Economic Alert: If You’re Not Worried Yet…You Should Be

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    This article has been generously contributed by Brandon Smith of Alt Market.

    For the past four years I have been covering the progression of the global economic crisis with an emphasis on the debilitating effects it has had on the American financial system.  Only once before have I ever issued an economic alert, and this was at the onset of the very first credit downgrade in U.S. history by S&P.  I do not take the word “alert” lightly.  Since 2008 we have seen a cycle of events that have severely weakened our country’s foundation, but each event has then been followed by a lull, sometimes 4 to 6 months at a stretch, which seems to disarm the public, drawing them back into apathy and complacency.  The calm moments before each passing storm give Americans a false sense of hope that our capsized fiscal vessel will somehow right itself if we just hold on a little longer…

    I don’t have to tell most people within the Liberty Movement that this is not going to happen.  Unfortunately, there are many out there who do not share our awareness of the situation.   Debt implosions and currency devaluation NEVER simply “fade away”; they are always followed by extreme social and political strife that tends to sully the doorsteps of almost every individual and family.  The notion that we can coast through such a tempest unscathed is an insane idea, filled with a dangerous potential for sour regrets.

    There are some people who also believe that the private Federal Reserve with the Treasury in tow has the ability to prolong the worst symptoms of the collapse indefinitely, or at least, until they have long since kicked the bucket and don’t have to worry about it anymore (the ‘pay-it forward to our grandkids’ crowd) .  I can say with 100% certainty that most of us will live to see the climax of the breakdown, and that this breakdown is about to enter a more precarious state before the end of this year.  You can only stretch a sun-boiled rubber band so far before it snaps completely, and America’s financial elasticity has long been melted away.

    A pummeling hailstorm of news items and international developments have made the first half of 2012 almost impossible to track and analyze.  The frequency at which negative information has surfaced is almost dizzying.  However, a pattern and a recognizable motion are beginning to take shape, and, I believe, a loose timeline is beginning to form.

    At the end of January, I covered the incredible nosedive of the Baltic Dry Index (a measure of global shipping rates that signals a fall in global demand) to historic lows.  I pointed out the tendency of stocks and the general economy to crash around 8 months (sometimes a little longer) after the BDI makes such a dramatic downturn.  Mainstream analysts, of course, attributed the fall to an “overproduction of ships”, which is the same exact excuse they used when the BDI collapsed back in 2008 just before the derivatives bubble burst.  It would seem that the cable TV talking heads were wrong yet again, as the international market facade quickly evaporates right in line with the BDI’s almost prophetic knack for calling an economic derailment in advance.

    Here are some of the most important reasons why every American should be prepared for much harder days, especially before the end of 2012:

    The European Union Is Officially Dead In The Water

    Stick a fork in er’, the EU is done!  We are talking about full scale dismantlement, likely followed by a reformation of core nations and multiple collapse scenarios of peripheral countries.  The writing is all over the wall in the wake of the latest election results in Greece and France, where, as alternative researchers have been predicting for some time, the battle between the government spending crowd and proponents of austerity has reached a fever pitch.

    The Greeks and the French are royally pissed over draconian cuts in public programs and the destruction of pensions which have been a mainstay of their economies for quite some time.  They are also furious over being sold off like collateral to the IMF and World Bank.  Rightly so.  Like the American taxpayer, the taxpayers of floundering EU nations are wrongly being held responsible for the financial mismanagement and fraud of their governments and global banks which have remained untouched and unpunished for their trespasses.  The problem is, the voters of both countries are signing on to the socialist/quasi-communist bandwagon in response.  In Greece, the Left Coalition Party, a splinter group of the traditional communist party, has now taken a primary position of power:

    In France, voters have elected socialist Francois Hollande (a Bilderberg attendee), whose latest promise is to spend France into recovery through his “pro-growth agenda”:

    I have no doubt that the elections of the EU are as manipulated by elitists as they are here in the U.S., and I’m sure false paradigms abound.  Have Europeans forgotten that it was overt government spending that set them on the path to calamity in the first place?  Or, are they like Americans; just desperate for any change in the ranks of leadership?  One would think that they would take note of the problems here in our country and realize that electing a socialist to replace another socialist is no way out of economic hardship.

    Former officials like Nicolas Sarkozy may have claimed to be distanced from the socialist ideal, but, as with all globalist puppets, their actions did not match their rhetoric, and they have always supported policies of centralization and big government.  The French and the Greeks have essentially replaced closet collectivists with outspoken collectivists, and will see NO relief from the crisis in the Euro-zone as a result of the political reordering.  In fact, the stage has now been set for a volatile chain of dominos.  Germany, which is the only economy left holding the EU together, has been unyielding on austerity cuts.  A conflict between France and Germany is now inevitable.  Neither will compromise their position, and I can see no other eventual result than a reexamination and perhaps abandonment of the EU charter.

    How does this affect America?  Being that international banks and corporations have forced our countries into interdependency through the engineered chicanery of globalization, any collapse in Europe is going to strike hard around the world, but the worst will hit the U.S. and China.  Which is probably why China is disengaging trade away from the U.S. and the EU and focusing on other developing nations:

    If you thought the Greek rollercoaster was a pain in the neck for investment markets, just wait until the whole of the EU is in a shambles!

    Spain is next in line, with a 25% official unemployment rate and a massive black market economy forming.  As I have been saying for years now, when governments disrupt the financial survival of the people, they WILL form their own alternatives, including black markets and barter markets.  It is about survival.  The Spanish government does not care much for these alternatives, though, and has now banned cash transactions over 2500 euros in a futile attempt to squeeze taxes out of the populace through digitally tracked payment methods:

    Another major concern for Americans is the fact that Europeans are inching towards an abandonment of the dollar.  Francois Hollande has openly called for an end to the dollar’s world reserve status, and with a majority backing of the French people, he could easily make this happen, at least where France is concerned.  All it takes is for a few key countries to publically and completely drop the Greenback and the dollar’s reputation as a safe haven investment will be quashed.  This could very well happen before 2012 is over.

    QE3 Is The End

    Here is the bottom line; U.S. growth is a theater of shadows.  There has been no progress, no recovery, only the misrepresentation of statistics.  Millions of Americans have fallen off unemployment rolls because they have been jobless for too long, which lowers the unemployment rate, but does not change the fact that they are still without work.  Durable goods orders are dropping like an avalanche.  U.S. credit has been lowered yet again by ratings agency Egan-Jones.  With China making bilateral trade deals in numerous countries on the condition that the dollar be dropped as the primary purchasing mechanism, and with the EU turning to economic mulch, the currency’s safety is nonexistent.  Traditional investors who cling to the idea that a falling Euro spells dollar strength will be sorely disappointed when the currency is suddenly being rejected in international currency markets.

    The Federal Reserve has already stated that any signs of “relapse” into recession (the recession that we never left) will be met with all options on the table, including QE3:

    I believe that QE3 will probably be announced this year (due in large part to trauma from Europe), and, that this will trigger a mass movement by foreign nations to drop the dollar as the world reserve.  QE3 will be the straw that broke the camel.  How exactly this will play out socially and politically, I do not know (I could take a good guess though).  But, the technical results are predictable.  The Fed will respond to the lack of treasury purchases by ramping up fiat printing in order to cover the ever increasing costs of the government machine.  The Greenback will immediately lose a large portion of its value, at least in terms of imported goods, causing inflation in prices.  Oil and energy prices will skyrocket if OPEC follows suit (which they will, though the Saudis may still honor dollars for a time).  Doing any traditional business will become nearly impossible, and price inflation will dominate the lives and the minds of average unprepared citizens.

    The amount of time that it will take for these difficulties to unfold is also not clear.  We are operating in uncharted territory, and dealing with a collapse scenario on a truly planetary scale.  My best advice is to assume that the avalanche will move fast.

    While markets in our country have seen only mild disruptions so far this year, their solidity is predicated on a host of props and costume pieces, any one of which could pull the rug out from under America’s suspension of disbelief if it strays but a little from the illusion.  As long as the dollar holds, stocks can be infused with bailout juice through major banks.  So can major companies and even desperate state governments on the verge of bankruptcy.  The Dow will remain relatively friendly, and day traders and the public will remain happy.  As soon as the dollar comes into question, all bets are off…

    Does This Mean Doom, Or Just Another Bad Day?

    The real beginning of today’s collapse is tied to the events of 2008.  The pace of it has been deceptive, but also, in a way, it is a gift.  Over the past four years, I have personally seen the awakening of thousands of people that may have never had the chance if the system had gone into full spectrum breakdown right away.  The question now is, how much longer can the U.S. wobble along on one wheel?  In my view, and from the evidence I see in markets at the moment, not much longer.

    It is hard to set aside any expectations that the next leg down will be easy to digest for the populace.  The reality of our predicament is starting to hit home.  All the tax return checks have been spent.  The credit cards have been maxed.  The new cars have been sold off and traded in for ghetto-mobiles.  The good jobs have been replaced with Taco Bell slavery.  A trip to see The Avengers is now the family vacation.  And, the distractions of reality TV just aren’t buttering our bread anymore.  It’s the little things at first that really signal the financial mood of a society, as well as reveal the more vital and looming issues just over the horizon.

    All indicators suggest that this year will be unlike any other before.  In 2008, we saw the first trigger events for the collapse.  In 2008/2009, we saw the creation of the bailout culture, setting the stage for inflation and dollar disintegration.  In 2010, we saw the first bilateral trade deal cutting out the dollar between China and Russia, which is now the template for trade deals all over the globe.  In 2011, we saw the first downgrade of the U.S. credit rating and the crisis in the EU become epidemic.  In 2012, I see not just another difficulty to add to the mountain, but a culmination of all these detriments to produce something entirely new; a vast and subversive realignment forcing many of us to take a more aggressive stance in the fight for an economically and socially free America.

    Financial disasters have always been a convenient catalyst for a host of even more frightening obstacles, including civil unrest, and blatant totalitarianism.  This is the cusp.  It is one of those moments that people of later generations read about in awe, and sometimes horror.  The “doom” is not in the event, but in the response.  What we make of the days approaching determines the darkness that they cast upon the future.  It is a test.  It is not something to be dreaded.  It is something to be seized upon, and dealt with, as great men and women before us have done.  At the very least, we know that it is coming.  That, in itself, could well seal our success…

    Alt-Market is an organization designed to help you find like-minded activists and preppers in your local area so that you can network and construct communities for mutual aid and defense.  Join today and learn what it means to step away from the system and build something better.

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      1. Just watch and see. Obama is going to take credit for oil prices coming down. B-ball and chief is going to use anything he can get his hands on and there is going to be a load of mindless Sheeple that are going to blindly follow. This guy is operating on a theory; he has no idea what he is doing. He has a ring in his nose. Just look at who’s around him.

        • You are correct. Everyone forgets the devaluation of currency happens long after its printed. The immediate result (as in now to November) is usually pretty good.

          • Obama’s most recent executive order (Promoting International Regulatory Cooperation) was supposedly to focus on “INTERNATIONAL TRADE”.

            U.N. Agreement Should Have All Gun Owners Up In Arms

            The U.N. plans to meet this year to draft a blueprint for enactment of the global “Small Arms Treaty”, to focus on “INTERNATIONAL TRADE and to fight “terrorism”.

            “Former U.N. ambassador John Bolton has cautioned gun owners to take this initiative seriously, stating that the U.N. “is trying to act as though this is really just a treaty about international arms trade between nation states, but there is no doubt that the real agenda here is domestic firearms control.”

