Effective Immediately: All Semi-Automatic Pistols Sold In California to Require “Micro Stamp” Ballistic Identification

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    Micro-stamping Semi-Automatic Firearms CartridgeIn a controversial move that some believe will essentially lead to a de facto ban on semi-automatic handguns, Attorney General Kamala Harris announced that, effective immediately, all new semi-automatic firearms sold in the State of California will require a unique microstamp on every shell ejected when a gun is fired.

    Microstamping, or ballistic imprinting, is a technology patented in the 1990’s by engineer and NRA member Todd Lizotte. When a gun is fired, a tiny engraving on the firing pin etches a microscopic identifier onto the cartridge as it is expended by the firearm.

    The law, which requires every semi automatic gun sold in the state to imprint the gun’s serial number on the cartridge, was signed into law by former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2007 and was delayed due to patent stipulations in the legislation.

    The legislation specified that it would take effect only when the technology was available and all private patents had expired.

    But at a Los Angeles news conference Friday, Harris announced that micro-stamping had cleared all technological and patenting hurdles and would be required on newly sold semiautomatics, effective immediately.

    “The patents have been cleared, which means that this very important technology will help us as law enforcement in identifying and locating people who have illegally used firearms,” Harris said.

    According to proponents of the legislation, ballistic micro-stamping will help law enforcement investigators track down firearms used in the commission of crimes:

    Attorney Benjamin Van Houten of San Francisco’s Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence said the announcement should send a message to other states, the Obama administration and the gun industry that “this is the future and it’s really critical to helping law enforcement solve gun crimes.

    Implementation of micro-stamping “moves California to the forefront of the nation in combatting gun crime,” said the law’s author, former Assemblyman Mike Feuer, D-Los Angeles, who attended the news conference and is running for city attorney.

    It’s not clear exactly how a firearm that has been illegally purchased, such as through straw buyers who purchased semi-automatic rifles to Mexican drug cartels from federal agents in Operation Fast and Furious, could help track down criminals using untraceable guns in the commission of a crime.

    In addition to being ineffective in tracking gun crimes, NRA attorney C.D. Michel suggests that with firearm sales across the country already putting overwhelming demand on gun manufacturers, the new California law could lead to widespread shortages of handguns in the state:

    “This is not going to help solve crimes,” he said. “It’s easily defeated, easily wears out and can be used to lead police down false alleys” if the serial numbers are altered.

    Worse yet, Michel said, manufacturers will be unwilling to add this expensive feature to guns sold in a single state, and will instead keep manufacturing weapons for the other states, where demand already far exceeds supply.

    The effect, he said, would be a ban on new semiautomatic handguns in California, which the NRA will challenge in court.

    As has been the case with California’s 1990’s ban on semi-automatic rifles and larger capacity magazines, the microstamping legislation aims to reduce availability of firearms to law abiding citizens. Because the legislation specifically targets semi-automatic handguns, a staple personal self defense firearm, the vast majority of those affected will be people who simply want to own a handgun to protect themselves and their families.

    The law will have almost no effect on a criminal’s ability to gain access to firearms through the black market. This has been proven time and again with semi-automatic rifles and shotguns, which are already illegal in California but are regularly used by gangs and criminals.

    It will also be the case with new micro-stamped handguns, which just like non-ballistically identified firearms, can be stolen and moved through back channels without restriction. If anything, criminals will prefer stolen micro-stamped guns over others because when police forensic teams show up, their investigations will be diverted to the original owner of the firearm, not to the criminal who stole it or purchased it through underground dealers.

    And for those who think this is restricted to the left-coast, similar legislation is under consideration in New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maryland, Wisconsin, and Illinois. Likewise, a federal push for micro-stamping was attempted in 2008 by both the House and the Senate in the form of the National Gun Crime Identification Act.

    Microstamping is yet another purported “common sense approach” that makes no sense in the real world.

    Watch: Stealing Freedom: Microstamping, Firearms and Ammunition

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      1. Criminals already HAVE guns without this technology. This bill only identifies legal users of handguns and may help to solve a handful of crimes each year. Also, a gun’s firing pin can be swapped out.

        • ColdDeadHands, logic has no bearing in this conversation! 🙂

          • California has become the europe of the U.S. It is incredible for me to see a state that was founded on the frontier expression, the gold rush, the place to go to for success, freedom, and hope, become a cess pit of suffocating laws. Everything from firearms to nit-picking you to death for everything. Part of the reason for this poisoning has been hollyweird, another is the election of these mega hard core liberals. California with the 8th largest economy alone in the world is so bad now that people are ONLY coming to it for the weather, or to pick lettuce.

            This is so disgusting, so police state garbage. The San Andreas is going to break, that is an absolute guarantee. When it goes, I pity all those still there because the living nightmare of North Korean style martial law that they will experience will be beyond imagination. pelosi, and feinsteinless and the other BO gang will make sure of this George Orwell type of control after the shaking has stopped. The poor people’s best option is to get the hell out of Dodge at all costs before martial law has a chance to really set in after the San Andreas goes. We are talking making it over the Berlin Wall type of escape.

            • Yep, when the San Andreas breaks…the HORROR at so many inncoent lives lost…I weep in advance of that, sincerely…

              …the only consolation will be if Sacramento (the state Capitol) lies inder about 6000 feet of saltwater after the fact….presupposing that – Of Course – the ENTIRE State Legislature had been called to Special Session to hear a new ‘Hope and Faith’ speech from “Commrade Feinstein”…

              Gee, I’m on a ‘roll today’…Ain’t I? 😉


              • @ JustOneGuy. First of all thank you for the long explanation on the solar aspects of what is someday coming. As you know the San Andreas goes from side to side and unless there is some type of sinkhole below the crust develops it will not sink. I know you were making a joke about it, but many others don’t understand the mechanics of the plates out there. The shaking though will be at least 3 minutes, but could eclipse several minutes if the north and south break together. Which is entirely possible as a recent article in one of the newspapers verified.

                I feel sorry for anyone in a free country that has to go through this utter nazi sh^& that they have to worry about doing anything wrong in regards to firearms and have a california felony pinned on them so that they could lose their 2nd Amendment rights for the entire country if they moved out of the state of feinsteinless and these other throwbacks from some terrible B movie. I know it won’t happen, but they want to stamp every bit of ammunition, it would be so funny to brand them with the words traitor all over their sticken hides.

                • Howdy BI,

                  Truly Friend…I was NOT trying to ‘obfuscate’ the matter of the San Andreas technically…

                  …I was just trying to give everyone here a ‘Happy Thought’ for the Day! 🙂

                  JOG * 😉 *

                  • @ JustOneGuy. I know that, it was just that totally asinine comment by that government troll that threw me for a loop. I have had others condemn the earthquake forecasting, but this BO worshipper attacked the comparison that very few people thought of in regards to land mass loss and what if that happened in the US. The land defense of the U.S. would extremely compromised if California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Nevada, Oregon, and Utah were suddenly in the hands of friends of Russia, China, and other eastern coaliation forces. I was trying to show what Russia was after losing the USSR buffer zones if that happened here.

                    Then this idiot tells ALL of us that prepare that our efforts are for not. That we will already lose even with 50 barrels of food. That set me off. I admire the hell out of the people here, Mac and the site, for preparing and using their minds to do more than wonder what that silicon ass kim kardashian is up to now. Or what Angelina Jolie is going to do now. It truly really got me going on that idiotic non prepping thing and the ideas that people that prepare are wasting their time.

                    I looked out at the sky today and said to myself that the Sun could unleash a CME at anytime, or the whole sky could be filled with mushroom clouds and yet the majority of the population is totally self absorped into total mental dribble. Concern over not having a good time at the park or something happy, but actually worried about some hollyweird star or what is trending on the gossip net. The public school system sure has done a bang up job. Again, your knowledge of much is fully appreciated by many, I just was pointing out that california will likely not sink into the ocean unless some void appears below the crust. You did a real pleasant thought though, these anti-gunner, anti-freedom wastes with several thousand feet of salt water on top of them. That is a good time happy thought.

                • Many of us in CA have been fighting the corruption. I myself required “gov” Brown to do his job and arrest Feinstein, remove her from office as the Oath’s she has taken to the US Constitution and the Calif Constitution, treason, murder (Fast & Furious), various other criminal and civil offenses. I also required from him a “Molon Labe” decalration publicly or “We the People” would know he was a traitor also. He did not declare.

                  The US Constitution and all that is in Pursuance thereof is the Supreme law of this land. In PURSUANCE thereof, not in VIOLATION thereof. The federal gov is ONLY supreme when it is carrying out the duties assigned it by the US Constitution, and ONLY if the way they are carried out are in Pursuance thereof.

                  18 USC § 241 – Conspiracy against rights: If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same; or
                  If two or more persons go in disguise on the highway, or on the premises of another, with intent to prevent or hinder his free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege so secured
                  They shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, they shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.

                  The Oaths of Office are lawful requirements of the positions all oathtakers must keep if they want to remain meeting the lawful requirements of the position they keep. If they are broken they no longer meet the requirements of the position and can be fired and replaced. Depending on how they broke them they may also be arrested and prosecuted.

                  5 U.S.C. 3331, provides the text of the actual oath of office the three branches of our government, the military, all law enforcement, the heads of the States, all federal employees are required to take before assuming office.

                  5 U.S.C. 3333 requires the three branches of our government, the military, all law enforcement, the heads of the States, all federal employees sign an affidavit that they have taken the oath of office required by 5 U.S.C. 3331 and have not or will not violate that oath of office during their tenure of office as defined by the third part of the law

                  5 U.S.C. 7311 which explicitly makes it a federal criminal offense for anyone employed in the United States Government to “advocate the overthrow of our constitutional form of government”. Our legitimate government is the Constitution of the United States.

                  18 U.S.C. 1918 provides penalties for violation of oath of office described in 5 U.S.C. 7311 which include: (1) removal from office and; (2) confinement or a fine.

                  • Bravo KBright!

                    “Masterful” Dissertation! I stand…Well-Impressed, Thank You Friend….Warms my Heart it does, to see the Critical Mind Awake and ALIVE!

                    New here? I don’t recognize the monicker, If so, “Be Welcome in this place!”, therefor!


                  • Wonderful KBright

                    i wish there were more people like you and less like moon beam.

                    WE the Tea party / conservative types need to stand up for this country and keep fighting these people or its all over for us. and while we might not make a difference we need to try.if we don’t we can expect more laws and more stupidity.
                    I refuse to believe that there is nothing that can not be done. there are recall elections and impeachment proceedings and yes it takes time but its worth doing. IF folks would just do it.

                    i have first hand seen the effects of a recall its been 25 plus years but i remember the aftermath.

                    we had a small town corrupt politician who thought everything was for him and he didnt need to follow the laws. one day the citizens of the town said enough and held a recall vote.
                    well of course the corrupt one thought it could never happen to him and he dissed everyone as a bunch of crack pots. well it went badly and he was pulled from his seat and tossed in the street.

                    he couldn’t get a job as city dog catcher. there was something satisfying about this slime bag not being able to get work in local govt and having to go back to his reg job as a used car salesman. LOL

                    Funny how politicians seem like used car salesmen
                    and maybe its because both will tell you any thing to get you to buy there crap

                    There used to be a time in America when a mans word was good and his hand shake was a bond you could trust.

                    if some one told you they would dod something you knew they would or at the very least try damn hard to help.

                    Now we get lies and bullcrap.
                    not many people tell the truth and even less will guarantee anything.

                    again thanks KBright and keep up the fight against moonbeam and his liberal left. try and take back Ca for the decent people and make it a place where all will want to visit.

                • And don’t forget Kalifornia’s “three strikes law” where 3 felonies of ANY kind will get you LIFE in prison…I left Kali in 1983 and have never looked back.

              • JustOneGuy… any estimates on when this might happen (San Andreas)? Roughly. I am stuck in this festering shithole they call Los Angeles because of family concerns, just wondering when I may have to put my persuesiveness into overdrive… or else… make the choice to give up on family or stay here and eat it with them.

            • Too bad there’s no mechanism for ejecting a state from the union.

              • Too bad there isn’t a mechanism for ejecting bad lawmakers and the laws they create!

                • The French used the guillotine. It was quite effective, I understand. ^_^

                  • Utility poles and ropes work much better. There are plenty of them out there, so there is not need to construct a gallows.

                    Ya’ll had enough yet?

                  • Walt,
                    I have a few 600′ spools of new england climbing rope and one or two of static line for rock climbing ill donate to the cause.

                  • @ Kula,

                    …a FINE, commendable Spirit of Generosity there my Friend…always a pleasure to meet a TRUE Patriot! 😉


                  • Thank you JOG
                    Just trying to help if i can.

                • There is “a mechanism for ejecting bad lawmakers and the laws they create!”.

                  First, the US Constitution and all that is PURSUANCE thereof are the Supreme LAW of this land.

                  Second, Each state has its own republican form of government which was created by the people of that state and defines EXACTLY how the government will operate and the authority it has. If it is not listed, or is not in Pursuance thereof the US Constitution it is NOT lawful.

                  The Oath of Office is a lawful requirement for specifix positions that the forefathers put into the US Constitution. Those who are LAWFULLY REQUIRED to take the Oath are lawfully required to keep it or no longer meet the lawful requirements of the position they are occupying – it doesn’t matter if it is a policeman, a postman, a governor, a president. All state Constitutions also have Oaths of office, plus they are the highest law in that state as long as they are in Pursuance thereof the US Constitution.

                  Third, the three branches of the American government according to the Declaration of Independence and the Cosntitution of the United States are: “We the People”, the States, and the federal government.

                  Fourth, you want freedom, then it is time to uphold YOUR part in this goverment and remove all oathbreakers from the position they are occupying within your state – starting with the lowest to hte highest. I would post my letter to Gov Brown on here but it is very long asI had to list laws that apply.

                  Here is the Oath of Office required in California:
                  Ca Constitution Art 20 Misc Subjects, Sec 3:

                  “I, ______, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I WILL SUPPORT AND DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES AND THE CONSTITUTION OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA AGAINST ALL ENEMIES, foreign and DOMESTIC; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of California; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties upon which I am about to enter.

                  (If no affiliations, write in the words “No Exceptions”) and that during such time as I hold the office of ______________________________________________ I WILL NOT ADVOCATE NOT BECOME (name of office) A MEMBER OF ANY PARTY OR ORGANIZATION, political or otherwise, THAT ADVOCATES THE OVERTHROW OF THE GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES OR OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA BY force or violence or OTHER UNLAWFUL MEANS.”

                  • Thanks KBright, I will use this information to its best intent. I will further pass it on to the various groups and organizations I am involved with. Probally wont do any good but at least I can say I tried.


                  • James Madison said at the Constitutional Convention, and I quote:

                    “A President is Impeachable is he ATTEMPTS TO SUBVERT THE CONSTITUTION.” The Constitution charges the President with the task of taking care the laws be faithfully executed, and yet the President has counseled his aides to commit perjury, willfully disregard the secrecy of grand jury proceedings, conceal surreptitious entry, attempt to compromise a federal judge, while publicly displaying his cooperation with the processes of criminal justice.” A President is impeachable if he attempts to subvert the Constitution.”

                    If Impeachment provisions in the Constitution of the United States will not reach the offenses charged here, then perhaps that 18th-century old Constitution should be abandoned to a 20th-century paper shredder.

                    Has the President committed offenses, and planned, and directed, and acquiesced in a course of conduct which the Constitution will not tolerate? That’s the question. We know that. We know the question. We should now forthwith proceed to answer the question. It is reason, and not passion, which must guide our deliberations, guide our debate, and guide our decision.

