Ecological Armageddon: “We Are Destroying Our Life Support Systems!”

by | Jan 15, 2019 | Headline News | 71 comments

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    The insect population on Earth is dwindling, causing scientists to wonder what that means for all life on Earth.  The Earth’s bugs outweigh humans 17 times over and are such a fundamental foundation of the food chain that scientists say a crash in insect numbers risks “ecological Armageddon.”

    Scientist Brad Lister returned to Puerto Rican rainforest after 35 years to find 98% of ground insects had vanished, according to a report by The Guardian. After Lister published his study in October of last year, one expert called the findings “hyper-alarming” while others believe this is the beginning of the ultimate destruction of our life support systems on Earth.

    Lister’s return to the Luquillo rainforest in Puerto Rico after 35 years was telling. The insect population that once provided plentiful food for birds throughout the mountainous national park had collapsed. On the ground, 98% had gone. Up in the leafy canopy, 80% had vanished, according to the report.  “It was a true collapse of the insect populations in that rainforest,” he said. “We began to realize this is terrible – a very, very disturbing result.”

    “We knew that something was amiss in the first couple days,” said Lister. “It was just astonishing. Before, both the sticky ground plates and canopy plates would be covered with insects. You’d be there for hours picking them off the plates at night. But now the plates would come down after 12 hours in the tropical forest with a couple of lonely insects trapped or none at all.”

    The Puerto Rico work is one of just a handful of studies assessing this vital issue, but those that do exist are deeply worrying. Flying insect numbers in Germany’s natural reserves have plunged 75% in just 25 years. The virtual disappearance of birds in an Australian eucalyptus forest was blamed on a lack of insects caused by drought and heat. Lister and his colleague Andrés García also found that insect numbers in a dry forest in Mexico had fallen 80% since the 1980s. –The Guardian

    “We are essentially destroying the very life support systems that allow us to sustain our existence on the planet, along with all the other life on the planet,” Lister said. “It is just horrifying to watch us decimate the natural world like this.”


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      1. “Drought and heat”?


        • Aluminum? Barium?
          Drugs, endocrine disruptors, microplastics?

          • Diatomaceous earth is a mechanical insecticide that chews up the waxy coating and joints of insect exoskeletons if they get it on them. This opens them for infection and immobility.

            I suspect microplastics do a similar action including chemical poisoning and/or digestive blockage.


            • off topic, but very important. i haven’t had time to research “newcastle disease” yet, but they are taking chickens by the dumptruck load(lots of them!) to the landfill in southern calipornia. it started in bakersfield, and has worked it’s way down to inland empire. i’m talking hazmat suits here. i saw pictures PERSONALLY of this. not sure what it all means, but it SEEMS like a much bigger deal than NOTHING on the local news about it…it’s transferrable to humans. i will have more when i’ve looked into it a bit.

          • The State and local Governments are poisoning the environment under approved permits, such as Mosquito Spraying and water herbicides directly into the fresh water surface supply to manage plants. All of this layered chemical toxic poisoning spraying is killing entire sectors of the environmental food chains, plants, animals, insects and sea life, such as fresh water shrimp, insects like, dragon fly larva which eats mosquitos, etc. You want to fight mosquitos, build some “BAT Houses” they eat thousands of mosquitos daily. Same with the Dragon Flies.

            And the Chemical manufactures are kicking back bribes to local governments that purchase this chemical poisoning toxic concoctions to spread over the entire environment. We have chem-trails in the air, poison spraying on the ground, fluoride and other hard metal in the drinking water supply and plenty of GMO’s in the Human and animal food supply. We and the environment don’t have a chance in hell to survive long term. Protect your property will all of your strength from this onslaught from the poison criminals.

            • TharSheBlows, I so agree. I’ve read numerous articles on gardening sites saying this exact thing.

          • boyo, humans are clearly the most destructive species on this planet and perhaps for a long distance outward. This is completely irrefutable and a fact.

            The question now is what do we do about our new found understanding ? We are in a transition from the old paradigm of religions that kept us all ignorant and afraid and now we are realizing our technology is in fact harming us all greatly. So everything is changing in the concepts of ideas and a new direction, but in slow motion because of the many ignorant people still alive on the planet who control us. I have no idea if we will win out with intelligence or destroy ourselves completely. A good case can easily be made for the matter if history holds true. But then again if you go back far enough we were not nearly as destructive, so perhaps we have a chance to actually save ourselves by taking about 100 steps backward. And perhaps such a thing will be forced on us naturally, we shall see ?

