EAST COAST ALERT: Gas Shortages And Price Spikes Imminent: “Some Stations May Run Out”

by | Sep 16, 2016 | Headline News | 223 comments

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    gaspumps2 gaspumps1

    A massive pipeline leak in Alabama is threatening widespread gas shortages and significant price hikes on the East Coast of the United States. Though the leak reportedly poses no danger to the public, officials say it stands to affect drivers all along the I-95 corridor from Florida to Maine.

    According to reports, the leak will likely start affecting drivers in the nearby states of Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina within a matter of hours and may spread in coming days. Colonial Pipeline Co., which transports some 40% of the gas along the I-95 corridor says at least 250,000 gallons of gasoline have already been lost.

    Senior petroleum analyst Patrick DeHaan warned that some stations may run out as primary gasoline transportation shipping routes along the East coast have been temporarily closed.

    CNN Via CampingSurvival.com:

    The major pipeline, one pipe of which has been severed, provides gasoline for an estimated 50 million people on the East Coast each day, according to company estimates. The cause of the leak has yet to be determined, according to the company’s most recent statement.

    The pipeline’s operator has said full service will not be restored until at least next week. The closure has set off an industry-wide scramble as suppliers seek alternative ways to transport gasoline to the East Coast.

    Not every station will be able to get the gasoline it needs, he said.

    “You’re going to see some places without gasoline,” he said. “It’s like a mini-hurricane.”

    The pipeline operator said that based on its current projections, parts of Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina will be the first markets to suffer potential supply disruptions.

    The governors of Alabama and Georgia have already declared states of emergency.

    If you live in any of the aforementioned states then you may want to head to your local gas station and fill up the tanks. Though any shortages will be temporary, not being able to get gas for several days or a week could prove troublesome to the 50 million residents served by the Colonial pipeline. The shortage may also impact grocery store deliveries, so if you have any essential items you absolutely must have it may be a good idea to pick those up before trucks stop delivering.

    The declared states of emergency highlight the fragility of just-in-time delivery systems that include critical goods like gasoline, food and medicine. As we’ve previously noted, even a small emergency could wreak havoc on a local, state or nationwide basis with immediate and catastrophic consequences for the populace.

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      1. I grabbed 20 extra gallons as soon as I heard about this. last thing I want to do is sit in line for 2 hours and have to deal with all the zombies arguing over me filling up my reserve canisters.

        • Definitely a good call there!

          When Hurricane Ike hit Houston back in 2008 it took down the entire North Houston grid. We were out in the Woodlands area and lost power for 27 days. Everyone was running generators – for about 3 days. Then the gas ran out.

          We were in a fairly low-crime, small town and people were still fighting at the gas stations. Full out fistfights.

          That was a TEMPORARY emergency. Now imagine a sustained event.

          It won’t take long for total chaos should something truly serious happen.

          Of interest: The Anatomy Of A Breakdown




          • We were in a fairly low-crime, small town and people were still fighting at the gas stations. Full out fistfights.

            I saw this on 9-11. People where lined up for miles at the two gas stations in our little town. People were even trying to face off with the cops. You are Correct things will get very bad very fast in a true Crisis!


            • I store about 35 Gallons of extra gas.. And a few other gas cans for lawn mowing, trimmers etc. Remember to use this additive PRI-G for gas and PRI-D for diesel, Will keep gas good up for several years.

              I rotate my gas out about every 6 months. Just like Silver buy Gas on the dips in price too. Rumor has it Obama may open up the National Strategic Reserves to dump more oil into the already glutted market to drive gas priced down before the election, to try and help get the Witch elected. We’ll see.


              • A great website to check for the cheapest gas prices in your area, go to: ht tp://www.gasbuddy.com just type in your zip code and hit enter..


                • Gas Buddy is showing $1.90 at a local BP station that I stopped at this afternoon and is $1.99. WTF ?

                  • TnAndy… Make sure you look to see if that is Cash price or Credit Card Price. You can also log into the site and update the price yourself for that station location. It is a participation website by users, that keeps it up to date. They may have also just raised the price this AM before you got there. And that too could reflect that the price is going upward. I found it to be pretty accurate in my area.

                    ~WWTI… That site also has a National Map Heat price chart to compare states and areas the prices are at.

                    • I found a place where you can buy 5 Gallon Jerry Gas cans. Back in 2010-11 when I started prepping they were like $49, Gemplers.com Looks like they now carry Briggs and Stratton $68.70 each.

                      $68 may seem like a lot to pay, but how much would you pay stranded out on the highway with all your preps in tow. I have 6 cans and can load them in the back of my vehicle. Which means with those 30 gallon with the 22 my vehicle tank holds that is 52 Gallons, times 20 MPG and I can travel over 1000 miles without having to stop to Buy Gas. See the value of Gas storage, say like in an emergency or evacuation?

                      For long term storage I prefer the metal Jerry can types over plastic. Seems the plastic expands too much when heated. I don’t trust them as much either. I store my gasoline and Kerosene metal cans in large pool side storage like bench box which locks and I have that hidden 50 yards out in my woods under some brush & camo’ed. I don’t like storing flammable liquids in my big shed with my tools etc.. I also have 6x 15-20Lb propane cylinders for cooking & heating. Propane will last a long time stored as well.

                      ~WWTI…The more you Prep the longer you can survive. Keep stacking!!

                    • So which is less? Cash only for me.

                    • Paying with Cash is Cheaper. Usually about .10 cents cheaper. The Station is charged a processing fee via credit card processing. So they advertise the Cash price discount.


                  • TN Andy, what part of the state? No issues reported in my area yet.

                    • Upper east TN

                    • I’m just south of Knoxville, our local station was out of everything except 87 and diesel as of this morning. Price was up to $2.09

                  • wow. ours is 2.15 in PA

                    • $2.02 in FL

                    • yesterday $2.09 here in my part of Ohio just the other day $1.99 as soon as word hit about a potential shortage it jumped who knows what to day will bring, I hope it doesn’t hit us here if these stations get the price back up over $3.00 it will probably never come back down

                    • Keep in mind, some come on this site and don’t even read the articles. It will take them a few days to figure out there is a shortage and wait until like Monday, then wait in long lines and pay a higher price maybe 30 to 50 cents more. Even if there is even any gas left. Sounds like something like eppe would do. We’ll see in a few days what he says..


              • I store six 55gal drums of gas, and nine of diesel, plus 300 gal gas and 250 gal diesel for normal farm use (may be anywhere from full to empty at an given time)

                • I’ll see your 6-55 gallon drums and all the rest and raise you 6 shaker siphons.
                  Stay quiet Be smart.

                  • Jacknife, all the newer vehicles have a block in the pipe going to the gas tank to prevent siphoning. ALL vehicles nowadays have PLASTIC gas tanks. They can be opened with a good strong fixed-blade knife or a cordless drill. I’ve seen both methods used on 2 tanks in a junkyard. Easiest ones to get to are full-size pickups and SUVs. Some POS can climb right underneath with a fixed-blade knife or cordless drill and do his thing as long as he has several gas cans handy. If I find one trying to do that to me, he’ll get the dirt nap.

                    • Bh you are saying steal gas that is dishonest.Not surprising coming from you.

                    • Relax, I was joking. The shaker siphons I usefor water extraction. The little stream in back of my house is too shallow to scoop water out so I put nylon over the hole for filtration and siphon water out that way. Boil the water in a big pot on a rocket stove made out of cinder blocks then pour it through a 10 inch cone filter. It’s labor intensive and somewhat time consuming but rest assured, the water is safe to drink.
                      Stay quiet Be smart

                    • Tacoma – “you don’t know how to Troll very well”

                      Goes something like this –

                      “Hey Tacoma – shut your fucking face before I release my ventilation team onto your ass — that’s right punk — me, myself, and my 2 big ‘ol fist.

