Escalation: Putin Deploys Invasion Force of 80,000 Troops; Border On Lockdown *Video*

by | Mar 13, 2014 | Headline News | 238 comments


For those who thought that the crisis in the Ukraine is over because it’s been out of the mainstream news for 72 hours, think again.

According to reports, Vladimir Putin has now deployed a massive military force on the Ukraine/Crimea border. Formerly one country, it has now effectively been split in half, spurring condemnation from the United States and Europe.

In August of 2013 President Obama warned of imminent military action in Syria. He quickly tucked his tail between his legs after Russia hinted that they would launch retaliatory strikes. Now in Ukraine, where US-sponsored intelligence teams likely plotted, organized and executed a “revolution,” Obama’s rhetoric has once again led to a stand off. And for all intents and purposes, western forces have essentially backed down.

If the following is any indication, Vladmir Putin isn’t just talking. Crimea has been annexed. It is now a member state of Mother Russia. The only question is whether or not the Russian President is prepared to cross into Ukraine to “protect” Russian interests.

By all accounts, Putin is preparing for war.

Ukraine warned last night that 80,000 Russian troops were massing on its borders and could invade – as world leaders told Vladimir Putin to back off.

A senior security chief in Kiev said Moscow could launch a full-scale  invasion and Russian troops would be in the Ukrainian capital within ‘two or three hours’ of the order to advance.

Photographs of Russian tanks and armoured personnel carriers close to Ukraine’s borders added to tensions.

Last night senior British officials told the Mail they had received reports about Russian troops massing on the border since Tuesday and were concerned by the show of force.

British intelligence is unsure whether the movements are intended to back up the annexation of Crimea, preparation for an invasion or simply defensive.

The Group of 7 Industrialized nations led by President Obama and UK Prime Minister David Cameron responded to the show of force by threatening action bilateral action.

Leaders of the Group of Seven economies told Russia on Tuesday to stop its work on a referendum in Ukraine’s Crimea region and “cease all efforts to change the status of Crimea” or face action.

“Should the Russian Federation take such a step, we will take further action, individually and collectively,” the G7 statement said.

It’s not clear exactly what the response will be should Russia fail to withdraw.

It should be clear by now that Russia will never, ever give up Crimea.

Crimea, for all intents and purposes, is now lost to the west. The border is in a state of total lock down, complete with mine fields:

To highlight the seriousness of the situation, take a look at the following video depicting a dramatic confrontation on the border as CNN journalists attempt to enter the country.

“Stand f%cking still. I said stand still. I’ll shoot to kill.”

As far as Russian soldiers are concerned, they are in an Iraq-like war zone and they’re taking no chances.

Here on the home front the American people are anxiously awaiting news of when President Obama and family will be taking their next luxurious golf outing.

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    1. maudy frickett

      Stock market down over 200 points at this time. Brokers pulling out of market and going to the “safe haven” of treasuries. At least some are.

      • Henry Hoggins

        Putin is watching the markets closely. Sell the ruble. He will be overthrown. Sell hogs. Brokers and gangster banksters are going to “safe haven” of pork, while secretly stoking rumors of infected meat, and keeping the public in the dark. When pigs fly, SHTF.

        Meanwhile about Flight 370, curious fact: Electronic warfare: 20 passengers on board were experts in this technology.
        Read more:

        • Be informed

          The most logic and sensible course of action for Russia is to NEVER allow another NATO country to border their country. It is that simple. Ukraine desperately wanted in the EU and NATO, and that sends up a huge red flag to Putin. It is totally hypocritic for the U.S. to be bitching about Russia. The U.S. would do the exact same thing if Canada or Mexico was going into an alliance that was a military enemy of the U.S.

          Being an American is nothing to be ashamed of. Being part of the U.S. government and going along with the unfairness and hypocritical stance of the government is.

          Isn’t it amazing how crazy things are becoming all at once? Even the MSM is having difficulty keeping up. Have a huge earthquake in the Pacific Northwest and/or the San Andreas and they are going to have to flip a coin to determine which story at the time to cover. Russian invasion into Ukraine? Missing plane? Massive earthquake? How about the next black swan event?

          If anything, it is becoming very interesting.

          • sixpack

            It’s getting to be pretty obvious which way mac swings on this issue. I do not agree. I would take drastic measures to keep global banksters and NATO missiles out of my back yard, just like Putin is. WE NEED TO BUTT THE HELL OUT OF UKRAINE…and quitting the mindless anti-Russian rhetoric might help too.

            • hammerhead

              We do need to butt out.
              It aint anti russian rhetoric , its anti authoritarian communist rhetoric .
              Dont be fooled .

              • sixpack

                I’m about as “anti-authoritarian” as the next, but even I know when it A) isn’t any of my business, or B) I shouldn’t interfere with somebody else’s self-determination. If they want to live like that, it’s their choice, not mine.

                I know I’d be pissed if some foreigner came over here and tried to tell me what is best for me. I’ll make that decision myself, and I think the Ukrainians have that same right….without outside interference.

                • hammerhead

                  just wait for Obamas UN delegation to arrive.
                  We will make our own decisions then .

                • eppe

                  Is that not what BO is doing to us now???

                • Anonymous

                  We already have. Obama is telling what we can and cannot do.

              • Gold Leader

                Like my Pappy always told me, “Don’t believe anything you hear, and only half of what you read.”

                While yes, there sounds like some credible reporting now and again, remember, this is from the Dogma News Network….taylor made for sheep consumption. Tread lightly, friends, and keep your senses wide-f#ckin’-open.

                Gold Leader standing by.

              • Anonn 7

                I hear some folks say that the U.S. should do something in the Ukraine and my response to them is that “you and you children are free to go over there and enlist in the Ukrainian Army, I’m sure they’d be glad to have you. As for the American troops; it’s not our fight”. It’s many of the same armchair generals that wanted us to go into Syria.

            • 1braveheart

              Sixpack, I agree. I don’t see any “US national security interest” in Ukraine. it’s not our problem nor our responsibility.

              • laeagle

                @BH, If you read the comments, you can pick out the Russian trolls very quickly. I can see them panting as they write their pro-Putin comments.

                I am surprised that so many have forgotten history. Putin and the Russian Commies are not to be trusted. We have sixth columnists in our midst. The trolls are creating straw-men in support of Putin and his machinations and designs for global hegemony, which are for real, very, very real! If you like the Iranians, the North Koreans, the Chavistas, the Syrians, etc., then keep silent and the trolls will do their work for you and perhaps soon you will be living under their rule.

                Watch the anti-American red thumb brigade come out in force.

                To be silent at a time like this when a little insignificant country like Ukraine is ready to be gobbled up by the Russian Bear is to support Communism, world tyranny and Fascism. The cold war never ended. Only the naive would believe otherwise. The communists are just as much a threat today as they ever were.

                Putin can swagger only so much. Pride goes before the fall!

                • 1braveheart

                  laeagle, I understand where you’re coming from and I do sympathize with the plight of the Ukrainian people, but I just can’t see us going into WW3 over Ukraine. We’ve got our own problems here at home and Ukraine’s security chief has already acknowledged that the Russians can overrun them in just a matter of hours. It would take the Pentagon at least a month just to mobilize a brigade for Ukraine. We’ve already got commies right here at home to deal with.

                • durango kidd

                  laeagle: I can promise you that I am not a Russian Troll having been labeled a statist and government troll here many times. 🙂

                  Putin was right in Crimea. The ultra nationalist who took power in Kiev broke the Agreement signed between opposing parties that was brokered by the G-8. If Putin invades now, he is crossing the line and loses his moral authority based upon the Agreement.

                  Referendums should be held throughout the country sponsored by the UN and monitored by the G-20 after a cooling off period.

                  Let the People of Ukraine express their preference as to whom they want to govern and how they want their government to operate.

