Economic Collapse Will Serve One Purpose: “Global Governance and the Enslavement of Mankind”

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    The ever-tightening noose around the neck of man shows no sign of slippage: all actions by all of the governments are anent control and dominion.  The path to global governance is plainly marked, visible through all of the turmoil.  It is that turmoil, those “incidents” that are created and fostered by the governments that enable them to further constrict the noose.  The economy plummets in Cyprus and Greece?  Time to limit the cash withdrawals.  The European banks are having a “hard time” in places such as France or Spain?  Time to pillage people’s savings and their IRA’s.

    Manufactured crises are the norm, not the exception, and all of them are designed to facilitate one purpose: global governance and the enslavement of mankind.

    The Bilderbergers are meeting in Germany this week.  Paul Joseph Watson of Alex Jones’ Prison Planet reported on some of the key issues they will be discussing, as such:

    “…the creation of a virtual passport that web users will need to obtain before they can use many Internet services is high on the agenda.  The Internet ID will be justified under the guise of “cybersecurity” and creating a convenient method for citizens to access government services, but free speech advocates will view the proposal with deep suspicion as it would threaten online anonymity and possibly chill dissent. Services such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter could also use the online passport to revoke posting permission if a user violates terms of agreement, another obvious threat to the free flow of information that has made the web what it is today.  Bilderberg globalists are also set to re-invigorate momentum behind another long term goal – a global tax system presided over by the UN.”

    Bilderberg Leak: Secretive Group to Discuss Internet ID, Global Tax, By Paul Joseph Watson

    These things are not new, in that they have been proposed before.  Just as with anything that is repeated long enough, however, the reiteration has dulled the senses of most.  The bad thing is that it is being acted upon.  A report by Tarun Wadwha last week described the inculcation of facial recognition software and the use of over 250 million cameras worldwide with the capability of utilizing this software.

    250 million cameras.  That would equal a camera for every 30 people.

    The article went on to detail how in Russia an application called FindFace has come out, the invention of two young entrepreneurs.  This application enables you to track down and identify virtually anyone; the app is building a database as we speak, and it is a matter of time before it expands outside of Russia to Europe and eventually the United States.  The article went on to detail some of the following measures used in the U.S. and Europe in the manner of the movie “Minority Report” with Tom Cruise as such:

    “Microsoft Corp. has patented technology that can allow a billboard to determine who you are and show you personalized advertisements. British authorities are using facial recognition at music festivals to spot troublemakers, while brick-and-mortar stores worldwide are racing to adopt the technology to track loyal customers. Even some high schools and churches have started to use facial recognition to take attendance.”                          

    source: Opinion: Facial recognition will soon end your anonymity

    We see it being inserted into our society and the societies in the world: the surveillance state.  We see the deliberate and intentional collapses of the economies worldwide, the shifting of assets into the hands of those who control the strings either via legislation and “authority” (governments) or monetarily and economically (corporations and banks/bankers).  The daily decline in freedom of speech and the freedom to challenge the establishment…on anything, no matter how minute or obscure…is the rule, not the exception.

    In order for the global governance to occur, each “sphere of influence” such as parallel’s Orwell’s “1984” and the super-states must control its respective sphere absolutely.  Because of the homogeneity of ethnicity that accompanies each area, overlap is not possible from a perspective of control.  But if the spheres of influence are “aligned” at least in purpose and levels of totalitarian control, then an effective balance can be maintained.  Then (to paraphrase Alinsky) it can be a matter of “organizing the organized” with “controllers” who oversee the governments/regimes of all of the spheres without any of the people (the enslaved) ever knowing.

    We are heading into a very dark time…a time where technology will be used to enslave, not enlighten or uplift mankind.  The new dark ages are almost upon us.  It will require nothing less than a world war or a complete global economic collapse (orchestrated, in both cases) to destroy the last vestiges of self-governance and law that exist for us.  The time to put a stop to it is now, before the power base of the elite becomes so strong that individuals cannot withstand it.  The time to rebel against it is now, while we still have the chance before that boot tramples the face of humanity…forever.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

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      1. Things are looking worse every day,,

        • One comment after the collapse as they call it; If it’s bad, somewhat over half the people in this country will be dead. IMHO the people remaining are very unlikely to be sheeple; they are going to be wolves. Trying to turn them into slaves is likely to be a difficult task.

          • No problem turning people into slaves. They will do anything for food if you wait long enough.

            • Agreed, it’s going to be very hard to subdue the American people. All of whose hands feed the beast. No food, no beast.

            • IF they’re dependent on the Establishment’s food supply. Wolves eat their enemies.

          • Yes, many will perish in the collapse, and not only the dregs of society who are unwilling to fend for themselves or those who are unable to do so.
            The ones who provide the electricity that the surveillance state must have in order to function, will be almost nothing but a memory. WHO is going to reconfigure the power grids to cut out the then dead fuel burning power plant transformers and tie in the remaining wind and solar generated power? You can’t just leave those dead areas hooked up to the grids as they will be sucking up precious electricity. 95% of the people don’t have a CLUE as to how electricity is generated and transmitted, so who will do those dangerous jobs then?
            The hydro plants must have periodic repairs made, power poles and lines need to be maintained, who is going to do those jobs and what materials and equipment are they going to use to get the jobs done? WHO will make the computers and cameras for the ever watching system? Those parts too will wear out or be broken over time.

          • About 7 million Americans starved to death during the Great Depression even though 90% of Americans had farming/gardening experience. Out of about 123 million. Our numbers are low because EBB cards still exist.

            Walmart Canada is refusing to accept VISA cards due to high charges. Bet VISA backs down. But think about the number of folks eating on credit. It is not how I though credit could end, but a wake up nonetheless.

            • Wallmart Canada is less insignificant to VISA now. They just landed CostCo, taking it away from American Express. All CostCo members have been automatically enrolled with VISA.

            • A “new” reason to shop Wallyworld, to drive them into bankruptcy. You go VISA. Me, I pay my entire balance the 22nd of each month. No fees to me but debt to corporate amerikkka (death).

            • I do not believe this 7 million figure Rebecca. That would be a heck of a lot of mass graves or burning bodies to hide. I think this is a fake internet number.

              • RJ

                It wasn’t in masse, it was piecemeal. No doubt many indirectly by being incapable of fighting off disease that would have been defeat-able with good nutrition. The aged dying years earlier than they would otherwise. Ill infants and children otherwise savable. I have little doubt that such a figure was the collective impact.

                20% of the men entering US military service for WWII showed signs of malnutrition.

                • There are a lot of malnourished overweight people nowadays.

        • We seem to be picking up steam as we race to the bottom, faster and faster, it can’t be much longer now.

          • Dufus
            we should find out pretty quick because IF Trump is NOT part of the pack THEY will start the crap! and finish this country off! IF he IS part of them it will continue on the slow death spiral we are in! but either way the climax appears to be close!

      2. There is nothing you can do about it so you might as well just get used to it.

        • That’s what they depend on you doing.

      3. Prepare for this shit but try really hard not to forget your blessings in your life today. Family, friends, and the precious moments with them. That is worth fighting like hell to retain.

        • I mowed grass yesterday and then sat on the back porch. I watched robins finding worms in the now shorter grass. I watched butterflies, bumblebees, and dragonflies. I saw a hummingbird checking out the vines on the old elm tree.

          Monday is supposed to be cooler, so I’ll be back in the yard working again. But it’s relaxing because I’m not getting paid, and there’s no one telling me what to do. I can sit down and watch the birds and insects any time I wish to take a break.

        • Just Waiting,
          It crashed in 2008. All this crazy behavior is part of that. My suggestion is hard assets. For us poor folks that means no mortgage. Sell and get mortgage free. Buy a piece of land and grow food. A food forest is opsec. Store food. Own tools that help you make a living. Own tools that help you take care of your own needs. Skills. Learn basic herbs and grow your own (many native plants are herbals). In other words, prep on.