      2. And all the polar bears will die. God help us.

      3. Geeez…I wonder how many fly swatter manufacturers have gone out of business the last few years. Rarely even see a housefly around here any more. No honeybees for a long time. No longer have bugs smearing up the windshield in summer…and I live along a river. Dragonflies are rarely seen. Used to have hundreds of bats flying around in the evening in warm weather. Now there are no more to be seen. Sad.

        • No doubt a consequence of overpopulation of consumers and the chemicals it takes to support them. Pesticides, herbicides, chemtrailing, gmo’s, fertilizers, contamination, etc. Like I said 1000 times, The culling is going to happen! Both man’s destructiveness and nature combined will see to it. Goodbye beautiful planet….

          • Genius, if all of the libturds would disappear think of how many problems would be solved.

        • last couple of years I haven’t even see the cloud of insects around the outside lights at night.

          plenty of earwigs and stinkbugs.

          others, not so much

        • JRS, I have graduated from flyswatters to the BUG-A-SALT! Much more fun and easier to shoot them! Perhaps flys will be a thing of the past lol. Try one, you will love it 😛

            • Oh yes you need to get one of these, great fun, but in the end you do get a damping effect from the salt that eventually builds up on blinds etc, but Hell so what, Rambo time !!! lol

      4. The Avorra mite killed the honeybees. the honeybee isn’t native to the Americas. It was imported from Europe. The american population wasn’t resistant to the avorra mite. that mite came along with the killer bees. We have plenty of insects in Arkansas. Its a bullshit article. Because everything in on or around the planet is a natural thing. And because you cant make something from nothing or make something into nothing. It eventually ends up Even Steven. The planet eventually Recycles everything. species have been going extinct since the very beginning long before mans intervention. Just you wait this pole shifting will take care of mans so called disruption. whoever survives will be living a stone age existence. Not 1800’s not 1700,s but Stone Age.

        • unless water is something else…

        • They need to come and stand in one of my fire ant hills, they will change their story.

      5. See Fukushima and governments who altered the acceptable limits on radiation.

        Plus we have systematic bee colony collapse likely pesticides, herbecides, and mites being the causes.

        Now the weird thing is biologists and specifically entomologists had been discussing insects as a food source for the future. They believed these could easily be raised by small scale homesteaders much like apiaries. Some have good flavor plus highly concentrated protein.

        Fly maggots, that are raised in sterile environments, will consume only rotten flesh, thus are ideal with removing necrotic tissue. Thus they can speed healing if tightly controlled.

        Bee venom seems to have medical uses for autoimmune diseases.

        Insects are responsible for a huge biomass that then decays and ultimately that decomposition becomes humus to enrich the topsoil. So if the insects die off, you would have massive drops in crop yields. You would be forced to do hydroponics.

        • I read on some gardening site or another about some beekeepers who discovered that bee colonies could be reconstituted by not doing something that beekeepers had been doing. The new successful bee hives are not sanitized with whatever chemical they had been using (can’t remember what it is). Instead when doing their annual clean-up, they go simple and have found that the bees develop proper gut biology to promote bee health.

          I’m not a beekeeper and don’t know one personally. Just reporting things I read.

          Another site noted that planting more flowering plants that are “delicious” to bees and other pollinators has also improved the health of a bee hive.

          • This makes perfect common sense. Great post. Bees wouldn’t just harvest from monocrops in nature.