                      First … I’ll stomp on your nutsack, and push you backwards, once you are down on the ground … I’ll slap those huge man-titties you have … then I’ll piss on your face and shit in your mouth!

                      Thats how you Troll – anything less … is not worth our time.

                    • Oh by the way, if you’re gonna steal gas, don’t waste your time on vehicles. When gas stations say they’re out, there’s still probably 40-50 gallons still in the underground tank. If you know anything about that, they’re very easy to get fuel from. If you don’t know, then learn, you’ll be better off. Stealing gas from vehicles will be fruitless. If you get some, it probably won’t be much, however the mess will make it not worth the trouble. If the grids down, go at night. 2 people should do the job. 1 to procure, 1 to pull security.
                      Stay quiet Be smart.

                    • A cordless drill on a gas tank. Stupid is. Can still throw a spark.

                      I would rather take a non-electric hand generated crank drill or use a punch and a hammer with a bucket. My tank has a metal plate under it to protect the tank,4WD so it would not be real easy to get to. Yep get some shaker hoses also, so you can set the can on your vehicle and with in a few minutes transfer 5 gallons effortlessly. Ever watch dummies try to use a funnel in the gas tank opening and have to hold up 5 gallons of gas in the air on the highway, while it dumps half of it on the road, than in the funnel? Hint: Gravity is your friend for free, use it.

                      Work all these kinks out now in your prepping, I built a high bracket where I can set the can in the back of my vehicle, fill the tank with a siphon hose on the outside, and you can’t hardly even see the hose go in the tank inlet. Maybe 6″ of it shows. You have to learn too do this stuff stealthy while on the road. You want a target on your back, and show every passing car you got 30 extra gallons of gas as you are dumping in pouring it in a funnel? Awww Hell No!!!


                    • I used to repair leaking (rusted) gas tanks by using the leaker hole as the entry point for a small sheet metal screw with a gasket usually about double the screw head diameter. Worked real slick. After the leak stopped I would sometimes degrease and rough up the close by area for a coating of epoxy to encase the whole deal. Reckon that same method would work on a damaged plastic tank ? <bb

                    • Dirt nap my ass. Big words from a little man.

                    • BH, J, T,

                      Great discussion. During Katrina I remember some of the folks referring to the siphon hose as a “Mississippi credit card”! Every car should have one. You never know when you’need one. If you can afford it, the ‘shaker siphon’ is a great little prepper tool that could truly save your life. One for water and one for fuel.

                      Louisiana Eagle

                • How do you get the drums to the gas station to fill them up? or do you transfer from smaller cans

                  • in Rural areas like here in upper Mich you usually can call and get a truck to deliver fuels like gasoline or dieasel. Priced same as pump prices too. Here they have a 100 Gal Minimum to deliver liqued fuels.

                    I have an old Furnace fuel oil tank, 275 Gal sized I use for gasoline storages. The truck drives into back yard area and fills my tank in a few minits.

                    I haven’t filled it recently though as its a huge hassle to get gas out with 5 gal containers and then transfer gasoline to truck or lawn mower etc.

                    plus it only lasts so long and goes stale.

                    I figure if things gets so bad gas aint avail…Everything else will break down fast also.

                    So I rather remain here safe at home surrounded by at least 30 other very Likeminded guys and neighbors than to try driveing to??? Just where exactly anyways if shtf so bad right?

                    I wonder if gas shortages will create new reason for BLM savage rioters to do a protest due to fact gas shortages means less ability to burn down another city eh?

                    Most are too stupid to realize they can substitute kerosene for gasoline when torching their own city down.

                    • TG, and then the savages will expect white peoples’ tax money to rebuild their homes after they’ve burned them down. Once they’ve burned their own homes down, that’s it, they should just remain homeless. If they try burning down someone else’s home or business they should just be shot and get it over with.

              • If she lives that long.

                • Tacoma, if you had read my post carefully, you would’ve noticed I’m not advocating any such damn thing. I only stated what I know can happen as there have already been some cases of it happening in my area over the last few years. Cordless drill method does carry some risk as WWTI stated. However, nowadays with the oil refineries putting ethanol in the gas I would say there’s LESS risk of a fire because the ethanol waters down the gas and makes it less potent. I run premium in both my van and the company truck. these newer vehicles won’t run worth a damn on regular. I frequently run injector cleaner and gas treatment because of the damn ethanol. Ethanol in fuel is one of the stupidest ideas anyone ever came up with. At least 40% of the entire US corn crop is designated for ethanol production every year. Corn was intended to be eaten, not to be used for fuel. I’ll take my corn ‘on the cob, with some butter.’

                  • We have a station that sells 100% gasoline. It costs more, but you see all the lawn services and boat people lined up every day buying gas there. That’s what I have put in my old pickup and also use for my old lawnmowers.

                    • Same here. The extra cost is worth it. Just only one station in town has it.

                    • Same here also–however yesterday one of the stations we use was totally out of all grades of gas.

                    • The ethanol eats the diaphragms and any other gaskets in the engine it comes in contact with. Pure gas extends the life of the engine. Always buy pure gas for your mowers, weed eaters, blowers, etc.

                    • The local Hardware store here and One gas station 10 miles away also sells 100% real gasoline. I think hardware store real gas is also still Leaded gas like
                      used to be. it Warns you to only use it in small mowers and chain saws etc.

                      But my 1999 F-150 ford truck owner manual states to Never try use of gasoline with greater than Unleaded regular octane levels…I think that means 87 octane level. Whatever is at the gas pump octane rated is what it requires…Manual says if I use Premium or mid grade truck will run crappy and may not re start!

                      but with my 2009 Z-06 Corvette I can NOT use any other gasoline but 91-octane or higher premium gasoline.

                      I get 93 Octane Shell Premium always and the vette runs great! 505 HP,LS-7 427 cu in, aprox 490 FT LBS Torque!

                      Zero to 60 MPH in 3.5 seonds flat! it feels like a F-16 fighter Jet upon Launch from a carrier Deck!

                      Maybe next fill up I will try Sunoco’s Premium which has one number higher rate octane at 94 octane level if I recall correct. See if that adds to the excitement eh!

                      One good thing is the Z-06 vette gets epa avg on sticker rate of 17 MPG city and 26 or 27 MPG Freeway speeds!

                      Not bad for a super car eh…GM did such great milage requirements job in design of it, that Zero extra tax for Gas guzzlers cars apllied to it when bought new.

                      That guzzler tax is like aprox $5,000 More aded to MSRP sticker prices! Even more yet on some vehicles.

                      I read that the new 2016 C-7 model Z-06 vettes now first time ever come with options for convertable top and auto trans if desired. But if you Opt to get the convertable top and auto trans it weighs more and the auto trans gets Less MPG so the epa has Now added a gas guzzler tax to it also…Just more fraud phony methods to get more taxes paid eh.

                  • BH you are a good fellow. tacoma is a fucking dumbass.

                    • Menzo, thanks for that. Tacoma is just another useless troll.

                  • No it doesn’t. alcohol mixes with water allowing it to be burned, but the gasoline stays separate. put some in a glass container and try it. Drilling a tank with a power tool is stupid, and ethanol/gasoline is still extremely flammable

                  • Vic, you sound like another useless troll. Wanna find out the hard way? Then bring it.

                • BB in GA—- You have sense.

                • I just checked the prices for apartments/rooms in my hometown (Delaware) and its unbelievable. rooms are TWICE the rate they were– doubled in one year. An apartment is over $700 but rooms are at least $600. Just greed! That’s all it is– almost makes me gag!! The last room I had there was $350/month for a room. following year ALL ROOMS IN THE AREA were $600/month. Also, everyone complains because all the foreigners have the jobs there (and the apartments!!) If you want a room, you have to call a Chinese person or Muslim and plead for a room. ALL low paying jobs (at motels– desk clerks, cleaning people, or at apartments– maintenance/cleaning– ALL are done by Hispanics. I saw this guy the other day and he said if he went back there it would be with a blow torch!! I said why? and he said because its reverse racism. And I realized he is absolutely correct. All the foreigners have the jobs. I can’t think of any gas station or 7-11 stoer there with white/black clerks… no. Its all foreigners– from Pakistan, china, wherever– but NOT americans!!! Disgusting!!!

