Dr. Nadar Pourhassan: COVID-19 Survivors Say “This Was A Miracle”

by | Jun 6, 2020 | Headline News | 3 comments

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    Dr. Nadar Pourhassan recently sat down with Crush the Street’s Kenneth Ameduri to discuss the medical developments put forward that could be effective in treating Covid-19. A “miracle” drug when it comes to the treatment of COVID-19 could soon become widely available.

    Dr. Pourhassan said treatments are for respiratory distress syndrome because that’s what people actually die of it they get COVID-19. The doctor discussed the use of leronlimab by one who doctor who administered the drug to two patients who would have otherwise died, as there was nothing left to do to help them. One immediately came off the ventilator.

    Mom Survives COVID-19 After Being Given Experimental Drug, As Mandatory Vaccine Agenda Moves Forward

    Discussion of efficacy tested on patients in critical conditions. The FDA is showing favor about the efficacy of a drug that has been described as a “miracle” when it comes to COVID-19 treatments.  It’s called Leronlimab.

    Watch the entire discussion in the video below:

    Unfortunately, the trust in big pharma is waning, and it’s going to take a lot to regain the trust of the public. Especially after the COVID-19 outbreak, which a majority of Americans believe the government overhyped in order to push a mandatory vaccine on them.   Dr. Pourhassan says his company is up to the challenge.

    CytoDyn believes in the future of precision medicine… more specificity, less side effects. Our target, the CCR5 receptor, has been implicated in multiple disease processes from HIV, GVHD, NASH, stroke recovery, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, to metastatic cancer. Leronlimab, our CCR5 antagonist, is a once a week, subcutaneous injection. One molecule with multiple opportunities. With precision comes the opportunity for improved safety, convenience, and enhanced efficacy for the patient. -CytoDyn.com

    In a Not-So-Shocking Poll: Americans Hate The Government Almost As Much As They Hate Big Pharma. And that poll was taken on before the COVID-19 scare was around.

    The trials of leronlimab as a treatment for the respiratory distress that is the cause of death in those who do happen to die of COVID-19 (and not some other underlying health condition) are ongoing, says Dr. Pouhassan.  At least, if there’s some kind of medicine that can help, such as hydroxychloroquine and likely leronlimab, people may be able to calm down and release some of their fears about being around others.

    It could be a good step towards helping people realize a vaccine isn’t necessary, because other effective treatments are available, and they have the choice of how to treat COVID-19 if they do happen to contract it. Choices are what the public has been craving, so this is a step in that direction.


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      1. Double Crossers

        The Europeans just can’t stop double crossing the United States, Russia, China, or just about anyone for that matter. It is the modus operandi of the Europeans, and it has been the Europeans that continuosly have dragged the United States into wars. The Europeans dragged the United States into both world wars, The Opium Wars, The Viet Nam War, and Winston Churchill also dragged the CIA into Iran to overthrow the popularly elected President Mossadegh in 1953. 

        After World War 2 had ended, The Bllderbergs approached the United States claiming that the Americans had a bad reputation in Europe, but that they could “help” our “tarnished” reputation with the Europeans by joining in on their globalist schemes, which brought us to where America is today, being blamed for all of the problems in the world. Hey, thanks, but no thanks, your advice sucks to put it bluntly! 

        The Europeans have insisted that the United  States defend them from evil Russia on the one hand, and run to Evil Russia on the other hand for the Nordstream2 pipeline. 

        The Europeans are now suddenly pleading for the United States military not to leave, after telling their citizens and the world that they are merely forced by Americans into their pro-war policies, which is an absolute bold faced lie. Everytime that the Americans try to leave the wars that the Europeans drag us into, the Europeans then point the finger at the United States as being war mongers for wars which were usually started by them, Israel, or Saudi Arabia, like the Libyan civil war started by France, they start begging the United States not to leave. This has also taken place in Syria, started by Israel, and France once again has pleaded the United States not to leave. 

        Now, in order to prevent the United States from leaving NATO, the Europeans are suddenly against China as well, yet many European countries are simultaneously pro-China and involved in the Belt Road Initiative through financing it, as well as using Huawei for 5G.

        From the standpoint of an average American citizen that is not a beneficiary of these insane anti-American policies which place America in harms way by creating global enemies, I am not anti-Eurpoean, or anti-China, or anti-Russia, or anti-Iranian. 

        It is of absolutely no benefit to the average American citizen to be supporting NATO which has been used to gang up on other countries both militarily and economically. In fact, it is in direct opposition to the interests of the average American citizen.

