Eerie News From Social Media: Facebook Wants To Put A Camera In Your Home

by | Oct 8, 2018 | Headline News | 26 comments

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    As if the blatant censorship and violation of privacy weren’t bad enough, Facebook seeks to ramp up their presence in your life by putting a camera in your home. Facebook is releasing its own eerie smart speaker with a screen and a camera.

    The social media giant also really hopes you don’t find the Portal they are creating creepy. According to CNN, the Portal, and the larger Portal +, is built specifically for video calls. The new device is essentially a smart speaker with a touchscreen that includes a couple of unique features. Among them is a user detection system that will cinematically zoom in on a person’s face or follow them as they move around a room. The idea behind the device is to make video chats more like actually hanging out together.

    But many are creeped out by this idea instead, and rightly so after Facebook’s many indiscretions, including the censorship of non-leftist ideas. Others are concerned that it’s too bold of a move for a company besieged by privacy issues stemming from the Cambridge Analytica data scandal and a massive hack that may have compromised 50 million users. Taking those concerns head-on, Facebook’s VP of hardware Rafa Camargo told CNN Business that privacy was built into “every layer” during a demo of the new devices.

    On top of each device is a plastic cover that can slide over the camera. It’s an official version of a common DIY security tactic — practiced by Mark Zuckerberg — of putting tape over a laptop’s camera. A mute button cuts power to the microphone and Facebook says the encrypted video streams are not recorded anywhere. Facebook Live, the company’s tool for broadcasting video, is not even an option on a Portal. –CNN

    Consumers who already use devices such as Google Assistant or Amazon Echo (Alexa’s voice) are already getting themselves comfortable with devices such as Facebook’s Portal being in their homes. Facebook’s Portal devices are similar to other smart screens on the market. The smaller of the pair, the $199 Portal with a 10-inch screen, looks extremely similar to the Echo Show and third-party Google Assistant smart screens. The larger $349 device is a 15-inch rotating screen on a bulky mount with a camera on top.

    The Portal is also very similar to Amazon’s Echo. In fact, Facebook is actually outsourcing all voice-assistant work unrelated to video calling. The Portal uses Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant to handle the usual tasks like playing music and controlling connected devices. A Portal has 4-microphones that are always listening for trigger phrases, and Facebook says it is open to adding support for other assistants in the future.

    You can say to the Portal, “Hey Portal, call Seth” to start a video call. But Portal’s voice interface isn’t a full smart assistant. It’s a very limited voice tool just for “device control.”  The device must be logged into Facebook messenger in order to make video calls.

    Portal is available for pre-order from Facebook, Amazon and Best Buy, and will ship in November. If you buy any two Portals, you get a $100 discount.

    How about you? Do you trust Facebook enough to have one of their listening and camera devices in your home?


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      1. More Erosion of the CONSTITUTION.
        It seems we are getting closer to Civil War.

        • “Facebook says the encrypted video streams are not recorded anywhere.”

          NOT TRUE.

          Facebook may not be planning to archive these videos on their storage media, but EVERYTHING on the Net IS recorded and archived by NSA.

          What do you think those GIGANTIC digital storage warehouses are for in Utah ??? Even the Mormons can’t view that much porn. 🙂

          • Then it will only be a matter of time before the “encrypted” files are no longer “encrypted” and AI will survey them for any incriminating or embarrassing evidence once you become “suspect” for ANYTHING. 🙁

            • The youth are lining up for the technology.

          • “Porn” is Facebook and NSA in bed with each other.

        • What kind of moron TRUSTS the Big Tech companies when they consistently get caught violating their own TOS, violating privacy, violating trust with their “buggy” or “hacked” systems….?

          So again I ask, what kind of moron TRUSTS Big Brother? Oh yeah, that kind of moron who is an attentionwhore or lazier than f* that is completely reliant on the handicapping provided through technology…That kind of moron DESERVES to be an abused slave, a fitting destiny.

      2. LMAO!

      3. These are voluntary devices, you have them because you want them.

        Don’t bee worried till, in the near future, the Democrats make them involuntary and force everyone to have one.

        • If that’s the case I will be forced to make it inop each time it is installed. I can fix lots of sh* with a hammer, am good at it too.

      4. It’s official: FB has jumped the shark.

      5. what a crock of……SUMTHIN’!!!

      6. Not in my back yard! I refuse most items like this, if I can live without them I do.

      7. Ohhhh sure, bring it right on into my Bathroom, they can watch me take a crap on the “device”.
        To answer the question, Sure I ‘trust’ F-book, right along with Google and Amazon tracking.
        Hello Hello NAS, you listening? of course you are, Love ya guys 🙂

        • Dont let em see your TP stash

      8. Look at Chinese, facial recognition, and tell me this is for friendly purposes.

      9. “Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.” The gradual government crackdown on American citizens is building steam, how can anyone see it any other way? Those opposing war have been reduced to become negligent, careless and indifferent. Kavanaugh a key step to the further erosion of civil rights. So if you agree with the direction being built towards the future, rest easy. Psyops on full assault mode, all against the freedom of US citizens.

      10. Well let’s try this.




      11. The police in a small nearby community are asking all businesses and homeowners to install spy cameras on their property. The police are spinning it as a collaborative effort to keep down crime. I will never take part in any type of citizen spy scheme like this.

      12. Im sure the lieral boneheads will be jumpin all over that

      13. Open up a portal to your home so nosey, paranoid psychopaths can get their voyeuristic fill. No thanks. These freaks can take their business elsewhere.

      14. I for one will not play their games.

        Those monitors in Utah are there for a reason but
        Strange enough….. they won’t put them on the borders to stop
        crime, drugs, invaders, gangs, anti-Americans (communists /
        terrorists) or slackers wanting the benefits we fought many wars
        to stay free from.

        Those jerks better wake up before things get explosive. That is why
        these puppet masters want so much inffo.

      15. And I want to put a camera into Zuckerberg’s home. A portal into hell itself!

      16. blockquote>On top of each device is a plastic cover that can slide over the camera. It’s an official version of a common DIY security tactic — practiced by Mark Zuckerberg — of putting tape over a laptop’s camera. A mute button cuts power to the microphone…

        And an asinine statement will get it sold. Why buy the Danny thing when you cover and mute?
        Won’t buy or use this crap anyway, even with all the assurances. Do I cover my camera on and mute/disconnect the mic on my computers? You bet ya.

      17. A fool and his money are soon parted.

      18. Can I put it in the bathroom in front of toilet? That’s exactly where it belongs. turn that volume up so everyone can hear the blast.

      19. This is why I have nothing to do with social media, smart devices (including cell phones) etc. I won’t visit a home that I know has a smart device in it and I have left others upon discovering them present.

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