                  • Then, acording to Kbright’s posts, regarding “evasions” or orgs to evade or etc, that likly will Include a certain religious belief, held by Duel citizens, many of whom now occupy the highest office nationwide.

                    That being, their belief is that when they recite once per year at “Yom Kipper”(their new yrs?) the Prayer of “Kol Nidre” that prayer totally and fully absolves them of Any oaths made and Any promices made by them.

                    Furthermore, their religious belief is that Their “Tamlud” holy books Are the Highest laws in the land they reside in and the entire worlds and nations laws. So simply reciting their Kol Nider prayer once per year, they are good to go on Violating the very oaths taken to uphold the us const etc.

                    It don’t take a degree in rocket science to figure out that if “They” can get away with that, so can every “gentile” who is also elected or appointed to various offices. Indeed, dual citizens in so many positions of Power today, and for the last 100 yrs now, are truly a massive huge problem it seems. Just which “Country” are such Dual citizens actually Loyal too anyways?

              • Like expelling CA would change anything, lol. You’re confused.

            • If they escape, they’ll just ruin whatever state they escape to.

              • Like any other state is any better, prole.

            • Be informed,

              I pray for divine intervention and hope that Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein and all the other minions are sitting right on the crack when it gives. If you are a believer in the bible, then California should remind one of Sodom and Gomorrah, they are long overdue for a cleansing. Maybe the self anointed one will just happen to be campaigning there when the big one hits.

              The innocent ones will return to heaven but the evil ones will have a one way ticket to hell.

              • Im hoping for a nuke to hit DC when ALL these assholes are there,
                THAT would be justice.

              • @ Swinging on a star. You know there are some real similarities to Sodom and Gomorrah as San Francisco is the world’s center of sodomy. Los Angeles has some of the most perverted and sicko movies that come out of hollyworthless. The energy from the San Andreas breaking will be focused directly on LA, and of course the San Andreas goes right under San Francisco. There are not too many places in the world that could be so well compared to Sodom and Gomorrah as LA and SF. I read something recently that more and more homos are flocking to San Francisco, like they are being drawn there like a magnet. Interesting, maybe we are in for a toilet cleaning.

                • not being pc but you got to specify, do not be ambiguous like the corp. is when they word things.

                  were they homo-sexual?
                  Homo – rudolfensis?
                  Homo – rhodesiensis?
                  Homo – neanderthalensis?
                  Homo – heidelbergensis?
                  Homo – habilis?

                  Homo is the genus of great apes that includes modern humans and species closely related to them. The genus is estimated to be about 2.3 to 2.4 million years old.

                  • @ AnonLegion. When I said homo, I meant fag, queer, dyke, lesbo in reference to the influx of them flocking to San Francisco like being drawn like some salmon or something to their home. I just didn’t want to use those terms last night. SF sure seems like the new Sodom, where sodomy is more than even the total pervert red light districts in place like the Netherlands.

              • I agree being informed is important. But GOD helps those who help themselves. It is important to know your state constitution because it tells you exactly what those in the state government are allowed to do, and – most importantly – what they cannot do. If they cannot do it lafully it is not listed.

                It is also important to know that the US Constitution and everything in Pursuance thereof (following it) are the Supreme Law of this land, NOT the federal government. The federal government is ONLY supreme when it is carrying out the limited and specific duties assigned to each branch in a way that is in Pursuance thereof the US Constitution.

                It is treason to give a foreign government or entity “authority” over the USA in any form, way. Yes, that DOES include the UN.

                WE have lawful means to stop this, but WE have to do it. Judges are ONLY Lawful when they are following the US Constitution duties as assigned to them, and those in state govs, both the US Constitution and the state they represents constitution – that is WHERE they get their authority – and it is VERY specific. If it is not in either of those documents – it is USURPATION, not lawful and they can be removed from office.

                ONLY Constitutional law is lawful here in the USA. Plus Juries can nullify a bad law. The primary function of the independent juror is not, as many think, to dispense punishment to fellow citizens accused of breaking various laws, but rather to protect fellow citizens from tyrannical abuses of power by government. The Constitution guarantees you the right to a trial by jury. This means that the government must bring its case before a jury of THE PEOPLE if government wants to deprive any person of life, liberty, or propeerty. Jurors can say no to government tyranny by refusing to convict. Notice that corrupt judges no longer relay this information to jurors. (fija.org/)

                • @KBright,

                  I don’t know where you have been hiding but glad to see you here at SHTFPlan. As you may have seen we have a really diverse group with a lot of people with different specialties. You appear to have a real grasp of Constitutional law. Thanks for the information and I look forward to hearing more from you.


                • Unfortunately there is a big difference between what is legal and what is lawful. The PTB=Parasites have nearly bled the host dry. Taxed to death, indeed. We the people have become the enemy. It seems we have outlived our uselessness. (sic) We are living in occupied territory, where the illusion of freedom becomes more transparent every day. Pray for discernment, and fear not the morrow, for today has in itself enough concerns.

              • Apt, and exactly right. Sodom and Gamorrah is apt.

            • Ca has been sending its leftist rejects over to nevada for years and years. what used to be a free state with open carry and a real cowboy attitude has now turned into one big shit pile. it used to be you saw folks walking down las vegas blvd with side arms and now if you even THINK about coming out of your house with a gun Metro will shoot your ass.

              The low life’s from CA have moved here and are in all branches of the local govt.

              there’s about 300 thousand illegals here and there taking every damn job and doing it for about $6.00 an hour

              they join the F*&%ing unions and and get Voters cards just so they can vote pro dem candidates.

              Get these shit holes out of america and especially out of the F*&%ing USA.

              we need to rid this country of ALL Democrats and especially the Damn illegals

              Troll killer

              • very well said sir.

                • thank you vicious rodent

                  i have seen two states ruined by the Dems and the illegals Washington and now Nevada

                  Washington was a nice place to live but now its full of tree huggers and Liberal assholes.i saw the tree huggers ruin the logging industry all because of the spotted owl ( and yes they do taste like chicken )
                  thousands state wide out of jobs whole towns dried up and looking empty.

                  when will America wake up from its sleep and realize just what Political correctness and affirmative action is doing to us.

                  you cant call a spade a spade now its a digging instrument.
                  i went to a welding class and the instructor told us he could not use the Word JIG as it was too close to another word. so he had to call it a metal holding assembly LOL

                  and this affirmative action shit has gotten us the worst of the worst ( obummer ).

                  Wake up people WAKE UP !! we have to get a handle on whats left or its worse then doomsday for the Conservatives.

                  Troll killer

              • Actually that is UN’s Agenda 21.

                Are you not aware of the “green” & “for the children” stuff being implemented there? Yes, like the “Patriot Act” they use nice sounding innoculous names that make you feel that you do not have to read the bill, etc, just accept it. That way you “accept” your way to slavery.

                Educate yourself n Agenda 21 which takes away your right to OWN anything. Even food and water. The government will supply all, because that way if you do not obey them they can with hold all. This Immgration card stuff they are trying to pass: you will not be able to get a job, use a bank, get gas, get medical, buy from a store or anything else without it. Can you say, “Slave”.

            • Lol stop acting like your state is o much better. We all live in the USSA, comrade.

            • Just remember, most of California is very conservative but we are outvoted by all of the imbeciles in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, etc. That is then multiplied by all of the illegals!
              I am hoping the idea of the Jefferson State is resurrected quickly. We would take the entire eastern section of the state, from the Oregon border right on down to Mexico. The State of California would then consist of a sliver of all the beach communities. They could all hang on the edge-like they should. The rest of us could get back to what is real -hunting, fishing, ranching,logging, and shooting. And Thank You Jesus-Kamala Harris could go back to San Fran on a broad axx mule!

              • Stealth,Sure the District of Columbia is real Conservative also, if it just wasn’t for the City of DC. WASP.

              • Actually we are not out voted. It is, and has been, election fraud pure and simple. I have been pushing to get ALL, whatever level of election fraud they committed, to be prosecuted.

                What is the easiest way to commit EF? The voting machines. No oversight, owned by a foreign nation, flips votes all the time in EVERY state, etc. REQUIRE that YOUR State no longer uses machine voting, all counts done by hand in front of multiple videos, in view of all who want to watch.

                That is how we take our votes back from those who are implementing things and “candidates” we do not want.

                Examples: A jury in South Bend, Indiana has found that fraud put President Obama and Hillary Clinton on the presidential primary ballot in Indiana in the 2008 election.

                The 2008 Democratic Nominating Committee (DNC) document did not include language stating that Obama was qualified to be a candidate. The 2008 Republican Nominating Committee (RNC) document did, as is normal. This shows that the DNC knew that Obama was not qualified, or why change the form?

                Romney became a presidential candidate through election fraud. So did Bush 1, Clinton (B), Bush 2, Obama & H Clinton.

                So what do you notice about all those names? Different parties same election fraud. Yep, the Republican and the Democratic parties are involved in corruption fraud up to their corrupt and criminal necks.

                Even the CA GMO labeling was lsot through election fraud.

                REQUIRE that the election fraud that has gone on in YOUR state (and it was in EVERY state) be prosectuted.

                • KBright: Check This out!


                  By: Devvy
                  February 3, 2013
                  NewsWithViews.com (She has Links to confirm it at site)

                  Case No. 09-4615 (C.A. 3, Mar. 8, 2012)

                  “In 1982, the Republican National Committee (“RNC”) and the Democratic National Committee (“DNC”) entered into a consent decree (the “Decree” or “Consent Decree”), which is national in scope, limiting the RNC’s ability to engage or assist in voter fraud prevention unless the RNC obtains the court’s approval in advance. The RNC appeals from a judgment of the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey denying, in part, the RNC’s Motion to Vacate or Modify the Consent Decree. Although the District Court declined to vacate the Decree, it did make modifications to the Decree. The RNC argues that the District Court abused its discretion by modifying the Decree as it did and by declining to vacate the Decree. For the following reasons, we will affirm the District Court’s judgment.

                  “During the 1981 New Jersey gubernatorial election, the DNC, the New Jersey Democratic State Committee (“DSC”), Virginia L. Peggins, and Lynette Monroe brought an action against the RNC, the New Jersey Republican State Committee (“RSC”), John A. Kelly, Ronald Kaufman, and Alex Hurtado, alleging that the RNC and RSC targeted minority voters in an effort to intimidate them in violation of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 (“VRA”), 42 U.S.C. §§ 1971, 1973, and the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments to the Constitution of the United States. The RNC allegedly created a voter challenge list by mailing sample ballots to individuals in precincts with a high percentage of racial or ethnic minority registered voters and, then, including individuals whose postcards were returned as undeliverable on a list of voters to challenge at the polls. The RNC also allegedly enlisted the help of off-duty sheriffs and police officers to intimidate voters by standing at polling places in minority precincts during voting with “National Ballot Security Task Force” armbands. Some of the officers allegedly wore firearms in a visible manner.

                  “To settle the lawsuit, the RNC and RSC entered into the Consent Decree at issue here. Rest at link above.

                  Last month, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to stop it:

                  “The Supreme Court on Monday refused to hear a legal challenge by the Republican National Committee to dissolve a 1982 decree designed to stop the improper suppression of voting by particular groups.”

                  Particular groups meaning minorities.

                  Vote fraud hurts everyone regardless of skin color or ethnic background. It’s un-American, period. Vote fraud has controlled our national elections as well as state legislatures and even ballot measures for decades. The people of this country have allowed it to continue because of apathy and laziness. State legislatures have allowed it to continue because of racial politics. Now the U.S. Supreme Court has given the green light for the DNC to continue massive, systematic vote fraud across the board.

                  Why do you think the Democratic/Communist Party USA and the American Communist Lawyers Union (ACLU) fight so hard to defeat voter ID laws? To allow illegals and non eligible individuals into the voting booth.

                  Now you know why the GOP and Romney didn’t challenge the massive vote fraud. They all knew about that lawsuit, but most of us only found out shortly after the election. I wonder if big donors would like to get their millions back?

                  Now you know why the GOP can’t challenge vote fraud if it’s in a minority voting area. Vote fraud was everywhere again this last fake election, again. But, vote fraud aside, Romney won because Barry Soetoro aka Obama was not legally on the ballot and no one had the “right” to vote for him.

                  How utterly and completely foolish of the RNC. They literally committed political suicide, while blacks in office now have their revenge against Caucasian Americans for something not a single living person in this country had anything to do with: slavery.

                  Eric Holder: Black Panther case focus demeans ‘my people’

                  “Attorney General Eric Holder finally got fed up Tuesday with claims that the Justice Department went easy in a voting rights case against members of the New Black Panther Party because they are African American. Holder’s frustration over the criticism became evident during a House Appropriations subcommittee hearing as Rep. John Culberson (R-Texas) accused the Justice Department of failing to cooperate with a Civil Rights Commission investigation into the handling of the 2008 incident in which Black Panthers in intimidating outfits and wielding a club stood outside a polling place in Philadelphia.”

                  Yes, revenge. It’s just fine to allow thugs from the Black Panthers to physically intimidate non-minority voters and there’s not a thing the RNC can do about it because we have a racist Attorney General. “His people”? See how Eric Holder really thinks and he’s not alone:

                  OBAMMA: “Black,Hispanic kids are Our Future Workforce”

                  “The president responded by saying he would focus on “communities of color” in his second term because those two groups are the “future workforce” of America.”

                  What about Chinese, Caucasian or Native Americans in the workforce? They’re not part of America’s future workforce? What the impostor really said was future voters.

                  Can you imagine the howling and screeching that would roll across this country if a Caucasian president ever launched a White Americans for Reagan or Bush or Romney?

                  Read rest of Article at website noted at begining of post. Listed under Devvy Kidd archives there.

            • I agree with most of what you said but the above snippet… All of California’s problems are self-inflected. All Californians as responsible because they either voted for those policies, supported the groups that pushed for it, or did not bother to resist it. When they flee the state because they now consider it too oppressive, they take their politics with them and move on to “pollute” the landscape where they go.
              Part of me wishes that there was a “Berlin wall” that would stop their politics from escaping the hellhole for which they should bare the responsibility.

              • Welcome to the Hotel California

                You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.

                Well, maybe that’s just. I suppose it is. I really want out of here but if I gotta take one for the team, I can see where that would make sense.

          • Ding-Ding-Ding!!!

            …Give That MAN a SEE-GAR!!! Folks, we have a Winner here!!


            • Oops, REFERING above to Mac’s comment…not MY OWN!!! 🙂


          • We don’t make sense we make laws.

        • its just a way for California to ban all guns has nothing to do with preventing crimes

          every legal gun owner in commieafornia needs to move to Idaho or Montana if they want freedom dont try Nevada or arizona there laws mirror Commieland

          skittle shittin unicorn

          • I knew it was all over for California when “Surfer Joe”
            could no longer mount a Ma Deuce on his surf board.
            The land of “Anything Goes” is now only in songs.

          • The only problem with that is at some point enought of these state will be under their control that they will apply this at the federal level. Better to get pro people to those states and kick these morons out of office.

        • IS it posible to get a pin that says FU on it?

          • Get a trademark on that idea and start manufacturing replacement firing pins to sell in California.

            • or a pin that can be mass produced with a 3D printer, that would really frost their asses

          • That is a million dollar idea. Lots of guns are engraved with personal messages, why not a message in the form of a micro stamp?

            Just like personalized license plates. GR8SHOT, ZOMBIEKLR, $1.25ASHOT, ETC.

          • Well, I had one (a long, long time ago) that said:


            Wish I could find that thing.

          • Hey criminals,

            Make sure you use reloads where someone else serial number is on the bullet, and you use your existing pistol that does’t imprint …..

            • wouldn’t the microstamp be on the primer?

