English as a Second Language: Should we be alarmed over this development?

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    torn-flagIt appears that decades of open borders and political sensitivity has finally caught up with us. After sifting through the 2013 census data, the Center for Immigration Studies has found that 61.8 million U.S. residents, speak a foreign language at home. That is 1 in 5 people, and a 2.2 million increase since 2010. The data was compared to the 2010 statistics, and it was found that the largest increases were for Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic.

    So should we be alarmed over this development? After all, we are a nation of immigrants. Each and every one of us could probably trace our lineage to an immigrant. Many of you reading this right now have ancestors that arrived to this country within the last century.

    However, it should be noted that we aren’t just a nation of immigrants. We are a nation of assimilated immigrants.  If you read the data provided by this study, you’ll find that our system of assimilation is completely broken.

    •  Of the school-age (5 to 17) nationally, more than one in five speaks a foreign language at home. It is 44 percent in California and roughly one in three students in Texas, Nevada, and New York. But more surprisingly, it is now one in seven students in Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, Nebraska and Delaware; and one out of eight students in Kansas, Utah, Minnesota, and Idaho.
    • Many of those who speak a foreign language at home are not immigrants. Of the nearly 62 million foreign-language speakers, 44 percent (27.2 million) were born in the United States.
    • Of those who speak a foreign language at home, 25.1 million (41 percent) told the Census Bureau that they speak English less than very well.

    So if you counted only school age children, the ratio is actually higher than 1 in 5. Nearly half of the people who speak a foreign language at home, were born here. The fact that these rates are higher among children, is a strong indicator that our nation is failing to assimilate its immigrants.

    While it would be expected that the children of immigrants would speak their parents tongue, especially at home, the number of people who have a poor grasp of the English language is astounding.

    In addition, this growth isn’t a recent trend. The number of people who speak a foreign language at home, as well as our population of foreign born residents, has been growing for decades

    • The percentage of the U.S. population speaking a language other than English at home was 21 percent in 2013, a slight increase over 2010. In 2000, the share was 18 percent; in 1990 it was 14 percent; it was 11 percent in 1980.

    So will we be able to assimilate these immigrants in the years ahead? It’s possible. Historically, there have been times when the United States was teeming with foreigners. Between the late 1800’s until around 1910, the foreign born population peaked at nearly 15 percent. However this was followed by many decades of decline. We had several generations of very low immigration rates. We had time to teach them our culture, language, and history. By the 60’s and 70’s, the millions that immigrated here at the turn of the century had fully integrated into our society.

    The problem we’re facing now is that our institutions have completely failed to assimilate this wave of immigrants. How can we teach our children to be Americans, when they are scolded for wearing the American flag in school, and their textbooks give biased lessons on Islam?

    How can our military, which has long been an avenue for citizenship, continue to do so if they allow illegal aliens and gang members into the ranks?

    How can we even begin to teach immigrants about the American way of life, when it is easier to ignore our laws, sneak across our sovereign borders, and still receive welfare benefits and special treatment?

    If our country can’t assimilate this wave of foreign born people, then our society is going to be in a lot of trouble. From Africa, to India, to the Middle East, the world is full of multiethnic nations that are tearing themselves apart. This trend won’t be limited to poor third world countries either. In Europe, the rise of secession movements in Britain, Spain, France, and Italy are on track to break those nations apart, while the millions of Muslim immigrants that they have failed to assimilate, are building their own separate societies within Europe.

    So what do you think? Will America experience ethnic conflict in the near future? Can we take control of our borders and begin the process of integrating our immigrants, or is it too late?



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      1. not if we don’t kick some of these damned liberals out of our gubmint, we won’t be assimilating JACK! but it sure does look like it’s waaaay past to late for that. common core fore the common good and all….yeesh!

        • BCOD, braveheart NEVER assimilates with libturds and NEVER will. F#$% common core!

          • America as we knew it is gone, usurped and destroyed from the inside. There is no bringing it back. Dream of “voting” or whatever, it’s too late. This could have been stopped 20 years ago, but the die is cast.

            If you haven’t read Thomas Chittum’s book “Civil War II”, you might want to, it’s out there on PDF.

            • Looks at public schools.
              As I know only federal government funding ESL programs in public schools.
              The local public does not care.
              Our public education is a scam.
              Teachers earning 90K teaching elementary students to calculate 1+1.

              • MAC, Two things.

                First, I DID forward an email to you that was ‘forwarded’ to me. It has SHTF in the heading. It is an ad for a ball bearing race company. Please examine the email but do not click on anything. Somebody may have been hacked and I want to find out who. Please email me back in a separate email.

                SECOND, HERE IS A LINK THAT I SUGGEST EVERYONE TAKES A LOOK AT. I know it’s The Examiner, but still…


                • It is too late to save the America we knew and grew up in.

                  According to the storyline we are told, when the 13 colonies had enough, they did not try to change the government. They formed a new one, and a new country was born. Now America has turned it’s back on God, and if you still claim to be an American so have you.

                  It is pointless to try to fix the problems with the current corrupt government. It is time to start a new one. There are no Americans anymore. America is no longer free, and no longer worth the effort it would take to restore it.

                  If you want to be free, you must quit being an American, and become a Citizen of Heaven living in the light of God. Live by Gods Laws, an no other.

                  As for the article…

                  I don’t care what language people speak in. If they want to talk to me they will need to learn English.

                  • When the Thirteen Colonies separated from the King, they wanted to break the ties to England so badly, that a vote to make the country’s language GERMAN instead of English, was defeated by only one vote.

                    What would the would be like if that happened?

                  • Ebola outbreak: Spread of deadly disease across Europe is ‘unavoidable’, warns WHO chief

                    on Drudge Report

                • Sixpack,
                  If one wants to really be safe. Instead of actually clicking on any hyperlink, which may re-direct you to an alternative site logging your IP address of injecting an malicious code. You can cut and past the posted URL into a new web page address block. That will tell you if the link URL page is legit or not. Or what it says in the hyperlink may be different of where it directs you. This “click the link” scam is a clever hack by thieves that may inject some malicious code by us clicking on that actual posted hyperlink. Cutting and pasting the link will help eliminating any real redirect, but as many do and instead of being lazy and clicking the posted URL hyperlink.

                  This is what hackers do when they hack people’s FaceBook email contacts list and send dummy emails to their contacts using their email name, saying click this link. Never do it. Never open up any suspicious emails and never click on any suspicious hyperlinks. And once they are in your computer they too steal your email contact list and send more spam using your email address.

                  I used to get these email hacks from Linkedin saying click on this link. I just delete the email and do not click on any hyperlink.

                  It’s a battle out there just to be on the internet. And use some good anti-spyware software to scan your drives.

                • Six,millions have seen this potentially happening/already started,a good reminder though of what citizens may face in the coming future.

                • Thanks for the link sixpack. Lets hope it is not true but nothing shocks me anymore.

                • Wow it looks like left wing extremists killed way more then

              • $90K? If teachers were paid 90K a year, schools would draw better teachers. The best teachers in the world, do not teach. they choose careers where they are respected as the professionals they are. and we end up with too many unprofessional, incompetent muppets in classrooms… I hesitate to say educating our children here.

                PS – I do not think the solution is to pay teachers more. the biggest problem is government control of curriculum and government policy in general

                h ttp://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/answer-sheet/wp/2013/12/15/how-much-teachers-get-paid-state-by-state

                • Outsider: Here is what the US Dept of Education is all about. The Video is 1.15 hours long, but you can also start watching at about min 25. It will show how the public school system is manipulated by the new World Order. Brainwashing our children.

                  Watch “Illuminati Insider speaks out *rare footage*”

                  Older folks can think back back in your early days in the 60’s and 70’s going to public schools, and how we too were brain washed.

                • No amount of money to brainwash the children is worth it. Time to defund the Dept of ED.

                  • No worries WHO,the financial fiasco in our future will cover that!

              • Only in ‘Merica can they come up with this shit. In the rest of the world, English is the preferred language to communicate and is the most often used. As an example in the sport of Formula One racing, all of it’s drivers of all nationalities MUST LEARN TO SPEAK ENGLISH. In fact that’s the primary language they are to use because it’s the language most used around the world.

                But the dumbasses running the show came up with another brilliant idea. 😉

                • And this is why I no longer vote. It only encourages the bastards in elected office

              • You mean teach them 2+2=5.

            • I just finished reading “Civil War II”. Chittum is dead nuts on to what is happening in America. I also firmly believe that all of it will play out as he described & we will be anothe Yugoslavia.

            • Justme

              Add Michael Savage to your list as well..

              (no matter what one may think of him)..

              he predicts the on-start of civil war by the mid terms this year..

              just headlined on drudge this a.m.

              the whole plan is to diversify and polarize the entire nation…

              much akin to what our central planners have done..via the banks of course..to the rest of the so called free and undeveloped nations..

              just wait til those 10-20 million non english speaking illegals are granted amnesty After the mid terms..

              or Obola finally lets loose across our country..

              til then

              enjoy the day


            • Terrorists have NO Need to Attack America, as the local Tribe is doing a fine Job of this from within. Stand by for the next False Flag threat to create fear in a tumbling economy.

              Terrorists can just sit back with a bag of popcorn and watch the show like a blind crippled retard flailing in the middle of a busy highway muttering to himself.

              • Savage must have got most of his info from SHTF.

            • Huge: Missouri Judge Rules Protestor’s in Ferguson, Civil Rights were being violated. When Cops told them to keep moving, no stopping, Arresting anyone in the wrong area. They violated Free Speech and Assembly.

              Good Video explaining this:
              “VICTORY! Federal Judge Rules ‘Police Violated Constitutional Rights’ of Ferguson Protesters!”

              No more of these Free Speech Zone BS Tactics either.

        • I read where one school has 21 different Spanish DIALECTS!!!

          When the good Lord wanted to divide the people at the Tower of Babel for their sin, he caused them to speak in many different languages.

          Without English as an official common language for ALL government documents, America will be broken down into enclaves and tribes. Get the United Nations out of America.

          English. One Language. One people. 🙂

          • DK, AMEN to your comments. English is our native tongue. When other people come here they need to play by the rules. If they won’t learn English, they need to get the f#$% out of our country. if we can’t speak to them, they need to leave, period!

            • Advice for the single prepper courtesy of survivalblog ,com

              Contest, Self-Sufficiency Comments Off
              I live alone. No, I’m not a hermit, curmudgeon, recluse, or ogre. I simply choose to live alone, and if normality as we know it dissolves, I am prepared to survive alone.

              As a typical working stiff, I spend the majority of the daylight hours at work. My office is 34 miles away from my home. If things suddenly take a turn for the worse while I am at work, I will have to make it back alone across those 34 miles to get home. Home is where most of my preps are stored. Home is where I am most acclimated, and while home may not be where I ultimately stay, it is where I would prefer to begin life under different rules. If I am unable to drive, or if conditions are such that a moving vehicle is a target, I am prepared to make the trek home on foot. I keep a Get Home Bag, stocked with the normal contents and Grey Man clothes, in my truck. The contents of the bag and the clothes are adjusted with the seasons, because I don’t see the need in dragging along the extra weight of thermal underwear and heavy jackets in the summer. The extra footwear, which I keep in my truck, changes with the seasons as well. In addition to the Get Home Bag in my truck, I keep a case of bottled water and some non-perishable food hidden in my office on the off chance I am aware of a problem before leaving my office or in case I have to fall back to my office and Shelter In Place during an event. No one else knows about my office stash. I have mapped out multiple routes for this potential journey under abnormal conditions and have driven as many of those routes as possible to look for bottlenecks, potentially hostile areas, et cetera. I have reviewed satellite views of my primary and alternate routes home and identified potential shelters, including agricultural and utilitarian structures and abandoned buildings that are not too far off the beaten path to use along the way, if necessary. Along my primary daily commute route, I have identified potential water sources and food sources, including pecan trees, blackberry thickets, fig trees, and more. I am working on locating these same resources along my alternate routes and marking them on a map, rather than relying on memory. In short, I am doing as much preparation and reconnaissance as possible and integrating those elements into multiple plans. You will notice I haven’t mentioned anything groundbreaking here; it’s just common sense planning. If I haven’t lost you to boredom and you are still engaged at this point, you will also notice that none of this planning and recon requires an additional body, eyes, or brain. All of these preparations can be performed alone.

