Economic Nostradamus: We Are Literally Witnessing a Collapse

by | Apr 27, 2012 | Headline News | 384 comments

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    With the Presidential election cycle in full swing our incumbent administration, the media, and their financial pundits continue to maintain that the US economy’s green shoots have blossomed into fields of golden sunflowers. Despite what we’re being told, however, the actual data tells a stunningly different story.

    Richard Yamarone, a senior economist for Bloomberg Brief, has been called an economic Nostradamus for his prescient forecasting of the 2008 financial crisis, and now he’s warning that the worst is not over. In a recent interview with King World News he suggests that not only is the economic outlook a barren desert devoid of any existence of green shoots, but we have a front row seat to witness the collapse of life in America as we know it:

    King World News Interview via SGT Report:

    I think people are just running out of money. We have contracting, real disposable incomes. Most of the job creation that we have is from minimum wage type jobs.

    …you are actually seeing this collapse, contracting on a real basis, of real disposable personal incomes. If you don’t have the money, you can’t facilitate expenditures. So that’s the core of the problem. That’s what’s really going on in the US economy.

    You don’t listen to what all of these bigger numbers coming across the screen tell you. You talk to the people who are running the country. 99.7% of all employer firms in this country are small businesses. So when they speak, you have to listen.

    You have to listen to what the small businesses are telling you and right now they are telling you, ‘Hey, I’m the head of a 3rd or 4th generation, 75 or 100 year old business, and I’ve got to shut the doors’ or ‘I’ve got to let people go. And if I’m hiring anybody back, it’s only on a temporary basis.

    In this current recession, we are not even close (to getting the jobs back) and that’s 50 months and counting.

    The fact of the matter is that meaningful jobs won’t be returning any time soon. Recent (un)employment data indicate that cumulatively we are losing jobs each and every month. And, those jobs that do become available are minimum wage jobs that are insufficient to offset the income loss we’ve experienced since 2008.

    The bottom line is that if people don’t have money, they can’t consume to keep the economy going. This leads to a vicious negative feedback loop that forces small (and large) business employers to lay off workers, which takes even more money out of the economy, which subsequently leads to more business closures and cutbacks.

    As evidence of this effect we need look only at the most recent Gross Domestic Product (GDP) data which indicate that, while the economy is still officially growing, it’s doing so at a snail’s pace of just 2.2%. That’s the official government statistic, so of course it’s loaded with fuzzy math that fails to account for one very critical piece of information – inflation. According to John Williams of Shadow Stats, if we accounted for inflation and calculated GDP as it should be done, without government up-side distortions, our economic growth has not only slowed, it’s actually contracting at a rate 0f negative 2.2%. By all accounts, even though the mainstream narrative is one of growth, recovery and increased consumer spending, the US economy is and has been in a recession since 2005.

    Consider that food stamp rates have doubled over that period to 48.5 million participants (that’s one in six Americans!) and that we have an unofficial machination-adjusted unemployment rate in excess of 22% and one thing becomes absolutely clear: the average Joe Sixpack is broke, hungry and dangerously close to ripping to shreds the remainder of our country’s social safety nets.

    Every piece of official data the government and their mouth pieces throw at us is and has been fabricated for the better part of a decade. Inflation is four times higher than Ben Bernanke will admit. Foreclosures continue piling up and the shadow inventory of foreclosed homes is now in the multiple millions. Real estate prices are still falling, with even ‘new’ buyers who purchased homes after the 2008 collapse and thought they were getting a deal now underwater on their mortgages.

    To top it all off we have the price of essential goods like food and energy going through the roof as a result of easy Fed money to banks and investment firms that has nowhere to go but stock and commodities paper markets. While all those freshly printed Federal Reserve dollars have yet to make their way to consumers in any significant way, we’re already seeing the initial effects of our CTRL+Print  monetary policies and they’re have a devastating impact on consumer gas prices and grocery store trips.

    We’ve oft opined that the collapse that so many naysayers believe will never happen is, in fact, happening right here and now. The data suggests it likely occurred well before global stock markets melted down in 2008.

    The aforementioned handful of data (there’s plenty more where that came from – we haven’t even gotten into the European debt debacle or the coming Japanese and Chinese economic meltdowns) is providing us a clear picture of where we’ve been and where we’re headed.

    We are literally witnessing the collapse of our entire entire borrow-and-consume paradigm, the aftereffects of which will not be pretty, complete with hyperinflationary depression, riots, starvation and bloodshed.


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      1. How ironic because I see people redoing their homes and buying new cars and trucks and spending all sorts of money although my job has been slowing down big time

        • They are all spending on credit. These types tend to ignore the 500# elephant in their portfolio: Debt. They truly believe that they will “earn” enough to not only pay off their debt,but, “get ahead” and maintain a savings. Idiots.

          • and you can prove that??????????? If not SHUT IT

            • Rich 99, I think it’s your pie hole that needs shut. Read this:

              “Last year, total US consumer debt reached its highest point in a decade, according to a credit card industry observer.”

              “People made some progress in reducing card debt earlier in the year, but in the last few months, as the stock market started to rise, they started to return to their old ways of charging things,”

              “In December 2011, the total consumer debt — which is the combination of non-revolving and revolving debt — rose by some 9.3 percent to $2.498 trillion, according to the latest Federal Reserve Board numbers.”

              “The trend — month to month, quarter to quarter and year to year — is rising steeply.” – Source, myfoxdc

              Also, C.D. Howe Institute: Consumer Debt Reaches Record Levels in Canada – April 4, 2012

          • Spending on Credit, elcid??
            Oh, no, they’re not!!! They are getting $100 gift cards from ??? (they won’t tell who) that say, now, I know how you love flowers, so don’t spend this on food, spend on your yard. And send me a picture!!(wink-wink)
            This from the same neighbor who said SHE DIDN’T HAVE $1 for chips from the vending machine at the hospital during husband’s surgery last month???
            Eat those flowers lady–you WILL NOT be eating from my stash.
            Want some salt with that merigold and crape myrtle leaf salad???

            • J J, I have heard that same ole crap from people about not having $$ for necessary food items or repair work on their vehicles and teeth. Yet they find $$ somewhere for insignificant bullshit. Flowers, ornamental trees, yard gazebos they never use, statuary(Cement figures like “lawn jockeys” WTF?) A life long friend of mine, was talking with us about our prepping and seemed ready to jump on board last fall and winter 2010. In her early 60s type lady with grown children that have moved away. After we let her in on our SHTF Plan, She was all giddy and said she would come to our place to live and help if and when it hit. We had decided to put our usual vacaction vacation $$ towards long term preps like wheat berries and a hand grinder so we could have enough to,make bread for about four persons for a year. She was saying “Oh how wonderful” and what a “great idea that is”. Until we asked if she wanted to chip in. Then she didn’t have any money. Living from paycheck to paycheck and can’t afford tires for the car even. In less than three months , she had taken to mini vacations, bought about $400.00 worth of plants and landscaping shit, and worst of all spent $600.00 for a new motorcycle helmet that she didn’t even need.I have never talked prepping with her again and I hope she has plenty of leather on that helmet, cause we ain’t sharing any food!

            • JayJay: Your comment is a little fuzzy. I have actually BEEN getting seed brochures that are full of “we will give you this free.” I actually got a coupon saying here’s X-amount (named a dollar amount) of free stuff, anything you want to pick, even if you don’t spend a dime — I got the free stuff and now am growing it in my garden, and I never spent a dime or a penny or a peso on it. I have never seen these companies do this before — things have to be bad.

            • I enjoy the one’s that waste their money smoking and drinking…. Morons!

            • @bill-I would love a nice cigar, and some makers mark(on the rocks). Moron? possibly? Happy moron? OH YEAH!

            • I am actually new to all of this, my husband and I are just “waking up” but he owns his own landscaping business but along with the landscaping he builds patios,decks,outdoor kitchens and boat docks he has had to hire 2 new crews,and he told me he’s happy to have the work but he just don’t understand how people are affording it. But we will be happy with the work as long as it is coming

          • When ever I hear someone react like that I wonder what they know { are they goverenment}and what there hidding.
            It almost sounds like your trying to cover something up

          • In recent months the US consumer has added 40 billion in credit card debt. They ain’t goin’ to pay dat back.

            • Anyone who thinks that capitalism and communism were/are at odds needs to look at the original surnames (not the noms de guerre) of the power players and financiers of BOTH systems. Both capitalism and communism have put a monopoly of power and money into the hands of the same tribe. Long before 1913 the plan was conceived to kill and enslave the goyim.

          • @elcid-77. That elephant analogy reminds me of the way the economy is like. Remember that bridge that suddenly collapsed in Minnesota and took all those cars down into the drink, everyone assumed the bridge was completely safe. The bridge had wear and tear on it that MOST people chose to ignore, it will be fine. Then one day, most of it came down. The economy is much the same as what is told to the public that everything is recovering and will be fine with time. One day it is so likely that the economy will SUDDENLY and RAPIDLY plunge into the drink. Just like the bridge some people have warned about it, but after all they were and are just alarmists.

          • …yes, it is also scraps remaining from “redistributed” wealth or freshly printed money….take your pick. It (the aforementioned “money”) continues to be spent on Economic Reinvestment and Recovery Projects; such as hospital tech upgrades and other such nonsense. It trickle down economics on a different platform but alas, the “money” will eventually run out.

        • Its May 2012. Some alt media types have been predicting a “collapse” for at least two years saying it was coming in the spring, or the fall, or the summer.

          One group (who I will spare the embarrassment)claimed 18 months ago that WE would have “hyper inflation” by last summer and even received national media exposure for their rants.

          We didn’t.

          I said late last summer (and it is in the archives here) that the real danger was deflation and that WE would have a better idea by (last) January.

          Economically things are not good and they are not likely to get much better any time soon, but things are not as bad as many people claim; except for them.

          These people must adapt. Change is good. Transformation is gut wrenching and not without costs.

          The difficulties WE are experiencing in this Transformation are not “collapse”. Recessions and depressions come and go. They are not collapse, and double digit inflation is not hyperinflation.

          The difficulties WE are experiencing IS the fault of GWB who allowed 42,400 factories and 60 million jobs to exit this country under a demonic economic program known as FREE TRADE.

          Free Trade is not Fair Trade. Fair Trade is reciprocal. Free Trade is subsiding the Uber Rich and GB’s who used American depositor funds to build these factories offshore, and then shut down their American production.

          O’bummer then doubled down on the treasonous acts of GWB who had spent the US treasury into oblivion and will likely outspend him in only four years.

          There is no such thing as FREE TRADE, although some assholes like Lew Rockwell would try to sell it to you as a FREEDOM.

          Until FREE TRADE is reverse the wealth of American will be siphoned off to China, India and other offshore location. This is the giant sucking sound that Ross Perot warned US about.

          FREE TRADE can only be reversed by Congress. Congress must be replaced by Patriots. Patriots can only come to power in America by YOUR actions.

          YOU must organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote for NEW political structures like GOOOH, The Patriot Party, The Constitution Party, or America First!

          YOU must participate. YOU must take action. YOU must engage your managers or they will enslave you and destroy YOU, YOUR children, and YOUR grand children.

          There will be no economic change in America until there is true political change that creates and activates that economic change.

          YOU must make it so. Engage my Peeps, America belongs to US. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Be vocal, be loud, refuse to yield until WE get America back.

          • First off Kidd it started long before GWB, at least 8 years before GWB with Clinton Gore which carried on with the agenda that HWB set in place. Takes a long time to destroy a nation as strong as the USA, far to powerful to be attacked from the outside in, it had to rot from the inside out like a piece of fruit. Where were all these so called highly praised economic experts 20+ years ago? Them coming out now warning everyone and dazzling us with their brilliance is like closing the gate after the horse has bolted. I have a high school education and are current financial situation was not only predictable it was inevitable and as plain as the nose on your face 20+ years ago.
            There was never, ever any way possible the American people where ever going to compete against communist slave labor and third world economies and maintain its lifestyle, noway possible. The American people have been sold out and set up to compete with slave labor and 3rd world economies and to be competitive have to become the same as your eventually seeing. Want to compete in this NWO then work 16-18hr days for $2.00 a day, do away with S.S, health care and 401K and now your competitive with what you’ve been set up to compete against. But if you really want to get to the bottom of who’s responsible take a good hard look in the mirror. Chances are your going to vote for either Obama or Romney and in doing so the chances of this downward spiral continuing on the same path getting closer to communism and slavery are without question 100%
            You’ve been conditioned and brainwashed to pick a puppet.

            • evoval: Yes it started long before GWB and congress is complicit. But it was under Bush that the NWO Bilderberg agenda was accelerated, and during his administration that the trickle became a flood.

              The Buck stops at the Presidents desk.

            • The seeds for what we have now were sown back in 1913 with the genesis of the Federal Reserve and the income tax. There have been numerous things done since then that have furthered our journey down this road. Now…..we are headed for the edge of the cliff at full speed.

              To say that all of this started with GW Bush is short-sighted and just downright incorrect. That’s like looking at the skid marks at a traffic accident and proclaiming that the skid marks caused the accident. GB Bush certainly did not help the situation, but this stuff has been brewing for a long time. And we are now reaping the bitter harvest of years of Keynesian economics.

              Durango kidd says that what we are experiencing is deflationary in nature. That is only partly correct. We are experiencing deflation in commodities, services and products that were either over-priced to begin with, or non-necessities. Things that are necessary….food….fuel…medical care….clothing, etc….are going through the roof. Just because we are not yet experiencing hyper-inflation, does not mean that we will not. Perhaps the only thing holding it back at present is the fact that the dollar is still the world’s reserve currency. That will change. And when it does, all the folks who have been predicting the collapse that has not yet occurred, aren’t going to look as stupid to durango kidd anymore.

              The laws of economics are as immutable as the laws of physics. We have and continue to violate just about all of them. There’s a day of reckoning coming. It’s as certain as the fact that the sun will rise tomorrow. History has proven it time and again. And we are not immune to the effects of violating these laws.

            • Actually all this started in 1913. We have not had a really truly duly elected President since Theodore Roosevelt. All “Presidents” since then were/are nothing but shills of the parasites. They are not guilty of bad policy, but Treason.

            • just me
              yes! absolutely. this entire scam , on a worldwide basis , and a globalist , communist agenda was all implemented in 1913. though they had been attempting such a thing for a few centuries.

            • You guys that support Bush, who is the biggest traitor to this country since Benedict Arnold, is laughable. You are really pathetic.

              He destroys America and you think he is some kind of hero? LMFAO! 🙂

            • evoval..

              dead on!

              With the recent employment/ gdp/housing starts/durable goods/ numbers issued this week by TLTB..(THE LIARS TO BE)

              nothing is getting any better by a long start

              we are in a long haul for years of deflation in wages and housing ..and a severe hyperinflation on energy and foods..

              and a continued deflation of the dollar as the world currency..

              spot on..

              get your preps in order..metals,


            • The author stated, “if you dont have money, you cant afford expenditures”. That line struck home with me, although a different context. I recently sold a few businesses and I am currently looking to buy or start new business. I have been holding out for a business that manufactures raw goods or a product from first level raw goods with a global demand. After looking at a dozen service businesses I finally found a company that makes wheelchairs and other disabled products with a high demand in Europe.
              During due diligence it became blaringly obvious that no matter how you shook it, the labor force was forcing the profit margins to be razor thin. I spoke with the floor sup to get his thoughts on streamlining the process. He was no help, in fact, he was the problem. His job was to create and keep and justify jobs. Keep in mind, this was a non union facility.
              Back to my openng reference, if you dont have money, you cant facilitate expenditures… Manufacturing in America must be dying because the trickle up mentality places the worker needs ABOVE the demand of the free market. A business person cannot and will not (speaking for myself) place themselves in a position of a subordinate and simultaneously take 100% of risk with a marginal ROI.
              I agree with the author on the premise of the article but I would argue that the root causes are so diverse that they cannot be defined other than by saying, evil forces are at play, apethy, greed, envy, sloth and ignorance. I will not fault us as a categorical inference, I fault the design of evil.

            • Well… I haven’t been here a long time, a little over a month, but I sure can see that Durango Kidd just isn’t liked very much is he? Oh well… when someone has to always blame, ridicule and has an agenda to fulfill, it’s quite normal that that person either does it on purpose to provoke, or simply is a person that is unlikable and has many enemies.

              Such is life….

            • Durango…

              Bush is part of a much bigger picture. But, he’s not the biggest traitor we’ve had, are you kidding? They are ALL traitors!! Especially the Marxist in Chief we have now. Surely you see the Obamanation as a MUCH bigger traitor to freedom, liberty and our rights than any other Prez. since FDR? If not… I don’t know what “revisionist” history and current events your reading or paying attention to!

            • When you look in that mirror for someone to blame, don’t forget to take a look at the “Made in China” label on the back.
              Buying the cheapest product instead of the best is a big part of the problem.

            • durango kid, i dont think anyone is suggesting that geo w bush was great. you are correct in a sense. i think he is arguably the worst preident ever. however to blame all of this on him is poppycock. it is more insane than to say that bush was a great president. which i have yet to find any of us saying this. durango, you are a smart, experienced guy. you are correct and see many things many here do not. however you are stuck in a box. and i am not sure why or for what purpose you do this however it remains, you are stuck in a box. please try to see beyond what you DO know. i think the picture can become clearer. having said this, amny of you would be wise to listen to what durango says as you dont have the basic understanding of how these things work like he does… i guess we all can learn from each other if we try… all we can do is keep trying… we have no other options frankly.

