Eminent Domain: Colorado Couple Finds Out That Their Land Is Only Their Own Until the Government Wants It

by | Apr 26, 2014 | Headline News | 241 comments

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    This report has been contributed by Daisy Luther of The Organic Prepper. Daisy is the author of The Pantry Primer: How to Build a One Year Food Supply in Three Months.

    Imagine this:

    You do your research and you choose a retreat property far off the beaten path.  You spend time and money developing it, making it your own.  Maybe it is a vacation home, or maybe you’re a prepper and this is your bug-out location. Regardless of the reason you chose it, it’s yours, so maybe you plant some perennial vegetables and some fruit trees.  You dig a well or locate a spring.   You make it your own.

    Then the government comes along and says, “Nope, we want this land – you’re out.”

    And they just take it, evicting you like they are the landlord and you are merely a tenant, despite your name on the deed.

    colorado-cabin-eminent-domain-665x385-300x173That’s exactly what happened to a couple in Colorado. Andy and Ceil Barrie fought the government and the government won.

    The Barries had purchased and idyllic 10 acre parcel of land in the midst of the White River National Forest. The private land had on it a rustic cabin, an outhouse, and an old boarded-up gold mine. It was a day use cabin, and therefore totally off the grid. No electricity, no plumbing – just peace and solitude, accessible only by an ATV via a road that Summit County didn’t even know existed. The cabin is 1.2 miles off the main road. From a preparedness standpoint, the place is what most of us dream of – a sweet little piece of paradise far off the beaten path, without a powerline in sight.

    The government used many different bizarre strategies to get the Barries off of their land.  Pay close attention, because precedents are being set that could affect hunters or those creating bug-out retreats.

    #1 ATV access threatened an endangered species

    The government’s first line of attack against the Barries was forbidding them to use a motorized vehicle to reach the property.  This will sound familiar to anyone who has been following the Cliven Bundy case in Nevada: Summit “county officials issued a report that stated “public motorized access” to the property threatened the alpine tundra and the habitat for the lynx, an endangered species.” (source)  County officials took a vote in October of 2013, and in order to save the lynx threatened by the Barries’ occasional access, agreed that their property should be seized. (In the case of the Bundy ranch, his cattle were massacred by the government while they claimed to be concerned about the fate of the desert tortoise.)

    #2 The county demanded that “various commercial activities” be halted

    And exactly what nefarious money-making schemes were the Barries up to?  Why, Andy Barry had the audacity to gather up fallen pine cones and take them home for his Christmas wreath making business. He used a cart attached to the afore-mentioned ATV to take them back to his home, where the wreaths were created.

    #3 The county condemned the cabin because of electrical and plumbing issues

    Umm…it’s an off-grid cabin, so there was no electricity and no plumbing to start with.  In their haste to protect the environment, one would think that bringing in electricity or plumbing would be far more of an issue than a low-carbon-footprint place that used no public utilities.This was strictly a day-use cabin, thus requiring no plumbing or power. How many off-grid homes that adjoin national land exist across the country right now? How many hunting and trapping cabins are snugly sitting out there in the wilderness? Are all of those properties next on the government’s list of properties to steal?

    #4 The cabin was in violation of zoning laws

    A previous owner had expanded the cabin without a permit.  Because we have to ask the government’s permission for everything, you see.

    In the end, the government won.

    On Thursday, the Barries had no option but to cede the land.  They did not have the money to fight against the bottomless coffers of the government. They were paid $115,000 for the land.  The couple had spent $75,000 waging a legal defense.  Ceil Barrie said in a statement:

    “The cabin was condemned on the grounds of plumbing and electricity, when it doesn’t even have plumbing or electricity. All those things added up in my mind. This is ridiculous, we can never win and our money is not unlimited. I have two kids in college this year. To me, what just came out of it is, you can’t fight the government.” (source)

    The moral to this story is, the government does not support the lifestyle to which many of us aspire. Self sufficiency and freedom from the grid are not celebrated, but demonized.  The government, through various agencies masquerading as do-gooders, have waged war on woodstovesoff-grid lifestylesfront yard vegetable gardens, and anything that might allow you to live without their daily input or without being subject to their many taxes and fees.

    Private property rights are ignored and according to the government, we must all submit to their “eminent domain”.  What it boils down to: You might think you own something, but it’s clear that it is only yours until the government decides that they want it.

    The Pantry Primer

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    Daisy Luther is the author of The Pantry Primer: How to Build a One Year Food Supply in Three Months.  Her website, The Organic Prepper, offers information on healthy prepping, including premium nutritional choices, general wellness and non-tech solutions. You can follow Daisy on Facebook and Twitter, and you can email her at [email protected]

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      1. Makes you wonder, why even try? So sad for them. People just can’t leave well enough alone.

        • The whole thing reminds me of what happened to the American Indians: if the government wants something, they just take it.

          Laws only apply when convenient. We, the people, whether black, white, or red, have no rights. The only people who have rights are the people in power (the filthy rich elites who own the Fed, the federal government, etc.)

          Also, there is this cool little book called, “Twelve By Twelve,” which tells about these people who attempted to go off the grid. Most were highly educated and simply wanted a lifestyle more in tune with Nature. So they had small homes,permaculture, an orchard for the whole community, etc. and no electricity.

          Of course, when the Federal government found out, they shut it down. They decide how we can build our homes and what it looks like inside. It’s not up to us. And if they want it for themselves, they take it.

          And the really odd thing about it is they call this a democracy!!??$#&&$E@!

          • Must read at Zero Hedge: “New FCC proposal will Permit Discrimination of Web Content”.

            Good-by Internet, hello propoganda BS.

            • Nothing is sacred to the government,
              not even our final resting place.

              If they want the ground you’re buried
              in, you are history for the second time.

              When I saw the tombstones in California
              used for ocean break walls and the
              remains buried in a mass grave just so
              they could confiscate the land ……

              Well, I don’t own much, and I don’t owe
              much, which is my definition of freedom.

              • “I don’t own much, and I don’t owe much…. good on you ‘ol boy.

                  • During the Ukraine crisis many people have been criticized for “cheerleading Putin” like NC Joker says. The simple fact is that the U.S. government will attempt to steal and take antyhing that they need from other countries and their own people. Russia and China have something that prevents an all invasion of either country, thousands of nuclear warheads. This is the ONLY thing that prevents the U.S. from sending stealth aricraft into either country and take out their ability to fight back.

                    Imperialism is the same as communism. It is based on expansionism and taking whatever the hell you want under all sorts of pretext notions. The U.S. has spent a lot of money, YOUR MONEY, attempting to encircle those that are a barrier to world domainance. Look at all the air bases and other military bases that cost a lot of money to maintain that encircle Russia and China. China has the money to easily match the U.S. in true military hardware spending. China continues to pour hundreds of billions into their military. Russia maintains and improves their nuclear forces each day.

                    People like NC Joker call us single celled sea organisms or murderous crazies, or that we hate BO so much that this has blinded us. Look at whom is talking about being blinded. Dictators ONLY function because there are enough of the population that supports them. It is naive individuals like NC Joker that will continue to fully a$$ kiss a government even when they are completely wrong. This not only makes the government more evil, but it prevents the government from going the correct and right path towards being fair and just to their fellow human beings.

                    People may call anyone that doesn’t completely support the government, even when they are wrong, as unpatriotic and anti-America. A TRUE AMERICA IS SOMEONE THAT WILL POINT OUT WHEN AMERICA IS WRONG SO THE COUNTRY CAN GO THE CORRECT PATH, OR AT LEAST MAKE ENOUGH PEOPLE AWARE OF THIS. That was what the Constitution was all about, being able to express our grievances against WHEN the government was wrong. This is why when someone expresses themsleves that the government is in the wrong against foreign countries it is not being unAmerican. It is people that are exercising their right of free speech whether close minded people like NC Joker agree with it or not.

                • This BIG Question????? When do we defend(attack) all in unisense???

                  • Yeah, where was the call to arms by multi-state militias over this one? If we can rise up to aid a fee evading, racist, cattle barron, what happened to the “Rebel” spirit in these people’s hour of need?

                  • That’s the $10,000.00 question! In order for us to attack it would have to start like the Clive Bundy situation and build.
                    That really scared the government enough to back down. The Gov thought they would prove to others how strong the law was and that others watching better obey. And it backfired because those kind of people like the Bundys stick to their convictions. To bad he used the N word on TV as that was a huge break the Gov needed to make him look like a jack ass.
                    We would have to have a leader that we would follow without hesitation and a large enough group of people to make the government double think their strategy. In the Bundy case, people were still jumping on buses and driving out west from all over the USA to join in.
                    All in all, its a leader that’s needed and coordination and most of all dedication to a cause to get it started.

              • They’ll take what they can take till they canst take no more.