              The prospect of traveling alone is in no way daunting to me. I readily admit that operating alone does create certain practical, security, and tactical challenges, such as blatantly violating the Two Is One and One Is None rule. However, being alone also offers the lone operator the ability to move quickly, quietly, and decisively without the added emotional concerns of protecting another soul. It does, however, require one to be more careful, more alert, and more deliberate– none of which are bad practices. Surviving alone means you have no one to back you up and no one to bail you out. If you get sick or injured, you are on your own. Quoting William H. Johnsen, “If it is to be, it’s up to me.” Plan accordingly. Develop the mindset, skill set, and tool set needed to survive alone, with mindset and skill set being the most important elements among that trinity.

              The biggest obstacle most people encounter when attempting to live alone is conquering loneliness. Humans have evolved into pack animals. We crave companionship, acceptance, and the reassurance of the pack. Almost everything we do requires us to interact with and in many ways depend upon our family, coworkers, teammates, congregation, or the grand collective known as society. We marry, we join churches, social clubs, civic organizations, and political parties. We network, and we identify with strangers based on the team logo on their jackets or shirts. In short, being part of a group, being “one of us” is a societal expectation. The modern, outward expression of this emotional tendency has led to the explosion of social media where we create online personas and acquire large numbers of “friends” with whom we eagerly and publicly share our inner most thoughts and feelings so we can be accepted and “liked”. So it’s no wonder that most people feel more than a little odd when they find themselves living alone or consciously choose to live alone.

              However, living alone and preparing alone can also be very liberating. In many ways, preparing alone is easier than the more traditional arrangement of living with a spouse, companion, or relative. You may not have anyone to bounce ideas or decisions off of, but you also don’t have to realign your priorities to appease someone else. You learn to become self sufficient and with self sufficiency comes the satisfaction of knowing that you succeeded on your own. As you build on your solo successes and become more and more comfortable with yourself, you suddenly realize that what you have discovered is confidence– confidence in yourself and confidence in your abilities. Confidence is a mindset, and the proper mindset is one of the most powerful tools you can possess.

              Skill Set
              With loneliness in check and confidence at your disposal, it is time to focus on the task at hand– preparing for foreseeable scenarios. Living alone gives you complete control over your allocation of time and effort. Knowing that you are focusing on being completely self reliant, it makes sense to invest in yourself by keeping in shape and learning a variety of skills, such as; first aid, hunting, fishing, land navigation, self defense, wild crafting, foraging, basic construction techniques, basic electrical, plumbing, and on and on. Survival literally lies in your hands and your hands alone. Make the most of your time now to increase your skill sets, and you will automatically increase your confidence, which further enhances your mindset.


              Living alone has forced me to master the art of cooking for one. Cooking is clearly a skill set. Planning properly and mastering the art of cooking for one while not wasting food gives me a few extra dollars that I can invest in my preps. Under normal circumstances, cooking well for one simply takes a little extra forethought and planning. You either cut recipes in half or quarters or you plan on having leftovers. I prefer to cook with fresh meat, so my butcher is now used to opening their pre-packaged quantities and selling me half or less of the normal portion. My fish monger knows I will only be getting one fish filet or a handful of shrimp or scallops. While I prefer to cook with fresh meat, I am not averse to freezing cooked meats and meals, so half-cup, plastic storage containers and Ziploc bags are two of my best friends in the kitchen.

              In a survival situation I probably won’t have access to a refrigerator or freezer, so I have made plans for that scenario as well. Rather than only stocking up on the typical 14 or 15 ounce cans of vegetables, I have chosen to keep a supply of the smaller, single serving canned meats and vegetables available as well. Commercially available freeze-dried meals packaged in the single meal sized re-sealable Mylar pouches, like the Mountain House variety, are labeled as two servings per pouch. Because of this, I have set aside a large supply of sandwich sized Ziploc bags. If I am ever forced to resort to using my supply of Mountain House meals I will divide the dry contents in the prepackaged pouches and move half of the contents in the pouch to a Ziploc bag to be cooked later. I have purchased a few small Thermos type containers with wide mouths and screw-on lids that I plan on using for cooking the portion stored in the Ziploc container. I have chosen to stick with the pouch sized option rather than the #10 cans from the standpoint of convenience and portability. Once a #10 can is opened, greater care must be taken to preserve its contents while an unopened Mylar pouch remains quite robust. The pouch sized portions are also a convenient size for bartering if that opportunity presents itself.

              • Genius,a informative read but a little worried buddy!Multiple para graphs and not one mention of “Federal”?!Tell me in your office/and or car you at least have a box of goldfish crackers!

            • Unfucking believable. This is why America is hopeless. There is nothing wrong with an ethnostate and society was protected as such until Marxists got ahold of it in the 1960’s. Yet instead of demanding demographic integrity and sensibility, even the dissident movement advocates teaching them English so they can more easily integrate and water-down our demographic heritage. Genius.

          • I live in a country where Tagalog is the native language. Then, over 300+ years of colonization, the Spanish forced them to switch. Then the Americans made them a colony for 50 years and forced English on them. I live here because they all speak several languages, and the schools are still in English. When the Latinos outnumber the European Whites, Spanish will be the main language of North America. All 3 countries. Wait and see. Not too long in the future.

            • I am guessing you hail from the Philippines.

              As far as it goes, I am torn on the issue. I do feel that we all need to speak a common language, yet I am hesitant to force one on everyone as to me the language you speak is also a matter of personal liberty. I do feel, however, that you should speak English fluently to get citizenship in this country if you are foreign born. I think that is a minimum that should be expected. Whether you chose to transact your daily life in that language though should be up to you. If, say, using Russian was something you could use to generate more profit in your business, then use Russian.

              The real issue is that we have continued to let people in who were not willing to minimally assimilate in the first place. Securing our borders like we used to should be a primary concern for any reasonable politician. It’s not just illegals that are the issue either as there are plenty of legals who refuse to assimilate too. I just don’t know where to draw the line except that it would probably be in our best interest to keep out people from toxic Islamic cultures.

          • DK:

            You know, DK, I read a comment like this and you make complete sense.

            Then I read comments you made a couple of subjects ago such as:

            GOP waiting to set the trap on Obama….

            Obama is a Muslim and the Muslims are in control of the Whitehouse……

            Obama fooled everyone including the Jewish Lobby….

            Brennan is a Muslim…..

            I, for one wonder where you are really coming from.

            The GOP we vote for at the national level is just as knee deep in the sell out of America as the Democrats.

            Please list ther Muslims in control of the Whitehouse. The last time I ask this question; a poster could only come up with three. Better question is who AIPAC is and who are the Senators and Congressmen that are following their marching orders.

            And if you think Obama fooled the Jewish lobby, then I have a bridge to nowhere to sell you. Obama knew his marching orders way before he was ever elected.

            The best I could find on Brennan being a convert is that it is a RUMOR.

            Statements like the above will make me question any credibility you may have had, sad to say.

            • Granny: Three Muslims in control of the WH? POTUS, FIRST TRANNY, and Valerie Jarrett, who spent much of her life in Iran; and went to Iran as a special envoy to jump start the original nuke talks.

              The CIA Director is a convert to Islam, who I believe, has a Muslim wife. The CIA Director, took his oath of office with his hand on the Koran. This fact is well known. Get a clue Granny. There are more enemies in America besides AIPAC.

              What more evidence do you need???? 🙁

              • DK:

                And if you THINK those three stooges are running the show you are smoking dope.

                If those three do not dance to the international bansters tunes they would immediately be replaced.

                And are you telling us the international banksters are mooslems?

                Just feeding us some more bs to cloud the truth DK?

                • Granny: Not trying to “cloud” your truth. Yes the jewish lobby and the Gangsta Bankstas run the world for their benefit and that of israel. They are just one element of the power structure right now, if a major one.

                  The Saudi’s have watched the AIPAC influence use American might to push its agenda, and Saudi money has been quietly working behind the scenes to push Islam and their version of Islam, in the United States in the same way that AIPAC has, and they are immigrating and building Jihad schools (with taxpayer money)in all of the States with the greatest electoral college votes to build their political power.

                  O’bummer’s agenda is anti American and at its root, a Muslim agenda. You cannot see the forest for the trees.
                  because you are blinded by racism. 🙁

                  • DK:

                    So now the word “racism” enters into the discussion.

                    Does that word also apply to people who are anti-Muslum, or is it just used against people who see the international zionist bankers (who are mostly Jews)that are destroying our world?

                    So you are a “racist” also, DK. Just against a different group of people?

                    Care to dispute Albert Pikes description of how all three world wars would be formented and carried out, DK?
                    WW3 is being ramped up just as he stated.

                    You are buying the MSM rhetoric lock stock and barrel.

                    Are all posters here at SHTF who are identifying the criminal zionist world banksters racists, even if what they post is the truth?

                    I believe that is part of the Communist/Marxist agenda, DK.

            • Granny: Three Muslims in control of the WH? POTUS, FIRST TRANNY, and Valerie Jarrett, who spent much of her life in Iran; and went to Iran as a special envoy to jump start the original nuke talks.

              The CIA Director is a convert to Islam, who I believe, has a Muslim wife. The CIA Director, took his oath of office with his hand on the Koran. This fact is well known. Get a clue Granny. There are more enemies of America, in America, than just AIPAC.

              What more evidence do you need???? 🙁

        • Buttcrack, They are ALL LIBERALS! They are all working for the same master! Fuck man get with the program, the two party system is a JOKE! Go out and vote all you want, diebold will chose who wins anyway. If you vote dem or rep it doesnt matter, the shit we deal with comes from the top and it aint them. Just a dog and pony show for the masses who are too stupid to see it…

          • damn genius, yer preachin’ to the choir…but hope DOES spring eternal!

        • Illuminati strategy is to devide and conquer. To dilute anything traditionally American white anglo-saxon culture into a mixed up cesspool. Its all to weaken any party that can resist. Its like shooting holes in to a ship at sea. You can only plug so many holes in the leaking hull before it sinks and thst take what ever spoils remain. Americans are cannt see the frog boiling in the pot yet as they are distracted by TV, EBT Cards, NFL, Dancing with the stars, Gay Marriage, P Diddy, Ebola, ISIS crisis.. ect.

          • OldSeventy – A part of your link.
            In 2012 the Examiner received at least one document from DHS that listed the various categories of citizens that would be deemed as “potential homegrown terrorists.” This document is one of the most important, but as you will see, it has been revised to include an apologetic to counteract the heavy criticism the report received. DHS used this report to compile its policy on “potential homegrown terrorists.”

