Economic Crisis Goes Mainstream – What Happens Next?

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    This article was originally published by Brandon Smith at Alt Market.


    Last year, when alternative economic analysts were warning that the commodities crush and oil crash just after the taper of QE3 were blaring signals for a downshift in all other financial indicators, the general response in the mainstream was that we were overreacting and paranoid and that the commodities jolt was temporary. Perhaps the fact needs repeating that it’s not paranoia if they are really out to get you.

    Only a short time later, it is truly amazing how the rhetoric from the mainstream economic yes-men is changing. The blind analysts who were cheerleading for the nonexistent global recovery are now being carefully relegated to the janitor’s closet over at The New York Times, where Paul Krugman’s office should be. Media outlets are begrudgingly admitting to global instabilities like, for instance, a U.S. interest rate hike leading to a return to recession. (Special note to the mainstream media: Take away the fruitless manipulation of indicators through Fed stimulus, and we never left the recession.) They also are now forced to acknowledge that China’s market crash and yuan devaluation have far-reaching implications for global crisis, whereas a year ago the claim was that China’s problems would stay in China. Even China’s own media are now warning of the chain of fiscally interdependent economies and what the nation’s downturn means for everyone.

    The MSM are finally entertaining the obvious notion that the vast financial problems of the EU have little to do with the crisis in Greece and more to do with crushing debt obligations and employment problems in primary nations like France and Italy.

    And suddenly, pundits are once again concerned with Japan’s epidemic of mini-recessions and the truth of fiscal contraction that is not just a way of life, but an exponential dynamic that is getting worse fast, rather than staying static. This concern is, of course, always followed with suggestions that the light can be seen at the end of the tunnel and that growth will inevitably return. The mainstream media may be discussing points of reality, but that does not stop them at times from mixing in fairy tales.

    This alteration in rhetoric from the mainstream may not necessarily be due to an awakening in the media. Rather, it may be due to the new narratives being put forth by core banking elite institutions like the International Monetary Fund and the Bank of International Settlements, institutions that have established a mission to appear competent in the wake of an economic crisis they KNOW is about to be triggered. The IMF is consistently making statements regarding potential disaster in global markets due to central banking stimulus measures (which it originally championed), as well as potential rate hikes, sending mixed messages to devout mainstream followers. The IMF’s latest overviews of global markets have been far gloomier than mainstream media outlets until recently. Suddenly, it would seem, the media has been given direction to parrot internationalist talking points.

    The BIS warns that the world is currently defenseless against the next market crisis. I would point out that the BIS has a record of predicting economic crashes, including back in 2007 just before the derivatives and credit crisis began. This ability to foresee fiscal disasters is far more likely due to the fact that the BIS is the dominant force in global central banking and is the causeof crisis, rather than merely a predictor of crisis. That is to say, it is easy to predict disasters you yourself are about to initiate.

    It is no mistake that the warnings from the BIS and the IMF tend to come too little too late, or that they are beginning to compose cautionary press releases today that sound much like what alternative analysts were saying a few years ago. The goal of these globalist organizations is not to help people prepare, only to set themselves up as Johnny-come-lately prognosticators so that after a collapse they can claim they warned us all, which can then be used as a rationalization for why they are the best people to administrate the economies of the planet as a whole.

    So now that the mainstream is willing to report on clear economic dangers, what happens next?

    The change in the MSM narrative is a bad sign. The initial media coverage of the derivatives implosion in 2008 did not become negative until we were well within the shadow of the avalanche. If the same holds true today, then a market event is imminent. Here are some of the issues you may hear more about as the year goes forward.

