Either Negotiate, or We’ll Take Military Action! – U.S. Secretary of State Uses Extortion on North Korea

by | Jan 18, 2018 | Headline News | 28 comments

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    There was a 20-nation security meeting in Vancouver on Tuesday, 1/15/18, and the nations in attendance agreed to impose stronger sanctions against North Korea in a bid to stop their nuclear weapons buildup and tests. China and Russia did not attend, and stated the meeting was evidence of another Cold War forming. The most alarming rhetoric, however, emanated from the U.S. Secretary of State Tillerson, who flat out stated that if the North Koreans do not negotiate, it will bring about a military response. Here is the video clip and an excerpt heading as released by Reuters on 1/17/18, entitled US Warns Pyongyang on Military Option:

    Twenty nations agree to consider tougher sanctions to press North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons as U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson warns Pyongyang it could trigger a military response if it does not choose negotiations.”Twenty nations agree to consider tougher sanctions to press North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons as U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson warns Pyongyang it could trigger a military response if it does not choose negotiations.

    As headlines run, there is nothing that “jumps out” with this one, until you delve into the substance of it. This is very serious, as the U.S. has been narrowing the cone of the funnel toward war, now, for several months…a quiet escalation in the form of movements of military assets into the area, military exercises (designed to provoke North Korea), and steadily-increasing sanctions.

    Bottom Line? Tillerson threatens a U.S. military response if North Korea does not negotiate: military action not to counter or prevent military action, mind you…but military action if they do not negotiate.

    Akin to an Anglo-Centric schoolyard, the Vancouver Summit was a “closed” meeting of nations with stances determined prior to the meeting. The U.S., Canada, Britain, and Australia…and the “English-speaking kids,” only invited nations that either fought in the Korean War or nations that would abide by the program…nations that would not present dissenting views.

    Russia and China were not invited: go figure.

    Another headline sums it up most eloquently as released by CBC News. The article is entitled, North Korea Summit in Vancouver to focus on enforcing sanctions ahead of diplomacy.

    How do you like that one? “Focus on enforcing sanctions ahead of diplomacy.”

    The imposition of sanctions prior to diplomatic discourse is extortion: nothing less.

    Here’s another statement from Tillerson on 1/16:

    “We cannot and will not accept DPRK as a nuclear state.”

    Big news, Rex: North Korea already is a nuclear state. If they were not? Jaime Dimon would be the North Korean “Czar,” heading a round-table discussion group on how many McDonald’s and Wal-Mart’s were to be “emplaced” in North Korea, Un would be dead, and the IMF would be sending in an army of accountants and other vampires under UN protection…to parcel off all North Korea’s natural resources…as “caretakers” for the North Korean people’s benefit.

    Bigger news, Rex: Russia and China will not permit it, as any such in-roads at “transforming North Korea into a democratic member of the family of nations” …translation: [making North Korea another IMF and Rothschild vassal enslaved under the guise of democracy] would cut into their sphere of influence.

    Some have analyzed this as an attempt by Tillerson to shore up his position in the White House, but that doesn’t hold water, because it benefits the administration to make it seem as if diplomatic options are being offered before an attack by the U.S.  It’s a “CYA” policy by the U.S. administration, and Tillerson still takes the fall if anything goes wrong.

    Just within the past week, we have seen one false alarm (intentional or accidental?) missile alert in Hawaii, and another one in Japan. The “predictive programming” paradigm holds, and war is always the answer to bolster a politician’s position. Schachtner just won a state seat in Wisconsin’s senate that had been Republican-held for 17 years, and Doug Jones recently defeated Roy Moore in Alabama. The midterms are not even here yet.

    A sitting U.S. Secretary of State…the head diplomat of the U.S., mind you…has just announced that if North Korea does not negotiate, that a military response will occur. Not one attempt has been made by Tillerson (or the State Department, for that matter) to initiate face-to-face dialogue and relegate arrogant imperialistic hubris to where it belongs…in the basement. Millions of lives are at stake that are not considered important. What takes center stage is the pride of a narcissistic handful in the administration. Truly, the Empire is at an end. A sitting U.S. Secretary of State…the head U.S. diplomat…resorts to the pandering of extortion to force diplomats from North Korea to bargain.


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      1. JJ, curious to know your thoughts on the likelihood of China & Russia attacking us here if and when we attack N Korea and thus have a bulk of our forces focused in that arena?

        • Dear JB,

          The likelihood of China and/or Russia is high if we strike NK first, with several scenarios that can unfold.

          As has been reported, both Russia and China have been supplying NK with oil outside of the embargo initiated by the UN and US. China has already stated that they will support NK militarily if the US strikes first.

          A nuclear strike on NK would cause fallout to drift into both China and Russia. They won’t tolerate this. We are stacking everything into the area: carrier groups, extra troops, and air assets. Our forces worldwide are spread very thin, and if Russia and China kick in behind NK conventionally, or with nukes? Not a good scenario.