            But not once was Islamic extremists mentioned. Those whom DHS mentioned specifically is very telling — Ron Paul supporters, gun owners and gun rights activists, those who promote the Constitution as the final rule of law, U.S. war veterans returning home from overseas, those who support the right of Israel to exist, evangelical Christians and others who are pro-life and who believe the Bible and take it seriously, Tea Party activists, conservative voters who take to the streets to march or to demonstrate in opposition to high taxes, runaway government spending, Obamacare, and other programs of the “progressives” in the current administration. Michelle Malkin provided this report on the issue at the time.

            So controversial were these DHS pronouncements that angry citizens began calling their elected representatives. When it became clear that this mindset at DHS may become a political liability for Democrats seeking election or reelection, the agency backed off its public statements concerning “potential homegrown terrorists.” It did not help matters for the elitists that a series of high profile terrorist actions, conducted by Islamic extremists, made the news and only confirmed in the minds of most Americans that DHS had its eye on all of the wrong people. While they were watching us “conservative Christians clinging to our guns and Bibles,” the Islamo-fascists were busy at work behind the scenes planning a resurgence. And now, at least half of what our men and women in the military fought for, and gave their lives for, have fallen back into the hands of Islamic extremists who behead their opposition. Not only does this denote a failed Obama foreign policy but it clearly demonstrates that the current administration does not care about the spread of extremist Islam. They had rather go after ordinary citizens who disagree with their warped view of the world.

            Basically anybody who thinks the US Government is a Criminal Entity. No doubt it is them against all of us.

            • WWTI, I know which document you’re referring to and have read it. Nothing DHS does is legitimate. The FBI was putting out similar propaganda about us before 9/11 and the creation of DHS. All of the feds can go f#$% themselves.

        • Who cares what they speak at home? It is their RIGHT to speak what they wish at home. NONE of our darn business at all.

          I grew up with a grandmother with a very thick, german accent. She was born and raised an american on a sugar beet farm in Michigan. She NEVER spoke english in her home, yet did so when she attended school as she grew up, thus, her heavy german accent. She was a nurse and served america well during WWII.

          Okay? So, are you going to slam her for speaking a foreign language in her own home? No. Probably not because she is western european by descent.Are you slamming other immigrants for doing so? YES. Probably because they are NOT white, western europeans.


          • Thank You! This is exactly what I was thinking as I was sifting through these xenophobic comments.

          • Yes Germany is Western European, and historically a very successful countryy. These 4 foot tall Spanish speaking freeloader midgets from Oaxaca are not helping. Douche.

        • For the younger generation, you may not remember the government pushing Americans to learn the metric system to be in line with other countries. It failed! Companies converted the factories lines to metrics, schools pushed hard for students to reform to the metric system to no avail. Hopefully, common core will take the same path!

      2. Borders…Language and Culture

        Michael Savage

        • I live in kalifornia….. I have to push “1” to get instructions in English….. When I buy a product at Home Depot, instructions are in Spanish…..

          My wife works in an elementary school district and all the free programs are mostly used by the Hispanic kids with parents that speak zero English, but know every freebie that exists…..

          It’s too late….

          • I live in a kentucky county with a pop around 110k. Immigrants are everywhere, sams club and walmart are overrun at times. In the county school system, there are around 1400 in esl classes. Not sure about city system but did read there were i think 25 languages spoke in the city high school. It is estimated there are 9000 Bosnians here. Immigrants own many gas stations, hotels, restaurants, trucking companies. Bet uncle sam helps them out with grants and tax breaks.
            Our country will no longer be recognizable. Our schools are crowded, diseases are brought in, just ridiculous.

        • Talon, Savage is just another distraction shill. Notice he NEVER mentions the root of the problem? NOTICE if you call in with the truth his staff screens you out? He is just another NWO buttlicker otherwise known as controlled opposition. He hangs up on people before they can say theyre piece and constantly talks over them. Why is that? You figure it out if your smart enough…

          • Thanks Genius…

            • Talon, Im not trying to be insulting but it just drives me nuts that people don’t question the shit theyre told. So many people love savage and quote him to me and Im like ” your fooking kidding right?” It seems like no one wants to do any damn critical thinking. Dissect what these people say and make a conclusion based on logic. Not saying you personally but anyone with half a brain can see all this shit is foisted on us to make us think they are the authority of truth. Thats total bullshit! YOU ARE THE AUTHORITY! Old talk radio had truth, now they have taken that away and replaced it with bullshit artists like saveage, hannity, rush, etc. Do yourself a huge favor and think about why all this shit is happening. Is it a conspiracy? Is it a coincidence? Why don’t these radio people address the roots of the problem? Do they always blame politics? Is that as far as they will let you call in with info? The whole scenario is pretty simple, controlled opposition makes it look like theres a free press and wins the minds of the mindless. A lot of people fall for this crap and I get so tired of hearing the parrot the latest bullshit savage and others say… 🙂

              • What is the root of the problem?

                • An author, (William Bramley) coined the term “Custodians”.
                  If your interested, read the “Gods of Eden” (Bramley) and Jim Marrs’ “Rule by Secrecy”.
                  Follow up with Marrs’ “Crossfire”.

                  • I thought you wrote Wilford Brimely,started thinking about oat meal ads!

          • Savage is also near-eastern tradition AKA Jooish, not Western, and more interested in protecting his tribe than protecting Western identity.

      3. oh, and at least bringing all the idiots, criminals/gangsters, and riff-raff that’s unwanted in other countries, we are raising the I.Q. of the general population in america!

        • BCOD.

          I blame all those goody two shoes and the political correct jerkoffs who with the help of Democratic Presidents (Mariel Boat Lift) will turn this country into a third world status. remember when they cut the heads off your sons and make whores out of your daughters because that is the lifestyle they were raised in.
          The only culture not allowed is “True American Culture”.

          How is that Hope and Change working for you?

          • America was usurped from within before the goody two shoes and politically correct jerkoffs existed.

            The WW2 generation handed America to those who have sworn to destroy us, that’s the cold hard fact.

            • JustMe

              Just a platform to launch the agenda.

            • I’m getting tired of hearing how the WW2 generation is/was “the greatest generation”. Yes, credit where credit is due for what they did and were back then, but to call them “the greatest” is pure hype. If they were so great then how was it they ruined it all by raising one of the worst generations ever; the Baby Boomers. I am and ashamed to admit it, a member of that generation.
              A generation of swine.

              As I see it, because they FAILED at being parents, they suffered, sacrificed for, and died for was in vain. They were losers as parents.

              • right you ARE vegas. look at what we did to our kids for christ’s sake….we give them EVERYTHING they want, and when they become adults, they don’t know what to do…..never looking up from those screens they all MUST carry around 24/7. pathetic, really.

              • The greatest generation failed miserably in one regard. Their loyalty fed ignorance allowed government to run amuck. They looked at the JFK assassination and thought “something is wrong” but with a good job and benefits they sat silent. Eisenhower warned them about MIC but they once again sat silent in their complacency. They sent their kids to murder and die in Vietnam without questioning when questioning was the order of the day. It reminds me of the scene in the movie Animal House when Otter says to Bluto, “Face it, you fucked up, you trusted us”.

                Those baby boomers at least 50 years ago questioned their governments actions. Degree in hand and good job under their belt they became John Kerry and Clinton becoming or at least tolerating what they stood against five decades previously.

          • it’s TURD….you miss-spelled TURD-WORLD country!…I’M already living in a turdworld COUNTY(san bernardino, ca), but that turdworld COUNTRY is on it’s WAY, poste haste! happy 1929!

          • And what exactly is “true American culture”?

      4. Our local school district has an entire elementary school filled with the children of illegals. Spanish is the primary language there. Caucasian kids are not getting their education, except in Spanish, for the most part.

        An entire school, teachers, staff, maintenance, computers, buses, drivers, and pensions, all because we don’t kick them out.

        This is just one small town of about 10,000 people. So much for wise use of our tax money.

        • If the entire school is “illegals”, then “Caucasians” getting an education is a non issue, because there aren’t any. Btw, you do realize that most illegals immigrants are Caucasian too, right? Lol.

          • ” Btw, you do realize that most illegals immigrants are Caucasian too, right? ”

            Of they are sweet cheeks. That’s why you see the Spanish language everywhere you look. Must be all those “white” latinos I keep hearing about. You sir , are an idiot.

      5. There are parts in some cities you have to speak their language. Some schools will have dual language texts.
        Makes you wonder what History the school will teach.

        What Language you speak might determine if you get shot or not when times are bad.

      6. Those of you out there that are say, 30ish, you better start learning Mandarin Chinese FAST. You will definitely need it to survive. Thinking that won’t happen, then maybe Russian. Bottom line, at the rate we are going, English will be a SECOND language to SPANISH before too long anyway. There is something to being old. Won’t have to deal with this crap.

        • I have already dealt with this crap and will continue to deal with it . I have taught my children question this crap and not cave in to the public school systems bullshit . They had a hard time getting though but learned how to sort out real teachers from programmers . Now we have grandchildren that will learn the fight as well . So David dont be giving up so soon . the real work is just starting

          • Islander.

            You are correct. We do not have teachers, we have programmers.

            • Off topic- Watch Gas drop below $3 coming up. There is a huge glut of oil stockpiled in the US that they have huge barges just sitting there with oil and no place to park them. Texas oil refineries are going off line just to prop up gas prices. It is so manipulated. Oil could drop to $60 a barrel soon. And with the slowdown in the economy, not many are venturing out wasting money for travel. So get your thirsty Jerry cans ready and PRI-G for gas additive, as really cheap gas is coming and a good time to use and rotate out your gas preps.

              • WTTI:

                Proof positive red thumbers follow specific posters regardless of what they post.

                There is not one thing offensive in your very informative article about gasoline.

                Next time you see red thumbers on a post such as this; at least ask yourself why.

                Someone just doesn’t like you WWTI, no matter what you post.

                IMAGINE THAT!

                • Granny.. No doubt the red trolls got nothing better to do. I just gave you the first green thumb on your post!! :-)) Enjoy your day.

                  • WWTI:

                    You are too easy on the red thumbers…..

                    Some are students getting paid by the Israeli Defense Ministry to peruse the blogs and red thumb anyone who questions the Zionists and their lackeys. That be you, WWTI.(And me).

                    Also your take on the Bible does not square well with true Christians. That be me, WWTI.

                    However, I do not red thumb your posts…..I know the day will come when the Lord will Make you see the truth. He already has shown you who America’s real enemies are; so I dont think He is through with your education.

                  • Granny, Isn’t worth my sweat worrying about red thumbs. I’m Gonna Keep on Trucking!!

              • Gas has already been below $3 in Norfolk, VA at a couple of places. I don’t know how much alcohol is in it.

        • No tickie No Shirtie.

          See I already speak Chinese.

      7. Im so glad its not about Ebola. I keep trying to yodle that off my roof but the neighbors dissaprove. Anyways by the time this affects the majority of us, it will have hit the fan. Personally, I suggest canned food bottled water, a few good books, a wood stove, and a reliable rifle. I picked up a mosin for $80 great deal. Plus its long enough with the bayonetted I can pretty well keep my house safe without leaving my bed. But I rant. Anyone ever put a 305 Chevy in a chevette? Digression…….well happy hunting seasons and its almost Halloween when they put out Christmas decorations. If you have read this far, give yourself a pat on the back, I am proud! Johnny in Montana is done ranting.

        • Happy Hallothanksmas to you Johnny . never dropped a 305 in a chevette but we did stuff a 350 into a vega a bunch of years ago , scary fast . Keep ranting

          • My friend had one (Vega wagon) with a V8 in it. You’re right about the scary fast.

