Earth’s ‘Big Freeze’ Approaches As Sun Remains Devoid Of Sunspots For Most Of 2018

by | Aug 30, 2018 | Headline News | 60 comments

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    Scientists believe that Earth could experience a “big freeze” as the sun goes through what’s known as “solar minimum.” During this time, sunspots are minimal and the globe could be in for a wicked cold snap.

    Scientists are reporting that the sun has been free of sunspots for a total of 133 days this year, according to The Express UK. With only 241 days of 2018 passing, that means the sun has been blank for the majority of the year. Experts continue to warn that this is a sign that the solar minimum is on its way. “The sun is spotless again. For the 133rd day this year, the face of the sun is blank,” wrote the website Space Weather.Solar minimum has returned, bringing extra cosmic rays, long-lasting holes in the sun’s atmosphere, and strangely pink auroras,” the website continued.

    The sun follows a cycle of roughly 11 years where it reaches a solar maximum and then a solar minimum. During a solar maximum, the sun gives off more heat and solar particles and is littered with sunspots. Less heat in a solar minimum is due to a decrease in the sun’s magnetic waves.  Our sun was not expected to head into a solar minimum until around 2020, but it appears to be heading in that direction a little early which could prove to be bad news for warm weather lovers.

    But a prolonged solar minimum could mean a “mini ice age.” The last time there was a prolonged solar minimum, it did, in fact, lead to a mini ice-age which was scientifically known as the Maunder minimum.  That little cold snap lasted for 70 years between the years 1645 and 1715. During this period, temperatures dropped globally by 1.3 degrees Celsius leading to shorter seasons and ultimately food shortages.

    “Low solar activity is known to have consequences on Earth’s weather and climate and it also is well correlated with an increase in cosmic rays that reach the upper part of the atmosphere. The blank sun is a sign that the next solar minimum is approaching and there will be an increasing number of spotless days over the next few years,” wrote a meteorological website called Vencore Weather.


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      1. Soooooo?????

        No more global warming? Now we have to worry about global freezing?


        I need a chart so I can map out what I am supposed to be worried about on what day.

        • I know that’s right. I’ve tried to prepare for many things but I’ve probably overlooked something. Staying warm has not been ignored though. I spend a lot of time on the firewood.

        • If earth does experience an ice age can we blame Al Gore for being so successful with his global warming gig? Apparently he stopped the heat so very well that now we will freeze. Way to go Al!

          • Naw, that was fake news. Gore still has plenty of profit to milk out of the bogus carbon credits he’s trading around! So he will personally guarantee plenty of heat to come!

        • Total BS Fake News.. The majority of the blocking of the sun is from massive daily airplane Chem Trails which block the suns light by Aluminum nano particles in the Jet exhaust which rain down on planet earth like a toxic killing machine. The Jet Fuel manufactures put these aluminum particles in the jet fuel to increase efficiency. So stop accepting the phony lies like sun spots gonna freeze the earth. Get the facts folks.

          • Respectfully, this is a “real thing”. We are not able to affect the number of spots on the sun by anything we do here on earth. Solar minimums also produce a lot more volcanoes and earthquakes – global warming does not explain the uptick in volcanic activity and earthquakes. There are 11 year cycles, and also 400 year cycles (roughly), and we have entered a 400 year cycle which will produce a (scientifically validated) solar minimum. This next minimum we’ve entered is called the Eddy Minimum. Look at past solar minimum history to discover what they affect. Adapt 2030 and Ice Age Farmer are both good websites to find more information about this.

          • “like sun spots gonna freeze the earth”

            exact opposite of what the article says.

            • Thinking clearly is obviously too difficult for some people. You tried.

        • Global cooling? It’s back to the 70s predictions.

      2. The global warming people are now calling it climate change. They are trying to use anything as an excuse to gain more money and power for themselves. And at the same time they are trying to squeeze every dime out of our pockets; push us into little mega cities or ghettos, and control all the lands in the USA (and the world). Who do you think (((they))) are????


