Elite Insider Predicted Massive Crash in 2012: “Very Large Probability… Around March 4, 2014”

by | Feb 3, 2014 | Headline News | 379 comments

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    We understand that Doomsday predictions are aplenty these days, but given what’s going on around the world right now it may be time to revisit the eerily prescient forecast of an elite insider.

    Grady Means is a former advisor to Vice President Nelson Rockefeller, a former economist at the U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare, and has managed multi-billion dollar firms over his career. Back in October of 2012 Means penned a commentary and analysis for the Washington Times in which he noted that “America’s fall will take global economies with it.”

    But he didn’t stop there. Means gave us a target date.

    There is a very large probability that the real end of the world will occur around March 4, 2014.

    The doomsday clock will ring then because the U.S. economy may fully crash around that date, which will, in turn, bring down all world economies and all hope of any recovery for the foreseeable future — certainly over the course of most of our lifetimes. Interest rates will skyrocket, businesses will fail, unemployment will go to record levels, material and food shortages will be rampant, and there could be major social unrest.

    Any wishful thinking that America is in a “recovery” and that “things are getting better” is an illusion.

    The central issue is confidence in America, and the world is losing confidence quickly. At a certain point, soon, the United States will reach a level of deficit spending and debt at which the countries of the world will lose faith in America and begin to withdraw their investments. Many leading economists and bankers think another trillion dollars or so may do it. A run on the bank will start suddenly, build quickly and snowball.

    At that point, we will need to finance our own deficit, and we will not be able to do so. We will raise bond rates to re-attract foreign investment, interest rates will go up, and businesses will fail. Unemployment will skyrocket.

    The rest of the world will fully crash along with us.

    There’s a sentiment among those on Main Street, and as of today on Wall Street, that there is a major disconnect between company stock valuations and economic activity in the real world.

    Despite their best efforts to convince us that we’re in a recovery, the establishment is running into a problem… reality.

    This morning we learned that the Institute for Supply Management monthly report went kaboom, showing a large contraction in new production, indicating that retailers are pulling back on stocking their shelves. Perhaps the ISM report has something to do with consumer sentiment, which according to today’s Gallup survey on consumer spending suggests consumers are cutting costs wherever possible.

    But that’s not all. Even the largest retailer in the world is having problems and seeing negative growth. Walmart announced that last November’s cuts to food stamp recipients hurt their fourth quarter sales, adding further credence to the notion that without direct government bailouts the stability of America’s companies comes into question.

    Need we even mention that over 100 million Americans are not in the labor force, or that five million people may lose their unemployment benefits by the end of this year?

    And, of course, let’s not forget that we’ve created more debt as a nation in the last five years than in all of the years from our country’s founding through the year 2008 combined.

    Those investing in financial markets have certainly taken note. On top of the 326 point decline in the Dow Jones today, the market is down a combined 1,000 points from its peak just a month ago. And, with three well known bankers committing suicide in the last week, people are starting to pay attention.

    No one really knows exactly why the market is falling or what happens next, but if you’re going to consider any prediction on the future of the financial and economic sector, why not consider what the elite have to say about it?

    If there is a major financial collapse in the works as we speak, then Grady Means’ prediction should scare the hell out of you. If he’s right, then this isn’t just going to be a market crash.

    We could well be facing the beginnings of an all-out financial Armageddon that will make 2008 look like a brief warm up.

    This collapse, as noted by the US Treasury Department and Grady Means, is going to have generational effects – a depressive economic environment for our entire lifetimes.

    Preparing for such a scenario is not easy. One must take into consideration everything from emergency supply lists to deal with the instantaneous collapse of our monetary system and financial markets, while also considering long-term strategies that involve the development of barterable trade skills and relocating to land that has productive capacity so you can grow your own food.

    We had a reader recently comment about the coming collapse. She warned that preparing for a weeks- or months-long emergency is insufficient. She suggested that perhaps we need to consider the worst case scenario: years of joblessness, destitution and depression.

    It’s happened before and it was so bad that we still talk about the Great Depression to this day.

    Who’s to say it can’t happen again?



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      1. I’ll believe it when I see it.

        • What we do for absolute certain is that everyday that passes we are another day closer to the inevitable.

          • It’ll happen when it happens. Not sooner, not later. And probably when least expected…as usual.

            • Day 11 since the proposed possible beginning of the end of the economy. March 4 would be day 40. Dates are a difficult one, we shall see. One event that seems to more often than not heats up is the geophysical part around springtime. A catastrophic nature event could tip everything over.

              • You cant time the SHTFkets. It doesnt really matter anyway. Were all prepped.

              • Breaking News: Japanese Stocks In Freefall – TOPIX Plunges Almost 5% To 4-Month Lows

                • The markets have been getting beat up for a couple weeks…as expected to those in the know…right on time. Regardless of timing or otherwise, no one is ever fully prepped for every event, good or bad. But the majority of patrons on this site are certainly not the slowest campers come the bear encounter. Keep the balance, planning, flexibility, connections…all in the name of liberty. The tide will turn.

                  Gold Leader standing by.

                • .02 All the Asian markets are falling fast.

                  • If anyone can take the Dow for what it is really worth at the recent high of about 16500 look at what has occurred before.

                    10% drop, considered actually very healthy. 14850.

                    20% drop, considered “noraml” after a bull run. 13200.

                    30% drop, considered possible recession building. 11550.

                    40% drop, recession. 9900.

                    50% drop, strong recession. 8250.

                    60% drop, a little more than 2008-09. 6600

                    70% drop, approaching depression. 4950

                    80% drop, still not to Great depression. 3300.

                    90% drop, 1% lower than Great Depression, 1650.

                    Again, IF you don’t take precious metals and factor them into the Dow. The Dow has dropped 7% from the highs. Panic mode just from this alone? You have to be kidding. A trend? Who knows yet? If it gets into the 11000 range then you can say maybe it is a trend towards economic implosion based on the sole numbers of the Dow that people are watching very closely as it fell today just 2%. 326 points LOOKS bigger. Always look at the percentage drop. In 2008-09 you had close to 10% drops in one day. The VIX, the fear numbers were also skyrocket high as compared to now.

                    I think the numbers are rigged of course. But to those markets watchers I would look at that 11000 mark as some benchmark. To those that compare precious metals to the markets. Look at the Dow to the price of gold to go under an 8 to ratio as sign of something ominous. Right now the Dow sits at 15373 and gold about $1256. This is a 12.24 to 1 ratio. Not even close to 8 to 1.

                  • Japan(-610.66 points/4.18%) at closing.
                    China(-637.65 points/2.89%) at closing.

                  • @Be informed…

                    I’m not sure that the real world of investing follows the path you’ve outlined but then, what the hey. This is as good as a lot of the comments I’ve seen of late.

                    My take, as an investor, is somewhat different. My thought is that we entered a depression in 2008 and we’re still in it. Why do I think this? Because of the definition I use for a depression. To me it is a long-term period of falling national production coupled with persistently high unemployment. Sounding familiar? It should. This IS where we are at the moment. All this talk about a so-called “jobless recovery” is a lot of nonsense. ALL recoveries generate jobs and lots of them. No jobs = no recovery. Period.

                    The US stock market is currently about 50% over-valued by the measurements I use to value it. I believe that this is so because of the HUGE amount of money the Fed has printed and stuffed into the big NY banks. Much of this new money has gone into the UST paper trade but a good chunk has gone into the stock market in search of yield. Quite a few companies have bought back their stock, not having any better use for their capital. More money chasing fewer shares = higher share prices. This is the only way that the market can equilibrate an excess of cash with the declining number of shares.

                    Many people look around and wonder where inflation is these days. I suggest that they look no further than the UST bond market and the US stock market. Both of these have not grown by 50% or more based on the tepid earnings and mediocre growth of the so-called recovery. They are inflated, pure and simple. Anyone who doubts this is encouraged to imagine what would happen to this market if QE were suddenly ended. BANG! would go the stock and bond bubbles and the economy would collapse. This would not happen to a healthy market but it will to a bubble market such as we now have. Solid economies have real earnings. They do not need a continuous stream of other people’s money to remain on their feet.

                    Anyway, long story short, this is a house-of-cards economy and it is maintained on life-support by Fed money printing. As long as the Fed pumps in the free / very cheap money, it will rise. If they stop doing that, LOOKOUT BELOW!

              • The way to fix the us debt is stop all payments to the stupid politicians. no pay checks to them including the fuked up want a be leader(s) in the white house (witch by the way really belongs to the people of the u.s.)(our tax dollars pay for it)

            • It will happen again, and sooner rather than later, but not this year, at least not in the first six months of this year. War and a tsunami of cash from emerging markets will prevent a crash.

              I hate to contradict an esteemed financial professional like Gray Means (and Mac 🙂 ) but the NFC has won the Super Bowl. For those that follow that economic indicator, it means (sorry for the pun) that the stock market will rise during this year and will end the year UP!

              Just saying. Keep prepping. 3.5 years would be best if you can afford it and have space. If necessary bury it. Shit does roll down hill so have a plan. 🙂

              • Not March…. things( the slow roll down hill), will pick up then but more as we aproach 2016… but we are at the edge looking into a dark hole…. just keep getting ready and move from the major urban areas. PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS.

                • God did not take Noah and his family OUT of the flood. He took them THROUGH it.

                  Keep praying and prepping.

                  • Interesting reference when you consider the Theatrical release of NOAH in March of this year. Talk about your liquidity problems…..huh?

                  • Hi You sound like a very intellegent spiritual person which is First of all the most intellegent stand to take because this world belong to Almighty God Jehovah and his appointed King and son Christ Jesus. Like all other created things, the earth was brought into existence because of Jehovah’s will (“pleasure,” KJ). (Re 4:11) It was created to remain forever. (Ps 78:69; 104:5; 119:90; Ec 1:4) God speaks of himself as a God of purpose and declares that his purposes are certain to come to fruition. (Isa 46:10; 55:11) He made his purpose for the earth very clear when he said to the first human pair: “Be fruitful and become many and fill the earth and subdue it, and have in subjection the fish of the sea and the flying creatures of the heavens and every living creature that is moving upon the earth.” (Ge 1:28) There were no flaws in earth or the things on it. Having created all necessary things, Jehovah saw that they were “very good” and “proceeded to rest” or desist from other earthly creative works.—Ge 1:31–2:2.

                • My estimation of big problems like the implosion of the USA federal system is for mid-2016. There seems no good reason for a revision in that timing.

                  Expect to see some state secessions in 2016.

              • My plan is to not to be at the bottom of the hill.

                • As i have said all along , there will be no financial crisis or war before the novenber elections.
                  After that all bets are off .
                  Remember how it happened last time ?
                  After midterms and before presidential elections.
                  They can only prop it up so long before it becomes unsustainable . KABOOM!

                  • Who says we’ll make it that far? If the dollar collapses we’ll have martial law. Elections will be postponed indefinitely.

                  • What elections….

                  • @barn cat , just my unqualified opinion .
                    Been sayin it for two or more years .

                  • “They can only prop it up so long before it becomes unsustainable”

                    Yeah, Hammer, but they can HIDE IT from the sheeple for a whole lot longer…

                  • What about the idea of war before elections. The war powers act could more easily be used to extend Obama’s reign.

                • My plan is to be able to outrun you.

                  • As long as your not the slowest one running your all set. I’m screwed I have never been a fast runner. I played a lot of baseball growing up and I would hit the ball 380′ and I would get a double out of it unless there was a fence.

                • The Federal Government has just outlawed round edges on shit. We are all safe.

                  • I just heard another stupid excuse not to have any “extra” food in the house. I haven’t seen it mentioned before.

                    I was told that skinny people (like this guy’s sisters) don’t have extra food in the house, and that’s why they stay skinny. This was told to me by an elderly, over-weight guy, who insists that the reason he is fat is because he has too much food in the house…I told him he was almost half right.

                    I said, the food sitting on your shelves can’t make you fat unless you go get it and eat it. There’s nothing that says you have to eat everything in the house, just because it’s there. Contrary to popular rhetoric, you can’t gain weight just by looking at food.

                    I told him his sisters were skinny because they probably don’t eat everything they can get their hands on, and that their empty pantry is not a new diet method, but a hazard to their health if their credit card quits working or the store quits selling and/or the restaurant closes it’s doors for a while.

                    I pointed out that people like his sisters were digging in dumpsters after hurricane Sandy…people with food on their shelves weren’t.

                    I left him to do the math.

              • don’t forget that the seahawks were an AFC team just a few years ago. there’s precedent for that making a difference in your thesis, durango. jan was down, which means down for the YEAR for the stock market…

              • Haven’t we had 2 0 3 articles about a DHS insider saying it would all be coming unglued very soon and that everything was in place?

                • 2 or 3 articles, fat thumbs my bad

                  • so we seen an article 203 with the code name “Fat Thumbs” from the DHS saying everything is in place to get the glue on everything? Those guys are sure sneaky and talk in a cool code.

                • You don’t need a DHS insider who has cried wolf so many times to tell you things are bad. Now Doug Hagmann with some guy named David Hodges is claiming using more secret “top ranking” sources that a US Military coup would’ve happened to overthrow Obama if Americans would have stood up. Accusing the military of treason is a serious offense. Why these guys haven’t been picked up yet is anybody’s guess. Which master do they serve? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFW4bj-JBws

                  • “…a US Military coup would’ve happened to overthrow Obama if Americans would have stood up. Accusing the military of treason is a serious offense.”

                    TAKING YOUR COUNTRY BACK FROM A FOREIGN ENTITY, IN THE MIDST OF A HOSTILE TAKEOVER IS NOT TREASON…it is the highest patriotic duty any man can have.

                  • Cry Wolf
                    The military swore an oath to defend the Constitution against attacks foreign and domestic. So they would not be guilty of treason, they would be doing their duty against an illegitimate President who is guilty of treason.
                    What I heard Hodges say is he does not want civil war, but not wanting it doesn’t mean it isn’t going to happen. They are stating what they see as inevitable and also indicating which side of the fence they will be on.
                    Which side are you on?

              • Worry? Here ya go: Alert level raised on Indonesia’s Kelut volcano in East Java, following seismic swarm.

                6.1 magnitude earthquake strikes off western Greece, hits island of Cephalonia.

                Three killed in flooding, as heavy rains lash Italy.

                Kavachi undersea volcano (Solomon Islands) erupts.

                You Can Buy A House For One Dollar Or Less In Economically Depressed Cities All Over America.

                Black Thugs Beat Up White Hippies.(might want to trim up the side burns grampa)

                Students Sign Petition To Have Gun Owners Executed In Concentration Camps.

                Japanese Govt To Dump All Rad Plant Water Into Pacific.

                Is Barack Gay? Worst Kept DC Secret. Lol as if this was even debatable.

                Financial World Shocked By 4 Banker ‘Suicides’ In Week

                Global Markets Now Subject To Total Collapse..

                Is this enough yet?

                • @ .02. The Northern Australian plate is still getting these precursor quakes pointing to it having much more activity. I have always said that a big enough and close enough earthquake to a super volcano could tear it open and let the thing erupt. Write down these latitudes and longitudes of the two Indonesian volcanoes capable of giving this world a really bad time, as they have in the past.

                  Mt Toba. 2.58 N by 98.83 E. Anything that is a 7.5 or above within about 1/4 to 1/2 degree of these locations could trigger it. This super volcano is Yellowstone capable.

