Election 2012: How The Winner Will Destroy America

by | Nov 6, 2012 | Headline News | 162 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    After all the hollow and uninspired elections that this country has suffered through over the past several decades, one might think that at some point long ago the American public would have finally struck a plateau of disenfranchisement; that we could sink no further into despondency, that there is a saturation limit to the corruption of our voting process.  Unfortunately, there has been no such luck.  I have to say that in all honesty I have never seen more people gut jumbled and disgusted with our electoral system than I have in 2012.  Sure, there is still a hyper-gullible segment of the populous that continues to play the game, but even those idiots are beginning to admit that the choices offered are dismal at best, catastrophic at worst.  The fog of the false Left/Right paradigm is starting to lift, and all that lay in its wake is a hoard of lost wide-eyed flabbergasted followers without a coattail or a talking point to cling to.  Sudanese refugees have a better chance of survival than these people do…

    Even in the more obvious of fraudulent past elections there was at least an attempt by the establishment to present a pageant of conflicting ideologies (George W. Bush vs. John Kerry comes to mind).  There has always been the Democrat who pretends to be anti-war, or the Republican who pretends to be small government, or the Democrat who pretends to defend our right to privacy, and the Republican who pretends to be pro-2nd Amendment.  But in 2012, even the theater of rhetoric has disappeared.  Both primary party candidates seem to be sharing the same intestinal tract and the same teleprompter, and now, the average American is asking a new set of questions.  They do not wonder how these men will change things for the better.  Not at all.  Instead, they wonder which one will do LESS DAMAGE while in office.  This is the terrible reality we have come to understand in our society today.  It is a sad awakening, but a necessary one.

    As you read this now, the new President of the United States is being “chosen” or has been chosen.  Whoever the “winner” happens to be is ultimately irrelevant.  They do not count.  They are mascots.  Middle management cronies running through the motions to distract the masses while enacting the policies of their superiors.  They are fry cooks serving greasy overpriced democracy with no real sustenance.  What does matter, though, is what comes next.  I’m sorry to say that the idea that one man will do less damage than the other is a naïve sentiment.  Democrat?  Republican?  Obama?  Romney?  The crimes and calamities wrought will be exactly the same.  Take a look into my crystal ball and see the future.  Here is how the winner will destroy America…

    1)  He Will Continue The Policy Of Dollar Devaluation 

    Neither candidate has expressed any interest through the election or even before it to protect the value of our currency, and both candidates have supported steps towards quantitative easing and fiat printing in order to delay an inevitable national debt crisis.  Both Romney and Obama have sung the praises of Ben Bernanke (Romney changed his tune just in time for his campaign, but who’s buying that?) and the private Federal Reserve despite the consistent failures of that despotic institution to produce any tangible economic results with their Keynesian methods.

    The dollar will see a vast devaluation during the term of this candidate and a loss of world reserve status, leading to stagflation (a combination of the worst elements of deflationary and inflationary crises in the same event).  Skyrocketing prices and crumbling unemployment will be the highlights of his presidency, because he will never take measures to reign in or dismantle the primary root cause of the problem; the Federal Reserve itself.

    2)  He Will Continue Extreme Government Debt Spending

    Neither candidate has offered a practical or operable solution to the $16 trillion official national debt problem we now face, let alone the tens of trillions of dollars in entitlement obligations that the Treasury Department never talks about.  A nation can only live off food stamps and credit for so long before it implodes like a wet paper sack. And this is exactly what we have become; an entire culture of debt addicts and money hounds searching for our next fix of foreign or central bank cash.  The fact is, both Obama and Romney would INCREASE spending while using fiat injections to buttress an ever weakening economy in the name of “stability”.  The new president will claim that if spending cuts are initiated, it will send the U.S. financial system into a tailspin and a “return” to recession conditions.  This will of course be a lie.  We have not left recession/depression conditions since 2008.

    3)  He Will Support And Expand On Wars In The Middle East

    There is no such thing as a mainstream “anti-war candidate” in 2012.  Not even a fake one.  Obama’s measures of state violence and complete lack of respect for the sovereign internal matters of foreign nations surpass the madness of George Bush Jr.  He has even gone so far as to assert that his office has the right to assassinate American citizens without trial, evidence, or due process of the law.  Not only has he asserted the right to this power, he has used it!  Romney’s position, hilariously, is that Obama has not gone far enough!  Either way, the winner in 2012 is going to leap like a vile locust into new countries and unleash a plague of laser guided death.  The next president WILL be a war hungry president.

    4)  He Will Lock Down The Web And Limit Internet Speech 

    Both Romney and Obama have expressed a desire to establish cybersecurity measures which include vast new governmental authority over the functions and operations of the internet.  The ultimate goal?  To gain legal precedence for the right to dictate web content, up to and including the ability to label any website a subversive threat to national security or a recruitment tool for “extremists”.

    With the establishment spreading completely baseless accusation of cyberthreats coming from every corner of the globe (but mostly from Iran) it would seem that they are conditioning the public for a future encounter with a cyber event, and telling them who to blame when it occurs.  The problem is, the most prominent cyber security threats to the internet in the past few years have come not from the Middle East, or Russia, or China, but the U.S. and Israel (Stuxnet anyone?).  Keep this in mind when our new president blames the next cyber attack on a convenient political target and then uses the event as an excuse to regulate the web.

    5)  He Will Erase American Civil Liberties 

    This president will find a reason, or he will create a reason to diminish Constitutional protections including our right to trial and due process.  Both candidates have offered unflinching support for the National Defense Authorization Act and its provisions for indefinite detainment.  Neither man has ventured any sincere concerns over the broad nature of the language involved in the labeling of “terrorists” and “extremists”.  Literally anyone can now be categorized as an enemy combatant and a threat to national security for almost any reason, and this appears to be the way Obama and Romney like it.  That is to say, they both want totalitarian powers, or at the very least, they have made no effort to turn them down.

    It is important to note that there has never been a government in history that sought out such powers and did not actually use them.  Only a fool would assume his favorite elitist candidate in 2012 will not utilize the extreme authorities now amassed for the executive branch over the past decade.

    6)  He Will Embrace A Globalist Dynamic And Abandon American Sovereignty 

    Both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are surrounded by “advisers” who are also members of the Council On Foreign Relations, an institution which openly calls for the dissolution of American sovereignty on a regular basis and the creation of a centralized global system dominating the financial, social, and political life of every nation in the world.  With the economic stability of the U.S. on the verge of oblivion, it is very likely that a historic crisis will ensue during the first term of the next president, and that he will in response suggest a new global system as the solution.

    This system has already been created, in part, by the IMF and World Bank in concert with member governments and revolves around the issuance of a new world reserve currency (Special Drawing Rights) as the centerpiece.  I can guarantee with absolute certainty that the next president, regardless of who he happens to be, will promote an IMF rescue package coupling the dollar to the SDR and turning over full economic control of America to an international body.  He will make it sound rational, reasonable, and even advantageous, but in the end, he will be selling the globalist snakeoil he was conscripted to sell before his election campaign ever started.