            • Bees I know about. During a honey flow a worker bee only lives a few days. They simply work themselves to death. They don’t live long enough to build up enough redisual poison in their system. For decades Bee hives have been rented by growers for pollination. and they thrived even in locations where crops where sprayed with chemicals. My bees all died from Avorra mites. However I bought imported Itialian bee nucleus from Europe and they are resistant to the avorra mites. and some of my bees swarmed and now there are some wild bees in the woods near my place. The American bees weren’t resistant because there weren’t any avorra mites in the Americas. and after a few hundred years their genetics changed a bit because resistance wasn’t necessary. Much in the same way when Hefer international sends a (hothouse) hefer to some third world place. The prevalent diseases and worms and other parasites will cause it to do poorly or simply die. Ok now they imported these really nice looking meat goats from Africa. Boer goats. They thrive in the arid west. However in wet cold places the die. and they brought a different type of Coccidi that is present in small amounts in their intestines. so now its in the goat population in the USA. Ant if a goatowner doesn’t regularly dose his animals with chemical wormers they get sick. Ivermectin type drugs are used. and they worm cattle & horses with that also, And that drug kills the Turd Roller beetles. Then to boot they spread that stinking chicken litter from those growing houses on the fields. and its full of Coccidi. and that kills the wild turkey young hatched poults. so the turkey population ages and dies. So if you want healthy goats you need acres of brush and marginal forage. Anything with a thorn is great goat forage. a goat is a Browser not a grazer. Its not just me who believes this way. Check out a guy named Joe Saladin. He can keep goats. When asked why he doesn’t have goats he stated they keep finding new ways to die. Sheep are different they are mainly grazers but in wet places the worm larva climb to the tips of the grass and you have to regularly worm them. Ok now there is a goat called the KIKO breed. It was developed in New Zeland. They simply turned goats out into the wild and let them fend for themselves. A true survival of the fittest. And to me they look exactly like the Catalina Island goats that had overrun that island. The government killed them. Now on to Rabbits. a tame rabbit if he gets loose and comes in contact with cottontails will very soon die. to get vitamins a rabbit consumes a small amount of their poop. they are not resistant to the diseases the cotton tails carry. Also mice and rats will carry parasites to your tame rabbits/. They can get ear canker. if caught early vegetable oil can cure it. they also get a type of mange mite. The only cure ive found for that is a match head size dose of ivermectin horse wormer. and repete in seven days. My point is we grow a majority of the worlds food here in the USA. and without mixing natural things in a unnatural way to make Chemicals the world would starve. If SHTF occurs those chemicals will disappear. and even the crops grown by a home gardener will suffer. The blights, diseases and insects will be uncontrollable. Folks diet will be poor. and the life expectancy will decline to what it was just a few centurys ago. Those chemicals are a necessary evil.

      6. Its humorous that people would even consider eating insects. The only reason for eating animal flesh is because it tastes good. I doubt that maggots and cockroaches taste as good as a rib-eye, so why bother? Plants contain all the protein you’ll ever need in quantities that are more than adequate to sustain optimum health. Leave the critters alone.

        Where have all the bugs gone? I think they are in hiding, waiting for their chance to attack. Its quite out there. Yup. Too quiet…

      7. No bugs here. Maybe because everything’s froze solid! Be nice if the japanese beetles would go extinct. 4 yrs. ago there were none, now we’re overrun with them. No one should use the bat as an example either because that’s not about insects. Everything goes in cycles. Who says what we have now, climate, insect or any creatures population, or whatever, is right for the planet.

        • milky spore…

      8. Plenty of bugs in Florida and that’s just the people.

      9. I think it is safe to say every insect had to be imported into Hawaii. Nothing here is “native”. We are at least 2500 miles from any continent. This implies there aren’t all the normal natural balancing systems to limit populations, that you have on the mainland.
        This is anecdotal, but we have plenty of insects. Some claim the bee population is down, but if you are close to a Macadamia nut orchard you’d certainly think otherwise. Beekeeping is very popular here.
        We have lots of different kinds of birds, I have several nesting pairs year round on my property. I see bats all the time. I see butterflies, dragon flies, moths, flies, fleas, bird lice, et al.
        Having been through a “drought”( note that a drought for me is ~50 inches per year) and now in a very wet time (over 155” last year), I have noted a change in the populations of different insects, corresponding to precipitation changes, but they are all still here, in very large numbers.
        I think if you make a claim that insect populations are being decimated, you should have a corresponding hypothesis as to why.
        This, “the sky is falling” due to mankinds actions alone is
        bull sh it, unless you have real, tested, and peer challenged facts and data. A bunch of Democrats sitting around and doing a circle jerk claiming it is “settled science” is not a peer challenge.

        • dUH! RELIK!! I see it with my own eyes!!! I live in the mountains and they are gone!!!!!

