Every Asset Class Will Collapse: ‘You Need To Be Looking At Your Wealth In Terms Of How Many Chickens And How Much Gas You Can Buy’

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    There’s no other way to put it.

    The system as we know it will collapse. This, argues Karl Denninger of the Market Ticker, is a mathematical certainty.

    In a recent interview with Future Money Trends Denninger touches on the various dire challenges facing America. From the Presidential election to the rampant corruption in our financial, political and healthcare systems, he pulls no punches and warns that the worst is yet to come unless real action is taken immediately. Failure to do so, says Denninger, will lead to a collapse of everything we consider to be a part of our current way of life.

    If we do not start locking people up our government, our way of life and every asset class… the price of all of them… is going to collapse. This is not a maybe. This is arithmetic. It’s not politics. The problem here is that nobody in the political sphere from either party is talking about this. This is where the problem lies.

    …At the same time, this is what is bankrupting all of the public sector pensions… If you’re a policeman, a firefighter, a teacher in any of the states you’re not going to get your money. At best you’ll get half. I’ve run the numbers… the best systems in the country right now will be able to pay half of those benefits… many of them are worse than that. You’re going to also see the collapse of all the state budgets for the same reason because they’ve got those embedded liabilities. Law or no law, I don’t care what your state Constitution says you have. If you can’t collect the money you’re not going to get the check.

    (Watch at Youtube)

    What’s worse is the fact that not only can we not stop what’s coming, Denninger says that there is really no way to prepare for it from a wealth preservation aspect because anything that doesn’t get wiped out in a crash will probably be stolen by the government. Thus, when we think preparedness, we’d better be thinking in terms of survival essentials:

    You can’t [protect your wealth]. You need to be looking at your wealth in terms of how many chickens are you going to be able to buy or how many gallons of gasoline… or how many kilowatt hours of electricity because the number of dollars you have or how many ounces of gold is utterly immaterial… The only thing that matters is what they buy.

    … The problem is and the aspect that people take on this …. and I get these questions all the time whenever I post an article showing the math…  The first thing that comes up in the comments is ‘what do I do as an investor to protect myself from this?‘…. The answer is there isn’t a way to do it… remember, the government will steal everything that’s not nailed down and not protected with your life… so, unless you’re willing to die, at which point you don’t care how much money you have because you’re dead, there is no personal protection method that works.

    If the picture Denninger paints of the future of America is accurate – and we can’t really argue with the mathematical evidence he has put forth at The Market Ticker over the last decade – then when this system does collapse it is going to lead to widespread chaos as every asset class out there is going to be worth significantly less than it is today.

    In such a scenario we need to consider what will have value and what will take the form of money when dollars are no longer a feasible mechanism for exchange.

    As Denninger points out, the only thing of importance will be how much the”assets” in your posession will be able to buy.

    Dollars may be worthless in this instance. Gold and silver may have fallen or risen in price, but their purchasing power is what will matter, and as Denninger notes, they may be illegal to own so trade would have to take place on black markets. Food, medicine, toilet paper, soap, and other essentials will sky rocket in value, as has been evidenced by the hyperinflationary collapse currently taking place in Venezuela.

    So when we look at protecting ourselves from the coming crash of our entire way of life, it’s the essential goods and services that people can’t live without that will become the assets of choice.

    The math is clear. It is coming. Prepare for it now.

    Karl Denninger posts regular commentary and news at his web site The Market Ticker. He is the author of Leverage: How Cheap Money Will Destroy the World

    Watch more interviews like this one at Future Money Trends

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      1. When the goons show up, kill them all. Have your shit together beforehand or they will kill you.

        • I just bought a bullet proof vest and two army helmets, all brand new for $32 at a garage sale. These were US army issue, no idea where this guy got them, but its good for me.

          If it is going to be a shooting war, i will need more than just a gun.

          • Get a level III or IV rifle plate and stick it in front of the Kevlar in the vest. Bubble wrap behind them both too if you have no trauma pad.

            • Can use those square high density foam mats and cut them to the shape of the plate, i did that but made a cover for it with Kevlar fabric, spall guard

            • If anyone needs to make plates you can get AR500 on Amazon, pretty cheap and with prime is free shipping, a bit heavy but better than nothing, you get used to it

            • Get the thin memory foam and 3M spray glue it to the back of the AR500 plates. After it’s dry, trim to shape with a single edge razor blade.

              The memory foam dissipates all the shock from any round taken across the entire plate.

              It’ll feel like a bug running into a greyhound bus grille.

            • Say Menzo, what do you mean by “trauma pad”? Something like a vented or unvented chest pad or are you talking more like “combat gauze” (that will stop bleeding with any pierced wounds, but won’t work if an artery is open (for that you should have ATLS Acute Trauma & Life Support). Anyone who is a ‘high-end’ commando, SEALs, Barets, 101st Airborne and many more, send their MOST intelligent, quick to learn man to take the course in 1/5th the time usually taken (it’s a cram-time-no-sleep-experience) …anyway, thanks to some damn good doctors who gave up millions it gave warriors on the inside and “in harms way” commandos the very best Acute Trauma Technicians immediately at hand should anyone be hurt, and we are trained to stay with the patient and sustain them for days or longer, if at all possible and all ways possible are acceptable.

              This is unlike “typical first aid”. Instead of blunt trauma, like cars hitting kids on bikes or walking, head on collisions and “blunt trauma” you are going to be experiencing what isn’t covered in first aid kits, combat medicine.

              Sure, hold down a bleeding area hard to stop or slow down blood loss, yet there are better ways and they are easy to learn (or buy), all the way to learning how to suture up a torn artery of good size, in a wide open wound in the midst of a forest clearing praying nobody else is around as you work frantically with a flashlight. It’s 2021 and the only antibiotics available is pine pitch or garlic, so you wisely elect to use garlic on your patient, as it hurts like hell but prevents ALL kinds of infections, to include several MRSA’s, (contrary to what is taught, it takes many months, but garlic and tegaderm with “real” Betadine therapy (it works!), has healed every “stubborn as a mule” MRSA I have ever met). Hell, Staff A. all by itself had my wife by her neck earlier this year, and it took months to rid her of the effects as the damn stuff slowly wound it’s way through her, mimicking all sorts of problems, and all the while it was simply Staff A. There are two antibiotics, one is taken 3 pills 3 times a day, knocks you for a loop, but over a 10-day ‘course’ it kills anything to do with Staff A. You only need to heal the mess it may have left behind “wherever’.

              You can easily tell if your skin has Staff A ‘infection’. Suddenly, you become “allergic” to about anything touching you, even bandaids leave a red spot that turns into what appears to be a “moon crater” in your skin, 1/2 an inch across, with the entire first layer of skin just gone, and a bit of blood. Treat it “dabbed hydrogen peroxide first follow immediately with a dabbing of Betadine, clean up any messes then cover immediately with Tegaderm (for up to 7 days), then repeat. Most patches rarely stay on more than 3 days tops. Oh, Tegaderm is a product of Nexcare who is owned by 3M.

              Just be ready for these new kind of “hurts” that will soon be happening, by all appearances anyway.

              • Equorial

                Trauma Pad for Body armor

                Two types. One is thin coated steel plate that is inserted in the carrier behind the soft armor. Its purpose is to reduce the impact distortion of the soft armor when struck.

                Another is a insert of extra sheets of padding and Kevlar to produce a shield behind soft armor. You can
                feel its outline within the outside encasing fabric. Again to soften the impact from the projectile.

          • john stiner

            Are the helmets PASGT/Kevlar?
            See if the vest is Interceptor/Improved Outer Body.
            This is desert storm and after.

            Even if you scored some good Vietnam era stuff you did very well. Steel pots are still some protection

            Make sure the vest is not just for fragmentation. Verify . Lots of info on the web.

            Some is better than none. Soft armor will stop handgun rounds. You need plates for rifle fire.

          • hope it FITS!

          • got my bullet proof vest, night vision scope, laser sight for day and night, I.R. blocking cover. I have set specific locations for trip wires and noise makers. The best thing though is my dog. He can sense just about anything bigger than a mouse anywhere in the area.
            If I could lay my hands on some grenades I could cover my back side while protecting my street access. Anyone have any suggestions where grenades can be purchased? Even trying to get snapper firecrackers that go off when stepped on. I can make some but they are rather crude and not 100% reliable.

            • Be alert…

              Ahead Of Monday’s Terrorist Threat, Texas, New York Are Taking Measures

              “New York, Texas and Virginia are all possible targets, though no specific locations are mentioned.”

              “more state police, more National Guard, more soldiers on duty than ever before.”

              ht tp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-11-04/new-york-and-texas-ramp-security-efforts-after-threats-election-day-terrorist-attack

            • Yea,,,
              Call 1-800-ATF-POKI

              • LOL, no doubt! Frigging fed scum has shown up or a true idiot.

