Entire “Success” of Democrats Depends on Keeping the American People Wildly Ignorant of Reality

by | Nov 4, 2019 | Headline News | 19 comments

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    This article was originally published by J.D. Heyes at Natural News. 

    The entire “success” of Democrats depends on keeping the American people wildly ignorant of reality, facts, history, and even current events.

    The few times in our history when Congress has either voted to impeach a president or considered returning articles of impeachment, the process was handled very publicly.

    Hearings were not held in secret. Testimony was not taken behind closed doors. Witnesses and evidence were presented out in the open so the American people, through various media of the day, were well aware of what was happening.

    The reasons for the openness should be obvious, but alas, they are not for far too many Americans.

    First of all, allowing someone accused of criminal activity to face his or her accuser is a fundamental legal principle of our founding. 

    Secondly, secret trials were banned hundreds of years ago because they are the legal instruments of tyrants: Kings and dictators holding secret proceedings can present phony “evidence” in order to achieve convictions. 

    Third, the accused are permitted legal representation of their own so they can challenge the prosecution’s witnesses and alleged “evidence.”

    None of these founding principles are being applied to the current “impeachment inquiry” involving President Donald Trump.

    Democrats, led by Rep. Adam Schiff of California, are holding the inquiry behind closed doors. They are bringing in ‘witnesses’ whose testimony is being sequestered — even as Schiff has been accused of leaking the contents of some witness testimony completely out of context. 

    Also, no one on the president’s legal team has been able to question any of the witnesses Democrats have called in to testify. So he doesn’t know what’s being said — other than what Schiff is leaking to the “mainstream media,” which is dutifully reporting what they’ve been provided, sans corroboration.

    It’s the most un-American legal process one could ever have envisioned. Worse, this is supposedly involving an impeachment process — one that, theoretically, could involve the removal of a duly elected president 63 million Americans voted for. (Related: “Ukraine” whistleblower suddenly not going to testify before Adam Schiff’s secret committee — so what’s the “impeachment inquiry” really for?)

    We will rue the day we allow our country to be stolen from us

    In short, nothing about this process should be held in secret. Communist countries and others who are run by dictators have secret ‘legal’ proceedings, but clearly none that would involve the leader of the country.

    Democracies don’t operate that way and our unique American republic was never supposed to operate in the dark. 

    Granted, if the Democrat-controlled House ever does return actual articles of impeachment against President Trump, that will be conducted in the open. But knowing how secretive Democrats have been thus far, it’s a safe bet they’ll attempt to present as “evidence” the “testimony” of so-called “witnesses” who, thus far, have only appeared behind closed doors.

    It’s been said that ‘impeachable offenses’ are whatever the House of Representatives say they are in order to satisfy the Constitution’s “high crimes and misdemeanors” impeachment requirement. But clearly the processes employed against Trump are partisan in nature and not based on any semblance of historical precedent.

    As Americans, we can’t allow this process to be warped — by one political party and the media. The future of our country is far too important. 

    “President Trump is a disruptor. That makes some people very happy, and it makes some people very mad,” former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley said during a Friday speech at the American Enterprise Institute. “But if we are a country that lives by the rule of law, we must all accept that we have one president at a time, and that president attained his office by the choice of the American people.

    “No policy disagreement with him, no matter how heartfelt, justifies undermining the lawful authority that is vested in his office by the Constitution. … What’s at stake is not President Trump’s policies. What’s at stake is the Constitution,” she added.

    She’s exactly right. Nothing is worth losing our country. As long as we continue to have unimpeded free elections, there is always a chance to fix things. 


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      1. Derp derp. Pence’s bro is in the proceedings and transcripts are coming out. Settle down.

