Either You’re The Butcher Or You’re The Cattle

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Do you LOVE America?


    This commentary has been contributed by James Quinn of The Burning Platform.

    I know many people have no interest in watching the boob tube because 99% of the programming is either mindless drivel or government sanctioned propaganda. It’s the 1% that reflects the deeper themes and moods engulfing our society. Television shows like Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, and The Walking Dead reflect the darkening mood of this intensifying Fourth Turning. I wrote one of my more pessimistic articles called Welcome to Terminus in April regarding the season four finale of the Walking Dead series. I essentially argued we are approaching the end of the line and the world is going to get real nasty.


    In the six short months since I wrote that depressing article, we’ve seen men beheaded on Youtube videos by terrorists no one had ever heard of at the beginning of this year. Somehow a ragtag band of 30,000 Muslim terrorists, using American military equipment supplied to fight Assad in Syria and taken from the Iraqi Army when they turned tail and ran away, have been able to defeat 600,000 Iraqi and Kurd fighters with air support from the vaunted U.S. Air Force. Syria, Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan descend into never ending religious based warfare. We’ve even had passenger planes mysteriously disappear in Asia with no trace.

    Crimea seceded from Ukraine and rejoined Russia, initiating a plan to punish Russia by the western powers. America supported and planned the overthrow of a democratically elected government in the Ukraine, with a predictable push back response by Russia, leading to a bloody civil war in the Eastern Ukraine. We’ve had a false flag shooting down of an airliner over the Ukraine by the Ukrainian government, blamed on Russia and Putin by Obama and his EU co-conspirators. The American corporate media mouthpieces have ignored the cover-up of missing controller transmissions, black box recordings, and physical evidence regarding the murder of hundreds of innocent people by western politicians. Israel and Hezbollah resumed their endless religious war in Gaza, with thousands of casualties and destruction.

    UK fear mongering and financial threats barely averted the secession of Scotland from the UK. Cantalonia continues to push for a secession vote to leave Spain. Violent protests have broken out in Spain, Italy, France and even Sweden. Turmoil, protests and riots in Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina and Mexico have been driven by anger at political corruption, high inflation, and general economic dysfunction. Saber rattling between China and Japan has increased and young people in Hong Kong have been protesting the lack of democratic elections being permitted by China. The world economy, undergoing central bank monetary stimulus withdraw, is headed back into recession as Germany, China and the U.S. join the rest of the world in economic decline. And now the Western Africa outbreak of ebola has gone worldwide, with predictions of an epidemic potentially causing worldwide economic chaos.

    What’s happening in the real world makes the dystopian zombie world of Walking Dead seem almost quaint. The writers of this show brilliant use of symbolism and imagery captures the violent, chaotic, inhumane, darkening, brutal world we inhabit as the Fourth Turning crisis period we entered in 2008 deepens on a daily basis. There is a good reason why the first episode of their fifth season drew the biggest cable TV audience in history. The show is clearly tapping into the mood of the masses. Early in the latest episode you realize Terminus has become a processing center run by cannibals. The line between victim and criminal, killer and prey, good and evil, madness and sanity, and moral and immoral is blurred. Everything is relative in the post-pandemic world of the Walking Dead.


    Seeing Wall Street cannibals walk away unscathed after devouring the worldwide economic system in 2008 with their fraudulent financial schemes, corrupt politicians enriched by throwing taxpayers under the bus, militarized police forces trampling the Fourth Amendment, the NSA spying on every American, a private central bank enriching their owners by funneling trillions into their bank vaults, a president trampling on the Constitution by issuing executive orders to bypass the other branches of government, and billions of welfare and tax fraud from the urban ghettos to the penthouse suites in NYC, has convinced a large swath of Americans that everything is relative and nothing matters in our warped dystopian world. Right and wrong no longer matter. Morality is an antiquated concept. Adhering to the Constitution is an outmoded notion. Our society celebrates and condones our dog eat dog economic paradigm. Or zombie eats anything world in the case of Walking Dead.

    The Terminus complex is reminiscent of the concentration camp in Schindler’s List. It is complete with railroad cars to hold the prisoners, gates with barbed wire, armed guards, and extermination facilities to “process” the prisoners. Thick black smoke belches into the air. There is a room stacked full of booty, teddy bears, watches, clothes – everything except the gold fillings.The Nazi like precision and attention to detail is reflected in the almost business-like method in which the Terminus administrators go about gutting their prey. The bone chilling efficiency and antiseptic processing facility evoke memories of the holocaust gas chambers. The opening sequence when Rick, Daryl, Glenn and Bob are among a group of men lined up to be gutted like pigs over a trough in place to collect their spilled blood, might have been the most brutal scene ever put on non-premium cable TV.

    The callous and dispassionate way in which the prisoners (cattle) are lined up in front of a stainless steel trough is disconcerting and bone chilling. The victims are hit with a baseball bat and then their throats are slit over the trough by men in protective suits. They have become nothing but cattle to be butchered and consumed by the Terminus cannibals. You see another part of the processing plant where human remains are hanging from hooks like sides of beef. Gareth, the leader of Terminus, supervises the operation like a CEO, berating the butchers for not meeting quotas and following standard operating procedures. Not much different than how our mega-corporations are run today.


    The other fascinating similarity between the dystopian “nightmare of want” setting of Terminus and our modern day dystopian “empire of excess” is the use of false advertising and propaganda to lure “customers” into their web. Their version of billboard advertising was plywood with the hand written messages of “Sanctuary for All”, “Community for All”, and “Those Who Arrive Survive”. The Terminus cannibals would have fit in well on Madison Avenue with the highly paid spin artists, propagandists, and whores for the corporate oligarchs.

    The signs along train tracks and radio transmissions from a call center like facility showed the calculated business-like efficiency of the cannibals in systematically and methodically luring victims to their slaughterhouse. It is the same techniques used by the apostles of Edward Bernays to consciously and intelligently manipulate the habits, opinions, tastes, ideas and actions of the masses, in order to control and influence their buying habits, voting decisions, and support of their rulers. The unseen men who constitute the “invisible government” use these techniques to keep the cattle docile, fed, and ignorant, as they are led to slaughter.


    The government and lack thereof is always lurking in the murky background of how and why the United States has devolved into an infected world of the walking dead. This episode provided some clues about government labs producing viruses as weapons to be used against some unexplained enemy. The insinuation is that the government somehow lost control of the virus and the ensuing pandemic destroyed our modern world and left the survivors to battle the biters and each other for the remaining scraps. The Federal government caused the societal collapse and is nowhere to be found in rebuilding the nation.

    It is unclear how the apocalypse went down, but you can assume it began with fear, which led to panic, chaos, economic collapse, violent upheaval, war, and total breakdown of governmental authority and control. It is ironic that today fear of a worldwide ebola pandemic is coinciding with an inevitable economic implosion, wars raging in the Middle East, violent protests raging around the globe, and trust in governmental authority plunging to all-time lows. The Walking Dead has wittingly or unwittingly captured the ambiance of our turbulent times.

    When you are faced with desperate circumstances you can either do whatever you need to survive or you can submissively accept your fate and die. Gareth and his cannibalistic cohorts had been in the same situation as Rick and his posse, but they had somehow turned the tables on their captors. Gareth’s survival of the fittest creed was “either you’re the butcher or you’re the cattle”. Human beings react to intense pressure and life threatening situations in different ways. Some people snap and turn into monsters, like Gareth. Some people snap and lose their minds. Others, like Rick and Carol, summon an inner strength to do whatever it takes to survive while barely maintaining their humanity. Others turn into blind followers of a strong forceful leader, not questioning the morality, legality or humanity of what they are ordered to do. The line between right and wrong, necessary versus unnecessary, vengeance versus justice, and butcher versus cattle is blurred in a world without rules, government or accepted norms.

    I believe the “butcher or cattle” analogy is sadly a valid meme for the world we currently inhabit. In the Walking Dead world, individuals must choose to be butcher or cattle. It’s a Darwinian world of kill or be killed. Like minded individuals with common values and goals form communities to protect themselves, provide for themselves, and attempt to bring a semblance of order in a chaotic world. The community of Westbury, led by the governor and the community of Terminus, led by Gareth, are founded upon a foundation of evil and ultimately destroyed. Rick’s community of liberty minded freedom fighters do whatever is necessary to survive, but retain their humanity, decency and desire to create a better world.

    Our present day world may not be as brutish as the Walking Dead world, though the line between reality and fiction is often indistinguishable when you turn on the news, but the distinction between butchers and cattle is clear. The elected and non-elected rulers of the deep state are the butchers, sending young men off to die for oil companies and arms dealers, impoverishing the masses through inflation and their control of the currency, and enriching themselves through their complete control of the political, financial, judicial, and economic systems. This establishment, or invisible government as Bernays described, is committed to its own enrichment and perpetuation. Its scope, financial resources, and global reach put it in a predator class all by itself.

    The common people are the cattle being led to slaughter. We are kept docile with incessant propaganda from the mainstream media; marketing messages to consume from Madison Avenue; filtered, adjusted, manipulated economic data fed to us by government agencies; an endless supply of iGadgets and other electronic distractions; government education designed to keep us ignorant; 24/7 reality TV on six hundred stations to keep us entertained; corporate toxic processed food to keep us obese and tame; and an endless supply of Wall Street supplied debt to keep us caged in our pens with no hope of escape. The butchers of the deep state have maintained control for decades, but we’re entering a new era.

    Fourth Turnings result in the tables being turned on the butchers. Some cattle are awakening from their stupor. They can see the bloody writing on the slaughterhouse wall. Anyone who isn’t sensing a dramatic mood change in this country is either a mindless zombie or a functionary of the deep state. The financial shenanigans of the ruling class are again being revealed as nothing but a Ponzi scheme built on a foundation of debt and propped up by delusions and ignorance. When the house of cards collapses in the near future, the tables will turn. When people have nothing left to lose, they will lose it. The butchers will become the cattle. There will be no sanctuary for these evil men. Their reign of terror will be swept away in a whirlwind of retribution, death and destruction. It might even make the Walking Dead look like a walk in the park.


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      1. I hate to say, even to think it, but it will only get worse from here. Make your peace with the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ while you still can.

        • Human decadence knows no bounds
          when the bullet hits the bone.

          • Love the Walking Dead and consider it to be a visual parable of the times we live in.
            TEOTWAWKI has really arrived. It is time to get last minute preps in order. Time to either bug out or hunker down.

            We decided Id make one last run to a box store. Went early this morning and there were only 2 other shoppers. Got a turkey for Thanksgiving. Got a basket of foods for the shelves, and more paper plates and plastic forks.

            In all seriousness the time is here. Already went Galt. Aint good enough. The g-men keep giving. Time to bug in.

            Have a look at these and then you decide for yourself:



              • AOL news: “One country (Senegal) now free of Ebola!” (What they failed mention was the country only had one confirmed case.)

                • More tabloid garbage compliments of SHTFplan.

                  • “I hate to say, even to think it, but it will only get worse from here.”

                  • Then why don’t you pull your freight and find another stoop?

                  • YMWW, if you want tabloid garbage, go to the MSM sites. They all have it.

                  • @ ymwr, That comment right there tells us all there is to know about you, eh?

                    Everyone knows that Jim Quinn and his articles about The Fourth Turning have historical truth behind them. It’s either going to be Civil War, or WWIII. So far it looks like WWIII, as the elites certainly don’t want the unwashed hunting them down after things fall apart. The elites are creating all kinds of enemies, foreign and domestic.

                  • “So far it looks like WWIII, as the elites certainly don’t want the unwashed hunting them down after things fall apart.”

                    Could well be… but, there won’t be any “hunting down” after the SHTF. Why would I say this? Because, bad as they are, the elites are not fools. They all have special bolt holes that they have prepared WELL in advance and the private jets to get them there to ride out the SHTF time. After all the dust settles and a few billion people are dead, they will stick their noses out of their burrows and prepare for “business as usual”. Yes, and they will have a s**t-load of gold with which to fund their nefarious operations.

                • “It is ironic that today fear of a worldwide Ebola pandemic is coinciding with an inevitable economic implosion, wars raging in the Middle East, violent protests raging around the globe, and trust in governmental authority plunging to all-time lows.”

                  Except it’s not ironic. It’s been planned as a “cover crisis” since 2008.

