Eerie Censorship Precedent: Big Tech Proves Alex Jones’ Motto Correct

by | Aug 7, 2018 | Headline News | 73 comments

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    The banning of Alex Jones’ YouTube channel has just set a dangerous precedent for free speech.  Big tech has just proven they are no friend of free speech, by censoring those with whom they disagree while simultaneously proving Jones correct.

    Jones had a large following on YouTube, about 2.5 subscribers. The owner and creator of InfoWars has often been derided by establishment media as a conspiracy theorist. Yet on Monday, Apple, Spotify, YouTube, and Facebook has actually proven the motto of his show correct: There’s a war on for your mind!” By blocking or deleting InfoWars accounts from their platforms, saying he allegedly engaged in “hate speech and violated their “community standards,” they’ve proven that they prefer the government approved official narrative to free thinking and free will.  Apparently, people don’t get to decide what information they are exposed to, Big Tech will do it for us.

    As RT so eloquently put it: these corporations appointed themselves arbiters of acceptable political thought and censored Jones for failing to comply with arbitrary political standards set in Silicon Valley boardrooms, not at the ballot box.

    Banning and silencing Jones is setting a dangerous precedent reminiscent of Nazi Germany.  As RT continued to point out, the First Amendment to the US Constitution says that Congress shall make no law “abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press. There is no “hate speech exemption, either. In fact, hate speech is not even a legal category in the US. However, instead of demanding freedom for everyone, a chorus of voices all too glad Jones was purged immediately chimed up to argue that Apple, Alphabet, Facebook, and Spotify are private companies and this does not apply to them.

    Civil rights activists such as the ACLU have argued that social media platforms amount to a designated public forum” in cases where government officials tried to avail themselves of blocking, muting, and other functions put forth by Big Tech as a way to police “toxicity on their platforms.

    “When the government designates social media a public forum, the First Amendment prohibits it from limiting the discourse based on viewpoint,” the ACLU said in a brief submitted last year in a case before the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in Virginia. “When a government actor bans critics from speaking in a forum, it silences and chills dissent, warps the public conversation, and skews public perception,” the ACLU brief went on.

    if social media platforms are a “designated public forum”that government is not allowed to exclude people from on First Amendment grounds, how is it OK for corporations that operate these platforms to do so? Or is chilling dissent, warping conversation and skewing perception only bad when a government actor does it, thereby creating a legal system in which the what is irrelevant, and the only thing that matters is who/whom? RT

    The things that are going to be blocked are not going to be fake storiesThe things that are going to be blocked and censored, the things they are going to keep from people is going to be stuff they just don’t want you to focus on or know about.” – Melissa Dykes


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      1. Excellent,me faith a bit restored!

        Folks,this is important.Cut all ties with these sites/supposed services,find and share alts like gab ect.

        Get sticks/thumb drives and get info. you want on net now!

        The head of Ron Paul institute just banned from twaddle,this is coming right before mid terms,get ready for a fight,tis why we prep!

        Oh,and as always,BLOAT!

        • Warchild, this is not the fight, but a reaction of desperation from the control freaks. Many tens of thousands or maybe millions have been censored for years now from these control freak entities, that is not new at all ! It is just that people are only now waking up to see it all for what it is. IW is big enough to gain the attention of the sleeping AMERICANS and that is a very good thing, finally. But they are not alone at all being censored. Their crime, along with others, is to expose the control freaks and the DEM/DSA as well as PRAVDA/MSM the propaganda arm of their politburo !

          All of these entities were created for a reason deliberately, just as your smart one is actually a control mechanism to gather information on YOU ! Nothing new at all, just more of it and the control freaks are now seriously desperate with the midterms approaching. All of it is interconnected with the DEM/DSA and DOJ and FBI crimes !



          • The leftists in the Senate are now pushing the idea of locking down the web. “The survival of our democracy depends on it.”, they are saying.

            Some of the big tech people want to charge for access to the web, and, it is not about money.

            Just a matter of time…

            • “.. in the Senate … “The survival of our democracy depends on it.”

