Entire US Cyber Network Is Already Compromised: “It Is Shocking That US Citizens Are Not In An Uproar Over How Exposed They Are As a Nation”

by | Jul 10, 2016 | Headline News | 53 comments

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    This report was originally published by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge


    Hillary Clinton’s emails and server misconduct are the least of our worries. The fact that her server was receiving files that passed through or originated on the State Department servers is enough to know she exposed her private system to hackers. The US system is/was/has been compromised, for years, since before Hillary tapped in her new network. Michael McCaul, a Texas Congressman and Chairman of The House Committee On Homeland Security called Clinton “careless” and said she “potentially did harm” to national security. Earlier this week McCaul said this:

    One thing is clear from FBI Director Comey’s announcement today—Secretary Clinton was not fully honest in her representation of her use of email to the American people. She was careless with classified and sensitive information and potentially did harm to the United States and our national security. Secretary Clinton will still have to answer to and be held accountable by the American people.

    Congressman McCaul has good reason to think that way. According to his website, the Congressman has been:

    • The Chief of Counter Terrorism & National Security in the US Attorney’s office, TX
    • The Led on a Joint Terrorism Task Force charged with detecting, deterring and preventing terrorist activity,

    Recall FBI Director Comey commenting …we asses it is possible that hostile actors gained access to Secretary Clinton’s personal email account“.  With that in mind, listen carefully to this 2011 comment from Michael McCaul, Chairman of the US House of Representatives Committee on Homeland Security speaking at a Cyber Security roundtable hosted by the Council on Foreign Relations (comment at 52:08) in which he responds to a question saying:

    This is what keeps you up at night…the intellectual theft is awful and espionage, but the cyber warfare piece can be, the consequences far more damaging than a one-to-two man ISIS operation in the United States. This could literally bring down, you know, the energy grid, you know, the banking institutions, I mean, the stock exchange…cause chaos and enormous damage. I would argue they’ve [foreign governments] infiltrated many of our data systems already and can turn the switch off. That’s the power that they have.

    Allow us to repeat that one more time for dramatic effect for that is a heavily weighted comment buried an hour into a video with only 4,319 views:

    This could literally bring down, you know, the energy grid, you know, the banking institutions, I mean, the stock exchange…cause chaos and enormous damage. I would argue they’ve [foreign governments] infiltrated many of our data systems already and can turn the switch off. That’s the power that they have.”

    That’s huge! When Hillary began transferring files and connecting emails with the State Department system, she was already compromised. No matter how she felt, what she thought, nothing matters. The open US system is likely why Marcel Lazar, aka Guccifer, said Hillary’s server “was like an open orchid on the Internet.

    Mind you, as we reported in May, Lazar had been focusing on US political actors for some time:

    Lazar was indicted in 2014 on nine felony charges stemming from his alleged hack into the emails of several prominent Americans, including former Secretary of State Colin Powell, a relative of former President George W. Bush and George H.W. Bush, and former Clinton adviser Sidney Blumenthal. A set of Blumenthal’s emails were published online in 2013, disclosing a private email address Clinton used. She later changed the address.

    What is concerning is that the breached systems, thus far, have only been “patched”, like a pothole being covered up. The US and other unsuspecting nations, have made it easy to hack their systems and execute unauthorized directives.  In response there appears to be a focus on whether blockchain will be the answer we all are looking for when it comes to verified security around transmission of messages. As Zero Hedge detailed just last month, Blythe Masters is hard at work using HyperLedger as a way to embed herself into the new central banking messenger platform. What we said:

    The SWIFT rebuild will likely require the insights of an outlet such as Hyper Ledger, run by longtime Zero Hedge CDS and commodity trading icon, Blythe Masters. Hyper Ledger works with a consortium of organizations and corporations tasked with developing systems to offer protection for messages sent between the world’s central banks, which will be based on blockchain technology. A rebuild is still likely 2 years away according to well-placed Zero Hedge sources, which opens new concerns about the current integrity of the SWIFT platform and what problems may be lurking within it that we have yet to discover. The question that remains unanswered currently is: Who still has access to the central banking SWIFT system and is capable, right now, of monitoring message flow between institutions? Something to keep in mind as the EU experiment unravels.