    China ‘Contagion’

    Forget about Greek contagion, we will be hearing far more about Chinese contagion over the next several months.  The globalist run Carnegie Endowment for International Peace is already fielding the concept in their magazine ‘Foreign Policy’. With the devaluation of the yuan, mainstream analysts are frantic over the possibility of currency wars, a concept they rarely ever entertained in the past. Yuan devaluation is not, though, necessarily a negative for China itself. In fact, the IMF in recent statements argues that China’s economy is entering a “new normal” of slower but more “stable” growth. The IMF also has announced that the recent shock of the falling yuan to global markets actually makes the currency MORE viable for inclusion in the Special Drawing Rights global currency basket, a decision that is supposed to be finalized by November (though a year long extension has been recommended by the IMF before approval).

    Expect that economic news will be focused nonstop on China for the rest of the year, perhaps leading to the perpetuation of the false East/West paradigm and the idea that Americans should blame China for the overall financial crisis rather than the global bankers who engineered the mess.  In the meantime, top globalists will continue to remain “neutral”, presenting themselves as peacemakers and problem solvers arguing that the crash is “no one’s fault”, that over-complexity is the danger,  and that interconnected economies must be simplified down to a single global currency and single global authority.

    U.S. Economy Feeling Effects

    The Federal Reserve push for a rate hike will likely be determined before 2015 is over. Talk of a September increase in interest rates may be a ploy, and a last-minute decision to delay could be on the table. This tactic of edge-of-the-seat meetings and surprise delays was used during the QE taper scenario, which threw a lot of analysts off their guard and caused many to believe that a taper would never happen. Well, it did happen, just as a rate hike will happen, only slightly later than mainstream analysts expect.

    If a delay occurs, it will be short-lived, triggering a dead cat bounce in stocks, with rates increasing before December as dismal retail sales become undeniable leading into the Christmas season.  It is important to remember that the Fed’s job is to DERAIL the U.S. economy, NOT protect it.

    In the meantime, the IMF’s SDR conference continues, with the inclusion of the yuan now widely considered a threat to the dollar’s world-reserve status. The mainstream media are now preparing the American people (or at least those who are paying any attention) for the coming loss of world-reserve status. The propaganda aims to paint the dollar’s reserve position as a bad thing. The MSM argue that loss of reserve status could actually help the U.S. economy get back on track and that a global harmonization of sovereign currencies will be a boost to our fiscal outlook. This is clearly an attempt to inoculate the public against any concern over the eventual crash of dollar value.

    Oil Price Panic

    Oil prices will continue to deflate, and the after-effects will be difficult to gauge. With John Kerrypublicly warning that the failure of an Iran deal (including the lucrative oil export deals that would be included) could lead to the loss of the dollar’s world-reserve status, I am not very optimistic about the future prospects of energy markets.

    Kerry claims that a failed Iran agreement would put the U.S. at odds with allies who brokered the deal, but this is not the whole story. What is really taking place is an attempt by Kerry to distract the public away from the real reasons for the future fall of the dollar, including the rise of the SDR and the likelihood that Saudi Arabia will soon decouple from the dollar as the solitary purchasing mechanism for their oil (Saudi Arabia is surprisingly one of the main supporters of an Iran deal). It is perhaps possible that a collapse of the Iran agreement could be used as an excuse for a loss of dollar reserve status that was going to happen anyway.

    Events Moving Faster

    Economic news is moving extremely fast this year, and it will only become more frenetic as we close in on 2016. The general consensus among alternative economic investigators seems to be that 2015 will be the year for trigger events and dead fantasies. In my six part series entitled‘One Last Look At The Real Economy Before It Implodes’ I essentially agree with this timetable. If 2014 was the new 2007 with all its immediate warning signs, then 2015 is the new 2008 with all the chaos and broken paradigms.


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      1. Oil took a dead cat bounce over night but now we are seeing the manipulation of metals having a tough time keeping them from breaking out. The Chinese are having a hellova time at convincing the short sellers that they will be executed if they don’t stop. When the ChiComs threatened sellers of stock with death, I thought to my self, “who in their right mind will buy if you can never sell?” Not a lot of thought went into the ChiComs panic.

        • Furthermore China,s market dropped another 425 points last night, Japan is red and red across Europe and 200= again this morning on the Dow. It is getting ugly as the plunge protection teams are throwing the everything in the desk at the problem.

