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    This report was originally published by Jeremiah Johnson at Tess Pennington’s ReadyNutrition.com.

    Tess is the author of The Prepper’s Blueprint: How To Survive ANY Disaster.

    I wrote several articles in the past about the importance of maintaining good first-aid treatment capabilities when you’re out in the woods, as well as in the home. I also mentioned the need for training and suggested several ways to go about receiving it to better prepare you and your family. That being said, your situation is your own: you may not have the time to do such training, although it is a priority.

    In a related article, we discussed the importance of prepping trauma packs in detail:

    “Having these items pre-packaged cuts down on response time, and gives the responders more of an advantage in properly caring for the wounded…

    Medical first response packs can be made ahead of time using most of the medical products that you have on hand. In fact, these first response packs are not limited to medical emergencies, they can also be used for dental emergencies as well. To prepare for a SHTF scenario, it would be beneficial to take into account the most likely medical situations you may come in contact with and plan accordingly.

    In the meantime, you can stock up on some supplies that will help you and perhaps “fill in the gaps” when you don’t have the time to train. As I’ve covered the topic extensively, this is not the scope of this article. You’ve all heard of “quick clot,” the substance used to stop bleeding and aid you in bandaging up wounds. We just put out an article on Yarrow, an herb that stops bleeding and aids in clotting. Let’s go a step further with a couple of kits to recommend.

    These two products are put out by the Tendy Corporation. The first is a QuickClot advanced Clotting Sponge that will run you about $13.00 for deep wounds and lacerations. You apply it to the wound and either wrap it with a bandage or affix it with a cloth (field-expedient method), such as a “drive-on rag,” or cravat. It’s a “one-shot Willie,” meaning you use it once and then dispose of it. Be advised: it’s not a substitute for a good pressure dressing, but it’ll give you an edge where you need it with a severe or deep laceration.

    The second item is the Trauma Pak, and this is a sturdy pouch with the following in it: 25 grams of QuickClot, a 5” x 9” trauma pad (dressing), one pair of gloves, a hand-cleaner pad, a 2” x 26” section of duct tape (without duct tape the world would come apart!), (4) Sterile dressings, some 3” gauze, and antiseptic wipes. The bag can be re-sealed if you need it. A perk to having this kit is it has a small booklet on First-Aid ABC’s and instructions on how to render first aid on life-threatening injuries such as a sucking chest wound.

    This last: the instructions, could very well make the difference for those who are not well-trained in first aid and need some guidance in a hurry. The whole pack can fit easily inside a cargo pocket, as it’s only about 6” square, and about an inch and a half in thickness. This pack will run you about $20, made by the same company as the clotting sponge.

    Throwing the Trauma Pak in the glove compartment of your vehicle or in an exterior pocket of your bug-out-bag could prove invaluable should the need arise. Both are inexpensive and will pay for themselves the first time you use them. As mentioned earlier, they are no substitute for sound training or for being able to improvise when the need arises, however, they can give you an edge and are valuable to add to your preps at home or on the go. Prevention beforehand usually carries you through the tough times, and these items may help you out in a pinch.  JJ out!

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    The Prepper's Blueprint

    Tess Pennington is the author of The Prepper’s Blueprint, a comprehensive guide that uses real-life scenarios to help you prepare for any disaster. Because a crisis rarely stops with a triggering event the aftermath can spiral, having the capacity to cripple our normal ways of life. The well-rounded, multi-layered approach outlined in the Blueprint helps you make sense of a wide array of preparedness concepts through easily digestible action items and supply lists.

    Tess is also the author of the highly rated Prepper’s Cookbook, which helps you to create a plan for stocking, organizing and maintaining a proper emergency food supply and includes over 300 recipes for nutritious, delicious, life-saving meals. 

    Visit her web site at ReadyNutrition.com for an extensive compilation of free information on preparedness, homesteading, and healthy living.


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      1. A new tackle box set up with all manner of common supplies and tampons can in a pinch work to staunch blood. Likewise old military surplus tool bags can hold a lot of first aid supplies.

        If a fella had a sterile pair of hemostats, he might gently squeeze an artery and rush them to hospital. Otherwise they might bleed out.

        • Do you have sutures? If I’m hemostat-ing I think I’m also giving it a clumsy ass, shyting my pants suture too, while someone is moving us to aid.

          I have both and all of the above. Lol, I’m sure everyone here does.

          • That sounds too risky. Let’s just clamp off an immediate cause that otherwise is going to end their lives.

          • But..But….WAIT, Isn’t Obama Care suppose to cover all of this? Obama said If I like my Doctor, I could keep my doctor. Let him fix it.

          • But..But….WAIT, Isn’t Obama Care suppose to cover all of this? Obama said If I like my Doctor, I could keep my doctor. Let him fix it.

            • I keep reading they are gonna remove Trump soon. I tell you I will start shooting known globalist supporters immediately and I’ll attempt to get some higher up that are near enough. We need to make up our minds that if they succeed in overthrowing our president it is an act of war on us and what does one do in war? Kill the enemy.

              • Fear must be overcome

                • Menzo, if there’s a coup, then it’s all over. IT WILL BE GAME ON.

                  • They have the power now to take out Trump, what they are doing is “prepping” the public to accept it. What they didn’t count on is they have also ramped up 25% of Trump supporters to energized mode. They are waiting in case the dems and deep state win in November. Whether they gain seats or not they will attack Trump, one way or another (coups, asassination).

                    Buy as many high cap mags as you can, extra springs for your ARs, and plenty of 223, 556. Also this is the time to build yourself body armor. $500 to 1,000 depending on how fancy, but well worth it.

