Election Results: “What’s Going To Change Is Only Who Is Going To Screw You — Not Whether You’ll Get Screwed”

by | Nov 5, 2014 | Headline News | 169 comments

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    Widespread victories for the Republican Party in the 2014 mid-term elections have given many Americans hope that the country might finally have a chance for getting back on track.

    But are the Republicans going to be any better than the Democrats? As Karl Denninger of The Market Ticker highlights in the commentary below, with conrol of the House of Representatives they have had a chance to shutdown Obamacare for nearly two years, yet it seems that despite all the rhetoric from the right no one has been willing to actually get anything done.

    So what should we expect for the next two years under a lame-duck Obama Presidency? Will a majority Republican Congress act to begin the process of repealing Obamacare? Will they de-militarize domestic law enforcement agencies? Will they shut down NSA spying programs? Will they cut spending, lower taxes and remove legislation that restricts small business growth and job creation? Will they open their doors and make good on their promises of transparency in government?

    One can hope. But let’s be honest, we all know the answers to these questions:

    So last night the Democrats lost the Senate — and more seats in the House.

    We now have a House and Senate in Republican hands opposing a Democrat President.  This afternoon Obama will come on TV to whine cry moan threaten talk to the American people about the change in the political landscape.

    It will be interesting to see what he says, given that the voters have given a big fat middle finger to his political fantasies.

    Back to the Federal side.

    There is much glee on the Senate gavel being sent over this morning I’m sure.  There will also be myriad spilled electronic (and print) ink on the “mandate” with regard to Obamacare repeal and similar.

    Folks, keep one thing in mind, as I noted on WBAL yesterday — Obamacare could have been destroyed “at will” by the Republicans at any time since all spending must originate in the House.  As a result since the Republicans have held the House since the first midterm of Obama’s Presidency they could have at any time stopped it by refusing to pass the appropriation necessary to fund it.  They could have also cut off the runaway spending and thus the deficit at any time via exactly the same means, never mind the 2011 debt ceiling “fight” when an immediate and permanent end to deficit spending, and the destruction of your purchasing power that it causes, could have occurred simply by the Republicans refusing to pass a bill — that is, refusing to act instead of acting.

    There was utterly nothing that Obama or the Democrats could have done about either, and Boehner, along with the Republicans, proved beyond rebuttal that they didn’t give a damn about either at that point as well.

    You’re about to be lied to again about the “change” that will “come” to America.  What’s going to change is only who is going to screw you — not whether you’ll get screwed, and it will still come without warning or lube just as it did yesterday.

    Now be a good serf and find a new stick for your teeth so you don’t bite your tongue off; the old one is dangerously compromised from all the abuse it’s taken over the previous six years.

    Full Commentary at The Market Ticker

    The American people have been impoverished under both Parties over the last several decades; arguably since even 1913 when a private organization took control of our currency. What has changed that will make this time different?

    Perhaps the only thing we can hope for is that the velocity at which we are being robbed and our Constitution dismantled will be slower than what’s it’s been over the last six years. But, even that may be pushing it.

    Two heads. Same snake.


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      1. It doesn’t matter who is voted into office as they are all criminals, liars, and psychopaths regardless of their party affiliation. To quote a very wise man: “Same shit, different day”.

        • But, but, but…

          We just tea-bagged the democrats, so we feel vindicated and stuff.

          Go RED team! Yay!

          Divide and Conquer.

          • Like a wet dream,
            we never know who is going to be screwing us.

            • The Republicans are not trying to take our 2nd Amendment rights away like the Democrats. That is enough for me to vote Republican. They may be crooks, but they are our crooks.

              • It’s “Diet Coke vs Diet Pepsi”. Remember that ! 😉

                • And both of them suck out loud…

                  • No Eppe:

                    They are both poisonous. The aspartame congress!

                  • POG, you caught on to what I was implying, you remind me of my mother in law and adopted 3rd mom. Like John Wayne toilet paper, rough and do not take shit off anyone.
                    Luv ya gal…

                  • O’bummerCare is designed to put the cost of health care upon the American taxpayer and eliminate that cost for Corporations, who traditionally provided that as a benefit for all employees.

                    The Uber Rich will be able to afford the best plan and any “supplemental plan” they need to continue the quality care they want. In most cases it will remain a write off through their corporation, which lowers their pre-tax income. Do you have a corporation???

                    Thank God, as a Veteran, I have VA!!! 😉

                  • At least the repubs give a reach around when boning us.

                • The Retards are the ones who conceived of FREE TRADE and sold it to US as a FREEDOM, decimating the opportunity and prosperity that rightfully belonged to Americans by shipping our factories and jobs to China.

                  In the spirit of political compromise, the Demturds agreed, if EBT cards were distributed to the masses, along with subsidized housing, and everything else. They wanted subsidies for their Dependent Party Faithful.

                  Thus we have both Fascism and Socialism ripping the nation in two for the benefit of the Uber Rich whose wealth is global in nature and not confined to American shores.

                  Therefore we should not expect anything beneficial to the average American over the next two years, as the Retards will send legislation to POTUS that he will veto, so they they can point to his intransigence in 2016. In their favor they do support our gun rights and a vote for them and your donation to the NRA makes a difference.

                  Death to the New World Order!!! Death to the North American Union!!! 🙂

              • Red L. They may not do it in an obvious fashion compare to the fascist left but the issue is the courts and the selected judges will burn us even in case of lawful self defense. The system is corroded to the core just like the supreme court selection and the making of law of the land.

              • It’s evident by today’s speech from the president that he is willing to act more like a chairman than a President who will make unilateral decisions through the process of Executive Order. In other words, he will act more like a dictator than a President of the United States.

                We already know that the republican’s have already taken off the table Impeachment, which essentially was the ONLY thing they Constitutionally had that they could use stop him. Mix in the fact that both Boenher (House Speaker) and McConnell (Senate Majority Leader Elect) are two “go-along to get-along” career politician’s, who have thus far been spineless in addressing the buffoonery we’ve seen this past 6 years out of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and obama.

                For those of you who are happy with last nights results, so am I, but I have great concern. If you look at how our nation has devolved into this abyss we see now, I say it mostly has occurred because the vast majority of us ignore these politician’s the day after we cast our ballot. They have done as they please including passing laws that exclude themselves, but greatly affect us. For instance, on April 2013, Congress quietly repeals congressional insider trading ban, thus allowing them to get away with something we would be tossed in jail for. During the Health Care (lack of) debate, Harry Reid changed the rules in the Senate to a simple majority versus the traditional 60 votes needed.

                So, what recourse do we all have in preventing these self serving politicians from getting away with this absurdity? What should all of us do from this moment forward? What can we all do to prevent obama from completing his “Fundamental Transformation of the United States of America”? You and I need to pay close attention to what they do and then get involved. Getting involved means you will be willing to write letters, send emails, make phone calls and help attend, or form protests that will help influence the direction of our nation. Getting involved means you are willing to reach out to people and engage in conversations that could help them understand the critical stage our country resides in before it’s too late.

