Enraged And Offended Liberal Rams Car Over Trump Bumper Sticker

by | Aug 2, 2018 | Headline News | 76 comments

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    Another day, another story about an enraged and offended liberal snowflake getting violent because a bumper sticker hurt their feelings.  A Massachusetts woman actually rammed a vehicle because it had a Trump bumper sticker affixed to it.

    The woman has been taken into custody for intentionally damaging private property after being unable to control her emotions. According to Fox News, Chloe Wright, who is 25 years old, was arrested for an alleged hit-and-run in Hyannis on June 30, the Cape Cod Times reported, citing a police report.

    To “celebrate” this epic and a little terrifying meltdown, we’ve included a rather funny video of other liberals melting down.  There are a few curse words in the following video and it may not be appropriate for those at work.

     The man whose vehicle Wright reportedly rammed with her car contacted the Barnstable Police Department. H said he recalled hearing a motorist behind him honking their car horn as he waited at a red light. According to the police report, the honking continued and by the time he reached another red light, the motorist started shouting at him, the Times reported.

    Because the victim thought the angry and repetitive honking and shouting were due to a problem or possible damage to his vehicle, the man reportedly got out of his car. He said at that time, he heard the other motorist screaming about his bumper sticker-which indicated he was in support of president Donald Trump, according to the report.

    “She said, ‘You voted for Trump?’” the man recalled her saying. “I said yes. She called me a racist and several other names.”

    The man then claimed that the woman repositioned her vehicle and hit his car with hers, the Times said, citing the police report. After this, the woman reportedly left the scene.

    “She bent my door and I had to lean back to avoid getting hit,” the man reportedly said. “She also hit the side of my car.” –Fox News

    The man’s girlfriend, who was with him at the time, backed up his description of the alleged incident, the police report said, according to the Times. Wright was arrested roughly a month later on a warrant from the Barnstable district court for assault with a dangerous weapon, state police confirmed to Fox News.  She reportedly pleaded not guilty during a court appearance on Monday and was freed on a $1,250 bond. The Times reported that she was also charged with vandalizing property and leaving the scene of property damage.


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      1. We are now in a civil war. The Trump supporters vs. The Trump haters. God forbid you mention your support for Trump, or, have a MAGA hat, or bumper stickers, pins, anything supporting Trump. It makes me sick, and it can be frightening.


          • Again? When will this shit ever stop?

            • Hey G, where you been? Thought maybe you got caught dipping in the still. ha..

              Attn ALL… Time to kick YTube in the teeth, Go post all your Conservative Videos exposing the deep state at REAL.VIDEO website. Mike Adams the Health Ranger was getting a lot of his videos censored at YTube, so he set up his own Similar Video forum for videos at REAL.VIDEO You can post them there for Free. That’s what you do when you get fed up with this Deep State BS, don’t get mad, you get even. Check the site out.

              I have this big Doe now that comes looking for me every day a few hours before dusk. When she shows up just about 15 yards from my door, I shake a can of dried whole corn. That’s the signal.. then She watches me throw out a few handfuls around the yard, then when I walk back inside, and she comes up and eats it. She is 5 yards from my door as I type. She has a cute lil’ spotted fawn she keep hidden pretty well, that is tall and thin like a dog. Funny. Get with nature and be one, folks. This is my future food plot, low maintenance, and fun to watch. The wild rabbits are multiplying like rabbits do, also. When they get over populated, I will harvest a few here and there. This experiment is cheaper than domesticated farm animals and no to low maintenance. Turkey were in here today also.

              • I can’t wait til one rams my truck. It’ll tear their vehicle all to hell if they do.

                • Someone ram my vehicle, I’d flop out and pretend to be injured for the insurance money.

                  But wait….. Democrats don’t have car insurance.

                  • With my luck it’d be a scum illegal in a stolen vehicle. Either way, if they do it on purpose I will beat the hell out of them. If there’s a bunch of them and they threaten me, I’ll just shoot them.

                    • That reminds me….
                      How do you know when the asians are moving into a neighborhood?

                      The Mexicans all run out and buy car insurance 😛

                • You beat me to it. I absolutely dare anyone to ram into my pickup for any reason. I guarantee I’ll be the one driving away. Which reminds me…..I need a Trump bumper sticker 😉

              • REAL.VIDEO doesn’t seem to exist. I even tried using GoodGopher search engine but got nothing.
                If you really want to be helpful, perhaps you could post the link.

            • Genius, welcome back. How’ve you been?