                    • I have to reiterate that soldiers wear armor and have helmets, it is very important. Also Green goggles (night vision) wont be available ever again after SHTF.

                      The M-6 British or Aemrican Kevlars are the best helmets.

              • ^^^^^^^
                What he said.

              • Menzoberranzan, agree 100% , but realize we are already in that war daily ! Just not an all out shooting war , YET !

                There is no doubt the DEM/DSA is desensitizing the masses to accept violence towards Trump and any supporters. Nearly all of it is Soros/Clinton supported and funded with the help of the DSA criminals in DOJ and FBI as well as CIA and State Dept.

                We are now 100% dependent on what Trump does ? He must order all documants released and unclassified and unredacted for congress. This will allow him to fire Sessions and until Sessions is gone Rosenstein will be doing his dirty work and Mueller as well. These criminals are all completely out of control and the only way to stop them now is for Trump to give the orders to expose it all ! I am convinced this is going to happen soon so it will be a bit before the midterms(any time now). It remains to be seen, but they may have been dragging their feet just to get closer to the elections ? We shall see very soon. One thing I do know for sure is that Trump is fully aware of what is going on. The timing of his reactions is the key to the outcome !

                If you think the left and the DEM/DSA are insane now, just wait a while ? Just like XMAS, bets to make a list and check it twice for naughty and nice as all politics are in fact local !

                • The left and the deep state are already attacking the US through asymmetric warfare.

                  ANTIFA and Islamic Jihad brutality is absolutely intended to be terrorism, notice they will permanently maim people, but avoid killing people as that would justify a deadly force reaction. These attacks are most sever in liberal controlled cities where police are ordered to stand down.

                  These violent groups are the visible face of the deep state, who deny any connection. They also have groups that are fundraisers, other groups like the ACLU that provide legal defense etc. what Trump is fighting is huge. They’ve already tried to kill trump on multiple occasions.

                  That secret service agent that died in England of a reported stroke was only 40 something? His job reportedly was he was the Presidents taster, as in taste the food before the president does, and test food and objects the president will touch, checking for toxic agents. He became ill while the president was in Scottland, and died in hospital at the same moment the lights went out in the Whitehouse during Trumps news conference.

            • TSB, hehe. I like your sarcasm. I’m waiting to see what happens after the individual mandate for Ocare ends next year. That should be interesting.

      2. Every member of your prepper community must have a popup blocker. 😉

        Question — What kinds of things can be used as antiseptic wipes and clotting agents?

        • Under emergency conditions if you had nothing else, then make a infusion of fresh pine needles in boiling water, cool it, and wash the wound site. That would kill a lot of germs. Then find some common plantain that grows in every meadow because our ancestors brought it from Europe. That contains multiple healing elements that help with minor pain, kill germs, clot some, and cellular regeneration. You would crush it up, even a spit poultice if for yourself, and wrap a clean bandana around that.

          Any seven year old can learn how to identify either.

          Remember that the bulk of blood collects in the legs and that affects blood flow and is very useful when managing a patient.

          Don’t be surprised if some people pass out at the sight of blood. The baroreceptors on either side of the neck monitor blood pressure, and if low will also make the patient pass out. Upon rising with blood loss, with hypovolemia a patient will also pass out. You sure don’t want to deal with a penetrating wound or serious laceration AND a head injury.

          • During the civil war, wounds were packed with sugar to kill germs.

            • Yes. In the seventies, there were some Western doctors who discussed Indian physicians using sugar for wound management but the idea never caught on.

              At the same time, it was noticed that when an infant failed to thrive in India, that if the mom placed her baby with direct skin contact to her breasts that often miraculous recoveries occurred.

        • Ground cayenne pepper is a good and readily available agent to treat serious bleeding.

          • Wouldn’t ground cayenne burn like a mo fo?

            • Nothing’s perfect.

              • Burning is preferable to bleeding out to me.

                • Cinnamon

                • You say that now …. 🙁

                  • Not burning to death. Just pepper in the wound burning.

        • A box of sealed alcohol wipes is cheap. So is a spray bottle, or other bottle of rubbing alcohol. With clean cotton gauze, or a ripped up shirt, you can clean your hands.

          Bottles of saline, for cleaning out a wound are cheap, too. Same for basic syringes (without needles) for flushing a wound.

          Another item are pouches of dry electrolytes that can be mixed with water or juice and are easy to store, carry around. Forget the name, available on Amazon, not expensive. For anyone with diarrhea that package could save their life.

          • Anyone can tap a walnut, birch, maple, hickory, box elder at any time and get some electrolytes and pure water. It is supposed to be the very first ancestral skill you learn.

            They have just enough to help you just as ORS does.

            I would thouroughly study how to make alcohol and have a very precise thermometer so you know when various alcohols “come over” during distillation. I seriously doubt most will waste it on purely ethanol production.

            One of the very first Organic Chemistry labs is making alcohol and studying at what temperatures these distil at with a range.

            A very useful skill is making a tincture of iodine from walnuts with their green husks. The problem is the concentration in the solution varies based upon that tree’s walnuts that year and based on weather and soil and length of time. This is going to be a crucial skill and a significant trade item.

            I’ll have to look it up, as there is an old WW1 chemical disinfectant that can be commonly made as well. It was crucial for saving soldiers’ lives when wounded.

            Iodine was the standard. Phenol came into vogue but is extremely harsh to tissues. I’m getting old and scary like the main guy from Stake Land. I’m forgetting stuff.