        • For all of those that don’t believe the extreme danger of Russia being encircled, and how they will start World War 3 to stop further encirclement, I would like to show everyone why we all need to be very concerned. Mega SHTF alarmed at Russia losing anymore land.

          When the USSR broke up, it lost satellite states that are like the U.S. losing Canada, or Mexico. Aside from this, the massive amount of land lost is incredible for Russia to have lost when it became the Russian Federation rather than the USSR.

          The USSR had 8,649,490 square miles of land.
          Russia now has 6,323,482 sqyaure miles of land.

          This is like the United States that has 3,531,905 sq miles of land now, having 2,582,110 sq miles of land.

          Russia losing it western borders and some of the south would be like the United States losing the following:

          New Mexico

          Russia lost economic importance as the U.S. would to if they lost these states. This is just the tip of the iceberg problem. Losing geographic land puts ALL of your internal self defense at much larger risk to being hit before you can get them out of the silos or bomber aircraft out of their bases. Lose distance and you lose valuable time to react militarily.

          This loss would be partially to an U.S. enemy. As one can see from this almost exact comparison, Russia will not allow any further being boxed in and will use their nukes if necessary to prevent this. Syria may not seem like anything to the west, but to Russia, a country that has been shrunk since 1991, it is highly important and why they are supplying Syria will all sorts of advanced weapons and why they vetoed every worthless un idea to topple Assad. And why there is 12 warships there right now. Russia knows that they cannot lose Syria or Iran or any further territory or counties loyal or friendly to them.

          This is why we all need to pay extremely careful attention over there. Russia alone can end human civilization, without even China doing anything. This potential mega SHTF is something that many people don’t understand is so mega critical over there and could at any moment ignite.

          • @BI
            not to worry they have gained our whole left coast. Hope they’re happy. Chances are they will nuke it just so they don’t have to deal with it.

            • Howdy ed,

              From that comment I can TELL that you are a Man of ‘Discerning Insightfulness’…I APPLAUD you Brother!!

              “My Brother…of ANOTHER Mother!” 😉


              • I think we all went to different schools together.

                • Oh Walt!

                  TOO RIGHT Brother!! Hhahahahaaa…’On it’ Bro, like the Hammer and the Nail!! Oh Yeeeahh!!


          • Let’s give California to Russia in exchange for one of their more interesting satellites. Maybe Hungary or Romania? The communists already own California so it wouldn’t be much of a loss for us.

            • How bout we just build a “Great Wall of Kaliforication” around it,lock it in before it spreads!

          • I have enjoyed our lively conversation on this topic in another thread. The subject certainly merits serious consideration for any student of history and international affairs.

            Russia does present a very serious threat to global geo-security. Russia is in no danger of “losing” Iran because Russia does not in any way control Iran.
            Russia cannot lose Iran because it does not have Iran in the first place.

            It is unlikely that the US and Iran will ever be friends, but we do not have to be enemies. It is the latter possibility that concerns Russia.

            Iran is like France in many ways; Over educated and under employed, rife with internal divisions; easy to conquer and difficult to hold.

            • @ J. Roy. Any discussion as such is valuable because it helps others to see whaht is happening and what opinions others have about what is happening.

              I just want to say to everyone that prepares. You all are to be admired, a lot. Time and time again preppers/survivalists get these crying wolf garnage from so many ends of true fools and jackasses that even after suffering through not having what they need after a disaster have not learned. Even lightweight SHTF events can be life and death, and they happen with much more frequency each year as more cities and towns are expanded or built.

              When some imbecile comes on like sallie and tries to take the wind out of everyone’s sail, buzzkill their motivations to help save themselves and families, and drown the enthusiasm of preparation, it is awful. I have said this again and again, people have personal SHTF’s all the time from job loss, accidents, finacial burdens, etc. It is so much inner security to have that food and neccesities there when you need for whatever reasons pop up.

              There is so much to a person that saves up for their family’s needs and doesn’t blow their income on chinese junks or worthless and very expensive entertainment that most everyone doesn’t even totally enjoy. There is so much to a person that goes to the market and sees that extra can of food as part of the shopping list. The person that sees canning jars as money saved and food put away for later. There is so much to a person that spends their time and resources at least attempting to safeguard their family, and maybe even a few friends from suffering when the times of plenty have become the times of nothing.

              Every single person that prepares needs to get a big fat gold star and be held in esteem for having minds and using them. Those that don’t prepare and run around like the foolish grasshoppers because they belive that pure mulecrap that individuals like sallie and BO butt lickers that tell you it is pointless to prepare, well they lose. Not just when something happens, but right now because their minds are gone with delusions that BO is the 2nd coming, or some God from Mt Olypmis or something. I and others rather be the ant or the squirrel that has learned that stashing away only benefits you someday, especially with the high cost of inflation on food and other basic needs that make it economically wise and survival wise WHEN something happens.

            • F that, I hope someone nukes Iran. Make it a parking lot!

          • Your not wrapped too tight BI. LOTS of countries could end all existence if they desire.
            Stick with your day job…if you have one.

            And play with your earthquakes.
            Y’all cant seem to wait for the end to come.

            Have fun when it does. If ya think 50 buckets of food are going to save your ass, ya shoulda been in Somalia in Ocotoer of 93.

            You people have absolutley NO clue unless you were in DEEP combat 24/7. NO CLUE.

            • @ Sallie. You are totally clueless about Geography aren’t you? I blame the modern day education system for teaching you basket weaving and how to rate dancing with the stars. Do you even begin to comprehend why I am talking about this? To get people ready so they can survive what is coming, and that includes nuclear war. Look at the title of the site you are on stupid, SHTFplan. Mac, has had magnitudes of articles about doom and gloom, not to make it hopeless for everyone, but to offer a solution and hope to survive it.

              Play with earthquakes, huh? No one on the internet that I know has come up with anything that has forecasted earthquakes like this method. It is the pioneer of a hopefully new way of saving lives by giving people advanced warning. Why you would not call that positive shows your mass ignorance and lack of concern for people like in Haiti that lost practically everything they had. You would have someone with new theories about helping people be forewarned shut their mouths because it is not politically correct to do so. F U to anyone that evil and rotten to the core.

              Each people has a certain amount of supplies, and yes that is going to make a huge difference between survival and not making it. From your idea you should depend on mr government to come to your aid, and let your FEMA clones feed you after standing in line for hours in the hot sun or freezing rain and sleet. By your way of “thinking” why even try to store up food, water, and other necessities. Everything will be just fine because the government and the news media tells you it will be. You BO supporters get your arousals by taking away people’s rights to think and be free. You people, you non-preppers are poison to others and to yourselves when something happens, which it will, GUARANTEED. Go have some satisifaction with a giant blow up doll of BO, you government TROLL. You make me almost as sick as the psycho ncjoker that wants everyone on this site dead.

              • Whew B I— took his head clean off at the shoulders.

                • @ OutWest. When some government troll, that works for a government that surpresses valuable information about earthquake information like the New Madrid from people that will die and suffer, and tells me I am playing around with earthquakes, oh boy that pisses me off. I see these people that are going to be trapped under a pile of rubble that did not have to be, and some worthless government troll tries to dispel someone trying to pioneer one day saving lives by forecasting earthquakes.

                  Then this worthless government piece of rodent shit tries to hurt Mac’s wonderful site by telling everyone that it pointless to store up supplies because they want everyone to depend on the government to supply everything they need. Hey, just for control of the masses. Might even be someone that knows BO directly or those worthless members of congress that want to burn up or urinate on the Constitution. I try to keep my temper, but when some retardate comes on and attacks EVERYONE here that has sacrificed so much to safeguard their families by prepping, it becomes a battle royal. I actually get more angry when some pile directs their vile at me and EVERYONE else, especially this site that has helped so many people. Sometimes I get really royally ticked off and say, let’s get ready to rumble.

                  • ….S’OK BI…THIS TIME, we understand…’do it to it’…

                    Hhahahaa….Arf …ARF!….ARF!! Go Get ’em Boy!! 😉

                    +50…If I could! Incidentally…’Sallie’=’Allie’?


                  • Stand for what you believe in brother, there are many who try to marginalize and discredit anyone who shows forward and independent thought.
                    I am sure we ALL get this sort of action from time to time, and we will all be tested in the future.
                    Stand tall and proud and know that many of us will stand with you.

              • BI…. You nailed This Sally bitchcon right on.
                Don’t let these Freakin TROLLS get to you. They will remember one day when the SHTF in their face and BO tells them F**k you all
                Keep preppin and preachin’

              • BI, looks like we found a girl friend for eisenkruze!

                Semper Fi 8541

            • Dear sally…. get the fuck off this site and go ride a UNICORN.

              • better yet sally. go play leap frog with a unicorn, dumb ass.

            • Oh look….another obamazombie-focus group-toadie.

            • Sallie Sallie Sallie…

              Who has the balls to stand up to Uncle Sam? Going toe to toe? And don’t give me any crap about Vietnam and Afganistan. Those were/are insurgencies, with conventional arms, with bankster led wars, that had no end game or desire to hold ground. In a true global war scenario, even China right now, would get their collective kicked back to the stone age. Russia however, is ready to move underground. WE, OTOH, are simply fooked if Russia decides to launch on us.

              And they have the deep seated and historical cultural paranoia to cause it… simply by us making them feel squeezed…

              BI, is right. Russia is a deeply paranoid culture, because of a history of invaders, like the Jews with their “Never Again”. Uncle Sam’s ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’ doctrine, merely gives them reason to suspect us, and hate us even more. They play nice now, because it is to their advantage. But I guarantee, they have already sliced us up on the map to give to their allies.
              It is not about economics, it is always about Machiavelli, and the desire to be the Big Dog.

              The Big Dog, you see, fears no one on a planet that is primarily about one thing; Fear.

              Just like I now begin to fear my government, because of their own arrogance and fear, and a “long train of abuses and usurpation’s”. Which now culminates with your boss, talking about not listening to our ‘voices’ of liberty, while he has now been caught in ‘soft’ tyranny. The Tyranny of the IRS, is complete. He was caught running guns into Mexico in order to allow him to void the 2nd amendment, and I’m pretty sure, that’s what he was doing in Libya… running guns to his moooslim friends, and the ambassador knew too much. This makes sense, when you consider the character of the Black Caesar.

              I think the war should begin tomorrow, R 2.0, that is… we should go to every IRS Field office in the country, and make our founders proud. No, not by creating violence, or useless protests, but by merely tagging their offices with nazi swastikas. A little paint would go a long ways, methinks, towards the beast taking off his mask. He prods us, and we should prod back, the time of ‘nice’, is DONE.

              But, it should be all of them, not just one of them. One of them being done, is a lone wolf, all of them is a ‘movement’, not easily dismissed by the MSM. I would go further, to tag every bit of Federal hardware and buildings and property that could be reached out and tagged. Make them ‘Feel us’.

              We should ‘move’, together, so that people like Sallie and her boss, are exposed as the proto Nazi’s they are…

              Many are feeling it, it is now coming out in the open. 30% of us feel an armed rebellion is probably necessary to restore lady liberty. I don’t think it can happen, because the blood will run too deep, and your boss Sallie, can then call in his Russian buddies to ‘restore order’, while he hands out sections of the country as payment for debts, and becomes some Grand Consul of the New United Nations. It wouldn’t even surprise me, for the Black Caesar to start something, and then know that Russia will take out portions of us, so that he can surrender with ‘terms’. Nothing that black fascist communist bastard does will surprise me anymore. I will never say “it can’t happen in this country”, ever again.

              It HAS, It CAN, and it probably WILL.

              • @ Piper Michael. Black Caesar and black swans is what I am worried about like what you so well stated in your comments. Everything goes with BO, the most ever Executive Orders signed. Those must be negating many Constitution lawyers must sleep at night trying to figure out how much on the Constitution has been violated each time BO gets out that pen. Grand Emperor of the un is what BO aims for. Notice how I always leave the un is small case letters.

                I never thought as a kid that the country would decimate the basic foundations of country’s freedom like this in such a short time. It has become a goal of those that want control to poke every hole into the Constitution that they can, especially the Bill of Rights. Now each day another bit of horse feces is slapped onto the Constitution. It is disgusting and totally accepted by most of the masses.

                • sorry BI but franklin d is the winner on this one. Even g dubya has more still.

                  Barack Obama – 144 (so far)
                  George W. Bush – 291
                  Clinton – 364
                  George Bush – 166
                  Reagan – 381
                  Carter – 320
                  Ford – 169
                  Nixon – 346
                  Johnson – 325
                  Kennedy – 214
                  Eisenhower – 484
                  Truman – 907
                  Franklin D. Roosevelt – 3,522
                  Hoover – 968
                  Coolidge – 1,203
                  Harding – 522
                  Wilson – 1,803
                  Taft – 724
                  Theodore Roosevelt – 1,081
                  McKinley – 185
                  Cleveland II – 140
                  Harrison – 143
                  Cleveland I – 113
                  Arthur – 96
                  Garfield – 6
                  Hayes – 92
                  Grant – 217
                  Andrew Johnson – 79
                  Lincoln – 48
                  Buchanan – 16
                  Pierce – 35
                  Fillmore – 12
                  Taylor – 5
                  Polk – 18
                  Tyler – 17
                  Harrison – 0
                  van Buren – 10
                  Jackson – 12
                  Adams – 3
                  Monroe – 1
                  Madison – 1
                  Jefferson – 4
                  Adams – 1
                  Washington – 8

          • But Russia also got rid of most of their muslim shithole republics. Can’t count it as a total loss.

            • @ Cornoleus. It is not so much the muslim cess pits, it is the response time of the mass of land that is lost to safegaurd the military of any country. Imagine losing several hundred miles of land that protect the center of the country’s ICBM’s. Those extra few minutes lost not only are a threat to the country, but also make the likelihood of a mistake and correcting it that much more difficult. If anything that loss of those muslim ratholes made the chance of accidental nuclear war that much more likely to happen. Not good for Russia or the entire world, as more and more land is possibly lost in the future, or threatened to be.

              • BI,
                Your thesis is strategically sound, and exactly on point… defense in depth begins with land, or in our case, two oceans…
                We wonder, why Russia has now restarted sending bombers and boomers to our shores again?

                • Quite right, Piper. Bi, and a few others here, have not lost sight of the vastly different view of world events, and the strategic needs, of other places around the globe. And, he’s right to point out the impact that could have on us as well. To the Russians, what happens in the ME is a lot more important than most Americans realize.

              • Just trying to see the glass as half full. Most Americans are clueless as to how events in the rest of the world affect them, and how the rest of the world will kick USA when it’s down.

          • More importantly, losing access to their only warm water port. Bad indeed.

          • what about when the u.s. loses alabama,south carolina,georgia,texas,mississippi,arkansas,tennessee,oklahoma,etc…the possibility of which becomes greater with each intrusion on individual liberty.no offence to former confederate states i left out which may have been overrun with carpet bagger scum since the war for southern independence .

            • You talking about the War of Northern Aggression?
              No offense taken… 😉

              I’m just waiting for the Call, and I think you’re right, if my state (NC) doesn’t hear the call of Secession, I will have to move… but first, we will march on Raleigh and make them understand that the Federal teat ain’t worth it.

              Our Ex Gov, Bev (the chicken lady) Purdue, was the stooopid bitch(sorry gals, but she was) who said that ‘maybe we should… you know… suspend elections for awhile’… implying that only democrats could fix what was wrong with us… People almost physically dragged her from the gov’s mansion…

              I’m not sure if we’ll get CW II or R 2.0, but, it will be necessary to water the tree. At this point, all the boxes have failed, and the cartridge box is the last one.

          • Thanks BI, glad someones paying attention. We don’t want any of Russia. They signed a $450 billion rearmament bill a couple years ago.

