Economy Kept On Life Support While Global Governance Is Organized

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    This article has been generously contributed by Neithercorp Press for your reading pleasure.

    By Giordano Bruno

    Neithercorp Press – 03/10/2010

    Herbert West: Re-Animator

    Winter is slowly melting away here in the U.S., and Spring will soon be upon us.  Wall Street is currently flush with delight at the year long run of the stock market (driven by fiat bailouts), which at first glance appears to be doing quite well, though international incidences such as those in Dubai and Greece have revealed how shaky the market actually is in the face of any unhealthy news.  In the meantime, the dollar, recently on the edge of detrimental value loss, has made a semi-miraculous recovery in the span of a few months, especially as the Euro suffers.  Official employment numbers, despite the continuous loss of jobs monthly, have somehow fallen and are for the moment stabilized.  Is it time for America to dust off the old credit cards and return to the wild and rollicking carefree spending days of pre-2007?  Perhaps not…

    While the mainstream media puts on the recovery song and dance, the fundamental problems of the collapse remain the same, and in some cases are growing ever more precarious.  Subsections of the public, unaware of the real issues at hand, are holding a misguided jubilee in the tranquil eye of a hurricane, wrongly assuming that the storm has passed.

    The world is breathing a hasty sigh of relief at the beginning of 2010, but what are the facts behind the current “peaceful” economic moment?  In this article, we will examine whether or not the good news is legitimate, or, if are we being lulled into a false sense of security…

    Job Market Statistics Manipulated

    At the beginning of the year, official unemployment stood at around 10%.  This number of course does not include those people who are off unemployment benefits and still have not found jobs, or those people who are underemployed.  The Labor Department then announced their intention to revise their “birth/death ratio” method of calculating job loss, which would supposedly add a whopping 800,000 lost jobs to their books that were hidden before:

    Directly after this news was released, markets braced for a substantial increase in the unemployment percentage.  Yet, by some act of magic, the unemployment percentage fell to 9.7%!

    How is this possible?  Well, those of us who were hoping for greater Labor Department transparency (including myself) should have known better.  With the Labor Department, two-plus-two NEVER equals four…

    As the EPI article above indicates, while the government has reportedly changed their dubious “birth/death ratio” method, they also at the same time changed their “home survey” method.  This survey is meant to give the Labor Department an overall view of unemployment percentages, but now the government has sharply reduced the number of households they actually survey, making the results more volatile and easier to manipulate.  This why even though nearly a million jobless people were added to the unemployment rolls, the government was still able to report a drop in unemployment percentages.  Sound like a dirty trick?  Yes, it is…

    According to the EPI’s estimates, which are probably still conservative, over 11 million jobs would need to be created in order to bring employment rates to pre-2007 levels.  This is called the “jobs gap.”  To fill the jobs gap by 2013 (which is about the time frame that the government has suggested it would take for a full recovery) the U.S. would need to generate over 400,000 jobs a month for the next three years!  As I think most of you can see, this is not going to happen.  Last month according to official numbers the U.S. lost another 36,000 jobs.  Jobs are not being created, and will not be created anywhere near the 400,000 a month mark required for a three year recovery.

    Also not often reported is the span of weeks at which those who are unemployed have to wait until they find another job.  This “lag time” in-between jobs has grown markedly higher in recent months as the chart below shows:


    In January of this year alone, 6.3 million people (over half of those unemployed) had been without a job for more than 6 months.  This is an astonishing number, and it shows just how out of touch MSM reports of recovery are.  Anyone who has been unemployed for more than just one month knows how tense and uncertain such a situation makes life.  Imagine the misery of a 6 month hiatus from steady work, not able to fully support ones self and not knowing when you’ll be able to again.  The Labor Department, nor the media, seems to take the factor of ‘duration’ into account when considering whether employment is actually in recovery.  Nor do they take into account the fact that most of the jobs lost over the past two years were high paying and specialized, while most of the scant few jobs created have been low paying service sector positions.

    What is most frightening about this information is that it reveals deliberate mishandling of statistics.  Instead of being more open about unemployment numbers, the government is moving to hide them further.  But why would they escalate secrecy on the economy?

