Europeans Scramble For Guns Amid Islamic Immigrant Invasion: “Long Guns Sold Out”

by | Oct 27, 2015 | Headline News | 172 comments

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    europe-invasion(Pictured: Islamic immigrants pour into Europe by the millions. Despite reports that the majority of migrants are families, over 90% are single males, some with extreme cultural views that have led governments to issue warnings to citizens.)

    After decades of berating Americans for their Constitutionally protected right to bear arms, Europeans are finally starting to wake up. It took over a million Islamic immigrants and violence across their union to convince them, but it appears that they finally get it.

    In Austria, the scramble for self defense firearms is on as reported by The Daily Sheeple:

    Despite how hard it is to attain these weapons in countries like Austria, firearms are currently being sold there in record numbers much like they are in the United States. But instead of the threat of confiscation, this trend is being fueled by the refugee crisis. According to a Czech TV report, pretty much all of the long guns in the country have been sold out for the past three weeks. One gun merchant revealed that most of the buyers are women who want to protect themselves, and those who can’t buy firearms are buying up pepper spray.

    Prior to the refugee crisis, most gun buyers were sportsman and hunters. Now there is a growing interest in buying weapons for self-defense. And according to Alan Gottlieb, vice president of the Second Amendment Foundation, European attitudes on firearm ownership are beginning to shift. “I just returned from a gun rights meeting in Belgium, and I can attest that all over Europe people now want the means to defend themselves. Self-defense is no longer a dirty word. In countries like Austria, where it is still legal to own a firearm, gun sales are at record levels.”

    It looks like those crazy Americans aren’t so crazy anymore.


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      1. It’s all fun and games until they’re raping your women and shitting on the sidewalk.

        • We need a Poop Index.

          • Life is hard,
            it’s harder if you are stupid — John Wayne

          • A baby duck was caught asking the momma duck.

            Am I gonna have diarrhea all my life???

            • To all…
              Look at how the EU has changed in the last 30+ years.
              And we are next in line.
              What to do?
              We need a leader who makes good choices in world affairs.
              I swear my dead dog could do better.

              Be well all…

              • Poop index…

                #1 not pooping for a week, then finally let it flow.

                #3 not pooping for 3 days, smoke a cig and the world seems closer.

                #5 not pooping for a day, a smile on your face.

                #10 pooping as many times a day as you eat.

                Too deep???

                • What would life be like if we did not have to eat and live indoors???
                  Things I ponder…

                  Life questions…

                • Speaking of poop. To poop or not to poop, tis the question.

                  We lost a dear friend this past year due to colon cancer. She had a poop back up problem for ten years plus, (according to my wife), and would not go for five to ten days sometimes.

                  Now, wife’s brother’s ex has had the same constipation problem for about ten years. Just diagnosed with advanced colon/rectal cancer. Don’t know if they can save her.

                  Both women, early fifties. seems to be a pattern.

                  Wife has had problem with constipation ever since we met, due to prolapse after hysterectomy, 12 years ago. Been preaching stool softeners and minimum of 1/2 gallon of distilled water per day, plus chewing food thoroughly, for ten years.

                  After trying bullshit trials of countless pharmaceuticals for three years, hard head wife has been constantly drinking distilled water, daily stool softeners, and eating slower…..voila’, constipation no longer a problem for past six months.

                  Dr. passin’ strikes again.

                  • Moral of this post……… stock up on laxatives and stool softeners for collapse. Keeping the plumbing open/flowing, can help eliminate more than poop problems, not to mention the relief of those hanging chads around the rectal region.

                    There will be plenty of things going on to cause a pain in the ass in SHTF, without it coming from internal affairs.

                    just sayin’

                    • Get prunes or prune juice for an all-natural laxative.

                      I ate my share of stewed prunes in school, but I also ate a lot of cheese, so it all balanced out in the end.

                  • If Americans weren’t so anal about not dealing with their shit, they’d start getting Colonic Irrigations and their immunes systems would improve immeasurably.

              • And now, thanks to the sell-outs we sent to DC, we have a TWO YEAR national budget that takes us up over 20 trillion. How could we revive that dog of yours?

        • None of it’s gonna be fun.
          None of it’s gonna be games.
          None of it’s gonna be good for nobody who ain’t a friggin’ full on Muhammad ass likin’ retard.

          Yeah, they do rape western women, girls and boys and yeah, they do shit on the sidewalk plus some.

        • F$%K’EM

          • Nicely put. My thoughts exactly and we ain’t sending them any this time ’round.

        • Of all the people that suffered through WWI and WWII, these Europeans should be armed to the teeth.

          Armed to protect themselves from the Government so another Hitler or El Duce does not take over and start victimizing the citizens.

          • they have been brainwashed and such, they same thing is happening here and wait until all the muslims start to invade here, that is when the shit will hit the fan!!

            • That’s why the Establishment allowed their (Big Oil???) stooge Harper to “lose” and for Trudeau to get “elected” in Canada–to allow the invasion, first, of Canada then, across the dotted line southward.

            • They are already here – and more are coming….the U.N., funded by the American taxpayer are shipping them here from northern Africa, putting them up in government provided housing, and ALL the wonderful social welfare benefits. They are being placed in mostly RED state areas – even in blue states..

              • What we allow, is what will continue.

          • Absolutely, John!

          • Europeans got fat, dumb, and happy. Now the bill comes. German police are using water cannon and pepper spray on Germans who object. European ‘academics’ are telling them that any fears of these 7th century savages is unfounded. They will stop believing that when they see their own blood on the sidewalk as their head is sawed off.

          • All the Europeans worth a damn came to ‘merica centuries ago. Left all the serf-wanna-be’s over their.

            That’s why they’re now trying to water us down with the dregs of humanity now.