            • In addition to the armaments, we need unity and direction. Without a rally point / cry we are scattered and easily subdued.

              All that is needed to change the world are long range rifles, and mortars. Stick and move. Close range as a last resort.

          • If the military is not on our side, we will lose hands down. There will be small rag tag militia groups nationwide, which will soon run their course. If the witch gets in office, the high ranking military brass hate her, don’t respect the B, and hopefully form a coup.

            • Laura Ann, not true. The military did a major study on that issue a few short years back and determined the military would win – initially. But as the citizen’s militias became more experienced and proficient the tide would eventually turn and the citizens would win the war.

              Hang in there, and don’t give up so easily. That’s one of our problems now, we have given up too easily.


              Son of Liberty

              • Well we do have one thing in our favor – there are more guns than people in the US. So I can buy that we could win a drawn out war. Also – who is going to come up against us? They say the military, but would our sons and daughters fight against us? No way, a few brianwashed lemmings for sure, but most would not. So that leaves mercs and technology. How many mercs can they bring in, and do they have the backbone to die in mass because taking over the US – with all the people armed – will not be easy. Many will die on both sides, but I guess that’s the price of freedom for our kids.

                What about blacks? Black’s are only dangerous when rioting, and sneak attacks when you’re not looking and only if you are outnumbered at least 3-1. In regards to riots – push back and little bit (i.e., take out a few ring leaders) and they will scatter. They couldn’t organize a lunch room line without fighting each other. I see no persistent threat from them outside of breading and destroying their environment which they literally can’t seem to help.

            • Laura Ann, I have to respectfully disagree on the military. They don’t have the numbers necessary to challenge 100,000,000 gun owners not to mention 80-90% of them are overseas. I fully expect to be confronted by alphabet soup fed agencies, Muslim invaders called ‘refugees’ by the libturds, and “UN peacekeepers”. Oh, forgot to mention the Hillary supporters. No shortage of enemies, for sure. We have every chance of winning.

              • I agree and will most likely see some blue helmets.

                • Bring it. Baby blue shows up real nice in the distance.

              • We are seeing the same damned potential enemies too. I believe we will have NO chance of losing.

        • Menzo, if the goons come to my area they’ll ‘disappear’. They won’t go home alive.

          • Hi Brave:

            This video on YouTube is a verbal recording by Anonymous. There is no video at all. It is only about five minutes long and contains very important info. What I find most important is not Bill Clinton’s alleged acts (although deplorable), but those of the Israelis who established the Epstein Pedofile Island to entrap and or blackmail British and American leaders.


            ANONYMOUS REVEALS video Bill Clinton rape of 13yr old will surface Hillary camp mortified!
            Nationwide Portfolios


            • I have been waiting on this recording for a month now. I hoped it was true, but beginning to doubt it exists. Time will tell but time is short!

        • Just 3 days left! GOT MAGS? Trekker Out.

          • Trekker,why yes I do,why,need a couple?!

            • Warchild I’ll gladly pay you Wednesday for a couple of mags today. Trekker Out. But I Do Have A Couple Already.

      2. Thinking about living the same as “before” is crazy making and foolish. Better to concentrate on skills and a flexible approach to providing for yourself and your family.
        If you aren’t too old and broke down, improve self sufficiency. If you are an old worthless eater, I hope you treated your kids well.

        • In today’s world, the old worthless eaters are still in a better living situation than their children.

          Almost every grandparent I know is either raising the grandchild or has the grandchildren and parents living with them.

          There aren’t any jobs in my area that pay over $15 an hour. Most people that have a job only have a part time job because they can’t work over 19.5 hours a week because of forced health insurance on the employer.

          Gone are the days of good jobs. Communal living will be the future. 3 and 4 families in one household.




            • Well They are behaving just like you talk; (As A-holes). As a minor first effort why not clean up your mouth?

              • Oh snap!!

            • ok acid, i will take a crack at this one. the gub-mint pays women when they have a baby, so they don’t HAVE to “work out” their problems with the fathers of their children….divorce/separate, and WE pay for it. no reason for them to NOT crank out the babies, and “play the field”. what do they need men for?

              • Buttcrack That is certainly part of it but a much larger and growing segment is women who support themselves and their kids and their sperm doners who play video games all day while the kids are at daycare. I work with this age group and sexually active male “children” who never work is an exploding segment.

                Twenty years ago most people were embarrassed to say they were living together and most people married. Now half never marry and there is no social stigma and schools teach it is ok.

                • This is by design. Read 1984, the blueprint the elites have planned for your children. Day after day the incessant brianwashing streams from every TV, every theater, every news paper, every public school, every text book – THEY OWN IT ALL.

                  If you want to opt-out of this future, then 1) turn off the TV. If you watch mainstream TV / movies then STFU and take your medicine. 2) Get off the grid, i.e. get out of the system. Don’t play their game.

                  The elites are raising your kids through media, and public schools. Throw in prescription drugs, chemtrails, GMO’s, etc and you see what we are up against.

            • You just lost all credibility with that mouth, what are you, 12?

          • John,that is what 2-3 family houses were originally all about.You always had workers out in the workforce/folks to keep an eye on the young ones/older ones,while still having a personal space.Would never work for me as I need a lot of personal space including land,but see the advantages to multi generations living in same space with some level of privacy,not a bad thing at all for some.

            • I see the 4000 sq/ft McMansions carved up into multiple smaller living spaces. Housing developments will fence themselves off and become gated communities. Private armed security will be a growth business.

              • And WHO is going to feed them ?

                • TnAndy

                  If your assuming a war / EMP situation your correct. Otherwise its just a financial fall with a much lower standard of living. War breaks things, destroys infrastructure. This is going back to the 800 sq/ft home for those with marketable skills.

              • Kevin2, I once read somewhere that under Agenda21, people will be forced into apartment buildings with units that are no more than 300-500 square feet. I’ve heard them called “stack and pack” buildings. 500 square feet will do for some storage space, but NOT living space. somebody’s been on a crackpipe if they think I’ll accept something like that.

                • Braveheart1776

                  “somebody’s been on a crackpipe if they think I’ll accept something like that.”

                  You don’t accept it because you have alternatives. Each generation loses more of those alternatives so 50 years from now, a war or two later with an associated financial collapse what was unacceptable becomes ok. Something on this order will take a catastrophic event and some time.

              • Kevin- there is a good chance that many of these houses, both small and large, will fall into disrepair quickly over the next 15 years. While we were having our (large) house built over 2012-14, we walked around a city building site in Cypress near Houston as exercise, and would walk through the unfinished homes just to see how they were laid out. 80% were shoddy in their construction. The facades on most of these homes are brick or “stone” veneer. The rest of the exterior is hardi plank type material painted in various shades of tan and brown because those colors are forgiving to wear and tear. The interior sticks are often defective but used anyway. There is a “fireplace” in every home that vents through a cheap metal tube out to an exterior wall. One we saw vented out to the back patio! The new home we were leasing had a funny clop, clop sound happening when it was windy. I called the building manager since the house was under warranty and the landlady wanted us to report things like that. He came over and apologetically explained that all the newer houses in that square footage range had the range vent exit directly out of the wall and that when the wind caught the louvers it was going to make that noise. The sad thing about it is, these houses aren’t cheap to buy! That one we lived in was going for 250K.

                Our house has 2×6 sticks, foam insulation and whole brick/stone exterior. Fireproof roof. It cost more to build, but it’s paid off. And yes, we built it with a mind to housing a large amount of people should shtf. I do think that the newly practiced garden skills will become the most important assets after a few weeks. But yes, our community could easily gate itself, and subgate itself in many areas with roadblocks and volunteers. Outsiders, even if they found us- would have a huge terrain disadvantage.

            • Warchild, I’ve got more space at the BOL than I had in the single-family house I had in Memphis. That house was only 1300 square feet. I’m in a 3000 square foot cabin now that sits on 30 acres. Wood stove for heat in the winter surrounded by a lifetime supply of firewood. full-fledged solar system for backup that can become primary source of power once the grid goes. good water well with an electric pump and a Flojak for backup. One side of the property borders on a year-round creek as a backup source of water. Good water in these mountains and no water issues at all. I’ll stay here for as long as I consider necessary. If it becomes permanent, then so be it. At least I’m out of harm’s way for now.

              • We’ve been in that nearly same “BOL” for 30 years.

                Took many of them to get the food growing ability developed. Trouble with mountain locations is flat ground is a rarity, and the soil is often thin and rocky. We’ve spent a lot of time, effort and money to get two greenhouses built, and a couple of garden patches amended with many tons of manures/sand/etc to where they will produce well.