      10. Just so y’all know…there are plenty mosquitoes in Louisiana…

      11. Yes, I am VERY concerned about this phenomena! Some say it’s because of insecticides and that may be part of the problem but certainly not all of it! I live in the mountains and NO ONE SPRAYS around here… and yet the insects have seemed to almost completely have disappeared this last year!! I keep wondering– WHAT HAPPENED??? There used to be spiders in every corner of each room and underneath things, etc. NOW THEY ARE ALL GONE!! I used to have to fan my food as I ate because of all the gnats (I live in an old run-down trailer) and now I can leave the room with my plate on the table and don’t worry BECUASE ALL THE GNATS ARE GONE! I used to come home, go to the bathroom and my purse would be full of ants because I left a cookie in my purse and the bugs found it!! NOW THERE ARE NO BUGS!!! What HAPPENED??? I did see a black widow spider sitting beside me as I ate on an old stone wall this past summer… wish HE HAD’VE BECOME EXTINCT!! ;(

      12. I watched a video the other day in which this guy was discussing the latest “Warning by Concerned Scientists”. It was for Dec. 2018 and signed by numerous prominent scientists. He also discussed this phenomena about the insects. He said about 3/4 of all insects are now gone. I also read that by around 2020, 3/4 of all mammals will have become extinct… the remaining ones will be those we eat or use for pets. Really sad.

        I wish dogs would become extinct. Amazing how vicious and aggressive they are and yet no permit or training is required to own them.. and yet we have to fly through burning hoops of fire in order to purchase a gun to protect ourselves from them!! Dogs are dangerous!!! DOGS KILL!!! And yet we have to get permits to purchase guns– INANIMATE THINGS– which do NOT KILL… IT MAKES NO SENSE!!!!

        • Anon, I don’t know of ANYONE killed by a dog! EVER! My dog is as friendly as can be unless your attacking me or mine. You read to many tabloids or think because an extreme few pitbulls kill kids etc. that it’s an epidemic? Damn your an idiot, dogs are great! Go hang yourself with your purse stings dumb ass!

          • Dogs are the most loving, loyal, wonderful friends there are! NO OTHER ANIMAL COMES CLOSE! And protectors too! I love most all animals but if I had to have only one… IT WOULD BE MY DOG!

            • Everybody thinks their dog is the best. But mine really is the best…even though it’s the same breed as yours. Does yours sing along to the “Married With Children” theme song?

              I didn’t think so. I rest my case.

              • Lol, pretty much all of our breed of dog is the best. I have seen none better! I saw a free one female same age and want it so bad but our 1 dog is all we can handle. Border/Aussie is the BEST!

                • An Australian Shepherd or a Border Collie are fine herd dogs.

                  I am suspicious of anyone who dislikes dogs as they are so loyal and friendly. The most likely dog to bite a human is a scared little dog according to vets.

                  I watch dog rescue videos (like Hope for Paws) and if I was rich, that would be something I would do.

                  German Shepherds are smart guard dogs but badly overbred and have a lot of hip dysplasia.

                  I wouldn’t recommend Huskies. They run wild so they need big spreads and they will catch all the rabbits. The have beautiful free spirits so it’s a shame to tame them.

                  • Dogs can sense bad people too. They have a 5th sense that alerts them to danger or plain old badness. JRS and me have border collie aussie sheppard mix. Not just for herding but great family dogs and extremely smart. He loves other dogs and people etc. And always up for adventure and play. I think maybe anon has a disorder that sets dogs off which is a red flag.

                    • I am suspicious of anyone who dislikes dogs.

                      Years ago, pet owners reported that dogs (and some cats) seemed to detect cancer before diagnosis. It turns out they were correct. As such they developed machines that replicate this.
                      ht tps://

                  • Many years ago I had a German Shepherd and numerous cats. My late husband and I lived in the woods in a small cabin up in the northern area of MI. I’d let all the cats out to run around in the woods for a short time during the day. Then I’d send the dog out to round them all up. Never lost a cat and the dog loved shepherding them all home. Note: this is the only time I know of where cats could be herded. Of course, then the whole group (cats and the dog) would run all around the house playing.

                    • Lol, We used to have a german shepard. They are great if you train them right. She got along good with the 2 cats and they would nap together. Our Border/aussie is a little too playful (rough) with the cats. He is 11 months old and weighs 75 pounds! I thought he would top out at 60 or so but he is a big boy and still a pup. I had to build him a special box for the back of the 4 wheeler for him to ride in. I wish I could post a picture here.