    Good question: Who still has access to the central banking SWIFT system and is capable, right now, of monitoring message flow between institutions? Again, we cannot stress this enough, according to Michael McCaul, Chairman of the US House of Representatives Committee on Homeland Security, our cyber systems are already compromised beyond our control. That is scary! We have mass global hacking going on and in the US, the very systems that support the US citizen’s day-to-day existence, are believed to be compromised by the Chairman of the US House of Representatives Committee on Homeland Security.

    The US is so far behind their adversaries it is shocking that US citizens are not in an uproar over how exposed they are as a nation. Many of us are aware of the typical response to a slow WiFi, screaming and smashing things wondering “why isn’t this connecting faster!?”. Imagine the vacuum that would form around the US workforce skills-set if they could not use Google Search for a day, let alone weeks, months, or years, because the US power grid was taken down in a coordinated attack and Google’s service couldn’t reach the end user. Imagine if Citadel had no way to power their orders?  Armageddon.

    It is time the US citizens stop armchair quarterbacking government through mainstream media cues and begin utilizing the resources available to them to get ahead of the game. The global population would be wise to gather a better understanding of the risks surrounding the Internet of Things and full automation (emails, news, Tesla cars, coffee, etc). Knowing what Michael McCaul thinks about American cyber security protection brings an entire new perspective to the Hillary Clinton email case.

    No matter what we learn about Hillary’s fate, the simple fact that the US systems are already compromised means Hillary’s server was exposed the entire time and more importantly, the entire nation continues to leave the back open for cyber-attacks. The only question remaining is…those hackers that are in the US systems already, why are they waiting to “turn the switch off”?

    For more breaking news, financial commentary and geo-political analysis visit Zero Hedge.


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      1. First off, I kinda like electricity, internet, living indoors.

        Hope that it does not happen for a while…

        Be well all…

        • Indeed Eppe… I like electricity too 🙂

          That our core cyber infrastructure which maintains the power grid, water utilities, gas refineries, etc. has been compromised is not a question… China and Russia have already mapped the entire network, I believe.

          However, I think we have done exactly the same to their networks… It’s a mutually assured destruction kind of thing.

          I believe at some point someone, somewhere clicks the red button, but hopefully, as you noted, that doesn’t happen for a while.

          But it’s definitely a consideration that should be part of any preparedness plan.

          • All of this world chaos, is designed to throw human societies into chaos, where many will die. Its all about Population Reduction. Fascist Corporations Poison Million of people each year. Like GMO’s in foods, and don’t get me started on Vaccines which poison people to death.

            Here watch this Vid. ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=spnEaO3yumk ~Bayer Corp pulled their products off the shelves in the US for being tainted with Aids Virus, then shipped this same pulled product over seas to other countries, knowing it was tainted with Aids and was designed for children, and hemophiliacs. The Countries Leaders are in on this Corruption. Keep in mind every product you consume from a Large Manufactures is subject to Tainted products.

            Do your best to get off the GRID in every way possible to Miss their Runaway Train set to kill you.


          • Mac, that’s why I say everyday is an opportunity. Regardless of all the comments, opinions, complaints and whatever else, I fully believe that someone will “hit the switch” at some point. I believe it’s in the plans and it’s a done deal. Having said all that, to me, it ain’t hard to figure out what needs done. For me, it’s getting my affairs in order that I’m able to take care of my family. Keeping us all fed and healthy best I can will be so difficult but I’m not interested in the alternative. According to my beliefs, things will get better at some point. Faith and perserverance.
            Stay quiet Be smart.

          • Thank you Mac for a place to bounce ideas off each other.
            With all the world getting crazy, I have been going through my BOB.
            Been thinking outside the box, and it might be a good thing to add a few bottles of ‘5 hour energy’ to your bag, I did.
            It is only a 10 mile trek for me, but things happen where you might need some pick up energy to get home.
            Just throwing it out there, who knows…

            • Eppe, uh, I keep hearing those “5-hour energy” drinks give people heart attacks. Might want to reconsider those. I keep bottled water and Gatorade in my BOB. I’ll be back in GA next weekend.