            • Maranatha, that works, but the root and boiled stems of Oregon grape is far more antiseptic and antifungal ! Makes a great wash for any wound and a last dressing. Just need some clean water to make it easily. Also boiled/reduced broth of wild lettuce as a serious pain killer or moon flower plant which is an alkoloid with similar affects of opiates. I grow them all and have used them all. Also have seeds available to my clients.

              • I will study up on what you wrote. Wild lettuce is frequently discussed.

                I’m recollecting a lecture a long time ago on making ether as that is the safe go to anesthesia and it is supposed to be very simple.

            • I’m not a chemist nor do I want to be one.

              I am part of the KISS crew. Along with keep it cheap.

              FFS if civilization is completely destroyed, then I will think about tapping fricking trees for electrolytes.

              Until then I will shop on Amazon like a normal person.

              • WTF is “normal” about shopping on Amazon? Our ancestors were FRUGAL and didn’t waste money.

                Heck, do you realize that old docs made all their formulations on the prairie? They had literally nothing but knowledge, wisdom, gumption and a garden to make what they needed.

                Even charcloth to make a fire was for the wealthy. I laugh at every so called prepper doing a video on charcloth as cloth is purt nearthe HARDEST thing to replicate.

                If you don’t practice NOW when things are calm,Hoss, what will you do when scared and a patient needs electrolytes and got none?

                I find your attitude unrealistic and cavalier and what in the world would your mentors say?

          • I think it’s Dakin’s solution which is made from baking soda and bleach. You should have pool shock and baking soda in your preps. It would make a great article as it would be your go to disinfectant for wound care that doesn’t interfere with healing and clotting.

            • Maranatha, Lugols iodine by the quart is rather inexpensive and can be reduced or added to things like the Oregon Grape solution. It last for many years. I take it for my thyroid and just barely put a dent in the bottle in 10 years ! 0ne drop in glass of water does the trick. Also betadyne solution to decontaminate large wounds quickly by saturation and applying direct pressure with a kotex pad and any method to tape or tie it to the wound.Simple and very cost effective life savers. Also should have some clean plastic sheeting like saran wrap for sucking chest wounds.

              • Maranatha, also any old belt makes a great turnequette for major bleeding !

              • Yes. The problem is nickle and diming to death preppers just on medical supplies. I once had some accessand certainly have been around medical pefessionals and I am highly educated on these subjects. The problem is these supplies will be all used up in a true SHTF situation and likely commandeered at the end as they will be reserved for COG and critical infrastructure folks primarily in Tier 1 but also in Tier 2.

                A lot of folks think that when it unravels, it will rapidly unravel and therefore there will be lots of supplies to harvest. I am not optimistic.

                I once was back in the eighties when lots of people were back-to-the-landers, urban homesteaders, survivalists, farmers, country folks, earthies, hippies, veterans, and plain pragmatists.

                People used to be more ancestral skills oriented. Now, it’s about what you can buy which I understand but that will quickly end.

                Most of my skillsets are in making stuff as a craftsman, bushcraft, Nativedc American elder stuff, and being a redneck country boy.

                My mentors would laugh themselves silly at buying everything. Sure, you advertise these to help out rich preppers but regular rural folks didn’t buy stuff but grew it and made it.

                • Wow I am a newbie and apparently have a whole shitload to learn! These comments are really eye opening and helpful. This is what should be taught in our schools but God forbid you don’t depend on the government. Other than the basic common sense one picks up over the years if I didn’t stumble upon this I think we would be the first casualties. Especially in the city. Being tight on funds I am getting some prepared food. I have physical limitations but the idea of growing medicinal plants and some foods is not a bad idea for next year. Too late to start planting now I assume. I am lucky enough to have a small piece of ground I can grow a little bit on versus many in the city where it’s nothing but concrete all over the place. I flagged this site so I can come back with a notepad and write some of this down as well as research how to do some of these things. This place is a Godsend for someone like me. I have not been exposed to anything like this before. I am amazed at how little I actually know that I really should.

                  • Everyone starts somewhere. Maturity is marked by a calm realization of a lack of ancestral skills, seed, supplies, and spirituality. Congratulations on your epiphany.

                    We all went through the same process and sudden moment of clarity.

                    Actually in most regions you can start cabbage family plants and in the fall raise a bunch. Learn how to side dress plants and remove the first broccoli head so it produces THREE TIMES the florets. Freeze some at harvest and learn how to dehydrate as most lack shelf space.

                    The very first thing you will do is put up shelving which is very easy if you learn what kind of anchors are available or similar or mounting in studs.

                    If you have a health condition, study up on how it was treated way back when there were no pharmaceutical drugs because THAT is how you will manage.

                    Then study up on cold frames to extend the harvest. Next year you will put up cloches to get an earlier start. In fact, in the late fall till under the soil, and add soil amenities based upon testing your soil’s pH and available nutrients. Do NOT screw up by adding the wrong materials as if you get your soil pH out of range, it will NOT produce.

                    If you soil is poor, say with too much clay, add river sand. You might want to plant buckwheat and till that under. You can double dig when you lack a tiller using the French biodynamic method,but beginners have the MOST LUCK using Square Foot gardening. That should be available at the public library.

                    Learn what wild edibles grow around you and harvest them.

                    Acquire a mentor, especially if he or she is a master gardener. Lots of old farts get certified in every state and are frequent mentors.

                    Get into the every day practice of journaling as you WILL make many mistakes. Find a mentor to minimize mistakes and replicate what they do. You can waste a ton of time trying to reinvent the wheel.