            They know they can’t win against the Scots-Irish (and such) mentality.

          • Buddy working in Holland said last week he’s heard of caches of Wehrmacht stuff from 1945 being dug up, don’t know how much truth there is to it.

        • I URGE and PLEAD with everyone here to watch this full video–we must fully see the depth of the incursion/invasion that has already occurred and realize what our inaction will be leaving for our daughters, granddaughters and all of Western Civilization.

          I knew intellectually already the danger and incompatibility of Islam/Sharia with Western culture–but to watch this entire video makes me realize that our very extinction may be at risk……

        • Relax, muslim women only take a crap once every nine months:)

      2. The Europeans loved Obama and half of their countries are socialists….. They are reaping their rewards now.

        Keep your powder dry,

        • Exactly—the swedes, dutch, brits and French will cease to exist in 30 years. Once Muslims reach 25% with their biological and immigration jihad, they will demand Sharia and Halal ( as well as the rights to practice Islam during govt jobs and in schools.)
          Once Muslims reach 50%– which is fast approaching in the Netherlands and France– it will be open jihad against the “white oppressors” and there will be terrorism, bombings and civil unrest ( if not open warfare.)
          Once Muslims reach the majority in a nation, they will vote themselves all of the power and will change all laws to subjugate the infidel Europeans–

          Any predictions on which European country dies first?–I’m going with France….already at 22% muslim populace with the Algerians and Libyans pouring in by the hundreds daily from N Africa and being outbirthed 6:1..

          • yes, france is a mess, but their muslim population is approaching 10%, not at 22 yet.
            peace out.

            • Yes–it is Paris and Brussles at 20 to 25% but overall France had 10% in 2013–probably about 12 to 15% now…..thanks for clarifying, I don’t like to post misleading info….

          • yes, france is a mess, but their muslim population is approaching 10%, not at 22 yet.
            peace out.

            • 10% on a national level doesn’t sound like much, but the reality is nearly all of them are concentrated in a few large cities. Paris, Marseilles, Lyon, etc., and as a result heavily influence politics nationally and have a greater effect on the nation than if they were spread out across the countryside.

          • Javelin -good post
            So is the US using hispanics for the same purpose ?
            Hell , who could stop world domination/ socialism if every damn country in the world was poor , starving and at war with them selves .
            I think all the cards are on the table to be seen.
            Just gotta look at em .

            • Historians will look back and talk about, the “GREAT MEXICAN/Muslim War of 2050 !!”

              • Doesn’t look like we’re going to have to wait that long.

          • The savages are finished waiting. They are making demands within hours of arrival. Europe is embarking upon an epic struggle.

            Europeans are now envious of the American rednecks (you know, the ones they derided for decades as ignorant barbarians?) and their access to weapons. Expect a huge push to curtail access to weapons and ammo (for Americans only) in USA.

            Europeans will quickly cast aside any aversion to firearms and any notion of ‘legally’ aquiring them. The prospect of imminent voilent robbery, rape, beheading tends to charge one’s perspective.

          • Vast quantities of meat in the UK is already halal but most consumers are unaware of it. All just to appease the Christ-hating, raping, culture-destroying followers of the false prophet of the desert.

            • just took pork out of school meals in my area 🙁

              • That is a positive thing. Eating pork is not conducive to good health. Especially in developing children and the inactive elderly.

                Kinda glad the homegrown tomatoes are finally about through. I have had way too many BLTs this summer and fall.
                But, God, i sure do enjoy them.

                • Emeril says “pork fat rules” and “flavor is fat soluble.”

                  I love pork chops. We just chopped up most of a pork loin for the freezer and had pork chops for supper last night. And I’ll have a leftover for lunch today. I do remove the fat, as I overdosed on fat meat when I was a toddler. The texture of fat gags me now, even though it still tastes good.

                  Everything should be taken in moderation.

                  When I was growing up, we couldn’t afford to eat meat more than once a week. Now everyone can have meat every meal.

                  • Archivist, I answered your question a few threads back about the Talmud in english, but it took a couple of days to get past the commissars of thought crime.

                    • Aiiieeee : English (capital ‘E’)

                • Bacon, pork chops, ham, you can’t beat ’em, passin’ lest your a muslim.

                • No, it’s not a positive thing. Removing pork to appease Islamic fundamentalists or any other religion is pandering and cultural cowardice.

                  There is nothing wrong with eating pork, just cook it thoroughly.

                  Removing it from a public school menu does absolutely nothing for developing children or inactive elderly, let’s get real.

      3. Acid Etch on the mark once again.

        Well done.


      4. Those crazy Europeans has finally seen the Light, it only took an open door policy made especially for Muslims, the kind that hate all westerners. One would think that, if they had a leader who took their guns away some 70+ years ago, that they would have already bought fire arms with the intention of Never giving up their guns again. I hope we all can learn a lesson from stupid, that is, tell the leaders NO, and insist that, when it comes to Muslims, NO will always be the answer, then DEMAND IT.

        • I believe the EuroZone will cease to exist in 5-10 years NOT 20-30, the Muslims will take over without any shots being fired. The Europeans are just plain conditioned to turn butt up in submission to ALL invaders, as it has been throughout their history. This invasion is no different.

          • TP, Forget about 5 years. Europe will look quite different in 5 months. Just change the name to the Euro-Arabian Union.

            I’m still trying to grasp how Europeans were able to convince themselves that ‘immigrants’ who have NEVER assimilated into a host society were going to be convinced to work and pay taxes so infidels could retire at 55 or 60 and just lay on the beach all day.

      5. When Columbus arrived, the natives were docile and friendly. Spain tore them up. When the culture of abuse and intolerance arrives, it will eliminate the culture of acceptance. This is simple philosophy. A peaceful culture cannot survive beside a warring culture. The only way to stop intolerance is intolerance. Anyone who tolerates abuse of women (aka Islam) is slat out ignoring the obvious truth. What can we say about a society, and a world, which ignore the obvious!!!!