            • A buddy of mine has a Vega with a blown 454 in it, thing does 8s to 9s on the 1/4

          • chevy Monza spider came stock with a 350. you couldn’t get the rear plugs out but with a 4 speed it was like having a rocket strapped to your ass

        • There are differing opinions on whether Ebola is a threat or not.

          Ebola and reasons to fear it?

          1 – The death rate if you catch it and the horrible way you will die.

          2 – The agony of watching a loved one with it.

          3 – The staggering numbers that will perish if it becomes airborne.

          4 – The failure of our government to do anything about it. Either they are totally incompetent or they want it here. I believe it is both.

          5 – The economic impact it can have if it does not get here but does get to Europe or other developed country’s. This could be enough to start the domino’s falling economically.

          6 – What would happen if the disease infected Mexico and other south American countries. We refuse to shut the border for political reasons and maybe others. If this happens there will be a major outbreak in this country and we don’t have the resources to contain it. Then there would be panic in this country.

          7 – How many cases would it take to cause panic in this country. Panic may be the serious issue with this.

          8 – Panic caused by this disease. If enough people panicked it would be a disaster. If 30 percent of workers decided to stay home then services would be disrupted. If shipments to the grocery store were 3 days late then think about the implications. I have heard that if 30 percent of workers in the power industry did not show up then the power would go out.

          9 – Panic could in itself become a domino effect. The more people panic the more effect it has on other people. Power would go out. Stores would not get shipments. There would be riots, looters, and people dying in the streets. Life as we know it would come to an end.

          10 – The failure of the American people to prepare or realize how fragile the system really is. This is really the real problem for all of us. The failure of people to rely on themselves will be the cause of this country changing forever. It will also be the cause of blood in the streets. The same people who are lazy and rely on the rest of us to provide for them will be the same people that cause all the blood shed. All hear have to realize they will become like rabid animals. There hunger and thirst will cause them to do things that Americans have not seen for so many years. We must realize that to combat this we will have to do things that will change us forever. We have to become hardened like the older generation.

          We must never give up, give in, or fail. We have future generations that are going to either live free or live under a dictatorship because of our actions. We just may be the generation that either saves or loses this country.

          My and our children are depending on us. Please my friends. Lets stop bickering over things that don’t matter. Let’s save this country and turn it back into the country it used to be. Freedom is what we are fighting for. I will die for it. For my children, grandchildren, and myself. Is there anything more important than that. Then we can bicker about our petty beliefs.
          Without freedom then our petty beliefs don’t matter. Our religious beliefs don’t matter. Our race, sexual beliefs, nationality, financial situation, beliefs, religion, thoughts, speech, or politics is irrelevant.

          My desire is for all of us to ban together and help all. Get everyone we know to visit this site. Start a movement of caring towards all people. Try to educate all. We will need all the help we can get when the collapse occurs.

          Has it ever occurred to everybody on this site that we are severely outnumbered. They say 3 percent are prepared. Even if we got it up to 20 percent we would still have to deal with 80 percent of the country against us. We also have to deal with those in power.

          I know I am on a rant now. It is just that all the bickering is more serious than most people realize over very small things. It is something that has been on my heart lately because of the horrible gut feeling I have about the end of this year.

          My friends my thoughts and prayers are with you all. Please think of me and everyone else on here as your friend and teem mate.

          God bless you and your familys.

          • Mike ,
            With you 100% it’s time now to work together here , never before in my life have I seen so many diverse things build in so short of time , America has one flaw we do not react until it becomes a crisis , then Katy bar the door , some times it only takes a DETERMINED 3% to make a difference and the rest will follow , hell , one man changed an entire world .
            We must learn from the past , do not repeat the same mistakes , and have the courage and will to make things right . It will be a long hard slog but in the end we will not be with those poor miserable few who no neither victory or defeat .
            Trust in yourself , trust in a just god , believe .

            Yesterday’s dreams are todays hopes and tomorrows realities .

            Semper Fi 8541

            • Night Breaker.

              Until it becomes a crisis.;0)

              Yesterdays glory will help us today.
              You wanna retire, get out of the way!


          • Mike in VA,

            +++ 1,000 !!

            • Took a ride down a country road, turned around at Grizzly Rock Ranch.

          • Mike, I applaud your post but this is all dependent on people have scruples…..this guy from Liberia knowingly lied on his questionnaire for entry. While I favor help and freedom for all, we are still stuck with the selfish who put their own immediate desires above everything else…who knows…maybe he just figured he would take a gamble.

            All the sites I go to have basically rewritten the past two weeks’ news….I cannot help but wonder if something is going to pop soon.

            There was an article from an Israeli news org. that said the patient had passed away. Subsequent articles from the hospital in Dallas have stated he is getting experimental treatment, essentially implying he is still alive. I know that hospital and I ponder how they could remove his body once he passes….it would be relatively easy to accomplish that in private, in order to decrease fear and panic….

            Other news not verified….he came to get married…and I saw a headline that said the lady he came to visit, had been to Liberia in August…

            Ah just the musings from the nanny state….

            • Molly:

              Wonder if that Dallas hospital is the same hospital where all the chicanery with JFK’s body took place?

              Dallas seems to be a place where the authorities can be counted on to keep the public unaware of truth.

              Oswald, Jack Ruby, JFK, etc., If only they could talk. Google President Johnson’s girlfriend to see what a mess Texas politics are. Her interview is an interesting take on why JFK was murdered and who was in on the conspiracy. She had a son by Johnson who was going to go public with that fact. They offed him too. That was the reason she agreed to the interview.

              Interesting to say the least….

        • Insightful and amusing rant, Johnny (in Montana). I hope you will comment more often. Well said.

      8. it’s called the american dream because you have to be asleep to believe it……… george carlin

      9. The American southwest has always had a diverse population consisting of principally of whites, Hispanics, blacks and other minorities. My wife speaks Spanish to her parents and English at home. It has seldom been a problem. My in-laws are legal immigrants who have become American citizens. I mention this because legal residents of the southwest are not the problem. They’re part of a rich diversity of cultures.

        I understand the ESL problem in the local schools. More often than not, the students are illegal immigrants who are a burden to the system. These classes tend to draw resources from other important programs. Illegal immigration is a problem in the southwest and the borders need to be secured.

        So, while we tackle the problems associated with ESL, let’s be careful not to paint all Hispanics with that broad brush. In my view, that wouldn’t be fair at all.

        • Mexifornia: I am not opposed to Hispanics or any other group speaking the languages of their ancestors at home with their family, but the Nation needs ONE LANGUAGE and those who come here LEGALLY need to learn it.

          Putin has it right. When in Rome, do (and speak) as a Roman. In the USA, we should not allow a second or third national language. That would divide US as a nation. United we are invincible.

          The idea of America celebrating Cinco de Mayo as a cultural phenomena is insane. It’s not even a Mexican Holiday.

          USA!!! USA!!! USA!!! 🙂

          • In USA, Cinco De Mayo started out as an excuse to walk around setting drunk, smoke pot, and have the munchies.

            • Dean: I thought that was what St Patricks Day was for. Just saying. 🙂

            • Dean,in my younger days never needed a “excuse” to do that,just the desire!

          • We HAVE to get rid of the Feds and the only way I see this happening is to bust apart. Myself, I will be heading for the first state that tells dc to stick it. Unless it is Komiefornia or some other hellhole lib state. But as far as I am concerned, the Pac Northwest and midwest should be considered “white” America and if need be new borders drawn up. I welcome this nation busting apart as I am not to fond of most eastern/western lib states and if you cant have a highcap magazine, fugetaboutit.

          • DK: I totally agree regarding ONE LANGUAGE and that is English. By the way, no one in the family celebrates Cinco de Mayo. We celebrate the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving and other traditional AMERICAN holidays.

          • DK … While I agree that we as a nation should have one official language, English. However, there is precedent for celebrating other cultural holidays, St. Patrick’s Day and Columbus Day being two that come readily to mind. Where would this nation be without the Irish and Italian immigrants that helped build it into the nation that we knew (past tense is NOT a spelling error) so well.

            • Navy Vet; “Where would this nation be without the Irish and Italian immigrants that helped build it into the nation that we knew …”

              400 years later the inhabitants of this nation would still be trying to figure out how to invent the wheel, which they had not, in 12,000 years of occupying this land. 🙁

      10. Mac, this is one of your best articles ever. Excellent point about us being a nation of ASSIMILATED immigrants. ASSIMILATION is the key word here. When my wife first came here from Cuba in 1967, she already was fluent in English having come from an educated family so that gave her a major advantage over most other Cuban refugees at that time. She played by all of the rules and ASSIMILATED totally into American culture. Her English was actually better than mine and I was born and raised here. I’ve never bothered with learning any other language. Why the hell should I? Regardless of where you come from, if you speak good English and play by all the rules, I’ll talk to you. If you DON’T know English, I DON’T need to talk to you. I refuse to accommodate any foreigner who comes here only for the money he or she can get from our welfare system and they don’t learn our language. Hell, for that matter, I don’t talk to freeloaders anyway no matter what language they speak.

      11. Gear review: Columbia Shadow Storm Camo

        On the Columbia website they are offering a new polyester camo suit available in realtree or mossy oak called Shadow Storm. Its a bargin, the pants are $50 and the jacket is $60, about half price during the first production run.

        So far I bought the pants in realtree. The inseam is way too long and the legs are way too baggy even with fleece and a base layer underneath. Problems with the pants are that they have no front pockets, no belt loops, no front thigh cell phone pocket for climbing applications like the North Face pants have, and the Omni heat doesn’t go past the knee. I wore these in the shower for several minutes and they repelled all the water. Nevertheless for 50 bucks I would recommend them.

        I do not like the fact that when you write a review on Columbia’s website they will not let you report the price of the garmet, compare it with a competitor, or talk about their customer service. If you were really confident in your company and your product there would not be this censorship bullshit.

        More proof that LL Bean has the best customer service, fucking period

        • The best camo for pine trees in the mountains is Original Vietnam Tiger Stripe. Any where there is black and green, this stuff makes you damn near invisible.

      12. OK, way off topic here. Had to run to Wallyworld yesterday and I can’t tell you the number of mindless society leeching idiots walking around with their pants at least half way down their ass or the gothopotomus at the till, or the gal that looks like she fell out of a peacock’s womb face first into a tackle box. If you want to see our country’s gradual deterioration, just go to the local mall or Wallyworld.

        We are screwed…God Bless

        PS, @BI/JOG, if you see this, it would be good to hear that you are well.

        • Norse, fuck walmart we never shop there. Always shop at the local place instead. Why are you feeding and funding your own demise? Walmart is like the feeding trough of sheep especially mormons, they fooking love that place. Mormons are very nice people but stupid as it gets brainwashed beyond belief! Quit being a sheep and start supporting your local community. I wish to god walmart would fooking fall off the earth and die!

          • I go to Wal Mart. And I go to other Places also. I shop where I get the best price. Those mom & pop places can rip you off too. Try and return something? Take anything back to wal mart and no hassell you get your money back. Back before wal mart came to our town I was paying almost a dollar for a quart of Valvoline oil at the parts store or gas station. when Wal Mart arrived that same oil was 37 cents. The local stores paid their help about 75 cents per hour. They paid with a check and called it contract labor. I know a woman who worked at the Ben Franklin and quit to go pick cotton a 3cents per pound because it was more money. Pick 300 pounds in ten hours and earn 9 dollars. or work in the store for ten hours and earn $7.50. that same lady went to work when wal mart first came to town. She bought stock and retired a millionare. Wal mart is not the cause its just a symptom. For many places in the south Wal Mart is the best job in town. Every place you shop at has the same imported crap Why not buy where its the best price?