                This week was pretty much spent building another chicken house + fencing, for 20 new layers (they are 6wks old)so they can be integrated into the main flock in the spring.

                Next week will be spent slaughtering and working up two hogs. We find 75% of our time is spent in some type of food related activity. It’s amazing how much time it takes when you try to produce most of your groceries.

          • Ive been telling my adult children for years now that as in the days of the Great Depression where multiple family units lived together to survive, so shall it be in the coming years here in US.We are on a level playing field.

        • Try to discourage race missing – a White woman should never have a black baby – She’ll end up a single mom.

          • you know what they say…………”once you go BLACK,…you just committed yourself to a LIFETIME OF SINGLE PARENTHOOD.”

            • So true but it’s beyond me why they still do it.

              • it’s because they are STUPID. …that’s our nation’s problem. we got too many stupid people. they are everywhere, and i’ve been thinking for a few weeks now on WHY there are so many stupid people infecting our society. i’m 58 now and i can’t remember this many stupid people around when i was a younger man. they are EVERYWHERE. the problem is that we have sooo many laws now to protect the STUPID from themselves, and they breed MORE stupid people. we have laws to make sure stupid people can get a job for example….i REALLY believe that a lot of stupid people get hired into government jobs because the human recources hirers know we would be paying for their welfare payments if they weren’t given these gubmint jobs. they have been instructed by their superiors to hire the handicapped(stupid) to keep the welfare roles lower. think about it, we protect the stupid from being cleansed from the genepool by making laws like:
                wear a lifejacket in a boat
                wear a helmet riding a bike
                don’t put your hand in the tigers cage at the zoo
                label on cigarettes to say they’ll kill you
                can’t take a glass bottle to a sporting event…gotta be plastic so nobody gets cut
                can’t walk down the street in public with a beer
                no jaywalking
                gotta have seat belts to drive a car
                sign saying “no diving” on a 200 foot high bridge
                mcdonalds coffee MIGHT be hot
                ladder sign saying it MIGHT be dangerous to stand on top
                don’t put your fingers in the fan blades
                these lawmakers got it so VERY few stupid people can get killed any more. back in the day people DIED for doing stupid things, now they just keep breeding more stupid. i tell yuh, the genepool needs more chlorine…..get RID of some of these laws. just too many stupid people for our country to not have a serious breakdown SOON! and now killary wants to let in MORE of them!(it’s simply to try and raise the average IQ of the american public, stupid)…once it DOES all blow up, will it take a few generations to get back into balance? or will mostly stupid people die off? hmmmm…..food for thought……

      3. Hey, them money trees he’s plantin’ ain’t gonna grow. You need graft them on to a gold or silver tree for best results…

        • Well… If Hillary wins you won’t need the tree, just the graft….

          • If hitlery wins were all screwed, 4 more years of a failure of an agenda

            • We’re not going to give her 4 years.

              • Prepare for the worst, hope for not as bad as the worst,,,,

              • Black Moe, we’ll have her for 8 they will weekend at bernies the bitch

            • “If” = When she started Hilary said that she already had all the delegates and super delegates she needed to win. This whole thing has been a show and Trump is a good showman and good at splitting people apart. They want riots. If they don’t get them they will make them just like in Ferguson Mo.

      4. You Need To Be Looking At Your Wealth In Terms Of How Many Chickens And How Much Gas You Can Buy.

        Above phrase is trying to condition the sheeple to accept the criminal who have designed such.

        In my case I’ll be killing those who caused my wealth to disappear as many as I can and as log as it takes.

        • If killing those who too our wealth worked, America would not have any government at all.

          The government takes about 55% of our money in taxes.

          It is modern day slavery.

      5. The govt. will steal anything that is not nailed down?I would say at that point on your terms kill anyone that is stealing from you or your neighbors/fellow citizens,take it to them on your terms at that point.

        • The methods of theft leave no opportunity to fight back in a conventional sense. Government goons are not coming into your home to take your family’s food, their devaluing your money so you can’t buy much of it.

          “Let me control a nations money supply and I care not who writes its laws”

          • Kevin2, that is where you are wrong, every single war in history has the army of occupation taking all sustenance from the occupied, especially food and anything else of value. Its called booty. And with UN troops on the loose you better believe pillaging is item number 1 in the wealthiest nation to ever exist.

            • Blam, let them UN boys come to my area and all they’ll get is bullets.

            • No UN troops. Your food isn’t worth their travel expenses. All UN host countries will be busy in their home countries. Its about the wealth. Your life savings, deed to your home and land. This isn’t a foreign occupation, a foreign enemy.

              ” number 1 in the wealthiest nation to ever exist”

              That wealth isn’t spread around as the .1% are holding 90% of it and its they who are taking the rest. No Russians, no Chinese. Its done with a pen and keyboard. This is domestic.

              • Kevin;
                It’s all about the real estate. “Gold, silver, dollars, It is all shit by comparison. If you own land in a relatively good growing climate you are the king. If that land doesn’t happen to be in a huge agricultural area you are probably ok. Nobody is going to care about a couple of hundred acres in the outback. I lived in town as a youngster and got it out of my system. Yeah, maybe they can tax you out of it but first they will, you said, steal the cash.

                • Better yet, land owned by a trust,,,,
                  Not as easy for them to take it away,,,

              • Sure are lots and lots of UN HumVees sitting (virtually) all around the United States, like 10’s of thousands is what you’ll hear, so it’s probably more like 10,000 or possibly more.


                • Haven’t seen one. What UN nation or groups of nations have a sufficient army to send to the US with 320 million people in a sufficient number? Answer none. They all have huge problems of their own, far bigger than ours. If or when the US economy collapses it takes the world with it. Europe, Asia and Africa will be real busy at home. Chaos will rule the globe.

                  Governments with fiat currency, when they can’t pay their bills inflate the currency. This is how they steal your wealth.

                  • Y’all are scaring me! I have heard of Chinese in uniform walking around some town in Florida and when folks asked them WTF? they said they were here for learning “crowd control for civil unrest”. Then there reports of Fort Riley _Tenn or Kentucky)is riddleld with Russian soliders, learning/training same thing. (pardon my errors) AND there is a huge enclave of mid eastern folks in T.J. Mexico. They come into San Diego to shop at Walmarts.
                    Please, read “The Grand Jihad” by A. McCarthy. (I might be off on the author), but go to Amazon, look it up, get the whole book or the excerpt book $1.99. Read it and prepare.
                    Google “Sweden Rape Capitol of the World”. Hillary is in cahoots with Abuden, to destroy USA by total infiltration (She is a protégé of a sociopath by the name of Saul Alinsky who wrote “Rules for Radicals”.

                    We need to pray that Trumps wins, and can sort our all this rubbish before things get really really BAD!

                  • Kevin, its not domestic, its global and for the NWO world communist-feudal state to exist we must be occupied and destroyed. Every country is pretty much enslaved now except the US so you can bet there will be foreign troops here. We are the last beacon of hope to the World. Its in the ruling class interest worldwide to subjugate and exterminate Americans who hold to a tradition of freedom. Notice how immigrants, so many of them have a slave mindset and havent the faintest notion of personal freedom. Their new world order cannot exist as long as america exists as a constitutional republic in the minds of the world and its people. We must physically be reduced to ashes. Its the exact same thing as when caesar was besieged by pompeii magnus, he could have starved caesar into submission without giving battle at Pharsalus. No, he had to crush them physically in order to wrest the mind of the Roman empire from Gaius Julius Caesar. Pompeii could have watched Caesar’s army melt away from famine but the Empire and order required physical termination of hope so it is the same with us as we are besieged by the assets of the NWO.

      6. Gold?

        Denninger notes, they may be illegal to own so trade would have to take place on black markets. Food, medicine, toilet paper, soap, and other essentials will sky rocket in value

        There are many unknowns about trading with people you don’t have a clue who they are. Black Markets are a dangerous place to acquire anything…essentially, it is a lawless environment. The recent episode of The Walking Dead alludes to this., you either are Negan or you supply him. If you start displaying any gold for the purposes of supplies…more than likely you will be shot and robbed. There will be only one negotiated term…pay or die.
        Referencing back to TWD., there is never any scenario in that show that makes gold or PM’s a must have. The thought out reality in my mind is that when your supplies run low…you.,I…will become marauders.

        Live Free or Die…the ultimate family feud

        • What’s the deal Mac…. 4hours in moderation…I must be dangerous

        • The most hopeful thing that can happen is a few states break away and form their own nation and your fortunate enough to be in one of them. The new former States nation in possession of a few nuclear weapons is deterrence.

          The most capable from a geographic and economic perspective is Texas. Its Achilles Heel is its changing demographics altering its traditional self reliant, can do, independent pride.