                  Mt Tambora. 8.25 S by 118 E. This thing caused the mini ice age back in 1815. This is not quite as powerful as a supervolcano at VEI 8, but could reach a high 7 VEI level which would destroy crops all over the planet and drop temperatures possibly several degrees. Again, 7.5 or higher within about 1/4 to 1/2 degree. The USGS and other seismic sites has the latitude and longitude. The closer to an exact the hit, the more chance these monsters have of erupting.

                  • oh great BI, NOW I am worried. Yellowstone is the ELE of mega proportions. If you know that one is going to blow, get your ass to southeastern Idaho or Nw Wyoming because you will NOT want to live through the initial blast.

                  • Thanks a lot.. NOT! I think I need a shot..BRB..

                  • Seagrams VO Gold. Helps steady the frayed nerves. *sigh*

                • Funny, with all Italy’s trouble, they keep trying that Knox chick. Priorities.

                  • They’re trying to distract their citizens.

                • 02,will have to say the petition guy in Cali. I believe gets a lot of crazy signers for the attention,i.e. the signers do not really believe the petition they are signing and see it as some kind of joke,a few probably actually believe it.

              • Soorcha Faal is not to be believed

              • Thanks Jasmine.
                What the article doesn’t cover, and what most who live in rural American know, is that “It Doesn’t Really Matter”. I read before something like 80% of Americans have $0 in The Stock Market. Zero. Nada. A collapse of one or more MNC financials would not materially affect anyone living in rural America. Sure, it might delay their ability to borrow for a few years. Big whoop. that would just mean land and other prices would come down.

                What all the “collapse” people fail to get is that America is built on American Way. Not gold in Fort Knox and not even Military Supremacy. The “collapse” people I’m talking about are not you and me but the ones who STEAL $10’s Billions from our children to prop up their NON-PRODUCTIVE schemes. Our only questions is how much longer will they be tolerated (either outright tolerated by the American people or naturally tolerated by the natures of economic and political systems).
                I’m thinking most everyone is doing like preppers and figuring out how to make themselves independent of the Ponzi schemes.

            • True. It took Noah 120 years to build the Ark….we all know how the story ends.

              • Noah was a raving alcoholic. It took my dad 30 years to build a house and it fell down before he got it finished. Alkies don’t build worth a shit.

                • Reality is a crutch for people who can’t handle alcohol.

                • The sons of Noah who went forth from the ark were Shem, Ham, and Japheth. Ham was the father of Canaan. These three were the sons of Noah; and from these the whole earth was peopled. Noah was the first tiller of the soil. He planted a vineyard; and he drank of the wine, and became drunk, and lay uncovered in his tent. And Ham, the father of Canaan, saw the nakedness of his father, and told his two brothers outside.Then Shem and Japheth took a garment, laid it upon both their shoulders, and walked backward and covered the nakedness of their father; their faces were turned away, and they did not see their father’s nakedness. When Noah awoke from his wine and knew what his youngest son had done to him, he said, “Cursed be Canaan; a slave of slaves shall he be to his brothers.” He also said, “Blessed by the LORD my God be Shem; and let Canaan be his slave. God enlarge Japheth, and let him dwell in the tents of Shem; and let Canaan be his slave.” After the flood Noah lived three hundred and fifty years. All the days of Noah were nine hundred and fifty years; and he died. (Genesis 9:18-29)

                  Not only was he a drunk, He was a mean drunk. Don’t kill me, I am only the messenger.

                  • Nobody said Noah wasn’t a sinner.

                  • Another story I don’t believe. Nobodys liver can stand up to 900 years of drinking.

                  • @.02

                    Noah was a man like every other – he had his failures. The Bible presents him to give us hope that despite our flaws we too are loved by God.

                  • When the bible says Ham uncovered Noah’s nakedness it doesn’t mean that the son saw his father naked. When they traveled in those days in a group of regular travelers or a military troupe they dressed and bathed in rivers and streams and men saw each other naked.
                    What uncovering his fathers nakedness means is Ham had sex with his fathers wife. There is several places in the bible where it speaks of someone uncovering someone elses nakedness and it means sex.

                  • Ham had homosexual relations with his father. That is a euphemism used. That is why he became cursed and said he would be a slave to his brothers aka, the negro.

                    Today we have the negro curse on US again. Via the Civil war and the coming civil war. That is why the liberals put in the sodomite negro ilegally.

                  • Since God’s Word so strongly condemns drunkenness, we can be sure that Noah a righteous men was not habitual in drinking to excess, was not a drunkard. But the candor of the Bible is here illustrated, in its not sparing the truth when relating events involving Bible personages for our enlightenment.
                    Hope this clarifys any misunderstanding however there will always be skeptics of the Bible and people tend to believe whatever they want. Peace be with you Messenger 😉

            • and if doesn’t happen around March 4, 2014, some other expert can always say that it will happen in 2015, we can hang in there till after the 2016 election so this pres can run the debt up another 3 trillion and the next pres can run it up another 5 trillion, so the crash may come in 2018

              • Paranoid,you haven’t drank with some of my friends,the amount they drink may just be what keeps em alive beyond 900 years,no aging or disease can get a foothold due to alcohol poisoning!

              • Justme,
                Some think a Middle East proxy war may occur after the Olympics, ie March. That could delay the financial crash which I believe will come in 2015, 7 years after the 2008 crash. Those are years when according to the Bible debts are released (shemitah or something like that in Hebrew).

            • No, not when it’s least expected. More and more people are expecting it in 2014. John Williams from shadowstats dot com predicts a dollar collapse by the second quarter of this year. Greg Hunter from USA Watchdog predicts a collapse this year. Jim Willie predicts an end to the petrodollar system this year. Other people predict a stock market crash and the default of the COMEX (New York Commodity Exchange). The banksters and the Fed have been actively suppressing the gold price by selling all their gold. Soon they’ll run out, metals prices will skyrocket, and the dollar will die.

              • What Nonsense! banksters are Selling all their gold so gold prices stay LOW or go even Lower yet! So that will cause gold prices to Sky rocket to $10,000 per OZ! and then the same banksters who spent last 100 yrs gaining full control of most all of the gold, will be flat Broke?

                Meanwhile every so called online economic “expert” either is Selling Gold or promoting ads at his site that sells Gold….And what does they sell that soon to sky rocket gold for?…US DOLLARS!!! Which acording to these sellers of Precious gold, us dollars will soon, any day now, totally Collapse in value to end at us dollar values equals ZERO worth!

                Has anybody ever considered to inquire why if all that is truth, are they selling this fantastic thing called Gold, and why selling gold for us dollars?

                Is the Real plan of tons of gold sellers to NOW sell off all their gold in exchange for us dollars, so when soon dollars are worth zero, these gold sellers can be the MOST Broke, worthless individuals in america?

                Why else would they accept the very thing(us dollars) they claim is soon to be worth ZERO value?

                The exact same question can go to all sellers of various Other items being promoted as preps items…Foods, guns, ammos, all related survival supplies sold…

                All such items are promoted as a hedge and to offset a total us dollar collapse right?…Then why are all such items sold for us dollars?

                YOU won’t even think of selling ANY gold if you have some right?…Because You believe soon golds going to prices of $5 to 10,000 value as priced in…US dollars right?

                So tell us all why do all these companies sell gold and other items for…US Dollars if they believe what They tell You to believe?

                Something is very fishy about this all it seems eh.

                Why are some folks trying so Hard to convince You to seperate yourself from Your us dollars? in exchange for all they sell that is going to rise tremendously in values very soon?

                Tell me honestly…”IF” You was Them, and had so much Gold to sell…and really believed gold is going to sky rocket in value soon…Would You sell ANY of it for us dollars?…NO! No sane person would sell even a single GRAM of gold if they really believed what they “promote” as facts.

                It reminds me of those swindlers that are trying to convince us all we must ammend us const cause IT’S whats wrong and amending it is going to solve todays woes…

                But they have lied on every aspect they tell folks, to gain support. Like Lies that states can call for amending the const and congress or others cannot mandate the “Rules” to agreeing to us const changes etc…

                GO READ: most recent article at newswithviews site about the latest swindle to get states to call for a con-con for amending it…It fully explaines what LIES are being promoted and how typical tried and true propaganda methods being used to get folks on board.

                Writer of said articles there is Publius Huldah, a TENN women const law expert devoting herself to full time concerns regarding the us const and current efforts, like promoted by Radio jocky Mark levin, and several others who are swindling folks big time with calls for state convention to “ammend” cosnt…Their Lies are within all they are assureing folks Cannot occure!

                Her articles proves Levin and pals are very Wrong.

                And such highly smart types like mark levin cannot be simply ignorant of the issues She writes that fully Expose his and his cohorts “claims” eh.


                By Publius Huldah
                January 25, 2014
                NewsWithViews dot com

                ANYBODY thats being Taken in by Radio show mark Levins “Claims”, or by anybody else’s
                claims promoting us const Con-Con’s…READ her Full Expose’ articles at that website…Be fully Informed…or get scammed and swindled by the worlds greatest proven swindler tribe!

                The “Convention of States” (COS) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s page)contains 989 words – none of them true – except for these which appear in the first paragraph:

                “The federal government is spending this country into the ground … It’s time American citizens took a stand and made a legitimate effort to curb the power … of the federal government.”

                But the “convention of states” conspirators say the only solution is a convention to “propose amendments” to the Constitution. They tell lies about nullification – the one remedy our Framers actually advised when the feds usurp powers. They say our Constitution is the problem.They say it contains “loopholes and vague phraseology” which politicians exploit. They suggest the States are victims of federal tyranny; are the ones to “fix”our Constitution; and that the States call and control the convention. They say it is impossible for the convention to force a new Constitution down our throats. But I submit that is precisely what they intend to do.

                Perhaps instead of non stop back N’ forth with Eizen etc, a Wiser use of your time is to READ What and Why she says is How said us cont swindle is occureing or being promoted to occure by several scamers. Including Mark levin whos all on board promoting this swindle.

                She also Teaches folks how to NOT fall for anything just cause its spoken of by “famous” radio jocks!

                A VERY informative piece of writing that women is!

                Read & Learn! so you too do Not get Taken in by Swindlers wanting to destroy the const, and replace it with one already pre written! She explains it all! Enjoy!

                • Them Guys: I remind my Peeps here of that fact every chance I get. Alt media PROFITS from the fear they generate and covet the dollars you spend on their products; and the gold brokers would be buying scrap gold not accepting dollars for theirs.

                  Are there real problems in the economy? Yes, you bet. Will the GB’s and PTB Elite manage to mitigate those problems? Probably, these conditions have existed before. After all it’s in their best interest to do so and they hold the levers of power to do what they want. I do not believe that they will shoot themselves in the foot.

                  The table is tilted. Their thumb is on the scale. Engage your employees or be impoverished by them one rule, regulation, tax, and euphemism at a time. 🙁

                • “Why are some folks trying so Hard to convince You to seperate yourself from Your us dollars? in exchange for all they sell that is going to rise tremendously in values very soon?”

                  That’s very simple—if they can get some of YOUR dollars from you, they can then go buy MORE gold of their own. They usually count their personal stash separate from their business holdings, and the better business they do, the more PERSONAL wealth they acquire.

                  It’s just simple economics.

                  • It is simple economics Sixpack, but only if they bought the gold for a lot less than they are selling it for now, plus the premium.

                    Gold hasn’t been this low in quite a while ($1200-1300)so if they sold out of inventory at the top, they have to replenish their inventory.

                    If they use a credit line, they pay interest. If they use cash there are opportunity costs. There is no free lunch. Even for gold brokers.

                    Unless, of course they can talk up demand from the Sheeple and therefore price. Its an old game and the end of the year, first of the New Year is typically peak demand.

                    If you are a Prepper you should have your gold and silver by now, anyway. So it should be a mute point. Just saying. If it drops below $1200 back up the truck. It won’t stay there long. 🙂

                  • And they’re selling it to you for a 15% “commission”. And if you want to sell it back to them, they’ll take another 15% “commission”. Retail gold dealers are a ripoff. As bad as betting against the house in Vegas, but with no half-naked girls parading around.

                  • And no free drinks if you are losing your ass to the house, Coach. 🙂

          • the future is uncertain and the end is always near.

            • Sgt. Dale & Northern Reb…..815-415-4245 between 8 and 9 am tomorrow Tuesday the 4th. Someone will answer with company and dept…..just ask for BJ.

              p.s all you sickos, get your mind out of the gutter and grow up

              • nightbreaker, faithofthefallen, marksmith, noregretvet….
                So what would be your recommendations on glass for a Savage FCP SR .308 for a guy new at wanting to learn long range shooting. I spent 1300$ on gun and will spend what I need on glass.
                Also, do you recommend a precision rifle school? or gun clubs and try to meet the likes of you and make friends?

                • Zeiss– For 308 long distance shooters, the Rapid-Z 1000 is the perfect solution. Designed around the balliiitcs of 168 and 175 Grain match ammo, this is an ideal package for extreme precision over long distances. Available in the 4.5-14x and 6.5-20×50 models.

                  • BJ:
                    I would try several different bullets, every rifle is its own monster.
                    I have one a Savage that loves 150 gr. old Remington corelokts. and the other Savage that will shot the butt of a gnat at 500 yards with 165 gr. speer grand slams.
                    Every rifle will have it favorites and the rifle picks them you don’t.
                    You poor guy you will have to spend time at the range shooting your new rifle, well someone will have to do it!;-).
                    If you want to go to the range and talk to the range master and the people there and ask for help. Most if not all will be glad to help out a newbie.
                    Now for scopes I would go to a sporting good store and try some out and see which one you like. There are alot of good scopes out there. I’m sure the clerk will sit you up for the type of scope that will fit your shooting prepossess.

                  • I was wondering is it legal to own a bazooka, and where in the world would you buy one? Is there such a thing as a bazooka that needs 1 man to operate it instead of 2?
                    Are flame throwers legal to own and where again would you get one?

                  • IMHO, any scope over about 12-15 power is a waste. Lots of snipers have used far less. They get to be a real pain. A good spotting scope of 20X or more is quite inexpensive and more useful.

                • until you own one, you wont ever look at anything else. Believe me, I LOVE my Zeiss.

                  • Thanks .02

                  • Tasco!!!!!!

                • Even tho you didn’t ask me.. But who makes the microscopes and telescopes used everywhere?

                  • Pretty much the Japs make the glass for everyone. Zeiss is good especially if you have to look through it for long periods of time.

                  • What about the Caucs? They make Tasco. LOL!

                • A newly designed Rapid-Z for 2013. The Rapid-Z 1000 is the only reticle in the group that is designed specifically around one caliber – the tactical .7.62 NATO or .308 Win. This is a tactical or bench style reticle tailored for the .308 caliber in either the 168gr or 175gr MATCH loads. The new look still allows for all the features and benefits of the original Rapid-Z 1000 (supreme windage compensation in 2.5 mph winds out to 20 mph, range finding capability, numbered hold over lines with detailed increments and the ability to shoot form 100 yards to 1000 yards without ever making a come up click or touching a turret.

                • But if money is not an object? The Victory Diarange models combine the features of a premium riflescope with the innovative technology of a laser rangefinder: Sighting, measuring and aiming merge into a single process. The distance measurement gives you the distance from your target accurately and extremely quickly. This information, so vital for long-range shooting, can be used to set the bullet drop compensator, which is particularly useful for bullet drop compensation over longer distances. This guarantees successful hunting even under extreme conditions. The Victory Diarange riflescopes are unique thanks to their technology and high performance optics and represent the expertise of Carl Zeiss.

