Economist’s Warning: On November 1, There Will Be A 70% Stock Market Crash

by | Oct 29, 2018 | Headline News | 43 comments

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    Out of all of the dire warnings coming from economists about the impending market collapse, one sticks out as exceptionally terrifying. Famed economist Ted Bauman is now warning that “There are three key economic indicators screaming sell. They don’t imply that a 70% collapse is looming, it’s already at our doorstep.”

    Bauman and his team correctly predicted the collapse of 1999 and 2007. But this is one distinct warning that should send chills down your spine. According to Banyan Hill, Bauman isn’t the only economist making predictions and sounding alarms about this “health economy” the mainstream media continues to insist is going strong.  However, if Bauman says the market will crash 70%, one should consider listening to him.

    Over the last three decades, Bauman has accurately predicted the financial crisis of 2008, the crash of 2000, the recession of the early 1990s, and the 1987 crash.  Additionally, when Bauman makes a prediction, he backs it up. True to form, in a new and considerably controversial video, Bauman uses over a dozen indisputable charts to prove his point that a 70% stock market crash is here.

    Most alarming of all though. is what Bauman says will cause the collapse. It has nothing to do with interest rates, government debt, tariffs, or China, although those will all take their tolls on the economy as well. Instead, it is linked back to a little-known scheme that was deemed illegal for triggering the 1929 market crash. It is a scheme that was made legal again. That practice is companies buying back their own stocks to artificially inflate the market. But Bauman does believe there is a way to prepare.

    According to his video, there’s nothing anyone can do to stop the inevitable November 1 crash, which could see nest eggs wiped out but you can make it through. Bauman claims buying stock market crash resistant stocks will be a good place to start. Although he doesn’t specifically list which stocks you should choose, we did some digging and found a few that could be viable options for investors.

    According to, three of these stocks that should be at the top of your shopping list during the next market crash are American Express (NYSE:AXP), Starbucks (NASDAQ:SBUX), and Brookfield Infrastructure Partners L.P. (NYSE:BIP). They’ve all proven to be market-crushing investments for people who bought the last time there was a big market crash, and they retain the same characteristics that make them ideal long-term investments.


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      1. I’m hard.

        • I don’t doubt this guy’s integrity or analysis. I do doubt the wisdom of specifying November 1st as THE DAY unless he received that date from the Lord, himself. Last month Jim Willie said the sky would fall on October 10th.

          It’s October 29th Chicken Little. 🙂

          • Look at what has been happening to the stock market and all other markets since Oct. 10th. Since that date, we have lost all of 2018 gains.

            • Not the same as “COLLAPSE”. Willie claims “COLLAPSE” Again. A correction is not “COLLAPSE”.

              Willie claimed the USD was to be replaced by the Yuan. The Yuan is TANKING and if left to find its it market value in the FX market, would soon compete with the Indian Rupee.

              Can you say, “CONFETTI” ??? 🙂

              • Would love to see Confetti and Wall Street personnel raining down from the highest windows on live TV. Bring on the crash.. JUMP YOU F*ERS! ALL OF YOU JUMP!

          • I thought he said the crash would begin by Nov. 1. One could say that it began last week, which would certainly be “by” Nov. 1. So the continuation of the crash is a process. The crash of 1929 didn’t happen in one day. It took a long time. So if last week was the beginning of big crash, we will have to wait a while before we can say he was right or wrong.

        • So sick of reading articles from so called market forecasting guru’s that nobody has hear of nor their record of accirate forecasting is available.
 provides market forecasters with their accuracy for long periods of time. This is the real list with serious people on that list. Some of the greats I follow and gain real insight. My opinion is a guru must be long running historically better than 50% other pwise my handy nickel flip is just as good! Heads or tails…..

      2. Don’t worry, some other guy said that on Oct. 31 the rapture will occur. So, party on!

      3. More pure bullshit–just buy his stocks.

        • My magic eightball came up saying “Horseshite”. And Bullwinkle says, “Eenie meanie chile beanie the spirits are about to speak”. So we’re gtg!

      4. Mac, uh, you’re risking getting egg on your face with this kind of prediction. Could happen at some point later but why Nov. 1?

        • I applaud him actually sticking a date on this. Frankly, the “any day now” and “sometime in the future” predictions get tired.