        • Being a marauder is something that ME becoming is just completely and totally unlikely. I’ll be far more successful, assuming the wife and I both get through what is coming unscathed, by adhering to the ways I was raised, have maintained to a large degree, and now, at the onset of my golden years, I will use my gathered knowledge to “earn my living” (as always) from the land. Perhaps at the beginnings of sorrows they’ll be many hunters to be found out where they should not venture. Mother nature will take her course, those that are hardened will survive and also find that making a living in this area isn’t a CakeWalk yet it is certainly ‘head and shoulders’ preferable to most other areas (as it has it all, year round).

          A lawless marauder? Only if I needed to be one to oust some very bad next-door neighbors on a permanent basis. Feed them to the Black Pigs up the road?

      7. Funny my comment appeared here, but my joke did not on the last post. Musta used some “banned” language of some sort.

        Meh…been happening more and more with this site.

        • JR,site had upgrades today and perhaps like me you missed one letter on your sign in e-mail,then,gets the dreaded”moderation game’,same thing if you use the word betch spelled with a i instead of a e,that one gets moderated yet put thru way down the road,that,I really don’t get!

          • what ?
            I cant say bitch and hillary in the same sentence ?
            oops , just did , my bad .

            • Yep , had to find out for myself .
              Got moderated for the B word , hahahaha

              • Same here,,, hells bells even SHTF is turning PC

                • Nailbanger on one of your comments yesterday I made a response and I also commented to another poster and both comments showed up for about 10 mins and when I checked back they were both gone. Trekker Out. Go Figure!

                  • Trekker,
                    Had that happen too, Macs screwin with us!
                    Naaa, hes not like that,

          • Bit€h, bit€h, bit€h.

            Hmmm look ma no moderation……

        • Political Correctness designed into blogs.

          • JS, someone can take the PC crap and stuff it.

      8. You can buy fertile eggs cheap. A chicken will lay one egg per day. 300 per year? If you can hide chickens in a shed. Put a fan on them when hot . A heat lamp when cold . Can you hide a chicken coup? 12 chickens would give you a dozen eggs every day.? Turn cheap corn into high protein eggs.?

        • Chickens only lay a pleatoria of eggs when confined in a controlled environment and fed special feeds. And after about a year they are burnt out and never lay again. There is no way natural fed chickens lay 300 eggs per year. Our Bantams lay plenty of eggs in the springtime. We freeze the extra. We have about 50 hens and are now only getting 2 or 3 eggs per day. They will moult and be dormant during the short days. We let them rest a couple of months. Along about the Dec equinox. We will start feeding a hot mash with black pearl peppers and turning on the lights in the mornings. However just yesterday I discovered a Bantam Hen Setting on a hidden nest of eggs. and we have a dozen baby chicks in a box in the utility room. Its a plan to hatch some replacement hens from eggs produced during the time when most are not laying? We skin the young roosters and take only the breast meat and drumsticks and thighs. Save the remainder to bait varmit traps. We sell the cull hens and old roosters at a small animal sale. Our chickens free range during the day. At night they are fastened up in a varmit proof coop.

        • I agree with Old Guy. I will add, that chickens are wonderful to have around. However, they do require some effort. They require a certain amount of light, thus the decrease egg production in winter. Lights on timers can help, but then hiding the coop will be more difficult. Reading instructions will give min. space requirements, but my experiance shows those numbers to be unworkable. While chickens only take so much roost space, they will “squabble” if too crowded to the point of damaging each other.

          I should stop before it looks like I am writing a book on the subject 🙂

          I would encourage you (and others) to start with a few chickens. Few hobbies are more rewarding. If times do become hard, chickens will be a great asset.

          • Yes I agree start with a trio a rooster and two hens. Get bantams because they are hardy and will set on eggs and be good mothers. They fare better free ranging than the bigger commercial breeds. they can avoid predators like Hawks easier. They can fly up into trees to escape dogs and coyotes.

            • I actually prefer the true Ameracaunas because I live in the cold north, they continue to lay in really cold weather, they are docile, fairly quiet (I get the occasional chatterbox hen but could cull that bird if necessary) and they are excellent layers of large eggs (average 62 grams). They forage well and are smaller birds, about 5 to 6 pounds. The best plus is they are broody. Half my hens from last year went broody. I just need to come up with a solution so they don’t all try to sit on the same nest! I had a half dozen in a bantam version but the roosters were very loud and aggressive.

              • And I have lost just as many bantams to Hawks as my regular size Ameracauna chickens. I fact, the younger Hawks really liked to go after my bantams. Could just be this area though. Hawks are more of a problem that the coons. I do lock up chickens at night. I had an old farm lady tell me I won’t need the lights if I continue to feed greens during the winter and that worked well for me last year. I don’t have any lights on the coop. But I do have a problem when they all molt of little to no eggs until they are done. That’s when the duck eggs come in real handy!

          • I’ve had plenty of them growing up, and we have a small few presently. We know darn well we will need more of them, but I’m stubborn and avoiding it until I am forced into it. We can get them and be set up for the extra input in one day. Their feces will be taken about six acres away, usually upwind.

      9. I’m checking my local weather and local news.
        Scattered showers high 77 low 64 high surf advisory. Crooked mayor got off scott free by a jury of friends. Tyrant police chief is retiring.
        SSDD. I’m going to go out and mow 2 acres, and move the pigs to another paddock.

        • You should become friends with the crooks too so you can get off when you get into trouble.

          Works for Hillary.

          • JS,
            This is Hawaii. Think third world political shithole, but it is in America! At least it is warm and I live next to the country’s largest privately owned cattle ranch.

            • Billy and his peers are all my classmates,,,,

      10. “essential goods and services”

        time to lock up that wheelbarrow

      11. What is being said here, is that there is no hope for recovery. Buying chickens and so much gas. Bullshit! This is a Mad Max Scenario. These jerks dance around the facts which they obscure from our vision. For What? To say they know something we don’t. Never a straight answer maybe because they don’t have the answer. So they make up an answer to give false hope.
        Somewhere down the line with all the bullshit of the banks, elections, government, politicians, poverty racism and so forth, people are going to snap and as some now are, would rather beat your ass than talk to you. Could well kill you also. Sooner or later enough Frankensteins, that these so called elite’s have created, will come back to feed on them.

        Somebody please bring the Tobasco Sauce.

        • there is never a Mad Max Scenario.

          They are reset scenarios. You just have to survive the “reset”. Throughout history “resets” usually last 6 months to 1 year, unless they include war.

          Look how quick the Germans and the Japs recovered after the war. No Mad Max there.

          • “Look how quick the Germans and the Japs recovered after the war.”

            The Germans and Japanese had a huge benefactor with very deep pockets and virtually unlimited resources. The US will have no help at all and no doubt significant global competition for what resources are available.

            • They dont plan to restore us, they plan to exterminate us.

              • Bingo. That is the “big surprise” we were warned of way back in early Spring, by an ISIS warrior (that we would get a very, very big surprise later this very year).

                It will be very surprising to many to be suddenly dead as doornails won’t it?

                Extermination on a grand scale that I doubt we are properly prepared for is the most likely (as they have all the mask they need with millions more). I doubt 1% of the preppers have ANY kind of dependable, long-term usage masks (or even SCUBA would give you 1.6hrs of air, or a rebreather an endless amount, but those are hell to get your hands on).

                Well, THAT one certainly woke me up. Time to eat something and finish what I started. Y’all have a great evening and early morning, if you even bother sleeping. I rarely do…(just ‘catnaps’ here and there as needed).

                • Equorial, invest in an oxygen concentrator with the ability to compress O2 into tanks, they run about 400-900 on craigslist. This gives you unlimited air supply and the ability to manufacture it. I thought about that same problem and that is the solution I came up with, you can get a concetrator alone for 100 but that limits your mobility. With tanks you have greater range.

            • The US has been shitting in everybodys back yards for years now, not you or I but these government turds, me thinks chickens coming home to roost is going to be a royal bitch,,,?

            • Kevin2, that was the Marshall Plan that rebuilt Germany and Japan after WW2. I doubt if there will be a Marshall Plan for us. we are truly on our own.

              • Must agree with you on that Braveheart! It will turn into a shit storm for sure

          • I agree with you, but must point out that the Germans and Japanese were only able to recover was because the United States poured millions of dollars into both countries to rebuild them. In the event this country falls into similar circumstances, who will do the same for us?

          • js

            Well I guess people can call it what they want. Some people will call an event a hellish name while other would call it a cake walk. Eye of the beholder sort of thing.
            Depends on the intensity and duration. OK. Other than a nuclear exchange, Mad Max is up and over.

          • Germany and Japan were ethnically homogenous unlike the multiracial (((Anglo-American))) empire. Civil war is the most probable outcome in a collapse.