                  Democracy and Self determination is a two edged sword. 🙂

                • Erik

                  Seems to me we have 3 options: 1. Obama and his henchmen can keep ineffectually wagging their tongues while Putin and the rest of the world laugh at us. 2. Obama can send troops to Ukraine and potentially start a very large and deadly war. 3. Obama can shut his dumb mouth and keep us out of foreign entanglements (not likely to happen I know).
                  So if I think option 3 is the best choice does that make me commie luvin’ Russian troll?

                • laeagle

                  @BH, DK, E, Just cause you write something pro or con about Ukraine does not make you a Russian troll. The trolls know who they are. There are some who are “right or wrong, Putin supporters” and America haters. These are the ones that I am talking about. The Ukraine is a sovereign country and Russia does not have a right to invade the country and take over the country. When the US invaded countries, it did so with the backing of the UN or under the auspices of the UN. Putin is a bully. His behavior is totally unacceptable and HIS actions are endangering the whole world. Of course ‘it takes two to tango’, but, the world cannot just stand by while the Russian Bear goes around gobbling everyone it can. This is a rogue bear that needs to be put back in its cage!

                • sixpack

                  There’s a big difference between being “pro-Putin” and being “Pro” what is right.

                  Bullets don’t care who is right, that’s why people should.

                • sixpack


                  “When the US invaded countries, it did so with the backing of the UN or under the auspices of the UN”

                  Oh right, THAT makes it okay to interfere with the elected govts of other countries! I see that now! Why don’t you go explain to Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, just to name a couple, just exactly how everything the US does is right. NATO is US-owned and operated.

                  Remember, Russia HAS A CONTRACT WITH CRIMEA—WE DON’T.

                • Anonymous

                  Yeah right….haha

            • CWinOR

              huh. I didn’t get that Mac was backing taking action against Russia at all from the article. He even stated “Now in Ukraine, where US-sponsored intelligence teams likely plotted, organized and executed a “revolution,” Obama’s rhetoric has once again led to a stand off.” That doesn’t sound like something a hawk would say.
              Obama has shat the bed again vis-a-vis Kerry’s State Dept. and the N.E.D. And again- we’re gonna be stuck sleeping in it…again. Among a loooong laundry list of other things that have to stop is the use of NGO’s (that we finance) to do dirty work like destabilizing sovereign nations.

              • Hillbilly

                CWinOR So far thats the most accurate description yet.Anybody see Storm Clouds Gathering, on this issue. CW appears to have.

              • The Old Coach

                I kinda doubt that Ukrainian needed any prodding from us. If you know what the Russians did to Ukraine during the Communist era, especially under Stalin, you’d know that the rank and file Ukrainian hates the Russians more than the Irish hate the English. When their “elected” dictator sold them out to the Rooski Oil Oligarchs, they revolted. If I were a Ukrainian, I would have paid to join in.

                • sixpack

                  “If you know what the Russians did to Ukraine during the Communist era”

                  So, that means blacks should still be exterminating “whitey”, after all, we were slave owners way back when…or at least 3 or 4 generations of whitey’s ago…

                • Fervent spirit

                  Old Coach – don’t confuse Soviets with Russians.
                  Stalin was from Georgia. Kruschev was from Ukraine. Neither were ‘Russian’.
                  Not to mitigate the horrors the Ukrainian people have suffered, but it does not help the problem to conflate the terms in an argument.

          • RickInOregon

            BI, hypocrisy is a tool of politics and foreign policy and no one country or party has the corner on it. I don’t get excited about it anymore and I’m never surprised when I see it, it’s just part of the game that they play and the word “hypocrisy” is for our consumption and not theirs. Don’t let it distract you from seeing what the other hand is doing.

          • Nathan Cline

            “If anything, it is becoming very interesting.”

            “May you live in interesting times.” — ancient Chinese curse

          • TheGuy

            But if they expand their country…

            A NATO country will always be bordering on their country… because their country is bigger now…

            Unless of course…

            DUN DUN DUN…

            • Frank N Stein

              An the man in the back said everyone attack, and it turned into a ballroom blitz

        • Anonymous


        • Thank You

          Hey Henry Higgins,

          I agree with you that Putin is watching the economic scene very closely. He knows that NWO can freeze his bank accounts, create sanctions that stop 40% of their imports for purposes of consumption, and be shut down by Europe for 30% of their energy needs. Their main central banker is 100% committed to him, and even dumped foreign reserves to strengthen the Ruble. So, domestically speaking for him, I do think that the strength of the Ruble will determine his long-term outlook, just as the collapse of the Soviet Union was predicated on the folly of centralized economic planning and the failure of controlled enterprise. However, Putin is no whiz kid, and he called the collapse of the Soviet Union the greatest geopolitical tragedy of the 20th century, and so he has not done his homework, and he has no clue about the real precipitating factors. As a result of international opposition, ideological failure, unremitting ignorance, and plain falsehood, Putin’s days are numbered. DO NOT MISTAKE HIS DESPERATION FOR STRENGTH.

          Thank You

          • laeagle.

            @TY, Thank you, you are right on! I am shocked how quickly some of the folks at this site have forgotten history and are ready to side with our arch-enemy, the enemy of all freedom loving peoples. Putin has overextened himself this time.

            • sd mule

              Your stuck in the cold war programming, your enemies are not the ones that live thousands of miles from America. You vote your enemies into office in every election. Throw off your mental chains!!

              • TheGuy

                Our popular culture and media got clandestinely invaded by these mother….ers. Their leader parked nuclear missiles off of Florida and told us he would bury us.

                So no, I ain’t forgetting nothing about these guys.

                Seems then that we have greater than one enemy.

                • Erik

                  We have traitors at the highest levels of our government systematically destroying the foundations of this nation. I think we should be far more concerned about them and their campaign to eliminate any Constitutional checks on their power that we are concerned about what Russia is doing in Eastern Europe.

                  “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly.

                  But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist.

                  A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.”

                  -Marcus Tullius Cicero, 106 BC – 43 BC

                • laeagle

                  @TG, E, You are absolutely right. Cicero was a great philosopher and statesman. Full of insight. I have always admired him. We do have traitors in this country and many are wittingly and unwittingly being used as their peons and pawns. There are still many in this country who believe in the inherent goodness/rightness of the U.S. Constitution and the ideas and ideals that come from it and support it.

                  The Russians and the Chinese have not changed. I have travelled in both countries and have had wonderful encounters with their people but the leaders at the top still seek the overthrow of the West and hegemony over the rest of the world.
                  Their, the Chinese Communists and the Russian Communists, power does not come from the foundries of ideas but from the end of the barrel of a gun. I have tried to leave the ‘cold-war’ behind but it looks like it has found us again, hopefully not sleeping this time. These bastards are not our friends and will take what you have in every sense of the word if you let them. Stand up and be counted.

      • JayJay

        Please tell the viewers using that CNN video was a moment of lost reasoning.
        CNN??? A video of CNN???

        • JayJay

          The newsroom(sarcasm) that uses old pictures, photo shopped pictures, and doctored videos??

          You used a CNN video for support of this agenda??
          Bad move….:-(

            • AJ

              Zerohedge has been down all morning.

          • Unreconstructed Southron

            Don’t worry. War ain’t so bad. I win every time on Call of Duty and hardly ever break a sweat.

            • braahaahaa

              I play battlefield 4. It can be pretty intense sometimes. I also watch planetary devastation.

              • Indy Colts

                The vehicles on battlefield are fun but once you’ve played the multi player on COD, nothing else can match the controls.

                Don’t go into the value of games here cause the red thumbs will come out. Even though they’ve never seen or played the games. Heck, even Mac posted he’s played a few.

              • Anonymous

                Waste of time– braha. time is PRECIOUS.

                • braahaahaa

                  People here take this stuff too seriously. I mean why can’t people have fun. Many here think that TV, games, etc are a waste of time. I’m not saying spend hours upon hours watching TV or playing video games.