                • Lost in the C.R.C.: You hit a big nerve with that comment. What most of the folks here don’t get (still) is that these are tests being run by the government to gage responses by the so called “Right Wing”. Those folks that showed any support for Bundy have been photographed and cataloged for further investigation. Priority is given to those that actually showed up in Nevada. The others, such as most of the people here and on other blogs, who only voiced support are in the second tier that are being investigated. TPTB figure that once they have enough first tier folks investigators from the FBI, ATF, and IRS will go over their lives with a fine toothed comb and ANY thing that they can use will be used for various forms harassment that will be very costly from a legal standpoint. A few will be made “examples” of through arrests and assets seizures for any number of a million possible violations of federal laws and regulations. This Colorado incident is just another tease. There will be more leading up to, and through, the summer and they will get more and more outrageous in the hope of “smoking out” even more “patriots”. The arrests, and they will be highly televised, should begin just after Labor Day and continue up to election day. The government will be able to show that they are doing something. They will paint everyone of them as a racist, gun crazed, domestic terrorist and they general public will be grateful once they see how many there are. Hell, they’ll make it look like a giant conspiracy and the Democrats will get the credit. It’s a brilliant strategy given the fact that they are desperate to win in November. The Democrats will paint the Republicans as supporters of theses so called terrorists in hopes of turning the tide in a few of the key Senate races. In the mean time, a lot of folks will be losing their freedoms and property.

                  • @ Right Said Fred – That is certainly true, how many see the Marlboro man on horseback (Bundy) as a symbol of freedom, while they lead their overly constrained and meaningless lives in servitude in cities, lusting for the free-range lifestyle. I saw the BLM standoff as a government-sponsored litmus test – who among the west coast and central western states are willing to stand and ACTIVELY taunt the tiger – so as you mentioned. Make no mistake, the groups of people who spoke against the government on Bundys’ behalf did so rightfully; Unfortunately, this government of the Elite, for the Greed and by the Thugs, continually oversteps their authority and ignores their duty to U.S. citizens.

                    Stay tuned America, as there will be even more situations reported like this unfortunate couple in Colorado, and Cliven Bundy’s minor financial escapades blown way out of proportion. These “Incidents” will then be used as illegal justification to abscond with personal property yet again from private citizens for corporate gain and control.

                    The tide of rebellion has completely washed over us, but those who would stand for their sovereignty continue to belay action to its call. I am in no hurry to lay down my life for what I believe – my children are still young, but the security of the future I leave them may very well depend on it. I will not let anger and fear paralyze me from doing what is necessary when the time comes.

                    I don’t know Latin, but I know rule .308, and if you’re fighting fair your tactics suck…

              • Fire In The Hole

                I decline
                To walk the line
                They tell me that I’m lazy
                Worldly wise
                I realize
                That everybody’s crazy
                A woman’s voice reminds me
                To serve and not to speak
                Am I myself or just another freak

                Don’t you know
                There’s fire in the hole
                And nothing left to burn
                I’d like to run out now
                There’s nowhere left to turn

                With a cough
                I shake it off
                And work around my yellow stripe
                Should I hide
                And eat my pride
                Or wait until it’s good and ripe
                My life is boiling over
                It’s happened once before
                I wish someone would open up the door

                Don’t you know
                There’s fire in the hole
                And nothing left to burn
                I’d like to run out now
                There’s nowhere left to turn

                Steely Dan

                • Are you from Harlan Co., Ky??? 🙂

                  • My mom’s side of the family is from Inez. Same thing…

                • Wrong, what a flashback, people do not realize SD’s lyrics, and how much they were ahead of thier time…
                  When I dug them in the 70’s, everyone says “why do you listen to that shit”? Then Aja came out, and finally everyone finally came around to my thinking…
                  Been listening to the Dan all week at work, brings back fond memories….
                  That was a good one…

                  • living small in the big OC Utica aint skeered LOL they already know where I am

                  • I was in a perpetual haze back then, but I do remember this song. Circa 1977..Sparks of the Tempest,

                    The sparks of the tempest rage a hundred years on
                    The voice of the dreamer screams, the cause of the pawn
                    The King and the Queen are gone, each piece is the same
                    The difference between us is a part of the game

                    Darkness is spreading like a spot on the sun
                    The dead are the living in the age of the gun
                    While everyone clamors for the justice they seek
                    The world is corrupted and the strong take the weak

                    They mold you and shape you, they watch what you do
                    The sparks of the tempest are burnin’ you through
                    Spreading like wildfire, fallin’ like rain
                    Though they may promise, they only bring pain

                    The future is managed, and your freedom’s a joke
                    You don’t know the difference as you put on the yoke
                    The less that you know the more you fall into place
                    A cog in the wheel, there is no soul in your face

                    Run for the cover, Millennium’s here
                    Bearing the standard of confusion and fear
                    Spreading like wildfire, fallin’ like rain
                    Though they may promise, they only bring pain

                    Blood in the sand, a cry in the street
                    Now the cycle is nearly complete
                    Ten thousand years, and nothing was learned
                    No turning back, now the wheel has turned

                    Big Brother is watching and he likes what he sees
                    A world for the taking, when he’s ready to squeeze
                    The King and the Queen are gone, each piece is the same
                    The difference between us is a part of the game

                    Soothsayer saying now tell me no lies
                    What is this madness that is filling the skies
                    Spreading like wildfire, fallin’ like rain
                    Though they may promise, they only bring pain


          • This is why I don’t own and tell my friends the same. When the SHTF and the meltdown begins people will be SHOCKED when they find out what they thought they owned, THEY DON’T.

            Either the Banksters or Gubmint after rehypothecating pretty much every available asset to keep the ponzi scheme going will go after assets of those who have paid for their stuff.

            It’s going to get real ugly folks.

            • I tell you this congress and senators, Go fuck yourselfs literally for selling out our country for your greed. We know you think we are the enemy and people everyday are getting more and more upset with what you are doing. You are on damage control trying to stop the real info from reaching our hands and what your getting away with. We will not let you roll over us. Soon the blaze will start and you will not be immune from this. Just like the trials in Germany I’m sure people will not kill you but they will make sure you lose everything you have and never have any power ever again for what you have done. It will be a WW3 like never seen before. A whole country of pissed off people and thieves running around while you try to contain everyone and roundup people to be taking away. They will not go or fall for your lies. In WW2 the country was united, now you have sold out and are the enemy and better think about what you are doing assholes.

              NEVER and I mean never let a checkpoint stop you or take away your weapons during a crisis. That is when they will order the national guard and police to take them. Make sure you do not roll by your self and have firepower to defend yourself if it comes down to that. Because you will lose everything while your detained and your house ransacked and stripped of all guns and ammo everything they want. I’m telling you they will hold you till its over. But unfortunately there are too many of us and going to be too many people defending themselves for them to control the masses. Its numbers and we all know this. Most people will roll over for these assholes, this is very real. Know your rights.

              • Howdy, Clint, and AMEN to your comments.

              • Clint you are so right. WE built those govt buildings. Those people live in and around the areas where WE live. And when the common people no longer play maids and servants for them, they will need to shop where WE shop and do as the common people do.
                Its only a matter of time before they will have to be out with the common people. WE will know who they are and what there habits are.
                An entire country of pissed off people versus the 1% club. Aint gonna go well for them.

            • yep but buying this place was half of rent for same would be if they take it not sure if We were still around to do anything about it

          • Basically, it comes down to this: the US government has its own agenda, and it does NOT include our welfare.

            Mike Ruppert, in a video with Joe Rogan, says that the plan is not to put us in FEMA camps (except for more outspoken amongst us, or in case we riot), but basically, they don’t plan to put us in FEMA camps because they would have to feed us and have guards.

            What they plan to do is simply to let us starve. Like during the Great Depression, when people traveled say, from Arkansas to some other state to try to find work and most died along the way from starvation or disease… that’s their plan.

            • Anon,

              Yep, that’s their plan for us. Same Stalinista playbook.
              Check out the embedded utube in my essay “Fried Frogs and Commissars” at RockyMountainCornDOTcom for details of how they killed 10 million Ukraineans in the winter of 1932-33 by forced starvation. They confiscated all their grain and sold it to the West.

              Warning! Very graphic images but necessary to understand what they have in store for us.

              • They physically could not round us up and put us in Fema camps exactly I agree. There are way too many armed people to take on. It takes dozens in a home raid and if you have people on alert knowing they could be hit, that will change the game bigtime in our advantage. We know our layouts, our exit games all sorts of advantages in small numbers of people. I’m saying 3 or less at once in your home not a whole team of dozens. They will let us starve and roundup the eazy ones in major cities. The country will be left alone to a point and all main roads controlled everywhere thats a givin. Don’t trust people and always have your guard up. There could be undercover people or just plain BAD people that hurt/kill or steal your stuff. If people start asking qustions like, “do have more guns and ammo to protect you or for trade?” That may be a test for later or it could be legit. Just be careful people and always watch what you say. Even good friends from HS or now might taddle on you for a reward. Honestly we don’t know what to expect but I see major fires all over the country. If they have problems with one wild-fire in the west, what the hell are they going to do with rioters starting fires everywhere thounsands of them and without fire trucks to take care of it, things will burn and catch close houses on fire and on. That’s what I see and starvation while they try and figure out what to do. Glad they will be losing major money at this time since nobody will be working and the ones that have to work are going to be very very busy. People POP shooting everything around. Be careful people could just shoot at your for the hell of it in larger areas.

                • Isn’t central planning GRAND?

                  • Only if you’re an ant.

                • I don’t think it would go well for anyone caught being an informant, and working at taking people’s land might be a hazardous occupation. here and there maybe, but to make it a government policy would not go over very well,IMO.

              • Good writing, New Ordnance. BTW, how does that variety of corn grow in Southeast Texas?

            • As I scream once again—think years, not months, when storing food.

              • I just read the military commissaries have stopped the case lot sales–one of the things that helped the soldiers and their wives get through a tough month.

                But, hell, yeah, let’s keep sending billions to Israel, and the other 151 countries that would slice our throats if every blade didn’t have a gun behind it.