            • Civil war is the most likely outcome in a collapse? Then Venezuela is slow to come about, still taking governmental orders to plant gardens if they want to eat.

              However, civil war would be easy to incite. In fact, just give it two to four more days and we should be on the road to a civil war, or so say the many posts that you read.

              In reality, I’m too damned old to fight beans, but that has been ‘equalized’ quite nicely. 🙂

        • Anon: Standing ovation. Bravo. Bravo.

          • i guess you were in the 101st, i was also 1959 to 1968 327.

            • Immoris – correct. Dad was No Slack 2/327 Vietnam 68-70
              I was a Nightstalker for 6.

      12. I got the last of my hay Baled and in the barn today. Nice 80 pound bales of Bermuda Grass. Tomorrow I likely will cut firewood. Im getting out early and hunting for a deer first. Im enjoying this nice fall weather. Heres a lawyer joke. Definition of a Lawyer. Someone you pay money to protect your assets from your enemys and they steal your assets for themselves. One good thing about Trump He aint a friggin Lawyer.

        • There was a small town in Wyoming that didn’t have enough work for a singe lawyer but had plenty of work for two.

          • That’s not a joke !

            I was in an attorney’s office discussing a case with the plaintiffs and their attorney. The attorney felt the need to discuss the matter with the opposing counsel. He got up, opened his door, and called his partner in. That was the opposing counsel.

        • Only good lawyer is a dead one

          • Nailbanger, I’m with you on that one. I had to hire a lawyer for a legal issue I had back in the late 80s and he screwed my case 100 ways to sunday. worst part was I still had to pay the bastard his stinkin’ ‘legal fees’. To this day, I won’t even talk to anyone with a law degree.

            • There are some good lawyers. I used to work for some. They are Christians and act like it. The company picnic each year would be on Sunday, but in the afternoon so no one would have to miss church. When it came time to eat, one of the attorneys would say the blessing. And most, if not all, of them voted conservatively, mostly Republican.

              • Ok, we will exclude any good Christian lawyers from the que, but Im drawin the line there!

              • Speaking of lawyers Christian/or not. In Luke Chap 11 vs.46 this is Christ speaking “And he said, woe unto you also, ye lawyers! for ye lade men with burdens grievous to be borne, and ye yourselves touch not the burdens with one of your fingers. Trekker Out.

            • Same here brave,,,
              Ill get my friends kid who is a paralegal to help me out next time,
              Reality is the lawyers cause the problems, rather put on gloves and duke it out than sit in a freakin court room, thats why there wont be any attempts to comply with shit and the final outcome involves pushing up daisys

          • I’ll remember that when someone rapes your daughter or steals your shit.

            Some filthy lawyers live next door to you, grew up in your neighborhood and prosecute local crime. You know, the crime that affects YOU. But I guess we just put up with sass from garbage like you and just keep cleaning up the sewer that our country has become, right?

            It’s kind of similar to when a police officer is killed by some BLM “victim” and the board lights up with comments like, “Good riddance.” You shit on them then you pricks wonder why they walk off the job like they did in New Orleans.

            Shit on all of us, then expect us to risk our lives for you. One day, just one day of the “Blue Flu” and this country would burn. No matter what you Keyboard Cowboys believe. I’ve worn the badge, I know.

            • Picture this,,,
              A 50 something guy showing you the finger and smiling,,,
              Yea thats me

            • FYI
              I got no pob with LEO
              I do have a prob with BLM

            • Big J, my post was in reference to LAWYERS, NOT COPS. I have a few retired cops in my family; ‘old school’ cops who really believed in helping people. they served with honesty and integrity and didn’t have the kind of attitude toward the public that today’s cops have. They left LE because of things like civil asset forfeiture, militarization of their chose profession, federal brainwashing at the academies, etc. You know good and well those things were happening BEFORE 9/11 and the creation of DHS. The trend only accelerated afterwards. I’ll always support and stand with GOOD cops who have rejected the federal brainwashing and other federal crap. I DON’T submit to any cop who has accepted all that without questioning it; any cops who sees me as the ENEMY. This isn’t the Middle East. This is the USA; your home and mine. I DON’T submit to any cops who have the ‘us vs. them’ mentality, think they’re above the law, engage in bullying people and stealing from them at traffic stops, etc. Try that with me and you’ll have trouble on your hands. Don’t you dare try to lecture me or anyone else here on what kind of attitude to have toward cops. If you’re the RIGHT kind of cop, everything will be OK. But if you’re that OTHER kind…..

              • My ex-brother in law is a sheriff of a mid-sized city on the coast of Maine. Used to ride shotgun with him when he was a state trooper, then he made Troop Commander, which meant less riding shotgun, yet now his largest prob is heroin.

                Everyone from all walks of life is screwed up on heroin so badly he says it has destroyed the state, for over a decade, at least.

                He has also been very helpful adding our fax to his line now and then to keep us posted. By his word I am as leery as one can be around cops, especially sheriffs deputies who seem to have some kinda chip on their shoulders and I just do NOT respond to being “bullied” (pisses them off). It has only happened one time, yet it could soon become the new normal ride to town, searched and researched every 3 miles or less. Maybe it’s time to put Nitrous Oxide on that V-6 3.0L. Wonder if the pistons would take it?

                • That would be the CIA, he who controls heroin controls the world.

              • Here’s the connection, 1776: a cop may catch the crook, but a lawyer puts him away. A prosecutor IS a lawyer.

                I’ll put it as plainly as I can: A common mode of thought among comments on this site and others can be summed up with the statement that people don’t behave as well as they have in the past. Just a walk through Walmart will make you lose your faith in humanity. The cursing, lack of manners and so on. Roll in BLM, SJW, FSA and others.

                If we agree that people are becoming walking garbage, who puts up with them all day? Cops. To add salt to the wound we have made the police the enemy. I’ve worked in two agencies in my career, and worked intimately with dozens more, and I’ve never seen this Gestapo Cop. I’ve seen young cops who are aggressive, but this tends to ameliorate over time. They figure out being a cop is being there to help a lot more than it is arresting felons. I’ve bought more gas I didn’t burn, more food I didn’t eat for people than I wanted. Just part of the job, being there when you’re needed. Some times that means changing your tire, some times it means kicking your ass. You know the ones that need it, don’t bother denying it.

                We’ve never forgotten who we serve. John Q is the boss, he pays the bills. We never forget. In return, we invite the boss to sleep well at night. We watch over you and yours. Believe it or don’t believe it. It makes no difference to us, real cops know the truth.

                I’ve worn the uniform for almost 20 years. Injuries caught up with me. So now I’m a filthy LAWYER that puts evil men and women away for a living. You know, one of those guys that you and Nailbanger want to see dead. A “government” employee too, that should get me killed twice I guess.

                When I made an arrest, I filed my report, logged my evidence and returned to service. That case is over unless I’m called to trial. As a LAWYER, I meet with the victims constantly. I relive the crimes that destroy their bodies, families and property. You never really stop working on cases. You think about them constantly because you can’t afford to fuck up. Too much is riding on you so there can be no mistakes. THAT is what it means to be a filthy lawyer.

                So before anyone says lawyers should be killed, you’re talking about prosecutors too. Your talking about your neighbors, sons, daughters and the ones that keep your very community safe. I take exception to that. So should you.

                In closing, as to not “daring to lecture you or anyone else,” I DO dare. Unless you’ve worn the uniform, done the work, its YOU who shouldn’t “dare.”

                Doubt you’ll read all this crap. Don’t really care if you do or not. Again, I’ll still do the work. Although I don’t know why. I don’t know why anyone would want to be a cop or a prosecutor. Why serve idiots?

                And as for you and your middle finger, Nailbanger. The problem with the internet is I’m not next to you when you shoot off your mouth.