          Bold, yes. Possibly wrong, of course. But lets start making this thing tangible

          • ALA Michael Snyder predictions………

        • Ummmm.. TDR

          “Famed economist Ted Bauman” made the prediction NOT MAC

        • It has to do with QT occurring on 10/31. It has to do with a blackout period and all can now unload.

      5. We are due for a big correction. I welcome it. It will bring prices back to true market values that are related to what a company is worth and what it produces.

      6. Lets hope Silver breaks out and flies back up to $48 an ounce quickly. I will be a much much wealthier Man.

        • TharSheBlows, people say I’m crazy for pulling out of the stock market before 2007 and that I missed “DOUBLING” my money. All I know is that I put everything into Silver and by any “Historic” measurement I am as rich as a Duke or Earl.

          In a world of lies and deceit, trust only what you can possess!

      7. Maybe Nov 1st is when the paper Silver shorters get their margin calls and can’t dummy up the physical silver for all their shorts. There are 10 times paper silver shorts than physical silver to be had. I call that criminal and a scheme to defraud.

        • Keith Neumeyer @ First Majestic Silver agrees with you. He has been fighting that battle for years. So far it hasn’t done him any good.

      8. It is perfectly legal for a public company to ReINVEST in itself and buy back its own stock with surplus profits.

        Buying back stock eliminates it , raising or maintaining the value of public stock. It is a way to invest for the benefit of all the shareholders.

        Just like combining new financing at a lower rate reduces to overall costs of debt by lowering interest % payments.

        VALUE ADDED for the shareholders, and it is good of course when a company has SURPLUS PROFITS ! 🙂

        • But borrowing massively to do it is not good.

        • Its actually just the same model as the Snake that eats its own tail….Looks good on the start and face of it, but always ends in a circular decline.

        • It might be legal today, but it was illegal in the past.

      9. On the down side, they shot up the GOP he’d quarters in Daytona, FL last night.

      10. Starbucks CEO said they would hire 10,000 muslims.
        Starbucks CEO said that bums and vagrants are allowed to loiter and use thier facilities. This would put my wife and daughters, office personnel, at risk. No. I will not allow bums to oogle my women.
        Starbucks CEO closed stores for a day for a communist style indoctrination program. Training employees to let bums, vagrants, to hang around thier store. Especially of they have a certain skin pigment.

        No. A thug is a thug. Dress like a thug, act like a thug.
        NO MATTER your skin color. Even if you have the PC correct Media favorite skin color. A thug is still a thug. No I will NEVER apollogise.

        I’m not a thug. I avoid thugs. My family avoids thugs and thug loiter hang outs. But at the same time we are ALL armed, trained, ready, to counter thug violence.

        I encourage all employees to get concealed carry. Also, people are more polite and civil when they know everyone else is armed.

        Americans arm yourselves. Buy more ammo. Buy American.

        I HAVE NEVER RETuRNED TO STARBUCKS. MY FAMILY is not allowed to go into the place. I told my employees to “Never bring a Starbucks cup onto the property of thier workplace”. This is MY BUSINESS. A No PC zone. PC thought police mess with us I have money and lawyers. Piss on you PC-Media-Tech mafia tyrants.

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        If any female makes false accusatiion they better have funds too. I will turn lawyers loose on them for false PC nonsense accusations.

        No I will not buy Starbucks stock
        Yes their business will fail.
        They have alienated many many long time customers.
        The quality of people they hire in my area is appalling.
        Well before the CEO’s idiocy.

        Piss on tthe Thought Police Stasi and Media dirtbags that have ruined a once wonderful country.
        Liars. Con Artist. Anti American. that is CNN and MOST of US media. Piss on them all.

        And no the sky is not falling. Stock crash will happen. So what. Life will go on. People on this site will be just fine.

        Does it make sense that if stock market tanks. Money worthless. People out of job. That overpriced coffee served by Muslims or anti American “alternative type freaks” of Starucks will continue as a viable business.

        No. Overpriced coffee will go the way of buggy whip makers. EXTINCT. How many buggy whips did you buy last year?

        Now I’m going into company break room for a nice cup of coffee. No it will not cost me $5. No it will not be served by anti American Muslim. No advertising dollars will be spent on anti American CNN. No bums will be traversed in order to make my way to coffee.