        Think about it. There is only war. If you don’t think there is war then you are dominated.

        • You’re delusional.

          The Natives slaughtered each other mercilessly for millennia.

          They fished the fresh waters of the eastern seaboard to extinction.

          They burned the plains to herd the Buffalo.


          • Sorry but you know nothing about history. You should go back to school.

            • Acid is correct. Indians killed each other for sport, then stole their horses and women.

            • School is where all the lies were told. I listened to the histories around the Pow wow fire. White man gave something for natives to organize together against, but before that, they had allies and enemies the same as anyone else.

          • Now, now, AE. Let’s not let truth creep into our ‘history’ lesson. The Amercian Indian was a noble savage.

          • Hot Potato has clearly allowed himself or herself to be exposed to a steady diet of deliberately and maliciously false propaganda coming out of endless Hollywood movies and TV programs – whose primary objective was to guilt trip Whites over how their steel balled White ancestors managed to meet and defeat the savage and unbelievably blood thirsty and sadistic Indians on the frontier and finally make this nation safe for their White women and children.

            Hot Potato needs to read the Thomas Goodrich book ‘Scalp Dance’ in order to come up speed on how unbelievably violent, sadistic and murderous the various Indian tribe were and then, perhaps, Hot Potato will say a silent prayer and thank our steel balled White ancestors for their victory over those savages, instead of pissing in his pants and gushing buckets of tears of Hollywood induced ‘white guilt’ over having been the victors during the Indian wars.

            • Or read – “The heart of everything that is” and “Crazy Horse and Custer” by Stephen Ambrose (of band of brothers fame)…

              Many lessons to be learned therein. Forcing the natives into dependency to control them, etc…


        And take your shitty sharia law with you.

        You’ll never be at home here.

        You’ll die in a strange foreign land.


      7. A liberal’s philosophy – Now gun deaths are going to go up along with gun crime. BAN GUNS NOW! The police are only a phone call away and if that doesn’t work then try to talk them out of it. Got it my purple penguins?

        • To Greasemonkoid,
          I hope you’re kidding! When seconds count, the police are minutes away!. There fixed it for you.

      8. wait until UK leaves the european union, the whole of europe will collapse!

        People in Germany, France, belgium, Holland & UK are fed up with tens of MILLIONS of economic spongers who believe in a VIOLENT RELIGION flooding into europe instead of going to islamic countries!

        • Kev…
          Just to clarify the association of the UK. The English are not a part of the EU…they opted out and do not use the Euro…their currency is the British Pound. Although, the proximity of their ball less nation is just a stones throw away from the rest of those sacks of spineless shit called Europe.


          YES OR NO


          Will Russia begin arming the Europeans?

          Live Free or Die…the infidel is the one who threatens your Liberty and Freedom

          • NO.

            The British will always side with the US.

            Well, some of ’em anyways!

            • What happened to the flame that never dies?

          • Don’t help the fucking Europeans in any way.

            And don’t allow them to immigrate here once the hammer drops.

            Fucking idiots invited that Islam shit in the door.

          • covertly , illegal gun sales , so yes.
            Russia see’s the threat and will confront it , while the current US administration welcomes it because sand dwellers do the most damage to any culture they touch.
            And to the current administration our American culture does not deserve to exist and must be destroyed .
            So yup , Russia will flood europe with small arms , eventually .

          • The UK most certainly is part of the EU. They just don’t use the Euro. Like Poland, Romania, and others.

          • That’s what I’ve been thinking. Europe will beg Russia to save them. Ukraine and all of the former Soviet satellite states will suddenly be VERY hospitable to Russia.

            Apparently, the savages are sometimes flooding into the UK through the chunnel. Another reason it should have neverbeen built.

          • Talon 116. The educational ignorance of a lot of Americans continues to astound me. You Sir, are no exception.

            Reading through a lot of comments on this site, World affairs for most Americans seems to end at their particular county/state line, alongside with their understanding of the nuances of the English language.

            No wonder the USA is in an educational/political mess with such ill perceived statements such as yours. Now, to correct your totally erroneous statement:

            Britain, which also includes Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and not just England, signed away their right to be a sovereign state in 1973 by joining the then European Union.

            Britain still has the GBP because it opted out of the Maastricht Treaty in 1992. Other than that one show of defiance, Britain is, to our masters in Brussels, a rather irritating little yappy dog and not the bull dog of yore.

        • The EU is only the newest attempt at having a German Empire. Germany is all that makes the EU operate. If Germany pulls the plug on it, the EU will disappear at once.

      9. Even without the 2nd any more,we as a country public wise armed to the teeth and always will be regardless of what govt. does,plus have other “options”.Keep your skills sharp/learn new ones,worst case,nothing goes wrong and we enjoy our hobbies!

        • Warchild, I love it. It’s high time the Europeans, except the Swiss, were reaping what they have sown. And now they want guns? Too late, morons. What the f$&@did they expect when they allowed ragheads into their countries? The Swiss are still the only country left in Europe with good sense about anything. I wish we could export our steeple to the EU. Except for language they could fit in.

          • I studied three foreign languages.

            Amerikans are fucking stupid. Monolingualism is a national disgrace.

            Just because I hate foreign countries’ political systems doesn’t mean I don’t value learning languages.

            • I studied Latin and German. Plus I know Pig Latin and a few words in a number of other languages. I can also say “wassup” in Japanese.

            • All those different languages don’t mean shit, unless you move there, or take a job that needs you specifically for that job.
              Time wasted 99.9% of the time taking a foreign language…unless it is Spanish.