                  All of this has been planned. There’s been years of evidence to support it: The destruction of the rule of law; mass ammunition hoarding by the government; FEMA camps popping up all over; volatility in the market; rights being legislated away at record pace; Marxism and Islam flourishing at unprecedented rates; Obamacare being forced on the public slaves……etc.

                  By the end of September of 2015, we will all be wiser as individuals.

                  Behold the fundamental transformation of America. All by design.

                  I’ll say it once again: “You can’t have this much shit go wrong without it being deliberate.”

                  • Outrage of the day…

                    Watchdog: Obama to bring non-American Ebola victims to U.S. for treatment

                    “While the bipartisan voice grows to ban Ebola victims from entering the United States, a new report claims that President Obama is considering a plan to bring the world’s Ebola patients to the United States to be treated.

                    Judicial Watch, the conservative public watchdog group, says in a shocking report that the president is “actively formulating plans” to admit Ebola-infected non-citizens just to be treated.

                    “Specifically, the goal of the administration is to bring Ebola patients into the United States for treatment within the first days of diagnosis,” said the group.”

                    “The plans include special waivers of laws and regulations that ban the admission of non-citizens with a communicable disease as dangerous as Ebola.”

                    The organization added, “the Obama administration is keeping this plan secret from Congress. The source is concerned that the proposal is illegal; endangers the public health and welfare; and should require the approval of Congress.”

                    -Washington Examiner

                • Anon,have nothing against Senegal,glad they seem OK,one less place if true to worry about infected folks spreading a deadly virus,that is good news.

              • WE are obviously the Goyim Cattle; ZIO BIO weapon against the world:
                BLood Moon Bowel Movements—

                PURIM: Mar 19 first announcement of Ebola by WHO
                TISHA B’AV: Aug 1-2 first suspected cases in USA hit newspapers
                ROSH HASHANAH: Sept First confirmed Ebola case in USA
                YOM KIPPUR: Oct More US cases announced
                SUKKOT: First Ebola case “dies”. Israeli media revealed he dies on Oct 5, not Oct 8 but announcement held until Oct 8 to commemorate the jewish fest
                SIMCHAT TORAH: First indigenously transmitted Ebola case inside USA, via a nurse who treated above victim

                …cant wait for the Big Topper on Hanukah huh? Martial Law? Market crash? Bloody Moons getting bloodier by the day.

                Comrades, this has B’nai B’rith Illuminati signature ALL OVER IT. Know who your butchers are.

            • Did you’ll see Frieden being “fried” at the congressional hearing yesterday (CNN news)? At one point, this real fat guy was questioning Frieden and then the (senator?) lost his temper and said something about he could guarantee that flights WOULD BE BANNED sooner or later… hopefully before “all shit broke loose” so-to-speak… (didn’t say these last few words but yoou get the point)…

              I thought it was kinda cool because everyone was being polite and this guy’s anger got the better of him– common sense to close the borders/flights… many other countries are doing so.

              • Anon, it seems you are still in the lala land as far as the showmanship of the ZOG selected officials. Study more.

          • I found this post on another site and copied it thinking it was a pretty good summation of some of the more recent reasons why we are where we are as a country today.

            Dixie fan • 3 hours ago

            1. The VP’s son is booted from the military for cocaine, and I guarantee he won’t see even one day in the brig and he’ll keep his multi-million dollar per year job on the board of directors of a Ukranian energy firm working for a coup imposed government.

            2. The president’s wife videotapes herself dancing sensually with a turnip. Can you imagine the spouse of any other head of state acting so foolishly?

            3. We are now openly supporting terrorists in Iraq and Syria when our military has spent the last 13 years fighting against them. Did the mothers of the dead soldiers that have only flags now sacrifice their sons for this?

            4. We have the lowest labor participation rate in my entire lifetime but the stock market is still stable thanks to trillions of dollars going directly to the banks that steal from all of us.

            5. In America today it’s impossible to run a small business because the large firms can hire lobbiests to protect them and accountants to get them out of paying taxes.

            6. In the America I grew up in we got a week off of school in April and it was called Easter break, nobody cared. In the America I grew up in everyone, in polite society, regardless of religion still said Merry Christmas, nobody was offended.

            7. Today college kids can’t find a job after they graduate and they have to move back in with their parents. When I got out of college 20 years ago, I had a job in 2 weeks, and it paid enough to get an apartment and buy a decent car.

            8. When I was a child, I never saw whales driving scooters in the grocery store, look what we have now. And you know why? Because they live on food stamps and they can’t afford to buy nutritous meals.

            9. My wife is from Venezuela. She remarked to me recently that she is astounded that America is the most powerful nation on earth. She said you’re just as corrupt as my country, and at least in Venezuela the people are aware that the politicians are ripping them off.

            And last but best

            10. When I was a child American leaders lectured the communist leaders for their hypocrisy and brutal treatment of their populations. Now, we have a former KGB leader lecturing our leaders for the exact same things. And you know what?

            He’s right.

            • Great post Navy Vet. Also Mac this one of the best Articles summing up our world I’ve read. Thanks for posting it.

              • Maddog. I agree. Mac, this is one of your best articles ever. I’m still in a foul mood from yesterday. Let any butcher come to my place he/she will receive some hot lead. “Buzzards gotta eat too.” like Clint Eastwood once said.

              • OK everybody I finally thought up my own joke. Here goes,

                Roses are Red,
                Violets are blue,
                I’m Schizophrenic,
                And so am I.

                Come on WWTI. Pretty clever huh?

                God Bless everybody!!

                • The way I read it was …..If God doesn’t punish America, then apologies are in order to Sodom and Gomorrha.
                  But, that was years ago.

            • It think there’s a think tank somewheres that pretty much has our numbers and is the guiding light for the elites to steer us by. We/us are the preverbal “golden goose”.
              We for a couple of hundred of years have believed that and for good reason that the government was for and by the people. However thou it has been altered and morphed into an instrument of use for the benefit and use of the elite.
              Its now a succubus of the people by slow incremental force and imposed dependency thru law and regulation.
              And we’ve allowed this. Yes, we’ve allowed it! Not that we haven’t noticed just that enough of us haven’t noticed. They have our number. They know just how much they can get away with and how to handle it if they go to far.
              Its like herding cattle or sheep. Steer them in the desired direction and the rest will follow. And we do! Our leaders enrich themselves with full knowledge of their piers and revel in it. This is repugnant, why do we allow this? We wouldn’t let a neighbor get away with this.
              How much of our endeavors are they going to help themselves too. How much is to much, where will they stop? My guess is they wont. Not until they have it all.
              The power the people have in total is far beyond our conception. We can stop this quite readily. Once we recognize that the government has outlived its usefulness and has become usurious and irrelevant, then and maybe only then will we ignore it and deem it what it is, a charade. A dog and pony show.
              We have today what we have allowed in the past. If we want something different in the future we have to change things today. We have to change these charlatans that we have unwittingly elected and appointed to lead us.
              This needs to be changed and I think 319 million pissed off people could do it!
              Once we get fed up with it, we can do it. Until then, it is what is!
              If you don’t like where you’re at, change your mind!

              • There was a time when the People exhibited Civic Responsibility for their nation- voting out thieves and criminals, and refusing to tolerate brazen moral degradation. Now we revel in it.

                It begins with us folks, its not anyone else’s country. Its ours and we let it go to hell for the comfort of TV and NFL puke

            • Here’s guy who’s using his talent to fight back against the cancer of progressive political correctness in this country.

              Hollywood Reporter via Drudge:

              Hillary Clinton Flying Monkey Signs Deface Brentwood Ahead of Fundraiser

              ht tp://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/hillary-clinton-flying-monkey-signs-741631

              (take out the spaces between ht and tp)

              • Bravo Navy!

                Well said, sir.

              • Navy, I agree with all of your list but the Religious Holiday stuff. As usual most Holidays America gets off from work or free pay for doing nothing, is all based on Fraud.

                *Columbus Day -FRAUD
                *Halloween -Not much of a Holiday but based on satan and cult.
                *Thanks Giving – More Fraud. Genocide Invasion and Occupation by foreign entities on sovereign lands.
                *Christmas- Sorry but more Fraud.
                *New Years- Really the only non political holiday, but celebrated as a drunk fest.
                *Presidents Day- Bunch of phony puppet lying scumbags.
                *April Fools – Appropriate we are all fools.
                *Easter-More Religious Fraud
                *May Day-Again appropriate -as we are all calling for May-Day… May-Day
                July 4th – Celebrating what we no longer have
                Labor Day -Massive unemployment and they give everybody the day off. And since most of us have every day off, lets just call every Day Labor Day.

                • Sovereign land? Get a clue…..

                  Indian populations in the Americas fought and killed each other forever for the lands they lived on. Gimme a break!

            • Yep, nice post. Of course Hunter Biden is the son of confirmed PLAGIARER Joe Biden, who had to drop out of the prez race in 1988 because of that.

              But hey, for this vile, corrupt culture, as Dostoyevski observed well over 100 years ago, “If there is no God, **everything** is permissible.” Welcome to the atheist/Gaia worshipping Hell of the left.

              • We’ve got higher ratio of churches and preachers than anytime in American history.
                the infiltrators have won.

            • “Can’t afford to buy nutritious meals”, NO, they choose not to buy nutritious meals, they choose to lay around and do nothing, walk by their carts in the grocery store, full of chips and snack cakes, and pop!!

              • Because their too stupid to know how to cook a meal if it doesn’t come out of a box.

                • @ wrong,

                  I agree.

                  I wonder if they know how to use “they’re” properly?

                  You don’t.

                  At least you got “too” correct.

                  I taught you better than that!

                • The box is probably more
                  nutritious than the contents.

            • Great post by NavyVet, very well said!

              I knew we were screwed some years back after I watched the 2009 movie, ‘The Road’.

              h t tp://www.imdb.com/title/tt0898367/

              It illustrates to a very close degree how much lower humanity will sink after the SHTF.

              Remember, we will all die some day anyways and we may not control how or when.

              The thing YOU can control, is how you choose to live your life.

              • Go to YTube and watch the Movie Hamburger Hill. Now that is what SHTF looks like. As the sign read on the hill, was it worth it?

                • I’m sure you were there scooter, tell us about it.

              • @ Socrates

                One can choose to be a hero or to be a victim.

                If the darkest hour visits your doorstep, you can choose to die on your
                knees in front of a ditch or on your feet in a pile of spent brass.

            • Wonderful post! My husband (also a Navy vet)and I were discussing what on earth went wrong and wondering how it got this bad. We finally settled on:
              1. President Obola is a liar and totally incompetent. He is shielded and protected by the media and no one thinks we’re told the truth about any thing at all.
              2. The medical field, as well as being a huge money pit, is incompetent and can’t fix anything.
              3. The spiritual foundation is corrupt and we have only our childhood teaching on which to rely.
              4. The food industry is dangerous and corrupt. There is no oversight and products offered depend on who makes the most money by selling the cheapest material (not necessarily food-grade)to the people who don’t know what to do or have the energy or motivation to do it.
              5.We get poorer by the month while DC makes insane decisions. I no longer think Obama is just incompetent, I think he’s evil but there is no outcry about the fearful decisions he inflicts on us.
              6. Without a motivated public and a strong spiritual base, I assume things will get worse and we do what we can even though we are totally confused and terrified. We pray and we prep while the world becomes more out of control and horrified. (Dancing with a turnip…Really!!!)

              • -(Dancing with a turnip…Really!!!)-

                ..more than likely, she wanted to dance w/ B.O.B. (battery operated boyfriend)…but the wookie-handlers nixed that idea!

                …pity the poor turnip!

              • It isn’t that “OBAMA IS EVIL”… he belongs to a gang which is evil… and that gang decides which of their gangsters will run for president and we can choose which one (the Bloods or the Cripst) we want. the whole boot and cabootle is evil.. or something like that. 😉

                • why isn’t he evil?????evil is as evil does,,,,,


              • What you are seeing today, began a century ago. And, the WW2 generation sealed our fate, by handing this country to those who have sworn to destroy us.

                It began long before Bark Obola, or Barry Sotero, or whatever his real name is, was installed as figurehead. What you are witnessing now, are the final plays before the open destruction of America. Soon, things will accelerate…

                • Fed Reserve Act 1913, IRS and the takeover of USA by ZIonists. That was the end of America

              • Vicky
                he is protected by more that that his father the devil watches close over him,,, think about it,,,all he has done and no one has taken as shot at him,,,


              • There is someone who tells it like it is concerning man. Search zephnet and go to his July 2012 talk called “717” start there.