                Yes, we all have our busy lives and we have our family obligations, but if we don’t fix this now, we may not recognize what’s left of our country. It’s been tyranny on hyper drive (under devilcRAT’s) or tyranny at a slower pace (republicans). Let’s use this time to WAKE UP!

              • yeah, Red, but eventually, there will be democrats in office again, and if the rupublipukes have not taken away our guns by then, the demos will…

                Republicans will take away social security (I paid into the system and have the right to have these payments!) and they will take away money for people on disability, who have also paid into the system, have no way to provide for themselves, they will make sure wages are below poverty level… AND BOTH PARTIES WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY AND ANY OTHER ASSETS THEY CAN FIND AND GIVE IT TO THE PEOPLE AT THE TOP. Austerity is coming to America no matter which gangster is in power– the Cripts or the Bloods… and they all are totally corrupt, destroying the Constitution, and intend to destroy us.

            • Outwest: I don’t know about you, but a few weeks ago, it was Cindy Crawford in my dream. Damn!!! It doesn’t get better than that!!!

              Then I ran across her doppelganger on the net !!! 🙂

              • DK, that would be a wet one. There is a gal in my same building, that is like that, but I could be old enough to be her granddad, but it does make one wonder. But I love my wife, she looks like Sophia Loren 40 Years ago. But dreams are nice. Ever wonder what dreams mean? Subconcious running wild???

                • eppe: Sometimes they are not just wet, “pre-cognitive”. 🙂

                  I found a chick in Ukraine who is a dead ringer for Claudia Schiffer; another a clone for Angelina Jolie without the tats; and then there is the Megan Fox look-like post plastic surgery, but without the botox. Amazing what you can find on the internet without Amazon or Ala Baba. All in their twenties looking for a dirty old man. I won’t mention the re-carnation of Natalie Wood. 🙂

                  On another note, and keeping with the election results theme, someone here said last week that he expected a post election stock rally. Anyone following that advice could have made a buck: unlike the silver advice offered up by FMT from time to time.

                  Here is the link My Peeps, the CALL is in the archives 🙂


                  • I think tonight is the trolls Tet Offensive.

              • What I REALLY hate about Obummer is his double speak– on zero hedge, there’s an article about Obummer attempting to take away the openness of the Internet, he talks about how important our Internet freedoms are and in the same sentence talks of regulating it– He is an expert in lieing, hypocrisy, double speak… he really makes me puke!!!!

          • Here’s a form letter that’s being sent to people to sign, and then for them to send on to Senator Mitch McConnell:

            Senator Mitch McConnell
            317 Russell Senate Office Building
            Washington DC 20510

            Dear Senator McConnell, Today’s Date

            Congratulations on your re-election on Nov. 4! That Election evidenced clearly that The People are desirous that America return to trusted Constitutional principles, and reject the failed progressive policies that we have had foisted on us by the federal government, particularly over the past six years.

            We respectfully request that you please actively work in full support of the principles below, principles which are quoted directly from the 2012 Republican Party Platform (below). It is these principles that you have been elected to advance:
            ·“The Republican Party is committed to domestic ENERGY independence… coal… oil and natural gas… nuclear…” (…development of environmentally-sound, coal-fired plants… reverse the blocking of Keystone pipeline…)
            ·“Our highest priority, therefore, is to secure the rule of law both at our BORDERS and at PORTS of entry. We oppose any form of amnesty for those who, by intentionally violating the law, disadvantage those who have obeyed it.”
            ·“Republicans are committed to REPEAL of OBAMACARE… “
            ·“Reform the budget process to make it more transparent and accountable… voting for a BALANCED BUDGET Amendment to the Constitution.”
            ·“The Republican Party is the advocate for a strong NATIONAL DEFENSE as the pathway to peace, economic prosperity”
            ·“We reaffirm our support for a Constitutional amendment defining MARRIAGE as the union of one man and one woman.”
            ·“We affirm our unequivocal commitment to ISRAEL’s security and will ensure that it maintains a qualitative edge in military technology over any potential adversaries…”
            ·“We assert the sanctity of human life and affirm that the unborn child has a fundamental individual RIGHT TO LIFE which cannot be infringed.” “We oppose using public revenues to perform abortion or fund organizations which perform it…”
            ·“Lowering TAXES promotes substantial economic growth and reducing regulation encourages business formation and job creation… We strongly support tax reform…””

            We will be vigilant to assure that the “new” Republican leadership actively works to advance these foundational principles. It’s okay to dialogue with the “other side,” but not to compromise on key principles.
            Thank you for your consideration. I look forward greatly to receiving your “reply” to this letter, please.

            –Respectfully and gratefully,

            Your name
            Street address
            City, State, Zip,

            • Like I said in the first article today….nothing will change.

              Here is what I “think” will happen though, 2016 we will see another democrat (not that it matters one hoot) elected President and they will gain back some seats in both houses.

              Ebb and flow, all the while the sleeping masses (including many who think they are awake) march on losing more and more and more.

              • BJ, i like to think of them as the “dumb masses”

              • BJ, i like to think of them as the “dumb masses”

              • That Repub FORM LETTER: only has ONE issue repubs will faithfully fullfill…That “Israel” one. NONE of the remaining issues wil go anywheres but the repub trashcans.

                Maybe time for a NEW israel policy issue eh…Heres one!

                Repub platform issues on state of israel policy…”Since the entire world has had to listen to aprox 20 Centuries of hearing whinney pissy moanings like “next Year in Jeruselem!” prayed by international jewry during that past 2000 yrs….AND since WWII was really done to assure jews can indeed GO THERE to israel ASAP, and since we NOW have seen close to 70 Yrs PASS By since 1948 when jewry could go THERE and reside…We Repubs will NOW insist that indeed all you whinney crying jewry members so sad for the SECOND time Loss of a homeland, the last being 70 AD…..We Repubs DEMAND usa jewry GO TO ISRAEL TO LIVE THERE!…FINALLY! Whats the Holdup for 70 yrs after jewry got what it desired for 20 centuries of whinney crys to Get israel for them?


                As long as we neglect to put the blame on the Race/Religion who is responsible for all of this mess we are doomed to fail .
                The Problem We face is the Jews

                This prophecy, by Benjamin Franklin, was made in a “CHIT CHAT AROUND THE TABLE DURING INTERMISSION,” at the Philadelphia Constitutional Convention of 1787. This statement was recorded in the dairy of Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, a delegate from South Carolina.