            • eeder…

              Great comment this morning! BIG thumbs up! 🙂

            • evolval: I agree, these third party “neutalizers” as some call them, are wanting money and do little except promise this or that. DK is a sucker for these phony conservatives! Stockpiling items and preps., family gardens, bartering networks on local levels, etc. are top priority. DK is trusting in rip off groups who produce zero in the last 50 plus yrs. Guess what, those that don’t agree w/ DK are labeled a cry baby, whiner, unpatriotic. Me, hubby and friends quit voting decades ago for crooks, liars and hypocrites.

            • We are already set up for what is coming. When it all goes south, we are already to be a third world, socialist, violent cesspool. Currency is already becoming toast.

            • Walt: I didn’t say that what we are experiencing is “deflationary” in nature. Read my comment again. I have said all along that a downward deflationary spiral was the real danger.

              Yes, in this de-leveraging that is occurring to liquidate the bad debt, some assets (like real estate) are losing value, and some assets (if you own commodities) are increasing in value.

              Yes the laws of economics like physics are immutable; but only if you are using real wealth as a store of value or a medium of exchange.

              The demonic Federal Reserve system is artificial, with mechanisms to inject FRN’s into the system or reverse that flow of dollars and remove excess dollars (that create inflation) out of the system.

              There are many ways to mitigate double digit inflation once the de-leveraging is completed. Remember Walt, while bad debts are being absorbed by the banks, the banks are being compensated for their losses and made WHOLE.

              That’s where much of the extra cash is going: to replace dollars that were destroyed.

              Physics in action. 🙂

            • Durango…Correct me if I’m wrong here. Isn’t the Fed buying the overvalued(ie not marked to market) MBS from the banks at face value and then the banks are parking this “money” in Treasuries and taking the interest rates as a return? Also, they are borrwing at the Fed window at a low rate and parking that “money” back at the Fed where the Fed pays a higher rate back to them.Thus they are baically skimming the extra points. I think the law was changed a few years ago that the Fed now is required to pay out interest on these “excess reserves” as they are called. The interest the banks are getting is basically picking the taxpayer pocket.Your thoughts?

            • JRS: I do not know what the FED is or isn’t buying. I don’t follow them that closely and I haven’t read their balance sheet.

              I believe that they typically buy US Bonds or other government’s bonds as in the case of the ECB; or lend them cash.

              To my knowledge the FED Reserve does not buy MBS. I have never heard of it, but hypothetically, I suppose they would be willing to do so if it helped them protect the member banks in the event of a systemic crash of many tens of trillions of dollars in bad MBS, during a “total financial collapse”.

              (Not gonna happen)

              Protecting the member banks is not their mandate, but it is their priority. They will do whatever they have to do and issue FRN’s for it if push comes to shove.

              More typically if some of the MBS held by a major bank were “troubled assets” they would use the QE process to protect the liquidity ratio of that particular bank. That has been the process to replace destroyed dollars as bad debts have been written down.

              The commercial banks (BOA)have been dumping bad mortgages and MBS onto Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which are de facto federal organizations, so that WE the taxpayer are on the hook for the losses. But Fannie and Freddie are not the FED which is a private corporation.

            • DK

              You talk like you know something, but then you say you dont follow the FedRes and havent read they’re balance sheet.

              It’s all available to you. Read up a little before you speak. —-> Best to be thought a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt.

            • Nobody cares or will lift a finger until their family members start to die off….when their hungry, or just got robbed by some zombies….THEN you will see people get pissed off very quickly. Too bad for them that it will then be too late….Come to Equador and tell obobo to kiss your ass. NO MORE tax money from me for him to piss away…so sorry…

          • “The difficulties WE are experiencing IS the fault of GWB who allowed 42,400 factories and 60 million jobs to exit this country under a demonic economic program known as FREE TRADE.”

            I believe NAFTA was signed into law long before the 2nd Bush was in office…

            Otherwise, I mostly agree. OTOH, I’m not as optimistic as you are on what happens when that massive debt comes due, and we can’t kick the can down the road any further.

            • OQ: NAFTA was signed by Clinton, and he should be tried for Sedition for conspiring to dissolve the US Constitution and merging US into the North American Union, under UN auspices.

              However, the exodus of American factories and their jobs, initiated by GHWB, began in earnest under Bush jr.

              The numbers provided represent the off shoring that occurred during the ten years from 2001 to 201o. These were primarily Bush years.

              I am not a fan of Obama. He is a Kenyan and a fraud and a lot of people at the top are complicit in the fraud he has perpetrated against US.

              That fact does not excuse GWB. He was a coward during the Viet Nam War riding his father’s coattails and hiding behind his mother’s skirt.

              GWB lacks real character, but he is on par for a politician, and stands in the company of Rumsfeld and Cheney, both cowards themselves: good at sending others to war but not so good at putting themselves in the line of fire.

              Scumbags all.

              Some day the sheeple here who support this man will recognize his commitment to the NWO Globalists fronted by his father, after the Bilderberg Bankers have destroyed their future, their family and their country.

              By then it will be to late. Engage.

              Traitors all. TREASON!

            • DK, just saw where the full time employed is hovering around 49 percent. It’s gittin’ tight…….

            • Durango kidd

              “However, the exodus of American factories and their jobs, initiated by GHWB, began in earnest under Bush jr.”

              China Free Trade was signed into law by Clinton at the end of his second term. It was supported by 83% of US Senate Republicans and 80% of US Senate Democrats. NAFTA was signed into law by Clinton during his first term. Clinton was not casual about NAFTA and actually offered many Democrat Congressmen rewards for their support which was accepted. GH Bush had the intent but not the political horse power to effect it’s passage.

              They’re all up to their necks in this. Making any other claim which in effect casts blame on a single party conceals the true facts and nature of the globalists reach and control. Voting for the “other guy” that the establishment has chosen as the alternative or to sway votes for them with the intent of getting people to believe they have a different policy is intellectually dishonest. The facts represented by voting records show the collusion of both parties in relative equal percentages.

            • durango kidd

              China Free Trade dwarfed NAFTA in it’s capacity to eviscerate US industry and was voted for by Biden, Kennedy, Edwards and Kerry. It was signed into law just prior to GW Bush becoming President by Bill Clinton. Bush would have signed it into law but like his father he did not have the political horse power to get vitally needed Democrats to support it.

              The working man needs to watch their Democrat Friends a lot closer than their Republican Enemies. Historically the Republicans propose Free Trade. The Main Stream Media makes it known. The people rally behind the “opposing party”. The “opposing party” (Democrats) follow through on the initial Republican Free Trade proposal. “The People” blame the Republicans. The Democrats are re-elected and the next Free Trade agreement is passed with their approval.

              “The Buck stops at the Presidents desk.”

              Yes it did not once but twice with Bill Clinton and he put that damn buck in his pocket. He is now a wealthy man.

              “But it was under Bush that the NWO Bilderberg agenda was accelerated”

              China Free Trade became law in December with GH Bush taking office in January. It takes a few months to close up a factory. GH Bush BW Bush and Clinton are cut from the same bolt of cloth. Biden, Kennedy, Edwards and Kerry wear the same garment.

            • K2; I have no argument with your comments. Hang’m high. hang ‘m ALL high.

              After a just and speedy trial of course! 🙂

            • President Jimmy Carter pushed the policy with the title “Declaration of INTER-dependance”. He said there would be no more war if every country was dependant upon each other financially. This is the policy of the CFR. We are doomed.





            NOW WHAT ?

            • sorry for the caps , my bad

          • dk
            actually its still april 2012.

            • Yes, its my birthday tomorrow, Show me some love My peeps! 🙂

            • durango boy knows just enough to be dangerous to fool those who know nothing. he speaks with confidence but is ignorant. he has no knowledge of history because if he did, we wouldn’t keep spouting the same nonsense the past 2 years. Things are panning out much more against his “predictions” than for them yet he remains indignant. I wish I could have some of what he is smoking cause I need some rose tint to my oh so clear glasses

            • ANON: If you think I am so wrong, tell us what is true and support your argument with facts. I’m listening …….. 🙂

          • dk
            what you fail to understand is how sudden hyperinflation hits. yes, youre right , it hasnt hit yet. no one plans hyperinflation. bernanke and these twits seriously believe they can navigate through this and everything will be ok. it wont. hyperinflation is the only realistic outcome here. anything else is either inadequate or just not feasible. count on it pal. anyhow the alternative is not something you want to fathom. yes, deflation, but also mass default on all debt. at least with hyperinflation you will be left whole on your bad investments in ANY DEBT. sorry, you f#^%ed up man… its just reality… mass default will not be feasible…. only hyperinflation can make this whole again. and it wont be pretty…. who do you work for dk? in other words, WHO IS DURANGO KID?

            • eeder: I am a Patriot. I work alone, and for myself. I have considerable economic and financial analysis background.

              That should be apparent.

              However I do not consider myself an economic or financial “expert” because the field is vast with many specializations.

              I have demonstrated my acumen as a staff member at the highest levels of the banking industry and ran 15 major markets of a specialized department for a top major bank that is still operating.

              I know the GB from the inside out. I know what they think. I know how they operate. And I know what their intentions are.

              I do not support the LSM media view of events,its clearly propaganda. Neither do I swallow the bullshit offered by much of alt media who are trying to sell you fear via a monthly subscription to their newsletter; or their “new” video that they will share with a select few, so that you can avoid all of the pitfalls that you would otherwise make if not for their unique insight! 🙂

              Hyperinflation would destroy the wealth of the Uber Rich and gangster banksters in America. They won’t allow that. Double digit inflation year after year is not hyperinflation even if it feels like it to you.

              Many of you are afraid.

              That is what the PTB want. They feed on your fear, then sell you “programs” as if they were “freedoms” when they are the very thing that would enslave you and make you more dependent upon them.

              Many in Alt media want you to fear too; because they profit from your fear as I annotated above.

              There are reasons to be seriously concerned. Many reasons to prep. There is no reason to fear. Fear will paralyze you into doing …. nothing. That is what the NWO PTB want.

              And that’s why WE are where WE are at, isn’t it?


            • DK…

              I’m sorry, but I’ve known folks like you. And they end up with no friends, no help and no one who cares. It’s sad, to say the least. Lose a little of the arrogance and self-importance and let people HELP YOU. If you think you need nothing, then that is a true cry from someone who needs it all!!

            • eeder-

              Would you agree that paying back debt with worthless dollars is just another way of defaulting?

            • Southern Boy: I have friends. I know who my friends are and what the limits of those friendships might be.

              I have friends to prospect with, play golf with, watch Monday Night Football with, or anything thing else. I also have associations who I interact with.

              I am not looking to make any friends here. I have said that before. If I do, and I think I have, that’s great. It is not my goal.

              My focus is on ideas and doing what I am supposed to be doing on this earth.

              Here, I am looking to dispel some of the ignorance that manifests, precisely because I care about my country and my countrymen; including you.

              The ignorance that many people here have about their own financial system is staggering. Unbelievable really. If you think I am arrogant, I don’t care. Really, I don’t. I am a man. I do not need you to validate my existence.

              I know what I know, and I know that I know it. My education has come at great risk, great expense, and much personal sacrifice. I spend my time here to share that knowledge with those who want it. Some desperately need it.

              I will not be here forever. I have other things to do, and when my activities in those other areas of my life bear fruit, I will not have the time to share my insight with you here.

              Take what you can get while you can get it. Its free, so its a bargain. 🙂

            • yakov
              yes of course it is! but its a mental thing. the thing is , it is the most likely outcome. either way , we need to find bottom and than things can get better.

            • DK,

              It’s not really WHAT you say… it’s HOW you say it. When you say that, and I quote…
              “The ignorance that many people here have about their own financial system is staggering. Unbelievable really. If you think I am arrogant, I don’t care. Really, I don’t. I am a man. I do not need you to validate my existence.”

              OK… first, you’re right. We ALL need to know more about how things run, how they’re set up, etc. But, if you are truly … TRULY… wanting to help others (since you seem to need absolutely no ideas or thoughts from the SHTF peanut gallery… LOL! 😉 ), then try not being ‘in your face’ all the time. I think your thoughts are valid (as is EVERYBODY’S BTW!!). You would make A LOT more headway if you would learn to actually converse with folks and debate instead of reprimand them with such scorn!

              I don’t know who taught you the definition of a “man” is, but it’s not what you just wrote… that’s for sure! My Dad, who taught me what being a man is, would read what you just wrote and simply laugh and shake his head with amazement. I, too, do the same. He taught me one of the things that makes a man, a man, is to be cordial yet firm, have a strong handshake, KEEP YOUR WORD NO MATTER WHAT, look others in the eye when speaking, and last but not least… know when you’re wrong, and ADMIT IT!

              I’m sorry DK, for you to say that you don’t care about what I, or I suppose anyone else, cares… is BS! You can put on the tough-guy facade all you want. If it’s true at all that you don’t care… then it simply proves what I was saying, and it further proves that you need God and His Son Jesus Christ. I can help you with that if you wish… but, wait… I think you’ve said you don’t need anybody or their advise though, right? But I can assure you, you WILL want this Truth before you meet your Maker. I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’.

              Have a good evening and if I read correctly…
              HAPPY B-DAY!!! 🙂

            • Southern Boy: Thanks for the B-day wish. Honestly, I really don’t care what anyone here (or elsewhere for that matter)thinks about me, I passed that milestone long long ago, and far far away.

              Nor do I care what your daddy’s definition of a man might be. Its not an act. Its just not relevant to me.

              I am willing to listen to some of the people here who have real insight, and do. Most of those people are not participating in this thread.

              Ignorance is bliss for many here on this thread. Its evidenced by the blind loyalty they have for GWB. That so many people here defend him after all that he did to destroy America economically, should tell you how demented some of these lost souls truly are.

              Most of these people are locked and loaded and somewhere to the right of Attila the Hun and consider themselves “patriots”, yet how can they justify GWB for instituting the Patriot Act which destroyed a number of OUR basic liberties?

              I do not have a political ax to grind as anyone who has read my comments here over the past two years will tell you. I am an equal opportunity Patriot calling all the globalists in DC traitors.

              When I lamb bast GWB I am just giving credit where credit is due. Thumb me down Peeps! Show your ignorance! 🙂

            • DK,

              Last reply to you…

              I was being nice to you… but that ends NOW! NO ONE, especially come wannabe keyboard commando rude know-it-all is going to diss my Dad… NO ONE! Diss me, that’s one thing, for I am free game. My Dad passed in 1991 as a TRUE MAN and a WWII and Korean War Hero! What’s on your UNIMPRESSIVE resume idiot??!!! My Dad was a TRUE MAN (something you know NOTHING about!), and I too am a man that if you ever met me, I guarantee you… you would NOT repeat your Bovine Stool to my face!!!! How dare you … you are unbelievable!!!!

              You don’t know me as I don’t know you. For you to be as childish as you are shows just the kind of “peep” you are and the “peeps” you hang with!!!!!

              Excuse me here… but Sir, you are a class A royal ASS! God help you in your ignorance, your arrogance and your piss-poor attitude of hate!!!

              Nuff said….

            • Southern Boy: I didn’t diss your dad. I didn’t say anything bad about him. Your daddy’s opinions are not relevant to me. So what? Get over it.

              Now you are revealing your lack of reading comprehension.

              He’s dead? So what? My dad is dead too. What has that to do with you, the discussion WE are having, or the price of a pound of potatoes? My mom is also dead. Is that suppose to make you feel sorry for me?

              ZIs that your best argument? Its not relevant. WE all die dumbshit!

              Get over it before it eats you alive.

            • DK,

              Weasel out of what ever you want to… everyone here knows you and your type. What type is that? Well, I will simply give this definition… one who has to demean and ridicule instead of converse, and stoops to cursing and name-calling on a constant basis. Did I call you a name? Yes! You deserved it! However, read my posts. On a regular basis YOU slander and ridicule, and sometimes curse… I don’t! You must bring out the worst in me.

              How old are you anyway? Just curious. Eh, don’t answer that because I’m going to make it a point after this posting to you to NEVER comment on any of your tirades and nonsense because it’s nothing but a waste of my time and others who have to read it!

              Later… MUCH later!

            • Southern Boy: You called me a name first. I WAS being nice to you before that. I just reciprocated.

              Think of it as FREE TRADE! 🙂

            • Actually I meant FAIR TRADE but I was laughing so hard I lost my train of thought! 🙂

            • Hmmm….. Sitting here reading the back and forth of SB and DK, it seems to me while there are good points from both, that there is one common theme. DK should have middle initials. The reason is he always seems to act like such a
              D IC K!!

            • RS: Yes I’m a prick, so what? Kiss my ass! 🙂

          • I don’t think it’s so much “free-trade”, but that’s what the looting of America is called. The parasites have pretty much gotten what they wanted out of US, lots of wars, and wealth, and the resultant power increase they need for thier NWO gig.

            Now, we have outlived our usefullness to them. They will continue to fudge the numbers and prop up the facade until they have reloacted to thier next host-country. Or perhaps we shall soon see thier terror state takeover in lieu of bothering to continue to float the economy.

            As for the vote…Well, have you looked to see who is counting the “votes” in the November “election”…?

