and thinking ahead. It is more proftiable in many states to be on welfare and totally depend on BO new government. Why store up when the government provides everything you need? WHY, because the government has no plans to be there WHEN the well runs dry. The government will make those pay dearly that need help one day. Of course 99% of the people never see this. Even those with good jobs and security still just know that there will always be that safety net should bad times fall upon them. This is the government plan.

            This is what is so dangerous, that people have absolutely no incentive to prepare. When times fall apart these people have no spiritual or mental strength and will go to where the good smelling aromas are like yesterday’s article talks about. They will pass up perfectly good food growing right in front of them and search out where the Doritos and commercially prepared food is and find it totally picked more clean than what a buzzard would leave of carrion. BO and the government have done to this society in 4 and 1/2 short years and it is only going to get much worse. Sorry about the negativity tonight but SHTF has already occurred on a much slower scale that has eaten away at any stability that people in general had left in them.

            • Mike

              BI. Don’t apologize for the negativity. Being a prepper can be depressing at times. Because you see all of the pain that is coming and most others don’t. It can be comforting and depressing at the same time.
              It has been a depressing and eye opening week for me. First I find that someone tried to withdraw 400.00 dollars from my bank account using my pay pal account. I caught it but it still pisses me off. Wish I could get my hands on them. Then a friend of mine tells me that his first cousin who was 75 was just robbed and beaten. He died on the way to the hospital. Then all of the negative national news this week about shootings and beatings. It is hard to stay positive. I am pissed off and saddened by it all.
              I grew up and still live in the country. I would not be happy living in the city. I think of all the change in the last 30 years. As a kid we never locked the doors. Played outside all day and our parents did not have to worry about us. If I got in trouble at school I was worried about what my father was going to do. We had manners yes sir, no maam. We helped ladies with there coats and pulled out chairs. We opened doors for ladies and helped our neighbor’s. We loved our God, our Country, and our family. Now that has all changed. We have a new generation that does not go outside, has no manners, does not believe in hard work, and most importantly could care less about god. It is so sad.
              I see the pain coming and wish the people would just wake up. I care about people but I cannot help them when this goes to hell in a hand basket. I have my family to think about first.
              On a positive note I did meet a guy this week at krav maga class that is doing it to prepare for what is coming. hopefully there are more awake people than we know.
              BI I hope your day and week gets better.

              • roadb

                I could have written this myself, except for the paypal thing. God bless you and I hope you are right that there are more awake than we know……now If there were only a way to tell by looking at someone.

                • KY Mom

                  According to data released this month by the Census Bureau…

                  4th Quarter 2011 – Census Bureau: Means-Tested Gov’t Benefit Recipients Outnumber Full-Time Year-Round Workers

                  “There were 108,592,000 people in the United States in the fourth quarter of 2011 who were recipients of one or more means-tested government benefit programs, the Census Bureau said in data released this week.

                  Meanwhile, according to the Census Bureau, there were 101,716,000 people who worked full-time year round in 2011. That included both private-sector and government workers.

                  That means there were about 1.07 people getting some form of means-tested government benefit for every 1 person working full-time year round.”

                  CNS News

              • pissinwiththewind

                Good points, men.

                The world is one catastrophe away from a SHTF situation.
                It could happen at any moment. I use to believe the preachers, that all the church/christians would mysteriously disappear at “any moment”. Now i know that is a falsehood. But, a catastrophic event that sends the people into utter shock and scrambling for anything of value; food,bottled water, and fuel; can,and probably will, happen in the coming months to a couple years from now.

                Any of the survival essentials that a family doesn’t have now, will be sought after when SHTF. Some may get lucky and make the strike on those items before the less fortunate. Most won’t be so lucky and will resort to any means of acquiring those things.

                I hope and pray i never have to use lethal force to protect me and mine, but i am mentally prepared to do so if it comes to it. The little woman, on her own, would lay down and die first. With my urging and support, not to mention the screaming and cursing, she will take up her arms and defend to the death what we have prepped away.


                • djdog

                  In this theater we are performing there are the sheep, the goats and the men and women who are at least partially or as fully aware of the hell this piece of work in dc has set up for us. I, like you, used to have a pretty strong belief of the rapture taking place before it went in the toilet. Like you my eyes have been opened through educating myself on just where and when this rapture idea came from and it still amazes me that folks hold tight to this “idea” as that is really all there is to it. Personally the actions and overt inactions of ALL of us to come to grips/face-to-face with the criminals running this show from the courts to the scum buckets in dc have guaranteed that we all are going to take a bite or two of this shit sandwich… While my bride of many years doesn’t want me to tell her what the daily status is of the degenerating perverts across the globe, she, like your bride will take up arms beside me and ours when the time comes. I, too, pray I’ll be around to take care of her and the family but in the end it doesn’t matter because I know how the last bite of this shit sandwich ends up…. Pray to be able to preserve, prep with an awareness of the time and protect that which you have been blessed with. dj

                • dfisherman

                  @PWTW;I feel the pain of prepping also,even amongst those whom I’d considered broad-minded enough to see the storm clouds on the horizion and refuse to acknowledge the obivious. Hopefully this show Sunday will open some eyes because I just can’t afford to keep putting it out there for the sake of my own sacrifices and family as I’ve seen what people will do when SHTF. Neighbors around me are Sec.8;on food stamps,somewhat “ignorant”as once The sheriff had to shoot 2 pitbulls that came from their yard,into his,killed his dog and all the guy could say was Sorry,would you like a pit puppy? Now these two are not cordial at all and the guy is a convicted felon!!! I’m personally very low-key with my things,but as bugging in is the choice for now,as soon as finances allow,an escape location will be fortwith for me&mines. As for people knocking on door,or willing to exchange something(even sex-this could get you killed as there’s no telling what’s really on the agenda)for what you got. EX:While at the barber,the subject came up and an older guy said,”Look,check this out-iffen you takes $50.00 of your goods,place same on shelf,”take care of yourself”,your goods will still be there and you’ll be relieved,but if you open that door;HELL’S BELLS MIGHT START RINGING. BE CAREFUL OF THOSE WHO COME A-KNOCKING.

                • Slick One

                  Then the time is comming when all of those free things like EBT, WIC, AFDC,Section 8 Housing, SSI disability checks,……have to be turned off for good.
                  Welfare as a career choice shouldnt be allowed, I for one hope the parasites who have been stealing out of my pay check for the last 40 years get culled. As a poster on this site once said “No man is entitled to the fruits of another mans labor.”

                • Vincent

                  Well spoken! A lot of churches avoid speaking out and warning their members of the tyranny, oppression, lawlessness and predators in the government. They believe they will be mysteriously sucked up into the clouds before they have to suffer like the Christians in the Mideast and Africa. Or they continue the inoffensive and sappy PowerPoint sermons and happy skits, lest they offend their donor base. And the 501c3 status pretty much keeps them out of anything remotely political

              • Yankee Doodle

                Mike you hit the nail on the head. Don’t feel bad about these people.A godless immoral generation could care less about you and your family.We are all accountable for our actions in this world. We live and die by our decisions.This is their choosing to be this way.They are going to get a real lesson in reality very soon.

                • Outlaw

                  Does anybody know if there will be a way to watch this online? I don’t subscribe to cable, or have a tv for that matter…

                • Billy Idol

                  Expect the portrayal of preppers as antisocial, psychotic animals to become much more shrill as things spiral downward. This clip enforces the portrayal of the “psycho prepper”. Most preppers are gun owners and everybody knows that gun owners are mean, heartless selfish beasts. See? It’s right there on TV. The cry to “do something” about preppers will grow as loud and frantic as the cry to “do something” about guns.

                • djdog

                  As you put it so eloquently, “A godless immoral generation could care less about you and your family.We are all accountable for our actions in this world. We live and die by our decisions.This is their choosing to be this way” is the reason I have been finally, and I mean “finally” accept the fact that I will not be handing out anything from clothing to food after the event. If I hand out some non precious metals to some folks who insist too strongly on appropriating my/our preps, so be it. I have to think that there is a God given reason I have been driven so hard to give up so much of the luxuries of life that the idiots are indulging in with the idea it will always be there, that I can now see to feed someone once could easily be the death of us all. Pray, prep and protect. dj

                • mike

                  I do feel bad about it. I am saddened that the people of this country have become godless and immoral. It is truly amazing how quickly it happened. I fear I may have to shoot some before this all ends. I hope and pray I don’t have too but as I said my family comes first.

              • Gregory8

                Everyone on this site knows how ineffective and weak the government really is and that there’ll be no help during a nationwide crisis. I lived in Miami during Hurricane Andrew. It was days before we could even get the 82nd Airborne in to patrol the streets because all the roads were blocked by debris and the cops couldn’t get in. But they were only there during daylight hours because the gangs were out at night. Folks formed their own neighborhood patrols and even shot at a few folks without any problem. That was 1992, since then we’ve seen Katrina in 2005 and Super Storm Sandy in 2010. The government still can’t respond even to a local disaster with anything helpful. It’s always been YOYO Time ( You’re On Your Own), it’s that most fools still don’t get it even after all these fiascos. They will be the first to go.

              • Kulafarmer

                Thank you Mike,
                Spot on and you could be my brother!

                • mike

                  You are welcome. I think most of us in this community are brothers and sisters in a way. At least we will have to be when the shtf.

                • JohnFornaro

                  Totally agree with Mike. Many thanks to BeInformed for their viewpoint as well.

                  Will add that it’s important to not go “tharn” if the shtf.(“Watership Down” word for when a rabbit freezes in front of a predator because of fear) The other thing is to not lose one’s morality, and find the right balance between compassion and deadly force.

              • Larry Peterson

                It’s happening because you allow it.

                • Barn Cat

                  So Larry what are you doing to fix this? Huh? It’s idiotic to say we’re allowing it to happen. What are we supposed to do? Start shooting people???

            • Lanny

              BI, you’re absolutely right my friend, people don’t prepare & are slaves to their dependence. How many of the people that were affected by the EBT shutdown do you think got a clue and said: “Hey, maybe this could happen again, so I should put a little away for a rainy day”? I’ll bet less than 1%, if that…

              Sometimes I wonder what the true intent is of shows like this? Didn’t Nat Geo do the prepper fiasco show and now this? Are they trying to ingrain in the public’s mind that preppers are mean selfish people & unpatriotic? When FEMA, tongue in cheek says everyone should have 3 days back up supplies for an emergency. Maybe the 3 days is just so they have enough time to get out of Dodge before the real SHTF?

              BI, I always look forward to your comments, you astound me with your knowledge; thank you… L

            • tired of ny bs

              B.I. an x1.7 3 hours ago.the sun is waking up like you said a lull before the storm.

              • hillbilly SC

                This SUCKS!!!

                The “Walking Dead” is on at the same time…

                Hey, I guess it’s the same thing. They are lined up at the fence (Zombies) trying to eat also.

                Guess I won’t miss anything after all. 🙂

                Y’all play nice. 🙂

                hillbilly SC

                • hillbillySC

                  I got it!!!

                  Know I know how this guy feels.

                  Y’all remember Jackie Gleason as Sheriff Buford T. Justice:

                  “There’s no way, no way… that you could come from my loins. When I get home, the first thing I’m gonna do is punch your mama in the mouth.” :0

                  Ya got ta love the classics. 🙂


                  Hope the link goes thru, first time trying. 🙂

                  Y’all enjoy the day. 🙂

                  hillbilly SC

                • Night breaker

                  The show repeats at 11;00 PM EDT , you can watch the walking dead at 9:00 pm,
                  Then DVR the NAT GEO at 11;00 pm.

                  Thats what I am going to do.

                  Semper Fi 8541

            • snowman

              i agree with your statement. i had been telling certain people what is coming until i am blue in the face and like you told them to look around with open eyes and realize what is going on with our society. my wife has a brother who is totally dependent on the govt. hand outs. he actually thinks he is smart by “playing the system” as he calls it.i explain to him where is your sense of responsibility for yourself and your family?He just laughs and says i am stupid and calls me a boy scout. At this point i get fed up with him and tell him the day is coming when he had wished he was a boy scout and had listened to us and been ready instead of sucking off the teat of the government whose only reason for giving him stuff is to make him a slave to the system.
              As far as this clip goes i find myself knowing that this is what it is going to come to and if you want to survive and protect your family this is what its going to take. Just a little info; the government said it was going to cut back on some of the ebt card money for those using it.I hope the slaves like it.
              The past week when that EBT card fiasco happened i was with some friends who were there in a WAL-MART. they could not believe how the people acted like animals.some of them said their eyes are open and they are trying to get ready for what is coming. they asked me some questions and i referred them to this website because as far as i am concerned they can get all the info about not only what to get to be prepared but also knowledge about the coming events from here . thanks for being here and thanks for people like outwest and be informed
              for giving me hope that at least some people out here still have their heads on straight

            • Highspeedloafer

              Earthquake off the coast of Japan. 7.5 Sorry if already posted.

            • Wiseone

              ◄ Matthew 10:34 ►
              The Sword of the Gospel
              34″Do not think that I came to bring peace on the earth; I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. 35″For I came to SET A MAN AGAINST HIS FATHER, AND A DAUGHTER AGAINST HER MOTHER, AND A DAUGHTER-IN-LAW AGAINST HER MOTHER-IN-LAW; 36and A MAN’S ENEMIES WILL BE THE MEMBERS OF HIS HOUSEHOLD.

            • canuck

              GTA V…… Its popularity says all you need to know how low we have gotten…

            • BillyBobJumpingFrog

              Wow, wow, wow, can you say delusional….

              Can you say group psychosis?

              Do you really think you will be shooting other human beings at your fence and stack them up like cord wood?

              I mean come on….do you really think this is where society is going.

              Even if one of the events you all love to “wet” dream about did happen, the entire planet will not turn into a giant killing field…

              You all watch to many Rambo type movies.

              I feel bad for you if you spend your waking hours planning for all this gloom and doom when there is a whole wonderful world out there.

              I got to say, this is the funniest website I have ever stumbled across…

              I read it for the humor and stay for the ridiculousness….

              • San Diego

                Billy Bob I would think I speak for everyone here when I say hopefully you’ve gained more than just “humor” and “ridiculousness” from visiting this site. Hopefully you have at least some preps in place for you and yours, just in case something goes south. It’s not about stacking bodies high. It’s about preparing to feed and protect your family, as well as educating others so they are in a position to do so, in the event of a disaster. How many people do you know who are prepared for a disaster?

                • braveheart

                  BBJF, you’re just another troll from the same fantasy world as the other trolls. Move on someplace else.

              • Hadati

                I hope you’re right. I really do. But I feel it coming in my bones and I read more and more about it every day. We are on top of a house of cards and someone is switching the fan on high.

                Syria and Iran joining the BRICS countries, Saudi Arabia selling oil in Chinese yuan and breaking the petrodollar monopoly, North Korea nEMP and creating a pipeline to bypass the Suez Canal
                , the collapse of the dollar as the worlds reserve currency and the switch to the gold-backed Chinese yuan, false flags, cyber attack on the power grid, masses of people who depend on the government and live in densely populated urban centers and have no food or water prepped and no ability to filter their own water, H7N9 resurfacing in the chickens in China, class X solar flares… Take your pick.

                The reality is around 6 million US citizens died of malnutrition or malnutrition-related diseases during the Great Depression when there were far fewer people in the US and when around 90% knew how to farm, can foods, and use a root cellar. Today there are less than 3% who farm, can, or know how to use a root cellar and there are over 300 million Americans. It is a recipe for disaster.

                • Farmer's Daughter

                  You’re right about feeling something coming in the bones. For about five years now I’ve had that feeling and it just gets worst year by year, more urgent month by month. Something horrible to cleanse the nation or more likely, the planet.

                • Man on the inside

                  I figure 12-20 Months… Please for the love of all that is holy…. PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS.

                • Charlie the Tuna

                  I canned tomatoes for the first time this year. It was easy, I also grew some blackberries and got some fruit off of the fruit trees. Best get back to the land people, soon it is all we are going to have. I have a long way to go, but I am learning hands on all the time.

              • javelin

                You obviously aren’t even smart enough to see the MASSIVE contradiction in your post..

                First, like most government loving liberals, you call everyone here names- delusional and victims of “group psychosis”. Then you move forward with your shallow thinking by telling everyone how ridiculous it is to believe that the populace would act with a group psychosis in a SHTF scenario….

                Which is it? Do people act in a form of psychotic and desperate behaviour when faced with uncertainty or not?

                Use what brain you have–if you believe in group psychosis, then whom is more likely to be the party acting irrationally? The people who prepare for the obvious uncertainties of life or those who have staked their entire well being and livelihood on the solvency and ability of a central government to provide for them unconditionally and forever?

                • Mike H.

                  I would suggest he have a look at the behavior of the citizens in the Phillippenes right now. That’d gove him a good beginning idea of what he can look forward to.

              • Bruce

                Okay, you told us what makes you stay but what makes you leave?

              • Kulafarmer

                Nooo, were not going to pile them up like cord wood,
                Waste not want not, blood and flesh make an excellent source of nitrogen, the bones both calsium and a little nitrogen and a whole lot of phosphates, the hair is good for keeping deer away from anything you dont want them to eat,
                So no,
                Glad we can all be so entertaining, i know i get loads of chuckles from the forums here and elsewhere.
                So thumbs up billy bob leapin lizard

                • hammerhead

                  HAHAHA – yep , good entertainment!
                  But didnt you mean Billy Bob Chicken Choker ?

            • DEFCON 2

              @BI; My friend the world has passed us by. We are an anachronism in this day. I am 47 an as a child I remember geting the Aesops Fables from my elementary library. To this day I remember the fable of the “Grasshopper and the Ants” the Grasshopper played his fiddle all summer having a grand old time while the Ants toiled in the hot sun storing up for the coming winter. Well I can remember the picture to this day from when I was 9 the Grasshopper shivering in the snow no food, no shelter, no warm cloths looking through a window and seeing the Ants in side their shelter warm,feasting and dancing. At nine years old I knew what was going to happen to the Grasshopper and realized I didn’t want to be him.
              This thinking is not taught in schools or hardly anywhere else for that matter anymore. We are vilified or ridiculed with scorn or contempt, laughed at behind up raised hands. While in their next breath they will tell us they are coming to our place if the SHTF. I have told so called good friends about the Grasshopper and the Ants and told them I’m an Ant what are you? and then silence while I stare at them saying nothing, talk about an uncomfortable situation for them, but not for me any more. This is way past too serious now for the thought of making folk uncomfortable it is plain life and death. I and mine will not be Grasshoppers, we will be Ants.
              At one time most Americans were Ants it was in our make up as a people to put away for that rainy day. Now the Government has trained and used chemical warfare against the people to dumb them down and take their instict for selfpreservation away. All of these Grasshoppers will be used agaist us by the true scum that are in power. We will need to remember that these are the ones that are truly guilty of genocide against us and hold them to account. Rockefeller, Rothschild, House Windsor of England, Queen Betrix House of Orange and her ilk. Bilderberg, CFR, Goldman Sachs and other big banks and many others.
              May the Lord have mercy on us all.
              MOLON LABE!