              Anyone who SERVES WITHIN our CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC and calls it a “democracy” does NOT meet the conditions of the position they serve within. If they do not even know or recognize that our form of government is a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC where the actual legitimate authority of government is listed in writing, not decided by majority, then they must be removed from office and replaced because they are Oath bound to the US Constitution, and some to both, it and their state Constitution.

              When they call our CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC a “democracy” they are saying they have the power to do what they want, and that is something while the serve within the American government they do NOT have.

        • Wow only 2.5 subscribers? So who is the half person? You mean 2.5 “Million” subscribers? Typo?

          Everybody is ditching Ytube for REAL.VIDEO, Mike Adams’ aka: Health Ranger Site and Channel to post their conservative videos on for Free. Adams also has his Website NaturalNews that exposes the dirty facts of FDA approval of foods that are poison and harmful. YTube also started banning his videos exposing the deepstate.

          As said, “Necessity is the Mother of Invention.” So go watch Alex Jones on Real.Video

          The Deep State has declared War on the Truth and Free Speech.


        • US Black voters now give Trump a 39% Approval Rating. Deeply cutting into the Dems Voter base. So the Dems and Deep State are emploding and desperate. Need to catch and hang every last ine of these Criminal Globalists and loyalists. Drain the Swamp & Make America Great again.

      2. Get off the grid and blend into the wilderness with bible in hand.

        • did it ever occur to you that the bible is part of the grid?

        • Thats right OttoH. Need lots of fire starter tinder for camp fires. Stop subscribing to Fake ans False Prophets.

          You need to worship Nature and wildlife, which provides everything you need for survival. Emotional crutch is for the weak minded. Grow a pair and be a man..

          • TharSheBlows , There is no way in hell I would use a page of the bible to start a fire, and I have been seriously vilified for saying the current Bible is a perverted, polluted and censored work that is not even close to complete ! The Bible prior to the NT was far more accurate as a historical account than most realize. But it was all corrupted just as our constitution is being corrupted today, by men not God ! This explains it all in far greater detail !


            There is no question what we call Christianity and all the Abrahamic religions of the modern world are seriously perverted and polluted. But the Original writings that included many books that were censored, like the book of Enoch and others, told a very different story than what we have been told for millenia now ! So it is in fact a mixed bag of trix ! To fully grasp it all one must read the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hammadi text as well as some other ancient text which I have done. It all paints a very different picture than what we have been told about mankind and human behavior and the incredible long reaching history of it all ! The hippies had a lot of shit quite right and Jesus was definitely a real person on this planet ! Just that his story has been seriously distorted very much like we see things done today in poliitics !

            • This is absolutely incorrect. The discarded texts which were removed all have major issues under scholarly examination. Even the gospel of Thomas and the book of Enoch. And those are the only ones with anything interesting to say such as the gospel of Thomas offering dubious looks at Jesus’ childhood that are clearly incorrect. Or the complicated study on angels in Enoch that has no Biblical parallel. There is a cryptic quote in Jude that has a fragile link that is possibly but not probably indicative of the book of Enoch.

              Such texts are Gnostic texts and were heretical and thus discarded.

              There a few texts of the Early Church Fathers that were preserved and considered candidates but then seperated from the Bible such as 1 and 2 Clement. Or the 3rd epistle to the Corinthians.

              We honestly do not know much about the Quamram community but clearly they though many texts were worthy of study but that doesn’t mean they should be in the Bible.

              That would be akin to some future archaelogist finding a public library and since Bibles are in it, therefore they ridiculously think all the other books are equally of value if they have a whiff of spirituality in them.

              • Maranatha, yes the book of Thomas was a key writing as well as Mary, Enoch and more. We were all diluded for millenia to think we must go thru some kind of church hieararchy to know God or have any knowledge or some such nonsense. It was all about not allowing you to look inside yourself where all the real answers have always been ! Very similar to todays educational shams where it is accepted that only the PHDs and the MBAs are the real smart people because they have those initials behind their names. Even though they are the very people that destroy every thing they touch ! They are all also the same people at DOJ and FBI who have committed many crimes and destroyed the economy in 2007-08 which is still another sham or mirage created.

                These are many of the reasons I often mention we all live in many illusions created for us, because we certainly do !

