European Council: If NATO Joins The Conflict In Ukraine, It Would Be WW3

by | Mar 15, 2022 | Headline News | 14 comments

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    European Council President Charles Michel told El Pais in an interview published on Monday that should NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) join the conflict in Ukraine, it would mean World War III has started. And a third world war would likely be nuclear, he cautioned.

    Western nations should not get involved in the conflict between Moscow and Kyiv, Michel said, arguing that a confrontation between Russia and NATO would mean nothing short of a nuclear world war. The effects of which would be catastrophic on life and liberty. According to a report by RT, Michel said the West should tread lightly. The EU is not at war with Russia.”

    “Russia is a nuclear power and we are well aware that if this conflict turns into [a conflict] between NATO and Russia, we will roll down into the Third World War,” the former Belgian prime minister told El Pais on Saturday, following Friday’s EU summit in Versailles, France. Michel instead advocated for dialogue, warning that “all conflicts are dramatic, extreme and often difficult,” but Russia’s nuclear capabilities add a whole new “dimension of a different nature to any potential military standoff with Moscow.

    “I advocate pragmatism,” he said, adding that Europe should focus on pressing issues at hand like humanitarian access to areas affected by the military action, the status of Ukraine’s nuclear power plants, and peace negotiations between Moscow and Kiev. “We need to talk to whoever is in the Kremlin today,” because “democracies” should talk to nations even if they are deemed “not democratic,” Michel said. –RT

    Considering democracy is mob rule even if it isn’t controlled by the ruling class, it is still no less than slavery and no better or worse than any other form of government, which is still slavery.

    A man is no less a slave because he is allowed to choose a new master once in a term of years. -Lysander Spooner

    Michel also said the EU is trying “to support [Ukraine] as much as possible” without “aggravating the conflict,” adding that Europe has already “broken” its own “taboos” by providing Ukraine with $1 billion in military aid.

    Wake up. Stop advocating for slavery and control. We are all human beings, no better or worse than anyone else. We have got to start standing together, refusing to commit violence against each other at the commands of those who see themselves as our masters. The best preparation for upcoming times is to fortify your mind against slavery in all forms.


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      1. Why doesn’t God intervene and put humanity out of it’s misery? Humans are murdering one another anyways. No one wants anyone to live. Humans are miserable bastards.

        • If you want to understand, read the back of the book. You’ll find everything from the rest of it summarized there.

        • No intervention needed. Humans will put themselves out just fine on their own. You think they are miserable now, wait till they have consumed everything and Mad Max comes into play.

        • You mean the “god” who gives innocent children cancer? That “god”? I suggest you get in your car, find a nice steep and curvy road, close your eyes real tight and pray for “god” to put you out of your misery. I think that might be the only prayer that has ever come to pass in the history of praying to a non-existent sky daddy.

          • You know not that of which you speak.

            You attribute to God the results of the choices of man.

            God decrees his will as outcomes, man decides how to bring them about.

            As can be readily seen happening in the world about you today if you open your eyes and look.

      2. Why do misanthropes always volunteer or otherwise push everyone else to die first, rather than lead by example?

        • Hey BAT, why is human life the cheapest commodity on earth? Can you answer that?

      3. World War Z, Starring rootin’ tootin’ ol’ Vlad Putin and co starring Mr. Potatohead!

        • Directed by people you never heard of…

        • Ugh…we are doomed.

      4. Well d’oh. NATO needs to proxy war Russia, not engage Russia directly, just like in Cold War I.

        After Crimea fell through back to Russia, Ukraine has been of no value to NATO except as a proxy for the Great Game against Russia.

        Ukraine is useful bear bait because they are NOT part of NATO. Yet Ukraine is unquestionably in the Western camp, inside-tracked Khazarist oligarchs furthering their own interests in Eastern Europe as ‘Western’/NATO interests.

        Aligned with Soros, they appear to have been building a stealth Khazarist Ukraine in Eastern Europe based on the Globalist (read: EU oligarchs First) Israel model. Ironically, this will be fought for to the last drop of Neo-Nazi Ukraine ultra nationalist blood.

        Israel has nuclear and biological arms, is firmly in the ‘Western’ camp, with unquestionable Western support, yet has no defense treaties with the West even as Israelists further their interests in the Middle East as ‘Western’ interests.

        Israel’s founding wars were all ‘fixed’; there was little chance they could lose against the Arabs as the US and UK were always ready to intervene with intel and arms.

        Against all odds, Putin has been led to mishandle Biden’s Ukraine war and may not ‘win’, but have to settle for an inconclusive treaty solution that will be ignored in the long-term. A rough parody of Israel’s founding wars.

        Russia succeeding in taking NATO membership off the table, works best for a Khazarist-Ukraine. Ditto de-Nazification if the usefulness of those pawns is at end.

        However, K-Ukraine could never be held to remaining a non-WMD power, never be Russia-friendly, and be the tail that wags the dog in relationship with its Western sponsors.

        Traditional non-Khazarist Israelism may not feel to warmly about a Khazarist kindred nation birthed from spirit to political reality. Yet however the Euros my not be wildly enthusiastic, their WEF Reset is being played against them.

      5. Not real? So I guess Putin and his military is “in on it?”

        • Absolutely!

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