                • maybe if we stopped bombing their homes and murdering their children in front of them, they would stop wanting to cut our throats…

                  • Agree–totally.

          • Until the American people organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote, the PTB will continue to erode American rights to implement Agenda 21 and make US economic serfs.

            1/3 of American are Retards, 1/3 are Demturds, and 1/3 independent. Yet fully 53% of the American People in a recent Rasmussen Poll said that the government no longer represents the American people.

            The Sheeple are waking up.

            Now is the time to join a neighborhood Tea Party and make your voice heard. All politics are local. Begin where you live. November elections are six months away. Hijack the Republican party at its roots!

            100 million American gun owners hold the future of this Nation in their hands. If not US, who? If not now, when? 🙂

          • Actually we call this a republic.

          • I guarantee that in a couple of years there will be a nice upscale house on this site with some connected asshole enjoying it via a paved taxpayer paid for road. If danger to wildlife was a concern then every road in the country should be shutdown.

          • The link with the First nations you just made is scary on many levels that go beyond land ownership.

            Off topic


            I think Putin is quite smart (he’s divorced his wife to keep his family safe from any reprisals before taking action for a start). This doesn’t mean I agree with all his politics, or can guess which side he’s on – I just think he’s a very smart cookie.

            I think Obama is either really thick or the skeletons in his closet keep him so tightly in line as to render the same effect. As a leader he scores an epic fail.

            For the red thumbers –

            What do you think the significance of the World health organisation’s search facility for Ebola out break being down for over a week is?

            Websites of that calibre do not have just one function undergoing maintenance for that long. You can still search on the progression of other notifiable diseases, proving it’s NOT a technical issue

            The urban myth of the small pox blanket genociding the First Nations is one known about all over the world. This includes West Africa where actually people are pretty proud of having not suffered the same fate as indigenous Americans or Australians during the Colonial Era.

            For the red thumbers –

            What do you think the significance of the World health organisation’s search facility for Ebola out break being down for over a week is?

            Websites of that calibre do not have just one function undergoing maintenance for that long. You can still search on the progression of other notifiable diseases, proving it’s NOT a technical issue

            I could be wrong and it could be MERS that is the true threat that is causing Putin to secure his borders. I understand West African culture so found the recent reactions of the Nigerian Government for example easy to interpret and understand. The main news about MERS is coming from Saudi – a place I have never been able to comprehend or understand, it’s just too alien a culture for me.

            If our population is reduced the NWO overlords can take all the land and property they want. We know they are on the offensive in regards to this issue at present (research who benefited from the depression era!) and we know that their greed knows no bounds. We also know that globally they are running out of time, even in the dumbed down West as more people are waking up to their evil ways daily. If we are dead they don’t need to manipulate the legal process in order to steal from us.

            You can red thumb me all you like, but at this point in time I honestly feel that any prepper who refuses to accept the possibility of a pandemic isn’t really prepping.

        • Make county officials go away, when new ones pop up and don’t do the right thing, take them to the same hole in the woods you did the first ones.

          Rinse and repeat until they get it!

        • This is when you go blow the brains out of whomever is directly responsible for your woes. Period.

          • Uncle Si, I think you need to dial back all that caffeine intake. We told you drinking gallons of tea everyday will get you wired. 🙂

        • There are two types of people in the world…

          1. Those who just want to be left alone.

          2. Those who can’t leave other people alone.

          When it becomes physically hazardous to be type #2, then we’ll stop hearing about this kind of stuff.

          • Great point AND that’s EXACTLY the reason why central planners exist and why small limited government tends to balloon in size. It’s also the reason why bureaucrats love to make it’s citizens solely dependent on them for all ones basic needs. It’s to enslave people into a system grid that’s tough to get out.

        • Precious metals, land? Guess what, we own nothing. The people who run the show, decided long ago, the Earth, and evrything on it belongs to them. And they can raise armies to kill us all, when they choose to do so, and they are doing that as we speak.

          Really, it’s a pretty sad statement of the human condition. Humans had such potential, we could have been colonizing space by now, but a handfull of people have decided Earth is their plantation, and we are nothing but serfs. The short-sightedness, and greed of a handful of parasites will destroy us all.

          • not if we destroy them first.

          • If you think it is bad now just wait until what little is left of the Constitution is finally destroyed.

        • Not too stir the pot here but, should any one be suprised by a story like this one?

          How many trust our government?

        • Too many “commifornions” have infiltrated Colorado and bastardsized the population. New government saying “see something,want something,attempt to take something””

      2. If that was mine I would stand and fight with what ever it took to keep it.
        Civil needs to start let it start with me!!! They will have to fire the first shot!!!!

        • Im right there with ya Sarge,,,
          This is everywhere, been happening here for decades




              • Thanks.

              • Everyone watch this SovoUSN; probably another troll.

                • Braveheart:
                  SovoUSN, might be a repeat trol with a diferent handle.
                  Just trying to cause trouble like some of the ones we all know and love (gag cough chock)
                  S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

          • SGT & kula,

            Colorado has been Californicated.
            Beware of those inholdings in fedland.

            Up in the northern redoubt States many sparsely populated counties have no zoning laws or building codes except for plumbing or electrical and there are ways around that.

            Still, property owners are defacto renters. If you can’t pay property tax, your property is seized and sold. Happened to me.

            It wasn’t always like that. Original settlers in some places had land titles free of taxes. They were “free holders”. Statists and the rentier class have taken the freeholds away from us and each generation of sheeple think that thus has it always been.

            South Dakota last year had a bill in their legislature that would have eliminated property taxes. It did not pass of course. The masses are too addicted to big gov
            and free stuff for the moment but we are going to take it all back.

            Come on up and join the fun. Its just getting started

            • Your land is ridiculously priced or more freedom lovers would come. With land on the low end at the 7-8K and the higher end being 21-25K, sooner rather than later, your state will be californicated too, just like CO and parts of WY.

              • Meant to say per acre for prices.

                • BJ

                  I hear you. What you say is true. It’s a matter of degree.
                  We are not as far gone as other places yet. Although under assault, the basic farmer/rancher constituency here is hard-core bedrock. It’s traditionally a gun carrying, deer and elk hunting population with a large segment armed to the teeth. More liberty-minded people are relocating here every day.

                  When I moved here over thirty years ago, it was the last frontier in the lower 48.

                  Now, it’s pretty gentryfied in some areas due to the yuppie influx but even in those places you still see the elk legs sticking up out of pickup trucks all over during hunting season.

                  Rural life is hard due to the climate- makes you tough with a certain unperturbed stoicism – traits needed for the events ahead.

                  We need all the cohorts and reinforcements we can get while travel is still possible and before we all get priced out of the eesentials of life. Hope y’all figure something out. I don’t have all the answers. Maybe some here will.

                • Give it six months BJ, the real estate market will crash further after the market crashes again, and land prices will plummet like Hong Kong houses.

                  Someone will want those ten dollar bills in number ten cans. 🙂

            • Why did you red thumb New Ordance’s comment above?

              Justify, or I’ll conclude you are a gubberment paid shill to throw people off the truth track.

        • Big thieves hang the little thieves.

          • This interview was on Hannity this week-outrage! Because the gov has unlimited resources, they can run folks off their land illegally. This was tried in Florida and N.J. a few years back so condos could be built for more tax revenue. Some failed, and were fought by groups in court. This country is obviously trashed and political leaders are worthless/useless refusing to stand up for the people. They are corrupt scumbags. The dumb masses are being pushed around, only so few understand and protest.

            • Communist Manifesto Plank #1: “Abolition of private property and the application of all rents of land to public purposes.” — Karl Marx

              2 parts Marxism, 3 parts clowerd/piven, 5 units Agenda 21, and sprinkled with a dash of Obama Administration with a pinch of racism. Garnish with state corruption and season with Lame Stream Media and you have the perfect recipe for Amerika. Liberal democrats and republicans can’t line up at this buffet fast enough!

              • “Every man dies. But not every man truly lives.” Me

              • S.S.

                Pithy truth. You really have it down. Any ideas on how to attract more cohorts – hearts and minds and all of that?

            • Folks, it easy to understand…wrap your heads around it for shit sakes. Until these subhumans (politicians/cohorts) see their own blood pooling around their feet, and their wives, husbands and children driven from their shelters will this action come to a halt. Its as plain as the nose on your face. Ain’t it time we come full circle and 1776 their asses? And maybe 1812 them too to make it stick?

              • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

                Know your local politicians. Who are anti-gun and pro big government. Will be a lot easier taking them out than the armed and armored paid LE thugs who will follow orders blindly.

                When the shooting starts, take them out. Their replacements will be more favorable to the people.

              • We need to start gathering names and addresses of every politician/federal agent/policeman in every county of every state. Let them know they have skin in this game and will be held accountable.

        • We own (except for annual county property taxes) 90 acres in SW Idaho. We are surrounded by BLM land, on three sides. I’m 64 years old and will die on this property, before I would let those bastards take it. Too old to run, so my red line is at my front gate.

        • Howdy, Sarge. If that was mine, I would also stand and fight to keep it, but not in court, if you get my drift. MOLON LABE SICI SEMPER TYRANNIS ASMS braveheart

          • R.B.
            Yes sir, I get your drift.
            I think it coming to that very very soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Being a land owner, an farmer I’ve been watching this unfold for quite awhile. I dont want to sound like a badass, but if any of this shit goes on around me, I already know I cant fight a army of Bureaucrats or their money, so that will leave me on the run. And their money will be no good then, anybody not in my camp will not be safe, so dont say let the innocent alone. If your affiliated your guilty. And the only thing I can say to all that is, I dont think I will be welcome in heaven.. Standing by in PA..