                • Big J, allow me to clarify some of my earlier comments. The lawyer I had for my case back in the late 80s caused me to lose big time when I shouldn’t have. I had to work 2 jobs for 4 years to pay off the lawsuit and that bastard’s legal fees. Sometimes I do tend to paint with too big a brush, but I have yet to meet any lawyer with HONESTY AND INTEGRITY. The case I had was a CIVIL LAW NOT CRIMINAL LAW. I have no problem with prosecutors as long as follow their state’s judicial guidelines and don’t engage in any corruption. I do have a problem with them pressuring people into plea bargains and that happens BECAUSE THEY DON’T HAVE THE RIGHT KIND OF EVIDENCE TO MAKE THEIR CHARGES STICK,I.E IN ORDER TO GET A CONVICTION. too many defense lawyers these days will just sell their client straight down the river instead of providing a good defense for them in court. You say you’re a lawyer, then you know how the system is and everything I say is true. I’m sure you’re also aware of certain federal and state supreme court rulings that law enforcement has no obligation to protect citizens. you can google it or ask any of the judges you deal with. I’m not disputing the points you made about what has become of people today. Until recently, I also had to deal with such people on a daily basis; not a good experience. And no, I’m not in favor of killing any lawyers unless there’s a legitimate cause for it. Like I said earlier I have no problem with the right kind of cops and will support them. I just won’t submit to some bully in uniform who’s on a power trip, has a chip on his shoulder, and thinks I should lick his boots. I also stand by my remarks about civil asset forfeiture. That has nothing to do with drugs and you know it. It’s just plain ol’ theft from citizens. some of your fellow officers, even prosecutors and judges have benefitted personally from this theft from citizens. spare me the crap about the ‘war on drugs’. Drugs can’t be stopped and you know it. All that civil asset forfeiture really accomplished was to make your former profession and now the entire judicial system more corrupt than ever. I live by a set of rules called The Bill Of Rights, not by any draconian nonsense. You say you keep us safe? When I get into a situation, like some attempted home invasions I’ve had over the years, I was on my own and had to become my own ‘first responder’. I don’t dial 911. I handle the situation myself any way I consider necessary without regard to any potential legal issues. I’m a firm believer in self-defense and don’t follow any restrictions on it. as long as you’re targeting real criminals and not innocent people I don’t have any issue with you. take care.

            • Not sure how exactly you risk shit for me

              • The LEO,s mostly risk shit to generate revenue for Lawyers and Judges ect. A whole class of Parasites who don’t produce anything. They don’t prevent hardly any crime. Its been YOYO for quite some time.

      13. i don’t believe this crap. If things start turning bad, really, I will find some where else. I’m interested in mining in Antartica. I have been checking out some snow blowers made in America. You guys stay and fight. I have other plans.

        __. ???????


        • Just get a Mexican with a leaf blower and give him a jacket.

        • And they say self deportation does’t work. Don’t let the door hit ya pal.

        • I assume you are used to minus 100 degree Fahrenheit evenings that last 24hrs for about six months, then it warms to almost zero for a couple of months, then snows begin once again.

          But, I’m here to tell you that things ARE turning badly. Hope you got your Muck-a-lucks (sp?) all ‘bear-greased’ up for waterproofing.

      14. I already count my tools etc as my worth rather than cash, aint got none! Typical paycheck to paycheck guy here,

        • I have hit the garage sales over the last few years. I got a lot of tools that are hand tools, not power tools.

          If there is a prolonged power outage, hand tools will have a real need.

          • JS, hand tools will be worth a lot, especially in a barter deal.

          • Any young person asks me about how to start prepping, I just tell them, ‘Buy tools at yard and estate sales’. They need them, anyway, and it’s about all they can really afford to spend their money on while they’re getting established.

            • You told them that? Food, clothing then shelter are the three most important “things” of prepping, and with food comes water too, of course. Tools are quite a ways down the list, yet I understand that no two lists of priorities are remotely going to read the same, other than FOOD CLOTHING AND SHELTER.

              They need to be stuffing water away like there’s no tomorrow, all night would work. They need to take a lot of raw food and create about a years worth that can be stored safely (and actually taste good), and having a garden would be nice and wow, prepping has become an absolute way of life (the same way of life I lived before joining the Navy). Country. If you are raised country you’ve absolutely no use for a city or stores, ever. (Medications being a possible exception at pharmacies or ERs).

      15. I am going deer hunting tomorrow to get some meat for dried jerky that will keep well. I always have a eye out for a feral hog to mix with venison to make sausage. We have our canning done and stored. I went to Louisiana today and bought a load of fertilizer for my garden next year to go with the seeds I already have. Keep your preparations up to date because there is a great storm brewing. If Hillary gets into office we little people are going to find out how our grandparents felt during the great depression says the old swamp rat.

        • Swamp Rat;
          Have not seen you post in a long time. Hope you are well. I think I asked you once before and you may have answered but I don’t always get back to check. I make sausage and cure meats. Have been doing it off and on for 30 years. I have never been able to master bacon. I started out using Rytek Kutas method of stitch pumping the bellies and using honey but it always burned. Since I have tried some dry box cures and have not been happy. It is the only meat that I cure that is not vastly better than store bought. If you can help me with this I will be eternally grateful. We don’t raise hogs any more and bellys are expensive. I will come back here for the next several days and see if you respond to this. Glad to see you are ok. I remember that you had a lot of food ideas that sounded good. Thank You!

        • Swamp Rat;
          I posted a reply to you earlier but don’t even see it now. I remember you from a while back and you had a lot of knowledge of smoking meats and such. I need a good dry box bacon recipe. Can you help out. All of my other curing endeavors work out great. Never been happy with my bacon. Will look back to see if you reply. Thanks

      16. Thinking of picking up one of those little tent wood stoves the cheap Chinese one that’s round with the cooking tubes on the side. Anyone have one of these I figure I can install it in my small greenhouse. Thing that makes me think it’s cheese is pipes are 2.5 in diameter kinda small for good venting. Reviews are decent and for an $80 stove expectations are low. I’m just wondering if it is anygood. Got a never ending supply of pallet wood from work to burn if I want.

        • Asshat, the stove is made in china and cost $80? I wouldn’t give 80 CENTS for it. Get an American-made stove. reviews are just like opinions and assholes; everyone has those.

        • $80 retail represents a wholesale cost of $40 to the dealer for that stove. He bought it from the importer for $20 or less. You cannot build a useable wood-burning stove for under $20.

          Go buy a wood stove from a yard or estate sale, and expect to spend more.

          If you need a stove right now, go ahead and get the cheap Chinese stove, but plan on replacing it the day you find a decent stove.

        • Barrel stove with a box fan put out more heat than a high dollar stove.
          Door kits and damper available on line

          • North line express . Com

            • Anon,look at home made rocket stoves,can go from small for a bot to heat to building one for the home,check it out while net still with us.

              • I’ve got a good way to place and use a wood-fired boiler (the pipes were installed years ago just in case I ever needed to change our heating ‘style’. My wife has to stay clear of wood-smoke with her lungs, and so I’ve used electrical-resistance heating for years with no problems, and affordable.

                Now it appears we’ll be switching to a wood-fired boiler I welded up years ago (and it keeps the water hot year round). With 5 zones and pumps I do believe it will heat the place with hot summer coolant and probably “feel” better than electric “dry” heat. She worked great for a solid month not that far back so I don’t expect any surprises from it. Time tells all though…

                • Thats awesome, I want to invest in a gasifier and replace my woodstove with it so i can run my generator and heat my house at the same time. I have a hot tub that runs on wood if feel like I am saving money every time I soak.

          • Yeah cool , barrel overheats and burns through and your castle burns to the ground .
            Saved some bucks , right ?
            Barrels dont last long , fwiw .

        • Asshat,
          Check out SkipperT on youtube, he has several videos where he bought that same stove and put it in a tent.
          Seems to have worked very well.

      17. Remember some antibiotics.

        • …in case you come down with the Vydokie.

        • reminder, in Jan 2017 you won’t be able to order the Fish Mox Forte Amoxicillin from Thomas Labs any longer without an actual RX from a Vet. More Govt control–

          • Are you buying directly from the manufacturer? My dog used to have occasional seizures… Anything I can stock up on just in case we can no longer afford his vet bills in the future?

      18. regardless of who is president, economic chaos is coming.

        if you are under 40, you will live thru a time when most everyone except maybe multimillionaires will be taxed so high and be regulated or have assets just plain seized to keep the country afloat to the point where affording privates schools, yearly vacations, buying a bigger house just aren’t going to happen.

        maybe there’s a complete collaps too, but the American dream is over and the past 8 years have just made it a certainty.

      19. Latest news from the ongoing collapse of Venezuela, is the military is taking control of medical supplies for all hospitals and drug stores.

        Likely medical supplies won’t be available for common people, just the elite.

        The government is now telling the Venezuelian people to grow their own food.

        Likely some Venezuelans are already resorting to canibalism.

        • A good supply of fish antibiotics is a good edition to everyone’s medical supplies, just in case. I don’t know how they will affect anyone else but I have used them for years with good results.

        • They need to resort to the guillotines.

        • Uh huh. As if they have plenty of time, no hurry, to grow gardens, train orchards (or learn how to do it to begin with). Most do not have a clue where to start, nor are there any implements for working the ground with, so now the going starts getting far more menacing and “dirty” from all sides.

          Best to leave big groups and head off to the boonies, or that would be my personal choice being that I’m comfortable “out there” in that I can meet or exceed whatever challenges I may run into. I’d take my wife of course but if we had kids …yeah, we’d still “go deep”.

      20. Three More Days.

        This weekend I will be looking for weak spots. Pre stage items. I figure Tuesday is our D-Day. We either punch through the line or get pushed into the sea.