                  THIS gives me wet dreams, and is only 4000 dollars

                  • I will take a look at them….but if I spend 4 grand on glass, I might need to get another new .308 worth 2-4 K instead of 1300$

                  • OMG!!! THAT video was SO HOT!

                  • Go to any search engine and search “zeiss vs leupold”. I am not alone by any means.

                • BJ ,
                  Best bang for the buck I would suggest Leupold , you cannot beat their clarity and lifetime warranty , it’s made in the USA! And if economic conditions go south you have a better chance of getting it serviced than an import. I suggest their m4 tactical model with a mildot retical and an adjustable objective, it comes as a 4.5 – 14 zoom with parallax adjustment .

                  Short of military or law enforcement tactical school your best bet is to find a local gun club that offers a high power rifle clinic you can learn at lot by doing and asking questions with the long range shooters I have not found anyone in my club to be unwilling to help a beginner. One resource I recommend is John plasters book ” Ultimate Sniper” it contains a wealth of large range marksmanship information that is useful and practical and will save you a lot of time tracking down information. long Range shooting is a life long learning experience I learn new things almost every day , luckily we live in an age of unlimited information with the Internet , information can be gleaned from sites like :
                  Ths Snipers Hide. ( Police and Military )
                  varmint hunters. ( just like it says)
                  And various precision rifle sites .
                  If so inclined I think front site and thunder ranch offer long range tactical rifle courses .
                  Be warned precision rifles can be habit forming.

                  GET THEM IN THE 10 RING

                  Semper Fi 8541

                  • My Zeiss Conquest (Made in America) runs circles around my Leupy VXIII. In dark and dim light, no comparison. Warranty or repair problems?

                    In the US, please send it to our repair department at:
                    Carl Zeiss Sports Optics, Inc.
                    Attn: Service Center
                    711 Moorefield Park Drive, Building E
                    North Chesterfield, VA 23236

                    Sorry to disagree, but side by side dollars to dollars the Zeiss shines through. I have been peering through tubes for 45+ years. I think I have a bit of knowledge on the subject.
                    But that is just my opinion, I could be wrong.

                • For genuine long range, the .308 doesn’t stand a chance against more powerful cartridges such as .300 Win Mag or the .338 Lapua. Fancy glass won’t make the .308 into a long range rifle.

                  • I don’t plan on competing coach…LoL
                    I am no expert and really don’t know much YET compared to a lot of people on here. But I do know enough to know that .308 is plenty long range. Getting started this late in the game I don’t think I will ever be a world class ultra long range sniper type making 1 mile shots. But I know that .308 will reach out to 1,000 + yards just fine and if I can accomplish that, I will be very satisfied and feel I accomplished something, which is my only real goal for now.

              • BJ:
                Got your number will be on the road. Will try to call
                S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

                • You boys from Lasalle county or near there? Will county here.

                  • Not from, but here now working for a few weeks.

              • BJ,asking me to get my mind out of the gutter and grow up?!That is like asking the eich to post seriously here on a regular basis.On a side note,much more likely to cure a troll then get me to grow up!

            • The future is near and the end is always uncertain.

              • “The future is near and the end is always uncertain.”

                There ya go. History. Made fresh daily. 🙂

            • the past is uncertain too. We rely on historians and they lie to us too. That is why history always repeats itself….

          • Ha… my canned foods are already out of date. Go dry folks…this could Never come.

            I predict the continual slide into hell.
            Then the govt. will create UN like human settlement zones where the jobs are.
            No guns, you get an apt. no car, no bbq and morning exercise routines.

            Welcome to china in the us.

        • That is moot! I heard from another source the world will be destroyed on February 15th. LOL

          • I heard the world was destroyed 1000 years ago and we are just disembodied spirits floating around in the Matrix.

          • July 1, 2014, from Porter Stansberry in one of his supremely annoying ads.

        • Npgh,

          Due to the massive unprecedented manipulation and economic distortion taking place, there is absolutely no way to gauge how bad things are, and will become. Back in the early 1930’s folks did not know they were in a depression for years because of government propaganda. In the heart of the Great Depression the song “Blue Skies” became a big hit.

          If Obama gets this MyRA plan off the ground, we’ll all find out pretty quickly how long it takes to go from voluntary to mandatory participation amigo.

          “Blue skies, Smiling at me, Nothing but blue skies, Do I see!”

          • Don’t worry, be happy.

            • .02 wrote, “Don’t worry, be happy.”

              I wonder how many people caught that sarcasm, and knew what it was about?

              Anyway, I’m still thinking about this:

              Read The Hunger Games, you will not be disappointed!

              Not only are they an excellent insight into the Agenda 21/NWO plan–and its inevitable outcome–but unlike other dystopian (near) future novels, they present a plan of resistance.

              And that plan is simple–destroy consent. Use simple symbols to unite where the PTB have divided. Strike the root; de-legitimize the system.

              Larkin Rose talks about how conventional revolutions don’t work in one of his best videos.

              “Until then revolutions don’t do any good. You knock it over, we’ll put up another one. Just as long as people still believe that government can be legitimate, they’ll bicker over who should sit on the throne and what kind of throne it should be. You know, a parliament, or a congress, or a king, or whatever. But as long as they believe in authority, they will set up a new God and it will stomp on them and oppress them to varying degrees, and it will happen over and over again.”

              • God’s law, not mans law.

            • .02,

              Exactly! Ignorance is bliss, but the bliss is beginning to wear pretty thin for most. Reality is reasserting itself.

              • ‘We can ignore reality, but we cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.’
                ann r

                • ayn

              • “When the tide starts flowing out of the nudist colony, the bathers will soon be able to tell the men from the women”-Warren Buffett.

                • If you can’t tell the men from the women without help from the tide, you have some BIG problems. 😉

          • Oh, they knew it all right. What they didn’t know, due to the propaganda, is that Roosevelt did it to them. I know one guy, ex-marine, wounded on Iwo, who still reveres Roosevelt like he ought to revere his God.

            • Sick as that is, Old Coach, it is not at all uncommon among people more than 80 years old. Many of us in our 60s, however, absolutely despise the man. Generational thing? I dunno but that’s the way it seems to be.

        • @ Npgh,

          Well believe it or not it is coming and everyone needs to take steps to protect themselves. Just like a life insurance policy. You don’t know when death will occur either but at least you prepared for it.

          I can find little to argue with the above article other than the narrowing down of the date. It is my thought that both the government and the bankers will try to slow the process down. It could take months before people even realize what has happened or the state controlled media acknowledges a problem.


          • Big B…did you see my post just below yours? Yes, there is going to be a massive reset on a global scale but what none of us humans can do is predict a date. All we can do is search/look for signs and omens but that is not fact either…it is just a sign on the road. And for those of us that have been driving this road awhile, we know that the road twists and turns and has many pot holes along the way. We might as well enjoy the ride and turn up the music!

        • Go back to sleep

        • By the time you see it it’ll be too late. Sounds like a bad strategy.

        • Npgh,

          Me too. But one thing that kinda makes me nervous about this article is this. In december, Lindsey Williams said that March 2014 is a target month for his “elite friends” and the IMF. I hate to admit that I listen to Lindsey with as kooky as he usually is, but he has a track record of being right a little too often for me not to listen. He didn’t say the dollar would collapse, he said all currencies of the world would be revalued. Who knows. He said the US dollar would lose 30% of its value.

          As far as I am concerned, I am simply getting ready for a California earthquake, a fast moving brush fire that almost took out my house a few years ago, a tsunami (I am far away from the ocean but who knows) or some other disaster. I buy my PMs (Gold, silver and lead) and I live my life. I go out to dinner, I see my girlfriend, I took my kid to a George Strait and Miranda Lambert concert, I watched my Seahawks win the Superbowl. I am living life as I prepare for problems. I suggest everyone do so as well as best we can.

          Keep your powder dry,

          • @ JJsan…Right on!

        • When the dimtard beltway hacks all disappear, I’ll be happy & worried.

        • @Npgh , Pull your head out of your hind quarters and you might be able to see what’s going on. Our manufacturing base has been shipped overseas, once prosperous cities are declaring bankruptcy, 40+ million americans are on food stamps. I won’t continue to bore you, but the list is long.

          • Not all of it. My old employer built specialized inspection machines for manufacturers. Our business was booming except for 2008 when it went flat for a while. 2009 and up to today the company is breaking sales records every year. Automotive, medical, pumps and valves, drilling and mining machinery, hard drives, all kinds of stuff are still healthy, thank you very much.

            What HAS happened is that low-tech high volume stuff like household goods has gone overseas. That’s just a new wave in a very old pattern. Textiles was a huge industry in New England, until the 1920s when unions and taxes drove the industry to North Carolina and South. I grew up amid those failed mill towns, which eventually got filled with electronics and medical high tech. People think the state of Detroit means the auto industry is dead. Wrong – it just moved the h*11 out of the city to avoid the Coleman Young corruption machine. Plants are all now in Oakland and Macomb counties, which are among the most prosperous counties in the nation now. Not that I would live there again. Too much crime leaks out of Detroit proper to leave me feeling comfortable. And the UAW attitude still pervades, all the way to the UP.

            Another factor is automation. Partly to increase quality, and partly to keep union-driven labor costs in line, manufacturers are using machines to replace men. Having suffered the incompetence and obstructionism of the UAW for fifteen years, I can’t fault ’em for that.


          VICE Special: Apocalypse, Man – Part 4


          9 hours ago

          In the fourth part of Apocalypse, Man, we talk about climate change, industrial farming, GMOs …

        • Today is the 6th…

      2. I know I sound glib but I’ve been prepping for quite awhile and at this stage I’ve become cynical. I know the day will come either in my life or the next generation but I refuse to believe in false prophets.

        • No, it’s not something that can go on for decades. The trillion dollar deficits and all the Fed money printing can’t go on for that long. It’s only a matter of time, possibly months, before we have hyperinflation like Germany had in the 1920s.

          • @ Barn Cat…See I think like this…sure the economy could tank, Yellowstone could blow, a massive quake could finally shake California into the Pacific BUT people will still live. It may or may not be us…that is up to God but there will still be people to carry on. Folks thought that the correction in the markets was to happen 5 years ago but what the economists could not predict is the massive intervention of the Federal Reserve and collusion of the Treasury. See, if the market tanks, so what? People will still live, mabey a lot poorer but they will be alive. What will change is the method we do business with each other via trade, currency or pm’s. Pick a scenario with a disaster, any scenario and there will still be people alive to carry on. I call them remnants. If I die and I have never used my preps…they will be there for the person that carries on.

            • Emmm sorry W R O N G. Right now, the ground underneath Yellowstone National Park is rising at a record rate. In fact, it is rising at the rate of about three inches per year. The reason why this is such a concern is because underneath the park sits the Yellowstone supervolcano – the largest volcano in North America. Scientists tell us that it is inevitable that it will erupt again one day, and when it does the devastation will be almost unimaginable.

              A full-blown eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano would dump a 10-foot-deep layer of volcanic ash up to 1,000 miles away, and it would render much of the United States uninhabitable.

              “Everything would be wiped out; it would take years for the climate to recover and decades for the rivers to clear up because everything would be choked with volcanic ash for a wide area around the eruption site,” said Kelly Russell, professor of volcanology at the University of British Columbia. “The southern latitudes of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba would all see ash cover, how thick it would be depends on the winds and the amount of magma.”

              Archeologists say human beings barely survived the last super eruption on Earth. 74,000 years ago, Toba blew up on the Island of Sumatra. It cloaked the planet in sulphur, reducing the temperature by 20 degrees, wiping out growing seasons with snow cover nearly all year and causing mass starvation. Geneticists say the disaster reduced the human population to as few as 1000 people, thus causing the genetic similarity between individuals which is traced to the same time period.

              A volcanic eruption has been blamed for plunging civilization into the Dark Ages and triggering the bubonic plague.

              So in a nutshell, if Y stone goes totally ballistic, hug and kiss everyone goodbye because chances of any of us on this board surviving is slim to none.

              • That would be an act of God…I’m more worried about world wide nuclear war. So be it.

              • Not a problem, I’ve two extra pairs of wool socks just in case. Don’t worry about Yellowstone, I was a Geologist, I live in Casper and just watch me; I run slow but I panic early.

            • California won’t be in the Pacific. Los Angeles will be a suburb of San Francisco.

            • Yes, the collapse didn’t happen 5 years ago but you still can’t compare the Fed’s money printing with a massive California earthquake or the Yellowstone supervolcano. You’re not going to live for decades waiting for the collapse of the dollar and martial law. Too many things are coming together. The federal government is preparing for martial law. DHS bought 1.6 billion rounds of hollow point ammo because they’re preparing for economic collapse.

              • “DHS bought 1.6 billion rounds of hollow point ammo because they’re preparing for economic collapse.”

                Did they, Barn Cat, or is this just their bass-ackward way of establishing de facto gun control by buying up most of the ammo?

      3. Go shopping for groceries, then tell us what you “believe”
        I kind of think the snowballs already rolling…

        • has been rolling since 1913 and gaining speed and size the whole time.

        • let us hear it from you.

      4. March 4th. I knew it. I hate that date. I always knew it would be that date. Good thing it’s not going to be the 5th.

        • After today, it looks like Feb 4th.

          • .02,
            Just how many shots of Seagrams VO Gold have you had tonight? You are in rare form and quite funny. I don’t think intervention is required:-)

            • Wilson it is not my fault. BI is to blame.. he upset me the exploding caldera. I was going to stick with just the wine and beer, but OH NO here comes BI with his volcanoes/earthquakes from hell and makes me break out the liquid Valium.

              He is a bad man….

              • .02

                You’re gonna get a headache in the morning ;0).

              • .02,
                Clearly I was wrong about you not needing intervention. When someone, such as yourself, blames another someone, such as B.I., for their drinking woes, it is an indication that intervention is necessary. It will help you accept responsibility for your decisions and let B.I. off the hook so that he can go back to studying tectonic plates and the Yellowstone caldera. Then we can all consume liquid valium as we wait for Yellowstone to blow and sit around singing kumbaya.

                • Clearly you are wrong about being wrong. BI is causing panic amongst the flock and clearly must be stopped. Do you have any idea how much a bottle of Seagrams VO Gold costs in Washington State? When this board talks about stockpiling gold, it is the same thing. Now, BI comes along (sneaking in the middle of the night) and causes mayhem and madness and now my Gold stocks are down. It is clearly a criminal act and must be dealt with.

                  • ROFLMAO

                  • Now, BI comes along (sneaking in the middle of the night) and causes mayhem and madness and now my Gold stocks are down. It is clearly a criminal act and must be dealt with.
                    – I knew I liked the way his mind works. Way to go B.I.!

                  • .02, THROW YOUR BOTTLE OUT THE WINDOW! I’m tired of hearing about it. That’s the only way to stop a bad habit like smoking or whatever— just throw it away!

        • Maudy Frickett,
          Or Heaven forbid the 3rd.
          I’d be totally screwed if it was the 3rd.
          — Miss Dee Dee

          • Stay in bed on the 3rd.

            • I will,my B-day is on the second,and hate it so will get drunk and be hungover on the 3rd,world ends then tis fine by me,will all just pass me by!

              • hap…hap…happy, hiccup, birthday!!