                  Life is still normal. People can play video games, watch TV, etc. I’m not saying spend you whole day, but society is still normal.

                  I go get some food, sometimes I watch some tv, etc. The way I see it, people here are taking this so seriously that they think they are already in an economic collapse.

                • TheGuy

                  It’s a ton of fun. I’m just sad I don’t have that much time to do it anymore.

                  Well… on second thought it could be a lot worse. I could have TONS of time to do it. That would directly imply… worse… in every other aspect of my life.

              • Joe Rocket

                As long as you keep mom’s basement clean and don’t invite anyone over after 9:00.

            • Indy Colts

              I’m sure you don’t have the hand eye coordination for call of duty. Better stick to pong.

              • Unreconstructed Southron

                Get your mommy to read my post and explain it to you.

                • db427

                  don’t you mean ‘uncle dad’

                • Indy Colts

                  Your mom rights here, should I ask her??

            • 02

              Yes. getting killed is no biggie, just wait for the next reset.

              • Unreconstructed Southron

                And not.

            • buttcrackofdoom

              you’ll shoot yer EYE OUT, kid!..LOL

              • Frank N Stein

                Selena Gomez hasn’t called me once! Even after I’ve spent hours holding up her poster with one hand!

          • wrong

            That was my first thought also. 🙁

        • OutWest

          I don’t believe Obama realizes yet that he is
          the ‘pigeon’ Putin is playing chess against.

          • Unreconstructed Southron

            How many troops is Obama givin’ to Putin?

              • sixpack

                The president’s seat isn’t even cold yet, and the banksters are already looting Ukraine…told ya so.

                • lonelonemum

                  In that region of he world the natives are neither naive, stupid, nor willing to be anyone’s puppets. These are the direct descendants of those that survived Stalin’s purges & forced relocations. By now survival is written into their DNA.

                  I’m not so sure the NWO isn’t biting off more than it can chew, as any opening too many fronts, across too many geographical locations has never been a smart move for any empire in strategic military terms.

          • Kulafarmer

            Obummer most likely wasnt paying attention when his class was studying world history and the second world war,,
            He has this illusion that we are untouchable in the USA
            He doesnt get the reality that the bombed out cities of europe could just as easily be here in the US in the years following 2014,,
            He has no clue the true horrors of war when your cities and people are being bombed to shit.

            • hammerhead

              naw , kula , he thinks that would be alright.
              Why should the US be so safe when the rest of the third world countries arent?
              Just payback , as far as he is concerned.
              Remember the US was unjustly founded.
              And certainly not exceptional.
              Why should you have more than the average Ugandan ?

              • Kulafarmer

                Oh yes everyone should be equal,,,
                The fuckheads in washington first i say,,,

                • buttcrackofdoom

                  right on kula!…like when i went to the church for confession the other day. the priest said “what sins are you confessing?”….i said “YOU IRST!”

                • JayJay

                  Kula–that is the attitude we should assume when they talk about redistribution–you first.

              • Slick One

                Why should you have more than the average Ugandan ?
                Because we dont act like a bunch of apes.

            • Anonymous

              Of course, Obummer has a clue “to the true horrors of war”… that’s why he keeps backing down and refuses to do the bidding of the puppetmasters.. he gets close to WW3 and then backs down… The Neocons are pushing for it but Obama won’t take the last step.

              • jerrytbg

                No …the plan has always been two forward one back…

                Now where did I read that…

              • Mcdave

                Oh Lawd, (facepalm/headshakes)

              • Slick One

                Neocons?!!! Your presidential primate has been in office for roughly the last six years. Neocons nothing!

            • Slick One

              If major US cities were to be nuked a lots of housing project dwellers,career EBT,and welfare moochers could be culled.

      • Rodster

        I hope Putin kicks some ass just so Kerry and O’dumber and McShame eats some crow. Who would have thought I would ever cheer for the other side. Oh I know, after we’ve become what our founders warned us about.

        • Anonymous

          Hate to break it to you, but Putin, et al.are assets of the banking cartel. Nobody wins here.

          • Barn Cat

            I don’t think Putin is in their pocket but they know how to provoke him to do what they want. And what they want is World War 3.

            • sixpack

              If that was true, it would’ve already happened in SYRIA or IRAQ. Their problem is, THEY CAN’T PROVOKE PUTIN like they can our piece-kicking, board-shitting pigeon who thinks he’s king.

          • sixpack

            I think he’s having these problems, BECAUSE the banksters can’t bend him to their will or assassinate him. He would be peachy keen if he was cooperating with the NWO.

            • CWinOR

              Here’s a thought….and it might explain some of the otherwise schizophrenic looking behavior by world leaders: What if there’s more than one Banking Cartel?

              • jerrytbg

                Careful where ye tread… lest thee see the light…

          • Rodster

            If you mean the IMF/BIS Bankster cartel? I’m well aware of that. Be that as it may the Football season is over and I would love nothing more than to see a major ass kicking by Putin. Just entertainment is all I want. Maybe he can mess up Kerry’s hair in the process. 🙂

            • sixpack

              LOL, how can it be messed up any more than it is…oh wait, that’s his FACE…never mind. Somebody must’ve loosened the knot.

          • km

            Most people don’t understand that these so-called leaders of countries have bosses. They are all going by the script they have been given!!

            • jerrytbg

              Yes yes and yes… it’s all…well…you know.
              And only the beer is frothing… 🙂

      • 02

        Here is what it looks like: h ttp://

      • PO'd Patriot

        Yup Maudy and the DAX was down around 180ish. Copper is falling and the dollar index has been below the 80 threshold for four days outta five (79.53 earlier today)

        • db427

          I’ve heard that a lot lately, about the dollar index below 80. what does that mean exactly?

        • maudy frickett

          PO’d, I think the market would have gone a lot lower. It was really dropping fast. And then like magic, the hidden hand of the PPT reached in and stopped it.

      • Sasha

        I think this is a bit of exaggeration. Max 8.500 soldiers have been engaged in manoeuvres.

      • Mr. Blutarsky

        John Kerry just gave Russia a Monday deadline or there will be “serious” repercussions. That ought to stop them……..

        The EU won’t do ANYTHING because they need Russia for their gas & oil. They are completely beholden to Putin.

        • hammerhead

          Obama needs WW3 to keep from being impeached .
          I doubt it will be 6 mos after a war were to start that he and his cronies stage a coup and declare the US a communist state .
          Fully backed by Putins military on US soil.

          Sound like too much tinfoil ? dont doubt me .

          • BJ

            bo stage a coup? I always thought a coup was staged on/against a president? Not the other way around?

            • hammerhead

              Obama IS the coup .
              Cant you see it happening right now ?

              • hammerhead

                The rise in authoritarinism.
                The police state.
                The takeover of healthcare .
                The ever present NSA ?
                Choking regulation .
                Overreaching IRS.
                NDAA , TPP , and the empowerment of the UN over our own constitution.
                Gutting Americas military and nuclear disarmament?
                The endless attacks on gun rights ?
                Dont you see?
                Executive orders for whims ?
                Changing laws by fiat ?
                Obama IS currently staging a coup from WITHIN the US government. RIGHT NOW !
                Just wait till january 2015……..

                • Kulafarmer

                  I hope we dont get that far, IMHO i want the whole pile of shit to blow up in their faces,,,
                  Its time to feed the tree of liberty,,

                • Anonymous

                  Obama is a pussy– he ain’t doing nothing…except destroying the Constitution… oh, yeah, that sucks!

                  The point I was trying to make is its the neocons/puppetmasters who are pushing for WW3… Obama just can’t seem to pull the trigger… thankfully! (He keeps backing down!)

              • hammerhead

                Did i leave out the welfare state ?
                How bout the EPA ?
                Or maybe the deliberate economic destruction .
                Your electric bill will nessessarily skyrocket” ?
                Shutting down coal mining, oil drilling.
                And dont forget the deliberate social divison he has created by race , gender and class.
                Need more ?