        • I just wonder what the outcome will be,, can just really never tell eh,

      21. Anon, damn right Tuesday will be D-Day for all of us. DO OR DIE! No way my family and I will be pushed off our land. we’ll make our stand and die right here if need be.

      22. http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2016/11/trump-is-strong-in-towns-that-are-rapidly-diversifying.html





      23. India has an average IQ of 81, whereas Indians in America have an average IQ of 115.

      24. Sketchy article. But I agree with it’s the essential goods and services that people can’t live without that will become the assets of choice.

        If you go back in history and look at PM’s they were NOT used as barter items. Barter was all skills and basic goods exchange. However, once a new government was formed those who managed to keep their PM’S for the 6 months to 4 years were able to reconvert PM’s at a high rate in the new currency. Until that point barter ruled.

        The next assumption that government will directly TAKE all types of wealth is false. However, it is true they will indirectly confiscate or declare items their property. There is a big difference. Governments do not want to go door to door and risk direct confrontation. It is easier for them to declare a law and state the penalty for non compliance. My family did not turn in its gold into Roosevelt by declaring their gold coins as “collectors” items.

        • Rabbit,this time around believe non compliance will mean burning em out of their nests.You will have such large non compliance they either whither on the vine and die,or,send out their minions in a force that relies on violence,that will get ugly very quickly.

      25. I don’t know what it is with the consistent fear-mongering that comes out of this website. These people have been saying a societal collapse is around the corner for I don’t know how long. Blah blah blah it’s always the same crap it’s going to be tomorrow then next week then next month then next year.

      26. Aren’t all of you people going to feel really stupid when nothing happens.

        • Didymus

          “Aren’t all of you people going to feel really stupid when nothing happens.”

          That is a possibility.

          Last Night an old couple were displaying Trump support signs at a voting station. Outside the distance limits when a Clinton supporter snatched the sign out of the mans hand. A scuffled occur and the old man broke his wrist. Would not have happen if the YOUNG man, about 25 years old, just went about his business after he voted. He sure was brave in his support o Hillary.
          In another time where the country was in danger all of us worked to fight the Y2K bug and we won. You can bet there would have been big failures, and there were small ones, that would have had serious impact.
          Indications are, there are various groups on both side planning violence and also infiltrators from foreign countries to do harm.

          Do I wish something to happen? Yes, I am sick of the shit. Time to clean house. Do or die. Yet I wait to see what the REST of you will do. Especially the young people. Soon we will see if people go on the offensive to save the country or sit back and fight a defensive war.

          • Will I feel stupid didy,nope.I might be relieved if it looked like folks willing to try and actually get this country back on track,that said,even then may be too late.

            Either way,all the gear I have for camping/fishing/hunting ect. gets used,any gas gets rotated so again,used,same with food supplies,used,extra clothing ect.,well,you get the point.I use all I have so one way or another a win,life goes on in a more reasonable fashion a win,falls apart completely a loss to all but at least have some gear and knowledge to help me and perhaps others thru tough times.

          • I agree, bring it all down. Its the only way to restore freedom now. I hope it all comes crashing down. And I’m ready if it does.

        • It is not stupid to be prepared.

          I have been preparing for 20 years. It came in handy a while back when I had a temporary cash flow problem. We just cut back on buying groceries to nearly nothing because of our stockpile. Our freezer was full of meat, and our pantry was full of canned goods.

          Society may collapse, or you may just lose your job. Being prepared helps either way.

          Something will always come along that will be easier to bear if you’re prepared.

          • Definitely,
            Over the last 6 years i have had to rely on my preps for everything, it truly evened things out so well that on the outside nobody who knows me ever had a clue i was having trouble,
            The reality for us here in the islands is it doesnt take much for everything to stop and supplies disappear from the stores, rather not be standing in line for anything. Just good old common sense,
            On another side of that, IF there was some sort of war, i wouldnt want to be one of the un armed masses over here, its a long ways for help to come if we were ever under attack. Some will laugh at that, say yea right what are you going to do,,,, just look at the folks fighting as the resistance throughout the years in history, you will see a lot of grey beards in the pictures,,,,

        • Didymus, you’re going to feel stupid when the balloon goes up and you FAILED to prepare. You’ll be toast.

      27. When trusting God is left out of our plans a train wreck may soon follow. Though smart we may be on one topic, another may find us quite unknowing.
        Locate your bible .. if you wish. IT tells you why nations were invaded. You don’t even need a college degree or be a genius to know deep truths.

        • We have been allowing God to be removed from all parts of our nation, now it is time to replace all that we were made to take down, and to hell with those who find it offensive.

          1. Replace all 10 Commandments in all Justice Halls
          2. Render all of Obama’s EOs “null & void”
          3. Trash Obamacare
          4. Fire the IRS and all other ABC Agencies
          5. Fix The Department of Veterans Affairs by replacing EVERYONE WORKING THERE with real doctors and nurses without the foolish games and whatnots. Veterans are dying waiting to be seen. Really?

          Putting God back would be my first order of business, to include all that Obama has ‘struck’ from the records. Everywhere Bibles have been removed from should be resupplied with Bibles. Period. We stand for our National Anthem. If you don’t, you get beaten up pretty soundly until you WILL stand (or leave America).

          Prayer is allowed to Islamics anywhere at prayer time, five times daily. Children at school are not allowed to pray ‘openly’ yet Muslims are? Screw that. Prayer needs to be brought back into schools, and everyone presently in schools are pedos and need gitting rid of, to be replaced by KNOWN QUANTITIES, not perverts.

          If schools just ain’t gonna make it, then we MUST HomeSchool our children, and excel in all aspects of it (I did it and I admit it is very, very hard …but it IS “do-a-ble” and well worth it (gives your children a leg up on public schoolers who graduate and can’t spell nor do addition in their heads.

      28. There is but ine path, KILL THEM ALL

      29. For Eppe:

        Knock knock.
        Who’s there?
        WWTI Who?
        WWTI, me…damn it, it’s me!!!
        sighing….WWTI, the..Chickenfucker.
        O….ok, now we know…..go away.

        • 101 could you please stop with the chicken profanity. We all get it. Huma abedin the older I get and the more I learn. The more I’m convinced. That these brown people need to go. Isn’t it obvious or 99 % of them.

          • Don’t forget the (((tribe members))) who have fomented ALL of this grief.

            • Chauffeur, we get rid of (((them))) and there are no more problems

        • Too funny!!!!

        • ^ WhoWTF now posing as 101st.

          You are one sick bastard. As a poster mentioned a few threads ago Eppe died last week and you replied to that post so you’re aware of that. You are really fucked up in the head. Grow up or leave.

          • MD: Promise I’m not WWTI the chickenfucker. He disrespected me and about 3 dozen veterans in my family. so no I won’t quit Lonewolf until that SOB says he was wrong. I read posts from Epoe numerous times. Been here about 3 years and I posted maybe 3-4 times and since Epoe is no longer with us which I just found out recently and some here accused CF of tormenting him I took on myself to give this swampratchickenfuckingdickhed a hard way to go. I read all the posts most of the time. Do I agree with them all-of course not……but everyone here has a right to say what the heck they want right? If it gets moderated then so be it – but feel free to not read my notes to chickenfucker aka WWTI.

      30. Im up for the day. My First Breakfast is a beer with two raw eggs. Its 40 outside at the moment. I done stoked up the fire in the wood stove. And changed a 16 month old Grandchilds diaper. I will be happy when its completely potty trained. Maybe I will kill a deer today? Im after a young one. I don’t kill tough old bucks or mature does.

        • Same here OG. I’ve got two nice racks on the wall and don’t need any more. The nice medium does and the yearlings are the ones I shoot. Matter of fact, some I’ve put down still had the milk dripping from their lips. Steak knife not required, just the fork.

      31. none of western white people can afford to loose the way of life we have.

        for the sake of the integrity of the lame daily situation evey one is complaining about but none is budging to change it, expect things to not change because the price is too high.

        whatever clinton/trump, noize gonna last 2, 3 days… then what, everybody sleeps, eat, shit… best way to kill constestation is to ignore it.

        clinton wins:
        chimpz dundu nuffin gonna slam some windows and cars, as usual.. then return to the daily world of free shit army.

        trump wins:
        chimpz dindu nuffin still breaks some windows and burn some cars, then what.. you whites gonna fire at will on 1st nigger you see crossing the street… come on… be serious and lucid with yourself, you will not face n fix the problem because it is exactly the same problem in europ, if a white move against a black it is racist move, they are all hung on welfare, so you cannot unplug the system because elites fear em, but not those who contribuate to pay taxes, symply put : you pay, you are a slave.