        • The climate is changing. The POLES are moving, have moved. This affects wind patterns and ocean temperatures. The earth cycles and recycles itself over the millenia. We have moved into a much more active epoch.

          Buckle up. 🙂

        • Climate change according to its proponents can be identified by three different phenomenons.

          1. A rise in temperature

          2. A drop in temperature

          3. No change in temperature

      3. If we could just get congress to regulate the suns activity everything would be ok.

        • Maybe a carbon tax?

          Oh wait, they already have that.

          Solar tax, then.

        • It’s Trump’s fault. He’s racist because he banned all those spots on the Sun.

      4. Land around the equator is going to be the ideal location in an ice age. The warmest place on earth is a desert in California.

        Stock up on honey. It never goes bad. Store it in something sturdy. Plastic is not the healthiest thing. Overtime, it leaches out unhealthy chemicals. I like glass for a relatively short time. But titanium or maybe stainless steal for the long haul. Animals could chew through plastic.

        If there will be 70 years in an ice age, salt is still going to be used for flavor and for food preservation, but if there is cold, it will be easier. Just leave food in a metal box outside buried in the snow.


        • “Land around the equator is going to be the ideal location in an ice age.”

          Yeah if you know where the equator will be. The CHANGES that are coming will change the location of the equator, too. 🙂

          • If the present equator moves 1000 or so miles I suspect that the effects would be about as catastrophic as a major war and the resulting upsetting dynamics might just cause it.

        • Problem is honey is EXPENSIVE! Whole grains are cheap and last decades. Salt is cheap too. A metal box outside in the snow will rust away. One idea for storage is get a big plastic septic tank with a manhole extention and bury it. It will be cool, hidden, safe from critters, leakproof, hold a LOT of supplies.

          • Honey is worth its price because it does so many things besides sweeten foods. Here’s a link to some uses:

            If it crystallizes, just warm in hot water or you car in the summer and it will return to liquid.

            Be sure to get honey from a reputable source. The honey sold in the grocery store has had most of the good stuff strained out although it’s still better than commercially produced sugar. Try to get it from a farmer’s market or a local beekeeper for the best and likely the thriftiest source. Or you can get your own bees and hive; that way you can get the honeycomb as well.

            There are a few other insects that produce honey but the honeybee is the most prodigious.

          • Genius:

            Honey is antibiotic, antifungal, and loaded with vitamins. In a long haul like seventy years, I would want some for a quick energy drink. I had water with honey when I was twelve months old in my baby bottle. That was almost seventy years ago. And I ain’t about to give it up during the next seventy years for a measly little ice age.

            Besides, bee keeping is a way to mitigate the cost.

            _ that’s a good storage idea, a plastic septic tank


            • Home Depot sells them. Also large water tanks. i bought two 1000 gallon water tanks years ago. 🙂

        • Buried with a lock on it that bears can’t chew or rip thru. But in that case I will follow the early ancestors’ lead, and make bear rugs and bear jerky. Solves two problems at once!

      5. What happened to the great global warming hype?

      6. Hot in the summer cold in the winter. Oh Lord what we gonna do!!!

      7. Can’t make up my mind. I don’t like it hot and I don’t like it cold. Down in the deep south in the winter. Up north in the summer. Mama Bear weather. The best, if you can get it.

        • There are only two types of weather in Texas…. Hot and Shitty.

          • You only need to know 3 sentences to have a conversation in Texas…
            “Boy howdy”
            “Ya got that right”
            “I heard that”

            • You forgot the most important:

              “Hey guys! Watch this shit.”

              • Ya got the last one wrong. It’s “Hold my beer and watch this shit!”

      8. All the climate arlimist mis several things, First of all La Nineo and le nineo play alot into our weather, second the jet stream moves from north to south and vice versa blocking eighter hot air or cold air. Just think and it is a fact that the Vikings lived and farmed in Greenland over 1000 years ago. it wasn’t called Greenland because it was covered with ice, it was called greenland because it was green and you could farm the land. They all left when the climate changed to colder, now with the slight warming in the last few years they are finding all the old farm steads on Green land. During the 1500 hundreds there was a mini ice age in Europe and multi thousands starved to death. Back in the 1700s New Yourk and Boston harbours use to freese over and no ships could come or go. Climate changes but man doesn’t have any thing to do with it.