            If passed by the U.N., and ratified by the Senate, this will force the U.S. to:
            Confiscate and destroy all “unauthorized” civilian firearms (exempting those owned by our government of course).
            Create an international gun registry, clearly setting the stage for full-scale gun confiscation.
            Override our national sovereignty


            • KY Mom,

              I read about this too today, GOA sends out e-mail alerts. And if I read it right you are spot on, but I ask who do you think will enforce this law? How many lives will be lost trying to take our guns? And just how many guns in the USA are hand me downs that nobody knows about? I can tell you without a doubt the people in TX, OK,NM, and AZ will not stand by and lets this happen. This are the only states that I have friends and have talked to about this issue. If people really want to help fight this then spend the $$ to join up with GOA,NRA,OathKeepers.
              Don’t let this happen simply because you didn’t take time to raise alot of hell..


            • Gun Owners of America


              Obama Administration Pushing UN Gun Control
              Senator Moran Bill Would Cut Funding
              of UN Small Arms Treaty

              Kansas Senator Jerry Moran introduced legislation to prohibit the Obama administration from negotiating away our gun rights as part of the UN Arms Trade Treaty (ATT).

              The ATT is a backdoor attempt to impose massive restrictions on U.S. gun rights. While negotiations on the treaty are being held behind closed doors, it is certain to include language that will:

              * Require the registration and licensure of American firearms;

              * Ban large categories of firearms;

              * Require the mandatory destruction of surplus ammo and confiscated firearms;

              * Define manufacturing so broadly that any gun owner who adds an accessory such as a scope or changes a stock on a firearm would be required to obtain a manufacturing license;

              * Require “microstamping” of ammunition.

              The treaty could also be self-executing, which would mean that it would achieve its anti-gun objectives whether or not implementing legislation was passed by Congress.

              Some people think the U.S. would never sign off on such a treaty. Well, think again.

              In 2009, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced the U.S. agreed to negotiate on the treaty.

              That’s a shift from the Bush administration, which declared the ATT dead on arrival. President Bush wouldn’t have delivered the treaty to the Senate for ratification, but Obama can’t wait to use this vehicle as a way to show his anti-gun base that he is doing something on the gun control front.

              GOA is continually briefing Senators on the dangers of this treaty. We even have a number of Senators who have committed in writing to oppose the treaty.

              But one thing we fear is that the ATT is so massive (it would regulate everything from battleships to bullets) that many Senators may feel that the small arms portion is insignificant compared to the entire document.

              A number of Senators who purport to be pro-gun could possibly go along with the treaty. It is also likely that no Democrat Senators – even those from so-called red states – will vote against the president in the months leading up to the election.

              All this makes the Moran bill vitally important. S. 2205 will not allow the Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration to even attempt to negotiate away our gun rights.

              The Moran bill is also a good test of which Senators are willing to stand against the president and oppose the ATT.

              Please take a minute to urge your own Senators to cosponsor S. 2205, the Second Amendment Sovereignty Act of 2012.

              And then please consider contributing to help GOA continue to battle this treaty and other attacks on the right to keep and bear arms.

              It is important to act right away. Negotiations on the ATT are happening NOW! The committee at the UN in charge of the treaty expects to have a final draft ready by this summer. We need to use every means available to stop it in its tracks.

            • @KY Mom
              Dick Morris has a new book out titled “Screwed” which goes into detail about 5 other treatries, besides the Small Arms one. I heard Morris on Hannity yesterday and according to him, the State Department is working overtime to have all six ready for signing by Pres. Ocommie before the end of 2012.

              Again, according to Morris, once signed into law, the 6 Treaties would almost turn over total control of The United States to various branches of The U.N..

              Morris knows Washington pretty well and to me seens like an honest enough guy. He said that even if BHO lost the election, he can still sign these before he’s gone.

            • @ DPS says:

              “I can tell you without a doubt the people in TX, OK,NM, and AZ will not stand by and lets this happen”.

              Hey DPS, you can count on the southern states to the east of Texas/Oklahoma too. This is total BS!!!

            • DPS,

              Texas AND Oklahoma will NEVER surrender our arms, our God-given rights, liberties and freedoms…. NEVER!!!!

              As has been said, and should be repeated on a continued basis…

              ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ!

            • You ever have one of those days when you wish you had taken the blue pill? Well… This is one of those days…

              As for what to do about it besides writing your senators, well there are certain things you just don’t speculate about on the internet these days. Doing so may give a heads up to the wrong people…

            • DPS: I do believe you are “ENGAGING”! 🙂

              Well done!

          • Also, in the news today…

            House to vote on House to vote on Trayvon amendment.

            Would cut funding to states with self-defense laws.

            “House Democrats said Tuesday they will offer an amendment to push to overturn stand-your-ground self-defense laws in states like Florida.”

            (link on Drudge Report)


            • As someone with a legal background, living in one of the most liberal states in the union, there is a general provision, valid in every state of the union, which allows you to protect your home using deadly force, if warranted. There is no duty to retreat from your home when danger threatens. The stand your ground law expands on this premise to include areas other than your home, from what I understand.

              I have not read the stand your ground law in Florida (or in states that have like provisions) but I can tell you that you still have the right to protect yourself with a weapon while in your own home.

              They haven’t taken that away from us – yet.

        • @ hammerun. I was looking at oil prices this morning in the newspaper and saying to myself what about the Middle East. Israel is quiet now just like before they nailed Syria a few years ago and their building of a nuclear facility. Just out this article: This basically says that Netanyahu can do what he wants in Iran and still remain in office. He wants to stop Iran from mass producing nuclear weapons, which they will have the capability to do in the future like Pakistan is now. Oil could shoot up to $200-$300 a barrel in less than a day with or without U.S. involvement.

          Here is the thing that few people realize about the U.S. dollar and skyrocket prices on oil. The U.S. dollar is dependent on oil sales as its only backing. During a severe crisis of oil those countries may or may not use the U.S. dollar to sell their oil. The U.S. dollar is viewed with much speculation. When countries are so desperate for oil, it would be extremely wise economic move to sell their oil ONLY using gold, silver or plantinum as currency. Little oil on the market means you can demand payment anyway you want. If you were an OPEC nation, wouldn’t you rather sell your product for hard currency?

          On top of a regional war, possibly going global, little oil to go around, you could have OPEC ONLY accepting hard currency for payment. I sure would take advantage of receiving gold for what I was selling rather than fiat anything. So IF a war doesn’t cause worldwide chaos, then IF OPEC did only accept hard currency, the U.S. dollar would no longer have anything to back it up and that will likely cause an U.S. economic collapse. Just something else to think about.

          • Be Informed: The dollar is backed by the most powerful ensemble of weapons ever assembled. That is reality and the Saudi’s, Barahin and others in the gulf are on board with the USA for that very reason.

            Protection has its privileges.

            Saudi Intelligence is also partners with the CIA and Mossad who run the Central Asian drug trade worth several hundred billion dollars a year.

            Partners in crime you might say.

            Everyone here who keep suggesting the collapse of the dollar, or its replacement as the currency of choice for oil trades, or its demise as the world’s reserve currency, may as well give up whether you like it or not.

            The tentacles of corruption of the NWO runs deep and pervades every country. The FRN is the money of the NWO and that isn’t going to change anytime soon.

            I know that fact disappoints a lot of you peeps but its reality. Get over it. 🙂

            • Exactly how old are all these “powerful” weapons?

            • ANON: At $700 billion a year you can rest assured that they are state of the art.

        • Irrespective of what happens with our country, our economy, are rights and freedoms, those that are approaching our futures with eyes wide open and preparing for anything to what ever extent, are going to be in all likelihood, self made survivors. Those that don’t… will be nothing more than a lone wondering calf looking for a government tit. And subject to its abuses and you will be forced to comply to its whims so you and your family can eat. And you will comply! Of you refuse to see this coming now today and refuse to prepare, you already are weak and are ripe and willing to comply. God pity ya, we won’t!
          Just look down through all of the posts below. The myriad of offensive subjects that are posted, if only a portion of them come out and are passed, we get pushed a little closer to a socialistic republic. Who in the hell wants to live under that? I don’t seriously believe that this government will be allowed to fail, but the dollar, no doubt. You had better be thinking of a replacement right now! Food, you had better have a stockpile and contingency for the future. The food chain here is a fragile system. Medical care, you had better know something more than, how to apply a Band-aid. Back up med supplies, any and all, you will need them. Protection, you will need it and lots of it. (Depending on where you live, but none of us will be safe) If the UN and the government pass some happy anti get all of the guns horseshit, my friend that’s the time to push it all to the center of the table and go all in. We all know what is going to happen after that. And we know why that happens. The implied and suggested “EUTOPIA” that will follow will be nothing more than hollow lies.

        • No Obama knows exactly what they (those who give him orders and himself) are doing. They are creating a long slow disaster. One that can’t be easily undone. One that hurts. And the people will want pain relief. He will promise it. Just like the rise of the police state in response to 911, they will use this emergency to destroy the US and enslave the people. Crazy as that sounds, this has been a slow motion ballet so that the masses would not see, or believe what they see, and therefore not respond against what is being done.

        • Obama knows exactly what he is doing. Remaking and destroying the country. Look who he surrounds himself with. Hardcore leftists all.

      2. The real question is what to expect once this collapse happens. I am not sure I have read anything yet that predicts a realistic version of what might occur. To what extent will businesses continue to function? Will it occur overnight or over a long period of time? Should you bug out immediately or wait to see how bad it becomes. I suppose you would need a crystal ball to know for sure, but if anyone has a reference to an article or video that paints a realistic picture, I would like to know about it.

        • You are watching it go on every day. Look around. Think about that. It’s happening right in front of your eyes. People are waiting for that ah ha moment, not realizing it is going on right in front of their eyes. I guess for a lot of people it will take something like the news to break a story about the collapse. Don’t wait for that moment, that moment has passed. Now you are seeing these whole thing just starting to circle the bowl. The more time goes on the faster we will start to circle, till we finally go down the drain.

          • sal, you know there are also many people waiting to tell us preppers: ‘I told you so, things aren’t as bad as you said.’ Yet, I see many of the people, I’ve tried to reach in the past, with gloomy faces. The news media is constantly presenting so much negativety and false figures that almost everyone knows the facts outweigh the figures. I have gotten more folks to read this site lately.
            My number one question to none believers is; how will you survive when the checks stop coming (gov’t) and the banks close for periods of time? The look on their faces is of pure fear.

            • “””The news media is constantly presenting so much negativety and false figures that almost everyone knows the facts outweigh the figures”””

              What news media are you watching. All I ever hear when I watch is how great everything is. Unemployment is dropping like a rock, the stock market is near an all time high. There is never any mention of Fukushima or criminal banks or any other topic the people should be informed about.

              The media does everything it can do to manipulate the “facts” so as not to frighten the sheep into learning the truth for themselves. Or taking out their frustrations on those who most deserve it.

        • this is gonna be many many many years in the making …..this is not a 6 month or 2 year thing its many years down the road…….I have been saying this since august of 2011 when I WOKE UP to the reality that this charade has barely even started

          • I tend to agree with Rich 99, this is a long drawn out thing. The only question is, how far along are we already?

            • @ Rich99 and Anonymous, I agree with what you guys are saying. i believe this process could go on for decades, but than again when i look at certain issues i kind of see this “major event” happening within the next 10 years. Only because i cant comprehend how much longer we as a country can keep “kicking the can”. Its very hard to tell. Anonymous, i ask the same question you do, “how far along are we?” well since 1913 till now i would say but could be wrong. we all need to start talking about that question together.

            • I Love it when I can agree and recommend a statement by Rich 99. We must be of the same stock.

            • Another question i ask is do people like henry kissenger and david rockefeller plan on living in the global society that their trying to create? i mean their both at the age where they could drop dead any moment. Or are they planning on carrying certain things out in order to pass down to the the next generation of rockefellers? With people like them getting so old you would think that their dying to get this whole global society moving faster in order for them to live and enjoy it.