          • Hate to disagree with you PA Farmer but Jesus is just as fed up with what has happened to this country that he so blessed as you are.

            He is looking for, and expecting patriots like you to take a stand. Patriots like you will be first in line to be accepted in heaven.

            Accept Jesus as your Lord and you can rest assured you will be in heaven when your time here is up. Refuse his gift and I can assure you, per the real Bible, you WILL NEVER SEE HEAVEN.

            • I was reading an article on Canada Free Press earlier where they compared the size of the bank accounts of various left wing action groups versus the ones on the right. We are going to lose. One showed 791 million to 32 million and that was the typical difference for all groups. We don’t donate as most cannot afford to and the left has numerous billionaires that seem to want to destroy that which made them rich.


        Only weeks after leaving office, Barack Obama discovers a leak under his sink, so he calls Joe the Plumber to come out and fix it.

        Joe drives to Obama’s new house, which is located in a very exclusive gated community where all the residents make more than $250,000 per year.
        Joe arrives and takes his tools into the house. Joe is led to the guest bathroom that contains the leaky pipe under the sink.
        Joe assesses the problem and tells Obama that it’s an easy repair that will take less than 10 minutes.

        Obama asks Joe how much it will cost.

        Joe checks his rate chart and says, “$9,500.”

        “What?! $9,500?” Obama asks, stunned, “But you said it’s an easy repair!

        Joe says, “Yes, but what I do is charge those who make $250,000 per year a much higher amount so I can fix the plumbing of poorer people for free,” explains Joe.
        “This has always been my philosophy. As a matter of fact, I lobbied the Democrat Congress, who passed this philosophy into law. Now all plumbers must do business this way. It’s known as ‘Affordable Plumbing Act of 2014.’ You should be aware of this since you signed it into law.

        In spite of that, Obama tells Joe there’s no way he’s paying that much for a small plumbing repair, so Joe leaves.

        Obama spends the next hour flipping through the phone book calling for another plumber, but he finds that all other plumbing businesses in the area have gone out of business.
        Not wanting to pay Joe’s price, Obama does nothing and the leak goes unrepaired for several more days.

        A week later the leak is so bad that Obama has had to put a bucket under the sink. Michelle is not happy as she has guests arriving the next morning. The bucket fills up quickly and has to be emptied every hour and there’s a risk that the room will flood, so Obama calls Joe and pleads with him to return.

        Joe goes back to Obama’s house, looks at the leaky pipe, checks his new rate chart and says, “Let’s see, this will now cost you $21,000.”

        Obama quickly fires back, “What! A few days ago you told me it would cost $9,500!”

        Joe explains, “Well, because of the ‘Affordable Plumbing Act,’ a lot of wealthier people are learning how to maintain and take care of their own plumbing, so there are fewer payers into the plumbing exchanges. As a result, the price I have to charge wealthy people like you keeps rising. Not only that, but for some reason the demand for plumbing work by those who get it for free has skyrocketed!
        There’s a long waiting list of those who need repairs but the amount we get doesn’t cover our costs. This unfortunately has put a lot of my fellow plumbers out of business, they’re not being replaced, and nobody is going into the plumbing business because they know they can’t make any money at it. I’m hurting too, all thanks to greedy rich people like you who won’t pay their fair share.”

        Obama says, “But Joe! This is really bad. Without good plumbers to repair all the inevitable leaks, We will all become wet and miserable, and then we will die!!!”

        Joe replies, “but at least we will all be equally wet, miserable, and dead.”
        — “And, the poor get it for FREE!”

        • Would the author please send his delightful plumbing story to my E-mail, and I’ll get with someone with better computer skills than mine, and then send it to some people who need to read it. Meanwhile, please send this great little fable to “Coast To Coast AM” or to Gerald Celente (at Trends Journal). Hopefully, it’ll then get a world-wide audience. Thank you for your excellent imagination. I’m looking forward to receiving a copy of your short but sweet fable = fact. (Donald) [email protected]

          • Don, I sent it, but you can highlight the joke, copy, paste to your own email, and send….

          • Don, any joke or info posted here is public domain, you can send it anywhere you need it to go…Just open your email, copy, paste, and send…
            I hope this helps, since we are in a world of hurt…

        • Two bowling teams, one of all Blondes and one of all Brunettes, charter a double-Decker bus for a weekend trip to Louisiana.

          The Brunette team rode on the bottom of the bus, and the Blonde team rode on the top level.

          The Brunette team down below really whooped it up, having a great time, when one of them realized she hadn’t heard anything from the Blondes upstairs. She decided to go up and investigate..

          When the Brunette reached the top, she found all the Blondes in fear, staring straight ahead at the road, clutching the seats in front of them with white knuckles..

          The brunette asked, ‘What the heck’s going on up here? We’re having a great time downstairs!’

          One of the Blondes looked up at her, swallowed hard and whispered…


          • Eppe, the best blond joke ever. keep them coming.

          • One of the best blonde jokes in a long time, thanks.

        • Eppe. that’s one of your best ever. I’m going to save a copy of it. Keep them coming.

        • eppe, that sure is a classic. It reminds me of a time when a plumber friend of mine told me that a customer of his called him at 2 a.m. to ask him to come (post haste) and fix one of her toilets that wouldn’t work. My plumber friend told me that this lone woman lived on a waterfront estate, in a 8,000 sq. foot home with nine bathrooms. His response to her was, ” Why don’t you walk yourself down the hallway to one of the other shitters and use it”. He then hung up on her and went back to bed. A classic example that you can’t fix stupid, you can’t fix an entitled/privileged mentality (other than a bullet to the brain pan if……. you feel it necessary)I say that ’cause sometimes its better to walk away and leave them to their own demise even if it takes longer, At least your conscience is clear and your far enough away to not hear their agonizing screams when it finally catches up with them (like you knew it would.)

      4. Just another slice off the bologna that used to be our freedoms. Governments can spend whatever they want to fight and bankrupt the people they target.
        How much more are we going to let them take?

      5. They will take and take, until one of these asshole thugs catches a .50 cal round through the skull. Then we will see more news articles about how the “domestic terrorists” like Bundy are trying to overthrow the country. Then people will get more and more sick of the bullshit, and more of these thugs will get killed off. Then the Feds will send in the military and National Guard. Then those fuckers will get shot up too. Before you know it, it will be an all-out blood bath–with the useful idiot liberals totally, 100% convinced that it’s those “right wing Christian nutjob libertarian Tea Party extremists” who are behind everything.

        This is what war looks like, folks. The first casualty is always the truth. People have their opinions over whether Selco is an actual person or not, and I’m not sure myself, but there is one thing he said which is totally accurate: people will begin choosing sides. You can argue, and argue, and argue some more, and no matter what you say or do, there will be some people who remain convinced that YOU are the enemy and that killing YOU will solve all their problems. They have chosen their side. We are rapidly approaching a time when talk is useless, except to coordinate and plan with friends. Everyone needs to be putting 100% of their efforts NOW into getting their preps where they need to be.

        • Always enjoyed this scene.

          Kurtz: Did they say why, Willard, why they want to terminate my command?

          Willard: I was sent on a classified mission, sir.

          Kurtz: It’s no longer classified, is it? Did they tell you?

          Willard: They told me that you had gone totally insane, and that your methods were unsound.

          Kurtz: Are my methods unsound?

          Willard: I don’t see any method at all, sir.

          Kurtz: I expected someone like you. What did you expect? Are you an assassin?

          Willard: I’m a soldier.

          Kurtz: You’re neither. You’re an errand boy, sent by grocery clerks, to collect a bill.

          Just remember the errand boy who arrives at your door is nothing but a pawn, our focus when the time comes should be against those with the power to send him.

        • Nathan: One of the smartest posts I have seen in a while.This is what my team (who have all taken the SOLCO course) are planning for. PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS….. and shut up the time for talking is over….

        • Well said. i basically thought exactly like that but can’t write that so thanks for reading my mind. I believe and its just a thought, but the reasons the republicans are not taking out BO is because if they try and fail with a vote, then that could supercharge the election for the dems this fall. I hate both parties now and they scam us totally. As soon as Obama tries to let all these illegals get citizenship and can vote and Obamacare paid by us, that is it, that is when I will blow and cant hold back. We are sick and tired of people who should be Americans not acting like true Americans and need to be taken out of office and the whole power structure. Anymore the courts are corrupt(we get fined fined and fined again and penalties, and so on till they drain us dry. This is corruption right in our faces and this cant be any more obvious. Sure my spelling is bad but if you cant see the truth of what is going on your a fucking idiot by all means and some


        • sovoUSN…What is your problem? You berate but don’t say why.

          • @sovo-Trolls are a problem for me

          • sovo, we do have problems with trolls. Hope you’re NOT one of those. We’re damned sure NOT posers.

          • Typically govt. liberal troll, that’s why. Trolls can’t defend, they can only condem.

      7. The moral concept of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness no longer exists. We have come to a point where individual rights belong to the collective, the idea of moral law is dead.

      8. Just like Mr Bundy, stupid racists! Sarcasm.

      9. We might have to leave the country to obtain any freedom.Any idea where?

        • Don’t run. Fight.