          • Hello Miss DeeDee. braveheart

            • Good Morning Braveheart,
              Hope all is well with you.
              Last night I left my house after removing my spare tire from my SUV so as to be able to transport a larger quantity of items from one location to another with the intent to replace the spare tire to it’s location today. You can only imagine how P.O.’d I was at myself as I looked at the first flat tire incedent I have had in over 10 years. So much for Short Term Preparedness.
              Take Care.
              — Miss Dee Dee

              • You never know when you will need your preps, that includes the spare tire !

                • Smokey,
                  Now you tell me !!!!!!!
                  — Miss Dee Dee

                  • I never (can’t)leave home without my spare tire. It is the most portable food storage I have.

              • That was a awesome story dee,sucks it happened but shows timing is everything and well,just kinda funny,ok,I actually laughed so is funny!

        • Did not someone from long ago warn us to “Beware the Ides of March”

          • I think they said, “Beware Tide and starch”..hmm, I’ll have to research that and get back to ya.

        • Love all of your comments! One of my ex-fiancees was born on March 4th, and he was a disaster so I’m willing to believe something dreadful may happen on that date. March has always been a “changing month” for me, but I don’t think I have enough cosmic mojo to affect everyone else. We’re trying to tie up loose ends right now, and I’m thinking of buying a few dwarf citrus trees. My sister-in-law raised a extra-dwarf lemon tree in her sun room and it produced fruit. She tried a dwarf orange later and it didn’t do as well. I’ll buy extra supplies of Vitamin C, just in case, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a lemon pie after SHTF???

          • It would be nice to have limes for your gin. LOL
            Seriously, heard a lecture today about just that. She said the best to grow are Meyer lemon, Salient orange, keiffer lime, Calamondin and Kumquat. The latter 2 are sour and could be used in place of limes in drinks.
            If you live in an area where it freezes, move the pot inside to a south or west window. Or a garage, it just needs to be kept from freezing but not necessarily kept warm.
            Mist the leaves periodically to avoid leaf drop and fertilize with Espoma citrus-tone.
            If you can’t find them locally she suggested lemoncitrustree.com as a mail order source.

        • Hey hey now….that’s my birthday!

      5. The dow will drop another 1000 points by feb 15th.

        • “The Dow will drop another 1000 points by Feb 15th”
          Or ….maybe by this Friday ! It is so hard to use the mathematical evaluations
          That worked in the past to evaluate this market …or the world economy…because
          All of the governments are involved in propaganda …& out right lies. The books
          Are cooked. They put out one number …..& then continually revise the number
          Down. They have also modified the formulas for inflation , GPI , unemployment,
          etc , etc . So no matter how bad you think things look, the reality is most
          likely much worse . A storm is coming.
          Standing by in
          Montgomery County Texas

          • Japan down 500 points 7:20 hawaii time,,,
            Wonder what EU and US will do?
            Buckle up,
            Its gonna be a bumpy ride!

          • This is a controlled burn. They are timing for the elections. The markets are allowed to fall and everybody gets down about things. Then they prop them up to appear to “save the day” just before the elections. Then they (the Obamacans) can say “See, things are getting better. It is ok to continue to vote for our party. We are making progress.” I just don’t buy that this is the ONE. I actually hope it is the start of the reset, but not counting on it.

            • Just wait,shortly Yellen will come out and announce QE 4 and it will be over 100 billion a month.They can’t risk losing control or it will be over quick.

        • Glad it is not the 13th, that is the day I get my nails done.. that would be so awful.

      6. Go ahead and panic now! Beat the rush!

      7. I no longer pay much attention to dates. I have learned, over the years, who the experts are, what the long-term patterns are and therefore, what is real “collapse” and what is drama. Because the stock market has been propped up by trading just between the 1%, and there has been no job recovery since 2007, and the shell game with government subsidies is giving a false sense of increased availability of cash, and people have slowed down their shopping at Wal-mart, I am paying attention very closely. Also, central bankers are now openly saying it’s time to get rid of the dollar. Not good.
        As for prepping, it isn’t how much I have in my pantry, it’s whether I have the skills (cooking, sewing, gardening, food preservation, making something out of nothing, etc.) and the basic assets to persevere. I grew up like that, and watched my parents and grandparents live like that. If it comes, we’ll manage. It’s everybody else I’m concerned about …

        • Which is why part of your prep is armed, trained team mates.

      8. Means penned a commentary and analysis for the Washington Times in which he noted that “America’s fall will take global economies with it.”

        Gee ya think? And just who is this genius>

      9. MR. E.
        Since you never responded to my questions on your “prepping” questions here are a ‘few’ of the things you can do…

        1. Trash bags do not forget to keep extras in the bottom for rapid replacements.)
        2. When you ball them up they can be used as mattress and/or pillow stuffing.
        3. If you have a broken arm or leg, you can use plastic bags to help keep the cast dry while taking a bath or shower.
        4. Plastic bags are also great for holding dirty diapers.
        5. Line your cat’s litter box with them.
        6. Speaking of pets, plastic bags are perfect for picking up dog and cat poo.
        7. Use them in your luggage to keep your wet clothes separate from your dry clothes, and your clean clothes from dirty ones.
        8. When traveling with a suitcase, plastic bags can also be used to protect your shoes from scuffs — or keep stinky shoes from affecting your other clothes.
        9. Most everyone knows you can use them as a simple lunch sack. Or do they?
        10. Got a leaky bottle or jar? Use a section of plastic bag as a seal prior to screwing a cap onto the container.
        11. If the forecast calls for frost, you can protect delicate plants by placing a plastic bag over them the night before.
        12. Plastic grocery bags can be used as packing material for fragile items.
        13. To prevent messy leaks when defrosting meat, place the meat in a plastic bag, along with a paper towel.
        14. For cars that are parked in the open, you can place plastic bags over the side mirrors and wiper blades to keep them free from snow or freezing rain.
        15. Painting a large room and need to take a break? Wrap your paint brushes and rollers in plastic bags to keep them from drying out so fast.
        16. Plastic bags can be used as cheap disposable gloves for handling unpleasant things.
        17. They’re also great for storing old rags.
        18. Use them as a non-stick surface for rolling out dough.
        19. When I’m tasked to watch a neighbor’s home for an extended period of time, I use plastic bags to hold their mail until they return.
        20. And nothing is better for tossing out moldy fruit or stinky refrigerator leftovers that, um, need a shave.
        21. Use plastic bags to make kitchen spills easier to clean up by placing all your wet paper towels in them.
        22. In a pinch? When traveling on the road and your miles away from the nearest facilities, you can use them as emergency toilet paper.
        23. You can also use them as a makeshift shoe horn.
        24. Plastic bags can be used to coat chicken or beef with flour prior to cooking.
        25. While you’re in the kitchen, keep in mind that you can wrap your homemade bread in a plastic grocery bag. Those who know say the bag will help keep the bread fresh while still allowing it to breathe.
        26. By the way, if you find yourself out of bread crumbs, you can also use them to crush crackers without making a mess.
        27. When you’re working the garden, try wrapping some plastic bags around your knees to not only keep them dry and clean, but also provide a little extra cushiony comfort.
        28. Oh, and while your busy tending to the yard, don’t forget you can also use plastic shopping bags to collect those smaller yard clippings.
        29. Plastic bags are often used as emergency rain gear.
        30. You can also use them to bring home your wet clothes.
        31. Hopefully, you’ve also kept a few extra plastic bags in the car and near your home’s front door for storing those muddy shoes.
        32. And, hey, even if it isn’t raining you can still use them to waterproof all kinds of stuff.
        33. You can use plastic bags to store Christmas wreaths and decorations.
        34. When traveling, store perfumes and other toiletries in a plastic bag to prevent leaks from making a mess.
        35. Got a son or nephew who owns a G.I. Joe? Plastic grocery bags make great parachutes for them!
        36. And you can loop multiple plastic bags together to make a plastic rope too. (For you, not the G.I. Joe.)

        1. Block of ice – I’d imagine many of you expect to keep your refrigerated food viable for longer using ice in coolers. You can easily accomplish this by freezing water in 2-liter soda bottles creating a nice block of ice. Just be sure to fill it about 90% full to avoid bursting the soda bottle since water expands as it freezes.
        2. Emergency drinking water – When that block of ice melts, you now have a portable source of potable drinking water. I would suggest you clean the bottle first with soap and water and then simply fill it with tap water. Of course, you don’t have to freeze water stored in 2-liter soda bottles but it’s a nice benefit. Beyond that, they’re FDA-approved, shouldn’t degrade, and very durable. It’s a win-win.
        3. SODIS – Now, when they’re no longer a viable block of ice and you’ve consumed the water inside, you can still make use of 2-liter soda bottles to disinfect any collected water using the SODIS method. Granted, there are some considerations, such as the bottle must be clear for this to work, but I’m positive you’ll love these bottles even more once you learn how.
        4. Food storage (short term) – I’ve seen many people suggest that you can easily store food in a 2-liter bottle(video) and while I agree, it’s not a 100% perfect solution and shouldn’t be considered viable for long-term foods. That said, could you easily store bulk foods for years on end without trouble? Sure. I wouldn’t worry too much about it at all.
        5. Fruit fly and wasp trap – We’ve used 2-liter soda bottles for years as a very successful gnat and fruit fly trapinside the house. You can also use them to trap wasps (video) as well.
        6. Hand washing station – You can easily makeshift a hand washing station by hanging a 2-liter soda bottle upside-down and unscrewing the cap ever-so-slightly such that a trickle of water escapes thereby allowing you to wash your hands and conserve water.
        7. Fish trap – Though I’ve never tried this one, apparently you can create a makeshift fish trap too.
        8. Water filter – Create your own biosand filter (video) in nearly any container, including a 2-liter soda bottle. Just pile the appropriate amounts of gravel, activated charcoal, and sand and you’ll have a viable makeshift water filter in no time! Well, you do have to wait a week or two for the biolayer to form but, hey, who’s counting?
        9. Mini greenhouse – If you’re trying to get your plants started in the spring but are unsure about the weather, you can cut the bottom off a 2-liter soda bottle and help to protect vulnerable plants.
        10. Upside-down planter – Bored with growing your plants right-side up? No problem! Flip it around like this (video).
        11. Self-watering container – Similar to grow buckets, you can make your own self-watering mini-grow bucketusing a 2-liter soda bottle.
        12. Drip irrigation – Here’s something else I’ve never tried but I hear you can make your own drip irrigation system.
        13. Boil water – Here’s something else I’ve never actually tried but apparently you can suspend a bottle of water over a campfire and boil water so long as the flames don’t lick the bottle. I’ve also heard that you can actually put a completely full bottle of water (with the cap on) in a campfire and not melt the bottle… that remains to be tested.
        14. Water bailer / scoop- Again, cut the bottom off and now you have a water bailer or. You could also cut it at an angle and turn that same water bottle into a makeshift scoop for grains or whatever you like.
        15. Makeshift funnel – As with the above suggestion, cut the bottom off but remove the cap and you have a nice, free, funnel.
        16. Makeshift pillow – I know this is stretching it a bit but you could rest a weary head atop an inflated soda bottle. I know it’s not a comfy down pillow but it sure beats a hard rock.
        17. Emergency floating device – Tie a few of these together (inflated and with the caps) and you’ve got a makeshift floatation device.

        That was just Googling for answers, I have a list of them, but since you will continue to harass everyone here, we all know you are full of yourself, but yet you keep spouting off to everyone. Just give it up, we all know what you are….

        • I was prepping when you were watching Faux News and believing in democrats and republicans and going to baseball games.

          • Your idea of prepping is to see how many preppers you can piss off with your faux knowledge Eisen.

        • @ eppe. You should try to write an article on preparations or ideas people never thought about using various regular household items. This would be an awesome article for all preppers/survivalists.

          • I did and Mac did not see it fit to post, but I will add more to it and submit it soon. Most been a year or so ago…

            • Prep articles are very constructive and get people enthused to push themselves a little more so to getting ready. I like to have as good of a plan for when SHTF as possible.

            • You got good lists Eppe.
              If you want an article published do hotlinks (click ads) embedded into an article. Then it would be published. Just look at the sidebars, my last count was near to 50 ads. This sites about making money so remember to hotlink and pimp those preps on your list.

            • Eppe,

              You will have to add a disqualifer to your statement. 🙂

              That is, the only plastic shopping bags you can use like this were manufactured more then 5 years ago. 🙁

              Have you seen how thin they are making this suckers now? 😉

              I’m to the point of doing triple bagging. Who do these idiots think they fooling by reducing the thickness on a bag. (Screaming to myself) 🙂

              Really enjoyed the list and ideas.

              Y’all act like ya got some smarts. 😉

              hillbilly SC

              • I’m to the point of doing triple bagging. Who do these idiots think they fooling by reducing the thickness on a bag. (Screaming to myself) 🙂
                It’s like single or double ply toilet paper – you need twice as much! Or water saver toilets – you have to flush twice!

        • I up posted you for the longest post I didn’t read.

        • I love cats, but I can’t eat a whole one.

        • Fish traps work great, caught trout this way as a kid in small streams .Reall easy too.
          Ya,all will have to look it up , i dont know how to describe it here.

          • 02,will have to say the petition guy in Cali. I believe gets a lot of crazy signers for the attention,i.e. the signers do not really believe the petition they are signing and see it as some kind of joke,a few probably actually believe it.

          • Hammerhead,you mean a funnel trap style basket?Either way here is a tutorial on making a funnel basket,have not tried this myself: ht tp://willowhavenoutdoor.com/featured-wilderness-survival-blog-entries/how-to-make-a-primitive-funnel-fish-trap-that-keep-on-giving/ ,folks for link to work delete space between ht tp,did this so doesn’t get lost in the moderation lands.

        • @Eppe…I agree with you, can never have too many plastic bags!! Thanx for all the time you put into that list, and I will add 1 more.

          Yesterday, I had to step into snow over 2 ft deep and yes,my boots were wet when I got back to the house….had to put them on again, so the plastic bags over my socks kept my feet DRY! Haven’t done that since I was a kid(over 60 yrs ago!! (: take care, CC.

          • UH,perhaps water proof/at least minimize water infiltration,old and don’t care much about em,hell,a little silicone spray better then nothing.

            • Shoe Goo
              Use Shoe Goo to repair shoes with just a squeeze; flexible and waterproof. When Shoe Goo is cured, it becomes flexible and waterproof, extending the life of any of your shoes.

              • And with non stitched boot sole style boots that come unglued,nothing better then pl-400 construction adhesive to reattach permanently.I did this for a real old pair of boots that are literally my shit boots if trying to repair a septic or concrete pour.The shit or concrete going to get deep,then the old yellow rubber high top boots.

          • I don’t mean for this to be facetious, but I’ve bought a few extra boxes of kitchen-size trash bags for gifts. If we have SHTF pretty soon, think how nice it would be to give a new bride some plastic bags, paper towels and a large pack of toilet paper? I have nine granddaughters who will be of marriageable age within the next decade or two, and they will be able to recall life as it was before. All brides need a crutch when first setting up housekeeping.

      10. Eppe, also sneak up behind a politician and slip it over his head.

        • You got that right, all 535+ of them…

      11. I will tell you when it will end:

        When half our nation realizes that they do not have to work because the other half will take care of them and the other half realize it is no good to work because they will not receive what they work for, then we are finished as a nation. We are almost there.

        • Ben Franklin said that in 1779.