            • wait….this goes to show how insane some of these people are on here …….you agree with what i said but you get 11 thumbs up votes and 5 thumbs down and i get 11 thumbs up and 21 thumbs down for the comment that you agreed with……shows you the mental imbalance of alot of these doomers

            • Hey Rich99 (and others),

              I know what you mean, but… yeah, there’s a but!

              Have you ever read about the “Progressive’s 100 Year Plan” (which is what Agenda 21 is based on)? If not, copy and paste these links between the parentheses (I didn’t make them live so I could not have to go thru the ominous moderation machine)… and if you have read about it, please revisit it. Here’s the links:






              I listed all those links for a variety of reasons, links and pertinent info. Please check them out!


            • Well… I thought I broke those links, but I guess not. So… let’s try this again…
              Take out the “DOT” and of course, replace it with “.”

              Hey Rich99 (and others),

              I know what you mean, but… yeah, there’s a but!

              Have you ever read about the “Progressive’s 100 Year Plan” (which is what Agenda 21 is based on)? If not, copy and paste these links between the parentheses (I didn’t make them live so I could not have to go thru the ominous moderation machine)… and if you have read about it, please revisit it. Here’s the links:






              I listed all those links for a variety of reasons, links and pertinent info. Please check them out!


            • It’s long and slow and painful for a reason. If everything happened quickly, like back in 2008, then we’d all be in full recovery mode by now. But the Bankers and Politians wouldn’t have gained all that power and control that they have now and they certainly couldn’t have raked in every lost dollar if it were quick. No, this is managed and controlled. Nothing happens without good reason. Or should I say, on behalf of the PTB “nothing happens without good treason”
              Let’s face it. This global ‘collapse’ is being managed by a significant few, from behind the curtains as the Politians out front, sell us the ‘game plan’ I truely am sorry, but the majority of people are just too stupid to realize this. You just have to look at what’s happened in the last 10-12 years. We’ve been scammed like a Nigerian Ponzi scam.
              There was no financial collapse. It was a scam to steal hundreds of Billions of dollars by extremely well placed individuals who scammed you and your neighbors out of YOUR savings!! And in this case ….. It happened GLOBALLY.
              Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria … Wars created by the same ‘Nigerian’ scammers to create War Profits for themselves, enforce more Draconian laws on us, using the fear and intimidation stick.
              Enforcing Global Carbon taxes, enforcing vaccinations, controlling who can travel and can’t. A projected 30,000 drones to patrol the skies to keep us safe. FEMA camps to re-educate the ‘lost’ and ‘I’ll informed’
              OMG!!!!!! We are being taken for a big ride!!!

          • It’s all relative. Someone could have said the same exact thing back in ’08. in ’02, ’98, ’81. Or, for that matter, ’14.

            One “mans” gold mine is another mans mine field. And because of that, I’d say, collapse is more on an individual level, than anything. Those who know how to accurately forecast ALL or most of the variables have a more intimate relationship with the various pulses that determine the various health’s of the economy, environment and society. And who has the ability? Anyone here?

            This “day of reckoning” or collapse is an on going debate here. This article could have been written in ’08…

            “All indicators suggest that this year will be unlike any other before”

            I heard the same exact quote back then.

            As I see it, the “Collective Collapse” will be much like how we’ve seen crime manifest in the past and up to today. Pockets here and there, that may expand and contract, whether TPTB, or ourselves, choose to deal with the “stress” directly or indirected, will determine how this plays out, meaning some areas will be a literal War Zone, others will hardly feel a thing.

            Bottom line, we all want to think that we are smart enough to see the writing on the wall. That we know we’ve got a handle on “what’s coming down the road”. But in reality, we don’t know. Too many variables, too many facets to this complex cluster that we, as a collective, have created. If one looks deeply at our predicament, one will find each of us is responsible for the health of this world we are an integral part of.

            The only relevant question each of us needs to ponder, regarding our personal and global ‘state of health’, in dealing with past, present and future turbulence, and whether one will make it to the other side (if a side can be seen as part of the equation), is the idiom:

            “Is the glass half full or half empty?”

            • The glass is fully shattered on the floor and has been replaced by a ration dispensing machine, fully regulated and governed by a corporate oligarchy that can chill and check the flow of pricing on what the machine dispenses and how much you can have.

              There’s the fucking idiom of our time.

          • I still only buy metals…screw the market. Yes, long slow crash. Go dry goods, not canned. Think decades…not months. fucking commie take over plot.

            • Tin is a metal, and I have lots of tin cans. I have dry goods too. Long after many are out of food I will trade some tin cans for some of your silver, but you need to understand Spam will be at a premium.

          • You’re whistling past the graveyard Rich.

            Things have been accelerating. This is going to come down fast and hard.

          • Regardless of the agreed-upon timeline of doom, I think it is safe to say that EVERYONE, whether you believe in what Brandon said or not, should make preparations for disaster, whether man-made or natural. Here in California we are waiting for the San Andreas fault to shift, as it has not done so since the early 1900’s when it shook the Bay Area to its knees. There are other faultlines as well that can cause major damage to our infrastructure.

            Our water delivery system needs to be updated because one good quake will stop the flow of water to Southern California and other areas, such as Santa Clara.

            I find Brandon to be a very intelligent and thoughtful blogger. He was asked a couple of years ago, when Neithercorp was still up and running, if he would warn people if he thought the financial collapse was coming. He said he would. Well, here’s his warning. From reading his blogs over the years, he doesn’t strike me as a kook that just acts without thinking under the fervent dream of realized doom. He could be wrong, but there’s nothing wrong in preparing for the worst and hoping for the best.

        • We need manos to comment on this one…He is living through it now in Greece. I agree with you, I want to know what we can REALLY expect in terms of business funtion…etc.

          Depending onthe business I do not expect many will last long. Once we have the disruption in the supply chain, it is all down hill from there. Empty shelves…etc.

        • StoryC

          Read “Surviving in Argentina”. It was written in 2005. It’s probably closer to US reality then anything else available to be read. It’s not “theory” but rather a report from someone there.

          • I actually lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina during their economic crisis. Blackouts, public transportation strikes, work strikes, riots, government shut downs, robberies, killings were everyday occurrences. I would walk past the bank every morning and there would be a line stretching many blocks of people trying to withdrawal money. Many older folks I knew lost all of their retirement overnight. Not long after it was apparent the crap had hit the fan, I began seeing families sleeping in the streets. I have yet to see such wide-spread depressing circumstances as I did in Argentina.

            Once I returned to the states, I realized I needed to start prepping and getting my house in order for any type of uncertainty.

            Argentina, Greece, Italy, Spain, etc. should serve as wake-up calls to the U.S.

      3. Mac, I’m seeing more people of late (past 6-7 months) moving from east of the Miss.river to my county. They’re buying up to 20 acre plots and bring all their possessions. Talking with them, they’ve cashed in retirement funds and they are from NJ,FL,Penn, just to name a few. They all admit that they are late in the game of prepping, yet know the s is going to htf soon.
        How about your county? Seeing an increase in new residents?

        • Rule out the NJ people. If they move anywhere else their better off.

      4. We are about to do a THELMA AND LOUISE ‘over the cliff’ scene in this country.. NO DOUBT..

        • You were listening to Glenn Beck today weren’t you. He mentioned this today on the radio

        • Speaking of movies, the picture that’s with this article reminded me of that famous quote from Jaws:

          “I think we need a bigger boat”

          HA! That guy in the kayak looks small compared to the shark that’s on his ass… [don’t make a wave].

      5. Oh can’t you feel it. Executive Orders, NDAA, DHS buuying millions of rounds of ammo, troops patrolling suburban neighborhoods, it’s a brewing. Prep hard and try to get as much as possible as soon as possible, do not waste time people!

        • There is a feeling of pure evil that is culminating all over the world. The things that you do see and hear about is to strike fear into the populace and they hope that someone lashes out. All that is being done is doen for one purpose, to conquer and control. They know they cannnot take control over every human being without fear and intimidation. Make examples of a few to control the masses. Do not give up, stick to your guns and your beliefs. Good will prevail as long as you do not give into evil. Do not let yourself be made an example. Know those around you and those that can be trusted. Standing alone is a failure, but standing with others creates a solidarity to accomplish the continuation of Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness! We cannot allow OUR Freedoms to deminish at the hands of those that want to enslave, because they believe they can run our lives better than the sole individual. We make our own destiny and my destiny is to be left alone, letting me make my own life and future. I do not need the help of a socialist dictator to tell me what I can and cannot do. Being free alllows you to unlimited possiblities in your life. never take for grnated what is staring you right in the face.

          be aware, be awake, be alive

      6. I went on a field trip with my daughter to Monticello(Thomas Jeffersons home) this past week. They have a 20 minute movie about Thomas Jefferson and his beliefs as far as freedom and equality of man.At the end of the movie there is a comparison of modern day leaders of freedom and equality of all men, Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela. Guess who else was included? Thats right our current failure in chief! What kind of sick as hell world do we live in that obama is compared to someone that drafted THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE. There is nothing great about our president. He is the biggest boob of them all. situation

        • Reminds me when Slick Willy was in the White House and Disney replaced Abe Lincoln’s speech in “The Hall of Presidents” with Clinton’s. I hear that folks boo’d Clinton often.

        • Don’t worry he was just one of Jefferson’s field hands. Come to think of it, he is still bought and paid for, only the “Massus” are the Gangster Banksters

        • Boob? He has been able to almost completely dismantle our system of govt. in a little over three years. We stand on the brink of a dictatorship with absolutely no pushback from anyone except the usual bloviators Limbaugh, etc. and you think he is boob? A very dangerous boob. When you look at who his close advisors are you better be afraid.

      7. Thats a nice picture. I think however we are the shark and obama,bernankie,clinton, all the bushes, pelosie, and the rest of those idiots are the in the boat.

      8. “”The “doom” is not in the event, but in the response.””

        Now is the time to prepare for the response you will give.

      9. I was at a wedding last week and got to talking to a few people during the reception and we got on the subject of finances and investing. I made comment that I was concerned about the markets in the event of a crash of the Euro taking the dollar down with it. It was like looking at a heard of deer in the road when you catch them in your headlights at night. They didn’t understand how the EU could take down our markets or how they were even intertwined.

        Too many people think that investing is just doing your employer matching on your 401k set for slow growth and they forget about it. If they are lucky enough to have a job with that option. They invest with no real understanding of how the markets, economy or monetary system even work. Or for that matter why it could fail. Four years on from the 08 collapse and people still don’t get it and/or just don’t care enough to learn for themselves. I just don’t understand this mentality. I guess I’m just not wired that way.

        The reactions from these guys that I got when I attempted to explain it to them was from confused all the way to one guy actually making the statement “The government would never let that happen!” and was quite angry about it. At that point I shook my head and promptly changed the subject to the recent NFL draft picks for the upcoming season.

        Lord help us…

        • Poor Boy

          Food and circus; oh yea, Worshipers The Sphere. The more they know sports the less they know anything else.

          I’m retired and observed the following. One large percentage of the public does not have the mental capacity to piece together cause and effect. They are the small minds that talk about people. Another significant percentage has the mental capacity but not the desire. These people are the medium minds that talk about cars, boats, lawns and hobbies that occupy their mind and time. The remaining are the very small percentage of large minds that like to discuss concepts and ideas.

          Every once in a while the small minds like to crash the large mind discussion with the intent of sidetracking the discussion. One “rocket scientist” with words but zero facts attempted to do just that and proudly stated, “I never read a book in my life”. I looked up and said, “and it shows”. Laughter erupted.

          One great thing about the internet is you can pick the people you talk to.

      10. What good is a broke Europe and U.S. to the NWO?

        Makes no sense unless the people pulling the strings like Soros has plans to “burn down” the current system and replace it with his “Open Society” aka “State Capitalism” like what the Red Chinese have.

        • That is what both Lenin (The Red Terror) and Mao (The great leap forward) did.