            Off topic, do yourself a favor and research before you guy new firearms. I bought a new glock 19 thats on its way back to Symrna because I didn’t know about the ejector issue. It has been a problem for years and they are still using crappy parts hoping no one will complain. Everything is built like crap these days. Glock perfection… maybe not.

            GOD BLESS

        • This seems redundant to me. The bolt face and ejector already mark the expended round with a unique mark that can be used in court as evidence. For those of you that don’t know the powder and primers also have tags that identify them to date and lot of manufacture as well.
          I think this is a misdirection play, and not something to pay that much attention to, but I must say it peaks my attention to what else may be going on behind the scenes.
          Perhaps a recall of all weapons without the marks?

          • Registration

          • The typically deceitful pretext is crime solving, but the measure is meant only to increase the cost of firearms ownership.

            Maybe we will get lucky and gun manufacturers will “just say ‘no'” to selling any semiautos to CA—even to “law enforcement.” Let the gestapo go back to six-guns.

          • Yup… defacto registration…

            • Bullshit
              MOLON LABE

              • Kula,
                Care to explain?
                How is it not?
                If you have an unstamped firing pin, and use the weapon, and get caught, then you have an ‘illegal’ weapon. If you don’t have a stamped firing pin, then you have to get it ‘stamped’, and in so doing, your serial number becomes part of the database.
                Any weapon, that spits out spent cases, with a serial number on it, links the weapon to the cases, and ‘registers’ to the LEO, who can trace it back to YOU.

                Of course, you can just move out of Kommiefornia…

                • also will be good to track anyone hunting in the “king’s forest” once they require all ammo to be stamped.

          • GSM1,, great argument for revolvers!

        • YES they only want to ban all guns and then control all food them they will control all the people ( so the think ) but the revolution will happen before this occurs. everyone need to saty focused they only want ONE thing and that is total control of us!!! never give up !!! get our country back !!

          • Apache54 has his eye on the ball!

        • I have a steel file for sale if anyone wants one.

        • All I can say is wow….. And I assume it will be months befor any microstamps will be put on guns….

          To quote a Batman movie, “There’s a storm coming, Mr Wayne…..”

        • They clowns in California are the side show at a circus. A micro file will take care of the micro stamp. Criminals will just cross state lines and buy them one from the Justice Dept., or five finger one. Most criminals can’t read just like the ones that vote in Washington.

        • Also all they really have todo is pick up their spent shell casings.

          • I predict a spike in the price of revolvers in Kalifornia, People’s Republik Of.

            • Exactly right Walt…
              I have always loved revolvers a little better than semi’s, for reasons of simplicity, jamming and not ejecting casings…
              I have both…

              • Every good collection needs a revolver. If I had to put my life in the hand of one firearm; it would always be my 38 cause its never had an issue. Always tell the wife she should go for it first if she should ever need one.

                Cali is too far gone to worry about anymore. Hopefully it will be a island soon.

              • Piper: Nothing drops a 7FT X 300+lb, Ape carjacker like my S&W Mod.29 .44 Magnum! Its why I got Two!

        • The corporations will win..as always.

          History proves it..

          Shut the fuck up.enjoy life to its fullest!

          Your heroes and ancestors fought and died for a better tomorrow and here we are..none the better..

          Do none of you study human history?

          The house always wins..always!

          They have 25 years or so better technology

          They own the system and politicians

          They have all your identity

          Resistance is futile..

          Give up..

          Lay down your arms

          All be will well..

          • You forgot your (sarc) tag there possee.

            • (sarc)

              It has been over 6 months since the ammo shortage..

              Has anyone found ample supply anywhere of any common rounds?

              This stamping of shells is absurd…as who the hell would purchase such a weapon in the first place..and secondly..who the hell has any ammo to stamp..?

              It’s drier than the Sahara up here in New England area..


              • not much available for ammo in the south west
                and limits on everything if it is available

                saw primers going for $50.00 per box of 1000
                in the news paper and on a bulletin board at a gun range

                skittle shittin unicorn

              • Howdy Posse,

                Sorry to hear of Y’all’s continuing ‘drought’ in the Ammo department in the Nor’ East. As things are here…Wal-Mart is still very ‘hit and miss’, being a daily activity…calling in to check on same. That said, a variety of Retailers hereabouts ARE beginning to receive stock shipments.

                That said, this weekend passed, I was in Cabela’s in KC, Mo. had they HAD a WIDE variety of powders, dies as WELL as rapidly increasing stocks of factory Ammo…Ergo, the Midwest IS beginning to see a replenishment of supplies…’there IS a light at the end of the tunnel’ Friend. Hang in thier Brother!!


                PS: As of two months ago there wasn’t ANYTHING in the way of Firearms left on the shelves thereat…now, they’re ‘loaded’ again, across the board…

                • Agreed, tons of ammo at my local shop. Its more expensive that before but thats expected. Also found alot online for about the same price but it goes fast. Keep an eye on Natchez and Cabelas online store because they are cheap but the ammo goes fast when they restock.

              • Still standing in line around here… even or especially for 22lr.
                (I can’t even plink anymore, afraid to waste it. I use an old pellet rifle with a pump up chamber, no CO2 cartridges to worry with. Awesome power for a ‘toy’. But, I am able to keep up on target practice…)

              • I have found a good local supplier for my preferred ammo .45 and .223/5.56 and am slowly stocking up. If you ain’t scared you ain’t paying attention….

          • ah yes. I see you’ve been drinking the hard stuff again. Makes you all soft and lazy…

          • Yeah…WHAT Piper SAID!!

            …also…’Not if the HOSE burns DOWN…’ 🙂


            • “House”…not “HOSE”

              JOG…’supine’ in the clasic ‘face-palm’ position…


              • JOG, without a Hose the House probably will burn down.WASP

        • Hmmmm. Now, if I was good at carving and such was able to do such things there might be enough room to on the end of that firing pin to carve:


          OK. That was rude. How about instead, maybe:

          SHALL NOT
          BE INFRINGED

          Probably too many letters.


          Not bad.


          Rude, but I think I like *THAT* one!

          Better yet, collect a bunch of casings from the range, especially where cops hang out and shoot. Grab their imprinted casings. Next time you walk past a crime scene, toss in a few Law Encroachment Officer calling cards. Now THAT would make the news. Hehehehe.

          The fact is, our government will use anything to link gun registration to individuals. This is always under the guise of safety and stopping crime. In this way they will attempt to take our guns when it is politically expedient. The linking of the horrid “unregistered firearm” with “criminal activity” is a bunch of male bovine excrement! The fact is, criminals STEAL their guns. This means that the gun stolen from you will be used in a crime, they’ll arrest you and then a few weeks later realize that you couldn’t have commited the crime since you were working the job THAT YOU USED TO HAVE *BEFORE* they locked you up for a month and a half.

          The real deal is this: all links and attempts to identify or track down guns related to crimes is nothing but dis/mis-information. They want the guns identified because they want to identify the people that have them. Why? So they can, eventually, come and get them. Any use of that microstamping to find criminals would be to prove that it works so they can expand it. Finding the criminals is a tool to expand, not the actual reason for the microstamping.

          Borrow a dremel or stamp one of my sayings above in it. You may be tempted to say, “Hey! This isn’t a bad deal, right?” Don’t fall for it. Its just another way they can attach a firearm to YOU so they can come get it later or just lock you up for having had it at one time.

          Here is what I propose:

          Everybody swap firing pins.

          This, of course, means nothing to people in the 38 states that allow private transfers. This is all about using the support of the unthinking to support law encroachment in stopping and solving crimes. Its about crimes, alright. The commission of them at a later date. The crime? Its called “Democide”. Look it up. The most Dangerous Creation Of Man – Government – nearly always ends up committing it before it falls.

        • How much longer must we endure living on the same planet with complete morons?
          People in authority should pass an IQ test.

      2. Well, I guess if I’m going to commit a gun crime in
        California I’ll just have to use one of my trusty
        revolvers instead. No brainer. Dumb shits!

        • How about brass catchers. You could make millions if you can make for all guns.

          • Would you buy them if I made them?
            I have figured this out, as a generic ‘brass baggie’ but haven’t the money to go to the steps of a provisional patent and ramp up to manufacture, since, I’m pretty sure I would also have to get a firearms manufacturers ‘license’…
            I made one for me, because I was tired of looking around in the grass for my brass to reload…

            Any body interested, contact me.

        • “Revolvers” are apparently not “lethal assault weapons” and inherently incapable of causing “lethal results”. Very glad I still have my “wheel guns”, even though these items are apparently “harmless”.

          Of course, someone appears in my house uninvited…that “theory” might be less than accurate. NEVER JAMS AND ALWAYS GOES “BANG”.

          Such a ridiculously “primitive weapon”. 😉

          • Face it, this is all “hoopla” and side-show theatrics to “rob you” of more of your money. Nothing more, nothing less.

          • @ yental. I like the revolver because out of a sound sleep it is basically point, pull the trigger, and one dead criminal that was going to rape someone or kill them. The Taurus Judges are nice as someone that is worried about what they can hit in the middle of the night or during the day, they can load some nice .45 caliber along with a couple of .410 shot shells in there. The basic home defense in one hand gun, a pistol and mini shotgun all in one. It would take something catastrophe for any jamming and will almost certainly discharge your protection at some criminal that wants to kill you first. I like these “harmless” firearms a lot because you can trust them when you need them.

            • Great gun for around the house or when hiding it is not a concern. They are a little large to stick in your pocket. Makes short work of snakes and close quarters rodent control.

              • AND WOOD BEES!

                Wood bee a problem? Not any more. A lite charge of Bullseye (3grs), a wad, fill shell with celery seed, crimp.

                Instructions: Point in general of hovering wood bees, pull trigger.

                If you use card wads or an appropriate amount of kleenex, paper towel or toilet paper wadding, you don’t even have to worry about window breakage.

                (Replace celery seed with something like H870 ball powder for your shot charge for increased range. Beware: the graphite on the ball powder will make marks on white stuff and knock paint off at times.) Dust shot or #12 works well too for your shot charge.

                I’ve been using a version of the above with 357 magnums. Prefer 2.5grs of Bullseye, stompt down a 22 cleaning patch on it for wadding, fill shell with H870 to the top, invert cast bullet gas check, crimp shell to hold it. Grinds them up at 5ft. Knocks them down at 10ft.


              • Seems abit pricey, but the ability to use the same revolver with what appears to be one of the highest potential variety of stock “shells”, could prove VERY USEFUL in a questionable ammo availability situation.

                Decisions decisions…one of those times when it would be NICE to be KING…with the KING’S checkbook. The concept is enticing for a “make-it-work-with-what-you-got” cheerleader of my ilk!

                It is becoming glaringly APPARENT, that I have not kept up with the advances in “primitive self protection…aka “revolver advances”. I love revolvers, grew up firing them and a revolver can operate without a REAL CLEANING long after a semi-auto is in desperate need of a very thorough bath.

                I own both. (Semi-auto pistols and revolvers) Wanna guess what my “go-to backup” is?

                • BTW, double action revolvers are THE ONLY variety I will consider, own, and buy. Anyone with a significant amount of “range-time” doesn’t need to ask WHY.

            • BI, got me doing some research on the “Judge”. For home protection and especially in a “car-jacking” situation, I am really liking this revolver. I already have a 410 shotgun (got as a kid and kept for sentimental value) and several 45 colt revolvers. (Used to do a little “cowboy action” competition shooting.)

              The “Judge” seems like a great marriage of calibers I already own. I’m thinking 45 colt alternating with 410 buckshot. Maybe at a 3 to 2 ratio of 410 buckshot to 45 colt.

              The revolver is readily available, and as mentioned…already got the ammo for the 2.5″ chambered model. The “magnum” 3″ cylinder bothers me somewhat. Too much cylinder to barrel breech space for the 45 colt round. Maybe I’m just paranoid.

      3. Why not just take a file and remove the stamp. Or you could just replace the firing pin with another, takes about three minutes if you know what you are doing and probably about ten minutes while watching a youtube video. What a waste of time and money.

        • But that would be illegal. Only a criminal would do something like that.

      4. Typical. California’s the only place that’s more fascist than New York.


          • replacing a stamped pin with an unstamped pin in a state which required stamped pins?

            If that’s legal then it’s an oversight and California will make it illegal toute de suite.

            • Look…in Kalifornia, it’s pretty much illegal for someone to have a handgun concealed on them in the first place. So….for a criminal who is intent on breaking the law anyway, it’s not that big of a deal to have a gun with a firing pin that doesn’t have the micro-stamping.

              And since most criminals commit their crimes with weapons that they acquired illegally anyway….or they, because of their prior criminal record are unable to lawfully have a firearm…..if they use it in a crime, the only thing that is going to happen is that the original owner of the firearm is going to get a visit from the LEO’s.

              If the gun was stolen and not reported, they are going to want to know why.

              Bottom line….this is just one more way to oppress legitimate gun owners. It’s as repressive of the 2nd amendment as the IRS auditing tea-party groups was of the 1st.

              Because that’s what this criminal government is all about……repression and denying Americans their God-given rights.

              Both the Federal government and the government of California are illegitimate, criminal cartels.

              • Agree 100% on the nature of the microstamping law. Most gun control measures control the people who adhere to the laws, and don’t do a damned thing to criminals.

                I was on about this where the SAFE Act was concerned in NY. No microstamping yet, but almost everything in there is just a way to criminalize the behavior of regular people. Criminals don’t care if they get a criminal record or spend 6 months in county.

                Where the governments are concerned, I blame the people who voted them in. Sitting in New York, I can say that the majority of the people in this state support oppressive gun laws and draconian government. They seem to like it. NY politics has been notoriously corrupt since the state was founded, and the people are habituated to it.

                The fact remains that these governments are not the product of a cartel seizing control surreptitiously in the night, or of a violent coup. People voted them in, over and over again.

                When I don’t like my government, I look to my neighbors.

              • The only micro stamping that needs to be going on is in DC.

          • Just like screwing with any emissions on CA vehicles. They make it a crime. Then you become a criminal. This simply adds another underground aspect to the gun industry. Criminals will make certain to use un-id’d arms. More costs to the individual and another layer of government regs and paperwork.

      5. It means they’ll be able to harass and prosecute the original owner of the gun. What, you live in Chicago and the gun was used in a crime in Los Angeles? No problem. We know you’re guilty. Just pay this $10,000 fine and you’re free to go.

      6. I haven’t even read this or watched the vid…
        Just the title… but I will…
        And I can categorically state beforehand …
        (channeling young Eisen)…


        • Read and watched…
          I stand firm in my belief…
          More importantly…
          This is to stop the sale of semi-auto’s in the state NOW…
          Buckle up, it’s coming soon…

        • Yo jerrytbg!

          EXCELLENT ‘Channel’ Duuude!…if I didn’t KNOW better.. 😉


          • ehh…tread lightly… 🙂

            • 😉

              ….Yup, I KNOW….


        • INSANE….and unfortunately……in control.

          Time to throw them out.

        • Will you fucking trolls knock it the hell off with the red thumbs when I’m trying to disseminate important information? I don’t see you asswipes doing anything constructive.

          • It’s cause they don’t what to know the truth…
            Got your six on these young Eisen.

          • Gee…..Eisencrap….ever get the impression that just maybe we don’t want to hear from you anymore? Or are you too stupid to figure that one out?

          • You did it to yourself… or, that other EISEN did… do you two know each other, or do you just say hi in passing from one part of your brain to the other?

