Empowering Citizens and Deterring Crime, One Free Shotgun At a Time

by | Jul 27, 2013 | Headline News | 230 comments


The 400 homeowners of the Oak Forest neighborhood in Northwest Houston were terrorized by 107 home invasions last year. It’s a neighborhood ripe for the picking by criminals who have no worries about being stopped in the act or even pursued by an already overworked police force.

But one Houston man has decided he’s fed up with the bullying and victimizing of innocent people and he’s evening the playing field. He’s put a plan into action that takes direct aim at the problem – in the form of 12 gauge and 20 gauge shotguns.

“We give brand new pump action shotguns…”

Kyle Coplen is offering free shotguns to every homeowner here in the Oak Forest area of Northwest Houston.

Coplen came up with the Armed Citizen Project in January, after he was disgusted by one of those break-ins when World War II veteran Albert Wood had his house broken into.

“It’s really upsetting because your home is your castle, it’s where you should feel safe.”

Coplen started spreading the word, accepting donations, and putting shotguns into the hands of every resident of Oak Forest who wants one.

“They’re easy to learn how to use. You don’t have to be an expert marksman.”

“No [I am not terrified that I am putting guns in peoples’ hands]. To qualify for a firearm with us you have to pass a background check, and you have to take and pass our training course which is legal safety and tactical training.”

“For anyone who’s handled one of these, the sound of a shell being racked is the universal ‘Get Out of My House’ “

The Armed Citizens Project not only provides shotguns to those who need them in high crime neighborhoods, but trains residents on the weapons while also helping them to develop personal defense safety plans in the event they are confronted with a break-in.

Starting this August, the organization is planning to give away 500 shotguns to single moms in 15 cities across the country as part of their “Redistribution of Firepower”  initiative.

The Armed Citizen Project  is pleased to announce their latest effort to maximize the number of responsible gun owners in America; Armed Citizen Project’s Redistribution of Firepower Program.

The group’s founder, Kyle Coplen said “We see this as a buyback we can believe in, one that removes old and unused firearms from homes of existing gun owners, and uses them to create new responsible gun owners in our own communities.

The Armed Citizen Project plans on training as many as 500 women nationally on August 10th, National Empowerment Day, and is arming entire neighborhoods in crime ridden cities.

Politicians and gun control advocates often cite guns as the problem, but statistics show that the highest levels of crime occur in those areas where residents have been disarmed, data that has been echoed in countries like the UK and Australia, where guns have been outlawed.

While they wrangle in Washington about what to do with soaring violent crime rates, the Armed Citizen Project has found a time-tested, simple and effective solution.

“We are empowering citizens and deterring crime, one free shotgun at a time.

And the residents of the neighborhoods they have armed are grateful for the safety, security and peace of mind that comes with knowing they don’t have to wait critical minutes for help to arrive when violence is at their front door.

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    1. wrong

      Very cool. We do this in my household too. Everyone has their own shotgun and handgun in their own room. Loaded.

      • Sam

        Wonderful! Years ago I taught my five year old daughter how to safely handle a 20 gauge shotgun in case of a breakin. Amazing how empowering that kind of knowledge is for anyone!

        • Be informed

          What is so nice about this is that it can ONLY be viewed as wrong by the criminal scum and the anti-self defense nuts, two of the same piece of the same garbage just different heads. Someone like that ugly, and I mean horse ass ugly, feinsteinless will attack this because their group are pro-criminal. That medusa along with those rodent turds mostly from “new europe” Anti-firearms state representatives totally hate something like this because it deters their fellow criminal slime from easier access to rob, rape, and murder innocent citizens.

          A shotgun is pretty much a firearm that is either used to hunt and/or to protect your home with. These anti-gun maggots like that atlantic ocean wet back piers (bumface) morgan have much, much, more difficult argument that shotguns have done anything other than protect and help serve up dinner from wild game. This is one of those feel good articles that the anti-gunners don’t have a leg to stand on, and no reasonable counter-contention to speak against it, as their brains have been removed long ago.

          • Action Speaks

            Anti -gunners are sick and twisted. They always have the same bs statement of “we don’t want your guns we just want you to not have…” This handing out of shotguns is a great idea and probably teaches people about guns and gun safety, people that were probably afraid to own etc.
            anti gun nuts will think this lunacy. The same hippy wanna be libs that tear this country apart because of their blind support of the govt.

            • braveheart

              Action Speaks, welcome aboard, and I totally agree with you. braveheart

            • ronnyquest

              Anti-gunners revel in the prospect that you might fall victim to their depravity. Look at “Trayvon’s Law.” It is a collection of bills designed specifically to keep black thugs safe from being shot by law-abiding citizens. They want you to permanently be a victim.

          • braveheart

            Howdy, BI, and once again you’re right on target [no pun intended]. The black criminals and gun grabbers ARE just 2 heads of the same monster. They can all get f#$%ed! Don’t come to my place with bad intentions unless you want to have the “trayvon” done to you. NOMI CATIMF WOLVERINES braveheart

            • sixpack

              I think the pun should be intended…

          • John Q. Public

            @ Be informed

            You are among friends. No need to hold back. [laughing]

          • YH

            Be Informed,

            >>”What is so nice about this is that it can ONLY be viewed as wrong by the criminal scum and the anti-self defense nuts, two of the same piece of the same garbage just different heads.”<<

            Bravo BI!! Very well said. The ONLY people who will be against reducing violent crime are criminals and their political protectors who want to see chaos and mayhem running rampant through our cities. A chicken in every pot, and a shotgun in every home.

        • angrycitizen

          A few weeks ago, my 13 y.o. daughter was having a sleepover at her new friend’s house.

          Before going to sleep, they checked the doors were locked and she asked if her friend’s dad owned a gun. The other girl was surprised at the question, but she answered in the affirmative. My daughter sighed with relief and said: “OK, that’s good.”

          I taught her well.

          P.S.: We live in a very safe neighborhood. It does not matter. Safety is always in the back of my family members’ mind.

          P.P.S.: A while ago, my daughter was “singing” in my ears how much she wanted to visit California (we recently moved to live in Pacific Northwest), and how she would go to a prestigious college in California after she graduates from high school.
          So, I just started dropping bits and pieces of news from Commiefornia onto her once in a while.
          Just a few phrases at a time, and then I shut up and let her digest that info and make conclusions all by herself.
          A house raid that ended badly, a good person thrown in jail for no good reason, a bunch of anti-2A laws… and more anti-2A laws… and gun confiscations. [She knows what “democide” means, and she knows that 2 of her great-great-grandparents were victims of democide).

          So… about a year later…
          She is no longer eager to go to Commiefornia.
          She says she would go to the University of Washington.
          The discussions revolve around what career she will pursue, but not the option of studying in California.

          Teaching Liberty.

          One child at a time.

          • John Q. Public

            Years ago I concluded that the most radical thing I could do was to raise as many good children as I possibly could. It is working!

            • Them Guys

              Just found this website link from Devvy Kidd’s site. Its a 20MB PDF download at her site with a hundred or more photos, most in black and white, some color photos too, of individuals-group photos-etc of every posible NWO head hocho you ever heard of, as well as Many most folks Never know of nor heard of prior. Some text of names under pictures is in Yellow print so difficult to read kinda.

              Heres a LINK if interested, it also contains a section with a ton of other related nwo type links too. Enjoy!

              Devvys article this links from at:

              By: Devvy
              July 28, 2013
              NewsWithViews dot com


          • Theguy

            Good job.

            PLEASE do not come to this shit hole voluntarily, you’ll regret it deeply.

            California I mean.

            … why the hell would anyone want to come here? Blows my mind.

          • ronnyquest

            “Safe” neighborhoods are often the preferred targets of criminal scum. They have the idea that the products of your hard work are their for the taking, like fruit from low-hanging branches. Because people living in “safe” neighborhoods tend to assume that they are, indeed, safe, they also tend to be less aware of the threat of things like home invasions. So, they drive in quietly, often in vehicles stolen from soccer moms, casing the area beforehand to identify habits and likely targets. It is a truly rare criminal who wants to risk being shot–they are lazy, but not grotesquely stupid. They want the easy score. Homes whose owners advertise that they are armed and prepared to defend themselves and their property rarely fall victim to these types of criminals. Unfortunately, they often fall victim to the other kind–the ones in suits with badges or official titles.

      • OutWest

        The $4oo dollar paid-up life insurance policy

        • Just Me

          $177 for a nice Mossberg Maverick 88 pump at Walmart… Fancy?? Nope… Will it shoot a criminal? Yup.

          • SoapDish

            Right to the point Just Me says, love it!

            B Aware, B awake, B Alive

          • mountain man 6-1

            Just Me ……I’ve owned one for over 10yrs. ,all black ,composite stock ,3″ magnum,with a sling added . Never had any problems with it ! It’s still killing those 2 liter bottles of water ,while holding it by my side. I keep it loaded with double 00 to the front and slugs behind that. I’d take that over a machine gun any day ….mm

          • ronnyquest

            I picked up a few 12 gauge Mossberg 500 Persuaders new in the boxes a couple of years ago for $260 per unit. These sorts of deals are out there, even today, if you keep your eyes open. These have been passed out among friends and family at cost. I recommend everyone with the means ensure that his circle of friends and family are adequately armed.

        • wrong

          Life Assurance Policy.

          • OutWest


            A dime just fits through the bore of a 12 gauge
            (non full choke), 18 dimes stacked in the shell.
            When Billy the Kid broke jail and gunned down
            the deputy with this load he was reputed to say,
            “best buck eighty I ever spent”.
            Anyway, I put together a few of these loads for
            testing. You wouldn’t believe what they do at
            imminent threat range.

            • wrong

              After you pull the trigger on the bad guy I can see you with a grin on your face saying “and keep the change, asshole”.

            • dan

              make sure they are post 1963 dimes…Semper Fi

              • Ben Smith

                Post 1964! 1964 was the last year for 90% silver dimes, quarters and half dollars. 1965 half dollars were 40% Silver.