        • Yep,,,
          Unfortunately this is just another wave upon the shores of history, each grain of sand insignificant in and of itself, pushed here and there by the waves over time, some eventually settling behind a rock or other safe place, but overall the bulk of witch just keep being pushed and moved by the constant waves.
          You or I re insignificant in all of this, I vent here and elsewhere because i can, but in the end my most defyant act will be to slowly remove myself from the main stream and just settle in behind a wall of trees on my farm.hopefully un noticed by the rest of the world

          • Nailbanger you said it perfectly, I am grain of sand who prepared a place for myself and my family away from it all. Its like I just want to be left alone, Jefferson wasnt fooling when he said , that governments are not changed for light or transient reasons, there must be a straw that will break the camels back. The only thing I can see actively changing things would be if 10,000 or more Americans stormed DC and captured the US government, like the Russian Bolsheviks who did the same thing in St. Petersburg. Capture the government and issue the terms of the de facto government, its a long shot but its the only thing asides from waiting for shit to happen to you. If the military recognized the change it would be legit and lawful.

        • The thing is there already is a shortfall of making productive (who contribute to pay taxes). They have already ran out of other peoples money. So they make up the difference with so called borrowed fiat money made out of thin air. That’s why eventually Shit will Hit The Fan. We know its gonna fall apart. When it will happen is the great unknown.

      32. A shit storm is on the horizon…be prepared to the best you can, but bottom line is save the last bullet for yourself.

        • Hell NO!

          I am breaking out my Argentine combat sword or My Nashville, Plow Works Calvary Sword and cut them to pieces. They are going to work to the very end to get my ass.

        • Last thing I’d ever do is “do myself” as there is always a chance of survival. Shooting yourself puts an immediate end to everything to do with you, forever. It’s far better remaining behind and fighting the good fight, and if you are shot or taken down, at least it won’t be by young own hand. The Japanese are fine with that, I am “pro-life” 🙂

          Just saying…

      33. Brave I know it’s a cheap stove I’m not expecting it to work like a jotul. I was just wondering if anyone had one of these and uses it to heat a greenhouse shed or small garage. See I can get free pallet wood from my work daily so I’m looking at it as getting free heat. I’d much rather get one of those propane heaters but I don’t get free propane. I wanna keep that for cooking. I figured I can put sand in the bottom of it so it don’t burn through under heavy use. Sometime there is a place for cheap junk it’s rare however.

      34. Wondering who hilliary is gonna pick for Supreme Court. The second amendment is up to be removed. Hitlery said Scalia was wrong about the second amendment. She will definetly come for guns and when she does everyone should give them to her henchmen with red hot barrels if they are still able to take them. dont know who hoes to church on here but I do and pastor gives me this vibe that we are finished without revival. I always hated democracy because look how close this race is. Half these people are gonna be dismiss that is too large a number IMO. If 20 percent were dismissed it wouldn’t be so bad. Half of Americans are gonna get screwed and there is nothing you can do about it cause of democracy. democracy blows.

        • Asshat; you reckon that Hillary would be so naive as to even think about doing anything to try to take down our right to having weapons? She KNOWS such a thing would only invite civil unrest to the tune of Revolution, and even if they tried using Martial Law we’d just run over the opposition like a train then slam her ass in the nearest cell under guard.

          If we did any less, we would indeed only keep our weapons illegally or simply refuse and eventually ‘take a bullet’. I don’t see it happening that-a-way. Too many lives, innocent lives would be wasted and it just would not be tolerated.

          Besides, who in hell is going to truly “obey” a damn thing she renders to read differently and use that as her reason for us to give up our weapons. She’s insane, that much is for sure, she MUST be insane (with a lot of good-to-know contacts in all branches of government), including The ABC Agencies and Wall Street (insider trading anyone)?

      35. Clinton Foundation and the war within the FBI for justice

        Remember: “Ken Lay of Enron bad, Hilary corruption, lies and fraud good.” Or “Bill Cosby rapes bad, Slick rapes good.” How the public deals with the information below will literally determine if we become a corruptocracy or remain a free republic. It is that serious. Yet, I’ll bet very few will even read about this, let alone take action on it, in whatever way they deem appropriate. Here’s the lowdown:

        1. The Justice Dept. usually oversees the FBI at a high level, but the FBI largely has autonomy, particularly when it comes to investigating public corruption. Of course, now, with the MOST CORRUPT ADMINSTRATION EVER, Obama has moved to shut down the FBI investigation into the cesspool that masquerades as the Clinton Foundation (i.e., block FBI agents from getting search warrants, empaneling grand juries, etc.; remind you of the vile Fast & Furious scam?) The corruption behind the Clinton Fdn is why the former president of the Haitian senate Bernard offered a scathing assessment of the Clinton’s track record in Haiti saying they are “nothing but common thieves…and they should be in jail” after they STOLE much of the aid earmarked for Haiti relief (yes, let people die, all for power… hey, that’s the leftist way!) http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-10-21/former-haitian-senate-president-says-clintons-are-common-thieves-who-should-be-jail
        2. Basically Obama has taken over the DOJ, which is now populated by his cronies who have the sole purpose of perpetuating the leftist power, including keeping Hilary out of jail. Problem is, the rank and file FBI agents aren’t buying this scam. In fact, 100 FBI agents sent resignations to Comey saying they will quite if this scam continues. There have been FIVE investigations into the Clinton Foundation by FBI departments around the nation (Little Rock, L.A., Miami, NY, DC etc.) They then went to the DOJ, where (gee, surprise!), the utterly corrupt Lynch/Holder cronies said there was nothing to see here, move along. Only problem was, some of the US Attorneys in these offices who were not yet corrupted by Holder/Lynch/Obama decided to continue pursuing the corruption. In fact, closing these investigations down is what convicted perjurer Bill Clinton discussed with the corrupt Loretta Lynch on that airport tarmac which, surprise! – they also lied about. Of course, the donations to the Clinton Foundation were made to pay off cronies for favors, support, etc. Y’know… exactly like they do in a banana republic.
        3. These FBI investigations CAN still continue, and despite the vile leaders like Lynch, Obama, etc. trying to hamstring all this, as there is so much dirt on the Clintons, they will be able to progress despite our corrupt administration doing everything it can do obstruct justice

        Dick Morris has an excellent 4 -5 min summary this here: http://www.dickmorris.com/fbi-vs-justice-department-civil-war-government-dick-morris-tv-lunch-alert/?utm_source=dmreports&utm_medium=dmreports&utm_campaign=dmreports

        • The gold sales pitch at the end takes away from the message.

      36. “You need to be looking at your wealth in terms of how many chickens are you going to be able to buy or how many gallons of gasoline… or how many kilowatt hours of electricity because the number of dollars you have or how many ounces of gold is utterly immaterial… The only thing that matters is what they buy.”

        This seems like kind of a silly statement, really.
        Of course the average joe (95+% of us) thinks in terms of what his wealth can get him…that’s the whole purpose to wealth.
        Maybe not so for the more upper-crusty folks with money to burn…al’la:
        “Who put this $20 in with my $50’s!?” (Moe Fine)

      37. “You need to be looking at your wealth in terms of how many chickens are you going to be able to buy or how many gallons of gasoline… or how many kilowatt hours of electricity because the number of dollars you have or how many ounces of gold is utterly immaterial… The only thing that matters is what they buy.”

        This seems like kind of a silly statement, really.
        Of course the average joe (95+% of us) thinks in terms of what his wealth can get him…that’s the whole purpose to wealth.
        Maybe not so for the more upper-crusty folks with money to burn…al’la:
        “Who put this $20 in with my $50’s!?” (Moe Fine)

      38. I’ve seen “progressives” bragging on CSPAN recently, about how they’ve managed to change the demographics of the US, so much, that no conservative, libertarian, populist or nationalist will ever be elected to the White House again. Under the UN Genocide Treaty, that is considered a form of genocide. Oh! The US has refused to sign the Genocide Treaty. What sort of country refuses to sign on against genocide? A country that practices genocide. That’s who.

        • Obama sold our asses out on that deal, and I’m still not convinced it’s the least bit legal, we’ll see. There’s no damned way it will ever get ratified anyway, and I wouldn’t obey it as millions of others wouldn’t either. NOTHING will ever coerce me to give up my weapons, except death where I’ve no choice.

          These son’s a bitches are chickenshits, wanting to ensure we are totally disarmed so that they can enter without fear of being shot at as they take anything and everything as if it were theirs for the taking.

          SKA-REW THAT SHIT!

          • Its hard not to keep fire watch every night, It seems I can only sleep between 6-12

      39. I don’t agree with him AT ALL !!

      40. Today will come and go, tomorrow will come and go, next week, next year, all will come and go and the idiots on here will still be banging their lips about the same old end of the world, and the end everything else stuff. Same old tired crap from the same old tired people.

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