    The Day The Dollar Died

    Last week, Li Ruogu, chairman of Export-Import Bank of China, a lender tasked with supporting the country’s foreign investments, stated that China would continue to support the dollar and that reports of a break from U.S. treasuries were “absolute nonsense.”  Investors in treasuries this week seemed to take the comment as a good sign that the dollar’s place as world reserve currency is assured.  However, one might ask why it was suddenly so important for China to comfort treasury markets?

    Interestingly, statements of China’s “affection” for the dollar have come right after their central bank decided to dump $34 billion in U.S. treasuries.  Along with other nations, the U.S. suffered the worst one month treasury dump on record so far at $53 billion:

    This follows a treasury dump last year by China of $25 billion, after which we predicted that such dumps would occur more frequently and in larger amounts.  Apparently, we were right:

    Initially, it was reported after their latest dumping of U.S. bonds that China had lost its position as the number one investor in U.S. debt, placing Japan in the top spot.  Strangely, only days later this report was rescinded after the Treasury released a statement claiming that China did indeed dump $34 billion in bonds, but, they were still the number one investor in T-bills:

    How is this possible?  According to the Treasury, they “forgot” to include Chinese treasury holdings in third markets such as Hong Kong and Britain.  This is very strange.  Who holds these extra bonds and what are they doing sitting in foreign venues?  Is it not convenient that these bonds appeared from thin air just as news of China’s treasury dump was hitting the bond market?  And now we suddenly have a Chinese finance official attempting to reassure the world that China still wants T-bonds while at the same time they are trying to get rid of them?  If this behavior seems confusing it is because this is what occurs when governments lie big; no matter how good they are at it, they can’t make the facts add up.

    If one examines Treasury Auctions month-to-month, they would find that “Primary Buyers” of treasuries (who have to buy treasuries when no one else is buying) now dominate auction sales.  Indirect buyers, who cannot be tracked, also make up a large portion of competitive bids on treasury bonds.  It is suspected that most of these indirect buys are made by the Federal Reserve itself in order to prop up the dollar.  The article below explains the process succinctly:

    The bottom line is that foreign governments are NOT buying treasuries at volumes necessary to keep the U.S. afloat amidst its ever climbing national debt, and in some cases, they are now trying to quietly and gradually dump what they have so as to not arouse immediate suspicion from the markets.  In fact, the Treasury and the Federal Reserve seem to be helping them do this!

    The dollar is, in effect, dead, but disinformation and market manipulation, mainly by the private Federal Reserve, is being used to reanimate it for appearances.  The result is the conjuring of a kind of “zombie currency,” a Weekend at Bernie’s currency that the Fed props up with strings and pulleys to fool everyone at the party.

    The most obvious question here is, why go through so much trouble to keep the dollar around at all?

    World Government And The SDR

    Since the “Great Recession” began, economic forums and conferences such as the G20, and the annual World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland have spoken of little else except the formation of a centralized world economy and the establishment of a legal body that has the power to run it.  At the Davos “workshops,” economists and others present ideas for world governance as if they were the originators of the concept.  It may not be surprising to most of us that there is rarely if ever anyone who participates in the WEF meetings that supports the restoration of national sovereignty.  In fact, nearly all the participants seem to assume that a world government is the solution to all our ills.  It is also important that like the G20, government officials from all over the world attend, including those from the U.S., and that very often the policies developed at these forums end up in legislation and mass media here at home.  Meaning, the laws and propaganda supporting forced globalization and world government are fine tuned at the meetings and then brought to America for mass consumption.  Below are a couple video examples of Davos workshops:

    It is important to recognize what exactly is being presented in these two videos because they reveal much about our current economic circumstances.  The goal of the G20 and the WEF, as they have stated on numerous occasions, is to dissolve national sovereignty.  If they had their way, America as we know it would not exist, along with the Constitutional framework that is meant to protect our liberties.  To achieve this end, a carefully engineered breakdown of the U.S. dollar is being enacted.

