Establishment Journalists Call For Big Tech To CENSOR Everyone Else

by | Dec 18, 2019 | Headline News | 8 comments

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    In a major threat to what’s left of press freedom, establishment journalists are calling for Big Tech to censor those who won’t parrot the government-approved official narrative. Journalist Sulome Anderson has publically called for censorship of a site because it’s an independent news source.

    Anderson publicly requested that Google de-rank the independent news site The Grayzone. Anderson, who, according to her bio on her Twitter page, has published with news outlets such as The Washington PostNewsweekNew York Magazine, and Foreign Policy, labeled a recent article by Grayzone contributor Rania Khalek as “dangerous”. For her part, Khalek called Anderson’s comments to Google a “dangerous threat to press freedom.”

    Khalek’s article, which Anderson specifically took aim at, is part of a two-piece investigation into alleged U.S. and Gulf states attempts to co-opt and influence the ongoing anti-corruption protests in Lebanon, according to Sputnik News.

    Khalek writes that:

    “By joining the roadblocks around Beirut, the protesters have inadvertently allowed themselves to be used by these US-allied parties. Whether they know it or not, the media-friendly artists and students at the ring road in downtown Beirut have given cover to the Lebanese Forces roadblocks in the north and the [Progressive Socialist Party] and Future Party roadblocks in the south.”

    Anderson lashed out against the article, calling The Grayzone a “conspiracy theorist website” worth of Google’s power-hungry censorship:

    “It’s Not a Conspiracy Theory… It Is Happening Right Now”

    Anderson describes the piece as “dangerous” and demands to know the criteria for Google news searches so this article cannot be read.

    When establishment journalists insist something is propaganda and must be banned and censored, you know it’s something that’s worthy of attention. The systematic death of both journalism and free speech has arrived.  Anderson is demanding that Google censor Grayzone.

    It has become clear that this is nothing more than a government-backed attack on independent media. The establishment will stop at nothing in the battle for control over the public through what information they are allowed to have access to.

    24 Voices That Are Warning America About What Is Coming, And Most Of Them Are Being Censored And Persecuted

    Khalek, who is based in the Lebanese capital Beirut, calls Anderson’s intervention a “threat to press freedom”. She says it is:

    “Outrageous for a journalist to turn to big tech companies to censor other journalists simply because they don’t like the politics of an outlet or reporter…. And it is alarming that Google even bothered to respond to her complaints and smears. Censorship is never the answer. Big tech companies have way too much power as it is.”

    She continues saying that “big tech” should “not be looked to as arbiters of what constitutes good versus bad reporting. Moreover, there is a broader issue of tech companies working closely with western government-funded think tanks, like the Atlantic Council, to determine what is fake news.” –Sputnik News

    Khalek states that this is nothing more than government censorship through a middle man.

    The real question is what are these establishment journalists afraid of? That they cannot refute the facts laid out? That people may start thinking on their own? That humans will come to the conclusion that they shouldn’t be owned and controlled by the media and a handful of corrupt politicians?


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      1. The corrupt MSM is lost. Generations of university-indoctrinated journalists have insured the lyin’ fools currently controlling most media will continue to prevail.

        On another note, why are the Demonrats addressing Congress in a language other than English. Naturalized Citizens are required to demonstrate proficiency in ENGLISH. If we are going to conduct important business in every language used by all our ancestors – we make a JOKE of our government processes.

        • Vote with your wallet. It has always been the most important vote any American Citizen can ever cast. And in the tech world, you vote with your clicks, with your screen time, with your basic attention, being that is monetized now.

          Commander Wilcox here, please don’t stare at the humans. Pay the shills no mind. If you have a problem with google and the alphabet company, stop subscribing and using their products. I warned everyone whom would listen over 10 and 15 years ago, participation in these tech social programs would not end well. Now they’re complaining about being censored. Welcome to the club. The option to not participate in big tech has always and still is available to the everyday American. Which brand of cellular spy device did you choose and what is your favorite social media platform? The action of participating is inevitably tied to the topic of this story, which is journalistic integrity. The fox is guarding the henhouse.

          The best journalists in the world are still to this day, broadcast on the AM radio.

      2. It would be easy to come up with a colour coding rating that would appear over a story headline indicating the reliability of the source. As an example, a blue screen would be the highest accuracy and reliability, green for so-so and orange and red for inaccurate, hate monging trash.

        So if I went to view stories, The New York Times, which is routinely fed garbage from the Pentagon would be green, while the Nation would be blue, and Stormfront and Prison Planet red and orange respectively.

        Don’t censor but definitely highlight inaccurate or hateful journalism and websites.

        As for the new Stazi of young journalists who spend their days fact checking and debunking, why don’t you get back to being journalists – there are plenty of stories out there not being covered, from high level sex trafficking to the corruption at the UN etc.

      3. We know the MSM will be giddy with excitement on this impeachment vote, while they pretend to portray a solemn countenance.

        Historically, SAUSAGE was made from the intestines of a critter. Today’s HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES have jumped-to-confusions, rushed an unjust process of impeachment, allowed political bias to steer their votes, and made the SAUSAGE OF IMPEACHMENT. Unfortunately they made that sausage with the contents it held while the critter was alive.

      4. Neither MSM propagandists nor big tech tell me what to do. I get my info from whoever I choose.

      5. The founding fathers had written about fake news. That’s been going around. Learn to discern. The printing press saved us from censorship before and is standing by to do so again, if only people would remember to use it. Support paper! Paperless is now synonymous with impending censorship, as planned.

        “Talking to millennials today about safe spaces.”

        My new go to. Did you hear drudge is sold to corporate conglomerates. You can tell by all the ad block denier hits. And why do people still refer to corporate shillery as journalism? Language matters. The respect of a journalist is like that of a police officer or any member of government, it is earned, not given.

      6. I am not at all dismayed by the phony MSM (an organ of the deep state) or gross gov’t corruption scandals, or impeachment shows, or lying phony public officials, or warring political parties, or massive gov’t debt, or divisive social issues, and on and on. In fact, I find it very satisfying. I throughly enjoy seeing the institutions of power damage themselves. I enjoy watching the individuals in the structures of power tear each other apart and destroy the public’s confidence in them. There’s more good news, this political and ideological strife is spilling over into the states and local gov’t more and more, further fracturing the relationship of gov’t and citizens, therefore rendering them far weaker and ineffective. Let’s hope it becomes intolerable.

        • Remember the Georgia Guidestones – they only need half a billion people.
          When the country collapses they will not be collapsing with it.
          When we are powerless we will be reduced in numbers according to their stated plan.

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