              • Does he sing the Village People’s “In The Navy”?

            • @Navy Vet:

              Beautifully written. Thank you! I too am a Navy Vet (40 years, 6 months, 18 days).

              All I can say about the times we live in today is: Thank God I am old (74) and won’t have to endure it much longer????

              • NVDreamer
                Navy Vet; I have to agree. My husband, father both served in the AF. During Desert Storm my Husband knew we weren’t done over in the Middle East. My Father served with the SR71 and he also new the trouble with the Middle East would come back to get the US. As I grew up I tried to educate my daughters and to be responsible. They grew up to be capable young women but they are having trouble finding young men. Why? Men today want to party, drink, play video games and of course watch porn. When dating the men tell them you have everything a house, great career and social life. The men have nothing to offer them because they are lazy and unsuccessful. As stated above we are sheeples to the media poisoning our young men. The women have become more successful for theirselves. Women want a home and family these men just don’t care anymore. Women now out number men in the universities. In WW11 the young men step up and fought, the women worked in the factories, today I don’t think it would be like that. America wake up! Stop being brainwashed by the Media.

                • The feminist poisoned everything a few decades back, long story short. In fact, they urinated in the very well they have to drink out of. I hope these feminazis enjoy huddling in their women’s conferences, going quickly to govt jobs but getting home before dark because of rape and violence, because THEY are the ones that created it. Feminazis indeed.

                • And we can blame the feminist movement for our daughters not being able to find a man. Boys have been dumbed down with drugs, video games, and garbage like food. We have told them they are bad for playing soldier or liking to play cowboys and indians….now we are paying the price. Our daughters are marrying later in many cases not because they don’t want to marry, but because they can’t find a MAN to marry.

                  Yesterday, my friend had her second baby and I went over to be with her, fix dinner, do some housework and hold that sweet boy (homebirth). This woman married at 32 and you know what? She married a much younger man who was 24. But he is a MAN who isn’t afraid to open doors for ladies and work a 6 day week.

                  Of coarse they were both homeschooled and well churched, so that likely had a lot to do with their behavior towards life, living, and each other.

                  But she waited a long time to meet him and he is much younger and you would never know it.

                  All that to say, our daughters are paying a very dear price. It is a hard pill to swallow.

                  • Test and Anon1970, I agree with both of you. Everyone should be alarmed at what feminism has done to relations between the two genders. We have a generation of boys inhabiting the bodies of young men who have been brainwashed with so much BS. I do feel sorry for young girls who are deliberately being mistreated by any boys. I am as much opposed to domestic violence as the next person. I AM SIMPLY OPPOSED TO THE FEMINIST APPROACH; A LAW WHICH MARGINALIZES, DEMONIZES, OPPRESSES, AND DISCRIMINATES AGAINST MEN, ALSO DENYING THEM DUE PROCESS OF LAW, WHILE SHOWING FAVORITISM TO WOMEN. I prefer to see a much more sensible and fair approach in which all sides are treated FAIRLY AND EQUALLY UNDER THE LAW. THAT IS A CONCEPT WE MUST RETURN TO. The feminist approach has NOT lowered the rates of domestic violence incidents at all and has only created a gap between the 2 genders which must be bridged before a catastrophe takes place in male-female relations. other issues like divorce and child custody have also contributed to the gap. All the time the mainstream media, when they touch upon domestic violence stories, talk about ‘oh the poor women’ or ‘oh the poor women and children’, whereas the men in these cases, regardless of the circumstances, are demonized, marginalized, oppressed, discriminated against, denied due process of law, are even denied access to legal counsel, whereas the women in these cases get legal counsel at taxpayer expense. Something has to give somewhere. Take care.

              • My aunt, who was sharp as a tack until her death, lived to be 96. RIP

            • Navy Vet,

              Great post! He is right.

              It is so sad that we as a country have fallen to this state.

              Unfortunately, I believe it is only going to get worse.

              We all need to keep praying and prepping.

              Take care!
              KY Mom

              • Ky mom
                God has taken his protection of the USA away


            • Navy Vet how do we get red thumbs? You post facts, I agree and thank you and Mac for the info all without cussing. Fucking sheeple don’t want the truth. I think it proves fucking shitbag communist, demoncat libtards have infiltrated SHTFplan. No apology for the language. Son-of-bitch I couldn’t go one day without fucking up and not ignoring the shitbags. Okay, here we go, starting over. Guess its like quitting smoking, it may take several attempts.

              • Maddog, let the trolls keep on coming with their redthumbs. Braveheart will take them on.

                • I got to thinking when I was working on my new fishing inventio, that human fingers would work good for shark fishiny cause they look like big worms.

                  • I think you should cut off our middle leg eppe and use it as fish bait. Maybe a few minnows might bight at it.

              • maddog … facts have no meaning to progressive ideologues who would rather baffle, bluster and lie than debate a point on merits.

            • Good post, for the most part, though I didn’t agree with every point… As far as kids getting a college education and finding no job afterward… My daughter has 7 years of college (one year from doctorate degree) and works at a call center, talking to people on the phone about paying their bills– the same type of job she had as a teenager!

              (She is going to nursing school part time though, while she works part time).

              • (was referring to comment made above, not the article by Quinn– he did an excellent job).

              • Anonymous:
                Yes, yes, I agree with your points too. We have friends that have Engineer firms and are barely making it. Another friend who received his engineer degree, never found gainful employment. My daughter is a CAD drafter and is working for the school district, stated everyone in her field are desperately looking for work. My Husband has a Masters in Engineering and is now doing emergency management. This economy hasn’t recover, we are well in the know about building. Tell your daughter, she’s a complished woman and to get her head up. My Mother went thru the Depression and WWII and she said she’s glad that she’s old now because she feels for all the people destroyed by the economy. Take care.

              • College- the big rip off.

            • Excellent post, Thank you and God bless

            • Great post; Navy Vet. Well written. Sadly; all too true. Never; EVER; thought I’d see the day when the United States was the villain on the world’s stage; and the U.S.S.R. are the proverbial good guys in the white hats. The United States; that once was; has been turned; at almost every level.

            • http://www.buzzfeed.com/mikehayes/how-a-meth-deal-and-a-botched-raid-left-a-baby-maimed#4f2b2w4

              I read this and I can’t help but think that cops are nothing but a bunch of feral fucking animals. It disgusts me beyond all words. I don’t even know how to respond to this. The fact that the officers involved arn’t being charged is a mute testimony to just how blind, worthless, and spineless justice has become.
              The shit that cops willfully get away with these days, that ordinary people would be *hanged* for, would put the *devil* to shame.

              This isn’t a miscarriage of justice, its a goddamn abortion of justice.

              I have no words. Nothing changes. Left. Right. Incubent or Newcomer. Elections do nothing. Protest, legitimate, or not, is shut down and met with overwhelming force. Everyones a terrorist. Everyone is guilty unless proven innocent.
              Ghouls in nice suits grin and pathetically demand action while reaching into our pockets.

              The country is awash in murderers, and looters that come wrapped in flags and bearing meaningless feel-good sound-bites. Government rules from the barrel of a gun.

              Fuck this country. It is my profound and sincerest hope that russia or china turns this rapidly spirally third-world-police-state-shithole into the proper fucking glass-ashtray that it deserves to be, and sends all the thieves, robber barons, and rapists-in-nice-suits that live in DC, to nuclear hell where they belong.


            • This nation, as well as the stock market is WAY past due for a correction. “We” have become spoiled,selfish individuals here in what has become the me..me society. I fear the American experiment is now over….and We The People have failed. …”A republic…if you can keep it. We cannot I fear.

            • “8. When I was a child, I never saw whales driving scooters in the grocery store, look what we have now. And you know why? Because they live on food stamps and they can’t afford to buy nutritious meals.”

              Whoa there! You obviously forgot about the ELDERLY AND DISABLED people who use those “scooters.” People who are not fat only because they eat twinkies and donuts all day. I’ll admit that buying nutritious meals isn’t easy, but IT CAN BE DONE. Growing a food storage CAN BE DONE on food stamps too…I know, because I AM DISABLED, ON FOOD STAMPS, AND I DID IT.

              Having to use a scooter to do your own shopping, beats sitting on your fat ass, expecting someone else to do it for you.

            • That’s a great post….well said and I agree.
              But what really pisses me off on the other hand is the American attitude…….”why us”?
              Everything was fine way back when…….gas was cheap, prices were reasonable, the market was fair, housing was affordable, jobs were plentiful.
              Let’s see……
              Things were fine in the ’50s when: America was slaughtering people in Korea.
              Things were fine in the ’60s when: America was slaughtering people in Vietnam.
              Things were fine in the ’70s when: America decided to renege on it’s gold obligations to the world economy and were slaughtering even more people in Vietnam.
              Things were fine in the ’80s when: America told the world “greed is good”.
              Things were fine in the ’90s when: America realised it could fight proxy wars without even using their own soldiers across the globe, and ushered in untold genocide across Kosovo.
              Things were fine in the ’00s when America smashed a couple of planes into a couple of skyscrapers and used it to capture and own the 4th largest oil producing nation AND the largest poppy producing nation on the planet.
              Yep……thing were fine.
              Now…..here in the second decad of the new century, the slaughter goes on with America, but, as it lands upon HER doorstep, the American people cry out, “why us……what has happened”?
              The answer is simple…….
              Either re-read the above, or…..grab a dictionary and look up the word KARMA.
              I don’t like seeing ANY innocent people be harmed, and wish nothing but blessings on the average American person as the storm hits them full on.
              That said…..when gas was cheap, jobs aplenty and times were different WHERE WAS THE OUTCRY FROM AMERICANS WHILST MUCH OF THE WORLD SUFFERED AT HER HANDS?

              The silencing is deafening and shameful to a once proud nation.


          • Good Article Mac, I watched the summer series of all the seasons of the walking dead wrapped up in a few days. think this is one of the closest movies I think would be real in a total grid down situation. No electric or running water. Besides the cannibal zombies in the show, they could weel as be hungry Ebola victims searching for their next meal. Or many people who just never prepared at all for SHTF. They will be the countless refugees just walking around foraging for anything that will prolong their life another day. It will get pretty unsanitary in a hurry, with human feces, dead corpses, who lay for rot and flies eating and spreading disease. Those over in Liberia just tried to order 1 million more body bags. The government may as well just start digging mass graves right now while the machinery is still working. As much as we all believe that the Government is behind a lot of this with their “Operation Garden Plot” with thousands of UN trucks hidden and parked at Air Force Base runways, new CDC Semi Trucks hidden behind Walmart’s and off site construction facilities. The Government knows it coming and they are just lying to us to stop any panic. And the reason is the Government is just not prepared themselves, or have stole all the gold and assets just yet for their planned collapse. It really pisses me off though our tax money is paying for their lavish facilities for politicians and their families while we just get the tax bill. They are more than willing to let us die needlessly. In fact mass death will help bring the social security budget back into balance with less payout if they can kill us off before we start collecting. All due to their raiding of these funds. Thy have been in a mass delay just keep handing out the food stamps. Imagine 50 Million people suddenly cut off for months with no food stamps. We already seen that crowd and how they behave. They could be the real first Zombies gone wild for real. Everybody, just keeping prepping the best you can and keep stressing to your other family and friends to get ready like its going to hit anytime, maybe tomorrow. One rogue Nuke EMP exploding into the atmosphere above the US, could wipe out half the US electric Grid. And we all come grinding to amass Halt. Ready GO!!!

        • It’s already happening with ISIS.

          Slaughterhouses of Christians, Jews and even certain Muslims, as of August 2014, have been operating for 3 years in Syria. Bodies are chopped up like a cattle slaughterhouse. Lifeless bodies hang upside down as if they are slaughtered sheep carcasses. A rare disease (Kuru) which can only be contracted as a result of cannibalism, has now infected Syrians. The Ottoman Turks did exactly the same thing to Christians during the Armenian Genocide.

          In Islam, it is permitted that a human being replace the animal in the sacrificial rituals, based on the story of Khalid Abdullah al-Kasri, the governor of Iraq who ritually sacrificed Jaad bin Durham in the place of an animal on the Islamic holiday of The Festival of Sacrifice. He proclaimed:
          “O people, sacrifice, Allah accepted your sacrifices. I am now sacrificing Jaad bin Durham.”
          This is the reality of Islam; pagan, sadistic and utterly depraved.