    In 2012, it will not be about voting.  It will not be about “winning”.  It will not even be about getting to the next election.  It will be about survival.  As big a joke as the 2012 elections have become even to the generally unaware, I am not laughing.  I do not need to look at the promises of either candidate.  I do not need to weigh their half-assed quick fix policies.  All I have to do is look at the current downward trend and understand that the president, whoever he may be, will continue it.  If anything is to truly change, it will be because we as Americans finally walk away from the game, enacting our own solutions and our own opposition instead of handing over our power to sniveling errand boys wrapped in flags and expensive suits and self-rightousness every four years.  2012 is going to be the beginning of upheaval and renewal, for better or for worse, and it is certain that the guy in the White House into 2013, Republican or Democrat, is going to be a part of the problem, nothing more…

    You can contact Brandon Smith at:  [email protected]

    Alt-Market is an organization designed to help you find like-minded activists and preppers in your local area so that you can network and construct communities for mutual aid and defense.  Join Alt-Market.com today and learn what it means to step away from the system and build something better.

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      1. Greetings everyone…hope the preps are going well, keep them going…We have been VINDICATED for preparing. Unplug from the system as much as possible…food, water, cash on hand, and supplies. Have learned that storing gasoline is essential, or at least until adaptations become comonplace. Don’t give up on encouraging the idiots about prepping. Many know the gig is up, or something terrible is about to happen. Your encouragement could be the straw that pushes them over to start preparing. Lord Bless all. Keep on keeping on

        • woodlander, I gave you a thumbs up and it jump from 2 to 5. Guess my computer agreed even more.
          Food for thought; When was the last victory we’ve really had in this country? We have had the war on drugs, poverty, terrorism, no child left behind, border wars, economic wars, etc. and each time our gov’t provides defeat in the face of a victory. Whoever wins the election isn’t a real leader but a puppet.
          The only victory we have is to prep and be independent of the gov’t as long as we possibly can. Stay prepping.
          My victory is in Christ whom they hate.

          • “””If anything is to truly change, it will be because we as Americans finally walk away from the game, enacting our own solutions and our own opposition”””

            So true. And it can only change ONE man at a time. The success of one man walking away will not help anyone else. Your job is to walk away for your own reasons and benefit.

            Those who walk away individually will meet up AFTER the fact, after the catastrophe, and begin the rebuilding process. Those who stay will get what they pay for, a government that despises any thought of individual rights, God given freedom, or anything other than total control over them.

            I walked away. I chose freedom. That does not help you, but you are free to choose for yourself. You better choose quickly, the time to make your choice is not infinite.

            • If you love Freedom and are concerned about America. …
              The solution is spiritual. Consider the truth within.

              One Way Out: An Invitation to America

            • Ultimately God puts leaders in position. The question is blessing or judgement. Which will He provide for the USA? I think we all know the answer.

              • Idaho: I agree, Obummber just got re elected it is now Wed. morning. Congress and the senate are also NWO agenda freaks along with cowardly 501c3 “church” leaders..prep and focus on family/close knit friends. America is cursed and damned for sure with a Muslim prez. Many articles in News with Views state the judgments being lashed out. Folks get your house in order.

            • Sitting down with your fingers crossed is not a strategy. That’s obama the Marxist’s end game plan for you and he’s quite happy in your decision, be assured.

              Whatever doesn’t stop him only emboldens him. He sure loves you today, Creation boy. He wants you AWOL and you’ve complied with his wish. Nice.

              It’s smarter to have some skin in the game with your vote–your voice being heard–as the first step in a backlash. Stay on the couch while the rest of us refuse to surrender. I’m voting Romney today. See ya.

              • Refuse to surrender?


                See ya.

            • What do I mean by “walk away” exactly? I’m wanting to walk away too.

          • Didn’t take you guys long to start thumpin’ your Bible. You do it regardless of the thread.

            • Threadbear: Not so much ‘Bible Thumpin’
              so much as Faith. And in a community like
              SHTFplan, you ought to expect Values,Morals,
              etc. to come into play in the/this conversation-

            • Everyone is allowed to talk about their faith or lack thereof.

              I suggest you exercise tru tolerance, not that faux “tolerance” that the left-leaning folk are so fond of touting… at least until it clashes with what they believe.

          • Rarely do I read a comment that I agree wish wholeheartedly, couldnt have said it better. Thank you.

            Pray and Prep…

          • Keeping the population in a constant state of crisis enables control to be slipped into place with no one really noticing. The ultimate control will be Obamacare when they start using it to get rid of those annoying pests by denying care. Just wait and see.

        • I made a deal with my parents. I would vote (even though I know it is pointless) if they buy at least a months worth of food and water supplies (even though they think it is pointless).

          I voted for Romney.

          • The problem is Obama will likely win and your parents won’t go grocery shopping for the next month.

          • has anyone found a “preppers for 0bama” site yet???

          • As did I because his values more closely reflect Biblical principals and therefore my own. I do not believe he will win and have said so for months.

            Some of the things in this article attributed to both candidates are the will of the people. No one will get near the office who will curb entitlement spending. My own parents retired twenty years ago, slapped a “We’re Spending Our Children’s Inheritance” on the back of the Cadillac and spent until they ran out of money. Then my grandparents died and the did the same with their money. Now they rely on those government checks.

            • I forsee a big push to install both Islam and Sharia law on the US. With the level of non belief that exists in the population I expect this will be easier than even Obama imagines.

        • about your comment on the”Gas storrage”

          screw gas.. convert to propane or natural gas in small engines,
          Propane is easy to get in a crisis situation, it doesnt go bad, stores easier

          and you can buy it at most corner party stores, and it doesnt need electricity to pump it oncee its already in tanks.

          Natural gas has some of the same qualities , but one added benifit is, its already piped to most homes.

          • I hear you loud and clear. Just got a propane generator. Used sparingly the fuel should last me and won’t go bad

            • How long will the BBQ size tanks last? There are kits that convert a generator to accept all three fuels.

          • …and LP/natural gas doesn’t need to be rotated! I find that running my stored gas through my lawn mower is the best way, and having 5 acres of lawn. Rotating gas sucks. I may be putting my samurai over soon…just in case.

          • @ BadAmerican,

            ‘!!!Eyes right….THUMBS…UP!!!”

            Yeah, ain’t it so………

          • Boy, isn’t that the truth.

        • Good advice. No matter who wins this election the small group of globalists who run the major media corporations will be in charge. Which means more wars for Israel, inviting counter-attacks, and more mass immigration to erase all borders. Not a winning recipe when America is deeply in debt. Imagine if a person’s household was run this way.

          The thing to do is to prepare, see to your own house. It will make a difference in the future.

          And above all, prepare yourself mentally. That doesn’t mean to be paranoid – it means to not be paralyzed by fear when something happens.

          • You freaking moron with the Israel shit. They have no desire to harm us, their survival depends on us. Iraq was GW Bushs own tar Baby, the Jews had nothing to do with it or Afghanistan.