        • Too many parasite takers and too few producing makers.

          • OG,all the personal/corporate welfare aside stealing from folks the new laws/regs that multiply daily also make it hard for folks to get and keep a business going and perhaps hire on folks,the underground economy is loaded with the trades along with other businesses that would not bother if they played the game.

        • Were there,
          Half dont work and the other half is sick of payin for everything and then getting shit on by the bureaucrats,
          Let the bodies hit the floor let the bodies hit the floor……

          • Maybe the tribal Banksters will do a switcheroo, and for the Next 65 years, Israel will Fund the usa with foriegn policy welfare payments…Afterall, it, israel is home base HQ for at least 90+% of worlds bankster eliets eh…

            And banksters has all the money right…So thats the solution! Israel switches from being the biggest parisitic nation/peoples on Earth…And will Fund USA for the next 65+ yrs!!!

            maybe israel can Fight all/any Wars for us folks in the event any wars against america happen too eh.

            What a Plan eh!

            Israel can Pay us folks as “survivors of the Holyhoax agaist White americans caused by jewish banksters!!” IE: also known as the “Collapse-HolyHoax against Whiteys”!

            Monthly lifelong Payments for Collapse savivas, oy Veh!

      12. I highly recommend the merryviking channel on youtube for ham radio licensure exams. You dont even need a book cause he talks you through all the questions on the exam.

        • Sybil;
          One minute you hate everone, the next minute you are for real, are you bipolar? I am sure the rest of us want to know what you real problem is?

          • @ eppe. Schizophenic. Knew this girl in college, same thing. One moment totally insane, the next an angel. I would stop harping on this, but every second article or so we all see this really oddball behavior that attacks everyone in one group or another. It was terrible to have to sit two desks away from this girl. I mean really I thought she might start screaming one moment and start to climb the walls like a spider. The next moment she might think that the people in class were cheeseburgers and try to bite them. These folks are like sitting next to a wild animal totally unsure what they are going to do next.

            • BI, know exactly what you mean, known a few myself…
              I think we should all respond to him as ‘SYBIL’, since that seems to be the character he plays….

            • Yeah BI, this country went to hell when we quit locking these people up and gave them pills instead. Now they have become CEOs of fortune 500 companies.

              • @ .02 The country/world went to true hell when political correctness came the norm and common sense became taboo. If it does make the masses feel all warm and fussy about protecting the poor criminal, then it must be us “evil” pro Constitutionists that stirring up trouble again. How dare any of us talk about self defense, the criminal is suppose to be the victims. That is suppose to include the maniac that goes into a mall and shoots up a 100 people or more that needed mental help. No they say, blame the guns, blame the pro 2nd. Amendment advocates, blame the firearms regulations for not being more like Australia and england.

                No, the nut that goes around talking about mass scale death and is just one step before acting is not the one that needs to be stopped. No, the anti-gunners say if you take away all the guns from the 99.999% of the responsible people then Mr. Extracrazy won’t have the firearms to kill a bunch of innocent people, and everything in Fairyland will be so peachy. Then everyone can make piles morgan their next super idol. “What a wonderful life it will be so many that worship BO and nancy piece of”.

                • Wow BI, I want to go to that world.. is the fuzz orange? I really like orange.

                  • .02 Wondering about what to drink tonight because of all my doom and gloom. Try some nice grain alcohol tonight, about 180-190 proof, true volcanic fireballs, you’ll feel wonderful tomorrow.

                • Yumm Everclear. Grows hair on the palms of your hands.

                • I remember when that happened. You are correct- it was weird before then but totally nuts since.

        • Better places to learn what it takes to pass a “Ham License” exam than that. Cheaper too, but you probably couldn’t afford a Transceiver and antennas anyway. Flipping burgers at Micky D’s doesn’t pay much.

          Anyway, after the SHTF who will be around to check to see if you have a license??

          Me thinks TPTB will have a lot more important things than that to do.

          • CM,I would say only reason to get a license would be so you could really practice with your rig/get knowledgeable and work out any bugs in system now without(ok less chance)of ffc swat style raid.I would agree you know your equipment and all would not bother.

          • Look up KB6NU, probably the best study guides available.

            Learning proper radio etiquette will facilitate traffic flow and allow information to move much more efficiently within and across the nets.

            Ham radio is much more than just turning on the radio, keying a. like and saying hello. There’s are multiple forms of digital communication, commonly referred to as packet. There is even mesh networking that is beginning to expand and could soon rival the internet in some places.

            Ham radio is about education. I’d be willing to bet that 80% of those folks that buy an old surplus radio and think they will use it in a shtf situation don’t understand how atmospheric conditions affect radio wave propagation in relation to the frequencies they are trying to use. Some of those radios are tuned for frequencies that aren’t monitored much anymore by either amateurs or the military.

            • Autocorrect on the tablet is having fits this morning.

              Ham radio is much more than just turning on a radio, keying a mike and saying hello. There are multiple forms of digital communications, commonly referred to as packet.

            • AM,would have to say perhaps those less used frequencies might be good if you are building a network of radio folks for a SHTF event,if you and ones you are comfortable with plan this ahead of time.

              • One of the recent ones I saw on fleabag was tuned to something like 37 or 47 MHz. I know that 47 may be useful if the red cross is still using it but the possibilities seem thin. The only record I can see of 37 mHz, after a quick search, is a driving school located in Germany and I think it may still be used for aircraft beacons. For a small group using such equipped radios on a secondary basis, after verifying that inference with primary services is out of the question, may have a reasonably short range communication solution.

                Even 50mHz (6meters) is can seem inconsistent and frustrating when the band is closed.

      13. the city of Detroit once had the highest per capita income in the entire nation. But as millions of good jobs have been shipped overseas, these once prosperous communities have degenerated into rotting, decaying hellholes. Now homes that once housed thriving middle class families cannot even be given away. This is happening all over America, and what we are witnessing right now is only just the beginning.

        • Free trade is awsome. Al Gore told me so.

          Actually this is the one dispute I have with the Libertarian party. I have always believed in high import tariffs.

        • .02 wrote, “these once prosperous communities have degenerated into rotting, decaying hellholes.”

          You aren’t keeping up, .02. Detroit is doing pretty good. It’s the lack of input from empire that does it.

          Here’s a keyword for you: Karen De Coster.

          I’m half tempted to move to Detroit myself. Dunno bout you.

          • Err.. no I don’t think Detroit is my “thing”. I am a bit too pink I think.

        • In many ways with a lot less govt. you see many volunteering in Detroit/some folks investing in it because so many govt. workers/agencies that interfered not funded.That along with police chief saying citizens should arm themselves gives one hope,as most cities headed detroit finance wise perhaps if left alone detroit will show folks that it can be done without govt,time will tell.

      14. I recommend VICE magazine and youtube channel for its wonderful reporting.

        • Anyone notice that Sybil cannot back up his claims to be a teacher to all of us about prepping?

          • Eppe, who is Sybil? I don’t see anyone named Sybil in this forum.

            • Sybil is a movie based on a true story about a schizophrenic woman, played by Sally Fields in the ’70s.

              • Now played by eisen in the unpopular remake.

            • braveheart,
              Sybil is Mr. E.

              • You mean the big E

                • You mean like Big O in Light Out?

                • Haaaa..you mean The ‘Kreuz. Lol

          • What is your question?

            • e
              Can you name your meds?

      15. Lots of bank biggies are killin themselfs. Something big is truly about to happen. Food, PM,s and lots of 38 special ammo. And of course lots of God.

        • Might want to research those ‘suicides”. The banks are nipping loose ends.

          • Yea your right. There are all sorts of variations of evilness and craziness going on in these end of days, as we approach the final hour of the world in which we know it.

            • hey!! Ok Every body.. lets all sing: Its the end of the world as we know it

              Its the end of the world as we knowit

              Its the end of da world as we knowit, and I feel fine…. 🙂

              • You better believe were in the final days of mankinds foolishness. I,ll sing that song with you all day long. you betcha ya!

              • Eh,this is my end of world song:

                In the misty morning, on the edge of time
                We’ve lost the rising sun, a final sign
                As the misty morning rolls away to die
                Reaching for the stars, we blind the sky

                We sailed across the air before we learned to fly
                We thought that it could never end
                We’d glide above the ground before we learned to run, run
                Now it seems our world has come undone

                Oh they say that it’s over
                And it just had to be
                Ooh they say that it’s over
                We’re lost children of the sea, oh

                We made the mountains shake with laughter as we played
                Hiding in our corner of the world
                Then we did the demon dance and rushed to nevermore
                Threw away the key and locked the door

                Oh they say that it’s over, yeah
                And it just had to be
                Yes they say that it’s over
                We’re lost children of the sea

                In the misty morning, on the edge of time
                We’ve lost the rising sun, a final sign
                As the misty morning rolls away to die
                Reaching for the stars, we blind the sky

                Oh they say that it’s over, yeah
                And it just had to be
                Oh they say that it’s over
                Poor lost children of the sea, yeah

                LOOK OUT! The sky is falling down!
                LOOK OUT! The world is spinning round and round and round!
                LOOK OUT! The sun is going black, black
                LOOK OUT! It’s never never never coming back, LOOK OUT!

        • The first rabbit I killed was with a rock about the size of a baseball. Lots more accurate than a .38 special.

          • Lol I have to agree.

        s.T.S.F.P. N.R N.S. N.REB

      17. Does the stock market really mean that the normal man doesn’t have money? If you have a 401K your an idiot for not getting your money out. If you have a pension you may loose it. The PBGC will take over your 401k and make you buy treasuries to retire. Good luck with that.

      18. I agree with the folks poking fun at the very exact date of March 4th. Heck, guys like Jim Rogers are honest enough to only predict the collapse within a three year range or so. But it IS an absolute fact that the fiat currency system and the debt laden socialist governments of the West (including Japan) will collapse. And it’s going to be simultaneous and uglier than the Great Depression ever was.

        So what to do? Well, every day it DOESN’T collapse, I feel blessed, because I’ve been given another day to stash some beans or soup or whatever in my prep cave. And that will keep my kids alive that much longer. Yes, I’m oversimplifying it a bit, but you all get the point. Make an effort to improve your preps in a little way every day. Isn’t there always something else you need, or need to learn… etc? And don’t worry about the date. It’ll happen when it happens.

        Stay frosty,

        • Mal, I agree. it’s useless to try and set a date for any particular event to take place. When it happens, it will happen, and we’ll know it. Just keep prepping. braveheart

          • 1braveheart wrote, “it’s useless to try and set a date for any particular event to take place.”

            Unless of course they know something which you do not.

            I can think of lots of examples of that. At any rate, there was a time when buggy whip makers knew they should give up the trade.

            I wonder how many buggy whip manufacturers remain vs. before there were cars?

            • AG,the smart ones just moved into the S&M markets!

              • Would you believe; I already know the exact date? I’m just working on the hour and minute. How about——

        • I’m hoping it’s at least March 4th so I can get another reload on my SNAP card and go buy some frozen pizzas and beer for my SHTF party!!!!! I’m all out after the Super Bowl party.

        • Orlov says you can predict a collapse, plus or minus 5 years.

          • He’s right, I can- but only if I’m looking at the past. I’ve been through enough collapses that it seems it’s just another day. Actually, I guess everyone has- it just takes time to realize it.
            Which brings us back to- keep prepping for life, not an event. All said and done it’s a life-style, not a project.

        • you people stay paranoid and no high alert 24/7/365.
          Do you ever live your lives?
          Or is this your life?

          • Stop using my SN troll

            • No, you stop, I was here first.

            • You’re just angry because I came out of the closet. I’m gay!!!

          • We all live our lives Eisen, unlike you,the major mushroom in here who thinks he knows whats going on. Spend your wasted time leaving the rest of us alone….become a hermit!

          • Its better and more informative than watching MSNBC. 🙂

            • So is watching paint dry.

        • Mal,one thing I learned the last few days pawing thru goods keeping bo bag ready was things I forgot I had!So,lesson is with down time besides enjoying your life check thru all your stuff,might have things you forgot about or more importently might realize items you missed and want a stock of!

      19. Gun show in St. Charles, Il. Next Sunday at Kane County Fairgrounds. A bit south of North Ave.

        • Maudy
          Darn it I’m working.
          Can you pick up about 100 rds. of 6.8MM SPC brass for me.
          LOL just kidding but thanks for the heads up.

      20. Im a nobody outsider and ill give 10 to one odds that March 4 is not the date . Chances are nothing dramatic will occur.

        • Now you’ve done it. Now they’re going to have to collapse it, just to show us they can.

      21. Too late!

        The world ended on August 12, 1874, but nobody noticed.

      22. March 4, 2014. That’s probably the day Yellowstone blows!!! I think it farted last week.

      23. The only thing I know is that I know nothing. Dates don’t matter because the collapse has happened and is here. Just a matter of time when printing is useless and the bonds burst their bubbles.

        • Yup Ugly, you might not be pretty, but you damn well aren’t stupid.

          • .02

            That is because I am a fellow Idahoan. We might have funny foreheads, but we do know our shit.

            You weren’t blogging here when I gave my eyewitness testimony of being chased by a UFO next to Lizard Butte in Marsing, Idaho. It was scary….

            • Gads that sounds bad. I don’t like those reptilians. Hard to kill and they don’t taste good.

            • Don’t even get me started on what they do to the edge of your knife when you gut them out. Those UFO flying reptilians around Lizard Butte have got to go.

            • Hey Ugly you know why you can tell that the tooth brush was invented in Idaho?

              Anywhere else it would be called a teeth brush….

              • or you could use a similar quip as a pickup line…

                “hey honey, that’s a mighty nice lookin tooth ya got there!”

      24. Has a British plumber conquered the biggest wave ever surfed? Father-of-two from Devon pictured hurtling down monster 80ft wall of water off Portuguese coast.. Check that out.. good GAWD

      25. There might be “plenty of Doomsday Predictions” out there, but only ONE Voice of God. That would be yours truly.

        Revealed New Years Eve for the coming year [this year] and is this; Your money is safe in the Banks THROUGH March. This holds true with your Safe Deposit Boxes also. Pay off your House if possible, and purchase SILVER now although paraphrased, this is Thus saith The Lord Amen. Non perishable food is an obvious choice as well. The key is, get your money and valuables out of the Bank by the end of March. It falls in line perfectly with a previous PROPHECY [not a prediction] which is this; ”’The Blood of The Cross has been Redeemed by Mercy and Grace, The Outpouring will begin when the Moon turns to blood”’The greatest prophecy ever spoken came to yours truly [as Eli] also which [in part] is this; ”’The Day of The Lord WILL BE in 2016”’ Thus saith The Lord, so saith God Amen Laber You’ve hereby been warned

        • It should be noted as well the NEXT Blood Moon is April 15. The Outpouring being, ”’I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh”’ as it is written in the Books of Joel 2 and Acts 2.

          We Praise BE To God Amen
          We Praise BE To God Amen
          We Praise BE To God Amen

          • You’re aprox 2000 years too late! The “outpouring” of His Spirit Happened at Pentacost day, In the Upper room with the 12 at first, then after they went outside to Preach, to 3000 More persons that day…And Many hundreds of millions more ever since have been indwelt by Gods out poured sprirt.

            You do not think His spirit has run out or lost its power right?…So then theres never going to be a need for a second outpouring eh…READ Book of ACTS for More truths.