              The only language needed in SHTF, is rural english slang, for the mountainous region that you plan on bugging out to when the cities collapse under Sharia law. It is in the works and they are coming in mass, next year.

              It is coming folks. That is the plan of the gun grabbing liberals like bloomerburg, billery, and the obominable one.

              Take the guns from the USSAG citizens, and sell and give them to the muzzies as they arrive to help them implement their sahria law, against our people.

              We, the people have allowed the liberals to take over and soon we will be reaping the negative rewards of those previous decades of mistakes. “We, the people”, allowed destruction of America in three major parts over five decades.

              In 1962 & “63, we allowed prayer, and bible reading to be taken out of schools…aka “removing God”.

              In 1973 we allowed the killing/murder/homocide of the unborn/innocent that were supposed to be protected by the bible and the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

              In June of 2015 we allowed, abominable sinful acts to be displayed as acceptable and mandatory acceptance throughout the land including the Christian establishments and a further promoting of that lifestyle through our educational systems.

              Can’t allow truth and Godliness in schools because of liberal translation of Separation of Church and State, but must allow promotion of porn and homosexuality because it is PC and is protected by the 1st Amendment. How phucked up is that.

              Well for now the liberals and queers have won, but it will be short lived when the big hammer falls. Before it falls, the last vestige of hope for Christians and Patriots remains within our bibles and the ability to keep them, by the guns we cling to. If we ever let them take our guns then the bibles, and speaking bible principles, will be banned, and we will have no way to protect them, except in our minds and underground gatherings.

              The final generation is being programmed to accept the ideology, that the world will be a better place without either, guns or KJV bibles, (unless it is the koran).

              • Latin is a good choice to help with vocabulary, as most large words in English are derived from either Latin or Greek. Classical Latin isn’t spoken anywhere now, and church Latin is a vulgar uneducated form of the language. It’s not even pronounced correctly.

                • Latin is indeed a lost language, too bad, it is a great choice for vocabulary. I’ll never regret taking 3 years of German in high school, it helped immensely when I visited Germany on vacation, you’re able to somewhat intelligently communicate with the locals and not stand out looking like a lost tourist without a clue. It’s no secret you receive much better service and treatment when they find that you’ve actually taken the time to learn their language.

          • Brave.

            Just wait ’till you’re awoken early on Fridays mornings from the local shitbag mosque twat uttering the obligatory muslim call to prayer!

            Hard to imagine?

            Wont be long before it becomes reality.
            Seems to be the way of the whole friggin world nowadays.

            allahu fuckin’ akbar brother.

            • Couple rounds through that hollerin’ fucker’s microphone will break that shit up (call for prayer)

            • AGENT SKINHEAD.

              When the first call to prayer can be heard across this land by the Islamic faith. You will know finally our country as we have known it, has died.
              Mosque’s that have been quiet will install sound systems to support the First One. It will be like a disturbed fire ant hill. One could say that the prayer call is similar to the Christian ringing of church bells. Both as part of Religious practice and protected by the First Amendment. Could we be forced to hear the Prayer Call?
              If and when this happens it will drive Judeo Christian faith away and draw those of Arabic culture to the epicenter of the sound. Making that a stronghold and the possibility of sectional community control by Sharia Law probable.

              The world is getting crazier and I am loving every minute of it.

              Are You Ready?

              • According to some reports there are over 2200 of them thar mosques in USSAG right now…and building more as of this posting.

            • AS, I know what you mean. Where I’m going there are no mosques or even ragheads located.

        • We’ve got the 9th and all rights reside with the people. The 9th and 10th are what gives teeth to the 2nd.

      10. I live in Mitcham (a suberb of London). A mile down the road from me is the largest Mosque in Europe. To say that Muslims are thick on the ground here is an understatement!

        Yes, I do feel that my culture and way of life is under threat, especially when most of the politicians live in leafy green enclaves, well away from this Muslim swarm.

        However, I do think Mr Slavo is guilty of scaremongering. I have dual Nationality and have relatives living both in Scandinavia and Germany. In my experience (and that of my relatives) the ‘rush’ for guns is just not happening.

        I suppose, if you have a web site promoting the end of the world (as we know it), it makes good business sense to spread a lot more manure on the field of growth misinformation.

        I would be more impressed if Mr Slavo gave some solid statistics to back up his unsubstantiated claims.

        • Please follow WND link within the excerpt in this article for the full WND report. According to WND certain firearms are sold out across the entirety of Austria.

          Comprehensive Statistics for an event that just happened are likely impossible to acquire at this time. While anecdotal, the evidence is nonetheless compelling.

          • Well done Mac.

            You’re a shining light in a dark world.

          • ‘Anecdotal’? Good word Mr Slavo. It means ‘based on heresay rather than hard facts.’

            I did follow the link and found it to be riddled with speculation, guesswork and false information, all based on anecdotal evidence.

            We can all take, and use, anecdotal evidence to justify our dislike of something or someone.

        • Of course there isn’t going to be any rush to guns in England,

          You don’t have any to be rushing to.

          But I’ll bet your beloved Islamic imports will have no problem at all obtaining them when they decide they want to.

          • Does anyone believe the “real story” on Benghazi?

            Believe it or not, it was about……”guns”, or more importantly under the radar/illegal/without approval, sell of guns to muzzies through transfers, through the gov of Qatar. Those guns were then distributed throughout various countries like Libya.

            The cover up was in response to possible links, from those possible weapons being used to kill our citizens, at the embassy.
            Who was at the heart of it all… the current administration at the time.

            Who will get off scott free, without any prosecutions….the current administration at the time.

          • Anonymous – where did I mention a rush for guns in the UK? Are you so blinded by xenophobia that you lose the ability to read (and reason) logically?