            In all likelyhood, we won’t have the luxury of having these debates much longer. “CISPA” has just been ramrodded, I mean “passed” in what passes for The House…

            • JustMe: Make no mistake. FREE TRADE is the basis for OUR economic demise. OUR political demise is the result of OUR apathy.

              Engage your managers or be enslaved by them. Its OUR choice.

              Gun owners and Seniors should take the initiative. They have the time, the money, and the numbers to restore America.

            • JustMe-

              Just wondering if the American despot will allow an election in November. Or will he allow (or more likely manufacture) some national crises to lay the ground work for martial law and the suspension of elections?

          • Inflation hasn’t happened yet, only deflation? Been to the grocery store or gas station lately?

            It appears many of the usual economic models are not applicable due to an overabundance of dogma running rampantly throughout the theories.

            IF Russia, China, India, South Africa, Brazil and others set themselves up for trade amongst themselves, then send home all of those dollars things will get quite interesting. Thus far the trillions in digital dollars have gone towards banker bonuses, more speculation at the upper levels, and keeping the Too Big To Fail Banks in power. Very little has trickled down to the peons. (Kinda kills Reagan’s “trickle Down” fantasy doesn’t it?)

            All we can do is prepare the best as we can. People lived their lives before Central Banks came on the scene, and we will again. Getting through the transition of power will be tough as the The Powers That Were will not go down without a fight…and that is getting closer and closer each day as they keep taking more freedoms and leaving people fewer options. Adaptability will be key. Good luck to all on that process.

            • The only “trickle down” we’re getting is yellow and wet.

          • DK and eeder,
            I admire your tenacity in trying to open the eyes of the “Halliburton Horde”. I don’t mean all who post here, just the ones that refuse to admit that NEITHER political party has any desire or ability to fix this mess while they can still suckle the last bit of money/oil out of Americas teat (teat=us).
            I call myself an “Indemublitarian Constitutionalist” because I support; States Rights, small government, a womans right to choose, the death penalty, limited immigration, fair taxes for all, multiple renewable sustainable energies, environmental common sense, the right to protect whats mine, staying out of other countries bullshit centuries old clashes, and a bright future for my children and future grandchildren.
            I know people will give me thumbs down for criticizing Republicans (which I’m not, only the sheeple that refuse to see past the end of their trunk because they are STILL under their spell) but i’m truly beyond saddened by the lack of desire of either party to “do what is right for the people”. I’m not naive, but I can hope…and pray that we can get OUR message out to TPTB.

            Peace, preparedness and prayers to you all.

            • RC: It is amazing that the Halliburton Horde will ignore the facts which are blatantly true and which these very same people feel in their pocketbook. Its time to wake up and move beyond politics and ideology.

              Its time to return to Patriotism.

          • The gist of what DK is saying here is true. Free Trade is not Fair Trade.

            There’s no problem with free trade when it’s fair. Fair of course being that products imported into the US will cost about the same as if they were manufactured here. If a TV made in the US has a manufacturing cost of say $50 and sells for a $100, the foreign equivalent that has a manufacturing cost of $10 will still sell for about a $100. The difference will be the import duties and taxes. Which one would you buy? The American made unit more than likely. Now maybe the quality or features of the foreign unit is better, so you buy that one, forcing the company here to compete or go away. At least then we have a choice and the playing field is even, unlike today where foreign companies have the unfair advantage of lower cost and thus lower pricing when imported into the US. Hell, every other country on the planet does it to us, we need to do it to them!

            • It matters not who the President is. He’s a puppet. They have been for decades. There’s no difference between Republican and Democrat. They both follow the same path towards extinction through infinite growth designed by the parasites behind the curtain.

              If anyone here has a valid distinction to make between any president or party, I have a case of beer to share with you. Please, prove me wrong; nothing would give me more bliss than to know the path we’re on can be blamed on a president, and that by voting either Romney or Obama will set us straight to freedom, prosperity, and sustainability.

              The jig is up.
              Gold Leader standing by.

          • Dur Kidd “The difficulties WE are experiencing IS the fault of GWB who allowed 42,400 factories and 60 million jobs to exit this country under a demonic economic program known as FREE TRADE” Kidd, You need to look back further in time before GWB and into the Bill Clinton era, he was the one who signed the bill and its called NAFTA a free trade agreement, which has cost thousands of jobs and hundreds of companys to leave the US. EVEN Hillary has admitted in 2011 that this is costing the US jobs. SO, GET ur facts straight first before blaiming GWB. OH and BTW, ur hero Bill Clinton also inked the deal with Fannie May and Freddie Mac which also has led to the housing bubble. Yep thats correct, thanks again Bill, you set us up real fine !!

            • Nutshell: Your name says it all, doesn’t it? 🙂 If you read my posts, and you should, you will see where I have singled Clinton out for special consideration.

              Yes hundreds of factories were moved offshore during the Clinton years. The globalists were just getting a head of steam up.

              Many tens of thousands of factories were moved offshore during the Bush years. Did you catch that? Many tens of thousands of factories and 60 million jobs.

              Is it any wonder that the American economy collapsed at the end of 2008?

              Those factories and jobs that were allowed to move offshore created a negative multiplier effect; the results of which WE are living in today.


          • DurangoKidd: Everyone, not just you, want to make this a “simple” scenario so that they can better understand it. It started in 1913 and has be going for a century by next year. One of the biggest events, but rarely spoken about, is Nixon taking us off the gold standard. This really put momemtum into today’s problems. This allowed for a large expansion of credit (printing money out of thin air). Then came deregulation by Regan and Clinton, surprise, it’s both parties. GWB was just a cog in the machinery along with the rest. Factories having been moving overseas since the 70’s, so don’t blame just GWB; congress and the presidents have been letting this happen for more than 40 years. This is a long-slow crash for the most part, with a few bumps and jolts in between. No inflation you say! All the packages are getting smaller and many of these smaller ones are costing a bit more at the same time. This is creeping inflation. We have been, ard will continue, to crash slowely until all governemnts: federal, state, and local can’t pay their bills and start cutting back on everything. So everyone still has time to get ready with preps. Good Luck everyone !!!

            • Gregory8: I agree with all that you have written. I merely pointed out that the agenda of the NWO accelerated under GWB and he didn’t do anything about it because he, his daddy, and his family have been part of the Bilderberg / Rothchild NWO PTB for decades.

              GWB should have done something about it. He didn’t. He gave the the GB’s and the Global Corporatists the green light. He was POTUS.

              The Buck stops at the President’s desk.

          • Maybe 30 years ago, but now it’s too late for that. There will be no “taking back America”. We are outnumbered and assaulted on too many fronts. Best hope is for it all to fall apart and try to pick up some of the pieces. The moocher crowd is lazy, but not when it comes to keeping their gimmes.

            • Roho: WE are outnumbered? Not by any stretch of the imagination. The numbers are with US.

              Obummer the community organizer proved that large numbers of small donors could make a big difference in an election.

              Were the Egyptians out numbered? How about the Libyans? The Tunisians? were the Russian people out numbered by Soviets? I could go on and on and on.

              WE have the numbers. WE have the power to change the direction of this country if only 90 million gun owners would organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote.


          • Quick: LMAO! 🙂 Do YOU read the FED’s balance sheet? I didn’t think so, because the only people that have seen it to my knowledge are the members of the Congressional sub committee chaired by Ron Paul who conducted an audit of the FED last year.

            The FED is a private corporation and does not publish anything except for the minutes of their meetings.

            You are a fucking imbecile!!! 🙂

        • I have been saying that for awhile. Go to Disney World this summer and tell me what you see or just go out tonight to a local chain restaurant or a local bar room and see the crowds.

          • us centurion…. well wheres the champagne dude? lets celebrate your observations! please, be serious.

            • Man eeder… you and durango kidd! Can you lighten up on your comments to those who may actually be waking up, or have maybe realized something that you had the blessing of knowing at an earlier date? I have to wonder, do you get pleasure out of cutting others to the quick? If so… you have some major problems……

            • southern boy… i dont think durango kid or i are saying anything to hurt them. and we both believe differnet things. these people need to understand why things have come to sorry , i can only be blunt with not trying to be nasty. im simply trying to get you to understand how it is…. again, i apologize.. i wish no one here any harm, ok.

            • eeder…

              Thanks for clarifying! I guess I took it wrong, and I apologize.

              I do know that you and DK have a considerable difference in your views, and I believe my views are more in line with yours in all honesty. I guess I just get tired of the “keyboard commando” mentality, ya know? Not saying you were exhibiting that at all. I just read it as the same I suppose.

              I realize bluntness is needed to wake some sheeple up. I guess I see those who are commenting here as being awake, some more than others granted, but at least seeing the writing on the wall.

              Have a great one today!! 🙂

            • SB: When I am attacked I counter attack and I adhere to the Israeli Rules of War: which is an overwhelming response to a violation of my space.

              Consider “Quick” for example. He attacked me out of the blue, yet he knew NOTHING about what he was talking about. I do not suffer fools gladly.

              When I call someone a name like I did you, its because you started the fight and called me a name first.

              The last I checked, self defense was still a legal response in this country.

              As an ex-Marine and Viet Nam Vet I’m not rolling over for anybody. NOBODY.

              Have a good day! 🙂

        • I bought a new car last month. Paid cash for it. No free money for the bankers, and NO new debt for myself.

          • Cash money is the only way to buy a car.

            I usually buy one that’s about 3 years old or so, or around the point where the sharp part of that depreciation curve is finished dropping (a lot of cars lose around 20-40% (or more!) of their resale value over the first 3 years… why buy into a sucker’s bet? Let some other schmoe do that.)

            It’ll usually have around 50,000 miles on it, and everything in it still works, or may require a minor tweak at most. Once home, I give it a good, hard tune-up, and it’s usually good to go for at least the next 5-7 years. My record is 11 years of use (bought a used Jeep for $7200), which finally breathed its last recently (having gotten to the point where fixing it was more expensive than it was worth). It had 70k on the odometer when I bought it, and 185k on it when I finally junked it.

            In all but one case (a POS Dodge), it’s been a solid strategy, as it’s been well over two decades since I had ever had to make a car payment. 🙂

            • Longest lasting vehicle I had was a diamate wagon. 223,000 miles, 17 years old…….cried to see it go. Bought my next with cash as well and plan on running it into the ground!!

            • hahahaha ive got a 94 ford ranger, 145 000 kilometres(about 100 000 miles?) a 98 honda accord, 350 000 km, and a 2008 dodge caliber with about 90 000 km. my 96 caravan broke down though last fall around christmas, wife took the tranny out going up north hill of wiarton!oh well it makes a good storage bin!

            • If one believed hyperinflation were coming wouldn’t they want to borrow now at a fixed rate and pay it back later with cheaper dollars?

              Since getting married I live a double life. My off-grid home has been paid-in-full from the beginning as have my truck, motorcycle, etc. My wife bought her home just before the housing crash so has no equity. She drives a lot of miles for work in a late-model car purchased on installment rather than by cashing in our silver.

              As long as one of us has a salary that gives us a positive cash flow we will keep living the American dream. Sure it is sputtering, but not until the plane runs completely out of gas will we deploy our golden parachutes.

            • government guy…
              yes one would do this, if they could make the payments on the loan and were certain that it would happen and when. however it is a dangerous thing to do if you dont have the timing right. thus i would not reccomend it for most people.

          • You realize that dealing in cash makes you a TERRORIST!?

            • just me… ok,… you said it! what ever it makes me thats what i am… though i will not call myself that! i know that BARACK OBAMA , STEPEHN HARPER , and thier agents of evil observe our comments and i wouldnt want them to get any silly ideas… hahahahahahaha… hey its their cash… hahahahahahahaha… silly men.

        • @ RICH—-

          same here. I drive around my neighborhood…who just added an addition? Who just put in a pool? Sided the house… on and on and on. I have been in same place since 1965. No one stopping here. No foreclosures here. Houses selling here. I don’t get it.

        • @ RICH 99

          THere are many facets to this concept called “Collapse”.


          Collapse to one person is contraction to another. There are so many variables involved in this word. If someone gets laid off and are up to their eyeballs in debt, that can be perceived and or experienced as collapse. In the same way, if a company pulls out of a small town and relocates to another county or country, for the locals, that can bring about a form of collapse. Someone looses a loved one, ones life can collapse. There’s physical collapse, mental collapse, emotional collapse, financial collapse. It just goes on and on.

          We know when a wall falls over it “Collapses”. It may lean for awhile, or have cracks in it, but it might stand for a year before it ends up in rubble. Likewise, using the same analogy can be applied to some one’s personal life. And it’s happening more often than not. However, there are a massive number of Americans who are living quite comfortably, at least for the moment.

          Just as the number of homeless are growing exponentially, two sides two sides appear to be forming, right now. Those that are still in their comfort zone and those that are not. Personally, I’m no worse off that I was 5 or 10 years ago. I’m no better off either, but it’s been my choice. I live frugally, out of debt for over 25 years, more or less off the grid in a matter of speaking, and generating money when it’s needed. I could be out of touch with the many, but in my neighborhood, my city, my county, my state, life in general is not collapsing. There is a massive number of successful business’s so maybe that’s why this region is still progressing somewhat. When a tipping point takes place and triggers off a slide, is any body’s guess, but for the moment, collapse is more or less, taking place on an individual level, which brings to mind a quote that I use quite often in which I find apropos in this case; “The World IS as You Are”.

          I believe we will not see “The Collapse” that many are insinuating, taking place. Slow melt down. Methodical. Calculated. Squeezing the middle class, drop by drop, over the next 8 years. No mass panic; lulling the masses into a hypnotic sleep state with their well designed Program, which has been in place for many, many years. I mean, look around you, are people panicking? Should they be? If they should be, why aren’t they? What will it take? Could it be too late? Or maybe, they’re just going to lay down and follow orders?

          I think many prepper who are awake, I mean REALLY awake, know what to expect. And there are many preppers who are not awake, still caught up in their own world thinking and believing of the “dooms day event” when all will come down in a matter of hours or days.

          SLOW MELTDOWN in general. Massive individual collapses on a daily basis. Two different worlds. Don’t get caught up in the second. And be aware of the first but don’t get mentally, emotionally, physically pulled in to it. Be careful: What one puts ones attention on, grows and grows and grows. One becomes what one consumes. Even coming to this site wires us in a certain way.

          • EA: Agreed. That is why there is still time to act: to organize, communicate, volunteer, donate and vote.

            It takes money.

            I am aware of a movement to produce sufficient money within three years to seriously impact the election of 2016 all across the nation.

            Patriots will rally to that cause when the time arrives.

            Its not over until the Statue of Liberty sings.

            • Kid mostly I agree with you but I have two comments: 1. If you hang them and then have the trial it goes faster and costs less. 2′ Relax on the Blame issue, There is so much to go around that we need 1000% just to begin to cover it. NAFTA, OSHA, EPA, Homeland Insecurity, TARP, QE-XX, you name it. (Bet you can come up with several more). Does not matter; cannot be fixed, Bills cannot be paid, Look after yourself and the good few; it’s all you can do.

            • DK: Don’t donate to phony third parties; they all fail and are money pits ripping off suckers. Everyone should focus on community level! put your money in preps. not someone else’s pocket like others I know who give to phony controlled opposition groups (dialectic agenda) like the JBS, AFA, Eagle forum, etc whose CEO’s live in mansions. These groups mentioned been in biz for years, yet none have “turned the tide” mixing some truth to attract suckers.

            • dk: Who/what the H is this movement? My parents in the 60’s 70’s gave money to several org. offering only empty promises; as I look back, I got wise to this from scams past and present. No results ever seen. These groups parrot patriotic slogans to sucker in/get money with empty promises, kinda like Jim Bakker, BJ Hargis in the 60’s, and others thru the decades. There is a sucker born every minute, incl some relatives and friends who fell for this crock of bull vomit.

          • First, let me say I like your comments and agree with the collapse scenarios part, that it is multi-faceted right now. An example: a small, rural town, that the whole labor force is centered around textile mfg.; the plants in and around the town within say 100 miles, all moves to Mexico, that’s a collapse for most of those people, especially the ones with debt up to their eyeballs. Now, the eight year thing you mention, I wish we had that long. The bubble can only blow up so big until the seams burst. One nuke bomb unleashed in the Middle East could send gas to $10.00 per gallon, overnight. What happens to the “gradual” decline then?

          • “I believe we will not see “The Collapse” that many are insinuating, taking place.”

            Then why all the FEMA camps? I believe it’s to get those that will riot and destroy off the streets. Google FEMA camp map and look at them. Already contracted out to supply and man them. Deal with lawyers and courts? Nope passed a law that says you can be locked up without due process for a day or a month or a year. Our government is preparing for something.

          • laura m: Your activism on behalf of personal liberty is more important than your dollars.

            Yes, get involved locally with one of these groups that I have mentioned and multiply yourself by creating a little group.

            Maybe a coffee clatch of mothers or grandmothers who are concerned about the future that their kids and grand kids will have.

            Make calls, go door to door, hold public meetings. As for the money, you need not make a donation if you cannot afford it. Your voice, your presence, and your personal participation is much more valuable.

            Leave the money to me. 🙂

        • I think you are lying. With all the underwater mortgages and forclosed homes not to mention the unemployment unless you live in a very upscale area the odds of what you claim happening are small. Most of the fixing up is being done to homes bought at auction. Good luck getting a loan. The very fact that interest rates are near zero and the economy has not exploded to the upside should tell you all you need to know. We now live in a fraud economic system set up to benefit the banks and well connected.