          • Canned food, between a nickel and a quarter less at WalMart, same brands as the other stores.

            Pennzoil 5 Quart jug, $6 less than the auto store.

            Household staples, 50 cents to $3 less.

            Cat food, nickel a can cheaper than Petsmart.

            Remington 30-06 165 grain FMJ, $3 a box less.

            Propane canisters, 50 cents less apiece.

            • We went to Wal-Mart yesterday because the cat food is cheaper. But the shelf was empty, so we couldn’t get any. You can’t count on anything being in stock at Wal-Mart anymore. We wanted to buy onions a few months ago. Wal-Mart did not have a single onion of any variety in stock. I believe they are mismanaged.

            • Smokey, just a note. I was in Academy Sports picking up some ammo and saw propane cannisters at 2.48 each. That’s .41 cents cheaper than Walmart’s 2-can pack at 5.37. I was surprised, never seen that price beat (at Walmart).

              Oh, the THREE morons that gave the Old Guy thumbs down must be Muslims and don’t understand they too can shop at Walmart?????

        • @ NP,

          ‘Screwed’? Likely, yes. But then again ‘Change is the ONLY true constant in the Universe’ is it not? All that comes to pass…shall PASS in due turn, Surely? What comes soon is an ‘exercise in adaptation’. I suspect that you will do QUITE well there…quite sure, indeed.

          Yes…yes it would Friend…it would BE good. I am quite concerned that we have not heard from BI as of late; that one’s ABSENCE is DISTURBING in the extreme, inasmch as we – all – know that one to be the very epitome of diligence, surely and truly. “Where indeed….’

          Allow me to share a particular quote – from the Book – which I am VERY fond of,

          “My Sheep know my Voice…and come to me when I call them…”

          I always find comfort in that…do you?

          Be well, BE SAFE…mi amigo….Adios. Shhhh….quiet – N-O-W. and yes, A-I-W….now, NOT a PEEP. S’OK?

          • Yay! No hablo nunca! 🙂 Estoy felicidad que Todos es bien!

            • My +1 Hahahaaaa. Thanks! Andele, Andele!……heheheee

        • Saw a comment by Just One Guy on Business Insider today, so he is still alive. 🙂

          • Good Evening DK,

            Fascinating…I WILL have to skee-daddle over there to peruse it forthwith. I trust, that – by your message ‘placement’ – here – specifically, that you ‘get the drift’, Yes? Pay careful attention to the ‘Shhhh’ part, ‘A beginnnig is a DELICATE time…” is it not?

            Thus and so, Friend…it is late, and hence,

            “A Good Evening to all, and to all a GOOD NIGHT….”

            • Gee Mr. Rodgers your word usage and style is strikingly familiar……

              • @PO: I have been thinking that too, and isn’t it a wonderful thing? taker care, CC

                • Hello CC,

                  How is the Weather ‘thereabouts’ M’am? We – here – have just passed through a GLORIOUS Fall, beautiful beyond description, thence into what follows thereafter; Merciful Father, t’was SPLENDID indeed! Please note the caution(s) given above…for the nonce, a needful and mandatory state of affairs allowing for ‘THIS’ to occur, else “J” would have parts of my anatomy as atonement for my transgression here. Also, that one sends heart-felt regards, as well apologies – profoundly so – for the ‘discontinuity’ here involved; such was – in a word – unavoidable’.

                  SO MUCH to be told…needless to say, this is NOT the appropriate venue, surely. As it happened, the ‘direct’ avenue proved almost to be our ‘Waterloo’, the consequence came SO CLOSE. “J”: is currently efforting ‘itself’ to construct a ‘relatively’secure avenue by which ordinary ‘interchange’ can be resumed, somethoing I crave deeply and likely one ‘modeled on THAT ones last interchange with you…REMEMBER; thus, I pray you, patience yet a bit. Be well DF, and your DH also….my prayers continue therefor for you BOTH. I beleive that we will all soon need such as that, all Humanity.

                  Shhhh…quiet now.

                  Incidentally, MBS has returned SAFELY…we are ‘complete’ again and given what is occuring widely now NOT likely to stray overmuch from HERE in the Future…just sayin’. What I SEE of late broadly is rapidly becoming the stuff of our worst nightmares, therefor also I pray you all – each and EVERY one – be AWARE of what is afoot, continnously, dligently and unceasingly; Human Apotheosis is appoaching us now, or so I beleive…more later on that.

                  Adios Amigo’s, I will come again soon, though regarless of what comes remember , “I AM with YOU always….”

                  “Fur Immer und Jamals, AMEN.”

                  • @Mr Rodgers: Fully understand EVERY word,and totally agree with U. On a different note, A friend of mine is sending me a doz. tyvec??(spelling) suits from Indp. Mo…should arrive this week also, I p/u lots of n95 masks and gloves….I’m kind of nervous of germs just now….especially with hubby going for major surgery in the very near future. Again,’fur immer und jamals’…U take care, CC

        • Some of these posts are hilarious, I can’t stop laughing.
          I mean, all of you are 100% right/accurate, its just the way some of you are so honestly describing things/events out there. Its so true, its so sad, its just…
          Now I am getting depressed.

          • Hello Upstate,

            Ya…donna looka too good nowadays, Si? Cheer up Friend, it IS difficult now, to be sure…but there is a a Dawn on the FAR side of this Darkness to come yet…be there, whole and hale when it does. It WILL be WORTH it, take me here at my word, if you will,

            “…As the Light of a THOUSAND Suns will FREEDOM from Oppresion be, for eyes that have seen naught but DARKNESS for so, so very long.”

            In the last and at IT, Humanity WILL overcome VILENSSS, finally…there will be a price to pay though, and it will be DEAR. Noetheless, be THERE to see it Friend. Adios Muchacho.

          • UNY

            How are those Gun Laws working out?

            • Play nice slingshot…just because they LIVE there doesn’t MAkE them one of THOSE…well, usually.

            • Everyone in Upstate N.Y. cannot stand Cuomo.
              There are ‘Repeal the Safe Act’ signs all over the place. In peoples yards, peoples fields, in some shop
              windows. There is a gun range 25 minutes from where I live. Many up here, like yourselves, have stocked up on ammo, and various firearms. Responsibly.

              There are also ‘Impeach Cuomo’ signs all over, up here.
              Cuomo had a knee jerk response to slam in that gun law after Sandy Hook, on a late Friday night, and slam it down N. Yorkers throats. Not a bright move on his part.
              No Gov. Cuomo of N.Y. is Not Popular Up Here.
              Everyone is ticked about the gun law too.
              They ‘forget’ about upstate N.Y. until its an election year, and then they get on the bus and tour,
              “Look at me, Vote for Me, I am such a Great Guy.”
              Look at what I have done for you poor slobs.
              Yeah right.

              N.Y. City is all dems. No matter how the Upstate New
              Yorkers vote, N.Y. City usually over rides our votes, and gets in their democrat candidate.

              A while back someone in Manhattan told me that she thought we were ‘ a bunch of country bumpkins ‘, in upstate N.Y. I proceeded to inform her we do have cities up here, with the same amenities and problems as N.Y. City. Did shut her up for a bit.

        • The problem with America today is thst if you are a rightous individual. Honest hard working you get screwed bigtime. You get to pay taxes to support the deadbeats, the lazy scumbags that rip this country apart with their ghetto music gang bangin crime ridden thieving drug infested cesspool of politically correct bi-racial faggot tollerant foreign country flag waving multicultural BS.

        • “out of a peacock’s womb face first into a tackle box. I got to laughing when I envisioned it. Thanks NP. I think I saw that same girl in Walmart here the other day.

        • Thats pretty funny, pitiful, alarming, but still funny,

        • @NorsePrepper….Good to see your post… I was just thinking of both BI and JOG this morning too…..and want to say to both of them that all of us really miss them….they brought such intelligence to ‘the table’….so much info to help all of us, and asked for NOTHING in return. “Where do you find men like that?”

          Thanx to Mac and his ‘team’ for all the great articles….I would love to hear more on the final check list of ‘things we should be doing on a regular basis,little things we should be picking up when we do shop….I know I for one forget more now that I had a ‘mini stroke’ and remember, there are lots of newbies coming on board every day…..

          Again, BI and Jog and ‘others’…..thank you from the bottom of my heart!! take care, CC

          • @ Norse Prepper…Gee, don’t know what happened to my post, my words to you came out from Anon?? must not have done ‘something’ right…):

            • No problem CC. This site is in my opinion the best site for forum chat that we have. BI and JOG were definitely valuable contributors.

              Thumbs up Mac for keeping up the good fight!

              God Bless,

              • “Thumbs up Mac for keeping up the good fight!”

                INDEED…I’ve often asked myself if I could be such a stalwart!!! Truly.

        • It is strange that so many Walmart shoppers stink when Walmart sells soap so cheap. Another reason not to share preps. Make way for a better, less stinky tomorrow.

      13. Mexifornia

        So, while we tackle the problems associated with ESL, let’s be careful not to paint all Hispanics with that broad brush. In my view, that wouldn’t be fair at all.

        They are very complacent as are the Blacks and insist their culture have priority in teaching.

        Where the hell is Zapata and Malcolm X when you need them?

        • Slingshot, I agree. I don’t sacrifice my culture for anybody or anything.

          • Braveheart

            I am not against culture. I am against it being FORCED on me.

            I am sick and tired of it all. This Red Neck has been to a few Sioux Pow Wow’s and had a good time. Nobody wanted me to live in a Tee Pee or tried to take my scalp.
            Even joined in on the Family Dance. If that was what it was called.

          • Hey Renegade. If you pay taxes you are sacrificing and supporting the destruction of your culture. Everybody needs to stop paying taxes. Starve the beast.

            • Been there, tried that. The tax man is evil wicked mean and nasty. Unfortunately I have been called back to N Dakota early (500$ bonus) too show up for work Thursday Morning because of unforeseen circumstances in the company. (They cant live without me). lol. But since August the tax man has STOLEN over 5,000. I have a good accountant and write off everything, but after 6 months I am forced to being a resident and most write offs disappear, enough to make me rethink working 12 months a year. Problem is this new company is easy to work for and the truly appreciate my efforts. Took me years to find a decent outfit, so i cant quit and as busy as they are layoffs are out of the question. Looks like the beast is going to fvkin rape me bigtime next year… *sigh* we HAVE to get rid of the feds.. p e r i o d.


              • Amen!
                At this point the government is like a cancer,
                Is growing and spreading at all levels creeping into all areas of our lives
                killing us with their malignancy.

      14. This weekend I kayaked 25 miles from Rehoboth Beach to Ocean City, camping on the beach overnight. Although this is “illegal”, I picked a good spot on a marsh bank with shrub concealment, used a mud colored sleeping bag in the open, no campfire, only good clothing choices, and the fucking pigs were not the wiser.

        Make sure to get a polyester lined sleeping bag. If you get some flannel or wool lined shit it will get dampened and then you are fucked you will never get it dry.

        After making landfall I got that double bacon cheeseburger and flirted with the Ukrainian waitress. Knowing a lot of shit about the holodomor and current events in the Ukraine, I ran the gift of gab and made out with that bitch on the beach that night. We had so much in common. Got the dick in her mouth. Never called her again.