                  • Basically, collapse is already here!! It just hasn’t gotten to you’ll’s level yet… yet.

              • Could you rotate more often and not use the additive?

                My method is to pull up to the gas pump near empty. Pour a gas can into the car. Then fill the car and the gas can. If you notice when the gas can has the same amount as originally, the reading on the pump should be what’s in the car. That way you mix 2 or 5 or whatever gallons of old with maybe 10-20 gal of new in your car.

            • Some have said how civilized the middle class is. Only until it’s in their suburban backyard.

            • Sgt. – I am also in a very low crime area and two days after Hurricane Sandy people were “fighting” over gas.

              But here’s what was actually happening:

              The bullies were out full-force taking what they could get the easy way and cutting in line pissing people off without a second thought. One of the local cops who lives on my street said in every incident one person initiated the trouble by cutting in line (or some other form of aggressiveness combined with entitlement behavior) and the other person was either putting the aggressive bully in their place and/or defending them self — that is not a fight — it’s a bully and a victim. Two VERY different things.

              I am sure you’d agree “fight” implies BOTH are to blame/responsible for the trouble and chaos, which isn’t usually or always the case. And when that happens (and it’s actually common) the bully gets away with starting trouble and the victim is held partly responsible.

              • Yeah, Jules, that happened with my daughter years ago– she was in line for an hour or so and this guy just cuts in front of her.. thinking he was going to take advantage of a skinny little female. Ha! he doesn’t know my daughter!! She was cursing, saying he was NOT going to cut in front of her– basically, fighting the bastard and giving him hell. and going in the store hollering… well, the bully lost… don’t mess with my baby! (I just need to get her to go take shooting lessons for the chaotic times ahead!!)

            • Yep. Saw this trash as a youngi’n back in ’73, queued up in mile-long gas lines here on the left-coast of the United states of disneyland.

              Fists and tempers were a ‘flyin.

              .. all the more so this time around the block.

          • Does anyone know if this will impact South Florida?

        • I’ll be filling up my gas cans tonight. However, with my 540 mile range on 10 gallons of gas, my Prius has me feeling more than a little smug right now…

          • Prius? So tell us how you get all your preps into a small Prius to Bug Out? lol You will feel real smug as you have to abandon 90% of your preps in a bug out evacuation. And you sure ain’t pulling no trailer behind a Prius. Show me anybody’s prepping plan and I will show you flaws and weaknesses. Not picking on you but this is the place to learn before SHTF, and get smarter. You don’t have to be the Smartest guy around, just smarter than 90% of the clowns out there with no plan.

            My BOL still has some weaknesses yet. Some things I need to get into place. Its a work in progress, so I get at it and make lists, and everyday I try to accomplish something more to be flawless. I went outside my property last week at night walking, and saw a glow coming from my living area. Turns out, it was the 2 inch Solar digital Volt meter readout light on the side of the unit that is mounted in a way, so I can see the battery charge voltage level, when looking out my window. That small green digital readout light shines up on the back of one of the solar panels which is white, and illuminates it with a green glow and can be seen from the dirt road outside my gate. Tomorrow I will attach some sort of light shield above the light to block that small light from shining upwards. And am attaching a camo screen on the frame on the panels to block that whiteness from behind. Every little bit helps to create a minimal visible footprint. Noise, light, sounds, talking, machines running, dogs barking, stereos/TV’s, all of that gives away your position and stealth-ness. Your goal is to be such a gray man, you become invisible.

            ~WWTI… In SHTF you want your mistakes to be very minimal or nonexistent. Prepare to live, or prepare to die.

            • WWTI, have hurricane lamps for power outages,Gen.etc.But in SHTF scenario have wire and 12v lights stashed,extra batteries,solar charging set up.Red bulbs close to the floor,also red doesn’t hurt your night vision.very low key!
              Maniac –out

              • LaManiac. That’s good. I have a few hurricane lanterns also. And 10 Gallons of Kerosene that will keep for a very long time..


            • At my old place I just used that flat green camo spray paint on the back of my panels. Use it all around the frames too. On my remote solar cam setup I painted the silver stripes and white part of the panel face with that plastic tool dip (black). It works good you would never see it.

            • Oh come on now… don’t tell me you only have one type of vehicle for one type of scenario? I have multiple vehicles that are used for different purposes! The Prius is my daily that I use for doing delivery work (it earns it’s keep), but it is also handy in scenarios where fuel is scarce or where I have to blend in and keep a low profile. Not every scenario requires bugging out. In fact, I wold venture to guess that you have NEVER ran into a real life need to bug out. Sometimes life throws you curve balls that are not the end of the world, but are still inconvenient and require a certain tool set to get through.

              As for a bug out location, well, I don’t have one yet. I don’t exactly make a big income and fixing my lack of formal education takes precedent over a BOL right now so that I can improve my income level. However, if I did have one, I would have most of the materials needed for survival stored at or near that location and would not count on dragging it with me for the sake of OPSEC.

              • WS,

                It looks like you have put quite a bit of thought into it. One of my colleagues just bought a beatiful BMW hybrid for some unimaginable price and seems to be quite happy with the fuel saving part of it. My daughter claims she will never drive a Prius, but you have given me an idea. Thanks.

                Louisiana Eagle

              • Winston, I have bugged out 4 times in 20+ yrs in Florida when Hurricane evacuation was called for to get to higher ground. Load up all your computers, etc, paperwork, valuables. Been there did that.. I have an enclosed Utility trailer now for moving more personal stuff, if needed. Including loading my vehicle to tow it.

                ~WWTI… Have a plan.

          • A Prius? HAHAHA! Did that thing come with PANTY SHIELDS? Screw the gas mileage…. Those things are death traps.

        • Not to rain on the parade or anything, but has anyone considered that this might be a false flag! One pipe has a leak and there is no more gas for the east coast..really? Grocery deliveries might be interrupted for a week or more while they “fix” the leak?…really?
          This event smells rather bad and it doesn’t smell like gasoline!
          It’s probably nothing…

          • Yup. My first thought on the first 2 sentences. Bull crap.

          • Sure have considered it – especially since Trump is ahead in the polls. Remember: They will do ANYthing to stop him.

          • I believe they shut the pipeline down yesterday.

        • Nashville almost completely out of gas; I suspect by tomorrow the mouth breathers will be eating each other.

        • Folks this is an article I am worried about from “The Insider” I subscribe to many news feeds because we know MSM is worthless.I have sent this to everyone I know and only heard back from ONE because everyone else thinks I am nuts for worrying about this stuff! The article is about an ICE agent who committed suicide in NYC and the letter he left behind. There are MANY troubling things in it but the last part is this: DATABASE OF PREPPERS

          The suicide note touches on the subject of “Preppers:”

          “We in federal law enforcement have also been told that the government has a full database of all so-called “Preppers.” Those people will be dealt with first — by armed federal agents coming to take their guns, then their food stocks, so food can be re-distributed as the government sees fit.”

          If the dead Officer’s claims about an unavoidable economic and banking collapse are true, would it then follow that the Executive Order put in place by Obama, might be activated? Would all of us find ourselves in forced labor, while the government takes OUR food and re-distrubutes it under the Executive Order’s paragraph about “allocating resources?”