          • What John W. said. The Mooslimbs destroyed a great Mediterranean civilization once, ushering in 400 YEARS of Dark Ages. They’re getting wound up to do it again. Hope you enjoy it.

            • The Old Coach: What great Mediterranean civilization?

      2. Great article! Sad but true!

      3. “who will do less damage” lol exactly what we were talking about at work earlier.

        • we need a white man in the white house again .

          • Let’s be perfectly honest. The present Fraud is as much white as he is black. Those who say he is black are as racist as those who want a white man in the white house.

          • No, we need a Man in the White House to conduct government business according to the Law. Color is NOT the problem.

            • We dont even need a white house. What we need is for people to grow up and stop electing masters for their fellow man and selves. Government is for those who will soon be unable to even know when they need to wipe their own ass, they’ll elect someone that will pass many laws as to when, how and with what toilet paper to use. Use the wrong paper- Jail. Wipe at the wrong time- Jail (ass cameras installed on every toilet sold?)Not using the state determined method- Jail. Might be a funny thought, but look how much control voters have already given. Its absolutely insane…

          • Race is never the real issue. That is a deception. As you will soon see with Romney, things are not going to get better. Say hello to America’s austerity plan with Romney- more gifts to the elite multi-national super rich and less beneficial policies for the middle class and everyone else who will continue to be subjected to fascist policies in which tax money gets transferred from the middle class to the corporate & political elite. Your racism truly misses the point.

            • What about Michelle Obamas racism ? nobody says anything about that ……….I guess its not racism if your black …….only if your white .

            • It is with Obama. His whole being screams racism. Everything he says, everything he had written for him, everything he does. He showed his true colors (for the umpteenth time) when he said “revenge”.

          • black or white on the outside only hides the black heart inside.

          • No, we need an American at the WH again!!

      4. Brandon Smith, with all due respect, I disagree with your idea that all has already been decided.

        • I disagree with Brandon Smith. There is a clear choice, Obama is on the way to destroying America and I personally think Romney will bring American values back. He is a good, smart man, who will surround himself with good, smart people. I am a prepper, because you never know what will happen, but I firmly believe Romney is not the anti-Obama choice, but the choice that will definitely help America, only my opinion, thanks….

          • “He is a good, smart man, who will surround himself with good, smart people.”

            Ignorance is bliss.

            • the way i see it, at least romney will have his foot on the brakes as we go over the cliff, instead of the gas….but we’re still goin over

              • The ground doesn’t care about the placement of the drivers foot.

              • As long as we hit hard. I don’t wanna have to walk away from this wreck.

              • better to have the breaks than the gas ……it gives you more time for preps before the bus goes over .

            • Then you must be one happy son of a bitch.

            • Well, we will never know now. WE are on our own….

          • no, no and no.

            There is no clear choice because they’re both idiots. Anybody who reads the above article can conclude that both are unsuitable for the task at hand.

            The last suitable individual got blackballed (Ron Paul). Gary Johnson will not get elected. What choice do we have?

            • I agree. I said awhile ago, it doesn’t matter who wins, we’re hosed. But I’d rather be hosed by an American than a kenyan muslim.

              • Thats my point ! thank you , better by a mormon business man who’s family tree includes both sides of parents as americans vs. a socialist , anti american , anti white , muslim sympathizer whos family tree has people still swinging from it .

        • 9mm, I do, as well.

          I hope Romney wins and in 3 years, Brandon and his cohort of Eyores can be made to eat their predictions.

          This is fear porn.

        • I disagree with all the basics of this article. One would have to be an extreme pessimist to accept everything that has been written in this article.

          I am an optimist and a believer in God.

          And I believe there is some hope for us yet.

          Keep prepping and be safe.

      5. One will make it a quick spiral down and one can slow it down and give us more time. But that will increase the pain for others.

      6. Mark Twain said it best,

        “If voting really mattered, they wouldn’t let us do it.”

        B Aware, B Awake, B Alive

        • thats funny ………….sad but funny .
          here is another one .
          ” you can always count on the Americans to do the right thing ……..when everything else has failed ”
          Winston Churchill

      7. We are already living under privileges. We lost our constitutional rights long ago. Birth Certificate, Death Certificate, SS No., Drivers License, etc. You traded your rights for benefits. You are now a all CAPS Persona. We live under Maritime Law. If you want more you can look up “Slavery by Consent” on Youtube. Remember the movie the “Matrix”? God help us.

        • You can never lose your God given rights. Only God can take them away. Sure we are a “CAPS persona” if we believe we are. Those statutes were installed under “color of law” by a corporation that usurped our true government in the 1870s. We are forced to obey the statutes under duress just to avoid incarceration. One day soon (I hope) this will come to an end. Probably at the end of a rope.

          • I wish that they taught the truth and informed our parents about what these things really meant. If I had known these things 22 years ago I would have never allowed my children to receive a Birth Certificate or a SS No. If anyone has a good Idea on how to deny the benefits and claim Common Law please give me a shout. Looking for a way out.

            • Shootit, the way out is to STOP using the numbers and the birth certificate, and don’t attch any property to them. You, like most others, are looking for some magic bullet paper to give to the corp so it will give you freedom. There is no such thing.

              Should the corp ever come looking for the NAME on the BC or SSN, just give them the papers back. If the corp comes asking for it’s PERSON, give them the birth certificate and SS card.

              That’s all you need to do.

            • It IS possible for an individual to secede from the Union..just as a state could do. I just don’t know the details. Those I used to know who did it, disappeared into the mountains…haven’t seen them in years!

            • Nor would many have allowed their children to go to public schools.
              As for an idea to deny benefits and claims; Claim that you are American Indian or other on their forms. Instead of claiming to be a particular race, check other and write human.

              • According to federal law …….you have to be accepted as the race that you state that you are . Weird but true , My ister is a college professor and one of her white students with a white last name stated that her race was hispanic in order to have a better chance in student aid . Its perfectly legal …..you can be white as snow and claim to be black on forms …..and they must accept you as black . It probably gets more complicated for other things but , yeah ….that would work for some things because of how the law regarding race is written .

        • Well ……….I dont see any benefits that Im getting . Just sayin

        • Our rights are NOT given to us by our government. They are given to us by our creator. (Whether you believe in the Almighty or not is immaterial– you have the right to exist because you draw breath, not because the government gives you rights.) Vote, don’t vote– it doesn’t matter. We have to walk away from this “reality show” of politics, take the blue pill, and take control of our own lives and families.
          Starve the beast: grow your own. Educate your own. Trade/barter and stop wasting your money on corporations. Take back our country one family at a time.

      8. @ WoodL

        As FAST as possible on each count….Amen, Brother.

        • The funeral directors and grave digger might be gettn some extra work before long!!!

      9. Brandon your wisdom speaks words that every last prepper/survivalist must take to deep heart, don’t let your guard down for one nano second. Continue the urgency of prepping and don’t fall into the trap that so many previous people that use to prepare fell into, thinking that times don’t warrant the urgency of preparing because of some new leader or the same one. Thank you Brandon, thank you for the insightful article to save us preppers/survivalists from THE TRAP of false hope.