        • Acid/eisen, you are one sick mofo. Braveheart never does one night stands with anyone. Yeah, you have the gift of gab, alright. You gab about things you don’t know shit about.

          • Braveheart this is one of your best responses yet, you made me chuckle. Trekker Out

            • Good morning Trekker. I can’t speak for everyone else, but I would not let Acid Etch date my granddaughter. That’s just a mild understatement.

              • I wouldn’t let him date my neighbor’s Toy Poodle dog, either.

                Gotta draw the line somewhere…

                • Meathead and Smokey, acid/eisenturd would be shot before he could touch any of the women in my family.

        • Acid ;you are a bragging blowhard. Methinks you got some in your imagination. you are a sick person who isn’t worth helping. how about saying something positive and contributing something to the conversation. Nobody wants to read your crap.

          • Lol. Acid. The old farts on here can only dream of you adventures. Most of these old farts have fat wives that come home and bitch. They are so trapped in their lives they have no chance of getting out on an adventure or come close to hooking up with a Unrainuan hottie. Me likes them too. Just ignore their kitten rants they live miserable lives.Have fun thats what life is about.

              • SlingShot. Funny. And if you ever looked in one of these old guys wallets you would probably find some old wrinkled expired condom from 1974 hidden in the sleeve, just waiting for that lucky day to hook up.

              • Slingshot, Thanks for the memories. However I make new ones everyday. Trekker Out. Love Trekking In Grizzly Country!

        • You most likely blended in real well at Rehobeth cause its full of queers. And about the girl on the beach, I’m sure it was the other way around.

          • Eh,Warchild has had some one night stands,hell,I’m easy,dozens of women can’t be wrong!That said,they may have mad some bad choices!Hell,I was engaged to “She who will not be named”,avoided a disaster there,will say,still miss her insanity to a degree,what can I say,white bread bores me!

        • @ Acid,
          What the HELL is wrong with you man?
          IF you did what you say you did, you are truly a sorry excuse for a man.
          Why would you treat a woman like that? Don’t you know how much better she is than you? You should consider yourself blessed if ANY woman gives you the time of day.
          These amazing creatures are a GIFT from GOD, your father and creator. They are to be honored and revered and protected and treated as the precious gift that they are.
          Don’t you know that they are what makes “men”, well, “MEN”?
          Without them, there really is not much use for us.
          I hope that you can change your attitude and find a special woman to help you find your manhood, before it is too late. Life is passing you by. You’re missing it.
          Get it together, MAN!

      15. Norse Prepper, long time no hear from. How have you been? I second your motion about BI and JOG. We all miss them like hell, Your points about wallyworld are well taken by me. I stay out of wallyworld all I can nowadays. Too many damned weirdos for me. I already see too much deterioration elsewhere. There’s nothing in wallyworld that I haven’t already seen on the streets.

        • Hey there BH…been well. I don’t go to Walmart much, but at that time of night options for what I needed were limited. BI always has stated that he believed the triggering event would be biological.

          Throughout history there have been pandemics that have wiped away swath’s of human population. We have avoided it with technology and medicines, but somehow nature finds a way.

          Just get your crisp $10 bills, put em in a coffee can and bury them in the back yard!

          RIP Mushroom.

          God Bless,

          • NP, if the Ebola virus was confined to DC and NY, that would go a LONG way toward solving our problems. Take care.

            • Now that’s funny! LOL BH!

      16. Gear review: Under Armour Odour Control Compression Shorts

        Under Armour dips their undies in silver for an antibacterial.

        I wore these for 4 days straight with heavy athletic activity, and just barely detected an odor at the end.

        Recommended for scent control when hunting or just avoiding swamp crotch in general.

        Patagonia also makes odor control undies, but says the silver is a toxic pollutant. Instead they crush sea shells and dip the undies in this. They claim it then resists bacteria for 50 washings. I don’t own Patagonia undies yet myself but it may be worth checking out.

        • And.. now you sound like a normal human being.
          Why are you so cogent one moment, and so vile the next?
          Please find someone to help you. You can still have a GOOD life and be a REAL man, someday. Don’t waste it, MAN.

      17. Just remember,
        Diversity at all costs!
        If it causes the death of you and your family, well that’s a small price to pay for diversity!

      18. Anyone of you figured out yet that diversity really just means less white people?

        • Whole country will be looking like Detroit.

        • Truth is Evil:

          Yep, Truth. Written in their protocols long ago. How to destroy America from within. Working well, just as planned.

        • no, it just means not everyone is white. the same amount of white people will still exist. lot of dummies on this site.

      19. When it all goes to shit they will be still looking for the streets of gold and the free stuff they were promised they were going to get.

        Not far off.

        Keep them coming, Obama.

      20. Article Quote:

        “How can our military, which has long been an avenue for citizenship, continue to do so if they allow illegal aliens and gang members into the ranks?”

        The U.S. military, especially the army is transforming itself to a sacrificial lamb status. The “experts” are predicting 30+ years of fighting necessary to stop ISIS from taking over the Kirkuk oil fields (Shell Oil (Rothschild), Exxon Mobil (Saudis). Who better to defend the oil fields other than immigrants and gang members; especially on a prolonged basis.

        The real army is transitioning to private security forces. Those are well paying government contract funded jobs. Plus, private security forces don’t have to conform to international treaties.

        P.S. If you wondered why ISIS became so important recently, it is due to the fact that in their fight against Syrian president Al-Assad, they (ISIS) took over the Syrian Oil fields and monetized them.

        If they did it there logic states that they could do it in Kirkuk…and Rothschild along with moderate Sunni Arab leaders panicked. Did you even know that Belgium had an air force…never mind F-16s. I sure as hell didn’t. Same for the United Arab Emirates…a woman pilot squadron leader no less.

        • Cellar/ “How can our military, which has long been an avenue for citizenship, continue to do so if they allow illegal aliens and gang members into the ranks?”

          Thats a no brainer, The military does what the NWO tell them too. Who else would be stupid enough to do theyre bidding? Illegal aliens don’t question shit, they will be merc’s for the bankers they don’t care. Gang members love to kill so they are included. Go kill these brown fookers for your country and you will be a hero and a citizen. Anyone who hasn’t figured this out is a moron!

        • CS, the army that’s being transformed is for when this country begins to feast on itself.

          • PO’d and Genius:

            Glad to see you guys have it damned straight!

      21. Wallyworld is the place to see what has become of the USA. Waiting in line I feel we are the only people in the entire store not using government benefits to pay for our purchases. Couple in front of us had 2 shopping carts full of food and stuff, paid with a government card. Then they paid for a few items we can’t even afford with cash. Both were covered head to toe in tattoos, including on their faces. They should be barred from government benefits as they have purposefully made themselves unemployable. It is really getting scary what has happened to our country.

        • Soon they will be when the fountain runs dry.
          I see that too, the day is coming when it will all stop, NOBODY knows when or how but it will definitely come to a screeching halt, then the festivities will begin.

      22. I’m not learning Spanish like the Mexicans are not learning English. Fair trade.

      23. “It’s No Fun Being An Illegal Alien”

        Phil Collins

        • Up here in space
          Im looking down on you
          my lasers trace
          everything you do
          You think you’ve private lives
          think nothing of the kind
          There is no true escape Im watching all the time
          Im made of metal, my curcuits gleam
          I am perpetual I keep the country clean
          Im elected electric spy
          Im protecting electric eye
          Always in focus
          you cant feel my stare

          I zoom into you
          but you dont know Im there
          My tearless retena takes pictures that can prove
          Electric eye in the sky
          always there, feel my stare

          Im mad eof metal, my curcuits gleam
          I am perpetual I keep the country clean

          I take a pride in probing all your secret moves
          Electric eye ,in the sky, always there feel my stare
          There nothing you can do about it
          develope and expose
          I feed upon your every thought , and so my power grows

          Judas Priest, Electric eye, 198something 🙂

      24. “English as a second language; Should we be Alarmed over this development?”

        Frankly, ‘Yes’

        Several studies have addressed the ‘cul-de-sac’ which is a formal secondary language sanctioned legally. I speak here – firstly – of the consequnces for those practising such. Oten as not, this serves to ‘insulate’ those within a coccon – of sorts – whose apparent comort discourages them from charging into the required cultural adaptation neccessary for any real success …and leaves them conseuqently trapped in ‘enclaves’ of other’s similarly deficient in language skills (for whatever reason….), as well encouraging no small measure of impressionable “youngers” to evade the effort similarly.

        OTOH, the broad sense of a common ‘identity’ which comes of having a common tongue is FAR more difficult to foster as well; invariably people shy away from ‘those people who talk funny’…simple Human nature, “Them vs Us”; whenever there is a clearly identifiable ‘THEM’…and an ‘US’ to serve as a couter-point with which to compare….

        Eventually, you end up with the formation of ‘Ghetto’s’ as in Nazi Germany, which allowed for the Nazi’s to do as they did…

        Sobering, No? Soooo, “When in Rome….”?

      25. Growing pains…the future is coming…no matter what you do.

      26. america is a country built upon delusion and lies.

        plain and simple.

        america is a lie.

        none of you are free.

        none of you really own your land or homes.

        america is not a country , it is a sub-corporation of the corporation of the virginia corp.(english fake inbred royals and family rothschilds are major stock holders).

        each of you are a sub-corporation owned by the america corporation.




      27. I keep hearing the word liberal. A liberal should be open minded and even have a mind. You could be a liberal prepper gun nut or any thing else. Ombooboo is not a liberal. He’s a
        dictator controlling sheep.

      28. the trick is to live in an remote area of the country so cold that only nordic white folks and american indians are crazy enough to want to live there.

        then all you gotta worry about is the ‘loco inbred locals’ alchi’s and druggy whigger white trash messing with you and your property just cause you got more than them or you don’t wanna date their sister/mother.


        • Yeah, it’s a little creepy when your neighbor wants you to go on a double date with him and his sister and mother…

          • Burt,what does the sister look like?

            • Hell, WARCHILD….

              Put a sack over her head……

      29. Ebonics as a Second Language.

        Today’s Ebonic word: Obola.

        It’s what you get when Obama aids-and-abets Ebola.

        I can use my free cell phone from Obola to call the CDC.

      30. I, being white, am feeling like a Minority….

        • That is because you are a minority. And that was the good news. Now for the bad, due to the fact you are white, “they” do truely and satanicly hate you and want you dead. Plan accordingly, my friend.

        • @Upstate NY’er:

          Officially you WILL be a minority in 2018, if not sooner. That’s why Obozo wants to keep an open boarder. They can come in by the millions.

          I’m an ex-Amsterdamian…..

      31. No hablo espanol

        • lol, now I am even more depressed….

      32. More virulent and fecund cultures and races are winning out, those are the facts on the ground. I used to think it was a conspiracy theory but the past decade has more and more made me believe it is true the caliphate is being quietly established in Europe under the behest of the EU. Caliphate communities are now established across the EU and in all the major cities (Paris etc.).

        It seems as if the master plan is as follows: North America goes to the Spanish and the Chinese; Europe goes to the Muslims, as does Africa and much of Asia (apart from China).

        These demographic trends will go exponential in the next ten years as the critical mass of population growth is already in place. You see white flight all over the place: this is the root cause of the growth of private schools etc. Homelands for European whites will need to be established in places such as Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and Chile.

      33. You See Welfare EBT Social services minority programs are designed to rob from the productive to give to the losers to they can thrive and make and reward them for as many babies they can make to create the another generation of section 8 losers to dilute the white man.