      3. Just the beginning. Let’s see what Americans do about from here out. Will we be sheep or will we stand up for all voices. Jones is a little kooky at times, but he is right on an awful lot of issues.

      4. I’ve always viewed Alex Jones as a CIA agent, gatekeeper, and a part of the problem, as he skirts identifying the real bad guys and goes off into unreality; but he is still lightyears better than the main stream media. So, I think it is important we get him back on screaming like a lunatic as he so often does. If nothing else, he’s entertaining; and once in a while he does some really good work.


        • BfromCA your comment is so true, I don’t watch or listen to Alex very often and half of what he says is so far out that you have to be half squirrely to believe him, but he is entertaining. This is just another point that Free Speech is dead in America. Trekker Out

          • On occasion InfoWars has “scooped” the MSM by months drawing attention to something that otherwise would be ignored without them shining light on it. Regarding their claims time has a way of often validating that which is initially scoffed at as preposterous.

            • Kevin I agree, there are times when some of his preposterous claims do prove to be true over time. Give me the choice of believing the MSM or Alex Jones and I’ll choose Alex almost every time. Also many of his claims are not preposterous. Some of Alex claims are conspiracy theories whereas all of the MSM stories are propaganda with intent to brainwash. Just give me the opportunity to choose which I’ll believe. Trekker Out.

              • Mountain Trekker

                “Just give me the opportunity to choose which I’ll believe. ”

                Thats the core, the intent of the First Amendment. I’m in 100% agreement.

                What we have is selectivity of government to apply the Bill Of Rights when and where its to their totalitarian advantage. They can mandate private business with discrimination and a host of rules and claim that they have no authority to stop censorship of political thought in a public forum. If King George had a monopoly on printing presses Thomas Paine “Common Sense” would never have been printed in 1775-76. We’re being effected not by communism but rather fascism where business and government have an alliance that is detrimental to freedom.

              • People can laugh at Alex Jones all they want. He is an entertainer but he also has a good handle on current events and the globablists and their goals to control people using technology.

                I wake up and listen to “The Real News” with David Knight on Infowars new app. Works great on my old phone and I port the audio to a Bose speaker via Bluetooth. Sounds great! I always listen to the first hour of Alex just to see what his take is on the news for the day.

                People can say anything they want about him, but the guy is a patriot, a good businessman, and loves this country. I don’t see anything wrong with that. He also takes care of his family, even his ex-wife who has tried to run him into the ground. I heard last night on Hagmann & Hagmann that he was paying his ex-wife nearly $50K a month. That’s ridiculous.

                At least Jones isn’t spending the money the way Glenn Beck did, on planes and fancy cars and other crap. When was the last time anyone here listened to that idiot? It because of Beck’s constant whining on XM 125 / Patriot two years ago that I went back and started listening to Alex Jones again. Smart move and I was listening the day Matt Drudge showed up in his studio. I love radio and remember when Drudge quit his Sunday talk show. It still makes me mad that he quit.

                I expect Jones is going to drop some serious info before the November elections. He has been a big supporter of Julian Assange so I am guessing anything he releases will be related to Assange.

                These are crazy times and I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a false flag and the internet goes down. Why? Who knows. They will blame it on Iran or Turkey but how will anyone know who took it down? God help us if the deep state looses an EMP into the atmosphere. I wouldn’t put anything past those idiots at this point.

                Stay frosty, my friends!

            • Kevin2, most here and elsewhere thought it was preposterous that I said your worse enemy and what you should fear the most is your own government , just a few years ago ? So as I said Americans are very slow to grasp many matters ! Jones makes mistakes for sure like Qanon, but he also gets a lot right that you would never have known otherwise !

              He is clueless on this one I will give all of you ! Very soon Trump is going to order all DOJ and FBI docs preserved and the FISA docs released unclassified ! This will be a huge turning point in the back and forth junk we have seen with the withholding of evidence by DOJ and FBI. The massive evidence it reveals will give Trump the political, legal, moral and ethical power to fire Sessions, Rosenstein and Mueller. Perhaps in a tactical order of events ? It will happen before the midterms and very soon ! I have mentioned it many times in the last 2 months at numerous venues and it is close at hand ! This will be a game changer of all that we see before us. A good thing to be sure and yes the DEMs will howl, but let them, they are howling now anyway ! All that we are seeing is desperation, nothing more, cover up their own crimes. That is what the entire Russia sham was all about,a diversion, as well as to undermine Trump !