    As we have shown, U.S. treasuries auctions have tanked and those long term treasuries already held by foreign nations are being slowly cast off.  So far, the Federal Reserve has propped up the dollar by purchasing T-bonds in the place of foreign banks who no longer want them.  By continually monetizing this debt, the Fed will inflate an incredible bubble in the treasury market.  When will this bubble burst?  The key lay in the rules governing Special Drawing Rights.

    Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) are securities much like treasury bonds.  Their value is determined by a basket of international currencies including the Dollar, the Euro, the Yen, and the Pound Sterling.  The IMF claims that SDRs are not technically considered currency, but SDRs serve nearly all the functions of a currency except that they are not available to the general public (yet).  It walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, but the IMF would rather not call it a duck.  In the end, the SDR is a world reserve currency, and its purpose is to topple the dollar.

    Not long after the economic meltdown began, the IMF announced that they would begin the unlimited printing of SDRs.  In 2009, within the span of a few months, SDR circulation went from $21 billion, to nearly $204 billion, and this is only the amount they have admitted to:

    Governments across the world have purchased SDRs, while at the same time dropping U.S. treasuries.  China in particular has shown sharp interest in the SDR as a replacement for the U.S. dollar:

    It may be prudent to mention that China’s heightened dumping of U.S. treasuries began right around the time that the IMF began mass printing SDRs.  And, even more disconcerting, the U.S. Treasury also quintupled its supply of SDRs in August of 2009:

    Being that the U.S. dollar is supposedly the undisputed world reserve currency, why would the U.S. Treasury have any need to buy SDRs at all?  Would this not be redundant?  Unless, the Treasury knows that the dollar will not remain the world reserve currency for much longer….

    Now we get to the tricky part…

    The IMF has instituted new rules governing the SDR and those countries who trade it (called “member countries”).  Drafting the “Fourth Amendment” governing SDR allocation, the IMF now requires member nations to retain a “special allocation” of the currency much higher than previous allocations.  Countries who keep their SDR supply above the required level receive interest payment on their excess.  Countries that fall below the required level have to PAY interest on the shortfall.  That is to say, if the U.S. were to allow its SDR reserves to fall below the level demanded by the IMF, we would be punished monetarily.  Also, under current rules, the interest rates of the currencies that make up the SDR help to determine the interest rates of the SDR.

    The IMF claims it only acts as an “intermediary” between countries wishing to trade in SDRs, but since the IMF is the creator and printer of SDR’s, this would ultimately make them the controller of the SDR market, not some outside intermediary.

    Participation in the SDR market for now is voluntary.  However, what we are witnessing here is the subtle positioning of the SDR as the only alternative in the event that the U.S. dollar fails, and once again, China is the key.

    China’s Slow Dollar Dive

    The argument is constantly made by mainstream economists that China could never drop its large supply of U.S. T-bills because if they tried, the dollar would collapse, virtually erasing the value of their dollar holdings.  The suggestion that “they are as dependent on us as we are on them” is rampant in the MSM, but, if we throw in the wild card factor of the SDR, this all changes.

    If the Chinese central bank along with certain others amass enough SDRs over an extended period of time while gradually selling off their T-bonds, the SDR’s could act as a cushion to prevent foreign central banks from losing a large portion of their wealth while the dollar sinks.  In fact, in the event that the Federal Reserve raises interest rates on the dollar (perhaps in response to the heightened risk of a mass treasury dump) those holding SDR’s actually benefit, because the interest they receive on their SDR reserves will also go up:

    This would not absorb all of China’s losses in the event of a dollar collapse, but it would be a very effective stop gap, and ample incentive for them to continue dumping treasuries.  I believe that this is the exact reason why the dollar and the Dow have been held up by the Federal Reserve for so long.  They cannot allow a major dollar depreciation until the SDR is established on the world market as a ready substitute.