                “I fully agree with General Washington, that we must protect this young nation from an insidious influence and impenetration. The menace, gentlemen, is the Jews.
                In whatever country Jews have settled in any great number, they have lowered its moral tone; depreciated its commercial integrity; have segregated themselves
                and have not been assimilated; have sneered at and tried to undermine the Christian religion upon which that nation is founded, by objecting to its restrictions;
                have built up a state within the state; and when opposed have tried to strangle that country to death financially, as in the case of Spain and Portugal.
                For over 1,700 years, the Jews have been bewailing their sad fate in that they have been exiled from their homeland, as they call Palestine. But gentlemen,
                did the world give it to them in fee simple, they would at once find some reason for not returning. Why? Because they are vampires, and vampires do not live on vampires.
                They cannot live only among themselves. They must subsist on Christians and other people not of their race.
                If you do not exclude them from these United States, in their Constitution, in less than 200 years they will have swarmed here in such great numbers
                that they will dominate and devour the land and change our form of government, for which we Americans have shed our blood, given our lives our substance and jeopardized our liberty.
                If you do not exclude them, in less than 200 years our descendants will be working in the fields to furnish them substance, while they will be in the counting houses rubbing their hands.
                I warn you, gentlemen, if you do not exclude Jews for all time, your children will curse you in your graves.

            • What if you’re neither respectful nor grateful? And he’s not “dear” to me. Unless you’re a “bundler” and have enclosed thousands of dollars, he’s not going to care what you want.

            • You left out:
              *abolishing the Federal Reserve
              *abolish the EO from the office of the Presidency
              *denude foreign entanglements
              *abolish lobbyist
              *abolish all unfunded mandates
              *abolish alphabet soup departments
              *abolish the slush fund operations
              *Term limits for all congressmen and congresswomen
              *abolish the Democratic Party

              Add those things..then I’ll thumb your comments up

              Live Free or Die…everything else is just an illusion

              • #1 issue Move forward with the prosecution of all politicians
                including Mr Mitch McConnell

                that ought to light him up


                • ABOLISH: AIPAC! and Prosecute EVERY of aipacs 65,000+ members as Internal, Homegrown & Dual citizen, International SPIES!

                  NEXT: ABOLISH, Pastor John Hagee’s creation of “CUFI” Ie: christians united for israel Org…AND also prosecute Hagee for Teaching Falsehoods that are AKIN to if Not Worse yet, than all dammages done and more yet to come from AIPAC’s nefarious Spying and overall UN American activities…Ie: Franfurt School of Cultural Marxism, invented by german jews and run and taught in usa universities and later branched outward to inlcude MSM, Hollywood, DC political systems, State political systems, and all of what is called the American Socity and its mainly White Christian Based cultures…In order to Destroy it all.

                  Cultural norms that have been the ONLY proven method that has created what can only be called a proper form of society and proper type Nation…That being a Civilized society, a Prosperous society, and an overall existence of personal Freedoms rivaled by NO other systems, forms or methods in all History….Why would such entities like aipac or cufi or marxist soviets of eastern euro areas OR here at Home in the USA ever think they do swell in attempting the Total destruction of ALL That?

                  I shall Tell you why!..because these entities are KOMMIES!…Blood Thisrty Desert Tribal Revenge minded, and religiously Trained from Birth…FANATICAL Lunatic KOMMIES!…And I ask just Whom invented, marxist Communism?…I shall also Provide That answer for those here far Too Lazy to do own research and inisting upon reliance for facts or truth on their favorite political clowns or favorite phony Pastor-aipac-cufi-members, or even far worse rely upon MSM TV news shows!

                  ANSWER to WHOM Invented Marxist Communism?

                  International Jews did. NOW RE Read Ben Franklins main concerns for Americans! And those who think Voting is the FIX?….better Research How Other prior nations over the Past couple Thousand years running dealt with such troubles to create a TRUE and lasting fix and return to what most call Normalcy state of being.

                  PS: for All folks more than willing to rail against and perhaps even physically Fight against what we know of as Koranism or Islam menace etc…I fully Applaud you!

                  But what “IF” the True Nation Wrecking troubles we Now and for some past time have had to endure, which may soon need be Physically Fought against in same way as Islamic evils etc…End up being Talmudic or jewish in nature instead of a islam threat?

                  What Then shall You do eh?…take advice from Apostate pastors like Hagee for example?…I am 100% Certain He’d advice you All remain in a state of limbo, and never ever go against His main bribe payer bunch of zios..He wont care a ratts ass is usa folds as hes filthy rich with his own private Jet courtesy of state of israel and NY jewry.

                  He’s probobly already granted his own Dual citienship or “right to return” papers so he will have safe haven when what he assisted to demolish, america and a repeat of 1918 Russia and BY the same group of kommie bastards too.

                  Wow what a true delema most patriotic fighters never dreamed of happening huh?…IE: what “IF” americas true worst enemy is an Internal existing one! and what “IF” it consists Of them evil Edomite enemys that to disguise their existene Here in usa call themselves by some Other name…Like Talmudic jewry for instance…Well get Used to hearing it as that Is truth and soon is going to be broadly spoken loud and clear if we see those promiced long ago prophecys be fullfilled in Our time…Truth revealed and shouted from rooftops…Well no greater scam swindle and lies has ever propagated our shores than the phony lies you were taught to believe, other than lies originated within what Christ calls the, Synagouge of Satan…Or what God in Genisis calls “The Serpant Seed children of the Devil” “Jacob I Loved, but ESAU(edom) I Hated…From, GOD. HINT from Condor: them talmudics Aint “Jacob” which only leaves One!…Turkic Edomiteish Khazars…Bingo!

                  You May even require more than lead ammo for This fight gentelman, oh and Ladies too! True Wisdom based Knowledge helps alot…Get Some! ASAP!

            • Free Slave

              That is a great letter. I think we should all send it to McConnell.

              I have only voted for 1 democrat in my life. I did that because I could not stand the republican senator we had. I realized 8 years ago that the republicans are just the lessor of two evils. They are spineless and afraid to rock the boat. They are interested in nothing but getting reelected. We should all send this letter for sure. We should do everything we possibly can to prevent any more of this bs.
              I feel to be honest it will do no good. They don’t care about us. They are a lying den of vipers. It is a waste of time. We still should try though. That way when the collapse hits I will know I did everything possible to prevent it. Then I can do what is needed with a clear conscience.

              • Take a look at DML2016(dot)com. Dennis Michael Lynch is a businessman that became a film maker after being affected by 9/11. He made the movie They Come to America (Part 1&2)and We Ride to DC. Check him out. If you like what you see consider volunteering to help get his name out to the people. Volunteers come in all forms. Just sharing his name would be a start. He is also available on FB. Thank you in advance.

                • Well..another promoter of Mark Zogerberg,.. True Patriots don’t use FascistBook..
                  They are right here at SHTFplan.com

            • Things I heard this week concerning McConnell…

              He will restore the original rules of the Senate which will allow debate (unlike Harry)
              He has had a goal and desire to be the Senate Majority leader since the age of 5
              He is a student of history concerning this position
              He WILL NOT allow his soon-to-be selected position to be usurped by an unconstitutional POTUS
              He will choose to Impeach this POS turd POTUS if he tries to use Executive Order’s

              It will be our job to make certain he does all of this. Without a wide awake American public, these turds will do as they may…..

              WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!

              • ” He has had a goal and desire to be the Senate Majority leader since the age of 5 ”

                Yeah right. That’s exactly what all 5 year olds dream of being one day. Give me a break !

                • I’m probobly just a bit younger than McConell, I am 62 yrs old…..ALL I knew or desird at age of 5 yrs old was…

                  #1 the ONLY good Kommie Is a DEAD Kommie!

                  #2 It IS better to be Dead rather then to turn..RED aka as in Kommie Red(also as in Edomite Red since edom translates in english to the color of Red gee what another coincidence folks eh!)

                  Every nice weather day back as a small kid, all we seemed to do daily was Play War..War Against Kommies and REDS!

                  Yet he was dreaming of senate prez leadership?!!!!!! Too Too Funny!

                  Another webiste says he was dreaming at age 5 of marying a kommie chink chick! OyVey! Ooops I meant “Ah-So chop chop”!

              • “He will choose to Impeach this POS turd POTUS if he tries to use Executive Order’s”

                Really? This I gotta see. Can he round up 6-7 Dems to vote to convict? That would be awesome.

            • FreeSlave: You live in a fantasy world. They may propose a few of those items but they will not go anywhere. Ronald Regan with a favorable congress couldn’t do it, these weak sisters with a hostile president surely won’t. By the way, just because the Republicans control both houses means nothing, read the Constitution, especially, Article One. Balance of powers and all that. They don’t have the votes for any veto overrides. But, hey, you can keep dreaming.


          • The Only people who won yesterday, were the Wealthy Corporations, War Machine Contractors, The wealthy 2%, and the Politicians. The other 98% of America Lost again. Those in Washington DC will keep feeding the 2% beast, and we 98% will still get stuck with the bill.

            The Key for real change is Stop Paying any and all Taxes, and Start Voting from the Rooftops.

          • Different door party wise but same conclusion. We the people are screwed. I love my country but hate it’s government.


          • The sarcasm will not be noticed. I now have no doubt they are putting shit in the water. We are fucked.

          • Divide and conquer? Who are you going to conquer? Your fellow Americans with a different opinion? Well, fuck you too.

            • Make Friends with KOOLAIDE!,,,Make KOOLAIDE with Friends!

              Just be 100% Certain it is Sal Alinsky Koolaide Sharon.

            • sharonsj,
              Why are you upset? That attitude never bothered you when the Dims were pushing it. You lefties are just liars. Does the sj mean stupid jerk?

        • I actually wouldn’t be surprised if Obola enacts martial law sometime in the next two years.

          • It will be when the apes revolt over the grand jury decision in ferguson.

            • Jungle Love

            • Kula, from the word on the street here in MO they are about to make some kind of a decision about the officer involved in the shooting how that goes so goes MO. Holding my breath as I don’t think the masses in Ferguson are going to be happy. They did everything possible to get the police chief to resign he says no way hope he lives through it.

              As far as the election goes same day different s–t. I had a person ask me today if now that the Republicans won can he start eating the food I talked his wife into saving? my answer is hell no, and by the way keep prepping. Some people just don’t get it.

              • A huge cold front is forecast for next week. Wait until then to announce. Then hose them down with fire hoses if they riot. Icicles will go home.

        • Smooth Criminal, I agree. It’s really going to become interesting now.

          • the tolls sure out in force now days on this site! hope someone is tracking there IP address so they can be tried for treason as well!!

        • “The only difference between republicans and democrats is, it will take republicans a week longer to accept communism” – Mike Reagan

          “The democrats want to take us to hell in a handbasket, the republicans want to take us to hell in a shopping cart” -Unknown

          The “republicans” are the fall guy, the whipping boy, and only run interference for the dimtards, who only do their REAL owner’s bidding.

          Policies will carry on, same as it ever was. Prohibition will continue, they will still shoot you for a whatever reason they can concoct, and you will lose more freedoms.

          Expect more war-mongering, as if there isn’t already enough, we’ll just hear it more openly. We’ll bomb wrapped in the flag, not just by executive orders, and the fat, brainless suckers will smile, and cheer. The borders will not just remain unguarded, expect them to fall completely.

          The Republic is dead, and changing the actors of the Washington Theater Troupe will not change that.

          • “There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the Democratic and Republican parties.” George Wallace, former Governor of Alabama running for President as an Independent, 1972.

            • Braveheart, He was right then, and it’s still true today. I wear one of George’s buttons from 1972 on my coyboy hat as we speak, mostly just for fun. Trekker Out.

              • Not one Republican voted for Obamacare so knock off the buss shit about there being no difference. The Repubs have also never pulled the tactics that Reid and Pelosi have. Am I happy with them? No but they are far better than the thug party.

            • “The Onlyest thing you can do against this forced bussings and integrations is to…Keep Us and them Seperate!…Us and them Seperate…”

              George Wallace, former Governor of Alabama running for President as an Independent, 1972

              Shot for Truth Telling!…Again!

        • I only participated in this election for local legislation. The candidates I voted for were write ins… Michael Dorne, Brent Spiner, Lavar Burton, etc…

          • Please tell me Patrick Stewart and Gates McFadden got votes too. You can’t go wrong with DeForest Kelly either

            • Especially since DeForest Kelly is dead….

        • FL Gov Rick Scott spent $22 Million of his own money on his own reelection campaign. For a job that only pays $200K. Scott also was the CEO of HCA that defrauded Medicare out of $1.5 Billion. Who says crime doesnt pay.

          • ” FL Gov Rick Scott spent $22 Million of his own money on his own reelection campaign. For a job that only pays $200K ”

            Exactly. He obviously knows something we dont, and dont tell me he just wants to serve the people. There’s obviously a payoff of some kind involved. Otherwise, jackals like Scott wouldn’t even bother.

          • Kinda makes you wonder why the unions outspent him, doesn’t it?

        • Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

          • That’s silly: the “old Boss” wore Hanes, the “new Boss” wears Fruit of the Loom. There’s a HUGE difference when you change labels, ignore the fact that, in the end, you get the same result; their asses are covered…….

        • yes and when americans stop supporting and voting for the filth and trash things will change, until then things stay the same but too many fools think their vote means something

        • When the boot of Government is on your neck, you don’t care if its the right boot or the left boot… you just want it off.

          Same wine, different bottle.

      2. Amen to that, we are still screwed…
        Have a great evening yall…

        • IKR. People expecting the republicrats to be any better remind me of the little kids looking through a giant pile of horse manure thinking “there must be a pony in here somewhere!”