          • john w
            we have lived in a economic fraud since 1913… this is not new news guys! only if youre awakening from your stupor just now!

      2. Correct. All the things involved with a major collapse that the TRUE visionaries have called out for years, are ALREADY under way, and the rest are on the way. The laws o physics apply in all areas.

        Picture yourself back in, say, 2004. Remember what life was like? If you dropped yourself instantly into today’s world, the shock would be overwhelming, kind of like the frog in the pot. I pity, yet send light to those who still deny the obvious.

        Prepare, prepare, prepare.
        Gold Leader standing by.

        • Agreed. Am picking up more supplies tomorrow even.

        • Despite the fact the majority of the people are clueless as to the “storm” on the horizon (We can thank our ever helpful mainstream media for informing the people.), TPTB are preparing for a major collapse.

          Check out this short video on youtube…

          Russian Commandos Instrumental in Attempt to Disarm Americans


          Yup…and in May they are training for it in the USA!

            • Spot on. And I’d even like to clarify one point….. no longer should the puppet masters be known as “The-Powers-That-Be”. It’s now also VERY clear that as collapse is unfolding, they are now to be known as “The-Powers-That-Were-And-Desperately-Hope-To-Still-Be”. Coin it.

              Gold Leader standing by.

            • yes gold leader! thats what ive been trying to tell many here. they are not powerful anymore… because the guiding light has left! we live in a big clusterfuck! its the only way to explain it.

          • This kind of trumps the rather blase’ economic stuff, eh?

            As a US Soldier, I never would have had such a nightmare that the people who claim to be the US Govt, will move Russian troops into the US. Probably a backup in case many US troops decide not to fire on Americans.

            • JustMe,

              This upsets me too. I have many military vets in my family – Husband, Father, Father in law, all brother in laws, etc.

              I also read that “Homeland Security has been training boy scouts to take on and disarm “disgruntled veterans” who are described as “terrorists”.

              Scouts Train to Fight Terrorists, and More

            • Direct link…DHS Trains Scouts to Fight Terrorists, and More

              (DHS are training the “Explorers”, a coed affiliate of the Boy Scouts.)

              In the “trainings”…using pellet guns and practicing shoot to kill.


              Well, we all know DHS has purchased plenty of ammo (450 million rounds of hollow-point ammo) for when the “real drill” starts.

        • well in 2004 i was bankrupt and jobless. if you are a sheep, than yes things have gotten worse. if you are realistic and ruthless like me, well, lets just say i am eagely awaiting the collapse!

          • but than again the collpse is here! i guess thats why im ok!

          • HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I’m sorry ….. I had to laugh at the arrogance….. 😉

            • southern boy
              a bit of arrogance doesnt hurt. have confidence in yourself or no one else will.

            • LOL! I’ll keep that in mind…. 😉

      3. Hunker Down!

      4. It’s a red herring. The economy worldwide is falsely propped up. When it completely runs out of monetary props, it’ll be over… BIG time!

        Rich, you’re right. Even some of my acquaintances are more concerned about their cars, homes and their creature-comfort items than they are prepping or seeing the immediate danger we’re in not o ly a nation, but globally.

        As I’ve often said… God help us!!

        • I hate these “Smart Phones” with the qwerty keypad!!!

          That last sentence was supposed to read, “not only as a nation, but globally.”

          • I have yet to enter the “smartphone revolution.” My flip phone works just fine, and probably will until everything goes down the terlet.

            • im with you on the pflip phone , i use it for work , and dont need all the added bs , or cost os smartphone tech.

        • The fact that they spend 1.7 trillion more a year than they take in tells the story. the country can no longer pay it’s own way. End of game.

      5. If you listen to Yamarone’s entire interview you come away with somewhat of a different picture than the article initially gives you. He talks about how the fed chairman got a bad rap and how the stimulus was absolutely needed?? He also talks about how we are going to make a strong comeback because we are Americans and that is what we always do?? I must say I find those comments to be exceedingly rosey and completely decoupled from reality. This government and world-order seeking oligarchy won’t allow Americans to come back as we always have……the fed chairman and the rest of the oligarchy have managed to keep the lid on the can of worms to this point, but it is starting to slip. When that happens and the slimy things inside come pouring out……hunker down ’cause those preps you have are going to be all you get!!

        • I quit!!!!

          Granite… I’m sorry. Once again this all too sensitive screen on this Smart Phone (read… IDIOT Phone), got me again!! I meant to give you a thumbs UP not down!! My bad…. 🙁

          • i quit too , i cant spell today !

            see above , sorry

        • I gotta give TPTB some credit
          this whole financial mess has been going on now for 4 years
          and so far they’ve mostly been able to hold it together
          how much longer ????

          • Until they finish thier ammunition purchases…

          • Until Atlas decides to shrug. Reading the financial literature, I get the feeling that many of the so-called masters of the universe see themselves as Atlas, and are tempted to go Galt with the way they are being demonized by the media. What happens then? Interesting to think about.

            • Atlas Shrugged was written in a time when some people allegedly had morals…The Reardens, and Mulligans simply do exist these days. The 1% are a very insulated few, and have no need to “go Galt”. The people who now control things have gotten thier postitions of power through the misery of others.

      6. This is the true scenario of SHTF.Person by person and family by family. When the FRNs you hold in your hand will no longer pay your bills or provide food for your family.Go long refrigerator boxes and shopping carts.

        • My wife still gives me the odd look like when I came home today with yet another big pack of tuna, pasta, sugar, canned mushrooms and toiler paper. But she starts to understand as she reads the MSM media which are revealing the truth – bit by bit. She’s not stupid.

          But nobody else is interested, they watch TV “and stuff.” They still believe in the system.

          • Spring cleaning my cellar this week. I counted 49 five and six gallon buckets of food and at least twice as many #10 cans. This is not all the long-term storage let alone the pantry full of ‘normal’ foods.

            I must admit, we eat more processed and restaurant meals than we plan for after the collapse so store more cooking oil than we can rotate out since it has a relatively shorter shelf life. Fortunately, I can pour it directly into the tank of my old diesel truck and use it for fuel. Since I bought it years ago, it is no more expensive than buying diesel today.

            • Prepared Pastor, In your experienced and honest opinion, what would you say is the shelf life of cooking oil? I have often wondered if olive oil is better than canola for long term storage?

            • Honestly, I have no idea other than what I have read. Vegetable oil (what this was) is supposed to be good for a year, but I keep it about a year past the expiration date. I read that extra ugly olive oil is supposed to last two years, but do not know this from experience. We keep olive oil in our pantry and it never seems to go bad, but then we use it consistently for cooking.

            • If you have room in the freezer then freeze it and start counting a year from when circumstances thaw it out,

            • Thanks,PP!

      7. Hey I bet you can’t kick that can further than me! I am in the HVAC buisness in Texas. Lots and lots of people that just want to fix their problem on their units. They even say that they know that it needs replacing, just get it running they say. This is in Texas where we are a lot better than the rest of the country. Oh yeah it’s getting worse. Can’t prep fast enough!

        • EAST TEXAS !!!!!!

          keep preppin’

          • This is off topic but having been reminded of it I need to share. A few years back a female Texan medical student is asked by a very snotty English consultant surgeon what she would do if a young man appeared at her door one night, said he’d been in a car accident and needed medical help

            She said

            I’d shoot him, if he’s walked 8 miles from the road, passed 2 other houses and across 7 miles of private property he ain’t hurt and he’s up to no good.

            I laughed so hard my ribs hurt for hours

            Take care

        • here in the NE many people do not get their furnaces cleaned yearly anymore, most just want an extra nozzle to put in their selves and forget the cleaning. cleaning furnaces was always a good extra money maker in the summer, now that trade has gone down the drain.

        • Hey salvador,
          In the HVAC business in West Colorado, business is terrible. My company landed some sweet gov’t contracts and we’re replacing entire systems in 6 different schools. If not for that, we’d be really slow. I’m from Texas originally, Houston. Still have Family in Austin, Houston, Corpus, near Sherman, and McAllen.

        • no one can beat ben bernanke and barack obama in a can kicking compettion! dont take on the big boys of a little boys sport! its like trying to play hockey with wayne gretzky or basketball against michael jordan…. you aint gonna win!

      8. How about TPTB loosen up on their ever tightening regulations, so businesses can prosper.

        Do we even use import tariffs anymore?


        • EagleDove, we do have import tarrifs, so to speak, if your industry has enough lobbyists to move congress. See: Steel and Tires for recent examples.

          Look, I run a manufacturing business in TX. Have for 20 years. I have more regulations to deal with from Europe than here. The taxes and regulations argument is a pure farce, a smokescreen, put up by those who distract you from the real issues. The real issue is called neoliberalism. It’s an economic model. Research it, in the global sense, and tell me it is not exactly what you see around you. No dems, no repubs, it’s you vs. the state, and the state is global. Plan accordingly.

          • Thanks Tym; your eyes are more opened then mine to this issue.

            Gave you a thumbs up . 🙂

          • Yes, the shit hit the fan a long time ago. It was one of those bubble-gum shits that get real sticky and gooey. Slowly but surely, the shit is flying off the fan and onto the walls and floor. Too bad is wasn’t one of those really loose diarrhea shits that flings everywhere at once. Sure, it would be ugly at first, but by now we would be in the rebuilding phase. At the rate this slow motion train wreck is going, the shit will be flinging off the fan for years before the majority finally get hit with some.

            So, which do you think is better? A fast and messy shit that hits the fan, or a slow and smelly creeper shit?

            • While I prefer the all at once type of collapse, your analogy is unique…….

            • lets be very honest… the shit is smeared all over the place… so much that it has completely blinded everyone.

            • When you get plugged up, there’s no cure like Jalepenos! Get it over with, quicker the better!

            • The problem with the slower, smellier stuff is that TPTB can predict the path of the pieces and avoid them because they control the speed of the fan. We, as people not in the know as much, have no control and fall prey to a gob of gooo now and then. This is why I would have preferred a quick, messy one so that everyone gets shitfaced. It would separate the wheat from the chaff so to speak.

              Someone put on somewhere “You know you live in Upside Down Land if…” and WTSHTF it will right itself. Those who feel it immoral to live beyond their means and then have others take up the slack through bankruptcies, welfare and bailouts, (like myself) will then have the moral high ground and the status they deserve.

              Instead, today, you have the corporate welfare crowd having better houses and better cars and more toys and more land because they prostitute themselves. Yet, those of us that save and work hard and live within our means look like paupers, even though in reality, compared to the others, we are far richer. But, we suffer, not the over extenders. The government gives excuses for them and then TAXES US MORE TO SUPPORT THEM makeing the divide ever worse.

              To say it sucks is not even a start. Its crooked and treason rolled into a package that I hope falls to crush those who participate and those who created it.

          • Tym

            That’s the whole truth! I’m hearing too much of the same nonsense from relatives & friends as far afield as Washington State, Nigeria & Romania. All that varies is the rate at which the crap hits you as an individual in different locations.

            The Global middle & skilled working class is under attack and we are all being reduced to landless serfs.

            Different methods are being used in different places to achieve this. Frog boiling is method of choice for the US and UK.

        • Thier goal is to strangle your business, not help it…

      9. How about TPTB loosen up on their ever tightening regulations, so businesses can prosper.

        Do we even use import tariffs anymore?

        🙂 ……………………

        • Sorry, it wasn’t that important for it to show up twice. Something wasn’t clicking from here to SHTFPLAN.

      10. Things are going to go to shit very fast. I wouldn’t be to surprised if martial law will be declared. This is going to be one hell of a storm.

        • Not really. I think most of us have been waiting for this to unfold from around 2008. But the drama just goes on and on while we impatiently wait for the grande finale. I could imagine this to continue for a few more years. That’s good because it allows me to unwind my company and convert the money to gold, silver and a lot of stuff needed when TSHTF.

          • TPTB have held up the economies for several decades now, and I agree Fi, the total collapse may be more years ahead.

            I can remember my Dad talking about how Congress was screwing up the nation by it’s spending and how Carter was the biggest idiot to ever be in the White House (now we know Carter was the second biggest idiot!). He wrote letters (yeah, can you remember how that’s done?) to our Senators and Reps. Only once did he receive a response from any of those yahoos (sound familiar?)!!

            My point… I have fretted about this for years, and still here we are. I believe that God’s timing is not ours. Having said that, we must always be prepared of course. To do otherwise is simple ignorance and apathy.

            Yet, we must admit, these power-hungry morons who are the “Puppet Masters” in all of this, are VERY intelligent! To have the overall knowledge to manipulate, deceive and coddle the public at large, as well as simply contriving such plans, is amazing, and impressive… albeit WRONG!!

            So… who really knows? We may not see the “total collapse” for decades to come. My gut tells me that’s not the case… but my head can’t help but admit it’s possible.

            • Are you familiar with the concept of the exponential function?

              Simply stated, it’s a hockey stick graph. Which means, that as time progresses, the events happen at an increasingly faster rate. And these events also ratchet up in intensity as well.

              For reference, do a google search for Chris Martenson and his “Crash Course”. It’s well worth the time it will take you to watch the entire series of videos, where he explains the exponential function….and other concepts.

              To summarize……because of the increasing rate at which things are going downhill….the idea that it’s going to take several years for this to come about, is not likely.

              We are entering a perfect storm. And it’s going to get rough sooner rather than later.

          • Could be because I started prepping fairly recently, I am just learning about all of this. The world is still going to shit, just not as fast as I thought

            • jason cookies… or maybe its going to shit faster than you realized and you just dont see it.

            • That’s a good one ,Burt.

        • jason,
          You sound like me back in’04-’05, now I’m more of a wait and see type of guy. The things I’ve seen happen in the past 6-8 months does make me increasingly nervous, I think it will be a more of a slow erosion type collapse. Eventually things will just be different than they were, and no-one will really know what even happened.

          • Still-a-Citizen,

            I know exactly what you mean, and where you’re at. However, consider this…
            Taking your scenario of “Eventually things will just be different than they were, and no-one will really know what even happened.”. Doesn’t this sound familiar? Think… Nazi Germany!

            Yes… we have a Communist PIG in the White House today, and I fear for four more years as well (I think it’s already bought and paid for and we’re just the serfs). He is using such similar techniques as Hitler did, it’s unnerving!

            What gets me is that we (or at least a lot of us) have wondered for years and years why in the world the Germans never saw it coming? Honestly, I submit they did! And what they went through back in the 30’s and forties, WE are seeing and living through now! Yet, here we are (the unconcerned, the sheeple, and the apathetic that is), seeing it happen on a more global scale than back then, and not doing a thing to stop it!!!

            God help us all…

            • The parasites have done to America, what it took them the Bolshevick Revolution in Russia to accomplish, but without firing a shot. They are not doing what Hitler did in Germany; that is a tired, conditioned analogy.
              They did learn some things from the NS experience, but what you are witnessing is the Marxist takeover of America.

            • Just Me,

              I get what you’re saying… and your analogy is correct too. But to say that this is not similar to Hitler’s way of taking over Germany, then “cleansing” the race (for all you haters out there), is simply inaccurate. Read this:

              WHO AM I?

              I Wrote a Book About My Struggles.
              I was born in one country, raised in another.
              My father was born in another country.
              I was not his only child.
              He fathered several children with numerous women.
              I became very close to my mother, as my father showed
              no interest in me.
              My mother died at an early age from cancer.
              Although my father deserted me and my mother raised me,
              I later wrote a book idolizing my father not my mother.
              Later in life, questions arose over my real name.
              My birth records were sketchy.
              No one was able to produce a legitimate, reliable birth certificate.
              I grew up practicing one faith but converted to Christianity, as it was widely accepted in my new country, but I practiced non-traditional beliefs and didn’t follow Christianity, except in the public eye under scrutiny.
              I worked and lived among lower-class people as a young adult, disguising myself as someone who really cared about them.
              That was before I decided it was time to get serious about my life and embarked on a new career.
              I wrote a book about my struggles growing up.
              It was clear to those who read my memoirs, that I had difficulties accepting that my father abandoned me as a child.
              I became active in local politics in my 30’s then, with help behind the scenes, I literally burst onto the scene as a candidate for national office in my 40s.
              They said I had a golden tongue and could talk anyone into anything.
              I had a virtually non-existent resume, little work history, and no experience in leading a single organization.
              Yet I was a powerful speaker and citizens were drawn to me, as though I were a magnet and they were small roofing tacks.
              I drew incredibly large crowds during my public appearances.
              This bolstered my ego.
              At first, my political campaign focused on my country’s foreign policy. I was very critical of my country in the last war, and seized every opportunity to bash my country.
              But what launched my rise to national prominence were my views on the country’s economy.
              I pretended to have a really good plan on how we could do better, and every poor person would be fed and housed for free.
              I knew which group was responsible for getting us into this mess. It was the free market, banks and corporations.
              I decided to start making citizens hate them and, if they became envious of others who did well, the plan was clinched tight.
              I called mine “A People’s Campaign”.
              That sounded good to all people.
              I was the surprise candidate because I emerged from outside the traditional path of politics and was able to gain widespread popular support.
              I knew that, if I merely offered the people ‘hope’,
              together we could change our country and the world.
              So, I started to make my speeches sound like they were on behalf of the downtrodden, poor, ignorant to include “persecuted minorities”.
              My true views were not widely known and I kept them unknown, until after I became my nation’s leader.
              I had to carefully guard reality, as anybody could have easily found out what I really believed, if they had simply read my writings and examined those people I associated with.
              I’m glad they didn’t.
              Then I became the most powerful man in the world.