      3. Beaumont, while the items JJ mentions might be worth having, look at the price. As expensive as those are they can take up a huge percentage of a prepper’s budget. There are other things that can be used for antiseptic wipes and clotting agents. My family in GA IS my ‘prepper community’. There are two paramedics in the family who have trained everyone else on first-aid. Everyone keeps medical kits in their vehicles at all times and stays well-stocked on medical supplies at home. On the items JJ mentions, how many does a person need? What if money is tight and other prepper items are needed at the same time? I would look at other options first.

        • I looked at it. I would be glad for it, if I needed it.

          There is not enough to go around, until the end of time.

        • DP, spending some bucks on quality emergency medical gear can save your life or the life of someone you care about. It is a very worthwhile investment.

          The biggest lifesaver on the battlefield is still the tourniquet. It is essential that you have one or two. The military is now issuing the Gen 7 CAT (Combat Application Tourniquet).

          I really like the SWAT-T tourniquet. It is the only tourniquet that can be used on children (as well as adults). There is nothing else like it and it can be applied with one hand. It is a paradigm shift for us that a tourniquet had to be designed to work on children because of school shootings. These are the times we live in.

          The Israeli Bandage is a must have. It is a simple design that really works well and it is amazing that no one else thought of it. Here is a brief video. There are also youtube videos on the other items mentioned above.

          I also carry a Israeli Celox Injector.


          • Red Leader:

            I would use a square gauze under that Israeli bandage. When a wound heals it sticks to the bandage. Soak the bandage before removing it so it doesn’t rip the scab off. Trust me. It hurts. White girl bleed a lot.


            Always be careful not to move a person who has been injured if there is a possibility of neck or back (spine) injury. If you must move them, keep the head and neck from moving until a doctor can evaluate the case.


            Keep some over-the-counter anti-fever meds handy with thermometer.
            Fever over 105 may result in convulsions, brain damage, or death.
            I personally prefer to use a cool bath to lower temperature.

            The best case scenario is caution and good judgement to avoid accidents.

            If a child or young adult has flu symptoms with bruising call 911. These are symptoms of menengitis which can quickly cause brain damage, coma, death. It is contagious but if caught right away, treatment works and the medicine works.


            • B from CA, fever of 105, especially for any extended period is for sure a near death experience. You are in and out of consciousness and barely hanging on. Been there twice in my life, once in the army and once a little over a decade ago from a serious accident when I fractured my skull, among other serious injuries, and my brain swelled up and goo was leaking out of my ears. That second time lasted for almost two weeks and I did NOT let the doctors mess with me at all, healed myself and learned exactly how to do that forever !

              • I reckon lots of us have similar stories. Once I treated a very young kid whose fever would not go down and it dangerously was in the range you describe. I plunged him in an icewater bath and it rapidly worked. But I didn’t sleep a wink but constantly checked his temp. I was seriously worried about convulsions.

                But that was the sole time that a fever was scary like that.

                Lots of heart issues, bad greenstick fractures, penetrating wounds, out of control drug addicts going through withdrawal and diarrhea and vomiting, pregnancy, etc.

          • Several years ago I wrote a comment about “Israeli Trauma bandages” that Mac rolled into a nice article.

            My son had bought me two three packs almost as a gag gift for a prepper. Hours later after Christmas dinner, my wife is putting away a glass platter and drops it. She has her Jesus moment when a shard pierces her foot like a nail. This sucker was spurting blood. I got the glass shard out. (Normally you should not remove something that has pierced someone, let the hospital do it, but in this case it was already bleeding like a MF.) Holding a towel on it I yelled for one of the kids to get an Israeli trauma bandage. I had already watched the video on how to use one. Within a minute the bleeding was stopped. Bandaged we took her to emergency, they could ultrasound for glass that I might have missed and add stitches.

            Lots of interns working Chrismas day, they all looked at the military green bandage and said, WTF is this thing. I just said a Christmas gift.

            Three hours later and 12 stitches, we get home, and I find all my kids Were on line ordering “Israeli Trauma bandages” for their home kits, and extras for me.

            I keep a set of two trauma bandages in my range kit. Two bandages being required for a through and through.

            I also would add to the required list a couple suture staple kits. Much easier to do without anesthesia, also get a staple remover kit and watch a video on how to use it all. Suture kits often require a prescription in many states plus experience, staple kits don’t.

            Last suggestion, watch a vide on how to pack a deep wound. A pair of gloves and a six foot roll of gauze strip, could save someone who was stabbed. To summerize the video, gloves on, start stuffing two inch wide packing in until you can’t stuff any more. Then pressure on the outside to control bleeding. Get to hospital. When medical care is close, gun shots are fatal only 20 to 30% of the time, knife wounds are fatal 60 to 70 percent of the time. Learn to pack a knife wound.

            It almost begs the question, chain mail armor or ballistic armor?

            • This is an exceptional post. Thank you.

              After watching the Proud Boy repelling the Antifa attack, I am thinking that “bracers” (which is actually an incorrect armor term) and “greeves” would be excellent protection when it becokes hand to hand combat when the SHTF. Those could be made by cutting plastic pipe with an inner lining of deerskin. And padded.

        • BH Wound seal powder I buy on ebay will stop bleeding much cheaper. Check it out. My friend takes blood thinner and cut the hell out of his forehead one day and I had my kit and I dumped it on the cut and it stopped it so I know that shit works.

          • What is it?

            • Wound seal

            • It’s a powder you apply to cut and it forms its on clot and then scab. You just let it wear off or you can wash it off but it will heal better if just left alone.

              • Celox?