    A good sign that this process might accelerate would be in the event that China de-pegs the Yuan from the Dollar and allows it to appreciate in value.  This would signal that China is moving away from the traditional export arrangement with the U.S.  Talks of a Yuan appreciation are already hitting the MSM:

    Investors in the U.S. will foolishly cheer a rise in the value of the Yuan, thinking that this will increase American exports to China.  In reality, China will be preparing to dump the last of its U.S. bonds, and begin exports and imports with the new ASEAN trading bloc:–indonesia-trade-min

    This new bloc has the potential to surpass profit margins in U.S. markets, especially in the face of extremely weak consumer activity in America.  As the U.S. falters under sovereign debt pressure, China will be in prime standing with a ready supply of SDRs and an organized trading bloc to take up the slack of falling exports to the West.

    Shock And Awe

    The illusion of U.S. recovery seems to be paramount in the plan for Globalist centralization.  Every scam imaginable has been fashioned to lure the public into a sense of false comfort.  In my original observations on the economic collapse, I believed that we would likely see a “trigger” event in 2010, which would set off a “rolling breakdown” that would not fully climax for a few years.  Now, I am not so sure.  After examining the facts behind the implementation of SDRs as well as the potentially explosive situation in the treasury market, I believe that a “shock and awe” scenario is becoming more probable.  The behavior of the Fed, along with that of the IMF seems to suggest that they are preparing for a focused collapse, peaking within weeks or months instead of years, and the most certain fall of the dollar.

    As I think of it now, the advantages of a sudden financial flash flood are numerous.  In a drawn out collapse, the Liberty Movement is given a tremendous time advantage, allowing us to double and redouble our membership while the public opinion of the Federal Reserve and the government in general would deteriorate.  In a sudden breakdown, our time will be cut short, and the public will be distracted and fearful, desperate for an organized authority to offer any semblance of “order.”  A slow collapse allows for the Liberty Movement to work peacefully within the system to build a third party capable of dethroning the current two party farce.  A sudden collapse erases all political activity and opens the door to martial law and illegitimate government.  And finally, a fast moving meltdown leaves a much stronger psychological impression; a catastrophic waking nightmare, instead of a slow grinding depression.  A world government could never be brought about due to the “monotony” of a long slow economic burnout.  Too many factors could present themselves in such an extended period that might interfere with the desired end result.  Too many variables to calculate.  In an abrupt collapse, the Globalists would need only to gage and influence the amount of fear in the populace to a sufficient boiling point then leap in with their intended solution to the problem; centralized global governance.

    I feel that in either method, the Central Bankers will fail to reach their ultimate goal, but the prospect of a direct monetary break with limited warning does make the atmosphere much heavier.  One can only prepare as much as possible mentally and emotionally, and keep his eyes wide open.

    This article has been generously contributed by Neithercorp Press for your reading pleasure.


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      1. the economy is not recovering. the coming resets of commercial real estate and alt-a option arm resets in late 2010 to 2011 and beyond. also there is a pension crisis that is soon coming. all pensions both private and public sector are heaviliy underfrunded. according to Forbes all together in all 50 states the liability of pensions are $3.2 trillion. Pension bailouts coming near you. Then there are the states. 48 0ut of 50 states are running record deficits and debt and force to make cuts or default. there is no doubt they will bailiout California when it has to default in the coming months. The FDIC is in the red. just yesterday a bank failed and the problem list for banks facing failure is 700.America is bankrupt at all levels: federal, state, municipal, city, corporations… down to the individual. The people in Washington fear what they do not understand and that is economics. They fear deflation but all the while heading us towards hyperinflation(because they will never default). We have record debt and by 2012 our debt will be $19.5 trillion, and when interest rates go up it will destroy the economy. Obama saying the worst is over reminds me of that other idiot that said “mission impossible” in that illegitimate war. We are going to descend into chaos. I think the elites will allow a couple years of chaos and disorder. In that way the people will want anything, any government other then chaos and widespread civil war.

      2. Mardochee,
        You are right on. The Global system is already in place, just some fine tuning here and there over the next year.  The global elites are indeed allowing and waiting for things to get worse so that this new world order will be easily accepted without much opposition.

      3. Comments…..The people in washington in charge of  the economy aren’t stupid, they got you where they want you. Everything that happened is by design, the idiots are the people that fell into the trap. In the old days they tied you to a ball and chain, today it’s the same thing except the ball and chain is invisible, it’s call debt. Why would they want to bring in a NWO, when everything is working to enslave the masses just fine the way it is. As intrest rates rise, and more resets takes place the noose around the neck gets tighter.