              • BH, I know what you mean, it is for emergencies. But I have also read where certain Gatoraid products will mess up teenagers also. Research it, shoot it seems everything out there will hurt someone, it is moderation in everything one does…
                We live in a precarious world, be careful all…

                • Gatoraid?? What’s wrong with Gatoraid???

                  If I’m working outside all day in this heat and humidity I will drink it to keep the leg cramps away at bedtime.

                  If I don’t, I’ll pay for it around 1am. 🙁

                  • The mineral your body needs to prevent leg cramps and restless legs is Calcium. Calcium absorption requires Magnesium and Vitamin D. I was a professional athlete and used a supplement of 1000mg Calcium Citrate, 500mg Magnesium Citrate and 400IU Vitamin D 3-4 times a day for more than 20 years. Much healthier than Gatorade.

              • second ingredient is HFCS… energy drinks are pure poison.
                The HFCS high fructose corn syrup( concentrated GMO extract basicly.)
                Lab made ingredients instead of naturally sourced.. Yup energy drinks are bad news. I would drink urine first.. Lol

          • Mac and Eppe, I hope we can keep these things for a while longer, but for the moment it appears questionable. No telling how many different groups have already hacked into our grid and are awaiting the signal from the globalists for “Lights Out”, which I just finished reading again a little while ago. That and “One Second After” are very plausible scenarios. I need to get a copy of “One Year After” and see what that one is like.

        • This YouTube video will be Valuable for you:

          This YouTube video might save you from being arrested:
          This Lady is a well spring of understanding, easy on eyes, and very smart.
          “Katherine Albrecht: Windows 10 Is Full Blown Electronic Tyranny”
          If you have an interest in the information in this posted article at SHTFplan.
          Then visit Bruce’s site that offers real information and is fun, in a geek way.
          Bruce Schneier is reliable and mind opening in the articles subject area.
          Bruce offers up the real deal. Not Fear porn.
          No Atheist in foxholes. I’d start praying to Christian God and dust off that bible.
          I’d also get Squared away Physically-Mentally-Spiritually. You also Might want to leave USA? Seems like the USA/Euro Politicians/Bankers want another World War.
          I’m NOT a fan of Radiation-Blast-Fire-No civilization, not to mention Death.
          That will be outcome of moron USA/Euro politicians provocation of Russia and World War3. Ground Zero USA or Europe not a good place to be in that circumstance.

          Hope this info helps someone. We are ALL in for a sporty ride, Rich, Poor, black, blue, white, yellow, brown. polka dotted, zebra, Christian, Jew, Muslim, Pagan, won’t matter much. We are all in for a very mean bull ride. Not just 8 seconds.

          Cinch up Cowboys and Gals. A clear mind free of FUD is a path towards a favorable outcome. May God bless you all.

        • You forget the really important part: They no longer sell porno Lit anymore; you have to read it on the net. I do hope they bring down the phone system to the point the stupid recorded phone calls stop. Helga;,I know I don’t have a problem with my credit cards! And If I ever find you I’m going to kick your ass!

          • “Read” it, or watch it?

        • Hey, if FB is up, what could possibly be the problem?

        • Tip ! By More Ammo

      2. Heads up if you have a bug out pack go to walmart and get the large space bags they are big enough to put your whole pack in then you just zip and vac pack with vaccume cleaner now if you have external pokey items like a shovel just wrap with a thin blanket or some cloth i did this then tossed in pool and it floated so i left it for 24hrs then opend and all was bone dry also if you need to vac pac a ar i have found that if you wrap in thin t shirt or cloth a 16 inch barell will fit corner to corner but if you have trouble just unscrew your flash suppressor then zip and vac pack with vaccume cleaner

        • I have some ammo and other goodies in those bags.

      3. By this time, I am not worried as much about foreign governments and cyber security, as I am about the massive collection of my personal information by our own government and by Google and other web trackers. Russia will never come after me – but Uncle “O” might!

      4. I could fit 3 sleeping bags in a large one vac pack them down small and tight they float too these may also be good for dry goods storage

      5. Entire US Cyber Network Is Already Compromised: “It Is Shocking That US Citizens Are Not In An Uproar Over How Exposed They Are As a Nation”

        90% of Americans are … Fk’n RETARDED!!!!!!!!!! or don’t give a FUCK!!!!!!

        Many will Die … You and I will not … fk’em!!!!!!!!