      11. The president and his ilk have been building a wall that is intended to keep us American citizens at bay. They are designing and planning a NWO, that will keep them in complete control of our lives, our future and our free will.

        If President Ronald Reagan were here today, I would hope to hear him say, Mr. Obama, TEAR DOWN THIS WALL! Or better yet, Citizens of America, TEAR DOWN THIS WALL! I can not speak for President Reagan, however I would love to hear someone, anyone, who has the ability to reach the masses, say those words.

        President Reagan was one of a kind, and now, there is no one that I know of, that could even come close to his integrity, forsight, humanity and courage. We need a hero.

        • Ocumgache…

          “We need a hero”

          We already do. His name is Jesus Christ.

          Ron Paul 2012

          • Each one of them is Jesus in disguise.- Mother Teresa


            You are right, God is your hero and mine. However there are many that do not believe. When Jesus walked the earth, he chose mortals to go forward and spread his word, even today he has chosen ones to spread his word through churches, missionaries, pastors, priests, even public office. Therefore, when I say we need a hero, I mean that we need a mortal like Ronald Reagan, Mother Teresa, and many others that have passed on, to reach those that are in need of redemption and understanding of the power of God, and the rewards that await them if they are true believers and walk in his glorious path.

            We need a hero.

          • I forgot to mention, I voted for Ron Paul yesterday in NC.

      12. Good overview!

        While the unemployment numbers are blatant manipulations of data, there are other figures and indices that shed light. Orders for durable goods dropped 4.2 percent in March. That was the worst drop since January 2009. Factory output has dropped, too. For the time being, consumers are buying durable goods like cars and furniture. As inflation increases, there will be less durable goods purchases because more and more people will need to focus on necessities. Many individuals and businesses are stockpiling cash, not investing. And many businesses (and regular folks) are also in a wait-and-see mode because of the threat behind Obamacare (and Obama).

        Americans have liquidated much of their personal investments, opting out of the volatile stock market. But to listen to the analysts, there is a beat-all plan offered by most of them, despite the guarantee that there is a crash coming.

        I feel the best move we can all make is to adapt to a lifestyle that will sustain us during the inevitable collapse. To succeed, we must redefine what ‘success’ really means because it will change how you think and how you plan. Invest in ourselves, polish our precious metals, get out of all stocks, keep $ at home, and trust NO ONE involved in the financial and banking industry.

        • The company that I work for that makes parts for a big car company is hiring.., it has left me scratching my head on this one., but apparently their 3 month projection must be that this car company is going to sell a lot of cars.

          Don’t get me wrong, I am happy 🙂 that I am working.

        • The widespread tornados earlier this year contributed to an increase in auto sales, auto repair parts, furniture, etc.

          Many locally have received insurance payments for damaged or destroyed homes and/or vehicles in the recent March tornados.

        • Much of the reason for increased car sales is the “sucker” loans being offered at near 0% interest for up to 7 years. Any one that can “fog a mirror” is elegible. This is another bubble financed through Ally Bank (among others), another GM (Government Motors)subsidiary.

      13. Yes, something wicked this way comes. And sooner than later. I agree with the author, we’re on one wheel and a wobblin. Keep preppin. Remember: “Carpe Diem”.

      14. We are worried. Very worried. The train is careening downhill rapidly.

        Problem is, 90% of the sheeple are not worried. They will be a huge problem in years to come.

        Heaven help us.

        • True, but for one minute imagine what would really happen if everyone did wake up. The nightmare would be far worse. The collapse would be upon us in 48 hours. No guns, no ammo, no food, no gas, riots. 1-2% of the people started to get ready when BO was elected and we were out of Guns, ammo, and FD food for 2 years.

        • Heaven help us indeed! The $64,000.00 question is always how long it will take for the train to completely derail.

      15. Personally I can see fighting in the streets for a box of cookies coming soon. For years the mainstream population has thumbed their noses at us ” Preppers” and Theororists. Now it seems the chickens are coming home to roost. So what to do ? In a word, SURVIVE and build it better. Something good will come from the ashes. It always does, but not before a major bloodletting.. It’s a shame I’ll see it happen . This could have been avoided if TPTB had listened to us instead of stealing us blind.

      16. I appreciate Brandon’s positivity at the end of the piece. I hope the coming “crisis” is met with more positivity and hope than doom. I think that there will be pockets of (regional areas) where hope and success are realized…and pockets of war zones that will bring America to a new low. Either way, Brandon is right, it is our response that matters.

      17. My take on this is quite different. As the socialist took over Europe (as if they weren’t already in charge) their money (the Euro) is going to be seriously devalued. The author here suggests the dollar will be in decline as the world’s reserve due to QE3. Let me ask – what world currency will they go too?

        What currency in the world can be used to manage a $3 trillion oil trade? There is none. Not one world currency other than the dollar can possibly manage the market place so the dollar – for now – is safe. Watch out if the Yuan takes off or the UN decides to print a green back.

        • It could be a “SDR”.It’s a basket of currencies actually recognized and on the Postal Exchange.However,my hunch tells me it’s gonna be much bigger in scope and depth.

        • Oh Jim…’re just not reaching far enough. Think along the lines of an NWO elitist. Why do you think a defined currency would be chosen when a new monetary system would serve the global-Gods better?

        • Good question. Ironically, this condition was perceived by John Keynes himself (conceiver of Keynesian economics), knowing that a reserve currency could be mismanaged. To protect against impacting other currencies he proposed use of a “supranational” currency called the “bancor”. Read about it and it’s potential revival. We’ll either go to a non-nationalist, world currency (“bancor”), or adopt go with a stronger economy’s denomination of choice. Won’t be USD.

          • The Amero?

            • That’s just what I was thinking too. Devise a new currency that is large enough to do the job and universal in scope and usage.

              The dream of the elites. So much control in just one place. Power and money unlimited.

        • I am afraid there are a few pieces missing in your information. Once upon a time (about 8 years ago) China was the largest purchaser of U.S. Treasuries, outside of U.S. citizens. In the last five years that has been changing to the world biggest buyer and holder of gold bullion (They now hold about 30 times as much as the U.S. government, and no one else is even close.) By the way, in the last five years they have also become the world’s largest producer of mined gold in the world. Hmmm. Do you think they are doing this intentionally?

      18. I run a health care clinic. We have been doing well with a cash basis model- no insurance. In the last six weeks my business has plummetted. It is just an off the cliff decrease, despite expanding services.

        The clinics that take insurance are seeing incomes that are the lowest levels in more than 5 years. A doctor I used to work for is struggling and I can see the worry in his eyes every time I talk to him. I hear about other physicians who are closing up clinics, retiring and, in places, going bankrupt. Nurses are being laid off to be replaced with med assistants. Hospitals are going to the lowest denominator for help.

        At a recent health care conference, everyone seemed to be holding back, waiting to see what the Supreme Court decides about Obamacare. There was a huge amount of despair and anxiety in the room.

        It has been obvious that the health care field has been declining for a long time but it seems that it is now entering a much more rapid, palpable decline. I hope I am wrong but the evidence doesn’t give me very much hope at all. Stock up on medical supplies while you can.

        • Merree

          The more you compete with the third world the more you emulate it.

        • The American electorate will be getting just what they deserve. They all thought this guy was so cool. Now live with it morons. Just wait until they start telling the boomers that they are too old to get any care. Ha, ha! Assholes. Ain’t Woodstock anymore.

          • To .gov, the boomers have outlived their usefullness, and the “gimmee” crowd will be shocked to learn that their benefactors lied about how much they care, and in a time of crisis consider them expendable.

        • I have some friends in school for nursing. One thinks she will have the world by the butt. I think the days of writing your own ticket as a nurse are over. The need for care will increase, but it looks like those in need will have progressively less to pay in the years ahead, and will experience a much lower standard of care. There will be good paying jobs for some, but competition for those jobs will be fierce.

      19. You know? I’ve just about had it. I would sell some of my silver (thereby infusing the economy with some capital) and take off for a week to just get away from this shit and have a nice family vacation somewhere warm with blue beaches and fine white sands…


        1) The price of silver has been so severely suppressed, I don’t feel comfortable spending any because I know it will be double in value by the end of this year. And at $30, right now would be a really bad time to sell.

        2) I can’t travel overseas without a passport, and mine is expired, and I probably won’t be able to get a passport even if I wanted to because I have several years of unpaid income taxes that the IRS thinks I owe them hanging over my head. Any trip I take would have to be within country, and even then I might encounter some overzealous ego wearing a DHS baseball at a “border” checkpoint somewhere in the heartland of America.

        3) Even if 1 & 2 weren’t a problem, I still would not risk having my wife, kids or myself molested/raped or irradiated just to perform the simple act of boarding a plane. And the world is so unsafe now thanks to US policy, my choice of destinations are very limited, even if I can make it there without the plane being blown up by someone who hates me for my freedoms (as described above).

        Wow, guess I’ll stay home and sulk instead. Thanks, US government, you have so abided by the trust that We the People created in 1789.

        • Most people have a national park within driving distance. I just spent a week camping in the wilderness where two rivers meet. There was no charge for admission, parking, or camping. Consider it practice for afterward or for a few dollars a night get a spot with amenities.

        • You the man for bucking the illegal IRS organization.I wish I had the cajones to do that. Thumbs up Chumba.I may or may not do some labor without a SSN, but to totally give them the finger is a hard thing to do.

      20. collapse is happening one person ,one family,one community at a time

        some personal examples-I was talking with a coworker this week,her daughter graduated with a 4 year college degree over a year ago,the best job she could get pays $12 an hour
        another coworker has a daughter making $10 an hour
        the son of another,a high school grad survives by collecting and reselling scrap metal
        a factory near here is advertising job openings
        starting pay is $8.50 an hour
        some months ago I read an article about “jobs coming back from China”,the article was about a manufacturing facility opening somewhere in the midwest,it was to make numerous types of small appliances,at first I thought “this is a good sign”
        reading further the article revealed that the jobs paid $7.50 an hour and that multiple hundreds of people were in line to try and get one of these crappy ass jobs
        this is the future
        the glory days are over for the middle class
        70% of the new jobs being created pay between minimum wage and $12 an hour
        welcome to the world of the working poor and debt slavery

        • @Satori
          Hey I feel you. We’ve got a neighbor who will graduate from HS this month. Kid was an All-State football player and had almost a perfect score on the SAT’s. He is having a real hard time getting accepted into U of Madison Pre-med because his Mom and Dad make too much money, and they are White. Something like 90+% accepted to this school are “person’s of color” .

          • Have him major in biology and when it comes time for med school go overseas. My wife’s OBGYN could not get in Med School in the US so he went to Mexico City and Med School there. OBTW he had to learn Spanish at the same time. He Graduated, came back to the US and got board certified later specializing in OBGYN in the states. He is now the Department Head.

            Don’t get me started on the father / son AMA. Union? That baby is a union.

            • About the only profession with more government intrusion and aggravation than medicine is aviation. Most doctors are guiding their children away from medical careers. Every doctor I know has or is looking for an “escape plan” from medicine. Graduating medical students no longer take any oath to protect their patients. Physicians are no longer patient advocates, but tools of insurance companies and government agencies. When I was a medical student I was selected to be on the Admissions Committee. I discovered that my “affirmative action” classmates were accepted with premed “D” averages. Most of them we’re doing med school on the “8 year plan”—flunk a year, repeat a year—essentially one dummy taking up two spaces in med school. But don’t worry. A rotten Culture of Death “health” system is just one part of the planned depopulation of the planet. You didn’t think any of this was an accident, did you?

          • Same where I live. My daughter’s are 4.0 and have been honor students forever. When I received a letter the other day from the school system I almost crapped myself. The letter stated that if you are receiving free lunches etc. we will help you with your college papers, all you have to do is sign and return in the pre stamped envelope. There was no participation from these poor students so the system stepped up their game and completed all the paperwork for them.