            It doesn’t matter what you post Eisen, it is punishment for the past, and your pure hatred of us oldies, boomers, and well, whoever you hate at the moment.
            I hate liberals, but consider them a necessary evil in the face of a conservative tyranny, likewise, we are necessary in the face of a nanny state tyranny.
            That is, when we are all behaving as the ‘loyal opposition’ in ‘nice’ times. Times have changed.

            Get used to the red thumbs, that is most of what you’ll get now. You can cuss and rant and steam to the heavens, and all it will get you is more red thumbs.

            • So thumb down my rants. But when I try to teach you guys something important and go to the trouble of posting it fucking leave it up so someone else can see and learn.

              • Any idiot can cut and paste. Your ability to do that does not mitigate your stupidity and attitude.

                Just go away. There are plenty of people here with a lot more wisdom who can give us helpful information.

                You’re just sucking up bandwidth.

                • Are you seriously going to call me stupid Walty troll? Go suck on a lemon you worthless fat bastard. Old people like you just love to call the piggies when I’m just riding my skateboard down a public street. Dick.

                  • EISEN- There you go again. One day you say you don’t care about the red thumbs. The next day you throw a tantrum. Walt may be wrong about you being stupid. You lack integrity to the point where it is difficult to judge your intelligence.

                  • Nope. My oldest son used to ride skateboards and it irritated the heck out of me when the cops would sit him on the curb and harass him “just because”.

                    But the operative word phrase here is “used to ride”. He’s actually grown up now.

                    I could be wrong here, (but I bet I’m not) but I suspect that your skateboard riding is not confined to the “public street”. And I would imagine that the reason you get hassled is because you do a lot of your skateboarding on private property….which means you have no respect for the property of other people.

                    No…I’ve got you pegged pretty well for what you are….just a whining, wimpy little punk….pissed off at the world because of your own failures and inadequacies.

                    And yes….you’re obviously stupid. Because you have yet to figure out that the reason you get red-thumbed is because of your own disrespectful and immature attitude.

                    So….go away little boy. Come back to the table when you can behave yourself. Go on back to your mommy’s basement and play your video games and leave the serious discussion to the adults.

                  • Ah… see Eisen?… ‘Old people’ again…
                    Eisen… nobody cares about your information, except a few who are being considerably charitable. My charity went out with people like you who spit at the hand that feeds them.

                    another red thumb.

            • Agreed on the need for a competitive party.

              We should be undermining the consolidation of power, not investing power in the politicians who most closely mirror our own beliefs this week.

              When you get down to one party, or one corporation, or one party that is one corporation… well, then you have little recourse.


        sigh … stupid political prostitutes … AMERICA IS FINISHED AS A NATION !!!

        this may catch a few dumb criminals and help track a guns crimes spree matching it to crimes committed … it still wont change a thing in the big picture .

        most killings are crimes of passion done by blunt objects bats hammers , knives , fists and feet and with stolen guns . legally owned guns are used very little .


        ummmmmmm yeah … so your crooked druggy neighbor does a b&e on your home while your at work , store or gym and steals your guns , then uses said guns to commit robbery rape murder and mayhem across 3 states … guess who’s gonna gets anally probed with a BIG POLICE nightstick .

        YOU ARE !!!

        or your shootin’ at the gun range and someone grabs your brass of the ground and throws it around a murder scene where they just killed a whole family and their dog muffy using the same caliber as you BUT they had a brass bag catcher on their gun so all thats at the scene is your marked brass … once again … guess who’s gonna gets anally probed with a BIG POLICE nightstick .

        YOU ARE !!!


        STUPID MONKEYS !!!


      8. Don’t forget to acquire sub-lethal weapons such as stun gun, pepper spray, bear spray, brass knuckles, billy club, slapjack, lead sap gloves, and a tactical folding knife. A crossbow and extra bolts is very useful as well.

      9. I imagine they banned brass-catchers too.

        • yeah, it’s required that you leave your brass on the ground if you’re committing a crime.

          If you’re not committing a crime you have to pick up the brass, or they’ll get you for littering.

          A brass catcher is tantamount to an admission of criminality though. Only criminals are too lazy to pick up their own spent cartridges.

          • No sir… there are those of us with back problems.
            Bending over to pick up brass is a real pain… literally.

            • Didn’t they outlaw back pain?

              I thought that was in Obamacare.

              You may still be a criminal.

              • I am a criminal… I’m old… 😉
                That makes me dangerous, to socialism.
                So when it becomes obvious, like the Greek man who said, “The tax authority wants to kill me, before that happens, I will kill them first.”

                Socialists and fascists remember, have this thing with turning human beings into economic units, even worse so than capitalist robber barons. The defective and the old, being of no further utility and becoming a drain on society, are simply terminated, under color of law.

                Death panels, and the IRS, then, deserve… death.
                Once the masses of old folks figure it out, in the words of the immortal John Wayne; “Katie, bar the door.”

                • There’s a pack of wild-eyed octogenarians collecting up torches and pitchforks on the way to the IRS now?

      10. You should get a shemagh and a ski mask. The shemagh can double as a bandage and a sling.

        I recently tried the Liquid Skin liquid bandage on a cut on my hand and found that it worked much better than a band-aid. Liquid Skin is formulated with antiseptic and analgesic.

        • 1010101010110101010101001…all over the floor… 😉

        • Save yourself some money, and just use “super glue”. Four packs for a buck at wally world. CLEAN AND DRY the site first, approximate the borders, badda booom, badda bing you just saved yourself an ER bill or copay . Please note: Anything stated by a potato should not to be construed as medical advice. (Unless the SHTF). Large or deep Lacerations may need a stitch or three.

          Potato out

      11. I quote,

        “Implementation of micro-stamping “moves California to the forefront of the nation in combatting gun crime,” said the law’s author, former Assemblyman Mike Feuer, D-Los Angeles, who attended the news conference and is running for city attorney.”

        Which – as PROPERLY corrected – SHOULD ‘resd’,

        Implementation of micro-stamping “moves California to the Asshole of the Universe in FAILING to combat gun crime and FURTHER reducing the Citizen’s Rights as guaranteed under the Second Amendment to the Constitution, of these United States” said the law’s author, former Assemblyman Mike Feuer (Nee, “No-nothing”), D- (as always D- for Dumb-ass)-Los Angeles, who attended the news conference and is running for city attorney. (AKA …another LAWYER attempting to ingratiate himself with another “Special Interest” group.)

        Whew! Glad I CAUGHT THAT one EARLY..else People might ACTUALLY have begun to beleive that something NEW and Non-Nefarious was actually at work here!!

        No need to THANK me Mr Feuer, S’OK, All-right!…just doing my CIVIC duty here. 😉


        PS: Remember Y’all…ANYTHING that COMES from the ‘Peoples Soviet Socialist Republic of Kaliforncation’ IS – automatically – BAD! 🙁 Them Folks IS Idiots, every ONE. ‘Nuff said.

        • @JOG,

          “Them Folks IS Idiots, every ONE”. ??? Perhaps not all of us in California are idiots. I will go so far as to say that the vast majority living here are idiots. But not all of us. Some of us such as myself consider people such as myself to be a California Patriot. However I will attempt to explain to all of you the how and why the people of California are what they are. Remeber when reading this that we here in California took in the people from other states who rode the wave until it was no more.

          1. The middle class which has always been more educated has been shrinking over the last twenty years in part because so many small business’s have moved out of state. These individuals such as myself have been taxed, restricted, over governed, fined and fee’s out of existence. I would dare say that small business owners account for at least half of the middle class or I should say did account for half of the middle class. Then you have the Silicon Valley where the middle class was working as managers, technicians and in science related jobs have been outsourced to other countries or other states. The next large group of middle class citizens were working in the film industry that has also moved to other states. This decline in the middle class has left California with 2 main classes. The rich and the poor. And by far the poor class is much more bigger than the rich.

          2. During the Golden years and I approximate those years to be between 1950 and 1995 a great many people made a lot of money and paid a whole bunch in taxes to the state who in turn was very generous to what lower class citizens (and non citizens as well). People from all over the United States came for the welfare, food stamps, free medical and of course in the late sixties, early seventies, the life style of a sexual revolution, the plentiful and even accepted use of drugs as a mind expanding thus a new way to look (liberalism) at what the government could do for you.

          3. And then came the decline of it all starting in the eighties. Those drug using, mind expanding and free sex individuals who were riding high off the generosity of the state who had coddled them for so long became pathetic homeless people with serious mental illnesses and life threatening diseases such as AIDS. A generation of people who had lost their way and for most of them had and have no road map to get back home.

          4. At that point California had in the ’90’s the largest welfare program in the United States. It also was funding the treatment and research of the AIDS virus with committed funds that exceeded all other states combined including he federal government. The race for the cure. The people of California saw this and tried to reform the tax laws and in regard to property taxes did so by passing proposition 13. It became common for other states to follow in California’s foot steps. Tax revenue began to decline across the country. Bill Clinton began the work to welfare program to try and stop the bleeding.

          5. However the liberal politicians had as usual waited too long. The takers had now exceeded the givers. The takers were then forced to get out and vote if they wanted to survive. The givers (tax payers) were lulled into thinking that this would be corrected at the state legislature level only to find out that the politicians who wanted to stay in power now knew where there bread was buttered and turned on the givers and even put the pinch on them even more.

          Now if you do not see the parallels between what has happened here in California and what is coming your way then I say to you that you are either blind to what is happening around you or you are as smug as the givers were here in California who found out to late that they had been had.

          I am staying in California till I retire. Yes, I have made arrangements for getting out of Dodge when I can afford to retire and have my retirement home in AZ. ready for my entire family. Until then I will fight the California system as it is in an effort to bring this state back to where I was born. Where my father was born, where my wife’s great-great grandfather came to on a wagon train. The Golden State!


          • BigB:

            Your post is “Brilliant”. Says a lot. Best I’ve seen in a long time. Good luck from Iowa.

            • Thanks High Noon.


          • Big B..California is not the exception with most you wrote…they just got there first.

          • My Brother!..I have PEIRCED thee UNJUSTLY…I STAND Ashamed, Yea even UNTO my VERY CORE!! Tis true, there IS ONE left in that VILE abode of Vipers who is Yet JUST and PURE…I CRAVE thy Pardon, Good Sir…I have WRONGED THEE mercilessly!! Um, How’s My Best attempt at ‘Willie-Boy’ (SHAKESPHERE) tonight Friend?

            PLEASE accept my Abject apologies Brother, I spoke in haste…you DO have to admit though…there’s a SERIOUS ‘Preponderance’ of Wacko’s out in YOUR “Neck ‘O the Woods”…really…am I wrong here?… 😉 Bro..Ya KNOW we LOVE Ya! AMEN!!

            Can I GET a WITNESS HERE!!!



            • @ BigB,

              Incidentally Brother…a BRILLINAT Post!…Concise, Complete and CRYSTAL-Clear. Effectively Sir, what you lay down therein is THE ROAD-MAP of what NOT to DO in order to sustain a thriving, VITAL State Government…as well as a Moral and Ethical People as well…be therefor Commended Sir!!


              • JOG, no apolgies are needed as you know well, you guys are correct in all that you say. This place has turned into a real cess pool. However with that said I am activley rebeling in my own time and place of my choosing. I hate what has become of my home. Each of us have that line in the sand and in my case it has been crossed.

                So even at the risk of my being run over by a freight train of liberals I have made the concious decision to stand and fight for what I believe. The hard fight is here and in New York. If it is not stopped or at least blunted in these two places it will quickly spread like wild fire across the fruited plains and all will be lost.

                The term NOMI, not one more inch, is used repeatedly on this site. It is my intent to live by that in reality and not just in word. I hope that what I have written will encourage others to if not directly engage then at least lend moral support.


                • @BigB….

                  The nice thing about being surrounded by liberals, is that you can attack in all directions.

          • Big B very well stated. After living in CA for over 10 years we can truly sympathize . The challenge for us became once we retired the regulations and high cost quickly became unmanageable. Dear friends still there, very conservative by the way, do not have a lot of choices about leaving. And you are right about coming to the rest of the country. Even here in TN we struggle to keep all the regulations “tamped down” because we learned from our CA experience once they begin to grow “look our”. Best to you Big B and we hope you make it to AZ with the family before SHTF.

          • BigB…..

            California…..beautiful state. I LOVE the state for its scenery….things to do…climate….etc., etc.

            I lived there over 20 years, so I know whereof I speak.

            I lived there from the late 70’s to 2002…..when I’d finally had enough.

            I can only imagine how wonderful the place was from the 50’s through the 70’s. It still had a little of that greatness during the early to mid 80’s.

            But here is what killed California…..liberalism. Actually…..California was murdered by liberalism.

            And because of illegal immigration, it is a virtual certainty that the state will ALWAYS be a leftist utopia….because you’ve got whole bunch of people who have discovered that they can vote themselves money. And that is what has killed the state. And that is why all of your producers have gone John Galt and gotten out.

            There is an old adage, “When the California sneezes, the rest of the country catches a cold.” There’s a lot to that….because the rest of the country is certainly headed off the same cliff that California drove over.

            If anyone wants to know what happens when leftists run everything, all you have to do is look at California.

            I still have friends in California….some of the best friends I’ve ever had. I don’t know how they are hanging on. But I wish they would all get out….now…while they still can. Because when TSHTF, I’m not sure it’s going to be possible to get out.

            If you want to know what has happened to California….and what is happening to the rest of this country, you just have to take a few minutes and watch this movie…”Agenda: Grinding America Down”

            Here’s the link: vimeo.com/63749370

        • They are not very bright are they, any shooter worth a damn can smith their hardware to modify appropriately.

      12. The earthquake will be merciful.

        • And probably not big enough to do the job…..

      13. I guess everyone will police their brass now.

        Could it be argued that this law would be a violation of the 5th Amendment?

        • I don’t think so.

          • We don’t care what you think.

          • We do not care what you think. Hasn’t that sunk in yet.

            • Go play WOW, troll.

              • WOW is what your thoughts should be when you think of the mighty PAGE.

        • Your not testifying against yourself by leaving evidence any more than leaving finger prints. Therefore I doubt if this has any 5th Amendment issues. Is it useless? Probably so. Even if the complete gun was found at the crime scene so what if it isn’t registered to the perpetrator.

          What this does accomplish is to enact feel good legislation and potentially thwart the sale of these guns in California.

          • I can just see how they would push for full gun registration when they realize that this failed to magically solved all the crime.

            The should just jump ahead of all this nonsense and pass a bill requiring that all debt-slaves must pre-register their criminal intentions in an online database at least 48 hours prior to initiating the criminal act.

        • Not the brass thats stamped, its the primer that would have to be changed in order to reload the round. Unless there is a way to reuse primers that I don’t know about.

      14. Just change the firing pin.

      15. howdy, BI, just caught your comments about War Goat on the last article and your comments on this one. War Goat did sound somewhat like Ncjoker, but I don’t think it was him. I highly suspect when the break-in attempt was made on my home yesterday that the culprit may very well have been after my guns, then I come back online today and I find this article; I’ve got more chills up and down my spine right now than I had last night. As to this new technology, it has yet to be proven and I doubt whether it will work at all. I’ve been to California once back in the late 70s. Even then it felt like a police state to me. My wife was with me at the time and she said it felt like cuba to her, so I had to get her and me out of there quick before I became divorced. now I’ve got to come up with new security measures for my humble abode. I did some more prep shopping today, so this is my first time being online since last night. I’ll go check USGS.gov and see what updates they have. braveheart

        • @ braveheart. I know people will a lot of firearms, and I mean a lot. They usually have a couple of nice big dogs on top of various alarms, and of course all of their guns in gun safes. It is horrible thought to have some crook take anything from you, it is a sick feeling. The more barriers and obstacles some criminal has to go to get to the valuable, the more safe your items are. Criminals are usually lazy pieces of filth SOB’s. Lights are extremely important when you are not at home. Criminals are of the dark forces and HATE light. I hope this does not happen again, as many times a criminal will come back the second time after they got a good lok at what needs to be done to break in. I am hoping for you to stay safe.