          • “O people, sacrifice, Allah accepted your sacrifices. I am now sacrificing Barack Hussein Obama.” 🙂

        • Absolutely right, Joe.

          Spiritual prep and physical prep both. And in that order.

          One HUGE difference. Spiritual prep is *surrender* to Jesus Christ. Physical prep is NOT surrendering to evil.

          Carry on, those who are Walking in the Light (conservatives who swallowed the Red Pill) who are trying to save and redeem the Walking Dead (liberals who swallowed the Blue Pill).

          • Free,swallowed both pills,want the whole picture.I will fight evil but will not *surrender* to anyone.

          • ITS NOT ABOUT LIBERAL VERSUS CONSERVATIVES, SLAVEPERSON! When are you people going to wake up?? Its about the elites (who control the US govt and are trying to control the whole world!) versus us, the everday person. We only think we have a choice!! If they are all gangsters (democrats and republicans)— and they are– then we only have a choice as to which one of their “boys” we want for president!!! We never get one of us (a decent person)!!!

            Read the article above AGAIN!!! Its us (the cattle) versus them (the butchers). None of them are trustworthy— none of them!!!!

        • Agreed. The best prepping is to renew your faith in Jesus Christ. Do all of the traditional prepping activities to gain supplies and to create a sustainable source of supplies through agriculture. Learn as many ancestral skills as you can. Develop strong critical thinking skills.

          But if you only have the latter without the primary commitment to Jesus, then you have not gained anything.

          “For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world, but lose their soul?” Mark 8:36

          • Jesus is dead. Has been for 2000 years. He’s not coming back. Get over it. Religion is the biggest scam in human history.

        • Well folks,

          They’ve managed to do it again. While we’ve been focused on this impending Ebola epidemic, the Federal Reserve, in conjunction with a well timed market drop, has managed to quash all hopes of curbing Quantitative Easing. Thus, they will continue vigorously increasing the money supply (i.e. printing money) each month.

          Therefore, because the dollar is based upon the full faith and credit of the United States, which by definition is the fact that you and I drag our asses out of bed each day and take part in the economy, I can assure everyone that our unit of collective economic worth will continue to erode at a rate of 75+ billion dollars per month for the next year at least.

          Of course out of respect to the site and to remain topical, folks, it is WE WHO ARE THE ZOMBIES because we keep letting these bastards continue to devalue us without penalty.

          • Fight of the Century: Keynes vs. Hayek Round Two

          • What role does the Fed Reserve now play in the US economy? Since we defaulted on our debts Oct 2013 and then the Fed sold their holding of the US debt to China, what role does the Fed have in the US dollar any more?
            China now holds almost all US national debt and China wants to end US world reserve currency status and is working on establishing a new world currency. So where does that put US citizens and why is anybody speaking about the Fed? Get rid of them! Cut that cancer out. Reestablish the US Treasury as the sold printer and controller of US dollars.

            • Hi Cara,

              Yes, China holds 1.269 trillion of U.S. debt. Japan is not far behind as it holds 1.230 trillion of U.S. debt. Japan is often lost in the conversation when really, they are right there.

              Link to Holders Of U.S. Debt

              As for the role of the fed with regard to the U.S. dollar. Well, quite simply put, it creates and destroys money (i.e. dollars).

              The Fed creates money, and then buys U.S. treasuries which our government uses to conduct it’s daily business.

              The Fed also issues low interest loans (around 0%) to well established companies (Dow 30, S&P 500) such that the companies can use that interest free money to run their respective businesses (ie satisfy junk bonds, pay operating expenses, make capital investments, buy back stock).

              U.S. corporations aren’t really making money. They depend on those 0% interest loans from the Fed to keep afloat. Thus, one could justify the statement that the Federal Reserve is the U.S. economy.

              As for getting rid of the fed, well, certainly lincoln tried that with the introduction of the greenback. That didn’t work out too well. Also, there is an argument for debit’s equals credit’s. And then there is that proverbial argument that congress can’t even agree on a budget, imagine if they were in charge of the currency…

              If congress were “smarter”, then it might be ok to have them in control of the currency, but they are just too stupid in my honest opinion.

              As for china and the new world currency. A couple of years ago that looked to be the case. Now though, by using the BRICs as leverage, they are making the case to become part of the default basket of currencies that comprise the Special Drawing Right (SDR). This is really what the NWO wants as the global currency.

              If you want to read up more on the SDR and the Bank of International Settlements, go to bis.org. The Bank of International Settlements is the Bank of all Central Banks (i.e. the Federal Reserve).

        • Eppe already came out the other side. He is sitting in a pile.

          • whowuddathunkit

            You need to stop this. I wish they would ban you from the site you idiot.

            • Mike in VA, I agree. WWTI has gotten out of hand.

              • Cuz give us a break, one minute you’ll agree with Mike in Va about banning WWTI and the next minute you’ll be kissing WWTI”s ass.

                • NGIC, my favorite idiot, you just had to come back. WWTI is another troll and I’m not kissing his ass, either. You’re just an idiot, so go back to sleep.


          So how about it? Show us how much you’re buying the “you can’t catch Ebola on an airplane” stories, by putting as many of those totally harmless non-symptomatic travelers on your plane, to help support their struggling economies. And then, no one could accuse you of blatant double-talking, flagrant lies, and obvious hypocrisy, because then you’d no longer be recklessly endangering the entire country while carefully ducking any personal consequences.

          Unlike what you’re doing now, every single day.

        • Joe

          You are dead on with what you said. It is only with the help of the good lord that we can and will win this fight. It is the most important thing in life. Thanks for saying what you did.

          I to believe that this will get worse from here. Have posted several times and said so.

          I am going to play devils advocate for a minute though.
          Lets say that the threat from Ebola is not as great as we think it is. Just for the sake of discussion. I have asked several questions about why it is being handled the way it is.

          1 – Why are we not banning air travel.
          2 – Why are we bringing infected individuals here.
          3 – Why are we sending our soldiers there.
          4 – We ban our own healthcare workers from travel but will not ban people from infected countries coming here.

          I have said that I thought it was because they wanted this to cover for the economic crash. I have said it does not make sense.

          Well one more thing. If for the sake of discussion they want panic. What could they accomplish other than covering for the economic crash?

          Everyone I believe should think of one more thing. They have used every crisis to take away more and more of our freedoms. Think of the freedom’s we have lost since 9 -11. Did they not say never let a good crisis go to waste? How much freedom will they take away in the name of preventing Ebola? Obama has already signed an executive order allowing the government to detain individuals who just show signs of reparatory illness. They have the power to quarantine entire cities.

          Just some things that should provoke thought in us all. I do believe there is a major threat from Ebola. If there is not then we still may be at the moment of truth. The moment we have all prepped for. Martial law could be declared in the name of Ebola.

          Hope you are all safe and having a wonderful day.

          Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

        • Yes, Joe….you are correct. As far as this article goes….I choose NEITHER…..I cannot abandon my beliefs merely to survive….and I WILL not become “one of the madding crowd”…….Will I defend my Republic? YES. Will I defend my family? YES. Will I aid all Patriots in their time of need? YES. Will I die protecting the Constitution and ALL that it stands for? YES. Will MY death mean anything to anyone other than those who love me? Maybe, if MY death helps ANY Patriot to recover what has been lost……
          I believe in the Holy Trinity….Father, Son, Holy Ghost
          Be Well, Be Prepared, Be Ready
          Have Sisu

          • Feisty

            Well said.

        • Just wanted to add an amen! to that. I was unable to give it a thumbs up.

        • Jesus is dead, you dipshit. He’s not coming back. Ever. Get over it.

      2. What if I am the only one and everybody else is dead???? Might as well start drinking and smoking again. And fishing the restricted area in the reservoir

        • I’m going to remove the tag from my mattress.

          • STOP!Angry Guy,your I upset,I get it!We are all upset!That said,DO NOT remove mattress tag!Take a walk,have a smoke and a drink,do something but don’t go off the deepend guy,we need folks like you around!

            • Thanks WD, I’ve come in off the ledge.

              • Please for yourself and others,please put the scissors back in the drawer and take a deep breathe!

                • Thanks guys, that made my afternoon. Needed a good chuckle.


                  • Ghost,the scissors was a hopeful guess.I envisioned him ripping it off BY HAND!

                • I took the tag off my mattress when I first bought it.

                  • Wow and I thought I was a mad cap kind of rebel guy.

                  • Doing that ripped a hole in the universe!

                    I’d be willing to bet it was November 4, 2008.

                    Way to go Braveheart!!!

                    Now I know how Obummer got elected.

                    Next election day, leave the tag on the mattress.


                  • Cuz thats one thing I admire about you, your real brave like that. I remember one time you even took the tag off both pillows.

              • Man, I thought it was the end!

          • Please be CAREFUL, old white guy, in tearing that tag from your mattress!!!! When the First Congress enacted the original Crimes Act in 1790 (see http://www.gwu.edu/~ffcp/exhibit/p6/p6_7.html ), there were only 17 recognized Federal crimes, and it was reasonable to assume that as long as a person was a law-abiding citizen, he was not at risk of arrest. Today, though, there are more than 4,500 Federal crimes — and many are so obscure that they are nearly indecipherable. In addition to the 4,500 Federal crimes, there are tens of thousands of Federal regulations. Many people commit criminal acts daily without even knowing they are doing so.

            The Federal Register – full of laws which apply to YOU, and is comprised of government agencies’ new regulations, proposed rules, and presidential papers – is, according to Politifact.com and Rep Randy Forbes (R—4th) 34,000 pages in length, and weigh 340 lbs. The Government Printing Office stated on June 14, 2011, the actual number of pages was 34,844 (but then, as pages are added every day, whose counting!), but that was actually just the running tally of the number of pages published in 2011 to date. According to Jim Hemphill, Ass’t to Dir. of the Federal Register, the 2010 total was actually 81,405 pages, of which “only” 46, 758 were dedicated to rules or proposed rules (whew! I was worried there for a minute!). The rest were agency hearing, meetings, investigations, etc.

            But, please note! Our politically correct government is trying to save trees, so the 34,000 pp. document – printed on double sided paper – was only around 17,000 pages, thankfully (of course, under Obama, even double sided is now probably back around that size).

            (http://www.politifact.com/virginia/statements/2011/jul/01/randy-forbes/rep-forbes-says-federal-registration-containing-re/ )

        • Bass,it hits the fan my sobriety very short term out the window!I then can see sobriety perhaps the best thing in challenging times,figure have a few days though and while I don’t drink at moment,have a few bottles of Jack waiting till the end!

          • War Child- So that explains it. a drunk. bet your kids are proud of you. Some drink, some swear and some steal jokes. Yeah, you know who you are!!

            • You,never had kids,in fact,as knew wasn’t parent material had a vasectomy,oh,by the way,may the fleas of a 1000 camels infest your crotch!

            • And you’re as nutty as a squirrel turd.

            • you betcha, I say, I “betcha” that you’re just another troll, so move along.

        • I hope It is me and the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders left. You have to repopulate you know?
          Hope you catch the big one and I repopulate. lol

          Just joking all sorry could not resist. Maybe it is the pain meds.

      3. This AM I took Mom to the grocery store. I waited in the car. I watched a 30ish white guy, dressed like a slob, smoke a complete joint in broad daylight in the parking lot at 9 AM. He had just come out of the store. He was wearing flip flops and gym shorts and a t-shirt. Too F’n lazy to even dress to go to the store. Emotional zombies. Can’t even make it thru the morning without a full joint. Then he drives the car. Loser.

        • Till I read the driving part didn’t care,now he is endangering others.Folks want coffee/booze/a cigarette/a joint in morning non of my business,but,you then drive while messed up tis others business.I worked nights for a few months,roomate(girlfriend)would freak as having a beer while she is making coffee and getting ready for work!

          • No, he is not endangering anyone. Weed smokers do not cause accidents like drunks do. Marijuana does not impair judgment or driving to an appreciable degree, especially if the person has a high tolerance from daily smoking.

        • He just knows what were all guessing at

          ITS OVER!

          and he dont GAF any more

        • Ocommie would give him a medal. These are the sheeple Polousey was freeing with Ocommiecare. The US sure has turned to shit that’s a fact.

        • People can dress and act the way they want it’s called freedom. Those who call others losers are the ones who sold out and served this world. And we know who the Lord of this world is. In the end those who were persecuted by the world, which includes most Christain’s, will be the winners whilst the ones who called others losers will be thrown, headfirst, into the lake of fire.