              • “most here and elsewhere thought it was preposterous that I said your worse enemy and what you should fear the most is your own government”

                I believe better than 50% are in agreement with you. I’ve been reading this for about three decades cutting my eye teeth with, “None Dare Call It A Conspiracy”, “Best Evidence”, “The Creature From Jekyll Island” for just a start. More people here on this BB see it than you think.

                • Kevin2, it’s interesting you mention “None Dare Call It Conspiracy”. That was the book that awakened me back when I was a teenager. Another book was one by Professor Carroll Quigley; damn, how could I forget the name of that one? “The Creature From Jekyll Island” is another top-notch book. Can someone help me with the name of the Quigley book?

                  • “Tragedy And Hope”. Quigley also wrote “The Anglo-American Establishment; From Rhodes to Cliveden”. That book was published posthumously after Quigley’s death in 1981. Bill Clinton claimed that Quigley was a major influence on him. Sorry, I had a brain fart.

                  • DR if you read the whole book, Tragedy and Hope, your a better man than me, I read 800 and some odd pages, laid it down and meant to come back to it but never did get around to it, now I really don’t have much desire to finish it, think I found something more interesting. Trekker Out

                  • None Dare was co-authored by (((Larry Abraham))). Larry was associated with the John Birch Society which was founded by N. Rockefeller.

                    This is called controlled opposition. . .you should know by now.

                    The Bell Curve had a co-author, (((Richard Herrnstein)))- indicating to the world that the book was kosher and not a threat to the powers that be. . .

                • Kevin2, I know there are many here that see some of it. But many do not fully grasp the real depth of it all on various levels. No question the average guy/gal out there is more or less clueless and therefore harmful as a tool ! I have read many comments over a long period of time and have confidence in my conclusions for valid reasons, not over reaction.

                  There are many serious issues like this one of profound censorship that people should be outraged about and are not ! That is the proof of the pudding and test of all we see before us, not just at any one site over any one issue. It is all so incredibly extreme it is hard to even define all the serious issues, like the crimes at DOJ, FBI and State Dept in the last regime and currently being exposed.

                  It is all about the many control mechanisms created deliberately. And not many people here or else where grasp the depth and realities of that phenom ! In short I am saying it is even far worse than likely most here and elsewhere have considered fully ! We all live under many illusions created for us and it goes much deeper than the books you mentioned which are all worth while for sure !



              • Don’t put too much stock in the idea that Trump will release any documents that will change anything. I’d wager it will not happen…

                • JustMe

                  Its generally safer to bet on the “status quo” remaining in effect. Next week, next month, next year never seems to arrive with the splendid change that will right the wrong. As they say, “Don’t hold your breath”.

                  • Kevin2, I am not betting in anything, just passed on some info that came to me ? Maybe it will happen, as I think it likely will. We shall see and soon too ?

                    Also DOJ and FBI have been directly ordered to maintain all records in question by the WH ! That also validates or gives credence to this info. afterwards I will say how this came to me but not now. There is a lot the public never gets wind of.

                  • Kevin2 , And consider this , if everybody deferred to the wishes of the control freaks exactly what could ever change ? And would that give them 100% complete control? Obviously that is their intent, to get you or anybody to say just bet on the status quo and control freaks and give up without ever a fight or any resistance. Just mental weakness and they win by default !

                    This kind of self defeating thinking is exactly what is wrong in USA today and precisely how it has all gotten out of control by growing the monster of bigger government and bureaucracy! People just sat back and said the same thing you are saying, which is give up ! You even seem to have it all rationalized rather well as others seem to also. That does not make it correct or good or rational. We shall see how it all plays out very soon. Changes are coming on several levels and various events sooner than most realize.

                  • I’d surely take a bet on that one…

              •, you’re right on the mark about the US government being our biggest enemy, at least our worst DOMESTIC enemy. We’ve got FOREIGN enemies too numerous to mention. Ruby Ridge and Waco confirmed for me that the feds are public enemy #1. That’s when I first decided I would stand against the feds.