              And then the world learned the truth……..

              Who am I?

              SCROLL DOWN…..







              answer: ADOLPH HITLER

              If you were thinking of SOMEONE ELSE,
              you should be scared, very scared!

            • Yes, that is written to be portrayed as a close analogy to Obummer. But, what you are witnessing is not Obummer’s takeover of America. America was taken over long before anyone on this forum was born. All you see now is the end-game for America. Make no mistake, the people in the background are very hardened marxists, nothing else.

            • Just Me,

              Granted, I know that history… I really do. However, the parallels are extraordinary, don’t you admit? When Roosevelt started the “Progressive” movement, it all went to H-E-Double toothpicks from there. In all honesty, it actually started before that, but let’s not get into that topic.

              My main point about all this is… here we have the Marxist in Chief in the Oval Office, and WE do NOTHING! Voting means nothing, calling means nothing, emailing them means nothing!!! I have to wonder if this apathy and reluctance to engage the “enemy” is what is in the Greater Plan, and that’s why we aren’t doing anything? After all, God is in control… no matter if we want to admit it or not…..

              Have a nice night….

            • Southern Boy: No, WE need NOT be afraid. Of who? O’Bummer? The man is a fraud.

              As Americans WE need not fear any one person, group, or political parties. United We are invincible.

              Divine Providence created this nation and Divine Providence will sustain it, if the American people will acknowledge the Source of their liberties and honor IT once again.

              There are many, many more of US than there are of them! The PTB need to fear US.


        • Shit storm dude, it’s going to be one big stink’n turd of a shit storm.

      11. All that will happen is that MOST western countries will be in the same situation.
        Money should be backed by GOLD.
        China can see this & that is why they are buying tons of gold.
        I can see the EURO currency being killed off & the likes of France, Germany & Spain etc will go back to their old currencies.

      12. Based upon the description above it sounds like the mid 1970s again. My father was laid off and we worked odd jobs to make ends meet even then having to sometimes ask my grandfather for food to eat.

        The difference this time is that the jobs are not coming back, they’re going global and where before housing was cheap and we struggled to buy food, today low interest rates have made homes too expensive and the government is feeding everyone.

        The entitlements will continue until the collapse because it’s easier to pacify rioters by keeping them fat and sleepy as long as possible. As I have been preaching for years, everyone will get every dollar promised, but those dollars will continue to become increasingly less valuable.

        • Prepared Pastor; Amen!!! I agree so much with this statement you made.

          “The entitlements will continue until the collapse because it’s easier to pacify rioters by keeping them fat and sleepy as long as possible. As I have been preaching for years, everyone will get every dollar promised, but those dollars will continue to become increasingly less valuable.”

      13. Martial law is exactly what this prince in chief wants….he can then call off the 2012 national election.

        • Maybe that’s why he’s bringing in Russian troops this summer, to back his play?

          • Getting a little out on the edge are we? Russian troops? He has the TSA and DHS. Why would he need the Russians?

            • I was watching Avatar the Last Airbender today, and I compared the Dia Li to homeland security. A major holy crap moment! A children’s Tv show had a city state being brainwashed through propaganda and terror tactics by a corrupt government and secret police agencey into believing they were free. That is just like today.

              Maybe writing a fanfiction or two will wake some Sheeple up.

              “There is no war in Ba Sing Se, here we are safe, here we are free.” Dia Li agent

        • I agree, I think that is exactly what will happen.

          • I guess Buying that AK-74 was a good call then 🙂

        • jojo… thats fine. and than he can face the nation. actually the world. some of us are prepared to take him on when he hits his lowest moment.

      14. Ten days or ten years when will it collapse no one knows tell others to get ready prepare for hard times as more people have lost jobs it will become much worse and scary for the people who are prepared. safety first that’s why its loaded!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      15. one day last week I was up until 2am studying and researching
        financial topics
        I finally had to stop
        not because I was tired
        but because the magnitude of the fraud suddenly hit me
        our whole system is an on-going criminal enterprise
        aided and abetted by the government
        it is absolutely mind boggling
        and beyond words to describe

        and locally
        dry beans now a minimum of $1.58 a lb
        up to as high as $2 a lb
        rice now $1 a lb

        better enjoy the party while we can
        time to pay up is right around the corner

        • satori.
          this just occured to you? hahahahahahahahaha

          • eeder…

            Why ridicule? Did others make fun of you whenever you started prepping, and if so, did you like that? How about helping Satori?

            Man O’ man!!! Yeah, we’re gonna really make it with all these folks out here that care more about others than themselves…. right? :O

            • im sorry

            • thanks for the support SouthernBoy
              but Satori has been prepping for quite some time now
              and let me tell you ,the last year or so
              I was aware of how corrupt our system is for quite awhile now
              lets just say,before I had been hit on the head with a brick
              lately its been pianos falling from the sky

        • It is NOT aided and abetted by the government. It is controlled by the parasites who OWN the government.

          • the parasites that “own” the govt, have now begun to cannabalize themselves

        • Satori – You don’t have to spend hours and hours researching the role of government. All you have to do is watch the 9 1/2 minute video called “Government Explained” which you can easily find on YouTube, or by just clicking on my name.

        • How about these words – “pyramid ponzi scheme”

      16. Stay strong and determined. Whatever is to come we will face it together.

        Be safe guys, and worry.

        The dawn is near.

        They just want to hide it from us.


        • don’t worry, i meant. My keyboard is contaminated from NWO viruses. 🙂

          • manos
            dont worry … these viruses can die off ! as you say, be safe friend! you have taught many of us new things here.

            • Thumbs UP eeder!!!! 😉

        • Hi Manos

          How’s it going my friend? Hope you and yours are well

          Take care

        • Hi Manos, my brother…
          I’d say the DUSK is near… at least from where I stand… I sure wish I had your cheerful disposition…
          Les jeux sont faits in my part of this shitworld.

        • Hey Manos how R you my friend? Pray all is well. What you said brought to mind a piece of scripture…”What is done in the darkeness shall be seen in the light” It was never so profound to me until now. What they are doing will be known and again Gods people will overcome the evil. Saw today on news that we (American economy) is now at Greeces’ debt level. God Bless Manos and take care of you and yours.

      17. Please note correction to article it should be.


        If you don’t get it don’t worry.


      18. Back at FI
        I moved into a 55 or older community two years ago and everybody here was nice. They all talked to me and my wife and invited us to their homes for dinner to get acquainted. Everything was fine until the subject came up about the economy. Since I have been reading and studying the NOW for the past twenty five years, I dominated the conversation and threw out a lot of information to them. They looked at me as though I was some kind of a nut. They never heard of fractional reserve banking, they all thought the FED was part of the government, they didn’t know what was backing ETF’s, etc, etc. I told them the dollar was going to collapse and they would be so poor in the near future they wouldn’t be able to feed themselves. I advised them to prepare. To make a long story short, my wife and I are now socially unacceptable!!!
        Now no one speaks to me at all and most don’t even say hello. They don’t want to know nothing and think all is well. They are just interested in who is in first place in the Bocce league. They watch dancing with the stars, Survivor Island, are you smarter than a fifth grader, and the big bang theory. Real intelligent programs!
        Talk about people being uninformed, wow. When the SHTF these people are going to drop like flies. With people like this, I now understand how easy it was for the country to get into this mess.
        I’m sorry I ever moved here and feel sorry for my wife. Our retirement was supposed to be enjoyable. I’m locked and loaded.

        • I know exactly what you mean, Johnnybee. My Dad, now 74 has all his retirement tied up in stocks that have gone nowhere since ’09. I have tried to talk to him about the soon to come collapse of the dollar. He just sits idley by and lives off his SS check. He thinks it will continue to come as long as he is alive, and his small portfolio will rebound. He even went into debt some more and pays about $1900.00 annually in property taxes and spends what $$ he has, “foolishly”. I will have to pick up the pieces when his world crumbles.

        • sorry for your troubles johnnybee
          but remember
          you always have us here on this site
          we’re a rag tag pathetic bunch of hard scrabble folks
          but we’re always here when you need us !

        • *shaking head at johny b* sigh…. *shaking head again* “boomers, sigh.

        • i can totally relate. I used to talk to my co-workers about what is coming. But i got tired of their eyes glazing over. While I can’t swear to it, I think that they laugh about me when I’m not there. Oh well. At least I tried.

          • Saq
            its not your job
            nor my job to try and fix all teh stoopid
            in the world
            just keep preppin’

            when it starts raining
            they’ll show up at the ark soon enough
            but the hatches will be locked

            • I have got to give you all some good news. When I started talking to the members of my church about this stuff, they thought I was nuts. Now, most are preppers, some pretty die-hard. We even budget for long term prepping now. We have built an old fashioned root cellar off site and are working on a well for when the time comes. Most people look for gas prices to soar after the election, and most of us think it won’t matter who is elected. One thing I will have plenty of is pop corn.

        • Had pretty much the same thing happen to me the other night. Had a pretty good conversation going on ’till I pissed in the guy’s cheerios by disrespecting his god Obama.

          He threw out the standard leftist arguments, complete with class envy etc. You know….the standard line of bovine scat you get on CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC and the New York Slimes and LA Pravda.

          I exposed his ignorance by citing Ayn Rand and Fredrick Hayek (among others).

          I knew I had won the argument when he began calling me names……literally.

          I laughed in his face.

          Move on and forget about them. And when TSHTF and they come knocking at your door looking for a handout….send them packing down the road along with the rest of the looters.

          • Yep, hit a liberal with the truth and facts and all they got to come back with is name calling and parroting MSM BS.

          • “Pissed in the guys cherrios”, that’s funny shit!!!

        • Keep moving folks, nothing to see here. Just keep moving.

          TV and the media has brainwashed the masses. I haven’t had cable TV in over ten years and don’t miss it. I’d rather read a book or learn something surfing the web or tinker in the garage making or rebuilding something to save money.

          I got out of debt 3 years ago and swore I’ll never use credit again. Yeah, when I tell people these things I get those ‘looks’. But I don’t care, cause when it hits I’ll just buckle up and get ready for the ride while they run around like chickens with their heads cut off.

        • Re: the 55 and older community, I inherited a home located in one from my parents. Although I couldn, I don’t live there but live about 10 minutes away. So I do know all the neighbors there and I find they are the same as you describe. They seem nice people but you just can’t get into a conversation on this topic with them. They are too intent on living in their retirement bubble, going on cruises, participating in the clubs, etc. They don’t want to hear about reality. It’s like little kids who put their hands over their ears when their parents say something they don’t like, “Nooooooooo, I don’t hear yoooooooooooooou”.

          • I can probably beat most stories here; a neighbor lives in a 800 square foot house; says she just doesn’t have any space for storing food–oh, she knows what’s coming–speaks of it whenever she visits.
            But, and there is one…she is older than I; she is drawing Social Security; she just bought a 30,000 car and has payments…but can’t stock food and supplies for no space in her home?? What’s wrong with this picture??
            This is pure stupidity!!

            • Like Santa! They’re everywhere, They’re everywhere!

            • I live in an 800 square foot home with my wife and child yet find places to store food. One wall of the partial basement is lined with plastic shelving containing over a ton (literally) of long-term food storage. Three rain barrels line the other wall waiting to be filled with tap water at the last minute or deployed outside. There are three solar power kits wrapped in Mylar in my attic. A metal four drawer file cabinet purchased at a surplus property auction for $20 holds my other electronics and ammo. The gun safe is mounted in my daughter’s bedroom closet.

              Sure there are challenges such as insufficient every day pantry space, but as you already know, lack of space is just an excuse she is using now so you will feel sorry for her and bail her out in the future.

            • I prepped for a family of three while living in an apartment. We had very limited space, much like Prepared Pastor describes.

              Beneath our beds the space was stuffed with canned goods. Boxed goods like cereal filled the back wall of closets with the clothing hung in front of them. The coffee table was a trunk, filled with more goods. Every square inch of space got used.

              If you have a place to live, you can always find a bit of room for food and preps – always!!!

            • I see stupid people!

              Theyr’e everywhere!

              They walk around like everyone else!

              They don’t even know theyr’e dumb!

        • Too bad about your situation.

          When I finally realized what was going on and what would be the likely future of our society I decided to keep quiet. I haven’t told anyone about my true thoughts about the future as I know that people don’t want to hear it. They are more comfortable with their current reality, and I know I would just make a fool of myself trying to convince them. Well, that’s their bad.

          I only tell small bits if people ask, but convincing them is not even interesting since they argue with decade old political mantras; dems vs reps, “oh, this will end well, like we’ve got past recessions before”, etc. Tiresome.

        • I have noticed the same reaction. People just don’t want to know. Or you are a racist. Funny there was no problem with the media making a big deal out of five percent une,mployment when Bush Sr. was president. harped on it non stop. Notice how the wars and the homeless which are now an epidemic are never mentioned?

        • I had to look up “are you smarter then a 5th grader”. hahahahahahahahahah!! WTF!! I AM IN AWE NOW!! WOW!!!

      19. Been watching the prices at the grocery store rise. Lately, one particular store wanted $6.00 for a 10# potatoes! A bottle of Crisco oil is now $4.00. Seems like to me sheeple would notice.

        • People notice, what can you do about it? Like the old saying says, “Nobody says that Life is fair”.

        • Great link….


        • Grandpappy buys and stores mostly from the low end of the food pyramid. It is also a really lousy diet, IMO.

          His prices are already out of date, BTW. For example, he lists Velveeta at $4/2-lb box. It is now $6 and once in a while there is a rebate of $1. He is quoting prices on small sizes of canned meat purchased off the shelf. Larger sizes with 10x the shelf life are available on line for almost the same price, today. Makes the shipping worth t and some suppliers have regular free shipping sales.

          If you factor in items like produce, coffee, butter, meat and canned vegetables, regular groceries are up about 120% in the past 4 years.

          Anyone storing dense calories and some luxuries has already made about 30%-40% a year on just their investment. Maybe a bit less for those taking the time to seek out the absolute best price or sale.

      20. Economic collapse is something my wife and I were preparing for long before 2008. We bought property in the country and when it was paid for, we built a home. We’ve been prepping all along. Our closest friends also prep. Family and associates do not prep even though we’ve practically begged them to see the writing on the wall. They have all the things we did without so we could stay out of debt. Now when the SHTF, I fully expect them to come to us to be sheltered and fed. Their options are simple: either work around this farm like you’ve never worked before and bring a gun, or leave. Most have never had a hard job making money with their hands, but they will be quick to learn or damn hungry. That’s the future whether the collapse comes tomorrow or next year.

        • SWIFT

          Even non preppers have things of value. Give them a list of useful things to bring that they already have. Remind them to leave the energy consuming luxuries back where they came from. You will need to give them a list because they’re no doubt incapable of prioritizing.

          My brother would show up with golf clubs.

          • LOL ! Ha-Ha …. That’s funny , But come to think of it… yua ARE exactly correct. I can see 72″ plasma TV’s & X-box….being in the mix.
            Keep on preppin Y’all !
            Montgomery County Texas

        • I have always (even as a youngster) believed that the “natural order” of things means that when things get out of wack (scientific term), something will occur to even out the situation.
          This herd is screaming for a thinning. Other countries get a war, or a natural diaster they can’t deal with, or a plaque of some sort. We have had it way to easy for way too long. I’m a part of it, I admit. How could you not be. Almost without exception, it’s damn near impossible to starve in this country. Now I don’t want to see our lives be a constant struggle, but at least lets have some reality every so often to snap people out of their freakin’ comas. This population is like a spoiled child. When daddy dies, and the easy living stops, it’s going to be quite a shock. Even folks in a 55+ community have had no real life contact to really hard times, like 1930-45. They were babies then, and eveybody since has been on a $IMF , $10 bbl oil, easy ride.Social Security ponzi sceme. Most of our fellow citizens are going to look like deer in the headlights,and complain when the Gov. doesn’t come save them.
          Tell them once, then save your breath. Remind them you love them, but don’t expect to get a room at your place when TSHTF.

          p/s , It’s the greatest priviledge and luck to be an American. I love this place. But were getting soft. If it doesn’t destroy us, we’ll be better for the experience.

          • rick
            absolultely! everything you say is true.

          • Rick…I think civilization moves in a bell curve. Maybe much like “The Fourth Turhing”.My parents are both in their 80’s and doing OK financially. However, my mother, as a young girl, lived in Germany during WWII. They had to live in the bombed out buildings batween the air raids. She contracted typhoid fever and almost died. Anyway, as a child, I remember the HUGE garden and many fruit trees we had. She canned and preserved everything.However,as we grew older this stopped. I suppose with the prosperity and cheap food and oil it was no longer necessary. With the advent of the internet we can see the truth that they never saw. All that was available was tv and newspapers We know how that worked out. I believe we are now on the downward side of the bell curve once again

          • As a kid I can remember having a place that had an outhouse and we as kids would get bathed by the landlords teenage daughter. There were still a couple of places near us that hand powered water pumps for the well. This was on Long Island, N.Y. in Suffolk County early fifties. You ain’t lived until you have used an out house in both Summer and Winter. The one good thing about going to school was I got to use the indoor facilities. We also had a real ice box. Nothing got more than cool. It was fun because I was 5/6 years old. Not now though.