          This is only the 2nd time I have posted here. Full name of article is: ICE Agent Commits Suicide in NYC; Leaves Note Revealing Gov’t Plans to Round-up & DISARM Americans During Economic & Bank Collapse. If anyone reads this or thinks if it fake please share as I am truly worried. Obviously I do not post just follow the comments, staying quiet and now probably more so!

          • AnonLady:

            If that suicide note story was any more unbelievable, It sounds like total bs. It isn’t what people do. They don’t write that type of suicide letter. And they don’t go to the ocean and shoot themselves. It’s crap to mess with people’s heads. There is something to be gained by those selling us products. But the government is more interested in keeping us living paycheck to paycheck; never getting ahead. And totally dependent on “the system”.

            If you are self employed. If you have your own source for food, energy, medical, etc., what do you need government for? Nothing. They are of no consequence. They are obsolete and irrevalent. Oops. There goes there power.

            TPTB do not want that. So, stories like this are an attempt to frighten people from taking care of their needs. If you don’t take care of yourself, somebody else has to do it. Then government can supervise. In other words, CONTROL.


          • Anon Lady, None of that is going to happen when President Trump takes office. He will make sure every household is armed.

            There will be a new Sheriff in town called TRUMP!

            ~WWTI…. The Cops better be prepared for a shoot out at every house they land on, at a preppers house, when they try to grab guns. Their life expectancy with be diminished greatly. That program will last about a half of the first day. When only about 50% grabbers return to the office at the end of the day. Funeral Biz will be booming.

            • That’s hilarious! Doesn’t matter who gets elected. There will be rioting and looting EITHER way… whether the orangutan wins or the crook/murder wins. Make sure your preps are ready now.

      2. . The cause of the leak has yet to be determined, according to the company’s most recent statement.

        Can we be seeing a test to see how the people will react?
        False Flag? or just bad break?

        This is simple don’t go anywhere stay home and work on your preps. Oh that’s right you didn’t prep. SUCKS to be you!


        • We filled our reserves last week. Whew. Now, to see what happens.

        • no false flag, yet… that will come as soon as TPTB realize Clinton is toast.

          another month

          • This gas spill may help the cause of the Standing Rock Sioux Indians up in the Dakotas protesting the Gas Pipeline that goes through their land and lake. They are protesting this pipeline in fear of a spill like this one, as it navigates by their main water source and lake for drinking water in fear of contamination and rightly so. Obama stepped in and shut the pipeline project down, until the matter is settled. Maybe they can reroute the pipeline? It goes from Stanley N. Dakota area to like Patoka IL area. A lot of other US Native Tribes have come to the Standing Rock area by Bismarck in solidarity to help in the protest. I think their claim is very legitimate. This is just more screwing over the Native Americans from their land. Been going on for hundreds of years with this BS.

            Standing Rock Sioux pipeline protest: Feds order work to stop despite court ruling
            Link: ht tp://www.al.com/news/index.ssf/2016/09/standing_rock_sioux_pipeline_p.html

            Remember Jeremiah Johnson (false name) with his Plume de’ tah, with 3 cats in the Mt, calls himself a Master food preserver? lol He was on here whining about having to put a water meter on his well, because he is tapping water out of the Native Indians water reservoir in his area. He tried to paint his problem as an Agenda 21 issue as he lied his ass of in an article here, which is total BS coming from the Liar. In reality, He is a common water thief and now is forced to pay his share of his water theft, with the rest of his neighbors. I saw he printed a similar article a few weeks back on another website using the same BS agenda 21 issue. It is not an Agenda 21 issue at all which makes him a liar.

            Something to think about when you choose land for a BOL, to know who owns the mineral rights, water rights, property rights, the air rights, Home owner association policies, permitting, zoning, all of that. What you can build or not build.


        • I had exactly the same thought! “This is a test…” Nothing would surprise me.

          • WTF, they don’t say where it’s leaking? Not a hazard to humans? 1/4 million gallons of gas spilled is NOT A HUGE PROBLEM? This is bullshit, it has to be a false flag or the hazmat teams would be all over the place. That would be an environmental disaster. I agree, it has to be a false flag to see reactions for when they pull the plug on us.

            • Oh almost forgot! I’m picking up 96 #10 cans of 6 year old freeze dried food for 400 bux tomorrow! Stored indoors in climate control! Thats just over 4 bux a can! WOOOOOT! I love it when I find killer deals 🙂

            • Genius, Did you know that just 1 part gasoline per million of water is considered contamination of surface water. That’s is what we were taught going through Haz Mat training on the Fire Dept back when. So 1 gallon of gas in a million gallons of water is the minimum threshold for contamination. So 250,000 gallons of Gas spilled is one hell of a spill.

              Of course the Spill Liars will underestimate the spill, the Government will down play it, the media will lie more and before you know it they are bathing in it, saying the water is fine come on in. We learned all about that in the Gulf BP spill. Lots of Liars out there.


              • Yep and fukashima too. Fuckin cover it up and downplay it and say “it’s all good, go back to your business”. But then it’s all part of the softkill agenda that attacks us from every angle. I stopped eating seafood after the gulf thing and fukashima. Too bad, I liked it a lot damn….

              • WHO. I live about 40 miles from spill.I saw on news where the heavy equipt was and expose pipe line. I could not see any evidence of a spill .No residue no nothing.So many people out of work and less demand for gas they have to do something to keep the price up.

              • The point is – ‘is there really a leak? or just a big fat lie?’

                Like some of the other ‘events’ there are too many missing things.

            • They are shutting down the exit doors.
              This should be a galactic size alarm signal to ‘RUN AWAY FROM NY WATER SECTOR’…
              Does anyone remember that one minute video?

            • There it is!

      3. Guess this means the knee jerk price of crude will jump $10 a barrel.

        • The pipeline carries refined product, not crude.


          Since you can’t get refined product to market through a busted pipe, that would cause a backup at refineries, so they’d need less feedstock. Crude price would (in free market theory) drop.

      4. In the event of a prolonged power outage, what would be the odds on the Government seizing solar equipment for power generation? The excuse(if needed) would be that some part of the Government will need it to promote the greater public good. By necessity, the solar panels have to be in the open to collect sunlight.

        The Government has become so corrupt that the ultimate destination of such equipment would be on the roof of the residence of someon in power.

        • The odds ? I’d say nearly zero. Who the heck are they going to get to cobble together components from used systems ?

        • The only solar they could seize from me would be a pile of shattered silicon if it came to that.

        • I’d shoot their asses over my panels too.

        • I’ve often wondered if that’s part of the reasons why tax credits are offered for solar systems.

          The Feds now have a huge database of people that have solar panels.

      5. I know little bout this specific other than 250,000 gallons have been lost. Thats roughly 6000 bbls, peanuts. With no fire to really make things difficult the pipeline should be back in service in 3 to 5 days max. The refining capacity which is about 70% gasoline is about 800K bbl day or thereabouts just around the Phila area. Take 70% of that and you have 560k / bbl day.

      6. This will fire people up and everybody will hit the gas stations all at once.

        • Just like the hoards at the store before a big snowstorm.

      7. Son of a Gun!! I was cruizin through some Ytube videos and I found Braveheart1776 trying out his new shotgun. :33 sec video.
        ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9umwdE8VoY


        • As soon as that poor man (not our Braveheart!) turned that thing up and tried to look down the barrel, I started shouting NO NO NO.

          He’s lucky to be alive. Hope he learned a lesson from that gargantuan error in judgement.

          • There are some people in this world that should not be allowed around firearms. That guy is one of them.

            • Rednek101, that might have been HCKS for all we know, LOL!

          • Grandee, LMAO. Thank you for that. I’ll look at that video later, but I promise I do have WAY MORE COMMON SENSE THAN THAT. On the other hand, a bleeding heart…..well, that’s a bird of another feather.

        • WWTI, I just found and finished watching that video. THAT’S IN YOUR DREAMS, MOFO. Maybe more like HCKS.