        • FTW, good to see you back. Yes, we preppers will survive.

          • Fk’n right BRAEVHEART – Time has come … to look out for our own … the time to get those who have perpetuated this mess will be dealt with!!!

            The Evil will strike first … I will finish their objective in the Northern Sector with my astute followers

        • FTW

          Most Americans are Retards.

          Don’t know what to do when they hear a car horn. Get injured on the job even with a backup warning device. Have no idea what a tornado siren is telling them. Fire alarms are a nuisance. Air horn blast from trucks are just truck driver’s saying hello. Will stick their hands on a hot stove and stick a pin in a electrical socket. Don’t know what a STOP sign means.

          For more laughs watch, “Jackass” for stupid stunts.

          Oh, I can go on forever. Hahahahaha!

      6. I was on this site talking with this woman. We started going through the acronyms of Prepping, SHTF, BOL, WROL, and then she came to BOB, and said “Battery Operated Boyfriend.” aka: Vibrator. So I guess in SHTF, you grab your all your survival gear ladies, and prepare to thrive with all your tools. Got that solar “battery charger” set up?

        ~Prepper Tip of the Day- ASAP- Turn the GPS and WiFi fuctions off, on your cell phones, and NEVER do any banking on your phone. You take a photo with your GPS turned on and it stamps a Geo Tag time date and location of the photo on that file.. You go traveling, take your battery out of your phone. There are Data Sucking StingRay Fake Cell Pone towers all over the country stealing all your info off your phones as you pass by. Photos, texts, search memory history, emails, contact list, and all this info is fed into the Fusion Centers, to build a profile on you. So sweep your phone and clear the Call History Today, no longer needed texts, etc. Don’t give them anything for free. Where is your Warrant for this illegal data collection activity? Idiots in The Occupy Wall Street protesting had their cell phone data collected. Who is sponsoring these events. are setting up a Honeypot to collect your data. Turn your phones off and take out the battery.

        I was told this: -FBI Agent Quote- “Never keep anything on your phone, that you would not want anyone else to see.” -FBI Agent


        • WWTI, uh, you can take out the battery only on the old basic ‘dumbphones’. Most of the smartphones have the battery built into the units. Even if they’re turned off they can supposedly still be tracked or so I’ve heard from somewhere. My company forced me to switch to a smartphone back in 2013. I miss my ‘dumbphone’.

          • Braveheart1776… but you’ll need that smartphone to read the GMO tainted food symbol on food you might purchase at grocery stores. Those smartphones are the dumb phones. I’m using an old Pantech phone, no ads anywhere. Had it for a long time, still going strong. Upgrade, no way. Looking at the phone data usage for the other phones on this plan, the rest all smartphones that use 10 times as much data as this phone. I’m using it as much as 8 hours or more every day. Newer is not better for the consumer.

          • BH1776,
            Many survival retailers sell heavy Mylar zip lock bags. These will completely block radio signals.

            If you have a phone with a built in battery, you can put it in airplane mode, shut down all applications, shut it off, and put it in one of these Mylar bags. Nothing can talk to that phone, until you take it out of the bag.

            Without the phone in airplane mode and shut off, it will go berserk trying to contact towers and get a GPS signal. The battery will be emptied very quickly.

            I keep a couple of these Mylar bags in each cars glove box. You can get bags large enough to put a laptop or large tablet into as well.

            There are some frozen food prepared meals that come in heavy Mylar bags. These bags can be washed out, dried and then can be used as RF shields around phones or other small electronics. You can also wrap things in heavy duty freezer aluminum foil.

        • Much easier to just wrap it in aluminum foil to block any signals in or out.

        • Yea, they all want your data.

          So now, John Deere collects data through sensors on their field equipment…soil density, yields, etc. The farmer is not allowed access to this data and it is a felony punishable with a 500k fine or 5 years in a cage for tampering with the sensors or related “copyright” equipment.

          Why does Deere want this data? Well, it’s a goldmine to be monetized. They struck a deal with Monsanto to license the data back to the farmer, but only if they buy Monsanto seeds in the bargain.


          Freedom? Think again. It’s an open-air prison.