      3. Will the fascists, er, I mean, republicans, be any better than the commies, er I mean democrats? OW…OUCH…bad keyboard! [SARCASM} Hell no, not in my lifetime or yours. They’re just 2 wings of the same bird. Both parties pursue the same agenda but put out different propaganda bashing each other all the time. You know, to give us the illusion that we have a choice? I expect now that the BOY in the WH will issue EOs for all kinds of shit now. I think now it will be ‘damn the torpedos full speed ahead’ for the NWO agenda. Everyone continue prepping. I definitely am.

      4. Just different people that deserve to hang is all.

      5. This time it’s different!

        • Now THAT’s funny. Nice command of irony.


        • Prohibition will continue, business as usual, how dare you think you own your body and your life…

          Otherwise, they will have to shoot you, to save you…

          • MSM TV News: “Folks this is Big! I mean it is HUGE! Okay we now have official confirmation to report straight from the SWAT COPS Comand team leader!

            “Well suzy creemecheese, like we always usually discover in most everytime we raid a home with imbedded Malitia possessing a single marywanna joint.”

            Suzy Creemecheese: Oh I am All Giddy now Officer friendly! but Please go on with More update info!

            “SWAT LEADER COP: “Like I said its the Norm we usualy find whenever we Raid what turned out to be just another weed smoking Malitianaziwhowantstokillsixmillionmorejews.. and is also a vile evil Raysis!…Seems everytime these whitey seperatists Malitia guys first shoot themselves in their own Head….Then ironic as it sounds they all always SET Fire to Own Homes…..30-to-45 Minits AFTER they commited suicide!….Our defectives and pycho experts are trying to figure it all out now….Gotta go so’s I can stupervize and make sure the entire structure turns to solid pile of Ashes so to HIDE any Badcop evidence folks”

        • ah yes… from the mouths of babes…

        • Acid/eisenturd, go ahead and get stoned while we ‘old farts’ are working to SAVE this country, NOT DESTROY IT, YOU STUPID MOFO!

        • Lemon cush & spicy nacho to go….

        • Ass itch go away. Your using up valuable internet space.

          • Maddog, if acid/eisenturd could be kept away from a computer, that would really help.

          • Using up valuable Oxygen, what a waste.

            • Honest to God I get 5 red thumbs for telling Ass Itch to go away. I need to find a new site.

              • True story Maddog:

                The paid shills of Israel are circling SHTF like vultures on a kill.

                Oh for the day when the Lord says Enough”.

                • It can’t come soon enough POG. By-the-way from your other post the answer is I go by maddog in the real world. Not by choice, the name was given to me by skilled trades guys working for me in the past. No hiding here.

                • Sorry POG…,but the day the Lord should have said enough…was right after the Fall.
                  But,it seems he has a vested interest in seeing how far we can utterly debase ourselves….as if He didn’t know already…

                • POG I’m not sure maybe Mac sold the site but something has changed here recently and its not for the better. This ass itch clown says things that if he were standing next to me I’d rip his head off and shit down his windpipe and the shitple cheer. I’m leaving for a while, so take care.

                  • Maddog, NOBODY here has any use for acid. Don’t let the SOB drive you away. If I ever met him in person, I would shoot him to put him out of his misery.

                  • Maddog:

                    Would that you lived in my neighborhood. It would be a privilege. Will miss you……

          • Wow…surprised how many trolls are on this site by the red thumbs….they must have reinforcements….


      7. Dear Sheeple,

        To those of you that think jack shit will be any different with Republicans than with the Democrats, you’re fooling yourselves. If you’re still too stupid to realize that neither party represents you in any way, shape or form, then may you get the fucking you thought you voted for straight in your depleted wallet; even though your vote never counted for anything. Yes, it’s such a big responsibility to be a voter and vote your conscience. May the best man or woman win,…right.

        You poor sad sacks have been duped, utterly mind fucked, if you actually believe your vote gives you a say in anything. What was that I hear? The machines that count are electronic? In some states the machines you vote on are electronic? The votes are counted in private with no public supervision? What was that I hear? In-fucking-deed.

        That’s it, you keep spinning your wheels and think you’re voting to be represented. The whole thing is a circus and you morons are in the center ring putting on the grand finale. You never stop to think where these clown candidates come from, who backs their campaigns, who the fuck nominated them to begin with. Even if you could drum up a candidate that was for real, they would not get elected anyway. If in fact they somehow managed to beat all odds and subvert the rigged system, surely they would be sat down within a couple of weeks after the election for a nice talk with the economic hitman and maybe shown the secret Kennedy reel? Maybe.

        Dream on bitches, dream on.

        Not a fucking sucker

        • JoeRepublic, good post aimed at the sheeple. Try to post it on any MSM site. I’d be surprised if they don’t take it down.

          • Yes, thanks Braveheart. My target is not the audience here. Maybe this article pops up in a search and some sheeple stumbles upon it. Maybe they start to think a little after reading my deliberately offensive tirade against their fragile eggshell reality. Maybe next time. A lot of damned maybe’s, but at least this will be stored somewhere in the NSA database where it may one day serve some purpose, if even to incarcerate me,…heheheheh

            • JoeRepublic, I’ve been posting on here since July 2012 and I’m sure all of my posts are in the same NSA database. Whoever comes for me will fail in their mission. My ‘ventilation team’ will see to that.

        • Joe Republic.

          We know what is going on and are preparing for it.

          Nothing you can do about till the shit hits the fan.

          • So what are we waiting for? START THROWING THE SHIT AT THE FAN.

            • WWTI.

              When are we going to do something?

              We do something everyday in different ways. Just by posting here we let others know they are not alone. Do we all wish things will get better? Sure but we always need to have it happen now.
              Myself, I prepare often. Then I have to be vigilant.
              To provide comfort and safety while others go berserk. That is when people will have to put their own skin in the game and right now there are not that many who have done so. Nothing going to change till many go through a world of hurt. Listen, there are too many who don’t do nothing and criticize us. Like the red thumbs we get.
              They never respond with an explanation why they red thumbed. I will not respond to help or fight till I figure they have paid their pound of flesh.

        • So says Grima Wormtongue. Except he didn’t have as filthy of a mouth.

          And in fact, you are precisely a sucker, with your “moral equivalence” ignorance. Heck, you’d probably be whining about George Washington and all the “suckers” supporting him were it 200 some odd years ago.

          Change starts somewhere. And we can possibly make some headway – even though it is a longshot – with what happened yesterday. Your option, mon ami, is to condemn us, and future generations, to 100 years of Soviet style oppression due to your lack of perception, courage and cynicism.

          The true sucker is the one who only counsels despair and defeatism. The rest of us, while acknowledging the very, very serious threats to freedom, are doing what we can to try to rescue, if we can, freedom. I’m sure the monks on Skellig Michael, as the whole world slid into the Dark Ages, could have also just given up. But they didn’t, and the world emerged from the Dark Ages – which we are admittedly slipping back into.

