European Union Chief: Time To “Think About Mandatory Vaccination”

by | Dec 1, 2021 | Headline News | 15 comments

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    Not enough of the enslaved are rolling up their sleeves and complying with the master. It looks like rulers can steal well over half of the fruits of a person’s labor, but they draw the line at being forced to inject something into their bodies.

    Speaking at a news conference, the European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen suggested that member states should move towards mandatory Covid vaccination to help prevent the spread of cases and a further spike in infections due to the emergence of new variants, such as the omicron strain.

    Except we know that all the vaccines so far didn’t stop omicron. Or any of the other fabricated variants designed to panic people into getting injected with an experimental gene therapy drug. “I think it is understandable and appropriate to lead this discussion now, how we can encourage and potentially think about mandatory vaccination within the European Union,” von der Leyen stated, adding that fighting the pandemic requires a “common approach” across the bloc.

    This “vaccine” is a large part of the agenda. Never have we seen the rulers be so intent upon getting this into everyone on the planet. Currently, around 77% of the slaves throughout the EU have been vaccinated, with the European Commission president calling on nations to proceed with inoculation programs and the rollout of booster shots to continue advancing their permanent slave planet system. Despite the overall progress made in the bloc, vaccination rates vary significantly across member states, with some nations drastically trailing behind their fellow EU countries.

    Just because this is happening in the EU, doesn’t mean it won’t happen here. Tyrants in the United States will most certainly try to get some kind of vaccine mandate forced on everyone. Do not let your guard down, but do not live in fear.  They want you to do both of those. Prepare and remain aware. People who think they own others will not readily give up that power, so we need to brace ourselves as the population begins to realize they don’t have to be slaves to anyone, including the government.


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      1. You’d think the trailing European countries would wise up as they see their populations disabled and dying off while the highly vaccinated countries are almost Covid free and the people there are happy, joyous and free while celebrating their victory of the virus.

        But some people never learn.

        In any event, the Europeans have to accept mandatory vaccines because they can’t do anything about it.

        We in America, on the other hand, have to accept mandatory vaccines because we won’t do anything about it.

        In the end everyone in the world will have to accept it and be able to prove they have when requested to do so, just like someone in some famous book predicted a few years back.

        There’s no way out, is there?

        At least none that won’t require some serious personal sacrifices being made, and Americans won’t do that.

        • Unfortunately, white Christian Europe as we know it is dying, that’s a fact. The historical populations of Europe is in rapid decline and being replaced with 3rd world population growing in orders of magnitude. The birth rates of traditional Europe is in collapse. In fact, the birth rates of traditional populations in some parts of Europe is so low even replacement numbers are now impossible. So that even if Europe was surrounded by an impregnable wall, much of their culture, institutions and society will still be unsustainable.
          To compound it all, vast hordes of 3rd worlders are still flooding into Europe. (European govts. don’t want the MSM to run stories on it anymore.) The “immigrants” all have some things in common: they are highly fertile, they come to grab whatever they can and not give back, they have no intention to assimilate in any way, and they intend to make their new “homeland” to eventually fully mimic the country they come from. They say this openly over and over again.
          The Europeans have been completely pacified, reduced to a state of acquiescence and submission. The European peoples are the ones to blame, many keep voting in the politicians who are arranging the demise of their own cultures and countries.
          The gov’t of the US is doing it utmost damndest to follow suit, with our millions also kept sufficiently comfortable to let it all slide. I have been told from a certain individual that not only is the gov’t facilitating mass illegal immigration but is hiding the true numbers, it may be multiples of what we hear from the MSM.
          The one bright spot is that Eastern Europe is successfully keeping out the hordes, for now. And passing laws to protect their language, culture, and borders. However, they too have extremely low birth rates that could make their societies unsustainable in another generation.
          None of this is accidental of course. For vast numbers of people to move vast distances, for all of it to be facilitated, the willingness of govts. to absorb it all, and the official stifling of local opposition to it requires a lot of organization and resources. All of this is intentional. There are secret and quasi secret individuals and entities (both official and non-official) that are subsidizing NGOs and paying off officials to make it happen. The ultimate goal of course is the destruction of the traditional European homeland and gene pool, this is not hyperbole.
          This is really the most ongoing impactful story occurring in the world, but we only get mere snippets of it all.

          • Population health is THE number one issue of the beginning of the 21st century. Some still believe it is possible to just replace the dying out white population with the fast-growing third world population.

            This a huge mistake for the following reasons:

            1) Technological change: in short most occupations will be switched over to AI and robotics ( just look at your local grocery store). The economy doesn’t need millions and millions of people to do these jobs.

            2) The health problems of people from the third world ? are significant. From genetically inherited diseases (sickle cell anaemia, cancers, retardation etc), all are problems that are very expensive to correct and take generations of mixing to weed out. Health systems are already buckling under COVID and were eating too much National wealth before the pandemic ?.

            3) With militant Islam thrown into the mix, the lazy belief all migrants will get along because they equally hate White people won’t hold. Hispanics hate blacks, Asians neither like nor respect blacks and do not want to live near them, Muslims hate everyone else.

            Science shows we need to stop frei birthing with all its genetic risks and instead to have coded babies with enhanced abilities and full health. And parents, when given the choice, are going to choose beautiful blonde babies and beautiful Asian babies (the most aesthetically attractive Homo sapiens).

            I give the current immigration patterns ten years tops before the violence and unrest is so much drastic measures are taken to embrace population health,

          • That has always been the biggest fear of white Europeans Bill, to wake up everyday to see majority of the planet populated with people of color. Even the places you cited in your comments and quote” traditional European Homeland” was never historically lands inhabited by “Europeans”, Those lands were taken by force.
            But I can agree when you state that those who occupy Europe, which what you truly saying is “whites” cause there are other people who lives in Europe, is now completely being over run by immigrant wiping out the gene pool, is a real fear I sense in your comments. An ethnic cleansing like no other, where the European is completely absorbed into a world of color people. But its inevitable Bill, a process irreversible and cannot be stopped. The birth to death rate amongst “European” is negative, that alone prove my point. Most other races have a positive birth to death rate, so I do understand your concern to preserve the European.

        • Thats called Collaborating in global genocide to push depopulation. You need to do more research, try not using gaggle for obtaining the truth

      2. DELTA, OMICRON =


      3. As of now we Americans still have our 2nd amendment.
        Nobody – No government no nothing will force me to take the poison Jab.
        I will go down standing and firing – A bullet is a lot better than a slow BS death
        BTW I am not afraid of death – To go out fighting as a warrior is my DNA

        • Amen! I am right there with you!

          • Ditto!!!

        • You are so right, the 2A and sheer premiss of self defense against this madness is the only thing keeping our country from literally turning into a commie state with zero rights and freedoms.
          Thank you four fathers for our bill of rights! Ive Ben a law biding hard working citizen my entire life and I’m not giving it up for big the pharma cash cow BS! I will not submit to medical Nuremberg tyranny,and there are a 100 million others like me in the United States this I swear! Stand firm and FJB!

      4. Ursula, the pontificating bitch. I’m sure Somebody has 20 feet of hemp rope begging to be put to good use.

      5. It’s time for Europeans to tell this bitch to fuck off.

      6. All honesty I’m surprised the lights are still on in Europe over this madness.

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