          • Fight who? You never see the ones pulling the strings and writing the checks. The dumb shits on the ground are just schlubs like the rest of us.

        • We had to make our own freedom, right here, back in 1776.

          Expect to do it again. There is nowhere else.

        • Pluto?

        • Costa Rica…..the US govt can’t tax you there….

      10. I wonder how many of these properties the government takes are in the Agenda 21 red zones.

        • All of them. Including what they sell to the Chinese.

        • The goal is an equally poor world all over with the exception of the elites who will be special, live like kings and call the shots. Part of this plan is the eradication of the white race and any who support it’s legacy of prosperity and freedom which will be dirty words.

      11. They would have to kill me to get my land!

        • They will….

        • They will, count on it.

      12. Off topic (not silver)

        Yesterday here in AZ they sprayed chemtrail poison HEAVILY all day (which I filmed). Went out and checked zucchini flowers this morning…they are pitted, scarred and look very sick….I wish we could post pictures here (MAC???). You wouldn’t believe it…..they were beautiful two days ago….

        Ya, no worries, chemtrails aren’t real….(sarc)


        • Outraged in AZ: I just sent you an e-mail….


        • Nothing but clear blue sky here in eastern NC from horizon to horizon.

        • Last year everyone I spoke to here in CT had terrible gardens. My peppers did great last year, and my berries, but tomatoes sucked. This year I’ve soil tested and will feed my plants to see what happens.

        • PKLauLau: Chem trails is something of an unsupported urban legend. It really not as nefarious as you may think. There is actually a solid explanation for many living near low flight paths. Did you take those flowers in and have them analyzed? If you did you’d find that they probably have a small amount of jet fuel residue, assuming that you live near an airport (1-10 miles) usually. I use to work near a major airport and my car was often covered with a very fine film of aircraft residue, depending on which way the planes were flying. It was a combination of fuel, oil, and hydraulic fluid, all of which leak in small amounts from every plane. Sometimes aircraft dump fuel when the have any emergency upon approach to an airport. Hell, shit leaks from every aircraft all the time even when they are just sitting on the ramp.

          • Gregory8: I don’t even know how to respond to you…..URBAN LEGEND???

            Do your homework. Chemtrails are real. They have been admitted to by TPTB on video, govt papers that talk about them, look at the patents on file since the 1930’s….google other countries who talk about them….for heaven’s sake just look up in the sky!!!! If you don’t believe in these, then you are either a troll or a sheeple.

            sheesh….if i hear one more person who thinks they are fake, I’m gonna rip my hair out…


            • PKLL:


              Gregory8: You are a dumb,f@#$%$g. libtard, government asshole, who hopefully will be one of the first in line when this bs finally begins to unravel. Know what I mean, Vern?

              • POG: Wow…much better said than I did….yup, you go POG.


              • You sound like a psycho liberal who has no facts and screams and curses. Chem trails are a myth you crazy old hag.

                • John W….refusing to check facts, name calling and insults….yup…right out of the liberal/troll playbook….


            • Nothing but clear blue sky here in eastern NC from horizon to horizon today also. No chemtrails.

        • We already do—it’s called a camper.

        • Eppe, although I’d love to have my own BOL, I’m not DESPERATE. All my cousins have cabins bigger than that damned thing. Even their storage sheds are bigger. Ain’t no way braveheart would move into something so small.

          • It looks like what you’d put at the end of a long driveway, so the kids can stay dry waiting for the school bus…

        • eppe,
          We’ve looked at 16′ Airstreams and also “Tiny Houses” (immobile ones). This is the first hybrid of those I’ve seen.

      13. We have never been free from the over-reach of the govt. What is most insidious is property taxes. Even if your land is “free and clear” the damn govt. can take your property if you don’t pay the “tribute” due the county. Regardless of the value of your property, a buyer can purchase your property with a tax certificate for pennies on the dollar. They don’t care, all they want is your money so they can increase their salaries, create their pet projects, hire more code enforcement goons and in general make life miserable for the citizens.

        • Property taxes are the standard way the local government is funded. Nothing illegal or evil about it. In some places they’re way too high but that’s a separate issue.

          • Barncat, where I live, you have to pay TWO property taxes, one to city govt. and one to county govt. Talk about a double whammy!

            • It’s the special assessment districts that really pile it on. Just be glad you do not live in New Jersey or on Long Island both places have serious tax rates.

          • BC property taxes are inherently evil. You can not be a free person if you can not own the roof over your head. Because those that spend the tax, make’s it legal to collect the tax, doesn’t make it right or just.

            Debt is the currency of slaves and property tax is a debt that never goes away.

            I gave you a thumbs up because I’d like your opinion to stay up even though I absolutely disagree with it.

            • Come up with a better way to fund all the stuff we all expect. Things could be more efficient and the pensions could be kept under control but how do you pay for fire, police, schools etc? The problem is lack of good paying jobs outside the public sector.

              • Get rid of all of the departments of redundancy, lower the expectation of what you think government should provide, look at states that don’t have property taxes and realize that funding is possible without enslaving grandma and stealing her home. Being old and on a fixed income isn’t a crime unless you’re a home owner.

          • BC:
            I don’t mind paying property taxes as long as I know that it helps the county I live in and it helps to make the county work well for the hard working people that live there.
            My problem is that when I have to pay a higher tax because Joe Blow down the road is not paying his taxes because he is pissing his money away on boose, lottery tickets, drugs, cigerettes, electronic crap, tatoos and has 6 to 10 kids that he does not pay for. The tax payer has to pay for in higher taxes.
            Plus pay for all those other entitlements.
            Thank goodness the county is right leaning Republican county.
            So I have to give you a thumbs up on your statement, You are correct.
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

          • Barn Cat,
            We have a County property tax, a Municipal Utility District tax, and a school district tax. And an HOA maintenance fee.

            However, the tax for both of my relatively unimproved plots of land is ridiculously low.

            • Here ours are :

              Medic 1 Services
              School District
              Conservation Futures Fund
              County Road
              Fire District
              Hospital District
              Port District

              Add ’em all up, it’s $250 a month for the taxes. In 1992 it was under $50 a month.

              My first rental house was $125 a month.

              But I can go spend $6000 on wheels for my hooptie, and pay only $450 in taxes, one time. I spend $6000 on a minor remodel, and I’ll pay taxes on it the rest of my life, along with the next owner of the house.

              Just charge me a 10% sales tax on everything I buy, except food and medicine. Thank you. Then if the politicians want to waste our tax money, they’ll at least have to have business-friendly policies in place to keep the sales tax coming in.

          • Are you serious? WTF BC?

            • Barn and everyone who supports property taxes, I just cannot agree with the sentiment that property taxes are not evil and necessary. They undermine the very notion of private property. I agree with Ron Paul, why the hell should I pay any taxes other than a consumption tax if they can just print money at will?
              Funny thing is, our roads have deteriorated to the point where you can almost not even drive on them but they always seem to have money for bullshit that serves to squeeze every last dollar out of us serfs. The revenue collectors always have money for new vehicles and equipment. Our downtown association gets millions each year and our downtown is a virtual ghost town. We have millions to dump into these “sidewalks to nowhere.” In the meantime, claiming our city is broke, they are closing schools and making cuts that only affect US. The worst part? No one here gives a shit. As Braveheart says “Let the balloon go up”, I for one am ready.

              And DK, there is no changing local politics around here….too many fucking welfare rats and entrenched good old boy politics have ran this hell hole into the ground. Only thing keeping this place afloat? Our military base. Without that, our “city” would have collapsed years ago.

        • Confederate, let the code enforcement goons start having “accidents” and I’ll bet they’ll start having a better attitude towards “we the people”.

          • DAMN RIGHT! Fuck Those self-justified code monkey morons!
            While we’re on the subject, here’s a brief list of other job poachers we don’t need on the gubbermint teet:

            1. Highway patrol / City Police / Meter Maids
            2. 90% of family law Clerks, FCS “Mediators”, Judges, DCSS and Social Workers
            3. Mayors in any town (the’re just figure heads)
            4. IRS / CFTB and any other taxation regulatory bodies
            5. Red Light camera companies
            6. Private Tollway Companies
            7. Public Transportation
            8. Subsidies and tax exemptions for WEAVE, WIC, MADD, Salvation Army, Goodwill, Churches, GE, NRA…Hell for all corporate entities / Tax all income made by EVERYONE AND every COMPANY at a flat rate (10%), no loopholes, no exemptions, no shelters, and that is ALL the money GOVT. gets!
            9. Disband DHS, NSA, CIA, DOD, NHTSA, BATFE, et. all and re-organize under ONLY ONE agency (Like FBI) with Congressional oversight, (NOT Executive) to perform the tasks singly each of these agencies PRETENDS to do individually – with a focus on, “Bullshit enforcement” reduction
            10. School boards, superintendents, directors of education, etc. (All you need is one Principal and one VP per school who report directly to the school district they are employed by)
            11. No more than 2 paid “Staffers” per gubbermint employee in federal offices.
            12. No more “assistants” for paid elected positions at any state level office paid for by tax money…

            I give up trying to enumerate ALL the cuts needed, but let’s say Drastic is just a start! It’s time to stop the money train cold on its tracks. I expect no leniency for any groups’ interests, not even my own…

        • Confederate,
          It happened to me. See my comments to SGT and Kula up thread. The game is rigged. Vultures suck up to the County Treasurers to get the choice deals.