          • Ok thos folks on AX Men their Rottweller killed their 4 yearold Grand daughter. In Arkansas a woman fell ain her kitchen and her pit bull killed her. and dogs will form packs. I had cattle killed by a dog pack. and they where folks beloved pets. At that time my place was near a subdivision. And everyone had a few acres. and most had a dog or two. And when the folks went to work and the children went to school. Those bored dogs formed a pack and went looking to have fun. they tore my cows ears off chewed up their noses and bit their hind quarters. I lost ove $5,000 worth of cattle in one day. So I started shooting & trapping dogs. I bought a dog killing burro. And those dogs owners wouldn’t believe ole fido was a killer. They would tell you how good he was. and when they left old Fido stayed home and guarded the place. If you have a dog . Please be a responsible pet owner and build a proper fence to keep him on your property. don’t let your dog roam free to trespass where he don’t belong.

          • Cats are just a good. My cat brings me home fresh kills with the guts and eyes out. All the good meat is still there. this is natural for my cat. My hunting dog had to be trained. I dont like being a bucket bitch either…

      13. Oh, yeah, the “Union of Concerned Scientists” said that about 75% of all insects have now disappeared. I believe it because I have observed it… they have disappeared from my run down trailer which has holes and cracks all over the place. Its winter time. Have bugs and spiders entered my place like they did previously to ride out the bad weather? HELL NO!! They no longer fill up my trailer… NONE come inside nowdays… why not???!!

        • Because you stink?

      14. Roasted crickets will be a delicacy. Cricket stew to die for.

      15. One thing There isn’t anyone who has the authority to declare just what the optimal climate is or should be. And that whole (Balance of Nature) theory is a crock of poop. There never was and never will be any balance of nature. No two days are the same everything is constantly changing. The only constant is change. Sometimes the change is gradual & tiny. Other times its fast and dramatic. There is nothing man can do to mitigate anything.

        • A/C and heating….. works for me! 🙂

      16. Trying to find an honest assessment of maximum planet food production is debatable? New technology unforeseen makes it difficult? But as with any limited environment, there are limits? This farm can only feed twenty people, on a good year. If you only have food for ten kids, and you try to feed twenty, you malnourish them all, with all the associated long term physical and mental deficiencies? See the video , Gumball immigration? Or is it jellybean immigration? It shows the impossibility of raising the entire planet to western living standards? Or at least anytime soon?

      17. guXVL-mMcbI
        This should not ever happen in America.
        This dog is so weak and dehydrated, that he won’t eat initially.

        • I love animals a lot more than humans. Animals have no choice, humans do.

          • You are doing the raw meat diet for your dogs, right? My friends tried and it seems to work well for their dogs. ‘Makes sense.

            People recommend the rodent water bucket trap left in a meadow to catch enough to feed dogs when the SHTF. You just move it around, like in the shed and barn to clear ’em out.

            You sure won’t have dog food. Most dog food is garbage with filler. That makes them use the restroom more.

            • I share a little of every meal I have with my dog. He has ultra premium dog food in between. NO byproduct purina crap! He gets homemade treats and like I say real meat too. Bones with marrow inside and a vita-bone every morning for vitamins. He is healthy and happy. I think maybe thats why hes so big (not fat).

      18. Well in ecology, what happen is apex predators start to consume too many of one kind of prey, and some run off to evade them. Then this loss of the local population plus the loss of those that migrated result in a decline in how many apex predators can stay. So some leave, as apex predators often have a large territory from which they hunt prey, but other starve.

        So it really is autobalancing in nature. The issue with humans and Malthusian forces is food is shipped in, which is unhealthy and artificial, so there is no limit to how high the population grows. And this kills many species and agriculture and carrying capacity goes out the window…

        …until civilization breaksdown with transportation and the will to send food to the city.

        The real power is in the rural regions but the rural citizen has stopped being aware that the city dwellers cannot exist without the rural citizens, but the rural citizens can exist on their own.

        • i actually dislike commenting on anything you write but this DOES remind me of the totalitarian agriculture scenario described by Quinn in the Story of B…

          • Why have people gotten so WEAK that they care if a totally anonymous stranger “likes or dislikes” what they say???

            I don’t care about being liked on the Internet as it’s irrelevant and has zero value.

            Grow a backbone already and be able to provide evidence and use logicical arguments for whatever you believe. That is basic philosophy and science.

            The only reasons I post is for your benefit in order to persuade you to prepare or to accept the free gift of grace through Jesus Christ. I do not care what anyone thinks about me online as only these two things matter.

            If I was selfish, I would not post whatsoever.

      19. If you cant shoe your own horse or shoot your own dog you have no business with either one. I can show a horse. And Ive shot many of my own dogs. The only cure for a chicken killing dog is a bullet to the back of his skull.