                • 30cal

                  Hammerhead is right.

                • OutWest

                  You’re being vague, hammerhead.

                  Can you be a little clearer for
                  us sheeple, like, what about our
                  grazing rights, and limits on how
                  many times a year we get sheared?

                  And what about our Golden Fleece
                  Retirement Plan where we get to
                  eat all the alfalfa we can hold
                  and service all the ewes in a
                  heated barn in the winter. HUH?

                  And where’s our lifetime pasture
                  award for duty above and beyond…?

                  And just one other thing, what
                  the hell is a gyro??

              • BJ

                Yeah I see it and now I know what you meant. I wasn’t looking at it from that angle

          • Barn Cat

            Obama will never be impeached. The Repub and Demoncrat leadership is on the same side.

            • hammerhead

              We dont need them WE can do it for them .

              • Trent

                you first hammer

            • sixpack

              …and ALL OF THEM are scared of the NSA.

          • sixpack

            Obama might stage a coup, but it won’t be with Putin’s help.

            • hammerhead

              Why not ?
              Do you really think that they do not have a common goal?

              • sixpack

                No. You know why I don’t believe it? Because of all of the media rhetoric demonizing Putin, while trying to glorify oslummer. Whatever the NWO/LSM says, I believe the exact opposite.

                …not to mention that so far, Putin’s ACTIONS haven’t suggested otherwise.

                • hammerhead

                  I would not expect the MSM to promote putin.
                  But , the world is being divided by the largest powers .
                  Obama and Putin are in agreement on this .
                  Feel free to rub it in my face when i am wrong.
                  And i hope i am .

          • maddog

            Agree 100%

          • JayJay

            Sheriff Joe and Mike Zullo this month.
            Buckle your seatbelts.

            • CWinOR

              I wish. They’ve already been called wacko’s so many times they’ve now been marginalized to the point where nobody will believe them outside of folks like us. Even if “enough” everyday sheeple DID believe- so what? It still takes an owned Congress to impeach- and we don’t own it.

        • Kulafarmer

          Its arrogance and stupidity,
          The Russians hold the winning hand,
          If Russia, China, and all of their allies dump their US backed paper simultaneously the loss of confidence will kill the market regardless of whatever voodoo crap the fed trumps up.
          These idiots think they can do no wrong and are beyond reproach,
          A royal slap in the face and kick in the ass is in my opinion way overdue to teach these fuckers a lesson.
          The majority of the people are asleep and just accept whatever these tyrants dish out, using the excuse that theres nothing they can do so just go along to get along,,,
          Screw that crap is what i say,,

        • The Old Coach

          That’s the position for public consumption. Privately they’re booking a hotel room.

        • jerrytbg

          What kerry doesn’t understand is that this is NOT the Meacoppacong Delta and shoot himself in the ass and get a metal…

          • jerrytbg

            “and where he can….”


      • HD74Man

        We are on the brink of WW III, with the Ukraine as the match that lights the Molotov cocktail. And once the Russkie tanks roll; whose to say they’ll stop at the Ukrainian borders. Western Europe is now nothing more than a collective welfare rat hole doling out millions of Euros to legions of immigrant trash from former 3rd world colonies. And you can bet the reason for the Russian and Chinese military alliance pact and aggression is the perception that a weak, corrupt, and dysfunctional president is currently the US commander in chief of a completely divided US. End of the world as we know it. Time to lock and load.

      • Anonymous

        As Les (Les?) at said, the U.S. needs to sit the f… down and shut the f.. up!

        Paul Craig Roberts said the f… neocons actually believe we can win a nuclear war with Russia and have been pushing for it…

        Thankfully, Obama only goes so far and then backs down (thank God)… so far…

      • HTJ

        Yeah Maudy, until tomorrow when the market picks the 200 points back up, and adds a 100 for good measure like last week on this “news”

      • laeagle

        If you read the comments, you can pick out the Russian trolls very quickly. I can see them panting as they write their pro-Putin comments.

        I am surprised that so many have forgotten history. Putin and the Russian Commies are not to be trusted. We have sixth columnists in our midst. The trolls are creating straw-men in support of Putin and his machinations and designs for global hegemony, which are for real, very, very real! If you like the Iranians, the North Koreans, the Chavistas, the Syrians, etc., then keep silent and the trolls will do their work for you and perhaps soon you will be living under their rule.

        Watch the anti-American red thumb brigade come out in force.

        To be silent at a time like this when a little insignificant country like Ukraine is ready to be gobbled up by the Russian Bear is to support Communism, world tyranny and Fascism. The cold war never ended. Only the naive would believe otherwise. The communists are just as much a threat today as they ever were.

        Putin can swagger only so much. Pride goes before the fall!

        • HTJ

          LAEAGLE-so I guess YOUR faith and trust goes into thr AMERICAN commies then?

          Pro Obama, are we.

          Hows that change workin out for ya?

          • laeagle

            HTJ, Please get it straight. Obama does not equal America, American ideals, American work ethics, American values, etc. Obama’s father was a Kenyan communist and we don’t even know where the bastard Barak, in the real sense, was born. What did I write that made you think I am a communist. You probably are a Putin troll, provacateur, agitator. How is that hope and change workin out for you? You hate Obama so you hate America?

      • Frank N Stein

        If choosing the EU or Russia, Ukraine should pick Russia. At least the Ruskies are smart enough keep out Muslims. Immigration has done wonders for the EU. Parts of Russia have Muslims, but they are “encouraged” to stay in their areas.

    2. maddog

      Nothing to see here, go back to looking for disappearing airplanes and American idol.

      • Azam

        Sounds like america to me. They only care about what the news is pushing that day.

      • Ppod

        Well put! Whether it’s the government or Satan, Americans are so distracted and out of the game because of TV, the internet, gaming, etc. Spread the word! Wake up America! Things are NOT OK!!

    3. Socrates

      Like I said before…there is FAR too much at stake for either side to back down…and it fits PERFECTLY with the whole global monetary reset they need!

      Killing ‘2 birds with one stone’ has never been more concise for an analogy.

      • Henry Hoggins

        Thank you.

      • Mountain Trekker

        The world’s economy is in the pits, ain’t a world war what we need to get things straightened out. Not my thoughts, but TPTB. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

      • wrong

        No sweat. Ketchuphead will save the day. He’s been training for this for months now.

      • sixpack

        WE don’t have a dog in this fight—we have NOTHING AT STAKE in Ukraine, whatsoever…but our NWO masters do. They want those resources and some geography to park those NATO missiles on, right at Russia’s doorstep.

        Wise up.

    4. 82nd airborne.

      Putin has jumbo coconut balls. Pontus is a pussy. So you might as well rite off Crimea Putin is not giving it back no matter what the Eu or USA does. we have lost all credibility under this asshat.

      • 02

        There was no giving anything “back”, Russia has been controlling that port for 200 years.

        • 82nd airborne.

          I should have made that more clear. The ports will stay Russian no matter what.

          • ready down under

            And now for the news 97% (the sheeple, the other 3% being preppers) of the population of both our countries REALLY want to hear ….. Miley Cyrus was video’d today wiggling her bare ass in front of (insert any one of about 1,000 “celebrities” names here).


    5. Thinker

      And the citizens will be the collateral damage!

      • sixpack

        The Crimeans want to go back to Russia. It is the area under western/bankster/EU control that doesn’t.

        • hammerhead

          SIX – remember that these folks in Crimea have never had the expierience of true freedom.
          They are just “hedging” their bets as to whom will be the most benevolent dictator.
          We are spoiled in the US because we assume the right to liberty.
          Lets remember that WE reside in the ONLY country on this whole damn spinning blue ball that is even close to what we think is freedom .
          Lets not slip into the same thinking of , “well it could be worse ” .
          Somehow the folks in this country gotta get it together.