                • I haven’t heard of that but I’ll look it up. That stuff I by is 8 bucks for 4 tubes on ebay and I just keep buying it along. Since I saw with my own eyes it work very well on a guy that takes Coumadin Im sold on it. Just type in Wound Seal in the ebay search engine.

                  • It’s gone up a couple dollars, go figure. I’ll still keep buying it.

                  • Respectfully, I understand the concept. What’s in there, or where does more come from.

                    • Sorry but I don’t know man. I’ve bought enough I don’t need to even care. It works.

      4. If inside your home with a serious laceration under SHTF situations, run to your spice cabinet after cleaning the wound, apply cayenne pepper. It will smart like multiple angry bee stings but stop the bleeding.

      5. If you are on medications, you should carry a list of the medications and their dosages. If you are allergic to any medications, you should have some notice on your person. If you are under the care of a physician, you should have his name and number on your person. Also, if you are diabetic, you should carry something saying so. You can never count on being able to answer questions.

        • Brian, good advice. Also find out your blood type and wear it on your outer garment. Saw a pic of a combat troop wearing his blood type and the letters NKA on his uniform. NKA is no known allergies.

        • Brian and Him : Good advise if the crap has not hit the fan but if it has hit the fan, the people in your group should already know these things. Remember OPSEC. Let every Tom, Dick, or Harry that comes along know what ails you and you have let them possibly know the supplies you carry. How do you determine the blood type of a victim in the woods? Just asking.

          • Fish, Every Tom, Dick, and Harry ain’t getting that close. Who’s going to be in the woods? The enemy is most likely in the city. And I don’t need to determine the blood type of anyone in the woods. Why is everyone so determined to run off to the woods? There are big scary rabbits there.

            • I know those rabbits, I saw them on Monty Pithons Flying Circus…..

              Great point, you will be where you are when the SHTF, you could be on vacation or a day long road trip.

              Took kids to the zoo an hour away today, yup I was wearing my knapsack with the bullet proof panel.

              By the way, I recently i.e. Last two years, visited the Whitehouse, with my little nieces and nephews, loved what Donald has done with the place. I had my bullet proof knapsack as our diaper bag. Secret service knew exactly what it was, it wasn’t an issue. God bless.

              I took my kids to the Whitehouse way back when Clinton was in, security is much better now. Lots of improvements, coodos to SS. Hillary and Bill only allowed a tiny access to the Whitehouse. Donald and his Millania allowed much greater access. It was memorable, we saw parts of the Whitehouse that may never be available to the public again. Thank you President Trump.

              • They have big teeth! Get the Holy handgrenade!

      6. Plain old saline can be found in the eye/contact solution aisle or else in a SHTF situation made up. Use that to irrigate out debris as with a wound, some can be hidden.

        (While there purchase an eye cup as people frequently get some debris in their eyes that needs washing out).

        If you fail to do that, white blood cells will flock to the site and attack and die fighting the debris. And then you have a patient with a bad wound AND pus. Not good especially if you closed it up with stitches.

        • Saline, keeping someone hydrated can stop death by shock.

          Hospitals just give you an IV. What’s a prepper to do? Yes a saline solution, i.e. Contact solution can be given as an ennima. Giving anyone with a gut wound liquids by mouth is an agonizing death sentence. As long as their large intestine is intact, an ennema should work, as well it works on unconscious people.

      7. A nice big bottle of H2O2 should be kept on hand. It is useful for cleaning wounds and can be huffed to help prevent lung infections.

        • JRS, H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide) is toxic to tissue as is alcohol. Betadine is a better choice for wound cleaning with a much lower level of tissue toxicity.

          There is some newer stuff, but it is only used in the hospital environment, so Betadine is the best choice for out in the field.

          • Povidone Iodine 10% topical solution 8 FL OZ at any walgreens.

      8. If on a budget, you can buy kaolin clay which is the ingredient in anticlotting bandages. I would sterilize it first.

        An el cheapo styptic pencil can be pulverized and applied to the wound as well.

      9. Very good INFO above.
        Don’t forget Cotex heavy and light and tampons.


        • Sarge, I spent the entire month of May in Seneca. Not a bad little town.

          • Too bad we didn’t meet up.

      10. CELOX is a better alternative to QUICKCLOT. CELOX can be broken down by the body and thus does not have to be removed from the wound like QUICKCLOT does.
        The guy with the deep wound and no anesthesia will thank you.

      11. You can take Pampers, tear off the elastic, and use them for wounds. They absorb a lot, whether it’s fluid drainage or blood. This was recommended to me by hospital wound care personnel.

        You can get a large box on Amazon much cheaper than at Walmart, and Amazon’s large box contains more than Walmart’s.

        • The problem is that diapers, like tampons, are good sterile dressings but they don’t stop bleeding – they just keep it from making a mess.

      12. Off Topic:

        So proud of Trump’s meeting with Putin.

        CIA litterally put the lights out when Trump was being forced to take back his words. I felt very sorry for him. I can only imagine what kinds of threats and intimidation he must be enduring, to make such a strong man eat his own words. It made me really see just how low CNN is. The main stream media just lost my respect entirely.


        • There is a lot of speculation that the reason that Trump met Putin alone with only the Russian Translator present, is that Putin gave Trump terabytes of information on thumb drives about the Deep State which gives Trump what he wound need to investigate and prosecute them. He is smart enough to trust no one in his orbit.

          This could explain why the Deep State is in total freak out mode.

          • Yep. Steve Quayle carried the story yesterday. If it’s true, then maybe this is Russia seeing a golden opportunity as the fallout will be huge. And then even if they really have a massive litany of every dirty deed, the mainstream media will continue to pump out globilist propaganda.