          • @ Rebecca…..very few, if any will even consider your post. Most everyone here is a stacker. They will suffer after their stores run out. You are spot on about self sufficiency. If you don’t live it, you are not prepared. There are a few here that do live the lifestyle, and Im not surprised that they don’t get flooded with farming questions….as farming is WORK… as is The other Taboo words…physical conditioning. There probably has not been one article on 10 web sites that focus on either subject, as it would insult most, and the comment section would only have a handful of related topic posts.

            • Miss Rebecca, (hey you!).
              I (for one) “take note of every word you say” as they speak of self-sufficiency (YOU are well aware that no matter how much food is piled-to-the-ceiling), that it WILL become depleted unless you know exactly how to continually replace it right? For instance: Eat a fish: Catch a fish to replace it.
              And there-in you “grow gardens, harvest ‘very nice things’ from the forests, your window-sill herb-gardens, and outside ones as well, as the “general host” of exactly how I was raised-up, because to not do so would have meant a very long (and lean) winter for the family I come from. Consequently, I have no memory of every ‘going without’ food, not even for one meal, unless it was by choice).
              The most difficult item for me was locating and recognizing “the fruits of the forest” (herbal and ?) …yet after about two years my wife and myself are adept at finding everything that is applicable …to include accessing poisons (if needed for ‘tipping the blow-darts’), and how to concentrate them (just as pygmies did tens-of-generations ago).
              Speaking of which, what would YOU suggest as the very best method of extracting Oregano specifically for the usage of treated Candida (yeast infections or Candidiasis)? Steaming? Boiling? Sterile IM injection or ???? Making a ‘polstice’ was rather disheartening, but not totally ineffective (just not effective enough to even prevent ‘topical lesions’ (which a woman gets once it has overgrown and overstayed its welcome in the feminine ‘hidey-holes’)?

              • Buy oil of Oregano. I learned about it here.
                Also oil of thyme.
                Using it for cuts, fire ant bites, etc. instead of antibiotic ointment (which research is showing the overuse of is causing suberbugs, mrsa, etc.

              • The crisis MUST be short, otherwise the controllers could lose control and they know it.
                Give it 4 to 6 max. and they will be introducing the new rules.

                • That is 4 to 6 months long crisis.

                • That’s why they’re dribbling out these shootings at measured intervals. Some psychologists of theirs appear to have told them just how much the public will tolerate without either catching on or, just reacting in another way than the preferred gun-control direction in which the authoritarian politicians and their mainstream mouthpieces predictably steer people upon each and every shooting.

          • Here here to the food forest. I finally got the cash together to buy some acreage that’s fully treed with mature pine and oak so I can build my house, I’ve spent about six years in the plant industry and learned a lot about breeding and I’ve spent about the same ammount of time learning about permiculture and forest gardens and putting that knowledge to use at my rent house. instead of stocking I’ve learned how to sustain myself with skills. I’d rather have fresh food year round then eat out of a can any day. plus when shtf I will have skills to help other people not only survive but actually live a good life

            check out hugelculture if you havent. I’m in a pretty hot and dry climate during the summer and my hugelculture beds haven’t been watered in three years and everything that lives in those beds out perform anything else.

            • Thumbs up to Oasis and Equorial both for being the less than one percent Real preppers. Not just stackers prolonging the inevitable.

      4. The Bank of England….Rothschild Clan Global Mafia.

        • You really believe in all the stuff in there? There is a lot of really far-fatched lies and half cocked correlations in there. Yes the Rothchild’s are rich but they don’t control the world.

          • Never heard of The Majestic Twelve huh? Prolly less now than when it was first named. It most often points to those who are members of a Skull&Crossbones ‘clic’ (for the filthy rich).
            Those ‘members’ can buy and sell you “in a second” as you (to them) are nothing but something breathing up valuable oxygen.

          • No – just the parts of it that DO. They are at the very TOP. They’re also at the bottom of all of the ecosysystem and other destruction. Also, has everyone forgotten that anynoe with more than 7 days of stored food is a “hoarder” and will be robbed of it ALL (for “redistribution)”. They’re looking for max kill-rate and nothing surviving but nebbishes. This is going to be “Win or DIE”.

      5. I weep for my America. I will fight and remember my oath. But I fear we have reached the tipping point already. Thankfully, I am on the cusp of my twilight years.

        • Oath Keepers such as yourself are about the only positive earthly force we have now. God bless Stewart Rhodes and all oath keepers.

        • It is said that if you can still pull a sick whore off a commode, you still have enough ‘ass’ to get yourself through this. 🙂

      6. Straight to shit creek we go..i feel so bad for the armies that plan to decend on our neighnourhoods, the literal horrors they will face from the viscous citizenry.

        Never get captured is what you army trainer always let you.. it’s for a reason..


        Poor chi-coms.

        • HCKS, why feel sorry for anyone coming to you with the worst of intentions toward you? When my enemies come to me with those intentions, I’m sending them straight to hell. No mercy, no quarter; they’ll go straight to hell. Don’t care who they are or what they’re wearing.

          • Brave : No mercy is right. Make it ugly and painful, that way when they find what is left, they will no what is coming if they stay.

            I keep on saying it. We let them get away with murder. We don’t fight back. But one day they are going to get their wish, and they are going to open a can they can’t close. God help us all when that day comes. Their will be no stopping it. They will have to let it play out, and in the end, we will prevail.

            • Forget ugly and painful, that’s for Nimrods and Psycho’s. One back of the ear, and move on. Don’t take you mind of doing the job, not even for a second. Actually best for the cause is 2 in the kneecaps, far more expensive than a dead body. Remember; winning is about running your opponent out of money. time, and people.

              • I like the kneecaps but a psychological war against our enemy is also a very useful tool. Plus, if you for one minute think that foreign troops are just going to kill us or round us up, you are crazy. They are going to rape and pillage everything you care about or love.
                It might have been a movie but when that Russian/Cuban said Geneva convention and Jed said “I never heard of it”, that will be my stance to.
                I have no grandeurs of illusion, or for one minute try to trivialize what is coming or going to happen, but I do know how I feel, think, my knowledge and limitations, and how I am going to react towards a hostile, treasonous government takeover.

                • Fishandmud, the movie was the first “Red Dawn”, with Patrick Swayze. I also believe one bullet to the head and keep on stroking.

                • During the Korean War The Gov Calc it took 14 people to look after one wounded. Kneecap the troops and kill the NCO’S and officers.

                  • It is very unlikely you’ll be able to discern the non-comm from the enlisted (as nobody wears insignias to reveal their rank, openly anyway).
                    As for “one behind the ear (medula oblongata)” …perfect, no waste of good lead. One is plenty and a round-nose will do it.
                    BUT! Consider SERE Training (Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape). Please DO NOTICE that Evasion comes before “Resistance” meaning you’ve a far better chance of controlling matters-at-hand by “evading detection”, and IF you are detected, THEN use what you’ve been taught (or gut instincts are damn good imho) to afford yourself an avenue out of a bad situation (Resistance). Of course, if you are caught, put everything you have into Escape (short of being shot or “being made an example of” …and above, whomever essentially indicated that “The Blue Troops” are not going to just take aim and fire upon us is totally right. Raping, pillaging, tearing apart your homes and bodies will be “their entertainment” and your screams “music to their ears”, et al. They shall have no morals what-so-ever.
                    We’ve got a Federal Government who has The United States of America “Under Siege” at nearly every level and they’ve been around for so DAMNED long that they have wormed into every crack and abyss of our legal system (which is why without firearms we are surely dead). So, do not stray from The Law of The Land (The Constitution and her Amendments – specifically The 2nd A. but of course any and all applicable words contained). Wish I could thank our Founding Fathers!
                    I’ve gotten word from overseas (since yesterday) that we are into this shit “way frigging deeper” than is being exposed, and that we’d best “harden our defenses to the maximum capacities” on all fronts. It is unknown if “something” will take place before or on the 25th, and ‘in lock-step’ with that, about 2 weeks after comes July 4 (Independence Day). My source told me to expect loss of electrical for a terribly long time, yet had no idea how it would be brought about except the evidence points to a “hack attack” (as opposed to an EMP), so that Mexhico and Canada are not needlessly punished, or added to their lists of ‘ppl they’ll have to fight sooner or later). They also have a large “base” of a sort, just a bit South of The Border …yet on Google it isn’t visible. Thanks Google, we’ll remember this for a bit later.