      4. “…  Last month according to official numbers the U.S. lost another 36,000 jobs.  Jobs are not being created, and will not be created anywhere near the 400,000 a month mark required for a three year recovery…”
        I wonder how the immigration visas play into this. We have 120,000 new visa immigrants land on our shore EVERY MONTH.  We also have another 125,000 illegals enter through our borders each month. This represents nearly 3 million 3rd World parasites entering our country EVERY YEAR.

        We have 570,000 military men/women spread throughout the world to protect their borders from the enemy, but we can’t spare 30,000 troops for our own border.

        Because of chain migration, as many as 10 family members will be eligible for amnesty once our corrupt government gives amnesty to the 12 million parasites already in our country.  Well, this 12 million was the official count some 10 years ago, and at that time we had over 20 million illegals in our country. Now we have over 30 million ilegals in the USA.

        Multiply the 30 million given amnesty by only 3, not the 10 family members who are eligible, and this represents 90 million people given amnesty in our country. Considering Mexico has 95 million people, this means that the USA and Mexico will officially merged as one country. 

        Does this sound like our government is working to fix the USA’s problems?  Hardly. This is proof that our leaders are deliberately destroying the sovereignty of the once great USA.

        Here are some stats that will blow your mind concerning the immigrants from Mexico. If you are not sleeping well now, then I advise you NOT click on the following link, as it will boil your blood:

      5. The bankers have already stolen most everything, now they’re just figuring out how to steal the remaining crumbs and let the suckers know they’ve been duped.

      6. Great Info! Thanks Mac for the post. All the more reason to get rid of the FED, repudiate its debt, and print red, white, and blue money!

      7. Question:  What would be the economic consequences to the U.S.A. if another Andrew Jackson were elected to the presidency and he abolished  theFederal Reserve telling them to go screw themselves because we are not going to pay them anything at all and to get out of town because we are now going to print our own money?  Could this be pulled off? 

      8. “This represents nearly 3 million 3rd World parasites entering our country EVERY YEAR.”

        Why are immigrants “parasites”? Do they take your money against your will, threatening to shoot you or steal your house if you don’t pay up? Oops, immigrants don’t do that. Only governments do that.

        “We have 570,000 military men/women spread throughout the world to protect their borders”

        Why is my money being stolen and then spent on things I couldn’t care less about? I’d rather use that money to pay an immigrant to mow my lawn. Again, who are the true parasites?

        “Now we have over 30 million ilegals in the USA.”

        Good, they seem to be hardworking and generally friendly. Never had a problem dealing with one. If you don’t want them on your property, don’t let them on. That’s certainly your choice. And if I want 100 immigrants living in my house, that’s my choice.

        “Considering Mexico has 95 million people, this means that the USA and Mexico will officially merged as one country.”

        Sounds good. Borders are imaginary lines, anyway. People should be free to travel, work, and live wherever they want – as long as they don’t violate private property owners’ rules of course.

      9. Dr. Acul,

        You have no logic to your comments … at best 3rd world logic.  Even if you were one of these parasites, yes parasite: “One depending on another and not making adequate return”, you would be a fool to want more of these people in our country, as they take more than they produce, which will come from your pocket also… we are bankrupt!

        Borders are not imaginary lines, they are what separate societies so each can flourish, or die, according to their ways.  I will not cede my culture to a 3rd world barbaric culture. There is a civil war brewing in country because of this culture clash, and the powers that be will not be able to stop it.

        Did you even bother to read the link I posted? I think not, for if you had, you would see the destruction of the USA by merging these two countries.

        And if you want 100 immigrants living on your property, it is NOT your right, since in the USA we have laws against that. This is what separates First World societies from 3rd World societies.

        As far as hiring an illegal to mow my lawn, I would gladly pay 10 time the price to keep the parasites out… in my case, I mow my own lawn.  I live amongst these people, and they have destroyed our once peaceful town with their boom boxes, graffiti, drugs, drive by shootings, murder, rape, dumbed down schools, robberies and every other abomination that can be thought of.