            Why are we taking students who have no ability to contribute and sending them to a college they will never graduate from?

            I make to much so it looks like either my daughters will need to enlist and get a scholarship or I will have to get a second and third job.

          • One of the little womans nieces will be graduating from high school next month over in Lost Wages. We will be attending her graduation, she is smart and an honor student. Her graduatting senior class has five hundred students. Only fifty will be graduating. Makes one feel real secure about the future, Eh? Third world hellhole coming.

          • I know that what you are saying is true. When my daughter started her nursing program I checked on financial aid. Had to fill out the FAFSA. It asked questions about ethnicity, of course, but also asked whether we had ever been on public assistance or had a history of substance abuse. They wanted to know whether we had savings. Apparently, the more irresponsible we were the more we qualified for. Since we had been boring, saving, taxpaying cattle we were eligible for nothing.

            Went to the nursing department to ask about scholarships. The available scholarships were ALL based on “ethnicity”, our ethnicity excluded of course. I could have purchased a new truck for what I paid the university each year.

            During this time my wife struck up a conversation with a pleasant young man who was from another part of the country. He was a minority. She asked him why he had moved. He said he was on a full scholarship to a private university in town that even paid him a monthly stipend to help cover his expenses. Though she said nothing to him, she was furious.

            We moved to a part of the country where most are either of German or Scandinavian ancestry. Schmidts or Olsens. Tuition is much lower. I suspect that is due in part to the fact we are no longer subsidizing “diversity”. One more year and she graduates.

            We are forced by the govt, and the universities, to pay for the education of less qualifed students whose parents were irresponsible with regards to ensuring they were able to cover their kids’ education. If we complain we are, of course, labeled as being racist. It is criminal.

            • Personally, I never figured out how those “minority” scholarships were doled out. I’m a black person, female, and graduated near the top of my hs class. I was a first generation college student, captain of the softball and basketball teams, worked 2 jobs in hs (worked since I was 13 years old), and was first clarinet in the band. Both of my parents grew up DIRT poor, worked hard, and bought a house. I went to UNC Chapel Hill and didn’t get a DIME in financial aid. My solidly working class family earned too much. I don’t know how– my dad was a welder and worked part time as a janitor, and my mom was laid off most of the time I was in high school. At one point, she worked cleaning hotel rooms and part time at a movie store.

              Oh, and there were at least 4 girls in my class who had babies and they got plenty of scholarships to college. There’s no reward for doing the right thing in this country anymore.

              My husband’s cousin just got her financial aid package yesterday (she starts nursing school in the fall), and didn’t get a dime, either. The financial aid officer basically told her to have babies and then she’d get some money. It makes you want to hang your head in shame.

      21. The dollar will hold because it is in the best interests of the Uber Rich for it to hold. The dollar will not collapse. Do any of you believe that the Builderbergers of the world want to lose their wealth?

        No chance of that.

        Any transition to another currency or basket of currencies other than the dollar is years away, at a minimum. There are wars to be fought, and nations to be consolidated into the NWO, using the dollar.

        There must also be time for the super rich to migrate their dollar wealth into real wealth, to preserve it. That will take time too, and will mostly likely occur undercover of war. Right now, most of their wealth is in paper.

        It is a natural evolution of the Chinese Rmb for this currency to strengthen and become fungible, globally. After all, China is the largest capitalist country in the world, and becoming more so every day.

        The NWO intends to use China as an engine of growth to increase their wealth, worldwide. The GB’s are partners with the CCP. The dollar must decline in value if America is to become “competitive” again.

        As the value of the Rmb rises, inflation, that is double digit inflation, will become widespread in America. Double digit inflation is not hyper inflation even if it seems so to you.

        The destruction of the current Euro inhibits the decline of the dollar, when wealth flees the Euro for safety; your experience for basics at Wal Mart not withstanding. Prep, employ square foot gardening techniques.

        Europe is not collapsing. It is transforming.

        How exactly it shapes up I don’t know but I do know that the Bible predicts that Europe will grow stronger (and is the location of the anti-christ) after three counties leave the Union. I will not speculate as to which three leave. Time will tell US.

        Time is the protocol by which God catalogs eternity. There is a time for everything under the sun, including “collapse”.

        But not yet. Engage.

        • The BRIC nations are bypassing the dollar as the world currency (Bloomberg News)and as the dollar falls the Builderburgs of the world wont let that happen and in order to do that they will need to go to war to stop them.

          • CAB: Not really. Most of Latin America is on board with the NWO through Free Trade Agreements, the FTA with Colombia (effective 5/14) being the most recent.

            Brazil would like to have more influence politically, globally, as it is the 5th or 6th largest economy in the world. It is also the 5th or 6th most populous country. So it correctly sees a bigger role and more dominate voice for itself on the world stage.

            Jostling for power is not repudiation of the system. Brazil, like others, knows that the Anglo American / Rothchild’s banking cartel is implementing the decline of the dollar.

            While the Anglo sphere is willing to share the wealth and power of a growing world economy with a few other large, powerful, and significant nations, it is not willing to give up its control to manage that power.

            This decline in the value of the American dollar would adversely impact Brazil’s direct exports to US, and undermine their ability to compete against US for other markets.

            That is their complaint. they do not want to compete on a level playing field. they want the advantage of a relatively cheap currency.

            Argentina is a different story and with respect to them you are quite right. They WILL likely get their ass kicked by the UK again if they get too froggy over the Falklands. A mute point once the Shift Hits The Fan anyway.

            Buenos Aires will be covered in ice.

            • Oil still transfers in dollars. Until that stops I don’t know why you all think the dollar is on the way out. The worlds debt is in dollars. The elites assets are in dollars. These entities will prop up the dollars – at least till November – probably beyond.

            • @ JIm. If you look at Steve Quayle’s site this one food preparation place is now accpting gold and silver for payment for food and other supplies. There are offering their supplies at $50 over spot for gold and $2 over spot for silver. This is brilliant as precious metals rise in value they will either make a big profit for what they sell now or they can keep the gold and silver should that become the only currency. Oil producing nations could do the same thing.

              During a war or other crisis that bounds up the oil, they could sell their oil for only hard currency and they would have plenty of buyers more than so desperate to pay for it using real money. Even if oil was selling for $250 a barrel, they could sell it for $200 in gold and still win later. If the dollar collapses they have real money in their coffers. If the U.S. dollar doesn’t then the gold and silver they have will be triple or more than value of what it was once worth after the chaos. Even selling oil for a few weeks at $200 will be extremely profitable. When there is the next oil crisis because of war or whatever, those countries that can sell oil will win big time, and the rest of the world will be screwed.

              I could see OPEC and other nations dumping the dollar when the demand is so high that they can demand being paid in hard currency. Like I said before I sure would rather be paid in gold or silver than fiat toilet paper. IF this happens, the U.S. dollar is likely is catastrophic trouble and with it the entire U.S. economy.

              The economy and everything is a big ugly chess game, and most of us are less than the pawns on the board.

            • point well made DK

        • Currencies are like toasters to the elite; they replace them often, and whenever it is to their advantage. The dollar is currently the world reserve, which means it is in the way of the development and proliferation of the SDR. The IMF and BRIC nations have OPENLY admitted that they plan to adopt the SDR as the new world reserve and replace the dollar in due course. How long this will take is not certain, but I can tell you that any announcement of QE3 will be the perfect trigger for foreign creditors to begin dumping the Greenback.

          • Brandon: While I agree with you that the elites will replace any currency when it is to their advantage, the dollar has been the currency of choice for more than seventy years, and its not going away anytime soon.

            That’s not patriotism talking, that’s reality. Seventy years is not “often” even on a world stage.

            Follow the “golden rule”: he who has the gold rules. WE have the gold. We also have the guns. I don’t necessarily agree with power politics but that is the way of the world.

            It is no surprise that the IMF or the BRICS want to replace the dollar with SDR’s, after all, the IMF has been a European oriented organization since its inception.

            The BRICS organized to promote themselves.

            American taxpayers have underwritten the success of most of these countries, including Russia, Brazil, all of Europe, and China. Now that WE have subsidized their economies and restored their civilizations, are We suppose to step aside and let them have power over US?

            I don’t think so.

            If they can take that power from US they have earned it. The American taxpayer has given enough.

            Enough is enough.

      22. Note: military clothing can be purchased at flea markets and surplus stores for reasonable prices.If one wishes to get through their lines or amongst them wouldn’t it make sense to “look” like them. Technique has worked for centuries. Just a thought of something needed when prepping.

      23. Hi, i wonder if the American members of this site can explain something to me.Iam British and a member of a mainly US online film group.What has struck me is listening to the US members talk,All they talk about is going to the cinema, buying DVDs,and so on .There is no sympathy for the unemployed,indeed they dont seem to be aware of them.And none of them seems aware of the terrible things that are about to happen.What is going on?

        • Apache kid

          I suggest you change the clubs you belong to mate. What a load of crap. If a few more in the UK were awake we might be in a better position. Are you being inflammatory or are you just a complete twat?

          Get a life.

          • AK: Obviously those in your online group are employed and preoccupied in the pursuit of their passion.

            Its the American way.

          • Get a life yourself ,you are being a fool.Yes i know people in the UK are not awake,but i was asking about the situation in the USA or can,t you read properly.Please dont be such a fool in future.

        • CAB: Not really. Most of Latin America is on board with the NWO through Free Trade Agreements, the FTA with Colombia (effective 5/14) being the most recent.

          Brazil would like to have more influence politically, globally, as it is the 5th or 6th largest economy in the world. It is also the 5th or 6th most populous country. So it correctly sees a bigger role and more dominate voice for itself on the world stage.

          Jostling for power is not repudiation of the system. Brazil, like others, knows that the Anglo American / Rothchild’s banking cartel is implementing the decline of the dollar.

          While the Anglo sphere is willing to share the wealth and power of a growing world economy with a few other large, powerful, and significant nations, it is not willing to give up its control to manage that power.

          This decline in the value of the American dollar would adversely impact Brazil’s direct exports to US, and undermine their ability to compete against US for other markets.

          That is their complaint. they do not want to compete on a level playing field. they want the advantage of a relatively cheap currency.

          Argentina WILL likely get their ass kicked by the UK again if they get too froggy over the Falklands. A mute point once the Shift Hits The Fan anyway.

          Buenos Aires will be covered in ice.

          • ~DK~

            Wrong answer, dude!!!

            Buenos Aires will likely be carpet-bombed sometime in the future, because its citizenry misguidedly followed your advice…

            …..3rd/4th/5th…&/or a 22nd political party scam voting bullshit & thus attempting to “politically engage”…(i.e.—trusting the TPTB controlled “compromised” ballot box system)…in an effort to effect change w/o violence!!!

            Sorry, that ain’t gonna happen, DK!!!

            FYI…pal!!! The only thing TPTB & their political/judeo-usury scumbag banker cronies fear is….righteous/intelligently directed violence, writ large!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            ….& its coming, dude!!!

            Folks are awakening to the “real peril” behind the NWO & its nefarious intentions!

            The only game changer, at this point is…..TIME!!!!


            Thinking strategically………….

            …since TPTB control most of the global economy/media/social programming…its behooves them, at this point, to accelerate the collapse…in an effort to circumvent the rapid/current “AWAKENING” of the masses….

            ….call it an end run/flanking maneuver designed to negate serious/violent….opposition!!!!!!!!!!!

            It will fail…in the end!


            Witness…during the last 6-8 months…the manifold desertions of mid & upper level judeo-banking big-wigs abandoning ship & fleeing their system!!! They’re abandoning the system, pal….& they’re not being all that subtle…

            They desire to distance themselves from the coming….violent retribution that will pursue them!
            They know their sins are evident….they know what is about to befall humanity…on a biblical/global scale….& hence, they’re scared/afraid!!!