                    They are after white Americans, young women no matter their race, and all of those who do not accept Allah. Gee, no diff than our Federal Government, who reference us now as Domestic Terrorists (the pot calling the kettle black …what’s new right)?

                    Trick of the trade: Being a “Ghost” means living to see another day “in the field” of combatives. Not everyone has the major bucks to sink into having their weapons adapted so that they can screw on a silencer, but there is an old trick that works very nicely. Those little green ‘scrunges’ for scouring baked on nasties? Use one LARGE or two ‘smaller ones’ (sewn together with fishing-line or whatever), and affix it to the ‘mouth’ (end) of the barrel after your TOTALLY IMPREGNATE them with grease (thick grease such as is used to grease your car, Universal Joints, etc). DO NOT get any into your barrel (of course), but ‘fill’ the scrunge ‘hole for the bullet to travel through’ with it (and pack the scrunges VERY well so that they are more grease than scrunge, then use a ‘zip tie’, a bit of copper-wire, or even elastics to help it stay in place on the barrel. Expect one or two ‘silent shots’ before they progressively get louder and louder. (It also ‘eats the fire’ so as not to give you away (flash).
                    THIS will give you the advantage of at least one ‘silent’ shot and the grease will not affect the trajectory (assuming you are using ‘big bore’ (as in .223 – .308, 30-06 …ANY of them). The scrunges will last and last, and the grease depletes faster than you would like, and it’s called a “Grease-Pack” (from the days of NAM).
                    Survival comes first, evasion comes second, firing upon them comes third (but only when it is on your terms unless you’ve no choice, like “surrounded and discovered is a bitch to get out of” …and there won’t be many, if any, hostages taken – so adjust your thinking to accomodate and the rest should just come naturally (as we ARE “predators to the bone” …and still have ‘fangs’ to prove it)! Meaning, all men who have never killed soon learn to like it, as it “comes naturally” especially when you are facing a foe that would rather blow you to hell than look at you (and then have fun with torturing your family for God only knows how long …I hate to dwell upon the thought of our young ladies taken as sex slaves and servants …which is more than adequate to turn a father into the meanest son-of-a-gun-slinger the enemies mother’s warned them about. 🙂
                    Well then, The Feds have now shown their true colors, and also have shown they are NOT HERE for our safety …but only the continuation of a federal government of psychos that wants only a brown America (so badly they are shipping them in …now wasn’t THAT some shit to read)? No surprise I suppose. It DID tell me (imho) that the “dirty nuke” stuff must have already been trucked across our border, since NOW The Border Patrol have equipment to detect the same (with the feds knowing full well they’ll be no more brought in via a border, but by air (prolly AF-ONE)).

                    Orlando? “False Flag” as there are just too many “holes” and events that WOULD NOT have happened (such as no pics from Cell Phones and only ONE ‘tweet’ mentioned)? And we are to believe one man was able to hold off police (no SWAT in Orlando eh?) for about 3 hours, with one pistol and one rifle? That’s more ammo than a mule could have toted into the place! (And, after three hours would ANYBODY NOT HAVE BEEN DEAD)? Gee, I would hardly think so. All that alchohol yet no fires? Nope, I say this namely because Obamas first and last inflections were directly aimed at “increased gun control” (Read: disarming our asses so that we can’t fight back …just as China has been insisting be done for years now, at The UN and NWO “meetings” of the “blinds”).

                    Happy Hunting! My Oath, and everyone else that took one, is our “license to kill”, backed by The Law of The Land. What could be better? FINALLY! We have arrived…and boy are their asses in for it big-time…

              • I was thinking in the gut or butt would be effective.. and that’s a bigger target.

              • Correct. Medula Oblongata. One shot, over. STILL …never engage when you do not need to. Let them pass by and live to tell about it.

            • fishandmud, AMEN. Their time is coming and sooner than they think.

          • Brave and HCKS
            Right there with you. This is my land my country. If you are here you soul belongs to Jesus. But your heart beat belongs to me.

            I know you will not show me mercy or my wife or kids. So You bring it you get it back double!!!!


        • Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf

          “Poor chi-coms”

          What do they have to do with it? They’ll be busy looting their own country.

          Remember this statement from over 2000 years ago:

          “Who protects us from our protectors”?

          If the economy collapses, the “authorities” operating under the color of law, will be in a position to have their power unchecked. In these civilized times they can get away with murder and theft via asset forfeiture. With government in disarray who are you going to complain to? Do you think its viable to complain to the authorities about the illegal actions of the authorities? They’ll confiscate what they want from who they want when they want as, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

          • And who will “the ‘authorities'” turn to for compliance and complicity when they themselves are recognized by the people for being the common (though maybe uniformed and badged) thugs they are?

            • Each other.

          • They will call in their PLA (as well as Putin’s goons who are already here) as reserves IF Americans ever wipe out the “home boys” who’ve gone bad. That’s where defending against the “homeboys” gone bad will be good drilling for really savaging the PLA and Putiniks.

        • I enjoyed the (presumably unintentional) humor in the phrase “viscous citizenry”

        • A viscous citizenry is nothing to sneeze at…

          • LMAO!! I was wondering if someone else had seen that.

          • A lot of them are just a bunch of drips…..

      7. Jerimiah Johnson is absolutely correct. The Time To Correct This is NOW. And by the way, Trump is doing very well and when he becomes President I am confident some of this globalist nonsense will be stopped. Don’t loose heart. Vote. It’s the least you can do. And do everything in your power to help the cause of freedom, free speech, Constitutional awareness and protection of our rights in whatever way you can.

        Prepare. Be sure to include a library of old fashioned books, including how to books, and controversial books. We may get limited information in the future from E-books which may be censored in full or part in the future. As an example “Mein Kampf” (spelling??) by Adolf Hitler is currently on audio on U-tube. Free. I don’t imagine the PTB are too thrilled about that. I was surprised by some of the things Hitler talks about. This book gives you a window into the mind of the man without anybody else’s interpretation. I prefer to go directly to the autobiography in order to hear directly from the horses mouth. Then the analysis and interpretations of others fall on an educated ear. Books on how to make beer, wine, and cheese are also nice to have. Along with maps, globes, and educational games. I have some great dictionaries, encyclopedias, and reference books, as well as Scientific and Mathmatical books which are being priced so high that soon they won’t have to burn them. No one will be able to access the information who isn’t rich.

        • I have been collecting useful books since I got my first chemistry book in 1961. My library is up in the thousands of volumes.

          • Old technology, off the grid technology, typewriters, carbon paper, film cameras with film, would be precious as everything modern, one way or another, can be turned off with technology.

            • I have two mechanical typewriters, a ribbon re-inker, and plenty of ink. The old ribbons are merely cloth, so more could be improvised.

              I’d rather type things twice than to have to mess with carbon paper again. I do have a little stashed away, as well as some onion skin paper.

          • Good planning with the books. During civil unrest the internet is the first thing that gets turned off.

            For those that plan on “looking up” how-to plans during a crisis may find it impossible.

            I have gotten a number of good medical and dental books from various sources. I believe that will be my greatest need uf unlearned knowledge during SHTF.

            • Some of my favorite books are the ones that explain how to build, use, and repair old mechanical technology.

              I actually have an engineering book that shows how to work on old mechanical telephone switching equipment. I don’t know how much actually still exists, but new equipment could be built using the diagrams and photos in my book.

              • Older stationary engineer handbooks are great. Power Magazine used to sell them. One cool story was making a pipe threader die out of a steel pipe T, a file , torch and a pot of a super saturated sugar solution to harden the die.