      34. Borders.

        No borders, no culture. No Culture, no language. No Language, No Country.

        Make American the National Language. We don’t speak proper “English” anyway. We speak a polyglot of languages mashed up and slanged out of total understanding to the average Original English Speaker anyway.

      35. I speak to languages English and 45ACP. Do I need to say more.
        Remember the old story people that can’t speak English are like pool balls. The harder you hit the more English they speak!!!!

        • Si’

        • Sgt: Where I live we speak English and multi calibers from 17-HMR to 50-BMG,anyone of those seem to get some ones attention pretty quick. Be safe!

          Feed Jake

        • Reminds me of the old Sublime song Sarge:

          Tell Sanchito that if he knows
          What is good for him
          He best go run an’ hide
          Daddy’s got a new forty-five

          And I won’t think twice to stick that barrel
          Straight down Sancho’s throat
          Believe me when I say that
          I got something for his punk ass

      36. What do you think ?

        M.S.-15 in CONGRESS ????

        Better yet in the WHITE HOUSE next time ???????????????????

      37. NO HABLO ESPANOL; or any other DAMN language, but ENGLISH PEROID!!!! Also in my neck of the woods we do not speak political correctness either A$$ WIPES. Take your multiculturalism BULL SH-T and shove that up you’re A$$!! Enough Said…

        Feed Jake

      38. Prepper Tip of the Day

        the good old fashioned safety razor
        just like the one your father or grandfather may have used

        couple of weeks ago I was in Wally World and picked up ANOTHER pack
        of disposable cartridge razors just like I have been doing for years
        they were well over @$20
        something made me put them back on the shelf
        and I walked out thinking this is crazy
        these things are expensive as hell and just don’t last that long

        I went on EBAY and ordered a safety razor,it came from China,and cost less than $10,came with a small pack of blades

        watched a video on YouTube about shaving with a safety razor
        and then went to it

        great shave and not a single knick first time out

        I did a little more research and ended up buying a better quality razor,Merkur and Parker are two good brands
        a pack of 100 double edged blades can be had for $10-$15
        experiment a little
        and find the right blade for you

        great way to save a lot of money and
        get a better shave

        shaving used to be a nuisance but now I actually enjoy it
        and shave every day even if I don’t really need to

        the manufacturers of the cartridge razors are making an absolute killing
        they’ve convinced everyone that a safety razor will give a mediocre shave as well as slice yer face off

        just more false advertising

        sometimes the old ways are the best

        • You can find them (safety razors, more than likely made in America) at second hand stores for around 3 to 5 dollars just look I switched about 2yrs ago, best shave in along time. Blades can be found at CVS’s etc. Save blades for defense items.

          Feed Jake

          • screw all that shaving shit.. were men
            were supposed to be harry..

            when women started pushing for men to shave their bodies , chest , back etc… I just decided to stop shaving period

            Grisly Adams and I get along just fine than you very much
            and we look like Men.. not some sassy looking metro sexual getting ready for his sex change

            I refuse to be Feminized!

            • Bingo!

        • Just another example of the duping of America by mass media propaganda.

        • Merkur blades are the best. Wilkinson is second.

      39. Its slippey slope. In the USA we are supposed to have certain freedoms. We are supposed to have freedom of religion & freedom from religion. We don’t have a national religion. Likewise we don’t have a national language. So far we are free to speak whatever language we wish. We can even make up our own. and that folks is a very good thing. And I for one wish to keep it that way. At one time simple minded pig headed folks tried to forbid native americans from using their own respective languages. Yep I certainly don’t like hearing Spanish & seeing everything having dual labels ect. But there is a counstitional right at stake. I don’t want congress making any laws with respect to my right,s regarding my choice of religion or language.

        • Sorry bud, constitutional rights apply to Americans only

      40. this is asinine. At first I thought you were joking or that I was misunderstanding, but you actually seem to be arguing that the ability to speak a language other than English is something that might, conceivably, somehow, be cause for alarm. You do realize, I hope, that most of these people also speak English at some level. You do also realize, I hope, that the children of the immigrants who come here and learn English as a second language grow up speaking English as their native language and become the very “assimilated immigrants” that you’re talking about. Right? As an immigrant from a non-English-speaking country, learning English as a second language is pretty much the biggest step toward assimilation that you can make; when you come here with a first language, you can not study English as a first language. Do you expect chinese-American families or mexican-American families to speak English in their homes? If so, you have a thing or two to learn about how language works. This doesn’t happen. Never has, never will. Not even among the first generations of the now-assimilated immigrant families that you tout.

        I’m still baffled that these are serious ideas, wondering if there’s a joke I’m not getting.

        -a teacher of English as a second language

        • Rob

          I do not care what they speak in their homes but when we communicate in business or trade the language of the land is ENGLISH.

      41. I don’t think we are going to get out this mess unscathed. One side of the country will play Mariachi
        Music and the other side Middle East Music. The upcoming elections will not be enough to change what has been put in place. It is going to get worse.

        ADD ON, Where are the jobs?
        How High is inflation?
        How many unemployed?

      42. Remember when the US allowed Vietnamese refugees into our country and gave them 30k to start their new lives?

        • Yes and I have never seen one on welfare or drunk in a alley.

      43. Not only should we be alarmed that 20% of our population does not speak English at home, but we also should be alarmed that yet another wild, predatory, college football player has been involved in rape on campus.

        University of Florida Gators freshman player — meaning he is fresh out of high school and brought onto a college campus less than 3 months ago — is accused of rape in a college residence hall on Sunday morning.

        Now let’s just stop the train for a moment.

        These college football programs spend thousands upon thousands of dollars scouting high school players, to include visiting with them, their “parents,” their coaches, and bringing them to campus for further intense assessment.

        And they’re telling us that the complete and utter lack of morality and character in this rapist piece of poop did not come out during those visits??

        And now, there is a girl who has to live with having been raped for the rest of her life.

        This college football crap has gotten completely out of hand. How much better off would this college, and society, have been if that scholarship money had gone instead to a deserving academically-oriented kid without the means to pay for the full cost of college?

        These college football players are handed, year after year, semester after semester, gold-plated scholarship packages that are outrageously stuffed with full, free rides for an education that many, if not most, never benefit from. It has become such a waste of money and time that could be far, far, far better spent on academic scholarships that it is simply unbelievable.

        And then they go and rape at will, on impulse, repeatedly, and ruin far more lives than just their own pathetic doomed existence.

        This college football player criminality crap has to stop. It is perpetuated by self-serving people who are getting wildly rich off of worthless, undeserving, undisciplined, amoral pieces of human poop who are a threat and a severe detriment to all serious students at the colleges. They are taking up space and money that could be far better used it if were applied to academic scholarships. It’s bread and circuses, with far too much life-altering crime thrown in the mix, and it needs to stop.

        Colleges need to decide whether they are institutions of higher learning, or sports training programs and potential crime facilitators for profit.

        There is NO EXCUSE for this rape to have happened.

        • Colleges don’t spend money and meet a player’s parents to see if they are good and morale people, colleges do what they do, to convince the parent and the kid to go to their college and NOT some other college.

          • I did NOT state or imply that the purpose of the scouting visits was to determine the morality and character of the prospective player.

            I stated that within the bubble of all of the time spent assessing this particular prospective player, as is done with every prospective player, there should have been, and quite possibly were, indicators that this kid was worthless and had no business being brought onto a college campus and turned loose among civilized kids that he obviously viewed only in terms that a predator views its prey.

            The larger problem is that he is not a rarity or an anomaly, and it’s time that this crap be stopped.

      44. this article is biased against immigrants. being american does not mean speaking english. in a free country people, wherher immigrant or native, should have the right to speak whatever language one wishes. that is what assimilation means. assimilation means that people need to accept the fact that america is a melting pot and that america does NOT belong to any one race, ethnicity, religion. infact, english should NOT be the official of america, it should be many languages.

        • Ray.

          What do you think happened at the Tower of Babel?

          We are going to need an interpreter to go to the store.

        • Ray, what do you use for a brain, a fried egg? there’s no way most people out here are going to learn second languages. English is the language used for all aspects of life in this nation. If you don’t want to know English, then leave the US.

      45. WHO CARES?!

        • SameOld:

          “WhoCares” should be signature logo tatooed on about 97% of the asshats in this country…..

      46. Europe has declared multi-culturism does not work, is a failure.


        Remember, Obama said he would transform America.

        I say this, you have a right to say NO.

        Islam wants special privileges, I say no, I have said no and so can you. You can get up an walk out of class, you might be alone, but it takes guts to make and take a stand

        Don’t eat where English is not the predominate language.

        You don’t have to accept it, you don’t have to let it live in your house………..

        You and I have a choice………..

        My opinion…….

        • Watching and waiting, AMEN to your comments.

      47. You know when it comes down to it, what in the hell am I supposed to fight for? What values or just some values or your right to your values.

        We better get our shit together for we are circling the drain at high speed.

        What do you think are the REAL AMERICAN Values?

      48. I think It’s safe to say that in 30 years English will be the second language in these united states. These spanish invaders don’t like white American’s, they feel we stole the left half of the country from their ancestors, which our ancestors indeed did. The white people sure have a histoy of conquering and taking other people’s lands, like murdering and stealing native American’s entire country. The enemy then was savage Indians which has now become barbaric Muslims in other lands. The white history has been brutal toward’s their own people and criminally insane against all others. We don’t have a historical legacy to be proud of, only continuing lies and an ongoing degraded future planned to convince us of how powerless we actually are. Meanwhile our people sit back and wait for the inevitable.

        • ok,

          you are an idiot, please go read about 25 books a year for the next 5 years and maybe you will be educated; of course you could just be an educated idiot.

          why did those white people go on crusades ? because the muslims were brutally killing and conquering first.
          the mean white slave owners have nothing on muslim slave owners.
          and things have gone really well in china and southeast asia for the past hundred years under non-white rule; only tens of millions killed by their leaders.
          and lets not forget, currently in africa, muslims and different tribes are killing each other on a daily basis, meanwhile most of the white west is safe; except where muslims have moved in.

          yep, white people killed some of the locals when getting new territory; every conqueror does that throughout history.

          these same white people increased life expectancy, living standards and quality of life throughout the world at a faster clip than at any time in history. do you really want. china, the middle east or mexico in charge of improving daily life around the world ?

          mark my words. as the 3rd world takes over the usa and the west, you watch standard of living decrease, life expectancy decrease and disease increase.

          oh, wait a minute; thats happening now. trust me, things are going to get much, much worse.

        • Good thing the rest of us don’t share your White Guilt.

          • I declared White Guilt over when white people elected the Muslim POTUS in 2008. 🙁

      49. I don’t believe it will matter soon *what* language you mumble, scream or yell. Ebola will come for us all.

        Spain Warns “Something Went Wrong” As Suspected Ebola Cases Rise In Madrid
        (from ZeroHedge site)

        Despite being described by Spain’s public health director as “a national jewel,” the head of Spain’s Nursing Council warns “something went wrong” in the health care system’s protocols. As RT reports, Spanish health officials have 4 patients interned including infected initial nurse, her husband, and a 2nd nurse (male). Furthermore, 22 more possible Ebola cases are under surveillance having had direct contact with the infected nurse during her vacation after being infected (officials have said they ‘don’t know’ how she became infected with the deadly virus).