          “I am giving it all shes got Captain, it cant hold up mush longer”


          • wow the typing went south on that post, bad day to start sniffing glue I guess?

            • I think you picked the wrong week to quit drinking too 🙂

              • Might have been that double shot of ole skull thumper I had for breakfast? Naw couldn’t been that.

              • I don’t drink anymore.

                I don’t drink any less, either.

          • ——-commence having fun—–7 of 9—–

          • China is also sitting on a glut of steel that was made at a much higher market price then what it is today as it sits there unsold

            Its the same way here too

            • Hopefully we’ll see video of scum bankers jumping off the skyscrapers and people dragging politicians and dirty cops down the roads chained to their pickup trucks soon. It will be a festive atmosphere.

              • It would be poetic justice to see them being drug behind Priuses or Volts. Gotta go green, ya know!

              • I don’t know bout that, however I hear that you don’t mess with the rednecks, the southerners. Those good ole’ boys got pickup trucks and hummers too. They carry shotguns in the back of them with lots of ammo. Coming around West Virginia, N. Carolina or even Tennessee might just get you in big trouble. It won’t be no festive atmosphere when the big boys starts coming to town in those parts…best stay clear.

            • Ditto copper. Massive inventories being discovered that even the Chinese government didn’t know about.

              China’s economy was engineered for export of consumer goods to the USA and Europe. But Mr. and Ms. Consumer are afraid to spend money. Obamacare, job insecurity, getting out of debt, and trying to fund their kids through college are soaking up all the money.

              China has made noises about re-structuring to make their own people consumers, but it’s too little, too late. If there are colleges in existence 50 years from now that still teach economics, this one’s going to be in the textbooks.

            • Even worse, China has warehouses full of copper. A clear marker that their economy has taken a hard turn for the worse.
              Here in the US, King Obama’s administration continues to use fantasy numbers on our economy. They keep reporting that GDP is moving upward indicating growth. If this is so, why is the GDI going the other way. Hummmm…could somebody be lying?

          • The matter/antimatter reactor is goin inta overload !!!

            Scotty was such a drama queen.

            Sulu was just a queen.


          Remember our friends in Cyprus? It seems the luxury goods have departed the beautiful island but the money is starting to slowly trickle back in. We are just past the two year mark. Where money is concerned, reputation and confidence is everything. Part of me blames the Cypriot people for allowing the government to cock up the books so bad and get them so far into debt (as I blame ourselves). Part of me is enraged the government and the bank management lied and said they would not nick the accounts THE DAY BEFORE THEY IN FACT COMMITTED THIS ACT.

      2. Never let a good crisis go to waste. Its a great opportunity to pick up more silver on the cheap. I would say $14 range is the bottom. Cause the retail sector on Silver woke up and is buying in droves. The paper shorts just cant keep it down. I say Silver is $20 or more by Dec. End of year. Sure hold me to this…Save this post.

        • Like the famous story of a New York financier who was getting his shoes shined, and the man was giving him stock tips. He went to the office and sold out. “When my bootblack started giving ME advice, I knew the boom was over”.

          When silver hits $14, I’d sell you all you cared to buy, if I had any, which I don’t. The time to buy was years and years ago. Single digits is much more likely to be the bottom. If in fact there’s any market for it at all.

      3. We live in a world of continual change. None of it seems good.
        Only going to worry about events/issues I can make a difference and monitor those tings I cannot and be aware.

        That is all we all can do.

      4. Whatever happened to the audit the Fed movement. They may as well have been whispers. That aint never gonna happen! To break the worldwide banker stranglehold is impossible because they would reduce us all to ashes before that happened. That’s the plan anyway, isn’t it? Also, what is the big deal about September 23, 2015 going around? That day the Pope addresses the US congress, and other assorted shenanigans going on.