          • Archivist : As you probably already know, thrift stores, goodwill type stores, flea markets, eBay and craigslist all are great sources for those books.
            A good collection of books is a wealth of knowledge but weighs a ton. They are great if you can stay put or are driving to your destination. I recommend scanning all of your books and put them on a 64 gig gorilla thumb drive. They cost a little more but are supposed to last longer and can get wet. All you need then is to find an abandoned laptop computer, or buy one, remove the battery, and a very small solar panel will run it. Yes you could only see it when the sun was up but you can carry all of your books that way. You can also load pictures, music, movies, or anything else you think you would need, information wise. The reason you remove the battery is once it goes bad, and it will go bad, it will corrode. All you need is a functional machine when you need it. If you have a car battery, you would be able to do some night time reading.
            Yea yea, I know you do not need music or movies but a few minutes down time every once in a while will go a long ways for your mental stability. You will need to wait a few months, after the great die / kill off before you start thinking about the down time though.

            • 64GB wouldn’t even begin to hold my collection. I add that much to my collection every week or two, which means I have to buy an additional hard drive at least once a year, not counting extras for backups.

              The full extent of my collection is a state secret, but I have a number of multi-terabyte hard drives full of various types of files, plus the backup drives. The most important files are backed up on CDs and DVDs. For the older files, I still have the original 5″ and 3″ floppies and a stack of Zip disks (if anyone remembers those 100MB wonders).

              I’m not the Archivist for nothing.

          • And what is one of the first things to be burned in the midst of wars? (Aside from bodies)…

          • Can’t help but ponder how many years you’ve invested in such things…

        • Soap box, ballet box, than bullet box. I hate to say this but I feel we are way past the soap box, and this is our last chance at the ballet box. We all know what the last resort will be. I never would have thought it would come to that in my lifetime, but it sure is starting to look that way.

          Lord once great nation

          • Sorry hillbilly, I had to LOL @ the ballot box still being an option. We’re beyond that and almost beyond the bullet box. Not enough so-called patriots have the testicular fortitude to take arms against our repressive .gov. With the slaughter in Orlando last night, the overreach against the 2A will be exponentially expanded.

            R.I.P. US Constitution.

            R.I.P. USA.

            And before Braveheart or any other stand-alone martyrs chime in to berate me, you’re too late. I respect your and am just like you, but you (and I) should have taken a stand years ago.

            It’s too late.

            When they come to your house, dressed in full military gear, you’ll either go along quietly or go along in a quick and insignificant puff of blood-filled smoke.

            We cannot get our country back.

            • Billy, depressing as it sounds, I believe you’re right, especially about getting our country back.

              Thing is, “going along quietly ” means potentially a lot of shit, none of it good. That will be a tough decision.

            • You seem to presume that all the casualties will be on your (our) side. The mailed fist is more hardy than the bare one. Know their arsenal, whether it be nuclear, biological, chemical, psychological, sonic, thermal, optical,,, or just conventional.

          • Hillbilly… Actually Soap boxes may be making a comeback, Post SHTF, along with the Buggy Whip that drives the Horse drawn trading Post on wagon wheels. You know the Pots and pans salesmen. The “Mr Haney on the old TV show Green Acres.” He will pull up iinto a neighborhood, open shop and ring his bell a few times, to let every one know he is there and open. You will also note this individual will also be the Daily News Man, sharing info along the way in the area. He will be a wealth of info and have many tools that others traded and bartered along the way. You may be able to purchase a Box of Ammo and a few soap bars, a cooking pot, and an area map for exchange of a few ounces of Silver Rounds. After the visit he moves along to the next area. Life as we know it will slow down to a crawling pace. Most will stay home and in their areas, protecting their property from looters.

            So if you like collecting, pick up an old soap box, and let the community share news and opinions by jumping up on the box, and letting it rip. 1st Amendment says so. And we have the freedom to stay and listen, or just walk away.


        • B from CA,
          I was a little surprised at your comment about Scientific and mathematical text prices, so I checked. a Marks standard handbook( 11th) edition is now $136. I use a hand-me-down 1941 version( 4th edition) and an 8th edition( page 8-96 shows you every knot you will ever need), they both work just fine. You can get an 8th edition on ebay for $14.
          You can download a Calculus text for free.(keeping in mind most
          people can’t do the most basic algebra).
          You can download Physics 101 books for free.
          You can download biology texts for free.
          Just these four books are all most people would need, in the event they want to know how many potatoes you have to eat to order to lift that #250 truss 16 feet into the air, with your block and tackle setup. IF you remember your cells are about 55% efficient.
          It’s all in the preparation. new books are expensive, so buy old ones. My oldest is a Baron Von Vega book of logarithms dating from the late 1800’s. Its falling apart it is so old.

          • Was an Engineer for 25 years, never use Calculus, biggest waste of time ever invented. With the advent of the computer; the Man in charge of Harvard Math Dept said 30 years ago in the WSJ Calculus had outlived it;s usefulness and should be discontinued. (Only reason it’s kept is to employ math teachers.)

            • Paranoid

              I think they continue it to weed out those that can’t do it.

              I retired as a Gold Seal Operating Engineer in charge of a 60 MW Power Plant. I think what is needed are more associate engineers with two year degrees and lots of hands on. I worked with a lot of ME, CE and EE engineers. I would ask them, “So why did you chose your profession”? If I heard, “Well I was good at math and science” I pretty much figured out that they were going to be difficult. If they said,”As a kid I took everything apart and put it back together or built radios and the like”, we went to lunch. They were who you want. The best were Marine Engineers from Kings Point. They are like super educated tradesmen / operators. Great.

            • Paranoid,
              Many engineers don’t use calculus, but the really good ones do. To relate for people not wired for it, it’s like learning a foreign language, you often meet people who learn a second language, they must translate in their mind to their native language, come up with a reply and translate that to the second language. When you can think on your feet in that second foreign language, now you have mastered it.

              A great engineer sees the engineering problem and thinks in the language of math and physics to solve the problem.

              A great software engineer thinks in a computer language, they don’t just translate.

              I see a weekness in most Chinese and Indian engineers, because their schools teach their students to memorize and not process. Many are good engineers, but they fail to learn to think in math and physics as though it is a language, which it is, instead they spend their lives translating and losing a lot in the translation.

              Make this transition, and you “Verstehen”, there is no true English word for this however. We loosely translate this German word as understand, but when a German student says “Ich Verstehen” they really mean, I understand the principal, the underlying theory, history, facts, processes, it is now part of me, and I am prepared to take it to the next step.

              • Calculus is certainly necessary in design but not so much in operation. This my experience in power generation. I’ll take an associate degreed engineer or equivalent with lots of hands on and dirty fingernails to find the solution verses the desk bound ME or CE. EE are in a world of their own.

                Once again in my world a Marine Engineer is top notch.

          • Relic:

            When I wrote that I was thinking about the price of a textbook I would have had to buy for a college course, over $300.00. $340.00 and used was hard to find and almost the same price. I’m a little germ phobic and I would rather put my hands on something clean and new, but I balance that with the quality and affordability factor.

        • If he’s really the “answer” to Americas issues why hasn’t he touched on ending the FED?? If he is our answer, why in 2008 did he support Obama and not Ron Paul and what he stood for? Why has he been in photos with the clintons during the time nafta was passed? He said he was tired of Americans being ripped off, but that was a huge dick We The People took up the ass when it was passed! He says a lot of things Americans want to hear, but he isn’t the answer to anything! He’s feeding off of emotions and its further dividing our country. Anybody that can’t see that is still part of the problem.

          • Anonymous : I am glad to see their are a few of us with our eyes open. Trump is not the answer, but I am afraid we are going to find out the hard way.

            • Fish and mud
              He isn’t the answer. By now you’d think people would quit getting hysterical defending the supposed unicorn savior. That keeps people from taking action. About the most irritating thing is watching people pretend to themselves that Trump will save them. Even if he were something more than a demagogue… how could he buck entrenched power? Itwill go on until Iit collapses under its own weight. Which is soon by my best guess. Where do think the KochMachine is going to put its money? Remember Scalapushed through one dollar one vote. The behemoth Iis falling, get out of its way.

            • Agreed …but does it matter? They are hopelessly outnumbered. And, DO TAKE NOTICE of all of the ‘odd and new’ infestations of ‘super-bugs’ and pollutants that are now ‘coming into light’. It places a whole new meaning on water-filtration (and makes UV filtering a must, imho). Bad water=Dead Bodies (I have visions of the Old-West water holes surrounded by skeletons of men and horses).

