Elon Musk: Humans Must Colonize Mars To Survive WW3 But AI Is More Dangerous Than Nukes

by | Mar 12, 2018 | Experts, Headline News | 24 comments

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    Elon Musk, the founder of Space X, says humanity must colonize Mars so that our survival is insured after the onslaught of a third world war. Amid rising nuclear tension, humans must make the colonization of Mars a priority, says Musk.

    According to The Guardian, Musk believes getting to the Red Planet should be at the top of humanity’s to do list. “If there’s a third world war we want to make sure there’s enough of a seed of human civilization somewhere else to bring it back and shorten the length of the dark ages,” Musk said, responding to questions from his friend Jonah Nolan, co-creator of TV show Westworld. “It’s important to get a self-sustaining base on Mars because it’s far enough away from Earth that [in the event of a war] it’s more likely to survive than a moon base,” Musk said on stage at SXSW, just days after Donald Trump announced plans to meet the North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un, in an attempt to defuse rising nuclear tension.

    Space X is currently working on a vehicle that will take humans to Mars in a 100-meter ship codenamed the BFR (Big F**king Rocket). But building a colony would require “tremendous entrepreneurial resources”, Musk said.  He also suggested that Mars may be an “escape hatch for rich people.”He said, “It will be like Shackleton’s ad for Antarctic explorers: ‘Difficult, dangerous, a good chance you’ll die, excitement for those who survive.’ That kind of thing.”

    He also said those risks may outweigh the rewards. “There’s not many people who will want to go in the beginning,” he said, adding that over time the Red Planet colony would be hospitable and have “great bars. The Mars Bar! I love dad jokes, I’m a dad!”

    The BFR will fly for the first time in the first half of 2019, Musk said, acknowledging that his “timelines historically have been optimistic”.  Musk said he initially gave SpaceX and Tesla an estimated likelihood of success of just 10 %. “I wouldn’t let my friends invest because I didn’t want them to lose their money,” he said of SpaceX. Instead, he funneled his own money, from the sale of PayPal, into the businesses. “SpaceX is alive by the skin of its teeth. So is Tesla. If things had gone a little bit the other way, both companies would be dead.”

    But Musk also had a warning for humanity. “Mark my words,” he said, “AI is much more dangerous than nukes.”


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      1. It’s all smoke & mirrors. Mars can never be made habitable, unless they can create an electromagnetic field around the planet. You see you need more than just O2 & H2O to make a planet habitable, you need protection from the radiation being emitted from the Sun. Please just think about it. It is the electromagnetic of the Earth that allows life to flourish.

        • Tyr,
          Good comment. You are one of the few that understand just how
          unique and precarious our existence is. Don’t forget the ozone layer that kills much of the UV we get exposed to.
          Most these Mars types forget we are exposed to a giant fusion reactor(the sun) pumping out lots of very high energy particles, most of which we cannot see.

      2. I say; Mr. Musk should send his own rovers to Mars ASAP to determine the ability of the soil on Mars to sustain food plant growth, to determine solar radiation levels and the shielding required for plants, animals & humans. Water, oxygen, ability to manufacture fuel for return vehicles, etc. etc. etc. There are many things to consider on how to get a thriving and self reliant colony established. Good luck to humanity. However I believe we are going to need a lot more than luck.

        • Yep. If people go there prematurely they will surely die.

      3. That’s where the powers-that-be intend to put all their political dissidents. They also think they can farm other planets (with all that imprisoned slave labor) after they’ve wreck this one to make it uninhabitable for any dissidents that they haven’t captured yet. –Unless, of course, their (the powers’-that-be) own habitability is eliminated first by the dissidents.

      4. AI

        So many say AI is dangerous. It is my opinion it is just another thing created by man that will be both good and bad. Just like the internet. The bible says that towards the end of days people will go here and there and knowledge will increase drastically. I am paraphrasing but we see that in the last 50 years. It is just another thing that should be a sign to all. Another world war and 3/4 of the population gone is talked about in the bible as well. All things to think about in the days we live in.
        You know we in a way should be amazed at the time in history we all live in. Little things. Like when I was a kid and was the first local boy to get the game pong. Now I was amazed when we went on vacation to Nags Head and my son was playing a game there. He had on a headset and was talking to friends he went to school with back in VA that were team mates of his in the same game.
        Things truly are amazing.
        All things can be used for good and bad. Most are good and bad. Like alcohol, food, tv, the internet, games, and I am sure AI. Too much of any of the above is not good but all can be used for fun and good.