      2. I would say 90% or more people are definately totally ignorant of reality. Doesn’t matter dem or repukeikan. Moronic braiwashed fools stumbling through life with no clue who runs the dog and pony show they adhere to. Politicians are puppets for the real masters and you are a corporate entity in a corporation country governed by corporate law and you volunteered for it all. Wake up you knuckledragging idiots, you live in the matrix and you don’t question anything important, just complain about the things that are setup for you to complain about. Have more kids with a future from hell too, that will help lol.

        • Genius

          Seen it in my own gene pool. Showed a nephew in his mid 30s, economics degree, insurance executive a video of WTC #7 collapsing. He was floored, shocked, 100% agreed that it was brought down in a controlled demolition. About 10 seconds passed and he went to the TV to watch an important golf putt on TV and cheered.

          The word for the day is insouciant.

      3. ^^^betcha this post doesn’t make it lol…

      4. There are state services, which Democrats never, ever want you to do for yourself — basically in line with the services they are offering, in their version of the social contract.

        And, the same goes for Republicans.

        When seeds are planted on a factory farm, most of America is on Pajama Boy status. But, we say that food is a weapon of the welfare statists.

        The same is true, when we hear a firetruck or a gunshot, in the distance.

      5. Closer & closer it creeps…

      6. Here is YouTube video you might be interested in:
        Video: “Beto: People can’t fight a Tyrannical Government nor do they have the right to”
        — Want to know what is really going on? The California fires? Man made disasters?
        Watch this YouTube video:
        Video: “Rosa Koire. UN Agenda 2030 exposed”

        – Free Hong Kong
        – Beta soy boy Beto, “Come and Take It”
        Yes that comes from the majority of vets and CURRENT –Active Duty.
        A commie coup against our elected President, Donald J Trump, will Not be Allowed.
        – FREEDOM Matters. USA Bill of Rights Matter. Elections matter.
        – – – Now censor that !!!

      7. Democrats are the evil we know. Republicans are the ‘lesser evil’ we sleep with. We will never regain Liberty as long as we can’t think beyond two choices.

        Do you remember thinking like a free person? Heck, do you remember thinking?

      8. I agree with the article. For example, the institution of VOTING has been perverted to include people that are NOT CITIZENS, people that vote multiple times in the same election, and other methods of cheating. States with huge numbers of electoral votes (Like California) do not require an IDENTIFICATION DOCUMENT (Drivers License or other ID), want felons to vote, and generally do not concern themselves with correct voting eligibility. Some states have the correct procedures but a growing number of poorly educated Americans are not paying attention while the Demonrats STEAL their birthright.

      9. Trump is also doing his best to keep people in the dark by hyping fake economic statistics. he’s no better. He just wants to keep the stock market propped up until the next election.

      10. Hey so color me paranoid but I’m noticing the volume of comments is dropping off. This is like the second site I’ve noticed… my favorite site actually shut down, very abruptly, in the big heaps of hurry like their ass was on fire or something. What’s the story? We got new internet cops? We expecting a liberal win in 2020 and want to be off the radar? Or everyone just getting bored?

        • anon
          – people are being disappeared.
          – rounded up by local police using license plate readers in police cruisers. Officer just does as computer says: warrant-arrest
          – driver of vehicle arrested. taken to jail.
          – no phone call, no call allowed to family/friends, no lawyer, no bail.
          – victim prisoner is then drugged by beverage/food in jail.
          – victim prisoner is the taken to room within jail facility to have their human organs harvested. The vitl organs sold for profit on black market. victim prisoner is murdered by jail personell.
          ALL this is happening in Newton Kansas USA
          (50 miles north of Wichita Kansas)
          Location is: Harvey County Regional Correctional Facility
          Americans are being murdered for profit at that facility.
          Americans being disappeared. Who is really running the Harvey County regional Correctional Facility that is harvesting prisoners vital organs for profit?

          Look up place called Holman Square in Chicago. No call. No bail. No lawyer. No due process.

          Look up: “Missing 411”, on Youtube.

          Maybe these things happening in other places to?
          Notice how many of the NFL stadium seats empty.
          The Kapernic protest likely just a cover story.