          • Trump knows what happened to Kennedy. It would be way too early for him to mention the Fed, so we have no way of knowing what he thinks about it.

            There are probably photos of Trump with every single president since he was an adult. If you’re rich, you can meet the powerful. I know a rich person who’s not quite as rich as Trump, but he has his photo made with everyone important that he possibly can, whether they’re politicians, entertainers, or other rich people. People just naturally get in photos with famous people. I have a couple of photos of myself with famous female singers. It doesn’t mean a thing other than I attended their show and asked for the photo op.

            • “Trump knows what happened to Kennedy.”

              One of JFKs big mistakes was to have a VP that was very acceptable to the establishment just waiting to move into the Oval Office.

              Trump would protect himself greatly by having Rand Paul as his VP as his legal successor would be more unacceptable to the establishment than he is.

              • He should have Sanders for VP. Nobody that owns a gun want’s him.

                • What is important is that Wall Street / Banksters / Federal Reserve / Globalist Free Traders don’t want Sanders. That is what would protect “The Donald”.

            • He would be foolish to mention he intends to ‘take out’ the feds, as they would, without a doubt, “do” him first (prior to election), and this COULD occur at any time and you all have 3 guesses who’d be footing the bill to have it ‘carried out’.
              With all that is at stake, there are zillions of holes that have been overlooked. We’ll find the greater majority of them and use such to our advantage and their eventual demise. (Nothing ever happens ‘fast’ (save explosions).
              Anyone know how much the payload might have weighed on that Saturn IV recently launched? Dunno why, but “it bothers the hell outta me”…

            • Honestly, back in the mid-80’s, I had the honor of delivering a new Corvette to Dottie West (from Memphis to her home in Nashville), and brought back her ‘old’ one. (The dealer would give each country star a new vette every year …or the ones he liked anyway). It was bright yellow so she named it SunShine, and the one I brought back was a very light blue that she had named “Barely Blue.” (The “old” Corvette had 5,900 miles on her ….not quite broken in).
              She SMELLED great …just like Dottie used to). 🙂 The wife did NOT LIKE the smell of a strange woman on my person, but her perfume ‘permeated’ my clothing (and I wouldn’t have exactly shoved her away if she had attacked me …heheh). Her home was absolutely filled with gifts from all over the world, things I’d never seen and haven’t seen since…

              *True event, I swear on my parent’s graves.

          • Anon:

            Trump is better than the Hill or the Sand.

            He has said we should audit the Fed.

            Nobody here expecting miracles.

            • Lots of folks here want Hillary.They will say they don’t.But no one else is running.Maybe controlled opposition is what there trying to hold on to.Probably you should just let it go

        • Your spelling was correct. It means “My Plan(s)”. The “elites” steered him along, especially at first. Ford got him going, made the first Panzer tanks, the set up the first factory… THEY have gotten ALL of our wars-(for-profit) going. I wish I was a biit younger and in better shape (61, multiple back surgeries, “massive nerve damage”, chronic intractable pain… I have a lifetime of martial arts, good with knves. I have a Gurkha Kukri recovered from a S. Pacific island just into the jungle from the beach. It sat in the garage of the soldier for a few decades, and I got it in the garage sale after he passed away for $20! I’m a mushroom identifier for local hospitals (or was), professional musician/singer/songwriter, multi-instrumental, a good improv cook, etc. I’ve collected skills all my life… and too much damage. Especially since the docs in the country have suddenly dictated that ALL of us Chronic Pain victims can have a max of 90 mg of morphine per day or equivalent MAX (that’s less than one of four doses I WAS taking, and was fairly mobile; no longer tho); barely walking now, with a cane, sometimes two, and at a cost…

          I’ve been told that “powder-blue helmets designate a free-fire zone”; I WILL have an Honor Guard! Oh yeah – I was Hospital Corps, then a Paramedic (neonetology specialist) and and a plain EMT. What the Hell – I never expected to get out of this alive…

      8. The one percent are going to enslave the rest of us? I have to think about that for a while.

        • Already done it. Did it when their Founding Father Alexander Hamilton foisted his Federalist (imperialist) “supreme Law of the Land”, government-supremacist U.S. Constitution on the hard-won, just-declared “free and independent States (countries, nations)” of America. Though the People demanded a Bill of Rights to AMEND that dastardly Federalist Constitution, those AMENDMENTS of it have been scoffed away by (elitist, Establishment) “constitutional experts” ever since.

      9. “The new dark ages are almost upon us.”

        The future I see for Americans:
        After whatever is going to happen to resolve the debt problems of the world, world wars or a period debt defaults and food and supply disruptions or a bail in of any people that have money and assets to save their countries against their will or something else that I cant even think about; a large number of American will die during this period and especially costly americans like seniors of those on government handouts resulting in a very grateful people having survived it and being very grateful for any kind of existence.

        I see future americans that are not at the very top being treated like as slaves to be able to keep living.

        the future elites will have a mass of americans to protect them, serve them, satisfy all their desires and be discarded for any reason.

        the romans will have looked civilized by comparison.

        • I see America looking more and more like Mexico. Drug cartels and organized crime acting like a pseudo government.

          If you ever go into Mexico you will realize that those people have to work to live.

          In America if you don’t want to work you don’t have to, you can just sit around and mooch like the free shit army.

        • “The future elites will have a mass of Americans to protect them, serve them, satisfy all their desires and be discarded for any reason.” Already have that. Have had that since the Federalists got their “supreme Law of the Land” U.S. Constitution foisted upon the hard-won, just-declared “free and independent States” of America (the weakly-worded “Bill of Rights” AMENDMENTS of that Constitution notwithstanding).

      10. “The time to put a stop to it is now, before the power base of the elite becomes so strong that individuals cannot withstand it. The time to rebel against it is now, while we still have the chance before that boot tramples the face of humanity…forever.”

        What’s the plan, Sam? Everyone is talking shit but not one set plan. We all have our own plan and that is like herding cats to get us to gel.

        You better believe you are on your own when the balloon goes up.

        Under five months to go and then we shall see.

        • “Under five months to go and then we shall see.”


          I have no belief Trump will win. He turns off too many people and a republican cannot win unless he’s got every possible person voting for him; the electoral map says so.

          When Hillary gets in, I expect big changes to happen. Packing the supreme court, killing off costly seniors and Medicaid patients with obamacare and thru more disease from illegals and a collapse of jobs as every business that cant get out of the usa to avoid even more taxes and regulations will.

          • lena

            “I have no belief Trump will win. He turns off too many people and a republican cannot win unless he’s got every possible person voting for him; the electoral map says so.”

            The majority are swing voters. Wait until the debates. Hillary cannot justify NAFTA and China Free Trade. I know hard core Democrats that were former UAW Union Representatives that to date have never voted Republican in their life. They can’t even say the word Republican w/o cursing. They know that Bill Clinton signed NAFTA and China Free Trade. They’re to a person, and I know many as my wife entire family were UAW, their friends UAW, their friends friends UAW. Every one is voting for Trump. They feel betrayed by the Clintons. Carrier AC is closing a plant laying off 1400 workers and moving to Mexico. Democrat type people. Hillary will get how many?

            Free Trade will put Trump in office as there are largely two groups of swing voters. Those that lost their good job and those that fear that they will. No promises out of her mouth will change that.

          • “He turns off too many people…”

            I don’t know. Even Roseanne has come out for Trump because she can’t stand Clinton.

            • People will vote for Trump that personally don’t like him if they believe that he will either protect the good job they have or increase their opportunity to get one if they don’t. The Clinton track record is not dismal but is a polar opposite to the above as Bill signed the Free Trade agreements that Hillary supports.

              Democrats have been trying to stand in the shadow of FDR but their continued actions have made it increasingly difficult for them to distinguish themselves from establishment Republicans. They’re depending upon an ignorant electorate that listens to what they say, “I feel your pain” verses what they do, NAFTA, China Free Trade, TPP, eviscerating Glass Steagall.