              • Been good, just got back from the cabin. Too windy/rainy to do much shootin’. Our new puppy loved it there, had nothing but open land to play and swam in the pond a lot. Time to go back to work for a while uuhhhggg. Some SOB stole my mail while I was gone last week. Only about 50 bucks worth of shit but still grrrrr. Did a couple of solar installs while I was up yonder (I love when people buy the shit I tell them too!). Made a new friend in the process. A few things I learned….

                Polaris is about the LOUDEST and highest maintenence damn 4 wheeler there is. The Hondas are waaaay quieter and low maintenence and pleasurable to drive.

                .40 S&W is a great round. Very hard hitting, high capacity, manageable recoil, accurate. I love the 1911 but low capacity and recoil makes me like the .40 better.

                Catfish will live in the worst of conditions. Glad I raised them, they had to live in shitwater till I got the pond filled.

                If you do 5 or 6 oak curing cycles on yer wheesky it makes it a lot better than 4. Gives it a honey aftertaste (burn the shit out of the chips too).

                Boycotting cop callers works! We got rid of 2 of them 🙂 No one would hang out with them and it was too boring I guess lol.

                Anyway, hope all is well CHEERS! 😛

                • Genius, sounds great. Just like the fun I had at the BOL in GA for the first half of July. Some of the family have Honda ATVs and they swear by them. .40 S&W is a good caliber but I’ve been a 9mm lover since the 90s. Can’t cut loose of an old flame, LOL. You’re making me hungry just mentioning catfish. We had 2 fish frys while I was with the family and we all ate til’ we burst. NO cop callers anywhere near any of the family and the cops in that area aren’t like the city breed. My weapons had a good workout and yeah I had fun doing maintenance afterward {SIGH}. I hated coming back but still have to work and pay taxes to support the damn freeloaders [GRRRRRRRRR]. CHEERS to you also, brother.

                  • DR Oh please, you have to work to shelter and feed yourself and family, not the freeloaders as you call them.

                    For those earning the median income approximately only $35 per year goes towards supporting people on welfare and SNAP. The median income in the US as of lately is $60,000. Making less than that?, then make the adjustments. No one kicks in more than a few bucks a month. Many workers don’t kick in more than $25-30 per year. I’d hardly call that “supporting freeloaders.”

                    What you’re really pissed about is that you have to work.

                    A good portion of your earnings goes to supporting the thugs you support and vote into office. They are all thugs, including the Clinton’s and Obama’s. That’s who you are supporting. Thugs, and the swamp Trump didn’t drain.

                    I’m retired on a fixed income and donate more than twice that amount to the local food banks. Voluntarily. Usually around $100 per year. Get off your supporting freeloaders soap box. Where’s your humanity. You sound like a stingy, cheap ass tightwad.

                    • Anonymous, you misunderstand. I was referring to the people who are physically capable of doing something but refuse to do so that are on the programs and also to the foreigners that they allow in and get straight onto the programs. Do you not know the increasing demands they put on the system? Are you not aware of some our own people who have a GENUINE need for help and can’t get anything? I’d rather our own people with a real need for help receive help just long enough for them to get back on their feet. No problem with that. So I’m a “stingy cheap ass tightwad”? I WORK for the things I want and need. I PAY taxes into the system, NOT live on any tax dollars. I never ask for handouts or anything else. I don’t OWE ANYTHING TO ANYONE AND NO ONE OWES ME ANYTHING. NO ONE IS ENTITLED TO ANYTHING. We’re all expected to do for ourselves as long as we’re physically capable of doing so. As individuals it’s all we can do to take care of ourselves and our own. I’m not responsible for other peoples’ problems. Everyone has to deal with their own problems the best they can. Same thing goes for me. And yes I know where the revenue goes and there’s only one solution for that.

                    • No one has the right to ask me to live for their sake, or to take from my wealth, nor will I ever ask another to live for my sake or take from their wealth.

                      WHO IS JOHN GALT?

                  • DR.
                    Had a house almost lined up. The owner changed his mind and pulled out of the deal. Still trying!!!


                    • Sarge, don’t give up. I’m sure sooner or later you’ll get something.

                • The .40 load I made and tried was Rainier 165 JHP with 7.7gr. of power pistol and winchester (never federal) primers and an OAL of 1.125. I may never have to split wood again lol.

                  • “G”
                    I have never been able to get very good accuracy out of the Rainier bullets out of my 45’s. My 1911 or my USP H&K 45. I use Hornady and Montana Gold. These are the same I use in my 44 Mag and 45 L.C.
                    Several of they guys I know carry 40’s and they like them. Like I said before I’m a 45 guy.

                    ( I commented on you post the other day.) Again welcome back old friend..