      9. Recently, farmers almanac predicted a teeth chattering winter for 2018-2019.

        Don’t know if they meant for only certain areas and not the entire u.s.

      10. Bring it!

        • I just left a customer’s house after replacing the fan motor in their second home’s AC airhandler in the attic. Its was 96 degrees outside and 130 degrees in the attic where the unit was. I could just about ring sweat from my T-shirt and jeans. They gonna love that bill.

          • ha ha ha, they will sweat worse than you when they see it!

      11. Mother Nature is going to do what she has done
        for millions of years.
        Humans have very little to do with it. Uumm…..BUT
        with electro magnets, microwaves, nuclear zaps,
        cloud seeding, chem
        trails, etc. etc.. China says THEY control the
        I’m changing my mind….only humans could screw up a
        perfect world!!

      12. Mother Nature is going to do what she has done
        for millions of years.
        Humans have very little to do with it. Uumm…..BUT
        with electro magnets, microwaves, nuclear zaps,
        cloud seeding, chem
        trails, etc. etc.. China says THEY control the
        I’m changing my mind….only humans could screw up a
        perfect world!!

      13. Oh no! More people flooding into Florida heading to 20 million plus population saying “this is not how we do it up north.” A former poor state turned into a Yankee gougefest of greed. Even the politics tainted beyond recognition. Welcome to Florida… Now go home.

        • Don’t worry, I won’t be moving to florida. I have the means to stay right where I’m at. I have lived most of my life in places that get sub zero, it aint no thing lol. When the goin’ gets tough, the tough go drinkin’!

      14. There are more than one solar cycle. The best known is the eleven-year cycle which is the shortest. Other cycles run decades and some even centuries. The sun changes over time and is the major determinant of climate and not human activity. Carbon taxes and credits mean big money with a possible trillion dollar carbon credit market. Climate warming is political. Climate change based on carbon dioxide levels is political. Climate change based on solar cycles has a basis in science. When the grand solar minimum starts, how bad it is, and how long it will last are being debated. It is hard to say this without sounding like Chicken Little or Al Gore but I believe it is coming soon.

      15. This is really gonna piss off Al Gore!!
        on the subject of Global warming
        I have said many many times – its the Sun stupid – always has been and always will be. I called out that we are on the cusp of a mini ice age and I was summarity called an arrogant dope.

        i am not fond of my fellow Human beings – Its not that I think I am smart, I am NOT I just believe no man alive or dead is/was smart. We are still a very primative specie.
        We do not even know the questions to ask about the enormaty of what is unkown

      16. Farmer’s Almanac predicts a very cold winter this year.

        • I predict that winter will be much colder than summer.

          • The forecast for tonight is that it will be mostly dark until morning.

          • There is a lot of dirt on the ground this time of year.

      17. No more of Fat Al gores glowbull warming? I was rooting for glowbull warming. I think warmer and wetter would be better.

      18. Global cooling will cause food shortages. A genius way to make more $ on food.

      19. We are Working on some underground tunnels right now from Denver airport all the way to Alaska. Problem with living and working underground is the depression of no natural sunlight. It’s impor to factor this into preparing for SHTF. I suggest a ceiling painted to look like the skyline and a fake ☀️

      20. It’s plain as the nose on your face that human activity can not affect sun spots so it will be interesting to see what the environmental alarmists will do and say next.

        The factors that affect our climate are more complex and varied than the chicken little’s Of the world will ever realize. Their agenda is something so sinister it defies imagination.