        • Mike,
          I do not know if you ever read Issac Asimov. He listed three laws of Robotics, that would protect humanity from self aware Robots.
          Conventional AI software has no way of having those laws incorporated. AI ultimately is based upon the mathematics of set theory or lists of “stuff”.
          If you really think about it, it is how humans think, based on what we have learned and classified in our memory(lists of “stuff”), is how we make decisions.
          This is what all these smart guys are trying to tell us.
          AI has the potential for great harm, if we cannot control it, such how we do when we raise our kids. Robots with AI may not have a value system that values life.

          • “such AS how we do when we raise our kids”

      5. What does Musk know about WW3 is my question? Does he know the Who, What, Where, and When of WW3?

        If de does he should let us know, because if he doesn’t let us know he is explicit in the destruction of Man.


        • Good question. hard to say if he “knows” anything but he is definitely hell bent on GTFO of here. I have tried to dislike the guy for various reasons but just can’t do it.

      6. What is code 404 ?????


        • “The HTTP 404, 404 Not Found and 404 (pronounced “four oh four”) error message is a Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) standard response code, in computer network communications, to indicate that the client was able to communicate with a given server, but the server could not find what was requested.” or …….

          it is one of the Telephone Area Codes in Atlanta 🙂


      7. Elon Mush is part of the deep state and is compulsive liar. Mars has been colonized since the early 1970’s.

        While back the bastard was busy attacking Trump. No regular citizen can launch a vessel is to outer space and not be with the deep state. This is common sense, and people need to know this. Nice try Elon, you must have forgotten to tell the public about the 100,000’s of humans abducted and taken to Mars for slave labor in the mines and the human right abuses that has taken place there.

        See link to get the real scope on Mars, and what they are really hiding.


        You will learn a lot about travelling to mars in under 3 hrs, the USS Rusko Hillincotter, etc. I just laugh when I listen to horse shit from the media.


      8. Hell, I’d go. To Mars or most anywhere else to get off this insane asylum of a planet. That’s the real problem with getting some non-Earth planet colonization going, the big question of just who the heck to move off this mud-ball. All the technical questions can be solved given enough will to do so. The biggest question is how to deal with the humans themselves. Shall we kid one another that some Utopia is possible? Take some of every race, creed, whatever diverse group you can think of along? If we don’t figure how to keep it together here, just what makes Musk think we can on some other planet? Yeah, I’d go in a heart-beat; but for sure a big ‘hell no’, if they plan on taking along every feminazi, LGBTQRST, Muslim, Black Rights Matter… asshole too.

      9. Why do we need Mars? Humans would just go there and muck it up like we have Earth. I say just deal with what we have right here, right now. Don’t run. Besides, 3 years in a spacecraft one way would suck, and Mars looks like a god-awful piece of ground anyway. I’m ridin this one out here.

      10. If artificial intelligence advances to where computers and robots can actually observe the world and solve problems, they will figure out that 99.9% of what is wrong with the world is due to humanity. We’re doomed!

      11. There is no such thing as ai. Unless you think a bolt of lighting can make a computer intelligent.

        • Hey, it got the flux capacitor up and running…

      12. Starting to think nasa never made it to the moon, or even outer space, same with spacex. So many lies coming to light and it’s very exciting 😀

      13. Mike in Va quoted from Daniel about “people will go here and there and knowledge will increase”. This is truer than most people realize. Yes, we do travel by jets to other places in the world but we also travel by “surfing the web”. The information is located on computers throughout the world and as we go to different websites we are moving to cities all around the world to get that information. For the person surfing the web, knowledge has increased. Unfortunately, not all of it is accurate.

      14. Musk is spouting BS to con the gullible….into giving him MORE OPM (Other Peoples Money). Mars is not and NEVER WILL BE habitable by humans. We might, maybe, perhaps eventually be able to build a small outpost of some kind there but it will NEVER EVER support human life in any meaningful way. And ANY such colonization will ALWAYS be dependent on supplies from Earth to survive. If Earth goes tits up the Mars colony will follow suit shortly thereafter due to LACK OF SUPPLIES.

        This bullsh*t emanating from Musk’s piehole is just more garbage in his never ending quest for tax dollars to spend on HIS pet projects.

      15. There have been a lot on pictures of Mars on the internet, how they took them is questionable, google Earth, robotic probes? Faces, trees, water, buildings, pyramids and photo smudged out cities. Some say Mars was destroyed by nuclear explosions in the distant past, that seems likely if human like people lived there.

      16. And when there was no crawdads we ate sand.

        – You ate WHAT?

        We ate sand.

        – You ate SAND?!

      17. Mars is not colonized, and never will be colonized. This is BS.

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