          Most sheeple keep feeding the beast because it’s all they have ever known. They accept bondage with a longer leash because they have never known freeeeeeeedom as anon keeps shouting.

          • It is because they are weak.

            The earth will take care of that soon.

        • Confederate:
          I’m buying the property next to me (about a 1/2 acre)because the person that owned it did not pay his taxes.
          Yes he lost it and the property had to be bought by a tax lean broker, In Illinois old N. Reb can’t just buy the taxes on it and call it his. A lot of legal BS.
          The tax lean broker had to pay every cent of the back taxes to aquire the property, that is the way it was done. The county let the taxes slide for 6 years before they confascated the property. They could have by law take the property after 3 years.
          I know for a fact that the county tried to work with the guy and even gave him a reduced payments. Also the wife and I were on him about not paying his taxes. He was a good guy but like his boss and in the last 2 years got on drugs and pissed away his life. He died last month of a over dose at the age of 50.
          There is three things certain in life, birth, death and taxes.
          The problem in the way the government is stealing land is wrong. If you build it, work it, take care of it, pay your taxes they should leave you the HE!! alone.
          And since We are a government of the people by the people the land belongs to the person that lives on it and uses it WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT we have to put poeple in office that understands that.
          As for the last 50 years all we have done is put a bunch of demigods in offices.
          I can see a couple of bright shining stars out there right now that just might make things better. Long live the Tea Party and Independants Constitutionalist.
          S.T.S.F.P N.R. N.S. N.REB


        • Confederate, they want your land ESPECIALLY if it is free and clear…no back taxes to pay out. I learned this when I lost my home.

          • I’m sorry you lost your home sixpack. I never realized my comments on property taxes would generate this much discussion. My question to everyone, what did the counties do before property taxes? What “services” were provided. How did people survive before the “services” were enacted through property taxes? Seems to me most everyone was self-sufficient, looked after one another, didn’t depend upon the govt. for anything except perhaps the sheriff and a small fire dept. there were no school taxes, no water management taxes, etc. Schools were supported by the parents whose children went to that particular school. (user fee’s) What we have seen over the years is the “piggybacking” of various nefarious programs designed to look good but in reality only line the pockets of those who created the programs.

            • Then they came up with “home owner’s associations” to further restrict people’s use of their own property. They started out pushing for “nice” things, like picking up your dog’s poop if it shits in your neighbor’s grass. It included poop scooping in the parks, where kids play. Nobody wanted to step in dog poop.

              Then it came to disallowing clothes lines on private property, because it “looked ugly” from the street.

              Little by little, the neighborhood policing got worse and even more personal.

              Now, the HOA literally decides who can live int THEIR neighborhood.

              The true beginnings of the “Citizen Police Dept”.

              • As a Brit this is something that has always puzzled me about the US – these restrictive suburban HOA’s. I can never get my head why such a freedom loving people accept being told they can’t grow roses or sunflowers in their front yard or have a washing line out back. My cousins over there have never been able to explain it in a way that makes sense to me either.

                Over here in the UK the local council will object if you are a real nuisance to your neighbours e.g holding regular all night raves, rat infested or if you run a scrap metal dealership front your front garden. For the most part there is far less interference though in your day to day enjoyment of your own suburban garden – even for social housing tenants.

      14. start making the county , local, state or fed govt people disappear. When new ones pop in and don’t get it right, take them to the same hole in the woods you dropped the first ones in.

        Rinse and repeat until they get it!

      15. When the supreme court changed the criteria for eminent domaine I was shocked at their reasoning and realized then that there was no longer any property owners in this country. The supreme court has been a big disappointment for many years on many topics.

        I wouldn’t doubt that the instigators were tree hugger hikers, that the commissioners were eager to prove their credentials as card carrying members of the commie class and that more than half of them sit on the HOA in their communities.

      16. If We the People don’t begin again now to enforce the restrictions which the Constitution places on the establishment and functioning of government, we will suffer under much greater domination by the tyrannous bureaucracy soon. Don’t ever assume that the established bureaucracy will roll over and play dead. It also is a living entity, and will try to make choices and take actions which will ensure its survival, but because it is Godless, a god unto itself, it cannot survive if we bring the true power of survival to bear against it.

      17. Here, Watch this 12 Minute Video. How the U.S Air Force stole this Native Island “Diego Garcia” in the Maldives and Kidnapped and Exported all of the natives off the Island with no compensation, so they could use the Island for their own. The Islanders are finally Suing the US Government for compensation and their homeland back. CBS 60 Mins: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfsYIdqvhg4&feature=youtube_gdata_player

      18. From Thomas Paine:
        “These are the times that try men’s souls: The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly; ‘Tis dearness only that gives everything its value. Heaven knows how to set a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed, if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated. Britain (“The Bureaucracy” in our times”), with an army to enforce her tyranny, has declared, that she has a right (not only to tax but) “to bind us in all cases whatsoever,” and if being bound in that manner is not slavery, then there is not such a thing as slavery upon earth. Even the expression is impious, for so unlimited a power can belong only to God.”

      19. All you geniuses who think you can still ‘vote’ your way out of this tyrannical, overfed empire are either ignorant or in denial. The rain of high speed lead is coming and that’s the only way this crap is going to stop.

        Make note of ALL government ‘officials’ in your neighborhoods and towns. Names, addresses, the whole kit and caboodle. The time is drawing very near.

        I have said it MANY times, but it bears repeating:

        -KNOW your neighbors
        -KNOW where they work
        -KNOW what they ‘do’.

        Then it will be easier later on to sort the wheat from the chaff.

        • Socrates, I agree totally. The system is useless and beyond salvation. civil war 2 is our only hope.

          • Wrong …

            Revolution, a God inspired one….not a unGodly civil war

            • God left us here with our “FREE WILL” a long time ago, what he had to do with any of this came and went long before now. It’s not about God, it’s about the choices we make for ourselves. Spirituality does not equal morality, and those that confuse one with the other are part and parcel to the ongoing problems that surround us…

              • Care to expound upon that?


          • Who’s a dumbass?

        • Yep….Makes Durango Kidd’s “engage” BS sound pretty silly, doesn’t it?

          • ole dipshit was the first one I thought of too when I read Socrates post

      20. In an eminent domain case the government has to show “public use or necessity” requiring the taking of land from private citizens. This article makes no mention of what the government was planning to do with this land, and I’m wondering why that is?

        • In CT the Fed took land from private owners through eminent domain so a developer could come in and ‘ economically develope’ the property. These were private cottages, that could provide rental income, etc. the Supreme Court rules that the land could be seized by the local govt and be leased. Or sold to a private entity. Last I heard the developers backed out, so these folks lost what they had for pennies on the dollar for NOTHING.

        • In this case the County wanted it to ‘preserve open space’.

          What a crock.

      21. The system is obviously rigged. Don’t waste your time, money, and mental health trying to fight them in court. Don’t make a hero stand by yourself since your life is more valuable than the property. If you have a huge family and lots and lots of supporters, stand your ground like Bundy. Otherwise, in most cases, remove everything of value to you and transport it somewhere else. Practice scorched earth on the property they wish to seize. Return it to its ‘natural’ state and then give it back. Just like I did to my oil fields before I disappeared to Galt’s Gulch.

      22. my wife who is 1/4 native American for more than 4 decades has been telling me that you don’t really own your bought & paid for land. She states that if I really owned it I wouldn’t have to pay yearly rent (Property tax) and the county decide how much the rent will be. She refused to have her name put on the land deeds. Its hard to admit that she has been correct all along. There are no court remedies. There isn’t any viable political or ballot box solution. Not enough really care about the counstitutional rights & freedoms. So where does that leave us? I think we are fucked. There wont be any revolution or reset.

      23. So why didn’t the militia’s jump on this one?

        • Right???!

        • That’s what I’d like to know also. Something is afoul about all this.

      24. This case brings into sharp focus the question, how far are we willing to go to protect what belongs to us.

      25. Yeah, nobody reads the fine print on so-called deeds. You (own) the house, but not the (land) it sits on! So, yes, you never quit paying for your house.

      26. When God sends you help, don’t ask questions

        She hurried to the pharmacy to get medication, got back to her car and found that she had locked her keys inside. The woman found an old rusty coat hanger left on the ground. She looked at it and said, “I don’t know how to use this.”
        She bowed her head and asked God to send her some HELP. Within 5 minutes a beat-up old motorcycle pulled up, driven by a bearded man who was wearing an old biker skull rag. He got off of his cycle and asked if he could help.

        She said: “Yes, my daughter is sick. I’ve locked my keys in my car. I must get home. Please, can you use this hanger to unlock my car?”
        He said, “Sure.” He walked over to the car, and in less than
        a minute the car was open. She hugged the man and through tears said, “Thank You God for sending me such a very nice man.”

        The man heard her little prayer and replied, “Lady, I am NOT
        a nice man. I just got out of PRISON yesterday; I was in prison for car theft.”
        The woman hugged the man again sobbing, “Oh, thank you, God! You even sent me a Professional!”

        Is GOD great or what!?!

        • EPPE:
          You bet he is!!!!
          Thanks for the smile!:-)

          That’s exactly what it’s going to take to get through this.

          Keep preppin’

      27. In a couple remarks above they mentioned that even if you paid for property in cash they can take it away for non-payment of taxes. they have taken away the ability to actually own anything outright. today’s titles aren’t listed as owned. the definition of today’s title is called “color of title” and allows you the same rights as a renter. The true Ownership would be called an allodial title and relieves you of property taxes and insulates one from eminent domain. this is the way the bankers wanted it.