      21. Cosmic radiation is present all around us in the universe. An active sun keeps the cosmic radiation from reaching our world. The more sunspots, the more active the sun is. The sun’s activity runs in cycles. The most well-known is the eleven year cycle but there are others. Some are for decades and some for centuries. The sun influences our climate far more than what we human beings do. The more cosmic radiation that reaches our world, the more cloudiness and the worse the weather. The bottom line is that the grain-growing regions will be hit extra hard. Little ice ages of the past saw seaports frozen, famines, social disorder, etc. The little ice ages lasted for decades. When does it start? How long will it last? How bad will it be? These are the real questions. Man-made global warming/change is a scam!

      22. The atmosphere holds an amount of moisture based on the average temperature.

        Cool the entire earth and the snow and rainfall levels will be huge. Lots of flooding along with heavy snow fall.

        I visited a glacier, in New Zealand, it was summer and a cool walk, just wear a fall jacket. I couldn’t understand how this glacier could even exist, until I saw the snowfall stats for the mountain it came from. In the winter the mountaintop gets like 24 feet of snow annually.

        No doubt glaciers world wide will re-expand.

      23. Doesn’t anyone remember the *Time* cover story from 1977 warning about the coming ice age?

        • Yes. Looks like they were a little early! Hahaha!

      24. Satellites have widened our understanding of how nature works. Scientists understand the way our weather system and the sun works than in the 1970s. Weathermen speculated on the possible return of the mini ice ages but it was sheer speculation. The speculation seems to be on when it begins, how bad will it be, and how long will it last. Climate warming/change advocates will not listen. They believe it is the fossil fuel industry trying to distract the population.

      25. test test

      26. I’m sick of hearing this bullshit and anyone who believes NASA and it’s idiot mouth pieces must have a very low IQ.

        They keep banging on about this ‘Quietest Solar Minimum in decades while at the same time the Sun ejecting more CME’s than ever.
        (Coronal Mass Ejection)

        However, at the same time not a day goes by when we hear about weather related disasters like Floods, Quakes and other kinds of freak extreme weather the likes we have never seem before.

        And what indeed causes these bizarre Weather Patterns?

        Yep… Extreme Solar Activity!

        Quiet Solar Maxim my arse. This is more Fake News so the question you should be asking is… What are they trying to cover up with this particular lie?

      27. The time is now for nuclear fusion power. It’s not so expensive or far away as the MSM is always telling us.
        Spend some time on the site. It’s worth it.

        Just remember that the planet has spent most of the last 500 thousand years in ice age condition with only 5 brief (relatively) periods of warming to current conditions. We’re now on the back side of that last warming spike.

      28. Hi Bob here it’s snowing already in Montana WAY ahead of usual. I believe this stuff. Global warming is a hoax so Goldman Saacs can making money off carbon credits. For the last 5 years the winters have been atrocious up here.

      29. Oh well it would be better to be too cold rather than too hot, you just cannot keep taking clothes off to cool down rather than adding more clothing to try and keep warm….so would this mini ice age lower the sea levels rather than increase them?

        And I remember the talk of a coming ice age from the 1970’s….

      30. If you study history, anthropology, medicine, and bushcraft and then compare the transition of hunter-gatherer societies to agrarian tribal societies and beyond, the most difficult coping with the least success are desert and tundra situations.

        If a tribe has a desert, then water is forever an issue and thus while you may irrigate, chances are high that even in the best coping, that drought will wipe out tribes so they have to migrate to cope. One cannot take much in terms of tools, shelter, and limited supplies AND totally set up a new spot and try to eek out a life by a source of water acting as an oasis. See Israel or in America, see the Apache.

        But the worse situation is subsistence hunting and fishing among indigenous Alaskans and the Innuit. It requires an abundance of honed skills and a overabundance of annual fishing runs and seals for blubber and hunting and trapping. Now, very few of the have preserved the old ancestral ways but are now reliant on postmodern technology. Without say ammunition and routine supplies, or selling fur, they would mostly die. Why? They maybe unable to migrate in time to cope. It’s largely contingent upon the conditions of the dogs and sleds and caches of supplies.

        There are lots of documentaries of folks living in the tundra as well as Siberian survival. Very few people can cope without annual renewal of supplies.

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