            And JOHN 8:44 for whom the True evil Culprits today really are!

            if you really heard ‘voices”? Its very likely the devil satan trying to confuse or confound you.

            OR you are the same guy who keeps claiming jesus told John Lerry and some Maria chick, this or that, about that and this…As usual ALL His phony prophetic utterances have proved False!…..Hard to believe in this era we still see a few foolish enough to Fall for such blatent falsehood nonsense….I rekon theres always going to be a couple of John Lerrys, and maria chicks claiming such foolishness eh…One would think though at this late date they’d be hard pressed to find anyone foolish enough to buy into their falshood prophetcys no?

        • So God told you this? Oh boy, call in the boys with the white coats, we have another one.

          • If you listen very carefully you can here Gods voice also .02. But your to busy rambling on with this post to here is ever so small voice.

            • You sure that is God you are hearing? Not that other guy? Better be careful when you start hearing voices, it usually doesn’t end well.

              • You’re just jelous because the voices talk to me.

          • I know! Its so much more believable to overlay a chart and read the tea leaves! OTOH, there are jobs a plenty in IT but very few who want to work. 1/3 of Americans prefer handouts to hand-ups. So, is that a robust economy? Seems to be one with much fat for sure. In comparison, gorilla’s spend less than 20% of their awake time “working” while working Americans spend north of 50%. Sounds like TPTB built a system better than robots.

      26. I PREDICT 2017 is the year of the bottom …

        it will be another few years off declining markets still

        with highs and lows along the way

        the trend though is COMPLETE FAILURE collapsed global markets .

        And when that happens history shows us global war WWIII / WW3 is soon to follow .

        * i feel sorry for the kids of GEN Y as they appear to dumbed down to see whats coming for them … WAR DISEASE AND DEATH .


        • And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.

          • And they killed them with death until they died from it.

            • Wow tough crowd here tonight. You think I come here for fun? I need this place like a shotgun blast to the face.

        • Dear ninao’s mom, *I* for one, Do Not feel sorry for the kids of GEN Y.

          That generation, unlike those before it, will say To Hell with paying off the debt owed by the previous generations, and To Hell with paying for that generations retirement, they will live life Free and Clear. [What a JOY that would be!?] I imagine they will completely piss off the likes of Durango “Krugman” Kidd and scoff at having anything to do with gooberment. They will see the two wings of the same bird of prey for what they are. That generation will see and understand the deception. That’s what the internet revolution is all about, eh?

          It’s either that, or we all become slaves to the state while we argue over which side is better and what form of Mercantilism is preferred according to the likes of Durango “Krugman” Kidd and his lot who wish to be kings of us all?

          It’s a far better thing to walk away from the bastards and say, “Fuck you.” And, “Leave me the hell alone!”

          • AG/Clark: I’m not liking or looking for “mercantilism”. I want Fair Trade. Fair Trade is Reciprocal Trade, meaning if you buy so many widgets from US for so much with an aggregate total of xyz, We will buy so many trinkets from you for XYZ. This is how balance of payments between nations are kept …. well …. balanced!

            Our Founding Fathers established a system of custom duties and levy’s to fight British Mercantilism, fund the cost of government, and protect the American people from the ravages of cheap imported goods to protect American industry and jobs. It worked well and to the benefit of Americans for more than 200 years.

            The wisdom of OUR Founding Fathers is well documented.

            What you are not saying when you disparage me is that you are a cheerleader for the Free Trade/Managed Trade of the New World Order. There is no such thing as Free Trade.

            Free Trade has real costs and it has transferred the wealth of the American Middle Class to the global investment class and the Gangster Banksters who you claim to hate. You are a FUCKING LIAR, FAGGOT!

            You can’t have it both ways asshole. The folks on this site understand the effects of your Free Trade upon their economy, jobs, wages, and salaries.

            Come out of the closet Clark. No one here believes in Free Trade but you and Lew Rockwell, and he is a NWO Agent for the Crown. LMAO! 🙂

            • @DK ;0) … Respect .

              does U.N. AGENDA 21 ring a bell for anyone ?

              thank you for the laugh ;0)

              you Sir are correct at so many levels with your response

              the grand design of the NWO and ZOG is the complete subjugation of once free AmeriCa by all means possible

              by gutting AmeriCa’s industrial foundation , GOLD bullion stock , CORE EDUCATION dumbing down of public schools , obama eugenics deathcare poisoning of the people and new EPA regs restricting industrial manufacturing power production across the nation … we the people of America is / are basically properly ‘F@@KED’ !

              complete and total destruction of the Nation of AmeriCa wealth base and her once Free AmeriCan Citizens .


              we play checkers AS THEY PLAY CHESS !

              GEN Y will not rise up !

              GEN Y will be OBEDIENT SLAVES of the GLOBAL NWO ZOG !


              or else in a few more generations the whole idea of AMERICA land of the free will cease to be anything but a distant memory entirely .

              ~ N.O. ;0p

            • Lew Rockwell said a march on Washington was a terrible idea.

              • Of course he did E. Lew is an agent for the NWO CROWN! A march on DC is a great idea. Until there is blood on the streets of America the PTB just don’t get the message.

                When it is their blood they will. Engage 🙂

              • Ask the bonus army.

                • Its one thing for rioting and carnage to take place in Greece, Spain, Egypt, or Ukraine. Its another thing when Americans organize against tyranny, injustice, or economic enslavement and take their protest to the streets en mass.

                  It gives the PTB and GB’s “the willies” and makes them fearful for their precious stock markets. Political activism is the one thing that the PTB fear because they have not yet eliminated the Bill of Rights.

                  The NWO can be eliminated overnight and at 500 yards. Kill the FED. Death to the New World Order. March on Washington if you live within 300 miles. 🙂

            • DAMNIT KIDS!!!!! Play nice. Don’t you make me come up there!

      27. Not saying that is not going to happen, But how many times have they told us the collapse was going to happen on a certain day and nothing happened. Just like Jan 31St. on my “b” Day the Chinese bank was going to CRASH.(NOT)
        I guess if you cry wolf enough people will get complacent and not pay attention. Maybe that is what TPTB wants to happen.
        We know it is coming so keep Prepping.

        • The media try to hold your attention. The MSM tries to hold it with positive stories. The alternative media tried to hold it with negative stories and fear mongering. Now, I know SHTF gonna be someday, but just realize what Ive said.

          • Hate to disagree on that Esien but the saying in the news rooms is “if it bleeds, it leads.”

        Derry Brownfield

        Colonel David Crockett was a member of Congress when the Georgetown fire, which could be seen from the nation’s capital, consumed many homes and left women and children suffering in the streets. Crockett, along with other congressmen, appropriated $20,000 for their relief. Later that year, while campaigning in his district, he met a farmer named Horatio Bunce who said he voted for him once but couldn’t do it a second time because he either did not have the capacity to understand the Constitution, or that he was wanting in the honesty and fairness to be guided by it. Horatio told him the Constitution must be sacred and rigidly observed in all its provision. He told Crockett that he read in the papers last winter where he voted for the bill to appropriate $20,000 to some sufferers of the Georgetown fires. David Crockett replied “certainly nobody will complain that a great and rich country like ours should give the insignificant sum of $20,000 to relieve suffering, particularly with a full overflowing treasury, and I am sure if you had been there you would have done just as I did.”

        “It is not the amount Colonel Crockett, that I complain of; it is the principle. In the first place, the government ought to have in the treasury no more than enough for its legitimate purposes. The power of collecting and disbursing money at pleasure is the most dangerous power that can be entrusted to man. If you had the right to give anything the amount was simply a matter of discretion. You could have given twenty million as easily as the twenty thousand. If you have the right to give to one, you have the right to give to all. The Constitution neither defends charity nor stipulates the amount. You will vary easily perceive what a wide door this would open for fraud and corruption and favoritism. No, Colonel, Congress has no right to give charity. Individuals members may give as much of their own money as they please, but they have no right to touch a dollar of the public money for that purpose.”

        At a later time in the House of Representatives, a bill was taken up to appropriate money for the benefit of a widow of a distinguished naval officer. The speaker was about to put the question to a vote when Crockett arose: “Mr. Speaker: I have as much respect for the money of the deceased and as much sympathy for the sufferings of the living, as any man in this House, but we must not permit our respect for the dead or our sympathy for a part of the living to lead us into an act of injustice.

        We have the right, as individuals, to give away as much of our own money as we please but as members of Congress we have no right to appropriate a dollar of public money. Mr. Speaker, I have said we have the right to give as much money of our own as we please. I am the poorest man on this floor. I cannot vote for this bill, but I will give one week’s pay to the object. If every member of Congress will do the same it will amount to more than the bill asks. The bill failed to pass.
        Later Colonel Crockett spoke, “You remember that I proposed to give a weeks’ pay? There are in that House many very wealthy men who think nothing of spending a week’s pay for a dinner or a wine party when they have something to accomplish by it. Yet not one of them responded to my proposition. Money with them is nothing but trash when it is to come out of the people. But it is the one great thing for which most of them are striving and many of them sacrifice honor, integrity and justice to obtain it.”

        Colonel David Crockett was elected to Congress in 1827 and served until 1835. In one hundred and seventy five years congress has changed very little. The only real change we see is that there isn’t a Davy Crockett there to control them.

        • Thanks, Old Vet. Been looking for that for a few weeks.

      29. Use NAFTA as your guide stone. It took 15-20yrs for its financial consequences to affect the U.S. also in the meantime the E.U. and consolidation in government and currency emerged. Lets look at the proposed Pacific Free Trade Agreement. Again another possible 15-20yrs of financial decline and furthering hardship for the U.S. and a newly emerged Asia Pacific Union “A.P.U.” In the mean time Africa maybe in the cross hairs for a African Union birth. Hence the increased concern and spending along with increased international military presence and operations to rid undesirable governments and factions. Africa is being primed as I speak. The groundwork for a North American Union “N.A.U.” and South American Union “S.A.U.” is being layed. I can see this continuing slowly way into the future. I think the N.A.U. would be the last to be established simply due to public knowledge and the possibility of great upset. Current living generations born between 1940-1990 would not allow it. I’d say when those of us born between 1980-1990 are becoming elderly is when it will happen. I think we’re the last group born with a pair and not hesitant to use them. I could be off by a million miles but it just seems the planning and orchestrating over the last 1000yrs has inched along behind closed doors. It seems foolish and too obvious for things to all of a sudden move a mile? How could deception preveil in such a conspicuous dramatic fashion?

      30. Well well well..

        I’ll be commenting with all of you here on March 5 2014..

        after the collapse..of course..which will not happen..

        because as many have stated..we’re already in a collapse

        just in slo -mo…


      31. Store all your credit cards in an RFID blocking case to prevent credit card theft.

      32. Mac,though agree with article do not like your ending in regards to just a few months worth of food(I have a lot more).I agreed with poster(did you get stove out of attic?) more the better as long as you also have some basic other supplies,you don’t all the food in world may be for naught.A few months gives you a jump start and also may be more then enough if a smaller/regional disaster or a great pandemic die off will leave plenty of stuffs for others,help yourselves if I die to all my stuff.Some folks here peeking in may be just starting out,want to encourage em and remember folks,the smalls add up,you can do this even on a tight budget!I would also say that if you live in area you think may be better to leave in a SHTF scene think high energy bars/mre’s ect as part of your mix.Each persons situation will be different.Have a decent amount of snow heading our way,besides a few perishables will add another 20 lb. bag of rice as some needs rotation and builds my stock a bit.Simple math shows govt. ponzi scheme cannot last,as simple math shows the p/e’s of most stocks a joke.Live for today,prepare for tomorrow.

        • The one thing Japan did to prove how much they are trying to hide is that state secrets act bullshit recently passed,the citizens there and world wide while not the specifics know this is turning out very badly!

        • Great Eisen…lets trivialize this issue too.

          • Im actually pretty depressed about it. I’m a lover of Gaia don’t you see.

      33. Oh give me a break….Every 3 weeks an “insider” predicts a crash or other event and they never happen! Blah, blah, blah

      34. The collapse of the dollar could happen after the end of the petrodollar system. But it could start with individual foreign investors dumping their dollars. According to a Zero Hedge article 1/15 of all the dollars in existence are held by individual investors in Argentina. It’s a lot easier for them to dump their dollars than it is the German government.

      35. Huge number of Lay offs announced
        also Disney laying off workers

        • Dell
          im sure there are more

      36. Don’t worry we will keep printing money!!! The Fed jumped in with both feet early this morning, just look at the market its going back up!!! Well at least as of 10am.

        We are spending a lot more money these days, but not on durable’s. Its all going to consumables!!!

        I was at a very large gas station yesterday and other then myself I didn’t see anyone else do a fill up. Most were paying in cash and only getting $5 to $10 worth of fuel. Every day I drive about 60 miles just on I95 and I’m seeing 1 or 2 people walking with a gas can every trip.

        Last week I was out for my lunch time walk and it was windy and cold, by Florida standards, so I walked back to the office via the mall. I didn’t see a single paying customer in the mall, this can’t be a good sign for the economy.

        It might just be me, but has anyone noticed the increase in taxi cabs and used tire shops???

      37. Mac, I have tremendous respect for your brains and the sheer complexity involved in running your excellent website. Alone, as far as I can tell.

        Haven’t we all seen 83 “expert predictions” of when the world is supposed to end? I reach for my barf bag every time I see one.

        Is Grady Means going to purchase for me a fire engine red Corvette with beige leather interiors and Gatling gun mounted in the tiny trunk, to dispatch tail gaters if his disaster doesn’t happen at 9:39 a.m. on this coming March 4th?

        “Former adviser to VP Rockefeller” as likely as not means he played a few rounds of golf with him and spoke of current events. Old roommate from harverd maybe?

        US DHEW has no responsibility for interest rates, describing productivity, savings or indebtedness or anything like it. No “economic” responsibility at all. More like, does the nurse in the local Head Start program have up-to-date pediatric credentials?

        Hasn’t everyone on this site had enough of alleged “experts” predicting the EXACT DAY of when these man-made financial disasters are going to happen? I know I have.

        I tremendously respect experts such as Be Informed, who warn against natural disasters based on their experience applying hard science. He is not the bullshit artist your “expert” is.

        Being a retired puke I try to read every thread that interests me in its entirety. Does anyone else do this? But not this time. I’m perhaps 94% as prepared for whatever that is survivable as I can be.

        But I refuse to wade through 446 honest comments to still more expert “doomsday at 8 am a month from today” bullshit.