        The cold-war against China has been launched by the American technology companies, who betrayed Americans in the first place by abandoning Americans on the slow boat to China and opening up factories in China, for cheaper labor, fewer labor regulations, and fewer environmental regulations, in exchange for handing the blue prints to the technology over to the Chinese government. Many of the components as well as the technology used in their products were developed by the military and were ( and technically still are ) national security secrets.

        What exactly did these traitorous companies expect to happen? 

        What exactly did the asleep at the switch ( or bribed )  American government and military expect to happen?

        The United States wants the Europeans to use Liquified Natural Gas from America, rather than use the Russian Nordstream 2 Pipeline. 

        This is also in direct opposition to the interests of the average American citizen. Why would the average citizen want natural resouces to leave America? How would that benefit the average American? How would turning Russia into an enemy benefit the average American?

        Also at play is the trillions of dollars leaving the country in financing the Belt Road Initiative. 

        None of these “American” companies pay one red cent in taxes, and these “American” companies also place America directly in harms way by creating Nuclear Power Enemies, to which the defense companies then use to further demand more money from tax payers to develop more weapons.

        It is the ideology of a homicidal, maniacal, psychopathic luntatic to support those policies that are of no benefit to us, and create immense suffering to other people throughout the world, including right here in America. 

        Leave NATO, and let the Europeans fend for themselves, because after over a century of being dragged into their wars and globalist institutions, one thing has proved to be true of the Europeans, that they conspire to engage in wars, and predatory financial practices, and then leave the scene of the crime and point the finger at America and leave us to take the blame, after their looting and wars.

        We should not go to war against them, but we should not waste our time or lives defending them either, because they have proven to be two-faced double-crossers.

        It’s why our ancestors left them in the first place, ( in many cases ) remember?!

        Americans do not live in America because the Europeans were so magnificent to them, unless they are traitors.

        Below are just some of the most recent examples of European double-crossing.

        From CNN:

        “Johann Wadephul, the deputy chair of the parliamentary group of Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU), described the withdrawal as a wake-up call. “The plans show that the Trump administration is neglecting an elementary task of leadership, to bind coalition partners into decision-making processes,” he said.

        “I really hope that as a result of the many talks we’ve had and by having shown what a solid Nato partner we are, some of the troops currently stationed in Germany that are being pulled out by the US will indeed end up in Poland,” he told the RMF radio station.

        “The real danger lurks across the eastern border, so moving US troops to Nato’s eastern flank will be a security boost to all of Europe,” he said, adding that “talks are ongoing”.


        Speaking last month, Macron warned that NATO was at risk of “brain death,” due to ongoing US indifference for the alliance — which Trump has previously described as “obsolete” — and in particular criticized Washington’s decision to pull out of Syria, leaving Kurdish allies at the mercy of Turkey, which soon invaded.
        “You have partners together in the same part of the world, and you have no coordination whatsoever of strategic decision-making between the United States and its NATO allies,” Macron said.

        “Sometimes I hear some saying that it is Russia or China, our enemy,” he said. “Is it the purpose of the Atlantic Alliance to identify one or the other as our enemies? I don’t think so. Our joint enemy, clearly within the Alliance, is terrorism that’s struck our countries.”
        Destabilizing northern Syria by abandoning the Kurds to Turkey — enabling hundreds of ISIS members to escape custody in the process — is obviously acting against this priority, in Macron’s view.

        But while Macron is skeptical about identifying China as an explicit enemy, both he and Trump have called for more action to be taken to balance Beijing’s growing power. In his comments last month, Macron suggested Washington was pulling away from Europe just as the continent was facing more pressure from China, while Trump has taken a hard line on China with regard to trade.

        “Only in the last five years, China has added 80 ships and submarines to its navy — the equivalent of the whole UK Royal Navy. It has hundreds of missiles with a range that would have been prohibited by the INF treaty. And it recently displayed an advanced intercontinental nuclear missile able to reach the United States and Europe. As well as a new supersonic cruise missile, an assortment of new drones, anti-ship missiles and hypersonic glider,” added Stoltenberg.
        He made clear that challenges go beyond military: “China is becoming a leader in the development of new technology. From 5G to facial recognition. And from quantum computing to gathering vast amounts of global data.”


        From Sputnik:
        “With tensions continuing to boil between China and the West over a host of security and economic issues, the latter has decided to ramp up the confrontation to a new level.
        A coalition of lawmakers from eight countries has initiated a new cross-parliamentary alliance aimed at challenging what they argue is the threat posed by China’s growing influence.

        The Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China – made up of representatives from the UK, Japan, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Australia, the European Union and the United States – has argued that international cooperation between them is necessary in order to combat what they say is the threat to democratic values presented by Beijing.

        In a statement, the group said that it aims to, “construct appropriate and coordinated responses, and to help craft a proactive and strategic response on issues related to the People’s Republic of China.””