        Now, back to the cost of these parasites, with another link of factual statistics you won’t read:


        Dr. Acula…the problem I have is not with immigrants…it is with the fact that they are illegal.  This country, after all,  should be (and notice the should) operating under a rule of law. 

        I grew up overseas and, in fact, amongst many of the wonderful people to whom you refer.  They are in general pleasant and hard working and sacrifice for their children as do all parents in most societies.  It was a pleasure to be in their countries…we were there legally and worked legally….or else we would have been promptly jailed or kicked out.  Without papers we were toast. 

        One of the things that always flooded our souls as we returned to the US for holidays (before we came to live) was that at that time, anyway, there was the rule of law.  People weren’t just taken away for no reason…disappearing into jails or some document jungle.  That was a clear distinctive.

        If we just say ‘illegal’ is just fine…(illegal anything or anyone) we have opened the doors to everything…and, believe me, you all don’t know what it is to live where you cannot get goods and services, have to travel with documents all the time and with funds in order to make sure that the police officer on the corner will not detain you unnecessarily…the consequences of this are endless. 

        While I agree that the people are simply looking for a better life and many are wonderful, hard working people…there is a way…it is the way I have had to take…become a permanent resident or a citizen.  The avenues are available…and many have taken those steps and were those who laid the foundation for much that is good in this society.

        Borders are not imaginary lines…if you have ever tried to cross one…they are real, whether we like them or not.  Borders are actually a larger version of the private property you mention…in the sense that there is need for the property owner to give permission to enter…and once in, the rules must be followed.  That is just the way it is…we don’t live in a book.

      11. The biggest parasites are Israelis.  Take a look at the dual national banksters stealing us blind- not a single muslim or xtian name among the hundreds?  Too late to wake America, this property is condemned.

      12. I havn’t heard this particular set of circumstances described this way before.  This would basically be replacing the Federal Reserve Board bankers with the IMF bankers, who, probably, will turn out to be the same people.  I assume all this is to get their big shot at running the international money laundering schemes.  I mean, really, they are all just small minded big time crooks with lots of time on their hands (apparently) to plan big elaborate scenarios like this.  I mean they are so rich they have never had to work for a living. 

        But, who really knows what will actually happen.  We have a big parking lot of players.
        I view the Chinese, soon the Japanese, and the Russians as perfectly capable of running some slow circles around these illuminati & friends crime syndicates. 
        Perhaps the EU will jump on board and return to their ideas of sovereignty before its too late for them to choose. 
        Too soon to tell.

      13. Dr Acula:  We are a nation of immigrants so most of us do not oppose those that come to America legally. We do oppose mass immigration of a people who do not share our values, principles, history, language, and culture; PARTICULARLY those who want US to adapt to them. And they do. Thats rediculous.

        Borders are not imaginary lines, but genuine boundaries. They are historical declarations of sovereignty that delineate one nation from another. Anyone crossing a border illegally is tresspassing, breaking Federal law,  is a potential danger to American citizens, and ought to be arrested, jailed, fined, put to hard labor, and then deported.

        Don’t get me wrong. I admire their struggle and I would be the first to leave Mexico if I were born on that side of the border, so I sympathize with the plight of these people. But as a taxpayer, I do not want to pay for their food, clothing, housing, health care and education.

        I do not want them flooding the job market in the USA creating an oversupply of labor that depresses the salaries and wages of American citizens. That lowers our living standard and makes it even more difficult for working Americans to meet their obligations and care for their families.

        If you notice WHO or WHAT groups support mass Mexican immigration, you will see that each of them want to exploit these Mexican nationals in one way or another.