      4. The situational similarities and thought process of this show can only be a wake-up call to those not awake.

        Those of us awake have been studying the cruelty and evil of man for years, and although it difficult to plan for every affect of the coming end most of us know and understand the path before us.

        • The one thing I fear is the one thing that’s happening; a slow deterioration into chaos, pestilence and martial law. Each resent event seems by design to force us to rethink our trigger point for when we would take action/react to this current crisis.

          Like many on here I have two sets/types of friends, those that prep and those that live in cognitive dissonance. I’ve spent years telling people to prepare for a minimum of 3 months to no avail, but over the past week I’ve received multiple phone calls from these same people asking me what to do because reality is finally dawning on them.

          • Well, at least you have some friends who are not totally brain-dead. I have one friend I have been begging to get started and she called today to ask me if I wanted to go the casino with her as it $3.99 steak night. She’ll probably lose $50 tonight, then say she has no money for preps. Some people just suck the life out of you.

            • Vicky … I have a similar friend. Just the other day, I inquired of him if he was doing anything about putting aside a little extra food explaining, yet again, that it could be a little as a box of rice, a can of vegetables and a bag of beans every week, about $3.50 expense wise. His response: “I don’t have that kind of money”.

              I pointed out to him that he and his wife eat out at least twice a week; not expensively, things like subs and pizza, and if he cut out one of those and instead spent the money on food that could be stored, he’d slowly build up stock he could use in an emergency.

              I got crickets for me effort and could actually hear the eye roll over the phone.

              • @Navy Vet:

                I think we ALL have people that we shake are heads about who just do see past their noses.

                I have a question for you: How do you respond when SHTF and that person comes knocking on your door for a handout?

                • I’ll give him one days worth of food and say goodbye.

              • I’ve been after this elderly woman to store up some food. Like me, she lives out of town and can’t get into town but once every few weeks. I even gave her a gallon jug of properly prepared white rice to get her started…

                It has been about 3 months and I asked her yesterday, how much she had added to the rice…she slipped and inadvertently told me she fed the rice to THE DOG. Apparently, it wasn’t good enough FOR HER, even if she can’t get into town for food…

                I’m done with that one.

                • Sixpack, that is really sad that not even an ELDERLY person won’t do any prepping. You would think at least THEY would know better. When not even ELDERLY people will do any prepping, you know it’s bad. I don’t blame you for being done with her.

          • ” You Can Ignore Reality….But You Cannot Ignore The Consequences of Ignoring Reality “.

            Ayn Rand

            In the last few weeks I have completely run out of words to say to friends of mine who are still asleep….I truly believe that a majority of people will not see what is happening to our country until there is blood flowing in the streets……….And then…. May God Have Mercy on our Souls.

      5. You can learn a lot by watching the evening news. When the anchors are basically screaming at the people to not panic, not be afraid and are rolling in an advert for the flu shot, people who are in the know, know what to do.

        I have noticed people are talking about getting ready. I just play dumb and agree with what they are saying. I don’t let them know anything about me, but it used to be a taboo subject and now lots of people are openly talking about economic collapse, prepping, buying guns/ammo, and martial law. Maybe it’s because I live in a more rural area but I find it odd that talk that would have garnered sideways looks and eyerolls is now being initiated by people I thought were sheep.

        • Just remember though.. talk is cheap.. what are they really doing.. talking the talk but not walking the walk? I would assume they are all hot air unless proven otherwise

        • Wow, same here jake. One of my neighbors once said that my guns were unnecessary and many should be banned. Just the other day she informed me her husband just purchased a new shotgun. My wife has been nagging me to find out what motivated them. Guess with seeing your post I’ll have to go over and ask.

          • Yeah, I have one guy friend when I told him to start preparing especially buy a gun for self defense he said. “I don’t believe in violence.” No kidding. Wait till he get his ass kicked one night and car jacked. Men need to start stepping up to the plate and be men. No More Woosies!!

            I’m getting real close to picking up a new Keltec PLR-16 5.56 Pistol. Fire shoots out the barrel. lol Perfect for a bug out bag.

            Here is a Vid with a 100 round Magazine. ripping some rounds off: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdKOd3NQW_s

            • Keltec real high quality there pal………

          • Careful, Maddog, maybe they bought it to get rid of the neighbor with…sounds like your wife is in cahoots, probably the life insurance.

      6. I will be neither a butcher nor cattle,will try and help others(probably die then)in really tough times being raped/abused/murdered ect.,no matter who is engaged in these acts of insane evil!I sure am glad came home to cook lunch and got on the net!

        • Same here. I cannot change who I am and I am a person who looks to protect the innocent and defenseless. It may mean I need to do horrible but necessary things to those who are doing evil, but do it I shall. All I can hope is that it never comes to that because it will haunt me.

      7. The world as we know it is about to change.

        This virus will help bring this change.

        Unfortunately, many people are in denial.

      8. WE’RE ALL SAVED.

        The president has named an Obola Czar, “Ron Klain”

        If you don’t recognize the name, Ron Klain is the former Chief of Staff for Al Gore and Vice-prosident O’Biden. We should be safe, because he has NO medical OR health care background.

        I’m going back out on the ledghe now.

        • AOWG
          Is there room for me?
          W.T.H. Obullshit is the biggest turd that we have ever had in the White house. What a STUPID Mother F##$ER!!!
          Sorry for the profanity. I’m PISSED!!!!

          • Damned ledge is getting crowded…..move over!

            • ABOUT, FACE…FORWARD, MARCH…Yur lep, yur lep, yur lep right lep…

        • Yea I was hoping for someone with no political experience. Let me grab my Jug of shine, er umm, Disinfectant that is, and I’ll join you on the ledge.

          • H
            I’ll bring some Jerky.

          • I expect the best and I give the best. Here’s the BEER!!! ;^)

        • Name me as the Obola Czar!

          My first act would be to ban all flights from Hot Zone countries.

          Pay me my money.

          Then I’d resign. Just that one executive decision would be worth the money they paid me.

          • Free Slave For Ebola Czar!!!

        • pay attention to names. Ron Klain. you guessed it, another jew.
          CDC head, Friedman-jew Friedman adviser, Goodman-jew

          “give me control of a nations money and I care not who writes its laws” -Rothschild. (jew)

          who controls our money? Federal reserve, Bernanke, yellen (jews).

          USA is just a bigger version of Israel.

          • …where the teachers can’t carry automatic rifles at school, to protect the children from terrorists…

        • Ron Klain, Jewish Ex-White House Aide, Named Ebola ‘Czar’

          Read more: http://forward.com/articles/207529/ron-klain-jewish-ex-white-house-aide-named-ebola-c/#ixzz3GQcqI2Zc

          AMERICA……Are there any other NON JOOOS in this fucking country of ours? Wakeup folks…..Ebola or any other damn thing is manufactured in Zionist labs and their secret services creating mother fuckers named ISIS with some fucking jooo as their leader.

          STOP cheering USA USA USA. Can you even comprehend the depth of ZOG criminal enterprises? CAN YOU or you just thumbs me down with some label as jooo hater or any other stupid label. When would be too late? STOP BELIEVING the imaginary made enemies….the enemy is within.

          • that makes no sense. Muslims and Jews don’t like each other.

            • T-town.. Go F%^%$# yourself and your muslim brothers in ISIS. You two species are actually sharing the same DNA that is inferior to the human DNA.

        • It’s not “Klain,” it’s “Klown.” To join the rest of the circus clowns in in the Obola circus

      9. Also prepping tips: for those who forgot or don’t know…Remember to boil and use bleach to purify water. Dig holes in the ground for human waste and away from water supplies. Store bags and news papers are free and have multiple uses. Kindle and human waste. Never think you can stock up on too much rubbing alcohol..(yes I have mentioned this many times in the past) Use it too clean and sanatize…AND as a heat source. Remember just 2 ounces into a Tuna or soup can will burn hot and mostly clean for up to 30mins or more. Works best if you buy the 91% rubbing alcohol. Duck tape…enough said!

        All of these items and many, many more can be bought at your local Dollar Tree Store. Including Candles, matches, soap, tampons, tooth brushes, Shit Tickets (Toilet paper) etc. etc.

        • Tampons work great for blood clotting and moisture remove from storage containers. Learned this when the wife no longer needed them and was going to through them out case anyone was wondering.

          • Maddog … I have a small box of “super absorbent” feminine napkins in my med. kit to use for field dressings for large, heavily bleeding wounds, if you get my drift. Only for friendlies though. Bad guys get to bleed out.

            • No need to waste supplies on turds.

      10. The ROAD the movie. Is the one that scares me to death. Zombies and Leaches are nothing compared to Cannibals. They will become cannibals you can bet on it. If you get hungry enough you will eat anything!

        If it comes to this you only have one choice. Shot first and let God sort it out.

        Drudge is the first to quarantine and now I just heard that Jones is setting up to do the same. A person in the county he lives in is now in the hospital being watched for Ebola.

        A Cruise Ship is now can’t dock because of Ebola might be on the ship! Things are going to start shutting down just like the schools in Ohio and Texas. Wife told me last night, that 20 out 46 students out of Pre-school out with the flu. EV-D68?

        Let us keep bring or letting the sick bastards into the US. W.T.H. Will Obullshit ever wake up (NO) only when his kids get it he will!!!! Then it is too F#$*ING late for us out here.

        As of now if we get our first person in LaSalle Co. Ill. being watched I’m going tell our group to self quarantine.

        Went through everything over the last few days. In good shape for about 15 months.

        I’m going to pray that this is a false flag. If it is not I’m going to Pray for all of us. Folks Please Pray for each other, and Keep your Mags Loaded.


        • It’s intentional Sgt. Dale its absolutely obvious at this point. As I said we have an Ebola watch case here in N. Nevada and I have a feeling they will be nationwide by next week. This may be the sign. Good luck.

          • Mad Dog
            Well it looks Obullshit got his way. He is letting the good old USA become a third world county. Just think if we are a third world country how bad with the second and third world county right now be? Can you say Cave Man?

            I was talking the other day about China and India getting Ebola. Can you see almost 3 Billion people in harms way?

          • The WHO is now saying that the incubation period should be 2 to 42 days not 21 days. And transmission may be possible without symptoms. Also some scientists say it may be airborne in certain circumstances.
            Now Duncan flew from Africa to Europe to the NE US and then Dallas? Is that correct? So how many people were exposed on those planes and in those airports? No word of those people being tracked down or notified or planes being cleaned. So if 150 people on each of 3 planes were exposed and only 2% contract it within the 42 day incubation period that would be only 9 or so people BUT how many people would they have contact with in 42 days while they walk around not knowing they flew with Duncan? Add the flying nurse and the cruise passengers and we would not see how many might be infected for almost 3 months.
            Happy New Year.

        • The Road was a terrifying movie. Pretty close to the Cormack McCarthy novel. The survivors appeared to be wandering through the aftermath of a nuclear war; the dead trees and bleak weather indicated the effects of a “nuclear winter”.
          The scene where the old survivor (Robert Duvall) was sitting with the father and son was interesting. He said that people knew it was coming.
          This situation with the ebola virus reminds me of the Stephen King novel “The Stand”.
          There’s a video called “After Armeggeddon” from the History Channel.
          It’s worth watching; runs for about an hour and a half on the internet.

          • THE ROAD was good but nearly as good as this other movie with similar theme– forgot the name of it but was about the Bible… REALLY GOOD MOVIE!!!

            • book of eli

            • The Book of Eli? Similar theme…

            • The Book of Eli? Had a similar theme….
              I hope this doesn’t post twice. My computer cursor jumps all over the place. And it doesn’t help when my cats decide to visit and park on my keyboard.

              • Sorry, I didn’t see the previous posts. Looks I repeated 2 other comments.
                I’ll mention 2 other movies that talk about the 2008 market crash. Company Men and Margin Call.
                In Margin Call the risk analyst looks like he had a “holy shit” moment when he plugged in the flash drive given to him by a former employer.
                I came across one of A. Ralph Epperson’s books which had a chapter on the causes of the bank runs and market crash in 1929. I think it was titled the Unseen Hand…recommended reading.
                Again, apologies for being redundant; those were my own words. Didn’t notice that others had said it previously.

          • Meathead: I have both movies. The Road seems to be about something like an asteroid hit, but it could have been a nuke war. Either case would cause most plants to die from lack of photosynthesis. The History Channel movie is great, it’s about an outbreak. Hey, now that sounds familiar!