            • Shootit

              Ouch! What is the load?

              • Shootit

                Winchester 209, Remington 12S, Powder? X of Blue Dot? AA?

          • cllo

            depends on which end you are on

      • swampratt

        Same here that plan was put into motion long ago in the form of a 9mm hollow point just waiting for someone
        to come threw the door who wants to die……

      • WarriorClass III

        I never would have guessed that there were that many unarmed Texans. Perhaps they’re part of the new arrivals.

        • The Cookin' Mom

          All the Texans are armed. If they’re not armed, they aren’t real Texans!!!
          EAST TEXAS!!
          Keep preppin’

          • NMLongshot

            Even though I’m taking long shots in NM these days, I’m born and raised NE Texas. Of course I’m armed.

        • clarita

          i don’t get it either and even right down to having to GIVE THEM their firearms.
          what are the priorities ?
          cell phones and nail jobs or home and family security ?
          anyway parts of houston are under sheila jackass lee and obviously the majority elected her.

      • Shootit

        It may not always be a shotgun, but I always have “ONE” handy.

      • NOTOR

        MAC— HELP!

        How come comments I try to post using tor do not work, but using ninjaproxy does>
        I thought you were all about anonymity? Why will tor comments NOT post???


        • admin

          not sure but will look into this shortly… they may be getting auto-tagged as spam… we’ll have to test on our end and seeif we can find a solution.

          Thanks for letting me know and apologies for the inconvenience.


      • paranoids

        to wrong: loaded guns in every room?? talk about paranoid and a accident waiting to happen! It only takes one gun not a thousand all over the house.

        • Shootit

          Depends…. Who lives in your house? Democrap or a Cowboy?

          Who gets shot in a gun store?

          Just saw that a human with a baseball bat tried to rob a gun store. Didn’t turn out so well for the bat.

        • Shootit

          ps. They could be polite and ask? Handgun or Shotgun?

        • Ben Smith

          What are you? The Gun NAZI? I wear a handgun at all times and have one or more long guns in each room in hidden locations for instant access. All loaded and ready to go. Go ahead, make my day!

        • Yuri

          A. in the ‘Age of Obama’ if you’re NOT paranoid, then you’re the one who’s crazy;
          B. an unloaded gun is a useless gun — i.e. a poorly weighted club;
          C. a loaded gun in another room is a useless gun if you need it in the room you’re in — your bedside glock will go in the estate sale if the goblins break in when you fall asleep on the couch;
          D. firearm accidents generally happen if you are: i) ignorant, ii) a complete schmuck, or iii) careless [i.e. — when dealing with firearms — an ignorant schmuck];
          E. if you are a normal, careful, gun owner with 10 rooms in your home, having a loaded gun in every room increases the odds of an accident from about 0.0001% to about 0.00011% — i.e., a lot less than the chances of a home invasion;
          F. if you are an ignorant schmuck; then your chances of an accident go from about 50% to 99% with your second loaded firearm, so there’s little point in having one in every room.

          p.s. who has a thousand rooms in their house?

        • sixpack

          There are no accidents in my house, because the only loaded gun here would be in MY hands…and I’ll put it where ever I please. The ONLY reason I wouldn’t leave a gun standing in every room is because that would bee too easy pickings for an intruder while I might be gone or in the garage or something. I would hate to lose that many guns, in one swipe, to a thief.

          • Them Guys

            I think the Popes crib at vatican city has aprox 1200 rooms. Of course hes got the Swiss Guardsmen to protect himself. Wonder what popes Heat bill and elec bill is each month eh?!!

            • Road Runner

              Them Guys: no worry the children of Mother Teresa will pay the bill or the earthquake victims. They will dutifully contribute Peters Pence to keep his ass in luxury!

              • Therese Z


                Peter’s Pence is a once – a year collection that goes directly to the Pope’s charities, which generally are seminary costs in poor countries. Our weekly collections are 90 percent kept in the parish. The 10 percent goes to the diocese to run our local seminaries and some diocesan – wide programs. Then about 10 percent of that goes to Rome. No secrets, part of annual reporting required to be published in the parish bulletin.

                The public parts of the Vatican make a good buck as a museum. The Pope and the Curia are supported by the diocesan tithe.

                Get your facts straight before you try being funny.

                • Road Runner

                  Saint Theresa: you just keep on believing that kiddo.

                • Road Runner

                  Saint Teresa: There is no public report on what the pope does with the money from Peter’s Pence, the one source of his money that comes directly from the faithful. With the track record of Rome you never will either. Do your homework, you might start with Avro Manhattan. Maybe your eyes will begin to open by the grace of God. Of course you will never read these his books because you believe in scribes, pharisees and hypocrites.

                • Therese Z

                  Peter’s pence link at USCCB website. I can’t figure out how to embed with this phone, just Google. Amounts and programs are described. The diocese and parish financials only required to be published, you’re right. But no mystery about where the money goes.

                  Avro Manhattan? As in the keenly intellectual Jack Chick stable of authors? Using his unfootnoted frothing for education is T
                  like practicing medicine using Flintstone vitamin boxes for medical books, except that the Flintstone stuff is more likely to be correct.

                • Road Runner

                  Saint Teresa: ignorance is bliss. Without reading one word of his books you will demonize Avro…typical Catholic. You will eventually come to the place where you believe you are a persecuted saint because men tell you the truth. Chick sold his books so what! Avro’s books are printed and sold all over the world and Chick has nothing to do with it! If you dare read a couple of his books and wake the hell up! Read the damn history of Peters Pence, the middle ages and also it’s relation to demonic indulgences, a creation of men’s imaginations. The Catholic Church like all others has so many ungodly investments in ungodly corporation you have no idea…you will never do your own research, you will take what you are spoon fed. You are not free but under the bondage of the Catholicism. By the way Catholics really hate Chick even though he puts out truth you vilify the hell out of the man…When Jesus told the truth to the Jews they too hated him. Go figure! Chick does some not so great things but I do not assassinate his character or have contempt like you Catholics do!

          • I Can See Your Hidden Guns

            Please become aware, especially old-timers,
            remote-sensing capabilities in hands of cops and
            Feds of various agencies can “see” through your walls,
            roofs, ceilings, attics. They can “tune” for metal, and
            clearly discriminate all the materials in your house.
            You’re not really hiding anything in a typical house.
            If they see that you have lead-shielded areas, or
            steel armored walls or strongboxes, they know it.

        • smokey

          Just keep it on you.

    2. MCopes

      What a fantastic idea!

    3. candle in the wind

      Just got back from Academy. Bought more ammunition including 12g buck shot. Obviously I like what Kyle is doing. If our justice system were tougher on these criminals to the point of providing adequate deterrent, then we would have far less of this bad element looking for old people and other soft targets to steal for a living. I like the idea that a shotgun could change the action from stealing for a living to stealing on the last day of your life.

      • braveheart

        Howdy, candle in the wind, and welcome aboard. The real problem is something called “civil rights”. That’s how these animals get away with so much. like one of our regulars just said earlier, time to do a “trayvon” on each and every one of them. braveheart

        • sixpack

          Being civilly put down, for a home invader, should be their only “right”…the right to not suffer for long.

    4. W69

      “For anyone who’s handled one of these, the sound of a shell being racked is the universal ‘Get Out of My House’ “

      Love it!!

      • leeholsen

        2nd that sentiment.

        and i guess i’m an unofficial member living in the galleria in houston. if my doors or windows are opened by anyone besides me, racking a shell is the first sound they’ll hear and if they dont know what it meansl its going to suck for them finding out.

      • JayJay

        I like, ‘I don’t think so!!’ even better!! 🙂

        • OutWest

          I’m not a priest, but I’ll help you find Jesus…..

          • JayJay

            Ooh, good one!

      • Just Me

        And the criminal doesn’t have to know what shot size is in the cartridge..

      • NMLongshot

        Luv threads like this, keeping it real. In my younger, and I mean much younger days, I personally witnessed a person with a pump 20 ga stand down 3 guys w/ baseball bats and a pit bull. Interesting situation, especially finding out later the shotgun wasn’t loaded. The power of suggestion, aka ‘Don’t shoot!’

        • Them Guys

          Back when I still lived in Detroit in 1993, I held a pig roast biker bash for my bros and pals. There were aprox 300+ folks attended it. After eating and when sun went down many left to go to bars etc. At about 3 am once bars closed for the nite, 30-35 Biker bros returned to party at my crib some more.

          Well a few minits after they returned, I came out from the house to check for a loose speaker wire as speakers were outside on lawn. When I was done fixing speaker wire as I stood back upright from a kneeling position, I noticed Two “Yoots” aka whitey Whigger punks from the next few blocks over and behind my street, were standing in front of me.

          They stood about 3-4 ft in front of me and I asked “who are ya and what did they want”?…Thats when the one punk grapped a revolver from the back pants of the Other punk!

          The punk who carried the gun was shocked and told the one who grabbed the gun to stop screwing around etc. But the one with the gun tried to act all tough and bad and refused to put the gun away. He kept that revolver pointed right dead center at My Gut!…My guns were all inside the crib.

          I got kinda nervous as I never before laid eyeys on either kid. Both were only about 16-17 yrs old too. All I could think of doing was to say loudly “hey whos this kid pointing his Gun at me”?

          No later than 1 to 2 seconds after I said that, aprox 25-30 More guns came out fast as greesed lightening by my biker bros! They had guns in saddle bags- Back of harley dressers huge box on top behind the seat-and from inside jackets!….All of them bikers were standing in a semi-circle about 20 ft away and all their guns were pointing directly at Both punks!

          Man they both got so scarred and worried they almost craped their pants!…It took one more second for that kids gun to go back in the others pants behind his back. I by then was calmer and nicely advised em both they came within a 1/2 inch of Dead. You should have seen the look on their worried faces when so many huge mean looking bikers guns flew out from everywheres as if by magic!