          • If you have to live in a fortress, and it’s not even the apocalypse yet, maybe it’s time to move.

            Though I guess they have break-ins everywhere. All you need is one crackhead to turn up.

        • Eat a dick BH !

      16. Just like the rest of the laws California makes. Waste of time and money. And as useless as the politicians

      17. Whew! Sooooo glad we are outa there!

        • Former Cal Girl,

          Same here! I escaped from California in early 2002 when things started to go sideways fast, and the realization dawned on me that there were no legal political solutions remaining to the mounting progressive socialist crisis in the state. Once you run out of solutions at the voting booth, you are now in No Man’s Land. Your options become VERY simple.

      18. I always wanted to visit hawaii. Now i don’t even want to fly over commiefornia.

      19. The door to the start of WW 3 is openning a little wider.

        Syrian-Hizballah’s capture of Qusayr opens direct weapons route to Lebanon

        Syrian forces seize al-Qusayr

        DEBKAfileSpecial Report May 19, 2013, 10:08 PM (IDT)

        Shortly after Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu pledged Sunday, May 19, to maintain Israeli operations in Syria against the passage of advanced Iranian weapons to the Lebanese Hizballah, Syrian troops and their Hizballah comrades captured Al-Qasayr, the northwestern town which commands the high road from Syrian Homs to Lebanon’s Hermel Mountains. This was a major victory: Iranian arms for Hizballah can now go through from Syria to destination unobstructed. debkafile: To stop them, Israel would be reduced to simultaneous strikes against Syria and Lebanon.

        Keep the FAITH

      20. Yeah, I like the idea of picking up other shooter’s brass at the range and scattering it around my crime scene. Now the boy’s in blue have a dozen gun owners to track down and try to tie them to the crime while the real criminal’s weapon is not registered to him.

        • I am thinking maybe some short term use of a primer with an abrasive face of some sort. Then the pin ID gets worn down after 50 rounds. EasyPeazy.

        • Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist.

      21. I dated a girl from UC Berkely once. Flew right into the belly of the beast. Saw the queer district. Went to the hotel from the airport. First thing I saw was an old man with a bathrobe on and nothing else in the lobby of the hotel. Hollared “put some clothes on you crazy old man!” Hated Kalifornia then. Hate it now.

        • Next time, stay away from the YMCA. Don’t travel on the cheap much do you?

          • If he stays away from the YMCA, where is he going to go to find a date?

        • LOL, so that was you hollering at me? Man that chick you were with was naaaasty dude. Looked like she had an adams apple and a bit of a bulge in the front of her skirt. 🙂


          • BigB, you wild and crazy guy. You busted Eisenkraut!No wonder he don’t mind man laying with man.Trekker Out.

            • I’m not gay I just stick up for people who are. That’s freedom. What’s the point of hating gays? They’re not the ones stockpiling billions of bullets to kill us. That’s the government.

      22. This weekends preps….doubled the garden space, and picked up a manual food grinder with all blades for $5 at a flea market.

        Hubby ignored seedlings again this year and did not transplant into pots…..most wilted overnight. Love him dearly, but he gets distracted with other things and doesn’t feel as strongly as I do that we may have to rely on this skill someday soon.

        You may ask why I dont do it myself…..well, I’m scrubbin’ bubbles~I work hard so he doesn’t have to! Really…why should he work full time so TPTB can take more from us?

        • Nice, Pen.
          My dh is impressed with my raised bed.
          Tonight while talking to our plants(don’t you??) he says this week, another is going in for more plants.
          Cheaper wood, and rebars holding it up.

          • PC and JayJay I am very excited as we are getting our first strawberries from our raised beds. They are delicious! In fact so far our raised beds and regular garden are already paying off big time. For a couple of “rookie” gardeners we are feeling more confident about surviving SHTF. Our preps are finally in order, house paid for, guns and ammo laid up and a few pms put aside. Last thing on our list is more practice time with our guns and getting in better physical shape. WE WILL get there.

            • Well, I felt like a big girl and ordered a RWS Ruger Air Magnum from cheaper than dirt!!!
              Ha, I couldn’t hardly hold it(heavy) and will never be able to cock it.
              Went to Tractor Supply and bought this:
              I can’t wait for my first tomato–blooms only right now.

              • Most folks in the firearms community have boycotted Cheaper than Dirt due to their response to sandy hook. They pulled all firearms the next day and are rapping people with their prices on ammo. We like to joke and call them “cheaper than diamonds” Natchez is a way better company to use and they are usually cheaper.

                • Yeah, I know. I read this site every day–but it was on sale!!
                  Don’t need a company now; got a pink BB gun..and I can cock it!!

      23. Big deal grind it off weld the fireing pin back up

      24. Everyone in cali should get pins with the same number in the picture above. Then everybody would be equally guilty or not guilty depending upon how you look at it.
        I.hate control freaks.

      25. Article says our buddy Arnie signed this into law in 2007. Hope he grows hemmoriods the size of a cantelope.

      26. All manufactures should cease selling to any government agency in Kalifornia. All gun stores in Kalifornia should do the same. This is the best way to put a halt to this crap. The best way to play this game is to not play!!!
        Oh, you’re a cop…No soup for you!

      27. What happens to the ones on the shelf? How many manufacturers have this capacity just waiting to be cranked up? Sounds like an immediate ban. The existing stock will find its way out of the state. If existing stock is not exempt, most gun shops are out of business, and the owners will be fighting each other over U-Hauls.

        Cali seems intent on pushing all productive citizens out of the state. Do they really think the movie industry and silicon valley can carry the whole state? Wait till the likes of Intel announce their new plants in China or India.

      28. Well, I suppose if you choose to move to the sticks of N. California, you are already prepared with your grandfathered in weaponry and don’t much care about the fascist Sacramento thugs and their LEO octopus lackeys. ROCK ON.

      29. change the fireing pin and your done

      30. Eisen, I’m with you about communist california. It is definitely another world out there. I checked out the video you posted 2 articles back and it was really interesting. To everyone, I’m going to shock you for a change and take up for Eisen. He’s been putting out some good information worth looking at. After all, that’s what this site is all about; exchanging useful information on survival-related subjects so we’ll all have the best chance possible at surviving any SHTF event. Thanks for the info, Eisen.

        • All of the sudden You go kissin Eisens ass,…..your last weeks T-shirt Braveturd !

        • I dont care if people thumb my rants down all I ask is when I try to post important imformation read it and dont hide the comment by thumbing it down.

        • While it is true that everyone has the right of free speech, one must earn the right to be heard.

          Eisencrap….by his continued attacks on anyone over the age of 45….long ago relinquished that right.

          Don’t be disarmed or seduced by his occasional drift into a more reasoned tone. It’s only temporary, and he will soon be back to bashing boomers and blaming the rest of the world for his own problems. Even a blind pig finds an acorn once in a while. And just because Eisencrap knows how to google, cut and paste, doesn’t mean he has acquired a lick of wisdom.

          I won’t listen to a thing he says until he publicly apologizes for the things he has said and the attitude he has displayed.

          • E-crap has not figured out why “most” old people are old. . . . . . because drum roll please “they are smart”

            • Yep….and that’s why Eisencrap will never have to worry about social security not being there for him one day. He’ll never make it to retirement age.

              In fact, he’s a candidate for the Darwin Awards.

              Of course….I could be wrong. He may already be on Social Security Disability because of his mental condition.

          • Amen to that Walt.
            Eisen…. apologize(sincerely, and heartfelt, as in a come to Jesus moment) or remain in red thumb purgatory.

      31. Uncommon common sense is the only correct answer…

      32. Sallie, f@#$ you! BI has more intelligence in his little finger than you’ll ever have in your thick skull. Go to an MSM site. No trolls allowed here.


          • The charge is “resisting arrest”? Uncle Joe would be so proud!

            The fact that the law referenced in this article was signed into law in 2007, and was just waiting for patents to expire so some evil capitalist couldn’t profit makes you wonder how many more of these time bomb laws are waiting in the wings. Socialists can’t stand to see anybody profit from anything, unless, of course, it’s them.

        • Kreutz…I salute your youth and passion. But youthful exuberance has been around forever. Civil disobedience will only give you a busted skull and a jail term. Shouldering arms and marching to DC is a lost cause. The battle with state power has been going on for longer than either of us have been alive. Just in my lifetime it was Cointelpro in the late 60s and 70s…going so far as to assassinate protesters. This is the same game that has been played out since the Whiskey Rebellion two years after the Constitution was ratified. The boot of corporate government oppression is even heavier now. You will not beat the .gov with it’s massive alphabet agencies and power of “law” by civil disobedience. The state will die in time as all overreaching empires do. Stay out of it’s way. Do not put your intentions in the social media. Small local groups, “card game” get togethers and community plans are better. Bide your time until they are weakened by their own actions. Defend your own chosen turf until the time is right. There are many with this same tactic. Patience.

          • No meaningful resistece is possible until the sheeple are awakened. I will not give up my first amendment right to speak as I please. I will not be bullied by a tyrannical government.

            FUCK YOU, FBI


        • You’ve got it, Eisen. Interesting times indeed.

          (Oh… not like I’m one to rub it in or anything, but “DISSADENTS”??
          LOL.. :))

          • I know the right spelling, it was a typo.

            • Yeah…because that “a” key is just so close to the “i” key.


        • Eisenkreuz, this is in-your-face tyranny, no doubt. If he hadn’t given them this opportunity to grab him, he probably would have come up dead. I have been wondering what was going to happen to him before July 4. Want to make bets on how long they hold him? Until after Jul 4 maybe? Our freedom of speech is gone.

        • …and then again tribe member Kokesh may be a Judas goat.

          Things are not always what they seem and the Mossad’s motto is to wage war by deceit.

          • He may also be an “agent provocateur”.

        • It’s “dissident”.

      34. Come on sheeple, guns don’t kill people, right? If not, then what’s wrong with marking the casings? If it’s the people causing the problems, what process can we use to discover who isn’t fit to own a gun without waiting for them to murder children?

        • Your brand of “compromise” has gotten us to where we are today, statist pig.

        • So…with that logic…
          why not just chip everyone with biometrics, sound and video…
          Then we’ll know who’s really committing the crimes…
          I say we start with all government employees on a trial basis for say 10 years…

          • MY GOD jerrrytbg…You HUST hit in on the head…the answer to all OUR problems…allow me to explain, PLEASE!!

            Everyone WHO is FOR Fun-control, being the FINE patriotic Folk that they ARE…CAN ‘volunteer’ (mandatorily if NECCESSARY…) to GO LIVE in Detroit..or CHICAGO…to demonstrate JUST how GOOD they’re WONDERFUL ‘idea’s’ are…and HOW SAFE we’ll ALL be, since they are clearly on the ‘Right’ of it all…Yes, an EXCELLENT IDEA, Oh and they’ll NEED to take thier Children with them too, since they is ‘NO WAY’ they could be in Error about this Point…None at ALL!! And lets say that Oh …say 20 years later, after thier WONDERFULL demonstation has PROVEN – beyond the Shadow of a DOUBT how RIGHT they WERE, thus shaming ua poor, ignorant little Savages…then they can simply fo WHEREVER thay choose to live…but not until.

            Get the PICTURE here Folks? I mean if ALL these IDEA’S they have are so WONDERFUL then they WON’T mind PROVING that to us…Now will they?

            Oopa, sorry Y’all…*Evil Jog* slipped back in there again… Down…Down BOY I say!…BACK to the Dungeon for YOU!!…(Maniacal Laughter heard in the BACKGROUND …)

            JOG * 😉 *

            • No maniacal laughter, just me…snickering!
              Oh, and don’t forget to turn off the light over the torture rack. Electric bills are too high already. 🙂

              • Howdy Smokin’

                Ummmm, Wassup Brother? (Done as Bugs Bunny…)

                Seriously, though, IF they are SO SURE that they HAVE “the Way, the Truth and the Light” of this ‘down pat’ …then they won’t mind PROVING it…like a practical example of, say, a Mathematician’s proof of a theorem or Any Scientist – in any field at all – who attempts to prove any particular fact in the Physical World…Eh?

                In FACT..MAYBE this SHOULD be the WAY for all sch suggestions in the Future of thi sort of ‘Social Engineering’…since it ALWAYS seems likethe one proposing this DO thier VERY BEST to make SUURE that they ARE living ‘somewhere other than WHERE they are making these suggestions FOR…doesn’t it?

                Let’ let them PROVE what they will, WHEN they HAVE a ‘little Skin in the Game’…as it were…

                Down BOY DOWN!…BAD, EVIL JOG!, STOP..Hold on..Smokin’, I have to go now…My Alter-Ego is calling to me….I’LL GET YA this time…take that!! (Whip Cracks, snarls, becoming fainter…mysterious HAUNTIONG Music heard in the background) 😉 🙂

                JOG….or *Evil JOG*…Only the Shadow Knows…Hahahaaa!!

                • woof woof… down boy…
                  What is that sound in the darkness?
                  A wolf howling?…Beowolf?… a Jabberwokky…?
                  Its a JOGerwookie….!
                  Liberals… run for your lives!

                  • 😉


            • 🙂

        • Use one to murder yourself, prognazi

        • PapaBravo, so it is ok with you that the patriots of Kalifornia lose access to semi-auto pistols? It was stated that the effect of this law was that the gun manufacturers would just stop selling in Kalifornia because they are swamped with orders from other states. You are a scary dude. I think you might just be on the other team.

        • Hmmm, defacto registration perhaps… idiot?

        • @PapaBravo…

          For a law to be effective, it must be logical.

          Spend some time actually thinking through what this law actually does…..or more particularly…what it doesn’t do, and you will soon come to realize, that like so many of the gun laws that have been passed over the last 45 years, it is nothing more than “feel good” legislation. As such, it just complicates the lives of the good people, and does nothing to impede the real criminals.

          If California wanted to do something about the gun violence in their state that would actually work, they would pass a law that makes it possible for the good people to carry concealed handguns.

          California has a problem with gun violence, because they have a gang problem. And most of their gang problem is due to illegal immigration and the welfare state they’ve created. And it all has been intentional….the Hegelian Dialectic in action. Create the problem and then provide the solution. And the solution always comes in the form of more draconian laws.

          It is no coincidence that the states with the most restrictive gun laws, also have the most criminal gun violence.

          • And another amen brother Walt.

            Thesis, antithesis… synthesis.

            The Compromise was always the plan.
            Baby steps, marching us towards the abyss.

          • Why not just Ban the most Usless-destructive-violent-criminal Race that ever existed? To which at least 10,000 yrs of history proves is true. They been here in usa for like 300 yrs now. What have they as a race ever added or invented or contributed besides, violence-crimes-parasitic lives-and massive riots and burning down what once were very swell cities?

            Leave Our firearms alone. Ban Them and Deport back to the Jungles where they cannot do such harm. Civilised society can have no room for such Jungle mentalities.

      35. They’re trying to prevent the march on Dc for July 4th. Kokesh is getting railroaded and other activists could be next.

        • Obama’s rivals in DC should be worried whether they’re next. They have more to fear than just a naked Rahm Emmanuel screamimg at ’em.

      36. I do not love the bright sword for its sharpness, nor the arrow for its swiftness, nor the warrior for his glory. I love only that which they defend. (J.R.R.Tolkien, The Two Towers)

        Keep the FAITH

      37. I bet the price of revolvers just went up. And what about the fifth amendment, wouldn’t it be incriminating to leave your identification lying on the ground?