        “In a call this week between US President Donald Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the two reportedly had heated disagreements on topics including NATO, the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline between Russia and Germany, and relations with China, according to an unnamed senior US official, cited by POLITICO.

        Donald Trump, writes the outlet, has repeatedly criticised Germany, and Chancellor Merkel specifically, over issues such as Berlin’s defence spending and commitment to NATO, while Merkel, in turn, publicly took issue with the Washington administration’s “unilateral approach” to a succession of foreign policy issues.

        Nord Stream 2 is a joint venture between Russia’s Gazprom and five European companies, with the 745-mile-long twin pipeline scheduled to carry up to 1.942 trillion cubic feet of gas per year from Russia to Germany through the territorial waters or exclusive economic zones of Denmark, Finland, Germany, Russia, and Sweden.”


        “Given the market conditions in Europe and with the consent of France, Germany will also support Huawei. We also remember that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has already objected to Donald Trump on this issue. If the UK, France and Germany manage to agree on Huawei, Italy, Spain, Austria and other countries will have no reason to avoid cooperation. So far, the French side hasn’t responded. We need to rely on Macron’s ability to withstand US pressure. In addition to France, Huawei has chosen many other European countries for cooperation, including the Netherlands; the company wants to build plants there. Even if France’s decision is not favourable for Huawei now, the Chinese company will still retain its advantages. It’s unlikely that anything could prevent Huawei from entering the European market,” Zhou Rong noted.

        According to RISS expert Mikhail Belyaev, the new project in France is China’s serious step forward to consolidate in Europe’s economic and social space.”


        From CNN:
        “Since its launch, the Chinese government claims up to 150 countries have signed on board, at least in principle. In the first half of 2019, overseas loans as part of the project have already totaled more than $90 billion.”

        Beijing has trumpeted this year’s larger turnout of world leaders, with 37 in total compared to 29 in 2017. Major global bodies such as the International Monetary Fund have also flown in to attend the gala event.
        But there are notable absences, including key Chinese diplomatic partners, such as Sri Lanka and Turkey, as well as the country’s largest trading partner, the United States.

        Hong Kong (CNN)Leaders from across the world have arrived in Beijing for the second Belt and Road Forum, drawn by the possibility of billions of dollars in Chinese funding for infrastructure projects.

        The Trump administration has been highly critical of Beijing’s lending practices, with US Vice President Mike Pence denouncing it as “debt diplomacy” in October.
        “The terms of those loans are opaque at best, and the benefits flow overwhelmingly to Beijing,” Pence said.

        A 2018 report by Harvard University academics said China was imposing high levels of debt on nations in the Asia Pacific to “acquire strategic assets or political influence over debtor nations.” China has strongly denied the US allegations about its lending practices.”


        From China Daily:
        “We have assembled a very senior delegation representing the UK’s key strengths in assurance, insurance and financing,” Troubridge said. “These are all the skills the Chinese government tell us are critical to the success of the Belt and Road Initiative, where infrastructure projects alone have been estimated at $25 trillion over the next three decades.”



        From JPM:

        “Beijing – J.P. Morgan today announced the opening of its 13th annual Global China Summit in Beijing. Themed Charting a New Course, the three-day event brings together over 2,200 delegates from 50 countries, representing some of China’s and the world’s most influential companies and investors with US$15 trillion of assets under management.

        As the Chinese economy transitions into a more sustainable level, the country is deepening its structural reforms, embracing technological innovation, accelerating its capital market development and broadening its overseas investments with the recent “Belt and Road” initiative. “At a time when China is front and center of the world’s most fundamental geopolitical and international trade discussions, understanding China’s proposition has never been so critical for global investors,” said Ms. Jing Ulrich, J.P. Morgan’s Managing Director and Vice Chairman of Asia Pacific.”


        If you have $15 trillion under AUM, you better not have taken any bail-out money! If you did, you have a hell of a lot of ‘splainin’ to do!

        From Global Research:

        Politics and Corruption at WHO

        -Andrea Iravani

      2. We need a true free market in medicine.
        The FDA likely kills more people than it saves through its monopoly of deciding what medical options people can use.
        Replace the FDA with competitive free market based private certification and that will crush the phama industrial complex. A free market in medicine would handle covid more efficiently.
        This virus does exist but has gotten blown out of proportion. I do housekeeping in a dementia ward and just saw a wave go through. People need to take responsibility for their own health. I took vitamins c, d and zinc and I have had no problems. Incarcerating healthy people creates more problems in the long run and misallocates important resources and destroys lives.

      3. So how much stock in the drug manufacturer who makes leronlimab does this doctor have?

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