      28. Summit County used to be a very free, hidden gem of a place to live. It has now become the epitome of the “democratization of Colorado” and has been sold to the highest bidder, namely – Vail Resorts. If you want to see the results of Agenda 21 spend some time up here. It has become as pretentious as Vail , Telluride and Aspen. They sold it’s soul for what has become the shallow,hip and cool.
        Between the Federal, State and County Government’s along with irresponsible, ignorant people we have lost many trails and areas of public use. It is not only the libtards but also people who have abused the land that have ruined it for the rest of us. The above article is more of the same, good intention’s gone bad and abused by short sighted politicians who have not yet figured out that they are being used by a much larger more sinister agenda.

        • Blackcat,
          You are so right. For those here who don’t know the area.
          Vail sucks big big time – a cancerous beast eating up the mountainscape. Land values were driven so high that the workers needed to keep the beast running smoothly could not afford to live in the area, so the beast created a trailer town for the workers in Edwards, Colorado. The workers that don’t live in Edwards risk their lives daily in the winter with long commutes over high mountain passes from lower rent areas.

          What’s happened in Colorado is tragic. I hope Colorado splits up. Let those front range people stew in their own juice.

          I have fond memories of rafting people down the Roaring Fork and into the Colorado and setting out to bag all the 14,000 footers – only got a few of them before I moved north to more unpopulated areas.

          All the best Black Cat.
          I hope you get some of your beautiful state back. If not, head north into freer territory where we still have a fighting chance.

          • Where are you at New Ordnance if you don’t mind me asking? If no reply I understand why.

            • Click on his moniker.

        • Thats all over the usa

          a freaking HOA can foreclose on you if you dont pay their annual due because your house is in a neighborhood of someone that decided to put fences up and charge everyone who lived in that neighborhood yearly to maintain them whithout asking in most cases.

          anyone thinking some association or govt agency cant effectively bankrupt you for life really has no idea of the country we live in and have for some time.

      29. The average guy owns nothing anymore. Just homestead….

      30. When is homelessness be outlaw??

        These people have no home, don’t pay taxes on their earnings, eat for free, no bathroom, no electricity.
        They got S#!t.

        I’m pretty sure they will outlaw that too.

      31. Envy is not good, but I envy those who have managed to escape the rat race and have found a peaceful place to live and enjoy nature’s blessings, like growing your own food. Myself living in a mobile home park in a densely populated Florida area is not living, but just existing. The snowbirds who flock here to ruin the nicest winter months are about to return to their houses and properties up north. The park is 95 percent them. Rent is raised every year like clockwork. Message seen on a bumper sticker here, welcome to Florida, now yankee go home. Of course this state is overrun with yankees and has been for decades, I hear that’s not how we do it up north, well go back and do it up there. Yeah, it’s a free country to travel and live where you want, but I long for the old Florida of my youth. This is the new reality, stack them like sardines. How to escape this madness to live in a tranquil setting is a problem I can’t figure out. Big city living or vast urban sprawl is not for me.

      32. There is no future when The End is in sight….

        • 2nd that. it may be 5 years or it may be 25 years; but the usa as founded is dead man walking.

          the time to stop it was in the 1970s or 1980s when the early numbers when in that liberalism, govt welfare, govt education, mass illegal and legal immigration and govt spending were all going to turn the usa into a very diiferent country over time.

          that day is past now, just like england, rome and greece; the usa as any kind of country that puts the person first; is gone.

          • The time to stop it was during the wiskey rebellion.

      33. I was just talking about this kind of thing today.
        I would like to know where the 50,000 strong, armed militia was when these people were losing their property. Where were they when an elderly lady was having her garden ripped out by her city? A garden she said she depended on at that. Where were they when a dairy farm in Missouri was shut down and slapped with all kinds of criteria they couldn’t afford to meet? What about the store that was ransacked in California and the produce was taken and the raw milk dumped out? How about the people in Arizona, is it? Being forced off their property because they were off grid. Where were the militia people then????

      34. Thank you Daisy

        We’ve now come full circle given all the numerous articles presented,with facts, over the years, of how we are systematically being destroyed from and at every angle..and then some..
        Question is..

        Now what?

        Should we follow the Constitution and Bill of Rights and pursue our legal right to overthrow the oligarchs and despots (aka traitors aka congress,potus,scotus and all the alphabet agency bureaucracies)?

        Should we also overthrow their financiers(wall street and federal reserve) who are at the least absolutely complicit in everything the aforementioned pass as legislation and executive orders…?

        Should we also overthrow all the corporations and lobbyists,think tanks and other known and unknown advisers and policy makers outside the realm as well?

        After all..all the above constitute our demise as a collective..don’t they?

        Well then..now what once again?

        Should anyone even consider the prior questions..

        Are you willing to give up life,liberty and your families well being in pursuit of the above?

        Remember this..many of our founders did and lost their lives, fortunes,families killed and then some..

        Do any of us have that fortitude?

        Please think before you answer..

        My regards to you all..



          Headlines just now on Drudge

          Had enough yet?

          Yeah keep on voting…fools.


      35. Sounds like the good old boys have their plans. It will be very telling to see which County officials are using the cabin this summer to entertain their boyfriends.

      36. SovoUSN

        I will be sure to vote straight Democratic Party Ticket in the next election for your sake.

        • Me too slingshot just so he’ll stop bitching. His time is coming and I’m sure his bitching will escalate accordingly.

        • Id rather a complete collapse than this status quo BS from DC,
          Let it burn

        • That’s right, Sovo. It’s a wasted effort to vote. the system is beyond saving. where have you been?

        • They are, currently on drudge; GOP leader says obamacare here to stay and immigration bill by August

          And I’m a former republican that went to Minnesota in 2004 for gw and Ohio in 2012 for Romney but never again; the GOP has shown it is just fine with the way things are heading

        • you should have already knew that, McCain and Romney is not Republicans, they’re chameleons, FOX news select choice this time around is Christy, shame on everybody thats fooled a third time

      37. you’re the typical liberal poser USN!

      38. True. It is how they do business is the difference.

        Change is coming whether we like it or not. Wishing for it is inconsequential.

      39. Why yes, yes they are, republicrats, the other bull crap.

        • Second that

          At least with. Democrats they tell you their way is better

          The GOP likes to tell you they’ll do it your way until they can weasel out of it

          • Dems want to take us all to hell in a hurry. Repubs want to do it slowly. WTF is the difference? Neither of these mouth- breathers knows jack about liberty or freedom. Until we rid ourselves of BOTH “parties” AND professional politicians, we will be under their boots. Fact is, there has been WAY too much “partying” going on around here for far too long. We need a “no confidence” vote in this country badly, with free and fair elections to follow… IF we can still manage that. 2012 pretty much said that we can’t but it would be good to give it ONE more try before all hell breaks loose.

      40. Sovo, we don’t wish for collapse or trouble. we just want our country back. we want to save it from what the neocons and libturds are doing to it because we LOVE America. what about you?

      41. I would fight to the end, we go to a better place when our body dies. hopefully one could send a few the other direction. they wont stop until they’re stopped, when they come, just resist, self defense is not aggression.

      42. hey SHFT, if your website is honest, why do you have censors? or moderators as you call them

        • There have been over 2.2 million pieces of spam filtered out of our comment systems since the inception of this web site. This is not about “censorship,” though moderation is, unfortunately, a necessity given the literally hundreds of automated spam comments hitting this web site on a daily basis. Without moderation queues it would be impossible to carry on any sort of conversation and it would render this comment area useless.

          I apologize for the inconvenience. If you utilize an email address (even a fake one) when posting, the system will eventually “recognize” you and automatically approve comments (unless an outgoing link is included, in which case it will require admin approval).

          Though we have found it necessary to delete some comments in the past due to various reasons such as outright racist diatribes, repeated ALL CAPS POSTINGS, continuous personal attacks against a particular individuals(s), and threats of violence, an overwhelming majority — over 99.9% — of all user comments submitted are approved by the moderation team.



          • Please Mac, be serious. You deleted all of my comments and am on permanent moderation because of the outrage I showed over the fact we were all accepting and cowering in fear of the NSA and its illegal tracking of all of us. Shortly after my diatribe, The Snowden revelations came out. I would do it again in a heartbeat. And it really is quite silly to include me in this group of “trolls”. It is absurd. Dont ever be afraid to speak out for what you believe folks. Sometimes consequences are a price to be paid.

      43. Occupy Them. Pitch Tent, no taxes….

      44. Is it okay to plant peas tomorrow? not sure what Agenda 21 says….

        • Better have a “permit”.

      45. What amazes me is that I see a lot of statements of assumed facts but no questions.

        How did these people manage to buy a piece of property with no “road” to it? I have to assume that they paid cash for it. Had a mortgage company been involved they would have required a title policy. If they’d had a title policy then they could have sued the title company for their loss. There probably wouldn’t have been a loss because the title company would have done a title search and found that the property had no access.

        I do believe eminent domain is abused and that this is a case of that abuse. However, these folks opened themselves up to it by not exercising caution.

        • It’s an old mining claim, lots of them around with the old mine access road to it. Usually no easements for the roads. They can get permits from the USFS or BLM, most of the time, don’t know why they didn’t do that here.

          Up here, the title companies just disclose that the property does not have legal access, and they are covered from a suit.

