Economists: A Recession Is Coming In 14-18 Months

by | Mar 5, 2019 | Headline News | 36 comments

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    Economists have finally laid out a timeline for when they believe a recession will finally hit the United States.  Some say a recession will come this year, but most agree that we have about 14 to 18 months before the proverbial SHTF and a worst-case recession strikes hard, all but eliminating the middle class.

    Fox News Business finally admitted that the economy is slowing down as we are nearing the end of the longest bull market in U.S. history. However, some financial gurus and market analysts feel that we are already in a bear market, many mainstream economists are finally getting around to telling the American public the truth. Growth is beginning to slow dramatically, leaving economists with the brutal task of guessing when the next recession will take a firm hold.

    Fairfax Global Markets CEO Paul Dietrich predicts that the United States’ economy is going to slow in 2019, from the 2.9 percent growth in 2018 to between 2 and 2.4 percent this year. Comparatively, the current consensus level of the ten-core leading economic indicators is similar to where we were at the same point in June 2000, reported Fox News Business The 2001-2002 recession officially started in March 2001, or nine months later. Economic indicators are also very similar to where the U.S. was at the same point in April 2006. The 2007-2009 recession officially started in December 2007, or twenty months later.

    Deitrich says that his analysis means that you shouldn’t necessarily be in a rush to flee the stock market in 2019, because the recession won’t hit for another 14 months, which would be about May of 2020. The recession may not even begin until later in 2020, about 18 months from now, or September of 2020. So basically, you have time to prepare for the next economic downturn.  Only one thing is certain: the bubble we are in will not last forever.

    This is one of the few timelines economists have given.  It will give those who take heed over a year to prepare for a recession. Save money and pay off your debts. Both of those will come in handy when the economic SHTF in a little over a year.


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      1. It depend on you circumstance if its a recession. If you don’t make enough its a recession or depression. If its your neighbor its nothing out of the ordinary to you. Didnt we have this very same article a few weeks ago? I would welcome a recession. A recession would curb inflation. My fixed income would buy more. Other folks earned income would buy more.A recession is a Wim Win situation from my Perspective.

        • I skated right on through the 07-09 recession just fine. I lost a lot of work but Was sitting on a couple thousand ounces of silver. Work eventually came back and I am resuming stacking. The bottom is here as far as prices and I don’t think they will stay for long. Only a fool keeps their savings in a bank where every shark on earth can take it. My savings provided a 400% return how did your bank account do? My savings were safe from EVERYTHING, how safe is yours?

          Gold is beautiful
          Silver is grand
          Digital is the currency of the retard man….

          • These 5 oz. coins are super cool! Right from the mint.

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            • I like your poem, no bad fur a Genius

            • Nice one Poet “G”

              • Recession coming eh? First I’ve heard of it.

                • Dang I hope malt extract and sugar don’t go way up! But then if it does I can utilize silver to buy it 😀

                  • The coin I referred to above comes in 5oz, 2oz, 1oz, 1/2oz, 1/4oz, 1/10oz. I have them all! The set is very high on the super cool list! GSM also makes a morgan dollar and walking liberty copy in those denominations. Time for a treasure bath (roll around in silver) weeehaawwww! 😀

          • “This is one of the few timelines economists have given.”

            No one knows for sure ‘WHEN”. And if mainstream economists are claiming the middle of 2020 then I would bet it would happen before the end of the year. Any number of things could trigger a rout in the markets now; which is historically THE indicator that the bottom will fallout in the following six months as corporations retrench.

            Is this time different ??? Only in that TRUMP POLICIES have spurred corporate investment and hiring to take advantage of the new tax laws. The key as always is whether the American Consumer is willing to spend.

            High employment rates bringing workers back into the workforce who have been uncounted and on the sideline, suggests that these people may have some pent up demand. But who knows. We are in uncharted territory now as the current business cycle is now the longest one ever; while the business CLIMATE is the best since Ronald Reagan.

            What goes up must come down is the writing on the wall for those capable of interpreting the symbols. 🙂

      2. How convenient. Just in time for the next election.

        • Exactly. Trump’s got all the manipulation tools. You can BET there won’t be a recession before November 2020. At least not a technical one. Plus, he’s been downright frantic on working trade deals, so hopefully, the jobs front can be propped up too for another year and a half.

      3. Calling a recession is a waste of time. We are in a state of decay. This means things decay and fall apart quietly and slowly for the most part. You notice the signs in the social decay, your neighbourhood slowly filling up with Muslims and Africans, in fact all the government workers are women, Muslims and blacks. That’s one of the signs.

        Just as in the Great Depression, for those with jobs and assets, things are fine. Yes, they step over the homeless on the way to work, and they will tut tut when they read the news about another gang murder, but otherwise they will stuff their faces and watch TV.

        This state of affairs can go on for decades just like in the third world.

        • Frank,
          You are 100% Correct my friend. The Gov’t is responsible for so, so, so much of this ridiculous garbage! An average WHITE Man like myself would not be able to get a Gov’t job if my shitty life depended on it but in fact I am now the new face of so called MINORITY in this sinking ruined, vile country. The U.S. folks is finished. I hate to say it but it is the honest God damn truth and all of us best get right with the damn hard facts. And they steal, yes STEAL close to what 40-50% from me every other week and it will continue until the powers that be screw me out of my clown, insignificant, worthless, shit job in shitty ass Corporate America. It is all for not folks, all for not. Look where it has gotten me and all of you as well. We are all slaves and most are too stupid to realize it.

        • I am not at all sure that we have decades left.

          In the early 1970s, some folks at M.I.T. attempted to project future conditions of humanity up to the year 2100. To their shock, the computer predicted that overall conditions would start getting extremely bad around 2030, and that by 2040 much of the global population would be dead and that civilization would collapse.