            • Man on the inside

              BI … you nailed it….

            • TMC
            • Keith

              I think what’ll kill many off is not lack of food or water, but medication. With so much of the country on drugs for high blood pressure, diabetes, and other chronic illnesses, what happens when the pill bottle is empty? A lot of strokes and other disease, especially with the added stress of a societal breakdown.

          • snake eater

            two fences tells everyone that you do have something for cattle only one fence. I can see the guys thinking.


            • Barn Cat

              Or they expect guard dogs between the two fences.

            • JoeRepublic

              A trench lined with pungi sticks, covered by a thin layer of natural coverings and placed every few feet would be something to consider. Wireless, battery operated, solar charged security sensors would be a wise choice too. Placing snare traps in key locations wouldn’t be a bad idea either. Animal leg traps are also fairly inexpensive and work just as well on humans, consider it. The closer someone comes toward your home, the more hazards they should encounter.

              So, I agree, two fences may be a solid indication of having something to protect. As for a dog run, a crossbow could end that real quick, but a well trained dog will at least alert you. Hidden traps and sensors would be a far better choice.

              As for this video and National Geographic, I’m a bit skeptical. The content seems somewhat realistic and makes an impact; that is not my problem. The problem I have with it is: Why is this being shown to us on tell-lies-vision? There is never anything on that zombie box that isn’t put there for a specific reason.

              With that said, I would speculate this is being shown to shock sheeple. Someone that doesn’t live in reality would look at this video and be shocked at how cold this man is for not giving the hungry man some food. Potentially, this could even outrage a sheeple to the point of demanding these dangerous preppers be stopped now. With a deep enough impact, you could even see laws passed and harshly enforced that would stop you from being prepared. Just a thought, but like I said, nothing is on that box without a reason that serves those that put it there. Mass mind control.

              • Kulafarmer

                Potentially, this could even outrage a sheeple to the point of demanding these dangerous preppers be stopped now
                especially some of these progressive nimrods we got now.

                • DRD5508

                  Kula, very good point about the outrage of sheep. The truth and facts will always outrage the sheep/socialists, that being ‘what is mine, isn’t yours and you’re welcomed to it When and only When I invite you’.

                • JustMe

                  They are not “progressives”, that is a name they adopted nearly a century ago, to mask what they are, which are marxists.

                  By using the term “progressive”, you allow them to define the dialog, and continue to cover what they are.

                • Billy Idol

                  KF is right. In our topsy-turvy world, most consider it wrong to “hoard” supplies, as though the “crazy preppers” will have caused any future shortages. The fact that preppers aquired their supplies honestly during a time of plenty will be ignored. The maggots believe that “What’s mine is mine, and what’s yours should be shared by all (mostly me)”. To want to keep anything you have worked for is now considered “selfish”.

                • PA Dee

                  I think that Nat Geo will turn this into the big bad prepper by using the same theme as The Twilight Zone. There was a nuclear attack on the way and the friends and neighbors ganged up to knock down the door of the one prepared family. Ends up with no nuclear attack and a lot of hurt feelings. Don’t you think this would cause a bad feeling against preppers when the lights came back on after 10 days. The libs will say, ” Why didn’t they share their food and water? Everything would have been ok.” They are thinking of 10 days not 10 years.

                • Sgt. Dale

                  You and I know that there would be one hell of a fight. We would win. The sheeple wouldn’t stand a chance they don’t have guns. Stating the obvious.
                  The Sheeple really don’t want to see just how dangerous we can get when you try to take our STUFF.
                  AIM SMALL MISS SMALL

                • JoeRepublic

                  Well, that’s exactly my point as expressed in the portion of the statement you copied demonstrates. By the way, here’s a little tidbit for everyone to chew on.


                  If they ever play this card I think it will backfire beyond anything they could possibly expect.

            • Mad-Trapper



              Ditto, the vagabond appears ‘heavy’ (i.e. well fed)…he is a scout/enemy-gang-group intel type.

              Solution: Double tap after 1st warning!

              Feed his carcass to the pigs in your hog pen.

          • Ready & Waiting

            I have to agree on 2 Fences. We have a 5′ around the property followed up on the inside with 3 line 2 tier Concertina wire. I would have to beat the crap out the 1 son for even saying we had anything. Also where was the back-up from the house/barn/wood pile with the .308?

            • djdog

              ^ THIS ^

          • lastmanstanding

            I have had enough of my money stolen over the last 35 years to feed “life forms” that have no reason to be alive by earthly standards…and yet it continues every damn day…by force.

            I have chosen on numerous occasions to help others in need. Key word, chosen.

            I will not even be having the discussion with anyone that I don’t know.

            • Anonymous

              The people who seem to welcome such a situation are people who are fed up with being robbed at gunpoint and see the spoils given to animals that have nothing but contempt for those they leech from. What is taken as a desire to see society collapse is really just a desire of a chance to finally scrape off the leeches.

            • Slick One

              Career moochers should be terminated,I for one am damn tired of supporting welfare scum.

        • snake eater

          well the long haired guy only made it worse,,,,,,,,now the guy looking for food will tell everyone they will come back in force and take it


          • Mad-Trapper


            ‘Tis truth you speak & write. Yet, @ the end of the day, the problem could’ve been eliminated from the get-go!
            FYI, the golden-horde(the smart ones), will be looking for the prepared compounds. Make no mistake…their leaders will have a mil-spec background.

            Find/secure a copy of “Lucifer’s Hammer”…a sci-fi thriller of a comet impact on earth & the ensuing impact upon a destroyed civilization.

            Long term, it doesn’t matter what takes the system down, the resultant chaos will ultimately be….the worse case/standard version.

        • robert paulson

          I am not as concerned about the people that are asking for food as I am about the people that aren’t going to ask
          I would keep a eye on the least suspicious looking, they may be scouting you and will come back with their group later

        • Say When

          I have to point out some problems that I have found with this vid. clip. 1. The teen son should have been pre-trained and covering his dad against ambush. 2. This is kinda late to get to know your neighbors. 3. The dad just made an enemy of a neighbor that may have had something to offer or barter. 4. This man cannot keep watch 24-7-he may have been able to had a perimeter guard, being he was a neighbor. 5. Did this neighbor have teenage boys that could help with security? There are a lot of questions concerning this situation, but I believe that it could have been handled a little differently. There is going to be rough times ahead keeping the zombies away without making enemies of neighbors, especially in what appears to be a very rural setting. We’re all going to need stick together in tough times. Surround yourself with like-minded people. We will not survive trying to take on the world alone…

          • BackSpace

            I’ve gotta add, after the stupid remark from the teen… My attention was focused on the Father.

            He looks too clean and well maintained, it just screams “I Have Stuff And I’m In Control”.

            IMO, his attire is just as dangerous as the blabby teen.

            Never look in better shape than those you may encounter.
            Be alittle dirty, greasy, stinky and act the part. Walk slow, be lethargic, act hungry.


          • Billy Idol

            I have already assessed my neighbors. At the very least, most would have to be watched. The idea of hungry neighbors helping with security in exchange for everything else they need is dangerous. Most would use such an arrangement to get into a position to eleminate you and take all for themselves.

          • JohnFornaro

            Say When: Many thanks for the accurate observation of flaws in the video clip’s premises. It shows the dangers of surviving on your own. Two armed opponents with a less untrained approach would have good chances of overpowering the father. Say the kid was properly armed, but now, Pop is dead. Their small group is now just the kid and Mom.

            Contemplating this possibility makes me go tharn. You have to win all the time 24/7 regardless of thefuturecircumstances.

            As a tangential, but related question: Say you’ve made arrngements for a few trusted individuals or families to rendezvous at your place. What about IFF? At a hundred yards, it could be difficult to detect whether your friend was acting on his own, or as the pawn of a group who held his family hostage, waiting for your guard to go down.

          • terry

            If SHTF I will be looking to join someone who has a location. I have a bit of food and water, solar gen, propane shower, etc. I don’t own a gun but could still do security.

        • Faith of the Fallen

          I’ll probably get flamed for this, but SHTF things are going to be ugly and mean. You have to be meaner. Hypothetically you could can some “special” foods for the dangerous zombies. Depending on how ugly you want to get, ingredients could range from exlax, sleeping pills, or maybe rat poison. “Here you go neighbor share some of my canned foods” and neutralize the situation.

          • Them Guys

            Isn’t that plan to pass out Poisened foods etc called, Pre-Meditated Murder?

            I am all for self defense, and nationwide national defense from all enemys foriegn or domestic. But some folks plans or ideas here sure seem far fetched to totally absured at best.

            If things got so bad you had to attempt to get greasy and wear too large size clothes and walk slow and lathargic to look downtrodden etc…Come on already are you serious or what? If it gets That bad, running, hideing and shooting is about the Only things that you will be doing.

            Perhaps some folks has watched way too many zombie movies or TV shows, read too many fiction what if books, and developed a mindset of all that zombie stuff on tv weekly is the true reality comming.

            Funny they never had such zombies nor such tactics to act like lethargic slow walking starved folks, in past events like for example the Ukraine Holodomer, you probobly never heard about. Thats when in 1930’s era, after they mass murdered and exterminated 100 million white christian folks across Poland, Russia etc, the same evil bolshevik jewish kommie soviets decided to “Deal” with the white christian folks of Ukraine, by creating a Mass starvation situation when the kommie jewish bolsheviks and Red Army kommies stole every piece of edible food and killed off every farm animal across the entire nation of ukraine. In less than 18 months, 1/3rd, 7-10 million People there starved to death, mamy resorting to cannabalisim.

            Yet nowheres have I ever read of any such Tactics to evade nor any real zombies existing. The Only place I have seen such is on TV shows or hollywood movies.

            Its good to plan ahead no doubt. But when fantasy overtakes reality, one may be wasting alot of brain power and energy developing corny or downright goofy plans that are never going to actually be used nor be effective.

            Some folks even say they plan to go without Heat in dead of winter so no “zombies” sees any chimney smoke! Really? so the entire Family Freezes to death or gets so sick they pass out trying to stand upright?

            That sure sounds like a swell plan!…Whatever happened to americans standing solid together to deal with troubles? And whatever happened with what used to be called “Christianity”, principals of Love and shareing and assisting others Less fortunate etc?

            Who switched them gears to todays methods of Hide, Freeze in home, eat ice cold foods so no smells go outside, and of course shoot every fuckin human walking within 1/2 mile so You can “rebuild” after its all over!?

            Good thing all them folks caught up in that soviet russian jewish kommies takeover in Russia, Poland, Ukraine and a dozen other eastern european nations that Began in 1918, and LASTED untill 1990!!! Thats OVER 70+ Yrs of soviet tyranny and total bolshevik jewish rule and Mass extermination Deaths that finally ended up somewheres North of 250+ Million Deaths. Didnt have any such tactics nor did any use such tactics.

            As I recall it all, they Only shot or killed the enemys aka soviet kommie enemy. They never started to shoot everybody withn 1/2 mile of the farm or city. Most folks also Shared what little food or other items they had.

            Kinda like the orig first Christians 2000 yrs ago did when they were persecuted by jews and romans both. Read of it in the bible. The apostles that were also like the “Head Bishop” of a particular church group, advised EVERY one of them to SELL whatever they had, and Bring all Profits to ONE location, and then Use that cash and/or supplies etc brought, to make CERTAIN each person Has whatever they needed. Some folks calls it Shareing and Helping as if everyone were an EQUAL to the others resideing in the Catacombs, aka where jews burried their dead. Underground catacombs they lived in because them early christians Knew that NO Talmudic Jews will Ever go down into any place or location where any dead are burried due to jewish religious beliefs etc. And doing such they were able to avoid contact with them jew killers, killing christians when they can’t get romans to do the jews dirty work.

            They remaind in catacombs, shared as Equals, and so far no word of any modern day ideals such as “I got Mine so screw all Others!”…Good thing too for a lack of todays attitudes because that would have definatly meant certain death for all. To me all such I got mine screw all othes translates to Greed and selfishness galore. Do such thinkers or planners ever consider what “IF” some event or sickness happens to cause They to Need help or cash or food etc?…Just being well today dont negate a broken leg tommorrow eh…I bet if any I got mine’s break their leg badly, and need assistance or cash or whatever, They will sure be singing a New Tune afterwards right. Then it will be “Come On people lets all Share eh!”

            Seems not so good of a plan to me. Picture Your entire or nearly entire areas folks copying those early christian folks methods, and how swell Your entire town would do to survive whatever occures. Makes sense to me anyways.

            Killing all unknowns, placeing dead bodies to create smells to ward off others, wearing way too big clothes, and freezing so no smoke or smells emmits from the crib while competeing to become the Greediset, most selfish, mean killer on the block somehow don’t seem right.

            And all along I thought it was jew banksters and evil corrupt polititions who was guilty of that stuff!! Shows how stupid I have been huh.

          • Anna Van Z

            Wow, that sounds kinda psycho – kill them before they kill you. Do you work for the Pentagon, by some chance?

        • Anonymous

          Now they have an absolute enemy, who would like nothing better than that man to go down… what a pig!

      • JustMe

        That also points out clearly that those close to you may well set you up for failure. By the guy running his mouth, he has insured an enemy has been made. Probably won’t end well for them…

      • Anonymous

        Check out Collapsenet’s latest post by Dmitry Orluv, “The Sixth Stages of Collapse”. He is so funny– great writer! Also, Unrepentant Cowboy’s latest post on the same site (Collapse Net).. cool!

      • The average guy

        Q. Do hookers take silver coin?

        A happy thought

    2. Chilton

      Cant wait to watch! Dumbass kid saying they have 2 years worth of food.

      • TimTheCrusader

        He needs a swift kick in the balls.

        • sixpack

          In situations like that, kids shouldn’t be seen OR heard. Unless he/she was old enough and, aiming a shotgun as my backup, my kid wouldn’t have been there for that confrontation. My Dad would’ve back-handed one of us for inserting our 2 cents worth into an adult conversation, especially a heated one.

          That conversation would’ve gone a lot differently at our house, but then, nobody would’ve raided our house and lived to tell about it…

          • snake eater




        • bohica1

          this brings up a good point/lesson for all. you got to have a ‘family meeting’ with everyone in your clan. discuss OPSEC as well as scenarios like this, what to say/not say, what to do etc. Now that the neighbor knows they have a 2 year supply of food, he will be back, with friends. desperate times lead to desperate measures

        • bohica1

          this brings up a good point/lesson for all. you got to have a ‘family meeting’ with everyone in your clan. discuss OPSEC as well as scenarios like this, what to say/not say, what to do etc. Now that the neighbor knows they have a 2 year supply of food, he will be back, with friends. desperate times lead to desperate measures

        • 7 3/4 tinfoil hat

          and a backhanded slap across the face

      • Walt Kowalski

        I’m thinking that me and the older kid would be having a “come to Jesus” meeting immediately after that altercation. Son or not….if he can’t obey a simple order from the father, then he is a risk to the entire family.

        I’m not kidding. If he were my son, I’d tell him the next time he pulled a stunt like that, he’d find himself outside the fence himself, where he could get along as best he could like the rest of the zombies who didn’t prepare.

        That may sound cold and cruel, but in this type of a SHTF situation, there is NO margin for error. Again…an “out of line” family member is as dangerous as the zombies outside the perimeter.

        • Jack Hammer

          I couldn’t agree more. I have a 21 year old daughter that is lazy, dumb and just doesn’t “get it”. I told my wife that our daughter will be the death of us because she is such a dumb sh*t. If we have to, we will push her out the door with a backpack and a XBox so she can join the Zombies. Only the strong will survive.

          • Canadian Vet

            My wife and I have a policy ready in place and the kids know it. If they are over 18 and not doing anything, they’re out the door. That is unless they are going to college, university or a vocational school (including the summer, if applicable), are in the process of getting their own place or actively looking for a job.

            We got no problems supporting our kids through their early adulthood. But we refuse to become those parents who have a 39 year old child living at home.

          • Miss Dee Dee

            Jack Hammer
            I think it may be best to buy her a one-way flight overseas as soon as possible.
            Better to cry for your loss now than in the middle of when SHTF.
            — Sorry to sound so heartless.
            — Miss Dee Dee

          • YH


            When I was 21 growing up in Brooklyn New York, like your daughter, I didn’t get it either. That was 24 years ago. I just turned 45 and I’ve had a few decades to figure “it” out on my own.

            The difference here is time. Young people have maybe a few short years to get their heads in the game, so to speak. Time has been radically compressed due to this accelerating multi-faceted economic/monetary collapse we are witnessing.

            I am hoping Obamacare experiences a spectacular and cataclysmic collapse to serve as a teaching opportunity for young people about the inherent dangers of expecting a free lunch and putting their faith in government that is not their own.

            Maybe then they will look around the landscape and see the collapse for what it really is.

            • DRD5508

              YH, welcome aboard to the graduated class of hard knocks.

              • YH


                It took me a few failed attempts, but I finally graduated! I get it.

          • Gregory8

            Jack Hammer: No offense pal, but what is a 21 year old still doing at home? If she’s working, going to school, or some combination of this full-time and paying some rent, then o.k. otherwise, she needs to go. That is, unless she’s disabled. The problem with most kids today is that they are ‘enabled’ by their parents. The best wakeup call is reality hitting a kid right between the eyes. I left at 17, worked, went to school, then went into the military. Then college, career, and finally, retirement. The school of ‘hard knocks’ is character building. Good luck.

            • wrong

              Good point. My first thought was “what have you been doing as a Parent for the last 21 years that made her like she is?” Be a parent!!!

              • Sid


                When I turned eighteen my Dad took me aside
                and said it’s time to leave now, son.

                I was really at a loss for awhile, didn’t
                know what to do. Got a job washing dishes
                at Randy’s Diner for the summer.

