Dr. Robert Malone: “The Whole Narrative Is Collapsing”

by | Jul 28, 2022 | Headline News

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    Dr. Robert Malone did not mince words when discussing the COVID-19 “vaccines.” Malone said the “whole narrative” that the mainstream media and ruling class have shoved down the throats of the public since the onslaught of the coronavirus scamdemic is “collapsing.”

    “I am seeing multiple indicators that the whole narrative is crumbling, that all over the world people are now increasingly questioning the safety and the effectiveness of both of these products,” Malone told Steve Bannon as the two discussed an article from the Wall Street Journal which questioned the FDA’s decision to rush the vaccines for toddlers. “The underline nature of the data, one of the key items was Peter Doshi’s paper reexamining the relative effectiveness of the original Pfizer and Moderna data which showed that they absolutely cause more harm than benefit. This has turned into a cascade.”

    “We’re having people who have been so into the narrative break ranks now that it does cause hope that we’re finally getting there,” Malone said. “Steve, I think you really have put your finger on the big issue which is the administrative state and unwinding the administrative state. That’s why we’re here. That and the influence of the large capital funds through WEF and WHO is what’s led us to this whole massive catastrophe that was avoidable.

    WEF is short for World Economic Forum and WHO is short for World Health Organization. Both of these have an agenda (and it’s the same agenda) to convince the public to get injected so they can control and permanently enslave humanity.

    “There’s all this criticism that doctors don’t have integrity and they’re not willing to speak out. Well, for whatever reason, there seems to be a growing flood of physicians and scientists that are willing to speak out. And most notably, Paul Offit, who has been an absolute shill for the vaccine industry. His entire light is [he is] one of the two that questioned the decision and voted against it at the level of the FDA,” said Dr. Malone.

    Maybe people will begin to figure out that they don’t have to live as slaves to the neverending propaganda and narratives forced on us by the rulers who want nothing more than to divide us and keep us fighting each other instead of realizing that the rulers are the real problem.


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