          • Brave, Just messing with ya. Thought I’d throw that up for a chuckle. No doubt that is one very dumb and very lucky guy, that he did not kill himself. I bet he also lost some hearing on that. Beware of Misfires, and never point the gun at anything you don’t want to kill, loaded or unloaded.

            ~WWTI… I have one of those dipsticks across the lake from me, who was shooting at a 10 ft alligator on my side of the lake, with .22 and the rounds were bouncing up through the trees, and over my Cottage while I was outside. I hear the rounds hitting the trees. I eventually went over and had a talk with the Old man. I think he is half senile. I told the other neighbor next to him, if he does that again, I will throw his rifle in the lake, after I wrap it around his eff-ing neck.

            • WWTI, LOL. OK, I know how to live with that. I actually thought of HCKS when I saw the video and yes, I DID get a good laugh myself. BTW, you had a neighbor shooting at a gator with ONLY a .22? He needs a shotgun and the gator needs to be on HIS side of the lake. You showed more self-restraint than I would have. If he’s that senile, he deserves to become a gator’s next meal. On the cordless drill on a gas tank, yeah that used to be more of a risk BEFORE the oil companies start putting ethanol in the gas. that shit waters down the gas and makes it less potent. Regular is the worst gas you can buy. I run premium in both the company truck and the van because they run better on that. there’s only a few places in my area that have non-ethanol gas and that’s what I have in storage and some Pri-G in each can. I won’t buy regular gas for shit.

      8. We topped our tanks off plus storage cans.

        News in TN says another pipeline has been opened. We’ll see if that helps or not.

        In 2008 there was a several week shortage here in mid TN due to maintaince at storage facilities during hurricane season. I remember picking up my grandson at a mid point gas station and EVERY pump was closed. No one was at the market. Erie. Also my brother wanted to come see me, but he could find NO gas in Murfreesboro, TN. He said, “This is America. This doesn’t happen in America.”

        He doesn’t prep either. He’s doomed.

        • Grandee, I saw this article 2 hours ago and went straight out and filled up six new 5-gallon gas cans I bought last weekend. I also added some Pri-G to each can. The last few minutes was the first chance I’ve had to post on this. No mention of this in my local media, YET.

          • You lie. You did not buy 6 5gal gas cans for gas last weekend. Liar

            • who assed YOU, tack(y)oma….how do YOU….KNOW what he did? yeesh

            • Tacoma, what’s your beef? How the f#$% do you know what I do or don’t do? And the gas shortage IS affecting middle and east TN. I’m in west TN so I haven’t heard of any shortages in my area yet. Our own governor has already declared an emergency over the issue. google it for yourself, dildo.

              • Brave,ignore the tacoma,we do not have the time to have inter forum fights.We as a country disagree on a lot of things,that said,we all better to best of ability learn who are enemies are(sometimes ourselves!)and figure out what we have in common and be willing to work for/fight for what we all can agree on.

                Enuff trolls/troublemakers on the site,lets ignore em!

          • Reason it was not in your local media it does not affect Tenn. Dumb Arse

            • People in America – do not use the word “ARSE”

              Only dipshits in the UK/England & surrounding titty sucking leaches in that area uses the word ARSE.

              Troll elsewhere … Foreigner’s such as you … are not welcomed.

              • Not a foregigner ass hole not a troll you big fist idiot.go look in the mirror you will see a real troll.

                • Tacoma sleeps with a j*w.

              • FTW, it sounds like Tacoma is losing his touch. He used to troll better than this. he’s just another dickhead who depends on that stinkin ‘tribe’ for a paycheck.

                • i’m just glad they out themselves so easily.

          • Brave, Order the shaker hoses to siphen the gas into your tank, I think you can get those also at Gemplers dot com.


            • WWTI, I’ll check out Gemplers. Thanks.

              • Didn’t I say I have no use for Tacoma? OK, just checking.

          • Brave.. eppe is going to chew you out. You read some intel on here and acted on it. He says thats dumb.. eppe did not buy any gas today, because he never reads the intel, in fact he wants to see how low he can get driving on fumes in the burbs all on the grid. No backups, no spare gas, no guns or BOL. Soon his wife and kids will be leaving him because he was all talk and failed to prepare, and thinks its stupid to act on what you read here.

            I too topped off my vehicle and spare gas can for the lawn tractor on Saturday. Good to go!! Keep on prepping, good job.


      9. Okay 250,000 at 20 gals per car is 12,500 cars in a day. Of the 50 million people that are impacted. How much is 12,500 cars in comparison. How can there be such a loss in capacity. Sounds like chicken little. And seems to be following someone’s agenda. They can’t find the leak of 250,000 gals. I can see my car leaking a drop of oil. Wtf is this ?

        • panic

      10. I did not want a lot of gas sitting around because of considerations about fire and explosions. I’m a little bit freaked because of past experiences.

        But I realize now, at least I need to store four or five five gallon and two gallon canisters just in case. If I had them on hand, I could rush out and fill them at the first sign of danger. I should always have at least one small canister filled at all times. I’ll get on it ASAP.

        Signing off captain…


        • you can always trade an ounce or two of that gold you been “hoarding” for a gallon of gas….sarcasm off.

      11. Not uncommon.

      12. Just got gas. Price way up since this morning and a $20 limit. Not on the radio news yet, which they probably wouldn’t do on a Friday afternoon.

        • Susie, uh, what region?

        • Susie the accident happen on about 40 miles from where i live. No shortage here

      13. Most people with gensets would be better served to only run them for a couple hours a day, during which you have it do all the heavy lifting; well pump to top off above ground water needs, run freezer to get better re-frozen, washing machine, heavy power tools, AC in that one bedroom right before bedtime, etc., and also always be re-charging all those batteries you’ll be using for everything else for the next 22 or so hours till genset back on again. Fuel will last then weeks, not days, genset less wear & tear, and opsec quieter for more of the day/night now.

        • Im working on converting one of my gas engines to steam power. and its already hooked to a generator. a simple modification of the camshaft and a 4 cycle engine will run on steam. Im thinking a rather large boiler. That way I can use several engines off the same steam source. one to pump water, another to run a buzz saw and the generator all at the same time.

      14. Antioch,TN a suburb of Nashville, Shell station out of premium gas and next grade gas. Mapco out of regular.

        Holts Corner between us and Nasville out of all grades.

        Popcorn time !

        Nashville news stations doing stories already.

        • Our local Shell went from $1.89 yesterday to $2.49 this afternoon.

          • There is a state law in FL that Gas Stations cannot raise Gas prices any more than .10 cents per day. As they were caught price gouging in Hurricanes, back in 2004. They also have made it mandatory that Gas Station located right off Highways need to have a backup generator so the Pups will keep on working during a power outage. As Highways will be used for evacuations. All makes sense to me. Grandee, not sure what state you are in, but you all need to file a price gouging lawsuit.


            • Pumps will keep on working during power outages.

            • southern middle TN

      15. just saw the info and want to thank you ! im good to go

      16. Just wait for the ebt cards to go down. Full moon tonight , earthquakes and riots and wars and shît happens during full moons

        My bet is 8.2 Oakland USA quake tonight

        • CC, did you ever get to meet your biological family???

          • I’m going out to meet my birth dad tomorrow and flying up to Wisconsin to meet my mom the first week in October. Wish me luck man!!!

            • Luck be with you sir.
              It is srange what happens in our life.
              I often wonder where we are going as humanity???

              Deep questions…

              • May I divine?
                We do not know what the future will bring.
                But 20 years of preaparing makes sense now..

                • LMFAO!!! Good one.

                  • And always meet the neighbors before buying any property…
                    You could be living next to Buffalo Bill…

                    It puts the lotion on the skin…

                    • Buffalo Bill eh,could he perhaps make a few lamp shades?!