            And where did you read that I have a love for Muslims? I just hope, for your sake, that you can handle a firearm better than using your reasoning, otherwise, like here, with your twisted logic, you make an easy, whingeing, self pitying fat American target.

            Frequenting this site occassionally all I ever read is a never ending diatribe of whining and how hard done by you all are, which, to be honest, I do find amusing. Sometimes it’s like listening to a bunch of retarded kids

            For goodness sake, man up! You’re supposed to be the rulers of the Western World – if you lot are the best of America well there’s just no hope for the West. All I can see is a bunch of spoiled cry babies who do nothing but complain and talk tough – most of the mess in the near and middle east is of your creation, accept responsibility for your actions!

            Life is not a movie.

            • You opened your statement by saying you live n London.

              That makes England the subject of the post.

            • Lies. how hard done by you all are ? Retarted kids? Xenophobia . No reasoning? You are the enemy . We expect you to lie . And use 1984 double speak. You must work for the government


          • I’ve seen that video before, and it’s a good one. It explains why so many people are soft on Islamics.

            ht tps://

            Everyone here should watch the video and get everyone they know to watch it as well.

        • No ‘rush for guns’ in Germany because you idiiots have made guns pretty much unavailable.

      11. The Europeans are discovering that their governments are willing to defend the enemies of their citizens and subjects but not their own people.

        They’re going to learn the hard lesson that in the end no one but yourself is responsible for defending yourself from all enemies. No government, no police force, no army, no politician is to be counted on.

        Just yourself.

        • Correct you are.

          The european leaders have led their citizens into a new secular/liberal world, that the USSAG leaders have in mind for us. We are not that gullible. However; it is coming because there are more of them than there are of us. Thanks to liberalism sneaking into modern Christianity, and those christian leaders becoming more concerned with their income than the truth.

          We have to be wiser than the serpent, in order to stave it off as long as we can. Even if it means everyone that likes their guns and bibles, become a member of the NRA.

      12. Islam, the religion of pieces.

        Human pieces, sadly

      13. Soon we can say to all the gun free nations; How’s a gun free country working out for you now, if your going to be dumb you have to be tuff. We must right up to our last breath keep our only protection.

        • Their only out would be a global treaty over riding the constitution, leading to (conditional?) civil war and insurrection…(the sheeple do soundly sleep and many lack the patriots fire)

          Personally I will always be freedom loving American and will personally hold true to GOD and country to the death. I will never taste the slavery that is coming…

      14. Just now realizing they have a muzzie infestation. Fuckin stupid Europeans. Now you gotta fight tooth and nail to get a long gun. I’d go to Home Depot and get some iron pipe and make me a slam shotty just so I have something better than lousy pepper spray. I will always have a piece. I don’t care if the rest of the world gives theirs up. Europeans are cunts anyhow. I never approved of the europeanization of America.

        • One has to wonder about the European thought process. Every Swiss Army Knife has a corkscrew. When have you been in a dire situation where you absolutely HAD to open a bottle of wine?

          By contrast, an American invented the Bowie knife and the K-bar.

      15. So, when these countries figure it out, which comes first, banning Islam, or all out fighting/riots/civil war?
        Betting on #1.

      16. Ahem, correction. Must be the wine.
        Fighting, riots, civil war.
        Politicians won’t have the guts to ban a “religion”.

        • Just drank two gottles of Sicilian red.
          It’s beem a darn hard fuckin day.

          As epp would say… Bless all here.

          Life is short. Live it.
          ’nuff said.

      17. Want to stop Muslim riots, marches and other “expressions” of civil disobedience?
        Have a large supply of pigs on hand, release them and herd them into the Muslim crowds. Those tramplings will make the Hajj tramplings in Mecca look like child’s play.
        Let the swine deal with the swine.

        • TPSnodgrass.. I read an article at veteranstoday that claimed the stampede in Mecca was a Saudi-Israeli caused event. Hundreds of high level Iranians were attending and were singled out and murdered by many agents infiltrating the crowd. These agents threw poison gas canisters into the crowd causing the stampede helping to locate the designated targets. So Saudi Arabia like America will murder their own people. Yemen same thing, the US and Saudi’s are attempting to wipe them out having already set off small nukes there.

          • Bullcrap.

      18. well, here’s one I came up with…for an urban environment but I will make my own and use them here in the country..
        “BIO HAZARD” warning signs.
        Did a search and they can be bought for around 8-$10. Put one on your front gate, another on the front door, one on the back door. Maybe add “Influenza” also.
        I will use the web site’s picture and paint my own. It’ll look a bit more realistic than having pre bought signs. Someone might think you had them in advance, ready for shtf.
        And a hastily painted sign like that just might scare a few people off.
        And, really, a prepper’s house is a biohazard to the wrong people. 🙂

        • Careful you don’t attract the attention of the goobermint.

        • Ketchup, my home is HAZARDOUS PERIOD for all of the wrong people.

        • Get the ones that say
          And then with some numbers and letters that list some bogus law thing

        • Just put up signs that say “Gun Free Zone”, or “No bad people allowed”, that should be just as effective.

      19. According to the numbers I’ve seen the gun buying is a full scale avalanche …. Austrian authorities claim only 900,000 guns owned prior to the invasion – 70,000 sold within the last few months ….

        on a percentage basis they are far outrunning the Obammy panic buying here in the US ….

        and we all thought Obammy was the best gun salesmen in the world …. turns out Obammy’s Muslim brothers raping across Europe is like running a Black Friday sale ….

      20. A prelude of what’s to come. It’s just a matter of time.

      21. I was surprised to learn that the Czech Republic is a “shall Issue” country for both purchase and carry. I assume that their experience with the revolt against the Czechoslovakian government / USSR and its subsequent response had a bit to do with their post Communist gun laws. I was always a fan of Vaslav Havel looking at him like a foreign Thomas Jefferson.