          • Nothing quite like having a piece of equipment sending texts messages…I need my oil changed.. I need my air filter changed..I’m running hot. And if you don’t comply it will rat you out to the Mfg. and you can kiss your warranty goodbye.

            • Addendum :
              Most modem heavy equipment logs the geographic coordinates… Where it was used… How long it was used etc…
              People that dig underground shelters are considered potential terrorist. This is not a new school of thought … It’s been around since the Cuban missle crisis. The premise being they might be part of a larger network that plans to emerge from their shelters after a nuclear war to set up a de-facto government .

              • Addendum II
                BTW…Catepillar has their own satellite network. .. ( launched by none other than Elon Musk “SpaceX”) and that could be because their equipment is sold world wide. So yeah….
                BTW again ..If you want your own satellite SpaceX will launch them for $500 per lb. Average cube sat weighs about 100lbs. …..
                Ok Ok fine fine I’m outta here ✌?️

                • My WWII army surplus bulldozer and 1960,s Backhoe don’t have none of that computer satellite electronic gismos. The bulldozer only has a magneto. Hand crank the gas pony engine and it starts the bigger diesel engine.

          • Thanks for link. Good to know Information JRS.

            New US vehicles are now like cell Phones.
            Nothing but Data collection and Snitch devices.
            I was going to buy a new Corvette. Until I researched how the car tracks and keeps tabs on ALL of your activities. You can go 200 mph but the car snitches you out and keeps that “spirited ride” on computer. Maybe it sends email to cops? I don’t know.
            Computer tracking cost GM a sale. Went old school used instead of new.

            Maybe that is why the Obummer had the “cash for clunkers thing”?
            To destroy the inventory of older used cars that don’t track and trace you.

            Cable TV box is also now a snitch. Get rid of it.
            Cell Phone. Get rid of it. (Or old style flip. Remove battery when not in use.)
            Bank. Don’t use them anymore than necessary. Snitches and Thieves.
            New Appliances. Be Careful

            If I bought the tractor I’d oops break the damn sensors. “Rage Against the Machine”.

            Doe anyone know of good source to remove snitch computer functions from new cars? –Thanks.

      7. Ok, I’m in an enraged uproar about how exposed we are as a nation…now what. You remark that it is time for us to stop being armchair quarterbacks…well, we can’t play if armed guards are guarding the gridiron and the line of scrimmage. You give a thousand problems and not one intelligent solution.

      8. I have lots of suggestions, but as this is a public site, and I never violate any Federal, state, or local laws, I can’t give you a solution. I read some where, maybe on this site, that unless you have a large enough group, you won’t be known as freedom fighters, you will be called terrorists.

        • This was meant for Taxdn2P. At least it didn’t get moderated.

          • Rellik- unbeknownst to you …. I have “friends in low places” Shit U not …. I have power were I reside in this State…. not someone holding up in Canada getting reamed by your own government.

            In essence … “worry about your own self and country … instead of treading onto ours … that is not yours … dont be a CRUZ!!

            • Huh?
              What is a CRUZ?
              I’m confused!

      9. This has been a totally whacky weekend. I didn’t really get anything done that I had wanted to do. dear son was in charge of the house for the week. There was lots he was supposed to do but did not (only an hour each morning and afternoon, but hey it’s summer and hes off from college, so that means vacation, right?). Even so I managed to get a neighbor to let me use their truck to get compost and mulch and start to get my herb beds in top shape. I started at 730 last evening, quit at 830. at 730 am I was up and out dealing with cows, chickens, dogs, cats. Then I made a run to my bee yard before getting back into my raised beds at around 9. It was so humid (Maybe 86*) that in 2 1/2 hrs I nearly passed out even though I was drinking power ade. I had to get a COLD well water shower for about 10″. I lost 1 liter of fluid in that 2 1/2 hrs even though I drank a quart of powerade. I still feel funky. Went to lowes after lunch and got more compost and mulch for the asparagus and strawberry beds. will work on those later this week. I’ve gotten a compost pile started, but it won’t be ready before next year.

        I’m back in the mode of feeling the need to make a push to get it all done, even though I know that’s not realistic.