      21. I’ve been on the “Survival Train” for almost 30 years. There has been times which I was glad that I had what I put away and there are times I feel burned out.

        The most important thing I got out of all of this is the knowlege of what to do should the SHTF.

        Russians invade Colorado, I’m ready, New York gets attacked by the “Stay Puff” Marshmellow Man, I’m ready, Zombies attack Frostbite Falls MN, I’m ready.

        A very wise old guy once told me this:”When in danger, when in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout”…Chow babies!

      22. My yard sale find this week include; a box full unwrapped thick candles for $4.00.., unopened bandages for $1.75 and bolt cutters for $5.00. 🙂

        • I’ve been able to take two very small injuries and turn them into a plethera of antibiotics from the pharmacy….paid for by my over-priced insurance.

          • Get the anti-biotics that are used for aquariums. No prescription necessary, cost much less and are the same thing as the people ones. There is one type that when it says expired it means expired and will kill you if you use it. Think it is teramycin/steptomycin. look it up to be sure..

            • Go here…..I have purchased from them and used the stuff too……it works.


              The one that you had concerns about John was tetracycline.
              Dr. Doom/Bloom……whatever, can’t remember, said the
              formula has been changed for some time now and is actually safe after exp. date. Do some research.

              KEEP PREPPIN’

            • Tetracycline or Fish-Cycline is supposedly hazardous after exp. date. I have used that and Fish-Mox(Amoxycillin) with good results.If you check the color of the capsules and look them up in a pill ref. book they are the same as “people antibiotics”. Saves a trip to the doctor sometimes.

        • eagldove.. cool! i find neat stuff like this all the time doing my job!

          • Hey eeder!!! I have been hitting yard sale since my mother dragged me to them in the 70’s and it’s helped me save money and just recently paid off my house.

            Very few new items in my home., but nice used items.

            Y2K is what really woke me up and since then , I have been gathering up goodies for the rough and hard times. It is amazing what you will find and what people wont use anymore.

            Good to here from you eeder. 🙂

            • yes, in my case its not from garage sales but from stuff people throw in theit trash and recycling!they dont even try to make a bit of fiat from it. they just throw it out…many things that are new and unopened too!

      23. I just want to see the can skip a little further down the road. Each week brings another $100.00 or so worth of food into the “pantry” and another $46.00 in .45acp, 9mm and 12 gauge. (Some day I wish to own the firearms as well;) Good luck from the great state of Kansas.

        • mustang bob..
          just a word of advice… id let up on the food and ammo… and make those purchases NOW!what the hell good is the ammo without them?! may as well spend it all on food.

          • At least get a slingshot.

          • @eeder, I have always enjoyed reading comments posted by you and I realize you haven’t read many of mine. I feel I may not have been sarcastic enough for everyone. I honestly wish we could all get togather and face these upcoming uncertain times as a unified group. If you ever visit Kansas, I can put you up. varooooomm

            • im sorry mustang bob.. i did notice your winking emoticon or whatever after and thought you might be using sarcasm! you are right, i have not noticed many of your comments, but now i will make a point to read all of them. and again, im sorry.if you ever visit ontario, i have a place for you to stay too. and i mean that. i usually dont appreciate seeing yankees around here but if i see a kansas plates i will wave. again, my apologies.

        • That’s nice. What are you going to do when they snipe you off from half a mile or ambush you going to town? If someone really wants you they will get you. Really odd we are even having these kind of discussions.

          • john w
            well im waiting!ive told them to come and get me…what do you find so odd?what is troubling you?are things slow tonight in cyber space for your reports to barack obama?

      24. Just in case anybody gives a crap, The DOD has confirmed that Russian Troops will be conducting anti-terror drills this summer in Denver and Utah or Nevada. They’ll be at some pretty sensitive sites like CIA H.Q.

        O.K….in your best John Wayne voice shout wolverines on the count of 3…1….2….3! WOLVERINES!

        • Creech(sp),Nevada is where they fly drones from.

          • Nevada is a fake state, created by the dictator Lincoln and dominated by the Feds unlike any other.

            • SO TRUE, and it makes my heart heavy. Pasted from a unlv professor-The Civil War had the most dramatic influence on the constitution. Most important, the constitutional theory of the Lincoln administration was embedded in Section 2 of Article I. The Confederates held that the states were sovereign: the ultimate power resided in them. By contrast, the Republicans and War Democrats believed that the Union was prior to the states, that the citizens’ first duty was to the nation, and that secession was treason. The Nevada Constitution states that the “Paramount Allegiance of every citizen is due to the Federal Government in the exercise of all its Constitutional powers as the same have been or may be defined by the Supreme Court of the United States; and no power exists in the people of this or any other State . . . to dissolve their connection therewith.” No other state constitution so clearly and explicitly states the superior claims of the federal government in its constitution.

            • F^CK THE FEDS!! Aron Russo(corpse) for governer with Erwin schiff for treasurer,(oh, he’s in jail) with Stewart Rhodes Attorney general(waite he moved to montana)

              The crooks always run patriots out of nevada, or they commit “suicide” or die of “natural causes”.

              Alot of “suicides” lately.

              Thank god warbucks reid ran the mob out of nevada years ago!!!!!!!!

        • I think Russian Troops are the least of our worries in terms of what is taking place in this Fascist country. Maybe they might rescue us from ‘the danger within’. Ironical concept, huh?

          • I really don’t know how to respond to your nonsense dude.
            Try reading a book on the political history of the last 100 years, or you can be like me having lived for more than 1/2 of it.
            Also, while you are at it check out “The Sword and Shield” which are the files from the old KGB. You’ll find out just how much b.s. was passed on to young dorks as fact, which were B.S. designed to get Radicals elected like President Ocommie.
            Then check out the term “Active Measures”…then pull your head out of your ass.

            Or are you really a member of the “Fascist Corps 1%” who works for “Petro dollars” (sarc)

            • AC, Thats a great handle. What a great chuckle I got when it “clicked”.

            • Well, I’ll tell you what “dude”, I think you’re absolutely right. You did get burned out on some survival train and you need to get off at the next station if you really think you’re “ready for them” (who are “they”, again?). Stay on board too long you’ll find yourself running in circles, screaming and shouting. Aren’t those the signs of a paranoid schiziod? Nobody says life is fair…now where did I hear that?

              And that’s “Caio baby”, baby.

          • european american
            ha bla haha lol, bllaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
            YOU FUCKING IDIOT!

        • Funny, Red Dawn was just on AMC

        • It’s a 10 year prison sentence for anyone who wants to peaceably protest. Crazy as the right to peaceful protest & to state your argument in public should be the cornerstone of any democracy.

          All one can do at this stage is try and withdraw calmly from the game without drawing attention to oneself. The more one can detach oneself from the system’s tentacles the better.

          My relocation plans have recently taken a major leap forward as my mother has decided to come with us & share her own preps. Being a country girl herself her skills are invaluable, esp as my son’s progress in therapy is fast reaching a stage where we can continue it without access to big city experts now. Leaving my 75 year old Mum behind in London just wasn’t summat I was comfortable with.

        • NOT Denver, Colorado Springs area. Home of Ft. Carson and the nearby Pinon Canyon Manuver Site. Regardless of location it’s incomprehensible that Russian troops are practicing anywhere on US soil.

        • The future of America as compared to a puzzle…

          At first I didn’t understand. I could see just a few pieces of the “puzzle” and it didn’t make sense. Now, the puzzle might not be complete yet. But, from what I can see…it’s not good.

      25. 99% of the people in DC from the POTUS to Ben on down must be on some serious drugs.Do they have rehabs for Wantidol, Takitol, and Fukuol?

      26. The economy is a funny thing, with an agreement from all parties, ANY debt can be completely erased and set back to zero. The United States could simply go to the point at which it not only defaults on all of its loans, but just refuse to pay them. This of course would lead to total chaos and other countries cutting off trade and the total collapse of the monetary system within the U.S. What would happen after this is quite predictable, total martial law and everyone assigned to a certain task. Either way it is hell on Earth.

        16 trillion in debt and growing, there is a ceiling that will be reached. That ceiling when reached there are all sorts of scenarioes from a Greek type austerity to things falling apart such as bank holidays lasting weeks to total government control over everything. That idiot that ever suggested the way of getting out of a depression is to print up more money and thus raise the debt is part of this problem, helicopter ben.

        I have used this analogy before, but it still holds true with a family being allowed to pay ONLY the interest each month on the principle of the balance of what is owed, while being allowed to continue to increase the credit limit each month. ONLY one big problem is that the interest grows each month, and finally the ONLY way to continue this credit is that part of the credit each month is being used to pay the interest. This is a sure way to destruction.

        The TV show Married With Children had idiot Peg selling cosmetics and bringing in big checks each month in commission. Al Bundy could not figure out how peg was selling this junk and wanted her customers for his own gains. He found out that Peg was the ONLY customer. He then, close to the nervous breakdown that he often suffered, explained to Peg that you can’t be your own customer. Peg said but they send me checks, Al said but you have to send them much bigger checks and that is what is called sending your husband rocketing to the poor house.

        This is exactly what the U.S. is doing right now, paying part of the interest owed each month towards the debt owed. I equate this type of logic with trying to stop intense bleeding with a blow torch. It won’t work and there is a breaking point, a catastrophic breaking point that will ONLY not be reached from a much bigger catastrophe. Let’s see now what could zero out the U.S. debt? A nice world war would do this. A nice false flag event to issue in governmental control of everything. A nice real event, everybody can use their imagination for this one.

        Prepare like there is no tomorrow, because there probably is not one the way people see the regular tomorrow the majority of the population is use to. There will be a tomorrow for those that prepare and stock up. For those non-preppers that are part of the problem of credit card junkies, your days are numbered. The non-prepper and the government are sitting on a powder keg, more like on top of a super volcano getting ready to blow them into the upper regions of the atmosphere. If it isn’t the economy it will be something else. It seems like there are so many OTHER issues that are also ready to go.

        • When oil is no longer traded in dollars it’s game over. Until then we will muddle through.

      27. Simple math tells us that we’re going downward but a night out to dinner says otherwise. There are a lot of people dining out and that is about as wasteful as one can be with their money.

        Is it Nero fiddled while Rome burned?

        • kevin 2… and thats how it is.. things just keep going until they dont! if everyone realized how bad everything is , ” the crash” would have happened along time ago! when that instant comes where more people realize than those that dont, ” the crash” will come very quickly… how close are we??? that is the question.. which no one can answer until it has happened.

        • Yes, We should all get together and open a posh sounding restaurant and sell them crap ( they would eat it). Let’s call it Nero’s for a laugh.

          • highspeeloafer

      28. Assuming we even make it to the eleven tips before the chairman pulls something out of his a$$ and finalizes the complete destruction of our republic, there just has to be enough conscious Americans paying attention to some of this and are willing to make change.

        Then again, we’ve gotten this far with Obama lying and the media being complicit. In holding up their First Amendment responsibility.

        • You won’t need to be concerned with the First Amendment much longer. Nancy Pelosi has put forth a “bill” (written by the parasites, most likely), to alter the First Amendment…

          Can you say “Squash Dissent”?

          • If we really pay attention, we will see that the Commander in Thief is more worried about getting his paws on the Supreme Court. His puppets have been preaching it to college students and the brain dead who follow him. “Obama needs one more term to get this done” was the quote I heard. This will be checkmate. The Dems are already coming up with a bill that would overturn the SC decision on the AZ illegal immigration bill if it is upheld. They will control America through laws if he is re-elected and allowed to choose any more Commies to the court. It’s been the plan all along.

      29. In a bull market, when the last of the bears turn bullish and throw in the towel, this is when the market turns.

        SHTFPlan Doomers questioning their conviction alarms me.

      30. I believe they are talking about a global collapse.
        When Greece falls, its a domino affect. Its banking that affects other banks in all countries.

        Think about the USA like being your house hold account. We are more in dept than we have money coming in this country. When they don’t pay you, you can’t pay your bills.

        Maybe you are out of debt but you still have to pay every month for services and food.

        There is also the chance of the dollar falling to almost nothing. That will make prices rise more.

        We cannot keep going the way we are going. More people are still loosing everything. When that happens, where will the money come from?

        More debt will come to help them.

        A collapse is possible.

        Unless something is done SOON, we are in trouble. I don’t see how they can turn it around. We are going the wrong way.

        • Don’t worry, they have no intention of “turning it around”. The agenda is in motion…

        • ~EiE~

          Nah…..ignore Greece! They possess no decently sized “private economy”…they have a very socialist govt & hence the govt owns nearly all large conglomerates/companies…plus, Greece lacks a valid manufacturing base to export finished products! It will be a much hyped but…albeit non-event, in the global scheme of things.

          …on a side note, watch closely what befalls Italy & France, as both happen to possess a good high-tech manufacturing base that exports globally……..when you see signs of severe social unrest there, coupled w/ a collapsing Euro($)….know that England & the US are merely hours/days away from following suite!

          …if you see the above process begin to unfold…that is the time to secure your final preps and/or…take the plunge & acquire the high dollar ($$$) must have, survival necessities you’ve been putting off….’cuz in all likelihood, you won’t get a second chance!!!

      31. I don’t know when it’ll hit, but I can guarantee it will ratchet up the day they decide to try and take away our guns.

      32. My lend-lease .45ACP is turning 70 this year and I’m throwing a birthday party for the remaining few hundred. I haven’t had a single dud, so they deserve a it.

        On a more serious note, the price tag on a box of .22 shotshells I bought 11 years ago is $2.97. I can’t find them in any retail store for less than $6.79 now. It’s time to get serious and stock up on 12 gauge reloading supplies. I’ve been saving plastic hulls for quite some time and getting brass ones soon.

      33. These Russians that are in your country have probably not come as invaders. Russian special forces have an amazing fighting record scoring high compared to how troops of most Western countries perform, except for the French Foreign Legions paratroopers. These troops know how to smash insurgencies in the most brutal way.

        I would not suspect a commie invasion. The Russians were communists 20 years ago. Today they are just nationalists. It looks to me rather like a training mission as media confirms it. To know the Russian way of handling uprisings can be an excellent tool in case something goes wrong in the US. Especially with tens of million of firearms around. I would bet that in exchange American activities in Central Asia and the Caucasus would be reduced.

        • The Russian Army is barely, just barely capable of defending Russia itself with its old and rusty equipment. They are a mere shadow of what the Red Army used to be. Easily overrun by China. Funny how some think it still to be a danger (conventional war), except for small countries that can easily be conquered.

        • They are still vulnerable to air borne lead poisoning.

      34. AmeriKa land of the tax debt enslaved is …



        actual complete and total ameriKan debt is …



        and there is no end to the private fed reserve printing and spending!


        can none of you see the hard truth of it??? … the dollar is already dead. its a dead corpse. DOA dead on arrival! ITS AS WORTHLESS AS MONOPOLY MONEY!!!


        arm up stock up prepare … for zionist fascist neo-christian illegal UN-constitutional nwo U.N. fed gov false-flag martial law! then FREEMAN AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY CIVIL WAR!



        • as very often, nina, these are mostly truthful words and great words of advice. most of you would do well to see past the crankiness of the likes of me and nina and actually listen to some of what we say.

        • Aninao-Times that number by 2, then add SS “trust fund” treasuries, then add 22,000,000,000,000 for banker bailouts, and you also got to add the feds “balance sheet”(because “we” are on the hook for that also) THEN you get a number that is closer to the TRUE debt.

        • He probably never imagined this was the end he was sent to war for.

        • intro to @gatornavy link: WW2 Veteran who was Airborne Ranger during the D Day invasion and his wife were robbed. His wife was raped and killed by a black teen thug and four other neighborhood teens. Main Stream Media Refuses to cover this story.

          … If the poor Veteran and his molested dead wife had a 12 gauge and a .45 auto pistol … instead of a BB pop gun, this might have ended differently!

          … this is the very reason the US CONSTITUTION MUST BE PROTECTED! Only “you” have the real ability to protect yourself and your family!

          … WITHOUT THE 2ND AMENDMENT you will all be “robbed, victimized-n-abused, possibly killed” just as easily!


          Arm up Stock up Prepare! Predator or Prey of thieving robbing raping molesting killing druggy alchi thug trash neighbors and the u.n. globalist zionist gestapo feds the choice is Yours!


      35. We left Arizona 5/2011 lived there for 7 years, while we were there the economy boomed, it was payday for everyone……24/7……When we left everything collapsed. 63% of all local businesses closed, and the biggest winner in town was uhaul, which grew 1400% overnight….there lot was bigger than most car dealerships…..and this was a resort town, on the river across from the Casinos.

        Now, a year later I am watching the same senario unfold in cities 10 times larger.
        it seems the only thing consistent is fast food and costco/ Sam’s Clubs….
        we are crushed and battered, we are walking a very thin veneer between normalicy and Zombieism……..
        people can and will crack…..

        • Bullhead City?

          • Yup….BHC,AZ

            • sounds like bullshit city to me!

          • I love Black Bear Diner in BHC. Great food!