        Their laws are not the US but better than NJ. Then again NJ isn’t in the US either.

      22. Anonymous post was 100% correct….nobody gives a shit until it’s in your neighborhood. We all have a lot of sheep friends that think the same way as these Europeans. This story is a huge fuckin story that has just begun. Think about how much rape, robberies, or just plain ole ass whippings going on over there that will never be heard of. There will be blood, you think all those German citizens are going to accept these people. Wrong again…SHTF for all those countries. Imagine all those Europeans thinking how the hell did this happen, 3months ago this wasnt even on anyone’s radar.

      23. Get rid of Lerner Specter and the rest of her vicious trouble makers. Give her a job at the Motel 6 making beds and Europe can live in peace.

      24. It’s becoming clear to most that the safety of America’s leadership is over. From the dollar as the world reserve currency to the decline of our Military. What most have us have known for years now is now becoming common knowledge to the world. Americas not indebted almost $19 Trillion, but well over $200 Trillion and on track for an unsustainable $300 Trillion which will collapse governments globally as well as our own. Last week the ECB’s Mario said they were starting the printing presses again, followed by the Chinese late last week and I suspect the Bank of Japan and India will start this week.

        I say all this to say; if you were in an unarmed country and couldn’t leave wouldn’t you be looking for a gun too? Even the sheep know the wolf is out there, but they have no sheep dogs. The EU is getting ready to take back their rights to own fire arms again as we continue to destroy our owe right. Islam is on the move again across Europe and the crusades will repeat. I sure hope they have a few Knights left,

        • 19 trillion is unsustainable
          Especially if the interest rates ever rise

          • The $19 Trillion doesn’t include any unfunded liabilities but, you are correct that little number is unsustainable at zero percent…

        • Europeeons will proudly hand their guns over to evil government stooges after the fight is over because they are stoopid like that. Those people don’t value freedom, they don’t even know what freedom is. They want to be controlled and dictated to by evil scum.

          • Nanny statist..

          • Freedom is where a bird finds his cage door open.

            Liberty is where I shoot the SOB that tries to cage me.

        • @theguy:

          I agree 100 percent.

          Best OPSEC comment ever posted.

          Out here on the worst coast, Latin American,Asian, and now Muslim aliens fighting with the seagulls over the last fish head. Who needs cock fighting.




          Buzzards gotta eat, same as worms–Outlaw Josey Wales.

          ..rule 308….steady….BA.

      25. The NWO is an oppressive tyranny similar to the Nazies and the Bolshevik. Lerner Specter says that (the Chosen) are at the center of it. That they will be resented. Well, no shit Shylock!!!

      26. I read somewhere in the next decade or so we’ll have
        100,000,000 new immigrants. How many muslim extremists???, who knows???

        Elections will be a thing of the past and I’m good with that. We haven’t had an election decided by the majority of the will of the people, near long as I can remember???? they just stopped giving a s**t about the will of the people…or maybe-

        I’m just one of those right wing extremists clinging to his guns and religion???

        T’aint never gonna surrender and we all die sometime…come and get some…

      27. A gold mine for American gun makers. Gun makers have a saturated market here with prices dropping and incentives to buy. Ship the extras to Europe and rearm them.

        • springfield is made in croatia.
          chiappa is made in italy.
          glock is made in………gee i wonder where glock is made……
          heckler and koch is made in……..
          i could go on.
          i think you got the flow of firearms bakards.

          • Remington, for the most part, is made in USSAG and has been for nearly two centuries.

      28. I’ll put money on this bet. The Islamic Immigrants will be illegally armed at a far greater rate than the resident Europeans will be legally armed.


        • Since it has been the US government doing the arming of Islamic “immigrants,” would that be classified as “illegally” armed or “legally” armed? Hmmmmm.

          • In reference to the respective European laws.

        • Kevin2

          Another “Fast and Furious”.

          Then can receive.

          Free food.
          Free. lodging.
          Free Phone.
          Drivers License.

          Hearing that voting will be allowed in local elections.

          If the criminals can get guns. They can also.

      29. There is a lesson here for Americans. Even though we have the second amendment. if you aren’t prepared before a disaster, good luck when the stores are empty or shuttered. In any major civil disturbance where a state of emergency is declared, gun stores get shuttered, and ammo sales forbidden. The Sandy shooting in the US, emptied gun stores for months.

        I always had firearms, but in a SHTF world, the type of weapon that’s best may not be a bird gun, or target rifle. If you are like me you have few firearms, so make your choices effective force multipliers.

        Don’t forget a few spare parts. The Internet is awesome here, because you can google your firearm with the word broken, and find the three or four most common parts that break and add them to your supplies. Don’t forget extra magazines.

        You may have bought certain handguns for home defense or just shooting at the range, expand their usefulness by buying holsters and any other needed accessories to load them quickly and keep them handy.

        • Good web gear could be priceless, even if its just the cheap tac vests off of Amazon
          Got one for my girl that holds six 30rnd mags 3 pistol mags and has a cross draw holster for the pistol. Think it was like 40$ or something,

          • Kulafarmer.

            Good Buy.

            Have talked about web Gear for years. I do buy and sell and the prices have increased in the past year.
            Think ammo cans (30 cal.) Once you could get them “New” for about two dollars. Now they can sell between $10 and $15. Dick’s Sporting had 50 cal. cans for $25. Use to buy between $5 and $10.

            When buying gear make sure it fits well and you can expand it over a jacket in cooler weather.

            A possible closure of Army and Navy stores could happen in Civil Unrest as well as Sporting Goods.

            Lots of good MOLLE and Load Bearing Gear still available. ALICE Gear is getting hard to find that is still usable, for the older Guys.