                • For further insight for Americans to really understand that our own government is our worst enemy, the citizens of this country should read about the secret, nonconsensual, and illegal experiments done on its people. Starting in the early 1900’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, and as recent as 1974. These monstrous acts were done to our soldiers, handicapped adults and children, healthy pregnant women, healthy newborn babies, prisoners, and the general public. These atrocities were so unbelievable, you cannot fathom one human doing these acts to another human. It will make you so angry, and at the same time make you want to cry. Makes you wonder also about the experiment of biological weapons simulation the US government wanted to do in an Oklahoma town early in 2018, which was cancelled because the citizens of Oklahoma made known their objections. Also makes me wonder if the simulation test was really aborted????? YOU CANNOT TRUST YOUR GOVERNMENT!

                  • norrak, no question the list of bad acts is atrocious to say the least !

                    Now these control freaks simply want to control your ass in every event and matter. It is a very incredible time to be alive and observe it all with the correct perspective.

                    As always my ultimate question to all of you is are you seriously willing to stand up and fight the control freaks ? I made that decision some time ago, which is precisely why I pay attention to what is taking place here in USA as well as my own personal missions of accomplishment and training. I have lived a rather incredible life and nobody will make me kneel like a whipped dog for their crimes. I have no issue at all with dying in that process and taking some with me trying to force me to comply with their garbage. I have looked death in the eyeballs squarely many times so it is not all that big a deal to me. At the same time I am very reasonable, calm and well informed of many matters, so I watch and observe for things to unfold.

                • The Deplorable Renegade, those were also wake up calls for me as well, among other events in my own life back in that era. I got screwed about as hard as you can get screwed by this judicial system and PC and that definitely will get your attention.

                  Most people talk a lot yet have little experience in many matters first hand. That makes all the difference in how we think and react, especially if we are paying attention seriously !

                  Many are not paying attention seriously and simply repeating what they hear at various echo chambers.

          • B from CA, Jones is far more accurate than most realize on many matters. Agree he can get a bit obtuse at times. Nearly all of his prior supposed conspiracy theories have in fact proven to be near accurate or quite accurate. as usual I see some comments here that clearly show many here are a bit clueless ! Any outlet on the net must be scrutinized with some common sense and intellect to weed out the junk. That is just the world we live in today. Sites like ZH used to be quite excellent, but they too have to be filtered now. As I have mentioned many times prior, American are very slow to grasp many important matters and it is very visible on many outlets by the comments and attitudes !

      5. Censorship in the name of Tolerance – The Irony and Hypocrisy is stunning in the “Liberals”

      6. lol, Bill Hicks pulling a fast one BWAHAHAHAHAHA

      7. Using Brave browser now as much as possible.
        Do not Facebook, Twitter.
        Probably have purchased my last iPhone.
        Hit ’em where it hurts.

        • Try TOR. Its better for privacy/anonymity.

        • AR Sheep Dog, all excellent points. I gave a smart phone away some years back and I stay very well informed and have around 10k to 20K a month at my site. About as much as one guy can possibly handle. So I do not want or need all the Google ads and email marketing most are fully dependent on. So it is not like you are losing any info or capabilities, quite the opposite actually ! Like all things it is all about your original basis starting point that determines your actions going forward. Eventually the beast you create controls YOU, if you let it !

      8. On (((media))) censorship, the emit till thing , his father died in Europe in the army, no he was hung for rapping and murdering Italian woman. Emit Till only whistled at a white woman , no he physically assaulted her. White on black rape is almost nonexistent. And payback will be a bitch one day African.

      9. When is someone going to come out and say what religious affiliation owns and controls all these major media outlets. We all know who they are. I guess the last guy and people who did almost got exterminated during WW2. And the guy before him was crusified. Leads me to believe the children of satan have daddy backing them up. But only for a short time. Then it’s burn kiddies burn.

        • Jews.

          Not a religion, but rather a people.

      10. I saw a P joe Watson video on if there was any evidence of one religious group having disproportionate ownership or control of our media. He found no evidence of this? The great delusions of the end Times? Or just plain traitors?