                I can’t thank my father enough. He didn’t
                boot me out of the house, he booted me into
                a whole new world.

                • wrong

                  And your a better guy for it. I eat breakfast at a Randy’s Diner. There BLT has 10 strips of bacon on it. Enough for at least 2 sandwiches!

              • Masgrande

                Not always the parent’s fault. Some people just don’t get it no matter what. You can’t beat brains into an idiot. When she does end up on her own (like after the parents die), she’ll probably have to find someone else to leach off of or not make it.

            • MasterScott

              Gregory8, while I understand what you’re saying, you really don’t get it. The economy isn’t the same as it was twenty years ago or whenever you were 17. Do you know how hard it is to rent a place while living on part time minimum wage job(s)? The ECONOMY is going to shit, young people are mostly getting screwed. When I was going to college I did move out and work a part time job to pay the bills. You know what that life is going to lead to? Living in permanent poverty. I realized in 2009 that what I was doing was just continually living paycheck to paycheck until they stopped. I’m now living back at home and building wealth. I know most of the people on this site don’t try to make fiat money but I’m trying to build cashflow that I can turn into PM until after we get a new gold-backed dollar again. But by “forcing” your children out you may be condemning them to a life of poverty. I’ve read that 80% of Americans don’t have an entire years worth of pay saved up. After this year I think I will have about that much and be looking to buy my own house, something I couldn’t be doing if my family kicked me out. I do contribute some around here too, but just blindly kicking someone out because they are at age is rather ignorant.

              • Hoopster

                It is true that many young adults have no choice but to live at home. We have two sons in their twenties who simply cannot afford to move out. They work and pay rent. Our youngest is a strong and fit young man who works full time but yet he is extremely helpful on our little farm/homestead. I was on my own at 19 many moons ago but the economy simply is not there to support those who may work but do not make much money. As long as our sons continue to work and better themselves and help us with rent, farm work, etc, I do not have a major problem with it. They are into the prepper lifestyle too.

                • wrong

                  Hey Hoopster!!!!

                  I have a 20 year old daughter. She’s beautiful, smart, loves to cook, can clean perch (other fish too I guess), has a 22 rifle and a 9mm. She’s healthy and loves the outdoors.
                  She doesn’t own a boat but I’ll throw in my canoe.

                • OutWest

                  Wrong — What a cheapskate!

                  I would think you could come up with
                  something more than a canoe for a dowry.
                  Got any horses …..?

                • lastmanstanding

                  Hoopster, I think your son should meet wrongs daughter.

                  That was how it was done in the good old days…

                  Thank God that our kids are doing very well…I pray for the same for your young men and women.

                  They must have faith, be productive and never, ever give up their quest for the “American Dream”

                  It is still possible, just a helluva lot more difficult right now.

                  The evil will be destroyed soon or none of us will have a chance.

              • 10% Off

                MasterScott – I have to agree with you 100%. I have been a single (divorced) mom for over 20 years. I have raised my 2 sons with the belief that nothing is free…..except the flat stir sticks you get when you buy paint : ) My oldest thought I had stolen it the first time he went with me.

                You have to work for everything. Both of my sons had jobs as soon as they could drive. Their decision, not mine. Even when the younger couldn’t drive, he got a job at the same place as his brother and the restaurant liked them so much, they worked their schedules to be close enough that they could ride together. Both have had jobs ever since. Both started college but other career opportunities came up and college would have been a waste.

                To my original point, I asked my sons both to stay at home to save money. My oldest (just turned 23) is my business partner. By the time he was 20 yrs old, he had saved enough money to invest with me in a rental property. We paid cash. 50/50. He was working a full-time, good paying job by then. But he was still saving. I cosigned a car loan for him at age 20. He had a down payment, plus an $11,000 loan. He paid it off in 2 years.

                My youngest is 21. He was blessed with good looks and gets paid very well for “advertising” other people’s products in magazines, stores and commercials. He is very humble and doesn’t ever tell people what he does. His image is very public. Didn’t raise him to gloat. He is totally awake to our society, but still has to make a living. He lives at home because he travels so much. It would be a waste of money to pay rent when you’re never home.

                I’ve always told my boys that if they were working and saving money, they could stay at home as long as they need to. They both want to move out at some point, but see the advantage right now of saving for investment. Not a worthless retirement fund, but hard assets. Real estate, PMs, etc. My oldest has more PMs than I do. I’m proud to say that. He is all in on our latest adventure of opening a business since I can’t find a job. It’s what he has always wanted to do.

                I lost my job in April. They both told me not to worry about anything. They are always asking if I need money. I will just say, the bills all get paid. No one complains about stepping up. They both have enough saved that they don’t really miss it when it’s needed.

                I raised my boys every day. There was never a time I didn’t put them first. It definitely paid off. I wanted them to have a good future and good values. There were 2 things I lived by with them: 1. I never wanted to look back and regret how they were raised. 2. You can only instill good values into your kids. There is never a guarantee they will live by them.

                I’m not knocking anyone who thinks they are doing what is best for their kids by kicking them out. Each situation is different. We’ve become a team around here, and it will come in handy when the SHTF. I have no doubt.

                My blessings to any parent out there. It’s a tough job!

                • MasterScott

                  10% Off, you must’ve done a wonderful job raising your kids! I’m currently about to be 27 in a week and while I love my mom, she doesn’t understand this new economy. She pushed me into going to college to get any degree because she thought that was the best way for me to get a decent job. The only problem was I hate school with a passion. It’s not that I’m stupid, I just hate the structured learning they have in classes. My mom isn’t an investor and that’s really what I want to do. Yes I believe you are correct in that every child is different and some may need to be kicked out. My brother for example is now married and has a kid but I don’t see his family really getting ahead in life. He did just buy a house so hopefully he will at least have that to live in. He doesn’t know how to think ahead is his problem I’ve discovered. I realized in college, which wasn’t a complete waste even though I didn’t graduate, that I was way underprepared for the real world. But the school of hard knocks has a nice learning curve to it. I’m currently trying to plan to retire at 50 while being able to float my family members injections of cash if they truly need it. (With me being the decider of whether or not they need it or want it) Keep prepping everyone and good luck in the times ahead!

                • 10% Off

                  MasterScott – Hang in there! Stay your course and don’t give in to anything that strays you from your plans. Even without the additional support, you will succeed. You sound so much like my oldest. Very smart but hated school. It bored him to death!

                  Your mom should be proud of you for thinking outside the box. You were correct when you said the work environment for younger people isn’t what it was when most of us were younger. I’m 45 and it makes me sick to see what kind of world my boys have to grow up in. I tell them to enjoy every day and to live life to the fullest….they do. My youngest has traveled to other countries for work. I’m so grateful he is at least getting to do some things before it all collapses.

                  We figured we’ll run our business until it all crashes. We refuse to sit around and wait for it. We are prepped and ready for just about anything. I’m glad I prepped for many years before losing my income.

                  Do the same. Get ready, but keep on doing what you’re doing until you can’t do it any longer. Use the advantage of living at home. As we’ve seen here, not everyone gets that luxury.

                  Take care and all the best to you.

          • Agent Provocateur

            Yea I feel your pain

            • MasterScott

              10% Off, I don’t know why I couldn’t reply to your last message but whatever. From what you’ve said I do sound like your oldest. Did you always tell him growing up to look after his younger sibling(s)? Only one in his case, I have two.

              The only thing that was straying me from my current path was my exgf. Needless to say when I realized we weren’t quite the match I thought we were, I dumped her and really started gaining ground in prepping. (in my defense she was really attractive, like strangers would ask me if I was dating her and congratulate me, which is f***ed up but I did get along well with her) When I do get a house of my own, I was planning on renting a room to a coworker of mine so that he gets cheap rent and I get someone paying off part of my mortgage for me.:)

              Let’s hope a 10 day power outage is all we go through, and a currency collapse because no one here really believes the dollar is going to make it much longer right?

              • 10% Off

                MasterScott – Now I have to laugh….My oldest has always talked about buying his first house, rent out a room or 2 to his friends, and get the mortgage paid! He thinks of everything as an investment.
                I’ve always told my sons from the time they were little to look out for each other. I’ve always said that family will be there before most friends. They are only 16 months apart and have always been close. You can look out for siblings, but they have to be responsible for themselves at some point. Share your financial plans with them and maybe you could get them interested.

                Sorry to hear about your girlfriend not working out. Stick to it. The right girl will come along when the time is right for you. Girls have come and gone for both. They have plans that they won’t compromise.

                What is coming could be a bump in the road or a trip off a cliff. We won’t know for sure until it hits us square in the face!

                I believe you said you had a birthday coming up? Enjoy every minute of it 😀

                Take care!

          • NC joe

            And to what do you attribute your daughter’s dumbsh^tedness? Possibly you exquisite parenting and the wonderful model that you obviously are not?

        • snake eater


          the kid should have been armed don’t you think?????


          p s both of them

          • Walt Kowalski

            Maybe the reason he wasn’t is because his dad knew he was unreliable.

            As for the younger kid….I would trust him to be armed before I would the older one….but it would depend on what kind of kid he was as far as his personality was concerned. I don’t think some kids have it in them at that age to do what would have to be done. On the other hand….some kids…if trained…could be a deadly asset.

        • braveheart

          Walt, I’m with you. The younger kid in that video had MORE SENSE than the teenager. If that teenager had been my kid, he would have been penalized heavily for his mistake. First, I would beat his ass, and then put him out, saying, “You’re on your own.” In any type of SHTF scenario, there will be times when you’ll have to be cold and cruel if you want to survive. There is NO margin for error and ALL relatives need to be 100% on board and in line or they need to hit the road. Me, I want to survive and if I have to do something like that to guarantee my own survival, then so be it. I’m the only one who is responsible for myself and no one else. braveheart

        • dfisherman

          It just goes to show that you can have too much love for your kids and it can bite you. First off,Dad should’ve had a talk with son before it got there to the fence and when dude told Dad that he’d regret it-the chances of him being eliminated would’ve gone quite high;yes,tis drastic,but damn,that kind of s— will keep you up at nite-all night,and for sure,a bow&arrow would probably be the way to go as you don’t want attention. But it’s this kind of scenario that makes me want to just bomb the crap outta TPTB, I mean,damn,WTF,here we are readily contemplating killing our fellow men because they couldn’t/wouldn’t take the right actions that would’ve probably kept us from this kind of stuff and now kin will probably turn on each other. All I can say is clear your conscience and KEEP PREPPING.

      • Tucker

        The teenage kid is a perfect example of why ‘liberals’ are going to become a very serious threat to our survival, if a scenario such as this ever does actually happen.

        Obviously, the producers and writers of this movie are probably trying to cast the grizzled old White father as some kind of ‘evil, selfish, racist, cold-blooded, blue-eyed monster’ – while the young White teenage son, who’s been ‘properly brainwashed’ with liberalism and anti-White Cultural Marxism by the public schools he has been attending – demonstrates how ‘compassionate’ and ‘caring’ and ‘eager to help the weak and downtrodden’ he is, indicating his ‘superiority’ to his father – at least as defined by the anti-White left.

        This little scene reminded me of the template used by Norman Lear in his old TV show, All in the Family. Same blueprint. Archie is shown to be an old-fashioned, traditional thinking conservative who is born with a healthy streak of race realism and a practical outlook on the world – while his step son, Meathead and his goofy, rebellious daughter represent the Cultural Marxism poisoned and enlightened, ideological liberal.

        The grizzled old Father is clearly concerned with making sure his family, who are his own flesh and blood survive – and he intends to put their survival at the top of his list of priorities. Which is his duty, as the head of his family.

        I almost wish I had cable TV so I could give this a look. My instincts are telling me that the writers and producers are probably going to turn this into another bash-the-white-guy and demonize conservatives kind of propaganda piece.

        • braveheart

          Tucker, I totally agree. That father did exactly what he was supposed to do and nothing else. his younger son was the only one with any sense.

          • North Georgia Idiot

            You are a complete asshat !

        • Survival Skvez

          I agree. I fear that “the event” will (unrealistically) end after a couple of weeks and the neighbour will have starved while the “grizzled old father” will still have most of the 2 years of food left.
          The message being that he could have saved the neighbour but was “selfish” by holding onto *his* food for himself and his family.

          10 days into an event and the father hadn’t explained that under no circumstances should the kids tell anyone what food and resources they had on hand?

          • Billy Idol

            I would love to survive any such event and have the bulk of my supplies remaining. The duration of any crisis cannot be predicted with certianty.

        • 10% Off

          Tucker – my apologies for reanalyzing the clip to almost mirror your comments. I had not gotten to your post yet : ) Good call!

        • JohnFornaro


          I don’t know if the producers are in fact trying to portray the father as a “monster”, still, you may be right. Keep in mind that people who watch television a lot, often misinterpret things. One of the things about “art” (the video is an “art” form) is that it can be interpreted many different ways.

          Now speaking in general, and not just to you:

          I’ve read the thread up to this point, and it is absolutely clear that the kid who made the comment about food is in the wrong. Perhaps it is better to punish with half rations for a week, with the kid’s acceptance of that punishment, or the choice of banishment, along with one full backpack. If there is no attempt to forgive and remember, then the father will shrink his group a lot faster than the zombies would.

          There has to be an opportunity to learn from the mistake, even if it is a grave one. That’s the idea behind “forgive and remember”. The other common saying, “forgive and forget”, is plain hogwash, and lacks any pragmatic utility.

          It is dangerous, but necessary to send the “neighbor” home alive, knowing full well that he may come back. It should be made clear to the “neighbor” that should he come back after dark, there will be no questions asked. Also, if he should come back in the day, he had better be half naked, and crawling on his hands and knees to beg for the barter of skills for food.

          A community may have to be built by force.

          Recommended reading: “A World Built by Hand”, by James Howard Kunstler.

      • Anonymous

        This must be depicted in kalifornia, where no one knows their neighbor…..

      • Laz

        If I was the dad, that longhair kid would have gotten a back back and a kick out the door afterwards.

        • SilverSax

          Nah. If he was your son, you’d love him and try to teach him better (assuming you were a decent father).

          • Masgrande

            Assuming the teen was bright enough to listen and learn. Can’t beat sense into an idiot….

      • juggla

        Typical asswipe teenager that thinks he know everything, but in reality doesn’t know sh*t about sh*t. Fu#kin dumbass

    3. REB

      So it would seem they are telling us whats about to go down…or at least giving the people a hint…or they think fear sells like sex…sheesh…it really makes you wonder don’t it…

      • 10% Off

        REB – Exactly! It is what’s selling right now….fear, collapse, zombies, guns, preppers, etc. As much as they don’t believe in what we believe in, they know what brings in the $$$$$. It’s all about the money to these companies. They define hypocrisy with their actions. Always have.

        Now, I am seeing how they could possibly be putting the spin on this, with their liberal “hidden messages”. The older, prepper dad is being portrayed as a selfish, heartless, dick. Now the young, late teen, early 20s son wants to be generous and giving…..Who did the left target the most to get Obutthead elected? That exact age group. If there is an underlying message, this could be it. Older, white prepper, military type is evil….young generous teen is the hero. This group of Marxists have been targeting (brainwashing) our kids through every aspect of education for decades. This is just an extension of that.

        I am getting this from only a small clip, so I could be way off. Not enough details to be sure. It just hit me while reading other posts. Besides, I will be watching the Walking Dead first anyway. This will be DVR’d for a later watch. Very little politics in the WD. Just some good ole fashion Zombie ass kickin’!!!!

        • sixpack

          Somebody needs to DVR this movie and post it on youtube.

    4. The Old Coach

      National Geographic has been a Communist front for many years. View everything they do in that context.

      (No, I did not watch the video – I have to disable half of my anti-snooper software to let things like that run.)

      • hammerhead

        Agreed coach, NatGeo has an agenda presenting this.
        What is it ?
        And BTW , i hope the whole movie is not as shaky as this clip , it gave me motion sickness.

        • Unreconstructed Southron

          Their agenda is what all globalists’ agenda is for America: Civil War.

          The only way they could take America.

          Start at 5:00 minutes


        • Charley Waite

          The Dad’s camo outfit is code for crazy doomsday prepper. Of course they are going to be presented negatively. Hungry guy at the fence was presented as simply a hungry guy. Was waiting for the ambush but that’s cause I’m a crazy prepper guy too!

          • Tucker

            Actually, I am little bit amazed by the fact that the producers of the show didn’t make the character who was playing the beggar role a black or mestizo, or some other non-White minority. This would have added even more Cultural Marxist brainwashing propaganda to the show, and helped further their 50 year old agenda to incite racial hatred among non-Whites against White males and White European people, in general.

            This missed opportunity must have been an oversight, and a rare one – because the jews who own and control our lamestream media almost never miss an opportunity to smear, demonize, disparage, defame, and cast Whites in as negative of a light as possible.

            I’ll bet somewhere else in the 2 hour movie, they’ll remember to include some of this sort of anti-White hate and venom. BTW: My brother has cable and has promised to record this on his DVR, so I might be able to watch it at his house sometime after its broadcast.

      • BellJar

        Coach, ya better crawl back into your hidey hole before someone sees you and turns you in to them there communists.

        • Vincent

          You took your lips off Barry’s arse long enough to troll the site?

    5. Gone2hilo

      Got DVR set…can’t wait! This is #2 on the list of what I think will happen. #1 is an economic collapse.

      • SilverSax

        You’re right, but the MSM would never portray the US as on the verge of an economic collapse. Bad PR for Hussein Obama.

    6. braveheart

      Looks like an interesting show. I wonder if the kid got his ass beat for blowing the family’s OPSEC. If he’d been my kid, I would’ve belted him right across the kisser for that act of stupidity. I dread what I’ll most likely have to do when someone comes to my place trying to take anything I have. I’ll do what I have to in order to protect myself and my supplies, but it doesn’t mean I have to enjoy it. braveheart

      • SGT. Mike

        Friend. If he was my kid he would of been taught well enough not to say anything and why he shouldn’t say anything I think is what you really were trying to say.

        • braveheart

          Sgt. Mike, I’m not disputing your point. if he’d been my kid, I would’ve taught him not to say anything and why he shouldn’t, but if he makes a mistake like that it can get people killed. I would still penalize him for his mistake. braveheart

          • Stay Calm

            Well thank god for small favors BH, because you’ve never had kids so you would’nt qualify to know how to handle this situation. …..bsides your drinking has already polluted your faculties.