          I then told both punks they got real lucky tonite and I was letting them off with a warning but if ever again they tried such a stupid thing it will be the end for them fools. I wish it got put on video it was priceless to see their faces after 25-30 guns were pointing at their heads by so many fearsome looking maniac biker types!(not actual maniacs, all were good guys just they look maniac mean).

          Never did find out what exact street or house they came from neither. That was the first and thankfully Last time I ever seen them. I guess my facial look must have been kinda scarred and fearing somewhat also as it was worrisome till help arrived so to speak.

          That pig roast was held in center of the city full of other homes and neighbors and other than that snafu for a few moments ordeal with two punk whiggers all went swell and lasted 4 days long! Closest I ever came to be shot though. And the entire episode from they yanked gun out till I told them to leave etc lasted but a meere 3 minits probobly. Very Long 3 minits though. For me anyways.

          • clarita

            you were way toooooooo polite and reserved.
            they shouldda got a full can of whoop ass opened up on them so they’d remember not to trouble folkks again.

            • Them Guys

              Clarita: Believe me I at first wanted to kick their asses badly, and it was all I could do to stop all them biker bros of mine from going crazy on their stupid asses also. We all wanted to kick their ass. However I kinda figured number one they were like 16 yrs old only. We all were grown men avg ages 40+ yrs old mostly, and also if we did kick ass they’d probobly hold a huge grudge like gangbangers does. Then I’d end up with my home B&E’d or My harley messed up bad while I was at work etc when not able to ride it to the job sites sometimes.

              I guess by the looks on their scarred faces I figured they Knew the messed up Royally and picked the wrong party to do it at. You know if me or another biker did smack them around its probobal that all of 25 or more guys would have jumped in to get a lick in. Them punks would have got killed likly or ended up in a Hospital and then cops will be called out etc…Its good they never returned as if they did and broke in while I was home or asleep, I would have shot them dead as a door nail pronto then. Sometimes situations dictate to give the bastards a second chance, so I did that time. I never really thought they would shoot me neither. More like tried to act cool or bad like older crowd guys. I was scarred yes, but never did I think hed actually shoot me and he didn’t so all ended swell. If they were also grown men…Then for certain they’d have been beaten very badly by all of us till we got tired of beating on them.

              Understand a majority of them bikers were Business owner types and you can’t just kick ass etc without worry of what happens Later. They just Look kinda grungy or mean but are really nice swell guys if you know them and If they like you!

    5. PO'd Patriot

      Good, time to Trayvon Martinize some of these sonsabitches.

      • two2wisper

        Martinize I like that. Freeze asshole unless you want to be martinized . Hey I will martinize your ass . What happen to them? They got themselves Martinized . Hey you wanna go out and do some martinizing of thugs. Your just wanna of those whitetino Martanizer’s .

      • Slick One

        Hey Trayvon have you got your skittles? BANG!

        • Trayvon

          I sho’nuff gots skittles, but I was shot by Ice Teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee








      • JayJay

        Ladies, be sure your car remote with that ‘panic’ button is right beside your bed along with that 20 gauge.

        • leeholsen

          thast actually a great idea.

          distract them, then its open season.

        • leeholsen

          thast actually a great idea.

          distract them, then its open season.

        • leeholsen

          thast actually a great idea.

          distract them, then its open season.

        • leeholsen

          thast actually a great idea.

          distract them, then its open season.

          • JayJay

            Lee, if the idiot is still there after a car alarm awakens the neighborhood, he deserves to be shot!!


          DUDE…SWEET IDEA!!!

    7. California Resident

      Seems like a great idea to me, but not so much for the Trayvon’s of the planet.

      God Bless Texas.

    8. You don't need to know

      Now this is a positive article. People complain about what’s going on and I couldn’t agree with them more, but are they doing anything to solve their problems or just complaining?
      Great article!!!!!

    9. Jim in Va.

      Provide the shells too.

    10. ColdDeadHands

      Everything in your home is worth their life. Think about this for a moment. People who will break into an occupied home know there’s a chance they could be killed in most states AND they know the occupants know the home layout better than them. If they are breaking into your house while your home you can assume they have EVERYTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain. An intruder, while your home, has forfeited his life.

      • ColdDeadHands

        Ooops. NOTHING to lose, and everything to gain!

        • braveheart

          ColdDeadHands, welcome aboard. I’ve already had two attempted break-ins at my place back in May and managed to stop them both. If someone else is stupid enough to try it, they’ll receive the “trayvon” treatment. braveheart

          • Shootit

            How much is your life worth? Hmmm??? You only get one. Worth more than all the money in the world. Seems to me that you ought to be able to defend it. 2nd Amendment talks about the value of life and your ability to preserve it. I hope that I live to worry about the perfect circles that think I over reacted.

        • Ben Smith

          LOL. We knew what ya meant! I agree, if someone enters a home that is not theirs they already have a plan to kill the occupants to get what they want. Lock and Load!

      • leeholsen


        i dont care if its food or your visa card. if someone is willing to break into a house while soomeone is there, theyre really not worried about what has to happen for them to be able to leave after they have taken what they came for.

        • Canadian Vet

          Bingo. Someone forces their way into your home, it sure as Hell isn’t to bake you cookies. Even here in Canada, where self-defence is a minor miracle to prove in court, we are allowed to use any level of force, up to and including deadly force, within proportionality to stop or kick out uninvited guests.

          And all you really need to justify using deadly force is the reasonable expectation that you or someone in your care will be subject to serious I jury or death from the force used against you. So with multiple aggressors or any weapons in play, using deadly force would be justified user our Criminal Code. And in my position as a father of 7, and a little bit worse for wear from my time in Asscrackistan, I basically get a pass for smoking anyone who enters my house uninvited.

      • Sierra Dave

        Many times they are hopped up on drugs. Assume they are a danger to your life.

        • Canadian Vet

          Agreed. And even if they are stone-cold sober, to assume your uninvited guests aren’t a deadly force threat and not to prepare a deadly-force response is downright suicidal. They break in while people are home means they have no regard for the lives of the people in the house. Like I said, they aren’t breaking in to bake you some homemade cookies.

          • Them Guys

            Being Older is a good reason to prove self defense too. Anybody disabled or older or phys limited should have an eaiser time proving no other option existed due to fear of great bodily harm or death from intruders. Most folks or cops wont argue that notion I think. So perhaps there is a silver lineing to that Dark Cloud of old age!

    11. Realtime Prep

      See what the people in power realize is, our founding fathers left us with the power to defend ourselves from them! Little by little they have tried to pick away at our given rights by the men who founded this great country. Now watch, Houston will be marked as a terrorist city. They will claim that these gun owners are fanatical and that they need to be disarmed!

    12. braveheart

      I appreciate what this man is doing. I think I’ll get myself a shotgun after all. Way cheaper than the AR-15, which I always thought was a rich man’s weapon. I’ve always had my own “armed citizen’s project” with the weapons I already own. As most of you are already aware, I had to break-in attempts at my place back in May. In both cases, I managed to prevent them from being successful. like PO’d Patriot just said, it’s time to do a “trayvon” to these animals out here. NOMI CATIMF WOLVERINES braveheart

      • PA farmer

        Braveheart, 3rd time will be a Charm but not for them..
        while I have your Attention, what do you think about this Organization NAGR, National Association for Gun rights, theyre wantn me to Donate money witch I dont mind if they ARE for me and the 2nd, I would even be into getting some other people on board..I dont know about the NRA anymore..Thanks

        • braveheart

          Howdy, PA farmer. I’ve heard of NAGR but never really looked into that group. On NRA, I can definitely say they are NOT TRULY pro-2A; they compromise on the 2A. If they were TRUE 2A CHAMPIONS, THEN WHY ARE THERE ANY GUN CONTROL LAWS ON THE BOOKS AT ALL? I’m all for keeping guns out of the hands of real criminals and mental patients, but most of these laws have no legitimate basis. I would look into Gun Owners of America, Jews For The Preservation Of Firearms Ownership, Second Amendment Foundation, Citizens Committee For The Right To Keep And Bear Arms. There’s also a pro-gun group for women called the Second Amendment Sisters. These groups DON’T COMPROMISE ON THE SECOND AMENDMENT and are rarely, if ever, mentioned in the MSM. NRA is the only one really covered by MSM because they are controlled, loyal opposition. they’ve been in bed with Congress forever. I wish their members would wake up and smell the coffee. I can highly recommend GOA in particular. Its president, Larry Pratt, is a straight shooter [no pun intended]. All these groups have very interesting websites. I hope this helps. braveheart

        • VRF

          I agree, The NRA is too busy “negotiating”

          My second amendment is not up for negotiations ..period!

          • braveheart

            Howdy, VRF. The NRA’s “negotiations” over the past century or so helped it obtain a huge national headquarters in DC along with a place at the same dinner table with members of Congress. How did that become possible? BY SELLING OUT THE SECOND AMENDMENT AND THE RIGHT TO SELF-DEFENSE! None of the TRUE pro-2A groups I mentioned have any of that BECAUSE THEY ARE TRUE TO THE 2A; THEY WON’T COMPROMISE AND RIGHTFULLY SO! NRA is just as bogus as the politicians they fornicate with. Neither self-defense nor any of my other rights are up for negotiations period! braveheart

        • Shootit

          We support the 2nd Amendment by purchasing guns and ammo. The bigger the Gun Industry gets the better. Look at what Magpul is in the process of doing to Colorado. Making liberty sucking politicians look foolish and hurting them where it counts.

          I used to Elk hunt every year in Colorado spending about $3,000. Not anymore. Wyoming/Montana now gets the money.

      • Dear Mother

        For the sake of sanity braveheart, would you please shut the fuck up with the Walmart greeter bit

        • Anonymous

          It’s not his fault, all he has to occupy his time is drink and come here.

        • Head swelled up

          Braveheart, looks like you have a follower lately.
          I would say their Queer and in Love, Watch your back, no punt Intended.