        • Howdy, Sarge. I’m going to watch that movie over the weekend. How was the trip to TN?

          • TRBH
            That movie is worth its weight in gold.
            The trip did yield at least one 20 Ac. plot the rest was bust, and the Frigging rain didn’t help!
            I’ll let you know in a couple of weeks.

          • Renegade,read the book first,trust me!They did a good job with the movie but book still better,lets your mind envision the scenes.

            • Warchild, appreciate the tip; i’ll get the book later. I found the full-length movie on youtube. Will watch it Sat. night and munch on goldfish crackers. You sold me on a damned good product. they are HARD to put down.

      11. A cheap prep that may come in handy is pool shock. Its cheap and you can make a shitload of bleach with a few pounds.

        • @maddog

          Make sure you buy PURE Calcium Hypochlorite! Many shock treatments have Algaecides and other toxic chemicals that will kill you. It’s coming down to the wire folks.

          Meanwhile there are people standing in the onrush of the crowd yelling “REMAIN CALM! ALL IS WELL!” (ala~ Kevin Bacon in Animal House)

          • For anyone new, Grandpappy has some very good information on purifying water and what type of pool shock to buy.

            How to Find Water and How to Make Water Safe to Drink

          • Yep, but thanks for looking out.

      12. I want to expose the lies of Eppe’s former dog. The truth is that other dog ran away on his own. I have known him for years and he was a very bad dog. He was a leg humping, ass sniffing, child biting rabid animal. Eppe was nothing but good to him and the stupid mutt ran away for no reason. Eppe has never beaten me and is the best owner ever…and I love his jokes ( actually I write the material) but i digress. I hope the dog catcher picks up this extreamly bad dog before he bites anyone else in the ass.

        yours truely,

        Eppe’s other dog ( the non evil one )

        • You feel a need to repost this,last time wasn’t enuff eh?!I swear Eppe’s pets have found the local dealer or a patch of shrooms!

          • @ warchild…..To answer your question kind sir…no…once was not enough. Eppe’s former bad dog has been spreading false rumors and this needed to be posted again at the top of a thread instead of the bottom like the last article. You should be nice to me because i’m eppe’s dog and i’m a good dog. I like to chase cars, mailmen, cats, liberals, and bankers. I only bark when its needed…i’m not one of those annoying constant barkers like some dogs ( like eppe’s bad ex dog ) are. My heroes are lassie, old yeller, benji, bingo, and cujo.
            In closing i beg of you…please dont believe eppe’s ex dog…he tells fibs that arent true because he is a very, very bad pooch.

        • EOD
          Thanks for the laugh!!!

        • You know I once had a pet lamb that thought he was a dog. He would run the neighborhood with all the dogs, and he slept with the dogs and he ate with the dogs and would even chase cars like a dog, and I really loved that lamb, but I finally had to shot him. Why you ask? Well he started killing sheep! Trekker Out. Eppe That’s What You Should Have Done!

          • MT
            I just spit my tea on the screen. Dad gum it!

          • Strange how Whowuddasuckedit has no life. Hope he grows 4 sets of eyes, since he will need them. A legend in his own feeble mind. Going to leave for a while, who will he bash next? Notice how he has a hard on for me, but no one else? All for telling some jokes, must be a sad excuse for a human. It’s been fun, but since wwsi arrived, not so great. Should have killed all those pets, will see most of everyone on the other side. God bless everyone…

            • @ eppe….i’m not who you think I am….I love your jokes and am on your side….in case that wasnt completely obvious from the content of my posts.

              :>) bark bark

              • Hey, I am very sorry for being a jerk, I should not have stolen all those jokes. I’m just a really bored guy and have as small penis. I hope you still care if I join in on some conversations.

                • Eppe, we need some jokes.

            • EPPE
              Is it really you?
              WELCOME BACK WE MISSED YOU!!!!

            • eppe … from my experience, living life as a short person and the target of bully’s at different times in my life both as a child and as an adult, there are only two ways to successfully fight a bully, ignore them and continue doing whatever seems to trigger them or give’em back whatever they want to dish out.

              In 99.9% percent of the cases, when the bully understands that you’re not putting up with their bullshit, they quit. The other .01% of the time you have have to beat the fuck out them, either literally or figuratively.

              It is my hope that you won’t succumb to this asshole’s pressure.

              While I’m not pretending to speak for everyone else here, I believe that you have a lot of friends and supporters in this community who appreciate your jokes and the insight you bring on a lot issues discussed here.

              • Thanks Navy, I really just have a miserable life, and just bored. I tried to get my fishing invention going but found out somebody already invented orange fish crackers. So I am going to try brown worms that really looks like worms but you can eat them. What do you think?

                • eppe’ … Do you really think that readers and posters here do not see right through your lame attempt at subterfuge pretending to be eppe or any of the other pseudonym’s you go by?

                  Reading your post’s is like listening to a toilet flush, makes a lot of noise but doesn’t accomplish much.

                  • and like a toilet flush, you know what it is when you hear it.

              • eppe;
                I second navy vets post. Hang around, we need guys like you!

                If you do decide to take a hiatus for a little while keep in touch through email.


              • Naw, just going to my compound to kill deer, guess who’s face will be in my scope???
                Most everyone here are GREAT people, and love you all, even if we have never met. But some, well yall know what I mean.

                • good luck with the hunt

                  • Need Help? a Mr. ‘Weatherby’ is a GOOD friend of mine,

                    Rememeber what Ol Roy Weathevy said about cartridges,

                    …’I never met a BIG Bore that I didn’t like.”

                    Yep, 30-378 does the trick EVERY time… 🙂

                    Well Gotta go, “Thinga to do….and thumbs to deliver…dowm, down, down.! It’s like Nike says, ‘Just DO IT’, eh? Now, everyone you KNOW the drill here? Yesssssss, ‘downus maximus’?…”Latin”, I think?

                    “It’s a WONDERUL day in the Nieghborhood, a wonderful day for a NEIGHBOR…well MOST of them”

                • Eppe, you have a great set up for deer hunting and I don’t blame you for taking a few days off. Just remember that you have friends here.

              • Navy,short is un PC,the phrase you need is “vertically challenged!

            • I posted this then thought what an asshole I am. Sorry WWTI, maybe I can buy you a beer sometime.

              God Bless eppe.

              • Yea well stop being a jerk and joke thief.

                • Why don’t you stop being an A-hole?

                • Mac, why do you allow WWTI to mock this site?

            • Ha, ha, that was funny, eppe, (the part about him liking you in that way! Ha, ha, ha!) Good point!

              I don’t know why he did that, eppe, but it ruined things for us too… laughter is good for your health@ Guess was the whole point. Please don’t give up for then the bastard will win.

            • Eppe don’t you go anywhere. The red thumbs the shitbag gets indicates the discontent we here at SHTFplan have with the piece of shit fucking with you. Hope you do like I was told and ignore the dickhead. Its obvious the shitbag has no life and is completely jealous of yours.

            • He has a life eppe, its just low. Pitiful actually. Him and Eisencunt/Ass blaster or whatever bullshit he calls himself, they ain’t worth two squirts of owl shit, walkin’r runnin’.

            • Eppe…dont let it drive you away….you bring a laugh to folks here and in this day and time a good laugh is rare indeed…be safe!REB

        • When you see when people steal other people material and try to call it their own, it is Plagiarism. And they think it is funny. But when it is done to them, all the sudden they can’t stand it. As illustrated in eppe’s blistering swearing in his posts above and rants.
          What I have presented here in the last few days is a lesson in integrity. Some people have it, and others will never get it. Eppe is a common cut and paste Joke thief, and was called out. He really has no individual talent cause he can’t think of a single thing original for himself, so he steals it. So since eppe left his own barn door open, it seems all his critters escaped and they are spreading the word.
          Always keep in mind “The Pen is mightier than the sword.”
          This sentence was coined by English author Edward Bulwer-Lytton in 1839 for his play Richelieu; Or the Conspiracy.[1][2]
          True, This! —
          Beneath the rule of men entirely great
          The pen is mightier than the sword. Behold
          The arch-enchanters wand! — itself is nothing! —
          But taking sorcery from the master-hand
          To paralyse the Cæsars, and to strike
          The loud earth breathless! — Take away the sword —
          States can be saved without it!
          Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_pen_is_mightier_than_the_sword

          Let the great culling take all the thieves and liars away.

          • Well then wwti, if the great culling takes all the liars and thieves away, you should really be worried! Then again, you’re too stupid to be worried.

      13. Obumbler proposed 472 mm in cuts to CDC in 2012. The proposed cuts would have taken money away from municipal and state health departments to hire health workers and monitor for public health hazards and disease outbreaks. But, as you have surely guessed by now, moved money to “community transformation grant programs” and away from programs that help fight and prevent infectious diseases (see http://townhall.com/tipsheet/mattvespa/2014/10/16/the-obama-administration-proposed-72-million-in-cdc-cuts-back-in-2012-n1906162 ) to “community transformation grant program” than programs that help fight and prevent infectious diseases.”

        “Community transformation programs” from Obama in a world of Ebola and possible bioweapon terror. Only thing missing was using CDC money for a “golfing for illegal immigrants outreach program.”

      14. Sorry, $72 mm, not 472. The dollar sign is where the 4 is!

      15. Dallas Hospital Had the Ebola Screening Machine That the Military Is Using in Africa.

        “FDA guidelines PROHIBITED the hospital from using the ($39,000 Film Array) machine to screen for Ebola.”
        The Film Array machine, is “capable of detecting Ebola … IN UNDER AN HOUR.”

        “Incredibly, it was present at Dallas Presbyterian Hospital when Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan walked through the door, complaining of fever and he had just come from Liberia.”

        The Film Array “can screen for the genetic markers of a wide number of respiratory, gastro-intestinal and other illness, including Ebola, but only with the right “kit” in place. Current FDA guidelines would not have allowed Dallas Presbyterian Hospital to get that kit.

        That’s despite the fact that it can provide results with higher than 90 percent certainty and it’s one of the machines that the military is currently using to screen for Ebola in Africa.”

        “But unless hospitals AGREE to use the machine specifically for RESEARCH purposes, rather than actually DIAGNOSING patients with Ebola, they can’t look for Ebola in samples.”

        “According to representatives from BioFire, even AFTER the FDA approved the use of the machine for Ebola screening and allowed workers at the hospital to acquire the proper kit for Ebola testing, a 10-20 day “validation” procedure would kick in before they could change the machine’s use from diagnostics to research — and the results would have to go to the Centers for Disease Control for confirmation.”

        -Defenseone dot com

          • We need the FDA, about like we need the NSA, or another hole in the head…

        • Hi, KY mom. Always appreciate what you post. I don’t know the details, but for hospital hardware (the field I work in, h/w and s/w), there is a very rigorous and lengthy approval process. Without reading further about his, I would have to assume this device is tied up in the approval process, which – say, in the case of a mammography device our company makes, took literally years.

          Always appreciate what you write! Mac should hire you!! 🙂

        • That would have made my head explode, except I worked for several years as a Contract Administrator for companies doing business with the D.o.D., so it’s perfectly plausible to me.

      16. So…. why no Ebola outbreak in Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, Kenya, etc?

        Not that the leftist media will report on this, either. Nigeria has just under 200mm people, and no outbreak. Why? Try border control as primary. Nigeria has only had 20 cases and eight deaths after the virus was brought in last July. Nearly 900 people were potentially exposed to the virus by the traveler, Patrick Sawyer, who died, and the disease could have wreaked havoc in Africa’s most populous nation. But it did not. Even if the US outbreak turns out to be more muted, THIS SHOULD NEVER HAVE COME TO THIS POINT except for the utter incompetence of Obama and his Keystone Kops. The solution was simple: allow inbound flight to Liberia, Sierra Leone, etc. to provide supplies and support, and simply observe a 21 day quarantine for anyone outbound coming back from the affected countries, end of story, end of crises. Except for our Golfer-in-Chief’s fecklessness and holding American lives ransom to his political games with the border.

        AP notes at http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/A/AF_EBOLA_AFRICA_CONTAINMENT?SITE=AP&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT&CTIME=2014-10-16-14-24-38 Ivory Coast, Guinea-Bissau and Senegal, all of which share borders with at least one of the three most affected countries, have closed those borders. South Africa and Zambia slapped travel and entry restrictions on Ebola-stricken countries. Kenya Airways, the country’s main airline, stopped flying to the affected lands. In Zimbabwe, all travelers from West Africa are put under 21-day surveillance. Health officials regularly visit those travelers to check their condition. But… the US must keep open borders, as we need more Democrat voters. Nice work, Obama.