            • slingshot

              Stay Calm.

              Can you prove to me that Braveheart has been drinking?
              Or has he been drinking anymore than the rest of us who post.
              Lots of military instructors do not have families or children. They train our troops. Yes they are children when they enter service.

              • Billy Idol

                I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy!

            • DRD5508

              SGT.Mike, I agree with you. The son actually showed a lack of dicipline and respect towards his father. This should have been taken care of way before his teen years. braveheart is right Stay Calm. Penalize the kid or reschool him.
              As we all know (military), only one should do the talking and during this scenero, this isn’t the place nor time for a vote on what to do or opinions.

              • BellJar

                DRD….The kid’s mom probably runs the whole show around there and the man has had his balls removed by her. That’s what usually happens in these cases.

              • David A. Laibow

                I live in the Philippines, which has an expanding economy, mostly because of the flood of investment capital from North America and Western Europe coming into Asia generally, with the Philippines getting its share. If I were a prepper in the U.S., my choice for perimeter defense would be the Israeli WARM-205a flamethrower, which I helped to design. The “a” stands for the presence of depleted uranium pellets in the fuel tank; the standard “205” model doesn’t have them. “WARM” stands for “Wide-Angle Range Medium”, because otherwise, it would have to be called “WAMR” for “Wide-Angle Medium Range”. I expect a substantial American economic/societal/governmental collapse before the November, 2014 mid-term elections. I expect the Democratic Party to seize power by force, and the put the leaders of the Republican Party who don’t turn their coats behind federal barbed wire (most moderate Republicans will turn their coats because otherwise they’ll be left out of the plundering.
                I am the owner of Caballa Relocation Services, a consultancy for those who’d like to relocate their families, their money, and themselves to Asia. If you are interested in this possibility, I invite you to contact me, Dave Laibow, at “caballafamily[at]yahoo.com”.

            • braveheart

              Stay Calm, dial 1-800-EAT-SHIT and go f#$% yourself!

      • Sgt. Dale

        If my son at that age would have done what he had done after TSHF, and everything went the way they are showing on the trailer. After this was over he would get one of the biggest ASS chewing he had ever received by his Old man. I wished my kids lived near me, but they don’t. They did learn for the Old man how to managed when the SHTF. I have two daughters living in eastern OHIO, Thank God they and their husbands are Prepers. My Son dose live by me but works out of state. I trained him well and I know that he will make it back home to stand by my side. (that just brought tiers to my eyes.) What hurts me the most is my youngest she is a denier and thinks thing are going to be ok and nothing is going to change. I’m afraid that I’m going to loose my youngest. (God that hurts) I can pray that she wakes up. My wife has all most banned her from the group.

        Sgt. Mike
        The father fell short in teaching the kids to keep their mouths shut.
        Sgt. Military or Police?
        Sgt. Dale (Ret) police.
        Sgt. Dale

        • braveheart

          Slingshot, thanks for that. just another useless troll. Scotty, beam me up, still no intelligent life among trolls.

        • braveheart

          Howdy, Sgt. Dale. Sorry to hear you have one lost sheeple in your family. I hope she wakes up and smells the coffee for her sake. Glad to hear your other relatives prep. My relatives in GA were all raised on farms and learned how to shoot, fish, hunt, and forage at the earliest possible age. i’m not ashamed to say they’re better shots than I am. Once I get to cousin’s BOL, that will be rectified. braveheart

        • djdog

          Aim small, miss small… love it… A comment on your youngest. Had a similar problem/issue with all three of my daughters but the two oldest woke up. they are not extensive preppers but have “some” stores… The youngest, now 29, seemed to ignore everything going on around her with eyes wide open. Come to find out after talking to her about “her” at a family holiday gathering that she is too terrified to really spend much time thinking and realizing how bad things are. She is a strong person in so many different aspects of her life but this “idea” of collapse and losing so much just overwhelmed her. She finished her AA on the dean’s list with all of her pre nursing classes and while waiting for an opening in nursing school at the university she got a job at Trader Joes. Over the course of a couple years now the light has turned on and she is a “closet” prepper but will not under any circumstances discuss it. Just a thought and hope it helps… dj

          • Sgt. Dale

            Thanks for the encouragement. She is 31 now and I just can’t seem to get it through to her but I will keep trying.
            Shed has two boys that love the outdoors. I’m going to try to work it through them. Can’t hurt!!!
            Again DJ Thanks.

      • Indy Colts

        Sometimes being a lone wolf has its advantages.

        • Sgt. Dale


        • REB


    7. lastmanstanding

      I will not be watching…it is just what they want you to do.

      I don’t live in fear…ever.

      When it happens it will be much worse than anything that they can create…it will become a matter of life and death.

      You or someone trying to take your future.

      “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

      • braveheart

        Lastmanstanding, there’s no way they’re going to put fear into me. Only God can do that. I fear God and humble myself only to Him and NEVER to any human being. The real deal will be here soon enough.

        • eppe

          amen brother…
          If sheeple are that stupid to approach me, they are gone already….
          I am ready, my family are ready, but most are not ready.
          As in the olden days, prep for the worst, hope for the best. I am just afraid that many are not ready…
          I have stopped talking to people about this, and they should be facing the music for doing “the way of life as we know it” routine. I have no problem in taking a life to protect my family. many here will say that you are too harsh, but what would you really do? I have prepped for years, why should I give anything to anyone? They were the ones who took 5k vacations, 40k cars, 500k homes, best of everything to beat out the “Smiths”. Fork them all… I have often said “kill the all”, now do you all see what I mean? I have no problem with taking them all out. Harsh as it seems, we will survive,and many will not, but that is no skin off my ass. I may get thumbs down by many, but who cares? If I survive with my family, is that not the name of the game? In fact if we all take out the 40 TPTB and the 600 of the gov. pukes that have ruined this country, maybe we could rise from the ashes and make this chunk of land a great piece of land to live and govern. I have always said what this place needs is a “GOOD” dictator, but there have never been a good one yet. Think about it, when JESUS comes back, if you do not run by his rules, you will not be admitted in heaven. I this not a dictorship? Not to piss off people, but read Revelations, it is a dictorship. I know what I say will tourque up some, but read the BIBLE, it is an prophecy OF WHAT WILL HAPPEN…

        • snake eater

          Well said Braveheart
          they may have some good ideas in it,,i`m watching


        • M

          I watch so the sheepos know what too “expect”. then make plans accordingly . OPSEC advises me that this post is now complete )

      • Commie Positatus

        Just my opinion but you would be MUCH MUCH better off taking the time it is on and spending it going over Selco’s SHTF materials. That guy has been there, done it and is intelligent enough to know how to transfer that knowledge to us. I have not read anything anywhere on the Net that comes close to providing so much diverse information about SURVIVING, including the psychological toll it will take.

        Just my opinion but this Nat Geo film looks like Cloverfield minus the monster. I’d rather spend the time listening to someone who faced real monsters and lived to tell us how to get through what is ahead.

        DISCLAIMER: I am a subscriber to Selco’s subscriber materials and have no ties either commercial or personal to anyone on his site.

        • BigB

          I agree with your opinion Commie, but I just like expanding my knowledge. Like reading One Second After, you pick and choose through the minutia and come away with what you as an individual deem important.


        • buttcrackofdoom

          my family will ALL be watching because it will be a tool for pointing out mistakes that could be harmful to them/us.I know what’s about to happen, but some of my family rafuses to see it….maybe if they see it on the idiot box they will let it sink in…if only for a moment…

        • Lisa

          Commie Positatus, is Selco’s subscriber information really that much better than what he provides for free? Can you give an example of the type of information he gives? I’ve been thinking about subscribing but I rarely subscribe to anything and am wondering if it’s really worth it. He does have a different mindset than I do, matters of conscience – even though I realize people tend to do anything when they’re starving, I’m hoping God will give me the grace to keep my morals intact. With that in mind, do you think it would still be helpful to me if I subscribed?

          • Indy Colts

            Amen Lisa, I’m not going to just start firing at everyone because at some point the lights may comeback on and I don’t want to be in prison if the real SHTF happens. I’m also not going to hell for killing anyone not an imediate threat to our existance. I feel the spirt will lead my actions

          • Commie Positatus

            Lisa, in a nutshell: More details, more visuals and just more depth. You can get a TON out of reading his free material and his subscription material is even deeper.

            To be honest, if you’re reading Selco’s free stuff you are already ahead of 99%+ of Americans. One of the main reasons I subscribe is because I beleive I have a moral obligation at this time to support those who are stepping forward and providing sincere preppers tools they will need. Selco is putting out great info to HELP, not to jump start a new career. So for me, subscribing is my way of thanking The Good in the universe for his presence.

            • Lisa

              Thanks for your reply, Commie Positatus!

        • Kulafarmer

          Selco is interesting to read, really makes you think, at least really makes me think about the what ifs, we are not urban, are rural but neighbors in view, that said, we are NOT the continental US by any means, the majority of people are civilized and it will all work out, there are enough of us who are on it that the troublemakers will be disappeared quickly. One of the benefits of a small comunity.

        • Walt Kowalski

          Why does it have to be watching or listening to one at the exclusion of the other?

          Why not learn from both?

          I can tell you right now, that there is a ton of stuff out there on the Internet right now that is being passed off as “survival training” that is utter bovine scat. And yet people (and I’d venture to say many here) don’t seem to have a problem watching and reading that stuff.

          As an example…..the common theme of some is that they are going to bug-out and go camp in the woods and live off the land. You got people doing videos and writing books about it. But if you think it through, just how long do you think “the land” is going to support hundreds of thousands of people who are trying to do just that?

          But I do agree that from what I’ve read, I believe that Selco probably has the best handle on this thing and presents the most realistic scenarios and provides the best advice for making it through. Selco has “seen the elephant” and lived to tell about it. But I would bet that he would not tell people to NOT watch this program.

        • figment

          most “prepper” shows are the usual “reality tv” derogatory tripe

          making fun of people for their 15min of fame

        • JustMe

          Agreed, Selco’s materials are definately worth the price. Also consider the “Conflicted” card game, several such (as the vid) scenarios are presented.

      • Steve in Ramona

        I’m torn whether to watch it or not. Part of me wants to see how they portray it and part doesn’t.

        I know the reality is the real thing would be worse, particularly in the cities. I will record it and then decide.

        • Walt Kowalski

          I can’t even watch the “Doomsday Preppers” program anymore. It’s just too stupid.

          But if the rest of this program is like the trailer, I am favorably impressed. The scenario in the trailer looked VERY realistic and struck me as being the way such a situation could go down.

          • Eisenkreuz

            Go back to eating Doritos you fat bastard.

            • braveheart

              Eisen, are you any relation to ncjoe, finx, urabn dog, etc.?

              • Walt Kowalski

                I’m not sure, but I think he’s the teenager in the trailer.

                • braveheart

                  Walt, now that is a really scary thought.

            • Not so Much

              You were molested as a child weren’t you?

              • 10% Off

                Not So Much – I think it was something worse……public schools and liberal hippie parents…..

              • 10% Off

                Before I get pummeled for saying liberal parents and public schools compare to being molested, that was not my intention. Both are life changing. Unfortunately, there have been many liberal judges recently only slapping the wrist of molesters and rapists.

      • European American

        As we know, TV is a Program, now more than ever.
        Who owns/runs National Geographic Channel?
        Who owns 21st Century Fox…the chairman?
        What is their motive, their intent?

        I’m glad I removed myself from the gravitational pull of that demonic, mind controlling “SSSS” device, years ago. It’s liberating!

        • JayJay

          EA–me too. It’s like those like you and me belong to a unique club.

        • AmIHere?

          Having worked in retail merchandising for a few years, I can answer the question. National Geographic is published/owned by Time Warner, as are so many publications. They and Hearst/Comag are the two “biggies” in mass print media in the US. The brainwashing is more pervasive than most realize. I would consider the upcoming Nat’l. Geo. movie as no more than predictive programming.

          • jerrytbg

            ” no more than predictive programming.”


            Everybody laughed when it was suggested they could put messages within the message…when it was shown they could, laws were passed,I believe, to prevent…hahaha

            Now the entire program is the message within…
            Got to respect the way they think…you don’t have to like them but respect them as you send them to hell…bastards!

      • Gone2hilo

        I watch and read stuff like this for ideas…way too often I pick up on something we need to do or buy. Not looking to be filled with fear, but information.

      • Walt Kowalski

        Not watching…really?

        What does that accomplish exactly?

        Now….watching without a critical mind is one thing. But to simply not watch it because you think they are just trying to instill fear in you….sorry..but that’s just silly.

        Did it ever occur to you that watching the scenarios might shed some new light on things and possibly cause you to evaluate your own plans and consider if they are flawed in any way?

        I’m reminded of another similar program that I believe National Geographic put out a couple of years ago, “After Armageddon”. Now….despite the fact that the production had some holes of its own as well….nevertheless…it served to stimulate some thinking in me.

        Knowledge is power. Don’t ever turn down an opportunity to acquire more knowledge of a subject…even if you don’t like the source.

        • European American

          You’re right, Knowledge is Power. You might want to do some research on “Silent Sound Spread Spectrum”, a technology that uses subliminal programming that is carried over Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) broadcast waves which is being delivered right into your mind, from your HDTV, every time you turn it on, regardless of what you are watching.

          Enjoy the “Program”.

          • jerrytbg

            Well…seems I should have read down further before posting above…

            agreed… but I wear polarized lenses when I watch…

            just kidding… O-O

          • Walt Kowalski

            Well, I must have some kind of natural “filter”, because I can watch such programming and not be brainwashed by it. Nor do I let it affect me emotionally.

            Seriously……all that is required is a critical mind. I ALWAYS assume that programming coming from the entertainment industry and MSM is some form of propaganda.

            Again….I will take from this program what I can learn from it and discard the rest.

            Is it really that hard? Do you have so little confidence in your own ability to discern truth from error, that you shut yourself off from any kind of information that doesn’t come from one of your “approved sources”?

            Did a little reading on the SSSS technology. I would think that if someone were susceptible to the effects, it would be problematic. I don’t allow my thought patterns to be determined by my emotions, so I’m not particularly worried.

            • European American

              “Well, I must have some kind of natural “filter”, because I can watch such programming and not be brainwashed by it. Nor do I let it affect me emotionally.”

              “I don’t allow my thought patterns to be determined by my emotions, so I’m not particularly worried.”

              I’m not picking on you but those are classic responses; exactly how the programmed mind woks, i.e. who, in their right mind, is going to admit they are being brainwashed? That’s exactly how Mind Control works. It always works on the “sub-conscious” mind.

              Here is just one method they use to “soften” one up.

              “Studies have shown that watching television induces low alpha waves in the human brain. Alpha waves are brainwaves between 8 to 12 HZ. and are commonly associated with relaxed meditative states as well as brain states associated with suggestibility.
              While Alpha waves achieved through meditation are beneficial (they promote relaxation and insight), too much time spent in the low Alpha wave state caused by TV can cause unfocussed daydreaming and inability to concentrate. Researchers have said that watching television is similar to staring at a blank wall for several hours.”

              Add to that the technology of SSSS and one begins to see that ones conscious mind, no matter how “strong” it thinks it is, is no match for what’s being “inserted” subliminally. And the minds of TV watchers in America are being massively bombarded ONCE THE SET IS TURNED ON, regardless of the contents. Then, there IS the contents, a totally new, but complementary monster added to the program.

              The trouble is, most TV watchers are addicted and they don’t even know it and they would NEVER admit that. Suggest that they are and their reaction, generally one of denial, is more proof of how the technology truly works. “It doesn’t affect me”, “I’m okay”. “I’m normal”. Yeah, right. Woe unto the person who points that out to them.

              They, the Controllers, are light years ahead of us with this science, light years. Case in point, look how complacent the American population has become. Why be bothered with corrupt cartels (destroyers of the Constitution and our Freedoms) owning our lives when we have our TVs, ipods, iphones, gmo junk food, mind candy of all shapes and sizes, etc, ad nauseum keeping us pre-occupied with their perfectly designed, mindless entertainment.

              Why is there not massive demonstrations in the streets?

              Millions of pacified minds staring at blank walls.

              • hillbillySC

                Walt, EA

                I don’t know much about dat dar mind control stuff.

                But I do know that when the mrs. has the ole’ boob tube on my blood pressure goes thru the roof. I start snarling and snapping and then she has to medicate me 12 cold ounces at a time. 🙂

                About the only TV I watch is the Walking Dead. Even that has gottten on my last nerve this season. Mrs. hillbilly say’s to “calm down it’s just a show.” I HATE any TV that picks on what Lil’ bit of smarts I might have.

                Myself… I enjoy music.
                I could listen to it all the time, but now EA ya got me scared that I being programmed by my 80’s rock and country music might turn me into the next Lee Harvey Oswald. 🙂

                I might just have to self medicate myself now until the mrs. gets home. 🙁 Maybe stare at that blank wall a Lil’.

                Y’all have fun, and don’t sweat the Lil’ stuff. 🙂

                hillbilly SC

                • European American

                  In regards to Mind Control, Hillbilly SC, you ain’t got nothin’ to worry about. Dat’s da least a yo concerns.

                • Farmer's Daughter

                  I too rarely watch TV without the blood pressure rising. As for my 80’s music, I guess I’ll be an Oswald too!

              • Walt Kowalski

                If I am brainwashed, then all I can say is that their brainwashing has been a massive “fail”.

                I’ve been on to the agenda of the globalists since the 1970’s. It began when I first read “None Dare Call It Conspiracy”.

                Addicted to TV? Hardly. In fact, I’ve gotten to the point where I barely watch it all.

                My “filter” that protects my mind from the drivel is an undeterred drive to seek and know the truth, guided by principles that have been instilled in me by reading material written by people who themselves were guided by truth.

                Sorry…but I just don’t buy into the idea that the “controllers” can somehow overcome a mind grounded in principle and understanding of how to discern truth from error. For the weakminded and those who take everything they see and hear that comes from pop-culture and the MSM….yes…..they have a problem. And I do agree that the majority of the population probably falls into that category.

                I’m not disputing the science and validity of what you are saying. I’m just maintaining that it is not absolute and beyond resisting.