        My son and I were discussing his ambition to do the ‘street to seat’ program, which is civilian entry to warrant officer. hes supposed to do PT test and SIFT exam later this month. We sat and watched 13 hour in Benghazi and I begged him to please wait and make sure the Butcher of Benghazi didn’t get elected. He actually stopped to consider it on a serious level. I’ll be shocked if he isn’t signed back up for school when I come back home next weekend.

        I hope all is well this sunday. Signing out to get to bed early 4 am and a 2 hr drive to work come early.

      10. All those bitcoins won’t be of much use in a situation with grid down. Compared to gold/silver, I think the choice is a no brainer

      11. For at least two decades, the glorious government not only would not listen to the warnings, they ruined you for trying to warn them.

        And here we are.

      12. It’s already written the weapon of indignation will put us in the dark. There’s no way out no prayer no repentance can change what is written. We have been warned of the great culling . What more do we want.? The presidential suite at the Hilton. The wheat will be separated from the Tares and the Tares will burn. Plain enough. The wheat believes the warning the Tares laughs at the warning. Be a foolish virgin . This is all about getting rid of the rats. Not saving the rats. It says when this comes salvation time is over . They had their chance. They are the Tares and they must burn . Weather you like it or not. God rules .

      13. Vince Foster says Hillary intentionally leaked the story about her e-mails in order to take attention away from the Vince Foster murder.

        He said in the end it will become a no big deal story. So are we just getting scare tactics to take us off the trail of the real story. Did Hillary kill Vince Foster???

        Would you vote for a murderer??? What real difference does it make? He’s dead.

        Enquiring minds want to know.

      14. I have stated before. That they wont come after the guns. They wont send blue helmets. They will simply turn off the electricity. The nuke plants and places like Mt Weather will still have power. We will be without. and very shortly we will have to use our guns. All they have to do is set back and wait while starvation, civil war, race war and ethnic cleansing reduces the population .Anyone who has the capability to generate their own power will be very easy to locate. and a drone could probably take them out? So we better learn how to survive without electricity. And I really do like my electricity and the comfort & convienece it gives.

        • OG, I agree, but also think they’ll turn off the power in certain areas so that those ‘without’ seek refuge with those ‘with.’ In other words so the ‘Have Nots’ invade the ‘Haves’ and worse violence/chaos ensues than if no one has power.

          We are armed and are working on our own power source but the thought of having to kill innocent victims/families of TPTB invading our property who are desperate, trying to survive, doesn’t sit well with me and going forward certainly will not make for a happy life.

          • Yes they could use the placement of electric power as a tool to cause mayhem. and also I don’t want to have to hurt anyone to defend what is mine. however if they didn’t prep that doesn’t make them innocent. When they come to steal or take by force what is not rightfully theirs they are no longer innocent. There may come a time when you have to take a hard line. without electric it will soon become a stone age existence. If you are making your own electricity. That possibly will be a magnet to attract others Many of whom will likely be a danger to you. ive stocked a remote cave with useful stuff. Accessable only by foot. I brought stuff in on a pack donkey. It was remarkable seeing it travel a narrow 10 inch wide foot path with a 100 pound bottle of LP. I think I may be the only human who has ever entered the cave.

      15. The USA invented Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Twitter and all the other big players and are hacking the world more than anyone else and made Stunet and Flame with the help of Isreal so forget about your cuber sttack and stop attacking the rest of the world.

        Anyone with letters after there names from microsoft thats being honest and is not just trying to stay in a job would tell you that microsoft windows is little more than a spyware virus and is calling home every ten seconds and even us white-hats are pushed to the limits to stop it because windows is locking us out and is far too big to understand.

        Yes i know about NetStat -a -n -o and how to call windows API’s from code and i also know that it lies and does not show all the network connections and the sames goes for process lists and this is why your CPU fan cranks up and task-manager says that it’s only using 2% of the CPU.

        Bot, Black , Kettle when the USA talk about hacking with such a lead in the market and apart from Germany and the British then it’s americans that the NSA is watching thanks to Microsoft

      16. Air gapped or not … it can be had … IMHO

      17. From the- This Day In History Website.

        July 10th 1962- The satellite Telstaris launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida, beaming live television from Europe to the United States.

      18. Air gapped or not it can be had IMHO

        From the- This Day In History Website.

        July 10th 1962- The satellite Telstaris launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida, beaming live television from Europe to the United States.

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