    6. hammerhead

      This is global theatre , Obama is playin right along with Putin on this .
      So is Putin gonna turn his back for Obama to go into Iran? Syria?
      Whomever is giving Obama his orders , has a plan .
      If the US lets Putin have Ukraine, whats the payoff?

      • Unreconstructed Southron

        Nothing for the US. A lot for Barry.

    7. DMONIC

      Who cares? We have enough to deal with here at home! Let the damn Europeans deal with something for a change!

    8. Indy Colts

      The vote is on Sunday and I believe this is a backup in case the protests try to spill into that region.

      • lena

        i second that. IMO, that border build up is the “or else”, as in give us crimea and that warm water port or else !

        i’m sure putin wants all of ukraine, but with the mess ukraine’s economy is and the ineptness of europe, the usa and their economies; putin probably just waits it out and let’s ukraine decide they’re better off with russia.

        everything economicially is getting worse the world over and obama’s cutting down the usa military in leaps and bounds; its just a matter of time before russia is sadly ukraines best option.

        • Kulafarmer

          Definitely the or else,,
          Its more like butt out or else IMO

    9. AmericanPatriot

      Thanks for the update. I have been hoping for some current news. Hitler did the same thing, said he would back down but then added more land one piece at a time until there is a full blown war…. which he (and obviously Putin now) was ready for.

    10. 1braveheart

      While I can sympathize with the Ukrainian people, this is not our fight, not our conflict. Monkeyboy needs to stay the f#$% out of this.

      • XYZ

        this is about Syria…backtrack the events.

      • Kulafarmer

        Yea, you get that, i get that, but when you have a bunch of these arrogant fucks with a superiority complex somehow running the country this is what we get!
        A bunch buttinskies doing what they do to try and make their mark in history!

    11. Indy Colts

      Someone explain to me why a vote to become a part of Russia is a problem. They are using democrazy to achieve the peoples will…. right?

      They just hate Russia because Putin is standing up to the NWO. I believe Putin needs to weigh the financial setback this will cause his country.

      • lena

        this will be no setback, use of sevastopol as a russian military base helps them have more influence in the med. sea and middle east.

        and if they get all of ukraine, those agriculture fields make europe even more dependent on russia.

        dumb old bush understood this, but glorious obama apparently couldnt be bothered to attend the meetings on things that dont affect him.

        what a waste of 8 years years we got going ! there’s nothing that isnt worse since he strolled in and graced the usa with his presence.

      • sixpack

        But like any TRUE Patriot who stands for the good of his country, Putin needs to resist the NWO, even if there is a “financial setback”. Would WE give up that easily…wait, never mind.

      • Mike

        Exactly Indy.

        The good ole US of A doesn’t like anyone else doing what we want the monopoly on.

    12. 02

      Well, time to check the sights on my rifles and maybe blast a song dog..

      • OutWest

        02 — didn’t know you were a ‘yote’ hunter.

        My best shot-700yds.
        Berger built 257 Weatherby.
        40x action, 28in. bbl., 18lbs.
        36x Leupold, 2oz trigger.
        90gr. BT @ 4300fps.

        Lightning bolt on a bipod.

        • wrong

          Wow! You best come over to my house this spring. We have those damn yelpers all over the place.

          • Warchild Damiit

            The coyotes and coywolves have free reign on my and different friends/family property including family 600 acres,they keep the balance of nature just fine.I would actually shoot anyone caught killing em on our properties,note I said our properties.I would just say poacher who threatened me with firearm.

            • OutWest

              Yeah well, the one I got yesterday
              was balancing out three pheasants
              in my sister-in-laws pens.

              The five that balanced out my dog
              last year won’t be a threat to any
              more pets this year.

              I’m also part of that balancing act.

            • 02

              You are an idiot, Killing humans over a mangy coyote? Please…

              • Warchild Dammit

                02,tis real simple,keep your mangy ass off of my/family/property folks want me to keep an eye out for em.What folks do on their property/properties with permission is none of my business.We allow hunting as realize folks need to feed families and could make a difference,what others see as a problem we see as part of our area.You feel it is alright for folks to kill anything they want to on your property is fine,stay the fuck off of mine thoughwithout permission you plan on killing critters.As for the folks who kept setting traps after warned/asked not to,the plasma cutter made short work of them.I was threatened about this and made clear a friend would even the count,which he would have.I am a man at the point with not much to lose,don’t fuck with me and my land/critters and of course will show the same respect to others and their land/critters.

                • Kulafarmer

                  People have no respect these days,
                  Poaching is poaching, you come on my land to take any game without my permission its called poaching!
                  No respect, see it over here all the time,
                  Idiots think they can go wherever they want and do whatever they want,,,

                • 02

                  YOU DON’T KILL PEOPLE FOR TRESPASSING or you go to prison. And just because they happen to be in between your fences they sure as hell are not yours. They are wild animals that don’t give a shit about boundaries and you laying claim to them is juvenile. But, I don’t go past signs and don’t hunt others land, that being said you throwing your “I will kill people” horseshit into the ring on my post was uncalled for. So in short, STFU tuff guy.

        • 02

          the 257 was Roy’s favorite. 0 to 400 yards-bang flop no hold over. Would love to have one, but the expense is a little too heavy as of yet. I took one with my 308 @ just under 500 a few years back. Longest for me but it sure impressed my brother. In the paper today they say we have 15 packs of wolves from Idaho here with over 50 individuals. THAT sucks!

          • Warchild Dammit

            You kill on my land you are not only potentially endangering me but others,those that do without permission will be treated with the same reception any armed folks invading property would be,you will be shot,tis simple.Seems every one here agrees govt. invading your property armed a bad thing but ok for individuals,fuck that noise!Legalities a easy thing when armed intruders on your land,though at that point not worried about legalities.

    13. Drifter

      Someone posted links to alternative media on this site a few days ago. Could you please post them again to this story. Much needed at this time.


    14. baracalypse

      Putin is playing chess while Oblamo cheats at checkers.

    15. anonymous

      The Group of 7 Industrialized nations led by President Obama and UK Prime Minister David Cameron responded to the show of force by threatening action bilateral action. What the hell? Action bilateral action? What? Are money is fiat, the Russians are not stupid they have us by the balls. We can’t do anything, Let them have it. It’s not our business and we don’t need them. Let our petrodollar keep working in the middle east. At least for a while until most of us who knows this are prepared and far away from America when it does finally collapse, and that might be sooner than later. So sorry for all the dummies that are saving their cash in the banks and IRA’s and 401K’s. You would be better off taking that cash and going to South America and buying a farm over there and staying the hell out of Ameribabylon.

      • Kulafarmer


    16. Mountain Trekker

      Read in the bible about ungodly people that sacrificed their babies. Glad we’re not that barbaric! Did I mention, I read in my MO. Right to Life, that Abortions in the U.S. are on the decline, we now murder only “3000” unborn babies per week. Quite an improvement, Huh! Trekker Out. God Have Mercy!

    17. Mountain Trekker

      If I may correct my above comment, don’t want to sound to optmistic that should have read 3000 unborn babies murdered per day. Trekker Out.

    18. Mark McBee

      WWIII is coming near you.

      • lena

        sure looks like its setting up, russia elbowing around in europe and china feeling a bit pushy in the far east; but obama is going to be dragged into it kicking and screaming. he gives it up faster than a university of texas sorority girl.

        but thats a sure fire way to say you need to stay in office and finish wrecking the usa.

        • sixpack

          Nah, he’s gonna let hillary do that for him…it will be her turn, ya know.