      10. Agree to a point – but I do feel like one candidate will give us more time to prep while the other will be on a quick(er) path to destruction…

        I’ll gladly take a little more time to prepare my family (is it ever ALL done and ready, prepping that is?) and that’s how I voted.

        • “but I do feel like one candidate will give us more time to prep while the other will be on a quick(er) path to destruction”

          And which might that be? Romney has said he’s ready to pounce on Iran if elected. That would be the precursor to WW3, total lock down in this country. Obama putting his finishing touches on full blown Socialism that the dumb downed masses are creaming their pants over, i.e. can’t get there fast enough!

          So, who’s going to give us more time? And preping for what? Fascist State? Socialist state? Communist State? Feudalist state?

          • exactly. i still don’t understand people who things this lesser evil bullshit still exists. stop fooling yourselves people.

          • EA, are you that blind. Don’t know what Romney’s cabinet will be but I know the names of Obama’s and they are avowed communists. Romney maybe a tad better or even worse. That’s ok, I’ll take my chances with Romney for the sake of this country verses the ‘fundamental change gang’.
            Obama won’t acknowledge nor honor our flag. I’ll bet Romney doesn’t bow to other leaders and blame America for the world’s woes.

          • Iran is a distraction IMO…it is their allies in China and Russia that we have to be watchful of. Russian Nuclear attack sub class 2 was just detected 200 miles off East coast (Kings bay GA) and China is angling to take over a base we are abandoning in Azores (Teceira I think? Lajes Air field/base) This is closer to east Coast than L.A. is to Pearl Harbor

      11. Sickened by the chicanery already being published in the news. The time is upon us. God bless this nation and protect us all.

      12. I guess the question then becomes one of time. If I’m handed a time bomb, I’d much rather it have 20 minutes on it than 20 seconds. With 20 minutes, I can prep and plan and hopefully it will be disarmed. With 20 seconds, I can say goodbye to the life I’ve known. I voted for Romney. And if he doesn’t get anything done I’ll vote for the “lesser of two evils” next time. I’ll do this each election with the hope that we might eventually vote in good men and women. If not, I’ll have bought myself precious time to get my family ready for what may be unavoidable.

        I also want to point out that I really appreciate the people on this site. The vast majority are reasonable people who only want to live their lives and raise their families.

        • ” I’ll vote for the “lesser of two evils” next time. I’ll do this each election with the hope that we might eventually vote in good men and women. ”


          • Cthulu for President!
            Why vote for the lesser Evil?

          • I’ll just respond to say you are a moron. Post something worth reading or don’t post.

        • “I voted for Romney. And if he doesn’t get anything done I’ll vote for the “lesser of two evils” next time.”

          Next time? You enjoy supporting “evil”? Now that’s the kind of logic/rationale that’s got to go, along with both candidates. That’s exactly what is wrong with America! Weak minded people reflecting weak minded Presidents. We get exactly what we deserve.

          • There is no “lesser evil” in American politics. Americans are still oblivious to who really runs this country, who is really driving this country to destruction. The parasites have been driving this country steadily into the toilet for the last century, but Americans still fear and revere them like suckers.

            Here, we have “vote by mail”, so I cast my useless ballot, knowing full well, the end is already predetermined. But, I “voted” my conscience, not for a sock-puppet. This bears repeating for the Nth time:

            “It is enough to say there was an election. Those who cast the ballots decide nothing. Those who count the ballots decide everything.”- Joseph Stalin

            Brace yourselves, everyone. The Bad Moon has risen, and trouble is on the way…

          • What’s your other option EA? Not Vote? Vote for Obama? I’m not talking about ideals here. I’m talking about the current election and what needs to be done to take steps away from the cliff Obama has us staring down. It’s great to want a perfect candidate, but people who mock the idea of working with what we have are doing nothing to change the status quo.

            I’d rather start with Romney and maybe a conservative will run in the primary in 2016 if he isn’t getting anything done. I’d rather make that effort than make big useless comments about how things aren’t right.

            The WHOLE point of the original post was that I’d rather have some extra time to work with anyway. Read the post and think before you respond.

            • You obviously didn’t read the “Story” at the beginning. But just in case you did, let me remind you that the author was describing YOU when he said…

              ‘I’m sorry to say that the idea that one man will do less damage than the other is a naïve sentiment.’


              “Whoever the “winner” happens to be is ultimately irrelevant. They do not count. They are mascots. Middle management cronies running through the motions to distract the masses while enacting the policies of their superiors. They are fry cooks serving greasy overpriced democracy with no real sustenance.”

              Do you get that SP? THere IS NO DIFFERENCE. Conservative, liberal. They are one in the same. Not to upset your apple cart here, but Romney said he was going to “Bomb Iran” immediately. You don’t think that will throw YOU over the cliff faster than fast?

              If you’re not prepared NOW, then hoping for your (figurative) 20 minutes over 20 seconds is a foolish ideal.

              You really think your going to make it to 2016?

              The WHOLE point of the original story was that you’re NOT GONG TO have some extra time to work with, regardless of who wins. Read the story and think before you post.

            • Southpaw: You and many others here are truly f*cking delusional! The two major candidates are preselected by very large money concerns. One large group backs one candidate and a group backs his opponent. Think not; just follow the money from all the super pacs and see who’s footing the bill. Each side wants their guy to do their bidding when it comes to passing laws in regards to their particular business interests at the expense of the other group. This includes special tax laws for their businesses, various legal concessions for their business practices, and even stating wars when their particular business intgerest are threatened overseas. That’s why so much money is spent on elections because the yields can be enourmouse if their guy wins. Our voting is just a chirade to keep the Proles (dumb working folks) engaged in the process of their own enslavement. We’re the ones who pay a higher tax rate than the money folks, we’re the ones who put on the uniforms and fight for what ever bullshit cause they fabricate. Talk about a f*cking joke, the jokes on us, but most people (99.9%) are just too damn stupid to know it. But don’t take my word for it; read USMC MGen S. Butler’s book, “War Is A Racket”. He was a double recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor and served from around 1910 to to 1935. Some of the companies named still exist and others have changed their names, but it’s the same old shit: we fight and die and they get rich. This whole political thing is just a f*cking game. As long as we have a stong central/federal government we’re screwed because the politicians are bought and paid for! Time to grow up children.

        • SP,

          I hear you, and I cannot blame anyone who feels like Romney is “the lesser of two evils.” But you cannot reasonably expect positive change if you continue to play the two party game. “The lesser of two evils” arguement has been used over and over again to bait semi-nonconformists or “anti-establishment” types back into the same pattern. AS LONG AS YOU VOTE DEMOCRAT OR REPUBLICAN THEY STILL WIN. This article did a great job of pointing out how nothing will change if either of these candidates are elected. Why would yo ucontinue to be a supporter of that?

          Don’t give me a choice between bad and worse, then say I have to choose one, and then call that democracy.

          • I completely understand the argument. Maybe in 2016 a 3rd party will be viable. My ballot only had two choices today. I’m choosing the man I think will do the least harm to the country. I don’t really understand what people don’t get about THIS election. Are people going to vote for Obama in the hopes that society falls apart ASAP? I’m doing the best I can with what I have been given.