            …on a side note, you need to understand that if they had “REAL FAITH” in the system & its relative ability to protect “THEM” from us….they would not flee nor resign from their positions!!!!!!!!!

            …thus is the source of my hope, because if they fear a lack of ability of TPTB’s system to protect them….I draw an obvious conclusion that…the “system” is NOT that “ALL POWERFUL/OMNIPOTENT” after all!!!!!!!!

            ….FYI Kidd, so far their numbers are +600 & climbing!!!!!!!!!!!

            • GS: Yes I have noticed the exodus of the GB’s. I think its great. They can run but they cannot hide, anymore that the Nazi’s hide from the Jews.

              They will be brought to justice for their crimes once Patriots have taken control of the government again.

              I am glad someone is keeping a list. Luger is gone, and hopefully Hatch in Utah will soon follow him. I guess voting works! These guys are globalists who have been promoting the Globalist’s agenda.

              They will answer for their crimes.

              You preach violence because you are an agent for the PTB. You want some fool to go off and shoot people to give the PTB the excuse to disarm US. That is asinine. If you believe in violence so much, fire the first shot bad ass! Let’s see how far it gets you. 🙂

              You need to re-read my comment. I didn’t give Argentina any advice. Is YOUR reading comprehension that bad, dude?

              On the contrary, I said that the UK would likely kick their ass again if they got too “froggie” over the Falklands.

              If you are thinking strategically you must have your head up your ass. Thankfully you are not in a position of leadership.

              If the PTB were to accelerate a collapse, they will lose the most economically when chaos ensues; and then those average people who have not prepared for such an emergency will go mad and go after those with wealth: meaning anyone with something that they do not have.

              The GB’s and the Uber Rich have nothing to gain from chaos. They have everything to gain from the status quo.

              Think again,pal! 🙂

              Engage, my peeps, engage!

            • Exactly, Gunsmith!

              There is only one thing that politicians, bureaucrats, and banksters understand—PAIN.

              Prosecute the guilty; leave the innocent alone.

        • Not all, but a majority are self-absorbed. If it doesn’t affect them personally then they don’t care. Look the other way and every thing will be hunky dory. But when and if the time comes where they are laid off, by God, then they’ll be singing the blues wanting every one to notice and help them out. Pitiful really…

      24. It would be nice to think that Americans are civilized enough to tough out a collapse. And, most probably are, but the “hand out” crowd is going to come off the hook. Then unfortunately, the rest of us will have to act accordingly to protect ourselves and our families.

        Europe looks like a pre war Nazi Germany right now in so far as a collapse of the banking system. One of the worst parts is, we’ve sat back and let our own gov’t dig our grave for us also. Money is nothing more than paper and a promise and can become nothing but paper with no value in an instant.

        The unfair trade practices we have with China (look around your own house)have been putting us on the brink for several years. They enslave their people, make them work for pennies a day and we are dumb enough to pay top dollar for our Ipads, etc. Personally, any company that is so bad that it has nets surrounding the building because workers would rather be dead than enslaved is scary.

        Yes, we are in trouble, and it probably doesn’t make a difference who we elect. Our founding fathers are probably rolling over in their graves because everything they sacrificed far is slowly going away. To see what America has become because of crooks running the show is downright disgusting. God help us survive what is coming.

        • If they ever put a halt to the food stamp/wel-fare programs, we are in a world of sh#t!! They, the recipients, will not hesitate to riot and loot to get their way. They will get desperate which that in itself is enough reason for me to be prepared. I’ve seen first hand on a smaller scale what damage they can do. However, something of that magnitude would be complete chaos and make the L.A. riots/Katrina look like a walk in the park. This would be all over the country, not just limited to one area. Scary scenario indeed….

          • Yeah, but most of them are too fat, lazy, and stupid to really worry about anyway. Jeez, 1 head shot from my AK and they drop like a rock!!!

            • MXLord327,

              Not the blacks, they thrive on hate and violence. They are the ones that were responsible for both the L.A. riots and the shit that went down after Katrina.

              They look for ANY excuse to cause mayhem and if you take away their “free stuff” just watch and see what happens.

              And I know from personal experience, a simple fight can and usually does turn into a free for all, where they are concerned. They LOVE that shit. Been there, seen it….

            • Also to add, when they come, it won’t be just one….
              Try a gang of 20-30 or more, all armed to the teeth….

      25. This site, and Zero Hedge, often run stories which are nothing but somebody’s opinion. Maybe the author’s right, maybe not? There is only one source for future events which is reliable, the Bible.

        I learned a long time ago that opinions are like A$$holes, everybodies got one.

        • It would be nice if this was backed up with some facts. Hell, I could right that all donuts were going to turn into gold tommorow, but wouldn’t make it so, now would it?

          • write, not right

        • No, the article is an analysis of current trends backed by factual information leading to a logical conclusion. Blind dismissal is a sad cover for laziness and apathy.

        • Just how is the Bible reliable for future events? I never saw any mention of the USA in the bible. Maybe you need to learn how to think for yourself. As a guide to what jerks people are the bible is priceless. You should read it again and pay attention this time.

      26. I got past worry long ago when I borrowed against my retirement to buy Silver Eagles, decoupled my assets from my liabilities, put away a couple years of food storage, and started gathering everything I need to feed my family and keep them warm and safe. Whatever worry one might feel today will be eclipsed by the regret that will come when they realize they could have provided for their children, but did not do it.

        • Yea, I’m with you on this one!Better do all that you can do NOW while you can!

      27. The economy reminds me of some idiot making more holes in the bottom of a boat that already has a few holes in it to let the water out. Instead of pulling the boat on to dry land and attempting to fix it or plugging up the holes with something, what does the fed do? Print up more money and raise the debt that much higher and quicken the sinking process. Eventually the boat is going to sink and when it does it is going to sink like an anchor right to the bottom.

        Many feel it will take a long time, if this is true then the sinking of the economy will be that much harder and faster. At least at a few trillion in debt there is some room for recover. As it progresses to to the tens of trillions of dollars you cannot tax enough people to pay it off. You cannot tax enough to even stablize it and hold the interest at some point. E to the X proves just how a runaway ANYTHING becomes totally out of control as the slope approaches being almost vertically up.

        The ONLY solution to a debt is to erase it or default it. Either case means martial law and war, or war and the end. Pick your choice.

        • That’s not quickening the sinking process otherwise we would have sunk already

          • @ RICH99. Just have not reached the steepness of the slope quite yet. E to the X can be shown on a scientific calculator. At some point it becomes a runaway and totally uncontrollable mass, this is basic psychics. That threshold WHEN reached is the end, as it is the end for anything in the physical universe. It is really quite interesting to see how E to the X fills up a certain point and then it runs over or STOPS. It has to, this is physical law of space and matter.

            Fiat money of course is like a ghost, and theoretically it can go up to a googoplex, infinity, but sooner or later prices of everything else will follow just like in Germany during the 1920’s and Yugoslavia and Zimbabwe. This means chaos at terrible levels. I sure don’t like the idea of carrying around million dollar notes that purchase a half gallon of milk all depending on the hourly drop of the U.S. dollar. This is not a chicken little thing, it is math at it coldest.

            • Why are they messing with my girl today

          • @ RICH99. One other way to describe E to the X is imagine you are driving up a slope, at first it is almost flat and hardly noticable. As the slope increases the car has more and more difficulty go up, eventually reaching a point in which it either stops or literally flips over from it being too vertical and falls back down the slope or mountain. Someone inside the car will notice the slope getting steeper, but will not really feel the difficulty the engine is having getting up the steeper and steeper hill. The economy is the same way, no is feeling its difficulty, yet it still exists. That point can be reached without many people knowing it until it is too late.

            Math is a bizzarre thing to behold. As a child I can remember a simple question aked about whether someone should accept $1 million dollars or accept a penny doubled 30 times over, .01 doubled = .02, then doubled again to .04 and so on 30 times. The penny becomes over 10 million dollars. As the number becomes more the number is just that much more intense every doubling. The rule of 70 is this way. Take an interest of say 5% and through compounding it after 14 cycles, which is normally yearly but can be any time frame, you have doubled it. 7% interest doubles in 10 cycles, 70/7=10.

            What people don’t understand about debt is that it is interest added to the principle but also to the previous interest that was not paid. Thus the principle continues to grow larger and larger and become more unmanagable each cycle of additional interest added.

            The real harbinger that everyone should be looking at is that the U.S. had to make cuts just to be able to pay the interest alone, this is a lethal sign of things to come. Unless more revenue comes in or there are deep cuts each time the mere paying of the interest becomes more of a problem because the interest on the debt grows bigger and bigger. Please note that business was not my thing in school, geoscience was, but math was and numbers just do not lie.

            That imbecile helicopter ben thinks that by killing the dollar means that there will be more money available to pay this interest. Inflation is NEVER the answer because it means that the inner workings of the nation’s economy is affected, namly John and Jane C Public. When people cannot afford the higher prices they stop spending which cost businesses jobs and leads to higher unemployment which leads to less revenue and an exploding debt. Keep devaluing the dollar and this bleeding continues to worsen. Sure you pay off the interest on the debt for that month, and maybe keep things floating until the next election, but at a certain point it will not work any longer.

            When this cycle reaches a critical mass is anybody’s guess, but it will be reached. IF history proves anything, this type of cycling money into a bottomless void does not last much past a few years because of basic laws of math prohibiting this. It is a ceiling that is reached at some point. Stan Deyo has a debt meter on his site and each day it is running up a little faster, as each day the speed will increase. At some point if not halted, we will see an explosion of inflation that will be incredibly painful. Has happened before and people still didn’t learn from it.

          • Bright you are not. damage adds up and as the host weakens the curve to death steepens. Like old age.

        • well good point! at that point you need to know how to float and swim to shore. that means being relaxed and have the ability to swim which is your survival supplies, the sharks in the water, you have weapons to protect yourself. when you make it to shore its all a new era

        • Do not fear. Thank God the beginning is near.

      28. Like many others across the Republic, I see an economic collapse coming,,soon! When it happens and it’s aftermath, we will share many similar experiences. But we will know some experiences unique to the individual. Factors such as personal debt, preparedness, spirituality, geographic location and skills will determine individual experiences. Collective experiences will be dependent on some of the above list, but in the main, it will be response to draconian overreach by government . Their response will NOT be a well thought out plan for economic recovery. It will be pure, simple, brutal force to keep the ruling elite in power. Nothing more. That is not some idle theory. They have been putting their building blocks in place (laws and executive orders) for just such an eventuality. You know the list, we’ve lived it the last couple of years. No more time to play possum or ostrich. This is real.

      29. “The Most Dangerous Man in the Locked Room with You (main street Fascist Zionist run ameriKa) is the Desperate Starving Man with Nothing Left too Loose!”

        “Very soon you will All either find that Inner Feral Animal within You ; or You will not Survive!”

        “It’s obvious where ameriKa is headed, this is All pre-planned and intentionally done by the nwo zionists fascists bankers running ameriKa!”

        “AmeriKa must “Fail” in order for the world bank imf nwo u.n. agenda 21 program to succeed globally!”

        “This is the END GAME globalist banker PLAN, has been for the last 100 years!”

        “Only You All now have the power to stop this from happening – the Awakened Ones!”

        “My only question for you All – Is do you have the Heart and Cojones too Stand Up As One in Force and Stop the Fascist CIA Traitors from Destroying Once Free Republic of AmeriKa and restore Liberty once again for your children and Families!”

        “This is Real! It is happening Now! Ignore it All at your own Peril!”




        • NinaO, you can do me anytime for a dollar. PS, I am a Zionist.

          • Shalom Schmuko,
            What a mench, so hows by you? Next year Jerusalem!

          • AaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaJeeeeeeeeeeeeeew… ;0P pssszzt

            “Jesus Bless me!” “Oh that’s right the Greedy Thieving Corrupt Diseased Incestuous baby raping baby killing Jeeeeeeeeeeeews… Killed Jesus – Crucified “GODS” Child for “Kicking” their asses in the Temple for being Thieving Banker Jeeeeew Scum!!!”

        • Love those exclaimation points! 😉

      30. NinaO- trailer park slut who sucks off old Jews for a dollar. What would you do without those old Zionist dicks IMF, you sick fucking POS. Our only hope is that the Zionists do away with sick muslim fuckwads like you and your cocksucking whore NinaO. Hey maybe Nina can do Mac for a buck after all he is just another closet self hating Jew. Make sure NinaO pulls off Jeff Rense’s fag wig, another self hating Jew who Mac often quotes. Oh sure, thumbs down for this post but thumbs up your butt IMF when you get to the FEMA camp. Don’t worry about NinaO. There are plenty of old Zionist dicks for her to suck off at your trailer park!!!!!

        • “LET SLIP THE DAWGS OF WAR!!!”

          “GAWD WILL’S IT!!!”


          “MAY THE INFIDELS FALSE GAWD AND ALL MIGHTY ALLAH (there is only one gawd , his name is Allah be Praised) … have mercy on All our souls!!!”

          Insha Allah!!!

      31. And which God do you pray to IMF. Satan? Or do you follow the pedophile prophet? Or is it that Zionist Jew on a stick? Which is it IMF? Tell us before your meds run out and you are shipped to Creedmore!!!

        • ‘Anonymous’ Hackers , Sabu’s Lulz Security (ZIONIST CIA MOSSAD NWO FED co-intel agents) Call Religion a ‘Sickness,’ Declare War on Christianity?, Christian News

          EDITOR: It’s ALL about a relationship with GOD…NOT religion!
          They say they are LEGION….this reminds of many demons Jesus cast out! Demonically inspired?

          *** NinaO’s note: the globalists goal is too discredit All religions the world over… even da’ jews Judaism ;0P
          To force all peoples the world over to WORSHIP at the end of a gun barrel their ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT GAWD – MOTHER EARTH – GAEA!!!

          Which will justify their U.N. HARSH NWO EUGENICS World-Wide human population control U.N. Carbon Credits Tax eugenics human death programs!!!

          they will use what ever is necessary to convince you all to bow and submit to their plans for the global world!
          this is just the beginning OF THE END!
          your suffering has only just begun…


          • One point here that makes you question, is IF there becomes the NWO, will they try to control who and how we believe/worship? Will they make one church or leave things as they are, with multiple religions? I haven’t a foggiest clue being as this is a hypothetical situation any way….

      32. MORE AMMO………………….

      33. This can will continue to be kicked until it just cannot anymore. There are greater than 50% on the .Gov dole in one form or another. Unemployment, SNAP cards, S.S, medicare, medicaid, Gov employment and their awesome pension plans. Do you know any of these people? Chances are you do.
        It is in all of these folks interest to keep on kicking until it fails to roll anymore. It will have to be an great outside force to disrupt this ponzi.

        • I suspect that the devaluation of the dollar will be what undoes the ponzi scheme. When the SNAP cards lose their snap and won’t buy a fraction of what they used to the cities will burn. Get out while you can.

          A currency that is not backed by production or gold/silver is doomed. The Fed is literally papering over the irresponsible action of the politicians that we keep electing. Last year they bought 62% of new federal debt. Otherwise, interest on the debt would have consumed the federal budget. The Republicrats keep buying votes with borrowed money and the sheep keep reelecting them.

          When other countries run from the dollar, which is already starting, inflation goes through the roof as devaluation takes off.

          Watch for a gold based currency from China. They have been sending us their crap, converting the dollars we give them to gold and other tangibles, and hoarding gold produced domestically. That will be game, set, match.

          The fed maintains control with unlimited spending. Once the currency is no good the fed can only maintain control through force and the threat of force. That’s why they want to disarm us. If we have rioting this summer expect that to be used as a cover for an executive order restricting the sale of fireams and/or ammunition.

      34. it does not matter what papers they dream up to sign , the constitution say I have the right to bear arms, where in it does it say that someone can change that if they want. I am glueing the constitution onto my front door.



        Your last $500. in the bank should be used to buy a nice bolt action .308 and ammo!!! YOU are your own Last Hope in today’s criminal run Fascist Zionist run local state and federal governments!



        The Choice is Yours!


      36. Greeting Everyone!
        Just a personal thought or two about the article…
        “The things coming upon the earth will make men faint out of fear”…
        Making your faith in God stronger should be the top “prep” for anyone.No longer trusting “well-educated men in high places” is a good start on that path.Having a well grounded faith in God and his will is the better way.Making such faith stronger by both personal study and action are the preps that still pays dividends,creates it’s own(non-taxable by human governments on both counts!)interest and gives you personal growth that no men with “evil schemes” can rob you or your loved ones of.Prepping and being a mature person of faith will get you farther than just “prepping”.It won’t matter if the end of the current system comes swiftly or lingers in a slow-motion death spiral.It’s possible that both things could occur at the same time.”Putting something by” as the old folks would say is always a good thing.Never fear about the fate of these people who for their personal gain would lead everyone else to destruction,God is watching and HE is getting tired of their wicked ways more and more.Their lascivious lifestyle that includes of $3,000.00 suits and $200,000 cars while making others homeless and starving will be of little use when the Judgment Days arrives….
        Meantime,Best to All here in these grievous times we live in!
        Hope everyone here has a place to sleep and food to eat

        • GrayFoxGreen,

          What an uplifting message! 🙂 Thank you!

          Take care!
          KY Mom

      37. I’m not a financial genius by any stretch of the imaginations. I cannot read these analyses and even begin to predict what’s going to happen and when.

        My plan is not elegant or elaborate. I’m dropping my expenses to rock-bottom, with nothing unnecessary being spent. I turned in my late model lease and bought aa 1998, which I intend to drive as little as possible. I’m looking into moving somewhere with a lower cost of living. Anything I can do to make my monthly expenses lower is being done because that will help us survive when the worst happens, whenever that happens.

        And for those who think that maybe it won’t happen or that it’s 5 years down the road? Well, there’s certainly no harm done if you’ve lived a frugal life until then.

        • Daisy says,”And for those who think that maybe it won’t happen or that it’s 5 years down the road? Well, there’s certainly no harm done if you’ve lived a frugal life until then”.

          Thankyou Daisy, i cant tell when it will happen but i will prepare and be ready for it by living as if its happening tomorrow. I wish that we could get this nasty process over with.

          God bless.

          • i have been preparing and living as though it happened three years ago…knowing as well, that for each tomorrow it gets a bit worse than yesterday.

        • ~Daisy~

          Honestly….best of luck to you & yours!!!!!!!!!!

          • “you and yours”.
            Made me smile, I thought about Gomer and cousin Goober.

            ” Judy, Judy, Judy, Judy, Judy.”

      38. Nothing to worry about really. Just because the same thing happened to Rome and Byzantium and Spain and every other empire that lived beyond its means, America is different.

        We have welfare and the government’s going to take care of us all.

        And I hear that the FEMA camps have some great recreational games planned for our enjoyment.

        P.S. Don’t you think that deck chair would look better over there on the starboard side of the promenade deck?

      39. I think many would be amazed of the number of silent preppers.
        Lately, I have been surprised that people I never suspected of prepping…are…and some…better prepared than I.

        An afternoon discussion with one of those individuals today revealed his thoughts re the European ‘transition’ as DK put it. He believes Islamic republics will be formed in Europe. Interesting, I thought.
        Who has the money (oil)?

        What truly is disappointing to me is all this mess we are in could
        have been prevented with common sense, discipline and sacrifice.

        • “””What truly is disappointing to me is all this mess we are in could have been prevented with common sense, discipline and sacrifice.”””

          With common sense and discipline sacrifice would not be necessary.

          • Well, YES! It could have. But, How then could there be a roadmap laid out for TPTB to set up their ONE World System?

      40. is the best Christian website I have found that explains our current World situation. God Speed

      41. The longer it takes the better I like it. All debt is paid off. Only the mortgage to go and it is reducing fast. Health and fitness are improving. Garden is growing. Preps are increasing. The longer they put off the inevitable the more preps and skills I have.

        • HHH = Hubert Horatio Humphrey???

      42. My backup zombie stew recipe…tongue and cheek.
        1. Put out sign for free food.
        2. Have dehydrator ready.
        3. Align sniper buddies.
        4. Have stew ingredients ready.
        you get the idea. ha just kidding.

      43. Wow,everyone talking about,Obama,it does not matter who is in charge!There is no good guy bad guy!!They are all crooks,This gentleman is warning us!!LISEN…

      44. What would it take, to prove Obama, is not the president. By not being a U.S. citizen. Then everything that he has signed would not be valid. Wouldn’t this be the route to travel.

      45. Put a large pile of potatoes in brown paper bags and put them in your garage, I did this last December, and they are great seeders now, I could keep them longer if I choose, they won’t rot…..J.I.C. S.H.T.F……just saying…they will grow quicker to feed your family.

        God bless everyone out there….we are in dark times…indeed.

      46. Though the times seem tough. Do not wavier in your faith in the lord. Prepare my brothers and sisters. The devils deception will not last. This is just the start of a long battle for our souls. Keep the lords promise steadfast in your hearts. And may God bless you and your loved ones.

      47. In the meantime, while we’re all waiting for the next shoe to drop and the next Bad News to hit, we notice that Asians and other crafty people who are not necessarily Americans are buying up an awful lot of our properties at bargain prices.

        This is worrisome for many reasons, not the least of which is that there will be even MORE “ethnic tensions” between various groups, including strife between the new-comers and the few old-timers who have managed to hang onto their real property for the time being. For one thing, those of European descent tend to need and like a wide berth, a buffer zone between “them and us,” whereas many from Asian countries or under-developed places are accustomed to and seem to thrive on overcrowding. This suggests there will be a lot of “pushing on boundaries” and unpleasant reactions in coming months and years… Seems like it’s already happening in a lot of places.

        What all this seems to add up to is: Our once-beautiful America is turning into one big ghetto, thanks to greed and dishonesty on the part of those who could have and should have done better by us. It’s a sad sad time and “prepping” may alleviate some of our worries, but it appears that tough times ARE already here and our troubles are only beginning. Sigh…

      48. Whoa, that was one scary assed photo. That shark gives me shivers.

        However; you do know more People die from pig attacks than they do from shark attacks, right?

        At any rate, I thought of that photo while reading this:

        Why Civilized People Buy Gold

        Here’s a bit, see if it reminds you of anybody:

        “The centralization of power in the hands of politicians, central bankers, and their economic advisors is the characteristic economic feature of our era. It distinguishes our era from the nineteenth century, both in theory and in practice. Keynes understood this, and he railed against the earlier era’s economic theory and practices. The earlier era had promoted the international gold standard, free trade, low taxes, and limited government. By 1936, Keynes rejected all of this. He believed in planning by experts like himself.”