      11. Notice how AJ goes off the rails on much lessor of things
        But on his total censorship he’s not going totally off his rails ?

        Because yer being played

        If AJ wasn’t a shill , he would be already in the nut house

        It’s so fu@king obvious people

      12. I’m haunted by the Chanon Cristion , Chris Newsom case. And mostly all the others I don’t know about.

        • That case, and many others, are one of the primary reasons for media lockdown.

          Paul Sheehan, Sydney Morning Herald, May 20, 1995, article: THE RACIAL WAR OF BLACK AGAINST WHITE
          By 1995, blacks had murdered more Whites in the US, than the total number of casualties of the Vietnam War. MSM is dead silent on this, got to keep Whitey asleep. That was 1995…

          Back in the day, another site that got banned, had a long list of the murdered, to which White names were added, almost daily.

      13. Did they both have Cristian in their names so the Muslims tortured them to death?

      14. Since all of the social media is pro liberal/democrat party oriented shouldn’t they be regulated by the Federal Communications Commission?

        All of the MSM has the “equal time” requirement imposed by the FCC. For example, they can’t take all dem political ads and refuse GOP ads.

        FB, Twitter, Google and the rest are clearly censoring any and all conservative view points. Scary and maybe one day very costly for them.

        The FCC should take a long hard look at them.

        • Exacly right lost Karma, lawsuits need to be filed for equal time. The broadcast airways are the public airwaves, not the fascist MSM airwaves. FCC needs to start revoking MSM Broadcast licenses. Equal time or shut them down. Every violation shut them down for 30 days here and there.

          Had the Tampa Trubune pull that on me once, and I wrote the esitor told him I would fule a lawsuit for lack if equal time, and he immedietly gave me editorial space to post my facts opposing the lies they posted regarding MacDill AFB Fraud regarding lack of environmental studies.

          Know the rules and laws and nail em.

      15. We have a First Amendment that forbids government from censorship but its wording is moot regarding private media. This application by inaction of the First Amendment certainly conflicts with the Bill Of Rights being interpreted and applied to private business in other areas. Can a private business chose not to hire someone based on their race, sex or orientation? The answer is no. Can a Realtor choose to not show someone a home because of the aforementioned reasons? Once gain, no. Interestingly though the government claims no power over this private censorship. Government doesn’t apply in this media forum, open to the public, with the intent of protecting political speech. This is government sanctioned censorship under the color of legality. Government “selectively” ties its hands and then, like Houdini, unties them when it suits their interests.

        • The answer is no? If I want o hire a housekeeper, and I get two applications, One a 25 year old black man with 8 years experience, the other a 19 year old white girl with one year experience . I’m a racist bigot if I don’t pick the most experienced?

          • Traitor Hator

            The point I’m making is that government applies law selectivity mandating hiring practices in the name of “Equal Protection Under The Law” on private business yet raises their hands claiming no jurisdiction on a pubic political forum. This selectivity is censorship by omission.

            • Yes we are being exterminated by democracy? Or the perversion of democratic republic ? White people are 8% of world population. If we want to survive, democracy must die? Do the math? So I guess we agree?

            • @Kevin2 – I get your point but it is too idealistic. We are not dealing with private business here. We are dealing with utilitarian monopolies. Big difference….understand that they regard themselves as utilities. I do not know if you were alive before the days of the internet, but it is not at all today what it was supposed to be. The internet was to be FREE to all American citizens, sorry illegal immigrants, then, these “companies” began to form and, as usual, make demands, pay for this, pay for that. There is no “government” without the people and to say there is, is to admit you are a worthless pawn. We here at SHTF intend to stand against corporations. They don’t obey laws and we will defeat them by obeying the laws of the people. Ever hear of “Jury Nullification” The time of reckoning for these non-human entities is close at hand. Corporations must go and power be returned to the peoples at their local levels.

              • I’m almost 61 so I predate even cable TV and push button phones.