            • strangely, it was stopped. This went from a publicized drill at the base, to shots fired, and most of us being forced into “shelter”. There were in fact gunshots, both rifle and what sounded like breaching rounds later. A ton of us immediately went out to report what was going on, he existence of the drill, and the change to live rounds almost immediately (we never use anything but “blue guns” in these drills, live rounds or even simmunitions are totally forbidden). Come to find out they had the media there pretty quick, as in right outside the gates to interview mothers with kids at the daycare and spouses with family at the hospital, all the emotional subjective interview questions (“how do you FEEL, knowing your 2yo is trapped in there with a gunman…?”, intoned one ‘reporter’ to a mother…). FBI was immediately on scene as well, and was sent away as soon as things changed up.

              Not sure wtf just happened friday, but several of us have a strong suspicion this was to be a staged event. Its total BS, and stinks to high heaven.

              Good luck all, I’m keeping my mouth shut from here on. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a total skeptic and the first to poke fun at certain theories, so take it to heart when I say keep your eyes open and your wits about you, I think things are going to get interesting.

              Be safe friends.

        • guy should have feared for his life and ended this crazy bitch.

        • I wear a MAGA hat all the time in Mississippi and have never had a problem. I believe it is because Mississippi citizens are more civilized than those in Massachusetts, California, New York, Maryland, New Jersey, Connecticut, and other liberal pig sties.

        • Part of the problem is the Upstate New York is being run like an organized crime family. The Cuomos have been in control of the state since the 1980s and they won’t let go.

          New York State use to be a paradise, with good jobs every where. Under the Cuomos we have witnessed 50-years of economic decline. But do the Cuomos do anything about it? No. They sue every other state and the President of the United States. They mind everybody else’s business but their own.

          Governor Andrew Cuomo hates the Constitution, hates the Bill of Rights, hates the 2ND Amendment, lies down with gun control freaks in these “die-ins” — a gun confiscator with his armed security detail standing right next to him. Cuomo wants no guns for the people and all the guns for himself.

          You took an oath governor — to serve, protect, and defend the Constitution and Bill of Rights. You are unfit for office. Maybe your idiot brother Chris can get you a job over at CNN.

          We need to end these professional political families. Demand Term Limits (according to Cuomo the Russians run the country now anyway).

          Time to leave governor.

      2. I’m sincerely hoping that Republicans understand the importance of voting in November. We need to ensure that our circle of friends and family understand that this is not the time to retreat.

      3. That stupid liberal minded buffoon should be forced to allow a pack of Illegals and a swarm of the fella’s to run a U.N. style train on big dummies fat ass and then tell me how much you love them all. Trump 2020!!!!

        • I had an idea the other day. Put a car with Trump stickers on it in a parking lot and watch from another space. If someone fooks with the car then follow them until they are in a quiet spot. Don some ski masks and beat the living hell out of them with bats. Rinse, repeat….

          • love it!!!!! sign me up!!!!!

      4. Oh and I have a sticker or two on my car and the one on the bumper reads: “Clinton for PRISON”

          • From ‘Falling Down’.

            I have that same outfit, but wear it with sleeves, personally.

      5. The MSM and other collaborators are provoking hatred leading to violence. During the Rodney King riots a black man pointed out the part played by MSM in working up the emotions of blacks by repeatedly showing Rodney being beaten by white cops.

        All wars are provoked by those with power behind the scenes. Both sides manipulated. When two people are at each other’s throats, look for a third party, the instigator(s).


        • scientologists call this the third party principle

      6. Republicans had to watch Obama elected twice as POTUS. We didn’t like it but we sure didn’t act like the Dems have. Unbelievable!

      7. they marked out a McCain palin sticker on my parents car with one of those sharpee black markers, and that was 10 years ago.

        the left is getting more and more nuts and more violent every day and people like Maxine waters and networks like cnn and just encouraging them. I have yet to hear trump to say, “get in their face”; but I have heard Obama say that.

        at this rate, it’s almost expected that some trump supporters may be beaten to death by 2020 and this is 100% on Obama. he hit the hyperdrive on dividing the country during his 8 years and I wouldn’t be surprised if he and his group planned it all along.

        • The US’ demise was happening long before anyone here was even born. The people who should have, and could have, stopped it, 50 years ago, chose to do nothing.

          Instead, the long slow steady sell-out that began a century ago, has accelerated. The cretins in power for the last decade, were only the latest group of soviet wannabe tools, more open in their intentions, the mere silent traitors before them.

          The United States of America really still only exists in the minds of those who care about what it once meant, and was. It still exists on paper for the convenience of those in real power, and they will dispose of it’s remnants, when it’s usefulness has ended.