      36. You know what …. this is kinda off-topic for this thread but …. I was listening to “The Great One” Mark LeVin on the radio today, and the topic of discussion was student loans and interest rates …. well, when I was in college there was a REAL bias against White students. And all this time, I thought it was just good old fashioned racism, but listening to LeVin’s callers talking about their loans, their experiences during various decades … I realized, maybe the bias against Whites was because banks often actually prefer customers who will have trouble paying off their loans! Looking at myself, I think one of my loans was at 6%, the other interest rates were stuff like 3% and 4%, something like that. And when I was done with school I simply paid them. In fact, I didn’t just pay them, I paid ’em ahead of time. There was a sort of payback schedule that I think extended something like 5 years, maybe one loan went to 7, but I had them paid off in three or so. Because it was the right thing to do. And, I didn’t borrow more than I could possibly avoid. We’re talking a total of something like $10K.

        Meanwhile my nonwhite friends were taking out loans, actually using the credit card applications that we all got in the mail, were buying cars, goofing on during summer rather than work, etc. Living the high life! Now I’m wondering if they really had a hard time paying off all that borrowing after *they* were done with college. I seem to remember penalties or interest going up if payments were missed or something, which is why I never let that happen.

        So which would a bank prefer to have warming a seat in college? A nice, boring, achieving, responsible White student, or someone who their extensive market studies have proven is of a social group much more likely to spend, and overspend, and get behind, and have to pay a penalty or a higher interest rate when they’re trying to pay those loans off?

        • Mark Levin zionist shill for idiot consumption. Can’t stand the way he disses Ron Paul in particular–all because Ron Paul is the only politician who wouldn’t bow to israeli masters.

          • Even Michael Savage has become unlistenable for me. Anyone who perpetuates 9-11 myths or pretends things can be genuinely changed from within the system has become unlistenable for me.

            • toomanyfakeconservatives great handle. Indeed Michael Weiner Savage epitomizes the zionist control of US media. Gatekeeper 101. Getting conservatives all worked up with condemnation of big govt, says that the real problem is your next door neighbor who is a “liberal” (divide and conquer), and we all have to pony up trillions to fight a war against whoever israel’s enemy is that day. Some conservative! Always amazed at how many otherwise intelligent people fall for it.

            • Ranch I agree with you on the Zionists. Don’t the Chosenites have a standing order in their religion to at least visit Israel, and if at all possible, live there? There’s ONE thing where I agree with the Christ-loons, they think Jesus will return (if he does, look busy!) if all the Jews are returned to Israel. This could work well to the rest of the world’s advantage. Christ-loons ship the Jews back where they’re fairly much out of the way and out of our hair/pockets, when when the Big J doesn’t return, the Christ-loons all commit suicide.

              (Note there are actually a few rather decent Christians out there, the term “Christ-loon isn’t aimed at you.)

            • I have to respond to domesticterrorist’s comment ” when the Big J doesn’t return”. He will return! However the mainstream churches teach that he is coming to “rapture” them away. It’s a lie. He definitely will return, but not until the Antichrist comes first. All these rapture believers will be dancing in the streets, but forgetting about why they haven’t gone anywhere. Then the real SHTF, when the jig is up and they are still here. Then you will see mass suicides and the rapture crowd running for the mountains to hide. They were had and don’t want to face reality and the “true” Messiah. When it unfolds, don’t say you were not warned! Prepare accordingly.

          • Andrew Wilkow on sat radio does the same thing, disses RP(I KNOW for a FACT he comes to shtfplan), “with liberties comes responsibilities”, “the freedom to be you,comes with my freedom to be free from you” “blah,blah,blah,blah,blah…… vote for romney”. I agree with him all(90%) of the time, he is a gun owner,preps a little, is a “hard” money guy and totally “gets” the currency situation, and is pro-life, then disses RP because of “foreign policy” WTF!!!

            @andrew- WTF bro?

            Then you got glenn-Iloveirealmorethentheusa-beck, I vomit everytime I hear him speak now.

            Mike Church on sat radio is a RP guy, so sat radio bumped him down to 3 am est(a while ago) and put glenn-Iloveiraelmorethentheusa-beck in churchs time slot.

            • I meant 3am pst

            • I’m not sure why people listen to political pundits of either ilk
              either conservative or liberal
              are these guys freakin’ geniuses or something??
              I get more useful info off of sites like this than I do
              anywhere else
              I’d much rather listen to the troops down in the trenches
              than the arm chair generals who don’t know one end of a gun
              from the other

      37. A little off subject ; maybee ,maybee not .
        The man in North Bend Washington that Allegidly killed his wife and daughter is believed to have been found in a fortified bunker in a wooded area near a dense forest.
        The point I’m trying to make is, alot of people are labling him as a survivalist,doomsday prepper,Republican Tee Bagger,Paranoid Schizo,nutjob. Stereotypeing the rest of us preppers as being extremist. I know at least one person that posts on this sight would fit that description , But as for me ,I think that is what makes some folks affraid of getting on the band-wagon.

        • I’m not even looking to “survive” necessarily. There is just no good case against having large stocks of food, ammo, and supplies. Hard goods are going to cost much more in the future, if they are available at all, so why not buy them at now at todays prices for later use?

        • It used to bother me to hear the stereotype(s) of folks who believe as I do. Knuckle draggin’,mouth breathin’,hayseed. No “advanced” education. (My personal favorite by the way. he he he!)
          Now I have come to realize it is a great advantage. I am universaly underestimated. The best example are the arrogant bastards, to a person, that have a show on msnbc. Wow! Libs just think they’re so goddamn superior in the brains dept. And the beauty is, you can’t defend liberalism in ANY logical way. It ALWAYS end up with the lib name calling. The only defense is, you are mean, uncarring, racist,etc.
          Now I watch or listen, and laugh at the absolute insanity of liberalism. It is a suicidal thought process.
          Can’t cure it, let it go. Let it go.

          • rick, you are a smart man my friend!

          • Being a liberal must be great, as you are always the smartest person in the room. If you don’t believe a liberal is brilliant, just ask them, they’ll tell you all you need to know.

      38. Just when I thought the farm was going to give me the time to comment. It Didn’t maybe tomorrow. I am here struggling to keep everything running and together. Praying that you guys don’t have to try and survive without a support group. real work real survival make no bones about it this is tough shit. quit talkin quit thinkin start doing make that bugout bag have that talk, buy those bullets and beans because without a few supplies you got nothin.

      39. It cracks me up how some People can go on and on about free trade as if it were a bad thing and then go on and call things like CAFTA a free trade event.

        How much do you think guys that say such things are getting paid? Or are they *that* brainwashed?

        Yeesh, it’s as if these titles were never written:

        “CAFTA: More Bureaucracy, Less Free Trade”

        “The Moral Case for Free Trade”

        “Who Killed Free Trade?”

        No one who knows Washington will be surprised to discover that free trade has little to do with the Mexican free-trade agreement. – “Free Trade” as Interventionism

        “The “Free-Trade” Racket”

        “Free Trade, Conservative Style by Gary North”

        Me, I just want freedom and liberty, and I’m shocked at the numbers of People who are working against it all and those who promote it.

        We *are* literally witnessing the collapse of our entire entire borrow-and-consume paradigm.

        • Clark; FREE TRADE as instituted into NAFTA, GATT, and the WTO as managed trade by the gangster banksters IS a bad thing.

          FREE TRADE as it exists represents the commercial trade of the modern era. That commercial trade is managed, the table is tilted, and it is the giant sucking sound WE hear that has moved 42,400 factories and 60 million American jobs offshore.

          The “free trade” you believe in disappeared with the American Indian after they invited white Europeans onto their land to establish “free trade zones” and allowed them to populate that space with more white Europeans.

          And WE all know how well it turned out for the American Indian, don’t WE? 🙂

      40. why cant we just sell things to each other at fair market values? thats free trade. we dont need tarriffs or free trade agreements. it should be like this. example* i need 10 widgets. a company in china and a company in america happen to make widgets.each company can give me their price. and than i can make a decision. * someone please explain to me why this is not possible?

        • You are confusing the two. Free trade agreements are put in place to remove tariffs and tap into economic mumbo jumbo of ‘comparative economic advantage’. They reduce tariffs that have been set up to protect indigenous industry. Once you reduce tariffs you get what you are experiencing now.

          I once read a story about a US company that was bidding with a Chinese company to supply machine for injection molding. The US company was beaten on price but not just by a small margin. There was NO way the US company could compete even if they cut their margins to zero. In China there are few safety and pollution controls and labour rates are very low. Therefore, by removing tariffs US industry has been trashed.

          The effect is negative in both contexts. Industry in the US is trashed and incomes decline and in China people are driven to work in low income factory jobs so they earn a high income but lose out as the environment is shot through pollution and traditional ways of life are destroyed. The only ‘winners’ are the senior executives and shareholders of the US transnationals….everyone else goes to hell in a cost driven downward spiral.

          • yes nexus, i understand what you are saying….

          • I have never been accused of being an enviornmentalist, but one would think the Chinese would have learned something from the experiences of USA. We have spent a fortune cleaning up our messes from decades past.

            • Yes, and now that OUR factories and jobs have been moved to China, they still exhaust thousands of tons of sulpher and mercury into the air, and it blows over onto US anyway.

              Just like Fukashima.


        • Am I the only one who would buy a ticket to see a cage match between eeder and the durango kid?

          • ;0) lmao … Nice!!!

            I’d definitely pay to see that … we can call it the …

            “PREPPER FIGHT CLUB!”

            I got $200. in silver on @DK! In the third round! ;0)

          • Save me a ticket.

      42. We are all just worker ants.. Period..

        There is nothing free in this country.. Or the world… It’s all well taxed and it’s organized comunisium!

        Do Think you live in a free society?

        Try this experiment.. Pay off your car, home and put all your $$ in the bank.. Put all your Jewlery in a safety deposit box in that same bank.. Then > Stop paying your income taxes and stop paying your property taxes.. SEE WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU!!

        • The black market is “free”, The Realist.

          Also, there’s a Lot of guys who don’t pay income taxes and Nothing happens to them. It’s called, “under the table.”

          The People of Greece and unitedstate construction workers are famous for it.

          “… a strange band of ideological brethren has united against [libertarianism and other free market thinkers]. Conservatives themselves, anti-usury types, monetarists and now progressives are coming together to oppose libertarianism as a movement.

          From my point of view, this is a kind of dominant social theme, a fear-based promotion that is genuine but also has power-elite roots. The idea is to frighten people into giving up power and wealth to globalist institutions. Free-market thinking interferes with this push.” …

        • Realist…Yea, this is the big problem. Even if you pay everything off, go off the grid and work under the table, you still gotta pay that “rent” on your property. If you don’t, you have an unfriendly visit from your local corp sheriff. While a trust could protect you personally, if the trust doesn’t pay those property taxes it’s still gone.I don’t really see any way around this. If you do, please clue me in.

      43. Ive been on this site for some time and alot of what DK says is true.Hes had alot of good points.We can sit and play the blame game all we want but this frieght train is rolling down a steep grade with no brakes.Its best we prepare for impact and do the best we can.Any blame we put on any past pesident is just pissing in the wind its over there gone gone now lets pick up the mess.I never post only observe but if we keep playing the party game there is no hope.We all know that since the late eighties its been vote for your new slave master.

        • Shocked at who thw perps were!

      44. This lady wants to stop concealed carry durring repubic convention. She has a bachelor in social sciences, and is an envromentalist. ALL of here information(who backed her, her position on issues) errased from net

        • A camel’s nose. Next it will be because of something else, and from there work toward stopping that “barbaric” practice completely. What animals! Too cowardly to let the police protect them! What insanity! The police always arrive just in time to save the victim. I know because I have seen “Hill Street Blues”.

      45. You bet it’s a collapse. Can’t pay the interest on the debt. Treasury bills, taxes, and petro-dollars are down and can’t get up. Nobody buys the T-bills, revenues are down – so taxes dollars are too, and OPEC nations are denominating oil transactions in other than USDs (and for good reason). In addition, GDP is minimized (i.e. we don’t produce anything) to maintain reserve currency status around the world. The USGov implemented policies that would predictably lead to this end. I predict a global agreement, central leadership and new reserve currency to show up before resorting to war. The new plan will level the currency playing field; if I’m holding dollars, I’m going take a loss.

      46. Collapse of the old America is well under way. The fact that the Too Bigs were rewarded for their criminal fraud instead of being prosecuted is a clear sign of that.
        The complicity of regulators, ratings agencies and political whores without accountablity is a sign that the rule of law has collapsed. Soon the dollar will be devalued and more of the middle class wiped out.
        We the people are sedate if we still have our cheese and we only object when its taken away.
        By time that happens, the security state will be in place to control any troublesome citizens. Its a new day in America!

      47. Seriously, who cares whether GWB did most of it or not. The fact here is they are ALL crooks.

        While people bicker about things that have some to pass, I am quietly prepare, simplifying my lifestyle and ensuring I am well out of reach of a major city… this will at least buy us some time.

        Also, you folks should be more worried about the blue helmets as they are now training on US soil to “deal” with people that think the Constitution is still the law of the land.

        Take yourselves off of facebook, recognize all them are complicit crooks and take drastic measures to make sure you family survives when all of the idiots in society are running around wondering what happened.

      48. “The data suggests it likely…” I LOVE that you don’t treat the word ‘data’ as some magical plural word. It seems a product of the last decade where people would say “the data suggest”. It’s the difference between saying “the card suggest” and “the cards suggest”. Tell me how I’m supposed to single out just one data if the word is in fact plural by nature.

        • People have been conditioned to accept an “authority figure” statement. The very concept of “data” is, or must be (for people so conditioned) a product of some knowlegable authority, and therefore accepted, especially when presented by an MSM outlet.


        Basically it about an individual Keller that is suspected of killing his wife and daughter and is now hold up in an underground bunker in the Seattle area. Of course the news is following this very closely, making sure they left their audience know that he is a survivalist every chnce they get. Reading the article you find out he is well armed and has body armour, lots of food and water and other supplies for a long time. The police say they will wait for weeks to get hin out if necessary and not try to rush him. Interesting.

        Why would the police wait for weeks to get a suspect? One would think that it is because they don’t want to risk lives, but there is an undertone here. The longer that someone like this is hold up, the more media coverage and the worse that people that prep and try to survive what is coming look. The government no way wants people to prep because they lose their control over those that can be self sufficient. The more bad press on the “nut job” survivalist that is a murderer in a stand off the better it is for the government’s case that those that prepare are right wing gun loving anarchist that are dangerous and no one should associate themselves with this.

        It doesn’t matter whether someone that goes crazy is a survivalist or not, they went nuts. The media and the government though will definitely take the opportunity to make ALL preppers and survivalists look just as crazy and just as dangerous. Incidents like this the government chews on like a dog does on a big meaty bone. Other people hold up they go in and take them out, not wait them out for WEEKS!? What do you bet that those orders came from someone higher up.

        • Nice post informed.

        • Just like that guy named Tim killed the Patriot Movement in a place called OKC in the 1990’s…

        • Absolutely right, Be informed. The media is playing this for all it’s worth. If he was multicultral, or an Obama supporter, or an environMENTAList, or an atheist, or left-handed, or pro-abortion, or cross-eyed, or gay, or muslim, or wore purple socks, would we hear about THAT every 5 minutes on the news updates? Would they constantly insinuate that that must be what drove him to commit such violence? Of course not. All the more reason to believe NOTHING is as they report it.
          Which reminds me, we’re having a counter-protest tomorrow. Just across the street from the ‘Left-Handed Gay Liberal Earth Loving Cross-Eyed Pro-Choice All-Inclusive Purple-Sock-Wearing Muslims For Obama’ Rally. Hope you all can make it!

          • @ SmokinOkie. That individual committed suicide that was in that bunker. The news and the state would not have others believe that this person went crazy and killed his wife and daughter, they would have everyone believe that because he was a survivalist that was what drove him to kill his family. The news used all sorts of “loaded” words aimed not at solely him directly but also the fact he was a survivorist. Self proclaimed, fixated on the end of the world, deeply fantasized with guns and other weapons preparing for doomsday, just ready for anything that would threaten his bunker.

            It is the media and the state that makes sure this is well shown to everyone, so everyone can beware of the crazy people that prepare. They try to portray every prepper and survivalist as someone you cannot trust and how they will turn on you and shoot you. They want everyone to trust in their government and they will take care of you. Yeah, wonderfully after they put you to work as some salt miner and separate you from your family and dispose of all your pets. I seem to remember a little New Orleans event a few years ago that kind of showed just how well the state treats their citizens.

            The media and the government wants to make people that prepare into losers that have nothing better to do. Loners that are misfits to society and if they had any social status they would not be wasting their time preparing for the end of the world, they would be out having fun. They want people to see the prepper as some freak that collects explosives and firearms and is a danger to society. I will tell you the danger to society and the danger to the continuing of the human species are those that don’t prepare and feel that the state will safe them from everything.

            The non-prepper is one of the least responsible class of people that there is but they live solely for the moment. Preppers are extremely responsible, well organized, and ready for that rainy day or that day of the tsunami(whatever catastrophe manmade or natural) that seems to be coming with a lot more frequency than decades ago. The non-prepper WHEN faced with a true disaster is like a young child being thrown out into the cold in some wilderness setting, without help they die.

            The government(s) want people to be totally dependent on them for everything so they can tell them what to do and if they don’t then they are not taken care of. Many of these trained animals at these wildlife parks are kept just above the starving state so they can be forced to perform and entertain. A bird expert once told me the torment through hunger is used to break the spirit and will of the animal so they are perfect behaved and obedient.