      20. The reality is this: where you have fast-growing human populations (Africa, the Middle East) then you have an imbalance with nature. Just travel to see what I mean. Places where the population is stable are clean and well-organised, whereas places that are out of balance are filthy and polluted.

        Both Africa and the Middle East need to shrink their human populations and restore balance. China is now a world leader in two things: population re-education and military application of flame throwers. You fill in the rest as to what they should now do.

        • For poor people to have too many kids, where there are few resources, is a reproductive strategy, not an accident. Nature imposes a balance.

      21. No city can form without ultimately violating “carrying capacity” UNLESS there is significant trade and government intervention even in the Dark Ages in Europe.

        Our ancestors found that if a village had a great access to clean potable abundant water, decent agriculture, a harbor, and the support of at least a strong tribal leader, then it would grow.

        If the SHTF, to honestly survive, lone wolfs won’t make it. Why? They lack healers and spouses for their offspring. So they perish.

        To really survive to form a clan, families need some sort of shaman or healer because otherwise disease and injury results in their demise. Then historically when offspring were mature ie could do ancestral skills independently plus were about 16+, then that person had sufficient attributes to survive and marry.

        Islam has a MAMMOTH genetic problem with inbreeding. That is politically incorrect but absolutely a fact.

        So you survive during disasters by at least within a day of a riverport by some means ie horseback, canoeing, or maybe walking.

        That riverport should exist based upon abundant carrying capacity which likely means is under 30,000. This is sort of a natural upper limit for tribes and villages in history.

        If a river port is 500-30,000, then the land and water will support the inhabitants based upon decent crop harvests, livestock, and wild edible plants, hunting, and fishing.

        Exceed 30,000 and TRADE and government meddling is needed.

        • PROOF
          htt ps://

        • This is true about Muslims. It is why there is a global crisis because Islamic Nations cannot survive without foreign aid or the revenue from oil and gas. These societies produce too many horny, low IQ men who turn to violence for identity.

          Genetically, Asians and Europeans are the most intelligent and this is shown in their achievements. How much patience will the Chinese have for Muslims and blacks as they get more powerful? We can already see the Chinese approach, which is to program out Islam as a deranged and warped human philosophy.

      22. htt ps://’s_number
        Besides what I posted, Dunbar’s number is a theory in the social sciences that the maximum number of relationships that an individual can maintain without conflict is about 150.

        Of course, some individuals can’t get along with anyone…even their spouse!

        So, 150 relationships times 150 people equals a maximum of 22,500 in a riverport that has decent agriculture and wild edibles of various sorts, via the land and water, is about the max before some conflict exists.

      23. Exceed 22,500 in a town, and then there are higher numbers of sociopaths and psychopaths, when overt and understood and surveiled by LEOs as they likely have been in prison. When hidden, then they serve in positions of leadership…when they can infiltrate to achieve power.

        During collapse events, these folks have no moral inhibition, and just start cuttin’ corners as LEOs are swamped by trouble calls like burglaries. And as the system collapses, the LEOs are overrun and can’t be paid, and it’s every man for himself based upon being adequately armed based on history.

        Now if a region has poor carrying capacity, that number gets adjusted downward like in semi-arid regions. If there is drought and cold weather, it gets adjust down more.

        If the SHTF, then the most likely survival instinct for urban dwellers is to flee to these small towns which is totally illogical as harvests happen in seasons. There are not huge silos of food just waiting to be plundered.

        So, conflict happens and successive small towns are plundered but with attrition on both sides based on defense and offensive principles. That is military science.

      24. When benevolent, human apex predators are most often patriotic soldiers and veterans. They most often become LEOs. It’s in their nature.

        When hostile, human apex predators are crimnals and convicts if caught, prosecuted, and convicted. If not, in history they run criminal enterprises if possible, or seek to hide among the sheep as leadership taking graft or use extortion. They don’t want to eliminate prey as that ruins their income stream. They eliminate competition ie other apex predators.

      25. Todays LEOs are nothing more than revenue collection and enforcement agents. Most are asshole bullies. And they certainly do not want to reduce crime. They want and need a great number of criminals. The more criminals the better. More criminals means more revenue and support for their parasite existence.

        • The state troopers and county deputies are NOT like that in my part of Western Kentucky. They do serve papers when you are required to go to court. So what? Typically that was due to doing something wrong…most likely failing to pay child support.

          I largely blame FEMINISM which is ungodly.

      26. There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws.
        Ayn Rand

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