Everywhere You Look, COVID “Vaccines” Are Failing

by | Dec 14, 2021 | Headline News | 7 comments

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    This article was originally published by Ethan Huff at Natural News. 

    If data and science are really what Branch Covidians care about as they claim, then it is time for them to acknowledge that in every area of the world where Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” uptake is high, injuries and deaths are soaring.

    In Singapore, for instance, where 85 percent of the entire population – children included – are now “fully vaccinated,” the death toll is orders of magnitude higher than ever before. The same is true in Iceland (76 percent fully vaccinated) and The Netherlands (70 percent fully vaccinated).

    In Vermont, the most vaccinated state in America at 71 percent fully vaccinated (and roughly 88 percent partially vaccinated), the death toll is likewise higher than ever before – including during the “peak” of the plandemic.

    How can this be if Fauci Flu shots are the “cure” that will bring us safely into the new normal? If what the government and the mainstream media have been saying is true, then the Chinese Virus should already be long gone now that “herd” immunity has been reached.

    The fact that the opposite is true just goes to show that the narrative has failed. The jabs are clearly making people sicker, and yet the Biden regime is now pushing “boosters” as the solution to the problem that the initial shots created.

    “… it looks more and more like the harder we try to keep it from virusing, the worse the rebound,” wrote Alex Berenson on his Substack blog about the utter failure of the injections to end disease and death.

    “But don’t worry, the boosters will fix everything!” he further joked.

    Still don’t think these things are part of the Mark of the Beast?

    Instead of relenting on their plans and going with science over politics, the Branch Covidians are doubling down on rewarding the jabbed and punishing the non-jabbed.

    In Singapore, the government continues to impose ever-harsher restrictions on the unvaccinated. The same is true in Lithuania, where the unvaccinated are no longer allowed to shop even for food and other essentials, as well as in Austria, where the non-jabbed are barely allowed to live anymore.

    “What’s most frightening to me is that these countries are now well on their way to getting rid of their control group, which for top public health officials, including Fauci here in the U.S., is the top priority,” noted one of Berenson’s readers in the comment section.

    “They realize the vaccine is not just failing to protect people from covid, it is making people very sick. The lockdowns and threats against the unvaccinated are now for one purpose: To force the remaining holdouts to get vaccinated and eliminate the control group.”

    In this writer’s opinion, this perspective is too generous. It was known since the beginning of the plandemic and even before that the “Operation Warp Speed” injections were not designed to heal, but rather to kill.

    None of this is a surprise to those who planned this all out in the first place as it was done by design. This was never about an alleged virus or about public health; it has always been about control, genocide, and the ushering in of the new one-world government and beast system that will only accept the fully vaccinated as its citizens.

    “It is all a Machiavellian plan,” wrote another commenter. “It has all been laid out from day one along with the narrative.”

    “This is why we cannot be sheep and have to go against this. Nothing makes sense. I don’t even think it is about money; it is fully about power and control.”


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      1. The problem is that we just haven’t done it -the vaccinations- enough.

        We need to keep taking them over and over and over again till they finally work and we are all saved from the horrid covid plage we’re currently suffering from.

      2. nice


      4. What is being NOT talked about much “IS” the WHY behind the scenes and that is where this really needs to be going, BECAUSE if the head of this snake is NOT cut off, this will never stop and the REAL head of this snake originates in the leaders of the NWO. What you see and hear is from the puppets of these leaders. They will go away IF the heads are removed and there are about 300 of them.

      5. ” …. the REAL head of this snake originates in the leaders of the NWO”

        More like the powers behind them that give them their authority as leaders and direct them on what they are to do.

        The real head is invisible, only to be known through the nature of its actions and their intended results.

        You might think of them as the Senior Partners since that is what they are.

      6. Time for you to dieee
        Oh Iv’e got to set myself free
        Time for you to diiee
        That’s just how it’s got to beee
        I know it hurts to say goodbye
        But it’s time for you to dieee

        What else can I say?

      7. They are failing: what the frell do these people care, as long as the people get their money, they do not care who dies.

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