            Thanks for the real conversation John.

            • “I’m doing the best I can with what I have been given.”

              You have been “given” exactly what you deserve.

      13. I have prepped a decent amount and plan on doing more each week. But it seems a lot of the doom sayers keep getting it wrong wrong wrong.There was going to be no election, heard many so called predictors say the election will never happen, there will be bombs at the olympics etc etc. I think it eventully will happen but am no longer going to listen to others who are guessing like everyone else.

      14. I once heard it said that one is 3rd stage cancer and the other is 1st stage cancer. I do not see myself putting a 1st stage cancer sign in my front yard and voting for it.

        I voted 3rd party and believe me, I did not waste a vote, I casted my vote.

      15. We already know the PLAN the present Fraud in the white house has in store for us: Transformation to full blown Socialism; i.e. remove the middle class. Two classes remain where the bulk of are Serfs at the bottom, serving those at the top, the Elite. I don’t like the odds of living life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness under those conditions.

        Now the “other” guy is a mystery to me. I know, to a certain extent, what I am made to believe from those who run show, what he has done thus far, qnd it appears, there’s a politician there with the intent of keeping the status quo firmly in place. However, I want to see change. Even if it means the same direction but with a different CONmander in Chief. I truly hate the mulatto and if he wins, if the majority of Americans (un)consciously choose him to lead them, then that “collective” truly wants to see Socialism and, if the non-supporters don’t revolt, then this country will loose all integrity and it’s time to go to Iceland (or a similar country).

        I’m in denial. I thought this country would never go down the road it is presently heading. I thought Americans would never allow it. But it seems the majority of Americans prefer to take what they think is “the easy road”. That easy road is numb the mind and body with Rx Drugs. Eat foods that, over time, break the body down. Charge that credit card into the Red until it turns to blood, whether it be their own or someone else’s.

        The problem is that this country is now a creation of mentally and physically weak people. The Socialist state is becoming what the weak think is the only way to deal with corrupt “Capitalists”. And let’s face it, out of control Capitalism, based on selfishness and greed, is destroying this country at its core. Unfortunately for us, those running the show know that either way, THEY WIN.

        So, get used to it. Socialism. Communism. THis is the choice of the majority. If we don’t like it, you have three choices: Revolt. Leave the country, or grin and bear it. The majority of Americans are weak and feeble people, regardless of how many guns they have.

        By the way, the stench of a voting booth makes me want to vomit. No way! I would never want to say “I voted for Corruption. I’m responsible for voting out The Republic. I’ll leave that up to those who will have the blood on their hands.

        • I have to make a correction because we sometimes mislabel things according to the “ism”.What we are getting is fascism from both and a military industrial complex on steroids.

          Communism: No private business, government owns everything.

          Socialism: Private business allowed but high taxes allow transfer of wealth from rich to poor in the form of massive state-sponsored benefits (see France, Germany, for example). State manages benefits system.

          Fascism: Corporations merge with political elite to run the country to benefit the wealthy class and a heavy reliance on war as a means to enrich the wealthy corporatists. Taxes on middle class transfer wealth from middle class to the super rich (i.e. bailouts).

      16. I think the decline has gone on for far too long to be stopped. We could elect Jesus Christ himself and still this once great country will still slide into anarchy. The govt has gotten far too big to sustain itself. Our liberties and rights afforded us by law are ignored for the sake of safety and security. The taxes we pay can’t even begin to cover the interest owed. Enjoy the ride cause it’s gonna get crazy here real soon. Keep prepping , Lock and load.

        • Shades of, “Jesus Christ, Superstar”.

      17. I don’t know about anyone else, but I hope they count the votes quickly and skip most of the post-election media processing. Totally exhausted by all the politicing. Just finish it already.

      18. What a bunch of crap in this article. Scare tactics and manipulation.

        • Funny you would think that.
          Most of the articles on this site are exactly that to some one or another – Scare tactics and manipulation.
          I take it you dissagree?

      19. Sadly, this article isn’t news to 90% of the people that will see it. It just confirms what we already know.

        I hope every day that things turn around but the reality of it is, I have a better chance of winning the lottery than that occurring.

        And I don’t buy lottery tickets.

        Get your immediately family squared away, then your closest circle of friends, then the next circle and etc and so on.

        You’re going to need your family, friends, neighbors to get through what’s coming.

        Best of luck and I hope we all meet on the other side as undamaged in mind soul and body as possible.

      20. It’s more than Obvious how this is going to All End .

        It’s only a matter of time … “Revolution” … Any One ;0P ???

        Bueller ???

        Eventually there will be a Armed Revolutionary Civil Class War in ZOG FREEMASON controlled AmeriKa .

        The 99% vs The 1% NWO Globalist Traitors and their Gestapo U.N. ZOG FEDGOV STATEGOV DHS Black Jack Boot Forces .

        Treat each day till then as a Gift to Prepare .

        Arm Up Stock Up Prepare – Predator or Prey of the NWO U.N. ZOG Gestapo FEDGOV STATEGOV … the choice is yours .

        ~N.O. ;0P

      21. woodlander had it right

        drop out of the system as much as possible

        start with the mental and spiritual aspects

        the red pill is VERY bitter to swallow


        what we have been doing


        there IS a better way

      22. IMO and based on decades of observation, the office of the president is irrelevant; just a diversion to pre-occupy the people. He makes no independent decisions, and within 6 months will break all his campaign promises. The ptb will stay on plan. Continue your path to state independence. jpl

      23. So do you think that even with the push for a 3rd party that has been extremely popular this cycle, that the vote counters and reporters will acknowledge the 3rd party having 5% (enough to give federal campaign funds)? Will the media ever report that Libertarians have achieved enough support to validate them as a real political party? I fear that even if half the damn country voted Lib, it would never be acknowledged as such.

      24. I am spending today reflecting on the way and why our system treated Dr Ron Paul the way it did. And wondering if, collectively speaking, we can handle the truth, much less do anything about it. Anybody ask or concerned about what they found with the audit of the Fed? The little surface they were allowed to scratch was found severely infected. Start with a full audit of the fed and ft knox. And then rebuild with a foundation of truth and knowledge. Then maybe we can handle it. We need to use our heads, not our guns, when elections don’t matter.

        • The republican party feared Ron Paul. I damn near didn’t vote because of what the bastards did to him.

          • Nobody fears Ron Paul. Paul has many of the right ideas but he he is an utter failure at leadership. Having all the right answers means squat if you can’t convince others to follow you. Other than a few thousand thirty-somethings Paul has never generated a serious following.

            Hopefully his son will have better luck and the common sense to know which way the political winds are blowing to actually get elected.

      25. That we go over the cliff at 80 mph or 60 mph won’t make a lick of difference to our inevitable collective wreckage of lost freedoms and stolen wealth at the bottom of the cliff.

        We’d all of been better served to not of spent any time, money, energy or even talk on POTUS race after primaries, and instead worked to get elected the few true Constitutionalists running in local, state and especially Congressional races.