    19. maddog

      A little off topic but I thought someone might be interested in Ocommie giving amnesty to all illegal aligns who claim to be relatives of veterans.
      The link:

      In addition the push is on for transvestites acceptance into the military. This includes medical treatments to insure their bodies match the feeeeeelings they have in their minds. Yippy

    20. tired of ny bs

      Only shoot yotes singing praises of illustrious leader

    21. KY Mom

      Earthquake in Japan
      M6.3 – 13km N of Kunisaki-shi, Japan

      USGS dot gov

      • Be informed

        @ KY Mom. Not a major quake in Japan, but showing tension is buidling on the plates in the Pacific. Watch that area in the Pacific Northwest. Watch for quakes NOT on the plate boundaries. This shows energy being transferred away from a future break. The USGS map you can zoom in on to let you see this clearer.

    22. BJ

      Mac said, “It should be clear by now that Russia will never, ever give up Crimea.

      Crimea, for all intents and purposes, is now lost to the west.”


      • OutWest


        To put it another way:

        Russia will never give up Crimea.

        The West has no chance of any take over there.

        • BJ

          Then it CAN’T be lost to the West

      • lonelonemum

        Everyone should read that article Satori just linked to.

        1000 thumbs up, even if I don’t like the conclusions I draw from it.

        A return to the age of feudalism may be the best case scenario for our Grandchildren, and the Georgia Guide stones suddenly become much more frightening.

        “what happens when the 1% no longer need or fear us?”

    23. Barn Cat

      The globalists want World War III. We almost had it last fall in Syria. Dave Hodges has talked about a false flag attack prior to World War III. The reason is that the America people don’t want war. So what would it be? A nuclear, chemical, or biological attack? Or an attack on our power grid? I have to think something has to happen before WW3.

      • PO'd Patriot

        Maybe a Malaysian jet liner making the delivery……..

    24. Kulafarmer

      I just love how MSM tries to block people out of the comments if they dont like your views,,,
      Bunch of freakin commie basturds

      • hammerhead

        YEA KULA , go read all my posts on “climate change ” and
        Agenda 21 that i posted to MSNBC . HAHAHAHAHAHA
        But i’m sure it is just a “glitch” .

        • 1braveheart

          Hammerhead and Kulafarmer, before I first came to this site back in May 2012, I got kicked off a bunch of MSM sites. will kick you off faster than any of them. Glitch? Ain’t no way, Jose!

    25. Satori

      put on yer tinfoil hats kids
      it’s gonna be a bumpy ride

      20 Passengers From Missing Malaysia Flight Were DOD Employees Involved In Electronic Warfare & Weapons That Can “Cloak” Or Make Planes Invisible

      Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Flew for About Four Hours Past Last Confirmed Location

      “At one briefing, according to this person, officials were told investigators are actively pursuing the notion that the plane was diverted “with the intention of using it later for another purpose.”

      • Warchild Dammit

        So that is it,the plane made invisible and landed safely though just not seen,could be a happy ending yet.

    26. Satori

      off topic

      but more on the BUBBLE known as “fracking”

      drill baby drill

      ha ha ha too funny

      How the Kings of Fracking Double-Crossed Their Way to Riches

      The Crocodiles of Reality

      “We can begin with the fracking bubble, that misbegotten brat fathered by Wall Street’s love of Ponzi schemes on Main Street’s stark terror of facing up to the end of the age of cheap abundant energy.”

      • Kulafarmer

        What really sucks about fracking is it is contaminating ground water all over the place,,,
        Just fucking dumb if you ask me,
        Humans ARE the most destructive species, destroy their own habitat,,
        Buncha dummies.

    27. Be informed

      There just had another earthquake on the Juan de Fuca plate below the western bottleneck of plate. This 5.2 off the coast of Oregon worries me. It was not on the plate boundaries between the Juan de Fuca and Pacific and this shows tension where one would expect if the plate was getting ready to go. This ine a hour ago ups the chances of the Cascadia fault breaking. IF you start to see earthquake on the plate boundaries then all should be safe for awhile. Having earthquakes away from the faultine is a sign something is gaining pressure.

      Foreshocks 95% of the time DON’T hit before a major earthquake because they are so locked tight. You will see earthquake AWAY from the source of a future break. This quake today is showing some of this. Watch the plate boundaries up there. Get more of these quakes like today, and the chances of a mega quake increases much with each one of these that is above about 4.5.

      The missing plane probably has been hijacked and taken somewhere in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia or other terrorist friendly country. The plane was flying for at least 5 hours. The fuel tanks could let it go 10000+ miles. You can land an airliner this size on hardpan type of desert dried up lake bed. Anyone that has been out in the desert knows that these very flat areas could easily let anything airplane safely land on it. No runway needed. Terrorists could be planning to use this airplane in the future for an attack. The hostages would be extremely valuable.

      That engine was still transmitting for hours after it disappeared. After the landing gear is deployed the transmission stops. Landing gear as in landing at some site and then being hidden. This would all be at night.

      It could have even followed another airline into some landing strip and without a transponder working all anyone would have seen was a radar blip, could be birds. This, the taking of an airliner and hiding it somewhere, is the only reasonable scenario right now that seems to fits the puzzle.

      • Satori

        I’ve posted this once before
        but it bears repeating in light of recent events

        A potent threat of major earthquake off California’s northern coast,0,2124861.story#axzz2vpsyiF8q

        “The Cascadia subduction zone is less known than the San Andreas fault, which scientists have long predicted will produce The Big One. But in recent years, scientists have come to believe that the Cascadia is far more dangerous than originally believed and have been giving the system more attention.”

        What a 9.0 earthquake could do to California, Oregon, Washington

        anybody who lives in this region
        NEEDS to be prepared
        it’s not a matter of if
        but of when and how bad

        • Be informed

          @ Satori. The Cascadia can actually get up to the level of the 1964 Alaskan earthquake, maybe a little bit more at 9.3. The San Andreas if it broke also, all of it, this could be a 8.9, tops 9.0. Imagine a 9.2 mega thrust and then a 8.9 strike slip. Could happen. What do I think will happen? 9.1 on the Cacadia and a 8.2 on the Central and Southern San Andreas. Though this could be underestimated. I think the Northern San Andreas will break later, but it could go together with the south and central. The northern portion is due to go, but nothing like the central and especially the south San Andreas. There is something building, this is indicating from all the precursor earthquake activity.

      • Socrates

        Pretty much what I said earlier. If wreckage *does* somehow turn up somewhere, you can bet it was staged there!

        US investigators think that Malaysian Airlines flight 370 remained airborne for four more hours after vanishing from its last recorded position – raising the startling prospect the plane could have been hijacked.

        Officials suspect that the plane flew for a total of five hours based on data automatically downloaded from the Boeing 777’s Rolls Royce engines and sent back to the ground as part of a routine monitoring program.

        US counter-terrorism teams are now pursuing the astonishing possibility that the plane and its 239 passengers were diverted to an undisclosed location ‘with the intention of using it later for another purpose’.

        • Leslie Anne

          The plane was heading to China. Any possibility it was loaded with gold? That would give a reason to steal the plane, too.

        • Be informed

          @ Socrates. The airplane has a fuel capacity of being able to fly over 8000 miles. IF the plane flew for 5 hours then it could land anywhere in a 3225 mile range. It could have flown a lot longer and we are not be told the truth, of course. The World Almanac gives the typical cruising speed of 645 MPH. If you take a line from the point in which it disappeared then you can say the plane could have made it easily to the following locations:

          Sri Lanka
          Eastern Yemen
          North Korea
          New Guinea

          A little bit further but maybe within range:

          Everyone keeps saying you need a runway to land that plane. NOT TRUE. You just need flat hard ground. Remember when you are flying to the west from dark skies it stays dark when you land. People would not have noticed something, especially out in the boondocks somewhere. Anything can be covered up or put into some warehouse. It would be re-painted and maybe even covered with some sort of crude stealth material to absorp radar to be used later for a terror attack. This would be a reason why these characters would keep it as quiet as possible. The hostages would be an additional “bonus” to all this.

          It sure seems like someone took this plane somewhere. IF this happened I could bet that one of the above locations is where the plane and passengers would be at. The direction, IF this is correct when it turned I would say Sri Lanka, Yemen, Pakistan, or maybe Somalia.