      38. At least Law Enforcement Officers are exempt.

      39. Valerie Jarrett told a group of Obama campaign workers right after Election Day that everyone who opposed us would pay dearly. That payback has been taking place ever since in the form of a purge. Now with all the scandals taking place, WW3 coming, economic collapse, and other SHTF events knocking at the door, I hope everyone is as prepped as possible. Looks like it can come any day now. braveheart

      40. sothis ‘brilliat’ soviet-style idea of id’ing the bullet will help with investigating the crime AFTER its committed. i personally dont see the beauty of this moronic law. thank GOD i dont live in californistan. a-holes

      41. Here is one right potentially dumbass question: what about aftermarket firing pins? Pistols are machinery, parts can crap out including the firing pin.

        So what then? Californians need a whole new gun if a small part breaks instead of replacing the faulty pin, or are spare parts exempt?

      42. What this is about is not crime prevention, or gun safety, but rather it’s about mandating a market for a proprietary technology whose owner has spent millions lobbying for it. Like “green energy”, if your product can’t make it in the marketplace, get the Government to require it. The very essence of “crony capitalism”.

        • I think you nailed it, Coach. Plus, it gives the gangsters in government the added bonus of yet another way to restrict firearms. Double whammy!

          • Plus defacto registration there smokin…
            for a triple whammy!

            • Yep, should’ve counted that as a 3fer!

          • You can feel the panic. They want to get guns out of as many private hands as possible before things go south, and the only way prople will give them up is brute force. DK is probably right about economic collapse being as much as a few years away, but there is a laundry list of accelerants.

      43. Be a real shame if, say, somebody had access to the range where LEO’s quaify, and,… just supposing, they found a few spent brass laying around and, on a
        lark, decided to pick them up, and..oh, just theoretically, that same person was later in the vicinity of a crime scene, and, quite accidnetly, dropped a few of those old casings, and….
        Nah…that’d never happen. people aren’t THAT devious, are they?
        But, then again, supposing somebody came up with the idea to somehow get the micro-imprinting information from the guns of a few hundred FBI agents or something, and then they posted those numbers on the internet, and maybe, a few people decided to make their own firing pin imprinter and dry-fire a few shells..just for future use… No, that could never happen either. Forget I mentioned it.

        • Forget what? I forget what I had for lunch. Black snake got inside the chicken coop and took down a pullet today. A hoe and # 6 cock shot took care of him & his only chicken dinner. Hale screen this week.

          • I hate snakes, even the supposedly good ones. They look too much like politicians to me. Shoot every one of em!
            Posting while listening to the new Kelly Clarkson song, ‘Don’t Rush’…dont tell Mrs Okie, but I think I’m in love… 🙂

            • Don’t shoot black snakes! That’s R-a-a-a-a-a-cist ! !

            • okie, with your thinking on snakes, seems the same as the Gov.s thinking on public guns, get rid of all of em, even the good ones? Good snakes control a lot of the rat population, all kinds of rats!

        • If I were a bad guy…I’d make it a habit to pick up as many spent shell casings as I could…from different guns…for just that reason.

          While they could eventually sort through it all at a crime scene, it would complicate things immensely. The forensics people would have a fit trying to figure out how many guns were at the scene and if all the casings were in the same caliber, which casings actually came from which gun. And unless they actually had possession of the weapon, they would have nowhere to go with it.

        • Consider it forgotten… ah the irony, the Justice of it… LEO hoisted on his own petard…

          It occurs to the serious mind, that all this crap could be eliminated by eliminating stupid people from office.
          We used to have a system, that only stakeholders in the community could vote. Taxpayers only, and with only one Term in office allowed for any office, including ‘civil service’. Return to the system of spoils, thereby, gubmint jobs become ‘service’ and not an occupational hazard for the citizenry.
          This is how we were, and where we should go. The political calculus would shift dramatically.
          But the chances of this happening, without watering the tree, are slim, and Slim has left the building…

      44. What a joke. If there wasn’t a better reason to never go to California. What is worse is that they are proud of watering down the constitution.


        • “What a joke. If there wasn’t a better reason to never go to California.”

          Howdy NP!

          Yup…kinda reminds you of a ‘liitle one’ who toddles into the room with a face completely smeared with ‘unmetionables’ who seem to be as proud as PUNCH of themselves, don’t they?

          The heck of it IS that you just CAN’T explain it to them in any RATIONALE manner that they could ACTUALLY understand…there isn’t ENOUGH basis there for rationality to exists there at that point…Now, for ACTUAL adults who DO that….Well.., “They Shoot Horses, don’t they?”…I’m sure that THAT was the quote I WAS looking for…yep, that’s it!


          • Amen JOG… keep your powder dry friend.

      45. Since I got one of the stupidest comment in awhile about the pointlessness about preparations from some government troll above, I would like to talk about something that made me feel real good recently.

        I was discussing how important it is to prepare for whatever is coming, doesn’t matter what, just have something there to make it through the worst times. This really poor person was talking about how they had about 3 weeks of supplies, which they continued to add to everytime they could. They also had just a .22 rifle for protection. This person though was proud with their very limited amount of resources that they could amass what they had. Proud, as a good feeling of security of tanglible goods with what basic money has not granted to them at all.

        I then started to think about all those with much more wealth that have nothing, literally nothing put away. No self defense, NOTHING. They feel that their bank accounts, platinum credit cards, and stocks are plenty of security, lots of it. When something happens these people will attempt to go out and purchase something and won’t be able to. They will call the water company to complain about their taps running dry, no response so they call 911 and get an automated message that tells them not to panic. That’s the message. Then the look of terror on their faces when their routine meals served to them are no longer there. The store shelves are picked clean, and if they are not the store is not accepting anything but cash or precious metals.

        Then I thought about just how much more RICH the person with a very limited amount of income is for having the basic common sense to prepare the best they could. This person had thousands of times more than the common non prepper that has plenty of fiat toilet paper worth locked up in some bank and other phantom money. So much more inner worth to that person that prepares the best they can, than someone that decides on their very own to let their credit and if worst case if comes, let the government fed and take care of them in some camp that looks like a refuge hellhole. The person that prepares has some much more to them, and yet is considered to be a loser by the masses because they are poor money wise. Society is sure backwards.

        • That’s right BI. I believe that cash has nothing to do with being wealthy. Broke is a temporary situation where poor is an attitude.

          God Bless,

      46. They would need the ejected casing for them to track it, if anyone uses a revolver the casings aren’t ejected…this leaves them scratching their heads at the crime scene with no evidence. The micro stamp could also be filed down. This is a FAIL. Who is this really targeting, the law abiding gun owner once again.

        • Precicely

      47. On Topic:
        The first thing that went through my mind was echoed in the video and that was pick up some brass at the range, police yours and the cops are chasing the wrong guy. Absolutely stupid and unworkable law, too many ways to manipulate it.

        Off Topic:
        As for the Adam Kokesh arrest that some are posting about. He was an idiot to be anywhere near that protest. When you plan an open carry march on D.C. and openly announce it you should be smart enough to keep your head down until it’s time, because you just painted a big target on your back and TPTB will be looking for anything to take you down with. He just walked out and gave them an excuse, and should know better that TPTB don’t care about right or wrong at this point. I get that he is a passionate about his beliefs but he needs to think about what he is doing. I agree with his frustration but he is not going to last very long if he doesn’t learn to choose his battles better.

        • Read the first amendment he doesn’t have to watch his speech or keep his head down fuck the government.

      48. Farley and carl jr., f#$% both of you! Even if eisen is irritating at times, i’ll still give him credit for furnishing some good info. I didn’t see either one of you contribute anything. Oh, I forgot, trolls never have anything useful to contribute to a wonderful site like ours. Right now I’m still steaming over the attempted break-in at my home last night. Eisen is not one of my worries. braveheart

        • BWAHAHAHA yeah break into a prepper’s house I fucking dare you…

      49. Dear Mr. President:

        During my shift in the Emergency Room last night, I had the pleasure of evaluating a patient whose smile revealed an expensive shiny gold tooth, whose body was adorned with a wide assortment of elaborate and costly tattoos, who wore a very expensive brand of tennis shoes and who chatted on a new cellular telephone equipped with a popular R&B ring tone. While glancing over her patient chart, I happened to notice that her payer status was listed as “Medicaid”! During my examination of her, the patient informed me that she smokes more than one costly pack of cigarettes every day and somehow still has money to buy pretzels and beer.

        And, you and our Congress expect me to pay for this woman’s health care? I contend that our nation’s “health care crisis” is not the result of a shortage of quality hospitals, doctors or nurses. Rather, it is the result of a “crisis of culture”, a culture in which it is perfectly acceptable to spend money on luxuries and vices while refusing to take care of one’s self or, heaven forbid, purchase health insurance. It is a culture based on the irresponsible credo that “I can do whatever I want to because someone else will always take care of me.”

        Once you fix this “culture crisis” that rewards irresponsibility and dependency, you’ll be amazed at how quickly our nation’s health care difficulties will disappear.


        Y’all Beware! Keep Smilin’ cause the hammer’s a comin’ down.

        • That’s assuming he wants the culture crisis fixed…which he doesn’t. They want as many dependent upon them as possible. Want to fix it? Institute a policy where anyone collecting a government hand out can get paid by the hour from the government instead and figure out some work they can do for free for a small business and to get their hand out they need to have it signed off by the small business owner that they showed up with a servants attitude and put in a full days pay.

          Entitlement guy still gets hand out, small business owner gets free labor, product or service cost is reduced, more product sold, more saved to spend on other things, economy jump started.

          There ya go. Keep it simple!

          Other than the riots in the streets when they are told they don’t get free hand outs and have to work.


      50. I don’t worry about anything. I never broke any laws. I’ve got three degrees, tons of tool.
        Put me in the wild with nothing…and I’d be find. Put me in corp. America I do well.

        Yeah, you prep up. Then don’t worry about shit. That’s why you prepped.
        What you worry about is learning new shit.
        Becoming hard in your ways.. unfuckable. Nobody messes with you.

        The years click buy and you look back and you realized you worried about too much shit.
        Relax…but don’t let your guard down. Don’t let these jews who are trying to disarm us get away with shit.

        Get out of debt and make sure your kids are never debt slaves.

        That’s pretty much it.
        Nobody get’s out alive.

        Yeah, the politicians are crooks…always have been. Nothing new here.
        The media…all dem slaves to the machine. And they want to enslave you too.

        Maybe we need a new sport…all these socialists.
        When they buy something..they need to let us know who the dem socialist commies are so we can tax their ass.

        Raise the rent on the dems!!!

        See how they like it.

      51. Off topic, but wanted to get this out there:

        @Durango Kid-

        One of my sources showed me video footage of about 15 humvees with troops in full gear practicing live fire drills with MK19 and MK32 Six Pack grande launchers near Idaho Springs Colorado on 5-18-2013.

        Also LARGE convoy of Deuce and Half covered trucks with gen sets and mobile artillery pieces headed NORTH from Colorado Springs area on I-25. When my source questioned them up close and personal what they were practicing for the C.O. replied “Civil Unrest Training”
        SHTF plan or WTF?!!!

        • Same thing going on in north east Fl. this week. Army national guard, police, emt’s Georgia units involved also. First news report said hurricane, chemical release and civil unrest, latest news release dropped the civil unrest wording???

      52. **Public Notice To All California Residents**

        In our ongoing efforts to increase public safety, and as a necessary means to fight crime, the following ‘Identification Mechanisms’ will be required on the listed items:

        1- All squirt guns, water pistols, and other hydration weaponry, must use special chemical agents in the ammunition (water). These chemical agents will help law enforcement track the use of hydration weapons in various ‘Water Crimes.”

        2- All Taco Bell burritos, nachos, and hard-shell tacos (including Dorritos Loco Tacos) must have the required chemical tracing agents mixed into the filling. This is Mandated, whether beef or bean is the primary filling. This will allow local and state law enforcement to better track the use of such Hispanic Quisine in the commision of Crimes Of Flatulence. These crimes are on the rise throughout the state, especially in jr and sr high schools. We must require this additive, which is totally harmless, according to our supplier, Monsanto Agri-Products, Inc. It’s for the safety of our children.

        3- Due to the increse in violent crimes committed with rubber band guns, all rubber bands must immediately be labeled with individual, and consecutive, serial numbers. This new technology will cause only a slight increase in their cost. All major rubber band companies assure us that the supply of bands will remain plentiful and individual rubber bands should cost no more than $2 each.

        4- All knives, pencils, letter openers, screw drivers and other pointy objects are hereby prohibited. California residents will have until the 20th of May, 2013, to transport these dangerous objects to the nearest state-sanctioned location, during the Statewide Pointy Object Buy-Back Program. Possesion or transportation of these objects after that date, is strictly prohibited. Plus, you could put somebody’s eye out! Be careful!

        5- Effective Immediately, all new typewriters, word processors and computer keyboards, sold in the state, must have the letters G, U and N removed before sale. Owners of older keyboards have until July 1, 2013 to have their equipment retrofitted. There are severe penalties for non-compliance.

        Thank you for your co-operation. And remember, it’s for your own good.


      53. The way California has destroyed so many surrounding State by exporting there unemployed Liberal, I can now see why I see so many bumper stickers in Wyoming that says( Welcome to Wyoming, Now Git!) Trekker Out.Live Free or Die!

        • Mountain Trekker,
          I love Wyoming.
          *Wide open spaces (so they can’t sneak up on you)
          *Not much road rage at all, since almost ANY driver may be armed (a polite society for sure)
          *Most Wyoming folks I’ve met actually LIKE the idea of extracting mineral wealth from the earth (something about jobs and such)
          *All the pollution from California falls with the rain in Nevada, long before it makes it to WY. That must be why Jackson is so much greener and prettier than, say, Elko!
          *Most of all…75 mph speed limit on the interstate! Yee Haa! Hammer down to Rock Springs…

      54. Solar Update,

        An M-Class Flare has been recorded as peaking at 05:25 UTC, with an apparent magnitude of M-1.7. The source region appears to the returning area, NOAA 11737, which has yet to be re-enumerated.

        Updates to follow as warranted.


      55. What profit is there in following a false prophet? (depends on who’s covering the checks he writes)

        The materialistic become militaristic when the cocopuffs run out.

        How long can 2+2=5 before the laws of mathematics catch up with America? (according to uncle ben, forever!)

        Ted Kaczynski’s First Rule- “If the ingredient list on your snack cake is longer than my manifesto…don’t eat it!”

        If a tyrant-scum-commie politician screams just as the gallows trap door opens, and only patriots are there…will anybody hear him?

        The auto-pen is mightier than the sword…but doesn’t stand a chance against a .308

        just sweeping out the cobwebs here…has anyone seen Mac’s vacuum cleaner?

        • No vacuum, Okie, frame them.
          Great quotes to remember!!

      56. a new firing pin will cure that…. back to square 1

        pray for the best while prepping for the worst

      57. off topic…That fellow Kokesh, recently arrested for “political” reasons.

        I would say that inciting people to defy laws on a microphone at a pro 420 rally, he got what he deserved.

        Someone promoting a armed walk on Wash-ing-ton, should NEVER have been at that particular rally.

        I looked at his background, raised in San Fran, questionable activity as anti-war activist. Let me call him what he is. A Damn Liberal College Puke, City Pup, looking to make himself famous through activism. I’m ashamed of him.

        Don’t get me wrong, I hope they do walk on Capitol 4th of July.

        Also don’t get me wrong on 420 friendly….time and place for everything though.

        That guy is an idiot with a big mouth and should learn to do some real work in this world. Get some blisters on his hands!


        • You probably should include in your description of Kokesh that he was a Marine and served in Iraq…. Fallujah in particular. While in the Marines, he achieved the rank of Sargent.