          Boeing jet fiasco likely a cover story. Something big is happening. Are the people missing? Or are the planes being used for something else.

          Open your eyes around you. Notice how few caucasions over 45 are around in public places? Mostly foriegners in my area.

          Notice the lack of interaction among people in public. Phone zombies with heads down in their screen devices.

          Notice the road rage in commuters? Their short fuse and violence? What is it about?

          Yes few posts. Are people fearful, censored, or dissappeared by???

      11. And Bloomberg’s million$$ were used to flip both houses in Virginia, and the Governor’s seat in KY. The draconian gun restrictions that were blocked by the GOP will be introduced and will pass both houses in VA and will be signed by the Blackface Socialist Northam. I would like to know HOW MANY felons, illegal immigrants and Muslims voted. California is the only state that allows ballot harvesting, and it is used by the Demoncats to lock in a one party dictatorship.

        • The race in Kentucky was decided by the gimme dats in Louisville.
          There are more gimme dats in big cities than producers_ FACT….and they will always vote for liberals bearing taxpayer funded gifts.

      12. Politicians are more than willing to lie, especially to their constituents. This is for two reasons; most politicians and power brokers are in fact pathological. This is not hyperbole, their guiding principle is not morality, it is not even what is good for the people, it is expediency, that is, any means for the person wielding state power (whether legitimate or not) to accomplish the desired goal is acceptable. For example, look at how Congressional Demo.s resort to any measure, any lie, anything that can be manufactured or construed as impeachable behavior, even when the facts show otherwise. The second reason is ideology. All ideologies are irrational, ideologies are nothing more than belief systems attempting to have reality conform to their belief, rather than their belief conform to reality. The ones who wield state power know that their ideology cannot stand on its own merits. That’s why authoritarian states must cultivate cults of personalities, to hype the legitimacy of those who hold power, so as to help justify their murderous regimes (Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, and Mao for example). Belief systems such as Marxism / communism can only exist by using propaganda, eliminating civil rights, maintaining fear, and employing unbridled state force. Because these systems are irrational, they could not stand naturally on their own merit.
        As for voting, sometimes it makes a difference, but most of the time it does not. For example, regardless what party is in power, they are still spending the country into oblivion, we still have troops all over the world-they are being used to break things not fix things, TPTB are still trying to maintain empire while the nation is going bankrupt, officialdom never ceases trying to limit our civil rights, wealth continues to hyper- concentrate at the top (Plutarch said that great wealth disparity is the most fatal ailment of all republics), a two-tied system of justice is maintained, and the cost of living continues to rise.
        Secession is the only hope. However, for some reason, most people would rather kiss their chains than to see an illegitimate union broken apart.

      13. Vote for Trump or vote Dem, either way you will get a Dem.

        IF Trump is re-elected he’s going to kick VP Pence to the curb and install Ivanka as his VP — if he’s re-elected. Midway through his second term he will step down and we will have Democratic President Ivanka.

        Jared will not officially or technically be the VP but he will assume that role anyway.

        Ivanka and Jared are both Dems. They are not Repubs. She is a Feminazi too, with her women’s activism. They are both pro-choice / pro abortion, so there’s that too. President Ivanka 2022. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

      14. “As long as we continue to have unimpeded free elections, there is always a chance to fix things.” … The author doesn’t seem to realize ‘unimpeded free elections’ have been over for years thanks to zoning and disenfranchisement rules/regs.

      15. The operative phrase within the title is “KEEPING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WILDLY IGNORANT”. Examples include governance behind closed doors as demonstrated by the Demonrats in the “House”, the public educational system having been taken-over by socialists & communists, the Demonrat approach to governance by LYING & CHEATING, the Demonrat approach to elections by offering transfers-of-wealth to those that refuse to contribute to society, the Demonrat actions of disparaging those that embrace traditional & religious values (GOOD rather than BAD), and we could go on forever with this run on sentence.

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