      • White Fox

        Until something comes up suggesting otherwise, I too am convinced there is a likelihood the Malaysia 777 was hijacked, based on connecting the recent developments from the last few days. The jet disappeared in the South China Sea at 1:20am, transponder disabled (but would still be seen on primary radar), and was thought to have made a turn. On March 12 it’s reported that at least nine witnesses on the ground from several towns and villages have said they saw or heard a plane with beacon lights on flying low over near the Malaysia-Thailand border between 1:30-1:45am. Malaysian military radar also reports tracking a possible plane moving west of Malaysia towards Indonesia before losing it at 2:40am in the Strait of Malaaca. Yesterday it was reported the jet’s Rolls-Royce engines were still transmitting data for four hours after its vanishing. If this is our missing plane, it was still in the air for hours after disappearing.

        -White Fox

    28. Hillbilly in Ok.

      Putin doesn’t strike me as the kind of man that want’s only half of anything. He has flat out said that the “NEW” government in Ukraine is a sham and he will install the rightful elected president soon. He has backed his words with action and the US government just keeps waging there finger at him saying “you better not” Ya Putin is waging a finger at US as well his middle finger that is.

    29. Rick

      It is jewish Purim this weekend.

    30. Leslie Anne

      I’m enjoying Putin beotch-slapping the guy currently occupying the White House 🙂

      • 1940justme

        yup, Obama and Kerry have let their battleship mouths overload their rowboat asses

        • Kulafarmer

          Thats a pretty funny one,,
          Unfortunately for us these idiots have a superiority complex coupled with a lack of common sense.

    31. kynase


      I noticed the same thing about that quake. Question…I am aware that if the Cascadia fault breaks of decent size, this could have devastating effects to the coast line. However, Would a large break in the Cascadia cause the San Andreas to go? I am aware that they are different types of faults, but was just wondering with the amount of pressure that is arguably built up in the S.A. Fault already, if a domino effect would occur. Would love your thoughts on this.

      • Be informed

        @ kynase. In 1700 the Cascadia fault went off. At around this time, within weeks, months or years the southern San Andreas DID BREAK. Just like in 1812 when the central San Andreas broke so did the New Madrid. You bet they are connected. It has longed been thought that the San Andreas is waiting for the Cascadia fault to go off. Like a piece of broken glass stopping the twisting action of a bottle cap trying to twist off is the Cascadia fault holding back the San Andreas from moving to the northwest.

        An earthquake on the Cascadia fault could release that blockage and allow the San Andreas to go like back in 1700. A violent push from the south could also set off the San Andreas. The San Andreas has three parts. One that runs from about Mexico to about Wrightwood, the central part from Wrightwood to Parkfield, then there is a type of buffer zone called a creep zone, and the northern part of this runs all the way from here past San Francisco to the ocean up to the Juan de Fuca plate.

        The Southern San Andreas is absolutely ready to break and will highly likely continue to break to the Central part. 8.1 to 8.4 size. IF there is enough momentum is could continue to break beyond this creep zone and continue to the north. If this happens it would reach above the massive strike slip quake that was 8.7 or 8.6 last year west of Indonesia. In Japan for example faults in sections like this DO break their entirely every several hundred years or so.

        A sudden release of the Cascadia fault could be the catalyst to this happening. All of a sudden you would have the earthquake starting in the south and this pressure release in the north and thus the whole thing goes. Mega thrust faults have vertical and horizontal size to them, strike slips which is the San Andreas is mostly horizontal. The larger the earthquake magnitude corresponds to just how much land mass moves and of course how violently it moves. You could have a 8.9 to 9.2 on the Cascadia fault, then something in the high 8 range on the San Andreas. The amount of devastation of this would be incredible. Yes, it is quite possible as in the past these faults do break closely together.

        After the strike slip mega quake went off in Indoensia within a week there was several earthquakes all over the Pacific and Australia plate region. WHEN the Cascadia goes it will likely set off the San Andreas. The time frame could be years, but likely weeks or less. Also the San Andreas could set off the Cascadia. The push from the south of the Cascadia fault from the San Andreas could certainly cause it to break. Don’t forget about the New Madrid either like in 1812. These faults can set off each other in all sorts of combinations.

        • kynase

          BI- Thanks for the insight…I assumed as much but was curious as to your take. 🙂 THANKS!!!!

    32. NC joe

      quickly tucked his tail between his legs

      For someone who screams about unconstitutional acts, you do not know the constitution. Obama did what he was constitutionally bound to do, seek congressional approval for military action. Your ignorance is really showing here. Besides, if Obama had ordered military action in Syria, you would screaming to the high heavens about his unconstitutional actions. You fail to mention that his actions ultimately led to the removal of chemical weapons from Syria with Russia taking custody of them. You really should rely on verifiable facts a little more and your delusions and prejudices otherwise, you just look stupid.

      • slingshot

        NC Joe

        Only a small amount of chemical weapons has been turn over to Russia Something like 4-6 percent.

      • 1braveheart

        ncjoe, f#$% you! We do know the constitution, you stupid mofo. You’re the one who is full of delusions and prejudices. Go f#$% yourself!

    33. Waiting in Idaho

      Ukraine was getting ready to default on 30+ Billion in loans from EU banks/IMF. The old president went to Putin for cover. US CIA/Euro bankers staged the riots including sniper fire on protesters to install west leaning govt, thus insuring loans will be repaid. Putin sees opportunity to re-establish Russian Empire while hurting western interests (banks). Big win for Putin, at no cost, big loss for Obutthead/(banks). Hope O doesn’t overplay his hand or we end up with WWIII. Kerry promised a billion in loans and Ukraine wants weapons from US. What possibly could go wrong? Keep your heads down.

      • posseecom



    34. Satori

      I’m a big subscriber to views of The Fourth Turning


      “With ten to fifteen years likely remaining in this Fourth Turning Crisis, people familiar with generational turnings can’t help but ponder what will happen next. Linear thinkers, who constitute the majority, mistakenly believe things will magically return to normal and we’ll continue our never ending forward human progress. Their ignorance of history and generational turnings that recur like the four seasons will bite them in the ass. We are being flung forward across the vast chaos of time and our existing social order will be transformed beyond recognition into something far better or far worse. The actual events over the coming decade are unknowable in advance, but the mood and reactions of the generational archetypes to these events are predictable. The actions of individuals will matter during this Fourth Turning. The majority are trapped in their propaganda induced, techno distracted stupor of willful ignorance. It will take a minority of liberty minded individuals, who honor the principles of the U.S. Constitution and are willing to sacrifice their lives, to prevail in the coming struggle.”

      “There is no possibility the existing establishment can be purged through the ballot box”

      vote whichever way you like !
      not gonna fix one thing

      ““Eventually, all of America’s lesser problems will combine into one giant problem. The very survival of the society will feel at stake, as leaders lead and people follow. The emergent society may be something better, a nation that sustains its Framers’ visions with a robust new pride. Or it may be something unspeakably worse. The Fourth Turning will be a time of glory or ruin.” – Strauss & Howe – The Fourth Turning

    35. mo ridge runner

      I see it’s another beautiful day in the neighborhood! Just waiting to see what the spark is that justifies all these years of covering my family’s six. And honestly there’s a few people I just want to say told you so! Hang on boys and girls it’s going to be a bumpy ride! Damn I was hoping I was wrong.

    36. maudy frickett

      Strange stuff. The price of a barrel of oil reversed course and started to drop pretty quick in the last few days. Now the MSM says that we had been importing oil from Russia. Obama stopped the imports from Russia, and released oil from our reserves that matches the amount we import from Russia. And so it begins.