          Grima Wormtongue indeed.

          • If voting actually changed anything, it would be illegal. You really don’t get it at all, do you moron? You are so deeply brainwashed that you simply cannot see it. The cognitive dissonance is so embedded within you, that there is no hope, you poor sucker. Exactly the type I’m talking about. I’m glad you’re offended you fucking idiot.

          • What freedom?

        • Guess what tard. You are also along for the ride. So you are not so bright. At least some are trying to change things unlike a sniveling cynical loser like you.

          • Ha, another brain dead moron. That’s it, keep spinning your wheels idiot. You see, if nobody participated in the scam, the scam wouldn’t exist, you fucking sucker.

        • if god wanted us to vote, he would have given us CANDIDATES!

        • Joe Republic says:”To those of you that think jack shit will be any different with Republicans than with the Democrats”

          You have no real choice. The only choice you get is: decaf or regular, Coke or Pepsi, small or large.

          If voting really changed anything it would be illegal.


          >My name is Legion, for we are many. Expect us.<

      8. I don’t know if the two factions will work together for the good of the country or not. I doubt it. I wonder if the elected will continue to increase their personal wealth at the expense of the taxpayers. Probably so.

        • Swinging, you know they will, had a great time last weekend, gotta do it again and go fishing…

          • You can count on it my friend.

      9. All of these events are well planned. Forget about two Bush’s…lets start with Obama…he was selected (not elected) to cover for the previous selected puppet and his crimes against not only Americans but the humanity. Millions of idiots screaming the savior has arrived and the temporary life on earth will be changed to heaven on earth. The great savior continued the same wars and financial crimes as his previous colleagues under the direct command of the ZOG residing in Wall Street and Federal Reserve. Ask yourself if your pensions / 401ks were improved as the ZOG run Wall Street pigs and the 1%’s made the killing in the range of billions. So for all monkeys that are jumping up and down the game will remain the same and will played as before. Regardless of Blue or Red garbage, the sole beneficiaries of the blood money either via military industrial sect or Wall Street and Goldman Sachs/Chase/ BOA etc.. is only one TRIBE.

        • The Japanese called it “karoshi” – death by overwork.

          Unfortunately, I have a lazy, socialist, feminist sister who retired at 49 and left me – still working full time a at 60 and will have to for another decade – to take care of an elderly parent and mentally handicapped sibling… and, of course, pay for her leisurely life of retirement. So, yeah, I’ll probably get culled by “karoshi” myself. Hey, gotta keep them Learjet leftists and limousine liberals in expensive chianti and caviar!

      10. One thing that happened is that Obama and Reid got a
        good kick in the shins. You can say that the people are starting to wake up and voted against what the current administration has done. The next two years Obama will not sign what he doesn’t want accomplished. That is if it is not his way you can forget it. Still the stage is set for the Presidential Elections.

        I would assume that many have awakened to what is going on in Washington D.C. and by 730 more days or so might produce the effects we talk of here.

        The President will not compromise because we peasants have repudiated his agenda.

        Fuck Him.

        • Slingshot, I’m not so sure we’ll make it to the next elections. I think the first quarter of 2015 will be party time, if not sooner.

          • That’s the same old tired bs you’ve been spouting off for years, it’s always going to be the ” next quarter” but somehow nothing ever happens. That’s exactly why the prepper community has lost all credibility, I’ve come to the conclusion the other 97% of the population has been correct all the time.

        • I don’t remember Obozo ever compromising with the other side as he shoves his socialist agenda down our craws.

        • This exact same thing happened 8 years ago in the other direction. You’re still drinking the kool-aid.

          There is ZERO different here except the blue will tell you how they’re going to fuck you and the reds tell you they’re not fucking you while they’re fucking you.

          Even on 2A issues. Hell, especially on the 2A issues.

          You’re dreaming if you think the reds are going to do anything that’s going to be good for US.

      11. You remember the old Pat Paulson for President ads?

      12. Message to Mac and Karl: The Republican House passed bills (plural) repealing Obamacare. Those bills are somewhere in the Senate collecting dust wherever Reid put them. The House passed many bills,which ended up going no where in the Senate. So,before you both start bitchin’ about all that was not done,do a little research and find out why. Reid would not ALLOW ANY Republican bills from the House to be voted on. Now,with the Senate in Republican hands, let’s see what becomes of those bills. If no part of Obamacare is repealed,then I will be the first on this site criticizing them. BTW: an all out repeal will not work,BO will veto it,and we can’t get an two-thirds vote to override it. It must be done piecemeal. Advice to both of you: Take a civics course.

        • Right, so instead of defunding everything, they gave Obama a credit card with no limit. Wow, some fighters they were LOL. All theater with ugly actors.

          • Seeking Freedom:

            Don’t confuse anyone with facts.

            You are correct; without funding none of the lawless legislations would have gone forward.

            Smoke and mirrors. Don’t tell the populace that the house controls the purse and without the funding the engines of these laws come to a complete stop!

      13. With little exception its, “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss” and that amazingly accurate French proverb, “The more things change, the more they stay the same”.

      14. ***on and off topic***

        as this news cycle winds down…

        how soon will it be before we hear about the hundreds of ebola cases across this nation…

        and will they be real…or to just further an agenda…

        • hahaha…no, I didn’t change the moniker…again…

        • The idiot doctor in NY City who rode a bus, the subway, and went bowling instead of staying at home is responsible for the monitoring of 374 people for Ebola, as of today.

          I hope he’s paying for it.

      15. With the mid-term election over, I would be MUCH more concerned with the coming WALL STREET crash, false flag activity to ensure OBIMBO’S continued monarchy, and the now strong possibility of a fake/real/combination pandemic.

        Beyond THAT, the election and results mean NOTHING!!!

        • Obamas todays speech press conference he said he will start moving assets down to the border. Codeword for 34 Million Green Cards, EBT Cards, Drivers Licenses, Section 8 Housing vouchers, and Voter ID Cards all stamped Democrat and by and under his Executive Order.

      16. Mac, that picture of the two-headed snake is perfect for this article. I downloaded it and set it on my computer as background.

      17. Nothing will change

        It never does


      18. WOW , everyone here has given up .
        Slipping silently into the deep dark water.

        Ya’ll just quit and turn in yer preps at the local FEMA camp as you enter.
        It aint done yet for me.
        What is it everyone likes to end their posts with? NOMI ?
        And yet , it seems its over before it begins.
        Never expected this.
        All hope is lost, deep dark despair and misery.

        Sorry cant handle all this negativity at a time when there is hope that the votes are a referendum on socialism , not nesessarily a vote for the GOP.

        GET A GRIP

        • not given up, just that we woke up a long time ago. And not sure how you correlate giving up preps with waking up to the truth about politics and govt in amerikka.
          I hope you wake up too soon, you’d make a good asset as a truly awakened american.