          • braveheart

            Head swelled up, thanks for the advice and I’ve already jumped on the 2 new trolls. braveheart

          • Anonymous

            What say,head, sounds like you’re speaking from personal experience, you don’t have to answer, I’m sure you’ve got your mouth full of bh.

        • braveheart

          Dear Mother, who are you to tell someone to shut up and no I’ve never worker for Wallyworld, so f#$% you! Anonymous, I don’t drink so f#$% you too!

    13. robertsgt40

      It’s a start. Someone has to take our cities back. I lived in the subdivision down the street from Oak Forest called Inwood Forest. I moved out in 86 as it was being overrun by a ghetto next door. Same think happened in the next neighborhood. Left Houston in 06. Done. Ain’t been back. Just gonna be a bigger Detroit

    14. buzzfix

      Handguns would have been better and a permit to carry. People need the gun on them at all times. Hope these shotguns don’t get stolen while these busy moms are tending to there kids. Hope there not posting signs or stickers on the house either advertising, will get shot or gun in home etc. I think training and arming citizens is a outstanding idea but I do believe it should be done in a practical private manner that’s most beneficial to the individual.

      • Canadian Vet

        Except not everyone who wants to have a gun for home defence necessarily wants to conceal and carry. Giving them that “if you want a s free gun we will shove CCW down your throat” kind of option is just the same as not arming those people.

        Those who are really worried about their safety, that free shotgun could be enough to put the bug in their ear about getting a pistol. For the rest, it is their right to decide whether just a shotgun under the bed is sufficient for their perceived level of threat.

        Just like you have a right to choose (you lucky southern neighbours of mine – i don’t even have that choice) to be armed at all times (depending on your jurisdiction), you also have a right to choose NOT to be armed. To say otherwise make you just the same as the anti-liberty crown in DC.

    15. Connor Kenway

      Bravo Zulu to Kyle and to all who donated and/or helped out with this. Thanks for the inspiration! Now, time to do some research about starting something like this in my area! Taking the country back one neighborhood at a time!

    16. Kevin2

      A long arm is a bit unwieldy in a home. A high quality .38 special revolver would be a better choice to have in hand when answering the door at 3AM. There are better choices for the more proficient but its probably the best compromise between safety and power for the novice.

      I will say racking one into the chamber on a pump shotgun with its distinctive “skuk-shuk” tends to in an by itself change a nasty attitude.

    17. Big Guy

      Just whoop out your penis and beat them over the head with it!

      • amused

        nina’s taken over from here on down with the crazy shit, stop here and go learn something useful, just givin heads up


        • blue paper

          Thanks JOG!!

    18. ninao ;0p

      it’s good to have options

      personally i carry mace , a blade or two , a tazer , asp tele-baton or fighting walking cane and always near / travel with a boom stick(gun) .

      why ?

      because i like having options to not kill a suspect or attacker .

      you can’t un-kill a person .

      lethal force should always be a LAST RESORT OPTION .

      seriously injury killing someone comes with a truck load of life time family legal emotional social hassles problems …

      and it sucks spending the rest of your life ptsd’in having flashbacks of seeing your 12 gauge goin’ off with a BOOM with 00 buckshot splattering the neighbors brat teen 15 yr old son who just broke into your house for kicks with some friends at 4am all over your bedroom wall like bloody hamburger meat .

      use only the force necessary to stop the threat you will live a better healthier longer life for it …


      KILLING another human being IS A LAST RESORT .

      trust me i know this one .

      it’s good to have options .

      N.O. ;0p

      • z-71

        nina, What your saying might be the noble thing to do and might prevent you from having PTSD, unless you are highly trained with all those weapons and practice with them routinely as some SOS military troops do it might be you going out in a body bag. 4 am someone breaking into your home your mind will be in a foggy state! good luck. I know from experience?

        • ninao ;0p


          thank you for the advice and concern .

          i’ve been there done it multiple times in my life in various real world situations in various towns cities across zog amerika jew.s.a. and in asia pacific .

          killing in a domestic burglar break in or domestic violence situation is avoidable and unnecessary in most cases .

          you should first try to barricade yourself and family in a safe room of your house . if the suspect(s) perp(s) try to break in to that room kill them . if a suspect comes between you and your children and refuses to leave kill them .

          but more often than not most prowlers burglars suspects aren’t looking to kill or harm anyone . give them a option to leave safely unharmed and they will . don’t try to block their exit from your home . why escalate the level of violence and put yourself and whole family at risk of death .

          in a break-in situation the home owner should collect his / her family in one safe room of the house , dig in and defend the area of the house they are in like the master bedroom / master bath . a room that has a escape window or door to the outside .

          barricade the door , dig in , call 911 tell the operator what room your are in , stay put and wait for the cops to arrive , they will enter your house armed guns out and sweep it for the suspects , stay in your safe room till the cops give you the all clear .

          it’s the best way to deal with it .

          if you go out hunting for the suspect your gonna get flanked taken out by the suspect(s) or shot by a responding cop or maybe even by a nervous neighbor .

          this is what i use to do for a living i’m telling you the honest safest best way for you and your family to deal with such a situation .

          N.O. ;0p

          • ninao ;0p


            Police is blaming “poor lighting” after two officers went to the wrong home in search of a possible burglar and ended up shooting a 72-year-old man dead in his garage .

            • troll killer

              that’s right Ninao you candy ass piece of crap you go ahead and Play it safe and hide in your little no jews allowed hole.

              i on the other hand will deal out more justice then you could ever handle. your nothing but a freaking coward all talk and no action

              rot in hell

              • Road Runner

                Troll: your going to reap all this shit you are sewing, count on it Rambo!

      • dan

        if after repealing the threat of someone who attacked you…do you really want to continue looking over your shoulder for a repeat performance from the same scumbag…and you may have family with you and the scumbag kills or injuries your family..all because you used a different option the ‘first’ time…me I think the first time should be the last time for scumbags….Semper Fi

        • ninao ;0p


          i hear you Leatherneck , i see your point it has merit , the situation is different for everyone due to different factors like experience strength bodysize training education and equipment … i though am a fairly big guy with 8 years of life experience and training dealing physically violently with human violence , physically controlling aggressive suspects , rapists , violent offenders and murderers .

          i can stand my ground with most . so i personally prefer other methods of controlling a violent situation than killing another human being , animal or creature .

          i can afford to be generous in how i deal with threats (violence was once my comfort zone) , some folks simply can’t physically do it so they use a gun .

          as for being worried of a re-Attack on myself or home been there done that multiple times . i survived it all and learned from it , and those that did it just exposed themselves to the whole town and the police of who and what they are .

          to each his own … i though prefer not to kill anymore … i’ve already killed enough for one life time .



          unless ZOG JEW MARTIAL LAW is called in ZOG AMERIKA JEW.S.A. that’s when i put my combat gear back on and lace up my combat boots and take no ZOG DHS GESTAPO prisoners .

          till then i plan to be a pacifist and play nice .

          i sleep better for it .

          N.O. ;0p

      • Facebook Page

        Nina that is a post you should of put under one of your handle everyone here likes.

        Great post but it loses all credit when it is associated with you.

        • ninao ;0p

          @fagboypuss … your like a ‘bad case of herpes’ you know that .

          piss off


          • Road Runner

            ninao ;0p: This guy Facebook Page is a girly boy with only one liners. He has only been using this moniker a very short time and brags how long he has been on this website. Truth be known this asshole has several names which he uses like shithead, dirbag, scumsucker, pond scum, swishy boy, my boy friday. This jack-off could not put a coherent thought together let alone a sentence. Any of you who listen to this brain dead idiot go back and read his ‘intelligent posts’ you will get exactly a big fat 0 from his understanding which was sucked up from a mud puddle and baked in the sun! In fact he may be a raisin in the sun? In other words a piece of no good shit!

            • ninao ;0p

              ;0) lol … Thank You for your Support and laugh @Road Runner , means alot to me truly does .

              ninao ;0p

      • Sierra Dave

        Sorry. Using non lethal force doesn’t help if they are on drugs or several of them.

        When someone busts into your house. They have already gone over the use of force and the risks.

        Google Youtube!!!!

        She’s lucky she is alive. Any one of the punches could have been critical. Any of the times her head hit the floor could have caused a concussion.

        You cannot be un-killed after one of these animals attacks you.

        • ninao ;0p

          i did see it … she was foolish leaving her home unlocked . she’s hopefully learned her lesson and has installed a alarm system with camera’s , gotten a dog and gun .

          it just gets worse across ZOG AMERIKA JEW.S.A. from this point in time forward .

          to each his own and every home break in robbery situation is different , you adapt OVERCOME as necessary to survive AND PROTECT YOUR FAMILY .






          N.O. ;0p

          • Sierra Dave

            You really are in denial. They are saying he kicked in the door. Through a deadbolt! I suspect misinformation on your part.

            Most doors are easily kicked in or busted down.

            History is littered with Pacifists. And dead who hesitated. If some stranger is in your house without your permission. You don’t hesitate. They can rush 10 feet before you think to dodge.

            And this is my last reply to you ever. Will skip your useless drivel.

            • ninao ;0p

              AWWW POOR LIL’ BABY …

              did i hurt yur’ lil feelings @sd

              no one plan or one solution is a cure all .

              you adapt and flow like water with the situation .


              she was a victim for her naivety ignorance and cheapness of doors and door hardware .

              nothing short of a armed armored body guard with a .45 semi auto standing at the ready could of stopped that attack .

              ya’ big baby .


            • Road Runner

              Sierra Dave: whoever you are, most likely your moniker will disappear now from the scene. You must be the genie that was conjured up from the bottomless pit! You smartass…and wow all those green thumbs…what an ego booster for the genie. Go ahead and kill some 17 year old and live with it shithead. Ninao has given some very good info but you, you hard-head and hard-ass know better…you’ll find out your not as smart as your mouth is!

              • Sierra Dave

                What are you talking about? My moniker will disappear…

                Are you another Ninao handle?