              • Nopittypartyhere

                Hi EA, I’ve been studying hypnosis in depth, and folks who do not develop critical thinking skills very easily succumb to the suggestions of what many believe are dynamic speakers. Actually the speakeres are quite skilled and well trained. All they have to do is activate the imaginations of the viewers. Once they do that, they create a sense of expectancy of something important to come. Then, if the individual is not a critical thinker, they will believe what they are told as if it were holy writ. Adolfo Hitler, FDR, JFK, Clinton, and Obama are all great examples of this. There was an entire article written about this recently in a hypnotist journal.

          • Huh!

            Me thinks you need to research the ‘The Silent Sound Spectrum’ further.
            The Iraqi soulders that come out of the holes in the desert, by the thousands, and surrendered, wern’t watching TV at the time!
            It goes much deeper…

            • European American

              How do you know they we’re watching TV? Were you there, in the bunkers with them?
              Of course you weren’t and they were most likely not watching TV, or least most of them were probably not. But what were they doing, in those bunkers, before they gave up, in droves?

              I take it you’ve gone much “deeper” on the subject?

              Perhaps you could enlighten me and the others here, and tell us how the frequency is delivered (in multiple ways) and tell us what a piezoelectric transducer is, without googling it, and how that may be related to HDTV and the subject at hand?

              I’m definitely interested in gaining more knowledge on the subject by someone in the know.

              • Huh!

                I said wern’t watching, as in, were not. Or should it be spelled weren’t?
                And they also probably didn’t, we’re, as in, we are watching.
                So funny you are.
                Don’t take offense man, I was agreeing with you!

        • lastmanstanding

          If you are referring to me (not watching) Walt, I will tell you straight. If not sorry to bother you.

          I don’t need help from any programming to make it from day to day whatever the scenario…my old school upbringing will serve me just fine.

          You just go about your life and watch the “knowledge” that they provide for you.

          Like you, I get a choice…and I made mine.

          • Walt Kowalski

            I hope your tunnel vision does you in good stead.

            I prefer to keep my eyes and ears open, and learn from whatever sources are available….even if it contains some bad information.

            I like to think I’m intelligent enough to discern whether or not the material is worthwhile.

            Resourcefulness, flexibility and willingness to adapt are skills that will be absolutely necessary to survive in a SHTF situation. It would seem to me that a closed mind would be a hindrance to those skills.

            • lastmanstanding

              No tunnel vision or closemindedness here.

              The earth gives us all the info that we need.

              No bad info there.

              Enjoy the programming.

        • Commie Positatus

          In short, time is short. I don’t have time to look at Time Warner’s take on what’s ahead. 24 hours and lots to fill it up with already. It’s called discrimination.

          “Did it ever occur to you that watching the scenarios might shed some new light on things and possibly cause you to evaluate your own plans and consider if they are flawed in any way?” If you think Time Warner is going to give your ANYTHING that is in a substantial way helpful, have at it.

          Without viewing it, I will predict it will depict those who don’t give away their food to the parasites as control freaks (Jason, get back in the house!)

          They will show preppers as extreme, hoarders, prone to using firearms, paranoid, etc. What they will NOT show is the neighbor’s family the previous year with their big screen TV, sports programming and blowing their discretionary income on iPhones and beer.

          You may have the kind of time that will look at the entertainment product of the very people who are screwing us royally, but I don’t. Enjoy…

      • Jack Hammer

        The more I see the more I educate myself on the possibilities. I’ll be watching….and learning. Jack Hammer OUT!

      • DaisyK

        I have already programmed my DVR.

        I could survive a 10 day outage. But I would not be able to survive long term. I am 70, live alone and have no relatives within 500 miles. I am here in northern Wyoming because I couldn’t afford Colo — wouldn’t want to live there now, anyway.

        I have two handguns but my hand shakes, so I can’t hit anything at a distance. I can’t hold a long gun at all.

        I have printed out some stickers to put on my front door that say things like “Biohazard” and “Quarantine, Contagious disease.”

        I don’t have a fireplace and it gets 35 below here sometimes. Plus if no one takes care of Boyson Dam 90 miles to the south, I will be washed away.

        I have a 6 ft privacy fence around 3 sides of my property (all that is allowed is 3 1/2 ft chain link in front.) I have a wall furnace that doesn’t use electricity and will heat my main living areas as long as the gas pressure holds. Then I have a propane heater and dozens of 1 lb pound cans of propane. I also have two Kandle Heeters and 4 cases of 50 hour liquid paraffin candles. I have a year’s supply of food for me and for my dog and cat. I have about 50 gallons of water stored. There is a river nearby and I have a Berkley Filter. The town gets its water from a gravity fed well. They tell me that it doesn’t need and treatment or care — it will continue to supply us with water, according to our emergency planner, who is Mormon and has given me lots of good tips. In fact, they say almost 1/3 of our town is Mormon and most of them are prepped.

        I will watch the program to see what good tips they have, but I won’t believe everything they say.

        • lastmanstanding

          You are further ahead than most Daisy.

          You have will and good neighbors, that may just be enough.

          God bless you.

        • The Old Coach

          A very official-looking “biohazard” placard would be a neat product for one of our sponsors !

      • BellJar

        Last Man….Get that tin foil hat way on down there on yore noggin son….!

    8. Simplicity

      Shows why you gotta’ make sure your kids are under the control of parental authority. Unfortunately, you can’t give anyone food, or they will be back again and again until you or they are killed.

      • braveheart

        Simplicity, AMEN. Let me add if you give someone food, they’ll sell you down the river to others looking for the same thing and then you’re in a real world of hurt. I made my decision many years ago, I’m not giving any nonprepper a DAMNED THING except a well-placed bullet if they don’t leave when I tell them to. braveheart

        • Former Serb

          That’s why you’ll be the first to GO…..! I have read your pass posts and with your mindset.and my experience, it’s people like you with built up anger that will be the first casualty of war. Good luck my friend !

          • Anonymous

            Hey former, we are obligated to care for our families first. The best way to give is to give to a source and insist on remaining nameless, such as a church or mission who will in turn give to those in need. You may be a former Serb, but you are certainly naive about human nature.

          • braveheart

            Former Serb, yes, I do have anger built up against those who are working to destroy my country and I’m not the only one here. our first obligations are to ourselves and our families. We are all INDIVIDUALS, NOT GOVERNMENT AGENCIES WITH UNLIMITED RESOURCES TO PROVIDE TO EVERYONE WITH HIS OR HER HAND STICKING OUT. It is much more wise and prudent to donate to some charity and ask to remain anonymous, therefore you maintain your OPSEC. Being from Serbia and having survived the Balkan Wars, I thought you knew human nature better than that.

          • The Old Coach

            You’re a former serb and I’m a former Martian.

            Look in a mirror for the visage of nger, friend.

            • BellJar

              Are you calling him a nger?

              • The Old Coach

                Got a crumb under the “a” on my keyboard. Should have been “anger”.

      • Kulafarmer

        Im glad i dont have kids,

        • braveheart

          Kula, I’m glad I don’t have them either, in some ways. At least you and I were spared the heartbreak of raising them right and having to see them go off in the wrong direction. Saves a certain amount of stress for us both. I’ve only got myself to provide for and that is hard enough. braveheart

          • Kulafarmer

            Ohhh i wasnt spared, i do have 1, is 22 now, but we dont talk, such is life, as of right this moment, its just me and my sweety and there will be no additions!

            I hope to God that i never have to deal with hungry folks other than the neighbors i do know quite well, if TSHTF i will NEVER be without my 1911 and my REPR or one of my AR15s, just the way its going to be, the rest of my group is nervous, paranoid, and real observant, so that said there are lots of eyes and ears, and we all have side arms and ARs,

            Defensive measure

            We mixed up Tannerite in a 1 gallon can and piled 1-1/4″ filter rock over it, when you shoot it it sends rocks everywhere, placed a 1 gallon can taped tight in the middle of a 5 gallon bucket packed around the tannerite with the 1-1/4 rock, sat a manaquin next to it standing up about 10’away, shot it, it shredded the manaquin, lost 1 leg, so i have made up about 30 of these things.

            • BigB

              Kula, try 2lbs under a cast iron pot on a rock and shoot it with a 223 from 200 feet away. You can see the pressure wave coming at you. Even the trees bow under the pressure.
              Good stuff. I was told that Oregon has limited how much you can buy.


              • Kulafarmer

                Everything fun is getting harder to get isnt it! I want to try it in a piece of 3″ galvy pipe about 1′ long packed and capped then plug it from distance, maybe stick it under a car or something big.
                You know, in the name of science!

                • BigB

                  Yes, in the name of science and just still having enough of a kid in you that wants to see and hear the big bang. Yoww!


                • Jack Hammer

                  Get as much as you can NOW and do NOT tell anyone.

              • sixpack

                In Oregon, firecrackers are illegal. Putting end caps on some galvanized in order to make it go boom is called “manufacturing/possessing a destructive device”.

                …can’t have any Patriots running around with any kind of homemade artillery, now can we?

                • Kulafarmer

                  That illegal thing is why theres nothing solid right now, experimentation done, scientific analasys collected, components carefully stored somewhere else, ready for if we need to improvise!

                • sixpack

                  roger that, kula.

            • lastmanstanding

              Use some type of shrapnel in the bucket…instant crowd control.

              • Kulafarmer

                Yep, 1-1/4″ crusher rock is pretty shrapnelly!

            • California Resident

              @ Kula

              LWRC fan, eh? Great minds think alike.

              As for me; I own an M6A3/Vortex 1-4×24 and love it.

              • Kulafarmer

                love it,,,light and smooth.

        • Commie Positatus

          You can always eat them as a last resort, when they prove to be a disappointment to you like this dumbass Jason.

        • Ugly


          Are you shooting blanks?

          (Just kidding, don’t take me seriously)

          Good luck on everything.

          PS. I gave you and many others a thumbs up, but my wifi and laptop won’t let me vote. At my office on desktop, I can vote–but not the laptop at home since the day Mac had fixed the system. I have two other laptops, so I think I will bring one home and exchange it.

          Kula–keep up the good work and comments.

          • Kulafarmer

            I am now by choice!
            Dont want any “accidents”

          • JayJay

            Ugly–di you try rebooting or re-starting the computer?

            Sometimes that helps.

            No tech here, but it cures lots of my problems.

            • Ugly


              I did try all that. It is my laptop because I have issues also with my email. I’ll get my other laptop because I hate to not be able to vote. I’m starting to feel like a republican in Chicago.

              Thanks for input.

        • senormechanico

          I’m glad my grown kids don’t have kids.

          • anonymous

            Pass on the genes.

        • anonymous

          Equal opportunity.

        • AZClimber

          I’m glad I do. My family is he and I, that’s it. I’m 32, he is 11. Last year he nailed me square in the face with a throw bag when I went over our raft in a class 4 rapid on the Salt River. I will never forget seeing him standing in this raft, no one on the oars, raft bouncing every which way, calmly prepairing his rescue bag. I went under immediately after, but the second I came back up… smack right in the face perfect toss from 15 yards. He even had his bow line thrown around my oarsman seat before I could grab my end.
          Two days after the shutdown ended, we hiked Bright Angel down to Phantom Ranch. On the trip back up, he smoked me by 30 minutes, and I’m in good shape.
          He’s as smart as they come, honest, and reliable. A good son is a gift from God. Wouldn’t want an infant when it pops off though.
          Did I mention he can shoot too? Good enough and fast enough to make a difference. I don’t see myself saving the country, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he did, cause I think he could. That’s just the dad in me talking though.

        • BellJar

          Yea kulakook, mine’s stopped up too…

          • Kulafarmer

            Heeeeeerrrrsssss Johnny!
            The kookooo ones are the ones you need to be wary of, were sort of unpredictable, all 4 of us!

      • Mountain Trekker

        Simplicity, it’s kinda like the Game and Fish Dept. always says, a fed bear is a dead bear, same principle applies to freeloaders. My thoughts would be in the first few days, if anyone came looking for food, and was civil I would share any perishable food that my family couldn’t use up, and tell them that was all that I had. Under no condition would I expose to an outsider or give any dry goods or canned goods. Guard those with your life. Trekker Out.

        • djdog

          Now that is a good idea for helping from the fridge/freezer and ending it… thanks for the reminder..

      • BellJar

        Yes they and the child should be shot and buried so that you can stuff yourself silly with your mre’s….

    9. Stew Pedaso

      WROL…now beat the living shit out of that big mouth teenage moron. Might have to test out some med kit supplies by the time I was done explaining why he should shut the fuck up.

    10. IneptSHTFplanReader

      I bet they all resort to cannibalism.

      • Paranoid

        I don’t care for your “Resort” comment. A lot of people I know that’s the best thing you could do with them and it should be your first choce.

        • Kulafarmer

          Ill stick to veggies thanks,
          Some lines shouldnt be crossed!

          • Warchild

            Long pig it’s what’s for dinner!Actually,as a organ donor if I die and folks can survive off of me,I say fine.Tis like the great book Alive about the plane crash in Andes.Now,if I am killed so folks can eat me may they die of food poisoning!

      • Jack Hammer


        • BigB



    11. The Lone Ranger

      If you read the Alerts dated 10/19 to 10/24 at Quayle’s website, preferably right now [www.stevequayle.com], you will see that a few simultaneous dangerous things seem to be planned all at once!

      And MOST likely either DURING GRID EX II (Nov 13th and Nov 14th) but QUITE possibly BEFOREHAND.

      Listen, GRID EX II I’m beginning to think is a planned DISTRACTION from what they ACTUALLY plan to do between Friday, Oct 25th and November 12th, if you read/interpret those Alerts dated the 19th to the 24th as I do. OR it will be their “icing on the cake”, in other words, their END event, after their INITIAL “crap”.

      What do YOU all think?

      As I posted months ago, it is not going to HIT the fan, it’s going to TAKE OUT the fan, and possibly you and me WITH it–IF it is either a HAARP-created earthquake OR a “missing” nuke, OR a pandemic virus, OR a permanent Grid Shutdown, with any of those being “coupled” with a bank/currency collapse.

      Oklahoma City, 9/11, Sandy Hook, the Batman movie theater shooting, the HAARP-created Hurricane Sandy storm, the Navy Yard shooting– they were all warm-ups.

      Please don’t post how you will wipe THEM out, and ruin your Op-Sec, INSTEAD post here how you will OUT THINK them, and start thinking NOW, because SOME of us here might determine to bug out EARLIER than EXPECTED.

      Don’t just watch your six, watch your “twelve” a few weeks ahead in order to calculate backwards to know what to do NOW, immediately.

      – The Lone Ranger


    12. Broken Filiment

      I plan to watch. I think the man was premature to pull his gun. He made an enemy who knows he has food. The have-nots may gather to raid the haves.

      • Lisa

        I agree. He could have said something like “Oh yeah, those cans of…” and waited for his kid to finish your sentence, thinking your mind must have gone blank. Risky, I know. He would probably say something like “corn, -” and cut him off before he could run off a list and say “yeah, we have a couple of cans of corn that’s about expired (or “doesn’t agree with our stomachs” – if it’s true at all, like if it’s gmo it doesn’t really agree with any part of anyone’s body). Just thinking out loud, maybe that could have saved the situation, who knows? Once his son let the cat out of the bag, his strategy needed to change, especially with a neighbor.

        • Npgh

          Somebody posted the other day about kidney beans being poisonous if not prepared properly. How bout saying to his kid, “hey, we got kidney beans, go get them”. Then tell the starving, unprepared neighbor, “eat them raw like nuts for the best nutritious effects”. Mwhaahaa…

          • Kulafarmer

            think Ill can me some caster beans,,,

          • Anonymous

            Or….”Try this new Kool-Aid Flavor”……(anti-freeze)..
            ………Help Your Self………….see ya’…….

      • Walt Kowalski

        Have to disagree….I think he did exactly the right thing. The situation was starting to get out of control….mostly due to the stupidity of the teenaged son. The contention between the father and the son was picked up on by the “neighbor”, who then sought to drive a further wedge between them in order to get what he wanted. Additionally, the father was forced to divide his attention between the “neighbor” and controlling the son. Not a good situation to be in, as had the neighbor been armed and inclined to do so, it would have been the perfect opportunity to use violence to get what he wanted. At that point, the father HAD to regain control of the situation and make it clear that the discussion was over.

        As far as making the man an enemy….unless he was willing to give him everything he had, that was going to be the end result anyway. Notice that he told the man, “I don’t have anything for YOU.”

        The fact that the “have-nots” are going to gather to take from those who do have something, is a given. In fact, they will likely raid your place, even if they DON’T know that you have something. The question then is…..What are you going to do when that happens? If you aren’t prepared to deal out the necessary violence to protect your family and what you have, then you may as well just give it to them and be done with it.

        • braveheart

          Walt, AMEN. When the idiots come to my place, I’ll have “Bertha” with me to back me up in my conversation with them. I’ve worked too many years and spent too much of my own money on supplies to just stand aside and let someone take it all away. I would be the moron then. I expect things will get ugly and I’ll have to “ventilate” someone. If/when it comes to that, I’m prepared. It doesn’t mean I have to enjoy it, which I won’t. But I will do what’s necessary to stay alive.

    13. Patriot One

      Boy just wait till they find out obamacare isn’t free, the EBT card doesn’t work and there is no government cheese!!!

    14. ArmedPatriot

      He should have his rifle on him. Looks like the Springs. I have about 600 meters all around me. I’ll spot you miles away. My response will just be the clack of my rifle as I point it at the fellers head. He better keep moving.

    15. Hammerun

      A gun fight avoided is a gun fight won.

    16. Socrates

      Yes, it seems they like to ‘pre-announce’ their evil intentions like clockwork, don’t they? Almost like a taunt, or a dare. I will watch it, while de-priming brass or some other *important* activity instead of watching in passive, captivity mode. We all need to multi-task better, as time is getting short and old man winter is bearing down, right around the corner.

      Also funny how our Sun is acting up finally, with 6 M- and 11 C-Flares on the Sun During Past 24 Hours alone! Make sure your batteries are all charged… maybe nature will save us yet.

      • Archivist

        Another flare just a few minutes ago. It was an M 3.0.

        • Daniel San

          Hi all ! 🙂 This is what I’m waiting for, Bring on the X- class Flares
          Lets get this Party Started already ! I’m getting tired of waiting for something to happen :/

          • Kulafarmer

            Just stay away from the Fukushima sushi!
            Im Scared to eat sashimi anymore,

    17. JX

      As a matter of fact, as a Christian, I *will* help others. But I will focus on those that truly could not help themselves, such as the mentally retarded, the elderly, the very young. The others should maybe sell one of their Lexus SUVs after watching this, and do at least a modicum of preparedness – but of course they won’t. I’ll need to decide on a case by case basis what I will do in a horrible situation like this. It will be very difficult, given that I have many neighbors who could care less, and are the very ones causing the disintegration of our society, as evidenced by their disgusting Obama bumper stickers, etc.