        Images within the hospital show “irregularities” and make-shift isolation units and an insider account said “I do not want to create social alarm, but explain what is still a reality everyday for a few months of nursing staff at the ICU.”. One researcher noted “air traffic is the driver.,” and added ominously, “it’s just a matter of who gets lucky and who gets unlucky.”

        Doctor Who Discovered Ebola In 1976 Fears “Unimaginable Tragedy”

        “In 1976 I discovered Ebola – now I fear an unimaginable tragedy” – Peter Piot was a researcher at a lab in Antwerp when a pilot brought him a blood sample from a Belgian nun who had fallen mysteriously ill in Zaire. Now, the Director of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine warns, “around June it became clear to me there was something different about this outbreak. I began to get really worried.”

        Via The Guardian:

        After Yambuku, you spent the next 30 years of your professional life devoted to combating Aids. But now Ebola has caught up to you again. American scientists fear that hundreds of thousands of people could ultimately become infected. Was such an epidemic to be expected?

        No, not at all. On the contrary, I always thought that Ebola, in comparison to Aids or malaria, didn’t present much of a problem because the outbreaks were always brief and local. Around June it became clear to me that there was something fundamentally different about this outbreak. At about the same time, the aid organization Médecins Sans Frontières sounded the alarm. We Flemish tend to be rather unemotional, but it was at that point that I began to get really worried.

        • They should adopt intelligent counter measures for this disease outbreak. Since they are still not sure if it is airborne or mutating, they should, as a cautionary measure, halt flights to West Africa apart from military and medical flights. At least halt them for two weeks and then evaluate at the end of two weeks.

          Sadly, many of the countries are actually turning on the media, rather than using them to communicate solid information on what to do. The high level of local ignorance about how to prevent the spread has been reported many times.

          • Screams of agony from obola are a universal language.

          • Two weeks won’t get you past the incubation period.

            Three weeks for just that.

      50. A bus stops and 2 Italian men get on.

        They sit down and engage in an animated conversation.

        The lady sitting next to them ignores them at first, but her attention is galvanized when she hears one of them
        say the following:

        “Emma come first. Den I come. Den two asses come
        together. I come once-a-more. Two asses, they come together again. I
        again and pee twice. Then I come one lasta time.

        “You foul-mouthed sex obsessed swine,” retorted the lady indignantly.
        In this country we don’t speak aloud in public places about our sex
        lives, ”
        “Hey, coola down lady,” said the man. “Who talkin’ abouta sex? I’m a justa tellin’ my frienda how to spell *’Mississippi’.”

      51. Typical immigrants: fresh off the boat and act like they’re king of everything!

        Time to dust off the old bearded axe and take it to the sharpening wheel…!

      52. this country is a dead man walking. decades of those streaming in from the southern border has mortally wounded it; it’s just a matter of time now before the usa is run like mexico where there’s the elite and everyone else.

        personally, i am no longer american, i am german-american. if someone who couldn’t identify one african country on a map is going to call them selves african-american; then i sure as hell am going to be germain-american.

        there’s only one difference, when the usa goes down for the count; i’m ready to go to germany and become german only, while all those hyphen americans fight over the scraps left of the usa.

        • You would probably be doing yourself a favor: Germany is a great country with a very high standard of living. I visit regularly and love it. It is one of the best functioning European countries, if not the best (along with the Nordics).

      53. I had a nephew attending a UC campus in Riverside CA. In several classes, he had Hmong-speaking students accompanied by taxpayer-supported translators. He, being a native, had no such personalized instruction. He finally tired of the situation, figuring the 82nd Airborne was more interesting than the BS of a PC school.

      54. ALL of my ancestors were in America before the Revolution. Several fought in it. All my ancestors were in TN before the Civil War many fought in it (both sides). I have no allegiances to any foreign nation or nationality. True blue american. I hate what Obama is doing to this country. The Constitution clearly states the govt was created for the good of the present generation and their offspring. (…”and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity”) It did not include the children of others. They have NO rights to what we enjoy. They did not earn it. If we want to allow some to join in our blessings than we have the right to chose who we let in.

      55. ALL of my ancestors were in America before the Revolution. Several fought in it. All my ancestors were in TN before the Civil War many fought in it (both sides). I have no allegiances to any foreign nation or nationality. True blue american. I hate what Obama is doing to this country. The Constitution clearly states the govt was created for the good of the present generation and their offspring. (…”and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity”) It did not include the children of others. They have NO rights to what we enjoy. They did not earn it. If we want to allow some to join in our blessings than we have the right to chose who we let in.

      56. There are very naive “social engineers” that thought it was a wonderful idea to bring in millions of third world people. But then, there are the hard core Marxist planners who knew exactly what they were doing with the immigration weapon. Yes, immigration is a weapon. Back in the late 1920’s, an Italian communist (Antonio Gramsci) and his friends, decided that the only way to destroy the west was through massive non-white immigration. Change the demographics to non-white and no more Western countries. It worked. They won. We’re screwed. Doesn’t mean I can’t mess it up for them, though.

      57. On a side note,Warchild’s tail hangs in shame,I wasted .45 ammo yesterday!I went to a friends range while down in these parts,did good with shooting rifles but doubt would have hit a elephant with the pistols even if they were right in front of me!I got a little better a few magazines in but damn,been way too long since I have shot handguns!I personally choose not to carry due to temper but if things get tough would,that said,I need practice.I was shooting a Sig .45 so cannot blame the firearm in any way and also a .22 Ruger,just embarrassing.I will start doing a lot of dry fire practice and may get a hard hitting airsoft to practice when funds or shooting area not quickly available,like the back woods at home!This was a eye opener to not just stay decent with the rifles,glad I learned this lesson now and not when it could really count,any who have not been consistent shooting in awhile,learn from my mistake and red faced shame!

        • Practice with live ammo. I don’t get to shoot very often. Mostly handguns, though. Finally had to get glasses. Can see both the sights and the target. That always helps. I can shoot only about once every 6 weeks. And I don’t shoot a lot. I don’t need to blast off all of my ammo just because I went to the range. 50 rounds is good enough to keep me familiarized and accurate.

        • WD … I guess my post back a couple of threads on dry fire practice was timely! The thing about dry fire is that it teaches or reinforces smooth trigger control, which is, as you know, essential to good marksmanship whether it be a pistol or a rifle.

          • Yep,along with more time shooting perhaps try a pistol now and then,hell,I own a few!A lot going on in last year but no excuse,at times work in areas where shooting a pain,then,more dry fire and as I said am researching a decent air soft that is gas driven/has kick ect. to work on skills when range/back woods not available.Despite my embarrassing performance had the rifles down pretty good but will do more dry fire with them,or,will get arrogant and that elephant sitting right in front of me has no fear of being hit,not that I want to shoot a elephant,cool critters but you get the point!Learn from my errors folks!

      58. Protective clothing doesn’t work against Ebola’: Outrage grows after Spanish nurse caught disease DESPITE wearing a safety suit – and WHO now warns more cases in Europe are ‘unavoidable’


        “‘It’s just a matter of who gets lucky and who gets unlucky.

        ‘Air traffic is the driver. ”

        air traffic is THE driver

        and our incompetent President ,on the advice of the stumbling,bumbling stooges at the CDC
        has refused to stop air traffic from affected countries
        thereby GUARANTEEING the spread of ebola

      59. Language is a mindset, and if you want to learn another you can. I speak English, Spanish, and have picked up some Mandarin Chinese, French, Arabic. Not because I had to, but because I wanted to. It made my life and work easier. So in the future, we all may speak a language of a mixture Spanglinese, based on demographics…

      60. Ebola outbreak: Spread of deadly disease across Europe is ‘unavoidable’, warns WHO chief

        Drudge Report

      61. Si usted está en Texas, saber que España estaba aquí primero.

      62. Our captains of industry sent our jobs overseas !

      63. Well isn’t this interesting in light of the topic of this thread.

        In a Washington Times poll asking if Congress should make English the “official” language of the USA, 89% answered “ABSOLUTELY”.

        • We don’t need a official language any more than we need a official religion. This is a Republic not a mob rule democracy. So the poll results don’t count.

      64. @Frank Thoughts

        Germany “best functioning European country”. C’mon, look at something called “FACTS”. They, like their brethren in EU are sucking off the DEBT tit and are slowly starving the populations. Wise up. What you said has no merit and is fact deficient.

      65. We don’t need to read somebody’s book to tell us it is all going to hell in a hand basket. We hear it on the News. We see it in out communities. When we go to the store. In our bills. In our Paychecks. The Jobs we try to hold on to.
        That Money can be for something that you need and not another opinion.

        Mother fuckers looking pretty rich as we try to maintain our lives. Why don’t they take this inside info to Congress and break the FED and the Bullion Bankers.
        They are making money off fear while they can.

      66. the thing that bothers me is
        the people that want to take this out on the different language speaking people

        well folks its not their fault they speak a different language and come to this country , our government is allowing this , aiding this.. if you want to vent your anger on foreign speaking people living in our country you should be bitching to the entity that is allowing it and actually asking for these people to come here
        Many that I know that came to this country legally , worked to learn the language .. and if they speak among themselves in their native tongue so who fucking cares , if your so oooo worried that they might just be talking about YOU.. than maybe you have an inflated view of your self worth..get over it!

        like to see how you’d fare in another country..so many would refuse to learn a new language .. if you think the entire world revolves around English speaking people you must never get off your couch and go anywhere other than the states 11 countries speak a form of Spanish or more.. that number isnt even close for our form of English
        besides we dont even speak a true English anyways its a hodgepodge of languages stuck together

        remember the USA is the land of immigrants .. none of us but the original Indians really have a legitimate bitch

        flame on!

        • Mostly, I don’t care what people speak in their conversations. But what I do care about is having to “press a button for English” and that so many people looking for work are required to speak espaniola in an English speaking country.

          My grandparents came from Puerto Rico and learned English by immersion. My aunts and uncles all speak two languages. My grandparents would never use their birth language in public and forbid their children to do so because they wanted them to completely assimilate. I am so proud of them for being who they were and what that taught me.

          My husband lived in France for a few years long ago. He said that the French are understanding and helpful to those who try to speak French but not so much to those that won’t even try.

          I’ve heard that most countries respect those that respect them in terms of what language is spoken. I can’t say this by my own experience but by those that have traveled and had the experience themselves.

          In America, we speak English so it stands to reason that anyone living here would do the same.

          The way I would fare in another country would be learning the language of that country. End of story. That is what I would do and require my children to do.

          Also, not flaming you just offering a different perspective for thought.

          • poor baby has to press 1 for english. it must be so hard for you….

      67. Packin

        When The United States of America is DESTROYED,

        Where will the WORLD turn next?

        Please rewrite the Constitution and The Declaration of Independence in Spanish and replaced the originals in the National Archives in Washington D.C.

      68. this page is gone 404

      69. “How can our military, which has long been an avenue for citizenship, continue to do so if they allow illegal aliens and gang members into the ranks?”

        Unfortunately over time an all volunteer military not drawn from a cross section of the citizenry becomes more detached from the soul of the nation. If so ordered to fire upon Americans its easier and for non citizen soldiers your just another enemy. If composed as a unit its a modern equivalent of Hessians. A professional military was feared by the Founding Fathers for good reason. The Banksters need cannon fodder.

      70. maybe we all should learn a second language so when we are around cops or other so called authority figures we can talk about them among ourselves while looking right at them
        great way to inform other members of your family or team whats going on without announcing it to all the ears around you

        yeah my glass is half full
        and I have the ability to see the good use side of this for those who take the time to keep their privacy ..private

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