                    • After I posted that, I wondered if anyone would catch my pun.
                      You did, and early in the day too…
                      Hope you are doing well.
                      My adopted 3rd mom (80yo) has a tumor on her spinal cord, slated for surgery Monday morning. Scary shit.
                      I hope she pulls thru.
                      My wife is in her will, and she is very wealthy, I hope she makes it, but if she does not, things will change drastically.
                      Life is strange.
                      Life is like a box of chocalates, you never know what you will get…

                    • I let Lt Dan take care of the Bubba Gump money, and he he invested in some kind of fruit company, now I am a gazilionare.
                      Now all I do is sit back and watch the world go around…

                      Make friends with that lonely person eating at Waffle House, he/she could be a multi-millionaire with no one to give it to.
                      Got a few of them.

                      Lots of boomers out there with wealth, looking for a person who will care for them when none are around.

                      Being a lone wolf has its disadvantages.

                      I have many boomers in my clan…

                    • It can take years to learn enough about neighbors and even then, almost 100% of the time, they aren’t any good – mostly due to snooping, wanting things fixed for free, small wasteful idle talk, glazed eyes when informed about chemtrails, etc.

                      We are in the midst of a zombie outbreak and I try to avoid them at all costs.

                      I barely have any neighbors and even that’s getting on my nerves.

                      Now, “PUT THE FUCKING LOTION IN THE BASKET!” Hahaha!

                    • We have an uncle Lee, who ran the GM plant in Doraville plant in Jawja for years.
                      He has dementia, and is loaded with cash.
                      My bro in law has helped in his finances for a few years.
                      We are in his will also.
                      One never knows where life will take you,but making close friends can be an advantage in the outcome of your life…

                    • Hermit, you are speaking the truth, I admire that. But if you meet the neighbors early, look at how they live, it speaks volumes.
                      If they live in a junk yard, consider that.
                      If they keep up a property, consider that.

                      Just make sure they are worth living beside.
                      Does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that.
                      Be well all…

                    • Eppe,later posts won’t let me reply? Had a rich uncle that passed away a few years ago,no kids,left millions to the S.D.ZOO ,hell don’t give it to me but someone in the family!
                      Of course he was a tree hugger,lol!
                      I laugh about the yard shit,you live by me,lol!My yard looks like romper room that’s been hit by a tornado.1\2 ac. Boats campers,wood,fire and building material,metal,water barrels,etc.Don’t forget 4 trucks and 4 wheelers,my kids hunt and fish as I do and taught them!
                      No you probably wouldn’t choose to be my neighbor,hmm ,food for thought!
                      Maniac –out

                    • LaManiac, never said that I would not live beside a junker, but if I bought 100 acres next to them, would not be a problem.
                      But I would meet, eat, drink a few to make sure they were not Buffalo Bill.
                      I hope you and all to do well, where ever you live…

                    • Typical slacker, lazing living off his wife’s inheritance. Already adding up the free loot. I guess setting your standards really high to supervisor of cable TV installation is your Great White hope dream eh? day dreaming about inventing diamonds, waiting for your family to die to collect some inheritance money. I bet your wife leaves you cause she’s got her own money now. So eppe, tell us your Biggest accomplishment in your business life job. Did 5 installs in one day? what is it?


            • How exciting! Have a great reunion with both of them!

      17. I wonder if they really have the leak under control and are exaggerating this situation, a ploy to raise gas prices.

      18. Nothing on any MSM sites about this incident at this time. No surprise there.

        • It happen only about 40 miles in Shelby co from where i live. The reason you do not know is you cannot shut your mouth long enough to research.

          • Everybody here is surprised that you can speak at all … considering all of that cock’N balls in your mouth!

            Not happy with your life Troll? … shoot yourself

            Best honest advice that anybody can give you! ツ

            • Coward.I do not consider it any of your business.You blocked out repy on another statement i made. if you think your big fist can can make a difference bring it bro.I am not a troll you maybe dumb arse.Either back up your statement or keep your mouth shut to me unless i speak to you . Understand.

              • Tacoma thinks he’s a badass. yeah, right! Did I see a pig flying just now?

            • happy with my life. why do you not try to do the shooting yourself.

            • FTW, that IS good advice lol.

            • FTW, Tacoma is a piece of work, isn’t he?

          • Tacoma, how about putting a lid on it? I HAVE researched it already. I’m not so sure it will affect my area since we have a refinery here. So STFU your f#$5in self.

            • Tacoma I don’t know how you manage to get through the blockade. HCKS/MAC bans anyone that says anything about Macs little lapdog.

      19. the spill was 250,000 gal of gasoline the pipeline carries as much as 57,000,000 gallons per day, so yea this could impact gasoline supplies for a bit.

        Gee, i wonder what happened to the pipeline?

        Better yet how did they not know that they had a leak sooner?

        • It is quite impossible that they do not know what happened. That in and of it self is a red flag. Interestingly consider that if TPTB want to allow some sort of event to take place then smaller events would have to be covered up ? Remember the transformers in Kawleefornya about 2 or 3 years ago that were destroyed by rifle fire ? That was covered up rather quickly as well even though it was clearly a test.

          • heard the pipeline was built in the 1960s.

            Infrastructure maintenance ?

        • “Better yet how did they not know that they had a leak sooner” if it was deliberately done they would not know until it happened ?

          The problem now is that we cannot determine what the truth is of anything or any event, only that it happens and sometimes that is not even the truth, like some of the supposed school shootings ?

      20. Think about what would happen when our 3-day to 14-day system of credit seizes up. There is not one single consumer or industrial use good that does not get to its end user without going to market via truck/rail/both. The seller of those goods needs to know that the buyer’s money is good, which is where those 3 to 14 day intermediaries come in. Without them, you will see shortages beyond your wildest imagination.

      21. Braveheart,
        NE GA mountains. Had to go to ATL and back today – so saw a lot of gas stations!

        • Susie, NE GA is wonderful country. Not too far from my family and BOL.

      22. Local sheetz out of all but premium grade. Noted cheapo gas at Walmart is 0.13c higher than this morning.

      23. After Sandy lights out for 2 weeks. Put on my aux system. Runs on gas or propane. Went out after and watched the lines, and the fights. It’s nice to be ready. and prepped. It’s a pain to rotate gas but more of a pain to not be prepared.

      24. KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT/CNN) — According to CBS-affiliate WTVF in Nashville, Governor Bill Haslam declared a state of emergency for Tennessee to ensure uninterrupted supply of fuel in Tennessee.

        Emergency Declaration Made To Avoid Petroleum Supply Disruptions
        Nashville News Channel 5

        We are all to keep to our regular driving schedules and gas purchases. Yeah right.

      25. Grandee, our Memphis CBS-affiliate WREG is now carrying that same article. No shortages in my area at this time. Glad I found out when I did.

      26. Glad I don’t live on the east coast area affected. Living on the Texas Gulf Coast where most of the nation’s refining is, we are currently paying $1.79 a gallon at the Exxon near me. I ALWAYS have 65 gallons of gas stored and my truck has an extra 92 gallon diesel tank giving me a total of 120 gallons of diesel onboard. I never let the truck get below 80 gallons. With full tanks, I can get almost anywhere in the country without having to fill up. Even if pulling my RV, I can get 1500 miles. People that have prepped shouldn’t have a problem with a week long shortage of gas.

        • nice video, grandee.
          I hope Monsanto and/or Bayer never find out where those seeds are stored.
          Drone strike.
          Sorry for the cynicism, can’t help it!

        • That is great. How did you find that?

          • I wander alot in cyber space. I think it’s called The Great Big Story and it shows up on CNN or FOX sometimes.

            Those two are good for something on occasion.