      • Dejavous

        The problem with helping anyone out with food etc is who they will tell and who then will gang up to come back and clean you out or kill your family if you resist. If they win and just clean you out then you become them or are dead anyways from starvation. If they are a stranger and not family – they get nothing. People who have any common sense know that CMEs or EMPs or Cyber attacks can happen at any time. If they are too stupid to prepare for such an event then they do not deserve to be helped. Their stupidity could get you or your family killed in short order. Ban together with like minded people if you can find them for there is safety in numbers. A loner will die quickly going against a group with any common sense and a little experience.

    18. Tom

      It is a TV show, relax and enjoy it as such.

    19. blackout dude

      Cool, shut the [email protected] lights off for about 9 months. It’ll really help clear the junk off the streets.

      Got candles? Got lanterns? Got lantern oil? Got spare parts and wickes? Got years and years worth of matches safely stored? Well…you’d better.

      • Jack Hammer

        I do!

        • anonymous

          Buy a couple of zippo lighters, pak of flints and XL fuel moron.

          • SilverSax

            Why be rude?

          • braveheart

            Sounds like one of the trolls trying to disguise himself.

      • sixpack


    20. blackout dude

      Oh….and Jason needs to be dropped off a cliff….

      • egore

        Just tell Jason: “Sure, give him your next few meals” After a few days Jason may change his tune. Course it would be too late then.

    21. incognito

      Kind of makes me wish I had TV. Kind of….

    22. RickInOregon

      I will not be watching it, I got rid of cable a long time ago and antenna tv out here is pretty weak. Besides that, I’ve been working on a pain in the ass job that’s taking way too much time and I need to work this weekend so that it doesn’t screw up other orders.

      With watching that clip where the teenager let out about the food supplies, it sets up a later scene where the neighbors comes back with others and tries to make a raid. Someone will get killed, most likely mom, sis or little brother and the teenager will be crying and saying I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

      • RickInOregon

        “Imagine 10 days of a catastrophic blackout across the United States. No cell phone service, no ATM withdrawals, no working street lights, no available gasoline … no escape.”

        10 days without power isn’t a catastrophe, it’s a winter ice storm and my home is ready for it.

    23. smokey

      Don’t take cable, so won’t see it. We’ll see what happens to the ammo stocks next week, it’s been coming back.

    24. gone under

      I would help him… I would tell him to go on a fucking diet and come back when he has lost 75 pounds. Then I would give him some of that chinese dog jerky…the shit that has poisoned 600 pets so far.

    25. BeRead4anything

      I am going to watch it every bit of knowledge even propaganda can be useful. I also think this can happen in the near future. Also if I was the father of the big dummy talking about how much food we had it would have been the last time he spoke out of gotdamn line …DUMB ASS KID !! there’s one in every family so make sure you know your weakest link before shtf!!

    26. Prepper Midwester

      I’m looking forward to this program and I’m looking more
      Forward to family watching and praying that it ignites
      A brush fire of curiousty.

    27. Scott

      Jason needs his butt kicked.

    28. Archivist

      I had someone try to bum money off me outside the grocery store today. My wife asked him what he wanted with money. I guess that surprised him, so he finally got out that he was hungry and wanted some eggs. I dragged him into the store and bought him some eggs. He wanted the change, and I told him I needed it.

      I think he was a little disappointed. He may still be walking the parking lot trying to sell the eggs. No cash for bums, only food. It irritates them when you do that. I think he was trying to gather enough cash for a pint of rotgut.

      • JayJay

        Archivist–right move.
        When they say they need food, I say can you wait here 30 minutes?
        If they say yes, then I’m home and back in 30 with a few boxes of food.
        If gone?? They didn’t need the food and it gets re-shelved.
        Given food this way plenty of times…never disappointed.

        • Farmer's Daughter

          We gave a woman begging in Wally World a dollar which she promptly threw on the ground and told us we insulted her! I picked it up and explained how she should take her big self into the store and get a job because the next time I saw her begging I would use my pepper spray!! She took off!!!!

          • Kulafarmer


      • Warchild

        Arch,was in hometown city seeing a concert(Tull of course!)when was going into a sub shop and hit up for change.I asked what he needed and said a meal,so asked him what he wanted and ended up eating lunch with him.He was working part time/going to college and living out of a car/keeping fairly clean at the Y.When my dad/mom/grandfather went to college all they needed was a part time gig that paid for school and all,still had time to study and actually party a little.This kid told me that students on parents dime were helping him out and they had a party he didn’t go to as he didn’t drink,turns out all the admission to keg party money was for him,not all the students selfish pigs.He was in his last year at Northeastern getting engineer degree,hope it all worked out for him and he remembered and helped others in challenging times.

        • JayJay

          That is one condition for my donations–they help someone else when able to.

      • howdy -doody

        Have you ever noticed that most people who beg on the street corners are all smokers? They have made enough begging, to afford smokes. just remember when you give people money on the street corners, you are supporting their smoking habit.
        What really gets me going, is to see people begging across the street from a salvation army or Goodwill location. if they really wanted help, they could go into either facility and ask for help finding a job, or a hot meal. but begging is their job.

    29. Chris45

      I’d have that stupid punk for blabbing . Typical liberal shit.

      • sixpack

        The clip looked stereotypical to me. The Dad appeared ex-mil, even dressed in fatigues. The intruder was a liberal-looking hippy/baby boomer type, the older son had long college/trendy-type appearance, while young son looked like ordinary kid his age.

        This Nat Geo presentation might be stuffed with plenty of propaganda, that only sheeple could interpret. The way it may be intended to come across, might not fit our ideals.

        • M

          Yeah the smarter sheeps will be thinking , how about a few rounds in them propane tanks . Or how about I don’t even bother to ask , just start sniping before the food runs out.

          If I have run across one person whose only preps were firearms and a crate of MRE’s , I have run across a thousand.

          • incognito

            One of my last preps were rifles to attempt to deal with those that bought guns as their main preps.

            • 10% Off

              Incognito – scrolling down, my thumb hit the red. My bad!

            • Anonymous

              Incognito – when it refreshed, the red thumb I just apologized for was gone….things that make you go hmmmmm!

        • Pissed Off Granny


          There is a lot of us on this blog that are far enough in our education of TPTB to realize that this NatGeo program is not intended for a “true and tried” prepper.

          A huge part of the “takeover” of any country by “communists” is to strike enough FEAR in the citizens so that the majority are willing to give up their freedom for “SECURITY” provided, of course, by government goons. That “security” was provided to the Russian people by the Bolshevik government…. and for the most part it meant a death sentence.

          The MSM eagerly points out anything going on in America daily that has anything to do with terrorizing the sheeple. It is part of their plan and it is working well. At some point there will be a false flag so big that the sheeple will beg for the goons to “protect” them at any cost; freedom and the constitution be damned.

          Whether you watch or don’t watch this program; the MSM and NatGeo’s concern is not the tried and true prepper and patriot.

          • sixpack

            “the MSM and NatGeo’s concern is not the tried and true prepper and patriot” — Couldn’t have said it any plainer, POG.

            I think their biggest beef with Patriots, is they know WE AIN’T TOO SCARED TO FIGHT BACK.

          • Farmer's Daughter

            The takeover of our country began when we stopped electing people to be our representatives and we started electing “leaders”. Politicians are not our leaders, they are supposed to be our peers and thus represent our voice to the nation. They are not my leaders nor do they represent me.

            • sixpack

              I think the real takeover began when we started falling for the moneyed people, simply because they have the mega-bucks to campaign with all of the bells and whistles, instead of scrutinizing what they stand for…THEY STAND FOR OTHER PEOPLE WITH MONEY.

              Let’s face it, an honest common man, who doesn’t have a whole lot of money (OUR TRUE PEER) couldn’t get elected, even if they let him try.

              Money runs our political system, and until we get the big bucks OUT of our politics, we will continue to lose no matter what else we do.


              • Farmer's Daughter

                How very true, Sixpack. I actually looked into running at the state level. Talk about outrageous!! By law, you have to campaign and fundraise. And the buy-in to just sign up to run…Holey Moley!!

                • sixpack

                  Yep. That’s how they keep Joe Sixpack (no relation) out of any important positions.

                • Kulafarmer

                  I believe the founders meant for our representatives to be common folk like You and I, not a bunch of elite hipocrates.
                  Time for some new kinda hope and change and part of it should be absolute term limits.

        • Canadian Vet

          Yeah. I mean how stupid so you have to be to actually wear a uniform like that? You’re just identifying yourself as someone who can be a threat.

    30. Traffix

      Here you can eat Jason, don’t come back looking for more.

    31. slowblinker

      Funny thing is when I was in Marine Corps boot camp, a Drill Instructor from another platoon came in our squadbay asking if he could have some toilet paper. Our DI told him we did not have any to spare but some idiot private, wanting to be all helpful, chimes in that we did.
      Our DI was forced to give some out but when the other DI was gone the private got ripped a new one for the butting in, not keeping his mouth shut and for volunteering something he should have kept between us.

      • anonymous

        Can you spare an after square.

        • Kulafarmer

          Maybe just 1 ply of the 2 plys

    32. StevenKY

      I told a friend of mine about a list of “100 Items That Disappear First in a Disaster” He wanted a copy so I was able to find it online at http://standeyo.com/News_Files/INFO_Files/100.items.html I think that printing it and adding updates & extra info would be helpful, such as next to “Coleman Fuel” write: Lantern mantles, fuel filters, extra flint & fire-starters. I even have a “Propane Tank Refill Adaptor” that I got from Camping World so I can refill the one pound cylinders from a 20 pound propane tank. My thought is to stock up on camping supplies NOW.

      • anonymous

        The 1 lb. cylinders will probably save you.

    33. Be informed

      Everyone of the BO supporters should see this horrid video. This is whom BO and the US government is sending military hardware over to. Total maniacs that eat people and enjoy this type of barbaric savage animal like behavior. This is whom BO supports. This is the fearless “leader” that is the head of the U.S. and head of what is governed in the U.S. This is what they support instead of just leaving what is going on in Syria alone and staying out of a terrible situation and instead concentrating on helping America heal their own internal problems, that are massive.

      These are the same demons that attack and murder innocent Christians in Syria, Egypt, and many other places just because they hate them because they are not muslims. These are the vicous bloodthirsty insane lunatics that the U.S. spends the tax dollars of the over taxed American people that they are arming. This is part BO’s legacy, along with the crumbling of the U.S. right beofre our eyes. Again BO, good job Nero keep playing that fiddle. This is a link on Stan Deyo’s web site.

      Warning: Extremely horrible and disturbing to watch.


      • Anon

        I have but one thing to say: from the movie Rules of Engagement (I believe it is the name), where Samuel Jackson says— WASTE THE MOTHERFU-KER’S. For me enough said.

        • 10% Off

          Anon – my thoughts exactly. I was thinking more of nuking these savage fucks off the face of the earth. You see the small kids witnessing this. It will only get worse.

    34. Ray

      Paranoia-Greed-Fear-Driving others away at gunpoint , or just murder the sick and starving ’cause- ZOMBIES!!! The world is going to hell-and y’all are leading the way. People that act like this will be among the first to turn to eating PEOPLE. Often BEFORE they run out of other food. This is the mind set that hides in the doombunker with an Acme X-3000 sniper rifle and shoots the children playing “outside the wire” because ZOMBIES!!! When this becomes your “survival plan” you have developed a condition called Delusional Paranoia and should be medicated- restrained and disarmed as soon as possible. It is a VERY short step from this kind of paranoid, homicidal ideology to murder or suicide. This is the REASON the DHS is trying to demonize “prepping”. They see us ALL as mentally unstable.

      • SilverSax

        Looks like you drank the KoolAid, Ray. You and yours are the kind at the fence, begging for food, and being turned away at gunpoint, because you have faith in Hussein Obama and Big Nanny Government.
        I’ll help all the people I can after the collapse except for your type which “knew better”.
        You’ll be among the first to go – and good riddance.

        • shogun

          After the collapse, his kind won’t be around to try and help.Thank the God of my understanding!!

      • slingshot


        If you stay at home you will be safe.

      • Canadian Vet

        Ray, I tell you what. You open your stores to every Tom, Dick and Harry who shows up and then you and your family can face the consequences.

        I’ll stick to protecting my family and our stores from the beggars with whatever force is necessary. And if it means having to kill some of them or turning them away in the middle of February, I can live with the nightmares I know I will have later.

    35. Tor Minotaur

      If there’s an attack, it’s a “selfie.” When the news says the CIA has been hacked, it’s only means the marketing or recruiting site has been breached. To claim that cia.gov is in any way connected to the agency’s operational computers is ridiculous.

      Same goes for Con-Ed and its commerce related websites. The computers that have information for customers, and that collect payments, have nothing to do with the machines that comprise the electric grid. To claim otherwise is woe-fully inaccurate.

      If we are really at such a low point, that even hard-nosed preppers believe hackers can reach the power grid. Which maybe people are that naive? Then that level of full-spectrum misinformation is probably far more fatal than any kind of false flag grid-down cyber attack could ever be.

      This shtfplan website isn’t maintained by magic. There are concrete tangible mechanical, electrical components, lines of code and so forth.

      The howls of terror of cyber-superstitiousness concerns me that perhaps most if not nearly all have become airheaded Eloi. Easy prey for Morlocks who need only create shadows of ess “h”-ing the f, and then eat their “free-lunch.”

      hashtag #Website Blackout: Someone’s breached the server firewall fence… they want our data!

    36. anonymous

      I’m faking a feint AND I’m pregnant OR maybe I’m just passing gas, have swollen feet and have asstroids. Love your dress. Pay attention to me. Do you see me now. They paid me to do this.

      • Anonymous

        Shut up anonymous says. Why don’t you take your toys somewhere else and play? You write like a nine year old liberal maggot. :-d

    37. laeagle

      Life is always “give and take”. In a situation where you are isolated, you need to constantly be alert to what is out there and what is going on. There is information to be gained from someone approaching you but they may be out seeking information as well or they may be out to do you harm. Is he/she a ‘friend or foe’? ‘Shoot first and ask questions later’ sounds good but that person you shot may not be alone. All action can expect a reaction. People living in glass houses should not be in the habit of throwing rocks.

      Opsec is key but it needs to be combined with a plan and a means to gather intelligence from the surrounding areas, including neighbors, travelers, and even further out. You don’t know who is coming down that road or who (all) is coming through that forest. You are only as strong as your weakest link. That child needs to understand that there are certain procedures that need to be followed with any outside contact. There needs to be a chain of command and every member of the team needs to have their own assigned duties and responsibilities.

      Knowledge is another key or as some put it, ‘knowledge is power’. You always need to gather information and have ‘eyes and ears’ out there and a way to process that information and glean out what is vital. The more ‘friends’ you have out there the better off you will be. Technological means for gathering information is fine if you have it but nothing can take the place of having hard assets on the ground that can provide the information that you need and an extension of your ‘eyes and ears’. Alternatives come through knowledge.

      Life is always about connections. Connections always involve some kind of ‘give and take’, but, allow the ‘connected’ to expand their activities and influence exponentially in an ‘e to the X’ way as BI likes to say. Connections allow a flow of information and resources that may be vital for the existence of the isolated unit. There is a time to hunker down and there is a time to move around and reach out.

      There’s an ancient saying roughly translated that says, “It is better to live far away from the authorities, and, it is best if your source of water is close”. Trust God and keep your powder dry. The wise man builds his house upon the rock and when the storm comes it will not be blown away. Be alert and oriented X 3 (person, place, and time) at all times.

    38. Chris

      Having visited the shows’s website, I’m predicting that the prepper family and the father in particular are going to be portrayed as paranoid and selfish hoarders. I’m also going to wager they come to a bad end during the show. The kid offering the food to the neighbor is actually the daughter’s boyfriend who ends up unexpectedly bugging in with the preppers and starts rocking the lifeboat. I personally don’t have cable tv so I won’t be watching the show Sunday night, but I still plan on finding a way to view it. I mostly want to see if my predictions are correct. Plus there’s a wealthy yuppie couple who are absolutely clueless that I want to see deal with the blackout (yeah, I can be mean that way).

    39. anonymous

      I’m a web site admin and HIPPa is my password. I own the source code. It doesn’t work? Stalin, Hitler & Mussolini are proud.

    40. Eisenkreuz

      Part of bushcraft is sharpening your senses to the point of developing a kind of esp over nature.

      • SilverSax

        Yeah. Mm-hmm.

    41. Bill Wheaton

      I went to our local sign shop and had them make me two signs,24×24,Red letters on white background:WE KILL TRESPASSERS.Cost me 20.00 per.
      Not going to put them up just yet.

      • VRF

        Never post a sign informing of your intentions, premeditated comes to mind, yes you could get raked over the coals for that in this liberal world we live in
        their lawyer will have a field day with that

        just warn the intruder with a shot to the head, fuck the words on a sign

        • VRF

          a simple no trespassing sign will suffice , trust me

    42. Eisenkreuz

      Leave the stupid camo gear in your hunting locker you old people “veterans” (murderers). Dress like your neighbors are. Tonight I walked into a theater with a bowie knife and a full size Glock under my coat and no one was the wiser.

      • braveheart

        Eisen, call 1-800-EAT-SHIT.

      • Sgt. Dale

        Please come to my theater and try your shit there. Before you get to the second victim. I will put at least 5 124 Gr h.p. 9mm in your chest. And send you to Jesus!
        You are why more people should carry. They can put down scum like you.

        • Indy Colts

          Sgt Dale,

          I keep 147+p federal law enforcement HST as my carry ammo of choice. There is a youtube channel from TNOUTDOORS and he test the balistics of most ammo and that is his choice over speer gold dot.

          • Sgt. Dale

            Very good advise!!!!
            I carry 124 Gr Hydro Shocks in my off duty weapon. Its what the Chief wants us to use. I do like the 147Gr Hydro shock and the Gold Dot are great rounds. Like I said the chief wants the 124’s. I shoot 100% with them(just got done qualifying with my 469 S&W on 10/18/13)
            My duty round 230 Hydro Shocks in my USP 45. That caliber and round will stop a man in his tracks, two rounds will stop a man on PCP. I’ve seen it done.
            Thanks for the advise!