                As to shooting a 17 year old. Age doesn’t matter, if they bust into my house. Their intent is not good. In fact, they have already decided to commit murder if they have to. If they are drug dealing burglars who assault people, they get what they deserve.

                • Road Runner

                  Sierra: you’ve already got your mind made up…no room for error here…go for it!

                • troll killer

                  sierra dave

                  agreed Nina is a candy ass little freak

                  most likely a cross dresser and cant get his hands dirty or ruin his manicure

                  what other guy call himself Nina O

          • braveheart

            NinaO, I agree with having as many options as possible available when it comes to self-defense. I carry certain nonlethal items with me in my truck everywhere I go and have done so for over 20 years. there are times when one of the nonlethal weapons will be sufficient, but other times when lethal force will be the only option. Whenever I’m confronted with someone that has evil intentions toward me, I’m going to do whatever I consider necessary to survive that situation. I don’t care what any unconstitutional laws say about my decisions either. I’m not letting shit discourage me from engaging in an act of legitimate self-defense. Self-defense is everyone’s natural, God-given right. No manmade government has any f#$%ing business interfering with that right. It’s the same as tampering with human life itself. that’s a red line that should never be crossed by anyone. In my mind, it’s nothing less than an act of treachery. anyone who tries to interfere with me engaging in self-defense against an animal I will consider them as the same type of threat and will respond accordingly. I’m not going to care about any legal ramifications. braveheart

            • ninao ;0p

              @BraveHeart … Respect .

              very valid solid good points .

              ‘It is better to be Judged by Twelve 12 , than Buried by Six 6 !’

              Thank You for your Support Sir means alot to me .

              ninao ;0p

          • Night breaker

            Nina O,
            Were you previously in law enforcement ? that is right out of the Patrolmans Handbook!
            Lethal force is the last resort in a Domestic Rule of Law Environment.

            Intent = break in at 3 am multiple attackers , ie home invasion
            Capability= subjects heavily armed
            Opportunity= no avenue of retreat, Imediate threat to life

            No prosecutor will charge you under these circumstances.
            Even in NJ

            For a WROL environment when there is not a functioning Government and law enforcement may never be available ,possibly forever, different rules apply .

            Respond with overwhelming force and immediate violence to break contact, access the strength of the opposing force , example larger force elements that immediate fire power cannot defeat, retreat avoid contact set up hasty ambushes with your rear retreating element . if contact is determined to be a winnable objective proceed with forward assault until objective is met.

            Overwhelming accurate firepower
            Violent kinetic force reaction

            If you want to Learn more small unit tactics , go to the Western Rifle Shooters Association web site, read the articles by Max Velocity, Mosby and others it is a wealth of information in an understandable format for those that do not have Military experience.
            Someday this information may save your life in what’s to come.

            Semper Fi 8541

            • ninao ;0p

              @Night Breaker … ;0) appreciate the recognition but … that’s Classified .

              i hold multiple pre-9/11 military and state certifications in Law Enforcement , national certified EMT-I with Emergency Back Country Mountain Medicine and Rescue certification .

              that’s all i’m gonna say on this subject .

              ninao ;0p

              • ninao ;0p

                “These are the times that try our patriotism, as evil walks grinning abroad in the land, and Justice hides her head in shame. ‘Murder will out’ was the old saying. Now it appears that murder is in, and the taxpayers are footing the bill. What once was ‘The last, best hope of Earth’ is now the laughing stock of the world, as we truly get the society we deserve.”


              • Night breaker

                Nina0 ,
                Maybe you could write an article on PFAK’s , Contents and use for the average prepper also survival tips for dealing with extreme conditions in the back country. with hurricane season coming up it would not hurt to go over this, most people don’t really give a lot of attention to their personal first aid kits! There is definatly a need to review this.

                Semper Fi 8541

              • Not so Much

                “I hold multiple pre-9…”

                The only think you hold is your crank in your hands. Everything else is a figment of your perverted imagination.

      • Road Runner

        DON’T MESS WITH ME! To the red thumbers!
        By Preston James-Veterans Today
        Audio/Video: Steve Pieczenik, MD, Ph.D.
        Unless Americans wake up from their slumber and take their country back from Neocon Zionist hijackers and infil-Traitors who appear to be operating according to an Alien Agenda run out of the City of London Financial District, it certainly seems that they are destined to become dead by the millions in the streets, towns and countryside of the land their forefathers conquered and then freed from England’s Colonial tyranny.

    19. ninao ;0p

      a Russian JEW JOKE

      A JEW has been seized by Russian KGB and all his property has been expropriated for the Red State use .

      After being beaten for insolence to the KGB and spending the night in a filthy toilet over flowed KGB jail cell ; he is released back upon the streets and told to go straight home to his now empty home .

      Upon arriving at his very empty home ;

      He dials KGB and says:

      – Would you please tell me what time it is ?

      – Four ten.

      – Thank you.

      In five minutes he calls over:

      – Would you please tell me what time is it now?

      – Four fifteen.

      In another five minutes he calls over:

      – Would you please tell me what time is it now?

      – Four twenty. You JEWS are unbearable, Rabinovich, come down here and take back your fucking confiscated clock .

      And so it went on and on …


    20. Frank

      How much longer will the 2nd Amendment stand with the changing demographics in the US? Asians are quite hostile to the 2nd Amendment, and they are the fastest growing race in the USA according to latest Census reports. Then the Latinos: Latinos have been polled as more likely to favor gun control than Whites. And a October 2011 poll said 79% favored Mexican style gun control for the US.

      • Smokey

        Yep. The Undocumented Democrat Amnesty will destroy the Bill of Rights, guaranteed.

        Mexico has a Socialist government and they would love to see that here. They come here because they get more from our government than theirs.

        The Left is planning on it to happen.

    21. 006

      Good article, i would love to see more places doing this!

    22. ninao ;0p

      Aliens ?

      WTF ?

      worth a read hits some key zionist facts and plans of the last 20 years

      Secret Space War VI: Dead Humans by the Millions, the Real Alien Agenda?

      one thing that does seem exceedingly clear is that zionist Central Banksters from the City of London Financial District have been operating according to an apparent “Alien Agenda”. They have hijacked the USG and America, and are now in the process of building up a super-massive internal police state army and surveillance system which they plan to deploy against average Americans as a Bolshevik-style NWO “Red Terror” Cheka mass-murder machine (just like what happened in Russia in 1917 that resulted in the torture and murder of approximately 66 million Russians).

      * not sure about the lizard aliens from outer space angle (i’ll believe it when i see it with my naked eyes); but i agree with the rest of this report .



      • W69

        No doubt de-population is the plan, through any, and by all means . Especially with vaccinations and such.
        It sounds pretty far out, but have you heard this guy?
        Phil Schneider, BTW, is now dead, found strangled in his Portland,Oregon home shortly after going on these lecture tours.

        • ninao ;0p

          @W69 … Thank You Sir for telling me of him .

          i’ll keep an open mind on the ‘possibility’ it’s true real , an look further for confirmation with my naked eyes , very interesting enlightening information ~ Thank You Sir .

          ‘Trust Nothing Question Everything!’

          ninao ;0p

      • Them Guys

        Nina: Looks as if Veterans Today site has Read My posts here on Bolsheviks in us etc! If so good to see at least some are waking up eh.

        • Thinker

          Them Guys; That article puts a lot in perspective for me! I was going to give a link for everyone to read,but i am sure they can find it if they want to really wtf up!! A.M.
          Was there any thing you questioned about the article ?

        • ninao ;0p

          @Them Guys … Respect .

          that was a Great Article i kept a copy of it for my library Thank You for writing it Sir .

          the problem though is we need to start a nation wide grass roots movement to reestablish the once free Republic of America or else the FASCIST DICKTATOR NWO ZOG NEOCONS TECHNOCRATS ptb powers that be Globalist ZIO-JEWS and their jesuit freemason zio-christian zio-catholic minions will just continue their destructive murdering corrupt globalist ONE WORLD BANKER FASCIST GOVERNMENT games and genocide .

          i’m dumbfounded that no one Sovereign Citizen Leader as of yet has stepped up to organized such a movement .

          see you on the line .

          ninao ;0p

      • Thinker

        Sorry Nina;I didn’t see that you had already posted that link. Yea some things seem a little out there ,but who would of even considered any of it years ago? Were all going to have to face that line sooner or later! but we just don,t have the time to wait!!

        • ninao ;0p

          @Thinker … Respect .

          no need ever to apologize Sir .

          i look forward to reading your always intelligent thought-out insightful comments .

          see you on the line

          ninao ;0p

      • Road Runner

        Ninao: Aliens what the F#@^, if jam demonic spirits into reprobate men what is? Human? Hybrid? Alien? Piece of shit? A goat f@#%.

        • Road Runner

          Correction: if you jam demons into perverse men what do you call them then…Human? Hybrid? Alien? Piece of shit? A goat f@#% or sweet swishers?

      • Road Runner

        Ninao: Where does that moniker come from? I am going crazy trying to figure it out? Is military or police or your own? Is it a 6 toed giant slayer? I’ve never seen a lizard man. As close as I’ve come to recognizing him is the black bottomless eyes that appear to be death. I have seen men though who are fully possessed with demons. Two types the ones who are fully in control and are really angels of light (similar to demonic Jews psychopaths) then the ones who have no control of their physical being or their mental faculties. I have stopped men dead in their tracks using the authority of the name Jesus Christ…these are men who wanted to plant my ass for good!

        • ninao ;0p


    23. Watchman

      I’ve been loading up on steel shot in 3 and 3 ½ 12 ga., BB thru T shot size does a great job of penetration.

      Keep the FAITH

      • Faith of the fallen

        Nice up to 15 to 20 yards. That steel shot won’t penetrate at distance tho. Me and my uncle used to guide duck hunts and I was shot once. I had went across the hole to pick up ducks and more dropped in. One of our clients got trigger happy and shot. The round hit me at 45 yards or so and didn’t penetrate my parka or waders thank god. It did knock me down and it hurt like hell tho.