                I’m looking at this from a legal perspective. Business is held legally accountable with X (an individuals right of equal protection under the law applied to hiring, promotion, demotion act). Ok I get that, for right or wrong government can apply constitutional principals upon a private business. Not applying First Amendment protections in a monopolistic public forum with great use and utility to political debate is a very selective application of constitutional protection. Its selectivity is therefore censorship prohibited by the US constitution or the aforementioned accountability of X is an unconstitutional reach of government. Its one or the other. Government either can or cannot apply constitutional protections to business practices. It cannot select what it will and will not apply. That in and of itself is contrary to the concept of “EQUAL protection under the law”.

                I don’t see this as idealistic but rather legally simplistic.

                • Kevin2, bottom line is who gets to decide what the meaning of is , is ! Do these tech entities get to decide what is good and what isn’t ? That is why much of the legal circle jerk is a circle jerk , because those that control it all get to decide who, what when and where and not for a necessarily valid reason or purpose , but it is deemed legal ! Much of which is not only not legal but just more nonsense people have accepted because the elites say so !

      16. The war is on everyday in America, the war on impressionable minds who need to be told what to think with those being the majority of the population. The war is clearly on the American people’s right to free speech and coming to their own conclusions about the constant lies they are being brainwashed to believe. In other words, an all out assault on the truth.

        • aljamo, absolutely correct ! It is all about control mechanisms and nothing more !

          And very few have fully grasp it all for what it really is. Why do most people have a smart phone glued to their hand ? Is it a control mechanism ?

      17. And so it begins!

        I’ve often been amazed that most of Alex Jones most outlandish articles in the end, proved to be absolutely true.

        I was checking his site and Disqus appears to be down as well, Infowars is up, but free discussion there has been shut off by a third party. There definitely is a conspiracy, so many corporations in the Corpotocracy working in perfect tandem, what are the odds.

        If the Corpotocracy wins here, SHTF may not be far behind.

      18. I have bought all sorts of books and written books on conservative principles and theories like climate change by co2 is bunk, what capitalism has done for the world, how bad illegal immigration is, how great Christianity has been for the world; you know hateful stuff like that.

        I wonder how long it will be until my house is raided for those books so I cannot spread the hate.

        getting closer to that every day. the usa as founded is dead.

      19. Old quote fro movie Lives of a Bengal Lancer “We have rope and there are trees” It is a matter of constitutional rights of free speech. If you allow this to stand it is only the begining. look at Europe where talking against immigration on the internet gets you jail time and a huge fine. Stop it now or your no longer freemen and just mind controlled sheep to get sheared yearly by taxes and finally end up mutton stew when the hear id culled. Take a good close look at freedom of speech in Europe and do something about it now today

      20. There is a saying that whichever dept, alphabet soup agency, etc, is doing the exact opposite of it’s label.

        I don’t see why AJ supports the unitary executive, and is called alt. Nationalize that, then.

        Also, how can a too-big-to-fail platform be subversive, in which the state is the majority stakeholder. Then, quit subsidizing that.

      21. Has anyone else had trouble receiving the AM
        radio stations? I listen to Coast to Coast at night
        and for the last few weeks it has had nothing but
        ear piercing squealing. FM stations are as clear as
        a bell. AM the only clear stations are mexican and sports.
        Norry has been talking about suspicious deaths, (like
        JFK, RFK, Elvis, Monroe, etc.) and other conspiracies.
        It often happens when he talks of government “deals”.
        Like this site that won’t let some negative comments of
        certain “political figures” go thru.

      22. Has anyone else had trouble with their AM station
        recieving Coast to Coast? They were discussing
        conspiracies and suspicious deaths like JFK, RFK,
        Elvis, Monroe, etc. An ear piercing squealing started
        and has continued for a week now.

        The mehico and sports stations are loud and clear but
        not the “Talk Radio” stations. The FM comes thru very
        Does anyone else have this problem??

        This site won’t let you disparage certain “political figures” either, that is
        silencing free speech.

      23. Alex Johns is a nutter, but a total genius as he has tapped into a source of unlimited stupidity with money…which are his followers.

        He shouldn’t have been banned, but remember, the 1st Amendment ONLY APPLIES to the government doing this to people, NOT PRIVATE COMPANIES. Being “public” with stock options does NOT make a company public in a constitutional sense.

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