        • braveheart

          Sgt. Dale, eisen is a troll on steroids.

          • Sgt. Dale

            He would be troll playing with worms if he pulled that SH&T around me!!

            • braveheart

              Sarge, I hear you loud and clear, sir. let him try something stupid around me and he’ll get a nice dose of 00 buck courtesy of “Bertha”.

              • Eisenkreuz

                Keyboard killer. *Pats you on the butt* There, there. Nice grandpa. Go eat your metamucil.

            • Eisenkreuz

              Second victim? Scum like me? What the fuck are you talking about, asswipe? Are you comparing me to that shooting in CO? Well fuck you too grandpa.

              • Sgt. Dale

                That’s Grandpa “SIR”. If you hurt anyone in presence I would put you down like a sick dog!! (NO DISRESPECT TO DOGS).
                You are right!. Anyone that hurts a person just because he can won’t see Jesus. Man is he in for a sunburn!!!!
                I really like how tuff guys talk on the blogs. Don’t you?

                • Eisenkreuz

                  Blow it out your ass, closeted queer.

              • SilverSax

                Best to just ignore Eisenkreuz. He’s just having his period.

              • braveheart

                Eisen, go f#$% yourself!

        • shogun

          You know he’s not going to Jesus!!
          But I thought the bowie knife thing was a bit overboard.

          • braveheart

            Shogun, Eisen is always overboard.

    43. w69

      I don’t have Dvr and this comes on same time as walking dead .decisions decisions.

      • Warchild

        69,Walking Dead of course!Two reasons,one,it hits the fan at least you got in your final episode in!Two,the folks in that show deal realistically with a SHTF scenerio,even with zombies tis much more realistic then geo show will be!

    44. Sierra Dave

      1) Nat Geos has a bad track record. They have made a mockery of Doomsday Preppers. I’ll watch it and see. But am very cynical.

      2) It looks like from the get go, the prepper is the bad guy.

      3) A real prepper would know his neighbors. Some might be of use.

      4) A bucket of rice is $8 and throw in some seasoning. Pass out an old spare CB radio and tell them to hook up the battery. They can radio for help and be a buffer from attacks. They don’t have the Prepper mind set and will probably die. But they can be an early warning and might take some bad guys out.

        • Sierra Dave

          And be an accomplice for murder?

          On a positive note. The stench from the diarrhea and bodies all over should keep the raiders at bay.

      • howdy -doody

        you make a good point about knowing your neighbor. It’s just well known common sense, that most rural people know their neighbors. Most have lived in the same area for a while, and know every one around them. The idea that some new neighbor would show up that this guy in the clip didn’t know, is just stupid and unrealistic.

    45. Ernie Kaputnik

      I get the sense that even though the media and government criticize preppers, there is a subtle attempt being made to encourage people to begin making preparations for some type of disaster or economic meltdown. I’ve noticed seen docudramas on the History channel over the past couple of years depicting this type of stuff. What do they know but aren’t telling us?

    46. Axeman

      The countryside. Why did he not know his neighbor? Small villages and the countryside where everyone knows everyone are the places to survive, as long as everyone can pull together.
      If they had been acquainted they could have helped each other, he could prepare land for food in exchange for a little food etc. You cannot survive on your own or in a small family unit. There has to be exchange.
      Everyone should be prepared at least financially for three months; people can’t even manage that.
      People in towns are going to have such pain, I really feel sorrow for them, perhaps now is the time to acquaint yourselves with your neighbors?

      • JayJay

        Nope!! If they don’t associate with me now–why in the name of Heaven would I want them eating my stored food and getting my shampoo??
        Not gonna happen.

    47. Archivist

      Just had an X 1.7 solar flare ending at 4:48 AM EDT and a couple of small M class after that.

      The sun seems to be getting busy.

      Make sure your electronics are wrapped up properly.

    48. Jane Doe

      Fences only keep the unarmed out

      set up alarm systems (simple, non electronic)

      Controlling children will be the hardest thing, both kids should have been 1) trained in firearms, and protection, 2) sent away from person, optional..3) sent to scout for co-horts

    49. Unreconstructed Southron


    50. figment

      50yrs of immoral, materialistic, superficial rot being shoved in our faces daily is what is going to make this crash different than those in the past —

      50yrs of brainwashed, dumbed down, don’t think state run education, our computerized, industrialized world has everyone lazy, stupid and incoherent to the dangers of the real world and taking care of themselves when the electricity goes off. Much less someone else.

      heck, if there are no cell phones, no internet I think 50% of the people will go batshit insane right over the edge. You can’t go anywhere without seeing every other person ON THEIR PHONE. what did we do before phones and the web inputting information constantly?

      It takes me at least 3 days to recover from visiting the high school. The narcissistic, whining, unempathetic inmates leave me depressed for at least that long.

      As for survival, does anyone think that people who can’t survive “bullying” or teasing from others or being cut off on the road, or being made to wait in line are going to survive a SHTF scenario ?

    51. Npgh

      I’m going to watch it regardless of propaganda…I’m just a prepper junkie and need all things prepper related.

    52. Warchild

      Sure,may be a scare tactic/just entertainment for masses but I bet it wakes up a few people.Some folks will discuss and get and oil grandpas old rifle out of the attic/do some shopping and storing/just at least if financially possible cover some basics and come up with ideas to help them in a SHTF scenerio with what they already have,this is a good thing.Remember folks,while time even the smalls in planning/prepping can add up weekly to those just starting with a limited income.To those who say they would throw their kids over the fence,great idea!They will be back with a large armed group,you may or may not survive!You gonna toss you need to well…That said as always putting up a good news link to show folks still have a conscience, http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/family-life/pets/vets-dogs-denied-on-airline-wrigley-heiress-lends-private-jet.html ,nice story.Live and enjoy the day,prepare for tomorrow,oh,and enjoy the weekend all!

    53. Satori

      Dangerous Freedom Vs. Peaceful Slavery


      brief article
      WELL worth your time to read

      just an excerpt

      “The words above reflect a state of mind and disposition that has been expressed by philosophers and revolutionaries for thousands of years. It is not a novel or new concept, but it is a concept that seems to have been forgotten across much of these United States. The population has largely been domesticated and this is the primary reason why there has been such little pushback to the global oligarchs looting the landscape. A pathetically large percentage of the population would rather not think, they’d prefer to be told what to believe. They would rather not have any risk in their lives, they’d prefer to have shiny gadgets handed to them. They would rather not explore the wonderful expansive world around them, they’d rather sit on the couch and watch television.”

    54. Satori

      *****H7N9 UPDATE*****

      New bird flu cases signal potential winter epidemic


      “Ab Osterhaus, a leading virologist based at the Erasmus Medical Centre in the Netherlands who has been tracking the virus, told Reuters earlier this month: “We’re bracing for what’s going to happen next.”

      China bird flu analysis finds more threats lurking


      be watching H7N9 closely

      if we start to see cases outside of China

      game on…

      • JustMe

        It will probably end in White Genocide, as most Whites have been conditioned to fear being called a name, more than being murdered, and/or watching their own people be anihiliated.

        • braveheart

          JustMe, I have long suspected that a lot of whites will die because they’re too brainwashed to stand up to ANY animals, but I believe blacks will suffer a much higher death toll. There’s not enough of them to kill all the whites.

        • The Old Coach

          It might tart with an attempt at white genocide, but it’ll end like Sowell says. Asians hate the Schwartzes, mexicans hate the schwartzes, Italians hate the Melanzana, (my lowlife co-worker Dominic F. pronounced it “moolinyans”), and on and on. I suspect the only protectors they will get will be unarmed liberals, and they will pay their benefactors back with rape and murder, as happened to a couple who took in some Nawlins refugees a few years ago.

    55. VRF

      Just so you know’
      “Today, no telephone in America makes a call without leaving a record with the NSA. Today, no Internet transaction enters or leaves America without passing through the NSA’s hands,” Snowden said in a statement Thursday.

      • Warchild

        Fantastic,lost some pics I didn’t back up when old laptop crashed,will give em a call!

    56. M

      STHF sandy claws will come back out of shooting range and start a fire . WTF kinda morons don’t have a few pit traps full of crap smeared stakes by the fences ? LOL

    57. Charley Waite

      You all can get excited if you want, and I admit it’s really tempting. But history has shown that these types of shows are usually full of shit or biased ridiculously. Just look at the loons they have on Doomsday Preppers or Doomsday Castle. This is part of the PR campaign against people like us. I guarantee you the guy in the show will end up mowing down an innocent hungry family, probably while wearing camo and using an Ar-15 with a 100 round drum magazine. Then taking the people and making “long pork” out of them.
      I hope I am wrong but the MSM doesn’t like us and Nat Geo is as MSM as it gets.

    58. Ancient Echoes

      So very elated this site is back up and running. Missed everything about it while it was down. Have been reading a lot about quantum physics and how all is related and part of the whole. A cancer cell only thinks about his next meal which is the host. A healthy cell is working in harmony with the complete body. Just a thought………I will be watching because I am extremely interested in all things survival even if I learn that being part of the whole is the only true way to survive. Best wishes to all here

    59. Be informed

      Earthquake update, number 24 just occurred as showing something massive is coming. In the eastern corner of the Australian plate there was a precursor quake that in the past has lead to a major earthquake 85% of the time within 15 days. This one lead up to the 8.1 in 1974 in Peru, 7.5 in Loyalty Islands in 1980, 7.7 in Fiji in 1997, and 7.8 in 2009 off the west coast of South Island new Zealand. This is 16 out of 27 times that one of these precursor quakes has had a 8+ quake follow. 59% of the time.

      To put this into perspective just how rare great earthquakes and mega quakes are, 8+, there have been ONLY 87 earthquakes 8+ since 1900, which 4 of these were either aftershocks or foreshocks. That means 83 earthquakes of 8+ have occurred in the past 113 years. On the average one every 497 days.

      To have these little tiny pinpricks of earthquake precursors locations to have an earthquake in the same spots 16 times to have one of these huge 8+ to follow defies pure chance as almost impossible. The planet is trying to tell people something, it is gearing up for something huge. Just one third of a degree away from these precursor locations would have totally changed the parameters of what major earthquakes followed. Yet again this morning, another 8 pointer followed the same location getting hit before. And a 7.8, 7.7, and 7.5. These precursor locations usually don’t have this type of major earthquakes of this size follow.

      The most worrisome of this is that even after the major earthquake east of the South Sandwich Islands yesterday, the wonderful USGS can’t even get the correct magnitude anymore as it was upgraded from 6.2 to 6.7, the precursor earthquake activity continues. AND continues to show something very large is coming.

      @ VRF. Several of these precursor quakes are pointing to the Peru to Ecuador border region, you might want to advice your family that they are again in one of the danger areas for a very large quake coming. The other areas I have mentioned before remain quite hot.

      • The VOICE from the Outer World

        Morning BI,

        Things are ‘popping’ all over the place aren’t they? Incidentally,

        “To put this into perspective just how rare great earthquakes and mega quakes are, 8+, there have been ONLY 87 earthquakes 8+ since 1900, which 4 of these were either aftershocks or foreshocks. That means 83 earthquakes of 8+ have occurred in the past 113 years. On the average one every 497 days. ”

        THANK YOU for that info!!!! I have no access to the long-term historical records for the seismic arena and THAT little bit of data is FASCINATING – in extremis – to me. Therefor, AGAIN; “Thank You my Friend.”

        I beleive that we are going to see a general ‘upshift’ in activity – on several fronts here – soon…just an intuition here, FWIW….Anywho, till later Y’all


    60. Aeneid

      Anyone recall that movie “The Day After”…with Jason Robards circa 1983?
      I suspect this movie will be a big wake up for many people, and make some very nervous.
      Hopefully that nervousness channels positively into a prepping lifestyle.

      • djdog

        You betcha… got it in the $5 bin at wally world… in the end of the movie they have a disclaimer that says that things will actually be significantly worse during the “real thing.”… oh boy… decent movie, though….

      • 10% Off

        Yep! Found it free online….I think it was on YouTube.

    61. The VOICE from the Outer World

      SOLAR ALERT: X-Flare…

      At 08:01 UTC this morning the newly rotated-in region NOAA 11882 emitted an X-ray pulse of magnitude X-1.7. Given it’s location near to the eastern limb the probability of a subequent geo-effective CME is low. LASCO did capture a ‘bright’ non-halo emision at that time. FYI, this IS the first occurance pf an X-class event since this Spring past.

      Looks like things are shaping up to get VERY interesting in the bext week, we’ll soon see, Eh?


      • Be informed

        @ JustOneGuy. With the high activity on the GOES X-ray chart the past couple of days this does not surprise me to see a X flare. What I am seeing the same with the extreme activity of precursor quakes, it looks like a huge earthquake is coming. I see the highest points of a massive earthquake occurring in:

        China/India border
        Japan to Kuril Islands
        Kamachatka Peninsula area
        Aleutian Islands to southern Alaska
        Cascadia fault area
        Southern Mexico
        Central America to Caribbean
        Ecuador to far north Chile
        Far eastern Indonesia
        New Guinea to Samoa/Fiji

        My bet is still India/China, Aleutians, and Peru to Ecuador as the highest chance of a super quake. This is where the most energy is coming from. It would be a nightmare if all three locations went wouldn’t it be?

        • The VOICE from the Outer World

          Howdy Friend!

          Seems we are BOTH here at the same time for a change, excellent! I concur whole-heartedly with you asessment of the Indian region and the Pacific Northwest…both are – to my mind – “Overdue” for something extraordinary. As well, from an historical perspective the GREAT QUAKE in South America – Chile – did occur not too terribly far time-wise from the Alaskan event…

          As you say, “. It would be a nightmare if all three locations went wouldn’t it be?”…Oh yes, One BEYOND BELIEF, I shudder at the thought!

          This new spot group which was the source of this morning’s X-flare is another ‘unusual’ region like we saw in the Spring (near as can be told from this angle of view), another, smaller than anticipated region, producing X-flares, strange.

          I am watching EVERYTHING Now ‘as fast as I CAN!” 😉

          Something similar to ‘feets don’t FAIL me now’ or “Don’t SHOOT Me…I’m DANCING as fast as I CAN…” a little non-linear JOG humor there Y’all Well, then till later…


        • Kulafarmer

          Large combined fault slip and an x45 within 2 hours of eachother,,,

        • jimbo

          What ticks me off to all ends is that our government knows all this and keeps the people in the dark instead of treating us like adults and giving us idea’s on how best to prepare. i try to prepare but im sure there are things i could do better if they just were honest for once in their miserable lives.instead they keep supplying their underground shelters in the hopes they will survive whatever is coming an want depopulation anyways so keeping us in the dark is part of their preparations. Thankfully God treats us all equally and in the end their underground safety may end up being their tombs.

          • djdog

            Not “May end up,” they will end up being their graves and that is probably after the “help” has helped themselves to doing the scumbags in… amen, brother….

        • The VOICE from the Outer World

          Hi BI,

          What is really ‘wierd’ about this is that the spot from which the X-flare’s are orginating is SMALL…JUST like the last occurance in the Spring-time. ALSO, this is EXACTLY what happened last time as well; a HUGE GRB passes, then some time later a spot group – otherwise far too small to be behaving like THIS – ‘goes off’….I AM quite sure at this point that there IS a causal connection between the two , CERTAIN off it, in fact.


          • BackSpace

            Oh dear Voice, can you please explain why the comet ison looks to be traveling toward earth on the “Enlil Solar Wind Prediction” site…. and maybe why nasa puts it on Enlil?



            • BackSpace

              Crap its not enlil, but looks like the same type of info…. never mind… I’ll ask again when I have the question right…..

              • BackSpace

                @anyone who wants a cool link to watch solar/space weather. Its got everything.

                …it was ENLIL, just not the easy access from NOAA, which shows nothing… finally found it thru nasa. omg.

                This is from iNtegrated Space Weather Analysis/nasa.

                The following link will Not function with Internet Explorer, must use “Chrome or Firefox”…


                To my question….
                Once open click on “planetary/spacecraft” & ENLIL Density (Inner Planets)… From the drop down menu in the lower left, adjust as needed. Here is the big question… why is Isons’ trajectory toward earth and not the sun…?

                Otherwise, just some good stuff…


        • The VOICE from the Outer World


          Right on the MONEY BI! Congrats, “Immaculate” Friend!


    62. Rancher

      One should be wiser than that Dad.
      Never approach your perimeter to engage anyone during any crisis event. That guy could have had three armed people hiding 100′ away and after drawing them to the fence their family was then all shot.
      Only the Dad was armed as well. Pistol? He believed the younger son when he told his Dad he DID NOT THINK the guy was armed… Say what!! Never ever assume someone is not armed! Would you walk around not armed?
      The older son was not carrying a battle rifle to back up his Dad. Lousy son….
      In addition they had not per-established their responses as a family group so when the older dumb son interrupts (offering food contrary to the Dads words) he creates yet a worse environment for the Dad to try to manager. Big help he was…

      Have in place the means to contact anyone at the gate or perimeter from a distance. A bullhorn is a good start but a hard wired com set up is better. Next if you are approached at the gate or at any other perimeter position then deploy well armed people to the flanking and opposite sides of your area as it could well be a faint and the real problems are coming from behind you. That Dad had no back up and no one watching his six at all.

      So his family was not all on the same page. Deadly.
      So his family members were not all well armed…even the young boy can handle a .22 Even more deadly.
      So they had no way to engage a stranger of friend from a safe distance, preferably from out of visual sight to the strangers. Good way to get drawn out and shot.
      So the neighbor now knows just the Dad carries a side arm. Not good at all.
      So the Dad is outside working and neither son is well armed and watching over him. Failure from day one. That fence would not stop anyone wanting to come in and the Dad would have been blind sided and killed on the spot.

      Conclusion… this family does not survive the crisis event if even one determines outsider wanted their stuff.

      • jimbo

        Great points!:)

      • buttcrackofdoom

        precisely why I’m watching the show! so i can point out the many mistakes they will be making. i find myself often educating my little minions how foolish it is to “accept” things that directors of movies ask you to believe. and i’m sure this will be no exception.BTW, one of my favorite movies to educate my kids was “zombieland”…i just loved his “rule # so and so…like “doubletap(make SURE they are DEAD and won’t come back to eat you….and “cardio”…gotta be in good shape to outrun the zombies. much information can be gleened from all of those apocalyptic movies.