    24. GRITS

      A lawyer, an Illegal Alien, a Pathological Liar, a Muslim, a Communist, and a Black Guy walk into a BAR.

      Bartender says;

      “What’ll it be, Mr. President?”

    25. Watchman

      The Collapse has come and the American people have finally
      awakened from the American Dream to a nightmare reality. A little
      over a month has passed since the announcement of the bankruptcy of
      Social Security and all its backup systems.
      Millions being unloaded from the Social Security system to the
      already reeling welfare systems have caused a halt in most social
      programs. The cities are racked with violence, looting and
      wholesale slaughter. City police forces are quickly decimated. As
      fast as suburban police units are called in, they disappear, either
      deserting or dying in the street fighting.
      National Guard units are giving up as their members quit and
      go home to protect their own. Army units not slated for the Middle
      East are sent to contain the rioters and keep them inside the
      cities proper.
      Social services and most utilities have broken down in most
      cities and their suburbs. All stores have been emptied, either by
      looters or their owners, of all food and commodities used on a
      day-to-day basis.
      Suburbanites are getting hungry and crowds of neighbors are
      making house-to-house searches for stored food supplies. Water is
      in short supply as hot water tanks, car radiators and toilet boxes
      are emptied for drinking.
      The commercial trucks are either out of gas or cargo. No help
      is expected by anyone. Trucks appearing in the suburbs are
      privately owned or stolen and guarded by armed profiteers. Their
      cargos are food, medicines, warm clothing, flashlight batteries and
      anything else in short supply.
      A street sweeper with its water tank filled from a ditch
      somewhere, appears to sell the precious fluid to the highest
      bidder. “Only gold, silver, jewelry; just what we can carry. No
      bills, yells its new owner, as his sidekick points a shotgun at the
      A frail old man leaves his home with a bucket and a pocket
      full of gold coins. “All I have you’d want is a Krugerrand. Can’t
      you make change? Can’t you come back until this is used up?”
      “Hell no,” says Sam.
      “But this Krugerrand cost me $600.00,” whines the old man.
      “So,” laughs Sam, “You just bought yourself a $600.00 bucket
      of water.”
      Elsewhere a $3,000.00 diamond buys a can of asparagus. Five
      aspirins for a sick child costs one mother her wedding ring.
      Urban survivalists shoot on sight, littering streets with the
      bodies of both foragers and passers-by. The noise and the bodies
      aid mobs of marauders in finding more food caches. Most urban
      Survivalists are burned out, dying with their destroyed supplies.
      The brownouts continue and everyone who dares the street goes
      armed. Few believe the town’s emergency power system can last long.
      Phil Blake shoots no one, except the three revolutionaries he
      caught running away from the Glen Ellyn, Illinois power plant where
      he worked the evening shift. He got them all but the electricity
      went off when the case of dynamite took out the transformer.
      Driving down back streets away from the prowling suburbanites
      he remembers his wife insisting, “But the government will do
      something.” It didn’t. “People will work together.” They didn’t,
      except in temporary cooperative looting.
      When he reaches his darkened house he gives the password and
      Greta opens the door. She only lowers her pistol when she
      recognizes him by the light of the penlight she holds.
      “Are you ready to relocate now,” he asks sarcastically. She
      doesn’t answer but helps him load the four year old twins into the
      cab of their camper-backed pickup.
      There is no room in back as it is filled with survival
      supplies he had been gathering for months. This was his Bugout
      vehicle. He had begun preparing it between silly arguments with
      Greta about leaving such a good job, now non-existant. Also, good
      friends, two of whom she had been forced to shoot that afternoon
      when they had threatened to kill the children unless she gave them
      As the truck moves out of the yard the moonlit sky is further
      illuminated by three flashes of blinding light. Three warheads out
      of the ten aimed at Chicago have hit at 11:00 P.M.
      As the three mushroom clouds converge in a ragged atomic
      umbrella twenty miles away, earth tremors shake the street as Phil,
      with lights out, makes his way down Park Blvd. to 55.
      The goal is Harrison, Arkansas where Phil’s friend has a
      doomsday ready survival complex. The object is to get there before
      Doomsday begins, if it hasn’t already.
      In the twelve miles between Glen Ellyn and 55, Phil has to
      shoot three people who try to open the truck door as he slows for
      obstacles. Whether they are looters or just wanted a ride is of no
      The twelve miles to 55 takes over an hour. The 267
      Interchange is surprisingly clear and Phil has to use his truck to
      push only one car out of his path.
      The highway seems clear except for scattered vehicles
      abandoned and looted. Phil’s Geiger counter is beginning to
      crackle even though the slight breeze is blowing toward Chicago.
      On 55 Phil averages between 20 and 80 miles an hour. Near the
      larger towns the interchanges are so clogged with stalled and
      wrecked vehicles, Phil has to go around on side roads.
      Leaving Interchange 33, Phil drives straight down to Chester,
      bypassing St. Louis and crossing the Mississippi River at 9:00 A.M.
      The next several hundred miles are a nightmare of detours, gas
      foraging and shootouts with both looters and citizens guarding
      their territories. They have escaped serious radiation from
      Chicago as well as from the atomic pile which had been St. Louis.
      Southern Missouri and Northern Arkansas are one great fortress
      protected by hillbillies made savage by the events of the past few
      weeks and hours. Nearly every road is blocked and guarded by armed
      citizens, shooting or turning away refugees.
      Killer caravans form, made up of desperate refugees
      cooperating in storming checkpoints. Most of them simply want to
      get to a blocked destination.
      Outside Mountain Home, Arkansas Phil comes upon a firefight
      between Caravaneers and a small group of townies. He must decide
      whether to join the Caravaneers or side with the outgunned townies.
      Since this is their territory Phil makes the tactical decision
      of getting with the townies. He turns on the Caravaneers and after
      shotgunning six they retreat.
      The townies then let him through for a safe passage to
      Harrison. This is the end of the beginning.

      Keep the FAITH

      • braveheart

        Watchman, I presume what you just posted is an excerpt from a book. what’s the name of the book? braveheart

        • Watchman

          BH: No sir no book only if I write one. Just what I came up with, after some long thinking.
          For everyone out there a project that I think will be very helpful; for one week as best you can live off your prep’s and see how much food you use. Will give you some idea of how much to put back.

          Keep the FAITH

          • braveheart

            Watchman, if you were to write a book like that, I would buy a copy of it. what you posted is very interesting, especially about southern MO/northern AR. know a lot of people in that region. braveheart

      • Night breaker

        Watchman ,
        You should wright this up in book format , the outline provided could be a good read!
        This is a very realistic portrayal of what we may all be facing in short order, the time frame is getting short with the approach of obama care reducing employment to part time and the looming government shutdown in September there is a possibllity this could really happen. A complete shutdown due to the lack of a federal budget will have unintended consequences , money for EBT cards may be suspended because most states are federally funding them due to lack of state funds , unemployment will not be paid to those over 26 weeks, Recent events have primed a particular element of society for potential confrontation. Civil disturbances will hamper distributions of food , fuel and power , people who are now working will be unable to go to work.
        all of this is just to convenient to have happened by random.
        What a better time to cause chaos , winter approaching no food for forage once the weather breaks. A cold environment for those without adequate protection will lead to many casualties for the unprepared.
        No American citizen has ever experienced anything of this magnitude in modern times , it will not be a regional disaster it will be wide spread.





        TRUST IN GOD

        Semper Fi 8541

        • Them Guys

          Night Breaker: as you stated it may be whats soon to come. In fact they already control so close to every facet of society and food etc..About the Only remaining thing that they need do to create the Eaxct identical conditions which caused what has been officially called the “Holodomer” in Ukraine in the 1930’s would be for the controler kommies to take charge of ALL usa Farms-Ranches-etc.

          Once that would occure then litterally all usa food sources would be 100% Under fed govnt control. If such did occure, you can Bet even small home Food Gardens will be confiscated or destroyed. Thats what happened in Ukraine. Within Less than 18 Months a full One Third of entire pop of ukraine were starved to death. Barely alive folks were Eating dead humans body parts. Folks Fought against wild packs of starved Dogs over the dead bodys to eat.

          Today most folks have Never even heard of the “Holodomer” of Ukraine done by soviets and the Red Army kommies.

          Picure 1/3 of entire nation starved dead! Plus a few Million More taken, rounded up, and shot in back of heads in local nearby forests then put into Mass graves. In all total its likley a full Half of ukraine population were killed off by those two main methods. Starved or shot dead. Not much is standing in the way of usa fed govnt copycatting same here. Ukraine survivors diarys and other sources stated that when it happened it was akin to a Lightning bolt in the speed of how fast the red armys moved village by village till all of ukraine was shut off and Isolated from outside world entirely.

          Any farmers caught with a single potato stashed away, and entire Farm family got shot as a Lesson for other villagers if caught hideing ANY morsal of food!

          Halt all food public and private sources both and you control it all and nobody can last very long for any real counter fight to stop enemys forces. Pray it don’t occure here.

      • pissinwiththewind

        I hear what you are saying;

        Isn’t it ironic that thousands upon thousands are spending millions for “bullshit stuff” at auction houses around the world. An Eric Clapton guitar went for almost a million, and a piece of twisted metal “supposedly” from James Dean’s car he was killed in, sold for thousands.

        Whether bought for possible reselling at a profit, or just for bragging rights, it’s just plain stupid. Especially when there are people starving to death. God will judge accordingly.

        • Emily

          @Pissing in the Wind – I agree with you.
          Look at HollyWeird – Most Empty Headed Female Movie Stars –
          Dropping 5K + for a purse or a pair of shoes.
          That has always bothered me.