        • I will add that nobody was voting for anything here , not GOP or DEM , this was a rejection of Barrack Obamas socialist policies , nothing more.
          I voluntieered at the town hall and listened to the conversations , people know more than the arrogant posters here give credit .
          Not as many “sheep” out ther as you think.
          Take this as a victory and build on it.
          Defeatist attitudes will not win the day.

          • hammerhead….I’ll follow your suggestions and similar ones on this article if the new GOP being in control of both house performs the following in order:

            1- Eliminate the entire NDAA,
            2- Stop making false wars.
            3- Go after the real terrorist and not the DC made ones.
            4- Make NSA / CIA to do their real jobs that is protecting the USA and Americans and not
            perceive Americans as the enemy.
            5- Prosecute to the full extend of the law the Wall Street thieves and the tribal banksters
            for crimes they have committed.
            6- Help Americans to prosper in an lawful manner Vs creating criminal laws to destroy

            The list goes on and on but above are a good start even even one of them.

            Else this is another puppet show by the six sided invisible star in control.

          • The only thing that will “win the day”, is a total a complete rejection of this B.S. illusion that your national vote makes one molecule of difference. YOU need to understand that OUR representatives are ALL bought and paid for by entities that do not even live HERE, much less care about this population.

            I know, the FANTASY is comforting to a long instilled propaganda FEEL GOOD LIE. Well, being comforted by an OBVIOUS LIE is a rather immature approach to life! But, SANTA is coming next month. LMAO!

            • The only thing that will “win the day”, is a total a complete rejection of this B.S. illusion that your national vote makes one molecule of difference.
              My vote may (does) not make any difference in the outcome of the selection process but it DOES matter. It shows that even though I know I can’t win I will not surrender the field, I will go down swinging and not give up nor give in.
              I may not be able to outrun the avalanche but I will die trying. Possibly the example will help someone who is in a position to make a real difference.

          • I agree,
            Had the buyer at our local produce wholesaler tell me how he sees so many people asleep and oblivious, made me feel better, actually had a few people mention stuff like that lately,
            However, over here in this libtard heaven, second only to commiefornia, im pretty sure the odds are still stacked against us

            • I came into this world against the grain (both premature and breech). I came in dragged by my heel, kicking and screaming…I intend to live AND leave this world in the same manner.

        • Hammerhead.

          We have not quit. Far from it. I am waiting to see what the President does after some of his own people stuck a stick in his eye.

        • Yeah WTF does NOMI mean?

          • Not One More Inch.

        • The more things change in D.C., the more they stay the same.

          Republicans had control of both houses of Congress during G.W. Bush’s first term.

          They FUBAR’d it.

          Republicans don’t know how to govern….or how effectively use their power when they have it.

          And most of them have absolutely no interest in the Constitution (as evidenced by Republican leaderships attack on the Tea Party candidates)

        • Good post. I do have to admit that I’m slightly less paranoid today than I was yesterday. And, yes, we’ll keep prepping.

          • Vicky…don’t put your guards down. Actually I am more paranoid today than yesterday because at least the previous traitors were more transparent with their plans such as gun control etc.. The new traitors are excellent actors and can reverse the true agenda very skillfully. My 2 cents.

        • nobody has given up

          we just realize that you can beat a dead horse all you like

          it’s not gonna get up and start running

          we’re just taking our time and energy and diverting them
          to other areas

        • I’ll never give up . . . but I’m not going to fool myself into thinking our current government can be fixed. The current government is the second we’ve tried since independence from England and it’s just not working out anymore.

          Time for a 3rd try I say.

      19. Anyone that believes things will now change are suffering from Human Delusional Syndrome.

        The PTB have figured out how to construct the illusion of choice to keep the masses content. This illusion is the 2 party system.

        While there is such a thing as a victimless crime, we are not free.

        While there is taxation of property, we are not free.

        While there is a central bank that controls the monetary policy of the nation, with little or no oversight, we are not free.

        We are slaves, we are not free.

        I hate to be a bummer, but this is the truth as I see it. The illusion will evaporate at some non-deterministic point in the future. The machine is too complex to not fail. Many more people now see beyond the Matrix than ever before. People are no longer concerned with debt because they sense that it is now impossible to repay the balance. People no longer respect the rule of law because the government is no longer bound by it. People have begun to feel the shadow growing in the east. We are now in the darkest depths of Mordor, and the only way out is through…

        Best of luck, and keep the faith.

      20. This title is acutally intelligent, something rare for this site.

      21. I rebuke you OBOLA. You are shitty.

      22. I’ve probably voted for the last time on the national races (Senate, House, President).

        I’ve pretty much reached the conclusion that the Federal Government…..as it functions in D.C. today…is illegitimate. So…I really don’t care to give it legitimacy by voting for candidates at the national level. I’ll continue to vote state and local.

        I really don’t expect anything to change in D.C. The whole system is one big bunch of sick, demented, corrupt, foul pieces of human excrement.

        And if I could, I’d build a wall around D.C. with all the elected and appointed bureaucrats inside, and never let them out again…..ever.

        • Walt, as I have said before, kill ’em and start over correctly, as our forefathers told us to do. Jefferson was my favorite, he seemed to see in the future and tried to warn us. Yes, they all tried to warn us, yet we let this shit happen. Scary…

      23. new boss same as the old boss !!!!!!

        • When I turned 18, I went out and registered to vote. I proudly marked the “Democrat” box, “the party of the people”.

          I didn’t know anything at all about politics. I didn’t know the difference between “left and right”. I had no idea what “welfare” was, or “socialism” for that matter, all I heard was “The Party of the People”.

          I was at the end of my 20’s when it really hit me (about 1989).

          THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS “THE PARTY OF THE PEOPLE”, neither on the left, nor on the right.

          • There is a party going on all right six…..

            We just aint invited…..

      24. I have given up on the ballot box, as a means to return this country back to it’s freedoms. I don’t believe for a NY minute that the repubs will do anything about obamacare. Bush created the patriot act, Obama expanded on it. Seriously, what is the difference between the two parties?

      25. Great attitude. Nothing good ever happens does it? Would you have been happier if the Democrats would had won overwhelmingly yesterday?

        • At this point that might have been better. I really don’t think it can be fixed without starting over from scratch. If the dems won in a landslide it would be over that much sooner and we could start rebuilding. Of course part of me also hopes Hillary becomes the next president and jumps too fast, say by banning all firearms, and the people revolt and set things right.

          Unfortunately both parties realize that to turn up the heat too fast will make the frog jump off the pan. They’ll just continue to cook us slowly.

      26. Remember this.

        Obama was the first Black President that Could of united the country.

        He now knows that all that he thought that were successes, will be known as failures.

        That will grind on him for the next two years.

        His legacy will be a more divided country.

      27. Although Obama assured the country otherwise…

        We now learn that U.S. uniformed officers will be treating Ebola patients in Liberia.