        The US Chamber of Commerce wants them so that their  member businesses can exploit these people financially at the expense of the American worker. Hispanic politicians want these people here to expand their power base, and the Catholic Church wants them here to expand their Church because white America is leaving it in droves. The Catholic Church also wants them for increased income, perceived political power, and finally to sexual abuse their children. Pedophilia is pervasive in the Catholic Preisthood. The Catholic Church is an ABOMINATION

        Additionally, there is an immense crimminal element associated with this invasion. Much of it is organized narco terrorism, but some of it is loosely organized crimminals stealing cars, and anything else these individuals think they can sell to make a buck. There is also a great deal of violence against Americans: like the 70 year old Sun City woman raped and killed by her gardner. 

        America is supposed to be a melting pot. Not menudo. These people do not want to be Americans. They want to be Mexicans living in America with all of the advantages but none of the responsibilities. If they  really wanted to be Americans they could join our military services, risk their life for this country, as I did, and apply for citizenship.

        I don’t want them here. The vast majority of Americans don’t want them here. Mexico is a rich country, has been for centuries, and the wealthiest man in the world lives there. So why are so many Mexicans poor and uneducated? If Mexicans want to live like Americans then copy our program and create it in Mexico. Don’t come to America with your hand out. Have they no pride?

        Mexico has no excuse. Don’t pawn your illiterate poor off on US, we don’t want them. They are Mexican nationals. They need to go home!

      14. Comments…..The greedy muslim bastards will continue to tighten the screw with ever higher oil prices while grandma is hungry and can no longer afford her medicine because most every thing comes from and is affected by oil. I cry when I see grandma buying dogfood for HERSELF because the greedy muslim bastards have caused the inflation  of all consumables.

      15. ZORRO:   Whatever the consequences might be, I don’t see how they could be any worse than the consequences of a printing press in perpetual motion, hell bent on our own destruction.

        The American taxpayer underwrote the Asian Tigers when they were about to collapse. The American taxpayer paid for the redevelopment of Europe (including Germany) and Japan. The American taxpayer underwrote the Russian economy by supporting higher oil prices so it wouldn’t collapse in the 90’s.

        The wealth of the American people was sytematically transferred to China by the policies of the Republicans and Democrats who encouraged the offshoring of our manufacturing base, gutting our economy, and stripping us of our ability to build our own weapons and provide for our own defense.  Again at the expense of the American taxpayer. This doesn’t include the hundreds of billions of dollars that the American people have provided to countless other nations in the form of foreign aid. Nor does this consider the twenty five billion dollars that is siphoned off of the top of the American economy every year by Mexico through their nationals living and working in America illegally.

        Americans don’t owe anyone anything!

        Repudiate the FED and all of its insidious debt. Arrest these people and try them for treason. Nationalize the banks and arrest the Banksters. Line Wall Street up against the wall. Outlaw the Democrat and Republican parties that have been complicit in the demise of the American economy!

        Wake up America! Kill the FED!

      16. Comments…..Inflation is caused by excess printing of money, as well as specualtors playing the commodity market. Arabs don’t set the price of oil You economic idiot.

      17. I appreciate every nationality on the block and enjoy their cultural differences.

        except – the punk kids and their damned car stereo’s BOOMIN’.

        My only joy in seeing and hearin’ them is that they are doing permanent hearing damaged to their ear drums ;0)… lol


      18. This article has lots of good stuff. I only really disagree with the author’s end conclusion, that the end will come with a bang and it will come suddenly and without warning in 2010.

        TPTB are not desperate, not yet that is. There is no reason to believe they won’t continue the same old boil-the-frog methodology to reduce more and more of us to slaves. It’s been going on for many years now even though it is ramping up lately. Ask anyone what they are most concerned with in the world. Ask them how important they view Fed transparency, low interest rates, state budget issues, or US Treasury debt. Ask them if they even know what a credit default swap is. You’ll most likely be met with stares and/or glazed eyes as all they can think of is who they think is going to win American Idol or how are they going to get the $ to buy that Iphone for little Suzie.

        Sorry, but I see more of the same until public sentiment reaches some critical mass, at which point I agree with the author that we will see a sudden collapse. TPTB has everything calculated out and they will not make a mistake on pulling the plug too early as there is still $$ to be stolen.

        The only question in my mind is how will TPTB know it’s time to pull the plug? By monitoring this site and youtube videos? I think not. I just don’t know how they’ll know it’s time.

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