          • Them Guys

            Madona and a few other hollywood goffy “stars” went to africa and Bought a small black african kid to match her purse and shoes from an african mammy with 18 kiddies. TV news said she paid $20,000 Cash us dollars to get her Pick of the “litter” so to speak. I though it was against the law to buy black kids in africa and bring them back to the usa. Seems rich movie stars get away with everything possible these days eh.

      • Sierra Dave

        I liked it. I’m with you on 99%. But I think the Nukes are un-necissary.

        If America has collapsed economically. Millions dying weekly. Not sure some foreign power will feel the need to nuke us. No point in adding more radiation that will come back to haunt the launcher.

        Meh, maybe if they were retaliation nukes.

      • KY Mom


        We certainly live in times of insecurity.

        Economic Insecurity Grows…

        “4 out of 5 in the U.S. struggle with joblessness, near poverty or reliance on welfare for at least parts of their lives.”

        Drudge Report

    26. T.R.

      “Mortal danger is an effective antidote for fixed ideas. ”
      Erwin Rommel

    27. Ohio Reader

      I grew up in this neighborhood and was in the first graduating class of the area high school. In the early 1960’s, it was a very nice, safe neighborhood, but times and demographics have changed. It’s sad that my old neighborhood has deteriorated so much.

      • Bye Bye Miss American Pie

        Same here. Negroes ghettoized one neighborhood, Mexicans redecorated the other.

    28. buttcrackofdoom

      as for myself, i will take a lesson from the cops….shoot first and ask questions NEVER, if i catch someone in MY house that shouldn’t be there.

    29. ninao ;0p

      take a DEEP breath

      let it out slowly

      and just read this …


      Former Assistant Treasury Secretary Paul Craig Roberts says, “The country is not being run by the President. It is being run by JEW spy agencies and private JEW interest groups, Wall Street JEWS and military security JEW complex . . .

      The JEWS run the country. The President is a JEW puppet, a JEW figurehead.” Dr. Roberts contends, “If you are a lawless JEW state, which the United JEW States is, it obeys no international law. It does not obey the Geneva Convention . . .

      It tortures people. It doesn’t obey the Constitution. It doesn’t obey anything. It does what THE JEWS wants. . . .

      If you are a lawless JEW state, you disguise yourself as a democracy.” Former President Jimmy Carter agrees. Just last week, Carter said, “The JEW.S.A. has no functioning democracy at this moment.” Why hasn’t the mainstream JEW media picked up this astounding comment from a former Democratic President?

      Dr. Roberts says, “Five JEW firms now own what used to be a large dispersed independent media. Nobody can open their mouth, they’d get fired.

      They have become a JEW propaganda ministry for JEW government and JEW corporations.” Dr. Roberts goes on to say, “My prediction or expectation is by winter, the second downturn of the Great JEW Recession will be in place.

      Unemployment will explode, more foreclosures are coming. It’s going to be worse than the Great JEW Depression.”

      friggen JEWS are ruining everything .

      * prepare .

      N.O. ;0p

      • ninao ;0p

        $1,200 Trillion Derivatives Market Dwarfs World GDP
        John Rolls Submits: The Derivatives market was only 500 trillion in 2008 when it almost blew up in all our faces. Now it is 3 times that size, what a monster balloon!

        when it blows no one survives that has money in the banks or in the mattress. You better start investing in silver and gold which is real money not JEW fiat. JEW Financial hell is coming if you put your faith in the JEW banks!

        Yes it’s about JEW capitalism but notice he also uses the politically incorrect word MORAL, no system of any type is worth using without basic ethical and moral principles as the basis of it.

        Needless to say, JEW GREED runs this system and has for quite a while and unless and until honor and virtue replace it…the system will continue to increase unpayable debt and bring the economic system to a tragic and very messy ruin.


        • Kevin2

          Greed has no ethnic origin and certainly no religion. Rockefeller and Mellon were Christians.

          • ninao ;0p

            oh please ;0p


            the VERY REAL social historical evidence , RECORDED WITNESSED truth and facts say differently .

            FUCK the JEWS and any one who supports them .


    30. ninao ;0p


      the zog dhs is preparing for REAL WAR against it’s own citizens


      arm up stock up prepare



    31. ninao ;0p

      repeat after me:

      ‘ I WILL NOT COMPLY .’ ;0p

      September Chaos Obama Wants $1.6 Trillion More in Taxes


      GIVE UP YET ?

      President Obama is already posturing to raise taxes again. He is now calling for $1.6 trillion in tax increases. We are headed into a massive black hole and there is not much we are going to be able to do. These politicians are totally out in left field and we may actually see a government shut down this time for the stakes are getting really insanely high. They are destroying the future of everyone and are so brain-dead that they cannot even understand that this is unsustainable on the long-term.

      Granted, Congressman Tom Reed has come out stating that the President’s proposal to avoid the pending fiscal cliff just completely fails to offer any realistic solution. These people are destroying everything and cannot understand that this is MASSIVELY DEFLATIONARY. The youth unemployment in Europe is at the 60% level. Talk to the youth in this country. They go to school, end up with huge student loans to pay off, and then wait tables or are forced to start their own business in some way to get by. Schools are absurd in cost and offer nothing tangible. Few people end up doing whatever their major was in school other than doctors and lawyers. They pay for an education that fails to prepare them for a job and only results in huge debt.

      Boehner John

      Go ahead. Give Obama what he wants and watch unemployment soar. The man is insane.


    32. ninao ;0p

      Gov. Sarah Palin goes OnTheRecord with Greta July 26, 2013

      i hate sarah palin as she’s a USED UP ditz political prostitute and a empty sock puppet for the NWO ZOG NEOCONS and murderer liar john mccains lapdog running mate

      but this is pretty good interview as she comes clean and verifies some info facts on her fraud ridden vice prez campaign and the puppet prez obama administration’s many lies and crimes



    33. ninao ;0p

      will this be you ?

      Peter Schiff: 2/3 of America to Lose
      Everything Because of This Financial Crisis

      this is happening right now …

      A record breaking stock market is distorting a frightening reality: The U.S. is being eaten alive by a horrific cancer that will ultimately destroy the economy and impoverish the vast majority of its citizens.

      That’s according to Peter Schiff, the best-selling author and CEO of Euro Pacific Capital, who delivered his harsh warning to investors in a recent interview on Fox Business.

      “I think we are heading for a worse economic crisis than we had in 2007,” Schiff said. “You’re going to have a collapse in the dollar…a huge spike in interest rates… and our whole economy, which is built on the foundation of cheap money, is going to topple when you pull the rug out from under it.”

      Schiff says that, despite “phony” signs of an economic recovery, the cancer destroying America stems from a lethal concoction of our $16 trillion federal debt and the Fed’s never ending money printing.

      Currently, Bernanke and company is buying $1 trillion of Treasury and mortgage bonds a year. That’s about $85 billion per month against a budget deficit that is about the same level.

      According to Schiff, these numbers are unsustainable. And the Fed has no credible “exit strategy.”

      Eventually interest rates will rise… and when they do, Schiff says, stocks will tank and bonds dip to nothing. Massive new tax hikes will be imposed and programs and entitlements will be cut to the bone.
      Editor’s Note: As a service to our readers, we’ve arranged a way for you to get a copy of Peter Schiff’s new best-selling book, The Real Crash: How To Save Yourself And Your Country, for free, including shipping. The book shows in plain language exactly what economic dangers ordinary Americans face right now and how you can protect yourself. Please go here for your free copy.

      “The crisis is imminent,” Schiff said. “I don’t think Obama is going to finish his second term without the bottom dropping out. And stock market investors are oblivious to the problems.”

      “We’re broke, Schiff added. “We owe trillions. Look at our budget deficit; look at the debt to GDP ratio, the unfunded liabilities. If we were in the Eurozone, they would kick us out.”

      Schiff points out that the market gains experienced recently, with the Dow first topping 14,000 on its way to setting record highs, are giving investors a false sense of security.

      “It’s not that the stock market is gaining value… it’s that our money is losing value. And so if you have a debased currency… a devalued currency, the price of everything goes up. Stocks are no exception,” he said.

      “The Fed knows that the U.S. economy is not recovering,” he noted. “It simply is being kept from collapse by artificially low interest rates and quantitative easing. As that support goes, the economy will implode.”


    34. rodyanko

      He will get one visit from the local law enforcement agency soon.

    35. Theguy

      The “effectiveness” of this administration’s policies never cease to amaze me, and speak volumes regarding their inability to sense when they’re overstepping themselves and creating a disaster (from theeir perspective).

      Never have I seen someone so flawlessly and skillfully produce exactly the opposite of their desired result, directly through their own actions, and to a scale that dwarfs the original “problem”.

      Go team.

      Keep at it…

    36. Theguy

      Gettin’ real sick of your shit, Tyrone…

      • Theguy

        Well THAT posted in the wrong place… my bad.

        That there was directed at all the Jew bashing BS. Fucking enough already, Adolph, we get it. You don’t like Jews. Fine. They don’t like you either so you’re even.

        Quit it already.

    37. Prepping Preacher

      awesome concept..! i hope they double the number of trained, equipped families…

      pray for the best while prepping for the worst

      Prepping Preacher

    38. VRF

      Idiots ..they walk amongst us all, and could decide to walk into your life one day, are you ready for them?

      and yes folks a shot gun is the best in home defense weapon hands down. and racking a round in to scare them off is stupid as hell and will probably get you killed, 1, by giving away your intent and position all at once, and 2. you will be so hyped up on adrenaline you might not be able to rack shit due to the full on loss of fine motor skills when in a flight or fight human reaction to the threat.
      also no critical aiming of a shot gun is necessary in close quarters..
      and being responsible for where a pistol round might go if it doesn’t hit your intruder, or a solid part of your home, or your kid or wife behind the flimsy sheet rock of your walls, or out your front window into your neighbors house across the street.

      this guy thought it would be smart to use a baseball bat and try to rob a gun store, real bright eh? lesson, use the right tool for the job


      • DeanNandana

        To-rack-or-not-to-rack is a hot debate, it seems. I’ve always believed in the “dis-incentive” argument… you know, that the sound of racking a Rem 870 for example should turn a thug’s bowels to water. It would mine if I were up to no good. I recall an incident when I was a little kid, in elementary school in the ’70s we had these “officer friendly” programs (those were the days, eh?) and the officer abruptly demonstrated the sound of racking his shoot-gun (as Justin Wilson would call it) and just about everyone in the room jumped in panic. (He had been discussing the procedure for intervening in a crime in progress, so it was appropriate, and illustrated the point extremely well! It sure left an impression.) Of course thugs and 10-year-olds are very different beasts (in most cases, one would hope).