        Drudge Report

      28. Godfatherpolitics.com has a totally different take – and one which I agree with:

        There are a lot of people who did not vote because they would not vote for the “lesser of two evils,” which makes no sense since they got either the lesser or the greater evil.
        My philosophy has always been that you can’t get any hits if you’re not playing the game. Sulking from the bleachers won’t change anything. We’ve picked up some good congressmen over the last couple of elections (e.g., Ted Cruz). We’ve picked up some good ones this time around as well.

        It took us a long time to get into this mess; it’s going to take some time to get out of it.

        Consider this from LifeNews.com:
        “In a landslide election that saw pro-life candidates winning across the nation, pro-life advocates have been able to take over the Senate from pro-abortion Democrats, led by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

        “Harry Reid’s days as the pro-abortion leader of the U.S. Senate are now numbered as pro-life candidates picked up enough seats to take over the Senate.

        Reid has done pro-abortion President Barack Obama’s bidding and ensured that abortion-funding Obamacare was passed through on a party-line vote, with not a single Republican voting in favor of the legislation. Reid made sure that no pro-life bills received a vote in the Senate — including measures to stop taxpayer funding of abortions and a bill to ban abortions after 20 weeks, when unborn babies can feel pain.”

        Note this line: “not a single Republican vot[ed] in favor of the legislation.” Having a Republican majority, even though some of the Republicans are squishy, at least in this case, having a Republican majority might make a difference.
        I realize that these new Republicans will be wined and dined by the GOP Establishment, but again, maybe they will align with Ted Cruz.
        If Republicans win in Alaska and Louisiana, the pro-life position in the GOP will be even more solid than it is now. As of this writing, Republican Dan Sullivan is leading in the Alaska Senate race. Louisiana is headed for a runoff. I’m not sure if Thom Tillis won in North Carolina.

        Republicans that lost were by the slimmest margins. Scott Brown, running as a Republican in New Hampshire, lost. I’m OK with it since Brown is pro-abortion and pro-homosexual marriage. The GOP does not need an advocate for either one in the Senate. Good riddance.

        The Virginia Senate race is at razor-thin margins, with Democrat Sen. Mark Warner holding less than a one-percent lead.
        Here’s my philosophy: defeat one enemy at a time. At least in 2014, the enemy is the Democrat Party, and I’m happy for the defeat.

        Will I be disappointed with how the GOP will run things when they get full control in January? Most assuredly, but today, I’m refreshed since I had one of the best night’s sleep in a long time.


      29. Really? So there’s a moral equivalence between pro-life and the pro-death abortionists? Ted Cruz/Mike Lee/Rand Paul = Harry Reid/Tricky Dick Durbin/gun grabber Dianne Feinstein? That those that at least are trying to restore a constitutional republic are functionally the same as those trying to destroy it? Those fighting for the sanctity of marriage (and note well: the benefits of marriage are meant to help defray the very real costs of raising children, best done as nature designed, by a man and woman) are the same as those the pander to the homosexual Brown Shirts? That those who support fascism (as defined in the dictionary, meaning leftists) are the equivalent of those fighting for freedom?

        We have enough Gríma Wormtongues as it is. For me, I will take what we got yesterday as a down payment, and continue to move the ball forward. Yes, preparedness is important, and yes, we may not pull this out of the fire. But there have been similar dark ages in the past, and HEROES (like many of you here) worked in ignominy, working out of Skellig Michael (look it up folks – may give you some backbone) as the rest of the world slid into the Dark Ages, or hopping into Hurricanes and Spitfires as the “inevitable” victory of Hitler progressed over the skies in England.

        The truth is, as Churchill said, ““If you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed, if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not so costly, you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance for survival.  There may be a worse case.  You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”

      30. Wow! Look at the red thumbs. Hahahahaha!

      31. Status as a natural-born citizen of the United States is one of the eligibility requirements established in the United States Constitution for election to the office of President or Vice President.

        !!!Born on U.S. soil to TWO U.S. citizens!!! BLOOD AND DIRT.

        ANYONE required to go through the legal process of “naturalization” to become a U.S. citizen is NOT a natural citizen.

        Ted Cruz is the first Cuban American or Latino to hold the office of US Senator from Texas.
        Rafael Edward Cruz December 22, 1970 (age 43)born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada
        Cruz’s father became a naturalized U.S. citizen in 2005.

        Ted Cruz was born to a Cuban father that fought for CASTRO.
        Therefore, Ted Cruz CAN NOT be a candidate for presidency in 2016…or EVER!!!!

        We let the DNC and Pelosi pull this stunt in 2008—NOT AGAIN!!!!

        • Well, gee… it was OK for Obungler! 🙂

      32. I keep reading that someone who votes needs to wake up. But I would like to know what has been accomplished by the those that are “awake”. I would like to know what if anything the awaken have done for this country. Or is it just something to say to somebody when you disagree with someone?
        Now before ya’ll get your hemorrhoids in an uproar. I am not against someone seeing the truth and not falling for the establishment story. I personally question everything I hear. And then question it again.
        But seriously what good does it do to be awake if all you do is look at it and do nothing about it?
        Reminds me of something my youngest said to my oldest. “Quit making excuses, make improvements”
        I am curious what anybody has done with all their new found enlightenment since they awoke. I have tried talking to people about some things but I don’t feel like I’ve accomplished that much if anything. What can be done by any of us to change the wrongs that we see on a daily basis?
        So if a person votes and believes it might change things who are we to tell him any different? At least he tried to do something, which is better than nothing. Peace.

      33. Does it matter anymore?

        Its all flushing.

      34. ya will have to see what they do.
        wake me when people care enough to shoot back!

      35. No real change. Instead of a mangy chicken killing grey fox guarding the henhouse. you now have a mangy chicken killing coyote . The Real problem is those who get elected for the most part are scum sucking Lawyers. We elect lawyers to make the laws! By themselves a lawyer or politician is a crook. Combine the two and you have a untouchable bonified crook.

      36. The last honest president was Andrew Jackson who tried to bring this nation back to it`s moral roots.
        From then the powers behind have done all to slowly destroy it.
        After decades of destroying , education, banks, business, medicine, industry, morals, legal system, political system, for greed, lust, sex, drugs, murder, allowing every type of evil to run wild in this nation.
        Is it any wonder why we see all this going on today.
        Until we wake up to this evil we will continue down the path to total distruction until one day our children will wake up one day homeless on the nation our for fathers fought and died for…. THOMAS JEFFERSON

        • and Andrew Jackson Stole the land from the 5 civilized tribes and marched them west on the trail of tears. Even though at the time the supreme court ruled that it was uncounstitiounal to do so.
          Jackson was just like all the others a scummy politician.

      37. a quote “the difference between democrats and republicans is, the democrats embrace socialism cheerfully while the republicans do the same reluctantly”
        norman thomas.

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