        …..again…piss on you thought police PC media liar dirtbags. My cable tv is being canceled. NFL took a knee. So have I. You anti American media-corporate-sports will not get one dollar from me or mine.

        Prayers for the President of the United States. Protect President Trump and American People from all enemies foriegn and MOSTLY domestic. Protect us ALL from media-tech mafia-and the many enemies within.

        Cut your cable tv.
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        Cut off Starbucks.

        Support President Trump as long as he stays out of wars.
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        Notice how many posts dissappear off this site?
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        Are the people posting being disappeared too?
        First Tyrants shut you up, then take away your firearms, then you are easy to round up and kill.

        • The CEO of Starbucks said that if you believe in traditional marriage, he doesn’t want you as a customer.

          So I’ve never been in one, and I never will go in one.

          • We have a deal! Since I do believe in traditional marriage, I will happily honor the CEO of Starbucks request that I not patronize his establishments, to include any of his products I might find at a gas station. He has my word on it.
            “There now, do this mean we can be friends again?”

            As a gesture of good will on my part, I want the entertainer/activists in Hollywood to know that they can all feel more virtuous knowing that I am not spending any of my Deplorable money to watch their movies (or rent them). Nor do I watch TV either. Not missing a thing.

        • We sold hundreds of buggy whips this year where I work.

        • What?

        • 3 years ago I started a habit of going to every Starbucks drivethru I passed and ordered at least $25 worth of lattes (hot and iced) and at the window to pay, when no other cars in front of me, I ask them if Howard Shultz is the CEO. Some have to ask a manager and when they retun I act surprised and apologize and say he requested that people, like me, that believe in things he opposes should not buy his stuff. I apologize again, and inform them I am just abiding by your CEO’s wishes and drive off. Funny knowing that hot latte will go cold and that iced beverage will get watered down. Summer is best. Nobody wants the hot coffe and the ice melts faster. I must have cost them $10,000 by now ? Fuck em. Fuck em real good.

      11. Will the Dollar ever ‘collapse’ or just keep losing purchasing power like it has done for the last century?

        I’m a prepper but don’t prep for a specific crisis as it doen’t matter what causes SHTF – just having the essentials for my needs for at least six months matters.

        All these fearmongering stories get boring after years of hearing/reading them.

        • Sammy, Amen. I concure.
          The world can end only so many times. Economic collapse can happen only so many times? Apocallypse is always scheduled. Where is any of it?

          Live your life.
          Put up with your job and cranky wife because you have to.
          Fish. Drink beer. Remember the girl you should have married, instead of the big boobs that caught you in her web.
          No worries. Be happy. Drink beer. Grill Burgers. Fish.
          Drink more beer. Exercise to counter the beer and burgers.

          When the end does come. Have Beer on hand. Get out lawn chair/cooler. Watch the show. Should be entertaining.
          –The End

          • Like the rooftop scenes from Resident Evil 2 and the Night of the Living Dead…just saying.

        • All paper money in the past has collapsed to nothing.

      12. STARBUCKS?

        Fuck’s sake… really? I can make better than Starbucks in my bathtub.

        You know, I mean I should figure out. I suck at socializing therefore I would suck at predicting market psychology, as it’s the amalgamated decisions of people I can’t fucking figure out.

        Also, this time IS different because interest rates are dogshit on savings and it’s forced people into stocks. If there was somewhere to panic TO then yeah I see it. There’s not. So I mean, IMO panic will start much later than usual but will be near total very. VERY. Rapidly when it finally does come.

        • The low interest rates didn’t force me into stocks. I’m into commodities, such as groceries and all the other prep items.

          Buying groceries ahead when they’re on sale is better than putting money in the bank. It doesn’t matter if the dollar goes up or down, if you don’t have any.

        • I can make better than Starbucks in my toilet.

      13. What about buying physical gold which the Chinese elites r buying? I smell a new weird odor.

      14. I’m in agreement with you Archivist. Ya can’t eat paper or silver although I have some. I think it important to have a Berkey or some kind of water filter also.

      15. American Distress and OutofLuck’s are his suggestions???? Seriously? Just dismissed his entire article.

      16. Yeah, after I wake up to the morning of a 70% stock market crash, the very first thing I will want to do is run out and buy a $7 coffee from Starbucks. Yep money to burn…especially for crap coffee and a judgmental barista.

      17. Shouldn’t mining stocks be at the top of that list?

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