            When the state takes care of you and you totally depend on the state to continue to function orderly, if and WHEN that state fails to function and work what happens? The non-prepper that has been taught to ridicule and make those that work very hard to prepare into some freak show, will find out what life is like after SHTF. People rather be obedient, have broken spirits, and behave like good conformists. Automaton is more the word.

            I can remember in grammar school how the stroies we heard about how important it was to prepare and have stockpile of food and supplies, like the wise squirrel that stocked up nuts for the winter. Now it is like a bad thing that people stock up and store up for emergencies. There is some sort of feeling that preparation is negative and all doom and gloom and again just for those fixated on the end of the world. What ever happened to civil defense and having citizens ready for what the world can throw at them?

            What happened to the government(s) realizing that the people are the backbone of any nation? What happened to common sense and preparing yourself, your family, your nieghborhood, your community to take some of the burden off the government so they could concentrate on the broken down infrastructure? What ever happened to unity?

            • As I see it, The Government does not want self-sufficient people. Gov has evolved from a minor necessity to an all encompassing, overwhelming entity that has to be involved in every single aspect of our life.
              The Gov. is a monopoly business model now. Growing, employing, taking. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.
              Gov. “customers” want more and bigger. Gov. employees want more and bigger. Politicians want more and bigger. Administrative Laws, created by beurocrats, not legislators, are overwhelming.
              Government needs you to need them. It neeeeds you to need them. Goddamn parasites killing the host organism.

            • Be informed…Yep. If you’re not a willing debt slave, you are an enemy of the state.

      50. Some swore to protect this country from all agressors, both foreign & domestic….The oath did not include the words ” as long as I survive…” My point is that while survival is a goal…it is not a deal breaker. If it comes to it in protecting my wife & family….I will be carried by 6….before I am judged by 12. Just sayin…
        Many will not go quietly into the night. I believe that there are many on this page that will not just give up & be hearded into a cage. The rule of 308 will be used when necessary. Stay Safe Y’all.

      51. The G.O.D Business

        “our way of life is over,its unsustainable and in rapid decline,thats why we implement demand destruction,we continue to make money while the world burns…”

        it’s ALL planned folks
        there ain’t no accidents when it comes to the financial meltdown

      52. The Men Who Don’t Fit In*

        Robert W. Service

        There’s a race of men that don’t fit in,
        A race that can’t stay still;
        So they break the hearts of kith and kin,
        And they roam the world at will.
        They range the field and they rove the flood,
        And they climb the mountain’s crest;
        Theirs is the curse of the gypsy blood,
        And they don’t know how to rest.

        If they just went straight they might go far;
        They are strong and brave and true;
        But they’re always tired of the things that are,
        And they want the strange and new.
        They say: “Could I find my proper groove,
        What a deep mark I would make!”
        So they chop and change, and each fresh move
        Is only a fresh mistake.

        And each forgets, as he strips and runs
        With a brilliant, fitful pace,
        It’s the steady, quiet, plodding ones
        Who win in the lifelong race.
        And each forgets that his youth has fled,
        Forgets that his prime is past,
        Till he stands one day, with a hope that’s dead,
        In the glare of the truth at last.

        He has failed, he has failed; he has missed his chance;
        He has just done things by half.
        Life’s been a jolly good joke on him,
        And now is the time to laugh.
        Ha, ha! He is one of the Legion Lost;
        He was never meant to win;
        He’s a rolling stone, and it’s bred in the bone;
        He’s a man who won’t fit in.


      54. Info on Operation Unplug


        Thanks for a great site. I check it almost every day for dose of truth.

        I am an Oath Keeper and US Army veteran. I thought I’d forward some info that may be of interest.

        The Oath Keepers are sponsoring Operation Unplug. It is another attempt to non-violently get the attention of the government and masses and alert them to the problems we have as a nation, etc… If you agree with this, please consider promoting it and joining us in this message.

        ON MONDAY APRIL 30th 2012 AT 11:59 PM EASTERN TIME
        Please copy, email and post in your communities!

        NDAA 2012 , AUMF 2002, Executive Order March 2012-Removing right to protest
        U.N. Dictating Foreign Policy
        NO FAXES
        NO BANKING
        NO ATM
        NO DRIVING
        NO MOVIES
        NO TV
        NO COOKING
        NO RADIO
        NO WHINING!
        All Americans who are 1st responders are exempt, all w/medical problems/oxygen are exempt
        Do not waste time and energy on those who do not wish to comply…the government will!



        • Hey Pete! Here’s a better idea. “Horns Across America”.

          On any specified day, patriots across the nation start honking their horn for one minute at 12 noon in their respective time zone.

          A lot noisier and much shorter. Maybe more effective.

          Goggle that phrase.

      55. PREPPER ENEMY INTEL REPORT: Unusual ARMY ‘transport’ vehicle located in Virginia Beach VA , causing some concern … its a FEMA TSA prisoner transport with DOMESTIC TERRORIST CAGE on a deuce and a half chassis!

        If you see this rolling through your neighborhoods … might be a good time to Bug The Phrack Out Fast!!!

        • Nice. Atleast they got a luggage rack on the cabs roof, and the a.c. looks pretty good. I don’t think the heater works though.

        • Relax. It’s just a modernized version of the cattle car. Nothing to be concerned about.

          BTW: Need a ride?

      56. Todays Gnus Headlines (The gnus knew the news, did you?)

        Hell hath no fury like a dentist scorned. In Kentucky, a man went to his dentist, who just happened to be his recently-dumped ex girlfriend. He had a toothache, that’s all. She doped him up, pulled ALL his teeth and send him home with a mouth stuffed with cotton. He didn’t know til the drugs wore off and he took the stuffing out. Yikes! He is obviously angry about it, but isn’t sayng much. His only commen so far is “I’m tho pithed! That biyth ith gonna pay for thith.”

        Guess it’s been a bad week for dentists. In London, a dentist, who was NOT working on his ex, accidently dropped a screwdriver down a woman’s throat. It went all the way down! Ouch! He tried to get her to spit it out but she couldn’t. So he told her to (I am not kidding) “Go home and eat a high fiber diet.” A week later she ended up in the hospital having the screwdriver surgically removed. Surgeons say that while they had her opened up, they also took out a torque wrench, a contact lens and a parrot. Seems the woman, before she visited the dentist, had also been to her optomitrist, the auto mechanic, and a pet shop. The woman said she’s really glad she skipped the audition for the London Symphony. She plays the trombone!

        You gotta get your mind right to appreciate this next story. From Hoboken, NJ- The head of a company that collects the parking meter money for the city has been charged wuth stealing from the meters. He was supposed to turn it all in, but apparently, he held back a little from time to time. About $1.2 million to be exact. He would have gotten away with it too, but his landlords got suspicious when he paid the rent each month with 400 lbs of nickels. They snitched him out to the city and now he’s been convicted. Ah he was led out of the courtroom, he was heard muttering ‘I’m shakin’ it, Boss.’

        Quartzsite, AZ- The principal of the local charter school has resigned after a student with a camera phone caught him making out with the secretary. The video went viral and now he and the assistant are out of a job. He will lose his pension, but he did get a nice parting gift. Barbara Mandrell’s Greatest Hits album, featuring the smash single ‘Married But Not To Each Other.’

        Famed composed Kurt Masur is recovering in hospital after he fell off the podium during a performance in Paris. Some say he simply stood too close to the edge and lost his balance. Others blame his age (84) and lack of reflexes. Some say he had too much champaign (doubtful, since he doesn’t drink). Masur says the problem was with the musical selection. The orchestra had just finished Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No 6 and were transitioning into a medley of AC/DC favorites when he fell. Said Masur, “Never again will I conduct Tchaikovsky followed by Hell’s Bells. It’s just too dangerous.”

        • Thanks for the memories, Smokin Oak. When I read about Quartzsite, AZ, I’m reminded of the weekly trips from the Tarheel to the City of Angels. I always fueled at the Pilot,showered and got my head straight to get in the middle of 10 million people. It seemed as though everyone of them was driving a vehicle and on the road whenever I came to town. What a mucking fess at rush hour! I do say a prayer for all those people from time to time. Their world is soon coming to a screeching halt. Hope they have Christ in their heart.

          • don’t tread- I know the exact fuel stop you’re talking about. Spent the day there once, back in the mid 90s when I started trucking. I remember sitting in the lot watching as one tanker truck per hour made a fuel drop. One of the drivers told me that little truck stop was getting a delivery once an hour, Round The Clock! ( I think those tankers carry about 7000 gals, dont they?) Now that’s a LOT of gas and diesel!
            Plus, it was january and the big ‘Main Event’ flea market was set up. I’ve been back through there several times when it was going full swing. Picked up a few prepper goodies.
            As for LA, I still have relatives there. I’ve wondered how they’d cope if a 9.0 quake or a month long metro-wide Rodney King style riot occured. All I can do is pray for them. (and I do)

            • Me too Oak; started in ’93 and was in Rancho Cugamonga for a three day layover just a week after Northridge. Never got back to W Coast until 2006. Saw the BIG Flea @ Quartzsite also and a first for me; the thermometer sitting on 120 degrees. People say “Oh but it’s a dry heat, and not as bad”. Bull caca! When you can feel the sweat evaporating with little pips, off bare skin, it’s friggin bad. I do believe I could manage with a cool creek and ice cold beverages, and I’d take that over the minus 25 I saw on the thermometer in Minnesota in ’94, with the 20 mph wind I was a bit concerned when my co-driver had us running on fumes at three in the morning, in the middle of nowhere.

      57. Actually, and I may be an exception to the rule right now…..but I am doing the best job and pay wise I ever have in my life. Now that’s not to say that due to inflation and taxation (without representation) that the curve is not what it should be

        • Now America has representation without taxation. There are too many of them. We are cut off and being overrun.

          But all is not lost.
          At least one better nation will rise from the ashes.

      58. this is about china products, we all know that they can produce many products some that are ok in quality and more than half are junk. I got a stopwatch from walmart and its made in china, the thing broke after 5 months, I have dozens of more products that are broken are junk from china, pay attention to the tag and by american if you can. I saw under armor socks at dick sporting goods that some were made in vietnam and china, so I looked until I found the one made in USA, they were 4 bucks more for socks but I bought them and i know they are not cheap and a better quality. I dont think we will ever get back to the 80’s economy but im trying. we got too many people and deadbeats that think they are beter off on welfare and dont want to work or cant find owrk. they would be smart to not go out and drink their money offbut instead invest in something even a gun or save. i hope we can survive a few more years.

      59. This comment has been modified from its original version. It has been formatted to fit your computer.

        Headline- ‘Semi-Literate Okie Once Again Slain By Grammer, Spelling; Shown To Be The Intellectually-Challenged Inarticulate Simpleton He Is’

        Regarding a previous comment- okay, I got it. Champaign is a city in Illinois. Champagne is the bubbly drink. I stand corrected. Of course, there is that Champagne campaign in Champaign next month. Can’t wait to see that one! The language befuddles me as I struggle to maintain even a semblance of quasi-equalibrium in these excruciatingly contentious times. Good thing nobody expects too much from us okies! And don’t ask about the nuclear weasels either! Those poor irradiated rodentia have suffered enough slander for one day.

      60. “PO’d Patriot says:
        April 27, 2012 at 8:05 pm

        DK, just saw where the full time employed is hovering around 49 percent. It’s gittin’ tight…….”

        And how many of that 49% are employed by the government???

        • About 7.4 percent(of the population) work for fed,state and local gybmint(in 2008)

          So, if 50% of us population has a job, it would be 15%.
          Remember that number is based on raw population and NOT just people in the “work force” SO the actuall percentage(of the workforce) would be higher, say 22-29%

          Holly $hit, I just scared the $hit out of myself again.

          Were f^cked.

        • SA: On a positive note; “work is for people who do not know how to fish”.

          Bait that hook and read a book! 🙂

      61. Have you ever noticed that most of the ‘terrorism’ is always directed at working people? Buses, planes, trains, malls, etc. Very few terrorists seem to direct their rage at those most responsible for the terrible evil that is being perpetrated against all the rest of us.

        i think that is very odd…and maybe telling. That is one reason I don’t believe much of anything mainstream media tells us.

      62. I worry that when people finally DO stand up to the global elite, their administrators (the politicians), and their collectives (the central banks and corporations) it will be too late.

        I know conservatives who have things mixed up. They think corporations and central banks are part of capitalism, as well as the military Industrial complex. So they inadvertently continue to support the very system they really can’t stand and which is endangering their families and communities.

        • They are expert in boiling frogs.

      63. I don’t mean to scare anyone, but Barbara Boxer has just added a provision to a bill that will be the beginning to a Soviet-style way of preventing citizens from leaving the U.S. (Looks like they are going to start preventing people from freely moving out of the U.S):

        The Obama administration is getting desperate. As part of the federal-aid highway bill, Senator Barbara Boxer (D-California) has added a provision that allows for anyone who owes the IRS more than $50,000 to be denied a passport. (Senate Bill 1813 is now in the House.)

        • After passage things like delinquent student loans will be added to an ever growing list. USA is becoming East Germany where people are killed for trying to leave. It will be ironic when Mexico starts building a fence or wall on their nrthern border.

      64. Events take place beyond our knowledge or control. Our lives are lived for us. The idea of the American Dream fades gradually as we wake but, gradually special perceptions are being developed. The idea of the media in it’s true form is to enlist us into bands of perceivers they, the tools of perception. They appease us with images. They give us books, concerts, galleries, shows, cinemas. Especially the cinemas. Through art they confuse us and blind us to our enslavement. WE are keep diverted and indifferent. “All that I have said is old news…Separate, purify, reunite… And we will yet have a glimpse of freedom.”

        • Bloodyfellow

          You are correct and dead on.

          keep on ..


        • LOL…Sorry I skipped over your other links but when I saw RP and “wailing wall” I stopped and thought WTF. Ya got me! Good one.

      65. johnnybee,

        It might just be that it was planned that way. – Keep em quiet and un-informed. They will still vote Demo….
        Y’all Beware!

      66. don’t-tread says:@

        April 28, 2012 at 6:19 am
        Hey…the sister of this neighbor complains of not having any space to store supplies and food…oh, but she buys a 30,000 car and is paying a hefty monthly payment @ age 63??

        What’s wrong with these people..and it isn’t ignorance of the situation–she knows what’s going on with the economy..I just don’t get it–I would be negligent in my way of thinking to have a new car pmt at my age-61..almost 62.
        I’d have used just a portion of that money for an add-on room…Geeze!!!

        • Old Fart: Canada is a beautiful place. When you go, please forward your guns to me. Thank you.

          • Hahaha Kiddo, this means the boomerang as well?

            • I think you are entitled to keep the boomerang, but you may want to check with Ms. Daisy first, otherwise you could be construed as a terrorist from America invading the Queens private reserve.

      67. Chinas government is the problem, they catching up all the foreign currencies and reprinting them with yuan to pay their slaves. Thats why they were able to create such big money reserves. They had to create this huge real estate bubble to counter value the printed yuans. With the stolen foreign currency reserves they recently buy of everything in other countries, Land, farms, minerals, companies. China will have to defend their worldwide investments very soon, when all the governments try get rid of the yellow pest.

      68. I’m self-employed. I had some weeks where I made $1000. I haven’t had a week like that in three years. I have a lot more weeks where I make less than $200.

      69. So… When/if martial law is enacted, they will certainly turn to gun registration lists off the bat. Question is, will they start with the gun owners, taking out the threats immediately? Or will they start with the non-owners, rounding up/eliminating the easy soft targets first?

      70. The appalling thing about this is the fact that our jobs are in CHINA, a communist nation and we are forced to compete with SLAVE labor!! Government, banks and big manufacturing are to blame, and one word G R E E D, to the point of the total collapse of our way of life. You can’t eat if you can’t work, the greedy bastards won’t be happy until everyone is a SLAVE!!!

      71. I’m not a professional but this is what I see. I think the Deflationary period is over. The Inflationary period has started. We didn’t suffer a great deflation but we may face a volatile inflationary period. I think we all see the cost of everything going up. Hell the price of my coffee went up $1.00 in the last week. And with an inflationary period we see a deflation of our currencies value. Which is what your seeing against the Chinese Yuan right now. As the system inflates your dollars value goes down and this has been rising at an alarming rate mostly against the Yuan. And if our elected officials are successful at devaluing the dollar they can pay China back with cheaper dollars. But that cheaper dollar also affects you and myself with the inflation were seeing now.
        My job last year was OT almost every day at this time last year. Now it’s slowing down and OT is random at best. A global company sales are completely flat here in America and I’m afraid with all the overseas turbulence there sales will slow even further.
        I think we’ll see a collapse of the Euro who knows when but I’m betting it will happen. The big banks are now even bigger than in 08 and will face even a bigger collapse this time around. With all the independent news and financial guys that will tell us the truth the future doesn’t sound so great. Who knows when it will all go down but it’s going to happen. Every currency system has failed and ours will as well.
        And with the $10.4 Billion a day to keep this country afloat with all the other massive debts I think the bubble will burst and all hell will break loose. This is not a good time for Americans or even the many other countries that have printed and borrowed themselves into a massive whole. America is now the largest debtor nation in the history. And that’s bad for myself and you.

      72. Blah, blah, blah…forget the’s all coming down – fiat, economy, society…If you don’t know that by now, you might be toast yourself…buy gold if you can, silver for sure, guns for certain, and food stores as best you can. Get out of the city/burbs or have a place you can escape too if at all possible. Oh yea, good luck and God bless to all of us…we are gonna need it.

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