            Putin is no globalist and is even more ardent a nationalist. But in 2017 made it illegal for nonorthodox Christians to witness…even on the internet. This makes that guy an antichrist at the very least.

        • B, I never had respect for MSM, period.

        • Word is also that a Secret Service Food tester was murdered in Scottland, a message to Trump from MI-6 and the CIA.

      13. The largest Baal worship services are held in the USA

      14. And buy them all at Amazon, you stupid fucking douchbag. Amazon is the reason for the collapse, open your small fucking mind. We talk about supporting local businesses and being prepared at the ‘local’ level and then every stupid fucking article has you buying shit from Amazon. Fuck Amazon already.

      15. Hydrophilic Polymer, Potassium Ferrate

      16. Amazon,Walmart, ect ect there was a news segment interviewing a lady on our local tv chanel who owned candle shop that had decorative house stuff you know a girl shop. Any way the segment was all regarding shop local support main street ect ect and my wife said oh id like to go there. All i said to her was where do you think she gets all that stuff from? I think she more than likely just orders off amazon and walmart and all the other big internet stores ect then resells in her shop at a fat mark up. Cus you can get stuff off amazon cheaper than from the supplier cus amazon orders and stocks huge amounts of stuff so they buy in crazy bulk.and in turn get and sell it far cheaper than everyone else can buy it for from the supplier. I reminded her she has an amazon prime account and handed her her phone lol…

        • And free shipping doesn’t cost a cent in gas lol…I even buy ammo in bulk on line cus its a hell of alot cheaper and dont think for a second that just cus you pay twice as much for ammo at local yokal gun shop it matters cus they already know you got the shit hell just getting on here and not even posting but just reading your tagged and classified so be brave, stand your ground have balls and if need be die with dignity

      17. Most of us will die from infection from wounds. Yes immediate treatment will save you from bleeding out but unless you have access to a military or civilian trauma unit your chances for the long haul aren’t too great.

      18. Starting fluid has ether. To knock out badly wounded for repair. And transport.

        • There are several different types of ether, the one in starting fluid is not the one historically used for anesthesia.

          You’d be better off with cans of whipped cream that use food grade laughing gas as the propellant. It must be combined with a steady stream of fresh air or the patient will suffocate. Many cases of kids trying to get high on laughing gas, who died from asphyxiation. It’s also a fire hazard.

          Assuming an apocalyptic event made someone resort to this, they better know CPR.

      19. Prepper nurse .com , has a lot of med advice. My advice is to buy a police trade in vest . Detergent and insecticide.

        • I don’t agree on trade in police vests.
          They do go bad with age and police leave them in hot cars and they see extremes of temperature.

          Early Kevlar vests were pretty good, then they invented an upgrade, sometimes referred to as spider silk, it made lighter tougher vests, BUT they apparently degraded very fast with exposure to heat, sweat and sunlight. There were enough cases of them failing to stop handgun rounds and cops dying that police across the country dumped them

          Many of the vests police stopped wearing because they are deemed unreliable, ended up getting resold at gun shows and on EBAY. They could get you killed.

          The newest material for better lighter body armor is a new kind of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene. It’s so far been reliable and is not that expensive. You can get a new vest pretty cheap these days.

          The last time I researched body armor was about two years ago, anyone else have newer info? The one thing I did learn from my research is don’t buy used armor unless it’s steel or ceramic plate that is undamaged.

          Body armor is not such a bad idea for a prepper. Getting shot and not having serious injuries to tend is the obvious best choice.

          • If it can stop a 22 I’d wear it. And pay 50 bucks. I’ve wondered of making one out of trucker straps. That even slow down a 22. I hear that thieves are spraying starting fluid in the vents of truck cabs to knock out and rob the trucker. I notice liquid detergent or insecticide doesn’t last like dry.

            • Before halothane was utilized for anesthesia, chloroform and some kinds of ether were used. Both of the latter might work in a pinch albiet with a high potential for adverse effects like severe nausea and vomiting and respratory distress. With all medicines, there is a therapeutic index. The point at which it works in effectiveness can be very close to a lethal dose and this is contingent upon weight, obesity level, lung capacity, age, co-morbid conditions, polypharmacy, etc.

              Therefore, some ethers might knock some people out, but cause them injury or worse, contribute to their death when additional procedures are performed that tax their lungs or heart by changes in their blood pressure.

      20. No complaints on the importance of bleed out aid, but odds are low on that. Make sure your first aid kit includes aid for what is almost certain to happen. You will use your hands a LOT more, so expect cuts and blisters. You will be walking a lot more and won’t be changing socks as often, so expect sore feet, stubbed toes, toenails that need trimming, and blisters. You will be eating strange food and drinking from muddy hoofprints, so expect intestinal issues.

      21. I ment the Patriot Nurse .com but they are both good.

      22. I’m not gonna bleed out so I don’t need any of it.

      23. Amen to that recommendation. We keep a Quick-Clot sponge and Israeli Battle Dressing Bandage in each vehicle and in or range bag.

      24. Remember to have some pure honey on hand at all times. Not that 2% crap like Sue Bee Honey is. 100% natural honey is what the Romans carried as a first aid kit. Apply like any other anti fungal anti bacteria cream and then bandage. Less scarring and quicker healing.