        We’ll need everyone that takes their oath of office to support & defend the Constitution seriously to keep feet of whomever is POTUS to the fire.

        – Shane

      26. Ok so I am wondering if some you are frustrated with this as well……..

        Most of you on the blog are tuned into politics on a daily basis, it is what we all like to talk about, but is anyone else getting frustrated with coworkers, friends, family, ect, who think that now since it election day, and they have seen a few commericials, memorized a few catch phrases, shit they even watched a CNN special on their candidate of choice, now that they have done all that they are a political expert and no one can convince them otherwise.

        Man this might be a little bit of a rant but if I hear one more person at my office tell me “Vote Romney cause he helps business” or “Vote obama…..” I’m gonna flip. WHere are all these people talking about politics and the state of the world when it is not election day? It’s sad that the majority of the population can be sooo unaware of whats going on on a daily basis, but think they are experts when it is election season.


      28. You are right!!Makes no difference,the auction is about over!!Wallstreet and bankers win,we loose!!

      29. One positive thing about a Romney win, The LDS are preppers, so we’ll have one in the White House.

        I believe that the article is misleading and I wonder how it’s author “knows” the future? The only thing he can be certain of is what kind of President Obama is, not how Mitt will act.

        Romney seems like a good man, but not strong in convictions. Obama has proven himself to be evil and lawless.

        I remain a sinner saved by grace.

      30. without doing a google search and without being attacked I have to say I am getting very tires of the black white thing here. I do not want to hear I should leave the site then I have been on here a loooong time. But people complain about the pres being black first off i think to most people who wpould like to say they know the history of our great naation most that spew racist comment must not know thatr we already had a black vice president. Most people black and white do not know this and from the racist comments on here from people who claim to know history seem to not know this little bit of information…….sorry to be so rude but the whole hateful comments stuff is just silly ignorance. I do not care if a person is blcak white yellow or has polja dots I care about character. and I apologize for typos etc I am sick with pneumonia

        • Which black Vice President are you talking about???

        • I feel the same..Every damn time I see a full blown looter and rioting crowd steal then wreck then burn down another city….I ask myself…When are they gonna blame all them whiteys doing such terrible actions?

          Its high time we blame whites each time thy riot, loot carjack etc..

          And hey! what about all the msm coverups every time a pak of vile violent 6-8 gang of whiteys break in to Beat daylites out of old 90 yr old white women and repeatedly gang rape her the entire weekend before finishing her off Dead by cutting her throat…

          I am sick and tired of so many such white gang rapes hidden by MSM media….

          Then I woke from my trance entered into by reading justintimes post…And I realized its NOT whites who does this crap!….But still we should never blame african black sub humans right?

          Yeah lets adopt the liberal dems “Religion” of fanatical worship of the Nobel Savage mentality of Multicultural diversity…

          We whites can Learn soooooo much from Uncivilized uncooth unworthy races such as them type rapist savage Beastial low lifes eh!

          If you are honest?…You must admit and this goes for every nation they are resideing in…There has Never been so worthless and usless of a race to inhabit planet earth ever…..Nobel wise savages…My White ASS!

          And Yes I do agree there are Always a few exceptions to Every rule….Key word there is…FEW! Very FEW!

          Seems the Only time anybody is labled Racist is when it is Whites who defend or Prefere their own white kind…

          Black-mexicans-arabs-jews(Big time!) american injuns et al.Most all also feel the same and prefere own kind etc…

          But Only when Whites say so is it then racist?…

          If blacks had a brain they’d realize Life in america as oposed to africa or most other areas is way better than anything blacks ever before enjoyed….

          And while I oppose slavery, it must be said, without slavery 200 yrs ago…99% of blacks born Here in usa since end of civil war would most likely be born and live in Africa!….Or another 3rd world shit hole.

          I don’t know whats worse racist african blacks?…Or idiot whites filled with Phony white guilt who cannot wait to call another white racist, to proudly show african nobel savages how swell they can be in full support of said blacks.

          I guess such whites think it will absolve their white guilt and eagerly await a black, Any black person to pat em on shoulder and say well down now your fake white guilt if Forgivin whitey Honkey! Cracker! Yuz bez a Guuut white cracker now!

      31. I’d rather have a man of God in charge than an Allah worshiper who is arming our enemies and then instructing the media to cover it up for him.

        I Proudly voted for Romney to remove obama – the vile, traitor from office. ANYONE is better than him.

      32. i’m spent the day convincing a friend to prep. i think i did a pretty good job. actually went with them to the grocery and got them to at least buy food to feed her family for 3 days if something was to happen.

        that to me is time well spent. i also found an organic store that sold jerusalem artichokes and i will figure out how to plant those. bought more bullets for my gun. i also made lunch and taught my toddler how to hold a paring knife to peel vegetables.

        that to me is time well spent. partaking in this horseshit election is not time well spent. i didn’t sit here and thought all day about who the lesser evil is and wished that the person would slow down the train of shit heading to the proverbial plan.

        i don’t f*cking kid myself. you shouldn’t either.


      34. To think that one candidate is less destructive than the other is not naive.. calling hope naive is jaded. If you have no hope, why bother to remain alive ?

        I remain ever hopeful, ever vigilant and ever awake. To remove one of those three from the statement is to be the walking dead. Something truly miserable.

        God is still on the throne and He rules the affairs of men.. you can not believe that, nor believe in God and not have Hope. God is Hope ( among many other good things ). If you don’t have both you probably never actually had the other either.

        The differences between Obama and Romney, as far as I can see are VAST.. to equate the two men is defeatist and destructive. Is either perfect ? Of course not. Because neither is perfect, should we loose hope and not exercise one of the most precious gifts we have as Americans ? Of course not. Go vote.. have hope.. remain vigilant and awake.

      35. I’d rather shower at Penn State than vote for Obama.

      36. NP: Very funny, but somehow I just cannot give you a thumbs up …… 🙂

      37. sock puppets in a puppet show,the Dems thought it would get better under Obama, has it? Now Republicans are thinking it will get better under Obama , before someone says yes it will consider this,Top 5 contributers to the Romney campaign.

        Goldman Sachs
        Bank of America
        Morgan Stanley
        JPMorgan Chase & Co
        Credit Suisse Group
        don’t get me wrong i totaly loathe Obama, but i am not naive enough to believe that Romney isn’t bought off also.
        Obamas top 5 in 2008
        University of California
        Goldman Sachs
        Harvard University
        Microsoft Corp
        Google Inc
        JPMorgan Chase & Co
        Anyone notice a pattern?

        • sorry wanted to correct the above
          Now Republicans are thinking it will get better under Romney.

        • Just shows that elections are in reality puppet theater. The candidates are the puppets and those pulling the strings are powerful interests who use government to fleeces us.