      5. And it was Timmy Geithner who was supposed to be the student of the Japanese lost decades, and Bennie Bernanke that of the First Great Depression. Hmm… who knew they were squids intending to profit from the misery they themselves helped facilitate? Of course, each owes a debt of gratitude to Robbie Rubin.

        There will be a day of reckoning which we seek, and these too will give an account of themselves to the Almighty.

      6. Meh,,,,,
        Let it crash,

        • Agreed.

          You got to love the massive uptick in trolls on this site, and many others with active thinking folks.

          Hope your fields are productive Kula. Good day to you sir.

          • Thank you, yes they are doing pretty good, wish it would cool it on the rain for a bit though, if it keeps up im going to have to go into fish and frogs rather than brassicas,,,
            Only way for things to get better is to hit bottom!

            • any black dots on yer tomatoes?

              • Not yet, plants too small, trying a couple heirloom varieties in the greenhouse and a hybrid called Defiant in the tunnel, so will see, unless we get wacked by a hurricaine! That might put a dent in my plans, would have to strip the plastic off both structures and hide whatever plants are in them, not so easy for the greenhouse, have a few thousand blocks with kale started right now about 50 trays, just my luck we would get a storm, the bigger my corn planting the bigger the storm, have 1/4 acre about 8 days past half silk, last time i had that big a planting we got 60 MPH winds and about 28″ of rain in 6 hours, thought myhouse was going to wash away, some folks fown below us did, house got washed off goundation and pushed 100 yds down into the pasture.

                • Damn fat finger

                • “green house” , and “tunnel” tell me more than likely why

                  theres speculation that the chemtrails are destroying crops or screwing up yields ..
                  I backed off planting this year due to last years issues

                  but i have plenty of sources for homegrown produce and we are seeing the black spots , and very low yields

                  • Yea, i cant grow shit out in the open that is sensitive, even my kale has a tough time but mostly because we been getting tons of rain in our area, el ninyo changed the weather pattern and now its feeling like we live in a rainforest!

        • I’ve not read anyone on any site propose a serious plan for how our society could be fixed/restored without a crash and reset. Even with a crash there’s no guarantee the new system will be any better than the old however.

          Vote for Hillary and let’s get it over with. . . oh wait I gave up voting a decade ago.

          • The only way things will get better is to drop usury, forgive debts (jubilee) issue sound currency and put up trade barriers again. That will fix things.

            • Isnt that what that Shemita is all about?
              The biggest problem is I fear at the national level governments will zero out but for the pleebs their debt will continue on and to top thst off i would almost bet TPT B will usher in cashless system that is universal world over, its part of that whole NWO thing,
              Would rather go back to OWO, whst was wrong with the 1800s?

              • whst was wrong with the 1800s?

                Black Powder only?.. no 30 round mags?

                I’ll think of something dammit lol

                • Yea but they had the gatlin gun! And no class 4 tax stamp or permit needed

                  • Do you know that a hand-cranked Gatling is a legal firearm today? No tax stamp needed.

                • And if you had a beef with someone you met em in the street at high noon and just beat em to the draw!

                  • The old tried and true 10 paces turn and fire was a great way to settle disputes. Could you imagine living like that in this day and age?

                    People would probably be a hellova lot more civil to each other.

                    Litigation lawyers would be looking for a new gig.

                    • Interesting indeed, but I wonder if the youth today are confident enough to be able to count to 10 accurately.

                      Not sure how most could do it without dropping their weapon and counting on their fingers for a reference.

                  • amen to all you’ve said

                    I have always believed i was born in the wrong era

                    I have a 4 decade long obsession and love for the revolver , and black powder cap and ball pistols

                    • Was funny, when I was a kid we used to strap on our 38 colts and draw down on tin cans, was fun as hell,,,, now ill stick to my 1911 and the AR i built from parts, the 1911 in a drop leg is as much fun as the six gun!

              • What’s wrong with the 1800’s is try to imagine the 1800’s with about 30,000 ICBM’s. To say nothing of nuclear power plants ready to cook off at a moment’s notice if you hit too close to one.