          Although it sounds like tinfoil-hat craziness, recent analysis confirms that what has already occurred during the past 40 years is tracking very closely so far with the M.I.T. results.

          If some guy on the corner is wearing a sandwich board and screeching that The End Is Near, I’m prone to take it with a grain of salt. When the boys at M.I.T. say that we have 10 to 20 years before utter collapse, and already have 40 years of confirmed results, I tend to take it fairly seriously. It’s hard to overcome what psychologists call “normalcy bias” but as we know from history, catastrophes are not infrequent and those who drift along complacently often don’t do too well.


          ….and in other news…..

      4. Frank is quite correct. Myself I spent the time effort and money to insulate my lifestyle from being directly adversely affected by things beyond my control. And Yes I would step over homeless . They are not my problem. I didn’t make them homeless. Im not inclined to immerse myself in other folks problems.

        • Jesus said, the poor you will always have with you. Timeless wisdom.

      5. A Recession is coming? So is Christmas!

        Big dang deal

        • BUSINESS IDEA! It just dawned on me I used to work for a salvage store when I was a kid. We would go out and salvage usable stuff from stores that had fires or floods etc. and resell it in the store. That could be a gold mine for those of you who live in disaster prone areas! You get stuff for pennies on the dollar and it is perfectly good and usable. Either bid it from the owner or insurance company. What was great was I got first pick of the goods and a discount. The man that owned it was a millionaire and that was rare for the town I grew up in. Just an idea, you could sell it at the swap meet or yard sale or whatever and make a lot of $$$ 🙂

      6. markets go up
        markets go down
        life continues

      7. 14-18 months? Chicken Little must be on opioids now.

      8. Get your IQ tested.

        White folks with an IQ above 120 should be more concerned about white Genocide than about economics. Every 14 to 18 months is a good time for procreation. Smart white young people need to increase the number of children. From age sixteen to age 27 is the most important time of life for during those years one is most fertile.


        • Well ya I am concerned about it but…. Most white people above 120 have few or no kids because they don’t want the burden and expense and are more career oriented. Both me and my wife are well over 120 and neither of us have kids. For the reasons stated above. And now that we are older we both believe it is a good decision because this place has no future and we don’t need the guilt of making our kids suffer this hell that is coming. We have 2 cats and a dog. They are spoiled rotten. They are loved and very well cared for. They all are fixed so when we all go, the turds can party on without us. Imagine earth in say 50 years from now. What a living hell it will be….

          • Be sure and leave a note to your kids/grandkids why you just HAD to drag them into the hell they will be in ok? Good planning Butch….

      9. “Breaking point as 76K cross border into US” Last month. Is Trumpy aware of this or is he just a sock puppet? Are we being played here boys and girls?

      10. May 2020 – Perfect timing for Fed to blame Trump for economic woes and maximize likelihood that he won’t be re-elected. The Fed is not political, my ass…

      11. The article suggests that it is not yet time to exit the stock market. That’s optimistic since we’re at historical highs.

        John Hussman suggests that while there may or may not be another few months of rise, the potential for a 60% drop over the next 18-24 months is almost certain.

        I’m not smart enough to time the top of the market. Are you?

      12. I guess I better dig that fallout shelter and buy some seed vaults.

        The only recession on the horizon is the loss of freedom in America.

        IOW, everything on this planet is EXPANDING, including chicken little’s fat ass

        Hey Mac, get that Shemita guy back on, you know, that idiot who based the end of the universe on the Jewish stoopercycle, LOL duhhh revvvv-revvvvvvvvvv!! nyuck nyuck wooo wooo

      13. I guess I better dig that fallout shelter and buy some seed vaults.

        The only recession on the horizon is the loss of freedom in America.

        IOW, everything on this planet is EXPANDING, including chicken little’s fat ass

        Hey Mac, get that Shemita guy back on, you know, that idiot who based the end of the universe on the Jwished stoopercycle, LOL duhhh revvvv-revvvvvvvvvv!! nyuck nyuck wooo wooo

        • The loss of freedom is not a recession it is a depression. Even though we have never been free what little we had is almost completely gone. Man can’t handle freedom. Therefore we will never have it. Just pray you will go to another place where beings CAN be free. Das Judens shall stay here in the hell they created…

      14. There are a couple of hidden bubbles, debt, and derivatives, keep an eye on these. Plan accordingly. Catch up with me on YouTube.

        • If you really give a fook and want to fight censorship you would post it on brighteon or vimeo. But ya, most sheep post on youtube I guess. I hate to admit it but when I need a hard to find vid I use youtube.

      15. All the doom and gloom articles just play into the socialists goals. Is that what Mark Salvo wants? Fast way to SHTF in my opinion. Grow up.

      16. Seems like I heard this 14 to 18 months ago. And 14 to 18 months before that.

      17. About damn time the talking heads got their heads out of their asses. But, even though they are correct about the downturn, they are WRONG about the timing. 14 months? Give me a break. Try more like 6 months.

        Ever since November of 2008 I have been stating, on the internet and to anyone who would listen, that the next stock market crash will start about Labor Day THIS year (2019) with a 40% drop to a low on the last Friday of October THIS year (2019). After that the most likely scenario is a short term rise, then more downside after the next election.

        What that does is give Trump an out to blame the Democrats for the downturn, then become the knight in shining armor to take credit for the bounce before the election. When the market goes down more after the election, Trump will probably be forced to own the whole recession.

        BTW, for those that will be alive, the NEXT 40% stock market drop in a 56 day period is due in Sep/Oct 2027.

        I have correctly predicted the last TWO major market crashes to the exact days, duration, & extent years in advance, so am very confident about my current predictions.

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