      • Warchild Dammit

        Maudy,my pack of openers came in,10 p-38’s and 10 p-52’s,as said made by Shelby.Will wait till paw heals till i try em but believe am leaning towards the 50 ‘s as I have big paws.Sure,in a trying time would rather the 38 over nothing,anyhow,gonna keep some and hand some out to friends.

        • Kulafarmer

          I have a bunch of the 50s
          They work better on regular canned food, the old 38s were made for the old school MREs
          Miss those things,,,
          When i was a kid someone gave my dad a pallet of those things, ate them for years when out working or hunting,,, used to have that little pack of cigarettes in em,,,
          Miss those days of doing what you like,
          Now we are being squeezed from all sides it seems, disgusting, my GF doesnt get why im so angry about it,, thats the difference between 50 and 36

    37. Charley Waite

      Damn, if they weren’t speaking Slavic languages, I would have sworn that was a traffic stop in Connecticut.

      • Warchild Dammit

        Charlie,just waite(OK,lame pun on handle),believe there is a good chance you might be seeing that real soon,gonna get interesting then.

    38. eppe

      I hope I am not too early….


      Diamond D’s brothel began construction on an expansion of their building to increase their ever-growing business. In response, the local Baptist church started a campaign to block the business from expanding with morning, afternoon, and evening prayer sessions at their church.

      Work on Diamond D’s progressed right up until the week before the grand reopening when lightning struck the whorehouse and burned it to the ground!
      After the cat-house was burned to the ground by the lightning strike, the church folks were rather smug in their outlook, bragging about “the power of prayer.”

      But late last week ‘Big Jugs’ Jill Diamond, the owner/madam, sued the church, the preacher and the entire congregation on the grounds that the church “was ultimately responsible for the demise of her building and her business, either through direct or indirect divine actions or means.”

      In its reply to the court, the church vehemently and voraciously denied any and all responsibility or any connection to the building’s demise.

      The crusty old judge read through the plaintiff’s complaint and the defendant’s reply, and at the opening hearing he commented, “I don’t know how the hell I’m going to decide this case, but it appears from the paperwork, that we now have a whorehouse owner who staunchly believes in the power of prayer, and an entire church congregation that thinks it’s all bulls**t

      • 1braveheart

        Eppe, you’re better than SNL. Keep it coming.

    39. Neches

      Anyone else on here think that checkpoint video is fraudulent or intentionally provoked? Why’d the cameraman run away? Why’d the scuffle begin in the first place? ID’s were asked for, began to be presented, then one of the cameramen take off running… even after being told “stand still or I’ll shoot to kill”.

      Honestly I was waiting for that kill shot, anyone who’s held or worked a security post/checkpoint would have shot without hesitation. Yet… no shots fired? For all I know the dude running just dropped off a bomb.

    40. Stew Pedaso

      Been clinching my butt cheeks since the 80’s…maybe some action on the horizon? The whole world has gone soft I swear, if you where born 100 years ago and met yourself today I promise you; you would beat the living shit out of yourself.

    41. posseecom

      This is nothing more than check/checkmate by the world powers as they are being played by their financiers..

      If the sparks fly,there will be death on both sides,the banks a win/win no matter what the outcome..and of course after the dust has settled..hundreds or thousands will be led to slaughter over another game..

      Just wait til the nation infrastructure machines move in and then the banks to clean up as always..

      Rinse repeat rinse repeat..

      How fucking disgusting it all is..

      Of course half of you will root for the blue team and the other half for the red team…

      Damned sheep..

      Fools all..


    42. Risky Whiskey

      I’m thinking that right about now the CIA and CFR’s sock puppet in the White House regrets the life-plan they set up for him…

      Because of corporate cronyism and bankster billionaire-chosen frauds occupying the highest offices in the land; America is now so devoid of real leadership I shudder to think of what news tomorrow will bring.

      Buy-up the basics now people; and shorten your list of contacts before Putin dumps the dollar and China follows suit.

    43. rhino709

      I think it is important to remember.. Those who do not know their history are doomed to repeat it. Remember that on 30 September 1938 Neville Chamberlain claimed that he had spoke with Adolf Hitler and there would be peace in our time. One year later Germany invaded Poland and started World War Two. In 1994 Ukraine signed a treaty with Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States to uphold its borders. Now Russia wants its territory back? Sounds a lot like the 1930’s Germany to me.

      • tayronachan

        Russia lost over 20 million people fighting the Nazis. I don’t think they appreciate the US helping get neo-Nazi/fascists in power in Ukraine. We started this mess.

    44. Ted Kennedy


      I need another two cases this year of Okie Homie Stink Bait for employee give away this spring. I’ll try the three cheese behind the ear style. Aged would be better so long as I can get a stick into it.

      Tell ups man to mind the sign “Do not knock on door” “Night shifter” Keeps the burglars guessing…

    45. Sgt. Dale

      I know I’m going to get thumbs down on this, but that is why have this forum.
      Look back at history Hitler did the same thing in the 1930’s that Putin is starting to do now. A little land here, a little land there then World War.
      Hitler took over several countries claiming that they are German. Putin is now taking over counties claiming that they are Russian.
      The last time we stood down it took an attack on Pearl to get us into the war. (whether it was a sneak attack or not is for another time)
      Should we get involved I THINK NOT for now. The problem is we don’t have a Commander Chief with any balls and Putin knows that.
      I’m going to keep Praying that nothing happens. I think we all should PRAY, because WW3 will have NUKES used.

      • Ted Kennedy

        Three words for the truth:

        USS Indianapolis CA-35

      • laeagle

        @ Sgt. Dale, I am with you. I am concerned about what is happening overthere. Folks have been trying to compare what Putin is doing with what the US has done. There really is no comparison unless you are a Putin supporter and a Russian 5th Columnist. You are absolutely right with your comparison. Someone needs to stand up to this Bully. I don’t think we have anyone in the West who has the balls to stand up to him and if a war, WWIII gets started, for sure it will be with reluctance on the part of the West. I agree that this is a time for fasting and praying, we are on the brink, it may not happen by Monday, but like those little herald earthquake swarms, it looks like the big one may be coming soon. Now is still the time for prepping for those who have not done so. Pray, prepare, prep! ASMS! Thanks Sgt.

    46. swinging richard

      Send Joe Biden over with his shotgun. A warning shot in the air will clear up this mess. All kidding aside, the logistics of another war is not what we need now.

    47. arizona dude

      Maybe a possibility that Snowden tipped off the russians a few months ago regarding the west’s moves to place more anti ballistic missles aroung russia including maybe some other intelligence the average us citizen is not aware of. The Russian are dead serious to the point that they would nuke the U.S. should this get out of hand. They’re pissed about what they found out the west was up to.

    48. doc

      nice how the russian thugs spoke english so well isnt it?

    49. Hneer

      The East Haven one was the one that threated to kick in John Cinques door and takr his guns… actuully said he could not wait to be given the order.


      Public records show this:

      Joseph J Peterson
      111 Borrmann Rd
      East Haven, CT
      Age: 45-49

      Nice place huh?

      Was an East Haven Cop before Branford. East Haven just had cops go to jail over violating civil rights.
      They were called “The Bullies with Badges” and he fir right in in that Dept I imagine.

      Here is who he is. ALL public info readily available on the net. Typical Nazi looking cop.

      Now also in CT they had that other one, LT Paul Vance, who told the woman “I am the master” …….remember HIM?
      Yup, that guy. The one who also threatened to jail anyone posting info about Sandy Hook at one point.
      He is also public record and available on many public domain websites, like this one: where that other Peterson was listed:
      Paul P Vance
      24 Bonna St
      Beacon Falls, CT
      Age: 60-64
      Then just cruise on over to zillow to see his digs:

      Only worth 1/2 a million. Living in squalor, the MASTER is.

      Pas this around like the list of Politicians was passed around. They know where WE are, why not the other way around. It *IS* publicly available info after all.

      I’ve written to both and expressed my disappointment in them and the system.

      Maybe 50,000 people should do the same.

      This info was form and

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