                As I recall, any Nation-State that got into serious trouble in the 1800’s basically attempted to beat the ever-living shit out of its neighboring States and take their stuff.

                That’s… gonna be a problem now that you have “the Hand of God” plus “salt the Earth for 10,000 years” all rolled into one convenient-to-use TV dinner.

                If they’re all economically connected, they’d be killing themselves by attacking their neighbor.

                That’s… at least… the theory.

                If that theory don’t pan out in real life then I think perhaps it’s the insect’s turn.

          • Now you have

      7. Hurricane Danny. 75 mph sustained winds in the Atlantic.
        WNW at 12 995mb.

        • too soon to tell if he will impact the usa.

        • We have TD 3C that just formed south of us, what is freaky about it is that 3 days ago there was an article on MauiNow that addressed leaked model runs for a cyclone that hit the state and specificly came ashore in down town Honolulu!
          Ill try again to find the link but have been unsuccessful, it got scrubbed later the same day, not sure what the deal is with that crap but they actually interviewed Bob Ballard about it.

          • Found it

      8. This just goes to show how far advanced we at SHTF Plan are over the rest of the world!!!!

        Hang in there Guy/Gals. They will be praising us in h near future. We can then laugh at them like they did us.


        • You have that right Sarge ! I bought silver at the lows past couple of weeks when it dropped to low 14’s . Still only have about 80oz but better than none . Will buy more preps mostly for grand kid and animals . I feel the crash is starting to move sooner now but I think we still have at least 8 months left before the collapse happens. That’s when you will see mass lay offs , home getting forclosed on . Then riots will slowly start hitting big cities within 10-12 months I think. Keep prepping folks it’s going to be a hell of a ride

          • ‘P-1″
            The only and best thin we can do right now is PREP!
            Just got one of my small solar panels the other day and waiting for the big one.
            When I get back from seeing my Daughter. I’m going get some more water purification things, and med kits.

            Hang in there it just might get tuff in the next few weeks? That is if September is going to be as bad as they say.


      9. When it happens and it will.
        Remember who the real enemy is.
        The “BIS” (Bank International Settlements) and ALL “Central Banks” !!!!!!!!!!




        Listen to the audio. Also i am calling out FTW, Smooth Criminal and Woggie, oh your back again arent you. You two are and agency azz clown troll. How dare you come on here posting like your one of us, when in fact your not. I been monitoring you for a few days. i must admit, that you have improved. But i still caught you. I have been told by my source that David Hodges in 100% accurate. Not only is he accurate, he is matching up 100% with what i was told my by scientist friend. Hodges even mentioned since he reads this site that he is aware of the attacks on him to discredit him. Dave, if your reading my post, i have been watching what they are doing.

        Agency clown troll list: These are the latest faking it.

        Good response Anon, for pointing out these 3 fools.



        Agency azz clown super moderator.

        • Oh hcks, there you are. We’ve been trying to reach you for a while now, we must have been looking under the wrong bridges. Anyway, we have a dreadlock zombie brain eating invasion planned for the Houston area exactly one week before Nibiru hits, we wanted to give you time to bug out before we turn them ole’ dreadlocks loose, you never know, one of ’em may get a hold of your brain and improve on it, and we find that possibility to be unacceptable. Anyway, over and out till later there secret agent dude.

          Agency Azz Clowns

          Turning loose dreadlock zombies one at a time.

          Don’t you just love it? wtf shfters?

        • HCKS, you have some mental issues just like PassinInTheWind does. Maybe you two could get together, hold hands and sing Jesus Songs when the SHTF moment arrives.

          If you truly believe 100% of what Dave Hodges reports, then maybe you should focus your attention over to Alex Jones site as well. They have a lot in common —- no pun intended (common sense show)

          You seem like a decent person, but your posts resemble an individual that is trembling full of FEAR and you are unable to control your emotions.