      38. A lot of Americans are of the “we know what we have ” mind set and are afraid to go to the “not sure what we will get” side, taking a chance is never easy especially when it involves your family, but sometimes taking a chance is a positive step at least you will not go on thinking,what if.
        I agree it isn’t who is best but who will do the least damage. Been prepping for several years now and intend to continue, at least I’m doing something and not sitting back saying whoa is me, that doesn’t do anything to change the situation where is our pioneer spirit? Do you think our forfathers just sat back and waited if they did most of us would still be living in soddies and traveling by horse.

      39. Just hope before it all goes to shit I have enough time to sell my house get my 20-50 acres away from a major city and get the homestead to the point where I can be self sufficent except for prop tax. I figure I can have enough cash, silver , and gold put away for 20 years of prop tax and can work, trade or raise enough to actually pay the tax. Then all I will have to worry about will be myself and family and anyone that wants to take away anything from us and I already have enough ways to stop that from happening.

      40. brandon, thank you for another excellent article. Coco, I have to agree with you for a change. You could elect Mickey Mouse and nothing would change. There’s nothing good about either one of the scum puppets; either one will destroy this nation if allowed to do so. Just waiting to see what tonight brings. Locked and loaded and ready to rock. Batten down the hatches; SHTF coming to a location near you. Braveheart

      41. ho hum. presidential elections between tweedle dee and tweedle dum. I would rather watch paint dry.

      42. Who is the better of all evils?

        Used car salesman

      43. What can I say to this article but “DUH!”.

        It’s been bleeding obvious for years.
        The GFC was the wake-up call – the alarm clock telling you to act NOW.

        The poor (literally) American sheeple living in La-La Land obsessed with worthless trivia like toy phones and garbage tv are about to get obliterated.
        They didn’t learn from Katrina as Sandy demonstrated, and they haven’t learned from the GFC either, so it’s lights out for anyone not super-rich.

        6-7 weeks to go and it’s all over, effectively.

        Time to reap what you have sown, which is crop failure.

      44. I predict the Democrats will surge to an early lead….then the Republicans will get off work.

      45. I was taught in the eigth grade that the people of the US Do NOT elect the pesident. It is the electorial college. And if it comes down to an actual count? Well we have seen what hapens with that right?
        So why does any one here think that their mark or button push on today makes any differnce in the outcome?

      46. I hate to buck the trend but I care about who’s president. The people they appoint makes a big difference in our governance, foreign policy, trade and national strength. Recessions are cyclical and we will get out of this one and yes we will go into another one, maybe a deeper one and maybe not. I don’t have a crystal ball and all the inside information is above my pay grade. Obama has proven to me that what I believe to be true is true and in more than one way.

        I do think that our country is in a world of hurt and just maybe an independently wealthy businessman can make the tough choices without caring for his government pension. I’m not pinning my future on it though. I will continue to live life, enjoy it while I can, do the things that make it worth living, laugh, sing and enjoy the company of others. Besides, my winters firewood is cut and stacked, 2012 garden is canned, 2012 tuna and salmon catch is canned or smoked, 2012 venison is canned, the chickens and goats are happy, the generator has gas, the chainsaw has been tuned up and has a new chain, the rigs are tuned up, the oil has been changed, snow chains and winter emergency kits are in the rigs, I’m ready for winter, regardless of who’s president, can’t stop the seasons from changing.

        • Well said.

      47. Whether you ascribe to the truth of the money powers that have the most influence inside the halls of government, or not, there is one thing that is common to all of them…

        They are ALL OBE’d….

        (Overtaken By Events)

        And those events are already in process, and not likely to be stopped by either one of them. It is doubtful if the Red Caesar could restore morality, and even more doubtful if the Blue Caesar will restore the value of the currency.

        Without those two things being fixed… fo’getaboutit…

      48. Strange message on the computer today:
        “99% finished uninstalling Obama”

        But then at the end of the day when I shut the machine down it said:
        “Error – Could not Uninstall Obama”

      49. 10 Reasons why Romney may be the New World Order’s Pick for 2012
        October 31, 2012

        Just a few of the choicer ones

        Henry Kissinger headlined a fundraiser for Mitt Romney at the Trump Tower in Stamford, Conn., on July 12. Kissinger Endorsed Barack Obama in 2008.

        A contributor for the UK’s Guardian, claims that “four eyewitnesses on the hotel staff” have confirmed to him that former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney was on hand at the 2012 Bilderberg Conference.

        The NY Times reported that last year, a Bain-run fund in which a Romney family blind trust has holdings purchased the video surveillance division of a Chinese company that claims to be the largest supplier to the government’s Safe Cities program, a highly advanced monitoring system that allows the authorities to watch over university campuses, hospitals, mosques and movie theaters from centralized command posts.

        During one Republican debate, Romney actually tried to explain to all of us why “we need to have a Fed“. Mitt Romney has publicly stated that he is “not going to take my effort and focus on the Federal Reserve“. Also, Romney fully supported the reappointment of Ben Bernanke.

      50. Obama vs. Romney is a lot like a fellow who compares and compares and compares two different mini-vans. He asks friends’ advice, reads and studies reviews and of course takes a test drive of each. Finally he makes his well-informed decision and buys his mini-van, the one he proudly tells anyone who will listen has a better warranty, gets 4 M.P.G. better fuel economy, has a better ride and also has a higher safety rating. Problem is this fellow is a contractor by trade and what he really needs is a 1 ton pickup to conduct his business with but somewhere along the line he allowed everyone around him including the salespeople (read press) to steer him in a completely irrevalent direction for his needs. We need a CEO of the Exective branch of government who both understands the law of the united States of America (Constitution) and who is willing to direct our nation back to it. While Obama and Romney may both have some good qualities and ideas neither of these men in my opinion even begin to understand what it means to be a Constitional Republic and without this understanding it is impossible that a President can do any real long-lasting good while in office.

      51. It is with great sadness that America has officially died today. The American dream has been just that for 236 years. God have mercy on us who will live through the coming chaos.

      52. Another 4 years of a Socialist, Marxist, Communist America. How sad. I am sure he will continue to apologize to the other countries of how bad America is.
        I am sick and sad, absolutley sick. The cover up of the
        4 dead americans in Libya will blather on. I hope the American people choke on who they voted for, and it bites them in the a&&. I do hope dear Obama realizes how close a race it was, and how a good portion of the country rejected him as a candidate….

      53. Man, Obama won! Still have the White House baby!

      54. This country deserves every fucked up thing it gets , this election proved it .

        • Right On T.R.!

          Everyone reaps what they sow. The useless, that wouldn’t work if they had a job, have most likely just made the difference of re-instating a muslim/anti-american into the highest ofice of the land. With the promise of taxing the successful and prosperous business owners of USA and spreading out that wealth in the form of more welfare checks and odama-phones, the minority voters have help push the land of the free to the edge of the abyss.

          An overwhelming segment of the younger/liberal generation, and mostly single women, have backed up that minority base soley on selfish based reasons. Their self-indulgent, my body-my right ideology, has bolstered the far left to the bulldozers that have our small and faltering liberties under the blade,along with the economy, and being pushed to the edge of the abyss.

