Economic Indicators DETERIORATE: Chance Of Recession DOUBLED In Last 24 Months

by | Apr 10, 2019 | Headline News | 10 comments

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    In just the past two years, the chances of a recession have doubled, according to a note written Tuesday by the Guggenheim Partners.  As economic indicators continue to deteriorate, and Americans load up on debt, the raw truth about the state of the United States economy is slowly surfacing.

    “The next recession will not be as severe as the last one, but it could be more prolonged than usual because policymakers at home and abroad have limited tools to fight the downturn,” the team, led by Chief Investment Officer Scott Minerd, said in the note. Minerd’s group at Guggenheim oversees more than $200 billion.

    According to Bloomberg, Guggenheim made a few other predictions as well, including one that claims credit markets may be hit harder than usual in a downturn because of the high ratio of corporate debt and the likelihood of “a massive fallen angel wave.”

    While a recession could begin as soon as the first half of next year, some claim that a more dovish pivot by the Federal Reserve could extend the current growth cycle. Even if the Fed CAN extend the time we have BEFORE the next recession, it’ll amount to nothing more than kicking that proverbial can down the road.  And eventually, the Fed is going to miss the can and kick a rock and the whole bottom will fall out of the debt-based economy.

    Guggenheim also predicted that a 50% drop in market values could happen during the next recession too, thanks to the high values we have presently.

    Other economic experts have expressed that it is difficult to predict WHEN any economic recession will occur, but one thing is for certain, we will live through another one. Most Americans have not financially recovered from the last recession, as personal net worth is now lower than it was before the crisis. And as the nation increasingly relies on debt to fund their consumerism and overspending, any uptick in interest rates could crash the entire debt-based system.

    According to Forbes, the recession still looms. We are not out of the woods yet, so to speak, but how you prepare yourself and your personal finances for an economic downturn will make all of the difference. As most are choosing to pile up the debt right now, consider eliminating yours.  Get rid of those payments and build a savings account that can help protect you against a job loss or pay cut.


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      1. Well, bring it already…so much written about it lately one wonders if it’s just “preparing the populace” for one.
        Off topic.
        I had my SHTF story halfway revised and microsoft word wanted $100 p/ yr. (which would go unused 99% of the time).
        So I downloaded Libreoffice (free) and somehow, someway, everything I had in documents was erased. So I tried a data recovery program and it cannot be found.

        I’ve tried searching this site to recover the originals but still cannot locate one. Locating one would lead me to the others.
        Is there a trick to searching this site? I’ve tried numerous times to go back to around Sept.-Nov. of last year and can’t find anything.

        • I use my browser ( with my username and shtfplan. I put in your username and a fairly long list came up. I’m not sure which one you are looking for, but it’s probably there.

        • Ketch,
          The only search I know of is Posted article titles I don’t think you can search comments sections. Perhaps send Mac an email and offer a donation for a raw data dump of the last few years of articles and comments?

          I assume you have a windows system? try this
          Windows usually needs a program you have to pay for but many times will give a free trial period with limited capabilities.

          I encourage you to go to a dual boot Linux/windows system and try Linux for a while, its free and does virtually everything windows does and as long as you keep files locally you can recover anything.

          Good luck.

      2. How can we enter what we never left? We never left the “Great Recession.” How can we be entering still yet another recession?

      3. I agree with both Ketchup and blame-e above. It does both seem like we’re being warned (an awful lot) that something is on the horizon. The near horizon. And that the supposed recovery hasn’t been all it has been touted to be. I don’t know about folks here, only myself; but, it sure seems it costs more for most everything, I work more for the same ‘treading water’ effect life has come to be, all around me in my area I see more homeless pan-handling, the wealthy keep building monstrosities and the middle-class is not doing even ‘middlin’ ‘ anymore.

        • “I work more for the same “treading water” effect life has come to be”

          Yep,that’s INFLATION for ya”.
          Think inflation is bad now,just wait until the national minimum wage is raised to $15/hr and the cheapest gallon of milk you’ll find will be at least $12,and a loaf of bread $10..

      4. “Guggenheim also predicted that a 50% drop in market values could happen during the next recession too, thanks to the high values we have presently.”

        That caught my eye. I have been advocating for a Depression for many years. Things are just priced too high in relation to how much labor and material it costs to produce a thing. A very real adjustment is called for.

      5. the difference between a recession and a depression. If you neighbor has to little income and is Broke. That’s a recession. If you don’t have enough money its a Depression. There are different kinds of SHTF. one that effects a few folks is just a devastating to them as a full blown planet wide SHTF would be for everyone. Yep inflation caused by the fed creating digital Petro dollars out of thin air. And The USA Military enforcing the Use Of the petro Dollar is the culprit. Not much we can do about it ? However a good old 1930’s style depression might be the solution?

        • Problem is that they would do just like before…. Bankrupt a ton of people and steal their land for pennies on the dollar. Kind of like my suspicion of the weather war on the midwest farmers. Want to suck up most of the wealth in a country? Create a depression!

      6. The government & bankers already own most of the land that’s flooded in the Midwest. Almost every agribusiness has a large debt. Its a FMHA government guaranteed loan. And the flooding is a natural thing. Its simple ordinary weather. Something that happens in cycles. The magnetic Pole Shift effects the Jet Stream which creates the different kinds of weather. There is no such thing as The Balance of Nature. That like Glowbull Warming is a Myth. There is no such thing a Normal or Optimal Climate. and there isn’t anyone that has any authority to state what the normal or optimal climate is or should be. Certianly not elected official’s not Government funded & cocerced scientist or the UN. You cannot dictate to mother nature. Man Made & man mitigated Glowbull warming or So called climate change is absurd. Everything in on or about the Planet Earth is a natural thing. Many natural things are harmful to organic life. And you cannot make something into nothing. and man cannot make nothing into something. So in the end its all a wash Even Steven.

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