      • Rancher

        Thanks for the comment. Just been at this like 16 years now and it has required almost a complete mind flushing of all the garbage and traditional BS which the education system, the media, most man run religious groups spew out and thought control this country has placed into us to see these things from a more pure survival view.

        If you intend to survive then you must stop thinking in the many ways you currently do. First…nothing good comes from venturing out to your distant perimeter to see anyone. A neighbor has no use to you unless they are visually located within a close rifle shot, equally well prepared and completely tied in with you long before hand. But to be like that your retreat can not be secluded and off the beaten path. Neighbors to far away to see are no value to you and you are none to them as per common defense.
        Your neighbors will just become like all the others outside your perimeter… at best a threat lusting after your goods and well prepped site or your out right enemy. If you think you can buy their loyalty and new friendship with food and water then just meditate what that new deep warm and fuzzy relationship will do when you cut them off. Cut them off you will no matter what any of you preach now because you can not feed them and others for very long.
        Once you start they know you have the supplies they both need and want. When you stop they still know and believe there is much more and will either kill you or force you to kill them trying to take it from you. Survival 101 in nature…..

        Thus in my honest attempt not to kill my neighbors or anyone at all our growing conclave will not hand out one drop of water, one crumb of food and will not trade either. That could all change once law and order is re-established but until then not a chance.

        I also only work with sold out preppers with the coin to fully fund the needed items to join with the rest of us. That is the most difficult commodity to find in prepping…real preppers who can afford to do it right.

        Bleeding hearts are not true preppers……

        • Kulafarmer

          Real good post friend, i like what you said about getting rid of everything you learned from religion, school etc…
          Lots to think about, better now than after,
          Also like what you mention about distance and neighbors.

      • Ancient Echoes

        I would wager you are a great chess player

        • Rancher

          I use to play much more chess. Perhaps again soon. Been winning at Texas Hold’em 😉 Preppers are gamblers at heart…did you realize that?

          Anyway if any of you ever get serious you best be in North Idaho and forget about any other spot in this country… and as to this country I already have spent a couple years looking into where to go outside this ever grow cesspool of our entitlement, obese, texting, electronics addicted, Pillsbury doughman society which will foul our streets with their rotting corpse if their cell phones fail and they can not get their fast food and food stamps redeemed.

          Our current civilian population would have perished at the hands of those living here just 100 years ago… how sad we have fallen so far so fast in the name of progress.

          • slingshot


            Chess? You know somebody that plays Chess?
            Lucky if I can find a person who knows how to play a good game of checkers.

      • The Old Coach

        “If I had raised my hand on high, as I have kept it low…”


        Anyone approaching a contact like that should have at least one sniper covering him all the time, and should approach the perimeter unarmed, so as not to alert the intruder. A simple movement, such as raising both hands, is the signal for the sniper to take immediate action.

    63. RICH99

      a nationwide power outage for any extended period of time is highly unlikely ….regional power outages do happen and you should prepare accordingly

    64. GUNNY

      Looking forward to watch the Natl.Geo. film. Living in a large city, we had to develop our own OPSEC which primarely involves keeping our mouth shut and making sure our neighbors do not know what we have stored away. The recent EBT problem was a good indicator of what will happen when food stamps will be reduced or stopped all together. No way will our police be prepared to handle the riots or crime which will happen. I can see that the military might be called in to help. People who say they can’t prep because of a lack of money are not sincere. I am a disabled vet living on a fixed income and I was able to set up a nice little pantry for my family. Yes, it took time, but we can hold out for at least 90 days without needing anything from the outside. We are now looking around to see if we can associate with some other people who have also prepped. We met some and will decide in the near future if we will take the next step in our association. I just want to make sure they are of the same mindset as we are. No crazies or rambos. These are challenging times and I am convinced that something will happen in the very near future. Don’t know what, but I do know our govt. can’t continue to support 50 million people on food stamps.

    65. Simplicity

      I’m pretty sure NatGeo will make preppers look like the bad guys…guess we’ll need to wait and see. The bum who goes begging for what he didn’t have the forethought or concern to do before hand, putting his wife and kids in great peril, is made to look like the poor, concerned pedestrian who is just a good guy doing what he needs to do. Ain’t the welfare mentality great! The prep per is made to look like he didn’t raise his teen son to be anything but a dumb yuppy puppy maggot. It does NOT add up!

    66. Simplicity's Homestead

      I’m pretty sure NatGeo will make preppers look like the bad guys…guess we’ll need to wait and see. The bum who goes begging for what he didn’t have the forethought or concern to do before hand, putting his wife and kids in great peril, is made to look like the poor, concerned pedestrian who is just a good guy doing what he needs to do. Ain’t the welfare mentality great! The prep per is made to look like he didn’t raise his teen son to be anything but a dumb yuppy puppy maggot. It does NOT add up!

    67. BJ

      I would of helped him and his family out, at least the first time. After that, I’d probably take the same action the man did in the video.

      You think things are bad now……wait til the Tetrad. When the four blood moons hit in 2014/2015 it may be that none of this and the prepping will matter anymore.

      • Rancher

        There is no first time without a last time and when the last time occurs you will get shot in the back as they know and believe you still have more and you have become there source. Hunger and fear will drive them to now kill you because of your first time….

    68. Sgt. Dale

      Jason did just what we teach our children to do in a world that hasn’t gone to sh%t. I have always said that if you ask I will help you. Just don’t tell me that I have to help you. After the SHTF that all changes!

      Jason just didn’t understand that the SHTF and now we are on our own. During the 30rdies I was told by my grandmother that if you fed a Bum he would mark your house to tell all the other bums where to get food.

      This crash is going to be different. Only around 20% live in the country and only about 10% are prepared. compared to the 20/30rdies 809% lived in the country, and put away food. Not today!!!

      A couple things I saw in the clip was the father was the only one that was armed. Not in my world when the SHTF every one will be armed with at least a handgun. The father also put himself in harms way by not using cover to approach the man at the fence. Hells bells the guy at the fence could have had a sniper aiming at him.
      There was no alarm system at the fence. (trip wire or some type of alarm).
      Those propane tanks should be camoed. If its Marshall law to bright white tanks are targets for drones. If it is just a collapse they still are easy to see at distance.
      A second fence with barbed wire and some type of traps between the two fences would add to the security of the area. A guard tow would also help here.
      I’m planning on watching it. or tape it.
      The father should have explained to all in the group that only one talk, and no one tell anyone what they have.
      The feds already know what you have. but when the SHTF no one will know what you have.
      STAY PREPARED!!!!!

      • Socrates

        @Sgt. Dale
        Well said. Without knowing what kind of ‘brush’ they are going to paint the survivalists and preppers in this show, we can draw on what we saw from the trailer/clip:

        -The ‘Father’ is middle aged 50-60, slight military mindset(and I mean slight)and not very good with opsec.

        -His younger son was off alone by the perimeter fence, not something I would suggest. He is also the one that even alerted the father figure that anyone was even there. Obviously you cannot patrol your lines of fence without sentries and it looks like the father was the only one armed.

        -The father was the only authority figure that showed up to confront the stranger at the fence, so the stranger got an eyeful and learned many things from his one encounter:

        -He learned that young children go off alone.

        -that only one person responded with threat of force and did not show a long rifle, only a 1911 .45

        -that the fathers family is not well disciplined or trained and that there may not be any other authority figures or threats there.

        -that the father did not have a radio or other comms. on him or at least not showing.

        -father figure had no vest, helmet or protective gear on

        -that they have tons of firewood and large propane tanks right out in the open.

        Summary: Easy target and resource rich.
        Repeat fence encounter with the little kid one more time with sniper(s) deployed and dad at fence(and others) will be dead. Hungry group moves in and storms property and cleans house. End of story.

        • buttcrackofdoom

          EXCELLENT assessment socrates! EXCELLENT.

      • BJ

        Since the 1st time I seen the Patriot, I have always been curious what “aim small miss small” means?

        • Socrates

          It is just as it sounds: Aim for a small spot on a target the head, or between the eyes, or even an eye… or even a button on the targets shirt. If you practice hitting small targets and become proficient, you will almost always be able to hit your target, somewhere.

        • Sgt. Dale

          Do you understand now?
          The smallest area you aim at, the closer you are to hitting just what you are aiming at. If you just aim at the whole target you might hit in the leg and not in the chest. Dose this help.
          Just letting you know that the rifles they used them day (1776) didn’t have that good of sights on them and most were smooth bore.
          They are not like modern rifles.

          • slingshot

            Sgt. Dale.

            My take on shot placement. Lots of it depends on the weapon you use. How many rounds have past across the rifling. Type of bullet. Weight of bullet. Do you clean your weapon. How does your barrel react when it gets hot.
            I am one that if I what to put one in the eye, that’s where I want it to go. I have benched a few rifles using vise clamps and small sandbags and with the hell of a good scope can do wonders. It takes time and patience and no idiots bothering you while you get down to business. A new gun after sighting may start to vary as the barrel breaks in. Keep in mind three shots at a time as you adjust. Let cool, clean barrel and repeat. Till you zero out. Lock Tight people! Use It!
            Should you get into a firefight and your barrel becomes hot you may find that the regular barrel bends. Bull barrels are nice and cool by heat sink and stay straight. Bullets will drift from your original zero. What your scope is saying, your weapon says another for point of impact. How much drift. You have to find out by shooting. When they cool they come back to zero of the scope.

            Just info for newbies.

            • Sgt. Dale


            • Indy Colts

              Thanks Slingshot, I’m going to sight in my first rifle next week. I may buy a lazer bore also to help. I always welcome tips

              • Sgt. Dale

                If you get a laser sighter just remember that the laser is in a strait line and slug comes out of the barrel it goes down a little then it starts to arch then goes down to your point of impact. (100 yards or what ever) The laser sighter might get you on paper but you will have to adjust it from there. That’s half the fun!
                Good luck. Don’t forget that different bullet weight will hit deferent on your target. You might want to try different bullet weights to see what your gun likes best.
                I have found in my 30/06’s that one gun shoots 165 gr better that 180 grain bullet, and my other 30/06 shoots 180 Gr better than 165 Gr. Same manufacture of the rifle. Close serial numbers.
                Just a little insight.
                Good luck and most of all HAVE FUN!
                AIM SMALL MISS SMALL

                • Indy Colts

                  Thanks guys, I’m trying to sight the irons I out on my new AR. I watched a few army vids and think I got a good plan. I really do appreciate the insight here because I’ve learned a lot about firearms the last couple years. The one good thing about those glock problems I’ve had was I pretty much learned how every component inside the gun works. The next project is to remove the thread protector on my saiga AK so I can put a flash suppressor on it. I have to dermal the sleve off and be super careful not to go into the barre

            • Slick One

              Ok, now if hoards of welfare inner city zombies do come into your property in the country…..how large, wide and deep of a ditch would be needed to bury say 100 or 200 dead zombies? Then for hygenic reasons how deep must said zombies be buried? Should our hypothetical zombies bodies be burned before filling in their mass grave?

          • BJ

            get it now guys, thanks

    69. slingshot

      I can see this might be helpful for Newbies. Old timers should have procedures already in place.

      • Sgt. Dale

        You are right. The old timers should know all of this, but some time it just doesn’t hurt to see where you are at, and you just might see something that you forgot.
        This program just might show us what they are thinking and how we can counter it. (what I mean by “they” is the TPTB, because You and I both know that it is TPTB that are showing this program.)
        I have always found that teaching a new bee some thing is easier that some one that knows just a little. Just keep an open mind if you are going to watch it, Just like a New Bee.
        Good talking with you.

        • Warchild

          Well Sarge,have learned over the years no matter how much I know,there is more to learn to get things done/enjoy life and sometimes just easier ways to get the same thing done.I hope when I am done learning will either be dead or hopefully just dead drunk!I am a carpenter and learn new tricks daily on sites,some from others/some self taught,same with any skills in life so no one here or anywhere should be shy about sharing information,some may not agree and have a different way of doing a certain task but by hearing them out you learn form them also.Live and enjoy today,prepare for tomorrow and enjoy the weekend all!

    70. RickE.

      I have 2 gates they’d have to get through. I have a fence around my 20 acres, and a 2 1/2 acre fence immediately around my off the grid house. And I have 3 mean dogs. Good luck with someone getting through!

    71. PrepperDude

      Although fictional, a real prepper would have seen that as an opportunity to trade and maybe even created an alliance. Now he has an angry neighbor that will be quick to return the favor.

      • JayJay

        If this ‘neighbor’ idiot didn’t prepare BEFORE, what could he possibly have to trade that this prepared family needs?
        No, not an angry neighbor, a stupid neighbor that will only be a drain on the prepared family’s resources.
        Not worth it, folks. Don’t answer the door.

        • Ancient Echoes

          there is lots of things he could trade, he could help patrol the area and be an ally instead of a liability like he is going to be now. Like in the movie WWZ the jewish guy said “if we let them in we will have less zombies to fight later.

          • The Old Coach

            Exactly. Unskilled labor if nothing else. They can work clearing fire lanes, cut/split/stack firewood, mend or improve fence, dig latrines, you name it. In that time you’ll find out whether you can trust them at all.

            The Roman Republic became as large as it was not by totally conquering its’ neighbors, but by building alliances with them. (Of course that was cold comfort to the Etruscans.) The long term successful men will be the leader/organizers, not those who hide in a bunker waiting to be killed.

    72. pginoh

      This is being shared by permission from Karl Denninger: Please read carefully:

      There Is Only ONE Peaceful Path Left To Avoid Destruction

      Folks, if you have read me recently you know that I’ve said that you are the problem and that the reason this is true is that you won’t go on strike, you won’t picket DC and refuse to leave until the government stops stealing from you and debasing the currency, you won’t reduce your spending and income to only that which provides necessities, and most of you go on to justify your behavior with “my kids (and/or family) deserve what I can provide.”

      You’re fools and I’m going to prove it.

      Further, I’m going to prove — by arithmetic — that if you follow the above path you will destroy yourself along with your children and grandchildren.

      Here’s why.

      There were 108,592,000 people in the United States in the fourth quarter of 2011 who were recipients of one or more means-tested government benefit programs, the Census Bureau said in data released this week. Meanwhile, according to the Census Bureau, there were 101,716,000 people who worked full-time year round in 2011. That included both private-sector and government workers.

      None of the people getting means-tested government benefits will ever vote to reduce them, nor vote for any politician that will reduce them.

      But it’s factually much worse than it first appears because federal government workers will not vote to fire themselves either, just as the 17th Amendment (ed: The worst thing to ever happen to this country) is inviolate because The Senate will never vote to fire itself.

      So we must in fact subtract 21,880,000 from the full-time worker count.

      In other words you’re outvoted by 36%.

      Does it make sense yet? This is not a small margin and it cannot be politically reversed because the margins are too high. Were the skew relatively small (and it looks small until you subtract out federal workers) you could potentially do so, because some people won’t vote and you could “motivate the base.” But note that with the federal workers out, and we’re not subtracting the State workers, which also exist on this same largesse, you can’t get there because this means nearly 40% of those receiving such benefits would have to stay home when reductions are proposed, and they never will.

      As such you cannot vote your way out of this.

      You cannot politically organize your way out of this.

      You can’t do it in the Democrat Party and you can’t do it in the Republican Party. Nor can you do it in a third party.

      Every single person who argues otherwise is an idiot or worse, a fraudster (if they have run the numbers above.)

      Delusions persist because people don’t examine the facts in detail. I recognize that I participated in attempting to politically change things for far too long because I did not look, in detail, at the math.

      But I can no longer make any logical argument that political activism is useful in any way, shape or form. It is a waste of energy, time and money that I can expend elsewhere on something that brings me more joy, rather than tilting at windmills.

      There is only one remaining peaceful way to change things: Withdraw your consent and thus intentionally but peacefully and lawfully destabilize the underpinning of the government debt market, thereby denying the government the means to continue screwing you, your children and grandchildren irrespective of the vote count.

      The only other choices remaining are consenting to your own economic death, along with that of your children and grandchildren, or violence.

      If you claim that you will “get yours” for “your kids” (or your spouse, or just yourself) you’re deluding yourself as the odds are that (1) you will fail and (2) even if you “succeed” the victory will be both temporary and pyrrhic as you cannot overcome the voting block deficiency.

      In short, read this Ticker again in light of the above mathematical facts.

      Then act, or not, but the math doesn’t care if you agree with it or not.

      • slingshot

        What is, “Withdraw your consent?” Please Define.

        • The Old Coach

          Basically he means Go Galt. He says he’s doing something like that himself. I certainly have. The IRS takes part of my pension, but beyond that they get no taxes from me because I do nothing taxable. Could be in any one of several small businesses, small parts machining, gunsmithing, small engine repair, producing goods for sale from my farm, engineering, CAD drafting,…., but I don’t do any of it, and I won’t. My old employer asked me to come back a year or so ago to help out. It could easily have meant $100/hr for four or five months, as many hours as I wanted. I said no. Because the damned Feds would have gotten nigh on to 40% of it.

          • slingshot

            Thanks Old Coach.

      • JustMe

        These points were obvious 20 years ago, it was known then, that the fix has been in for most of the last century, but the charade continues. It continues because most people do not want to face the hard cold brutal truth. I still know people who exclaim “If we could just get a good Republican in office, we can fix the country!” They don’t get it, and won’t get it, even in the end…

        • Them Guys

          I agree, what is withdraw my concent? Just More idiotic psyhcobabble. Consider that the Fatcs is this. Supposedly there are TWO basic and Main “money theories” right?

          Keynsian vs that other guy that lew rockwell or somebody always promotes and I do not recall that money ‘experts” name?

          Well Get a Grip beause the real facts is You all know that the number one main problem is Jew banksters and their Usury intrest swidnles. None can deny this as its the truth. And Past 2000+yrs of History Proves that in every country, every time jews were allowed control of banks and money it ALWAYS leads to Usury/intrest=Ruination of country over 200-300 yr time frame.

          SO…Also consider that besides Keynes money policies, ALL the Other so called “experts” ideas, including Ron Pauls Gold plans, are certain to Fail since all of those folks are jewish money guys also. Or are gentiles too Fearfull to speak out, or are gentiles IN cahoots with talmudic money experts etc.

          Every idea and thought with anything related to Money by jews revolves around Jews get filthy rich while all others, gentile non jew Goyims get Bankrupted. Thats how they operated the past 3000+ yrs and its ALWAYS Based upon Their Talmud teachings and b