      46. Where did SovoUSN posts go?

        • Slingshot — SovoUSN was AWOL from his brain.

          Mac sent him packin’ back to the asylum.

          • What exactly was this SovoUSN fellow saying?

            • eeder

              He was pissing on our heads
              and telling us it was raining.

              • Slingshot, Defiant, and Eeder, SovoUSN sounded like another troll so it looks like Mac made a “preemptive strike” against him. I don’t blame him.

      47. My comment did not show up on here so re posting.My post has a link to certain facts covering land grabs and why they happen and the reasons therefor .They go so deep as to labeling people terrorists of all makes and models so they can come get you and the land you own.

        Just label people Terrorists for the Bible and now the new one is if YOU Believe in right and wrong and do not follow the Agenda of Obama your a Terrorists.

        first is the judge on fox who breaks down the grab the lies and where the Government says one thing and does another. THE BLM is NOT A Government agency it was started as a corporation in 1925 in Puerto Rico.

        The Judge’s Video below


        ADM Please Post thank You Mark

      48. The Apache Indians fought the beast for their Freedoms, ended up in FEMA camps..Geronimo at one time had 5,000 American soldiers, 200 trackers/Scouts, 3,000 Mexican soldiers hunting him. Talk about keeping your head on a Swivel.

        Jesse James became famous really because they was trying to to take the family farm for the railroad..

        I dont think the 3%ers can beat the beast with out the sheep onboard too..

      49. Since when does anybody “own” anything that is taxed?

        Stop payin your real estate tax anywhere you live and see who drops by to “take” your property you paid for, house, car, boat, motor cycle, or whatever.

        There’s no place on earth to move to anymore to be “free”, its all owned by some gov or some private owner. Try cutting down trees to build a boat to sail off to some new land, Just think about the process’s that you’d go through, lololol. And don’t even think about what weapons you might want to take along.

        Face it, we law’ed ourselves up so much we ended up enslaving ourselves. All that can be done at this point in time is live out what life is left where ever you happen to be settled.

      50. @ everyone…I need to post this for all of you. Please watch. This guy is from Germany and gives these demonstrations on Mondays. It will give you a whole new perspective on world events. The Germans are being lied to, Americans (we know) are being lied to, Russians, Ukraines, French…the list goes on and on. WE ARE NOT ALONE! Our press is complicit in the lies.


        It is about and hour and well worth our time…I guarantee it.

      51. I think it’s about the old boarded up gold mine. The gov wants access and control of all minerals. They probably have data showing the mine has a large vein down under.

      52. I created a song about the land grab if you guys are interested. Check it out. Thanks. http://youtu.be/Z84FjmoOqKU

      53. The abuses of a despotic bureaucratic government are everywhere.
        From the BLM to the NSA to the ACA and TSA.
        I also read something where they consider “preppers” domestic terrorists?
        That’s crazy.
        I composed a song about it here. Check it out.

      54. The sun is starting to get lower in the sky. Lift your hand
        to the edge of the sun, and counts the number of hand spans to
        the western horizon, where the sun will set.

        Ancient folks knew that they could estimate how much time was
        left in their day by simply counting how many hand spans it is
        to the spot the sun will set. Oddly, the hand, extended at arms
        length, will bisect about 15 degrees of arc. There are 24 of these
        15 degree segments in a circle. That means that the sun will move
        about 1 hour for every hand span, approximately.

      55. Off Topic: silver

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      56. This article leaves out one very IMportant Fact. Is this cabin in a designated, Wilderness Area??? The major mistake the government made was not to buy out all small tracts of land within ‘Wilderness Areas” or put them within a 99 year land title lease.. I also would bet $100. that these people KNew the 10 acres was within a Wilderness Area — which means NO improvements.

        I live within 1500 feet of a Wilderness Boundary and am very glad it is there. 20 years ago one could see a deer roaming once a week. Today there are none — all the grass goes to BLM approved, grazing cattle — leaving little to no grass for native animals. laws

        In the Wilderness area near me the BLM is still allowing vehicles on an old road, and let a 40 acre site to continue and be sold. The new owner now has grazing Rights in the Wilderness Area for thousands of acres, although they only bought 40 acres = ‘Open Range” laws.

      57. Well, how many Beck fans tuned in this morning to hear Beck talk about the Bundy comment about negroes? When the msm wants to destroy someone, and they have used all their ammunition in their arsenal, then racism is their silver bullet.

        Wonder who among us on this blog have never uttered an unkind word about black people and if so do you consider yourself a racist or were you just speaking the truth about some black issue?

        If you have ever questioned yourself about who and what Beck is really about the last couple of weeks should have cemented that he is nothing but a shill.

        Ask yourself, what have patriots really gained from supporting Glen’s marches and gatherings? Has the complexion of DC changed because of what he has done?

        He has ask all patriots to drop their support of Bundy and has labeled all who do not as the radical dregs of society…

        But I can tell you this, as long as Beck continues his israelie first BS the devil is smiling, the zionist jews are smiling and we, the people, are being fed more msm bullshit just in a kinder, more gentle approach, from Mr. Beck.

        Get away from him, he is a liar, making millions off of wonderful, God-fearing patriots.

        • “Ask yourself, what have patriots really gained from supporting Glen’s marches and gatherings? Has the complexion of DC changed because of what he has done?”

          Not to defend Beck because I don’t care for him at all, but… realistically, what has changed for the better in DC because of what ANYONE has done? That place is Sodom on the Potomac and there is only one possible end for it… utter annihilation. That WILL happen. It’s just a matter of time. Yeah, Karma really can be a bitch.

      58. Doesn’t anybody know the names of the crooks who are doing this? They live next door to someone!

      59. Has anyon ever heard about Land Patents or the group “Team Law”? The following information might help in relation to the article: http://teamlaw.net/land.htm

      60. Sad as these all too numerous cases of theft are, it is not possible to “own” anything that can be taxed. Just stop paying the tribute… er, tax… and see what happens to it. GRAB!

      61. Senator Reid meets reality … many think the Federal Government is illegitimate

        By Michael Scheuer

        Last week, Real Clear Politics quoted Senator Harry Reid (D-Nevada) saying that “[Mr.] Cliven Bundy doesn’t believe that the American government is legitimate.” Mr. Bundy’s largely accurate belief apparently came as a shock to Senator Reid.

        Now, before proceeding, let us recall that the Founders intended the limited national government they created to do no more than (a) promote commerce and prosperity by keeping the decks clear for American enterprise; (b) protect the republic from foreign and internal enemies; (c) obey the Constitution and enforce the laws made pursuant to it; (d) conduct foreign relations; and (e) ensure the nation’s sovereignty and independence.

        With these parameters in mind, it seems clear that the attitude ascribed to Mr. Bundy by Senator Reid has merit. Legitimacy in government or any other of life’s endeavors comes from successful deeds, not vacuous words and certainly not from words meant to deceive, as in “mission accomplished” and “you can keep your doctor.” But it seems that Senator Reid and most members of both parties do not recognize — as Mr. Bundy and many other Americans do — that the federal government no longer adequately performs the tasks assigned to it by the Founders, tasks they believed, if effectively executed, would make the national government legitimate, respected, and even loved by its citizens.

        That Senator Reid does not understand this is shocking in its own right. Indeed, so blatant is federal illegitimacy, that one wonders how Senator Reid could think that all ordinary working Americans would consider the current national government legitimate or worthy of respect and affection, especially given the hundreds of examples of its deliberate, knowing failure to execute its responsibilities? The following half-dozen items are examples of such intentional and stupefying failures. They may not be the most destructive examples that could be cited, but they will do for starters.

        –Forty-one years after the first…


      62. The peaceful remedy to this is that people have to make their local government allow for “primitive camp”
        zoning in the rural areas. This will allow for water and
        sewer waivers based on a larger lot size. It is in place
        already in various areas of the US, for example in NY,
        the minimum lot size is 8.5 acres, maximum cabin size
        500 sf. Just meet the building code and have any water,
        sewer, power system you want. The people have to make
        the zoning…if you don’t care about town meetings,
        this story is what will happen.

      63. I’m wondering why there are so many impertinent posts on this matter. The US Supreme Court ruled in 2010 that Federal over-reach is illegal. The fact is they must have had a Shyster or ignorant attorney. Read the following case called Bond Vs. US. In the rulings you’ll see the Supremes actually tell the states, the Feds don’t have jurisdiction, even when the states throw it at them. Wake up and learn some law and procedure. You can stop this stuff yourself.

        “Impermissible interference with state sovereignty is not within the National Government’s enumerated powers, and action exceeding the National Government’s enumerated powers undermines the States’ sovereign interests. Individuals seeking to challenge such measures are subject to Article III and prudential standing rules applicable to all litigants and claims, but here,where the litigant is a party to an otherwise justiciable case or controversy, she is not forbidden to object that her injury results from disregard of the federal structure of the Government.”


        Be smart and win or be stupid and die.


      64. The funny thing is that we are all getting robbed blind by the government. We the American citizens and all the other countries we mess with whether it be for oil or even attacking our own citizen on 9/11. Im sorry but the only threat to me and my own well being is this government and my own sinful flesh. What I don’t understand honestly are all these people that do all these scemes and killing all for what?!? We are all gonna die! Not one of here on earth will escape with our lives so why waist our time killing others?!? I got better stuff to do like have fun with my children and eat home cooked meals and make love to my hot gf 🙂

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