          • you know, you are actually right; it has been on a decline for decades.

            it just hasn’t been so apparent until the past 10 years imo, and it’s quite depressing seeing it.

            • Slowly boiling the frog. This water is getting heated now. But I fear Americans will not wake up and take a stand. It will continue.

          • Look up the Kipling Poem

            “The Awakened Saxon”, also titled:

            “When the Saxon began to Hate”.

            War is coming. We all know it. This is just the way it plays out.

            The reason we go to War is that is solves problems. We will solve this problem…(let us hope Ebola does too !!!)

          • America was founded on individual rights.

            Individual rights has NEVER been supported by conservatives.

            Therefore conservatives hate America.

            Most of the puke of the left has been rubber-stamped by the fake right. The horrible truth is the liberals and conservatives share the same premise- collectivism/statism.

            • I wouldn’t mind a return to Wild West. Everyone talks about it like it was so horrible. The urbans have a saying “Dont start no shit, wont be no shit” and it is surprisingly accurate.

          • JustMe: You are absolutely correct!! And all of this crap has it’s roots 100% in Communism, believe it or not. I was more than surprised when I researched it and found that out. We have been played to the proverbial “T”. And in the 1960’s the antics of the “anti” crown really pushed for all of this garbage. All of the fruits and hippy dirt-bags back then should of just accidentally disappeared on purpose. folks, I do believe in my heart, that the U.S. is royally screwed well beyond any realm of repair. It is so damn shameful and disgusting what this place has become. The average person does not give 2 squirts about Jack. Average idiot is so rude and immoral and has $hit for manners and ethics. About 85% of this population would have to vanish to have any real chance at redemption. . .

            • The early 1930’s saw a large influx of real marxists/communists, into the US, as they were kicked out of Europe. Many went straight to the universities, and big businesses, entertainment, media, and various agencies and administrations, where they settled in, became gate-keepers, and controllers.

              Most people do not understand this, as it is not an in-your-face problem. This situation the US is in, is truly the result of a long term brain-washing program, coupled with a decades long, silent invasion.

              Again, this could have been stopped 50 years ago, but the people who could have stopped it, were pretty full of themselves, and scoffed at the idea that a very real takeover from within was underway.

              Now, it is this generation that will either watch the US become a very real third-world communist shithole, or have to actually fight violently to prevent it; I expect they won’t.

              All things come to an end, but at least you know where you stand in the eyes of those who want you dead.

              • The “Greatest Generation” was just wonderful. /sarc off

      8. TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) is a real phenomena that requires medical (Psychiatric treatment).

      9. Remarkable restraint by the right thru 8 years of Obummer. And still we continue to behave in a law abiding manner. I think its because we work and have better things to do with our time. Welfare wiggers have nothing to do but cause problems and try and blame others for their ignorance and shortcomings. Today I was up a the Crack of Dawn. The temp was in the 60,s and we where getting low on pork. So I killed and processed a 230 pound corn fed barrow. All cut up packaged and in the freezer. I aint gonna cure any bacon or hambs until the weather gets cold. Tahe it out of the freezer about November and cure it in a brine cure and smoke it for a day after it comes out of the brine.

        • OG: I have been thinking and what has this “restraint” really done for us – not much at all. It has empowered these leftist mental-midgets into thinking they are way too big for their britches and they can just pull all kinds of crap on people and get away Scott free, etc, etc. I think us on the Right have actually been way too damn soft to be honest. We look extremely weak and impotent and that is never a damn good thing. Just my .01 CENT~!

          • My grandmotherwas very old and Wise. She often stated that if you bad people enough rope thy will hang themselves. That is beginning to happen. Zuckberg has lost billions. The
            Walk Away movement is destroying the Democratic party. Them being to big for their britches means they have ran out of room. exhausted every logical legal option so they try and pull Hail Mary stunts. The guy from the Woodpile report gives really good advice. I say be patient the time isn’t ripe yet. Lets not stoop to their level. Remember every dog has his day. But he who laughs last laughs best. Out time will come and we might possibly prevail.

      10. If that stupid libturd bitch had run into me I would’ve kicked her ass. And on top of her medical bills she would face a lawsuit from me. Stupidity should hurt and have some kind of price tag on it.

      11. As a rule I don’t publicly display political or membership “stuff”.
        All the places I’ve voluntarily lived are all “Blue” states.
        I’ve found that Liberals are dangerous creatures and I’m always prepared to protect myself from them, so I do not make myself a target. I generally stay “Grey”. I recommend most smart people to do the same, We are in CWII and had better act that way.
        I also don’t think those stickers and yard signs influence anybody.
        But I also know from years as an engineer, perception is far more important than facts and data, when dealing with most people.