        • Plans can’t be made at this point. The gov and the webbots are on it like stink on shit. They pounce at anyone that even starts to look organized and threatening whatsoever. It will happen when it happens.

          • Let “THEM” too come to a call to arms of the people. That’s how to isolate THEM from the people. Good strategy won’t depend on others. Others will merely be force multipliers. Every man (or woman) is his (or her) own army–operations and logistics.

      11. My plan is to cut the cord as much as possible.

        People are just meat robots. Same old patterns, same old movements, same greetings, same routines. Same thing, day in and day out. Bore me to death. Make me laugh.

        Worryin’ about it? What’s it get you in the end? Coronaries and ulcers. Life becomes a shit sandwich and it’s always suppertime.

        Withdraw and starve the empire. Go out and dig in the dirt. Help birth a calf. Clean up a fresh killed chicken. Cut some firewood. These are the things life will be made of in the coming years.

        Groups of five to eight. “Card game” get togethers with absolutely no electronic tech when the ante up begins. Not even out in the truck. Leave it at home.

        • I decided back when I was young that I would never get ulcers. I tell everyone that I have a very low “give a shit factor.” I’m preparing and will help a couple of helpless people, but everyone else who chooses not to prepare will be SOL.

          I have more books, magazines, and other info on computer than I could ever print out, so I’ll keep the computer going as long as I can with solar power and spare parts.

          I don’t have to connect. In fact, I hate it when the phone rings. I don’t carry a cell phone.

          I went Galt eleven years ago. I haven’t missed having a job a single day.

          • hello Archivist

            the cell phone. Yep, that’s the device used to track your every move. That and OnStar GM if you have it turned on. Some enjoy being tracked, probed and mind fucked…”nothing to hide”. I don’t. Teevee is comedy relief…especially FOX and CNN.

            AM talk radio is no better.

            Things really started going to hell when the Statlers started watching Captain Kangaroo and Bobby Fuller fought the law and lost.

            I gotta go…need to fix my hat. The foil got a hole in it.


            • I was from near Cleveland and I’ll have you know Captain Kangaroo was a good guy. Had a VERY nice boat complete with good looking babes.

            • I miss the Statler Brothers TV show. I liked Harold’s “Big Book of Stuff.” I also liked Lester “Roadhog” Moran and Cadillac Cowboys. They were a riot. For the young folks, they were really the Statler Brothers. I have all their records.

              I don’t listen to Fox, CNN, or talk radio anymore. I even let my online subscription to Rush expire a few years ago.

              There’s no tracking in my old pickup. There’s rust, peeling paint, and an iffy transmission, but “there ain’t nothin’ wrong with the radio.” (Aaron Tippin song)

              • I got fif-teen speakers crossing my back dash
                A little bobby-doll watchin everybody pass
                Dual antennaes whippin in the wind
                Well their ain’t a country station that I can’t tune in-N!

                Yep …goooood country music.

              • My dad, Rex Peer, was a trombone player for Statler Brothers TV show. He is the bald T-bone player.

                He passed away in 2008. I miss my dad a lot.

                We are here in Ft. Dodge, Iowa visiting his sister who is at the moment passing away. Don’t expect her to be here more than two more days. I will really miss her too. She is my favorite aunt.

          • My wife says her give a durn is busted

        • JRS
          Ditto. I am cutting the cord and starving these blood suckers. If need be, I will give up the internet. I need less Market Economy every month. Work toward freedom while you can. Internet is one of my last Market Economy vices. I communicate about food and medicinals. Stay healthy and in good shape. Looks like a bad ride to the bottom.

          • As Obama gives away ICANN, the countries that are ALL FOR restricted speech will not be long in taking the entire net down to a worthless jibberish of info …meant only to glean information to be used against you. The Internet will be something YOU DO NOT WANT – – lest you wish to broadcast your location?

        • Where can you find five people who aren’t glued to their iPuds every waking moment?

      12. Lena, this country is headed toward civil war 2 and revolution no matter who gets in. That is one of the things I’ve always based my prepping on. I suspect a false-flag at the repub convention in July. I’ll be back at the BOL 2 days before that starts. I do believe the elite will go all out to stop Trump. IF anything happens, at least I’ll already be in a safer place.

        • BH, forget about Trump. In this rigged system there is no hope at all for his victory. It has already been planned, Hitlery will be installed by TPTB. In other words, we’re totally fucked in 2017.

          • We have the hope of holy water,silver bullets,crosses,stakes, and direct sunlight in our favor…hopefully, the evil karma hillary (and all clintons) has will soon come back to them all….

          • it only takes 35,000 fraudulent votes to steal the election.

            If you can get 35,000 fraudulent votes in Ohio you will win the election.

            Hillary knows this and she will make it happen.

          • Nobama, I say regardless of which sock puppet gets ‘selected’ the country is finished. Civil War 2 and Revolution are on the horizon. “There’s a storm coming. I can hear the thunder.”

        • Pardon Brave, but exactly who is on the OTHER side? If it’s the antigun we love moonbeams and Hillery; I don’t see it lasting long.

      13. “250 million cameras. That would equal a camera for every 30 people.”

        This assumes homogenization. Density per unit of people would vary relative to area as the 3rd world tribe has virtually none so the city probably has one for every 20 people if not 10.

      14. Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.
        Ephesians 6:16

        Put on the full armor of God

      15. If you think you like your politicians now, wait till January.

      16. I agree that internet free speech will be cracked down upon in the near future. Only accepted speech will be allowed and tolerated. That should bring people out into the streets to express free speech, I’m sure that will be a punishable offense also. The pushback depends on how much the masses value free speech since most of it will be directed at the treasonous establishment. Even now there should be much more public opposition seeing where this police state is headed. With no public voice the people have lost a crucial freedom.

        • The American people traded their free speech for free cheese long ago.

      17. Talk talk talk. I don’t see any action. Not when the Chimp in Chief was elected in 2008. Not when the CIC was re-elected 2012. Big men, lots of guns, lots of talk, NO ACTION.

      18. Archivist… I enjoy the birds and the insects also, really all the wildlife. I was reading the latest radiation counts just released at VeteransToday. It stated that all the bees and insects will be wiped out from the increasing radiation levels, that includes humans also. The oceans will be lifeless, it’s already happening. Some cities have 200+ times normal numbers, large increases are throughout the US. These are crimes against humanity. This is deliberate.

      19. Too many people and too little resources. Too much debt,too little funds. Too much hate…plenty of weapons. Its going to get sloppy!

        • I am going to add wet naps to my preps, to wipe the blood splatter off me!

      20. Jim in Va.

        The heat and Humidity will become major factors.

        Plan accordingly.

      21. Why would the bankers harbor any delusion they are going to survive it?

        • Why wouldn’t they? They’ll have an army surrounding them wherever they are. They’ve had the world by the short and curly’s since money was created. King Louie and Marie are thrown to the wolves but Rothschild is untouched.

      22. I agree with Paranoid, “… the people remaining are very unlikely to be sheeple; they are going to be wolves…”

        They’re already playing with the EBT system and they can bring about the need for martial law at will…

        They have their get their grip on the internet, otherwise they don’t have control. Give everybody an internet ID, then they can see who goes where even those that just lurk and don’t post…

        Girls who think they’re boys in the men’s room an issue??? NYC recognizes 31 gender identifications???
        It’s not about where poor misunderstood Billy Bob goes pee- everything in the works is about control…

        It won’t end well for me, unless I happen to be one of those happy wolves, I guess we’ll see???

        Alexis de Tocqueville-
        “Democracy and socialism have nothing in common but one word, equality. But notice the difference: while democracy seeks equality in liberty, socialism seeks equality in restraint and servitude”. Alexis de Tocqueville

      23. I will be honest,have a few stashes in different states of basic food ect.,really doubt a total breakdown will survive to use it all,so,help yourselves.

        Tech can be used against the powers that want to be,hell,just look at what simple phones and video cams have done,a lot more “interesting “things one can do with tech.

        I will also say the elites with private armies/scurity are at great risk a total breakdown,their own security will be killing them and fighting among them selves as no real loyalty in those relationships,unlike true and tried family/friends/clans,you get the point.