          From what I can determine from his activities so far, he is probably more Libertarian than liberal. I do not know enough about him to feel qualified to state what his motivations might be.

          I have not formed a complete opinion of Kokesh. I don’t know enough about him to do that. I am concerned about this march on D.C. on July 4th. I tend to think that you don’t go to a protest of a governmental entity with loaded firearms, unless you intend to use them.

          My biggest concern with Kokesh is that his might be, in fact, an agent provocateur…..seeking to spark an incident by which the Federal Government would be given an excuse to further attempt to restrict our freedoms.

          • “Sergeant”, not “Sargent”

            Adam Kokesh is not a fucking agent provacateur you paranoid old people.

            • And you know this…how?

              Oh….I forgot. You know everything.

              By the way….What’s a dissadent….dumbass?

              For being as “smart” as you think you are, you know precious little about how the government works (particularly intel agencies) in using agent provocateurs.

              Instead of mouthing off about stuff you have no knowledge of beyond your ability to cut and paste, why don’t you take some time to educate yourself about what I’m talking about when I express concerns about Kokesh’s actions?

              Or don’t. I don’t care.

              In fact….why don’t you get yourself a rifle and go to D.C. on the 4th and participate? Yeah….do us all a favor and go get your butt arrested for a firearms violation in D.C. and permanently lose your right to own a firearm.

              Really….I hope you do that. The idea of you being in possession of a firearm is a scary thought.

              • Wise up punk. (Cut and paste and put in your url window. You know how to do that don’t you?)


              • Your link didnt tell me shit.

                • Not enough pictures?

      58. Hhahahahah this is so easy to foil, also , do you think the criminal element will give one rats ass for this?

        what a joke

      59. Oh I almost forgot to say..
        Why fuckin bother, we cant get ammo anyways

        • Ammo Shortage Persists Across Nation…

          Shipments Last Only One Day…

          Drude Report

        • oops…that should say ‘Drudge Report’

          Direct links…

          Ammo shortage continues across U.S.
          Tyler paper dot com

          Ammunition shortage persists in some Va stores
          delmarvanow dot com

          • Hi Ky Mom. I also live in the beautiful state of Ky. Just wanted to suggest a great site to find ammo. Gunbot.net
            There is plenty of ammo here. It might be a little more than most want to pay but it is plentiful. 🙂

            • Infidels-r-us,

              Thanks for the info!

              Take care!
              KY Mom

      60. Hey B.I.

        6.8 off coast of Chile

        you good bro.

          • @ VRF. Yes this was forecasted accurately, but like the comment I just sent before this one, this is bad, real bad. A 6.8 or 6.5, whetever it was, this was the largest earthquake ever recorded in this area. It was not on the Nazca and South American plate boundary, this shows a massive amount of pressure from the Nazca plate on the southern tip of South American plate and forcing it into a more northwesterly direction than just a straight up western movement. This affects the Cocos plate and Central America and Mexico terribly. The Cocos plate is a very fast moving plate and cannot continue to take all this tension without finally giving way.

            I am worried about your family also in Peru because anytime this much pressure from the Nazca plate is going on, both today and the weeks before, it builds up tremendous tension along the entire Andes mountain range. It has been more than 300 years since Peru has had a 8.5+. Peru is capable of a 9+, as well most of the Andes Mountains and western coast of South America is. I hope they are preparing just in case that mega quake is in Peru this time. I think it would be more towards Columbia up to Mexico, but really Chile to Mexico is all in danger. Especially after this one off the coast of Chile.

            • we have been nervous lately because of this, all I can hope for is that when ( not if) it goes off, its just not anywhere near a highly populated area, or anywhere near our family for that matter..

              Arequippa, Cusco, and Lima

              everyone in our extended SA family has been told to keep thier heads up, and be ready.

              they dont have much for resources in this event, likely cant run from it..all they can do is hope for the best and that just sucks in my way of thinking.

              My Wife and I deeply apprecitate your research and warnings..to us, this is not junk science.

              • Heres a quote from an article i was reading about this stuff the other day,

                The worst tsunami to strike Hawaii in modern history occurred in 1946 and was caused by an earthquake in the Aleutian Islands. The tsunami struck without warning and claimed the lives of 170 people, mainly near Laupahoehoe and Hilo. Wave heights near Hilo reached 30 feet while the maximum height was 55 feet at the northern tip of the island near the Pololu Valley.

              • VRF
                Sorry, that post ended up in the wrong place,
                At least if you are in contact regularly with your family they know to expect something, lack of resources is a problem for many but at least having prior knowledge my be helpful,
                Best wishes!

                • deffinetly, having a heads up is crucial

            • BI
              That 6.5 seems like a small quake, i get a resl bad feeling about the shaking going on,
              These have all been relatively small, like you mentioned, historicly large quakes have come out of that area in the past, the 1960 chilean quake smoked a few coastal towns here in the islands,
              Its been a loooong time now, so we are due.

      61. Video: I’m Wilford Brimley and I have diabetis.

      62. “The Zionist armies that now occupy Palestine claim their ancient Jewish prophets predicted that in the “last days of this world” their own God would raise them up a “messiah” who would lead them to their promised land, and they would set up their own “divine” government in this newly-gained land, this “divine” government would enable them to “rule all other nations with a rod of iron.”

      63. Finally a major earthquake down in Chile like all this was indicating for weeks now. Here’s the enormous problem though. It was NOT on the South American plate border with the Nazca plate. This was on the souther portion of the Nazca plate, not its eastern portion. This indicates that something massive is coming. If this had occurred on the eastern portion of the Nazca plate that creates the Andes mountains everything would be calmed down. This earthquake happened where it shows even more tension building up. It shows the Nazca plate is still moving towards the South American plate with even more force behind it than the several weeks of smaller harbinger quakes have shown.

        The extreme southern push of this shows that there is going to be a twisting of the South American plate more towards the Cocos plate and Caribbean plate. This means look out Central American and especially Mexico. Major earthquakes here are rare because not that much tension develops. This 6.5 was the largest ever recorded for this area within 100 miles of it. The plates are in some very spastic movements right now. After this region was hit on August 25, 1993 with a 6.2, Mexico and Guatemala were hit with a 7.2 and 6.8, so was the Kermadec Islands and Soloman Islands. Other locations in past like a 7.7 in Japan and many other times lagre quakes have followed. On top of all the other quakes on plate boundaries, something huge is coming. This makes it now 19 out of 21 times that Central America and Mexico have been targeted in the past for big quakes.

      64. The Matrix (the way we are govern now and how most people live) is a system. That system is our enemy. But when you’re inside, you look around, what do you see? You see; Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters etc. The very minds of the people we are trying to enlighten. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it.

        Keep the FAITH

      65. New pole out from WND.com says roughly 50% of the people want Obama impeached. This will never happen. Just the minute Impeachment looks like it will get serious the hammer will drop. Major False Flags will go down all over the place, and the majority of the people then, I feel will demand Martial Law, for protection, playing right into Obama’s hand. Again this is my thinking. (It’s not going to make it to the 2014 Mid-Term Election’s) Preparing is your SURVIAL!

        Keep the FAITH

      66. Sunspot now facing Earth.

      67. Union of immigration enforcement officers to oppose Senate bill…


        Obama policy to call illegal immigrants ‘customers’…

        breitbart dot com

        (links on Drudge Report)

      68. Four Fireballs seen in U.S Skies in Last 24 Hours & Another Coming. Experts say good idea to “stock up”, just in case

        In the last 24 hours the AMS has received confirmed reports about 4 unique fireball events all occurring near 4:00 AM UTC time. The most recent event occurred in Arkansas and Missouri on May 19th near 3:37 UTC. At the same time 3:37 UTC 4 witnesses reported a fireball in Arizona. The distance between these two locations would inhibit witnesses from observing the same fireball from both locations.
        Heads up??

      69. California: selected places are rewarding to visit, to the extent that temporarily behaving like a sheep doesn’t cramp one’s style. But why would any liberty loving person want to live there? To see the accelerating totalitarian start a-borning and continue to live there … folks you’ve made your bed, you sleep in it. People I love live in several rural places. They’ve made their accommodations, decided for reasons good to them that it’s worth it. [shudder]

        When the vermin in government increasingly treat us as farm animals to be managed, and most of us acquiesce, sadly it shows they’ve rightly estimated the sheeple. Very sad. To the ‘but what can we do about it’ folk … for starters, they could move out of California.

      70. Liberals keep pouring out of that state to infect elsewhere…we need a boarder patrol…

      71. Howdy Anon6.8,

        Your position may be more valid than we all realize, as yet. Consider the following if you will…

        IF, a large number of People in the various in these ‘Special’ area’s like CA and NY simply realized that the local trends thereat would eventually deprive them of every last, reaaonable Liberty which the Founder’s efforted themselves to grave into the basis of our systems, then removing themselves from those regions – even IF they effectively suffered significant losses thereby – might YET be to thier advantage…Why?

        An efflux of hard-woking, Law-abiding People from any such area wold leave – exactly – ‘WHAT’ behind in the wake of those departures. You guessed it; the Politicin’s, the Welfarer’s and the Criminals. Have you EVER seen a Society based on the three of those that FLOURISHED? I thought not. Additionally, the influx of such groups into regions already predominantly composed of such would FURTHER strengthen those area’s against even the contemplation of the types of ‘Foolishness’ which has been the demise of the “Life” of those regions they had departed….WE become STONGER…as THIER tax base WITHERS to oblivion…the TRUE NIGHTMARE of every Politician.

        I don’t know about Y’all out there, but the IDEA of being ABLE to reclaim this country WITHOUT firing a single shot…the VERY real possibility of doing so!… rather APPEALS to me. Reprising this conception then; gather those like-minded, productive individuals into the States where such is ADMIRED, allow the area’s they have exited to ‘Fold-up’, consolidate a NEW manifacturing base in the ‘safe’ regions and then RECLAIM those area’s they LEFT behind once the riff-raff have done what they will naturally do…destroy every last vestige of a functioning Society.

        Does ANYONE here think that the result would BE any different than what I have set out above…Think on it a bit….they CAN’T live without us…WE CAN live without them; a RICH, ABUNDANT Life!…such is the BASIS of thier ENTIRE formulation of the “World as it is’…remove that, and they fold up like a house of cards in a windstorm…done BY THEMESLEVES…to THEMSELVES. That seems a rather poetic form of Justice to me. 😉

        Beleive me Folks…that’s a Battle they CANNOT win…
        unless we LET THEM! Dwell on that for a bit, truly.

        Remember, “Think THICE…ONLY then, ACT.” like as goes the old Carpenter’s adage, “Measure twice…CUT Once”. Just sayin’ here…..


      72. Eisen, I agree with both of your comments #1708786 and #1708795 wholeheartedly.

      73. @ Kulafarmer and VRF. The 1960 Chile earthquake was 9.5 and the largest ever recorded, but could reach perhaps into the 9.8 range for several areas from Chile to about Ecuador, anything above here a 9.2 would likely be the maximum size. The area between eastern Russia and Alaska is another area capable of this tremendous 9.8 super mega quake. I don’t feel that something this large is coming until I see more signs on enough locked up energy to release something like this, or something to do with the crust of the planet. I am watching closely though.

        Hawaii is under the fire with this recent swarm of earthquakes around the plates. The earthquake swarm south of Africa on the 15th. indicated past Hawaiin activity directed here. Like the 6.7 that hit back in October of 2006 on the big island. Hawaii would also be under the gun from a mega quake in South America, all depending on the angle at which the tsunami waves were moving towards. The 8.8 three years ago only generated a 6 footer, but if the waves had been directed and channeled toward Hawaii that could have been 15-18 feet. A mega quake further north would hit Hawaii more square on.

        I am concerned about Peru because of the long duration of time that has gone by, since 1687, since a mega quake has hot. Just like the cascadia fault, mega quakes happen on a regular but longer time frame. The speed of the South American and Nazca plates are higher than the North American and Juan De Fuca plate and Pacific plate are interacting with each other and the Cascadia fault is overdue right now to break. This means Peru is way overdue for that 8.5+ quake, and the longer the time goes by the larger the earthquake will be just as the San Andreas would have been much smaller had it broken 30 years as opposed to right now.

        This is something that I am watching and others should watch very closely. When you have large earthquakes on spreading areas it means that the critical part of a plate is on the move a lot and that means real trouble when enough rock tension reaches that critical breaking point, which it must and will. Safety to all of you and your families.

        • Thanks BI for your research and bringing it to this table..I appreciate you

        • BI
          Thank you sir,
          Good info,
          How far back were seizmic records kept?
          To me, Murpheys law is going to come into play, we have been unacathed for a long time here in the islands, especially with regards to tsunami, people are getting complacent, many say they wont evacuate next tme because the last 4 tsunami warnings yielded little or no action, so even the local government has many questioning the wisdom of evacuating everyone so far in advance,
          Anyway, your analasys is interesting, i think the fault line that runs the Alutian chain is the scarry one, that underwater cliff is huge, that is the area that has generated the largest waves for the islands, 1946 i believe was the worst, when i was a kid one of my dads friends had boxes and boxes of glass plates with photos from hilo after the tsunami, scarry stuff, completely destroyed modt of the town, as well as most of the towns along the north shores of all the other islands,
          People forget, and many dont heed history, now we have a huge population compared to then, and people are cocky.

      74. Imagine if the ‘Fast & Furious’ weapons had this.

        • They’d still deny, lie, and cover it up..they are pro’s..we been allowing them to perfect the bullshit way too long


        Get a brass catcher at the range. Don’t leave your brass behind for some scumsucker to grab out of the bucket and strew about at his crime scene and thus incriminate YOU via your microstamps.


        • That’s the first thing I thought when I heard about this legislation, all a crook has to do is go to the local range and collect a few spend cartridges and then leave microstamped cartfidges behind at a crime scene to confuse and point law enforcement down rabbit trails. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

      76. Oh noes where ever will I get a new firing pin?


      77. Well, looks like the gun dealers in Oregon, Nevada and Arizona will be doing the happy dance, when their sales go up.

      78. Watch out Diane Feinstein could be the next governor of this totally misguided state. Maybe the San Andreas Fault will stop that.


      80. Everyday I feel that Mexico is the place to escape too. There is more freedom ther because the government bans everything but it doesn’t have the resources to enforce the law. But here in the US, the government is turning our nation into a police state. What good will it do us to prepare if when shtf your going to have a swat team at our doors asking for our guns? And I bet that the goevernment is monitoring these websites to target them for which homes to raid in case shtf and they decide to confiscate our guns. Actually, I think they’ll begin to confiscate guns before shtf. The FED is just managing the collapse of their ponzi scheme which is the dollar.

      81. This will be quickly challenged and struck down by the courts because this is unconstitutional. The Attorney general does not have the authority to “Infringe in any way” the 2nd amendment.

      82. We need gang control, not gun control.

        But of course Obama wants to take the self-protection guns from the hands of middle-class Americans, not from the gangs which he never mentions, never wants to do anything about. They serve the Left’s agenda of terrorizing ordinary Americans, and in the event of a dollar collapse their terror will increase, and make disarmed Americans stay in their homes instead of organizing and demonstrating. “If I had a gang, it would look like the Bloods and the Crips.”

      83. Hopefully CA will fall into the Pacific soon, along with Pelosi and all her mentally challenged supporters.

      84. Hmm. Can I get “Bull Sh*t” or perhaps “F*ck You” engraved on the end of a firing pin & call it a micro-stamp?

      85. Just wait till some manmade/natural disaster happens and the law abiding citizens are getting shot and killed right and left as the police leave. Whats left will throw everyone out of office but it will take the deaths of a lot of people to get it done!

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