          Once that edge is met; look out preppers. The idiots that once were jumping for joy over their annointed ones,Potus and Flotus keeping their seats and making them feel all warm and fuzzy with accomplishment; will soon see a bankrupt and Chinese owned economy in the garbage heap. Oil will hit $200 a barrel, and food prices along with medical cost will double before the end of the next four years. That jumping for joy will turn into jumping off a tall bridge.

          I hope my predictions are wrong, and if they are, the liberals have won. Otherwise, we all loose what was left of America the Beautiful. God help us an bless all the preppers.

      55. This whole election was illegitimate to begin with. Romney spent the last 30 years laundering the Bush crime family’s drug money and asset stripping American companies. Obama is a complete straw man without a varifiable past, and who makes fun of his birth in Kenya, etc.
        So now, in spite of exit polls saying Romney was ahead by 2-6% in various locations, we have Obama elected my 1/3 of the votes with people reporting rigged voting machines all over, and the mail-in and e-votes not working in the hurricane-hit northeast.
        Stalin said, “It matters not who votes, but who counts the votes.”
        Obama having been given another 4 years will go full-tilt into the most bankster barbaric totalitarianism he can shove down our collective throat.

      56. How can U destroy what’s already been destroyed? It’s not like there’s a real economy left.

      57. I’m numb this morning…

      58. How difficult (or easy for that matter) would it be in a country of 320 million people to scrounge up 200,000 illegal votes?

      59. “Take the children and yourself and hide out in the cellar, by now the fighting will be close at hand”.
        “Don’t believe the church and state and everything they tell you, believe in me, I’m with the high command.”
        “Can you hear me? Can you hear me running? Can you hear me running, can you hear me callin’ you?”

        “There’s a gun and ammunition just inside the doorway. Use it only in emergency. Better you should pray to God, the Father and the Spirit, to guide you and protect you from up here.”
        “Can you hear me? Can you hear me running? Can you hear me running, can you hear me callin’ you?”.

        “Swear allegience to the flag, whatever flag they offer and let them tell what you really feel. Teach the children quietly for someday sons and daughters, will rise up and fight while we stood still”.

        “Can you hear me? Can you hear me running? Can you hear me running, can you hear me callin’ you? Can you hear me!? Can you hear me run……Callin’ you, callin’ you”….

        “Silent Running” by Mike and the Mechanics.

      60. Duck and cover….Incoming….

      61. Now that we know we have the same rulers presiding over us for the near future, what will that future look like? We will continue with the welfare/warfare state, with the biggest war being against the American public. Government will continue to manage (rig) the economy so that the few at the top get richer while the majority are driven toward serfdom. Repressive measures will increase as public discontent increases. Taxes, either directly through tax increases, or indirectly through destruction of the value of our money, will become an even heavier burden on the backs of the majority.

        Ultimately, when the pain and suffering brought to us by our government exceeds the pain people think will come from revolution, violence will erupt. I will just take some unexpected spark, just like the spark that set off the 1775 American revolution was the British marching to Concord to confiscate arms the Militia had stored there. Just a handful of men met them at Lexington Green and the first shots of the war were fired. I personally don’t see how we can possibly get past 2020 without being in social chaos, and civil violence in an effort to throw off our chains.

        And please don’t disregard the energy problems we face. We have picked the low hanging fruit, so to speak, and what oil is left to find and produce is expensive, dirty, remote, and difficult to find. Even if production levels can be maintained, which is problematic, each barrel of oil produced will take more energy to acquire, leaving progressively less to use to fuel the economy. My view is that the industrial age is terminal, and all attempts at alternatives will not solve the problem. We are headed toward a major economic, energy related catastrophe on top of the financial catastrophe that our fraudulent monetary system is bringing us. The end result will be many people not surviving and those who do will be driven back to an agricultural based society with far less food production, and much more physical work to survive. This is not some far off problem; it will unfold over the next three decades.

        Not a pretty picture, but those prepared will have the best chance to make it.

      62. Our Son’s………….Your son standing on the top of a building pointing a laser at the enemy while calling in an air strike as he is taking on gun fire. My son is watching it all happen on live video feed and telling your son to stand down.

        Your son dies while trying to stand for the good of our country and my son lets it happen without the better interest of our country. Four dead and no answers.

        Your son tries to get the answers that the American people deserve to know and my son covers it all up for as long as possible to deceive the American people.

        Your son works to pay into the system to keep this country running and my son says its hard to pay the bills because the bridge cards don’t come fast enough.

        Your son votes for life, liberty, love, and freedom while my son votes for a socialist direction that will destroy this country.

        Well my son is your son and your son is my son but at the end of the day the sun shines. I hope and pray that we all get through the next four years and it is not going to be easy. People have to stand for our country and not let other countries run our country. People have to be fair and report the good and the bad no matter who they are. People have to quit being cowards and get a job to pay your own way. People have to find the love for this country to keep the freedom we have and not let one person dictate what we can love and not love……..do and not do.

        Good luck America! We are all going to need it.

        P.S. Maybe we will get an answer on Benghazi now that the election is over. It is sad that it had come to that.

      63. What people need to understand is that Obama’s use of Keynesian Economics is a very bad thing. Keynesian economics may have worked back in 1920’s-1930’s during the Great Depression, but it won’t work now. Spending money to get people to spend money that they do not have is driving us into the whole that we dug. And they are digging a new whole to fill in the whole that we’re in. That’s Keynesian economics and that is what people do not understand. And that’s why Congress and the White House is fighting the deficit legislation, because they want to spend spend spend, money we don’t have. End Rant.

        Stay safe everyone. It may seem like all peaches and cream right now, but now that we have four more years, all bets are off.

      64. Obama = Leo
        Romney = Pisces

        There has never been a Pisces
        president in the United States.

      65. Those of us that are prepared and continuing to prepare, will be a threat to the government now more than ever.

      66. Americans chose Free-dumb and freebies as opposed to freedom.
        When the cash runs out for the freebies, free-dumb will still be plentifull.

      67. All I can say to this loss of freedoms, the american people alive today deserve it, because they never guarded or cherished it in there heart. they have become a den of inequity in which every unclean spirit now inhabits and every foul bird. Americans will wake up one morning which is very close now and find all is gone becasue of our , pride, amoral behavior, love of money, power, greed, love of sodomite relationships, every form of uncleanliness, Aborted babies by the tens of millions, murder, strife, political correctness run amok, etc. It’s over we are in the final qtr. and the clock is 1 second away from midnight. May God help you all that are not in his camp.

      68. I would prep. But with four kids and losing our house, and moving to 5 different states working jobs that ended up being temporary, we just don’t have the money. Barely can manage the basics. No welfare, food stamps or phones for us. How can we prep for this coming hell? The last four years nearly broke our spirit. I’m so depressed and angry. I was hanging on through that long 4 years chomping at the bit to finally vote him out. How can these idiots vote for more and worse misery for ALL OF US? I want to secede from these traitors. A new confederacy! I will NEVER go to any traitor Obama voter state again. I have relatives up there. But they can come south if they wanna see me again.

        And it’s time for the republicans to go too. Sick of their ” establishment” of losers.
        A new Conservative party should be formed. Maybe in a new confederacy?

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