        So,live for today while preparing for tommorow.

      24. Just read new research about White Horehound tincture preventing myocardial infarction aka heart attack in rats. Folk remedy as a heart regulator. If you have heart trouble, read up on this while you can. We are not getting younger. If no doctors, you may be on your own.

        • Rebecca, is white Horehound different from what we have always known as just Horehound? I had a grandmother who used to make some kind of candy or throat lozenge with horehound, but I was really young and didn’t know how she did it. Tasted terrible though. That I do remember.

          My thanks.

        • Darn now those rats will live forever.

      25. If Hillary is elected, I am throwing out the TV, shutting down my Internet, avoiding newspapers, and hiding in my BOL for the next four years.

        • Same with ANY of them!

      26. “Choose their path! Double their peril, double your winnings!”
        -Falow, DS9

      27. so, were 11 days for those who depend on SNAP , or food stamps ok, when are we going to see the masses descend upon us prepers?
        i belive it had started already…..keep an eye open when you go shoping it may affect you and yours?

        i am dreading my ssa payday on the 15th,,,i do believe i must conceal carry , from this day forward….
        SGT USMC 1966-72

      28. The time of mere dissidence will then be at an end. The State (society) can end with it.

      29. I suspect post-modern elections are but an ‘illusion of choice’. The ‘fix’ is in for Shillary; 6 months ago people scoffed at that offering. It now appears to be a foregone conclusion.

      30. Therefore, the old Dark Ages are almost upon those who will bring their new dark ages upon the rest of us.

      31. If trump would come out and say . I’m going to create so many jobs in the first year . I will increase the tax base to were I can immediately increase food stamp rates. Then he would get all the people that are worrying that he will cut food stamps?

      32. Islamic Extremist kill 20 wounds 42, may have been wearing suicide vest when killed by SWAT?

        it happened in a gay night club in Orlando…

        • Has it been reported that the shooter was Islamic? Certainly its not beyond them.

          • ‘Police said the gunman was believed to be in his 20s was not a local man, and the FBI believe he may have ‘leanings to radical Islamic terrorism’

            • He is a muslim islam .. He is America born but not his relative whatever that meant..
              Death now so far 50… 50 taking to hospitals
              Blood needed at blood banks do not go to the hospitals. to give blood

              • I’ll tell you something scary. Its a fact that the male gay community has a high incidence of HIV exposure. Blood all over. Damn that is frightening in and of itself.

                • You have to hand it to the first responders be they police or paramedics just to go into that environment.

        • Was the threat just made that this would happen in Fla just a week ago? So The FBI knew the threat was going to happen in Fla . It is not that they can pretend they did not hear..
          I have posted this on Twitter and other sites.
          I would say this is a terrorists attack but you know the Media.. They will blame it everyone but Muslims or ISIS.
          All they want to do is lie on TRUMP and figuring out ways to take him down

          I Blame the Shooting on DHS and FBI

          • Like Major Hasan who did the Fort Hood shootings, I’m sure this is a case of work place violence???

            He had to have worked somewhere and strapped on a vest, grabbed his assault,(their word)and handgun and went out the door…

            Clearly a case of workplace violence…

      33. Just maybe we shouldn’t be bringing in 100,000 Syrians with ought vetting them???

        Just maybe we should establish a secured southern border???

        Just maybe (sad to say)when the liberals are the ones being brought to slaughter they may wake up???

        • Too late,,,
          Its like all the other poor decisions made by DC,,, now we get to live with their crap, when the hell are people going to wake the hell up? IMHO, never, they are too self absorbed

      34. This economic collapse has been ongoing for decades. The forewarned giant sucking sound leading to NAFTA and GATT that stripped Americans and their jobs outside to foreign lands and much cheaper labor. Prices continued climbing here across the board. All these “trade deals” including the TPP and TTIP being shoved through now have decimated the American standard of living and ended the ability of the majority of Americans to afford even a halfway chance to improve their lives. Any pushback by citizens was ignored and continues to be ignored. That shows how powerless the people have become in the face of an all out financial attack from their own government.

      35. Great,a guy goes into a Fl. nightclub and kills 20 people and wounds many more,had a vest also,whether actual bomb vest or just for fear unknown at time,swat took him out.The word is was islamist,oh,if it matters to you was a gay club.Will be interesting to see if truly a muslim how obola and cankles will respond,am sure just some more gun law bullshit and all.

        • I just saw the report about FL incident a few minutes ago. They’re calling it a “domestic terror incident” and also saying the shooter may have had leanings toward Islamic extremism. I say it’s another shooting incident perpetrated by the antigun lobby. Those people are total scum and will do anything to try to disarm us.

      36. If there was any place that put up the best facade it’s Orlando fl. Hailed as a tourist destination a nice place to take your family with lots of activities. From my experiance and I’ve been there a dozen times over years the crime is downplayed by police. After all the city cannot have the police and crime stats reflect an out of control crime epidemic. That’s exactly what is going on there. I have seen prostitutes in hotel lobbies. People have approached me at gas stations to try to bum $. The hotel I was staying at there was a murder in the parking garage on 4 floor. Somone shot an employee point blank while he was sitting in his car. Strange black men constantly coming from and going to wooded areas through paths. Black women coming through hotel pool areas trying to sell ripped off merchandise to patrons. I’ve seen so much drug deals go down just while I was driving through. Now a night club shooting. I will give a nickels worth so free advise for those visiting the area. Stay away from international drive. Don’t stay at any hotels in that vicinity. Criminals can even get on Disney resort property just by hopping on the Free buses. The bus goes through the gates unchecked by Disney security. Last time I was at a Disney resort the security people were looking for a long gun that someone said a college student had in his room. If you stay off resort anyone and I mean anyone can come through. People get robbed while they are at the pool. There is a scheme to steal room keys while your at pool enjoying your self. They steal your room key and rob your room. They know tourists bring $ devices jewelry and other nice things. Many people are in the happy because they are on vacation mode and they let their guard down. This is a recipe for victim hood around there. I won’t go down there anymore after I’ve seen the criminal activity increase over the years. Just watch your back down there don’t fall for the happy facade and be a sheep amongst the wolves. Anyone else have story’s about Florida I’d like to hear em.

      37. I agree. The global elites have shredded the U.S. Constitution to the point that, for all intents and purposes, it does not even exist.” And not one shot was fired.

        I personally sacrificed so much to join and support the so-called ‘Liberty Movement’, only to discover that it does not even exist. The only bright spot is Oath Keepers, but they are defensive in nature. Are we ever going to take action? Look around at all of the patriot rallies and events, virtually everyone is an aging ‘grayhair’ like myself. America, RIP.

        • As soon as any grassroots political group forms its co-opted and steered off course. I see parts of the 1970s classic Animal House as an analogy. At the end Delta House decides to destroy the town parade. A band is following the band leader and a frat brother takes the lead position and directs them to a dead end alley. This is what happens politically. Occupy Wall Street is an example.

      38. Not that I wanna see anyone killed senselessly but gay people are very outspoken about their pride and push for acceptance. What did they think would happen. Homosexuality is not viewed in a positive light in other parts of the world. I’m not sure of any faith that approves of it much less endorses this unnatural lifestyle. Anyone with any morals knows gays are wrong. Someone has to put his foot down against the gay agenda. Terror against gays should silence them.

        • Asshat

          They are not put on the earth to please you. Look up the word Liberty. You control no ones life but your own and damn sure can’t use threats of violence and intimidation to achieve it.

      39. “And away we go”.

        Jackie Gleason.

      40. Well,I hope they have the counts wrong but many articles now saying 50 dead,hope they just mixed things up,still,not fucking good!

      41. The Jerk in the White House is going to call this Domestic Terrorist Violence. Then he can morph this over to include the Patriots and those who are against his policies, by using the actions by Muslims and ISIS.
        He will protect his MUSLIM BROTHERS at all cost.

        Again I will tell you because he has called us Cowards, Terrorist, Racists and a few other names that I will not forgive him.

