Elizabeth Warren Says She Has “Zero” Sympathy For Parents Involved In College Cheating Scandal (After She Also Cheated To Get Into College)

by | Mar 13, 2019 | Headline News | 39 comments

Senator Elizabeth Warren, who recently took a DNA test to “prove” her Native American ancestry following attacks by President Trump, says she has “zero” sympathy when it comes to the celebrity parents involved in bribing administration and testing officials in an effort to get their children into top universities.

What’s most notable about Warren’s zero sympathy claim about cheating to get ahead is that her DNA test revealed she was about 1/1024th Native American, which is lower Native American ancestry than most Americans.

Warren reportedly benefited from her claims of ancestry to get ahead at Harvard and even identified herself as a “Native American” on a Texas Bar registration form.

As Dan Bongino points out, Warren appears to completely lack any self awareness with respect to her quick response when asked about the college cheating scandal:

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    1. Frank

      Fauxcahontas is just another typical Democrat. that is, it’s perfectly acceptable if we do it because, well, our motives are so much more pure and the ends justify the means.

      In other words: I’m a world-class hypocrite and I know I can get away with it because I’m a shitlib Democrat and the press will cover for me no matter what.

      • rub123

        You get an A+ Frank. (In the old grading system, not the current one.)

        • rellik

          I’ve never heard of an “A+”.
          every grading system I grew up with
          went to 4.0 AKA an “A”.

          • The Deplorable Renegade

            Rellik, if I’m right you’re from the west coast. I grew up under the kind of grading system Rub is talking about.. I remember it very well. From A+ the best all the way to F- the worst. I always strived to be a straight-A student. If you ever got n F for anything you were in big trouble. I’ve always heard the west coast had a different grading system.

            • rellik

              Yup, CA raised to high school 4.0 max grade possible.
              Apprenticeship, you kept your job or were fired.
              Trade school, USAF pass/fail grading.
              University, WA state 4.0 max grade possible.

          • alfred uhrich

            @ Rellik, 4.0 AKA equals and A. Where did you go to school ? Way back when in the old days, An ” A+ ” was the best and the worst was an ” F- “. Ahh the new modern math and now core education. What a crock

          • Heartless

            Back when I went to school riding my pet dinosaur, an ‘A’ was any grade above 90. And A+ was any ‘A’ above 95. An ‘F’ was any grade below 60 and F- was any grade below 55. ‘Course that was in the Jurassic period as I referred to.

    2. Seminole Wind


    3. Kevin2

      “I believed that I was of American Indian heritage from the stories passed down to me”
      Elisabeth Warren

      “If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself.”
      Joseph Goebbels

      “I see a similarity”

    4. Gestor


      • The Deplorable Renegade

        Kevin2, agreed about the similarity. Leave it to a leftist like Warren to be a total hypocrite. I never cheated on anything in my whole life and never will. If I can’t get something through my own honest efforts then I just do without it.

        • Kevin2

          The Deplorable Renegade

          There are cultures that eat insects, others detest beef. A normal male hair style in 1972 differed greatly from normal of 1962. Elisabeth Warren is a US Senator and a democrat; lying, manipulating is normal (please don’t assume that republicans get off free on this either). She is incapable of seeing herself through the publics eyes.

          Corruption isn’t in the system; corruption is the system.

          • The Deplorable Renegade

            Kevin2, once again you hit something straight out of the park. The system is way beyond saving or any kind of reforms. We’d have to start all over from scratch.

            • Kevin2

              Because we have had so much lying and corruption controlling our lives it has sadly become acceptable. The quality of politician is to a great degree reflective of their constituents. Many are very forgiving of “their” politicians indiscretions because they support their issue(s). I’m as guilty as the leftists who want pre and post birth abortions. I have voted for 2nd Amendment supportive politicians that are otherwise terrible. Many issues that build politicians a power base were not meant to be settled in elections. If the US Supreme Court did its job we would could vote for political leadership based on issues that are open to debate rather that codified rights.

      • The Deplorable Renegade

        Gestor, agreed about Warren being disgusting just like all other libturds.

    5. rellik

      I don’t get it.
      I had no problem getting accepted at USC.
      as a Computer Science guy.
      I did not have to bribe anybody.
      The fact I was going to be a part time “commuter
      student” may have been a factor.
      I was working full time
      at Hughes aircraft at the time.
      Hughes and GI bill would have paid my very
      expensive tuition.
      USC is not cheap!
      I ended up moving to WA state before I started.
      Got my degree up there.

      • Kevin2


        A talking head on FOX summed it up with one word, “work”.

        If the parents spent a sub fraction on tutors and their kids worked at it, even with a 100 IQ they could have got in.

        “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight; it’s the size of the fight in the dog”.

        What I find most interesting is that it’s pretty obvious that these kids, not college material, are not going for science, mathematics, medicine or engineering. Their curriculum will be filled with “Snowflake 101” courses. Parents paying an additional $500K in bribes for that? They’ll be damn lucky if their kid doesn’t graduate with a diploma, hard drug habit and a same sex “significant other”.