        The notion of giving away one’s location… that’s interesting. Food for thought.

        Hickock45 has an interesting video on YT about shotgun marksmanship in close-quarters situations. Chances are, this is not news to most of you 🙂 For any readers who haven’t seen his vids, they’re all top-shelf.


    39. Road Runner

      Mac Slavo: Ok I hit a nerve with you and you deleted all my posts. However, that is not the answer. What is going on with the Red Thumbs on SHTF is fishy to say the least. You should have addressed this long ago. Somehow red thumbs appear far down the posts that are not consistent. You have 5 responses or less around a post by certain individuals who all of a sudden have 20 red thumbs and 15 green thumbs. Now the green thumbs clearly show regular readers but the red are abnormal (targeted) and you have not been able to correct this. When I mention you may be part of a psyops it is because you refuse to ferret out those who are doing this. Now by deleting all my posts it enforces my belief you are psyops. It would have been more conducive to answer the post saying how this anomalie can happen! The post was for your benefit but obviously whoever is moderator does not think so. There is something not right here and it needs to be addressed. It is like ballot stuffing and we all know how endearing that thought is. I really like your website but now I have a very bad taste and it makes me question the veracity of your postings. Best wishes.

      • admin

        Sorry for the moderation delays. We took some time off yesterday evening. All of your posts are now up.

        Apologies to all whose comment approvals were delayed – Saturday evening with the fam and friends…

        The thumbing issues you mention may be a result of the page cache plugins we have running, so there is often a delay on thumbs showing up until a new page is re-written on the server-side of the web site. Once a new page is cached you may see comments/thumbs jump significantly — this happens anywhere from every 5 minutes to 60 minutes. We have had problems in the past with ‘fake thumbs’, and we have written code into the plugins to help verify users and filter out bunk thumbs, but as you know, nothing is 100% secure. We are always monitoring potential issues and will look into this one as well.


        • The Cookin' Mom

          YOU’RE THE BEST MAC!!!!!!!

          • Road Runner

            away thou fairy dust…we need to be challenged in these dark days. Please leave the kudoos to sweet swisher. Cooking mom, do you have any idea what is being discussed here and do you have any critical thinking to add that might make things clearer and more poignant.

        • Road Runner

          Mac Slavo: no offense Mac but this is not right. The red thumbs are completely out of proportion, always for certain individuals who post controversial remarks. Most controversial remarks are posted to try and get people to think and search out truth. Zionism or ‘Jew’ remarks get hit right away and disproportionally. I believe that these individuals are changing their monikers and perhaps using TOR to change their IP or there is a ‘hot room or chicken chain’ where these individuals all of a sudden show up to discredit valid post with derogatory comments and thumb down the individual. It is to consistent to be an accident. Also Mac you post very few articles written by yourself that show the history of the Zionism and what the Jewish influence has done and is doing to America. If you did I believe you would come under real heat and probably would loose ‘some following’ but would build another, Veterans Today has good following despite the controversial editorials. It is too frustrating to post and have these ‘red’ tactics used constantly. You should only be allowed to post after you have establish you moniker and your IP address and are consistent. No thumbing should be allowed unless there is a history to those who vote because then you have a truer picture of your following. I am no computer whiz but there are those who know how to do it so these inconsistencies will stop. Posters who are ‘forced’ to use their same IP and moniker will increase the validity of your site and your credibility. A bank will not let you into your account unless your computer is a registered one. I know this would cause security concerns for posters if they could not deceive others or change their IP but I am of the opinion that the feign of heart will not survive. Also this would weed out the propagandist because others would soon ‘tag’ them as such because they now can consistently know them by their true moniker. I have seen repeatedly on SHTF posters who use a name once, post like they have been there all along…then you never see them again (their moniker) because they move on to a different moniker. I myself did this and others I know picked up that it was me under another name…So, we know that this is being done by assholes who wish to deceive others and then hide after they do the dirty deed. They have no character, honesty or integrity. A viable system would weed them out QUICK! Thanks for responding.

          • Not so Much

            The red thumbs JUST CANNOT be people sick of all you anti semitic nutcases. Nah. It’s a conspiracy. Prolly a JEW ZOG ZIO JOG JEW GOJ conspiracy to boot huh.

        • LSB

          I noticed something unusual yesterday. Lots of 0’s on comments until I clicked on them. Then a lot would register. I think one time there were up to 30+.

    40. Squidward

      Another oldie-but-goodie: As the Quaker said to the burglar: “Brother, I would not harm thee for the world, but thou art standing where I am about to fire.”

    41. ninao ;0p


      The “Excess reserves” are being piled up to allow Wall Street to be able to pay the firestorm of Credit Default Swaps that will come due when Europe collapses.

      When that happens, the inflationary effects of all that accumulated cash dumping into the economy will be instantaneous.

      We will be in Wiemar Republic territory in the space of just 24 hours, needing a whole basket full of paper notes to buy a loaf of bread.

      And all of this is happening because the ZOG government of the JEW.S.A. thinks that banks are more important than people.

      * prepare

      ~ MIKE RIVERO whatreallyhappened(dot)com

      • eeder

        aloha nina!

        • ninao ;0p

          EEEeeeder … Respect .

          Missed you Brother .

          Warms my Heart to hear from you .

          Hope you and yours are well , Prepped and still Fightin the Good Fight in Canuckland .

          Peace Brother , see you on the line .

          ninao ;0p

          • ninao ;0p

            Canada’s Dirty DRUG MONEY LAUNDERING Crown-Controlled Banks

            Walter Mischer’s Belize land deal was financed by the Bank of Nova Scotia, one of five huge Canadian banks and four large British banks that dominate the Caribbean Silver Triangle – a drug smugglers haven in which Belize and the Cayman Islands play key roles. The other Canadian banks are the Bank of Montreal, Royal Bank of Canada, Toronto Dominion Bank and Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. The British banks are National Westminster, Barclays, Lloyds and Midland Bank.


        • braveheart

          Howdy, Eeder. good to see you back. braveheart

          • eeder

            yeah, even I admit I needed a break! I do not apologize for being passionate about these things, however even I wouldn’t be able to deal with me if I had to! I thank Mac for the opportunity to comment.

    42. Forrest

      80% adults in America face near poverty, unemployment– Associated Press article (AOL news today).

    43. ninao ;0p

      Detroit Bankruptcy Default on paying / Refusal to Pay Billions $$$ due to retired pensioners a Test Case For very real Financial Genocide In ZOG AmeriKa .

      Detroit will Set the National AmeriKan Bankrupt Default Precedent


      ‘HOLD FAST’ live within your means .

      preserve your wealth purchasing power

      ‘BUY PHYZZ P.M.’ or else lose it ALL .

      Leave only enough cash in the banks to pay bills only .


      • ninao ;0p

        Detroit is only the First of 100’s of City Default Bankruptcies across ZOG AmeriKa

        10’s of Millions of Aged Pensioners will Lose Everything and be Homeless on the Streets of ZOG AMERIKA JEW.S.A.




    44. ninao ;0p

      “The JEWish way is REVENGE ,




      ~ da’ JEWS

      * Straight from the mouths of JEWS

      see vid below …

    45. yental

      Others have stated “we have lost our country” and without IMMEDIATE action, I completley agree.

      I rarely post links, but Dr. Paul Craig Roberts has, IMO, provided the most plausible debunking of the “SEAL TEAM 6/BIN LADEN LIE” that I have heard articulated to-date.


    46. Sierra Dave

      Ninao has 27 posts at this point out of 155. Near 20%.

      Anything to do besides thumbs down and skip them?

      This isn’t the Ninaohatesjews.com site.

      • Road Runner

        Sierra…well see dude!

      • yental

        Thanks for the “newsflash”! “Someone” forcing you to not only “be here”, but additionally “forcing you to read” what you find offensive? Call Obama, he doesn’t appear to tolerate the first amendment unless it is acceptable to his “liking” either.

        You sound like one of my kids from years ago, “mommy, NinaO has more candy than me!”

        • ninao ;0p

          ‘GET HIM’ @Yental !

          ;0) Bwaaahahaha … It’s All Mine !

          ;0p pssszzt

      • Two Peas in a Pod

        Half of my stuff never makes it past moderation but Jew bashing gets right through. Mac Slavo must be a Jew Hater himself and agree with Nina and his incredible number of I HATE JEWS posts. Otherwise, there is no explanation.

        • Road Runner

          Two pisses: your going to find out who knows what the hell is going on but in your case it will be too late you smug sob. That rattlesnake you can’t see is going to bite you on your nose because YOU CANNOT SEE! Is fallen, is fallen!

      • Road Runner

        There you go again Sierra…if you have as much contribute as Ninao then go for it…otherwise go pound sand! Maybe if you understood his reasoning you would get on board instead of being a pain in the ass. Do some research…good place for Jew lovers to begin is:
        then come back and you will have something to really rail about!

      • JayJay


    47. ninao ;0p

      The Under Cover Story of America Black Projects Science and Phil Schneider


      this is a different video from above WELL WORTH WATCHING if you have a open mind just for the knowledge gleamed .

      amazing explanation of 100’s of DOD D.U.M.B. across America / UNDER SEA TUNNEL BORING and other topics .



    48. The Rifleman Next Door

      I say if you can’t turn ’em into swiss cheese with an AR or an AK….then turn ’em into red jelly with a 12-guage.


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