Dr. Kevin Stillwagon: Why Testing, Face Masks and “Vaccines” Don’t Work For Any Virus

by | Aug 28, 2023 | Headline News

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    This article was originally published by Rhoda Wilson at The Daily Exposé.

    In an interview on Thursday, Dr. Kevin Stillwagon explained why we should never get tested and why we should never wear a mask to try to prevent or stop the spread of a communicable disease.  He also explained what herd immunity is.

    “Let me tell you something about testing.  It’s absolutely ridiculous.  You’re looking for viral material in your snot and in your spit.  That doesn’t mean anything,” Dr. Kevin Stillwagon told Nick Caturano and Rebekah Ricks.

    He was equally candid about the ineffectiveness of face masks and the harm caused by wearing them:

    “We all breathe about 100 million various viruses every single day whether you wear a mask or not  … [It’s] absolutely true, [the mask] does trap droplets and that is exactly the problem because you’re giving yourself the opportunity to continuously rebreathe that crap … If you wear that mask for a prolonged period you are making yourself 13 times more likely to develop an upper respiratory tract infection of any kind.

    “You cannot avoid [breathing in viral particles] whether you wear a mask or not, whether you stand on a spot six feet away from someone else, whether you lock yourself down in your house, it doesn’t matter – you are still going to breathe this stuff.”

    Dr. Stillwagon explained that, naturally, we have small amounts of hypochlorite and hydrogen peroxide in our mucous that neutralizes viruses.  He then explained why using nasal irrigation is effective against viruses:

    “If you’re that freaked out that and you think you might get sick, and you think you might have breathed too many of these [viral] particles, then rinse out your nose because the only way those virus particles can affect you in a negative way, the only way is, it has to get through the epithelial barrier … it’s got to get down deep in the mucous, it’s got to attach to a cellular receptor, the cell has to pull that virus in and start making copies of it … You don’t stop that by wearing a mask … You stop that, if you’re that freaked out about it, by washing those things out of your nose, out of your upper respiratory tract – it’s common sense.”

    Further reading: Dr Peter McCullough: Nasal Spray and Mouth Gargle to Stop COVID? The Covid Advisor, 24 April 2023

    The outbreak of symptomatic disease is not because of the spread of a virus, Dr. Stillwagon said.  Whether a person gets sick or not has to do with the strength of their immune system:

    “The disease is not dependent on the presence of the virus in your snot and in your spit, the disease is dependent on the condition of your immune system.  So, it’s only the susceptible people that are going to get ill.

    “So, this idea of testing people’s snot and spit [doesn’t mean anything], you’re looking for it in the wrong place.  The only way to know if you are infected is to find evidence of the genetic material of the virus inside of you … in your blood or in your lymph.  That is the only way to know if a person has been infected.”

    And the lies told to the public don’t stop with tests, face masks and social distancing measures:

    “[For decades] they [have] tried to convince you that injecting something into your body was going to protect you from getting infected and it’s going to stop the spread and protect other people. Well, they admitted recently [about the covid injection] that was an absolute lie.  It’s always been a lie.

    “The protection of infection [does not reside] in antibodies, it is cellular.  You have very specialised cells that guard [the] epithelial barrier … that actually protect you from getting an infection.  They can detect viruses when they get inside of that epithelial tissue when they’re in the cells, and they stop the replication immediately.”

    When the replication is stopped, immediately or “dead in its tracks,” the person does not get infected.  Dr. Stillwagon explained that this is how the population reaches herd immunity which is the ability of a certain segment of the population to not get infected. “That protection [to not get infected] is cellular – it has nothing whatsoever to do with the antibodies that are created by these shots called vaccines,” he said.

    He added that the so-called vaccines induce antibodies which cannot stop something from getting through the epithelial barrier. “It is physically impossible, [vaccines] cannot do it.”  In fact, he said, the injections can make the infection worse, enhance the disease process and make the symptoms worse.

    “So, these people that are running around getting a shot called a vaccine, that think it’s protecting themselves and protecting others, they are dead wrong.  They are the superspreaders. They are the ones that are going to get continuously infected because they’ve destroyed [their] T-cell protection … they’ve literally destroyed it; they don’t have that protection at all.”

    Dr. Kevin Stillwagon: Testing, masking, and herd immunity, 24 August 2023 (12 mins)

    The above was taken from the interview by Caturano & Ricks titled ‘Do Not Get Another Booster or Wear a Mask!’.  You can watch the full 57-minute interview HERE.

    Further resources:

    Who is Dr. Kevin Stillwagon?

    Dr. Kevin Stillwagon was raised in a chiropractic family and never received a vaccine of any kind. He always wanted to be a pilot and started flying at the age of 15.

    He followed in his father’s footsteps and became a chiropractor in 1980, licensed in the states of Florida and Pennsylvania. He self-published a book in 1984 on medical freedom and the dangers of vaccines and has been a medical freedom fighter ever since. He invented and patented a thermographic device in 1985 and taught its use worldwide.

    He became an airline pilot in 1987. In early 2020, he saw signs that loss of freedom could be worse than the virus and began to speak out at his airline, which forced him to retire because he refused to wear a facemask as part of his uniform. He continued to speak out at school board meetings and county commissioner meetings in Volusia, Orange, Osceola, Hillsborough, and Pinellas counties. Most of these were videos, so he posted them on social media, some of which became very popular.

    Dr. Stillwagon publishes articles on his Substack page which you can follow HERE.



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