        Then there is that STUPID meme about CDC cuts causing the crisis, the latest DNC talking point. Really? Even the Washington Post cites its absurdity, noting this “…mixes statistics — the budget for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) “cut” $585 million (the ad offers no date range) — with disturbing images of the outbreak and various Republican leaders saying variations of the word “cut.” On many levels, this line of attack is absurd. Obama’s Republican predecessor oversaw big increases in public-health sector spending, and both Democrats and Republicans in recent years have broadly supported efforts to rein in federal spending. Sequestration resulted from a bipartisan agreement. In some years, Congress has allocated more money for NIH and CDC than the Obama administration requested. Meanwhile, contrary to the suggestion of the DNC ad, there never was a specific vote on funding to prevent Ebola.

      17. I have never watched one of theses zombie shows or movies, guess I should if nothing else for educational purposes . Makes me think of the food stamp shutdown last year and that was only a day, I could see the similarities if it was long term!

        • M D
          Watch the Road.
          (if you don’t already know. Little back ground, I’m a Cop 6Ft. tall 220lbs. sniper on a SWAT team and a firearms instructor.)

          THIS MOVIE SCARED ME TO DEATH. TO SEE HOW BAD IT CAN GET! It just scratched the surface!

          Get a good night sleep before you watch it, because you may not sleep after watching it. Just a warning.

          Now for Zombies movies watch the Walking Dead T.V. series. Just know that you don’t have to shot a real Zombie in the head.


          • Uh Sarge,a real zombie(ot a liberal ebt card holder)does need to be shot in the head,or,at least axed/stabbed/ect.in head,bad information is worse then none!

          • Yes, The Road messed me up…I watched it in two parts….I had to walk away, for months, because it was so gnarly. My little brother told me about it and how it was hard for him to get through and another guy friend turned it off because it was so depressing. I’m only 5’3″ 110 lbs, so I guess I never had a chance in the first place.

          • So….Sgt Dale is a SWAT sniper that gets paid to blow peoples heads off but get terrified by a movie. That what he said. Doesn’t meke sense.

      18. Obamas ace in the hole, if they lose the senate…..EeeeBolllaaa and martial law.
        Don’t go out tonight
        Your bound to loose your life
        There’s a bad moon on the rise.
        Check your preps,ammo count and for Godsakes stay away from Idiots and places of large gatherings like Walmart and Costco in the coming days.

        • Martial law our ace in the hole,we still have a box to vote with even with martial law!

          • Mine says “Winchester Repeating Arms” on the side 😉 REB

      19. I might have read the article in more depth if upon clicking the highlighted Walking Dead time after time I did not see an ad for the movies. “Please buy from me–Al Franken”. I wonder what James Quinn is selling?

      20. Don’t just ban flight,close ALL borders to this country. The flu going around and killing some came in with illegals. I’m sure ISIS will infect some of their people with Ebola and try to send them through Mexico. It’ll be good-bye then.

        • Jim … How’re you healing up? Hope its going well.

          • ??????

            • I think he mistook you for Mike in VA who had knee surgery…that went well Mike reported.


      21. SHTF in Bermuda…

        Hurricane Gonzalo – Direct hit to Bermuda
        43 foot waves

        Drudge Report

      22. Officials Responding To “Possible Ebola Situation” Near Pentagon
        (from ZeroHedge site)

        Arlington County Fire Department and Fairfax County HAZMAT Teams are on the scene after a woman – alleged to have recently traveled from Sierra Leone – fell ill and started vomiting in The Pentagon parking lot this morning. Arlington Public Health has activated its Emergency Operations Center to manage the incident.

        As WUSA9 reports,
        “During the response, the individual allegedly indicated that she had recently visited western Africa. Out of an abundance of caution, all pedestrian and vehicular traffic was suspended around the South Parking lot, while Arlington County responded to the scene,” Arlington officials said.

        The situation started at around 9:10 a.m. when the woman started vomiting in the Pentagon Parking Lot around lanes 17-19, officials said.

        Arlington County Fire Department transported the woman to the Virginia Hospital Center, but she did not exit the ambulance there. She was then taken to Fairfax Inova Hospital, officials said.

        PHOTOS possible #Ebola patient moved to #Fairfax hospital from the Pentagon #BREAKING #BreakingNews pic.twitter.com/AdFbiLafHK

        — Brad Freitas (@NewsChopperBrad) October 17, 2014

        As ARL Now reports, just before noon, the county issued the following press release.

        Arlington Responds to Possible Ebola Case

        At about 9:10 a.m. today, Pentagon Police officers identified a woman in the Pentagon South Parking Lot, around lanes 17-19, who was ill and vomiting. Arlington County Fire Department (ACFD) was notified and responded immediately with both emergency medical aid and HazMat response team.

        During the response, the individual allegedly indicated that she had recently visited western Africa. Out of an abundance of caution, all pedestrian and vehicular traffic was suspended around the South Parking lot, while Arlington County responded to the scene. At 9:53 a.m, the patient was taken to the Virginia Hospital Center; however she did not exit the ambulance. ACFD then transported the patient to Fairfax Inova Hospital.

        Arlington Public Health is directing the public health response to this incident. Arlington County has activated its Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and a Joint Information Center (JIC) to manage the incident.

        At the Pentagon
        Out of an abundance of caution and to allow the investigation to proceed, pedestrian and vehicular traffic around the Pentagon South Parking lot’s lanes 7-23 will remain restricted until further notice. The Corridor 2 entrance to the Pentagon is also closed.

        More information will be released when it becomes available.

        We hope Obama got the memo that the lawyer/lobbyist whom he appointed as the new Ebola czar isn’t actually supposed to have Ebola.

        • S
          Thanks for the info.
          Why couldn’t she puke on Obullshits desk!

          • Naw – in his golf bag and shoes.

        • I’ve been wondering if some of these Ebola “scares” and alerts aren’t some form of psychological “conditioning” for the masses to numb the minds of the sheeple to the real danger posed by this disease. Sort of like the boy who cried wolf.

        • There’s that phrase again, I keep seeing it over and over and over!!

          “Out of an abundance of caution”

          • This doesn’t jump out at anyone else?

            Don’t you see what your being conditioned for?

        • Oh I see, an ebola infected person pukes in the PENTAGON parking lot, and they shut down the whole area (just to be safe)— but the same thing happens on a PUBLIC sidewalk, now, there’s no cause for alarm, just hose it down and go on…

          Seems pretty clear to me.

      23. The message is clear, don’t become cattle.

        Far too many people in the USA are living in a Dream world. As a nation we don’t know hunger, real poverty or war.

        Look at Europe and Russia they lived through 2 world wars and their parents and grand parents were a daily reminder of the horrors of war.

        When the economy goes into the toilet our people will go nuts.

        If you want to survive; prepare.

        If you live in a city, get out or you may become lawn pig.

        • I am all set for a financial crisis, but a worldwide epidemic of ebola; that’s just going to suck; but ….

          if it comes, i have an idea on how to beat it or not get it and ride out the time until its over; but it means i will have to live in places i dont want to live and have a daily diet of food i dont like to eat; but ebola is horrible, dying of it is horrible and even if you beat it; it can still have lingering affects for the rest of your life.

          i’m sorry, i cant believe ebola is one purpose; because it plays no favorites and it is virtually impossible to hide from it unless you dont leave your basement.

          I cannot believe how inept the leaders of the world are !

          on ebola alone, obama should have to resign and put someone in that will take the measures to keep it out of the usa. he has endangered the entire country. if the country was a company, he would’ve been fired as soon as news got out that an ebola victim had gotten to dallas and possibly spread ebola through the entire country.

          • The difference, Lena, is this:

            If Obama was the president of a COMPANY and ebola hurt their bottom line, he’d be fired without ceremony. The shareholders would demand it.


            Since he is the president of a COUNTRY, and ebola will make the shareholders of medical equipment, hospitals, vaccines, drugs, etc… MUCHO DINERO, thus, he will probably receive another Nobel Peace Prize.

            That’s just about the way it is.

      24. Yesterday, I was talking with my mother, in the course of the conversation, she told me I should be thinking about my future.

        My reply, in a weary, haggard voice was, “There is no future, Mom. Have you SEEN what’s going on in the world? It’s only getting worse, and it’s only going to GET worse.”

        This, coming from me, someone who is adamant about the world not coming to an end. And I still maintain that it *isn’t* coming to an end,unless it’s eaten by black hole or blown to smithereens by an asteroid. (I’m sure the cockroaches would do a lovely job repopulating the place. Just think of how cute they’ll look in their little six-legged business suits…..)

        Still, I’ve always maintained that I will be working until the day I die, that I will never see retirement or be able to collect a social security check. I resigned myself to those two things a long time ago.

        But given all that’s been going on in the world, and how the planet keeps getting smaller and crazier with every passing day, I don’t see how things will be able to be kept together much longer.

        I know all nations have lifecycles. Egypt rose and fell and rose and fell several times before it’s current incarnation (which seems to be teetering back toward “falling”). I wonder if America and a good many other nations aren’t concurrently experiencing a decline. After things implode and the countries are in shambles, whoever’s left (if anyone) would be the ones to pick up the pieces and rebuild. (I guess the Civil War could have been considered our nation’s first “fall” and the “Reconstruction” would be the cycle starting again.)

        So, I don’t think the world is ending. But the “world as WE know it” (or at least the America as we know it) just might be doing so.

        • Yep. Read Mike Ruppert’s book, “Crossing the Rubicon– the Decline of the American Empire at the end of the age of Oil”. (Its used as a reference book at Harvard Law School).

          Its a huge book but a real eye opener… that’s when I first starting becoming interested in politics because thats when it all started making sense– when I read that book! Also, he was a fantastic speaker! Has videos on Internet like, “Collapse” documentary.

      25. Calling EPPE! Where are you? We NEED a joke in the worst way! Can you provide some levity, please? Thank you!

        • Here Dave,an oldie but should hold you:

          Yesterday I was buying a large bag of Purina dog chow for Athena the wonder dog at Wal-Mart and was about to check out. A woman behind me asked if I had a dog. What did she think I had, an elephant? So since I’m retired, with little to do, on impulse, I told her that no, I didn’t have a dog, and that I was starting the Purina Diet again.

          Although I probably shouldn’t, because I’d ended up in the hospital last time, but that I’d lost 50 pounds before I awakened in an intensive care ward with tubes coming out of most of my orifices and IVs in both arms.

          I told her that it was essentially a perfect diet and that the way that it works is to load your pants pockets with Purina nuggets and simply eat one or two every time you feel hungry and that the food is nutritionally complete so I was going to try it again. (I have to mention here that practically everyone in the line was by now enthralled with my story.)

          Horrified , she asked if I ended up in intensive care because the dog food poisoned me. I told her no; I stepped off a curb to sniff an Irish Setter’s ass and a car hit us both.

          I thought the guy behind her was going to have a heart attack, he was laughing so hard!

          • Thank you, War!!! I laughed out loud after hearing that and I’m at the library!! Ha,h,ha,ha!!! (Maybe we should all start posting jokes– that would fry whowuddasuckedit’s ass.)

            • Glad you enjoyed it,not sure of author but memorialize him/her by spreading it around even more,laughs are actually good medicine to a degree,releases positive chemicals in the body.

            • Here’s my contribution, shamelessly copied and pasted:

              A guy took his blonde girlfriend to her first football game. They had great seats right behind their team’s bench. After the game, he asked her how she liked the experience. “Oh, I really liked it,” she replied, “especially the tight pants and all the big muscles, but I just couldn’t understand why they were killing each other over 25 cents.”

              Dumbfounded, her date asked, “What do you mean?” “Well, they flipped a coin, one team got it, and then for the rest of the game, all they kept screaming was, ‘Get the quarterback! Get the quarterback!’ I’m like, hello? It’s only 25 cents!”

              • Sixpack, that sounds like an original.

          • Beautiful! Thanks!

      26. Pretty funny Old Guy, Gave you a thumbs up!!

        • yeah, real funny…if you got shit for brains.

      27. So let me get this straight… a guy on a flight from Nigeria, dies during the flight to JFK airport. Was said to be vomiting profusely. Lands in the US, officials give him a quick once over and determine its not ebola. Really!?!

        foxnews.com (I know but that’s where I saw it)


        didn’t read all the comments above sorry if this is already posted.