      49. Alright, I’m only gonna say this once. Here’s the
        Plan To Fix Absolutely Everything That’s Wrong In The World:
        #1- Forget anybody’s timeline. They know nothing more about the future than you do. Learn from them, but don’t forget to check their sources, and don’t set anything in YOUR life by their proposed schedule. And, a side note: anybody that gives you a date for the end of the world based on their ‘religion’ is lying to you. Please remember that.
        #2- As Daisy and many others have mentioned, begin living NOW as if your personal collapse was underway. Live frugally, learn to do for yourselves and be generous with your knowledge and goods toward others (regardless of their opinions of your beliefs). Jesus said ‘…in as much as you have done it to the least of these, you have done it unto me.’
        #3- Engage the culture, NOW! Build connections and relationships with sane, sensible like-minded people while you can. Neighbors, friends, co-workers, family, whomever you can. The ones that won’t listen: shake the dust from your shoes and move on. But keep engaging others. Brandon is right about the eventual turn from the USD to another currency. DK is also right that, for now, it’s not in the interest of the PTB to dump it yet. They are both right, just differing opinions on the specifics and the timeline. (See rule #1) And they both work at building relationships that will work for the future. Which is what we should all be doing.
        #4- Don’t mix fantasy with reality. You will NOT, I repeat, NOT wake up in some Hollywood-style Bartertown or in OZ. Auntie Entity and Auntie Em are both fictional characters. Focus on what you know to be true. In case you’re wondering, here’s what’s true: People are basically lazy, dumb and dishonest. But (and as my exgirlfriend used to say, ‘it’s a big but’)…people can also be very helpful, kind and compassionate, especially if they see you as an ally and not an adversary. It’s up to you to present yourself to them as a friend, not a foe. And at the same time, don’t be naive and put yourself at risk. Use the old noodle. (not the freezedried one in the mylar bag either) I’m preachin’ to the choir on this, but it needs to be said. And, if you take care of Rule #3, you won’t be surrounded by zombies, no matter how big the collapse is. (if you forgot rule #3, I have 2 cases of Zom-B-Gone repellant I’ll barter with you)
        #5- None of us are gonna get out of this world alive! Sorry to break it to those of you who were hoping for a medical science breakthrough to avoid death, but it aint happening. The good news/bad news is this: There is something after this life on earth, and eternity is a looooooonnnng time. It makes a difference what you believe. Better get that settled now. For those of you that are comfortable believing you’ll spend eternity being unconscious of your condition as worm food, go right ahead. I aint gonna rile you. You’ve heard the sales pitch, you’ve made your decision. So have I. But, scuze me while I believe somethng else.
        #6- Don’t put too much stock in anybody’s ‘Rules To Live By.’ Including mine. You have a brain, use it. You have an opinion, I’ll respect your right to hold it, even if I think it’s a wrong opinion. You have friends here, learn from us…and teach us. Just don’t expect to convert all of us. (I certainly don’t)
        #7- Never list more than 6 rules for anything……ooops.

      50. okie

        Great points indeed..

        Reminds me of the stansberry nonsense endofamerica (parts too many to mention) last year predicting an event that would ultimately change America forever..
        and narrated by Alex Jones..

        well that never happened..

        these charlatans are always predicting a flashpoint collapse/event that never materializes..ever!

        Given the current geo political landscape and financial unwinding

        anything is possible at this point

        anything at all

        keep on prepping and frugality


        • I bet it sold a lot of subscriptions to his newsletter though!!!

      51. testing, just wanted to see in I still had to wait for the mod team before posting after four months

      52. Hey ya’ll, remember the song, “Everybody wants to rule the World”? Remember as kids, there was always some kid with a bigger sand box and more toys, and we always wanted to be that kid, well maybe for a day or two. China and Russia sees North America as the “big” sand box with all the cool toys (crop land,clean waters, weapons of all kinds, massive amounts of aircraft and ships,etc.,etc.,etc. Since Russia and China are locked at the hip, and China owns most of our debt, they are salivating over the demise of the dollar. The UN/Central Bankers/TPTB are holding them at bay,for now. Tread’s plan: Stay debt free! Prepare to live like it’s 1776 and remember rule # 5 frome Smokin’ Oki’s list!

      53. Since the inevitable is coming, we have decided to embrace it. LOL

        I have sold all my firearms, ammo and reloading supplys, as I will no longer need them.

        We turned in all our prcious metals at the bank and have converted half to dollars and changed the other half to yen/yuan.

        No longer will we garden, preserve food, engage in hunting, making jerky.

        No longer will I trap, tan hides as these are useless skills in the NWO and due to globalism I’m sure I can depend on the world market to satisfy our familys needs.

        I happily await full implimentation of Obama Care and look forward to a shorter life because of it. After all, I’m privileged to live under the grace of such an icon.

        I’ll no longer teach my daughter the conservative lifestyle of being prudent and preparing as my ancestors did.

        And I’ll happily keep working for the large Corporations and having more than 50% of my income impounded by our illustrious Government, such and so, that they can give it to the millions of non-productive baby factories who do not work and live their lives watching the boob tube, smokin crack and getting diabetes from all the shit food they feed themselves and their children.

        I do not believe anymore, that I should help people prep and encourage them to wrap their arms around the former tenets of our western civilization, such as God (not freakin Muhammerhandle and @ll@h) Country, Liberty, Freedom, justice and the American way of life.

        Instead I will embrace multi-culturalism, glady let Sharia amongst others be implemented and allow the persecuation of Jews and Christians, such as myself, because after all, we are at fault for creating the once productive and powerful but fallen U.S.A.

        I will go quietly into that night, hopefully with thermal or at very least 2+ gen.

        Terry W. Reed

        • Atleast YOU got something for your firearms. It is public record in shtfplan forum section, that I lost ALL mine in the colorado river. I wish I had sold mine before that terrible day.

          Good move.

      54. Agenda 21 Has Moved from the UN to the EPA

        The “Green Book” recommends that the “EPA formally adopt its sustainability paradigm”.

        “Current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class — involving high meat intake, the use of fossil fuels, electrical appliances, home and work-place air-conditioning, and suburban housing — are not sustainable.”


      55. I was watching FOX this morning and there is a segment with Dr Keith Ablow “Is it Crazy or Stupid”. One of the questions this morning was from a prepper and the question was raised was their “extreme prepping crazy or stupid” Apparently the writter had a doomsday bunker…etc. The whole 9 yards.

        The Dr actually said NO definately not crazy or stupid. That lots of people were doing it and even the ultra rich were bugging out in other countries.

        Definately not the response I expected from him.

        Of course we all know we are not crazy or stupid but even professional Drs think we are normal….this should tell you what condition this world is coming too.

      56. (1)It’s the monetary system.

        New money is created out of thin air and loaned into circulation at interest. In 1932 the M2 money supply was about $50 billion and today it is $9,850; like I said, out of thin air, and interest on the debt transfers a huge amount of wealth out of the pockets of the many into the pockets of the few, not to mention that the related devaluation of the money steals purchasing power from us.

        This system creates boom and bust. It works like this. As new borrowed money is created, borrowed, and spent it enters circulation, and businesses perceive the spending as demand so they expand to meet the demand; this causes prices to increase. Increased prices put downward pressure on business activity because at higher prices money buys less. Since the new money was borrowed it must be repaid along with interest so repayment of the debts drains money from the economy back into the banks.

        So there are always these three forces working simultaneously. One expansion force, new money being loaned into circulation, and two contraction forces, higher prices and debt repayment. Consider that this system exists because the bankers wanted it and lobbied Congress in 1913 to pass the Federal Reserve Act. They didn’t lobby for it out of the generosity of their hearts; they lobbied for it because it is amazingly profitable for them, plus amazingly costly for the public.

        If we followed Article 1, Sections 8 and 10 which authorize Congress to COIN money and prohibits States from making anything but gold and silver COINS legal tender, the money supply would be fairly stable. This coupled with 100% reserve requirements on deposit banks would minimize business cycles to small natural cycles. Prices in the long run would have a downward bias. Debt would be limited to the available pool of savings. Wealth would be more widely owned instead of concentrated in the hands of the few. Government could not spend any more than it could tax to pay without causing a tax revolt because the money creating machine would be ended, and because it borrowed, it would be forced to compete for a limited supply of lending.

        Look back at 2007 – 2008 when the most recent economic downturn began. Debt levels had reached gargantuan levels and prices (remember the housing boom and $4 to $5 gasoline) were high. So what are the idiots in Washington doing now? They are working to keep debt levels high by borrowing huge amounts on our behalf and they are working to keep prices high, instead of letting prices fall. It doesn’t seem to matter to them that we could buy more at lower prices (which would stimulate economic activity), and that the debt incurred today will just drag down economic activity tomorrow. I suppose they really don’t care as long as they stay in power, and live the good life themselves.

        It is past time to end the Federal Reserve unless we all enjoy debt slavery.

        (2)It’s massive government plundering and controlling us to the point that our productive abilities are thwarted. This could be changed, but most politicians being the people they are, it is unlikely they want to give up power over us, and unfortunately, there is a large segment of the population who want government heavily controlling our lives.

        (3)It’s the end of the era of cheap energy. This essentially means that there is less net energy to fuel the economy. In 1930 the amount of energy used up to get 100 barrels of high quality oil was 1 barrel (1% energy cost). This has doubled about every 20 to 25 years so we are now up to 12%. Nobody noticed the first doubling of this cost because is was so small. The doubling that will occur over the next 20 to 25 years will add another 12% to cost. This is devastating to economic output because our economy is driven by oil. This trend alone will keep a lid on future economic expansion, and since the present monetary system depends on expansion to keep it from collapsing, the energy problem amplifies the instability of the monetary system.

        Unless some miracle energy discovery occurs, the long term economic future is grim.

        Makes me think of a play from years ago, “Stop the world, I want to get off”.

        • Sid Davis

          They are also throwing in a wild card in the form QE 1&2 with #3 sure to come.

          “Unless some miracle energy discovery occurs, the long term economic future is grim.”

          While not a miracle Natural Gas is just that with 5000 BTUs per penny while Oil is at 500 BTUs per penny. At that delta there is money to create an infrastructure to power vehicles.

      57. The demand in the US for gasoline has dropped off a cliff. The demand for electricity in the US has dropped of a cliff. While the BDI has risen somewhat, it is still more than 30% below last year. The claim that there may have been an increase in the supply of tankers is ridiculous. If you knew how long it takes to make a tanker you could see thru this. It’s coming, and no one can stop it. Step out of it’s way, or it will crush you.

      58. Also, keep an eye on Europe. It looks like some of them may experience civil wars. Greece has got left and right wing groups arming. Even Belgium may split along French and Flemish lines (though not violently). The Germans may be forced to side with the Russians in a new alliance. Things are moving faster now.

      59. Are you ready? Got your food storage, a garden, some chickens,couple shootin irons, mabe some solar? Invest in some physical gold and silver. Even though Buffet, Soros and Munger talk it down, it has outperformed their investments by a wide margin over the last decade.Averaging a 17% return over the last 12 years it just may be your ticket out the other end as a store of wealth.

      60. @Sid Davis: and the song: “say the things you used to say, and make the world go away.” No time for that of course!

      61. Well, for the first time, the U.S. has given the go ahead of Chinese bank buying US Bank. Slowly the wheels turn to sell out America behind closed doors till nothing is left of what America stands for and was founded on. America is in deep guano with no signs of ever coming back. It wouldn’t suprise me one bit that the upcoming UN meet in Chicago, could prove to be the start of the final nail in the coffin for America. I mean, planes could be shot down and live ammunition. Talk about flase flag innuendo. Could we see the crisis arise to postpone elections? The months ahead do not have any good signs of prosperity for Americans or the world. Civil unrest is on the horizon, which will lead to martial law, but then again it is all being done by design. we are in trying times and the hand is and has been hovering over the reset button for quite sometime. thier is no bright spot on the horizon for the now and future generations. We are in a bad state, leading us to even dire times. When people say they do not foresee themsleves living much longer, that speaks volumes of what many think is coming our way.

        Be aware,be awake,be ALIVE……!

      62. It seems like these people arent going to quit until we all destroy each other and I for one am not going to sit back and let them take away my freedom even if it is on a piece of paper. That doesn’t take away my god given right.

        The Federal Reserve must be abolished and all of the crooks should be brought to justice. Then we the people can pass a law to make Central Banks illegal.

        Shut down the most powerful banks, and redistribute the wealth, then write off the debt.

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