Ebola Alert: Congo’s Outbreak May Be Declared A ‘Public Health Emergency’

by | Oct 17, 2018 | Headline News | 14 comments

The Democratic Republic of Congo’s current Ebola outbreak is the nation’s 10th in 40 years.  It was officially declared an outbreak on August 1, shortly after the end of a previous outbreak in the country that claimed 33 lives.

As of October 15, the World Health Organization has recorded 181 confirmed cases of Ebola, as well as 35 suspected cases. Unfortunately, this particular outbreak appears to be the “perfect storm,” according to Dr. Peter Salama, WHO Deputy Director-General for Emergency Preparedness and Response. “A perfect storm” of active conflict and civil unrest in the region are making it even more difficult to contain this deadly virus, Salama said. “We are now extremely concerned, that several factors may be coming together over the next weeks to months to create a potential perfect storm. A perfect storm of active conflict, limiting our ability to access civilians, distress by segments of the community, already traumatized by decades of conflict and of murder…We’ve seen attacks now on August 24, September 3, 9, 11, 16, 21 and most recently and most dramatically September 22 in the city itself of Beni,” Dr. Peter Salama said. He also said that Beni was the base for the agency’s base for the “entire operation.”

The disease appears to be spreading in the Beni, Butembo, and Mabalako health zones, according to a recent WHO report on this outbreak.

The World Health Organization (WHO) will meet Wednesday (today) to determine whether the worsening Ebola outbreak in the DRC constitutes a public health emergency of international concern. According to Time, the meeting is set to be held at the United Nations’ headquarters in Geneva and comes about a month after the WHO upgraded Ebola’s risk level in the DRC from “high” to “very high,” according to a UN statement.

As of now, the global risk was deemed low by WHO and the organization did not recommend limiting travel or trade in and out of the DRC. But depending on the conclusion of Wednesday’s emergency meeting, that designation may soon change.

While no cases of the virus have been confirmed outside the DRC, according to the WHO’s most recent case report, one was confirmed near the Ugandan border in late September. The WHO and the Ministry of Health are keeping a close eye on countries that share borders with the DRC, including Uganda, Rwanda, and South Sudan.

“The EVD outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo remains at a critical juncture due to the prevailing security threats, community reluctance and increased geographical spread,” the WHO case report says. “Response teams continue to face challenges that require ongoing community engagement efforts, as well as the ability to adapt strategies according to context.”

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    1. Mr Miyagi

      I know Ebola is nothing to laugh at but I couldn’t pass up sharing this.


      Saturday mornings were the bomb!

      Now back to your regularly scheduled programing. . .

      • durangokidd

        Time for a scorched earth policy. Burn the DRC !!! 🙂

      • Genius

        When will those stupid naggers EVER DIE OFF?

        • hey-who

          G: Unfortunately Never, just too many of the vile apes running amuck

    2. aljamo

      I read that Ebola was lab created. Have to have sick people to sell experimental drugs. NaturalNews talks about all of the poison found in supermarket items ingredient lists. The damage has been made an exact cause and effect science.

    3. The Deplorable Renegade

      Can we send the libturds to the Congo?

      • Beaumont

        The Congo will come to you.

        TX hospital staff is filmed, hosing possible Ebola barf, into the gutter.

        Then, the purple irrigation line is used to water public plantings and crops. They post explicit notices, not to drink it.

    4. The Great Gazoo

      I’d like to buy a vowel Alex!

    5. Concerned Citizen

      This plague, this out of control cancer will just not stop and you can bet eventually this will come on over to the U.S. and then folks, the party will really kick off big time!!

    6. Just saying ...

      It really doesn’t help when the relatives steal the body of an Ebola victim so that they can bury the body themselves.


      But is it really the fault of the AID workers if the family doesn’t follow the conditions required?


      Excuse me, but for the good of the neighborhood, city, country, and continent, maybe the rest of the world, I think the Congo govt should enforce a quarantine and back this effort with armed personnel.

      • PB

        If they want to attack and wound aid workers then the world should quarantine the Congo and leave the low IQ morons to their fate. Let nature do its job.

    7. Beaumont

      Animals, modified for organ donation, may possibly have been recycled into the food chain, as the source of dna contamination; they find horses, too.

      For purposes of vaccination, Ebola antigens are grown in tobacco plants.

      In lower life forms, and less-sensitive experiments, deletions, cuts, and pastes are found outside of their intended vectors.

    8. KarVer

      The one who says it really doesn’t help when the relatives steal the body of an Ebola victim so that they can bury the body themselves. That screams policy issue, use cremation, or take the body to a deep Hole like 15ft deep, and use lots of Lime.. why is a Body not being secured or disposed of, if it can effect others? Make a Trench and pour kerosene and destroy all contamination.

      • PB

        These things you suggest are what needs to happen, but we aren’t exactly dealing with rocket surgeons there.

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