        • I here you and gave you a thumbs up. I read most of this one and looked where links connected to. This article is like an update like what I read at Economic Collapse but Snyder is more clever w/ his lists and connections. Im like you and yawn or roll my eyes at the latest prophet of doom. The end of the world that we used to know is GONE people. Its here. With all the time we have left before theres a collapse make the best of it and use that time in a smart way. Its folks like Eisen who interrupt and manipulate anyone who allows it. Everyone says they are ready for the S to hit but if theyre so ready how do they let some dumb punk control theM with words on the internet?
          A while back Id try and remember some of the info hoping to get someone to wake up but I got angry when the folks did nothing and didnt give a shit about world events. Now that Obama is gonna seriously fuck w/ everyone whos working via his Affordable Control Act the tune will change. But its too late for me to bother trying to convince others. There aint no more pity parties at my expense. My conscience is clear and i tried. No one listened. So we got the family on board and we got our basic plan. We got our place and our skills and we got our work cut out for us from here on. We keep adding to our foods and tools and theres no more time for the dumbass who didnt listen or pay attention. And that includes the Eisenwad.
          Last week we took our set aside cash from the bank. Its earmarked for 3 big bills in the next couple months. Our Fed taxes that well have to pay more of since we took a chunk out of our IRAs last year. Now Uncle Sugar wants his due and his gnarly hand is reaching out for it.
          There aint no mortgage on our place so we only get standard deduction and I already figured it out that we pay 29% and that doesnt include any taxes on consumable stuff, utilities, cell phone, car tags, etc. We have to pay to play because we are productive workers. Half the population doesnt pay to play and theyre dependents who wont have shit when the gman cuts em off. They aint welcome at our place. They wont have the stamina or the work ethic. Case closed.
          Now that I see it costs us more than $20K to have my job, Im pissed as hell because most of that money is wasted, given to grease palms, or to the SNAPrs. Time to learn more about going underground and then grow more food so we wont use money to be one of those consumers the USSA wants us to be.

        • February 30, 2015 at 10:30 AM. You can bank on it.

        • Yes John, I read em all. I love the comments with only 1 or 2 exceptions. Even the warnings that prove themselves wrong have their place as they keep the possibilities on the backburner.

        • John_Allen. Thank you for your nice comments. If I get something wrong I try to learn from this mistake to make future predictions as accurate as possible. I was one day late with the last forecast, but correct location. I spend many hours going over figures and trying to figure out the triangulation of where these precursor shock waves are coming. It is like trying to trace back the point at which a bullet was fired from a long distance away. I truly believe that the crustal plates all have type of fracture lines from hundreds of millions of years of colliding and moving away from each, sliding against each other. These very tiny points along these divergent and transform faults continue to get hit.

          You would think over time the entire plate would be peppered from one end to another, but it is like these favored points are weak points along the plates that excess energy build up along fault ready to rupture release this build up. They are so locked that only 5% of major earthquakes have foreshocks. But everyone of them has had at least one of these precursor quakes distant and away from the rupture zone.

          Today at 28.4n, by 43.6w there was a 4.9 which is the Mid Atlantic Ridge. This exact same spot was hit with multiple earthquakes just hours after the Japanese 9.0 earthquake. I did not use this as a precursor to the many aftershocks of the Japan quake, but a 6.9 in Mynamar did follow. To have a huge swarm in this one spot 8000 miles away tells something. The very most eastern portion of the North American plate when connected on a three dimensional plane to the site of the Japanese 9 pointer is almost dead on at the massive junction between the Philippine, Asain, Pacific and the North American plate. It shows that this earthquakes was the result of the North American plate moving and colliding with the other plate, or one of these plates was responsible and caused energy to be thrown all the way from the west most portion of the North American plate all the way back 8000 miles to the eastern most portion of it. Shows that these plates that break with earthquakes connect with other plates all the way around the globe. The 3 dimensional line goes right through Alaska and east Russia and follows the boundary between the Pacfic and North American plates.

          This is why you can have an earthquake say down in the Drake passage towards the South Shetland Islands near the Antarctica and then very often moderate to big earthquakes follow in California about 7500 miles away. Distant foreshocks based on strain of an immenent earthquake ready to go off releasing that energy somewhere that is not as locked up. These points are mostly the spreading centers that plates move away from each other or slide against one another. The convergent plates seldom ever forecast earthquakes, the ones that are pushing against each other or one being forced below the other, thrust fault zones.

          Volcanoes are alike. Where one vent has an exhaust point or many exhaust points. This is why I say if and when there is a very large quake in Atka, Alaska, look at for activity in Yellowstone soon to a few weeks afterwards. Last year there was a 6 pointer in Atka, and Yellowstone had a swarm of quakes and some deformation of the caldera about 1 and 1/2 weeks to 3 weeks later. Just like they can map weak points on dams, bridges, roads to forecast possible major fractures, so can someone using these precursor quakes. Rock mass is of course under a lot of pressure and heat, but the basic principle of failure of certain points along a plate and transfer of built up tension along weak points is about the same. I don’t like what I am seeing right now on the north Australian plate, north Pacific plate, the western Philippine plate, and especially down along the Nazca, Cocos and Nazca plates. The outer plate boundary quakes are still showing something quite large building here.

      38. In the end, the Obama administration is not afraid of whitleblowers like me, Bradley Manning or Thomas Drake.
        We are Stateless,Imprisoned, or powerless
        No, the Obama administration is afraid of you. Its afraid of an informed, angry public demanding the constitutional government it was promised- and it should be

        Edward Snowden

        I think we know what we have to do people

        Derry Brownfield
        January 13, 2003

        We are being led to believe that in order for us to be secure in our homes, communities and businesses we must give up certain inalienable rights that have been ours since our founding fathers gave us the Constitution of the United States. For over 200 years Americans have had more freedom than any other people living on the face of the earth, but that liberty could soon be coming to and end. By a vote of 90 to 9. the Senate passed the House version of the Homeland Security Bill. The President was quick to sign the bill, which became law on November 25, 2002. A new department has now been created that consolidates 22 federal agencies under one administration; the new Department of Homeland Security.
        Remember our eight grade Citizenship class? We studied how a bill became a law by being dropped into the hopper by its sponsor. It was then appointed to a committee and there were hearings, debates, and reports in each of the two legislative bodies. (The House of Representatives and the Senate) Finally after many hearings, testimonies and arguments the bill would pass one house and then go through the entire process in the other body to finally become a law by being signed by the President.
        The HOMELAND SECURITY bill was brought before the Senate less then 48 hours before it was voted on. It had not been before any committee or been debated; for there were no hearings. No witnesses were asked to appear so there was no testimony for the bill or in opposition to the bill. The Senators were supposed to study all 484 pages and understand what effect this legislation could have on American citizens.
        Senator Robert Byrd, (Republican from West Virginia) speaking before the Senate, prior to the final vote said, “This is one of the most far-reaching pieces of legislation I have seen in my 50 years. I will have been in Congress 50 years come January 3rd. Never have I seen such a monstrous pieces of legislation sent to this body. Our poor staffs were up most of the night studying it. They know some of the things that are in there, but they don’t know all of them. It is a sham and it is a shame.”
        John Kaminski writes: The Senate’s passage of the ludicrously misnamed Homeland Security Bill is easily the biggest, bad joke on American History. Because, in declaring war on all peoples of the world, including its own citizens, it presents a new Dark Age in world history. An age in which the United States may annihilate any other country for any reason it concocts, or for no reason at all. The bill is ludicrously misnamed because nothing in this nation’s history has ever jeopardized its citizen’s security to this degree. Most tragic of all is the complete destruction of the US Constitution. Completely gone are; the right to a fair trial, the right to be safe in one’s home, the right to confront one’s accuser, the right to legal representation and the right to be recognized as innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Moreover, Attorney General John Ashcroft plans further incursions into America’s privacy by placing new restrictions on internet and phone communications… Though, surely few in Congress realize it yet, America’s legislators essentially voted themselves out of existence by passing this bill, because now the majority of governmental security functions are lumped together under the arbitrary aegis of Homeland Security, bypassing Congress with its decision-making controlled directly by the president and the director of Homeland Security.”
        The following are some of the liberties that have been lost by the passage of the US Patriot Act and the Homeland Security Act. The government may now monitor churches and political meetings without suspecting criminal activity. Librarians may be prosecuted if they tell anyone that the government has subpoenaed information concerning books checked out or internet websites used. The government may monitor conversations between attorneys and clients. American citizens accused of crimes may be denied access to an attorney. Americans’ papers and effects maybe seized without probable cause. American citizens may be jailed and held indefinitely without being charged or being able to confront their accuser.
        This bill gives the government the authority to mandate and administer vaccines to the American people.
        The administration is also creating the world’s largest computer system and database. One which has the ability to track your credit card purchases, travel reservations, medical treatment and bank transactions. It is called the TOTAL INFORMATION AWARENESS SYSTEM.
        With the passage of the Homeland Security Bill, 22 federal agencies will merge into one monstrous bureaucracy containing 170,000 employees. Interestingly enough, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Defense Department and the National Security Agency have been excluded from this merger. Aren’t these the agencies most involved in protecting our nation from terrorism?
        With the signing of this Homeland Security Bill, our liberties as American citizens have been stripped away. The President of the United States now holds the power to arbitrarily arrest and imprison US citizens.
        The laws passed since September 11, 2001 are written in a way that they can be used against US citizens the same as if we were terrorists. Today the American people trust President George W. Bush: the man with an 80% approval rating. Surely he would never abuse this new power and bring about a totalitarian police state. Maybe not – and let’s hope and pray that he doesn’t but George W. won’t be president forever. Looking down the road a few years, what if a president with the intellect of a Hitler or a Stalin got into office? The stage has been set, the props are in place, the orchestra is in the pit and the curtains could open at anytime. Our liberty is no longer our inalienable right but a privilege to be granted by the Director of Homeland Security.
        Addressing the Senate on October 11, 2001, Russ Feingold (Democrat from Wisconsin) said, “There is no doubt that if we lived in a police state, it would be easier to catch terrorists. If we lived in a country where police were allowed to search your home at anytime for any reason; if we lived in a country where the government is entitled to open your mail, eavesdrop on your phone conversations, or intercept your e-mail communications; if we lived in a country where people could be held in jail indefinitely based on what they write or think, or based on mere suspicion that they are up to no good, the government would probably discover more terrorists or would-be terrorists, just as it would find more lawbreakers generally. But that wouldn’t be a country in which we would want to live.”
        It looks as if his predictions may be coming to pass with the passage of the Homeland Security Law.
        This isn’t the first time a nation has cried out for HOMELAND SECURITY. In 1922 Adolph Hitler, writing about the creation of the German Gestapo wrote: “An evil exists that threatens every man, woman and child of this great nation. We must take steps to insure our domestic security and protect our homeland.”

      40. I predict that 50 years from now, none of you will give a shit about any of this or even remember it. Most of us will be dead and those unlucky enough to be alive will be living like wild animals fighting each other for every scrap of food. Get a life people, read some history books. Pick up several 1st/2nd level college Geology, Biology, Astronomy books and learn some things about what the fuck is really going on that matters. If you already went to college then go back and re-read your Biology and Geology books. Learn some Geometry or Calculus… better yet learn some history about the people who introduced both of these fantastic mathematics forms to the world. Fuck the bankers, fuck the government at all levels and fuck all the stupid soothsayers. I have too many things to do, too many books left to read, too many awesome meals to eat from the many foods I grow to be constantly thinking about all this nonsense.

      41. These guys always slay me. They really have no idea how financial markets work.

        Are global financial markets being artificially supported ? Yes.
        Will some countries default ? Yes.
        Will there be a big decline when markets can’t be financially supported and they have to face reality ? Yes.

        But Dow 3,000 or Gold at $5,000 isn’t going to happen, markets and countries will resolve things before they get that extreme.

        Is it likely that this is the future: “We had a reader recently comment about the coming collapse. She warned that preparing for a weeks- or months-long emergency is insufficient. She suggested that perhaps we need to consider the worst case scenario: years of joblessness, destitution and depression.” ?

        Yes, but tell me this isn’t already happening. If the people on food stamps had to stand in line to get them, everyone would believe the usa is in a depression now and have been since 2008. I’m expecting things to get a little worse, some people to lose it when reality comes that this isn’t going to be turned around for years and people to just muddle thru life like was done in the great depression; but people still lived, got married, had kids with unemployement over 20% then; expect the same over the next 5-10 years as the world works out of the hole it put itself in.

        • Lena.

          Good comment.

          You have not factored in the type of society we live in today. Greed and fear will send gold past $5000.
          People pay a million dollars for a home. Fifty thousand for a new truck. It is all about what price the market sets.

        • lena-

          Many of those items you mention did and will occur again except one- World WAR…you left that big one out.

          History has also shown us that after fiat economies collapse, the war machine goes full tilt. This helps the agenda 21 crowd reduce the populations AND remove the recent memories of the financial lies and deceit. After enough have been murdered off and memories fogged with war and mass death, they will start all over again. Happened every time so far in the past, why should now be different? World War is NO picnic or walk in the park…ask anyone still alive who made it through WWII.

        • Most here wont aggree that well muddle along from here on. In the big Depression most people knew how to do for themselves. America was a farming nation. Folks werent in deep debt. We didnt have 50% divorce rate and 75% blacks born out of wedlock. We didnt have the illegal alien problem. The government was not very big. Back then, electricity was for lights.
          Take away the grocery stores.
          Cut the power.
          Force people to unplug the 24 hour entertainment.
          Didnt you see what a little bit of snow did in Atlanta last week.

          • i did not mention war, because imo; thats already a done deal;the mid east will blow in the next 5 yrs somewhere; but i dont expect that to affect the usa homeland except economically.

            and i’m relying on people to accept what reality is, as they always do. new orleans after katrina was a wreck; but the rioting nad looting was osilated and over pretty quick as people accepted reality. i expect them to go along pretty quick to whatever the state of reality is once economic reality hits the world.

            in the ukraine, in kiev theyre fighting to not go back under the iron curtain; but down south in odessa on the coast; you wouldnt even know it if you didnt watch the news.

          • It amazes me that even with the warning of bad weather Atlanta got as ridiculous as it did.

          • Most here wont aggree that well muddle along from here on.
            -And they’re right. Most won’t muddle along.But the survivors will, until we rebuild something different.

      42. I suspect…I suspect…..Hanky Panky! Yes, that’s it. Hanky Panky!

      43. What happened to the promised glowbull warming. Ive already had enough of this snow ice and freezing weather. I wish I had a big pile of tires to burn . A big tire kill might help warm things up? At least here in my part of the Ozarks the electricity is still on. The TV and compueter is keeping my wife from getting cabin fever and going beserk! The livestock wont even come out of the barn. I stay busy keeping their drinking water thawed. One good thing the cold makes firewood eally easy to split. One good twak with the splitting mall does the job.

        • Riiight. Let just keep overpopulating and spewing our garbage and polluting the Earth. Nothing bad could ever consequesnce to that, Shitler.

          • The fact is everything in on or about the planet is a natural thing. Granted much of those natural things like a snakes poison is harmful to organic life. Since you cannot make something from nothing & cannot make something into nothing. and since for every action their is an equal & opposite reaction. Its a wash. Whatever man or nature does eventually comes out Even Steven. So why must the greenies insist that all the results of mans activities must be worst case Gloom & Doom Results? Man caused & man mitigated Glowbull warming is a Myth Fraud Hoax. It was and is part of the UN NWO agenda 21 plan to redistubte the uSA,s middle class jobs to other places. Environmental laws add to the cost of production in the USA. Jump across the boder and there aren’t any pollution regs.

        • OG,any way to set up a solar dethawer,have seen plans for em but never did one larger then a birdbath,which was my goal.I love frozen firewood splitting wise.I had some pieces that motored 12 ton log splitter chocked on,they laughed at me,said see you in winter,cracked like a book,wood,it warms one so many times!

          • I have tame rabbits and their water pans freeze solid its been down to one degree. I just have extras and carry them out and fill them with warm water. bring the frozen ones back inside and let them thaw.I break the Ice from the cow & goats water and add hot water to it. Its very seldom we have this long a duration of bad weather. A solar dethawer wouldn’t work because the sun isn’t shining. When we have sunshine its usually pretty pleasant temps in the 40,s & fifties. last Saturday it was above 60!