          Respectfully Yours,


      2. Who said anything about the US going in and setting up a democracy? Level the fucking country, kill who phat phuk and tell China they can have the remains to clean up.

      3. I enjoy the thought-provoking articles by Jeremiah Johnson but I have to disagree with the premise of this essay. The bullies of N. Korea and Iran have THREATENED & slandered the USA for far too long with no meaningful response from those in D.C. The crazies see our lack of response as a sign of weakness. That foreign relations failure brought us wholesale terrorism and the accomplishment of nuclear weapons (soon) for those bullies. The next Bully from Iran or Kim Jong Bully may decide a first strike nuke is the way to go. These so-called leaders do not appear to be rational. Do we wait for one of these fools to waste some of our cities in a flash of smoke? I think Trump & Tillerson have an awful dilemma to deal with due to the leadership failures of the past.

        • You need to read a little history.Both Iran and NK have been on the receiving end of DC’s militarism/interventions for decades.Get real.

      4. A matter of desperation. Either unleash the dogs of war that are already un-muzzled or have the entire economy fall to the financial ruin waiting in the wings. Yeah, good call Tillerson. I only hope you’ve got kids in the brawl to come. Do I hope Kim Jong Un survives? Hell no. But let’s at least be honest what this is all about. Money and control of people.

      5. Either Negotiate, or We’ll Take Military Action! – U.S. Secretary of State Uses Extortion on North Korea

        Extortion MY ASS. He is telling it like it is.

        Just think if we wouldn’t have been attacked on Dec 7 41. We would have gotten into WW2 too late. If we would have waited 2 or 3 years longer the Nazi would have had the A bomb, and would have used it where ever they wanted to.

        Stop him now before it is too late. You know damn good and well that when this war starts Iran will attack its neighbors.

        Go Rex Go!!!

        • Sarge, now you’re cheering on the NWO?

          • I disagree. We are getting tired of this piece of shit, third world shit hole trying to intimidate the world. They are the extorsionists and are eventually going to have to be taken out. First missile should be right up phat phuks ass.

            • He is a Stalinist dictator. But we have allies like Saudi Arabia that attacked us on 9/11. Wouldn’t it be better to hit them first? The NWO propaganda is so good that they have you hating that “phat phuk”. He hasn’t invaded any one. He hasn’t attacked any one. But they got you to hate him. Pretty good ministry of propaganda.

              • The US and Israel did 9/11. 17 years on, and you STILL think it was someone from the Middle East?


                Some real morons on this site.

            • The ONLY one doing any threatening IS the ‘good ol’ USA’.

              Sorry, pal. You’re reading too much MSM

              Besides. Be nice is Tiller’ was as aggressive TOWARDS ISRAEL, a non-signatory in the NTP.

              Oh – by the way my clueless fatfuk friend?

              THAT MAKES ALL AID TO ISRAEL ILLEGAL. The USA is ONCE AGAIN violating it’s own laws.

              “The US and Israel are the 2 greatest threats to world peace today, and perhaps to the very survival of humanity” ~ Stephen Lendman

          • Nope, he’s just a shill for the joos. Like most of the jingoistic simpletons on this site. Containing Nork Nukes is really to prevent Iran from getting them. The only people who care about that are joos and their golem-like goyish servants. That’s why he was only a Sgt. Trial and error experience, granted and most assuredly hard earned but no education and no brains or his handle would be Col Sanders or General Motors and not the Penquin from Madagascar. His service, we could have done without.

      6. Why am I blocked Mac?

      7. This article makes sense.

        Unfortunately for us here, there may be a secret alliance between USA (Rothscildland/aka Isreal’s Lap Dog and proxy fighting machine) and China. You see China will get North Korean refugees whom they will ship over to the USA, along with half a billion Chinese. All that glitters isn’t gold. And things are seldom as they seem.


        • Have to disagree, this article makes no sense. Sorry JJ, but I think you are barking up the wrong tree.

      8. It is a huge mistake! We have the most corrupt government in history, and the world knows it! They also know we are the NWO henchmen! And I think they are at the limit of what we can dish out!

        Russia and China have an agreement that they will both go to war if one goes to war. And both have publically stated they will defend NK.

        The tough guy war mongers could see the biggest humanitarian incident in history. What is fat boy willing to do? Nuke SK, or Japan? Maybe he lobs a few in all directions turning the whole world against us for being such war mongoring morons.

        If it is true that NK is sitting on 60+ nukes, then they are a nuclear power now. I am sure he only has limited range, and is nothing for us to worry about. I am also sure his saber rattling is all about getting something. And we will look like idiots when the truth comes out, that NK simply wanted to be left alone and did not want to play in The NWO.

        General mcbafoon is getting another star and heading to the koreas. I wonder why.

      9. Clearly the U.S. is barking up the wrong tree when comes North Korea and it would best for the whole world if the entire U.S. administration would take a long walk of a short pier. Be assured if the American military make preemptive nuclear strike any where in the world I hope the world gives it back the same way starting with Washington and then to the Pentagon. This message is from your neighbor.