      30. They have a ‘Second Amendment’ it’s just not enumerated in any founding documents for their nation, or it’s simply restricted out of their laws established by men.

      31. I wonder if Evonik Industries (a German specialty chemical company) will be getting a lot of government business out of this muslim invasion?

      32. Gentlemen, i am a native american living close to the Austrian border in Germany. To come back to firearm sales in Austria you guys should know best that rifles don,t help a woman or guy for self protection when some intruder is going for her skirt and beyond or the BOB bag containing car. Handguns do, and these require permits- very hard to get permits- for residents in most of europe and also in Austria. Hunting rifles and heavy stuff slung around the shoulder are easier to get in Austria…thats true, than in other EU countries. That comes from the old days, Hunting and having a beer with the bro,s in the mountain hut. They buy them now for home protection, but have no experience in using them,and there are few shooting ranges. It is hardly impossible to buy handguns in Europe.Let alone ammo for it easily. It,s possible to get some black market stuff if you have connections or family in or to former east block countries like Yougosslavia etc.were uncle sergei has some old stuff lying round in the cellar. You would have to smuggle it in .But buying a new Glock,or nice HK. i would not know how to do that without applying and going thru a long check up and process. And i am very inventive guy. There are Europeans that fit to us Americans,others don,t but most true europeans are like the americans and love the US before 2003 when it all went gung ho there with government control. Germans – like the nazi,s back than are extremely good and fast in documenting, organizing, filing and registering everything! Their credit rating agency today the “schufa” was created by the nazis f.ex to keep track of gold and cash etc owned and taken from the jews. And the Germans i.e Merkel has been dictating policy to the other EU countries so far extremely..see the idiotic thing with Greece. These EU wide laws are followed up if one misbehaves severely with the much strickter laws than in the US. So Europe has never been free in the American sense of the word. A site like this would be down in a day or two and the owner in front of court soon enough for “volksverhetzung” There are only few Dutch, French Germans, etc who approve this all idiotic Merkel Mania and millions of refugees coming in. In Germany alone there are half a million! unregistered new aliens. That means nobody knows who that is, were they come from, are staying etc. Close to 80% of them coming in are young men. Go figure how many of them are extremist or have already battle experience. No European cop does. That woman A.Merkel is beyond all sense. To that comes Germans and many other Europeans rely 90% on their governments and therefore are useless sheeps in a herd and take it you now were when their told.
        Europe will be dead soon…i guess thats true unless it will divide again soon starting with the Brits. Problem is the actual
        Gvrtments that are now in charge are full of morons who like in the US are totally useless.
        Doesn,t look good.

      33. Things always seem to be coming to a head, like a pimple that never bursts…but this is like the chancre of a famous venereal disease. This one isn’t going away. Did you know that if you are a white man, over 35 years of age, who has access to firearms and a distrust of government or who questions authority…that you are dangerous?

        • Many are very dangerous.

          Rule 3006

      34. Europeans are not the designer-jeans-wearing fruitloops many Americans think they are. Most of these European countries had active revolutionary and ‘terrorist’ cells well into the 1980s. As social democracy took hold and prosperity rose, these movements became quiet and mostly were seen as irrelevant and counter-productive (Baider Meinhoff, Red Army Faction etc.).

        The danger is this: if prosperity continues to decline, and people become threatened by the new Muslim migrants (especially women and children), will they just take this, or will they renew these armed groups? Looking at Europe’s history, I would say these sorts of cells and armed movements will rise up again and carry out missions. Throw in outside forces, such as Russia, who would benefit from this, and you could see a repeat on a much greater scale of what happened in the 1970s. A sort of Russia-funded slow war across Europe fueled by out-of-control migration.

        • I agree. Russia has a lot to lose to the muslims too.

          • Jim
            This might be crazy, but I just read what you wrote, and I think the US and Russia just might have to join together to fight the Muslim Slime. That would be if we had the right leaders in the White House.


            • It could be a coalition forged in pragmatism just as was the case in WWII. A common enemy can bring together even the worst of frenemies. Both Russia and the West (and China for that matter) have a great deal to lose to fanatical Islam. All three could easily defeat fanatical Islam if they forged a coalition. Imagine the might, wealth and population that could be directed against the Islamic states? China alone is the most populous nation; throw in India (Hindus can’t stand Muslims) and you would have the majority of the world’s population and wealth thrown at the fanatics. Then throw in the latest in hi-tech warfare and weapons, and historians would be doing TV shows in 20 years talking about Islam just as they do about the lost city Atlantis.

              • FT,
                One can only hope that’s what historians are talking about in 20 years.

      35. You don’t need a second amendment, if you willing to buy your gun on the black market. Which is a very common behaviour in europe (at least in germany).

        • @AI
          Europeans who buy guns on the black market, can’t take then to a range and practice. Aside from some dry fire exercises, there is little they can do to prepare and train, as well the ammo is near impossible to get. I find little trouble burning through a couple thousand rounds of various calibers at the range each year. If I take my sons shooting, it’s scary how much ammo they can burn through when dad is paying the bill.

          Often when faced with crime or injustice they can’t take action with their illegal firearm, because the penalty for possession is greater than the penalty a knife wielding armed robber would get, so they can’t even use it to defend against an armed incursion into their home!

          And without practice, a firearm may be a liability. Any attempt to carry that illegal firearm could turn into a deadly confrontation with police. It better be the EOTWAWKI, before that black market handgun comes out of its secret hiding place.

          Illegal weapons in most circumstances just stay hidden, and they must be incredibly well hidden.

      36. Shoot the Europeans should contact our ATF they helped set up the Mexican drug cartels ????? maybe they can make amends and get guns to the right people this time ????????

        • It wouldn’t serve this administrations agenda to get it right so don’t look to the ATF to get it right.