    6. Asshat

      Do what I say not what I do. Guy I worked with used to preach to everyone about doing the right thing while he was doing the wrong thing. He didn’t want competition. So many people do shit like that. You can bet she would tell her kids to do it. There is unlawful and then there is unethical. The system is made to be gamed.

    7. cranerigger

      Pocahontas, another Demonrat hypocrite. No surprize.

    8. Honeypot

      I’ve done OK by my kids and I only had to bribe the kids.

      “When you finish your homework we’ll have dinner.”

      In other words: “Work or starve!”


      • rellik

        HP you are a cruel woman!
        There were times, I used to do my homework and make My daughter do hers after dinner.
        We would study together( she hated it!) at the dinner table.
        I quickly found out what she was weak in, and helped as I could.
        Too bad she could not help me with Computabliity, Automata or Statistics.

      • The Deplorable Renegade

        Honeypot, you sound just like my parents. They used to tell me the same thing. And that was back in the days before LBJ started the “Great Society” programs aka letting “minorities” become freeloaders on white peoples’ tax money. It really used to be that if a person didn’t work they didn’t eat or do anything else for that matter. I wish we could go back to that.

      • Anonymous

        Used to be American moms told their kids “Clean your plate. Don’t you know there are starving kids in China?”

        Fast forward to today. Now the Chinese moms say the same about American kids…

    9. Him

      So, wealthy people buy their kids way into college. Connected people use their pull to get their kids into college. Minorities use quotas and affirmative action to get their kids into college. Foreign countries buy their kids way into college in the US. How’s that working out for the rest of you White parents who can’t get their kids into college? Bumped off the list by unqualified kids. Tired of it yet?

      • The Deplorable Renegade

        Him, I’m also against affirmative action and quotas. However, the kids would be much better served getting into a trade school of some sort. Most college degrees are not worth going for and they’ve become way too damn political. Pay $100000 or more for my kid to get brainwashed by some commie fruitcake and come out of there as some kind of LGBT freak? Hell no, not in my lifetime or anyone else’s!

        • Him

          DR, I agree. We had a real good trade school here in Chicago some years ago. It was destroyed by the Dem Mayor, Harold Washington, in record time. There should have been ten of those schools here.

    10. Whatever

      Wonder how that David Hogg kid suddenly was accepted at Harvard after being turned down everywhere else?

    11. Sgt. Dale

      What a “C” I hope she gets the nod from the Demorats. Trump will bury her.

      • Gestor

        SD…Dizzy Lizzy has already buried herself..but it would be entertaining to see.

      • Him

        Sarge, I see the Pit stayed open all winter this year. First time?

    12. Horse'sass

      As a parent of a 15 yr old daughter….welll


      well, here’s my take

      20 hours ago
      Sadly, this has been my pet peeve about the “best” public high school in the Asheville, NC area. My 15 year old daughter gets straight A’s and yet, as what should be a proud papa, I was total dismayed when at the last year’s award ceremony, she won distinguished academic excellence awards in science and math and received her all A’s honor roll certificate. Great, except:

      Out of her class of 350, there were 70 who lined up for the all As and Bs honor role, and then 40 more for all As. There was not enough room on the stage !

      I tried to tell her that sadly, A’s are meaningless as they give them out like candy. Unfortunately, she resists tooth and nail the idea of being home schooled.

      Everyone thinks it must be a great school if she is getting A’s. Huh?

      I told her I predicted her PSAT scores would only be in the 1050 range (same as the those kids featured in the college admission scam) as I review her home work and am dismayed at the level required.


      Only I don’t have the money, and refuse to pay these bribes even if I could afford to.

      Sure enough, her scores came back 1080 combined (82% tile) and recently about the same on the ACT, which means she will get all these flyers these unknown colleges asking her to attend— but only because they need the tuition revenues.

      The country is doomed.

      • Wnc

        There are good schools here but I agree with you. There are no more winners or champs trophies, just participants.

    13. Jim

      You miss her point, her cheating was different than the current cheating. She lied, this cheating is about money and privilege. Claiming to be Native American is about lack of privilege. Poor girl! Do you understand now? (sarc)

    14. Gestor

      Good point Jim.
      Payoffs are just a means of hiring someone else to do your lying.

      • Jim

        Quite right! Plausible deniability? Holier than thou? Do what I say, not as I do? That concerns the little people, not important people like me? You misunderstood what I said, though it was quite plain? A lie is only a lie, if you get caught? You name it, a politician has used it.

    15. Jim in Va.

      I miss the ole days when one made on ability……

    16. Just Wondering

      A typical liberal.
      They tell you to have an open mind,
      The only problem is that if you have
      an open mind like a liberal DemoRat…
      Your brains will fall out..

    17. Hawkeye

      I googled the address on the card at the top of this article. There is no 727 E 26 st in Austin, TX but there is a 727 W 26 St and it looks like run down ghetto apartments.

    18. Shadow

      Don’t cheat, lie or steal! The government hates competition.

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