      27. There will be plenty of gasoline for a higher price, just none at the regular price.

      28. Called kin folk when I saw the story,Huntsville Al. stations already running out as of 3 pm.Hold on tight,be smart!
        Maniac –out

      29. The enthol blended fuels have a shorter shelf life I’ve heard.
        Extra (treated) fuel is always handy to have.
        Depending on where you live, a bicycle may be an asset. And a pull behind cart for it.
        Was it a created fuel shortage? A accidental on purpose line break? $$$$

        • Jimbob 327, if anyone in your area has it, get some NON-ETHANOL gas to keep in storage and use some Pri-g in each can. My vehicles and small engines run really good on that and it does last longer. Ethanol waters down the gas and leaves it less potent. I’ve had to run a lot of gas treatment and injector cleaner in it to deal with moisture issues.

      30. 3 days for gas shortages = 3 days for food shortages. If I lived on the east coast, I’d be buying a few months supply of each in addition to what I already have. Go RIGHT NOW don’t wait!

      31. Good looking out I will go top off the truck in a bit. I used to deliver gas and it comes in a ship here to the port and is pumped into tanks. A tanker truck can hold up to 11,000 gals. 250,000 gals isn’t that much really. Gas practically evaporates out of the delivery hose as soon as you put the hose on the truck. Is it more profitable for the oil industry to pay for a clean up to be able to up the price of gas by say 50 cents a gal I think so. Oops we have a bad spill gonna have to clean that up since we lost all that fuel and had to pay a cleanup were gonna have to raise the price of gas. don’t think they wouldn’t do something like this. A cleaning bill is nothing compared to the profit they can make. For all we know the Arab oil could’ve went up and they did this to raise prices to stay profitable. Instability means profitability.

      32. had to do something to spike prices

      33. Argh. Got complacent. Checked status of fuel in storage – 2, 5 gallon containers empty. Ugh. going out in the early AM to get replenished before the Saturday stupids get up.
        And yes, according to the news feeds, it’ll affect Virginia as well…dunno if it’ll affect NoVa but ain’t taking the chance.
        Be well. Stay safe.

      34. Note to Braveheart: if this “gas crisis” grows and starts to spread rapidly like the winter flu, please consider bugging out a lot sooner to your BOL.

        This story makes me think of the Mad Max films, with present day life possibly about to imitate art. I say “possibly” because we just do not know.

        Myself, I refuse to panic. Best to prepare as best one can. For example, I will “listen” to the weather folk and their “forecast”, and I will prepare for what they say, but I won’t be 100% “expecting” it because that’s just a waste of energy.

        With this particular story, I will do what I can. If nothing happens, then nothing happens. If something does happen, well I was about to switch out the aging gas in the cans anyway.

        Note to everyone: pay attention to patterns, meaning, if this kind of thing starts to occur around the country, then you know the “chess players” are trying to cause “checkmate” = paralysis of the masses. The same goes with power outages, whatever they cite as the “cause”. Charge up your rechargeable batteries while you still got power. Already did? Then check to see the charge left.

        Also, Dave Hodges at the commonsense show dot com has been reporting all week on verified reports of Chinese soldiers in various locations around the country.

        Are they, along with the Russian soldiers already spotted here, going to be implementing gun confiscation?

        Of will they be “regulating” our upcoming presidential election?

        Keep your heads on a swivel, everyone, keep preppin’, and don’t forget to pray every day and likewise get right with Him every day.

        God bless you all.

        – the Lone Ranger

      35. Lone Ranger, I keep plenty of extra gas treated and in storage for exactly that purpose; i.e. ‘bugout’. I saw those reports at Hodges’ site this morning. yes, I believe they’ll be at the forefront of attempted gun confiscation. There’s gonna be a lot of dead Chinese and Russians buried in our soil before it’s all over with. No surrender here. Take care.

      36. Just went and filled up my car. Plenty of gas and no price change yet in Mayfield Ky. Hardly anyone knows about this, if the story goes viral and there is a real supply shortage things will heat up tomorrow, as people panic supplies will dwindle rapidly. If it last more than 2 or 3 days things will get very interesting. Already have stored fuel so I don’t really care. This just goes to show you how incredibly fragile or system is.

      37. In my case, I went overkill. I bought four five gallon metal cans that are designed to be safer than the plastic ones. I store them in a special metal cabinet along with other flammable substances. I use fuel stabilizer and rotate the gas in the cans. As soon as I am down a quarter of a tank, I add more from one of the cans. I then refill that can. Gasoline goes bad over time, so rotate them to keep the gas supply fresh. It is a lot of trouble and cost, but I feel better prepared.

        • Brian, I also number my 6x 5 Gal Jerry Cans. And keep a log of what date I bought the gas and the price for each can, in each can. Helps in date rotating.

          ~WWTI… Glad to see you all read this fear porn as eppe calls it, and acted on it. Keep prepping. Ignore naysayers. They will get slammed first. in SHTF.

      38. Just a thought.

        Wouldn’t a gas shortage along the east coast kind of distract and redirect the attention and focus of much of our nation AWAY from a recent “health incident” that occurred on the 11th earlier this month? It’s not as though distractions and redirections haven’t occurred almost predictably as soon as some scandal in or close to the administration since 2008. Just long enough for them to “fallback” and regroup. It has been disturbing how often that has happened and afterwards, the scandal is magically erased from the media and forgotten by the people.

        I worked in a gas station in The NYC Metro Area during the gas shortages in the ’70s. Weekends – I held the 12 hour 2 day shifts alone. A FULL SERVICE station. It was beyond intense. Gas lines at all pumps that went as far down the street as I could see. We were the only station open on weekends for miles in either direction on that busy road. To be sure, I saw some very ugly and disturbing behaviors that were atypical compared to what was normal. I would bet a similar scenario NOW would be exponentially worse.

        Bad enough to make people forget about a candidate who recently had “health problems” (I thought the new “affordable health care act” was going to eliminate all those pesky health problems…….!).

      39. Well,topped off the vehicle,try to never go below 3/4 tank.I have plenty of cans full and rotated stock out about a month ago so good to go.I saw same prices as all week at station I hit when working this region in New England,on that (% belt they talked about so time will tell.

      40. no problem in my area yet, unfortunately due to opsec I cant say where that is

      41. Holy cats, people! Am I EVER glad I live in “upstate Wisconsin” with 20+ years of prepping behind me. I will not stop piling it away EVER. I cannot imagine living in an urban or suburban area and having to bug out.

        • NW Cheryl, Go Pack!!! Yep smart people up there in Wisc. Many have snow machines to travel in the winter if necessary.


      42. This leak is crock! They don’t know where the “leak” is, is crock.

        Do you realize that computers identify the leak and show EXACTLY where any and all leaks are. If there is or are any leak at all. I know this as fact.

        Also, a member of my family designed such a computer program for his wife’s family who are major food supply farmers in the Midwest.

        Don’t let these pricks tell you that they don’t know where the leak is. THEY KNOW.

        I’ll go further to state that I’ll bet there’s no leak at all. They want to create the faux pas of a gas shortage to create a deliberate food shortage. Let’s see, could it be a ritual chaos event done on the full harvest moon last night? I’ll bet.
        Today is the 17th. They love that number too (numerology).

        I was waiting since yesterday for them to pull something.
        Apparently, this is it.

        Where are the investigative journalists and detectives? Go snoop around and uncover this lie.

      43. More useless fear porn stories. What a waste of a good website.


        • It’s 12 hours later from your post and there is no gasoline in my town/county. Nearly all stations are shut down or rationing.

      44. Just filled my tank, price jumped 10 cents between last night and this morning! Heads up, people. I should have gone last night, but was at a meeting and didn’t find out til I got home at 9 pm. But I have it now. East TN.

      45. I smell a very big rat(s).

        Deliberate faux pas chaos to interrupt the food supply and to declare fraudulent states of emergency.