      37. Obullshit just got knocked down to the Number #2 gun salesman of the year!!!!

        The new #1 is the Islamo-Slime invading Europe.

        If I was a Euro-Gal. If I couldn’t get a gun. I would a good sharp knife or Strait Razor. Then when this happens she can cut his Johnson (or would that be his Ali) off and hand it to him.

      38. The intentionally convoluted logic goes like this:

        1. Criminally inclined people without job prospects arrive in abundance.

        2. Crime increases.

        3. The Law Abiding citizens buy an increased number of guns.

        4. The increased crime rate is blamed on the Law Abiding buying more guns.

        5. No evidence is forthcoming that the legally bought guns are used in crime.

        6. Any mention that the new “refugees” are a or better said the major factor in the increased crime rate is suppressed by the “free media”.

        No crystal ball needed.

        • Kevin2

          The problem is that we are awash in a sea of sheeple. The crime that will be committed by The Islamic Invasion will be lumped together with the regular crime of the day with no mention of Islam being involved.
          Just another day in the city.

          All I ask of the “Goodie Two Shoes” wanting to bring these people to our shores , is that they house and feed them in THEIR communities, NOT MINE. You deal with the problems they bring with them.

          I’m getting older and grouchier and I do not like people like I have before. Because they complain and do nothing or their solutions are as viable as the level of thought, a mole cricket would process.

          Many run from the Gloom and Doom but it will slowly catch up with them.


        Now check out what this Physcotic muslim POS just said, on how he has plans for America. Can anyone believe this. I believe it. He said that they are coming for our country and to take the women for themselves.

        The number one item sold in Academy is ammunition Mr Afgani. Make sure you understand our battlefield. You think that my town is run by unarmed Yazidi’s residential area. Good luck taking the West..

        Allah may be mercyfull, but the red necks, preppers, veterans and cops wont be. You muslims will literally piss you pants and evacuate from my area. The Dallas cop at Gellers draw the prophet meeting, proved that cops will cap your islamic asses publically if you f….k with them.



        Welcome to Tex nam. We are not rice farmers.

        • Yawn………………………….

          • You’re right there yawn, his act is old and stale, like many others on this site. He used to generate a lot of buzz when he first arrived here, but even the dumb downed hillbillies have had enough of him, he’s the only one who doesn’t realize it yet.

      40. Cane killed Abel-no guns-knives-or money or women-or lawyers or politicans–Brutus killed Ceasor no guns –yes on knives and women and money and lawyers and politicians -and truly it was not food poison which killed Ceasor-“you et too Brutus” rt

      41. Take note, ISIS is here as well, thru the borders they have arrived. Now, forget what the Europeans are doing, they went too long being sorry pacifists, gun haters, now, they need to catch up to US. Keep your guns close, and your need to have true freedom closer. My attitude is very simple. Terrorists and our pathetic government be on notice, domestic and/or foreign, my America is not for you “lowlifes”, mess with America, and her citizens,and get your ass shot off! Poop that out your asses.

      42. Well look on the bright side.

        Now the Western governments can learn first hand what extremism REALLY is.

        Now the Feminists can learn what rape REALLY is.

        Both of these groups kiss the asses of these guys, and take flaming steaming dumps all over regular Western people.

        Either they’re going to be forced to grow a brain now, and remember who their friends really are… or they’re going to double down on stupid.

        My money’s on the latter but reality must intrude sooner or later.

      43. Many Europeans thought they were ever so superior to us backwards, unenlightened rubes living in fly over land here in the FUSA for our “bitter clinging to our guns”. Liberals were pining for that glorious day when we had sensible gun laws just like those superior Europeans have.

        Karma meet Bitch.

        I suspect that if they could buy a legal hand gun, the supply would be sold out in less than a day. Remember too, that it is a question of how soon, and not if, that what is happening in Europe, will happen where YOU live.

      44. Pauvre americains vous etes vraiments les plus betes vous croyer etre en avance et ont se fou de vous ,tout cela est de la propagande et vous vous y croyer,il n’y a pas de gens qui achetent des armes a cause des migrants,on se moque de vous et vous avalez tout ce que l’on vous dit,heureusement ,heureusement,que les europeens ne sont pas des abrutits comme vous les americains,votre,monde vous endort pour le fric ,le fric et le reve americain devient cauchemar americain,ici on voit que beaucoup d’americains crevent de faim,il y a 90 millions aux foods stamps,mais vous ne le savez pas ?

        • Via Google Translate:

          American vraiments poor you are more beasts you think ahead and be crazy to you, all this is propaganda and you croyer it, there are no people who buy weapons because migrants are makes fun of you and you swallow all that they say to you, fortunately, fortunately, that europeans are not abrutits American as you, your, world puts you to sleep for the money, the money and the American dream becomes nightmare American, here we see that many Americans are starving, there are 90 million to foods stamps, but you do not know?

      45. Tout ce que vous dites sur les armes et les migrants est totalement faux et vous croyez tout ce qu’on vous dit

        • Via Google Translate:

          Everything you say about weapons and migrants is totally false and you believe everything you’re told

          • Thanks Mac.

            You’re a very good fellow.

            Thank you very much indeed.

            I know yow know who I am.

            Thank you.

        • Maje.

          Our information is true and solid. Major News networks video and Utube.

      46. There is no such thing as an illegal gun, only illegal governments and asshole politicians.

      47. Betcha Louis Farrankhan can’t wait for them Muslims to get here.

        The Feminist and the Gun Control Crowd are going to have a problem. You know them that walk among you.

        When the authority’s warn, “You are on your own”.

        That will be exactly that! Especially for them.

      48. You know you can make one out of basically crap, right?

        I mean it’s not spectacularly hard if accuracy isn’t a big deal to you.

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