      25. Only the Dead have seen the end of war….For the rest of us the fight continues…..
        Most people have never seen what happens when someone is shot…..
        I suggest ya’ll look into that subject…..Cause it ain’t pretty….when a fist sized chunk of flesh is blown away…..or better yet, them guts is all blown to hell…Can’t tell ya just how UGLY IT GETS
        That’s sumthin ya just can’t prep for..or imagine…unless your a Trama surgeon
        DON’T KID YOURSELF!!!! The SHOCK is debilitating ….your buddy’s face is half blown away …
        You can see his brains …..WTF do you do? That’s the moment you never forget.. THE SHOCK
        No quick-clot will help….compression bandage might …More than likely he’s a goner ….without proper medical help, thers nutin you can do….But continue to fight….that’s what happens in War.
        Those are the images that still haunt me decades later…..ALWAYS WILL………

      26. When the SHTF, expect lots of cracked hands. What you can do is steam some acorns and when you do this, a mist of oil comes out with the steam. You collect that and apply it to your hands.

        That is very obscure ancestral wisdom.

        To fix small cuts in the field, go to a pine tree and pop a blister where the sap is coming out and smear that on the wound as an antiseptic plus bandage. While there collect dried pine sap as firestarter.

      27. If a patient has simultaneous dehydration and starvation, then since the body is shutting down, their elimination is shutting down to reduce hypovolemia. But it adversely affects the intestines and the large intestine is trying to recycle water but gut motility nearly stops. This produces abdominal cramping and pain.

        Whereas if a patient first starved and then later got dehydrated, since the intestines have purged, there is no gas pain, not as much cramping, or pain in general.

        This is the mechanism for halting food and later water in dying people who have elected no heroic measures. The latter group donot suffer much but lose consciousness due to severe hypoglycemia but will have Kussmall breathing and seem to be in distress but are fading.

        The former since food is trapped and not digested suffer terribly. This is why in some books they describe that kind of dehydration/stavation as miserable.

      28. Dealing with medicine and patients and supplies is incredibly complex post-SHTF. You have to have some materials to get through the worst of it. But realize the best way to survive is not being out in it but hunkering down as hundreds of millions with no supplies end up bugging out and dying of dehydration, starvation, disease, and violence.

        You are trying to avoid all of this. Then form a tribe that is organized and reforming a mutually beneficial society. That means locating medical supplies and harvesting equipment into a convienent location for your tribe.

        It likely means producing some supplies like antiseptics and relying on herbs like a 1860-1930 doc might have formulated in the field as there were few medicines that had any benefit or efficacy.

        I mean, you might luck out, but hospitals will have been SLAMMED and will have used up their supplies and then shutdown.

        That might mean going old school and finding jimson weed for tribe members who have asthma. It might mean making a vaccuum pump to boil water at a much lower temp, which then exhausts under vaccum, and forms ICE. Good old ice can chill in a water bath and break a high fever very effectively. But few people know how to make ice in this old school way. It might mean finding jewelweed to deal with poison ivy or severe rashes. It means making iodine from walnut husks, and making alcohol from fermenting potatoes.

        You are likely to have a type one or two diabetic, will have them eat bitter melon (which grows wherever cucumbers will grow) then watch to make sure that their blood sugar doesn’t fall too fast. And they will eat a ketogenic diet high in fats but low in sweets.

        Unless you have a vascular surgeon, who can shunt in a severely compromised vein or artery, and lots of blood, then they might lose a limb as it will get necrotic and then gangrene and will die otherwise.

      29. In the Kunstler World Made By Hand series, a medical professional has to totally adapt and make things like using poppies to make laudenum and even stronger stuff. And then it becomes extremely complex as what is the right dose for a child when potency is difficult to assess? There are patients who make it through a procedure but then die from homemade anesthesia.

        This is what you will be up against. Plus things like a paramedic trying to do an appendectomy when all she knows is the theory and not the dosages and surgical aspects.

        Death by accidental intervention will be very common and patients might be too sick to transport meaning you are on a horse bringing gear on a saddle.

      30. An old school Native American use for cured tobacco ie it had been hung and dried, was to use a wad to pretty quickly get clotting going much faster than the standard clotting cascade. This is not for some major penetrating wound that is gushing blood, but a large shallow laceration can be treated thus.

        Of course the standard toothache was treated this way with chewing tobacco until it could be extracted. Remember, due to the location of the tooth abscess that the infection can spread via cranial nerve 5 or 7 and cause a brain infection.

        In the short run, you irrigate it, use a dental pick and take out hidden impacted material from the wound and broken filling and tooth parts that are immediately loose. Then clean with a honey wash. Have them bite down on a garlic clove which will STING but often they get immediate relief as the pain fades. Then pack with common plantain so the wound heals but that tooth has to come out.

      31. Just a few ideas…

        The desert has many plants with volatile oils, which can be used as astringents, although the bitterer Artemsias are particularly-potent immuno-stimulants. Leaves bruised, wadded up, and pressed into a mouth abscess or sore, which has moved into the glands — your eyes will water. Everything as normal, within 90 min. Tried and true.

        Tannins are of traditional use, as from oak galls, desert rhubarb, etc. Could conceivably leave a tattoo.

        Cyanide-related compounds, as in fruit pits and manioc, have a drying effect when applied, topically.

        Pollens, powders, ashes, and fibers can staunch blood.

        Also, rennets (to curdle milk.) It comes from the stomach enzymes of an animal, the thistle, and several local plants.

        Although, obviously not sterile, handfuls of fibers, moss, and the leaves of a mullein could be used as wipes. One way of making fibers is to gently beat roots or green sticks, with a blunt cudgel, over a round stone — generally, something of an aromatic or benign nature.

        Ashes can come from medicinal plants, and presumably contain traces of the active compounds.