          You’ve got me all wrong HCKS, but go ahead and believe what you want about me. Your opinion has no dire affect on me and neither does anybody else(s).

          BTW – I’ve been prepping since 2003, and currently I have everything I can think of in order for any type of event to arise. All I have is … me, myself, and I.
          Though, I easily have enough food/gear, and other supplies to help out 5 to 6 other people for the long term.

      11. If metals prices keep dropping I may have to head to my favorite scrap yard for more lead and range brass… my version of precious metals

        • Yes MM2 I have plenty of those precious medals already too

          • Never have enough… found new mold maker, hollow point molds for a decent price. Also does. 223-.626 slug molds and about everything in between. Good luck all. God bless and keep prepping.

      12. Economic Crisis Goes Mainstream – What Happens Next?

        As much as the Government and MSM wants to keep playing “kick the can down the road”.

        In due time, a day would come where they are unable to hide the inevitable from the Sheeple.

        • Historically the “solution” to this has been very consistent:

          1) Blame an outside entity and a small expendable inside minority.

          2) Dictatorial tyrant assumes totalitarian power.

          3) Declares war on outside enemy and rounds up expendable minority and expropriates their wealth.

          This pattern is so prevalent throughout history it’s easy to imagine a scenario like it here:

          1) China is blamed for currency wars and loss of petrodollar reserve status. A few corporations and corrupt HFT managers are denounced as criminals stealing our savings and are sacrificed for show. Funds are seized, emergency bank bail-ins (see cyprus and greece), and 401k taxation on accounts for the “wealthy.”

          2) President Hillary (or whomever) assumes emergency executive power and/or declares martial law in response to domestic terrorism/unrest. Executive authority is further strengthened by the “fairness” act or some such.

          3) War is declared on China in response to “financial terrorism” and the country applauds are dear leader for punishing the ones who caused this whole mess.

          Sigh. The details aren’t so important, but the pattern has been repeated so many times I think it’s prudent to plan for some version to unfold over the next decade.

          • Unfortunately Rebel, you nailed it.


            is going to be

            u g l y.

          • War is declared on China????

            That’s some funny shit right there.

            4) 15 minutes later, we all get to live the movie “On The Beach” in real time. Except it’s not so dramatic, what with the no musical score, no end credits, and the actual real-life vomiting and skin falling off thing.

      13. It’s nice that Alt-market puts a donation link after the article……..LMAO…Wanna make sure they get thiers before the collapse.

        • You don’t have to donate if you don’t want to. In fact, no one does…

      14. The collapse is underway….most sheeple (and so-called savvy investors) just don’t know it yet, or want to believe it. Not to worry they say, even though we hit an iceberg and listing to one side, she is “unsinkable”. Problem for most of the passengers on this ship is, there are no lifeboats left, and even fewer life jackets.
        The last of the bilge pumps has just flooded, and were taking in water exponentially. This is your last warning.!!!! Ezekial 7:19 GOD

        • Eze 7:19 They shall cast their silver in the streets, and their gold shall be removed: their silver and their gold shall not be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the LORD: they shall not satisfy their souls, neither fill their bowels: because it is the stumblingblock of their iniquity.

          {removed: Heb. for a separation, or, uncleanness} {it is…: or, their iniquity is their stumblingblock}

      15. Not changing much. Just read article from “10 out of 15 economist say rate hike looks good for strengthened US economy”

        Where the FUCK do they find these people?

      16. Its not the crash but the “solution” of currency debasement that is most dangerous and frightening. If things crashed and significant deflation resulted your savings might get you by. Remove its purchasing power through a massive injection of money and your in deep deep trouble.

        • So what yer sayin is that were screwed because we may get both, currency crash plus hyper inflation

          • Kula , you will have one hit the economy first , then if nothing helps they start injecting more QE again you will see possible hyper-inflation but most likely after the dollar looses its world status

            • WTF? 36 comments and we haven’t had a religious sermon Yet? Is it possible this site just may be returning to it’s original roots, prepping? Stay tuned, the thread is still young.

