Ex-Sailor Pardoned By Trump Says He’s SUING Obama And Comey

by | Jun 5, 2018 | Headline News | 14 comments

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    A former Navy sailor, who is one of five people to receive a pardon from President Donald Trump, is planning to file a lawsuit against Obama administration officials. Kristian Saucier, who served a year in federal prison for taking photos of classified sections of the submarine on which he worked, says he was subject to unequal protection of the law.

    Saucier said that he realizes he had erred in taking the photos, which he said he wanted to show only to his family to show them where he worked. He has also lashed out at Obama officials, saying that his prosecution was politically motivated, prompted by sensitivity about classified information amid the scandal involving Clinton’s emails.

    According to Fox News, Saucier argues that the same officials who sought out punishment to Saucier for his actions chose to be lenient with Hillary Clinton in her use of a private email server and mishandling of classified information. Saucier’s lawyer, Ronald Daigle, told Fox News on Monday that the lawsuit, which he expects to file soon in Manhattan, will name the U.S. Department of Justice, former FBI Director James Comey and former President Barack Obama as defendants, among others.

    Saucier, who lives in Vermont, pleaded guilty in 2016 to taking photos inside the USS Alexandria while it was stationed in Groton, Connecticut, in 2009. He said he only wanted service mementos, but federal prosecutors argued he was a disgruntled sailor who had put national security at risk by taking photos showing the submarine’s propulsion system and reactor compartment and then obstructed justice by destroying a laptop and camera. –Fox News

    “They interpreted the law in my case to say it was criminal,” Saucier told Fox News, referring to prosecuting authorities in his case, “but they didn’t prosecute Hillary Clinton. Hillary is still walking free. Two guys on my ship did the same thing and weren’t treated as criminals. We want them to correct the wrong.” Daigle said that a notice about the pending lawsuit was sent to the Department of Justice and others included in it in December. There is usually a six-month period that must elapse before the lawsuit actually is actually filed.

    “My case was usually something handled by military courts,” he said. “They used me as an example because of [the backlash over] Hillary Clinton,” he continued, alleging his life was ruined for political reasons. 

    “With a pardon, there’s no magic wand that gets waved and makes everything right,” Saucier said, “But I try to stay positive and look forward.” Saucier has had cars repossessed and is in debt due to the loss of income after having a felony on his record.  The government actively destroyed his life an made it all but impossible for his family to get back on track.  But Hillary Clinton is running around free, to this day.  And that is what Saucier is so burnt about, with good reason.



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      1. Obama and Comey have done things deserving of the death penalty.





          • I’m generation X and I like pretty women in bathing suits.

          • Eisen raises his ugly head yet again……..

        • PERFECT!! Sue him and take every dime the commie muslim America hating racist has, then we EXECUTE him as a traitor!

      2. Does he have a GO FUND ME page? (Even though I suspect the losers who run the GO FUND ME site will shut him down)

      3. Good luck, Saucier. Just because you’re telling the truth, and pointing out an obvious injustice, doesn’t mean you’ll win or get justice. Those things these days are practically non-existent. But I’ll have to give you and “F” in common sense, because when you got that job in the Navy, you were explicitly told, no photos in that area. As in Top Secret. If you behave like many jack asses I have met in the military, you get what a jack ass gets. What some one else does, or how they behave is all on them, even when justice fails to rely. Discipline is the ability to carry out a mission or task, according to orders, without supervision. You failed and got caught. You took your medicine, and got pardoned. Why not spend the rest of your life enjoying it, instead of embroiling yourself in lawyers’ affairs?

        • That sounds like good advice to me. But if another lawsuit will help bring down clinton and obama, sue the fuck out of the two pedo, traitor, murdering scum bags. Have fun, and good luck. 🙂

        • What you say is true in the fact that the sailor should not have taken the picture! Now let me tell you a little known fact about the case!

          The NIS initially investigated the case and decided not to pursue charges. Then somehow, the FBI got wind of the case and took it over and presented it to the NY U.S. Attorney’s Office who decided not to pursue criminal charges!

          Then the FBI decided to find a nexis, and found a loophole and took the case to Connecticut and found a CT U.S. Attorney that decided to pursue it – another word, the FBI went prosecutor shopping!

          How is that for some justice?????

      4. One word. GOOD!!!!

      5. This double standard, politically motivated BS goes on all the time. Call it double standard, call is scapegoating, call it diversion for public appearances. As a physician, I got screwed by lawyers, from those representing me at the trial court level all the way up to the State Court of appeals. Statutes, overwhelming exculpatory evidence are ignored, standards of care, abuse of summary judgment dismissing a case even after the trial court opines negligence on the part of my former attorneys whom I sued, are buried so they will never see the light of day. The case is sealed.

        My Medical-Legal Back Pages. Bryce Sterling. Amazon. Based on a true story, all events happened. But I will never get a pardon, and even if I did, it is too late as my career was ruined and I am now forced into retirement. The political, legal, medical systems are rotten to the core.

      6. If you can keep the Russians and Chinese from uncovering your military secrets for eighteen months, you are doing extremely good. Military secrets can only be kept for so long, except from the American public.

      7. Mr. Saucier,you did what you were told not to do. Move on. Your lawsuit is without merit,whether you want it to be or not. You are still young enough to pick up the pieces of your life and make something of yourself. You are coming across to me as a whiner. There is no reason to drag your family through this. Move on.

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