      42. Alright you gay people. Gotta tighten up and gear up!

        This Muslim picked you because he knew would be soft and by what has happened, has shown the way to others like him.

        I do not believe in the Gay Lifestyle but I’ll tell you the way things are going, Democrats will be shooting at Republicans and vice a versa in the near future.

        • I don’t know the answer, but I’d bet lunch this gay bar is a posted “Gun Free Zone”.

          • Gun free zone

            • YES,
              Make mine a grilled cheese with tomato and double bacon.

              By the way I hear Mohamad really liked bacon when no one was looking. I’m positive I read it in the Koran or the Hadith.

              Yup while Mohamed who was completely illiterate, toiled away at writing the Koran, he was known to say, “OMG it’s Haily’s comet”, and when no one was looking he’d take bite of his Christian wife’s BLT.

              Amazing fact of history, Mohamed was completely illiterate, he was so illiterate he couldn’t even draw a cartoon of himself. Mohamed’s Christian slave wife, whom he beat like a punching bag was the one who actually wrote the Koran that Mohamed dictated between rape sessions of his nine year old wife Iesha who was Mohamed’s favorite pediophile sex toy.

              • Come on, man–NOBODY’S perfect…

      43. The reporters on rt are demonizing the rifle itself now.

        BHO has a speech ready for elimination of the 2a. Its literally game on.

        MOLON LABE

        • It’s yet another phony script. No photos of ANY real victims, no blood running down the street, NO responder HAZMAT due to AIDS, etc. I call this fake.

          • That’s really dumb. OF COURSE real people died. You’ll see a public list soon.

            • Sure, the “official” list of crises actors is being drawn up post facto according to their revised hoax figures.

              Next, the donation sites – if not already in place, are coming.

          • Like “Sandy Hoax”…

      44. I understand not wanting
        customers armed in a night club where they are getting a good slosh on,but what the hell about the security?!Seems one of the folks working there should have been armed,if not,why the hell not!

      45. Seventy shot in Chicago over on weekend. How many more shot in other cities. The country is coming apart and this Muslim Jerk Kills 50 in a couple of hours.

        You better start thinking about First Aid and gunshot wounds and the medical supplies you need to treat them.

        Yep, I have my flashlight, one gallon of water, two extra batteries and some health bars. All I need. Good to go. Oh and my iPhone to call for help.

      46. i can see the gun haters coming out pushing gov to do something. They will put the assault weapons ban into affect again it’s just a matter of time. That’s why hitlery will win. Remember never let a good crisis go to waste.

      47. Anon,everyone should have a blow out kit,the life you save may just be your own!

        • WD & Anon
          Kotex, Tampons, Tin Foil, Duct Tape, Cling Wrap, Supper Glue, Shoe Strings. These can be used to help with gunshot wounds.


          • Sarge and WD

            I’m tired of it and when this shit happens you find out the mosque and go after it. Now this Iman is saying the gay should be done away with. Islam the religion of peace. Bullshit! Next it is going to be somebody else and it will be a place of no defense against the violence. A Mall, Hospital or another Night club.

            Here is another thing that pisses me off and that is the news sites ramps up their commercials before you get the news. Have to hear or watch a commercial that has nothing to do with the news. Get the F,ing money first.

            If Jesus came down out of the clouds they would have a commercial first.

            Look out Florida they want to come for your guns. Everyone has to pay for what this scumbag has done.

          • 9MM Browning With +P hollow points helps prevent gunshot wounds.

      48. !!!Prep Tip!!!!
        Man I like rummage sales.
        Picked up a small new lantern for 3 Bucks.
        10 boxes of Pyrodex 50/50 for $20.00 worth $200.00.
        20LBS propane tank for $5.00 traded it in for 17.00 cost for a full tank $22.00. Several large candles for about $5.00.

        Just don’t know what you will find.


      49. Obozo is about to make an utterance. It will be the usual Bolshevik diatribe blaming AR-15s and “extremists”. Watch his pusilinamimity on display. No wonder our enemies don’t fear us anymore. This pansy couldn’t scare a kitten.

        • Where do you come up with the US not feared? Hell nations across the globe fear both the economic power (through the globalist bankers of course) and the CIA causing revolutions where none previous existed (see Ukraine). I think Russia looks at the US like its a rabid dog.

      50. I read the 9 circuit just voted concealed Cary illegal?

        • 9th Circuit Court Of Appeals ruled that there is no right to concealed carry thus allowing government to restrict issuance if they so choose. Kiss the efforts to get Shall Issue through the courts in the remaining hold out states good by.

      51. Just watched After the fall. By . The truth movement . The weapon of indignation. Looks like a new type of EMP device. And everything in the bible ties in perfect.

      52. Muslim Jihadist murders 50 in gay bar.

        Presidents solution, bring in more Muslim fighters Oops refuges and ban guns.

        Do the stupid liberals yet grasp the damage Obama and his ilk have wrought?

        Stupid Obama proclaimed we need more gun control, but this killer was a licensed security guard and would have had weapons even if all civilian guns in Florida were banned. Obama’s exploitation of of this crisis jumps the shark, veers into the twilight zone and falls right off the cliff of reality.

      53. It gets worse. The globalists want to depopulate the world down to a “sustainable” level of 500 million. That means 6½ billion people have to die.

        • they figure that’s the number they need to “serve” them.
          We’ll see about that!

      54. Sigh—The Trilaterals are more powerful than Bilderberg, because they cover the same European/British/North American regions—plus Japan and the Far East—which Bilderberg does exclude! Japan is able to become a counterweight to China! Bilderberg and Trilateral both share a founder, David Rockefeller, who was discovered to be a member of The Pilgrims Society as of the 1949 leaked list (NY Public Library, Astor and Tilden Foundations, Genealogical Archives section). The Pilgrims were founded in 1902 to “gradually absorb the wealth of the world” (Review of Reviews, May 1902, see pp 556-558). Bilderberg is a red herring!

        Was The Duke of Westminster at Bilderberg? No, but there were several mayors—and other transitory political officials. The Duke owns major real estate developments, skyscrapers and expensive housing units in 70 cities—and half of the Wells Fargo Tower in Los Angeles. He is a member of The Pilgrims Society, which way ranks Bilderberg. Still there is no publicly accessible roster for The Pilgrims Society, of which the USA President is always an “honorary” member—see start page at link. This is the group to worry about!

        In “The Empire of The City—World Superstate” 1946 by E.C. Knuth, page 9 we find The Pilgrims Society described as “THE MOST POWERFUL INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY ON EARTH, THE PILGRIMS, IS SO WRAPPED IN SILENCE THAT FEW AMERICANS KNOW EVEN OF ITS EXISTENCE SINCE 1903.”
        Montana Congressman Jacob Thorkelson, Congressional Record, August 19, 1940, referred to an address by Joseph H. Choate, Vanderbilt railroad dynasty operative, one of the founders of The Pilgrims, as saying that those who would many years later celebrate the start of the second century of The Pilgrims Society in 2003—

        “…will have cause to bless their fathers that they founded this Society AND KEPT THE WORLD ON THE RIGHT TRACK.”
        “The Pilgrim Society, sometimes called THE WORLD’S MOST SECRET ORGANIZATION has as its goal the reuniting of England and America.” —Gary Allen in “Teleslick,” America Opinion Magazine, October 1970, page 22

        • Links:

          ht tp://

          ht tps://

      55. House squads, block platoons, street companies, town battalions, county regiments, and state armies, or whatever strength of “unorganized” (independent) Miltiamen can drill in cloaks and hoods if need be. Let the powers-that-be come and see their enemies. Their “intelligence” is all they’ve got to go on, since they are so few and their subjects who’s lands they occupy are so many on such a broad number of independent fronts.

        • Even a mere squad in every county, if operating in extended order–operationally and logistically, could be very effective at curbing tyranny whenever, wherever and however it may be inflicted on the people by the powers-that-be or by their accomplices.

      56. Welcome back to the Indies! How does it feel being the Indians yourselves, this time, White guys? “Red and Yellow, Black and White, we are all in their gunsights… so are they in ours, so are they!”

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        to present in university.

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