        • relik, Grey is good. I have no stickers on any vehicle but I do wear a few t-shirts with sayings on them sometimes. The .40 S&W is a good crackhead liberal stopper! 😀

      12. This idiot is totally retarded. You can plaster your car with any bumper sticker, it’s not going to get a response from me. Free speech is just that! I once made my own bumper stickers but then chickened put putting them on the bumper, really harsh words and I didn’t want to get pulled over by police which does happen if they dislike your choice of words. Free speech with a tight limit really.

      13. Shooting the rabid punk is also free speech.

        Remember that vehicles are considered deadly weapons. FL has a great stand your ground law. Get in my face you are dead meat.

      14. HA HA what a nutjob

      15. Just make sure when you confront one of those idiots that you know the law and have your ducks lined up. Nail them in court and hope they have to pay court costs.

      16. In this political climate one should not advertise. Too many crazies out there.

      17. Absolutely no mention of ETHNICITY in this piece. There is no way that woman was white. She was most certainly black (she mentioned “racism”) and even Slavo avoids the description.

        • You might be surprised at how many White people, women especially, have been conditioned to hate their own people. Expect half of your own people to turn on you, without a second thought, when the SHTF.

          • Yeah like the vile, white trash whores that so enjoy that big buck blaster up their “rear-exit” on the regular. HANG them all.

      18. mac,
        Are you deliberatly sensoring any
        negative discussion of Obama??
        This has happened twice now. If you
        are protecting him…. of all pepole….or Islam,
        I’m done with this website.

        • I agree, where’s Mac anyway? Never comments on his own site. Something is wrong here.

      19. What I like to do is place Trump bumper stickers on vehicles that I know are Dimocraps!! Go to the school after dark when they are at the ball game. Or when they go into Wal Mart. Sometimes they don’t notice them right away!

        • NRA stickers on their cars is my favorite, right next to their “Coexist” stickers. Their reaction when they discover it just proves their hypocrisy.

        • OG: Nice, I love that!!! Can you imagine how utterly crazy that would make their sad, pathetic selves.

          • I put Ross Perot bumper stickers on everything back in the 90,s. Now it turns out ole Ross was correct about the giant sucking sound.

      20. Hilarious video! What a collection of morons.

        • The video makes a good case for forced euthanasia of defective people!

      21. Deplorable Renegade, Thanks for replying upthread.

        If it makes you feel any better, there are over a million (yes million) of Americans who are eligible for SNAP and Welfare (and have been for yrs) but they don’t apply for it. They don’t collect anything, even though they are eligible. For a variety of reasons only known to them they just don’t sign up for assistance. This is a fact.

        The point is, they make up for the entitled lazy ass ones who game the system and expect free handouts. Every society has its share of free-shit people. And every society has their share of poor people in need and also those without family who are temporarily down on their luck.

        But the people who are eligible and don’t collect make up for the free-shit army who aren’t entitled to the handouts they receive. So its a wash.

        Another lie is that illegals get benefits when I know for a fact that they don’t. The eligibility requirements are very strict and one must be a US citizen and be able to prove it in order to receive benefits.

        In any case, no one shells out, at the very most, more than a few bucks per month, for these programs, and “a few bucks a month” is if they are making the $60K median income or more than that amount. Otherwise it’s much less than that, for most workers, a buck or two a month. I have no issue helping to feed the poor.

        Just thought I’d let you know and others here who are upset about supporting them. Because you’re really not. That is another lie, a twisted version of the truth perpetuated by the government to keep us divided.

        • Anoymous is full of it. If its a wash why does the government keep borrowing to be able to keep things afloat. Why are many states on the verge of bankruptcy? snap or food stamps cost those who don’t get them plenty. Because the food stamps drives up and inflates grocery prices. Any not worked for and earned money or benefit causes inflation that robs from the productive.

      22. Have you ever seen two bugs or small animals, put in a jar or fishbowl, to see which one will prevail.

        If you were in gladiatorial battle, in a Roman coliseum, who is the enemy.

      23. If you don’t like the way liberals drive, stay off the sidewalk!!

        • And the streets. With liberals you aren’t safe anywhere.

      24. Just one more example of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

      25. Hello brothers. We will have civil war in the next few years. We are actively drilling for it. Even been told to fire on US citizens with NATO peace keepers who will help with crowd control. But it ain’t gonna happen. Army will refuse orders. Then what’s going to happen is anyone’s guess.Good to see so many like minded folks here. Nobody owes you and you owe nobody. Stay safe.

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