              • 🙂 the best prep in Jesus !

                He never disappoints.

                • Grandee,… Yeah Jebus never disappoints, like he said he was going to return. Bwhahahaha. Like after 2000 years later and still a no show. Just goes to show you the thousands of Generations still being flogged by the great hoax.

                  Try rubbing two of your brain cells together once, to create a rational thought process.


            • Popcorn time!

            • Assuming fiscal responsibility and a standard that money is based and created on and you will still get swings but the highs and lows are constantly moderated by reality. Allow the money fairy to create currency at will, move interest rates divorced from savings supply and it becomes what appears to be a bad ECG. Allow it to continue and a crash akin to a heart attack will surely come.

              The central banks are the stress, cigarettes, alcohol, sedentary lifestyle and saturated fat in the economy.

      17. Got a cold call from the group Peter Schiff owns. Things must be in a desperate state when brokerages are cold calling people they haven’t spoken to in six or seven years.

        Peter my boy … I’ve made my life’s big financial decisions. Most of them are irrevocable.
        Put my money in your possession to manage …. bwa ha ha ha.
        LIke I’d really do that.

        • I keep getting these spam solicitation calls from TX wanting me to invest in their Oil Drilling equity stocks. I just laugh at them and hang up. Deperate people will try to sell ya shit on a shingle if they can get away with it. I keep telling them to take me off their call list.

      18. Time to save up some new crisp 10 dollar bills, put them in zip-locks and then in #10 cans…

        • Ones and fives might be better. That’s what I’m doing.

      19. I don’t think cashless society will work unless everything crashed and TPTB are still in charge. They may not be after shtf.
        Where I live cash is used too frequently for just about everything.People would riot and burn if they tried it here.
        Back later..

        • Historically, this has been the problem. TBTB have always been in charge and I doubt the reigning power structure will ever be removed.
          I suppose it is possible to remove the bad seeds, but unfortunately – there is already another batch of bad seeds ready to replace them. Thus the cycle continues……..

      20. The Dow cracks 17,000 down 358 pts. Bloomberg

      21. Let the boot lickers begin lining up for their RFID chips. After the coming engineered collapse by the NWO Corporatist Globalist fascist filth, the coward pussy Zombie boot licking trash will bring their children they should of never had up for sacrifice to the NWO monsters. These evil monsterous genocidal NWO fascist filth have been waiting for this coming collapse and enslavement for a long, long time. They now have hundreds of millions of scared coward pussy Zombies, who are more than willing to be victims and sacrifice their children and their future to tyrannical monsters like the world has never seen. History once again repeats itself.

      22. FTW, I am retracting you agency azz clowns status. No one writes like that if they are Agency azz clown. I have been told by my source that Hodges is 100% accurate. My source has been very accurate and everything he said has already happened. No exception here when it comes to David Hodges.. the other two of you, Woggie and Smooth Criminal, f…k you two. one of you may be a real felon.. your handle and sh……t coming our of your makes our stomachs sick here at shtf..

        FTW, if you bash hodges again then i am going to know that you are Agency. I have been under severe attacks from their people because they know that I am getting real information from a scientist. From the moment I began to our the shtf event I came under attack. Look what just happened in China, think that was and accident.

        Like I said, my ex Agency government source backs up what Hodges is postings. So i am going to accept your opinion. I am okay with you.



      23. Dear fearless leaders,we know that this whole crashing the entire world thing is entirely made up and engineered and was not necessary. Now would be a good time to pull your heads out
        And before you try this new world order thingy. We are heading for an extreme event you will
        Not be able to control. There is no where to hide on the planet,it will be of biblical proportions.
        Clear the slate and start over without interrupting the present way of life. History
        Tends to repeat, we are supposed to learn not to do foolish things again. Let’s review war is bad,
        Debt is bad, greed is bad,environmental destruction is bad,dishonesty is bad etc. etc.
        Life is short, make it a great life, For the living.

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