      44. Radioshack Celebrates One Year Anniversary Of Closing 500 Stores By Closing 500 More

        • Watched the talking heads on TV claim it wasn’t a bad thing. I guess they never get laid off.

          • The people working in those stores are probably college grads with 4 year degrees in computer science who can’t get a job in their field because their job opportunities were given to H1B visa holders from India.

        • Radioshack is going to go the way of Circuit City. I’m surprised they’ve lasted as long as they have. Best Buy may share the same fate simply because their prices are so bad. I say why go to any of these when there is Amazon?

        • RadioShack is mismanaged. Their stores have too much empty space and too many employees. Back in the 1970s, my local store had one employee. If the store was open, Fred was there. There was very little empty floor space. The shelves and pegboards were crammed full of merchandise, and they had almost anything you could imagine in the radio, stereo, electronics line. It was a hangout. On Saturdays, you could hardly get in. And everyone was buying parts to fix things, new components for the stereos, and new stuff for their cars. I used to buy kits there. I built a synthesizer and a metal detector, among others.

          Today I went into a RadioShack, and there were two employees and a lot of empty space. I wanted two simple speaker wires, RCA phono plug on one end and tinned wire on the other end. That’s one of the basic types of speaker wires. They didn’t carry it. And the ones they had were in expensive packages that were at least twice the width and much longer than the old bag-type packages with the folded card at the top. They had a few items that took up the space of what dozens did back the 1970s RadioShack. Since I had to have speaker wires for this evening, I bought two wires with phono plugs and spade lugs. I cut half of each spade lug off and stuck them in the speaker connectors. And another thing. Speaker wires used to come in pairs, as in you need two for stereo. These wires were one to a package at $5.99 each.

          Luckily, whenever the old RadioShack would have a sale on electronic parts, I would buy a pile of them to stash. I believe I now have more inventory in that area than most RadioShacks have.

          I wish the stores could go back to the way they used to be.

      45. when does this axe fall?

        ◾In 2012, the Bundesbank (the central bank of Germany) asked to visit the vault of the Federal Reserve in New York, to view the 1,536 tons of gold they have stored there.
        ◾The Federal Reserve told them no. They were not allowed to see their gold.
        ◾In response, Germany said that they wanted 300 tons of their gold back.
        ◾The Federal Reserve said that they’d need seven years to get the gold back to Germany. (Something that should take them seven weeks, tops.)
        ◾One year later, the Fed has returned only 5 tons of gold to Germany. At this rate, it will take 60 years for the Germans to get less than one fifth of their gold back.

        Most likely, however, is that all of Germany’s gold has been lent out and/or used as loan collateral multiple times and that the Fed is having a very hard time unwinding all those loans. If they just give the gold back, the collateral for hundreds (maybe thousands) of international loans goes away.

        There is a financial trick called rehypothecation that allows bankers to use the same stack of gold as the collateral for simultaneous loans… over and over and over.

        So, in order to pull Germany’s gold out of the lending game (and central banks do loan out gold), lots and lots of loans would have to be rehypothecated to other piles of gold, and that requires a lot of office work. Each bar of Germany’s gold could be involved in a dozen loans, each of which must be re-arranged.

        This would account for the slowness of the Fed returning the gold back to where it belongs.

        The way I see it, the feds and this government have some very big problems,, US and a few other countries that want their balls in the fire
        I say when we go for the throat we go deep, because were not the only ones getting fucked by these stooges

        • And if the Fed gives back Germany’s gold, who’s next in line?

      46. March Forth NWO

      47. We are in decline. In just about every category that is measurable. We are not the same country that experienced “The Great Depression”. This is not a cycle. This is the new paradigm. What we have now is not the end game. No. The situation is still in play. We are going further down the hole. Bill Clinton gave a hint when he was Prez. He said, “America makes up 5% of the world population, but Americans enjoy 25% of the worlds wealth”. He said that this is wrong. And TPTB are changing that. We will totally become a third world country (demographics). And we will experience third world poverty. This is their plan for us. Not for themselves, but for us. Understand it. Resist it or embrace it.

        • This is the new paradigm. What we have now is not the end game. No. The situation is still in play.
          – I think you put your finger on it. This is not the end game for them- this is the birth pangs of the NWO. The only things ending are our ideas of normalcy, decency, and fairness. Foe them what we count as a loss is just dross to be tossed out to make their shiny new world.

      48. Stop the warmongering, save the u.s. economy. Quit trying to control the world, you evil murderous government bastards. If the people had any nerve to unite and mobilize you would all be awaiting the noose. Instead, the eventual collapse plods forward with little citizen opposition. We are all afraid to die in defence of our liberty. That spells doom for our future.

      49. Maudy is correct. What we now have is the New Normal. The economic & political situation in the USA is never going to be better than it is today. Tomorrow will be a little worse. its a slow gradual decline. Now add to that the increasing clatyclismic disasters & weather anomolys that are being caused by the magnetic pole shift & weakening magnosphere its a pretty bleak pessimistic outlook. The good thing is there will eventually be a great culling. The parasitic usless oxygen thief eaters will be greatly reduced. The population will be reduced wether by disease wars , earth changes or something else. We cannot change the inevitable. However We can prep and aquire know how & self reliance. Just as well embrace the new adventure and do the best we can to ensure the survival of our children & grandchildren. The Young are the future we need to give them every positive advantage we can.

      50. It absolutely will happen, probably not March 4th, but it will happen…. It is a mathematical certainty that we have crossed the Rubicon. Most everyone that reads this blog believes it or they would have stopped reading years ago. We all know it is far better to be several years too early in prepping than even one day too late.

        God help us all. The world is going to be a very unkind place to live soon enough.

      51. Bottom Line and SOP should be for everyone who is awake to structure their everyday lives, backup plans, finances, friendships, supply chain, health and well being, living arrangements, energy usage, food consumption, retirement plans, security etc. excluding dependence the government as much as possible; while keeping a low profile with the sheeple next door.

        When the other 95% are waking up and lining up like peasants at the banks and ATM’s to get their worthless dollars out…when they’re combing half-empty supermarket shelves for inflated food imported from China….when gasoline is $10…$15….then $20 a gallon and people are committing suicide over the rapid drop in their living standards, when the dependency class begin to riot and burn down their own neighborhoods because their food stamps can’t keep up with food inflation; we should all be canning our second harvest from our backyard gardens and enjoying a cup of cocoa while listening to the disaster unfold on the radio.

        No need for violence unless the mob finds you. But we should all be way ahead of that scenario by now.

        Meanwhile, I’m awaiting our tax return so we can order more silver and hit COSTCO and SAMS for a big-time resupply of all things barter, canned, and long-term storage capable.

      52. Oh come on. We’re all sympathetic to the premise, but really, March 4? Not March 3, or March 5?

        Maybe he meant to say April 1.

      53. ***** Justice Antonin Scalia says World War II-style internment camps could happen again *****


        “”You are kidding yourself if you think the same thing will not happen again,” Scalia told the University of Hawaii law school while discussing Korematsu v. United States, the ruling in which the court gave its imprimatur to the internment camps.”

      54. As an interesting and somewhat relatively related aside: Relative told me not only are the bankster molls now asking WHY you want to withdraw cash, but banks like Chase are allegedly going to ID you when you DEPOSIT money to “prevent money laundering.” Guess they forgot to ask the Mexi-cartels for their IDs.

      55. YAY ! Bring it on baby. Time for the BS to end at last.
        Lessee now…am I prepared ?
        Safe place to go? Tick
        2 years supply of food/water/grog/medicine/everything else? Tick.
        No debts? Tick.
        Fixed health issues? Tick.
        Savings? Tick
        Loads of bullion? Tick
        Downloaded all existing porn from web? Tick
        Yep. All done.

      56. Looks like the sodomite negro was a curse on America, not an illegal president. I was wrong. When you want to screw a country, send in the Negroes. That’s what they did and it caused a America’s first Civil War. Looks like were on our way to the 2nd one!

        • I disagree with everything you just said and the language you used but I love how you said it with such wonderful political incorrectness.
          Communicate openly and freely; it drives them nuts!

      57. From the Washington post..just released…

        Scenes from a militarized America: Iowa family ‘terrorized’
        By Radley Balko, Updated: February 4 at 10:37 am

        Watch this video, taken from a police raid in Des Moines, Iowa. Send it to some people. When critics (like me) warn about the dangers of police militarization, this is what we’re talking about. You’ll see the raid team, dressed in battle-dress uniforms, helmets and face-covering balaclava hoods take down the family’s door with a battering ram. You’ll see them storm the home with ballistics shields, guns at the ready. More troubling still, you’ll see not one but two officers attempt to prevent the family from having an independent record of the raid, one by destroying a surveillance camera, another by blocking another camera’s lens.


        • Headlined on Drudge ..

      58. If someone writes an article that points to a likely date for something to happen, he gets trashed for date setting because so many such dates have come and gone.

        If he write the same article without including a time frame, he gets trashed for being too generalized and “we’ve heard all that before”.

        If I had some true “inside” information, and saw how such stories are received, I’m pretty sure that I’d decide it just wasn’t worth it. You’re on your own.

      59. Supreme Court Justice Anton Scalia says the US can use internment camps again. Using a Latin phrase that translates, “in time of war, the law falls silent”. Remember that Lincoln suspended habeus corpus. Thousands of Northerners were thrown into prison for speaking up against the Civil War. 300 Northern newspapers were shutdown for the same thing.

      60. This will be another year similiar to last year ……if the market goes down , it will go back up again !!!

      61. It is not going to come crashing down on March 4. Things will not go that way. We have too many systems in place and when the big f-up comes, redundant systems will kick in and over-write.

        I agree with others that what we will see is a long, slow grind for the next decade or so. I mean loooooong and slooooow. Next to no growth or change for most people; for the elite, it will be a party as they get first dibs on all the goodies.

        The rest of the population will be walking e-zombies: living on endless government hand-outs and distracted with meaningless crap peddled by the TV and the web.

        My advice? Get to understand how much grim, boring, grind people can really take. They will put up with it because they will lack the intelligence and initiative to ask for something else. There will be lots of ethnic and racial conflict as people blame each other for the situation – they will look left, right, in front and behind – but never up.

      62. I need a punch line…

        A hooker, Obama, the pope, a midget and a prepper all meet in a bar…

        The hooker says….
        Then Obama says…
        The pope chides in…
        The midget gets on his toes and pipes up…
        And finally the preppers says…

        Any takers?

        Something to the affect of SHTF..
        The hooker will do her thing for chow.
        Obama will just tell lies.
        The pope will forgive Obama for all the lies.
        I’m stuck on the midget…help? ha

        Let’s see…they all band together to survive.

        Obama is the soap box man telling all is ilk all the jobs that wait inside.
        The pope greets them…
        The midget picks their pockets.
        The hooker is eye candy and other nice things
        and the prepper gets fucked by them all..as Obama took all his beans.


        • Ok,the hooker says”I f$#k for a living”
          obama says”I f$#k the country for a living”
          The pope says”I f%$k the children for a living”
          The midget says”I work for a living”
          The prepper say”Hey tiny,duck!”

          • One caveat,was hooker a Xaviera Hollander type,look it up!The answer is yes then prepper would say”hey tiny,grab the women and duck!”

        • I read something many years ago that said you cannot find a single person who has ever written an original joke. Every joke is based on a previous one of the same type. The writer figured that jokes came from aliens who were experimenting on humans. If not for aliens, we wouldn’t have any jokes.

          It’s almost plausible.

          Anyway, keep working on it.

          At least Milton Berle’s not around to steal it.

      63. Yaaawwnnn…
        Right, “collapse by next month”.
        Got it.

      64. One day in the future I can bank on as long as the world is still around that will bring many people a lot of misery and total resentment for the government. A dark day GUARANTEED this year to bring about a personal SHTF that stings the economy for tens of millions.

        April 15, tax day.

        • You quite correct. Every year Is send a large portion of my income to the feds & state to pay my self employment & income taxes. I wouldn’t mind so much if our government was fiscally responsible. However ive scaled back & signed up for the social security Ponzi Scheme. So after this year me paying thousands of dollars in income tax will come to a screeching halt.

      65. Dammit Warchild,you now just notice it said around March 4,not on March 4!They will pull this garbage on the 2,your B-day!What the hell!I am really not in the mood for this,just move the day away from the 2,thank you in advance!

      66. It can’t crash on March 4. We have a whole wheat bread baking class to go to. April 4 is the soap making class. Today was supposed to be organic gardening, but the instructor didn’t show. Someone else gave a talk on ornamental plants. She had a neat plant called a devil’s backbone, a type of kalanchoe. All parts are poisonous, so I don’t know if I’ll get one.

      67. VRF… Your site with post on “Slies and Politicians” was awesome :-)..
        Everyone needs to read it…

        • Type-o.. sorry… The post on “Spies & Politicians…

      68. “If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess highest seats in government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.” ~Samuel Adams

      69. The IMF video at the press conference In Jan. gave several hints. 2014 and drop the 0. The number 7 was an important number. I’m thinking the RESET of currency will happen on 2/14 and 7 could be the time it will be announced that night. 2/14 is a Friday and the following Monday is an holiday (Presidents day).

      70. Its very possible a crash could happen after a reset of currency. The need for money and rush for gold and silver will be a panic for a lot of people.

      71. hello guys… this is not the good ol days anymore. we need to be thinking for ourselves, because the gov is the last that cares about you!! The best thing we can do is learn how to handle any situation and survive. knowledge is power!! Here is a video that helped me a lot…


        hope it helps, good luck everyone!

      72. When the $#!+ hits the fan, don’t say Mac didn’t warn you!

        P.S. I miss the old logo…

      73. So I was charting the DJIA and determined Early March for a crash.. So I Googled to see if anyone else came to this conclusion.. And I find this article.. Based on the chart alone, it will indeed crash in the near future. DOW 5000 by 2017 according to my chart. Set your stop losses and short the market. If the world doesn’t end, you’ll be very rich. If is does end, well its been fun everyone!

      74. Without someone holding their xnational aristocratic, aka “elite,” thumb on things, I believe a recovery is quite possible in relatively short time.

        Frankly, he’s talking about the failure of fiat currency and the deposing of the bankster elite (a disaster to them; a benefit to us), not necessarily the destruction of commerce and civility, never mind technology or society. But that bankster house of cards is what we know, and it’s VERY SCARY to think of that structure coming apart. Unless it isn’t.

        Clearly, said “elite” have managed to be the walking superdisaster of the millennia. On purpose. Banksterism has been a pox on the world and needs to go. However, the folks in charge of it love their power and control and the way they have straws stuck in us, sucking the life out. If they can’t have what they want, scorched earth might be their response. This is the scarier possibility in my mind.

        They have indeed conveyed their intent to do just that. The Georgia Guide Stones call for the population to be “kept” under 500 million, now a 93% depopulation (when erected probably more like a 40% depopulation). How could that be done? GMO viri, for example. EMP. Might work; might not.

        If it works even reasonably well, it would create a much longer road to recovery. I still doubt the “generational” devastation. I see 5 to 10 years before things look pretty good–once these criminals are stopped.

        Could this guy be trying to get us to save the banksters?

      75. Well, Nothing yet. Good thing I do not base any choices on internet predictions.

      76. Everyone here is forgetting Ukraine and the weekend of 2nd / 3rd / 4th March 2014…. It’s just the beginning

      77. March 11th….


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