        Let’s see….there was the full (HARVEST)moon last night and the supposed eclipse and today is the 17th (one of their favorite numbers. Oops and tmrw is the 18th, 666 (3 x 6 = 18, which is the hidden 666.

        In short, I don’t believe there is a leak. Or at least one that can’t be fixed in a matter of 1/2 a day.

        They don’t know where the leak is? That’s crap. It shows on their software EXACTLY where the leak is.
        Fact. My brother designed such a program for his father-in-law who is a huge bread basket of America farmer who has underground sprinkler systems to water the crops.

        lol We are being lied to. IF there is any leak at all, they KNOW where it is. An alarm goes off too and it flashes on the screen exactly where the leak is located.
        They see it.

      46. I smell a very big rat(s). Don’t believe this baloney.

        Deliberate faux pas chaos to interrupt the food supply and to declare fraudulent states of emergency.

        Let’s see….there was the full (HARVEST)moon last night and the supposed eclipse and today is the 17th (one of their favorite numbers. Oops and tmrw is the 18th, 666 (3 x 6 = 18, which is the hidden 666).

        In short, I don’t believe there is a leak. Or at least one that can’t be fixed in a matter of 1/2 a day.

        They don’t know where the leak is? That’s crap. It shows on their software EXACTLY where the leak is.
        Fact. My brother designed such a program for his father-in-law who is a huge bread basket of America farmer who has underground sprinkler systems to water the crops.

        We are being lied to. IF there is any leak at all, they KNOW where it is. An alarm goes off and it flashes on the screen exactly where the leak is located.
        They see it.


      47. THINK ABOUT THIS…. Tacoma said he lives close to the spill and didn’t see anything. Remember all the food recalls? Beef? Chicken. Flour. What if they are taking all these things to their bunkers. Now a gasoline spill? Be serious

      48. Hey everyone…I am south of Nashville and all of the gas stations are empty along I-65 all the way to Nashville. I had to go into Nashville this morning and I stopped all along the highway to try and fill up and got the last bit of gas at a Love’s truck stop. A lot of people were angry and getting upset. I don’t have a good feeling about this situation.

      49. What a total bunch of morons that comment here. Go rob your local gas station…right; drill a hole in someone else’s gas tank with a cordless drill….right; use a punch and hammer instead of a drill….right; and on and on. All of these are a sure way to either get arrested or burn yourself and anyone stupid enough to be around you to a crispy critter. How bout just staying a law-abiding good citizen and offer your neighbor, friend, relative, etc. a ride to work or the store. The article sucks just as bad as the author keeps talking about a ‘gas’ line which normally would mean a ‘natural gas’ line or a ‘liquid propane’ line. If you mean ‘gasoline’ just say gasoline. Damn, talk about a dummed-down Obama/progressive/lib population. Disgusting!!!

      50. ht tp://wkrn.com/2016/09/17/middle-tennessee-gas-stations-begin-to-see-dip-in-supply/

        With a major Alabama gas pipeline shutdown for an eighth straight day, Middle Tennessee gas stations have begun to see a significant dip in supply.

        Dozens of stations in middle Tennessee were without gas Saturday morning. Stations that did have gas were experiencing long lines as customers waited to fill up.

        The Kroger on Franklin Pike in Berry Hill sold out of gas at 2 p.m. on Friday.

      51. The shortage is partially artificial. If there was no pipeline break and every person went and filled up, the gas stations would go dry, all their gas would still exist but be in a lot of small tanks instead of a few large tanks.
        If every one goes to buy .22 ammo and some pigs buy a huge amount then there is a shortage there too.
        Think before you act.

      52. I remember the early 80’s and gas lines. Try to keep your tank topped off above 1/2 if you can Sometimes late at night!

      53. Another shot by obama’s regime to get the prices back up for his muzzie brethren.

      54. the democrats are hell bent on stopping fracking, destroying coal prduction and generally driving up the cost of gas for cars and coal for electricity production. This show how imnportant fuel and preferably reasonable prices fule is to america. Democrats want the rest of us to be walking or riding bikes as they ride in thier gulfstream jets and limosines .

      55. No more gas here in my small town USA (TN).

        All gone.

        Some folks worried how they’ll get to work on Monday.

      56. Here in my part of Ohio gas prices have been pretty stable but recently I noticed some stations have started to creep their prices up around a dime at a time, I always try to keep 15 to 20 gallons on hand so when we get a good deal we fill our tanks from the cans and replenish our supply with fresh I just did it last week, I do have to wonder how a pipe line becomes severed? and if the leak was that great why someone didn’t notice it sooner? don’t they monitor pressure and flow rate and wouldn’t you think someone would have notices that big of a change? then you have to ask isn’t there some emergency shut off devise in place just in case something like this happens and if so why wasn’t it used as soon as the leak was noticed? something here sounds a little fishy like someone is intentionally trying to drive up prices, disrupt fuel flow and draw negative attention to pipelines with all the protests over building and using them this would be just another nail in the negative side of pipelines and an edge for protesters

      57. Completely gone, that’s pretty bad.
        Is the national news covering this at all?

      58. Boy did i just learn a lesson.

        I usually keep ten 5-gallon cans on hand and rotate them. I wait until I have 3 empty cans then fill up the cans and my truck then use what’s in the tank and then go into my stockpile until I have 3 empty cans again. It’s worked for years.

        Then stupid me, I wasn’t paying attention to the news this weekend while doing stuff with the family. I was down to four empty cans and a 1/4 tank in my truck.

        I stayed in line for an hour this morning and filled up my tank and 3 cans. I was expecting someone in line to complain no one did. I wouldn’t have blamed them. To be kind I only filled 3 cans and not all 4.

        Now I have a full tank and 45 gallons in my stockpile. Every station around me is now out of gas.

        While I don’t think this will be a major event, I’ll sleep better.

        P.S. My wife told me that she saw long lines at the pumps last night and forgot to tell me. Really? Ghezzz!

      59. Raleigh, NC area is running out completely. I don’t expect there will be any anywhere around Raleigh in the morning. Surrounding towns of Raleigh are already completely out of gas. No gas, no delivery trucks will be running by Tuesday if fuel stations are not seen to be getting provisions of fuel. This will escalate dramatically by about Wednesday and then panic will set in. You have through tomorrow to get stocked up on supplies. Watch closely for fuel deliveries (I don’t expect there will be any because there just aren’t enough trucks to supply the need) and take action as necessary. He who takes evasive action first (not panic) will be in the best position to possibly ride this one out.

      60. Here, just southeast of Nashville, TN, our filling stations have been out of fuel since Saturday, 9/17/16. Our local police were dispatched to handle immense traffic jams and potential violence as drivers attempted to cut into backed up lines. Lesson: be prepared.

      61. I am from Florida and travelled to Murphy NC for vacation and saw this article before I left. I filled up in Macon GA no problem but every gas station I’ve seen in the small towns in NC are out. I overheard a conversation on where some may be and drove 15 miles away to fill up. There is a real problem and I’m shocked the msm is not covering this more.

        • i’m shocked at VERY LITTLE of what the MSM reports on…i guess i’ve become comfortably numb.

      62. Here in north metro-Atlanta ‘burbs last night, most gas stations were out of fuel or were running out QUICKLY. I understand some stations that still had fuel, especially in downtown ATL, were charging $4/gal for what they had left. Hubby made sure both of our cars were full/topped-off earlier in the day, and both of those stations he’d gone to were closed/empty by last night.

        At my suggestion, he went out in the evening to buy two 5-gallon gas containers (among the last ones on the shelves at our nearest Home Depot) and fuel stabilizer and filled both containers just in case. During the evening trip, lines were already forming at the few stations that still had fuel.

        It’s been my intention to store some gasoline, but I haven’t gotten that far based on my current priorities…but this weekend it jumped (temporarily) to the top of the list. Because like many people have said, what if the pipeline DOESN’T get fixed this week for any number of reasons?

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