        A local breeder has dipped the stubs of her Springer Spaniels in ordinary baking flour, when nipping the tails and claws, although, in the case of a deeper wound, fermentation could become infectious. Can it make a rue. Many things in nature.

        Consider preservatives, which may tend to stunt lactofermentation as being anti-microbial. Cloves, mint oil, fennel seeds, turmeric, oil of oregano…

        I have not tried copper or silver solutions.

        If you have ever been desperate enough to resort to one of these alternatives, you will probably be mortified, so grateful for modern conveniences. “Doctors” can be inaccessible, stupid, and visibly dirty. It’s a certificate, on the wall, or, in the case of disaster, anyone who seems to know what they are doing. Access to materials and equipment, in experienced hands, are good and useful, although I rarely agree with their judgment calls.

        • PS — no saponins, internally. (Several plants, growing in the wash, or within walking distance of my house, will make suds.)

          • Useful word —
            “Yarrow plants were widely used prior to modern times to *staunch blood.”

      32. I’m glad you mentioned yarrow! I can attest to its clotting and antibacterial properties – I use it every time I cut myself (which is more frequently than other people, and always during butchering when I neglect to put my cut-proof gloves on). I also used it when I decapitated my left thumb when it was time to change the bandage that the hospital put on; instead of using gauze, I wrapped it in crushed yarrow leaves. The plant is amazing! It was used as wound stuffing during the civil war, and for good reason!

        Another deep-wound first aid that I can also say 100% is effective is UNpasteurized honey! I use this remedy on my livestock, and it is (I know I already said it) 100% effective! One hen had been badly attacked by a neighbourhood husky (I named the breed because the neighbourhood retrievers, spaniels and pitbulls never attacked my chickens when they visited – only the 3 huskies/husky crosses). She had a bite wound in her back that was so deep, her lung tissue was exposed! (Yes, I know it was lung tissue – I am extremely familiar with chicken biology, having butchered them on a regular basis for the past 7 years.) I drizzled honey into the hole 2x/day after cleaning out dead infectious material, put turmeric in her feed to control any septicemia and the hen made a full recovery! A jar of raw honey is an absolute must-have in your first-aid kit!

        Scalpels and sutures are readily available online; I am stocked in both. Have yarrow and/or honey on hand to dress the surgery and turmeric for internal defense and you won’t need what this article is selling.

      33. Be frugal because you easily spend 5-6K on medical supplies alone. And some expirebut mostly lose some efficacy, others lose their sterile nature.

        • A good emergency medical textbook has no expiration date……

          If the Internet fails, most of America will suddenly realize how little they actually know!

          I have a copy of “The Survival Medicine Handbook” by Joseph Alton MD and Amy Alton ARNP, and it doesn’t even need batteries. It’s about 650 pages long and is well indexed.

          I recommend it. I believe it’s linked in the article.

          • Yes. When There Is No Doctor and When There Is No Dentist are free pdfs available online. In a pinch, you could use these like checklists, and round up harvest medical equipment and supplies. Then return back to the tribal BOL.

            You can buy the books of course too.

            If you have a solar backup generator, which you can easily build yourself as a weekend project, and you have a tablet and an external usb drive, then you can store a mammoth amount of documents on everything from home schooling, Bible study, plant and animal disease, medicine, agriculture, engineering, animal husbandry, etc.

            Many years ago, peace corp volunteers assembled everything they had, and they torrented it. In the electronics docs were thestabdard improvements the pe

      34. A stitch in time, saves nine.

        Ask any seamstress. If they are not constantly inspecting clothing in remote locations where resupply is near impossible without relying on monthly resupply, then clothing will turn to rags.

        I hope you have a seamstress in your tribe.

        Likewise your medical personnel will be checking every day to ensure hands and feet are not showing signs of illness and contagion through infections. Because when the SHTF, if you lose the use of a hand or foot, that tribe member could quickly do less work and their condition could destabilize operations. People will ignore wounds to tough it out when pragmatists let the medic know. One lame person slows down everyone. In fact, when wargaming, you intentionally wound one enemy to slow down everyone. It makes them susceptibly to attack as they reduce their defensive posture to are for the injured.

        Under disaster conditions where soap and water are not readily available, a simple innocent wound can turn into an abscess and that crap can run downhill fast.

      35. Yes. When There Is No Doctor and When There Is No Dentist are free pdfs available online. In a pinch, you could use these like checklists, and round up harvest medical equipment and supplies. Then return back to the tribal BOL.

        You can buy the books of course too.

        If you have a solar backup generator, which you can easily build yourself as a weekend project, and you have a tablet and an external usb drive, then you can store a mammoth amount of documents on everything from home schooling, Bible study, plant and animal disease, medicine, agriculture, engineering, animal husbandry, etc.

        Many years ago, peace corp volunteers assembled everything they had, and they torrented it. In the electronics docs were the standard improvements the peace corps made in 3rd world villages. It’s equivalent to 12 DVDs worth of electronic books and tells you how to make things from common locally available items.

        What folks used to have was a formula book that explained how to make various solutions from common chemicals that could be locally sourced. Then people made what they needed as it might not be available locally and take too long to ship.

        In your city postSHTF, you would then harvest the needed chemicals to make what you needed as it’s unlikely someone else would know how.

      36. Here is the massive link of government documents on a vast amount information that the Peace Corps volunteers had access to. You could store it and then it would be your main reference library.

        But the problem is is it available anymore as few people torrent now? This is perfectly legal as they are not copyrighted. Otherwise you have to look yourself for the CD3WD documents.

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