      28. Barry O’s “Ebola Czar” has no medical experience. How much do you think it cost him to get this position? On the other hand, it doesn’t really matter who it is. They are simply there to calm the masses. My guess is that the majority of us will be under mandatory quarantine/ martial law in 1-3 months. The rest (medical staff, power plant operators etc.) who support our infastructure will be given access to go to work. I’m sure that many will not. FEMA will set up shop in your city/town and you will be escorted to a 21-42 day stay at their “luxury” concentration camp if you show symptoms. They will come door to door, monitoring your family for ANY symptoms. If you do not show symptoms, you will be given a curfew and a ration card. At least that’s how I think it will begin. When people without symptoms start rebelling out of hunger and poor living conditions, they will be begging for an all expenses paid trip to FEMA-land. Once they are flushed out, anyone remaining in their homes(the prepared who are bugging in anywhere accessible) will be deemed a threat. They will come for your guns and food/supplies. The key here is to not be around when it gets to this point (easier said than done). This is just my take on what will happen. I’m not saying this is it, it just COULD be it.

        • Fema Camp,finally,break out the hermetically sealed cake molds!Sign up now,spots filling up quickly!

      29. With Ebola Raging, Obama Started Streamlining Visas From W Africa in Aug.

        A new Breitbart report shows the Obama started expediting visas from West Africa in August as the Ebola was (and still is) raging out of control with a 70 percent mortality rate. According to the report, the man who died from Ebola in a Texas hospital after visiting Liberia, had his visa approved in the same month visas were being streamlined.
        In short, the USCIS has been waiving fees, expediting the immigration process, and allowing extensions of visas for anyone coming from the three designated Ebola-stricken countries, provided that they are in the United States. The Free Republic blog reported that the law firm of Edward W. Neufville, III, LLC, a Washington, D.C. area immigration firm, added a section to their website two days after the USCIS announcement, with more details about how these relief measures would work, including extensions of the time that the foreign national could remain in the United States, additional work permit opportunities, and even forgiveness for failure to appear at required interviews or submit required evidence

        IT TRULY DOESN’T GET ANY MORE INCOMPETENT THAN THIS! Full, sickening story at http://townhall.com/tipsheet/katiepavlich/2014/10/17/wow-obama-adminstration-started-streamlining-visas-from-west-africa-in-august-at-height-of-ebola-crisis-n1906576

        • That’s not as egregious as it sounds. To get the visa extension, you hadda already BE here on such-and-such a date.

      30. I have no idea how so many of you could red thumb a very sweet, caring, thoughtfull pooch such as myself. I feel like “dinky” from vacation with chevy chase. Why don’t you all just tie me to the rear bumber and drive off. I’m going to poop in several of your yards because of this outrage.

        • “Sorry, I refuse to engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed person.”

          And again, I’m not telling where I found this.

          • Mark Twain?

      31. “Sanctuary For All” …sounds like we are Terminus for the world’s infected. I know who the Banksters are eating. Don’t be the main course or the appetizer. Don’t even be the indigestion. Be the PARTY CRASHER and let the sleeping, walking dead devour them.

      32. I don’t know why black people always have issues.They’ve got so much going for them.

        Like Ebola and AIDS viruses for instance

        • @Old Guy:

          Don’t forget EBT cards, Section 8 housing, free medical, free “medical” marijuana, money for education (which they DONT have to attend) and the list goes on. Yeah, they do have if ruff, huh? Last figures I saw showed they could make $47,000 TAX FREE per year if they took part in all the programs available–without any participation on their part–of course….just sign up!

        • Square room with a pot of gold in the middle.

          Smart black dude in one corner, dumb black dude in another corner, superman in another corner, Santa Clause in the fourth corner.

          Who gets the pot of gold ?

          Answer- the dumb black dude.

          Why ? – because the other three characters do not exist.

      33. i’d rather be neither.

        but am prepared to be the alpha butcher.

        even got a case of long pork bar-b-Que sauce in my prep closet for when my asshole local locals neighbors show up for shtf din din.

        “here long pork piggy piggies…”

        • Long pig,the other other white meat!

          • “Eat the Rich!”

            ;0p’ slurp!

      34. Watch the flowers

      35. It is like the film The Road across the Middle East right now. It is utterly disgraceful but today’s feminists are not saying anything about the systemic mass rape happening at the hands of Islamic radicals. There are mass executions every day; people are eating other people as war booty.

        I suspect these crazies will go for Baghdad and then Turkey after that. It is very difficult to stop fanatics who don’t care about death and who are above following any rules of war.

        Political correctness ties people’s hands.

        It won’t end well because, in order to restore order, acts of great violence will have to be committed by Western countries. Just look at these moments in history – defeating the Nazis, the Japanese – we had to hammer them so hard and kill hundreds of thousands to bring the peace. At some point you have no choice but to vanquish evil and to do it with no sympathy or empathy.

        • Maybe in light of this, we could quit worrying about Russia taking over the world, and worry about the megalomaniacs who are in charge of the real terrorist tools…who incidentally ARE trying to take over the world.

      36. Question? Is the Ebola scare manufactured and the entire country to be vaccinated? Would you take a mandatory shot required by the DHS Czar (or what ever)?????

        Goggle this possibility,
        It won’t make you more at ease, but then what can it hurt?

        I trust the PTB as far as I can sling a piano…

        • I might sling a piano FARTHER…

        • Look at it from this angle. Your government will offer you the shot, but as an aside, they’ll want to be able to imbed a GPS sensor in your arm so they can track you. Interesting, right?

      37. We’re approaching the most dangerous time of the year in the USA: Winter. In my area, from mid-November until early March, there is a minimal amount of rain, and only a small amount of snow. That means that the ability for rainwater catchment is nil.

        While there are wild edibles in abundance mostly in Autumn in my area, there are minimal ones that won’t also be eaten by wildlife during this same period. Which means there is very little to gather.

        The average American probably has less than 7-10 days of food in their home. They lack ancestral skills. They might possess a handgun, but it’s been a long time since they cleaned it, and even longer since they practiced with it. They probably have no idea how to fish or hunt and definitely not trap.

        Even if they have a theoretical knowledge of these things, should they try to en mass harvest game animals during this period, it would scare what few there are even further into the wilderness, use up more calories in stalking (such as it would laughably be), and so end up being futile.

        All of that will result in severe desperation, right? Many are very overweight and have never missed a meal in the lives. Miss three days of eating, and the water is shut off, and they will freak out. That gun they have won’t be for hunting, it will be for trying to rob someone else of their supplies.

        They’ll think that FEMA will be handing out boxes of supplies and water. Boy, they couldn’t be more wrong. Look at the FUBAR situation that happened with recent logistical issues in New England where FEMA had to rush to contract for bottles of water. They don’t have that stuff in a warehouse somewhere, not in any appreciable amounts.

        A few days after a real collapse situation due to contagion, and if it happens in Winter, will result in feral desperate people. I’m especially concerned about elderly folks being preyed upon by drug addicts who are freaking out without their recreational drugs. There’s going to be mayhem.

        Contagion in Winter makes security extremely complex as those who might attack could be infected, not with Ebola so much as a host of respiratory or stomach viruses.

        The more we can get Americans prepared with at least some supplies makes us all safer.

        All of these folks who think they’re prepared, they don’t realize how long it takes to plant seeds and reap a harvest too. Beginning gardeners make lots of mistakes. All of that extra work results in voracious appetites and even if they think they have enough food, I don’t think they’ve planned adequately for how much food is really needed.

        Those who would survive through that kind of scenario would be taking just any game animal they could find, and the result would be a huge set back in squirrel and rabbit, and knock their populations so low as to practically be extinct regionally.

      38. Two of our non-prepping neighbors are going shopping for “canned goods” this weekend out of fear of Obola (Ebola). My cashier buddy at Wally World told me that they are selling lots od canned soup, chili, and Spam ect.

        Check out the Obola article in the “Weekly Standard” by Jonathan V. Last, “Six Reason to Panic”, then try to sleep tonight.

        Prepping is becoming mainstream!

        • There was a free workshop in my town last night on pressure canning. My wife and I attended. There were only 3 other people, and one of them had never even seen canning of any type. I thought I might pick up a hint or two, but it turns out I know much more about canning than the instructor. And she’s had her job for 30 years.

        • Most canned chili is almost pure lard. Good to have to keep fats in your diet.

        • I hope they remember to buy a ‘non-electric ” can opener! Otherwise..knock, knock on YOUR door.

          • Buy a bunch of P-38’s and print out instructions.

            There. That’s my donation to the neighborhood.

      39. at wal mart today checkout the cashier sneezed twice in her hand then went to give me my change i told her to keep it just wait till the ebola is out and about it will be on everything ….

      40. Just a few words before I call it a week. From 1978 to 1086 I served in the military. And while I never saw combat. I gave this government a blank check for 8 years to send me anywhere to do anything that they deemed necessary to protect the country. I figured I volunteered so I had no business to complain. And now I see hundreds deployed to ground zero for Ebola. I’m trying to figure out if maybe it is time for the Generals to step in and put an end to this administration.Obama does’nt give a rats behind for these troops. I beleive troops are there only to counter the presence of the Chinese. Call me seditious or anything else,but someone has got to put an end to this insanity. The American people do not seem interested.I post this with great sadness, I love my country, I do,but I am full of despair for the future.

        • You didn’t team up with William of Normandy during his invasion of England at Hastings, did you?

          • 1986. E.A. Not that old

      41. I am neither the butcher or the cattle. There is a whole lotta things to be in between here and there.

      42. Stock canola oil or similar. I know it goes rancid within a year even if sealed. In most meals, add a little oil and this will significantly boost the calories during the collapse. It’s a way to cheat and assure that your family is getting enough calories. Fat has twice the calories as carbs or protein.

        Likewise stock some protein powder. Put some of that in with the canned fruit and this will ensure that your children are getting enough protein in a way that tastes fine and is hidden to them.

        A lot of the children will be terribly stressed. Sure, some will initially see it as an adventure, but think how bored they get when there is an ice storm and the power is out (save for generators). Then they will be fearful and not be eating as much food because of being so scared of the unknown.

        By doing those two thing, you can extend your food a little longer, right?

        Remember to get calcium pills and to ensure that your kids take them as well as vitamins. Ordinarily you’re eating vitamin enriched foods, but then you won’t be and so you don’t want for them to end up with Rickets along the way.

        Scared people make love far more often. That means if you’re of child bearing age, then it could happen, and you could run out of birth control. Worse, you could be pregnant and not be eating right due to rationing. So multivitamins are important, especially folic acid to prevent neural tube defects.

        Nervous people with limited access to the sanitation and the bathroom get constipated. Make sure you have high fiber cereals that you will use to keep people regular. Trust me after decades of camping and working with kids and teenagers, your meal plans should include that aspect.

        These little tips are inexpensive. You can rotate all of them. In fact, it’s a good idea to once a week have protein smoothies as it’s a inexpensive wholesome breakfast (especially with a dollop of yogurt).

        It’s always smart to have wet wipes so you can clean up in a hurry. Nothing is more practical when camping or bugging out.

        If you just are forced to bug out, don’t use a fire unless you must to stay warm, and then dig a Dakota Hole fire with rocks placed around and high to block out the firelight. It’s a natural rocket stove, uses far less firewood, and is easier to conceal on the trail. It also warms the ground that you might be sleeping near too.

        As it’s Autumn, then East of the Mississippi you can build debris huts. They are made to be like burrows to stay warm and are insulated with fallen leaves. They are naturally camouflaged.

        A far smarter thing to do is to hang up camouflaged hammocks as they are comfortable, quick to erect, and can be taken down rapidly, and put up off trail.

      43. Let those ISIS punks come here. We are waiting for them. We have people 100x as vicious that would send there asses packed in a pig back to their shit and sand pit. \`c

      44. “god provides the meat and the devil supplies the cooks”

      45. When I read through all these posts I wonder who truly are the butchers and who are the cattle and who are the “few” that will know how to navigate safely to the “other side”. It’s not easy discerning the real from the unreal, here.







        PREPARE !

      47. Bravo–very astute observations. Your parallelism was excellent and the metaphors of the cannibalistic nature of the elitists and disregard of human life was apt…well written and thought provoking, thank you.

      48. Reality will be MUCH worse !

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