      10. “Just within the past week, we have seen one false alarm (intentional or accidental?) missile alert in Hawaii, and another one in Japan. The “predictive programming” paradigm holds, and war is always the answer to bolster a politician’s position.”

        My contention is that there was an actual missile involved. That is based on the timing of the retractions. They would never, ever, ever allow that much time to elapse without a retraction. At least that is my experience with emergency notifications/command posts. I have no other proof, just a suspicion.

        A few days later I run across a YouTube vid where someone says it was a Chinese renegade submarine crew who fired a SLBM. So someone else thinks the same thing.

        It is just like the SLBM that was fired of the coast of California and the disinformation was that it was a plane. Bull! I have seen enough launches to know the difference.

        Remember, our government lies anytime they move their lips. It is a sickness, swamp sickness. Can’t trust any of them. /end rant

        • “My contention is that there was an actual missile involved”.

          I concur. The person pushing buttons and flippin’ triggers in Hawaii didn’t just do that because he felt like it. He either was told to do so or saw something that made him act. That was no accident.

      11. Okaaaayyy do it…

        – Okaaay I willll…


        – Fine!

        Fine! Do itttt…

        -Fine! I willllll…

      12. It is illegal as per constitutional law and international law to attack another sovereign country that has not initiated a physical attack, or are moving to attack.
        Thus far North Korea has not attacked anyone, just big mouthed blathering like the little shit he is!
        If we attacked N.Korea they would incinerate Seoul and Japan, killing millions of fellow asians AND some 200,000 Americans in the service and civilians in south Korea!
        Furthermore, Russia and China WILL intervene and stop the insanity! Do you all want to go bye bye just so our government can add to their thousands of war crimes?

        North Korea wants nukes because they observed what we did to Iraq, Syria, and many other almost defenseless countries! Shit, we can’t even beat a shit hole country like Afghanistan, even after 15 years trying! And we are gonna take on Russia, China, and N. Korea? What a fucking joke, and the joke is on we subjects of the USA.

        • North Korea, with the help of Russia and China, started the whole thing by invading the South.

          They know that if they don’t try something like that again they have nothing to be worried about from anyone.

        • Rick, you’re correct to a point, the US cannot act solely against another sovereign country without first being attacked, but can still do so as part of a UN backed and coordinated effort. If UN sanctions are violated by another country, the UN can take military actions against it.

      13. Methinks the lurking vet is a NK agent. Or just an annoying liberal crybaby masquerading as a tough guy – with all his cats. LOL

        Time to put this old soldier out to pasture.

      14. DPRK’s Kim family has been extorting it’s peoples, neighboring nations, & as DPRK did in 1951, they are Extorting America into this position, as no one else on earth is up to the task to deal with DPRK Kim insanity! When I’m bitching about my life I think about the NK people, & I apologize to god for complaining, & I thank him for my life. I can’t believe you put such bullshit in your title! What else should be done about deepstate run DPRK Insane? I’d love to drop a bunch of food on the people over there, but Kim Jabba Un would just eat it himself! DPRK is holding the world hostage the same as in Dog Day Afternoon! But with nukes & this ain’t a movie, it’s real!!!

      15. Be nice is Tiller’ was as aggressive TOWARDS ISRAEL, a non-signatory in the NTP.

        THAT MAKES ALL AID TO ISRAEL ILLEGAL. The USA is, ONCE AGAIN, violating it’s own laws.

        “The US and Israel are the 2 greatest threats to world peace today, and perhaps to the very survival of humanity” ~ Stephen Lendman

      16. I strongly urge everyone to read Daniel Ellsberg’s “The Doomsday Machine.” After you read this you will understand that the US is capable of any horror. From early 1943 on both the US and UK bombing runs had as their ONLY mission the killing of civilians as photo recon showed that any bomb dropped that hit any military or industrial target was by pure accident. The SOP was to first strike the target with 500 lb bombs to reduce houses to “kindling,” followed by magnesium thermite bombs that just burned faster if water was sprayed on them, followed by delayed action bombs with delays of minutes tho hours to kill as many fireman and rescuers as possible. The famed Norden bombsight turned out to be totally useless. The description of the fire bomb raid on Tokyo tells how the B-29 aircrews had to put on oxygen masks at 5000 ft to keep from puking due to the intense smell of burning flesh.

        During the Cuban missile crisis there were six incidents that could have very easily sparked WWIII. Do you know how many large H bombs were in the US inventory when JFK took office? That the US war plan at that time was to use 20 megaton H bomb ground bursts on both the Soviet Union AND China? To bomb every city of any size in both nations. China was to be automatically hit regardless. That when Ellsberg asked the Pentagon how many would be killed they replied instantly… they had already run the numbers… half of the populations of the Soviet Union and China along with one million dead in Europe.

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