Dr. Jane Ruby: Big Pharma Companies Intentionally Deploying Toxic Batches of COVID-19 Vaccine

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Headline News | 23 comments

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    This article was originally published by Mary Villareal at Natural News. 

    Dr. Jane Ruby told the public that Big Pharma companies Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson are deploying toxic batches of Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines.

    “There’s evidence that these companies are intentionally deploying toxic batches [of COVID-19 vaccine],” Ruby said during the January 3 episode of the “The Stew Peters Show.”

    Ruby said a group of analysts informed her that all three pharmaceutical companies are actively testing on live human subjects with these mass vaccination drives. She said that the analysts identified the toxic batches by lot numbers, and it is an emergency to get the information out to people worldwide.

    The team of analysts said that these companies are conducting what are called “lethal dose studies,” which looks at how much is needed to cause death. (Related: Fauci bioweapons funding CONFIRMED, smoking gun proves covid vaccines based on govt biowarfare program.)

    “What they do is they determine the lethal amount to test half the population. It’s one of the means to assess acute toxicity prior to going into human studies,” Ruby said. “It has been largely phased out. They are conducting it without informed consent. It’s against all ethical and regulatory rules. These companies are just proceeding with impunity because there is nothing stopping them.”

    With this information coming to light, Ruby noted that there is no reason why anybody should have their kids in line to take the vaccines – especially with the lethal doses being deployed. There is no reason for anyone, children and adults alike, to subject themselves to such injections.

    For those who do think vaccines are the way to go, Ruby encourages parents to at least ask for the lot number of their vaccines because these bioweapons put children in danger. She stressed that simply looking at the lot numbers can help.

    Ruby breaks down lethal lot numbers

    Ruby said the companies created lethal doses by batch and embedded these lots in a code that allows them to check which lots are toxic, which ones are causing disabilities and what types of disabilities are likely to appear.

    For Moderna, it is batch code 011 l 20.

    The number 011 is the temporal batch order that tells the company it has been developed over time and deployed by the company. The “l” is the concentration that determines its toxicity and the number of adverse reactions. The number 20 is qualitative, an ingredient that is considered highly toxic in their batch lots. (Related: Top 10 signs that Covid vaccines are BIOWEAPONS and much more lethal than Covid-19 itself.)

    The reason these companies are not concerned about safety issues is that these things have already been designed ahead of time to allow them to send out toxic batches and give them a chance to gather their information.

    Professional hackers who managed to get into Pfizer and Moderna systems were able to verify the lots, with enough evidence to list all the Moderna batches deployed so far.

    Moderna also has a web tool that allows them to check the expiration dates for batches and the team of hackers was able to gain access to the entire list of Moderna batches with a list of batch codes. They did the same with Pfizer as well.

    What they found was that these companies were very specific about where they are deploying their vaccines and what doses they are giving out. Moderna has been distributing lethal doses in the U.S. and exporting “disability” doses in the European Union. Thus, the death rate in the U.S. was 10 times higher compared to the E.U., but there are 10 times more adverse effects and disabilities in the E.U. compared to the United States.

    Watch the full January 3 episode of “The Stew Peters Show” below:


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      1. Of course they still use it. Thats the plan man.

      2. No wonder they want us to keep getting booster shots. They are desperate to get us sick.

      3. Fauci is a dead man walking. I hope someone gets him. He’s trying to murder people. Biden to. He’s nothing but an old man on a power trip. I watch him on news shouting and trying to be authority driven and I just laugh at the old fool. No one is afraid of him. The only good politicians are dead ones.

        • Honk honk

        • You’ve posted a political statement and it makes you a politician by practice and opinion.

          • Nice!

      4. I figured that the plan wasn’t for toxicity testing. I figured that they were creating 2 versions one is placebo and this is masking the true number of adverse and and death reactions giving it an overall low rate of adverse reactions, and as a result a high breakthrough infection rates, conversely the “true” batches may or may not work as a vaccine as advertised but it does so at such high rates of adverse reactions that if all shots weren’t placebos all the Human guinea pigs would be suffering severe adverse reactions

        • Can’t have everyone dying at once. Nice and easy does it.
          Placebos first , then the deadly stuff. Can’t afford to wake em

      5. That’s nice.

      6. I AM NOT A LABRAT BIG PHARMA!!! FOAD forever!

        • Exactly, the article made me think of the same thing. A Guinea-pig or lab-rat is the perfect description for all the folks that have been “vaccinated”. Hope the experiment works out better than the early results – good luck with that everybody.

      7. Wake up sheeple this is the NWO and it is population reduction in full swing, they want the 7 billion pop to be 1/2 of that over the next 10 years as these vaccines start the die off.

      8. Well bye-bye earthly beings. I have a cloud in heaven all picked out

      9. I thought there were those given a placebo and those given a toxic batch. The control group specimens and the actual experiment specimens. It’s horrifying and disgusting.

      10. I love the deadly vaccines. Because mostly democrats and libs are taking it like candy. In year or two it will be wonderful world. yay

        • I hope you die a slow, painful, Covid death. Go f@ck yourself.

          • This, is:
            Terroristic Threatening, 101.

            • No, it’s hoping Covid finishes the job and rids the world of the multitude of stupid f@cking idiots who continue to make the world worse. It’s called culling the turds, I mean herd.

              • And you, make a terrible argument, which is still against yourself. These are two (2) separate threats – from you.

                Ref. first quote:
                I hope you die a slow, painful, Covid death.
                Is Terroristic Threatening. You mention two things, you and (Covid) death . Specifying the person (target) and the action or end-result (death).

                Ref. second quote:
                Go f@ck yourself.
                A general threat, albeit vulgar.

                Again, these are two (2) separate threats – from you.
                The legal ramifications are there.

                Now, is there anything else that you wish to show on how ignorant you really can be?

      11. I sincerely hope the FBI is monitoring this site.

        • Oh, they ARE, along with the CIA and the NSA. And YOUR NAME is on their list also.

          • That name is Charles Darwin. I’m sure they’re familiar with my work. Go f@ck yourself.

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